~ I Can ~
by A. Hawk

Disclaimer: This story is for mature audiences only, in every sense of the word. For those of you who are able please enjoy, but for all else...you were warned..lol...comments welcome at the_dark_huntress69@yahoo.com

I can see you, you know. Looking at me. Watching me. I can see you because I'm watching you too. Watching the way you move. Looking at the way you look. Watching you turn your eyes away from me?trying to act shy. But, I can see you. And I want you just as much.

I can feel you. Feel the heat of your body against in my hands. Feel the softness of your skin. Feel the way the heat rises on your skin. Feel your body molding against mine. Your lips against my neck, your breast against my breast, your mound against my mound. I can feel you tremble as I run my hands down over your back and over your nice round firm ass. I can feel the skin give as I squeeze and pinch and pull you closer to me.

I can taste you. Taste your mouth on mine my tongue on your tongue and your tongue on mine. Taste the passion that ignites from every swirl, every nip, and every suck of your beautiful lips and teeth. I can feel you giving into me and me giving all to you. Tasting you, sucking you, nipping you, licking you. I can taste you as I move my way down your sensuous body. Taste the salty sweat and the underlying sweetness as I take your delicate buds into my mouth and suck, nip, lick, bite?over, over, over, and over again. I can taste you as I sink lower and lower diving downward to give pay homage to your hidden treasure. Taking the time to wrap my tongue around your pearl and roll it in my tongue as I suck, nip, lick, and feast on all every part of what you have for me. I can taste you?.on me and soon enough in me.

I can hear you. Moaning and sighing and breathing out. Expressing your desire holding nothing back. I can hear the rush of wind as you come closer and closer to a climax. Hear your heart speeding up and thumping wildly. I can hear your body's pulse racing?even from here?I can hear you calling, calling for me.

So as you sit there wondering?whether or not what you feel can ever be truly expressed to you. Know that I am like no other?all these things and more I am able to do for you. I know you know that no matter what others might say?????I can.

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