~ The Sith Empress ~
by AJ Marks

Disclaimers: The two main characters look a lot like the ones we are used to, Xena and Gabrielle, and no I don't own them, wish I did. This story takes place in the Star Wars universe that I don't own either, that's owned by George Lucas, along with Yoda who I borrowed for this story.

Disclaimer 2: This story takes place about 650 years after 'Jedi Bri Meets Sith Xara".

Subtext: Yes this involves love between two women, nothing graphic however.

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Part 1

Jessica sat in the back of the transport as it bounded along through hyperspace towards a location that was unknown to all of them. She did not have to look around to know that there were about one hundred Imperial stormtroopers on board. They had been specially picked for a special assignment. No one in the main hold had any idea as to what the mission was, or why.

Glancing around the hold she could see that most of the men and women were the elite soldier of the Imperial Army under General Garret. They all knew that he was now a rogue Imperial general who wanted to bring back the glory of the Empire.

Jessica had joined the Imperial Army to help quell her soul's seemingly endless need for blood and violence. She had risen quickly in the ranks of the army as she performed her missions quickly and efficiently. No one on board made any attempts to talk to the tall dark haired woman. That was fine with Jessica as he hated talking. Action was the only think that mattered to her now.

She stretched out her long legs as much as the cramped space would allow to try and relieve some of the cramping. Her one point eight meter frame did not leave much space especially when the cargo hold was filled with other solders. She could tell that they were in the same predicament that she was in.

Jessica felt the bump through the ship's hull as it encountered the atmosphere. She watched as several of the others heads bobbed along with the jerking of the ship. They would soon know where they were and what their mission was.

Everyone on board the ship felt the touchdown as the ship landed on the surface of the planet. Jessica figured that there no threats on the planet because they had not been briefed about a potential enemy that they might be engaging.

The doors to the shuttle opened and Jessica watched as everyone walked off in the order that they had come in. She walked off the ship and glanced around the area. She noticed that there was a small cave that was heavily guarded at the moment. There was a lizard looking person standing in front of the cave. She could tell by the way he was standing that he was the one in charge.

Jessica lined up with the rest of her squad as they waited for the word of what was going to happen to them. She could feel an odd presence in the air almost as if it was swirling around her as a brush of wind, but somehow seemed like more.

"Welcome, my troopers," the lizard looking person said as he glanced out at the group. "My name is Desann and you will be my reborn troopers and new shadow troopers. Together we will destroy the Jedi and the Empire under me will be reborn."

Jessica had an idea of what Desann was saying but figured that he would clarify what he was saying a bit later. She figured that they would probably be given special weapons for attacking the Jedi as normal weapons would usually not be too effective.

"I know that many of you are thinking what we can do against the Jedi. We are not Force users. That is why you are here, here in the Valley of the Jedi," Desann said to each of them. "Each of you will walk through the fountain inside of the cave. Through this it will intensify your capabilities to use the Force. With this ability you will be strong enough to destroy the weaker Jedi."

Jessica was not sure about what she had just heard. This was the fabled Valley of the Jedi. She had always thought that it was a myth to cover the disappearance of the Sith. Jessica was not sure about the place's ability to help a person use the Force. Whatever power the place had she would find out shortly.

Jessica watched as the group slowly began to walk into the cave one at a time. When they exited the cave they were given a lightsaber and their skills were tested. After watching a few of the others she realized that this place really did have the abilities that Desann was saying it did. Jessica also realized that some appeared to be stronger than other. Desann seemed to separate those and they were shown a different area to head off to. She figured that they would be part of an elite troop.

The line in front of her slowly shrunk until she was next in line. She stepped into the cave and was told only to walk through the emanating light in front of her. She walked towards the light not sure what she was going to expect as she stepped into the light.

The world around her faded out as a voice called out to her. It was an evil voice that she seemed to somehow recognize but she was sure she had never heard it. She tried to ignore the voice for as long as she could but it seemed to draw her in. All she wanted to do was be in the middle of the action.

If its action you desire, then follow me, Jessica heard the voice say. She turned around to see if she could see where the voice was coming from but still saw nothing.

"Who are you," Jessica asked feeling herself go into a fighting stance over something she could not see.

Your true Lord and Master, I am Darth Zaris, the voice replied as a dark cloaked figure emerged right in front of her. She stepped back for a second as the figure became clearer to her. When the time is right you will go to Ouspent. There you find me and your answers.

Jessica wondered about the figure and the name Darth Zaris. His figure faded as she felt the power around her surged through her. The last thing she remembered before blacking out was a strange sensation of someone else very important to her nearby.

A group of four students were facing off against several training droids in order to gain experience in lightsaber dueling. It was a training that all students went through and it was deliberately tough to master.

Several of the students had noticed that the Jedi Masters and a couple of the Jedi Knights had looked worried lately. It was almost as if they had felt something in the Force. Rumors had been going around about a new group of Dark Jedi in alliance with the Imperial forces.

Jedi Master Fie-Tel looked over to where his students were practicing with a bit of pride. They were learning quickly, at all of them with the exception of one student. He glanced over to where she was standing. Her green lightsaber was on and she doing all right, but he noticed that she lacked something for this part of the training. She needed to be able to put an opponent down in case there was a situation that required it.

Fie-Tel watched as she stood there in a defensive position blocking the droids blows. She did not go on the offensive at all. He had tried and tried again to get her to attack and his patience was about at an end with the student. He figured that he would have to talk with Master Skywalker again about her.

He was still watching when she suddenly froze in place and then collapsed to her knees. The training droid did not stop however as time slowed down. He called out to her but she did not respond at all.

A nearby student called Pacy was attacking his droid when he heard his master call out. A quick glance over he noticed what his master was yelling about. One of his fellow students was in trouble. Not realizing what he was really doing he used the Force to rush over to where she was and was just able to block the droid's blade. The only problem was now there were two droids attacking him.

Pacy was worried for a second as he blocked first one then two blows from the droids. He knew that he did not have the skill or training to take on two droids. He was relieved when he saw a familiar yellow blade blocking the next blow. He knew it was his teacher who had joined him.

Fie-Tel made quick work of the training droids that were attacking them then turned to his stunned student. She had passed out and he quickly checked her vital signs. He was relieved when he realized she was still breathing and her heart rate appeared to be normal.

"Pacy, take her to the med lab, I'll join you shortly. The rest of you go back to your studies," he told the group and then went to find Master Skywalker.

Fie-Tel did not have to wait long as he quickly went to find Master Skywalker. He passed Kyle Katarn on his was into Master Skywalker's office. Fie-Tel noticed that Kyle seemed a bit determined about something.

"Master Fie-Tel, what can I do for you this day," Luke asked the man as he came into the room.

"Master Skywalker, I'm having a problem with one of my students. She collapsed during the training," Fie-Tel replied.

"Gaia, right," Luke said. Gaia was the only one of Fie-Tel students who gave him trouble. He had talked with him over the student. Luke had also wanted to talk with Gaia about her training but things had kept coming up lately.

"Yes, she just fell down during the training sessions today. If Pacy had not stepped in Gaia would have been injured for sure by the training droid," Fie-Tel replied.

"Then perhaps its time I talked with her. I'll meet you in the med lab shortly. I just have to report some information to the New Republic Intelligence Agency," Luke told Fie-Tel.

"Yes Master Skywalker," Fie-Tel said then left the room.

Luke finished up his report and felt something strange in the Force. He turned around and noticed Master Yoda standing just behind him. He wondered what was so important for the old Jedi Master to appear before him now.

"Master Yoda," Luke said a bit surprised at the appearance of the great Jedi Master. Luke was still not sure what to make about it. The last time he had seen Obi-Wan-Kanobi he had said that it was getting to hard to bridge the gap between the two worlds.

"Great disturbance in the Force there is," Yoda said in his usual way of speaking. "New Sith Lord there is. To defeat need more than the Force you will."

Luke was about to respond when the great Jedi Master disappeared. Luke was left trying to figure out what Yoda meant in his cryptic message. He also wondered if Yoda was talking about the current disturbance in the Force or if there was something else that was going to happen. He knew that Yoda had spent a great deal of time and training with looking into the future with the Force. Many times he knew what was going to happen and Luke wondered if this was one of those times.

Luke decided not to worry about it right now. He made his way to the med lab to see what had happened to Gaia. He also hoped that he would be able to talk with the young padawan.

Jessica slowly became aware of her surrounding again as consciousness came back to her. She had a bit of a headache that was beginning to ease up but she had a feeling that the headache would last the rest of the day.

A voice above her snapped her back to the present as she regained her senses. She opened her eyes and had to wait a few seconds as her eyes adjusted to the light. She made out a figure that was standing above her.

"Are you all right," the man asked as he noticed her opening her eyes.

Jessica heard the man talking to her and stretched out her muscles. She felt nothing out of place and knew that she was all right. The man was still waiting for her to answer him and she glanced around the room. She could feel a strange power coursing through her even though her head hurt.

"I'm fine," Jessica replied as she stood up to stand beside the man. Her headache was slowly fading away and she went back to the cave entrance. She walked out into the sunshine. She could feel everything now with an intoxicating feeling. The raw power she had made her feel like she was invincible. She glanced over at Desann and realized that he would not last long, but she could wait.

Desann walked up to where she was standing. He had felt something while she was in the cave and briefly wondered if she had been the cause of it all. He looked her over and noticed that she was a bit taller than Tavion was. There also seemed to be power flowing from her. He thought that this woman might be able to replace Tavion at his side.

"Shadow," he said to her and she was led off to where a group was receiving black armor and other equipment.

Jessica walked towards the area and picked up her armor and a lightsaber. She noted that the material that made up the armor might be lightsaber resistant. Jessica could already tell that Desann was careless if he believed that everyone in his army followed him. She already had another master and smiled at that thought.

She looked over the rest of her squad as she walked back to the shuttle. They would be boarding General Garret's command ship. He and Desann had joined together to make a partnership to overthrow the New Republic. Jessica had already foreseen that the partnership was doomed as they would both be killed by the New Jedi Order.

Once back on board the ship Jessica went to find a place to meditate. Sitting down she allowed the Force to flow through her as she listened to it. The 'Dark Side' of the Force called strongly to her. She felt a part of her reply just as strongly to it. She knew through the Force where they were headed, Yavin IV, and the home of the Jedi Academy.

Jessica realized that their plan was a bold move, stupid, but bold. Garret and Desann were not yet powerful enough for such a frontal attack on the Jedi yet the group was going to anyway. She knew that Jedi Master Skywalker had done a good job in teaching his new Jedi, but she would be a different story. She also realized that the person that would bring about the defeat of Desann was already on board the ship. A Jedi called Kyle Katarn.

Luke Skywalker walked into the med lab looking around for Fie-Tel. The Jedi was sitting down next to Gaia who was now wide awake. Gaia looked around in a bit of confusion about something she was not even sure she could express. Luke could feel that something was going on in the padawan.

"Master Skywalker, Gaia has just been telling me about a strange dream that she had," Fie-Tel said seeing the Jedi Master walk into the room.

"Perhaps if you tell me we can figure it out together," Luke said gently as he sat down on the other side of the bed.

Gaia pushed a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear as she thought about were to begin. There were so many things to talk about and even more that she did not want to talk about. She finally decided to begin while she was on the training field.

"I was on the training field with the training droid," Gaia began. "I remember feeling something strong inside of me. I'm not sure what it was. It might have been the Force but I'm not sure."

Luke nodded his head in understanding of what Gaia had said. Gaia might have some other talent in the Force. In his travels in the universe he had encountered all types of Force users and Gaia might have some sort of similar abilities.

"I felt this great sorrow, and then a burst of only what I could describe as pure evil," Gaia hesitated here for a second then decided to continue her description. "I saw two robed figures, one tall the other short. I thought that the two were women but I was not sure. Then one told me that I'm the key, but I have no idea as to what I'm the key for. There are many more here that are more powerful than I am."

"Remember that size does not matter. Master Yoda was one of the smallest Jedi ever, yet he was one of the most powerful Jedi's ever. Each of us is powerful in our own ways. We must use the strength we have to win out battles," Luke said remembering the lessens he had learned so long ago.

Gaia let that sink in before saying thing more. "The strange thing was is that I somehow felt like I knew them," Gaia told them. She was still trying to understand why she had felt that way and had come up empty.

"We'll look into this later, but right now I have to be somewhere else," Luke said getting up and motioning for Fie-Tel to follow him. "Allow her some rest before restarting her training," Luke told him as they exited the room.

"Is that all Master Skywalker," Fie-Tel asked not sure if that was the only reason why Luke has asked him out of the room.

"No, I also had a visit from Master Yoda after you left," Luke said startling Fie-Tel with what he had just said. "He told me that there is a disturbance in the Force that deals with more than the Force. I'm not sure if he was talking about Desann or not, but let me know if anything else happens to her."

"I will Master Skywalker," Fie-Tel said. He was impressed that Master Skywalker had received a visit from one of the most powerful Jedi ever. Although something like that usually meant bad things for them all. He would keep a close eye on his young pupil.

Jessica felt the ship come out of hyperspace and knew that the ship had arrived in the Yavin system. A few minutes earlier they had received their orders and she was told to help take the base. She knew that in all of the confusion that she would be able to slip away easily. Getting a ride off Yavin was the only thing that might be difficult, but she had confidence that she would be able to do it.

The troopers began loading on board the shuttle for the descent towards the planet's surface. There was already heavy resistance to the landing as several fighters from the planet's surface had come up to challenge the attack. Jessica knew that things would only get worse for Desann and his army.

Jessica felt the shuttle that she was in land on the planet's surface with a slight bump. The door opened up and the ground troopers that she was with quickly ran out of the shuttle. There was an immediate barrage of fire from the defenders. Jessica wasted no time in igniting her lightsaber and deflected any attacks that came her way.

A couple of quick blocks sent the shots right back at her attackers. She looked around knowing that now was the right time for her to try and get to Ouspent. She glanced around and noticed an empty fighter. It already had an R2 droid and was just waiting to lift off.

Ducking some defending fire she quickly jumped into a fighter. Flicking the few switches she ignited the engine. She glanced around as she had felt something strange during her run to the fighter. It was something she had never encountered before. Dismissing it she gunned the engines and took off.

Jessica quickly set the coordinates of her destination and made the jump to light speed and left behind the battle that she knew Desann and Garret would lose.

Gaia fought hard as the stormtroopers and some others wielding lightsabers came charging into the Jedi training academy. They hardly had any warning as to the suddenness of the attack. The ship had appeared near space near the moon.

During the fight she had noticed a tall person in black armor that had sliced through several of the guards. Gaia watched as the figure took off towards an unguarded fighter. There was something about the way the person moved that made her watch. The person jumped into the fighter and took off.

Gaia did not have much time to think about it as two others jumped her. She was suddenly defending them off when another man came running in. He had beard and brown hair with a blue lightsaber. With the two that she was fighting focused on her he made quick work of the two men.

Gaia had to regroup as she watched the two men in front of her die. Part of her thought she had seen the man who had come in and thought that his name was Kyle Katarn. He obviously knew his way about the Force.

Gaia went with him a little bit as the fought their way through a few more attackers. She tried her best but she still could not bring herself to kill anyone. She was able to knock out a few attackers that she had to confront.

Kyle disappeared under some stairs and she waited on the surface. Glancing around she noticed that for the moment things were quiet where she was. The sounds of battle were growing faint and she realized that the battle was winding down fast.

Gaia made her way back to the main hanger and help out with the cleanup. The mysterious stranger made its way back into her mind. Gaia did not understand why she felt something at the person dressed in black armor and tried to rationalize what had happened.

The cleanup went very well and everyone was in a good mood. They had beaten back the attack and everyone felt good about the effort in their defense. Luke Skywalker came walking into the area along with Kyle Katarn and a woman Gaia had never seen. They talked for a minute before Luke walked over to where Gaia was standing.

"Kyle tells me that you did a remarkable job out there with him," Luke said to Gaia. She was not sure what to say so she told him thanks as Kyle and the other woman came walking up to them.

"You fight pretty well," Kyle said to her. "It's a defensive style but it appears to suit you."

Gaia was again taken by surprise. Two people praising her made her blush and she tried to recover enough to say something back. If Kyle and Luke were both impressed then perhaps she was stronger than she thought she was.

"Yes, she uses her wits and skill first, then her lightsaber," Luke said. "I have a feeling that you will become a great Jedi someday."

"I'm not that strong in the Force," Gaia replied knowing that all of the great Jedi like Yoda had been strong in the Force.

"If you are wise, then you will grow in how to use the Force and allow it to flow through you," Luke said gently. It was something that he still had to work on. He had great potential and was still learning everything he could without falling to the Dark Side.

Gaia understood what Master Skywalker was saying but she did not feel like she would be a great Jedi. She would have to work on that to live up to the potential that Luke said he saw in her.

Gaia wondered if she should say anything about what had happened during the battle. The strange person had felt different unlike anything she had ever felt before. She was still inexperienced in such matters but there was something about it. She rationalized that it was probably just a person who was strong in the 'Dark Side' of the Force.

As Gaia was thinking about what Luke had told her the thought of the two strange women she had seen during her training incident came to her mind. There was something about them that was pushing her forward to leave, but where seemed to be the question right now.

After finishing her talk with Master Skywalker she left and headed towards her quarters. She wanted to check to make sure that nothing had been damaged during the fighting. She really did not have much as her family had been poor. That was the real reason she had decided to train to become a Jedi, there would be a life worth living and not on the streets.

Gaia had parted with her family with a heartfelt good-bye. She had promised to return home to tell them how she was doing. Her dad had tried to remain stoic but she had seen the tears in his eyes when she had given him a hug. Her mother had very proud of what she was going to do and her sister hoped that Gaia found her happiness.

Before Gaia left her mother took her aside and gave her a package that was sealed. Her mother did not know what was inside. It had been passed down from mother to daughter for generations with a promise that when the time was right the package would be opened. So far no one had been able to open it.

Gaia walked into the room and looked around. She was glad to see that the package was still there. She had tried a few times to open it but all to no avail. It had some sort of protection around it that prevented anyone from opening it early.

She settled on the bed after cleaning her room from the small mess that had been made during the attack. She then went back out and helped out as much as she could to clean up the temple. She returned hours later tired and weary and ready to rest. Quickly stripping out of her clothing she went to bed and fell asleep just as quickly.

The ship settled in the landing bay of the only city on the planet. Most of the people in the city were either thieves or mercenaries who were looking for jobs. The ship that landed attracted some attention only because it was not a normal ship for people visiting the city.

A few of the mechanics around the landing bay watched to see what type of person would emerge from the ship. They were not surprised when a dark clad person came walking out of the ship. They could not tell what species or gender the person was because of the clothing and mask that the person wore.

The figure walked up to the closest mechanic in the landing bay. The man felt his hair on the back of his neck stand up as the black clad figure made its way toward him. He could feel the fear seeping into his soul even though the figure had yet to say anything to him.

"You," the figure finally said as the man almost fainted at the sound of the voice.

"Y-y-yes," he finally managed to squeak out.

"Watch my ship," the figure said then moved quicker than anyone thought he could and grabbed the man by the throat. "If anything happens to it, you'll die very slowly," the voice said drawing out the last part as the man shuddered at the sound.

He nodded his head so hard that the others thought it might fall off but no one dared to make a single move. The figure released the man and then walked into the city. The others around the area quickly scrambled to get out of the person's way leaving the lone man still quaking in fear.

The figure made its way down the corridor and was about to walk out when a burly man walked up to the figure. He stood in front of the black clad figure for a second.

"Wait just a second. I don't care who you are, but you will pay the docking fee," the man said as he stood in the doorway.

"I'll spare you life, how's that," the figure calmly replied.

"A joker, pretty funny mister, I've seen you're types before now pay the 200 credits and nothing will happen to your ship," the man said as a smile came to his lips.

Before the man could move a red lightsaber flashed to life and his belt buckle was cut off. His pants fell down and pooled around his ankles. He looked from the lightsaber back to his pants and back again. This person was not the normal type and he had the feeling that he should back off.

"All right, I'll let it go this time," the man said backing up and letting the figure go. They both knew that the black figure could kill him in an instant. He pulled up his pants and walked back to where his office was.

"Well, you sure told him," one person said who had watched the entire scene.

"Shut up Tyi," the man said trying to regain his composure. "I've seen just about all types and I've never felt such power come from one person before. Mark my words Tyi, don't mess with that person."

"Whatever," Tyi replied watching as the figure walked down the street. He decided to silently follow the figure, not that it was that hard.

Jessica made her way down the street amused as she watched people almost run to get out of her way. She had no intention of killing anyone, yet. It would just draw attention to herself and that was something she did not want just yet. On her way out, maybe she would kill that person just for the fun of it.

Jessica had spent several minutes wondering what she would do with that person. Several ideas had come to her mind and each had involved killing him. She finally decided that she would not do anything rash until she had completed her work first.

The figure that had told her to come here never told her where to go. Jessica figured that she should inquire about a Darth Zarius and looked around to see where she should go first.

She noticed a small bar that appeared to be out of the way. That was probably just the place she needed to go, but first she needed a place to stay while she was here. Looking further down the way she noticed a small sign that indicated that it was a hotel. It would provide just what she was looking for.

Walking into the hotel everyone stopped talking as the noticed her in her black armor outfit. She could feel their fear as it excited her in a way she had never felt before. She did not raise her helmet as it seemed to contribute to their fear. She swept her gaze across the entire area until she was sure there was no threat.

Her footsteps echoed louder than normal as she made her way to the front desk. She smiled behind her mask as she saw the man behind the counter shaking a bit as she approached him.

"A room," she said to the man with disdain in her voice.

"Uh, yes sir," the man stammered confusing Jessica for a man. She really did not care nor try and correct the man. It would serve her purpose later. He handed her a key card with shaking hands.

Jessica held out her hand amused as the man placed the key in her hand. He tried his best to not touch the dark figure afraid that if he did his life would be over.

"This is a good room, right," she purred watching the man as his eyes grew wide at what she asked.

"H-h-h-how g-good," he stammered now really fearing that he had angered the stranger in front of him.

"Your best room," Jessica said watching as eh now really began to shake.

"It's o-occupied," the man squeaked out nervously.

"Really, what number is it," Jessica said using the Force so the man would not lie to her.

"Number four zero one," the man replied evenly which surprised him considering how afraid he was at the moment.

Without a word Jessica went to the elevator as the room was on the fourth floor. She knew that something was up with that room by how the man acted. She wanted the room for her self and nothing was going to stop her from taking something she wanted.

The elevator chimed that it had reached the right floor and the doors opened up to reveal an empty hallway. Jessica glanced at the doors until she saw the one she wanted. With a knock on the door she waited until someone answered the door.

A large Twi'lick answered the door and looked down at her. His scowled turned the moment he saw who it was.

"What do you want," he said trying to sound tough.

"This room, now," Jessica said walking into the room as she pushed the man out of the way surprising him with her strength.

"Hey," he yelled as he was pushed aside by the stranger.

Jessica looked around at eh room and noticed that it was currently being used as a headquarters by some local gang. There were several members lying around on the sofa while a few others were at a table doing some gambling. A large screen had on the local sports that a few had been watching. There were three doors, one probably went to the bathroom and one of the other two had to be a bedroom.

"I'm only going to say this once, get out of my room now," Jessica growled. Her words were met with an uneasy laughter which she allowed for a few seconds before hurling the nearest person through the door to the bedroom. He landed on some people in the other room.

"What's going on in here," a blonde haired man said walking out of the bedroom and through the damaged door. He stopped in the doorway when he noticed the tall black armored figured standing in the middle of his room. "Get out."

Jessica realized that this man was the one in power here. Using the Force she began to choke the man. He gasped then grasped at his throat as if there were hands there choking him. The others slowly stood up and backed away from the black figure. Jessica released the man as he began to turn blue and slumped to the floor.

"What do you want," the blonde haired man wheezed out still clutching his throat.

"This room," Jessica said calmly to him. "And I don't want bloodstains on the carpet."

Jessica felt the movement occurring behind her and realized that a few of the people were drawing their blasters. She spun around as her lightsaber sprung to life. With ease she deflected the few shots back at those who had fired at her. Three of the men slumped to the ground, one clutching his arm the other two dead.

Anyone else who was gong to jump into the fray stopped the moment that the lightsaber came to life. Normally they would not have cared, but this person knew how to effectively use the Force. Whoever this person they were not a Jedi. That meant that this person is very dangerous.

"Leave my room now, and take your trash with you," Jessica said pointing the tip of the lightsaber at the leader's throat.

"Fine we'll leave," the leader said motioning for a couple of guys to pick up the others.

"If I see any of you near me again I won't hesitate to kill you," Jessica said using the Force to intensify their fear of her.

Several heads nodded in agreement as they rushed out of the room. The leader looked back into the room before leaving. Jessica figured that she would be seeing him again, but it really did not matter much to her.

Jessica walked back down to the main office to inform the man at the front desk that the room was now free and she would be taking it.

Tyi watched as the black clad figure made its way into a local hotel. It was one that he was familiar with as the local gang had been using it for their headquarters. In exchange for their use they did not ask for protection money from the owner.

He waited for a while until he noticed the leader of the gang along with a lot of the other members came walking out of the building. They appeared to be carrying two others and another one looked like he had been shot in the arm.

The group walked by him and he was able to catch bits and pieces of their conversations. It seemed like the black clad figure had stormed into the room and had demanded that they all leave. Tyi was not surprised to hear that the mysterious stranger was responsible for their being booted from the room. The leader was ranting about revenge against the black clad figure.

"Hey you," the blonde man said walking up to Tyi. "I know that you hang around the space docks. Did you see a black clad figure land there recently?"

Tyi thought about what he was going to say for a few seconds before opening his mouth. "Yeah, and whoever it is scared the mechanics and the other dock workers. This person is not to be trifled with Blondie," Tyi said referring to the leader's name.

"It doesn't matter, no one kicks me out of my room," Blondie snarled at Tyi. Tyi noticed that the others did not share his view.

"That person is more powerful than you can realize," Tyi said noticing that Blondie was no longer paying any attention to him. Tyi shrugged and watched as Blondie and the rest of the group made their way down to the loading docks.

Tyi settled back down waiting to see who else would come out of the hotel. This mysterious person could be anyone under that armor. This person could be male of female and the species could be anything that walks on two legs.

"Find me yet," a smooth voice purred into Tyi's ear a short time later. He jumped and turned around staring into ice blue eyes that sent a shiver through his spine. This was the person behind the black armor.

Jessica chuckled inwardly at the man's reaction as she smoothly sat down not waiting to be invited. She had thought about what to about this man. She had been watching him for a while and realized that he might be the one to help her out. He was the type that hung around those with power, not wanting it, but wanting to be associated with it. He would serve her purpose.

"I need information," Jessica said to him. "I'm looking for something."

End Part 1

Continued in Part 2

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