~ The Adventures of Super Dyke II: Emotional Entanglement ~
by Alex Tryst
Copyright March 2006

Disclaimer: This is part of an ongoing series and best enjoyed by reading them in the proper order. Feel free to drop me a note at alextryst@hotmail.com. Enjoy!

Emily Parker drove her sports car down the rural road heading toward Erin Mahoney's ranch. She couldn't believe she was in Texas and about to see the woman of her persistent fantasies once again. It had been eight months since they had seen each other, and each day was only a reminder to Emily that there would never be anything between them. Face it, Em. You got the fuck you wanted, but she never made you promises. She made it clear she would never be anyone's committed lover, and you are no exception. Still the blonde couldn't help but desire more from the attractive cowboy. Erin Mahoney was her perfect woman in many ways. Even though she was rough around the edges and sometimes spoke in vulgarities, there was still something so sensual about her. She was confident in her own skin, and she exuded sexiness. Not only that, their romp proved what Emily had always thought to be true. Erin Mahoney was a talented lover, in fact the best she had ever experienced.

Too bad she is also arrogant and self-centered. God, I can't believe it still hurts to think about. I thought I had gotten over that pain, Emily reflected. Erin had made her feel sleazy the night after they had tumbled in the sheets. The oil heiress had presented her with a gift that seemed more like payment for sexual favors rendered. On top of that, Erin had gone on and on to Emily's boss about her wonderful service. In the end, Emily walked away feeling like a prostitute for their crossover from professional to intimate. Feeling the pain emanating from her heart at the thought, she sighed. I have to get over this. I'm going to be at her house in just a few minutes, and I can't barge in their like a spurned girlfriend. I have to be professional.

Pulling through the gates of the ranch, the blonde drove up the long drive to the large house. She could see a plethora of cars in the circular drive, making her assume Erin had company. Parking her car behind a mammoth white truck, Emily chuckled wryly as she saw the license plate Super D. Apparently Erin had taken her Yankee nickname to heart. Grabbing her overnight bag and briefcase out of the trunk, Emily tried to put on her professional face. She had agreed to stay at the ranch at Erin's invitation, but at that moment, she doubted her decision to do just that. She wasn't sure she could handle being that close to her former lover and secret flame without doing something stupid. However, she knew she had to act as if nothing was wrong.

When Emily rang the doorbell, a woman she could only assume was Erin's housekeeper answered the door. She greeted the blonde pleasantly and took her bags before saying that Erin was out by the pool. Thanking her, the attorney made her way out the glass door in which she was directed. There were many people hanging around outside in what was obviously a party. Men and women were in their swim wear making Emily feel slightly awkward in her black slacks and cream silk blouse. People were looking at her, but she ignored them as her eyes scanned for Erin. She felt jealousy rise as she saw the brunette across the pool in a lounger entangled with a beautiful scantily-attired redhead. It was evident the two had blocked out everyone else. Emily could see Erin's hand disappear into the redhead's suit bottom, and it was clear where it went as the redhead's eyes closed and her mouth dropped open. Emily knew she shouldn't watch, after all, no one else seemed to notice or if they did, they didn't care that their hostess was actively engaged in sexual activity in the open. However, she couldn't help herself.

In fact she was so mesmerized that her focus was only broken when a voice close to her ear whispered, "I know that look. I've seen it a million times."

She yelped in surprise and turned to see the infamous Mahoney smile greeting her. "Jared, hi. I didn't even see you there," she said to Erin's brother.

"A little distracted, were you? I didn't realize you played on my sister's team. No wonder."

"No wonder what?"

"No wonder all my attempts at trying to tempt you have failed," he joked.

Emily laughed as her eyes trailed over him. Jared Mahoney was the epitome of a man's man, a sexy body consisting of perfect muscular physique and the same Mahoney confidence. Emily knew from her straight co-workers that Jared was also rumored to know how to please the ladies and never failed to have women in waiting for him. "Don't tell me you've been holding out for little old me. I know you have your way with the ladies, Jared."

"I do all right," he replied, flashing that grin again. "Don't worry about Erin. This won't take long. Patricia is a quick comer."

"And you would know, wouldn't you?"

"Hey. She's a gold digger. She just can't decide whether she wants Erin or me. Patricia is straight, but Erin has more money. I guess she can jump the fence for more green or gold or whatever it is Erin's pays her ladies with. At least she gives them some token of appreciation, whereas I just leave them high and dry." He laughed at himself for a moment before asking, "So, what did she give you?"

Emily looked at him in surprise at the question. "You think I slept with your sister?"

"Of course you did. Why else would you be looking like you are about to rip Patricia limb from limb?" He pointed at them. "Watch this. She's about to come." Emily turned toward their topic of conversation. Sure enough Erin's female friend looked as if she was about to climax. Once she had, Erin helped her friend put her suit back in place, kissed her forehead, and then got up from the chair. Emily's gaze and thoughts were interrupted again when she heard Jared add, "Besides Erin told me all about your romp up in New York. A fantastic fuck is what she called you."

Emily couldn't even offer any sort of reply as she felt her anger rise. It was one thing to be a one-night stand, but it was quite another to be the source of conversation among the siblings. Seeing Erin coming up to them, flashing that smile, the attorney didn't even think of her actions. She was just too furious. As soon as the brunette came into her personal space, her hand flew, the palm of it hitting the side of Erin's face so hard there was an audible smack that garnered everyone's attention as Erin's sunglasses flew off her face and hit the concrete. The blonde was seething.

Erin said nothing at first as she bent down to retrieve her sunglasses. By the time she stood to her full height once again, her ever present cocky smile was back in place as if the side of her face was not smarting, even though Emily's hand print could clearly be seen. "I missed you too, Emily," she said casually. "Perhaps we should go in the house. We have business to discuss." Emily said nothing, instead following the brunette inside. They went into a comfortable office. As the blonde stood in the middle of it, Erin closed the door behind them. However, when Erin turned the smile was gone, replaced by a scowl. The taller woman stepped into Emily's personal space once again. "Would you care to explain why you just hit me?" growled the cowboy.

"You treated me like a prostitute, Erin! Then you blabbed the whole thing to your brother! It's one thing to fuck me and sneak out in the middle of the night, but it's quite another to try to pay me for it! I'm not a hooker! I'm not a gold digger! And I don't appreciate being treated like some call girl! I hate you!"

"What are you talking about? I didn't try to pay you for that night."

"'One good lei deserves another?' That's what your note said! Was I so good you decided to give me a trip to Hawaii?"

"Emily, that a joke. I didn't mean it that way at all. I'm sorry if you thought anything else. I just wanted to give you that gift for working so hard for me professionally. Chuck said it was okay. Then after our conversation the previous night about the coconuts, I was just joking around. Please. You have to believe me. I didn't mean to make you feel like a prostitute. That is not what I think about you at all," she apologized.

Seeing the dark eyes boring into hers with could only be described as a pleading look, she could feel ire beginning to wane. However she asked, "And what of Jared?"

"He asked me how my mystery date was, and I told him it was you. I told him what happened."

"Did you really call me a fantastic fuck?" she asked.

Erin smiled. "Well, you are," she offered.

Emily only glowered. "How could you say that to him? He's one of my clients, Erin."

"He's my brother. We share that kind of stuff. It's not that big of a deal."

"It is to me! He just told me that I was a quote 'fantastic fuck!' How do you expect me to remain professional with him when he says something like that? Have you told anyone else in your family? Did you tell Chuck?"

"No. I didn't tell Chuck anything except how wonderful you were to work with, and I mean that. No one in my family knows other than Jared. Emily, I am really sorry I hurt you. I didn't mean to do that."

"You know, I can accept the fact that I was just another woman to you, Erin, but I will not tolerate you talking about me behind my back. Don't ever do it again."

"You have my word. I won't. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. It was insensitive."

Emily looked deeply into dark eyes. She wanted to believe Erin. What kind of hold do you have on me, Erin Mahoney? Any other woman I would just tell to go to hell but not you. Never you. God, even now I can't help but wonder how it would feel for you to reach out and touch me. Begrudgingly the blonde nodded her head. "Apology accepted."

"Thank you," Erin whispered, brining her into a hug. It didn't last long. "Why don't you change into your swim suit and join the party? We don't have to do work until tomorrow."

"I didn't bring my suit."

"That's a damn shame," the brunette said with a grin. "I was looking forward to see your bodacious tatas again," she joked.

Emily smacked her in the strong arm. "I just bet you were. Too bad. They have to remain a memory now."

"Let me show you to your room, and you can at least go put on some shorts. This party isn't going to wind down for a little while. Then I promised Jared that I'd make the three of us some steaks on the grill before I took you out for a little fun, Texas style."

"All right."

"Great. This way," Erin said, reaching down and taking Emily by the hand. They walked through the house and up the stairs. Taking the blonde to her room, Erin paused at the doorway. "Make yourself at home and come back outside when you're ready."

Once Emily was alone, she closed the door to her room and looked around. The first thing she noticed was a vase of pink roses sitting by her bed. You certainly do think of everything, don't you, Erin? I wonder what this means? I can't read too much into it. She went to the floral arrangement and smelled the roses for a moment before picking up the card that was attached. "Glad you're here, Super Dyke." It made Emily smile. You certainly have a way, Erin. So easily I can forget being mad at you after harboring it for months. If only my heart could get over you. Moving to her bags, Emily decided to check her work email before joining the others outside.

Meanwhile Erin went back to the pool. Passing her brother, she grumbled, "Thanks a lot, asshole."

"What did I do?"

"You know. You told Emily what I said about her. I'm lucky the only thing I got was a slap in the face. I had to do some serious groveling. Don't say another word to her about what I told you."

Jared laughed at his sister. "All right. I'll be good. But why do you even care? It isn't like you to let women get to you."

"Because we both have to work with this one. I'm not about to give up a great tax attorney, because I slept with her. She's good at what she does. She deserves respect, and I'm asking you to give it to her."

"Fine. I won't say another word. Still I think you're acting strangely with her. I've never heard of you apologizing to a woman."

"She deserved an apology, and I gave her one. I'm not a total asshole like you," she griped before heading back to her other guests.

Hours later as the sun began to set Emily made her appearance pool side. All the guests were gone, and siblings were sitting by the grill drinking beer and just talking. Erin smiled as the blonde came toward them. "We were beginning to wonder where you were," Jared mentioned as both Mahoneys stood to offer their seats. Jared gave his sister a look over his sunglasses when Emily took Erin's chair.

"I had some work to do. That's a long flight, and since I'm going to be out of the office the next few days, I thought I would try to get some things done."

"Would you like something to drink? I can whip up a Piņa Colada for you," Erin volunteered.

"Actually a beer would be great since that seems to be what you two are drinking."

"Coming right up. Be right back."

When Erin disappeared inside, Jared smiled at Emily. "It's good to have you down in Texas, Emily. It gets old traveling to Yankeeland to see you all."

"It is a nice change of pace. Although I didn't realize how incredibly hot it could be here. I should have packed a little better." She pulled at the hem of her shorts uncomfortably as she noticed the man's eyes drifting to her legs.

"You look great. I'm sure Erin would agree with me."

She said nothing at first. She wasn't sure how to react to such a comment. Usually when Jared flirted with her, she shrugged it off with a smile, but now that she knew he knew about what had happened with Erin, she felt exposed and awkward. Thankfully her hostess returned after just a moment with three long neck bottles of beer for them. Not really knowing what to do, Emily just watched the Mahoney siblings together over by the grill.

Jared and Erin seemed more like twins even though he was four years older. They were almost the same height, just at six feet, and had the same dark hair and dark eyes. Their builds were also similar, Jared having slightly more definition in his muscles. Of course Erin was graced with an impeccable set of breasts. However, at that moment, looking at them a few feet from her with only their backs on display, they could have passed as brothers. Each was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and long swimming trunks that flawlessly displayed the same athletic posterior that was dotingly referred to around her office by the women, gay and straight, as the hot Mahoney ass.

Emily couldn't help herself. Erin looked good. Even after all that's happened, I still want her. I want to feel her body against mine. She sighed with the realization. Forget it, Em. It's never going to happen. She made that perfectly clear. Still... what if it could? Throughout their meal, those thoughts didn't stray far from Emily's mind as she listened to Erin and Jared carry the conversation. Finally though, Jared said his good night, reminding Emily that he would see her the day after tomorrow at his office in Dallas before taking his leave.

Erin and Emily were then alone for the first time that day. "You seem quiet tonight. Tired from the flight?"

"A little. I've just never seen you and Jared together. Our meetings are always separate. It's interesting to watch your family dynamic."

"I'm sure you've learned a lot about the two of us today."

The blonde nodded her head as she finished off her beer. "It has been educational to say the least."

"Well, I had planned to take you out tonight, but if you're too tired, we can stay in instead."

"No. Let's go out. You're the only appointment I have tomorrow before I drive back to Dallas."

"I thought you didn't have to be in Dallas until Tuesday morning."

"My first meeting is on Tuesday morning. I have a hotel reservation tomorrow night, so I didn't have to fight with driving all the way in Tuesday morning. I wanted to be fresh for my meetings."

"Oh. I just kind of assumed you would want to stay at the ranch," Erin stated.

Is that disappointment in her voice? It couldn't be. "No. I don't want to overstay my welcome. I appreciate the offer nonetheless."

The brunette nodded. "All right. If you change your mind, though, you are more than welcome to stay."

"Thank you but I need to stick to my itinerary. Now tell me. You promised me fun. Where are we going?"

"I'm going to take you to this little well-kept secret. Only the rural dykes and some of the urban cowboys from Dallas know about it. It's called the Texas Tornado."

"Named after you?"

"Of course. I own it after all. It's a country western bar for lesbians and gay men. You'd be surprised how many gay cowboys and cowgirls there are in these parts," she teased. "I hope you brought your jeans and boots, because I'm going to take you two-stepping."

"I came prepared this time just in case. I should change."

"Well, I need to shower first before we can go. Give me about half an hour?"


"Great. Be back soon," she said with a flash of a smile before taking the dishes into the house.

Both women changed for their outing before meeting again outside by the pool. Emily was just sitting there when her fantasy woman made her reappearance. Erin was dressed in a pair of tight faded jeans. In fact, they were so tight, they clung to the woman's thighs and ass, but they were less fitting in the front, making the blonde realize her hostess had on a pair of men's button fly jeans. On top she wore a form-fitting green knit Polo. Those items alone could have made Emily hunger for the slightly older woman, but it was the ones that gave away her heritage that made the attorney's libido spring to life. Erin's feet were adorned with a pair of brown leather boots that appeared to have seen years of use, a brown leather belt with a huge silver buckle with the letter M on it, and a well-worn straw cowboy hat. Emily thought she made a stunning imagine of rugged sexiness. Standing on shaky legs, the blonde smiled at her companion. My God. Will this obsession ever end? She could jump me now, and I wouldn't complain.

"You look beautiful," Erin complimented the shorter woman, stepping into her space. Emily was dressed in a more tailored fashion even though she was also in jeans. Her white cotton blouse was casual but still pressed and neatly tucked into her snug jeans. She wore a pair of chic boots and, as was typical of her style, a silk scarf around her neck.

"Thank you. So do you," Emily managed to respond with an adorable flush to her face.

"Come on. My truck's out front," Erin said, reaching for Emily's hand. She led her around the house to the driveway and opened the door of her truck for her guest.

They made the half hour drive toward Dallas in relative quiet, but Emily's thoughts were active. What is going on with you, Erin Mahoney? You keep looking at me like you're interested in what you see, and you reached for my hand. We never touched before that night that we had sex. Is this what it's going to always be like with you now? Are we always going to have this unspoken tension? Do you want more of me? Part of me thinks so but the other isn't so sure. Could I even do this a second time knowing how it was between us? You're such an attentive lover in bed, but you don't want me anywhere else. Sure. You apologized, but can I really trust you? You've already hurt my heart once, but just looking at you, I know I could fall prey again to your charms.

When the women reached the bar, the first thing Erin did was order each of them beers. They then stood on the sidelines and watched the other patrons on the dance floor. The live country band was playing cover songs of more popular artists, and the blonde quickly found her foot tapping to the lively beat.

Erin smiled at her. When she had finished off her long neck bottle, she set it on the bar. "You think you're ready to try the two-step?" she asked.

"Yeah. Sure. Lead on, cowboy," Emily responded, taking the last sip of her beer and then putting her hand in the one extended toward her.

The brunette took them to the floor and encircled her friend's waist. "Just try to follow my lead. It's not hard once you get the hang of it."

Emily nodded her head in agreement before they began. Erin was right. The dance wasn't complicated but fun all the same. In no time they were the most proficient couple on the floor, adding flourishing moves to the traditional steps. Smiling at her companion, she held her closer as time passed. Damn, Erin. You make it impossible not to want you.

After awhile the taller woman leaned down to her friend's ear. She breathed heavily against it as she asked, "You want to take a break?"

Feeling the hot breath against her neck, Emily shivered slightly. For just a moment it took her back to their first time together. She managed to find her voice, though. "Sure."

Taking them to the bar, Erin ordered another round for them. Since it was crowded, there was only one stool vacant, and she sat Emily on it. However, she managed to wedge herself between the blonde's thighs. Neither said anything, but words weren't needed. Erin could tell she had Emily's interest again, which is what she wanted from the moment the blonde had slapped her that afternoon.

Emily watched the dance floor as she drank her beer. She was acutely aware of her client's hand brushing against the top of her left thigh. She could tell where Erin's thoughts were. So, you do want me. Why? What is going on in that head of yours, Erin? You want to fuck me again. I thought you didn't normally do that kind of thing. Double dipping usually isn't your style. Not only that you had sex with another woman just hours ago. I wonder if you see me as a conquest again. Can I do this? It was so good last time, but I want more than what you are willing to give. The blonde finished her beer as she thought about the potentials of the night. Erin's behavior was fairly clear. The interest was there, but she wasn't going to ask for anything. It was up to Emily to initiate something. Do I dare try? Maybe she'll let me touch her this time if I do. Feeling her desires gain some momentum at that thought, she decided to see what might happen if she started to act interested.

Reaching to her hostess, she placed a hand on her stomach. She felt the muscles clench slightly at the touch. Spurred on by the reaction, her hand started to make a slow trek up the front of Erin's torso, between her breasts and then back down once again. However, she didn't stop at the brunette's waist. Instead her hand traveled over the big silver buckle to the fly of her jeans. She felt the body against her hand rock forward slightly. She repeated the path a second time. Feeling bolder as the moments passed and she wasn't asked to stop, she paused at the fly on the third pass. Her fingers eased between the folds, knowing there was no zipper to stop her. She heard the hushed gasp, even over all the other noise in the bar, but she wasn't sure who it belonged to as her questing fingers met with heated flesh instead of clothing. The thought of Erin naked under her jeans made her desperate in want.

Erin leaned in further to the caress. It was so unlike her to allow a woman to touch her in the manner Emily was. It felt good, but she felt out of control, so she reached down and retracted the hand from her pants. Kissing the blonde head, she confessed, "You're driving me crazy."

"That's supposed to be a good thing."

"Suddenly I don't feel much like dancing anymore. I feel like going home instead."

"We can do that if you want."

"What do you want, Emily?" she whispered, kissing the attorney's ear lightly.

"To go home... to go to bed... with you," she seductively replied, turning her head so their lips could meet.

The kiss was lustful and promising. When it broke, Erin took her hand and said, "Let's go home."

The couple returned to the truck to go back to the ranch. Emily, feeling as if she had a bit of the upper hand, decided to continue to stoke the fire she had started. Her hands and mouth were busy caressing the brunette as she drove them back. It was clear Erin wanted her then and for more than what they had experienced previously. Her body responded to the touching, and she was actually making strangled whimpers of need. As much as Emily wanted to dive into Erin's jeans again, she didn't for fear her cowboy wouldn't be able to drive if she did, but she let her hand wander between Erin's thighs and teasingly caress her on the outside of the denim. During the whole ride, Erin said nothing even though Emily murmured naughty suggestions into her ear.

Upon arriving at the house, Erin and Emily slid out of truck and went inside. However, as soon as they entered, Erin took off toward the backyard, stripping off her clothes as she went. Emily followed, curious as to what her lover was doing. She was shocked when she followed her to the pool and watched as Erin ripped her boots and jeans from her body. Leaving all her clothes pool side, she dove into the deep end and started to swim laps. Emily was confused at the bazaar behavior, figuring they would be furiously ripping each other's clothes off in sexual frenzy by then. However, she watched on as the brunette rigorously swam laps in her pool. What the hell just happened? I could have sworn we were coming home to have sex. Maybe I did something wrong. She seemed to like that I was doing in the truck. My God, Erin, what is it with you? Not knowing what to do, Emily just stood there for a moment watching her lover in the pool. Well, I guess I'll just have to try again. Slowly taking off her own clothes, Emily eased into the pool in the shallow end and moved into deeper water. When Erin passed her in the water, she reached out and placed her hand on the brunette's shoulder, stopping her movements.

Erin stood up in the pool and looked at the blonde. She had never felt so out of sorts in her life. No woman had ever touched her the way Emily had in the truck, and it perplexed her. It made her feel something, something she couldn't even define. All she knew was she didn't like it.

Blue eyes looked concerned. "Are you all right?" Emily asked softly.

"I'm fine," she answered. "It was getting so hot in the truck, I needed to cool off a little." She flashed her signature smile, but for the first time, it lacked some of its typical sparkle. "I'm going to grab a beer. Do you want one?" she asked getting out of the pool.

"Sure." Emily watched Erin go into the house. What did I do? I've never seen her like that. She almost looked panicked. Erin, talk to me. What's the matter?

Inside the brunette grabbed two beers from the fridge. "Get a grip, Erin. You've got the most beautiful woman in the world out there naked in your pool. She wants you to have sex with her. Don't dwell on this confusion. Just do what you do best," she said to herself, fortifying her own resolution. She didn't know what was going on with her just then, but she didn't want to let this opportunity to be with Emily again slip by her. There would be time to assess her feelings later. Right then it was her duty to show the blonde a good time, a task she relished.

Feeling calmer, she headed back outside. Getting into the water again, she knew what she had to do, push emotions aside and be the woman Emily expected of her. Quietly she swam up to the blonde whose back was to her as she leaned against the edge of the pool, looking out into the darkness over the fenced plains. Erin wrapped an arm around her waist as she pressed her body into the blonde's back. She put the two beers on the concrete next to them.

Emily sighed as she felt Erin's body against her. It appeared whatever had happened had passed as a hand lightly began to trace over her frame and a mouth seductively kissed along her neck and shoulder. She indulged in the feeling Erin kindled every time they touched. She became faintly aware as a second hand moved to her breasts and the first headed between her thighs. Her only thought was how she had wanted to touch Erin first, but it didn't last long as she felt strong fingers penetrate deeply inside of her body. She shuddered as she cried out and instinctively clung to the body behind hers. The pace Erin set was slow and torturous, bringing Emily to the edge of fulfillment several times and then backing off before she would reach climax.

"Erin, please, baby," she begged.

"All in good time. Paybacks can be a bitch," the brunette growled, pummeling into her lover with calculated strokes.

Emily cried out in pleasure and torment, knowing this could go on for some time. Trying to take some control, she broke away enough to turn herself around, so they were facing each other. She kissed her lover brutally as she wrapped her legs around Erin's waist. "Fuck me, Erin. Please, fuck me, baby."

Erin followed instructions well. She drove powerfully and deeply into her lover's body, savoring the sounds of the blonde's enjoyment. Adding her mouth to the game, she latched onto one of the creamy breasts. She felt her head be rammed into Emily's chest tighter. She worked the blonde roughly until she felt Emily's orgasm begin in her legs.

Emily trembled as she clung tightly to her lover. Her voice screamed out Erin's name as she panted loudly before there was only erratic breathing. The blonde's body felt like mush, all her muscle control gone. She hadn't been prepared for the ferocity of her climax. It was even more intense than the first time they had been together. It took her several minutes before she calmed. Wrapping her arms more securely around her lover's neck, she leaned to kiss her ear sweetly. As her senses returned to her, she knew they had other unfinished business. Moaning enticingly into Erin's ear, Emily whispered, "You are so good at that."

Erin chuckled. "Glad to be of service to you."

"Now it's my turn to be of service to you. Tell me what you want. I'll do anything you ask of me. Just tell me what I can do to please you."

Erin pulled her head back to look into blue eyes. It wasn't often women asked her that question, but in the two times they had been intimate, Emily had wanted to reciprocate. "You'd really do anything?" she questioned.

The blonde nodded affirmatively. "Without question."

"That's awfully brave of you. In that case, I want you to let me take you inside to my bed and let me have my way with you for the rest of the night."


"You said without question," Erin whispered.

"I know. I just meant that I wanted to please you the way you have me."

"Touching you is what brings me the most pleasure, Emily. I feel insatiable for you tonight. Please. I won't be satisfied until I have all of you. Come to bed with me."

Emily nodded her head in acceptance. "Anything you want, Erin."

True to her word, the Texan worshiped Emily's body through the rest of the night without stop. Erin was voracious when it came to her lover. Just when Emily thought she couldn't go on, Erin found ways to bring her to peak again and again until she literally passed out in exhaustion after the sun announced a new day.

When she came to again, she found herself alone in Erin's bed. The clock read noon. Her body felt devoid of strength. She was drained of every ounce of energy. Trying to turn over, she groaned at the soreness in her hips and between her thighs. Erin had worked her harder and longer than she had ever been, and even though she had loved every moment of it, her body ached all over. Seeing a slip of paper and a pink rose on the pillow where the brunette's head should have been, Emily grabbed the note.

"Emily, Couldn't bear to wake you. You looked so beautiful asleep. Had to go into work early. I'll see you this afternoon. We'll do lunch. Directions are on your email. Erin."

Putting the note aside, Emily picked up the flower and smelled it. My, my, my. Aren't you just full of surprises, Erin? Who would have ever thought you would lay a rose at any woman's head? Still, reading into something like this could only hurt me, and I refuse to let you hurt me again. However, it does make a nice fantasy to think you are a romantic.

Knowing she had to get up, even though she didn't want to, Emily eased herself out of the comfortable bed and headed back to her room. Going into the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror. She giggled at the fact that she looked positively rakish. Her long blonde hair was a complete mess and fair skin marred with hickeys and red splotches, evidencing Erin's ravenous sexual appetite the night before.

However, even as good as the encounter was, she was plagued by one thing. Why won't you let me touch you? Why won't you let me please you? I don't understand it, Erin. You give so much, but you won't allow me to reciprocate. Something is going on there, and I want to know what. You can't hide from me forever.

Erin was sitting with her executive staff in her office as was her usual Monday midday practice when the receptionist buzzed her. "Ms. Parker is here to see you, Erin."

"Great. I'll be right there. I'm just finishing a meeting." She turned back to her employees. "If there isn't anything else pressing at the moment, I guess that's it for now."

Once everyone was gone, the brunette took a moment to look at herself in the small mirror she kept in a drawer of her desk. Her stomach had been in knots since she had left the house that day, but she didn't have time to dwell on it. Work called. However, now as the chance to see Emily was upon her, the fluttering had continued, making her feel nauseated. Satisfied that she looked all right, she walked to the lobby of her office. Her heart sped up at the sight that greeted her. Emily was dressed in a navy pants suit with heels and her usual accent scarf. Erin knew that today the scarf served more purpose than fashion, though, as she thought of the marks left in the wake of their night. She could feel a fire instantly ignite inside of her at the thought of Emily in her bed. Nevertheless, she knew she had to act professional, so she did her best to give a neutral smile.

"Emily, good to see you. Thanks for coming," she said. "Let's go into my office." The two women walked side by side in silence down to Erin's office. The CEO gestured for Emily to go inside first, and then she followed, closing the door behind her to give them privacy. When they were alone, the brunette stepped closely to her guest, but she didn't say anything at first. She didn't know how to behave just then. Her first instinct was to kiss the blonde madly. It seemed like forever since she had seen her, but she refrained. Finally she said, "You look lovely today."

"Thank you. I am worn out. I'd love a nap right about now."

"That does sound nice. I'm a bit tired myself. Are you hungry?"


"Well, let me take you out to lunch before we get to work."

"If it's all the same to you, could we just order in? I'd really like to get to work, so I can get to Dallas early this afternoon."

"Oh, yeah. Sure. I have some menus," mumbled Erin, turning for her desk.

Now there was definitely disappointment in that response, Emily thought. She didn't address it, though, as she took the menus Erin extended toward her. Within a few minutes she had decided, and Erin had asked her assistant to call in the order for them. For the next couple of hours, both women were strictly business, but it was obvious to Emily that Erin was not herself. She did look tired, but her intuitions told her that wasn't the reason for the brunette's mood. No, she felt as if it was more personal. In fact, when their meeting came to a close, Erin walked her to the lobby but no further, which surprised Emily greatly. She thought for sure the older woman would have escorted her to her car, but she realized in doing that, she was starting to set up expectations for Erin that would never be fulfilled, and in doing so, she would only cause herself pain. Instead she forced herself to be professional. "Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to meet with me, Erin."

"Well, thank you for taking the time to fly all the way down here. I always appreciate the efforts Johnston Brown makes on my and my family's behalf."

The blonde nodded. "I guess I will see you the next time you are in New York then. You know where to find me should you need me before then."

"Yes and thank you again. Have a safe flight back. I'll talk to you soon."

Emily nodded again. Even though it felt incredibly awkward just then, she extended her hand for Erin to shake. It seemed so unnatural in light of the previous night, but it was protocol. Erin shook her hand, but for a split second caressed the back of her hand with her thumb before letting go. It was enough of a gesture of Emily to know she was not being dismissed as she had been last time. Erin watched as Emily walked out the door and disappeared out of sight before going back to her office. Immediately picking up the phone, she dialed the familiar number and waited.

"Jared Mahoney's office. How may I help you?"

"Hey, Karen. It's Erin. Is my brother around?"

"Hi, Erin. Sure. Just one moment."

When her brother came on the phone, she said, "Listen, I need to come to the office in Dallas tomorrow morning. Would you mind if I crashed at your place tonight?"

"Not at all. Come on over, but why are you coming to the office? You hardly ever come up here anymore."

"There's just something I have to do. I'll see you tonight."

"All right. You have your key. Just let yourself in if I'm not there."

For the rest of the day and into the night, Emily thought about Erin. Something had changed between them, but she didn't know what. Furthermore, she didn't know if she could handle it if the brunette wasn't going to communicate with her about it. It didn't stop her, though, of reliving the night in Erin's bed in her head. She had never been physically loved in such a fashion. To begin with, she had never had an insatiable lover, and having sex for more than a couple of hours stringed together was not common practice for her. Their romp had lasted the better part of an entire night and with no signs of stopping from Erin. It was only Emily's pleading for rest after dawn that caused the cease in their activities. She wondered how much longer her lover could have gone, because her favorite cowboy's stamina had clearly not been expended. Emily felt a giggle bubble up inside of her at the thought of her sexy, strong lover being able to outlast any other woman she had ever known intimately. For just a moment she questioned if she would be able to live to tell the tale if she allowed Erin to go until she absolutely couldn't any longer.

Shifting her thoughts, she wondered what might happen between them. She wasn't sure she could go on this way. She knew her feelings, which had started as a lustful crush, were changing, even as much as she tried not to let them. Even as much as Erin had hurt her in the past, she could feel a new sensation in her heart whenever Erin came to mind, something she had never felt before, but she assumed it was love. It disconcerted her, because she knew there was no room for that in their relationship. Their relationship was foremost a professional one and an uncertain friendship after that. Knowing that answers wouldn't come in one evening, she tried to block it all out as her focus diverted to work.

The next morning Emily was at Jared's office at her appointed time. The receptionist on the executive floor greeted her warmly and placed her in a conference room that had a nice view of downtown Dallas. Uncomfortably she played with the cuffs of her suit jacket. She wasn't sure what to expect from Erin's brother, hoping nothing of their night had made it back to the older sibling. When Jared arrived and gave her the Mahoney smile, her stomach quivered. He looked so much like his sister. However, he said nothing except hello and gestured to the conference table for Emily to sit. Unbeknownst to Emily, an admirer was lurking in the hallway watching her every move as she began her meeting with Jared.

Erin stood in the hall, out of view of the conference room. Even though she could not be seen, her position gave her a perfect vantage point to watch the blonde through the glass partition. She couldn't hear a word, but she was riveted as she saw Emily talking. Her eyes took in the attorney's attire. The short woman had taken off her suit jacket, leaving her in a long-sleeved blue silk blouse. It fit her well, and when Emily gestured, she watched how the material stretched across her breasts in an alluring way. She could see Emily's legs under the table. She had on a respectable knee-length skirt and hosiery covered her calves, but in her mind she could still feel them bare wrapped around her waist. The multi-colored scarf around the blonde's neck looked perfect with her suit, but Erin imagined what kind of marks still might reside on that elegant neck from her greedy oral assault. Long blonde hair was slightly curled and rested mostly over her left shoulder. Emily Parker was beautiful, a perfect vision of everything feminine that Erin utterly adored in women. Suddenly her musings were broken, and she jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Erin, what a surprise. What are you doing here?" her father asked, unaware of the panic he had caused his daughter.

"I just had to come into town and thought I would check up on things here."

"You're in a suit. You never wear suits," he commented.

She shrugged. "Well, I thought I might try looking the part of an executive of this firm since I technically am. I mean, I noticed that my office is still there, so I guess I'm still employed here," she joked.

He nodded his head. Erin saw his eyes leave hers and move toward the conference room. He smiled at her. "Your presence here wouldn't have anything to do with a certain tax attorney paying us a visit today, would it?"

Erin brushed off the question with a wave of her hand. "Please, Daddy. Don't even go there. That's not going to happen."

"And why not? She's a perfect woman for you, Erin. She's smart, bold, full of life, and that's not even mentioning that she's pretty as hell. From what Chuck has told me, she's on your team. If she wasn't, I'd be saying this to Jared. You don't get much better than a woman like Emily Parker. You can't be a bachelor forever. You need a woman to look after you and keep you in line."

"And you think Emily Parker is that woman? Daddy, you are sadly mistaken if you think that woman has the inclination to look after me and keep me in line."

"I just want to see you happy and settled. You're thirty-one. It's time to be an adult and stop messing around with all these women."

"I like my life as it is."

He shook his head. "A father can try. Are you going to be here the rest of the day?"

"I asked for a meeting with Emily this afternoon and was going to head home afterwards. Why?"

"Emily invited Jared and me to dinner tonight. He can't come. Now I wouldn't mind taking her out all by myself and letting all of Dallas think I've still got what it takes to please the ladies, but I'd rather you go with us. I won't take no for an answer. Besides you'll skip commuter traffic this way."

Knowing it was a chance to be with Emily again, even if it was in her father's presence, she accepted. "All right. I'll ask Emily about it this afternoon."

"Good. Now stay out of trouble. We have an executive staff meeting later today. Perhaps you could grace us with your presence."

Erin spent the rest of the day awaiting her chance to see Emily. She felt restless, a feeling she didn't have often, but she passed it off as being cooped up in the office she disdained so much. Finally when the receptionist buzzed her to let her know Emily was available, the brunette practically jumped out of her chair. However, she calmly responded for the attorney to be sent to her office instead of meeting in the conference room.

Taking a few deep breaths, she moved to the door and opened it, taking a step into the hall to wait for her visitor. She watched in rapture as Emily walked slowly down the long corridor toward her. It gave her a chance to observe the slight sway of her hips. It was mesmerizing. However, she noticed there was something missing from Emily's face, and that was her smile. Instead there was a neutral look of professionalism. When the blonde reached her, Erin stepped into her office first but then turned quickly as Emily followed. The tall woman closed the door while at the same time placing a hand on Emily's hip to stop her from going any further. Erin then guided the blonde back up against the door and stepped to her, lightly pressing their bodies together. She heard Emily give a muffled exhale at the touch, confirming what she had hoped to be true. The blonde still wanted her.

Blue eyes looked into dark ones that were showing hunger, but she ignored it. Instead Emily said, "You asked to see me."

Erin nodded. Her right hand traveled from her lover's hip up to just the edge of her left breast on the outside of her silk blouse. She leaned down and nuzzled Emily's neck, murmuring, "You smell incredible."

Emily instinctively threaded her fingers through dark hair and pulled her lover closer. It only a matter of moments they were kissing greedily. Emily didn't even think, just felt the strong body grinding against her, pushing harder against the door. Just then it seemed like she hadn't seen Erin in forever, when in reality it had only been a day, and she felt just as needy as Erin seemed for a physical connection. Feeling her skirt and silk slip being raised and a thigh wedged between her own, Emily whimpered. Her eyes met Erin's once again as she ripped her lover's suit jacket from her body. "You look so sexy in this suit," she complimented. "You'll look even better without it, though." Her hands then went to the zipper of Erin's slacks. "Packing heat today I see," she teased, her hands fondling the phallus through her pants. "Have you been wearing that all day?"

"I just put it on for you. I saw you earlier today, and you looked so tempting. I just knew I had to have you," she growled. Her hands trailed over the tops of the thigh-high hosiery Emily wore and stroked the soft skin of her inner thighs. "You sexy little minx. Thigh-highs and a thong," she whispered, working the thong down off hips until it pooled at Emily's high-heeled feet. "Damn, I want you so much." Undoing her own pants, she freed the phallus. She felt her lover slip off her own shoes and kick her undergarment aside. With brute strength, Erin lifted Emily by the back of the thighs until their hips were parallel and then sunk herself into the blonde's warm, inviting wetness.

"God, you're so strong," Emily moaned as much in surprise as pleasure at the invasion as she locked her legs around Erin's hips. She had no idea what she was in for when she had come into Erin's office, this being the last thing on her mind. However, now that it was happening, she realized she craved it as much as the brunette obviously did.

Erin growled wantonly as she pumped at a vigorous pace. Hearing Emily's body slam against the door and rattle the lock with each thrust, though, she decided to move them across the room to the couch that resided in her office. Walking them there without breaking their connection, she settled herself supine with the blonde straddled across her hips. They exchanged frantic kisses as their hips ground together, seeking relief. It didn't take long before Emily quaked in climax and flopped down on her lover's body. Erin held her closely in silence, stroking blonde hair gently.

For a few minutes neither woman said anything, but then Emily raised her head and smiled. "You know, we probably should continue this in a more private place. Why don't you come back to my hotel with me? I'll make all your fantasies come true."

"I'd love to, Em, but I can't. I have a meeting with Daddy and some other executives. It's going to last until dinner time. He invited me to come with you all. I hope that's all right."

She nodded. "Of course."

"Maybe after that?" Erin proposed.

"We'll see." They laid there a moment longer before the blonde finally raised herself off her lover's body. She looked down at the phallus that still stood at attention between them. She wasn't surprised to see the prophylactic after their romp the night before last. Erin had made it clear she believed in safe sexual activities, and with all the women she had used her toys with, she wanted to make sure Emily was completely protected. It was a sweet gesture, one that the blonde appreciated. Giving Erin a mischievous smile, she pulled the condom off the phallus and dropped it on the floor before grabbing the silicone shaft in her right hand. Experimentally she pumped it, trying to see if she could get a reaction. She wasn't disappointed when she felt hips rise slightly. "You like this." It wasn't a question. "What if I did this?" she asked, leaning down and kissing the tip of it. Erin said nothing, but she could tell the brunette liked it anyway. Emily moaned lightly as she smelled her lover's essence. She wanted to taste her so badly, but she knew she had to move slowly. Running her left hand up under Erin's shirt to her stomach, she caressed the toned muscles as her right continued to work the phallus. Her mouth joined the game, kissing Erin's stomach and slowly going lower. She felt hands in her hair, pressing her deeper. Moving her mouth to the shaft, she sucked it for a moment as her hands started to unbuckle the straps holding it in place. When she removed it, she was left with just Erin, but she felt her lover stiffen.

"Wait," Erin desperately pleaded breathlessly. "Stop."

"But you smell so good. I want to taste you, Erin. I want to please you," Emily whined. "I can make you feel good, baby. I swear."

"I don't want you to."

"Yes, you do," challenged the blonde, not understanding why Erin wouldn't let her go further.

"I said no." The tone was firm leaving no room for discussion on the matter.

Emily had never been rebuffed in such a way. It took her completely aback, and she looked up into dark eyes in bewilderment. However, she saw it clearly in Erin's eyes. She meant what she was saying. Immediately moving her mouth and hands away from the enticing body under her, she sat back on her knees. "Why?" she inquired in her confusion.

"Because I said so," gruffly the brunette replied. Erin was already zipping her pants.

"Erin?" Emily questioned, reaching out for her as the Texan rose from the sofa.

"What?" Erin gave the agitated reply.

"What just happened here?"

"We just finished."

"I wasn't finished," she pointed out.

"Well, unless you feel like coming again, we're finished," Erin supplied. "You didn't seem interested in that."

"Because I wanted to give back to you. Why won't you let me? What's the problem?"

"I don't have a problem."

"Oh no? Then why are acting like this? You're all flustered. I'm just trying to love you."

"Maybe I don't want your love, Em! I thought I made it clear I wasn't into that! I just wanted to have sex with you! That's it!" she snapped.

"Yeah, you've made that clear! Silly me for thinking it could ever be a two-way street! This friends with benefits thing only works if both people get something out of it!"

"Oh, I'd say you get plenty out of it, Emily!"

"But not all I want, Erin! You're getting all you want, but I'm not! That's not fair!"

"Well, why don't you just cry me a river," she sarcastically remarked. "Poor baby."

Emily huffed in frustration as she moved to where she had abandoned her thong and heels and slipped on her shoes. "You know what? Fuck it! I don't need this shit! I want to be your friend, Erin, but if you're going to get all weird about us having sex, then screw it! I don't want to have sex with you! Here! You can keep these! They're the closest thing to me you're ever going to get again!" she yelled throwing her thong at the brunette. It hit her in the chest before Erin caught it. With that, Emily stormed out of the room.

Stuffing the undergarment in her pocket, Erin quickly went after her, closing the door, so no one would venture into the office. "Emily!" she called out, seeing the blonde rushing down the hall. "Emily, wait!" Her words weren't headed, so she kept in pursuit until they ended up in the conference room. Knowing they were in public view, Erin put on a stoic face as she said, "I don't do that with women. That's never part of the arrangement."

"Well, those terms are unacceptable to me, Erin. If I had known that, I wouldn't have gone down this path. We have to be equals, or I'm not doing it. You think about it and let me know if you change your mind," she said picking up her briefcase. "I'll see you and your father at dinner."

Walking out Emily resisted her urges to look back at the brunette. Damn, what is it with you, Erin? Why are you acting like this? And why do I even care? I know why, she admitted to herself. Because I'm falling in love with the one woman who will never love me in return. Get a grip, Emily. She isn't interested and sleeping with her isn't going to change her mind. Best to call the whole thing off now before it's too late. Face it. You can't be friends with Erin and sleep with her anymore. Your job could be at stake if this goes wrong. It's for the best to stay out of her bed. But the things she can do... no other woman has ever made me feel this way. The blonde sighed in discontentment. Life seemed so much simpler before she and Erin had ventured into the place in which they now found themselves. As soon as you get back to New York, you have to find yourself someone else. That's the only way to move beyond this. There has to be another woman out there for you, Emily. Erin Mahoney is not the end all and be all of women. Knowing that had to be the case, she resolved to put her growing feelings for Erin out of her thoughts and heart. All she had to do was get home, and things would start to be normal again. She wouldn't see Erin for months, plenty of time in which to find someone else. I just have to make it through the evening.

That night when Emily arrived at the restaurant Erin and her father were already there. It was obvious they had arrived early enough to already be seated and seemed still engaged in work conversation. Nevertheless, that ceased immediately when they saw the blonde. Both of the Mahoneys stood as Emily came to the table. "Mr. Mahoney, Erin, how are the two of you?"

"Wonderful now that you're here," he replied for them with a smile, the same smile his two children possessed. "Please sit." He gestured to the chair between him and his daughter.

Erin pulled it out for her, for which Emily thanked her before they were all seated. Their server quickly came around to see if they needed anything, and then they were left in peace.

The conversation that evening didn't stray too far from idle chatter as they ate, but Erin could see her father's contemplative look he was sending her direction through most of the meal. She knew what he was thinking, and when he made an excuse to leave the meal before either woman seemed ready to call it an evening, Erin wanted to kill him.

"Emily, it was such a pleasure to see you again. Thank you very much dinner this evening. I'm terribly sorry it couldn't be longer," he said, taking her right hand in his.

"I understand. You're a busy man, and I appreciate the time you take out of your schedule to see me."

He turned to his youngest child. "Erin, I hold you fully responsible for seeing this young lady back to her hotel safely."

"I will, Daddy. You don't have to worry."

With a smile for each of them, he bid them goodnight. The two women sat back down at the table once he was gone. There was an obvious awkwardness between them for the first time, neither knowing quite what to say. Finally an excuse to leave arose as their server brought the bill with Emily's credit card back to them. She quickly signed it before looking at her dinner companion.

"I guess I should be getting back to the hotel. I have an early flight home tomorrow."

Erin nodded. "Where's the hotel where you are staying?"

"Just about a five minute walk from here."

"Well, let me give you a ride."

"It's not necessary."

"I insist. I told Daddy I would make sure you got home all right. Come on. Let me take you to the hotel."

Emily nodded her head in agreement. That wasn't part of her plan, but she hoped she could handle being alone with Erin long enough to get back to the hotel. Heading outside, she didn't see the white truck she was expecting. Instead Erin directed her toward a more sophisticated vehicle, a black luxury sports car that didn't quite fit the brunette's personality in her opinion, but she said nothing, only thanked her driver when her door was opened for her. The drive was quiet, highly usual for both of them.

Driving up to the hotel, Erin put the car in park but didn't turn it off. She looked at the blonde. "Should I see you upstairs to make sure you really made it all the way safely?" she asked uneasily.

Emily chuckled at the other woman's anxiety. She had never seen Erin act that way in the years she'd known her. "Is that the best line you can come up with right now?" she teased, trying to lighten the discomfort that had encompassed them. However, the response she received made her realize, her joking didn't go over well.

"If you don't me to, you can just say so. It was just an offer," Erin grumbled.

Emily looked out the passenger side window to the valets who were trying to figure out whether or not to approach the car or give the couple their privacy. She knew what she wanted, but she didn't know if it was for the best. "I'd like the company," she accepted.

Erin just gave a nod in reply as she opened the driver's door. Instantly the valets were there to take the car from them as they made their way into the luxurious hotel. Neither said anything as they walked to the elevator, Erin just half a step behind Emily, her hand resting against the small of the blonde's back. It felt good to touch her after their fight. It was comforting to know the attorney still would allow it. She felt as if she hadn't done permanent damage to their relationship.

Once in the hotel room, Emily flipped on the lights, showcasing the space. It was elegantly decorated with the bedroom segregated in a separate room for the sitting area. She gestured to the small couch. "Would you like to sit down? Want something to drink from the bar?"

"If you're having something."

Emily nodded before getting herself a bottle of water. "Water or something stronger?" she asked.

"Water's fine. I have to drive home at some point."

Taking a seat on the sofa next to Erin, Emily handed her a bottle of water before flipping on the TV. She needed distraction just then from the woman next to her. She knew if they were idle too long, they would end up doing exactly what she had said she wouldn't that afternoon. As much as part of her wanted just that, she knew it wasn't a good idea. For the next two hours they ended up watching TV, but as time had passed they had started snuggling without even being aware of it. It just felt natural to touch each other. Looking into dark eyes, Emily couldn't resist when Erin leaned to kiss her. Then all thoughts ceased as their instincts took over, and it wasn't until the blonde realized her guest's hand had found its way under her skirt that she even noticed how far they were going in a direction she said she wouldn't.

It took everything in her to put her hand on top of Erin and whisper, "Wait. We need to stop."

"Why? You know how good it will be," Erin said, kissing Emily's ear sweetly.

"Because I said I wasn't going to do this. Remember?"

"I thought for sure you were just upset in the moment."

Emily shook her head as she retracted her lover's hand from under her clothes. "Erin, I was upset, but I also did mean it." She looked into brown eyes. It was obvious Erin wasn't used to rejection by the shocked look she was sporting. Emily reached up and caressed the brunette's cheek. "I don't want to be with you that way anymore if you don't want to be equals. I just want a chance to bring you as much pleasure as you bring me. That's all, Erin. I'm not trying to own you. I'm just trying to give you affection the same way you give it to me. But it has to stop if you won't let me do that."

The tall woman was silent but then nodded her head. "I understand. Perhaps I better go then."

"I wish you wouldn't."

"You just said we couldn't have sex. Why else would you want me to stay?"

"You could stay simply because I asked you to. We don't have to do anything, but you could still spend the night if you wanted."

"Spend the night?"

"If you want to," Emily stressed, her heart hoping the answer would be yes, even though she knew she shouldn't expect anything.

"I don't know. I don't have anything to wear to bed."

"It isn't like I haven't seen it all before. It's just getting a little late to drive back to the ranch."

It wasn't really, but Erin wasn't going to argue the point. She didn't really want to leave the blonde just then, and the thought of sleeping with her, even if they couldn't have sex was tempting. Shrugging she said, "If you're sure you want me to stay."

The shorter woman nodded. "Come on. I have an early flight, so we should probably go to bed." She reached to take Erin's hand in her own and escorted her to the bedroom. "You can use the bathroom first if you want."

Erin did so, leaving Emily alone with her thoughts. What are you doing? This is so not a good idea, Em. You know you can't have her. Why are you still pretending you can? She doesn't want a relationship. Nevertheless, she couldn't bear the thought of being alone just then, not when Erin was so close.

When it was her turn in the bathroom, she did her nightly routine before going to the bed. Her lamp was still on, and Erin was already in the bed. She could see the dark-haired woman's bare shoulders and the slopes of her breasts peeking out from under the comforter, but she forced herself not to react. Trying to act nonchalant, she took off her robe, revealing she was wearing nothing to bed either before slipping under the covers and extinguishing the light. Neither said anything at first as they both lay naked in the king-sized bed, but after a little bit of time, Emily felt a hand brush against hers.

"Did you want to... cuddle or anything?" Erin whispered, truly unsure of what she was supposed to be doing, if anything. She still wasn't sure why she had agreed to stay.

The blonde's heart thudded. "Cuddling would be good," she answered quietly. Both women tentatively moved toward the center of the bed. When their naked forms touched, Emily had to control herself from moaning. It felt so right, even though she knew it truly wasn't for the best. All continued to be silent between them until she heard Erin's breathing change, signaling she had fallen asleep. However, Emily was too aware of her lover's presence to fall into dreams. She fought it, trying to take in the feeling of Erin's body in all its wonder against her own. She knew it had to be the last time they were together like this, and she didn't want to ever forget the way it felt to be held by the woman of her best fantasies.

The next morning when she awoke, she looked up to find herself alone in bed. Erin's clothes were gone. Emily sighed sadly. What did you expect? For her to still be here? Why? There is nothing here for her. You made that perfectly clear last night. But then why did she stay? Part of me wishes it's because she feels the way I do, but that's impossible. Erin Mahoney doesn't do relationships. You had your perfect night. She did everything you asked of her and withheld her affections. But what you really wanted was for her to give into your desires, and she didn't. She wouldn't. That's proof enough that it's over between you. You made demands, and she didn't follow through, as expected. So why does it still hurt? Emily knew the answer to her own question. It was because she was in love, plain and simple. She was in love with a woman incapable of returning that feeling. Sliding from bed, she sighed again. All that was left to be done was go home and forget, but it would be easier said than done. Well, at least you can say you had all your fantasies come true with your Super Dyke, Em. Too bad it's over, but at least you got to see more of Erin that you ever thought you would, she consoled herself. That will have to do. That will just have to do.


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