~ In Flight Entertainment ~
by Alex Tryst
Copyright September 2006

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Betsy sighed as she slammed her bag into the seat next to her. So far her flight from Australia to Washington, D.C. had been a disaster. The first leg of her flight left her tired and grumpy due to the turbulence. Then her few hour layover in L.A. was gruesome. She hated LAX. The food was bad. The people were much too busy to be nice, and she just wanted to get home. There was a delay with her flight because of maintenance issues, so they put her on an overnight flight back to IAD. She was less than pleased with the arrangement but had no other choice given the time of day, and she had to be back for an important meeting her first day back from vacation.

Just as she was starting to settle herself an uncivil male voice grumbled, "Your bag is in my seat."

Without a word, she snatched it and shoved it under the seat in front of her. She knew fate would have her sitting next to the rudest man on the plane. Trying to not snap at him, she just looked out the window across the aisle from her into the dark night as passengers piled into the plane and settled themselves. Just as the door was about to close, one last person appeared and came sauntering down the aisle. Dark eyes found Betsy's brown ones. A grinned appeared on the other woman's face. "Excuse me. I think that's my seat," she said, gesturing to the window seat on Betsy's row. The old man grumbled, but Betsy said nothing as the dark-haired woman took her seat.

Silence followed as last preparations were made for takeoff. Betsy looked around the plane. There were a few rows with only one person, so she pondered moving away from the unpleasant gentleman. However, she was intrigued by the mysterious woman on her row and decided to wait and see what might happen with the seats once they were airborne. Just before the plane was about to back away from the gate, the man next to her asked to be reseated, leaving the two women alone.

Dark eyes once again found hers. "Looks like it's just the two of us," she mentioned.

"Looks like it," Betsy replied, looking beyond her out the window to the tarmac.

"You know, it would be easier for you to look out if you were in the window seat. Do you want to switch?"

"You don't mind?"

"Not at all. I prefer the aisle anyway. This was just the last good seat available. Please. Sit here. You looked like a window girl anyway."

"Thanks. I do prefer the window," she said. The two women maneuvered into their new seats just as the flight attendant came by and checked their seatbelts.

"No problem." A few minutes passed before they spoke again. "So, what has you going to D.C.? Business?"

"Actually I'm going home. I was in Australia on vacation for two weeks."

"That sounds like fun. I've always wanted to go there myself. Just haven't gotten around to it."

"What about you? Are you going for work?"

"As a matter of fact, I just took a job there. I'm moving to start in a few days. I moved all my stuff last month and have just been finishing off some work at my old job."

"Oh, well, welcome to D.C. You'll like it. There's a ton of stuff to do."

"I might be too busy at first to take in all that fun stuff, but I do hope to get around early and starting making some friends. Even at 30, I still feel like the new kid at times, and I hate it. It's necessary for the job, though."

"I've lived there all my life except when I went to college. So, what's this new job of yours?"

"I've taken a partnership in a small legal firm in Rockville, Maryland. They cater to investment firms. It's right up my alley. What do you do?"

"I work in Rockville, ironically for an investment firm."

"What a small world. My name is Alden by the way."

"Betsy. Nice to meet you, Alden."

"You too, Betsy. So, tell me about some of the best places to go in D.C."

Betsy shrugged her shoulders as pulled her red hair out of her ponytail. It hurt to have her hair back after all that time. She shook it out gently as she answered, "It depends on what you're into, I guess." There was silence as their eyes connected again. Betsy could see brown eyes darkening at her display. It made her pulse jump to have a stranger look at her so brazenly. "What are you into?" she whispered.

A flick of Alden's brow was the only answer for a moment. Finally she replied, "I think it's safe to say I'm into the same things you are. Tell me what you like."

Betsy flushed under the stare, her pale freckled cheeks flooding with color, and she broke their gaze. Just then the flight attendant came by. The redhead asked for a pillow and blanket as did the brunette. When they were alone in their aisle again, neither said anything until the attendant returned with the requested items.

"I should try to get some sleep," Betsy said as she put the pillow behind her head. "I have a big meeting tomorrow, and I'm not even going to have time to sleep except for now."

"I understand. I have a big day myself." With that they stopped talking and each tried to get comfortable in their respective seats.

However, Betsy could not get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Instead she squirmed in her seat for several minutes. She was still curious about the woman sitting one seat over from her. It was obvious that Alden was older than her own twenty-three years. In fact, she placed her in her early thirties just like the brunette had said. Nevertheless, Alden was an attractive woman. Her dark hair was just below her chin, and her brown eyes glowed in intensity when they spoke. By what the older woman was wearing, Betsy could tell Alden was fit and athletic. For some unknown reason, she found herself intrigued.

"You know, you can put your feet up on the middle seat if you want," Alden's voice came to her softly.

She opened her eyes to find the older woman looking at her. "You don't mind?"

"Not at all. It's obvious you need some space. Put up the armrests and stretch out," she directed, lifting the two armrests that separated them.


"You're welcome."

Betsy placed her legs up on the middle seat with her feet hanging off the edge and then dozed off thinking about the woman next to her. Sometime later the redhead began to stir. Her mind started to fantasize of the woman's caress. It was an enticing dream, one where her mystery lover touched her under the cover of darkness of the night while everyone slept around them.

However, the dream, as nice as it was, seemed so real, and she opened her eyes. She scanned her surroundings. All the lights were off, and most of the plane slept in silence. Even Alden appeared to be asleep with her eyes closed. Betsy was about to just pass it off as her imagination when she felt it. A warmth spread over her left knee as a palm covered it, and fingers lightly traced the inner contours. Not sure she believed what she felt she looked down at her legs concealed under her blanket. There was a barely noticeable movement. Betsy gulped hard as she looked back at Alden's face. Brown eyes were still closed. Thoughts ran cluttered in her mind, one tumbling over another at what was happening to her. A complete stranger had their hand on her leg, but even more, she realized her body was beginning to respond to the fondling. She contemplated what to do for a moment. She could easily stop it if she wanted to just by swiping the hand from her bare leg, but she didn't. She just sat there in shock trying to control her breathing. Her eyes closed again. The touch felt so much more acute.

"I know you're awake," Alden's voice whispered close to her.

Betsy's breath caught in her throat as her eyes popped open to find the brunette leaning toward her as far as she could given her seatbelt restraint. Eyes met in the dark. As much as she wanted to say something to the older woman, she couldn't. Her voice failed her as the hand on her knee inched up her inner thigh.

"You have to be very quiet," Alden murmured. Betsy didn't respond with words. She just gave a shaky exhale. The hand left her thigh after a moment, and then she heard the metal on metal sound of a seatbelt being opened. She knew it was Alden's. When the brunette was free from it, she slid over to the middle seat, raising Betsy's legs over her lap in the process. Alden leaned in as closely as she could in their position, her lips meeting Betsy's ear. "All you have to do is say no," she whispered as her left hand once again found shorts-clad legs. They looked at each other for a brief moment. Betsy knew that was her chance to put an end to what was happening. If she let Alden go further, they could very well end up doing something indecent. She was just about to voice that when she felt soft lips against her own, which closed down her brain completely. "Close your eyes and pretend to be asleep. Don't make a sound."

Betsy followed the direction. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath. Without being able to see, her other senses became much sharper. Fingers made long light strokes over the inside of her right thigh, warming her skin to inconceivable temperatures. The back of her knees began to perspire, and her toes began to curl in an effort not to make any sound. However, she mewed softly when she felt lips on her neck.

"Quiet, beautiful. Don't even breathe loudly. I'm going to make you feel so good." Betsy still said nothing, but it was getting harder. Slipping her right hand down under the blanket, she found Alden's bicep and gripped to it. Alden's hand found the juncture of her thighs over her shorts, making Betsy bite her lower lip. "Man, you're hot. I can imagine how wet you must be. Why don't you open up and let me in? I promise I'm worth it." When the hand moved to the button her shorts, Betsy knew what was being asked of her. She hesitated for a moment as she thought of the repercussions. She was about to have sex with a stranger, but just then her body wanted relief, and her own hand traveled to the button of her shorts. She slipped it open. With that, Alden took the initiative to undo the zipper. "Um, silk, how sexy," she whispered.

Betsy felt those questing fingers slide underneath the silk to her bare skin. She gulped as they ran across her wetness. They massaged her pulsing flesh in painstaking fashion. She wanted to scream at the feeling, but all she could do was grip tighter to Alden's arm. It felt like an eternity that she was being teased, working her up to impossible heights of pleasure in that cramped seat. Finally when she thought she couldn't take it anymore, a question came that took her by surprise.

"You feel so good, Betsy. I want you desperately. Do you want me inside of you?"

Betsy opened her eyes to see Alden's in the darkness of the plane. Their intensity completely disarmed her and any ideas she may have had of propriety. Instead those dark eyes beckoned her to respond with her most primal desires. Her right hand followed the contour of her lover's forearm until it reached her hand inside of her shorts. Resting her own hand against the back of Alden's she pushed her lover's as well as her own fingers into her tightness.

"You sexy, naughty thing. Show me how you like it." The redhead did as she was asked. She moved their hands together in a rhythm that brought her to the edge quickly. Her breathing began to catch, and she was finding it difficult not to make noise. "Quiet now. You're so anxious to be finished. We've only just begun. I can tell you're close. Do you have any idea what I'd really like to do to you right now?" Betsy shook her head. "I'd really love to taste how sweet you are. I bet I could drown inside of you, because you taste so good."

Betsy moaned despite of herself as she once again bit her lip. She tasted blood as her body began to spasm in climax. She continued to tense in her seat for several moments before her body went lax. Her eyes remained closed as she tried to take calming breaths. Finally when she was ready, she pulled Alden's hand out of her shorts.

The older woman removed her own hand from under the blanket and brought it to her mouth. Making a show of it, she licked each of her fingers with delight. "I was right. You taste like ripe strawberries and whip cream."

Betsy flushed in the dark but said nothing. She had no words just then. She couldn't believe she had just had sex with a stranger in the plane. Her eyes looked around them. Luckily the two last rows were empty, and everyone in front of them still seemed to be asleep. Looking into her lover's eyes again, she said the first thing that came to her mind. "I need to go to the bathroom." Alden nodded. Allowing Betsy to rise from her seat, she watched her head to the lavatory.

Once locked in the bathroom, Betsy looked at herself in the mirror. She still couldn't believe it. She had never acted that way before, and it was disconcerting, because she knew absolutely nothing about Alden. Knowing she had to accept it for what it was, she cleaned herself up a little and resolved to go back to her seat and sleep the rest of the way to DC. A few minutes later when she was ready to leave the lavatory, she opened the door and shrieked softly at the vision that awaited her. There leaning against the door of the other bathroom was her dark-haired mystery lover looking fiercely wanton. Betsy didn't even have a chance to make it out of the bathroom before she found herself locked inside once again with Alden pressed closely against her. She grabbed the handle behind her for balance as the older woman's body pressed her into the wall.

"I couldn't help myself. I just had to know how good your hot body felt against me," Alden murmured, pushing herself further into her lover. Leaning down she captured the redhead's mouth in a fiery kiss. "I bet it's not often you have to lean up to kiss your women," the attorney mentioned, noting Betsy was almost as tall as she was. "You like that, don't you? Having to lean up to kiss me?" She didn't wait for answers. "I bet women think because you're so tall you're dominant in bed, but I know your secret. I'm going to dominate you all night long, and you're going to love every minute of it."

Betsy couldn't respond with words to any of the comments. Instead she could only grip to the body pressed against hers as Alden's mouth found her neck and hands slipped under her long-sleeved t-shirt. "Oh, God," she whispered as hands pushed up her shirt to cover her breasts. A hot open mouth covered the slope of her left one. "Alden," she whimpered.

"I like the way you say that. I wish I could hear you scream it," the brunette growled as her hands reached for the button of her lover's shorts. This time she didn't ask for permission and instead quickly opened them. "You're still hot for me," she mentioned as she cupped the wetness.

Betsy merely cried out as she was once again filled to the core of her being. Her hips bucked wildly against the body standing in front of hers as she gasped. The feeling was just all too consuming. She had never felt that way in her life. It didn't take much before she could feel herself climaxing again. However, this time she let a strangled cry escape her.

Alden held still for a moment, nuzzling the redhead's hair. "I can only imagine how good you'd be in a bed away from people. You're a screamer. I can tell how badly you want to cry out. I know you'd feel so good with your naked arms and legs wrapped around me."

A moan was the younger woman's only response. She still couldn't believe what she was doing. She had been intimate with the same stranger twice now. Long minutes passed in silence before she made a move to withdraw Alden's hand from her body. Not quite meeting dark eyes, she said, "We should go back to our seats."

The attorney nodded in agreement. Allowing the redhead to go first, she stayed behind and washed her hands before going back to her seat as well. All was still silent on the plane, everyone being sound asleep in the late night hour. Even Betsy had reclined her chair back all the way since no one was in the row behind them and had closed her eyes. Alden retook the middle seat and reclined her own chair. Reaching toward Betsy's arm, she noticed that the armrest was still raised between them, giving her clear access to her lover's body as it lay under a blanket. Her hand traveled the length of the arm and then over a thigh, but she was surprised to find her lover's shorts already open when her touch reached its destination. She smiled to herself, knowing this was a sure sign she was to keep going and make good on her promise to go all night, and in fact they did just that until they started to doze off about an hour before arrival.

Alden awoke with a startle when a hand touched her on the shoulder, and the flight attendant asked her to put her seat up. She realized she and Betsy had fallen asleep but with her hand still inside her lover's clothes. Thankfully that fact was concealed by the two blankets over them. Nodding her understanding to the flight attendant, she nudged Betsy awake. The redhead was groggy and disoriented at first until she met dark eyes, and then her actions came flooding back to her.

"Morning," she whispered, raising her chair and discreetly zipping her shorts. She put the armrest down between them.

"Good morning," Alden replied softly, trying to judge her lover's mood. She was unsure but thought she was receiving an embarrassing morning greeting of a one night stand.

Neither said anything else as they waited for their landing. Being that they were at the back of the plane they were the last few to de-board once they were on the ground. As they moved along the terminal, Betsy decided to walk faster, quickly leaving Alden to herself without so much as a word. What had started out as a great deal of excitement had ended in horrible awkwardness. Watching the younger woman go, she sighed. Making her way to the baggage carousel alone, Alden tried to put it out of her mind, but seeing Betsy waiting for her bags, she decided to say something.

Sidling up to her, she said, "I'm sorry if you feel the need to run away from me. That was not my intention."

"It's not you."

"Then what is it?"

Brown eyes turned to look into brown. "I just don't know what to say. I've never done something like that before."

"You don't have to say anything. We could just be friendly. It doesn't have to be everything, you know." Alden's bag came off the conveyor belt, and she grabbed it. However, she continued to stand there with Betsy. "What's your bag look like?"

"I have two actually. They're navy and white," she answered quizzically.

There was another pause. When Alden saw a bag matching the description come down the belt, she asked, "Is that one of them?"


The attorney leaned out and grabbed it. She checked the name tag. "Elizabeth Ireland," she stated, looking at her companion. A few minutes later a matching bag came out, and the attorney grabbed that as well. Shouldering all three bags, she asked, "You want to share a cab to Rockville?"

"Actually, I have my car here."

"Oh. Well, let me carry your bags then."

"You don't have to."

"I'd like to," Alden clarified. "That is if you would like it too."

The redhead hesitated and then nodded. Without a word, she led the way out of the terminal to the bus that would take them to long-term parking. Together they boarded and rode silently to the lot with other early morning travelers. When it came to the right stop, she gestured for them to get off. Going over to a green SUV, she dug into her backpack and pulled out some keys.

"Nice car."

"Thanks. My parents gave it to me for college graduation." She popped open the back.

Alden loaded Betsy's bags and then shut the door. She smiled as pleasantly as she could, not knowing if she should take any further chances. Her companion didn't seem receptive. "Well, it was nice meeting you. I guess I might see you around Rockville sometime.

Betsy nodded. She knew if she let Alden walk away that she would never see her again. She didn't know why, but that thought didn't sit well with her, even though the idea of what they had done disturbed her as well. Going with her first feeling, she took a deep breath and asked, "Would you like a ride?"

"I wouldn't want to put you out of your way."

"I live and work in Rockville. If you live close to there, it's not a problem."

"If you're sure."

"I'm sure. It's the least I can do for allowing you to carry my heavy bags all the way out here."

"Well, let me help you pay for the parking," she bargained as she opened the back to add her own bag.

"Don't worry about it."

"I insist. I was going to have to pay cab fare anyway."

"All right. Fine. You can help." Getting into the SUV, both women were quiet as they drove in the general direction of Rockville, Maryland. Neither really knew what to say just then, but Betsy turned on the music to cut some of the tension. "So, where do you live exactly?" she asked as they neared their exit. Alden told her, and her heart stopped. "Oh my God. We're practically neighbors. I live off your street." Betsy took them to the house Alden had indicated and then pulled into the driveway. Putting her car in park, she turned to her passenger. "Well, here's home."

Alden nodded. "Tell me something, Betsy. How does a young woman like you afford to live in such a neighborhood? You have roommates?" She shook her head. "A large inheritance of some sort?" She gave another shake of her head. "Then what? Do they actually pay that well at your company?"

"I live at home," she replied, softly breaking their gaze.

Sensing that the young woman was embarrassed by that, Alden reached over and touched her on the leg. "It's nothing to be embarrassed over, you know. I lived at home all through law school, didn't get my own place until I was 26. You're probably saving a ton of money, and with working at an investment firm, you should know that's a good thing."

"It's just such an expensive area to buy a place."

"Tell me about it. This place did not come easily," she said, looking at the house she now owned. Looking back at the redhead, she gave a smile and reached over to the ignition. Shutting off the car and taking out the keys, she suggested, "Why don't you come in and be the first to take the grand tour?"

"Oh, I don't know about that. My parents drive down this street on their way to work every morning. They're going to be leaving shortly, and they'll see my car parked in your driveway."

"They won't notice. Do you think they are really that perceptive this early in the morning?"

Betsy didn't answer at first. She knew if she went inside there was a possibility of a repeat of what happened on the plane. Except this time they would be completely alone in the privacy of Alden's house with no one to disturb or interrupt them. The thought excited and scared her at the same time.

Alden saw that her driver was indecisive, so she took matters into her own hands. Pocketing Betsy's keys, she opened the passenger's side door. "Come on. I'll even fix you breakfast if you want."

Betsy sat in her car contemplating as Alden retrieved her own bag from the back. Part of her knew she shouldn't be going into the house with this complete stranger, but the peculiar hold Alden had over her couldn't be denied. She was curious to know this woman and how she lived. Slowly opening her door, she stepped from the car and looked around for neighbors she knew watching her. Seeing none, she followed the brunette up the walk to the front door.

The attorney opened the door for them and then dropped her bag in the foyer as she locked them inside. She gave a quick tour of the ground floor ending up in the kitchen. "I even have a great deck and pool," she mentioned, gesturing out the glass door leading outside.

The redhead went and looked at the view. She was just staring out the door sleepily when she felt warmth from behind. Without thought her body responded for her, leaning back against the one standing there. Arms came around her waist, and lips brushed along the side of her neck. She gave an erratic exhale. Teeth gently bit her earlobe as a voice whispered to her, "What do you want for breakfast, beautiful?"

Betsy turned in the arms that held her and met brown eyes. She could see the hunger there as they gazed wantonly at her, but neither said anything for a moment. Looking at Alden, she realized for the first time she was the reason the woman in front of her was so amorous. She was directing Alden's needs. That thought had truly never occurred to her until just then. The sense of power was a strong allure. Deciding to test her control of their intimacy, she gave a coy smile. Running her hands up the arms that held her, she squeezed strong shoulders. "I know what you want," she whispered.

Alden grinned. "You know that I want Fruit Loops?" she questioned. The joke caused Betsy to laugh. "I have an idea," the brunette said. "Why don't we go upstairs, and I'll show you the rest of the place? We can come back down for breakfast in a bit."

Betsy knew what she was really being asked, and she acquiesced with a simple nod. Alden took her by the hand and led her up the staircase in the foyer to the second floor. Quickly they toured the two spare bedrooms before ending up in the master. The twenty-three year old stood there a moment looking at the king-sized bed across the room from where they were standing. She knew that was where they were heading as soon as they had crossed the threshold of the front door, but being there just then she felt shy.

Luckily Alden wasn't as she took the lead between them. "Come here. Try out this new bed of mine. Feel how comfortable it is."

Betsy allowed herself to be led over to the bed and sat on the end of it as Alden knelt before her. The bed felt good, especially since she lacked sleep from the night before. "I could fall asleep right now," she said.

"Oh but you won't. I won't let you. I have much more exciting things planned for you," Alden said softly, cupping her face in her hand. She stroked it lightly before running through her dark red hair. "You are so beautiful, Elizabeth Ireland. I have to know what you look like all over." Betsy watched as hands went to the hem of her long-sleeved t-shirt and started to raise it. She allowed it to come off. Next hands reached around her torso to the clasp of her bra, and once again she allowed that to drop to the floor. Nerves began to rise as she sat there under the dark gaze, but they quickly vanished when lips met hers. "You are so pretty. So much beautiful porcelain skin. This time I want to go slowly. I want to taste all you have to offer."

Betsy couldn't reply, only moan as Alden continued her tender assault, and her hands came to bare breasts to gently fondle them. She ran her hands into her lover's hair and pushed their lips more firmly together. Sexual need started to pulsate through her frame, far more so than at any time during their jaunt on the plane. Just then she wanted this between them more than she thought. Knowing she wanted to feel everything, she grasped her lover's shirt and yanked it over her head. Then she opened the strap that impeded her from exploring the defined back to her pleasure.

Alden worked open her own pants before reaching for Betsy's shorts. Maneuvering out of her own clothes, she lifted the slim hips off the mattress just enough to slide the garments over lover's hips and down her lean legs. She eased them to the floor before going back for the tennis shoes her lover was wearing. Once both of them were both naked, Alden leaned in closer to let their bodies touch for the first time. The flood of wetness between Betsy's thighs made her moan. "Sweet God. You are something else. You're so ready. I love how ready you are for me. I have to taste you." With one hand on the redhead's shoulder, she eased Betsy into a lying position with her legs hanging off the bed, which she guided over her shoulders. Leaning in to her destination, she drew in a deep breath, taking in the wonderful scent. It called to her, begging to be explored. Wasting no time, Alden answered her craving as her tongue gently licked a light path across Betsy's wet heat.

Betsy immediately cried out at the sensation. She had never felt something so gentle or so arousing. Instantly she grabbed at the head between her legs trying to ground herself. The second touch nearly incapacitated her as it brushed her most sensitive areas. "Alden," she moaned loudly.

"That's it. Be as loud as you want, sweetheart. Let me hear you." With methodic exploration she let her tongue express her fervent desires. Each time her strokes became too overwhelming for her lover, and Betsy started to squirm out of her grasp, Alden followed her until both of them were all the way on the bed. Alden held the redhead's hips securely in place, so she could taste her to her fill. She had never tasted something so sweet in her life. Betsy's flavor was far better than any other woman she'd had, and it made Alden want to stay there forever. Working steadily she guided her lover to the precipice. Toned thighs strained against her shoulders as a strangled cry came from above. "That's it, Betsy. Let it go, baby. Just let go," she whispered.

Barely cognizant of the encouragement, the redhead felt waves of pleasure start to radiate through her frame starting where Alden's mouth touched her and cascading over her entire being. She cried out loudly as her body shook from fulfillment. "Oh, Alden! God, Alden!"

The brunette stilled her movements and allowed her lover to just revel in the moment. She glanced up the lean body to the redhead's face. Brown eyes were tightly shut and pale freckled face flushed as she breathed unsteadily. It was irresistible. Moving slowly up Betsy's body, Alden kissed her leisurely, keeping her lover close to the edge. Arms clutched to her back. "You are incredible, so sweet, so beautiful," she whispered, licking Betsy's left earlobe. Her right hand reached between the redhead's thighs and rubbed slowly but firmly, eliciting a whimper. Nuzzling her head in the crook of her lover's neck, Alden moaned herself at the feeling of arms and legs clutching to her. It was better than she had imagined and described to Betsy on the plane. This young woman was so ready, so accessible for her touch that it made Alden all the more ardent. Unable to hold back, Alden once again slipped into the tightness of Betsy's body. Muscles clinched to her fingers. "You feel so good, Betsy."

"Alden," she panted as the brunette started a slow but rigorous pace. The feelings that were consuming her had been unknown to her until Alden had entered her life. She had never felt this close to anyone. She had never felt this vulnerable, and she had never been so turned on in her life. "Alden, please," she begged.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll take care of you, baby." Using her entire body, Alden started to thrust powerfully causing Betsy to grip tighter to the body above her. Skin pressed together as Betsy held on as tightly as she could to the woman who was treating her with such carnal passion. Each of them grunted and groaned, straining with every plunge until the summit was on the horizon once again.

"Alden," Betsy screamed, feeling totally out of control. "Oh, God, oh please! Please, Alden, please!"

The screaming was music to the brunette's soul. She had wanted to hear this woman from the moment she decided to try to seduce her, and finally she was able to strip her to her most raw state of emotions. It was riveting. "That's it, Betsy. Scream for me. Let me hear you, baby. Show me how much you like it."

Betsy's loud vocals continued with nonsensical noises until there was one final scream before all went quiet. Panting was the only sound as the young woman's body shook underneath Alden's. The attorney regretfully withdrew, sensing that was all Betsy could give without rest. She, too, was tired, having been up all night. Arms still embraced her tightly around the back, and legs clutched to her hips. Neither said anything. Closing her eyes, Alden took a cleansing breath.

When Alden opened her eyes again, the first thing she realized was that she was alone naked on top of her bed. Sleepily she sat up and looked at the clock. It was mid-afternoon. Looking around she noticed that Betsy's clothes were gone. "Shit," she mumbled. Her lover had disappeared. Not only was she gone, Alden had no idea how to find her again. She didn't know where she worked nor did she know where she lived. She only knew the young woman lived with her parents just down the street from her somewhere, but she had never gotten the address. Feeling disappointed in the possibility of never seeing the girl again, she sighed with deep regret. She liked Betsy. She had liked her since she had laid eyes on her. Just then her phone rang. Grabbing it she answered it politely. It was her new job asking if she could stop by the office for an afternoon consultation. Readily agreeing she hung up and went to get dressed.

An hour and a half later, she was in her new office with the other firm's partners, one of whom was an old law school friend of hers, which is what had attracted her to the firm and made her decide to buy into the partnership. They had a small important meeting before her friend asked if they could go up to the top floor of the building, so Alden could meet the executives of their biggest client.

"Yeah, of course, we can go. I'd like to know who they are as soon as possible," Alden replied.

Together she and her partner moved into the second floor lobby to wait on the elevator. "I really appreciate you coming to work today even though you weren't supposed to be here until next week," her pal, Jessica, said.

"No problem. I should start getting used to working all hours now that I'm a partner, huh?"

"We try not to overwork anyone, but it does happen."

The elevator doors opened, and they stepped on together. Silently the doors closed, and the elevator began to ascend. However, there was a ding for the third floor causing the doors to open once again. As soon as they did, Alden felt her heart speed up. "Betsy," she greeted in surprise. "Hi."

The redhead's face flushed the color of her hair at the sight of Alden, but she calmly said, "Hello, Alden. What a surprise to see you here."

"I work down on the second floor."

"Really? What a coincidence. I'm on four," she said, hitting the button. Awkward silence ensued until the doors opened once again.

"It was good to see you again. Stop by and see me sometime," the attorney suggested.

Betsy nodded her head. "I'll do that."

When the doors closed again, Jessica started to laugh. "Making friends already I see."

"She's just a girl that lives in my neighborhood. Ironically we actually met on the plane last night."

"Uh huh. You are such a dog. You don't change, do you? You've already shagged her, haven't you?" Alden smiled and shrugged. "She works on three. That means she works for our client. You better be careful, Alden."

The attorney waved off the comment. "It was nothing," she said. "It was just some in flight entertainment."

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