~ Second Chances ~
by Alex Tryst
Copyright © October 200

Disclaimers: These characters are of my own creation. This story does include sexual situations involving consenting adult women (and lots of them). If you are offended by this type of material or it is illegal where you live, it?s best to turn back now. If you?d like to drop me a line concerning the story, you can e-mail me at alextryst@hotmail.com. Please know that I am a sensitive soul and harsh criticism will immediately be deleted. However constructive comments are welcome.

Dedication: To my wife, you are my fondest wish.

Now on with the show.......

Part 1

Alex was sitting at the far end of the bar drinking her rum and coke alone. She had come into the lesbian club on her friend?s advice when she had learned that Alex would be in New York on business for three weeks. Her friend was so enthusiastic about the place that Alex decided that she wanted to see it for herself. Taking the subway from her mid-town hotel down into Soho, Alex found the tiny hole in the wall dive. When she first arrived, she received a few glances, probably from her business attire she figured but was then left in peace on her barstool.

As she nursed her second drink, she scanned the bar again. Off in the corner there were two scantily clad women watching her. One was a tall brunette and the other blonde. The brunette caught her eyes, so Alex gave a smile and nod. The brunette returned it before turning to her friend. Alex watched as they had a brief conversation. It appeared as if the brunette wanted to come over, but the blonde was reluctant. Finally though the pair made their way over to Alex.

?Hey there. You?re not from around here, are you?? the brunette asked.

?Actually, no. I?m not. You??

?Born and raised. What brings you here??

?I?m here on business, but my friend said I had to come visit this fine establishment.?

?Well, are you looking for a good time with some of New York?s finest??

Alex looked at the two women now standing on either side of her. ?Well, I?m always looking for a good time. What have I done to deserve such an offer? Are you two just hospitable Yankees, or is there something else to this deal??

The brunette smiled running her fingers lightly along Alex?s arm. ?Well, one of us can show you the best of New York for a mere one hundred dollars an hour.?

Alex laughed under her breath as she looked at them. The brunette was looking at her patiently awaiting an answer, but the blonde looked shy and almost terrified. Alex was intrigued by her behavior. She had never considered being with a prostitute before, but it had been awhile since she had been with a woman due to her schedule. She looked between the women again. Normally the brunette wouldn?t have been Alex?s type, but the blonde was definitely someone Alex would go after. Sensing that she probably wouldn?t get a shot at the blonde without going through the brunette, she turned to the darker haired woman. ?How do I know you aren?t cops??

?Do we look like cops? You want someone to vouch for us? We?re regulars here. The bartender would tell you so.?

?How about we make a deal? One hundred fifty for the both of you?? Alex suggested to see if they would take the offer.

?Fine.? the brunette replied without even a look at the blonde.

Alex looked at the blonde herself who seemed frightened by the prospect but said nothing. ?Fine. Let?s go.? stated Alex paying her tab.

Going out to the street Alex hailed a cab. Once they were all in the backseat and Alex had given the driver directions, she inquired, ?So, do you ladies have names??

?I?m Chloe, and this is my friend, Bren.? the brunette stated.

?Chloe, Bren, I?m Alex.?

?Where are we going, Alex?? Chloe inquired.

?Back to my hotel room. I have a place across from Madison Square Garden.?

Once they got back to Alex?s room, Alex asked, ?Would either of you like a drink??

?No but we do need the money up front before we start.? Chloe said.

?Of course. Here?s three hundred. I?ll put it on the night stand, and you can pick it up before you leave.? Alex put the money next to the phone before turning to the two women. ?Bren, you haven?t said a word this whole time. Are you all right with this??

?She?s fine.? Chloe answered for her.

?Actually, I?d like to hear from her if you don?t mind. Bren??

?I?m... I?m... I?m all right.? she stuttered breaking the eye contact.

Alex easily saw through the obvious lie but let it rest. Turning to Chloe she asked, ?So, exactly what do I get for my three hundred bucks??

Chloe slid her arms around Alex?s neck. ?Anything you want.?

?How do I know you?re clean??

?I am. I get tested, and I use protection.?

?What about you, Bren?? Alex asked.

?I?m clean.? she mumbled her eyes more interested in the wall than Alex.

?So, what do you want, Alex??

Alex thought for a moment before going to her closet. Pulling out her favorite toy, she held it up to Chloe. ?Can you take this??

?I can take anything, Alex.?

?Good. Get undressed and then get me undressed. Meanwhile I?m going to help our shy partner out of her clothes.? Alex instructed before coming to stand in front of Bren. Alex heard Chloe doing as she had asked, so Alex stared down at the blonde. Their eyes remain locked as Alex slowly began to work open the buttons on Bren?s shirt. Bren looked so scared that Alex briefly wondered if the girl had been coerced into this by the brunette. Chloe was now assisting Alex out of her clothes as Alex unzipped Bren?s tiny skirt. As it fell to the floor, Alex let her eyes roam over Bren?s body now clad in only in matching white lace undergarments. Alex embraced Bren, her hands sliding over Bren?s soft skin as she leaned into the blonde?s neck. Kissing her neck gently, Alex tried to get the woman to relax, but she was completely rigid under Alex?s touch. Alex felt Chloe attach the harness to her body and then kiss along her back. Alex pulled away slightly from Bren to look into her eyes again. They were watering. Alex stared a few moments longer before realizing that she couldn?t take the blonde. The woman was just too frightened that Alex knew she would feel horrible if she had sex with her. Alex withdrew her arms from Bren?s waist. ?All right, Bren. I want you to sit here and watch us.? Alex stated pulling a chair out from her small writing table. Bren sat where Alex instructed and looked up to her for further direction. ?Good. Now stay just like that until I tell you differently.? Turning to Chloe Alex took her by the hand. ?You come with me.? Alex led Chloe over to the bed where she began to unceremoniously ravage her.

Every few minutes Alex would look up to meet eyes with Bren who stared on wide-eyed. Alex sensed that the blonde was horrified by the events she was witnessing as she shifted uncomfortably in the chair. Chloe however was practiced in her technique of escalating a person?s passion, spurring Alex on with her words and receptive body.

After a long time Alex turned her eyes to Bren again. ?All right, Bren. It?s your turn. I want to watch you touch yourself while I?m fucking your friend here.? Alex watched Bren?s expression turn to mortification at the request, and for a few moments Alex was unsure whether she would do what had been asked of her. With tears freely flowing down her face, Bren slowly began to do as Alex said. Alex watched for a couple of minutes, but the tears inhibited her enjoyment, because she knew she was humiliating the younger woman. Alex dropped her head into Chloe?s shoulder, and after a few more minutes she withdrew from the brunette.

Without even a look in the blonde?s direction, Alex mumbled, ?You can stop now, Bren. I?m actually getting tired, ladies. Perhaps we should just call it a night.? Alex went to retrieve her robe, slipping it over her shoulders and tying it in front. Looking back toward the bed Chloe was beginning to put her clothes on. Alex looked at Bren who was still sitting half dressed in the chair in shock.

?Would you mind if I used your bathroom?? Chloe asked, breaking the silence.

?No. Go ahead.? Alex replied. When Alex heard the door close, she moved to Bren. Picking up the woman?s clothes, she held them out to her. Bren took them without a word and began to dress. Her face was lowered the whole time that Alex stood in front of her. Alex couldn?t help herself. She felt terrible about making the blonde uncomfortable. Not knowing what else to say, Alex whispered, ?I?m sorry, Bren.?

Bren looked up at her in confusion and spoke on her own accord for the first time. ?Why??

?Because I degraded you. I don?t know what your situation is, Bren, but you need to find another way. This isn?t for you. It?ll break your spirit.?

?You know nothing about me or my situation. There is no other way.?

?You can?t do this, Bren. Listen. There has to be another way. Why don?t you tell me about your situation? I?ll help you if I can.?

Bren gave her a wary gaze. ?Why? You don?t know me. I don?t know you. Why should I tell you anything? Why should I trust you??

?Bren, you?re walking out of here with a hundred fifty dollars of my money and all you did was cry. I think you can trust me.?

?So, you pity me? Is that it? I don?t need your pity!?

?What do you have to lose, Bren? Not all your customers would be this nice to you. I?m simply asking for a chance to talk to you. What if I can help??

?You can?t help me.?

?How do you know? Isn?t worth the time to find out?? Alex asked as she gently began to button Bren?s top. ?You can?t do this. You don?t have it in you to be a prostitute. I?ll make you a deal, Bren. Meet me tomorrow at the lobby bar at 6:30. We?ll have dinner and talk. We?ll come back here, and I will pay you to stay the night. We won?t have sex. You?ll just stay here with me, and we?ll talk it all out. How can you say no to that??

Bren looked at Alex in uncertainty. Before she could answer Chloe emerged dressed and ready to leave. Alex went to the night stand and retrieved their money, handing half to each of them. Walking them to the door, Alex smiled. ?Well, thank you for the lovely evening, ladies. You certainly are some of New York?s finest.?

?Our pleasure. You know where to find us if you need us again.? Chloe said.

Alex nodded before looking to Bren. ?Think about what I said, Bren. Will I see you tomorrow??

Chloe looked at Bren in interest. Bren shot her a glance before turning back to Alex. ?Yeah. Tomorrow, 6:30. I won?t forget.?

?Good. I look forward to it but just one thing. Wear something a little more conservative. I don?t want them to throw you out of the bar if you get there before I do.? Bren nodded in understanding. ?Well, good night.?

The following evening Alex arrived back at the hotel around 6:45. Knowing she didn?t have time to change before meeting Bren, she simply walked into the bar with briefcase still in hand. Scanning the room she saw the young blonde sitting at the bar staring into her glass of water. She was dressed comfortably in khaki pants, white shirt, and sandals. Alex walked over to her. ?Bren, good evening.?

Bren turned at the sound of her name. Looking up she met Alex?s gaze. ?Hi, Alex.?

?Sorry I made you wait. I was running behind. I haven?t even had time to change clothes, but I didn?t want you to think I had changed my mind.? Bren just nodded. ?Well, I?m going to go upstairs and change. I?ll be back in a few minutes to pay your tab, and then we can go to dinner.?


Alex rushed to change into more comfortable clothes, opting for a similar outfit to Bren?s. Returning to the bar, she asked the bartender to bill Bren?s drinks to her room. ?Ready to go?? Alex asked.

Bren nodded. Walking out to the sidewalk, she asked, ?Where are we going??

?I don?t know. I thought we would just walk up to Times Square and eat at whatever place strikes your fancy. How does that sound??


The walk was relatively quiet between them until Bren finally pointed a place out that interested her. Once they were seated and had ordered however, Alex said, ?So, tell me your story, Bren.?

?There?s not much to tell.?

?Oh, I think there is. Would it help if you heard mine first??

?If you want to tell me.?

?All right. My name is Alex Schreiber. I?m thirty years old. I live in Washington, D.C. and am an attorney for a firm that specializes in work place discrimination. I?m also a lesbian if you haven?t figured that out. Now tell me a little about you.?

?Well, my name?s Bren Worthington. I?m seventeen, and my parents kicked me out a few weeks ago, so I live with Chloe.?

?Have you known her long??

?I met her the first night I was on the street. When I got kicked out, I took what I could carry with me. I didn?t know where to go, and I didn?t have any friends, so I just started walking. I ended up in the subway, because it was raining, and I got mugged. They got away with most of my shit except for a small suitcase of clothes and a little money. Chloe actually came to my rescue. She was nice enough to let me crash at her place, and I?ve been there since.?

?Why did your parents kick you out? You seem like a well-mannered young woman. What did you do??

?I didn?t do anything, and that?s why I got kicked out.?

?I don?t understand.?

?My step-father has been trying to make me do things I didn?t want to do for the last year. He and my mom just got married, and I?ve kept him at bay. I guess finally he realized he?d never get into my pants and told my mom a bunch of lies about me being on drugs and stuff. I told her what he had been trying to do, but she didn?t believe me. She threw me out instead.?

?What about your father??

?He?s dead, has been for a long time.?

?Sorry. So, you hooked up with Chloe. She convinced you to become a prostitute.?

?Well, for the first few weeks, I just hung around and would watch her work. She made it seem so easy, and it was better than the prospect of working at a minimum wage job somewhere. I finally agreed to do it, because she was getting a little tired of me just hanging around her place not bringing in money. Last night was supposed to be my first night.?

?I see, and you came to the lesbian bar. Why??

?Chloe thought it might be easier for me to start out with women to kind of get used to it. She had you picked out as my first trick from the moment you walked in the door. I had agreed to it, so she pulled me over to you to try to set it up.?

Alex nodded. ?Well, I have to tell you. I have never had sex with a prostitute before. Last night I was just intrigued by you. That?s why I agreed. I didn?t know it was going to turn out the way it did.?

?Me neither. I really thought I was ready, but I just couldn?t do it.?

Alex took her hand and stroked it lightly. ?I understand, and for my part I?m sorry, Bren. Did you have any other tricks after you left my place??

?No. I wanted to go home. Chloe stayed out, but I just couldn?t.?

?So, what now? Are you going to try again??

?I don?t want to, but I?m not sure what to do. Who?s going to hire a high school drop out??

?You haven?t finished school??

?How could I? I had nowhere to stay. I couldn?t support myself. I was so close. I just needed to finish this semester.?

?What would you do if you could finish school??

?I had always wanted to go to college. I would be the first one in my family. Now I don?t even think about that. I need to figure out how to buy food and keep a roof over my head.?

?I?d like to help you, Bren. You?re too good for the street life. I can tell you have something special in you.?

?Thanks for the kind words but unless you can keep me from being kicked out of my apartment, I don?t see how you can help.?

Alex sat silently for a few minutes as she looked at her young companion in contemplation. She felt drawn to the young woman sitting across from her and wanted to help her. Sighing Alex asked, ?Bren, if I offered you a solution, would you trust me enough to take me up on it??

Bren shrugged. ?Do you have something in mind??

?Well, I?m leaving town in a few days, and I?m going home. What if you went with me? You could stay at my place, and you could finish school. I?ll keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach.?

?Why would you do that for me??

Alex shrugged. ?Because I like you, and you deserve a chance. There would be some conditions, though.?

?Of course.? Bren mumbled rolling her eyes. ?What do you want??

?Well, you can?t do drugs of any kind and no sex either. I think you?re too young for that.?

?So, you want to be my mother now??

?No, Bren, I don?t. I want to be your friend. As I was saying, no sex, no drugs. You?ll go to school and live with me. In exchange I want you to keep my house in order. I expect you to clean it top to bottom once a week. You do my laundry. You do my cooking. You do my errands. I?ll provide you with some transportation. After you graduate we?ll look at the local colleges and universities to see if we can get you set up for some classes. Maybe you can go out and find some part time work when you?re not in school to make some money.?

Bren sat silently in shock at Alex?s proposal. ?Why would you do this? Are you some sort of psychopath? How can I trust you??

Alex shrugged. ?The same way I can trust you. I have faith that you won?t rob me the minute I leave you alone in my house with a car, and you have to have faith that I?ll keep my word. It?s a simple as that.?

?And you aren?t going to want to have sex with me or anything?? she questioned skeptically.

Alex looked at her food for a moment. ?Listen, Bren. I?ll admit that I do find you attractive that way, but I don?t want to have sex with you in exchange for this. I want to do this, because it would be the right thing to do for a young woman. I would only want to have sex with you if you returned that interest. Whether we have sex is up to you. That?s not a part of this deal we?re making right now. I promise, and my feelings won?t change on the matter. You don?t have to be afraid that I?ll ask that of you in the future. I won?t. You have my word.?

?Please don?t take offense at this, but your word means nothing to me. However seeing as there is no other offer forthcoming, I should at least think about it.?

?Good. In the meantime I want you to stay at the hotel with me. We can begin to build our trust in each other over the next few days while you think about it, and I promise you that I don?t expect you to have sex with me at any point. We?ll just enjoy each other?s company, and I will pay you as if you are providing me a service. I?ll give you two hundred a night for the next three nights. You let me hold you while you sleep, and we have dinner together. If by the third night you don?t want to go home with me, I?ll let you go back to your old life. However if you do want to go with me, we?ll get your stuff, and I?ll take you home. Do we have a deal??

Bren shrugged. ?Sure. I guess. Why not??

?Good. Now eat up before your food gets cold.?

The rest of the evening while they were out passed quietly. Being that Alex was tired from a long day, they went back to the hotel. Alex went to the front desk to ask for a room key for Bren and a toothbrush before escorting the young woman upstairs. Alex showered and changed into her pajamas before offering Bren something to sleep in as well. While Bren was getting ready for bed, Alex prepared herself for the next day of work. Bren came out of the bathroom wearing the clothes Alex had given her to wear, a pair of boxers and an oversized t-shirt, and took a seat on the edge of the queen size bed. Alex took off her reading glasses and looked at her. ?Bren, I?m almost finished with this, and then I really need to get some sleep. You can watch tv if you want but just keep it down.?

?Okay.? she said with a nod before proceeding to turn on the tv set.

Finally when Alex felt she needed to go to bed, she beckoned Bren over. ?Time for bed, Bren. You can keep watching that from over here if you want, but I need to get some sleep.? Bren moved cautiously to the bed and scooted under the covers next to Alex. Alex put an arm around her waist and her head on Bren?s flat stomach as Bren reclined against the headboard. Alex felt Bren tense. ?Bren, you have to trust that I?m not going to do anything to you the same way that I have to trust that when I open my eyes in the morning you and all my belongings will still be here. Okay? Now I just want to hold you until I fall asleep.?

?All right. Sleep well, Alex. I will be here when you awake.? she stated taking a calming breath. Alex felt Bren?s body relax under hers, and she drifted to sleep.

The following morning when the alarm sounded Alex awoke to find the tv still on but Bren fast asleep. Alex softly got out of bed and turned off the tv before going about her morning routine as quietly as possible. Bren was still out cold when Alex was ready to leave. Coming to the bed, she sat down next to the blonde and shook her shoulder gently to wake her. ?Bren, wake up for a minute.?

Bren opened her eyes quickly and looked around in a panic as if she didn?t know where she was at first. Finally she met Alex?s eyes. ?Oh, Alex. It?s just you.? she mumbled sleepily.

?Yeah. It?s just me. I have to go now. You can stay here and sleep as long as you want. Your money and a key to my room are on the table. Meet me back her between 6:00 and 6:30 tonight. Okay??

?Yeah. Okay.? Bren answered already putting her head back down on the pillow. Alex smiled at her as she stood and gathered her things. As she walked toward the door, Bren called out to her. ?Alex??


?Have a good day.?

?You too, Bren. See you tonight.?

?Alex, can I bring some of my stuff over tonight??

?I think that?s a great idea, Bren. I?ll see you later. Go back to sleep now.?

When Alex returned that evening, she heard the shower running in the bathroom. Dropping her briefcase on the table, she noticed several bags sitting in the corner of the room, one a suitcase, another a backpack, and then a trash bag. Alex opened the top of the trash bag to see random articles of clothing. Closing the bag, Alex began to undress. Just as she got out of her clothes, she heard the bathroom door open. Bren made her way into the room, her head down. She was wearing Alex?s robe. She looked like she was off in her own world, so Alex greeted her softly.

Nevertheless, she screamed when she heard Alex?s voice. ?Alex, what are you doing here? You?re early. You?re naked.?

Alex nodded at the observation. ?Yeah. I was just changing. Some days I can?t stand to wear these suits any longer than necessary. I got out of court a little early. What are you doing here? We weren?t supposed to meet until 6:00.?

?Oh, well, Chloe and I got into a fight. I didn?t have anywhere to get dressed for tonight, so I came back here. I hope that was okay. I wanted to be ready when you got here.?

?That?s perfectly fine. I?m glad you came here. Do you want to tell me what the fight was about?? Alex asked as she picked out casual clothes to wear.

?Chloe?s pissed off at me, because I told her about your proposal. I guess she?s jealous, but I feel bad. I mean if weren?t for her, no telling what would?ve happened to me. I feel like I owe her something.?

Alex nodded. ?I guess I can understand that.?

?I guess I wish you would take her too.?

?I can?t save the world, Bren. Besides I couldn?t exactly trust her the way I think I can trust you.?

?What makes you think that??

?Several things actually, none of which have anything to do with her being a hooker. I don?t judge women who sell their bodies for money. I give them the same respect I give others. However she didn?t care about the respect I showed her. When she went into my bathroom the night she was here, she stole something very valuable of mine and then proceeded to leave something in her rush.?

?What did she leave??

?Cocaine. Now I don?t know if she does it herself or sells it, but I don?t like drug users, and I hate drug dealers even more.?

?I didn?t know about the drugs, Alex. I swear.?

?I believe you. I?m not accusing you.?

?What did she take??

?A diamond ring. I had bought it a few months ago when I was here for my now ex-girlfriend, but when we broke up, she gave it back to me. I was going to return it, but I hadn?t been able to let it go. I don?t mind so much that it?s gone, but it was very expensive. There is no way she?ll get what that ring is worth on the street.?

?Oh, Alex. I didn?t know about the ring either.?

?I?m sure you didn?t. My point is that Chloe has gotten a ten thousand dollar ring out of me, so that should far pay whatever debt you feel that you owe her. Don?t feel bad for that woman. Be thankful that she helped you when you needed someone, but don?t feel you owe her more. She?s gotten enough already. Now may I assume by your belongings that you have come to a decision about my proposition??

Bren nodded. ?Chloe threw me out when I told her what you had said. I guess you really are stuck with me now if that?s okay.?

Alex smiled. ?It?s more than okay, Bren. I was hoping that you would come with me. I think you?ll be happier. Is this all your stuff??

?Yeah. As I said before, I had gotten mugged. I don?t have much.?

?That?s fine. Makes the train ride back easier. When we get home, I?ll see about getting you some more clothes for school. For now though, why don?t you go get dressed for dinner? I want to take you somewhere nice to celebrate your newfound freedom.?

?Okay. I?ll just be a few minutes. Could I use your hair dryer?? she asked with a smile.

?Of course. You can use anything you want.?

Alex took Bren out to a nice Italian dinner than evening before taking the long but peaceful stroll back to the hotel. As with the previous night, Alex worked on her case for a little while, and Bren watched tv. However when it was time to go to sleep, it was Bren who initiated contact between them, lightly rubbing Alex?s back and scalp until she fell asleep.

Friday afternoon came quickly for them, and they found themselves on the train back to Alex?s. As they sat next to each other, Bren kept looking at Alex who was engrossed in her book. ?Alex.? she finally said.

?Yeah? What is it, Bren?? she asked sparing a glance over the top of her reading glasses at her friend.

?I just don?t even know what to say to you. I can?t believe this is actually happening. I am forever thankful for your generosity.?

?Well, it?s not completely a selfless act, Bren. I had some motivation behind this. I guess now would be a good a time as any to tell you. Right before I came to New York on business my girlfriend broke up with me. We had been together for three years. I thought I had given her everything she wanted, but come to find out, she felt lonely. We lived together, and I had given her all that my money could buy, but it wasn?t enough. She felt I wasn?t emotionally available to her. She played the part of the little housewife as long as she could. When she left me, she told me that what I really should have was not a girlfriend but a housekeeper. That?s all I truly needed. Maybe she?s right. Maybe that?s the only kind of relationship I can handle in my life.?

?But you didn?t have to pick me to be that housekeeper. You don?t even know if I can cook or clean.?

?True. However I was drawn to you for some reason from the moment I saw you in the bar. I felt horrible about what had occurred in my room that night. I felt ashamed of making you do those things when all I could really see was how frightened you were. I wanted to make it up to you somehow. I thought this might be a way, and as a self-serving act, I wouldn?t have to be alone, living with the knowledge that I am a failure at relationships.? she said quietly, trying to hold her composure. Feeling it slip she stood abruptly. ?I?m going to get some food. Would you like anything??

?Sure. Whatever you?re having I guess.?

?Fine. I?ll be back in a few minutes.? When she came back, she was carrying a tray of snacks for them. ?I still have things to learn about you. I wasn?t sure what you would want to drink, so I brought water and a soda. You can pick what you want. I?ll drink either. I got us a sandwich to split as well. If you want a whole one, I?ll get it for you.?

?No. This is fine. Thank you.? Bren answered taking the water and half the sandwich. After taking a bite, she asked, ?Alex, may I ask about your ex, or is that subject off limits??

?You can ask. What do you want to know??

?What?s her name??

?Megan O? Reilly.?

?Will you tell me about her??

?Well, she?s twenty-eight. We met at a softball game. Our firm is apart of a league with several other legal firms. She?s a paralegal for another firm. When we met there was instant chemistry. I remember it well. That little spitfire tried to run over me at home plate. I was playing catcher that game, and she knocked the fire out of me. I remember lying flat on my back with this spunky little redhead on top of me. Our eyes met, and I had never see such a pair of deep green before. The connection was instant. Well, my co-workers knew that I was a lesbian, so they spent the rest of the time teasing me about her, because I had dropped the ball when she hit me. After the game I went over and introduced myself. We talked for a few minutes before deciding to go for a drink, and then that was it. We were a couple. I guess we made a strange pair, a tall dark-haired, dark-eyed German Jew and a petite redheaded, green-eyed Irish Catholic. We had our problems, but I thought we could always work them out. We had even overcome our parents objections to the others religious background. I would?ve given anything to make her stay, Bren. I still love her with all that I am.?

?Do you think you might be able to work it out??

Alex shrugged. ?I just don?t know. I wish we could.?

?Maybe you will. You deserve to be happy, Alex.?

?So do you, Bren.?

Bren smiled squeezing Alex?s arm lightly. ?Alex, I?m happier now than I have been in the last several years. You have no idea what this means to me.?

Alex flushed. ?Eat your sandwich.? she said changing the subject.

Five hours later a cab pulled up to Alex?s house in Arlington, VA. He helped unload their things onto the front porch before Alex paid him. Once he was gone, Alex unlocked the front door for them. She went in first and turned on the lights. ?Well, welcome to your new home, Bren.?

Bren looked around the first floor as Alex moved their luggage into the foyer before shutting the door. She then walked into the living room where Bren was looking at pictures on the piano.

?Megan?? Bren questioned pointing to a picture of a redhead and Alex.

Alex nodded. ?I haven?t had a chance to take down some of the memorabilia yet. Why don?t I give you a tour of the place?? Alex showed her around the two story home before ending in the guestroom. ?I was thinking you could stay in here. It?s the larger of the two spare rooms. That is unless you would prefer the other one.?

?No. This is great.?

?Good. Well, I?ll get your luggage for you, and you can start to settle in.?

?Okay.? Bren said a little unsure.

Alex took her by the arms gently. ?Bren, this is your home now, and I want you to feel comfortable in it. If you need anything, let me know.?

?All right.?

?Good. Now I?m getting a little hungry, and I know there isn?t anything in the kitchen to eat. I was going to order a pizza or something. What kind do you like??

?Pepperoni and mushroom.?

?What a coincidence. That?s my favorite too. I?ll go order it and then bring your things up to you.? It only took Bren half an hour to put all her things away, and by that time the pizza had arrived. As they sat around the kitchen table, they made a list of all the things they needed to do in order to get Bren ready to go back to school. ?Well, this is quite a list. I think we better call it a night and start fresh in the morning.? suggested Alex giving a yawn.

?I agree.? Bren said beginning to pick up their dirty plates and leftover pizza.

?All right. Well, then I?m going to go to bed. If you need anything, you let me know. I think your bathroom is stocked with stuff, but if there is something missing just tell me, and we?ll get it tomorrow.? Bren nodded. Alex stood and stretched. She wanted to give the young woman a hug, but she opted not to saying, ?Good night, Bren.?

?Good night.?

Alex double checked all the doors before slowly making her way up to her room. She hadn?t even bothered to unpack her things, so she left her hanging bag on the back of the closet door and fished out her toiletries. She did her nightly routine before sliding into bed with a book. Even as tired as she felt, she knew sleep wouldn?t come easily for her now that she was at home with time to think about Megan. Reaching over to what used to be Megan?s side of the bed, she pulled one of the pillows to her. It still smelled like Megan?s shampoo. Alex curled up around the pillow, finally allowing herself to feel the pain she had held at bay. She never even heard Bren come up the stairs she was so withdrawn into her own hurt. Alex didn?t even realize that Bren had come into her room as she cried into Megan?s pillow. However when she felt arms curve around her body, she only began to sob harder.

?It?s going to be okay, Alex.? Bren tried to soothe her.

?She?s gone, Bren. She left me.?

?I know, but it?s going to be all right. Just give it time. I know it hurts.?

?I don?t want to be alone. I can?t do it without her.?

Bren smoothed out Alex?s hair gently. ?I?m here for you, Alex. You?re not alone.?

?Please don?t leave. Stay here with me tonight. I don?t want to be alone.? Alex pleaded in desperation.

?Okay. I?ll stay.? Bren whispered crawling under the covers and wrapping her arms more securely around Alex. Neither said anything else as Alex cried herself to sleep.

The following morning Alex awoke first, finding herself on Megan?s side of the bed with Bren curled up against her. The younger woman was still asleep. Alex turned over to look at her for a few minutes. She looked so young and innocent in her Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Alex felt a mix of emotions as she regarded her companion. As much as she was attracted to the body she knew was underneath those clothes, she also felt protective of the teenager. Alex knew she wouldn?t go back on her word regarding their situation as far as wanting more from the girl, but she let herself wonder what the future would hold for their relationship. Bren had never even disclosed a sexual orientation, saying that it was Chloe?s idea that she be with a woman first. Figuring she had to at least be open to the idea, Alex wondered what Bren?s orientation truly was.

Alex decided to let Bren sleep a little longer and went to dress for the day before heading off to the grocery store. Since she didn?t exactly know what Bren liked to eat, she got her standard list as well as threw in some of the things she remembered enjoying at Bren?s age. When she returned the house was still quiet, so Alex unloaded the food and began breakfast in order to rouse Bren from sleep. Just as Alex was setting the table with the breakfast food, she heard Bren coming down the staircase. Turning toward the noise, she saw her blonde friend yawning and stretching as she padded into the kitchen.

?Good morning, sleepyhead. I was wondering if you were going to ever get up.? Alex teased coming to tussle Bren?s golden hair.

Bren leaned into Alex?s shoulder sleepily as she yawned, ?Morning.?

Alex chuckled. ?I take it you aren?t a morning person. Come on. Sit and have some breakfast. We need to get going to the mall to buy you some clothes. I have very little patience for clothes shopping, so it?s best to do it now when I?m in a good mood.?

Bren did as she was told, taking a seat in front of a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast. ?Thanks for making breakfast.? she said.

?No problem but don?t get used to it. I?ll probably be gone in the mornings before you even wake up, so you?ll be on your own for the most part. By the way I have no idea what you like to eat, so maybe you could give me a list of some things you like for our next trip to the store. Today we?ll get you some clothes and get to the bank to open up an account for you if you are ready in time. Then I?ll start trying to find you some wheels. I still have to talk to Megan about that. She still has a car that we own jointly. I?m hoping to get it back or at least get my half of the investment back to get you something to drive. I?ll drive you by the high school too. It?s not that far from here. If nothing else I guess you could walk for a few days. We?ll see how it works out.?

?Okay. I?m easy. Whatever works best for you.?

?Good. As I said we need to get going, so as soon as you?re finished here, you need to get dressed.? Alex said taking a sip of her coffee and going back to the morning paper.

An hour later Bren reappeared clean and dressed for the day. Their first stop was to the bank, so that Bren could open an account with the money she had made over the past week. After that Alex took her to the mall. Alex hated shopping but for some reason it was bearable that afternoon being that it was for Bren. Several hours and a thousand dollars later, Alex called a halt to the activities, her patience for the crowded mall finally gone. By that time it was early afternoon, so Alex and Bren made their way home. Alex helped Bren take her new things to her room before saying, ?I need to do some yard work before it gets dark. You just make yourself comfortable. I?ll be outside if you need me.?

?Okay. I guess I?ll start on dinner.?

?Good idea.? Alex replied before turning to go to her own room. After changing clothes Alex made her way out to the garage to find her hedgers. Alex was off in her own thoughts trimming her hedges for a few hours before hearing a car come to a stop in front of her house. Turning she saw Megan getting out of the car. Silence prevailed as they just stared at each other before Megan slowly made her way up the walk toward Alex.

She stopped a few feet from Alex and just stood looking at her for a moment before softly saying, ?Hello, Alex.? Alex still said nothing as she looked down at her ex. ?I wanted to talk to you about some things, and I knew you got back this weekend. Is this a good time??

?A good a time as any I guess.? she replied.

Megan looked around for a moment waiting for Alex to say more, but when she didn?t Megan asked, ?Could we go inside to talk??

?Yeah. Sure.? Alex led the way into the house. Gesturing toward the living room she said, ?Let?s sit in there.?

The both took a seat, and then Alex just stared at Megan quietly. Megan took a moment to look around the room. Suddenly a crash was heard from the kitchen. ?Is someone else here?? Megan inquired.

?My housekeeper.?

?Your housekeeper? Well, that was fast. When did you hire someone??

?Yesterday. She lives with me.?

?Oh, I see.? Megan mumbled.

Just then Bren came walking into the room. Spotting Megan she thought about the previous night and Alex?s hurt state. Feeling anger toward the redhead, Bren put a consoling hand on Alex?s shoulder. ?I thought I heard you come back in. You look hot.? she mentioned running her hand through Alex?s dark hair in an affectionate gesture. ?Would you like something to drink??

?That would be nice. And for you Megan??

?Sure.? she answered with her eyes glued to Bren?s hand caressing her ex lover?s hair.

Alex took hold of Bren?s hand, squeezing it lightly. ?Thanks, Bren.?

Bren returned a few minutes later with drinks for both of them. ?Dinner will be ready shortly, Alex. Will our guest be joining us??

Alex simply looked at Megan for an answer. ?Oh, no. I don?t want to intrude.?

?All right. Well, you let me know when you want to eat, Alex.?

?Okay. Thank you, Bren.?

Once they were alone again, Megan stated, ?That?s some housekeeper you have there. She?s awfully young, and she seems to have a crush on you.?

Alex shrugged. ?She?s a good kid, has a good heart.?

?Where did you find her??

?New York. Now enough about Bren. Tell me why you?re here.?

?Well, as you can probably tell, I haven?t moved out much of my stuff yet. I wanted to talk to you about some of our joint property before just moving things. I want this to be an amiable separation.?

?Are you sure you want to do this, Megan? You know I still love you. I want to work this out. Don?t you love me??

?Alex, I do love you, but we?ve been growing apart for some time.?

?Why can?t we work on getting us back on track? I?m willing to do whatever it takes to keep you, Megan. Please. Let?s give this a chance.?

Megan sighed. ?I just don?t know, Alex.?

?Then let me convince you.? Alex stated coming and kneeling next to her chair. Alex stroked her cheek lightly before leaning into give Megan a slow, sensuous kiss on the lips. Megan moaned as Alex probed deeper.

After a few minutes of lingering kisses, Megan pulled back to catch her breath. ?I don?t even know the last time you kissed me that way.?

?Megan, we can be happy again. I?m willing to do whatever it takes. I don?t want to throw away three years, and I won?t do it without a fight for you. Let?s work through it.?

?What about Bren??

?What about her??

?Alex, I want to know the real story with her.?

?She?s my housekeeper, and in exchange for those services, she lives with me.?

?Those are the only services she?s providing? She seems awfully physical with you.?

?Megan, we aren?t sleeping together.?

?How did you find her? How could you have had time to interview her if you?ve been in New York??

?We met in New York. It was a stroke of luck that we met.?

?Where did you meet? How did she know you were looking for a housekeeper??

?She didn?t. We met in a bar. I?ll admit there was an attraction there until I found out how old she was. She?s a kid, and she needed help. One of her friends was trying to get her to be a hooker when we met.?

?You mean to tell me Bren is a whore??

?No. She?s never sold herself for money. Her friend Chloe was trying to get her to proposition me, but we never had sex. We never even messed around. She couldn?t do it and neither could I, so we just talked. I learned about her situation, and I offered her a job.?

?And she accepted. What a convenient way to get off the street.?

?She didn?t accept right away. She didn?t accept until her friend threw her out, and she had nowhere else to go. Apparently Bren wasn?t living up to the standard Chloe had envisioned.?

?Sounds like you know this Chloe woman well. I take it she?s a prostitute too. Did you have sex with her??

Alex heard the slight hurt in Megan?s voice but answered, ?We were broken up, Megan. I just needed some company.?

?I see. Well, we still are, Alex. You hadn?t touched me in months, and then you go off to New York and have sex with a hooker. Now you?re all over me like a bee to honey, and you want me to take you back. How am I supposed to respond to that? I don?t even know if you?re clean anymore. God knows what you could?ve picked up from that streetwalker.? she huffed visibly shaken by the new information.

?Megan, it was a mistake. I shouldn?t have done it. However at the time you had broken up with me. I wouldn?t have done it if we were still together. I have never cheated on you, Megan, and I never would.?

Megan shook her head. ?I can?t believe I?m actually discussing this. I just wanted to talk to you about our property. I really don?t know if I can handle this right now.?

?I?m sorry. We can stop talking about it. I just want you back so much, Megan. I love you, and you mean everything to me.?

?I just don?t know if I could do it, Alex.?

?Just think about it. Just promise me that you will. I?m willing to do whatever it takes.?

?Fine. I?ll think about it, Alex, but in the mean time we need to talk about this other stuff. I want to split up our assets for now. Can we talk about that??

Alex sighed as she moved back to her own chair. ?Yeah, I guess we can. Why don?t we start with the basics??

?I took the initiative of giving the renter of the condo thirty days notice. I?ll be moving back in there after they leave.?

?I understand, but my money is wrapped up in that property as well.?

?I know. I?m sure you noticed that I left my car in the garage. I thought it might be acceptable to you to get the car in exchange for the money you have in the condo.?

Alex shrugged. ?Well, it so happens that I promised Bren transportation. I wasn?t planning on buying her a brand new Volvo wagon, but I guess she could drive that. I?d be willing to make that swap. What are you going to drive though??

?I won?t need a car. I got along fine without one before you, and the condo is near the subway. It won?t be a problem. I?m going to need to take back my furniture.?

?That?s not a problem. Bren is sleeping in the other guestroom, so your furniture is free whenever you want it.?

?I?d also like to take some of the kitchenware.?

?Of course. Just get me list of the things you want, so I know what I?ll have to replace for Bren. Better yet I could give you the money to buy it new, so that?s one less room you have to think about. What about the piano??

?You know that?s the best gift I?ve ever gotten, Alex. I adore the piano, but I don?t think it can make it through the door or up the stairs to the condo. I?m going to have to see where I can put it. Will you keep it for me until then? I know it?s a lot to ask.?

?It?s not a problem. It?s yours whenever you?re ready to pick it up. I want you to have it, but I will hold on to it for the time being. Of course there are all these pictures and things of us. You can have any of those that you want. Just pack them up when you come to get the rest of your stuff.?

?Okay. I will.?

?When do you plan on getting everything??

?When the tenant moves out of the condo. I need to have it cleaned and stuff, but I think I should be ready to get everything next weekend. Is that all right??

?Of course. That?s fine. Where are you staying in the meantime??

?With my parents.?

Alex nodded. ?Is there anything else? Whose going to help you with your stuff??

?Some people from work. I think that?s all for now. I know your dinner is waiting on you, so I should go. Will you be around next weekend??

?I don?t know. Either Bren or I will be here when you come. Just let us know what day you?re coming over.?

?Okay.? she said standing. ?Well, I should go.?

?I?ll walk you out.? Alex escorted Megan out to the car. Megan turned to her as they came to the driver?s side door. ?Megan, please think about what I said. I?m serious about us. I want us to be together again. If it means starting at the very beginning, fresh and new, I?ll do it.?

Megan gave a tentative nod. ?Good bye, Alex.?

Alex watched Megan?s car until it rounded the bend in the street and was gone before returning to the house. Coming into the kitchen, she said to Bren who was just sitting there reading a book, ?Sorry that I kept you waiting.?

?It?s okay. Are you all right??

Alex shrugged. ?She just wanted to talk about how to divide our stuff. She?s coming to move her portion next weekend.?

?I?m sorry, Alex. I know you wanted things to turn out differently.?

?Well, I asked her to give me a second chance, and she promised to think about it. I just need to do something to help her come to the right decision. Until then I?m without a girlfriend.? Bren nodded. ?She seems to think you are attracted to me by the way you were touching me earlier.? Alex mentioned.

?Oh, well, I couldn?t help myself. I thought about what had happened last night, how upset you were, and I got mad at her. I thought it would make her jealous.?

?Well, it was amusing. Anyway, I got a car for you out of the deal. I?m sorry that it probably isn?t what you would want, but it?s a car.?

?What kind of car is it??

?I had gotten Megan a new Volvo station wagon two years ago when we moved in together. She gave it back, so I?m going to let you drive it. I know it?s not a sports car or anything, but it?ll get you from A to B and back again.?

?Do you mean that really nice car in the garage?? Bren asked. Alex nodded. Squealing in delight Bren came to Alex and embraced her in a tight hug.

?Thank you, Alex. Thank you so much. I wish there was a way I could repay you.?

Alex pulled Bren in closer, kissing the top of Bren?s head as she replied, ?It is I who owe you, Bren, for my foul behavior in New York.?

Bren looked up at Alex and cupped her face with both hands gently. ?Alex, you do not owe me for what happened that night. It was my choice to go with you to that hotel room. You didn?t force me into anything.?

?I still feel bad, Bren, because I made you cry. I degraded you.?

?It was my choice to go there with you. I knew what I thought would happen. Fortunately for me you turned out to be much more than a trick. For that I am forever grateful. Don?t you see, Alex? You?ve given me back my hope, my future. It?s the best gift I?ve ever been given.?

?Well, that?s what it was meant to be, a gift, nothing more. I don?t need repayment. Your friendship will be more than enough.?

?Still I wish I could do something to make you as happy as you have made me, but the only thing I have to give you have refused.?

?Oh, Bren, you have so much more than your body. That is sacred and should be revered by any person you allow so close to you. I do not deserve that. As I said for you to be my friend is enough.?

Bren nodded with tearful eyes as she backed away. ?Well, why don?t you sit down? I have dinner warming in the oven. I?ll serve it for you.?

Alex got them both a drink and took a seat as Bren brought over the food. ?This looks good, Bren. It?s been a long time since someone has made me dinner.?

?I hope you like it. I?m not sure if I?m even a good cook. I?ve never had to make a whole meal for someone. Maybe you should tell me some things that you like, so I can make sure to learn how to make them.?

?I will, but for now, let?s enjoy this fine looking meal.?

The rest of the weekend passed quickly and soon Monday morning came. Alex had decided to leave for work late just in case Bren needed anything for her first day of school. Fixing the young woman breakfast, Alex waited in the kitchen for her. When she heard Bren come down the stairs, she met the blonde in the hallway.

?Oh, I didn?t know you were still here.? Bren mentioned dropping her backpack at the bottom of the stairs.

?I was just wondering if you needed anything. Did you want me to go to school with you this morning to see that everything goes smoothly??

?You don?t have to. I know you?re busy.?

?Well, I?d like to if you?ll let me. I just want to make sure you get where you are going all right.?

Bren smiled as she moved to hug Alex. ?Alex, I?ll be fine. I?ve lived on the streets of New York. I think I can handle this, but thank you for your concern. You go on to work now and have a good day.?

?Okay. If you insist. I made you some breakfast. I don?t know when I?ll be home, so just leave the leftover dinner on a plate in the fridge for me if I?m not here. I hope you have a good first day.?

?Thank you, Alex, for everything.?

Alex smiled and then went to pick up her briefcase. Looking back at Bren, she said, ?You look really nice today. I?ll see you when I get home.?

Alex spent most of her idle time that day thinking of the younger woman. As morning passed into afternoon, Alex became increasingly distracted by her thoughts, so she decided to give a quick call home.

She let the phone ring a couple of times but didn?t want to leave a message on her own machine, so just as she was about to hang up, she heard the other end pick up and Bren breathlessly state, ?Schreiber residence.?

?Hey there, Bren. It?s Alex.?

?Oh, hi. How are you??

?Good. I just wanted to see how your first day went.?

?It was fine. I met some people, and my classes are okay. I think things are going to work out.?

?Well, that?s what I wanted to hear. You know, if you want to invite some friends over that?s be fine with me. I know it being spring and all the pool probably would be appealing to high schoolers.?

?Thanks, Alex. I might do that. When are you coming home??

?Not until sometime after six. I?ve got a meeting at five, and that?ll take at least an hour.?

?All right. I?ll see you then. I guess I should start on my homework, so I?ll have time to make dinner later. See you tonight.?

?I look forward to it, Bren. See you tonight.? she answered just as her assistant walked in with some files. ?I have to go now. Talk to you tonight.?

When she hung up, her assistant, Kelly, looked at her with a questioning gaze. Alex said nothing, so Kelly asked, ?You have yourself a new girl??

Alex shook her head. ?No. That was Bren Worthington, my new housekeeper. For future reference she should have access to me if she ever calls.?

Kelly nodded. ?So, what does Megan think of the new housekeeper??

?Megan and I broke up a few weeks ago.?

?Oh, I?m sorry to hear that. Well, if you need someone to talk to, I?m here for you.?

Alex smiled demurely at her assistant. She knew the woman was attracted to her. ?Thank you, Kelly, but don?t worry. Megan will be mine again. It?s only a matter of time. Now back to business.?

That evening when Alex arrived back at the house she found Bren out by the pool. The teenager was lounging in a tiny bikini reading a classic novel. The bistro table was set for two with a candle giving it a soft glow. Bren was unaware of Alex?s presence, so Alex had a moment to observe her. Alex felt her body responding to the stimulus of Bren?s perfect form, but she pushed the thoughts from her mind as she stepped out the back door.

Bren looked up from her reading. ?Hi there. Welcome home.? she greeted with a bright smile.

?Hello. Doing a little light reading?? Alex asked gesturing to the book.

?Oh, it?s for school. I?m behind, and the teacher is making me catch up. It?s no problem. I like to read anyway. I?m sure it?ll only take a night or two. Dinner is ready if you?re hungry.?

?Yeah. I?m starving actually. I worked through lunch, so I forgot to eat again. I?m really bad at that.?

?Well, why don?t you get more comfortable? I?ll serve it up for us.?

?You didn?t have to wait on me to eat.?

?I wanted to. Now go on in and change or whatever it is you do after work. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.? Bren said standing and moving toward her. Alex was just mesmerized by the way she moved and stood perfectly still until Bren reached her. Bren put her hands on Alex?s stomach and applied light pressure. ?Go on now.?

Alex went up to her room to change clothes. Her mind kept replaying Bren standing and walking toward her, that perfect seventeen year old body, the hips swaying as she took her steps, and her breasts bouncing ever so slightly under the tiny top. Alex shook her head in effort to rid her mind of such lustful thoughts. Bren was in her care now and not to be taken advantage of.

Over dinner Bren told Alex what had happened at school that day and who she had met. Alex listened in interest for awhile but then her mind moved to Megan. Sensing the shift in Alex?s attention, Bren asked, ?Are you thinking about Megan??

?Yeah. I?m sorry. I didn?t mean to zone out on you. I was just thinking that in the two years we lived together we never ate dinner out here. We always ate in the kitchen on those rare times we had dinner together, and most of our time was spent talking about cases.?

?You didn?t talk about other interests? Didn?t you guys like some of the same stuff??

Alex thought for a moment. ?No. Not really. We both liked softball and discussing legal issues. That?s about all. She liked to go shopping with her friends, and I was just always so busy. I didn?t want to deny her fun just because I wasn?t available. We both like to travel too I guess but rarely did. We would always plan these great vacations and things, but I would always be called away, so she would go alone.?

?Didn?t you want to go with her??

?Of course but my career is very important to me. I?m a partner at a prestigious firm. I wouldn?t have gotten there without working like a dog.?

?But now you are a partner. Do you still have to work so hard??

?I enjoy what I do, Bren. I help people. It is work, but I like doing it.?

?Isn?t this why Megan left? You liked work more than you liked her? Isn?t that basically what she told you??

?I guess so.?

?You love her, Alex, but you?re going to have to make some serious changes to get her back. You realize that??

?I know, Bren. I just love what I do. I can?t help that. She should be glad that I found something that makes me so happy.?

?But shouldn?t your girlfriend make you just as happy?? asked Bren.

Alex thought for a moment before answering, ?When did you get to be so smart in the ways of love? I do want her back, Bren. I?m willing to make concessions this time around. I want it to work between us.?

?Then why are you sitting here with me? Have you even talked to her today??

?No. I thought I should give her space to think.?

?You?ve given her more space than she wants, Alex. That?s the last thing she needs. She needs to see you to know that you?re serious.?

?You know, you?re right. Thanks for the advice, Bren.? Alex made quick work of the rest of her meal before standing. ?Dinner was great, Bren. I appreciate it. I?m going to go over to see Megan. If you need anything you call me on my cell phone. Okay??

Bren smiled. ?All right. Don?t forget to buy her flowers before you go. It?ll be a nice touch.?

Alex nodded. ?Good idea. Well, I?ll see you in a bit.?

?Okay. Give me the dirt when you get back.?

Alex followed Bren?s advice and picked up some flowers before heading to Megan?s parents? house. When she arrived, she gave three strong knocks. When the door opened, Alex was greeted by Megan?s mother. ?Well, hello, Alex. Didn?t expect to see you here. How are you??

?Hi, Mrs. O? Reilly. I?d be a lot better if Megan would come home. She told me she was staying here for a little while. Is she in??

?Yes, she?s here. Come on in.? she stated stepping aside to let Alex in the house. ?Perhaps you?d like to wait in the study.?

Alex nodded and walked off in that direction. When she opened the door, the smell of pipe and smoke spilled out into the hallway. ?Well, if it isn?t Alex Schreiber.? Megan?s father stated. ?Come in.?

Alex entered and closed the door behind her. ?Hello, Mr. O? Reilly.?

?Have a seat. Can I get you a brandy or a cigar?? he asked. They had often shared after dinner drinks and cigars together in an effort to strengthen their relationship.

?Yes, that?d be nice. Thanks.? Alex replied take a seat in her usual leather chair.

Mr. O? Reilly poured her a drink and extended her the humidor for her to select her cigar before taking a seat. ?So, I take it you and my little Megan are having some difficulties.? Alex nodded. ?Anything I can help you with??

?I don?t think so. She?s a strong minded woman, Mr. O? Reilly, and she?ll do as she pleases. That?s one of the things I love about her.?

Mr. O? Reilly took a long drag of his smoke and held it before slowly exhaling. ?Alex, I know that coming from a Jewish family you have strong female figures, but Megan, being Catholic, looks to the male figures for guidance. It?s the nature of Christianity for the women to follow the men.?

?That?s an interesting point of view, but exactly what does that have to do with Megan and me??

Pointing the cigar at Alex, he said, ?You need to be more dominate than she is. She needs to know who?s boss. You?ve let her run your house for too long, Alex. She?s lost. It?s up to you to give her direction.?

?So, what are you suggesting I do? Demand that she come back to me? I don?t think that?s going to work. She?s too stubborn.?

Mr. O? Reilly smiled. ?Just like her mother. In that case, you can?t do a damn thing once that girl?s made up her mind.?

?That?s what I?m afraid of. Mr. O? Reilly, I really want her to come back to me. I love her.?

?Ah, you love her. Well, good luck to you then, Alex. You?re going to need it.?

They sat silently until the door creaked open, and Megan admitted herself. ?Father, do you think Alex and I could have some privacy??

?Oh, sure. No problem.? he said finishing off his drink. Laying his cigar in the ashtray to let it cool, he went to Alex. ?Alex, nice to see you.? he said extending his hand.

Alex stood and shook it. ?You too, Mr. O? Reilly.? Once they were alone, Alex held the flowers out to Megan. ?These are for you.?

?Thank you. I?ll just go put them in some water. I?ll be right back. Just a minute.? Alex took a seat again and waited for her to return. When she did she looked at Alex for a moment before saying, ?I see my dad has gotten to you again. You know you shouldn?t smoke. Your asthma will act up.? Alex just nodded. ?So, why are you here??

?I just wanted to see how you were doing.?

?I?m fine. How are you??

?All right.?

?How are things working out with Bren??

?Okay. She?s actually a pretty good cook.?

?That?s good.?

?Listen, Megan. I was wondering if maybe we could go out tomorrow night for dinner??

?You want to go out to dinner tomorrow night? Why??

?Because, Megan, I?m serious about making things right with you. I?m willing to start all over again, and I am doing just that. Will you??

Megan stared at Alex for a moment before saying, ?All right, Alex. If you?re that serious, I?ll go to dinner with you. We?ll give this a second chance, but know that we?re going to move slowly. It?s going to take awhile for us to get to know each other again, if we ever did.?

?All right. Good. How about I pick you up here around seven? Does that sound okay??

?Sure. I?ll be waiting.?

Just then there was a knock on the door before Megan?s mother opened it. She looked at the two of them before saying, ?I was just a about to serve dessert. Would you like to stay, Alex? We?re having your favorite.?

?Chocolate cake?? Alex clarified in interest. Mrs. O? Reilly nodded in affirmation. Alex looked hopefully at Megan.

Megan rolled her eyes and chuckled. ?Better make hers an extra large serving, Mom.?

Megan?s mother smiled. ?I?ll do that. Come on into the kitchen.?

Alex smiled as Megan?s mother left them alone. ?Thanks for letting me stay, Megan.?

?I couldn?t deprive you of one of your great joys. Put out that nasty cigar and then come into the kitchen.? she said heading toward the door.

Alex stayed for another hour after dessert before deciding to head home. As Megan walked her to the door, Alex said, ?Think about somewhere you?d like to go for dinner tomorrow. I?ll take you anywhere. See you at seven.?

When Alex got home, she headed up to her bedroom bypassing Bren?s door, figuring the girl would be asleep. She prepared for bed and had just gotten into it when there was a knock on her bedroom door. Bren poked her head in. ?I take it things went okay at Megan?s if you?re just now getting home.?

?Oh, yeah. I?m sorry if I woke you. I thought you were asleep.?

?No. I was just reading. What happened??

?We talked, had some of her mother?s cake. I talked to her parents for awhile, and then I asked her to go to dinner with me tomorrow night. She said yes.?

?That?s great. Oh, I?m so happy that things are looking up for you.?

?Well, I have you to thank for that. It was your idea.?

?I?m just glad it worked.?

The next evening Alex arrived at Megan?s parents? exactly at seven. She was still dressed in her suit from work, having come directly from there. In her hand she carried a single rose, a purchase that Bren had advised. Megan?s mother answered the door. ?Hi, Alex. Come on in. Megan?s not ready yet. You can keep me company in the kitchen, though.?

Alex waited and talked with Megan?s mother for a long time before Megan finally appeared. Alex smiled and extended the rose to her. ?Well, more flowers. This certainly is a trend I like.?

?You look nice tonight.? Alex complimented.

?Thank you. Are you ready to go?? Megan asked. Alex nodded. Megan gave the rose to her mother asking, ?Would you put that in water for me??

?Of course. You two have a good time.?

Dinner between them passed with the first part talking about work. However Alex tried to find other common ground as Bren had suggested with a little success. After their meal Alex suggested they walk a little and window shop, knowing that would be appealing to Megan. Alex finally dropped her off at home close to eleven. Walking her to the door, Alex watched as Megan unlocked it before turning to her. Alex gave her most charming smile.

?Well, would you like to come in for awhile? I think there is still some leftover cake.?

?That?d be great. Thanks.?

They both went into the kitchen where Megan cut a piece of cake for Alex. ?Let?s sit in the den.? she suggested.

Alex followed her and took a seat on the couch while Megan closed the doors for privacy. She then took a seat next to Alex and watched as Alex devoured the dessert with great delight. ?Your mom really does make the best desserts.? Alex mentioned as she scraped the extra icing off the plate with her fork. Megan nodded in agreement as she turned on the tv to the news. They sat quietly watching for a few minutes before Alex tried to put her arm around Megan?s shoulders. Megan cast a glance at Alex as she leaned into Alex?s shoulder. They smiled at each other. ?Megan, I?d really like to kiss you right now.? Alex whispered.

?I was hoping you would.? replied Megan shyly. Alex slowly descended down to Megan?s mouth kissing her gently at first. Megan?s arms came around Alex?s shoulders as they both deepened their contact. Several minutes and increasingly passionate kisses later, Megan pulled back slightly. ?Maybe we should go back to my room.? she suggested in her most provocative voice. Alex nodded in response. Megan turned off the tv and then took Alex?s hand to escort her to the bedroom.

Alex awoke on her own the next morning. Opening her eyes she saw dawn beginning to make its way through Megan?s window. Alex looked over to see Megan still blissfully asleep. Alex smiled at how beautiful she looked lying there. Trying not to wake her, Alex dressed in her previous night?s clothes before sitting next to the petite woman. Alex leaned in and brushed Megan?s face with kisses until she awoke. ?I have to get going. I?ll call you later. Okay??

?Okay.? Megan yawned leaning up for a kiss on the mouth.

Alex then left the room, closing the door as softly as possible behind her. Just as she got to the front door Megan?s father?s voice stated, ?Good morning, Alex.?

Alex jumped startled at the sound. She turned to see Mr. O? Reilly grinning at her in amusement. ?Good morning, Mr. O? Reilly. How are you??

?Probably not as good as you are this fine morning. You and Megan work things out all right??

Alex shrugged. ?I think we?re on our way to making it better.?

?Well, by sound of it, she should be the happiest woman alive.? Alex flushed at the thought of Megan?s father hearing them in the throes of passion. ?Nothing to be embarrassed about, Alex. It?s a part of life. Get out of here now. I know you have to go save the world. Have a good day.?

?You too, Mr. O? Reilly.?

When Alex arrived back at her own house, Bren was in the kitchen. She gave Alex a smile and a curious look. ?You just getting in from last night?? Alex nodded. ?Well, must have been a great date then.?

?It was. Thanks for all your help. You really gave me some good advice.?

?I?m just glad it?s working out. You deserve some happiness, Alex.? Bren went to retrieve her backpack from the hallway. ?I have to get going. Wouldn?t want to be late. See you tonight.?

?All right. Have a good day.?

The week passed quickly, and before Alex even realized it, Saturday was upon them. Figuring that Bren would sleep in, Alex went to the office early to catch up on some work. When she returned she walked in to the radio up almost as loud as it could go. Alex frowned heading in the direction of the living room to turn it down when she spotted Bren in there. The younger woman was wearing tight black pants and a tank top. In her hands was a duster, and she was dancing suggestively to the music as she cleaned the room. Alex watched in interest for several minutes as Bren moved about the room touching the furniture in the most sensual ways. Finally deciding to announce her presence, Alex inquired, ?Do you always clean house this way??

Bren jumped at the sound of Alex?s voice, but she turned and smiled.

?Depends on my mood.? she answered still dancing to the beat.

?You missed your calling, Bren. You should?ve been a stripper.? teased Alex.

Bren chuckled at the joke. ?Maybe I will be in the future. You just never know.? She moved closer to Alex, her hips still swaying to the rhythm. ?You like to dance, Alex?? Alex nodded, so Bren put her hands on Alex?s hips.

?Then show me what you got.?

Alex was hesitant at first, but as Bren?s body began to move against her, Alex felt her own come alive. They moved together in synchronicity for several songs before the doorbell broke the spell. Alex jumped away from the blonde as if she had been caught doing something wrong. Looking toward the open front door, she saw Megan and a few other people watching them through the glass storm door. Megan?s expression was one of annoyance. Alex quickly moved to let them in, saying, ?I didn?t expect you all until a little later.?

?Sorry to ruin your plans, Alex.? Megan quipped brushing by her.

Sensing what Megan thought, Alex rushed to say, ?This isn?t what you think it is, Megan.?

?Oh, it isn?t? I think I saw you dancing provocatively with the hooker that now lives with you.?

?Bren?s not a hooker, Megan. Don?t call her that.?

?Fine. Whatever. I just want to get my stuff.?

Alex was stoic the rest of the time Megan was there. She watched on carefully as Megan?s things were removed from the house. Once she was gone, Alex locked herself into her office where she remained the rest of the day. On Sunday Alex went over to Megan?s condo. When Megan answered the door, she inquired, ?What are you doing here??

?I wanted to talk to you. May I come in?? Megan reluctantly nodded and allowed Alex into the house. Alex took a seat on one of the two makeshift chairs in the living area and looked at Megan seriously. ?Megan, I just wanted to apologize for yesterday. Bren and I were just having a bit of fun. We were just dancing. It didn?t mean anything.?

?I don?t know if I can believe that.?

?Megan, please. I?ve made it clear that I want you back. I wouldn?t jeopardize that by cheating on you.?

Megan sighed. ?Alex, I?ve been giving this some thought. Your actions toward Bren may be completely innocent, but I don?t think hers are.?

?That?s not true. Bren?s been helping me by trying to get me to understand where you stand. She?s been nothing but supportive of my intentions of getting you back.?

?Alex, I don?t believe that she is innocent here. She wants something from you. I just know it. This is for your own good. If you want us to be a couple again, you have to get rid of Bren.?

?Megan, you don?t understand. I gave this woman my word that I would help her get off and stay off the street. She?s only seventeen years old with nowhere to go. I can?t just kick her out. The girl hasn?t even finished high school.?

?Alex, you have to ask her to leave. She?s going to hurt you. How can you trust her??

?The same way she trusts me. We have a simple arrangement. We?re helping each other. I?m trying to do a good thing here, Megan. She just needs someone to take her in and believe in her.?

?It doesn?t have to be you, Alex.?

?I gave her my word, Megan. Does that mean nothing to you??

?Alex, you have a choice to make here. It?s very simple. You have to choose between us. It?s either Bren or me.?

Alex gave a long sigh as she looked around the condo. In her mind she replayed some of the memories of when she and Megan first began dating. ?We had some fun times in this place.? she mentioned.

?Yes, we did, but things were different then.?

?Yeah, they were. Megan, I?m sorry to have bothered you. I know you have a lot of unpacking to do.? Alex stood and started for the door. Turning back briefly she looked at Megan. ?Tell your parents I said good bye.?

Megan gave a curt nod. ?I?ll do that.?

Alex paused for one more moment to look around. ?Well, good bye, Megan.? With that she walked out the door not even waiting for a reply.

Alex thought about Megan all the way home. At first she was saddened that their reconciliation hadn?t worked, but the more she thought about things, the angrier she became. Totally disregarding Alex?s position, Megan had made demands of her, which she was not prepared to make. Alex thought Megan would have understood why Bren had to stay in the house with her. Her word was at stake, and Alex felt that was her most important asset.

When she returned home, Alex began to rid the house of Megan?s presence in a fury. She was throwing framed pictures and trinkets Megan had left behind in the garbage as she fumed about the turn of events. She was so off in her own world that she didn?t hear Bren come down and take a seat on the third to last stair. Finally turning to go into the kitchen, Alex caught sight of Bren sitting there with her face cradled in her hands, elbows propped up on her knees looking worried. She was gnawing at her fingernails on one hand and pulling at her lower lip in trepidation.

Alex?s anger receded for a moment as she asked, ?Are you all right??

Bren nodded slowly. ?Are you okay?? she hesitantly inquired.

?I just got back from Megan?s. She said she was interested in getting back together with me but under some conditions.?

?What conditions are those??

?Well, she told me that I had to kick you out of the house. She said she didn?t trust you. She wants you gone. It?s either her or you she said.?

Bren?s head dropped forward. ?Oh.? Taking a deep breath she said, ?I?m so sorry, Alex. I never meant to cause trouble with your girlfriend. If that?s what you need to do, I understand. I?ll go pack.?

As she began to stand, Alex grabbed her by the hands. Alex squatted down, so they were on eye level and she held Bren?s hands tightly in her own. ?There?s no need to do that, Bren. I chose you.?

?Why?? she asked in complete surprise.

?Bren, I gave you my word that I would help you. I realized today that Megan doesn?t understand that my word means everything to me. My word is my honor, Bren. Megan obviously doesn?t know me, because if she did, she would understand that. I need a girlfriend that can support me. She?s not the one. I love her, and it will take time to get over her, but she?s not the one I?m meant to be with for the rest of my life if she can?t understand something so fundamental about me.?

?Oh, Alex. Thank you. Thank you so much. I?m not going to let you down.?

?I know you won?t. I believe in you whole-heartedly, Bren.?

Bren smiled at her before leaning in to kiss her cheek. ?You mean the world to me, Alex. Someday I hope to find someone like you to be with for the rest of my life.?

Alex flushed at the comment. She had been curious to the girl?s sexuality, and since the opening presented itself, Alex stated, ?Speaking of that, I wanted to ask you something. Now it doesn?t matter to me at all, but I?ve been wondering. You were in that lesbian bar with Chloe, but since you had considered being a prostitute, you had to consider that most of your clients would be male. Are you bi??

Bren lowered her face slightly, so she wasn?t looking into Alex?s eyes. ?I don?t really know what I am. I don?t have much experience.?

?Well, what kind of past experience do you have?? she asked. Bren blushed but didn?t answer at first. ?Listen. You don?t have to tell me if you don?t want to. I was just curious more than anything.?

Staring at the wooden stair between her legs, Bren mumbled, ?I?ve never done it with anyone.?

?Done what? Had sex?? Alex tried to clarify. Bren nodded in embarrassment. ?Bren, that?s nothing to be embarrassed about. I didn?t have sex until I was twenty-one years old. You?re only seventeen. There?s no rush.?

?You were a virgin until you were twenty-one? That?s depressing. You?re gorgeous. I?ll never get laid.?

Alex chuckled. ?Oh, Bren. Looks have nothing to do with it. I?m sure there have been people that wanted to have sex with you. You probably just didn?t know the signs, or they didn?t know how to tell you. If I remember correctly, I gave you a clear indication.?

?Yeah but that was different. That was for money. If we had just met, would you have felt the same??

?Well, if I didn?t know your age and thought you were receptive, I probably would have given it a shot. You are so beautiful, Bren. You really have no idea, but things are different between us now. Tell me about your dating experiences. Where they boys or girls??

?Boys but none of them really did anything for me. You know, my mother?s new husband tried to molest me, so I think I?m just so weirded out by the event that I don?t really trust anyone.? she replied softly.

Sensing that Bren might want to talk about the incidents with him, Alex said, ?You know, if you ever want to talk to me about him, I?m here to listen to you. I?m not going to judge you, Bren. What he did to you was wrong.?

?I know, but I just feel weird about it. My mother believed him and not me.?

?I know you said he tried to make you do things. Did he ever touch you inappropriately??

Bren hesitated in answer but then slowly nodded her head. ?Only once. That?s one of the reasons I ended up getting kicked out. I think he thought he?d rather have me out of the house if he couldn?t have his way.?

?Do you want to tell me what happened??

Bren shrugged. ?I was standing in the kitchen making some mac and cheese for dinner, because my mother was still at work, and I was hungry. I was standing near the stove reading this book that my friend said she had found. It was a smut book, but the particular passage I was reading was two women having sex. I guess I was just so engrossed that I didn?t hear my step-father come into the kitchen. Apparently he came up behind me and started reading over my shoulder. I had no idea he was even there until I felt him put his arms around my waist. He started talking to me, saying stuff like I shouldn?t be reading about that. You know women were only meant to be with men, and then he began saying dirty things about me and my body. I was wearing a pair of sweat pants and a midriff shirt, so he began to tell me how he thought it was terrible of me to tease him that way, that I just needed to be shown the way to treat men. Basically he was just verbally harassing me, but then he started talking about the book again, asking if I liked what I was reading. Then he put his hand on my breast. I started to freak out and struggle with him, but he?s such a large guy. He was still saying things as his other hand went down my pants. I had just taken a shower and wasn?t wearing anything under them, so he said something about me being ready for him. I still tried to free myself but was pretty much pinned against his body and the stove. No one had ever touched me there before, and I was scared. I guess my body had responded to what I had been reading, so I was... you know... aroused, and he just taunted me, calling me a dyke. Then he proceeded to tell me that he was going to teach me a lesson, but before he could do anything else though, I managed to free myself by kicking him the knee repeatedly. He was so angry, and I just took off running. I didn?t know where I was going, but I just ran out of the house. When I finally came home, it was late, way past my curfew. The next morning all hell broke loose, and I got kicked out of the house.? By the end of her story Bren was sobbing, so Alex pulled her into her arms.

?It?s going to be all right, Bren. You?re a brave girl. He was wrong, and you did the right thing by telling your mother. You?re better off away from him. You?re safer here.?

?I know, but she didn?t believe me. That?s what hurts, Alex. My own mother thought I made the whole thing up, and then believed him when he said he found drugs in my room and had seen me using them.?

?I know it hurts, sweetie, but it?s going to be okay.? Alex whispered as she rocked Bren slightly for a few minutes.

When she had calmed, she said, ?Back to your original question, Alex. I?m not sure about my sexuality. I guess I?m just scared of intimacy in general right now. I can?t even think about being attracted to people. I think on the whole I could be attracted to women, but it?s too soon to tell. I don?t know if it?s a reaction to what happened or the real thing. I need more time I think.?

?I understand. As I said I don?t care either way. I just want you to be happy, Bren. You deserve it as much as I do.? A few silent moment passed before Alex mentioned, ?We are quiet a pair, aren?t we? We should do something to forget about everything for awhile. Let?s go out. Want to see a movie??

Bren smiled through her watery eyes. ?Sure. That sounds like fun.?

Continued Part 2:

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