~ Southern Summer Night ~
by Alex Tryst
Copyright December 2005

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The smell of mint permeated the air in my silver cup as I raised it to my mouth to sip my Mint Julep. The drink was cold and sweet against my dried lips. The ice and bourbon painted a residue against them as I lowered the cup onto the armrest of my wicker wingback chair once again. Allowing the alcohol to swirl in my mouth, I savored it as my eyes surveyed my surroundings. The sun was setting across the large pond in the backyard, creating a second sky to adore with its vast colors of purples and reds. The ducks swam lazily along the glass surface as if oppressed by the humidity of the day. Even the Weeping Willows bowed lower as if weighed down by the hot thick evening air until their branches almost touched the banks of earth along the stream that fed into the pond. The only sounds were from the locusts of summer creating a constant muted buzz in the dense air.

I breathed in deeply, taking the air into my lungs. It was almost like inhaling water there was so much moisture. My eyes roamed along up the green painted steps to the wrap around porch. The white spindles and columns had been painted earlier in the season and still held their sheen. Gaze drifting higher, I studied the sky blue porch ceiling. The color had done what the old wives' tales said it would. It had kept the nooks of the porch free of wasps' and hornets' nests. The white fan circled noiselessly from the volition of the brand new motor that had been installed earlier in the week.

Suddenly the hinges on the old screen door creaked, signaling company. However, I didn't turn as I heard the door close with one large clap. Light footsteps traveled the length of the wood planks until they stopped behind me. I heard the wicker bend and give way to the weight against the top of my chair. Silence followed for several minutes.

Finally a voice whispered, "What are you thinking about out here by yourself?"

"Absolutely nothing," I replied truthfully.

"Not even me?" the voice teased lightly.

I chuckled into my drink. "You occupy almost every other thought of my day. My brain needs the break, love. Where are the children?"

"Being bathed and dressed for bed by their favorite aunt. She is going to watch a movie with them in the playroom after that, so we can be alone."

"Alone. How long has it been since we've had that privilege?"

"Too long," you replied, moving to my side. Extending your hand, you asked, "Take a walk with me?"

I smiled up at you. You were simply dressed in a white cotton blouse and a pair of khaki shorts, but to me you were as beautiful as ever. I took your hand and finished my drink before standing. Discarding the silver cup in the seat I had just vacated, I allowed you to lead us down the steps into the plush grass. We didn't talk as we strolled. We made it quite a distance from the house before you came to stop at the base of an old oak tree. You gave me a smile and the proceeded to start climbing the trunk. "What are you doing up there?" I questioned.

"Follow me up and you'll see."

With only a moment's pause, I did as you instructed. I smiled at you when I found you moments later sitting in the doorway of a tree house. I briefly thought of what you might have looked like doing that as a little girl. "How come you've never brought me up here before?" I inquired as we both crawled into the space. There was enough room for us to sit close together on the wooden floor. Gazing around I mentioned, "It's awfully clean up here."

You nodded in agreement. "While you were helping Dad with the kitchen sink, Mom watched the kids, and I came out here to clean. I was thinking about showing it to the girls tomorrow. When I was their age, I used to love to come out here and stay for hours."

"I can see why. It's quite the little hideaway." Silence passed for a few minutes. In the dusk both of us were mainly in shadows as we sat there, but I could feel you next to me lightly stroking my forearm. Glancing at you I could see your dark brown eyes staring at me with that look you always would give when something amorous was on your mind. However, I ignored it and asked, "So, how have the girls been while I've been gone? I hated leaving you all here while I had to fly home and work."

"I don't want to talk about the girls," you whispered, leaning into my frame. I could feel your hot breath on my neck as your hand traveled more vigorously along my arm.

Still I ignored the signs, knowing that it would only push you further. "What do you want to talk about then?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There are better things to do." I could feel your hand slip from my arm down to my thighs. You stroked them through my shorts insistently as your lips pressed into the skin along my neck. "Don't tease me, love. I can tell you want it too," you whispered as you hand cupped the juncture of my legs. "You're hard as a rock, and I can only imagine what you want to do to me right about now."

I sucked in a breath, but you were right. I wanted you just as badly as you did me at that moment. Turning my head, I captured your mouth in a passionate kiss. Both of us moaned. "Perhaps we should go back to the house," I suggested.

You giggled and shook your head. "No. I want you to take me right here. I can't wait any longer. I'm soaking wet for you. I have to have you inside me now."

Eager to find out if that was true, I eased my hand over the front of your shorts and lowered the zipper. I could already feel your heat and smell your desires before my hand cupped your essence. You were certainly being honest about your state at the present moment. I couldn't even remember the last time I had felt you so ready.

You didn't need any further encouragement. Getting to your knees, you started to undress yourself, rushing through the motions until you were naked. Pulling me up onto my knees, you tried to repeat the process, but I stopped you when I was only down to my boxer shorts. With that complete you pulled me to you with such force, you lost your balance, and I had to keep you from toppling over onto the floor. Our skin quickly became coated with perspiration, a combination of humidity and sweat as hands took in the landscape in view.

After a few minutes though, I found my senses. I knew what you wanted and how desperate you were to get it, but I was not quite ready to let you have it yet. Instead I wanted to push you further in your arousal and growled, "Turn around, baby."

You complied as fast as you could in your eagerness, awkwardly moving in the cramped space until your back was to me. I looked at you in the shadows, your smooth fair skin reflecting the waning light. Your dark hair hung freely down your back. Bringing your body back against mine, I pushed your hair off the nape of your neck. Some strands were plastered to your skin from the moisture. You cried out lightly as I ground my hips against your backside. Scraping my teeth along your neck, I let my hands wander your body. They quickly found their way between your legs.

"Oh, God. Please," you pleased in earnest fervor.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll take care of you," I promised. "But before that, there's something I want."

"Anything." Your voice was laced with need.

"I want you to come for me first, so you're tighter when I'm inside you. It's always better that way."

You nodded your head in agreement, unable to speak in anything other than a moan as I started to work you up into a sexual frenzy. You were breathing harshly and gripping my hips, forcing me to grind even harder against you until at last a shuddering climax took you. There was a momentary pause as I let you enjoy the moment. However, it didn't last long as you turned around to face me once again. You still had fire in your eyes that said you were far from sated.

Grabbing me by the back of the neck, you forced our mouths together again, only to break when air was paramount. "Now it's my turn. Take off these shorts and fuck me hard," you demanded, pushing the material off my hips. I barely had time to get them off completely before you yanked me down on top of you against the wood floor. I could feel my legs dangling out the door of the tree house and rubbing alluringly against yours.

I resisted in granting you your wish just then and let my hand drop between your thighs again. "God, you are so wet," I mentioned in amazement.

You did not look amused though. Forcefully you wrapped your legs around my hips and pulled my body closer. "Better for you to fuck me. Now get that damn dick of yours inside me before I flip you over and take control of it myself," you rumbled authoritatively. Not able to deny such a command, I did as I was told. I sheathed myself in one motion inside of your tight heat. Immediately I was rewarded with a loud scream of pleasure. "Jesus, that feels good," you groaned.

Knowing how badly you wanted it quick and dirty, I did my job the best I could to give you what you needed. You were screaming so loudly though, I was afraid your parents were going to hear you and come investigate. I knew stopping wasn't an option however, so I just hoped they would leave us to ourselves. I could tell you were about to peak again and that after that you would be worn out, so I softly said, "I'm not going to come until you do."

Your brown eyes met mine in the dark. "Only if you come inside of me," you begged. "Please, baby. I want to feel you."

"Only when you're ready."

"I'm so close. Please. Now," you pleaded, gripping tighter to the muscles of my back as you teetered on the edge of orgasm.

Knowing you were primed for an earth-shattering release, I did as you asked of me. Sure enough you were fleeting seconds behind, shouting your enjoyment loudly enough that it rang in my ears and bounced along the wooden walls. Feeling nails break the skin of my back, I groaned. Then there was no sound except erratic breathing. A few minutes passed. I figured you were probably getting uncomfortable with me still inside you, so I tried to pull out only to be rebuffed. Your hands pushed my hips back to yours.

"No. Stay. I'm not finished with this moment." Never being one to deny my love anything, I stayed where I was. Several more minutes passed before a chuckle and a sigh emanated from you. "Wow, that was something. As much as I love the way you fuck me with that thing, I think I still prefer you without it. You're a much more gentle lover. You put that on, and it's like unleashing a monster, a good monster but a monster all the same."

"I prefer it without too. I love feeling you from the inside, but I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy."

"Well, you've made me a very happy woman tonight. The only thing that would make me any happier is if in nine months we have another bundle of joy with which to commemorate this little rendezvous."

"Well, that was the whole point of the exercise, so I do hope it happens for us as well. I can only imagine looking down at that child and reliving this night. Too bad I don't have anyone to tell. Who'd believe me anyway, though? Us having sex in the tree house that you played in as a little girl."

"Oh, I have someone to tell, my sister, and she's going to be jealous. Oh, I can't wait to see the look on her face. She already thinks you're the world's most perfect hubby," you teased. It was a joke you and your sister had bantered over for all the years we had been together. As girls the two of you daydreamed about the perfect men you would one day marry, not really knowing until later that each of you would find your happiness in women. "Now I have more proof of it."

"You're the perfect one, love. I love you so much."

"I love you too, baby."

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