~ Stick to the Script (revised) ~
by Alex Tryst

Disclaimers: Same story, same characters (Jamie Dean and Sarah Talbot). New and improved scenes. Enjoy!

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Now on with the show

Chapter One

Sarah Talbot sat in her trailer looking around contemplatively. This was the first day of shooting for her new movie, so she mentally prepared herself for the scenes. When the blonde had accepted the part of Special Agent Jessica Stuart, it had largely been in part to her co-star, Jamie Dean. Sarah had adored the other woman's work on stage and screen but had never gotten the opportunity to meet the elusive actress until this project.

The little woman recalled the evening they met just a few days before the shoot began. Jamie had called her and invited her out for drinks, since they were practically neighbors in New York. Agreeing, the blonde left her husband and two-year-old daughter at home to meet the tall dark-haired woman at the bar Jamie had suggested. Sarah had arrived first that evening. The crowd eyed her curiously. She figured it was due to her notoriety but was left alone at the bar. She watched everyone for about ten minutes as she casually sipped her glass of wine before she realized the establishment had only female patrons. Suddenly it struck her that Jamie had invited her to a lesbian bar for their meeting. She shook her head to herself. She had heard the rumors about the attractive addition to Hollywood but paid them little heed until that moment. Secure in her own sexuality though, she decided not to give it another thought.

A few minutes later the murmurs in the room began to rise as the general focus shifted toward the door. Curiously Sarah turned her attention there as well to see her new co-star making a flourishing entrance. Jamie was wearing a pair of ripped jeans, a white t-shirt, and a red jacket. Her dark hair was slicked back and she wore a charming grin as a cigarette sat tucked behind one ear. Sarah watched as the woman made her way over to the bar, bestowing kisses on every woman who dared get close enough to her. Finally coming to where Sarah was sitting, the tall woman flashed a dangerous smile. "Ms. Talbot," she stated.

"Jamie Dean," she answered.

"In the flesh," the tall woman uttered sexily, signaling the bartender. She ordered a beer before looking back at the blonde. "Thanks for taking the time to meet me."

"I was glad to. In fact, I was hoping we would get a chance to talk before we started shooting. It's not often that I don't know my co-star before working together," Sarah mentioned. She had been in the business since she was a teenager and was well-acquainted with most of the select group of celebrities. "I've really loved all that you've done so far, Jamie, on Broadway and in Hollywood."

"Likewise, Sarah. That's actually why I asked that you be considered for the part."

"You asked for me?" the blonde inquired in surprise. Her business manager hadn't told her that when he first proposed the idea of the film.

"Yes. I admire your work, Sarah, and there is no one else I'd rather have as my leading lady for this piece. You match the profile they were looking for perfectly. When I was finally offered the part, they said you were one of a select group of women they were contemplating. I just had to put in my opinion and request you. Whether or not that had anything to do with your receiving the part, I don't know," she answered casually, taking a long sip of her beer from the bottle.

The small woman blushed lightly. "Well, I'll admit the main reason I took it was because of you. I wanted to work with you. I'm not much of an actor when it comes to suspense thrillers. I haven't done many of them since my youth. This is something new for you as well. You're breaking out of your big screen action genre."

Jamie nodded. "True. I've just grown tired of kicking ass all the time. I want to be taken as seriously on screen as I was on stage. I thought it was time for me to play a bad guy to accomplish that. I've never been one, well except when I played Rizzo in 'Grease', but there was nothing really bad about her. She was just a slut. It'll be nice to be beaten by a little pixie like you for a change," she teased, lighting her cigarette.

There was a lull in conversation for a moment, so Sarah asked, "So, is it true what I've read about you being named after James Dean?"

"It's true. My mother was a fan. Jamie Dean Desoto. I legally dropped Desoto after coming to New York. I thought it would give me a little more selling power. The way I look at it, with a namesake like that, I might as well use it to my advantage. I have a reputation to uphold where James Dean is concerned. Take this outfit for example. Fans like to see me dressed like a rebel, but if it were really up to me, I'd be meeting you in an Armani suit. That's the least a beautiful woman like you would deserve."

Choosing not to comment on Jamie's flirting words, Sarah said, "I knew I recognized this outfit. Your namesake wears something like this in one of his movies. Which one is it?"

"'Rebel Without A Cause'. What did I say? A reputation."

The blonde nodded. Looking around the bar, she stated, "This is an interesting place. I've never been here before."

Jamie chuckled. "I figured as much, but a little speculation about us couldn't hurt the movie ratings."

"True, very true," Sarah agreed, taking a sip of her wine.

"So, what to you think of the script?" Jamie inquired.

"It's good, very different. Audiences will definitely be surprised, I think."

"Dismayed is probably a better word. They'll never know it's me dressed as a man to begin with, and my male character playing your love interest will be intriguing. When they find out at the end, I think they'll be shocked into immobility. It definitely has a 'Silence of the Lambs' and 'The Crying Game' feel to it. This is quite a stretch for you as an actress, Sarah. I mean, I have to stretch myself here by playing a transsexual psycho killer. The closest I've ever come to this was playing the cross-dressing lead in 'Victor Victoria'. Sure you're ready for your role?"

She shrugged. "You mean the sex scenes, I take it. Well, I'm having sex with your male character, and neither of us is going to be naked really. It's just a part of film. I haven't given it any thought. Have you?"

"A little. The scene itself is nothing. It's the fact the audience will retroactively think about the two of us having sex once they realize I'm really me dressed as a man who is really a transsexual. There are some steamy scenes between us. In the last one when I try to kill you there is no doubt there that I'm both then, and that is definitely one of the more erotically horrifying moments."

Sarah shrugged again. "Jamie, I've done sex scenes before. These will be like the rest of them. I've had sex scenes with lots of men that aren't my husband and been okay with it. There's no reason why this should be any different simply because you are a woman. I'm a professional. Kissing you is just like kissing any of them. I've worked hard to get this role, Jamie. I've been in this business for more than a decade, and this film is my chance to prove to Hollywood once and for all that I am an Oscar contender. It is the perfect part to exhibit my talents, and I'm not going to let anything get in the way of that."

"Well, I'm glad you feel that way. I just wanted to make sure you were fine with it," the brunette mentioned.

"What about you? These will be your first sex scenes. Are you feeling comfortable with them?"

Jamie smiled. "I should be so lucky as to get to have sex with a woman like you. I have no problems with it," she teased with a sly grin. "This will be the first time I've kissed a woman in front of a camera though. I usually hide that stuff from the paparazzi, so that might take some getting used to, but I couldn't have asked for a better counterpart than you for that," she flirted. Sarah flushed but surprisingly didn't feel uncomfortable with the overt sexual innuendo. "I understand wanting an Oscar, Sarah. I was that way until I won my Tony. I wouldn't mind having an Oscar myself to sit next to it."

"What do you think of the title?" Sarah asked.

"'Mortal Games' makes it sound like the thriller it is I suppose, but as far as liking it, it's not my favorite. What about you?"

The blonde shrugged. "I agree, but they don't pay us to pick titles. Although we can always hope they change it before the release."

A knock on her trailer door brought Sarah back to the present. She knew it was time to go get into makeup for the first scene, so she left her cozy refuge and followed one of the assistants to the makeup trailer.

A little later that morning Sarah was just waiting around the set for Jamie as she talked to the director when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around, her eyes fell upon a tall, handsome, dark-haired man. He didn't say anything, prompting her to question what he wanted.

Cracking a grin he questioned, "You don't recognize me? Good."

"Jamie?" Sarah inquired, looking closer. She could see the glint in dark eyes and identified the smile.

"In the flesh," she answered in her familiar way.

"Wow. You look incredible. I hardly knew it was you. That facial hair looks so real," she stated, instinctively reaching up to touch her counterpart's dark goatee.

Jamie nipped playfully at the blonde's fingertips. "Am I sexy enough to sweep Special Agent Jessica Stuart off her feet?" she joked.

"Oh, I think so," Sarah replied with a smile. "You're damn near sexy enough to sweep any woman off her feet."

"You included?" Jamie pressed in flirtation. Sarah only flushed in response as the director called their names. Both being complete professionals, they dropped their lighthearted antics and immediately focused on the task at hand.

That evening as shooting was called a wrap for the day, Jamie went to undress. As she stood in the costume trailer shedding the clothes that transformed her into her male character, she thought of her co-star. She knew Sarah was married with a child, but she couldn't help but letting her lustful thoughts wander. She found the blonde irresistibly attractive, always had. That was her real reason for requesting Sarah's presence on the project even though she hadn't told anyone. She wanted the opportunity to see if her crush was as amazing in person as on the screen, and after the first day of shooting, her answer was Sarah Talbot was more so.

The petite woman had a high degree of professionalism, which Jamie respected. Sarah worked hard, always staying on task and rarely missing her lines or cues, impressing the taller woman. She had heard about the serious dedication Sarah held for her job but seeing it in action was refreshing, especially after some of the other actors she had worked with who threw tantrums when things hadn't gone their way. However, the blonde wasn't that way at all. She had made suggestions throughout the day but never got offended or discouraged if they weren't heeded. Sarah Talbot was a rarity in the business, she concluded, much like herself.

When she was finished disrobing for the day and had slipped into her own clothes for her journey back to the luxurious condos that had been arranged for all the actors, she wondered what the blonde was doing that evening. Even though they were in Washington, D.C., Jamie was too awake to call it a night. Her body was still on New York time when the days didn't even begin until long after the sun had set. After being driven back to her place, she took the elevator up to Sarah's floor instead of her own. Getting to the door, she casually knocked.

Sarah was just lounging on the floor with her daughter when she heard the knock. Wondering who it could be, she picked up the blonde baby that looked so much like her, placing her on her hip and moved to answer the door. Seeing Jamie she smiled. "Hi."

"Hi. I'm sorry. I didn't realize your daughter was here. I just was seeing if you had plans this evening, but apparently you already do," she mentioned.

"Oh, yes. This is my daughter, Eve. My husband came down to see me for the weekend actually. He just ran out to get us some dinner."

"Well, some other time then. Have a good evening. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Well, wait. Would you like to join us for dinner?"

"No thank you. I think I'd rather go find some trouble. See you bright and early," she said with a smile.

"All right. Good night."

Going up the staircase instead of the elevator, Jamie went to her condo. She decided to go out, so she wouldn't spend the evening thinking about the woman she wanted but couldn't have. She would simply find a substitute for the night, so after a quick shower and meal, she headed to one of the local lesbian bars.

Sarah was still on the floor playing with Eve when her husband returned. "Miss me?" he asked with a smile, setting bags of groceries down on the kitchen counter.

"Yes," the blonde woman answered, moving to wrap her arms around his waist from behind. "What are you making us tonight?"

"Well, I had hoped I could convince you to cook," he suggested gently. "You're so much better at it than I am."

"Robert," she whined.

"Please, Sarah? I traveled all the way from New York with Eve today."

"And I worked all day. Come on," she pushed.

He sighed in defeat. "All right. I'll cook but only because I love you."

She squeezed his frame. "I love you too, Robert," she answered, leaning up to kiss his cheek. "Maybe once after Eve goes down for the night I can show you how much."

"I like the sound of that," he answered with a grin.

Later that night, after Eve had been put down and she had made love with her husband of two years, Sarah laid awake lazily caressing Robert's blonde hair as he slept against her breast and thought of the woman who lived above her. She wondered where Jamie had gone that night, figuring it was to a bar or club. She knew if she wasn't tied down with a husband and child, she would like to be doing that as well but knew it wasn't possible. She had made her choices when she had gotten pregnant with Eve while she and Robert were dating and married him before she felt truly ready to commit her life to him as a mate. In her opinion, it was the only option she truly had being only twenty-three at the time, and she felt lucky her reputation hadn't suffered for the mishap. However, Jamie was free from such commitments, making Sarah slightly envious for the carefree life the brunette seemed to have. She figured the only thing the tall woman had to concern herself with was which woman to pursue.

It hadn't taken much to get a confirmation of the brunette's sexuality. Jamie's way with women made it obvious. During their first meeting, she had made it clear with her roaming eyes and sweet tongue, but Sarah hadn't paid it any heed. She was flattered by the attention and found it amusing to see the brunette in action. When the concentration wasn't directly on her, Sarah found it fun to watch women react to the striking actress.

Idly she pondered what type of woman Jamie found attractive. Through their short acquaintance, the blonde hadn't noticed a pattern to the women the tall woman laid her eyes upon. It truly seemed that any lady with a bright smile turned the sexy woman's head. Curiously Sarah wondered if Jamie had a significant other back in New York. She hadn't mentioned anyone during their first meeting, so she wondered if the brunette would have any visitors while they were on location.

As Jamie sat in the bar that night, her gaze roamed freely about the female patrons. She smiled as a small blonde caught her eyes across the way. She seemed to be a prime candidate for the actress's attention that evening, so she slowly made her way through grinding women to the little lady seated at a round table with friends. Putting on her sexiest smile, she greeted, "Ladies, how are you this evening?" They all welcomed her cordially. Focusing on the blonde, she asked, "Would you like to dance?"

"Sure," she answered casually.

Extending her hand to help her to the floor, the actress said, "I'm Jamie Dean."

"I know," the small woman giggled. "I'm Rachel."

"Nice to meet you, Rachel."

Taking them to an empty space on the floor, Jamie placed an arm around Rachel's waist as they began to move to the seductive beat. The smaller woman was a good dancer, further fueling the brunette's interest. Based on her past experience, she knew that any woman who could move her hips like that would be an active lover. Taking the initiative to make things more intimate between them, she slipped her other arm around the blonde and pulled her closer until they were body to body. Rachel responded accordingly, sliding arms around the tall woman's neck. They danced for several songs before the blonde suggested they go to the bar for beverages. Jamie obliged her.

Several hours passed in each other's company. As the alcohol and songs flowed one to another, Jamie could tell taking Rachel home would not be a problem. Wanting to see and feel more of the woman who had occupied her night, she suggested they leave the club for more personal conversation. She was surprised but pleased at how quickly her company agreed.

Sometime in the middle of the night Sarah awoke startled from sleep. Sitting up in bed, she wondered what had jolted her from her dreams. Looking next to her, she saw Robert stir and mumble, "What was that noise?"

"I don't know," Sarah answered, straining to hear if anything was amiss in the condo. She heard the racket again but coming from the floor above hers. Whoever was in the room directly above them was crashing around. She could only imagine what Jamie was doing to cause such a ruckus.

"Man, you have a loud neighbor. You're going to have to talk to someone about that," Robert grumbled, turning over and closing his eyes again.

Sarah tried to ignore the noise as she settled herself again, but her mind was too active. Her thoughts were with the woman above her, wondering what she was doing to be causing such sounds. Her first thoughts were fervent, that the tall actress had another woman with her, and they were in the throes of passion. Upon hearing a cry coming through the ceiling, she knew that had to be the case. Deciding it would just be best to try to disregard it, she placed a pillow over her head and tried to go back to sleep.

The following morning Robert and Eve went to the set with Sarah. Jamie arrived alone and hung over. The two women ran into each other in the makeup trailer. "Morning," Jamie mumbled, sipping her coffee before plopping down on the sofa.

"Good morning, party animal. You were up late last night."

"How did you know?"

"Because I heard you and your guest banging around up there most of the night. We really have to work on that. I have a baby at my place. I can't have you waking Eve up every time you get the inclination for a woman in your bedroom," she chided lightly.

Jamie groaned and raised her sunglasses to rub her eyes. "I'm sorry, Sarah. I didn't realize."

"Well, I forgive you this once. You didn't know. So, who was she?"

"A woman I met out. Her name is Rachel."

"Are you going to see her again?" the blonde asked in interest.

"Yes. She gave me her number. She's a cute little thing, a lot like you actually. I invited her to dinner tonight, but she said she wanted to cook for me. I'm not sure if we're doing it at her place or mine."

"Well, if it is at yours, bring her by. I'd like to meet her. Robert and I'll be in tonight."


"Well, I should get into costume. See you in a bit. Hope you feel better," Sarah said, standing up from her chair.

"Yeah. I'll be good as new by the time we shoot. Don't worry about a thing," Jamie replied, taking her turn in the makeup chair.

True to her word, Jamie looked perfectly normal by the time they shot their first scene of the day. They worked straight through until lunch. When a break was called, Sarah disappeared while Jamie went to get some food. Wondering where the little blonde was, she decided to head back to the actress's trailer with some food for both of them. Knocking loudly on the door, she waited for an answer. When Sarah called for her to come in, the tall woman prepared a smile and stepped into the trailer. The small woman was sitting on her sofa with Eve in her arms.

"Hey. I didn't realize Eve was here. I thought you might be hungry," she stated.

"Oh, thanks, Jamie. That's sweet of you," Sarah said. Just then the door to the bathroom opened, admitting Robert.

He stared at Jamie quizzically for a moment before Sarah took the initiative to introduce them. "Honey, this is Jamie Dean. Jamie, my husband, Robert Dawson."

"Hey. How's it going?" Jamie asked, extending her hand.

Robert shook it. "I didn't recognize you in that get up. I'm a fan of your work."

"Likewise," the tall woman answered, even though she wasn't really. In fact, she hated his films, feeling his acting skills were far from what Sarah's were. "I didn't know you and Eve were on the set today. I had just come by with some lunch for Sarah. Had I known though I would've brought more."

"It's all right. We'll get something a bit later. Thanks anyway," he mumbled, taking a seat on the couch. "Right now all I really want is a little alone time with my lady."

Knowing a brush off when she heard one, Jamie nodded. Taking it in stride however she answered, "I understand that. Who wouldn't? Well, I'll just let you be then. I need to go call Rachel anyway and see if I can solidify those plans tonight. Enjoy your time."

Sarah watched the woman walk out of her trailer before frowning at her husband. "Robert, what was that? You didn't have to be so rude."

"What are you talking about? I wasn't rude. I want to have time alone with you. She said she understood."

"Yeah but that doesn't make it right."

"Come on, Sarah. Don't get all defensive now. The less time you spend with Jamie Dean the better in my opinion. It's one thing to work with her but quite another to spend your leisure time in her company. I've heard things about that woman," he said.

"Things like what, Robert?" Sarah asked, not liking the tone she was beginning to hear in her husband's voice.

"You know, that she's a lesbian."

"So are a lot of women we know. Why is Jamie an issue?"

"Because I've heard she's got more arms than a damn octopus."

"Oh, Robert, you don't honestly think that she would try something with me."

He shrugged. "I don't know, but I don't think we should test the theory either. Just stay away from her to be safe. Let this Rachel girl take care of the overindulgent star."

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Robert, I've never known you to be the jealous type, and I don't like it. Jamie's my co-worker, and furthermore I like her. I'll spend time with her if I want to."

"Fine but when she gets you in her clutches and you need rescuing, don't say I didn't warn you," he grumbled.

The blonde woman laughed lightly. "That'll be highly unlikely."

He shook his head. "I don't think so. I think you're secretly attracted to Jamie Dean," he accused jokingly. "Why else would you act in this pseudo-lesbian erotic thriller?" he pushed.

"It's called money, honey. The price was right. For as much as they're paying me for this, I can kiss Jamie Dean with tongue a few times."

"Yeah because you secretly like her," he pestered.

"That's not it. I secretly like the sound of coins clinking into my pocket each time I feel her tongue in my mouth," she whispered sexually, giving him her best bedroom eyes.

He moaned lightly. "Well, thinking about you with another woman does have its advantages," he confessed. "Just wish it wasn't with Jamie Dean. I'd prefer it be someone like Tabitha Reid."

"Tabby? Oh, please, Robert. I wouldn't kiss Tabby for anything. She's too good a friend to hop into bed with, regardless of the price," she said with a laugh. "Besides Jamie has a hotter body."

"See. There. I knew you had a thing for her," he jested. "Although I heard Tabby has a thing for her too. Rumor has it that the infamous Jamie Dean has had Miss Reid."

"And what trashy magazine did you read that in, Robert?"

"Several so it has to be true," he joked.

"Oh, shut up and kiss me," Sarah stated tired of the banter. He obliged her. When it broke the blonde said, "Maybe we should just ask Tabby when she comes on the set. She's coming in to do her cameo sometime this week."

"I didn't know she was going to be in the movie. What roll does she play?"

"Just a small bit. She plays Jamie's victim in the first murder scene where she kills her as they're having sex."

Robert groaned. "Oh. Why does Jamie get all the good parts? She gets to have sex with you and Tabby in the same movie? We, men, don't get this lucky. Too bad I won't be around to see that though. I have to fly out of here tomorrow for my own shoot."

"That is too bad. I don't like being apart for as long as we will be this time."

"Yeah I know, but I haven't worked in so long. This is an important job for me."

"I know, but it'll be a big hit, and you'll find work again. I have faith."

He shrugged. "Yeah, I hope so. It's people like Jamie Dean who make it difficult for me to get action parts though. I guess it's hard to compete with a washboard stomach and a rack. I've never seen anyone who looked that good in spandex and camouflage."

"I think secretly you're attracted to Jamie Dean," his wife accused jokingly.

"Well, the whole lesbian thing is a turn off in her case. She's too butch for boys."

"I'd have to disagree with that. I've heard men comment about her. Girls do love her though. You know what we heard last night was her entertaining this Rachel woman."

"Seriously? My God. It was like a tornado up there. What were they doing? Setting the record for the world's loudest fucking?"

"Jealous that you don't have her stamina?" Sarah questioned.

"Yeah, well, strap her with a child and see how she does?" he answered without regard to his statement.

However, Sarah took the quip personally. "Strapped with a child? Is that what you really think I did to you?" she asked, her demeanor suddenly changing.

"That's not how I meant it, honey. I just meant she has the time to stay in shape for those vigorous workouts where with Eve we barely have time to sleep much less have strenuous sex. I'm just saying if she were in our position she probably wouldn't be able to keep up her late night activities. That's all I meant."

"But you said strapped with a child, Robert. That's not nice. You make it sound as if I forced you into having Eve," she stated with a pout. "Is that how you really feel about our daughter, Robert?"

"Of course not, Sarah. It's just that things would be so different now if we didn't have her. We could be more like Jamie, enjoying the life someone in their twenties should."

"Oh, I see. You'd rather be out partying and having sex with strangers," gruffly she replied, starting to become emotional.

"Sarah, what is wrong with you? I never said anything about sleeping with strangers."

"That's what Jamie does, Robert! That's the life she leads! That's what you're saying you want!"

"I only want some of it."

"Well, you know what, Robert? You want it? You got it! You're going off on a shoot away from your family for two months while I take care of Eve and work! You want to play, go play, Robert! Meanwhile I'll be the adult, taking care of our child!" she screamed, getting off her couch. Holding Eve more securely to her chest, she stormed out of her trailer.

She got several feet outside before she realized he wasn't going to follow her. Huffing at the situation, she decided she would just go about her business. Knowing she should take the opportunity to eat and feed Eve, she wandered off in the direction of their temporary mess hall. As she went into the food tent, she saw Jamie sitting with some of the females on the crew, entertaining them with her charm. Getting food for her daughter and herself, Sarah moved to sit alone.

Jamie saw the blonde walk in, but the little woman looked upset, so she wasn't sure she should approach. However, after several minutes when Robert didn't follow, Jamie decided to take the chance. Excusing herself from her present company, she went over to Sarah's table. "Am I interrupting your solitude?" she asked gently.

"Not at all. Please sit," Sarah answered. Jamie did so, choosing the space right next to the little actress.

Seeing Sarah struggling to eat and hold a fidgeting Eve, she offered her assistance. "Why don't I take her off your hands for a minute?"

"Are you sure?" she asked, not wanting to impose her daughter on the tall woman.

"Of course. I love kids. I volunteer at a children's program in Harlem when I'm in town. I love being with them. I think I can handle a little baby if I can handle teenage gang members," she jested, reaching for the blonde child.

Sarah was surprised when Eve went directly to her, because her daughter was usually shy with people. "You're a natural. She doesn't normally do that," she stated, taking a bite of her sandwich.

Jamie made goofy faces at Eve as she answered, "Because she knows she can trust me. She knows I'd never hurt her. Children are very intuitive."

Gazing at the brunette cooing at her daughter, Sarah felt those words wash over her. She knew Jamie was speaking the truth but not only about Eve. The tall actress could be her confidant if she wanted. "So they are," she agreed softly.

Taking that as her opening, Jamie gave Sarah a concerned look. "Want to talk about it?"

She shook her head. "Robert and I just got into a fight. It's nothing. Comes with the territory of being married."

Jamie nodded. She knew not to push, so she simply went back to enjoying the bundle of energy in her arms. "Eve's quite the mover, huh?" she joked. "I bet she would love it if she got a chance to run for awhile. There's a park near our condos, you know. Maybe someday we could take her there. Or you and Robert could take her. I wouldn't want to impose," she said quickly.

"About that, I'm sorry. He was rude to you."

Jamie shrugged. "I would probably feel the same way if I was married to you. I'd probably want to stay locked away with you and Eve as much as I could too. You're wonderful women," she said, smiling at Eve.

Sarah flushed lightly at the comment. Jamie Dean was more than she seemed. At first Sarah thought there was only the sexy, mysterious exterior, but it was becoming quite clear that there was a softer side to her co-star. "I'd like to take Eve to the park with you sometime," she offered. "After all, she'll be here with me while Robert goes off on a shoot himself. He'll be gone for two months, so it'll be just us."

"Well, now. We'll just have to have some wild milk and cookie parties while Daddy's gone, won't we, Eve? Yeah, we'll make a mess of Mommy's place," she said. The two-year-old laughed in response. Grinning at Sarah, Jamie stated, "Her highness seconds that motion, Sarah. What do you say?"

"Sounds like fun," she answered with her first smile since she had come in.

"Good. It's a date then. How lucky am I to get the company of two ladies?" she rhetorically inquired.

That evening when shooting was done for the day, Sarah returned to her trailer to find a note from Robert, saying he had left early for his shoot and that he would see her in a couple of months. It hurt the blonde that he hadn't bothered to say good-bye to his daughter or her. In fact, he had never walked out this way, even with all the fights they had over the years they had known each other. This was the first time his actions turned especially callous. The blonde wanted to cry at her husband's childish, heartless behavior.

Jamie was in her condo preparing for her evening with Rachel when she heard a knock on her door. Checking her watch she noticed it was too early for her company, so she was curious who it was. Going to the door, she threw it open to find Sarah standing there with Eve next to her, clutching tightly to her mother's leg shyly.

The brunette smiled down at the little girl. "Hi, Eve," she exclaimed with a smile, immediately squatting down to be more on the child's level. Instantly the blonde child smiled back and stepped toward Jamie's outstretched hands. "Hey, Sarah. What's up? Come on in," she suggested, assisting Eve into the condo by the hand. The blonde stepped inside, and Jamie shut the door behind her. "What brings you here?"

"I was just going to take Eve on a walk and was wondering if you'd like to join us."

"Oh, I'd love to, but Rachel's coming over. I'd love the company until then though."

"I wouldn't want to impose," Sarah mentioned. She didn't really want to be alone since she was still upset, but she didn't want to tell Jamie about her fight with Robert either.

"You could never impose. Have a seat. You want a drink or something?"

"Water, if you have it," she answered.

"And for milady?" she asked Eve, taking her little sippy cup from her hand. "Juice?" she inquired, looking at Sarah.

"Yeah but diluted with water a little. Thanks, Jamie."

"Anything for this darling," the tall woman answered with a smile, running her hand through Eve's blonde locks.

A few moments later she returned from the kitchen with three drinks. Instead of sitting on the couch with Sarah, the brunette sat on the floor with the two-year-old and handed her the cup again. Eagerly Eve took it and brought it to her mouth to drink. "She's so beautiful, Sarah," Jamie mentioned. "Just like her mother."

Sarah felt the blush rise in her cheeks at the comment. She realized she was doing that a lot with the tall woman around, but Jamie had a way of making her feel special. "You're really good with children. Do you want any of your own?"

"You mean other than the one I already have? Someday, I guess. I need to find that special lady first who could put up with me for a lifetime first," she joked lightly. "I'm a difficult person to be with."

"You have a child? I had no idea. Where are they?"

"Not many people know that. She's with her aunt, uncle, and cousins on Staten Island."

"What's her name?" Sarah asked hesitantly, unsure of whether she should be pressing or not. Jamie seemed somewhat reluctant to share.

"Her name is Katrina Taylor-Dean, and she just turned seven."

"Seven? How old are you, Jamie?"

"I'm twenty-seven."

The blonde nodded. "May I ask about her? I mean if you'd rather not talk about her, we don't have to. I'm just surprised."

"We can talk about her. I just don't normally tell people about her, because I don't want the press finding out about her and making her life difficult or anything like that. Katrina's mother and I met when I was twenty years old. I had gotten into a bar fight which sent me to the ER for stitches," she began with a little laugh. "There was a nurse on duty that night who attended to me named Stephanie Taylor, and the moment I saw her, I was captivated. She was this spunky little blonde, full of energy and life. She had the softest touch and manner about her. I was enamored from first sight. I left that night without any information about her, but I was so drawn to her I went back the next day and found out some information. I brought her flowers, because I've never been shy about going after what I want. She sweetly accepted them, and we started talking. I found out her boyfriend had just left her, and she was two months pregnant. I didn't care though. There was just something about her. We became casual friends, and I sort of helped her through her pregnancy. I was in the delivery room when Katrina was born. It was so beautiful. We had become closer by then. We'd started dating but obviously hadn't consummated the relationship due to the pregnancy. After Katrina was born, I just sort of found myself living with them, and before I knew it, Stephanie and I were inseparable. I honestly believed she was the one I was meant to be with for the rest of my life. I was doing Broadway by then, and Stephanie still worked as a nurse. Life was good for the three of us. Then when Katrina was two things changed. One night I found a lump in Stephanie's breast," she mumbled softly. Her voice started to fail her, so she stopped for a moment. Seeing the tall woman struggling, Sarah put an arm around her shoulders instinctively in support. "She had cancer. By the time I found it though, it was too late. Nothing worked for her. For two long years I tried to help her through surgery and chemo, but it was a losing battle from the beginning, and we all knew it. Stephanie passed away when Katrina was four. It was her wish that I adopt Katrina as my own. I petitioned the State of New York to do so, but they saw fit to only let me be her partial legal guardian. They gave Stephanie's sister partial custody as well. I guess they thought I was too young and irresponsible at the time, and they were probably right. I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem now if I wanted sole custody, but I don't want to fight with Stephanie's family like that. We've all just come to an amiable understanding. I love that little girl as if she were my own flesh. She barely remembers her mother, but I never let her forget the angel who brought her into the world. She's my daughter, but she'll always be Stephanie's as well."

Sarah took a deep breath as tears rolled down her face. The sadness in her friend's voice broke her heart. They sat in silence for a few minutes just watching Eve. When she had regained her composure, the blonde asked, "May I ask why she doesn't travel with you?"

Jamie gave a little shrug. "That's no life for a child. I want Katrina to have a normal upbringing. She lives with Stephanie's sister and brother-in-law, and she has cousins her age. She gets to go to a regular school and have normal friends. She's better off there. I try very hard to spend as much time with her as I can when I'm in New York and occasionally invite her and her cousins to shoots, but she'd rather be at home with them having fun. Being on a set or in a trailer isn't a lot of entertainment for a seven-year-old, especially since she hardly gets to see me then. It was a hard decision to make. I didn't want her to suffer because of my career, but it's hard to be without her too. Broadway was much easier for me in that respect, because I could see her all the time, but I wanted to make the break into movies." After another lengthy pause, the tall woman stated, "So, to answer your original question, if I found another woman who could put up with me, I think I'd like to have children. I just don't think there's anyone out there who could understand my life as it is."

"That's hard to believe. You seem so charming. I think any woman would be lucky to have you."

"Charm has nothing to do with it. Women want to own me. They want to tie me down, clip my wings, but I'm like a bird. I need to soar. I need to feel free, even if it is only an illusion. Stephanie was good at making me feel that way."

"Then you'll just have to find the woman who wants to fly next to you. I'm sure there are many who feel the way you do."

"The thing is I don't think I could handle it if my lady was independent like me. I kind of want a homebody, someone who wants to have kids and take care of them. I guess that's kind of a double standard, huh?"

"Not necessarily. I'm sure there are a lot of women who'd be happy to be that for you as well. Personally if I wasn't acting, I'd like to be a full-time mother. There's no greater joy than being with Eve, and I find great comfort at home. I'm a homebody to the core even though you'd never know it."

"I could see all that," Jamie replied, looking at the little child, who was busy investigating her shoes at the moment. "Eve's a special girl, Sarah. You're extremely lucky."

"Thank you. I think so," she said moving to the floor as well to be closer to the topic of their conversation. Her body brushed Jamie's slightly. The adults were silent as they merely watched Eve for a few minutes.

When the little girl was tired of Jamie's shoes, she waddled up to her mother again, throwing herself into her mother's chest. "Mama," she mumbled, snuggling into to her generous endowment.

"Could I ask you about Stephanie?" Sarah inquired. When Jamie nodded, she asked, "What was she like? How old was she?"

"She was twenty-eight when we met, only thirty-two when she died. She was amazing, Sarah. She was an excellent nurse, had a professional yet comforting manner about her. At home she was everything I ever wanted. There were times when she was a tomcat," she mentioned with a devilish grin. "Her touch could set me on fire. No other woman has ever had that effect on me. Of course she was soft and yielding too. There was nothing like making love to her. She was also such a good mother. She adored Katrina from the moment she was born. We both did. Her blue eyes would just ignite when Katrina was near, a lot like the way yours do with Eve. We had a happy family and home, and I wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world. I would give anything, my fame, my fortune to have her back again. I'd even give my very life just to see her sweet face once more. She loved me in a way I've never known. She supported me and every dream I had. I've never had someone like that, but she also kept me in check," she joked. "After all, I was still young. However, it was easy to be faithful to her. I couldn't have survived without her."

"She sounds like the perfect woman," Sarah stated, snuggling closer to her companion to extend further support.

"She was. As much as I miss her, I know I have to move on. She would want me to. I know she would like to see me happy and settled with another woman, raising Katrina and building new memories." Instinctively wrapping an arm around Sarah, the brunette put her head down against the blonde locks. Silence prevailed for a few minutes. It felt good to hold the little actress that way. What the tall woman didn't voice was that she saw the same qualities in Sarah as she had in Stephanie all those years ago, which made her all the more attractive to her. After the lengthy pause, Jamie smiled at the pair of towheads. It was a beautiful sight to see them resting in each other's embrace. "I imagine you were just as cute as Eve when you were a little girl," she commented. "A sweet, perfect angel."

Sarah laughed lightly. "And I bet you were a little hellion."

Jamie gave a devious grin. "If you only knew."

After a brief pause, Sarah hesitantly inquired, "Could I ask you something personal?"

"Sure. What do you want to know?"

"Do you have a girlfriend now? My husband's under the impression you're dating Tabby Reid."

"Tabitha Reid? I should be so lucky," she teased with a chuckle. "Tabitha and I are good friends, but she isn't my girlfriend. I don't really get serious, because it wouldn't be fair to any woman. If I were serious with Tabitha or any one else, I couldn't feel free to be myself. Tabitha's quite alluring though. If someone could tame me, I think it would be a woman like her or you, Sarah. She has to be extraordinary to get me to go that extra step. However, Tabitha isn't a lesbian, so there's no point in trying to win her affections. She wouldn't be able to commit to me even if I was able to with her. You know?"

The blonde nodded. "Sounds like you've contemplated Tabby as an option though."

"Who wouldn't?" countered Jamie with a one-sided grin as Eve made a move toward her. The tall woman accepted the child into her arms.

There was a pause in conversation for a moment while both women just enjoyed the closeness they were sharing. However, then Sarah curiously inquired, "How did you get interested in acting, Jamie?"

The older woman shrugged. "I've just always been into it. I did stage at the community centers when I was just a kid. In high school I seemed to win the lead in every production, especially when it came to musicals. I guess people were just impressed with my voice. It's just always been my passion. Right after I graduated I ran off to New York with only my determination to make it. I struggled for about a year doing odd jobs and stuff, but then I met a woman that changed my professional life. Her name was Cara Lebowitz. I don't know if you know her, but she's a brilliant Broadway director. I've been in several of her productions. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to meet Cara. She seemed to be taken with me, at least physically, so I used that to my advantage, especially since she was not hard on the eyes if you know what I mean. Sleeping with one of the best certainly had its rewards. I started getting parts everywhere. We made quite a pair, but then I met Stephanie about a year after that. Thankfully Cara didn't take it personally. She had set her sights on a wealthier woman more her age, the woman who actually helped me petition New York for Katrina, my attorney, Blake Erwin. We still remained friends, and she got me my first lead in a Broadway show. Cara has been instrumental in a lot of areas of my life. She gave me a jump on a career and introduced me to some incredible influential women. When I wanted to break into movies, she even convinced one of her friends, Torrance Whitfield, who is a photographer, to get my face in as many magazines as possible. She's been an important part of my life, and I consider her one of my best friends."

Sarah nodded. "I think I've met Cara on a few occasions through Torrance and Blake actually. We're good friends. Tor's shot me several times for different magazines, and Blake just happens to be my attorney as well. Have you met her wife, Georgia?"

"Yeah. She's gorgeous. The night I met her was actually the night they got engaged. Blake caught me flirting with her. Of course I didn't know at the time," she joked.

Sarah laughed lightly. "Georgia is great. She's a good friend of mine. I bet you were taken with the accent."

"She does have that sweet drawl," Jamie admitted. "Enough about Georgia though. Do you know who is a real looker? Tor's wife, Helen. Oh my God. Talk about heavenly."

Sarah nodded. "Yes. I've heard Helen described that way by just about everyone who meets her. I'm friends with her too. She and Georgia are inseparable. I guess since their wives are best friends it seems fitting that they are as well. It seems strange that we both know all these people but have never met until now."

"True but I'm glad to know you now. You remind me so much of Stephanie, Sarah. You have the same fire for life and the same adoration for your child. It makes me reminisce about the best times of my life." Before Sarah could even respond to the compliment, there was another knock on the door. "Excuse me a moment," she stated standing.

Sarah watched as the muscular woman made her way toward the door with Eve in her arms. It was a pleasure to see someone adore her daughter as much as she did. Robert never gave Eve attention the way Jamie was, and she was just as pleased that her daughter was taken with the dark-haired woman.

When Jamie pulled open the door, Rachel was standing there with grocery bags in her hands. She was obviously surprised to see a child in the tall woman's arms. "You have a baby?" she questioned without a hello.

"Oh, no. She isn't mine. Come on in. I want you to meet someone." Escorting her date for the evening back into the den, she introduced, "Rachel, this is Sarah Talbot and her daughter, Eve. Sarah, this is Rachel."

Sarah rose to her feet to shake the woman's hand. She couldn't help but notice the similarities between Rachel and Tabby and herself with her blonde hair and slight build. "It's nice to meet you, Rachel."

"It's so wonderful to meet you. I'm a huge fan of yours," the blonde gushed.

The small actress flushed gracefully. "Thank you. I appreciate that."

"Here. Let me take those bags off your hands," Jamie suggested, reaching for the ones in Rachel's hands. She easily picked them up while balancing Eve in her other arm.

When she returned from the kitchen, Sarah said, "I better get going. I know you have dinner plans."

"No, stay here. The more the merrier. Robert's welcome too," the brunette invited, not wanting to relinquish the joy in her arms or lose sight of the angel's mother just yet.

"Robert actually left today for his shoot, so it's just Eve and me," she said.

Jamie noticed the sadness in her co-worker's blue eyes. Figuring it had something to do with her sudden appearance that evening, she didn't want the blonde to be alone. "Well, how about just you and Eve then? You have to eat," she pushed, not even bothering to check with her date about including others.

Sarah spared a look at Rachel. She could tell the plan was not what she had in mind but wasn't going to say anything. In truth, the actress didn't want to be alone to think about what had gone wrong that day. Smiling at them she responded, "All right. You convinced us. After all, Eve looks pretty comfortable on your big, strong shoulder." Her hand rubbed her child's fair hair. The picture of the tall woman holding her baby as she bestowed affection on her seemed familiar and intimate in that moment. She met dark eyes and held their gaze for a minute.

"Well, I guess I should get to that cooking then," Jamie announced after a moment. "You three ladies enjoy yourselves here in the living room." She handed Eve back to her mother.

"Do you need help?" Rachel inquired.

"You can help if you want. I don't mind people in my kitchen."

For the next few hours the three women sat around the small table talking. The tall woman let the two blondes lead most of the conversation over dinner as she just sat there enjoying the talk. Throughout most of the meal, Eve was insistent on being held by Jamie, so she obliged with pleasure.

Even as enthralled as Sarah was with the adult conversation, her eyes kept straying to her friend. It was adorable to see the tall woman cradling such a tiny baby, and she felt a sensation creeping into her heart that she hadn't in quite awhile. She felt joy for her daughter, knowing Eve was safe, secure, and well-attended in the strong arms that held her. Her little girl had formed quite an intimate bond with the woman she had known less than a day, but instead of feeling threatened by it, Sarah felt peaceful that someone revered Eve as much as she did.

Finally, when she noticed her baby was sleeping soundly against Jamie's shoulder, she knew it was time to leave the two women alone. She smiled at them saying, "I think it's time I take my little one home."

"So soon?" Jamie questioned, looking at the bundle in her arms. Eve was slouched down toward her chest clutching to her cotton button down and drooling as she slept soundly. "She's fine where she is."

Sarah shook her head as she stood. "No. I've taken enough of your time this evening. Besides, we have an early start in the morning, and with Robert gone I have to deal with Eve alone."

Jamie took to her feet slowly as to not wake the baby. "Well, all right, if you must. I'll walk you back."

"You don't have to. You have company."

"Don't be silly," she insisted. "Rachel, I'm just going to make sure they get back to their place all right. I'll be back in about five or ten minutes. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure. I'll just start on the dishes."

"Great," the brunette answered, bestowing a kiss on her date's cheek for her cooperation. "I'll be back in a few."

"It was nice meeting you, Rachel," Sarah said with a smile.

"You too, Sarah."

Jamie and Sarah moved out of the tall woman's condo. They walked quietly to the stairwell to take the one flight down to the blonde's place. When they arrived at the door, there was no discussion as she unlocked it. Jamie didn't wait for an invitation, instead walking right in. "Where does the little one go?" she whispered.

"I'll take her," Sarah stated.

"No. It's fine. Just tell me where she sleeps."

Giving a nod Sarah motioned for Jamie to follow her. They made their way back into the master bedroom. The petite woman went to the dresser and pulled out Eve's pajamas for her. Carefully Jamie laid the little girl down on the king-sized bed and started to remove her clothes. Sarah handed her the pajamas and then proceeded to make a makeshift bed for Eve on Robert's side of the bed.

"She'll just sleep here with me while Robert's gone. I don't like her being in a different room when it's just us," Sarah whispered.

"Understandable," Jamie answered, settling Eve into the place Sarah had made for her. Leaning down to the fair head, the tall woman kissed it before murmuring, "Sweet dreams, angel."

Sarah relished the picture for a moment. When Jamie turned to her, she cleared her head from the thoughts she was having. "I'll walk you out," she whispered.

They walked silently through the condo to the door. Jamie turned to look down at her companion. Without encouragement she reached for the blonde, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her into a loose one-armed hug. "I'm sorry you were upset tonight. I'm sure whatever you and Robert were fighting about will pass."

Sarah nodded. "Thank you for the dinner and company. And thank you for trusting me enough to talk about Stephanie and Katrina. I'm honored, and I'll keep your confidence. Maybe someday I could meet your obvious pride and joy?"

"She'd love that. She's a big fan of yours, well, from the one G-rated movie you've made anyway," she teased. "Dinner was my pleasure. You girls are always welcome at my place. I hope you come up often." Leaning down quickly she lightly brushed her lips against Sarah's forehead. "Good night, Sarah. Sweet dreams," she murmured in an alluring timbre.

Sarah gulped as the words struck a chord in her she didn't recognize. For a second she couldn't speak but quickly recovered. "Night, Jamie. You and Rachel keep the noise down up there," she joked.

"Don't worry about that. You'll never know we're screwing. See you tomorrow."

After locking the front door, Sarah made her way back to the master bedroom. She quickly changed her clothes for bed and then settled in with her glasses and a copy of the script. However, she couldn't concentrate on her reading. Instead, her mind wandered back to the evening she had shared with the mysterious Jamie Dean.

The tall woman was nothing like she had assumed. At first sight Jamie was a young, attractive, single woman making the most of her success in all arenas. She eagerly accepted women's attentions wherever she was without a real attachment to any of them. However, now knowing the full story of the brunette, Sarah understood that in the last few years for Jamie the numerous beds were just a way of coping with her loss. She was completely blown away as well when she had learned of Jamie's daughter. That had never been leaked in the press, so she knew the tall woman had an inordinate amount of trust in her for sharing such intimate information about herself. Knowing that, Sarah was determined not to let it be her who allowed out the well-guarded secret.

Now that Jamie had lowered her attitude and ego, and Sarah saw the real woman under all the false bravado, she was even more charmed by the slightly older woman. Her comfort level with her had increased tenfold, and it actually felt good when the strong woman had embraced her. When Jamie had invaded Sarah's personal space, there was something about the air around the actress that seemed familiar. It felt perfectly natural that they should be that close, and it was pleasurable when the feeling seemed mutual.

Thinking about their good bye, Sarah sighed to herself. When Jamie had kissed her on the forehead, her mind instantly thought of other places those lips could be. They were so soft and yet firm too. The strong body and gentle bestowal was an enticing blend of sensations and nothing like what she felt with Robert. He was rigid and forceful where the tall woman was resilient and tender. Even though it was just a kiss on her forehead, she hadn't been kissed in such a manner in years. She wanted the moment to linger.

However, she felt remorseful for her thoughts too. After all she had given her life to another and shouldn't have been exchanging intimate good byes with anyone else. She knew if Robert knew about the simple exchange he would be upset, so she resolved not to speak to him about it. Instead, she decided there would be no harm in indulging in the fantasy of what it might be like to truly kiss Jamie Dean. She knew her moment was coming on the set when they would share their first love scenes, and she strangely looked forward to the moment more so than she ever had with any other counterpart.

Chapter Two

The next morning there was a knock on Sarah's door as she was getting ready for the day. Going to it, she was surprised but pleased to find Jamie standing there. "Good morning, Jamie."

"Morning, Sarah. I was just wondering if you needed any help down here with Eve. I thought I could lend a hand if you wanted."

"That's sweet of you. Thank you. I actually have it though. I was just finishing getting ready. Have a seat though. I'm sure there's someone in the kitchen who would love to see you."

Both of them moved in that direction. As soon as the two-year-old saw Jamie, she smiled brightly waving her oatmeal-covered spoon in her general direction. Of course the movement sent the oatmeal to the table and floor, but Eve didn't seem to notice. "Well, good morning, Eve," Jamie greeted, daring to step closer to the food flinger. "I see you are thoroughly enjoying your breakfast." She dropped a kiss on Eve's blonde locks before sliding into the chair next to her. The little girl excitedly dove into her milk-covered oatmeal again and extended the spoon in the direction of her new friend. "Oh, how sweet. You want to share. Don't mind if I do," the brunette said.

Just as Jamie started to put it in her mouth, Sarah protested, "I wouldn't... do that." It was too late however as the tall woman already had the spoon in her mouth.

As soon as the taste hit Jamie's tongue, she looked up at the blonde. The taste was oddly familiar, but she couldn't place it at first. Regardless, it wasn't pleasant. Holding the oatmeal in her mouth for a moment, she realized what the flavor was. "Is that what I think it is?" she inquired with a mouthful.

"Breast milk," Sarah supplied. "I don't breast feed her any more, but I do still pump for her. The doctors said it's good for her. She likes it in her cereals."

Jamie nodded vigorously as she stood. The tall woman became flustered as she realized that in her mouth she held the nutrient-giving sustenance from the breast of the woman on which she had a large crush. She blushed furiously and quickly stuttered, "Excuse me a moment."

Sarah heard Jamie in the bathroom spitting the food down the sink. She found it somewhat amusing the tall woman was so uncomfortable with the idea. Jamie had been with her own daughter during that stage, but as Sarah thought about the horrible flush that covered the usually composed woman, she realized it was not the breast milk that bothered Jamie. The fact that it was Sarah's milk that Jamie had put it in her mouth was what had embarrassed the brunette. The thought of the dark-haired woman's mouth drinking her milk made her somewhat abashed as well, but she decided it would be fun to extort discomfort out of the older woman in jest.

A few moments later Jamie returned trying to act as if nothing had occurred. However, the blonde still saw the chagrin there, so she decided to play with her friend a little. "What's wrong, Jamie? Did you not like the way I tasted?" she inquired innocently.

The tall woman blushed badly a second time and suddenly found her shoes extremely interesting. "Maybe you should just go finish getting dressed. I'll watch Eve," she suggested.

That day on the set Jamie was supposed to have two love scenes, one with Sarah and one with Tabitha. Knowing she could get the blonde back for that morning's torture, she decided on a plot to make the little woman as uncomfortable as she had been. When the time came for the scene to take place, both actresses listened carefully to the director as to how the scene would be shot. When it was time, Sarah took her position across the bed while Jamie waited on the other side of a door to make her grand entrance. As the director called for action, the brunette knew the time was at hand. She pulled the door opened and stepped into the picture with her eyes focused on Sarah.

The little blonde was draped over the bed sideways wearing a short black dress that dipped extremely low to expose the vast expanse of creamy breasts. Sarah was doing her best to give her most seductive gaze, which struck Jamie deeply. Acting or not, she was thoroughly moved by the look those blues eyes were giving her. She wanted it to be real. Moving toward the bed, the tall woman slid onto it, covering the blonde's body with her own. She looked down at her for a fleeting moment. Sarah's fingers reached up and gently stroked the fake goatee and lips as her part dictated. They had never had even practiced kissing, so this would be their first. Knowing what the scene called for, Jamie leaned down and claimed pink lips fully but not forcefully. They were supposed to be sharing a tender moment. As soon as their mouths connected, Jamie moaned a little, dropping her weight down completely against the smaller woman, whose thighs had parted to hold her. Even though the idea of the scene was for them to have sex, the director didn't want any clothes coming off, limiting what Jamie could do in the process. However, she decided to make it as hot as possible given their parameters. As they exchanged deeper kisses, the brunette slipped her large hand up over the blonde's right breast.

Sarah gave a little gasp as she felt Jamie's hands on her. She hadn't expected the move, but the way the woman's hand was gently cupping and squeezing her breast as her mouth moved down over her neck left the blonde with feelings she normally didn't have on a shoot. She could feel herself starting to become aroused at the combination of stimuli. However, before she totally forgot what they were supposed to be doing, she regained enough of her character to initiate her part. She slipped her hands down between their bodies to Jamie's belt and began to undo it.

Jamie groaned at the feeling of fragile hands fumbling with her belt and then zipper. She desired this moment in the privacy of their bedrooms, not in front of an audience, but she couldn't help but begin to feel excited at being so close to what she really wanted. When her pants were open, she took hold of Sarah's forearms and pinned them above her head on the bed for a few moments as their kissing continued. However, she knew her next part was coming, so she gently began to hike up Sarah's dress enough to give the illusion that they were about to consummate their relationship. Knowing it had to look authentic, Jamie got herself into a better position between Sarah's legs. As she brought her hips up against the blonde's, she thought about doing it for real. Both of them moaned as they began to move in unison, and their mouths joined again.

The brunette just let her feelings guide her through the scene, and it wasn't long until she was truly grinding against the little woman. Her mouth moved all over Sarah, taking in her mouth, neck, ears, and even the slopes of her breasts. In response the blonde's hands roamed freely over the strong actress. They mapped the skin of Jamie's back under her shirt and clutched firmly at the older woman's hips, bringing them closer with each thrust. Remembering her plan of retaliating though, the older woman moved her mouth back to Sarah's ear, which was out of sight from the cameras. Taking the lobe between her teeth, she whispered, "I wish I could fuck you like this for real." Sarah gasped loudly in surprise at the sentiment. Knowing she couldn't leave character though, she merely pulled Jamie closer, running her hands through dark hair. Even though what the brunette said was lewd and unprofessional, the little woman couldn't help but quickly go there, the thought of them really being together. The tall woman was taking her to the edge just by her movements. Jamie then murmured, "Fake an orgasm for me, Sarah."

The blonde moaned. She knew she could do it, but she also realized it wouldn't be much longer before the faking would be truly real. Jamie was working wonders on her even though it was only for pretend. However, she didn't want the older woman to have the last word, so she softly bantered so the camera couldn't see or hear her, "Eat me, Jamie."

Jamie growled in sexual frustration as she still kept the pace of their rocking hips synchronous. Not wanting to let the younger woman have the last word either, she quipped quietly, "With pleasure as long as you come."

Breaking their embrace, Jamie started to descend down the front of the blonde's dress, kissing over her as she went. As her head came to rest between the actress's legs, her body was screaming out of control, and cameras were the last things on her mind. All that mattered was that she had her head between the legs of Sarah Talbot and was about to partake of her fantasy. She panted when she realized she could smell the little woman's essence, and she felt the heat radiating from her core. Jamie wanted to drown in it. Kissing the blonde's bare thigh, she was about to make a move higher when the director screamed for the scene to cut.

Everything was completely silent a moment as Jamie realized where she was and what was really happening around her. Realizing how close her mouth truly was to the most intimate place on her friend's body, she quickly pulled away, at the same time pulling the hem of Sarah's dress down to cover her. Her dark eyes spared a look at blue ones.

Sarah was at a loss when the moment was over. She had lost her focus, instead allowing her true emotions to guide her. It ached to be left unfulfilled. She wanted the brunette to take her, possess her like she had never been in her entire life. She felt a need deep within her that had never been there before with anyone else, even Robert. Neither one of them spoke.

Jamie broke their stare after a second and then started to zip up her pants with trembling hands. She was on the edge and needed immediate relief. Not even waiting for the director to dismiss them, she made a quick exit without a word to anyone, leaving Sarah there alone. As soon as she was in the privacy of the bathroom, she moaned in anguish at what had just taken place.

"Well, I think we could all use a cold bottle of water after that one," the director stated.

Sarah rose from the bed and walked over to him. "You have to cut that last part," she demanded.

"Are you kidding me? That was the hottest thing I've ever seen in film without it being X- rated. You two are going to burn up the screen with that. It almost seemed like you two forgot the cameras were rolling," he joked lightly.

Sarah scowled at him. "I'm perfectly serious. My husband will have a fit if he sees Jamie Dean's head between my legs on the big screen! No one wants to see that! No one wants to see a straight woman like me being eaten out by a huge lesbian like her! You'll cut it before she goes down on me, or else you'll suffer the consequences!" she screamed.

"But the audience doesn't even know it's Jamie. She's in costume. It's not that big of a deal, Sarah," he tried to defend.

"Cut it, or I quit!" she demanded, storming off toward her trailer.

After Jamie had gotten herself under control, she returned to the set to find Sarah gone. "Where'd she go?" she casually inquired.

"She's throwing a prima donna tantrum," the director grumbled.

"That's hard to believe. What's the matter?"

"She wants me to cut the last part of that scene. She's worried about her husband seeing your face so close to his property," he jested.

Nodding in understanding, Jamie said, "She's right. You should cut it. It wasn't in the script and was a little too racy."

"But it's so good. You two are so natural together. As I told her, it's too good to leave on the cutting room floor."

"If she wants it cut, you should cut it. Have a little consideration for what she's going through. It wasn't supposed to get like that, but she went there with me, even though she didn't have to. You should have the decency to do as she asked this once. Robert will flip, and the audience doesn't really want to see that anyway. You would cut it if you were a concerned and decent director. It's worth walking out on this project if you don't," she calmly threatened.

He rolled his eyes at her and gave an exasperated sigh. "Fine! I'll cut the damn thing where Sarah wants! Now go get her calmed down! We're on a schedule here!"

Heading off to the blonde's trailer, Jamie knocked before entering it. Sarah was pacing the length of her domain angrily as she cried. When she brushed by the tall woman, Jamie tried to reach for her, only to be rebuffed.

"Don't touch me, Jamie!" she screamed. "Don't ever touch me again! What you did was totally unprofessional!"

Jamie nodded her head and dropped it forward guiltily. "You're right, Sarah, and I'm really sorry. I was being childish and petty. I wanted to get you back for embarrassing me this morning, but I took it too far. I'm so sorry," she apologized humbly.

"You never should have groped me like that! That wasn't called for in the script! If you pull shit like that anymore, I will never speak to you again! I'm not some toy or adult movie star! I'm an actress and a professional. I expect the same from you!"

"Again, I'm sorry, Sarah. I heard you asked the scene be cut, and I seconded the idea. It's going to be edited the way you want. I really didn't mean to upset you. It was just in poor taste and judgement, and I can't tell you enough how apologetic I am," she said again. "I'll leave you alone now. I can tell that you just need a little time. I hate thinking that I screwed up our friendship over this." When she was met with silence instead of a response, she gave a little nod. "I'll just go," she whispered, heading out of the trailer.

As soon as she was gone, Sarah's tears came harder. She desperately wanted Jamie's embrace in that moment, but the tall woman's touch scorched her. She couldn't fight what she was feeling with Jamie being that close. Her body yearned for the brunette. Falling onto her sofa, she cried herself into a light sleep.

Back in Jamie's trailer, the dark-haired woman suffered in the silence. She hated that she had gotten carried away with the scene. She just wanted it to be real so much and was so close to feeling her fantasy. Nevertheless, she had obviously ruined a growing friendship, and it pained her, especially after all the intimate information she had confessed. She was just off in her own thoughts when there was a knock on her door. Calling for the person to come in, she was greeted by a ray of sunshine amongst the gloom as Tabitha entered.

"Hey there. What's wrong?" the tall honey blonde asked, taking a seat next to the brunette. They exchanged a light peck on the lips.

"Sarah and I just got into a fight. It'll be over soon, I hope."

"Well, we have a hot sexy scene to do. That should make you feel better. You get to see me half naked, and of course maybe tonight you might get to see me totally naked if you're good," she suggested. Unable to help herself, Jamie smiled at the image of Tabitha in her bed. The blonde actress always gave her a good workout, so she knew that night would be no exception. Seeing the grin on her friend's face, she answered, "There you go. I knew that would cheer you up. Now come on. Let's go have sex on camera."

At the end of the day, Jamie went home alone. Tabitha had decided to have dinner with Sarah and Eve to catch up since the two friends hadn't seen each other in quite awhile. However, the tall blonde had promised to stay the night with her, so the brunette decided she would just relax until Tabitha came to her condo.

Sarah was still upset that evening. As she and Tabitha sat in her condo playing with Eve, the small blonde woman cried at what had taken place. Seeing the distress her friend was feeling, Tabitha asked, "Sarah, what's really bothering you? I know you've told me about what happened on the set today, but I can tell there's more."

Sarah shrugged at first. She didn't know if she should vocalize her feelings. She trusted her friend, but the idea of putting into words her confusion would leave her open to vulnerability. "Tabby, I just don't know what to do with Jamie. I mean today when she acted that way, it totally threw me. She groped me. She wasn't supposed to put her hands on my breasts. It's in my contract that my sex scenes are minimal contact, and she just totally disregarded that. Not only that, she kissed them, open-mouthed wet kisses. I should've stopped the scene there and slapped her, but I didn't."

"Why not?"

Sarah didn't answer the question at first. Instead she continued, "Then she started to go down on me, which really wasn't in the script, and I have no doubt she would have really put her mouth on me had the director not called cut. All the time I should've broken the scene myself."

"But you didn't. Why?"

Looking over at her friend, the petite blonde sigh with regret. "What happened on that set, Tabby, wasn't acting. We were really having sex, only with our clothes on. She was really fucking me on film and so well that I almost came," she confessed.

"Oh, I'm beginning to understand the problem now. You lost control of the scene, and you're afraid of what Robert's going to think when he sees it. You're afraid he's going to be able to tell."

Sarah nodded. "It's more than that though," she admitted. "He's going to know, but there's something even worse. I could've stopped it, but I didn't, because I didn't want to. I forgot the cameras were there after a few minutes, and what came out of that was something real. Jamie wasn't acting, and neither was I. I wanted it just as badly as she wanted to give it to me," she admitted as tears streamed down her face. "I don't know why I'm feeling like this, but when she touched me it was like a fire consuming me."

Tabby pulled her into her arms. "Oh boy. Sarah, you're married, and even more you're married to one of Hollywood's best looking actors. You two have a child together."

"I know," she cried.

"Jamie Dean's just a phase. So, you might have a little crush on her. It'll pass."

"I hope so. This is the first time I've felt this way for a woman. It's disconcerting, Tabby. Whenever she's around, I feel things I've never felt before. I've never wanted to have sex with a woman in my life, Tabby, but I can't stop thinking about her. I can't stop thinking about her touching me like that. I am desperately attracted to her, and I don't know what to do about it. I've never thought I could be this way. I just want her to go away, so I can get back to my life with Robert," she said, even though her heart protested the words. In reality she didn't want Jamie to ever leave. The feelings she had around the tall woman were the best things she had ever experienced in her twenty-five years of life.

"Look, Sarah. A lot of straight women are attracted to Jamie Dean, because she has a perfect balance of masculine and feminine qualities. Hell, I consider myself straight too, but I've been to bed with her. She's worth the excursion to me, but I'm not married either. I know you don't want to have an affair with anyone, so you'll just have to deal with this the best you can. All you have to do is finish this film, and then you never have to see her again if you don't want to. You're a professional, Sarah. Everyone in our business knows that. You're not going to let some inconsequential feelings for your co-star ruin your reputation. You'll just get a grip and act. That's all you have to do. You only have to see her on the set."

"That's hard though. She lives upstairs, and Eve adores her. She's going to want to see Eve."

"Then only let her see her on the set. Have Robert down more while you're here. That should help."

"He's away for two months on a shoot, and we left on bad terms. We got into a big fight, and I haven't talked to him since."

"Is it serious?"

"It was stupid really. It started out as a commentary on Jamie's sexual abilities, because we had heard her having sex. Her bedroom is right above mine, and it just went downhill. Suddenly we were fighting about Eve, because Robert had said I had strapped him with a child. I got mad at him and blew it out of proportion. That's happening a lot lately with us, I guess. I just don't know how to talk to him anymore without it leading to a fight. I know he feels cheated out of life sometimes, because we had Eve. I mean, he's only twenty-three, but I'm only twenty-five. You know there are times when I'd like to go out and play, but we made a choice to have Eve even though other alternatives were available. I don't regret the choice we made, but sometimes I think he does. I know he loves me, but there are times when I think he really wasn't ready to take on the responsibilities of a family."

"Do you still love him, Sarah?" Tabby quietly and hesitantly put forth, knowing she was treading on thin ice. When her little friend didn't give an immediate answer, she knew what that meant.

"Tabby, I'm so confused about Robert. I care about him, but I can't stand the apathy he has for Eve. She's his child, his little girl, but he avoids his responsibilities with her whenever he can. She's a child, and she deserves to be loved and adored by him. It's hard for me to feel close to him when he treats her that way. He's not anything that I wanted for the father of my children. I can't overlook his dismissive attitude with Eve, and I just don't know what to do about it. To make it worse, you should see Jamie with Eve. She's wonderful. The moment she sees Eve, she talks to her, hugs her, kisses her. She makes it seem like Eve's the most important person in the room, and Eve responds so well to her. My daughter reacts to Jamie's kindness in a way she doesn't with her father. Whenever Eve sees Jamie, her face lights up like she's just seen her favorite toy. I want Eve to know joy, and she does with Jamie."

Later that night Tabitha and Jamie were getting themselves ready for bed. The brunette was being unusually quiet as she thought about the woman downstairs. She hated the fact that Sarah was upset with her. Getting into her bed, she wondered about how to make things right with the light blonde haired woman. Those thoughts vanished though when her company emerged from the bathroom dressed in a skimpy teddy. Tabitha struck a seductive pose against the doorframe and smiled playfully. Jamie gave an inviting one-sided grin in return. "You look sexy, Tabitha," she complimented.

The tall blonde smiled. "I've been looking forward to this moment all day. I need my Jamie Dean fix," she said, moving over to the bed. Instead of slipping into her own side of the bed though, she went to Jamie's and crawled atop the sinewy body of the dark-haired woman, who was dressed in a tank top and boxers. Without pretense Jamie put her hands on her bedmate for the evening, and their all night frenzied fun began.

Hours later they rested, spooned together in silence. Breaking the stillness, Jamie pulled her friend closer, whispering, "Thank you for being here, Tabitha. I've had a hell of a day."

"I know. Sarah told me about what happened. Why did you act that way on the set?"

"I was being immature. It was wrong of me to make her that uncomfortable. I just wanted to get her back for the embarrassment she had caused me this morning with the breast milk thing, but I took it too far. I never should've treated her the way I did."

"Breast milk thing? I didn't hear about that."

"Oh, well it was just a little joke she pulled on me. I didn't know she still gave Eve breast milk, and this morning when I was downstairs Eve was having breakfast. She offered me a spoon of her oatmeal, and I playfully took it. I didn't realize it wasn't regular milk until it was in my mouth."

Tabitha gasped lightly. "You drank some of Sarah's breast milk?" she asked with a little laugh.

"By accident but it really embarrassed me when she told me what I actually had in my mouth. She could've let it go, but she didn't. She made some sexual innuendo about me not liking the way she tasted. I swear, Tabitha, no woman has ever flustered me like that. After that I wanted to embarrass her a little too. I just went overboard, but it felt so good. Tabitha, I know I've never done a sex scene before the two I've done today, but is it normal to get excited by your co-star even though you're both only supposed to be acting?"

"Well, I did, because I have been thinking about you screwing me since I got here. That's why I was, but under normal circumstances, I don't. Why do you ask?"

"Sarah did too. I could feel it between our clothes, and when I had my head between her thighs, I could smell her."

"What?" Tabitha questioned, turning in Jamie's arms.

"I know when a woman's hot for me, Tabitha. She was. It drove me wild. When I felt it, I sort of lost my focus on the reality of the situation. I kind of forgot cameras were rolling or that other people were in the room. All that seemed to matter was her body was calling to me, and I wanted to answer desperately. Had the director not called cut, who knows what would have happened? I might have actually done something totally inappropriate. That's why I was wondering if it was a normal thing, because I don't know if I can do this. We have another sex scene to do together where I'm supposed to try to kill her in the middle, and we still have a lot of making-out kind of things we haven't done. I don't know if I can do this, Tabitha. Guns, action, and fighting are all things I'm used to my movies, but this sex stuff is more than I think I'm able to handle. I can't pretend to have sex with Sarah, not when I want it for real. Tabitha, I haven't felt like this for another woman since my late wife," she admitted softly. "I want Sarah in a way I haven't wanted any woman in a long time."

"Your late wife? You were married? I had no idea."

"Most people don't. Anyway, the point is I can't put myself out there like that with her. I want what I can't have. She's married to Robert Dawson, and she has a baby as well. How can I compete with that? I can't, and I shouldn't, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to. It wouldn't be right."

Tabitha nodded. "You're a good woman, Jamie. You're honorable and thoughtful. There are so many women out there who would love to be with you. This thing for Sarah will pass. You're a professional, and you can get through this. I know you can."

"I'm not so sure," Jamie stated, rolling onto her back and staring up at the ceiling as her thoughts strayed to the woman who slept one floor below her.

Propping herself up onto Jamie's chest, Tabitha looked down into dark eyes. "Jamie, it's just a crush. She has a child, for goodness sakes. For arguments sake, say you two could be together, would you want a woman with a child?"

"I am as in love with that little girl as I am with her mother. To have Eve as my own would be a blessing. She's an angel, and I want to be with her as much as I do Sarah. I want to love and adore her as much as I do Sarah. I want to put joy in Eve's life that she obviously doesn't get from Robert, but it's not my place," she mumbled. "Tabitha, for a long time I've been infatuated with Sarah Talbot, but now that we're working together, that fascination has turned into a raging inferno. Whenever she's around I burn for her. I feel like I have to touch her or explode, but I can't."

Hearing Sarah's almost exact words echoed unknowingly through Jamie, Tabitha suddenly realized how serious the situation was between her two friends. They truly were feeling the same toward each other, so she wondered what might happen. She knew just by Sarah's side that her marriage was on shaky ground and that the little blonde found comfort in Jamie. Likewise, Jamie seemed as if she wanted the responsibility of comforting and loving the two little blondes. "Jamie, if Robert wasn't in the picture, would you pursue Sarah?"

"Without a doubt but he is, and I can't forget that. Sarah's his wife, and Eve's his daughter. I'm just a sexy dark dyke in shining armor who wants to steal a fair maiden. Why should I spend my time thinking about the one woman I can't have, when there are so many more that would love to ride off into the sunset with me on my white horse?" she joked, trying to end the heavy conversation. Taking her cue, Tabitha didn't comment any more on Sarah, instead kissing Jamie thoroughly to initiate another round of activity.

The following morning Jamie and Tabitha were up early. The blonde actress had an early flight out to Los Angeles, so they wanted to spend a little time together. They went for a jog in the neighborhood before stopping at a local coffee shop for coffee and a bagel. Going back to the condo, Jamie helped her friend pack for her flight before taking her downstairs to her limousine.

As they stood there saying their intimate good byes, Tabitha realized it would probably be the last time she and Jamie ever shared such casual intimacy. After hearing both Sarah and Jamie's torment, she anticipated that her friends were eventually going to confront their attraction for each other, and Robert would ultimately suffer the loss for his indifference. "Well, I have to get going," she said.

"I know. It's been fun as always, Tabitha," Jamie stated, leaning down to kiss the woman in her arms.

However, just as the kiss grew in intensity, a familiar voice called out, "Jamie?"

The taller actress broke away and looked toward the sound of her name. Rachel was walking toward her. The small blonde she had met at the bar only a few nights prior was dressed in a fashionable business suit with a briefcase thrown over her shoulder.

"Rachel, hi. What are you doing here?" Jamie asked casually, trying not to let her surprise show.

"I walk this way every morning to go to the subway. I live just around the corner a few blocks from here," she answered, looking at Tabitha.

Seeing where her gaze was, Jamie said, "Rachel, this is Tabitha Reid. Tabitha, Rachel."

"Nice to meet you. How do you two know each other?" Tabitha asked conversationally.

Rachel responded casually, "Oh, Jamie and I met at a bar a few days ago, and she proceeded to treat me like a whore."

Tabitha gave Jamie a surprised look at the comment. Looking back at her friend, the brunette said, "It was good to see you, Tabitha. I hope to see you again soon."

"Likewise, Jamie. Take care of yourself," she answered, pecking the brunette on the mouth before looking at Rachel again. "Nice to meet you, Rachel. If you'll excuse me, I have a plane to catch."

Once Tabitha's limo had pulled away from the curb, Jamie looked back at the small woman. "Treated you like a whore? How in the world did I do that?"

Rachel shook her head as if to clear her thoughts. "You know, Jamie, things that seem too good to be true usually are. When I met you, it did seem too good to be true. You were so dashing, and I couldn't help but fall for your charms. I guess I wrongly assumed that you were at least a serial monogamist. I didn't know I'd be competing against some of Hollywood's most glamorous blondes for your attention, but that's my mistake. You do have a fidelity problem, which accurately reflects the stories I've read about you. It's my fault for not believing them. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be getting to work."

As the little blonde passed by her, Jamie reached out to stop her. Their eyes met. "Could I call you later?" she asked, knowing what the answer was probably going to be.

"I'd prefer it if you didn't. Good bye, Jamie."

Jamie nodded her head in understanding. "Good bye, Rachel. It was a pleasure," she said, extending her hand. Tentatively Rachel reached for it, but instead of shaking hands, the brunette brought the small hand up to her lips, kissing it tenderly. Seeing the blonde's facial features soften, the actress made her move, wrapping an arm around Rachel's waist. Her mouth moved from the smaller woman's hand to her cheek and then lips. She heard Rachel moan as they slowly kissed. Knowing she changed the woman's mind, Jamie whispered, "Are you sure I can't call you later? How about dinner tomorrow night? Just the two of us. I'll take you anywhere you want to go."

"I shouldn't," Rachel mumbled, raking her hands through dark hair as the taller woman took in her neck. "You're trouble, Jamie Dean."

"But don't you want to?"

"All right but just dinner," the blonde stated, pulling away from the strong woman. Jamie nodded in agreement, knowing that she could easily sway Rachel for intimacy after that meal.

"Great. I'll call you tomorrow afternoon to confirm it. Have a good day, Rachel."

The actress stood there watching Rachel make her way away from her for several blocks. However, just as she was about to turn and go inside herself, she saw the blonde of her heart walking toward her with Eve in her stroller. Sarah was carrying a couple of bags of groceries in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other as she pushed Eve along. The dark-haired woman smiled in spite of herself. She forgot the little actress was upset with her for the previous day and made her way closer to them. As soon as she got close enough to be recognizable, even in her dark sunglasses and baseball cap, Eve smiled brightly at her, reaching out from her stroller as she excitedly screamed.

The older woman smiled brightly at the reception at least one of them had for her. She jogged the rest of the way and bent down to retrieve the little girl. "Good morning, Eve," she greeted brightly, tossing the little one up slightly. Eve reached for her glasses and tore them off, squealing in delight as Jamie made a goofy face at her. Turning to the petite woman, the older woman smiled. "Good morning, Sarah. Let me take those for you," she offered, reaching for the bags.

The blonde didn't resist, instead relinquishing her burden. "Thank you," she answered. She smiled at her daughter, who was so happy in the tall woman's strong arms.

Eve settled her head in the crook of Jamie's neck as the women quietly walked up the street toward their building. The little girl wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck, mumbling, "Me Me."

"What was that? What did she just say?" Jamie asked Sarah. "That wasn't Mommy, was it?"

Sarah shook her head. "She calls me Mama. I don't know what she just said. I've never heard her say that before," she answered.

Making their way up to Sarah's condo, Jamie waited for the small woman to unlock it. However, instead of just walking in, she hovered in the doorway. "Here you go. I should be going. I still have to shower before heading to the set," she stated, relinquishing her hold on the groceries and gently set Eve down on her feet. "I'll see you, ladies, a bit later."

"All right. See you on the set," Sarah stated.

The two women didn't have a chance to see each other until lunch that day since both of them were working on scenes that didn't require the other. However, when the lunch break was called, Jamie headed off to the food tent for some food. Sarah was sitting with Eve and the nanny who had been provided for her daughter, enjoying a leisurely meal, when Jamie walked in. The blonde woman noticed the tall woman had taken off her costume as if she was finished filming for the day, but she wasn't sure what Jamie's schedule was. She looked back at her daughter who was busy drinking from her juice box. However, seeing the light come into Eve's eyes, she figured her little one had spotted Jamie as well.

"Me Me," she said.

"Me Me?" Sarah questioned. "What's Me Me, Eve?"

Eve pointed her peanut buttered finger in Jamie's general direction, stating emphatically, "Me Me."

"Jamie?" the little actress questioned.

"Me Me," Eve answered with a nod, trying to get out of her seat. Wondering what she was going to do, Sarah just watched her daughter. Eve squirmed her way out of her chair and took off across the tent toward the tall woman who was standing in the food line.

Jamie never saw or heard her coming, but she felt tiny arms throw themselves around her leg. Looking down in surprise, she saw Eve hugging to her tightly as her little hands coated her khaki pants with peanut butter and jelly. Nevertheless, Jamie only had a smile for the little girl. "Hi, angel," she greeted, immediately picking her up.

"Me Me," Eve babbled happily.

Making her way through the line, Jamie quickly got the rest of her food before heading off to return Eve to her rightful place. As she approached Sarah, she smiled. "Well, I think I figured out what Me Me was," she announced.

"Yeah, it's you," Sarah supplied. "She's trying to say Jamie." The tall woman set her plate of food down at the seat across from Sarah's before moving to put Eve back in her chair. As she settled the little girl, the blonde saw the mess her daughter had made of her co-star's clothes. "Oh, Jamie, I'm so sorry. You're covered in peanut butter."

The older woman shrugged it off. "Comes with the territory. Right, princess?" she asked, smiling at Eve as she sat.

"You looked so nice before that though. Looked like you were on your way out?" curiously Sarah inquired.

"Yeah. Actually I have to head back to New York. Katrina's in a little dance recital tonight, and I promised her I'd be there, so I have to get going here in a bit. I'll be back tomorrow morning on the red eye, or I might take the last train out. I heard Amtrak stops not too far from our building. We'll see. I was hoping to spend a little time with her."

"Why don't you bring her back with you? We have a babysitter. How much trouble can Katrina really be? She's not a hellion like you, is she?"

Jamie laughed. "Not yet. She's got her mother's personality, which includes her fire, but I don't see that too much. She's quite the girly girl actually, but that's okay. I love her just as she is. She has the best parts of Stephanie in her."

"Then bring her down for a little while. It would be fun," Sarah pushed.

"We'll see. I don't know what the family's schedule is. I'll have to check first."

Late that afternoon Jamie arrived at Staten Island just before Stephanie's family was sitting down for dinner. Knocking loudly on the front door, she pulled it open as she announced her presence to the group. "Anybody home?"

"Mom!" Katrina yelled excitedly.

"Aunt Jamie!" two other voices chimed in as three children swarmed her in the foyer.

She hugged her daughter, niece, and nephew before walking back with them toward the kitchen. "Your oldest child is home," she teased Stephanie's sister, Samantha.

The small redhead, who looked so much like her late sister, smiled brightly. "Jamie," she said, coming to hug her. "It's so good to have you home, even if it is only for the night."

"Where's Doug?"

She gestured out to the backyard. "He promised the kids hamburgers and hot dogs tonight. We have to leave for the recital at seven."

"All right. Come on, kids. Let's pitch in and help set the table," she suggested, grabbing the plates that were on the counter. "Everyone outside."

Going out into the backyard, Jamie put the kids in charge of the table before heading over to see her brother-in-law. "Doug, how have you been?" she asked, slapping him on the shoulder.

"Jamie, hey there. Good to see you. How's the glamorous world of show business?"

"Overrated as usual. How's Katrina been?"

"Fine. She's enjoying her summer vacation, not looking forward to school starting, the usual stuff," he said with a smile. "All the kids are looking forward to Disney though."

"Oh, that's right. You're leaving in about a week and a half. I bet they're counting the minutes."

He nodded. "It's too bad you can't go, though. I know Katrina would've liked that."

"I would've liked it too, but this movie production is in full swing. It was hard to get away this evening."

"Well, the life of the rich and famous. Must get tiring," he stated with a smile as he began to take all the meat off the grill.

Jamie held the plate to assist him. Going over the table, everyone took their seats. Jamie took a seat next to Samantha and across from her daughter. The meal was casual and loud as usual around the kids. During the whole thing, Jamie kept looking at her seven-year-old.

Katrina was growing so quickly during her absences, and it always surprised her to find her taller and even prettier than she was the visit prior. The young girl's flowing blonde hair had lightened in the sun to almost white, and her blues eyes sparkled every time she looked at Jamie. The actress's thoughts were interrupted by Samantha's voice.

"Are you all right tonight, Jamie?" she quietly inquired as the two women watched the kids and Doug play around in the backyard after their dinner.

"Katrina looks more like Stephanie every time I see her," she admitted softly.

"I know," the redhead answered in agreement.

"I miss her, Samantha," Jamie confessed.

"I know you do, Jamie. We all do, but you know she wouldn't want you mourning for her for the rest of your life. She would want you to carry on."

The tall brunette nodded. "I know, but sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find anyone like she was. Stephanie was the best thing to ever happen to me outside of Katrina. I miss having Katrina living with me too."

"Well, you know Doug and I are open to working something out, but I thought we all agreed this was the best place for her."

"It is. I know that, but I still miss her. Seeing her a few days a month is no way for me to be a mother."

"You're doing the best you can to provide for her. We all are. You give her everything she needs and most of what she wants. You do well by her as a mother, Jamie. Don't doubt that." There was a long pause. "Jamie, something else seems to be bothering you."

The tall woman shrugged. "There's a woman I work with that I've started to get to know. She's lovely, and I enjoy spending time with her. She has a two-year-old who comes on the set everyday. The kid seems quite taken with me," she started.

When Jamie paused, Samantha pressed, "And? Are you interested in this woman?"

"Yes. She reminds me so much of Stephanie though, and her daughter reminds me of Katrina at that age. She has the same loving, compassionate, outgoing personality as Stephanie did. At first I thought I liked her because of those reasons, but I know now I truly am interested in her based on her own merit," she confessed.

Sensing the solemness that encompassed the brunette, Samantha asked, "Then what's the problem?"

"She's married. We've spent a lot of time together since being on the set, and her husband isn't around, so it can be easy to forget. However, she is married, so regardless of the way I feel, there's no possibility for more. I guess it's just hard, because after all this time, I've found my heart again only to have it break. To make it even worse, I've met her husband, and he has no regard for his daughter. Meanwhile, I love that little girl just as much as I do her mother. It's tough."

Putting her arms around her former sister-in-law, Samantha said, "Welcome back to life. Don't worry. When it's meant to happen, it will. As much as you and my sister loved each other, I know you're meant to find someone else when the time comes. You just have to wait for it."

Jamie nodded. "Yeah, I know," she mumbled. Checking her watch, she noted that it was getting close to time to leave. "I guess we should start rounding up the troops," she mentioned, changing the subject.

That night after they all returned from the recital, Jamie tucked her daughter in for bed. Kneeling next to the bedside, she brushed back Katrina's hair affectionately before planting a kiss on her forehead. "I hope you have sweet dreams tonight," she whispered.

"Mom, I don't want you to go. Can't you stay longer?" the seven-year old asked.

"I wish I could, but I can't. I have to be back in D.C. in the morning for work. I promise to visit again, though, once you all get back from Disney. Okay? You won't even miss me."

"I always miss you," Katrina stated softly, reaching to hug her.

"I always miss you too, sweetie. Maybe after you get back you can come visit me on the set. Would you like that?" Katrina nodded. "All right. I'll talk to your aunt and uncle about it and see if that fits into the schedule. Right now you need to go to sleep."

"Tell me a story first," the little girl requested, stalling for time.

Not wanting to leave her daughter's company just yet either, Jamie was easily swayed. She gave a nod as she slipped onto the bed with Katrina. Instantly her daughter was in her embrace, settling herself on her mother's shoulder. "What kind of story would you like?"

"Tell me about the first time you ever kissed Mom," she solicited.

"You've heard that story so many times already."

"So? I want to hear it again," she pleaded.

"Oh, all right. Good thing it just happens to be one of my favorites as well," she teased lightly.

Half an hour and a few anecdotes later, Katrina was sleeping soundly in Jamie's arms. The tall woman gently stroked her daughter's blonde hair as she thought of the little girl's mother. She still missed her wife even though it had been three years already. Katrina looked more like her everyday, and it filled the brunette with a bittersweet ache. However, as her thoughts of Stephanie continued, they began to shift to another woman who had entered her life. As much as Sarah reminded her of Stephanie, Eve reminded her of Katrina. The two little blondes who were suddenly a part of her life gave her such joy, but she knew there wasn't any room for anything other than friendship with Sarah. She had already promised her life to another, and even as much as Jamie didn't want to admit it, it saddened her for all their sakes. She knew both Eve and Sarah could find a better person than Robert Dawson, but it wasn't her place to try to influence either of them.

The next morning Jamie left New York before anyone else in the house even woke and arrived back to the set just in time to see Sarah go into the makeup trailer for her first scene. Knowing she was due there as well, she grabbed a much needed cup of coffee and joined her friend.

The blonde smiled brightly when she saw the tall woman enter. "Hey. Welcome back. Did you bring Katrina with you?"

"No. She couldn't come. The family's going to Disney in about a week, so it wasn't good timing. I promised her she could come to the set after they got back though."

"Oh, great. I can't wait to meet her then."

"I'm sure she'll be thrilled to meet you. I haven't told her you're my co-star yet. I wanted to surprise her. I bet she screams when she sees you. She just adores that little teenager flick you did not too far back. She wants to be just like you in that movie."

"That's so cute. At least it's a positive role."

"Yeah. It's the only movie of yours she's allowed to see. She's never seen any of mine. Too much violence and gore for a kid."

That evening once they had wrapped for the day Jamie went back to her place to prepare for her evening with Rachel. She was just finishing with her outfit when there was a knock on the door of her condo. Since she was supposed to be picking up her date at her place, the brunette wondered who it could be. She strolled over to open it to find Sarah with Eve in tow.

The blonde actress was mute for a moment when her eyes landed on Jamie. The older woman was dressed in an expensive suit, and Sarah thought she looked immensely sexy. "Hi," she managed to say.

"Hey. What's up? Come on in." The tall woman gestured into her place. Sarah accepted the offer and hesitantly walked into the living room area. Eve toddled behind her. Closing the door behind them, Jamie asked, "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"We were just going to go out for a walk, and I thought it might be nice if you joined us. It looks like you already have plans though," she mentioned, looking over the strong woman. Sarah was finding it incredibly difficult to breathe normally at the sight of her crush in the dark gray suit.

"Oh, yeah. I have a date with Rachel. We got in a fight yesterday, so I'm trying to make it up to her."

"I heard. Tabby told me about the little scene in front of the building."

"You talked to Tabitha?" Jamie questioned. She hoped her friend hadn't relayed any other information to the blonde.

"Yeah. She called me last night. Apparently she misses you," Sarah teased.

The older woman blushed lightly. "I didn't realize she told you about us."

The blonde nodded. "It only confirmed my suspicions. You certainly do get around, Miss Dean."

Jamie wasn't sure, but she thought she heard condescension in Sarah's voice. Shrugging it off though, she mumbled, "Well, I'm not married, and the girls know what they are getting into by being with me. I'm not hurting anyone, just having a good time. I need excitement in my life."

"True to your namesake then," the blonde conceded. She wasn't quite sure where the conversation was going, only that it wasn't heading the way she had hoped. Knowing she wasn't going to get to spend time with the brunette actress that evening, she decided just to suppress her envy for Jamie's date and leave the older woman to prepare. "Well, we should go. I wouldn't want you to keep Rachel waiting. Have a good time tonight, but the keep the noise down when you get home."

The joke that often passed between them seemed flat all of a sudden to Jamie, but she nodded and chuckled a little. "Don't worry. I'll probably stay at her place. I'll see you in the morning though."

Sarah nodded. "Yeah. See you in the morning." Making her way toward the door, she paused a moment when Jamie knelt down to Eve. The older woman hugged the little girl and ruffled her blonde hair playfully. Sarah's heart ached at the sight.

Jamie smiled at the two-year-old. "You be a good girl for Mama tonight, Eve. I'll see you tomorrow."

The little angel nodded and clutched to the tall woman's lapels a moment longer. The disappointed look in Eve's eyes almost made Jamie cave to her want to be with the two blondes, but she knew it would do no good to dwell on the woman she couldn't have. Instead of removing the girl's hands from around her neck, the brunette waited until Eve was finished to stand and look back at Sarah.

"Come on, Eve. Let's leave Jamie alone. She needs to finish getting ready for her date," the younger woman said, extending her hand to her daughter. The child took it. Once they had left the taller woman's place, they went for their walk. Sarah knew she had no right to feel jealous of Jamie's plans. She was a married woman after all with a child to consider, but she couldn't help but fantasize about herself being in Jamie's company that evening instead of Rachel.

Jamie made her way over to Rachel's house once she was finished dressing. However, the whole way there her mind was preoccupied with two certain blondes. Their arrival at her door that evening made her wish she wasn't taking out Rachel. She knew she preferred to be with Sarah just playing with Eve than trying to seduce the woman she met a few days ago, but she had committed at least one more date to Rachel, and she wanted to feel a woman against her after the way Sarah's appearance had set her body in a frenzy.

When the limousine Jamie had rented came to a stop in front of her date's building and the chauffer had opened her door, the actress grabbed the roses she had gotten off the seat and proceeded up to Rachel's place. Giving a strong knock, she waited for the pretty woman. It was only a moment before her knock was answered. Jamie smiled at the blonde woman.

"You look nice," the actress complimented, seeing that Rachel had taken special consideration with her looks that evening. The blonde was wearing a black summer dress that bared her shoulders and her hair was pulled up, exposing her enticing neck. "These are for you," she stated, extending the flowers.

Rachel blushed as she took them. "Thank you. Come in. Let me put these in some water before we leave."

Jamie went into the apartment as Rachel turned to go to the kitchen. The small place was stylishly decorated. Hovering in the living room, she checked her watch. Within a few minutes her date reappeared. The blonde picked up her purse and a sweater that were hanging over the back of a chair. Smiling enchantingly at the small woman, Jamie extended her arm, asking, "Ready to go to dinner?"

The tall woman led them downstairs to the awaiting limo. Jamie smiled as soon as she saw the light come into the blonde's eyes. She knew it would be easy to win her affections at that sign. "I haven't been in a limo since I was in high school. You didn't have to do this," Rachel stated.

"It's nothing. I just want you to have fun tonight. Speaking of fun though, where did you decide you wanted to go for dinner?"

"There's this place up in Georgetown that I've always wanted to go. I made a reservation for us. Do you think after that we could do a limousine tour of the monuments?"

"Anything you want, Rachel. This is your night."

Taking the limousine into downtown Washington, D.C., they both amiably chatted. Jamie obliged the curious woman, giving her some of the details about the film she was making. Rachel seemed enthralled by the actress's life and kept asking questions about who she had met and other stars she had dated. Once in Georgetown though, the chauffer dropped them off at the restaurant.

As soon as they stepped inside to where the matre d' was standing, Jamie could feel interested eyes on them. Murmurs followed them as they were led to their table. As Rachel moved to sit in the seat the matre d' had pulled out for her, Jamie inquired, "Um, Rachel, would you mind terribly if I sat in this chair?"

The blonde gave her a confused look but answered, "No, course not."

"Thanks." Jamie pulled out her date's chair for her and then sat in her own, which was facing away from most of the people in the restaurant. She went about her own business of studying the menu for a few minutes, but she could tell Rachel wasn't doing the same. "What's wrong?" she questioned.

"People at staring at us," she mentioned uncomfortably.

Jamie looked over her shoulder and noted most of the people were indeed looking at her. Flashing the general audience a notorious grin, she turned back to her date. "So they are. I get that a lot. Hopefully everyone will be polite enough to be content with just staring."

No sooner had those words been spoken when their server came to the table. The woman immediately blurted, "You're Jamie Dean!"

"Yes, I am," the actress answered as graciously as possible at her obvious fan.

"I just love you so much! Could I have your autograph?"

The brunette acquiesced with a nod of her head. The waitress immediately pulled paper and a pen from her pocket for Jamie to use. Looking down at the paper, the tall woman asked, "What's your name?" The woman told her. Quickly Jamie wrote a couple of sentences and then signed her name before handing it back to the ecstatic woman.

"Oh, thank you so much! I've never met anyone famous before! I'll treasure this forever!"

Used to such overwhelming attention, Jamie tried to downplay it. "Well, I'm glad. Would you mind too much if we ordered now?"

"Oh, of course. I'm so sorry. What would you like?"

When Rachel and Jamie were left alone again, the blonde mentioned, "Well, that certainly was awkward. I would be so embarrassed if someone gushed over me like that. How do you put up with it?"

"I'm used to it. Inevitably whenever I go out someone does that. Maybe we'll get some privacy now," she responded, reaching to take Rachel's hand across the table.

Again she spoke too soon as someone else hesitantly approached the table. "Excuse me," a man stated, interrupting them once again. When Jamie turned to look up at him, he asked, "Are you Jamie Dean?"


"Wow. My friends at the bar and I were just wondering. Some of them thought you weren't, but I said you had to be. What are you doing in D.C.?"

Giving him a smile, she answered, "I'm trying to have dinner with this lovely lady."

He looked between the two of them a moment before it seemed to register what she really meant. "Oh. Well, that was going to be my next question, but I guess I was wrong about that one."

"What question was that?"

"Whether or not you were on a date."

"Does this look like a date to you?" she questioned him with growing annoyance. She wanted him to just get to the point of why he had come over, so he could leave.

"Yeah, I guess it does."

Deciding to take the situation in hand, Jamie inquired, "So, what is it that you want exactly? You're kind of ruining my chance with my date."

He glared at her. "Well, you don't have to be rude about it. We were just wondering."

"You came to my table, buddy. Why don't you just wonder about me over by the bar with your friends?"

Muttering under his breath, he turned to leave. Jamie shook her head and then focused back on Rachel. "I don't think I could live with it if people did that to me every time I went somewhere," the blonde said.

"Some people think that just because I'm an actress that I should be available to them all the time. They don't seem to understand that I have a life myself. I don't like being mean to people, but most of the time men want more than just an autograph. Being a bitch is just about the only way to get the point across that I'm not interested. I could tell where that one was going. I thought it best to just cut him off early, so he didn't waste any more of our time."

The rest of the meal passed in a similar fashion. Numerous fans came to the table to talk to the actress. Through it all Jamie did her best to remain courteous to them, signing autographs and even obliging when some tourists asked for a picture with her. However, the brunette could tell Rachel was annoyed with all the interruptions on their date. By the time they were ready to leave, the little woman was glowering at all the people who even looked in their direction.

Finally, when they were back in the privacy of the limousine, the tall woman apologized. "I'm really sorry about our dinner. I had hoped for a little time with you. That didn't turn out quite the way I had wanted."

"Me neither," Rachel admitted.

"Well, how about that driving tour of the monuments now? Would you like that?"

"That would be nice."

Jamie told the driver of their plan, and he nodded in understanding before putting up the divider between them to give the actress and the blonde seclusion. Jamie opened the sun roof and then reached for a bottle of wine in the small refrigerator. Pouring two glasses she handed one to Rachel. "Here's to a little privacy," she joked lightly, trying to put the events of the dinner behind them.

They were quiet for a few minutes as they drank their wine. Seeing dark eyes on her, Rachel asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"How beautiful you look tonight," the actress whispered in return, leaning closer to the blonde. Jamie paused to see the light blush come over fair cheeks before making her move. Softly she captured Rachel's mouth. It was only a few moments before the monuments and wine were forgotten as they found more carnal pleasures. For the next hour Jamie entertained the blonde the way she knew best, giving her something by which to remember the night.

Rachel seemed more than willing to accept this gift from the actress. The petite woman freely allowed the dark-haired woman to roam over the treasures she possessed until the limousine finally took them back to her place. Making themselves presentable enough to exit the car, Jamie assisted her date from the backseat. Together they made their way up the walk hand in hand. The actress walked Rachel to her door and paused there a moment, wondering if she was going to get an invitation to stay.

They stood there quietly kissing for a few minutes before the blonde broke away to look up at the woman holding her. "Jamie?"

"Yes?" she queried as her mouth moved to take in the landscape of Rachel's neck.

The blonde moaned, cradling her head in deeper. "Do you want to come inside?"

"That sounds good. Just let me send the chauffer home, so he doesn't continue to wait for me," she suggested. "I'll be right back."

Going back to the limo, Jamie informed the driver that he was done for the night and gave him a large tip for putting up with them. Heading back into her date's building, she knocked on Rachel's door again. The blonde opened it quickly and admitted her. Immediately Jamie noted that Rachel had set some ambiance with only candles illuminating the living room.

"Take off your jacket and stay awhile," Rachel murmured, slipping the suit coat off Jamie's shoulders as they kissed again. Slowly they made their way over to the sofa. Jamie gently laid Rachel down against it. It wasn't long before they had resumed their activities from the limo. Long into the night Jamie took the blonde to heaven again and again all over the condo. As the first rays of morning light flooded Rachel's room though, they found themselves resting in Rachel's bed. Neither woman spoke as they just gazed at each other contemplatively.

Finally the blonde whispered, "Jamie."


"Last night was incredible," she confessed.

"It was pretty good," the brunette seconded.

"Except for dinner and one other moment, I loved ever minute of it."

"What moment was that?"

"Around three this morning when we were taking a little bit of a rest, you started to doze off for a little bit. I was touching you in your sleep, and you called Sarah's name," Rachel informed her. "Of course when you awoke, you realized it was me, but were you dreaming about her?"

Jamie shrugged. "It's nothing. In the movie I have sex with Sarah a couple of times. I've just found myself dreaming about her character. It's nothing really."

"Are you sure you aren't attracted to her? You seemed like it in your sleep."

"Even if I was, she is married. It doesn't matter."

Rachel nodded. "Jamie," she slowly began. "As much fun as I had last night, I know that I'm just a conquest for you. Seeing you with Tabby Reid the other morning confirmed that for me. I don't want to be treated like that by anyone, even you. Last night I just wanted something incredible by which to remember my rendezvous with the infamous Jamie Dean."

"What are you saying, Rachel? You don't want to see me any more?" hesitantly Jamie inquired. She hadn't been dumped by a woman in some time, whether they be a casual acquaintance or bedmate.

"What's the point? I know there would be nothing more to us than sex. If that's all I wanted, then it would be okay. However, that's not all I want. I live in the real world, Jamie, and I have expectations. You're not looking for a girlfriend, just a good time. The night we met I made an exception because of who you are. However, I want someone serious, and that's nothing we could ever be. Even if you were able, last night proved to me that I couldn't. I hated every moment of our dinner with the way people kept intruding on us. I know that's not your fault, and it's nothing you can control, but I'd prefer not to have to do that again. I think it would definitely be best if we were just friends."

Jamie gave a sly nod and smile. "I can deal with that," she murmured, leaning to nuzzle Rachel's bare breasts, but the blonde pushed her back.

"Not that kind of friends, Jamie. You've given me enough sex to last a lifetime," she teased.

Giving another nod, Jamie mentioned, "You know, it's not often a woman drops me like this. I guess it is as refreshing as it is shocking, but I understand, Rachel. My life is not easy. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone."

"So, friends then?" the blonde asked tentatively.

"Sure. Friends." Looking at the clock, she stated, "I should probably get going. I have to be at the set early today."

Rachel looked at the alarm clock as well. "Oh, I only have an hour before I have to get up for work. I should probably just get up now, but I'm so tired."

Jamie chuckled as she moved to get dressed. "Why don't you stay in bed? I'll lock the door behind me," she suggested.

"You don't mind?"

"Not at all," she answered. Leaning down to the blonde, she asked, "May I?" She waited for Rachel to nod her consent before kissing her lips gently. "Good bye, Rachel. Have a good day."

"You too, Jamie."

The brunette walked over to the bedroom door but paused to take one last look back at the blonde. She knew that mostly likely she would never see Rachel again. Smiling at the sight of the already sleeping woman, she turned to go, softly closing the door behind her.

Chapter Three

Over the next week, Jamie was constantly with Sarah and Eve. Every evening after returning to their condos, they had dinner together at one of their places and then spent the nights just talking and playing with Eve. One evening the two women were lounging on Sarah's couch watching a movie after putting Eve down for the night. Silence surrounded them as Sarah sat with her head propped up against Jamie's strong shoulder. Neither spoke being so involved in the film, but suddenly a cry broke their peace.

"I'll go," Jamie offered, rising from the sofa. Sarah didn't argue, being tired from the long day already. It was nice having a second person around to help out with Eve after a strenuous day.

The brunette made her way back to the master bedroom. Going over to the bed, she spoke softly to Eve. "What is it, angel? What's wrong?" she inquired, reaching for the screaming child. As soon as she picked her up to try to comfort her, she felt the fevered skin of her cheek. "Sarah," she called out in concern.

Hearing her name and the continued wails, the small blonde went to investigate. She met the older woman halfway down the hall to her room. "What's wrong, baby?" she gently asked, extending her hands to take her daughter. Eve instantly went to her. "Why are you crying, huh?" she questioned. Seeing Eve's flushed features, she put her hand to her forehead. "Whoa. You're burning up," she stated over the screaming. Just then Eve unexpectedly regurgitated her dinner all over Sarah. "Uh oh. Looks like we've got one sick baby on our hands," she declared. "It's okay, Eve. It's all right. Mama will take care of you," she assured, ignoring her own soiled clothes. Both women headed back into the bedroom.

"What can I do?" the tall woman inquired, wanting to be helpful.

"Go into my bathroom and see if I have any baby aspirin or anything," Sarah said as she began to undress her daughter.

The brunette did as she was told. Searching the cabinets thoroughly, she replied from the bathroom, "You don't have any."

"Shoot. I'll have to go out and get some. This fever seems too high to just let go."

"I'll go for you. You shouldn't have to take Eve out in this condition," Jamie offered.

"Are you sure? I mean I can take care of it. I'm used to doing this alone."

"Don't be silly. Let me go for you. I think there's an all-night pharmacy just down the street a few blocks if I remember correctly. I'll be back in no time."

"Okay. Thanks, Jamie," she replied with a genuine smile.

"You're welcome. Be right back."

Racing out of the blonde's place, Jamie made her way down to the concierge in the lobby to ask about the pharmacy. When she was told it was open all hours, the tall woman declined their offer to go for her, saying she would go herself. Jamie left the building in a rush, jogging the few blocks down to the drug store. It was empty when she arrived, signaling the late hour of the night. Nevertheless, she quickly asked for the items she was looking for, ignoring the surprise of the clerk at her appearance. He stumbled over his words at her arrival but managed to tell her where she could find what she needed.

Jamie immediately grabbed a bottle of children's aspirin and quickly paid. Just as quickly she went running back to Sarah's, so Eve could have medication as soon as possible. When she arrived, the little girl was still wailing, and the petite woman looked distressed. "Here's the aspirin. What's wrong?"

"Robert forgot to pack a thermometer, so I can't take her temperature," she mumbled.

The tall woman gave a reassuring smile. "I'll go get one for you. Hopefully some of these might help though," she stated, handing over the bottle to Sarah. "Be back soon."

"Thank you, Jamie." she managed to call out after the brunette's retreating form.

Jogging passed the concierge desk a second time, she gave the night watchman a grin before heading out the door. She went back to the same store but didn't ask for assistance, knowing where the infant items already were. Quickly she scanned over the available thermometers before settling on the one that looked the least intrusive for a child. Heading up to the register a second time, she only offered a demure smile and her credit card. When the transaction was complete, she headed out into the night again. Being that there was little traffic out at that hour, she was able to make quick work of the five blocks.

"I'm back," she announced, barging into the blonde's condo. "Here's a thermometer."

"Thanks. She hates this, so could you do it while I hold her?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, sure. Just let me get this thing out of the package," she answered, ripping the plastic open. However when she opened it, she realized she needed batteries to make it work. "Man, I have to go back for batteries," she grumbled.

"What size?"

"Double A."

"Just take them out of my discman for now. We can get batteries later," the younger woman instructed.

The tall actress did as Sarah said. Finally getting the thing to work, she approached Eve with it slowly. Sarah distracted the little girl with words while the tall woman slipped it in her ear to take the reading. "It's high. She's got a 101," Jamie reported after a moment. Putting the thermometer aside, her nose caught a whiff of something horrible. "What's that smell?" she asked, coming back to Eve and Sarah.

"I think that's my daughter," Sarah answered.

"Oh, gross. I'm going to let you take care of that one," teased the brunette. "I bet Eve's probably dehydrated. Do you have anything she can drink?"

"Check the fridge. I'm not sure I have anything other than juice for her."

Jamie went into the kitchen to see what Sarah had for the little girl to drink. Sure enough there were only juices, which she knew would not be the best thing for Eve in her condition. Nevertheless she poured the toddler a small glass to tide her over. Heading back to the bedroom, she handed the sippy cup over to Sarah. "Looks like I'm going out again. She needs something better than this. Anything else you can think of while I'm there?"

"Well, some extra diapers and diaper rash ointment probably wouldn't hurt at this point. This doesn't look like this is over," the shorter blonde reported, trashing the soiled diaper in the convenient pail.

"All right. I'll be back," Jamie said with a smile.

Sarah returned it with relief. "Thank you, Jamie. I don't know what I would do right now without you."

"It's my pleasure, Sarah. Anything to settle her is worth it. Be back in a few."

Returning to the pharmacy for the third time that night, she went straight to the section she needed. However, instead of just picking up what Sarah had asked for, she looked around to see if there was anything else they could possibly need to help Eve. Quickly she grabbed a package of diapers and ointment before adding a bottle of soothing bath vapors and a rubber duck to the growing pile. When she went up to the counter to pay, the night clerk stared at her quizzically as he began to ring up her third purchase for the night. Jamie could see his mind contemplating asking her something, so she saved him the trouble.

"You look like you want to say something to me," she mentioned with a charming smile.

He smiled back. "It's nothing really. It's just that you look like that movie star, what's her name, the one who does all those action movies."

"Jamie Dean?" she supplied.

"Yeah, that's the one. She's hot."

Jamie gave a nod. "Yeah, I tend to get that sometimes. We do look alike, I guess."

"You have a kid?" he asked conversationally as he slowly rung up her items.

"Yes, as a matter of fact," she answered, trying not to be rude. She figured he was just bored and wanted a talk.

"Married?" he inquired with a slight grin.



"No," she answered again as she handed over her credit card.

"Oh well. You never can tell around here," he mumbled, running her card through the machine. When it printed he tore off the receipt and handed it to her to sign. She did so quickly before handing it back to him. She gathered her bags.

He gave her a friendly smile. "Have a good night, Miss...," he began to say as his eyes drifted down to the signature on the slip, but he fell silent at her name as he flushed.

Jamie winked at him. "Dean," she furnished. "Good night, Ralph," she said, reading his nametag before racing out the door. She looked over her shoulder as she made it to the street and chuckled lightly at the sight of him still standing there flustered.

When she returned to Sarah's apartment, Eve had stopped her crying and simply was whimpering into her mother's shoulder as the small woman paced around the room with her. "Here. I got some extra things. I thought maybe a bath might help settle her," she said, pulling the items from the bag. She held the rubber duck up for Eve to see. The little girl reached for it in interest.

"I'd be willing to try anything at this point," Sarah said.

"All right. I'll go start the water." Moving into the master bathroom, Jamie started the tub. Carefully she added the bath vapors and then waited while Sarah undressed Eve. A few minutes later she came in with the little one ready to go. Taking her from Sarah, Jamie noticed her friend had still not bothered to change from when Eve had soiled her shirt, so she suggested, "Why don't you change? I'll take care of Eve for a moment."

"You don't mind?"

"Not at all," she replied, gently setting the two-year-old down in the water. Eve didn't seem to notice too much as she played with her duck, dropping it into the water and seeming surprised that it floated.

"Okay. I'll just be a second." Sarah went back into the bedroom and stripped off her clothes before slipping on a t-shirt and boxer shorts. As she changed she thought of the woman in the bathroom. Jamie had helped her without compliant, even going to the store three times in under an hour. Sarah felt glad that Jamie had been there for the worst of it, because she was tired of having to deal with problems like this one alone. Robert had never been helpful in situations like this, griping every time Eve seemed to be ill or in a foul mood. However, Jamie never complained, instead immediately tried to find ways in which to help alleviate Eve's trouble.

When Sarah finished changing, she realized the smell was still on her skin, so she decided a shower would be in order once Eve was settled again. Going back into the bathroom, she asked, "How are we doing? I don't hear crying or whimpering. That's a good sign."

"Yeah, we're doing fine," Jamie answered, looking up towards the door. Her heart fluttered a little at the sight of the petite woman in a plain white t-shirt and a pair of loose cotton boxers. She thought Sarah looked adorable.

Sarah looked down at Jamie kneeling next to the tub. The tall woman was soothingly rubbing her daughter's back with a wet washcloth. In that very moment the blonde actress knew she was having feelings for the brunette. She had fought against them, denying her heart, but she couldn't any longer, seeing the tenderness the older woman freely gave Eve. Coming to the tub, Sarah knelt down next to Jamie. She gave the tall woman a smile. Jamie returned it, but she couldn't take her eyes off Sarah for a moment. It felt so right, so natural to be there with her like that.

Seeing Jamie's stare, the blonde mentioned, "I know I smell like puke."

"I hadn't noticed," the tall woman admitted softly.

"Oh," Sarah softly mumbled, unsure of what gaze Jamie was giving her at the moment.

"You're quite a mother, Sarah. I wish I could only be half as good to Katrina as you are to Eve."

Sarah blushed lightly at the compliment. "I'm sure you are, Jamie. I know Katrina's lucky to have you."

When Jamie felt Sarah's hand brush her own in the process of taking the washcloth from her, she knew she was getting too close to the blonde. Her feelings were running wild, and she knew she had to pull back before she did something they both might regret. "Well, I guess I'll let you finish this. I got Eve some Pedalite to drink. I'll just go pour her a glass of that."

"Thank you for all your help, Jamie."

Unable to form any sort of reply with the way Sarah was looking at her, the brunette just nodded before retreating from the room. She stalled for time in the kitchen, deciding it would be better to wait until the bath was finished. By the time she had returned, Sarah was putting fresh pajamas on her daughter. "Here you go," Jamie said.

"Thanks," the blonde answered, taking the cup from her friend. She gave it to Eve who immediately took it in hand and began to drink. Picking up her child, Sarah turned to Jamie. "Would you mind watching her while I took a quick shower? I really can't stand the way I smell any longer."

"No problem."

"You can just lay on the bed with her. Maybe she'll go to sleep. If you put one of those Elmo movies in, she'll be riveted."

"Sounds good," Jamie stated moving to the TV as Sarah went into the bathroom. She put in a DVD and then moved to the bed to get comfortable. Eve cuddled up against her shoulder, clutching tightly to her as she drank her beverage and watched her favorite puppet on screen.

The blonde started the shower as she thought of the woman now lying on her bed. The image of Jamie there holding Eve in comfort gave her such happiness. Letting the way spray of the water cascade over her, she leisurely began to wash her body. Her mind drifted to the sex scene they had done just two days before. She had been so aroused at the taller woman's movements against her, and that had totally taken her by surprise, so much so that in her confusion, she had taken her frustration out on Jamie. Now, as her hands mapped her own skin with soap, she thought of Jamie's larger ones. Those hands were not just good for soothing her daughter. They also stirred her passion in a way she hadn't felt since before Eve was born. With guilty pleasure, Sarah imagined Jamie there with her in that warm shower, the older woman's hands and mouth moving across her much in the same way she had done that day on the set, as her own hands moved her over the edge of oblivion.

When she had sated herself, she quickly washed and turned off the water. She didn't want to be gone too long from either woman in the next room. Dressing swiftly she opened the door to hear only the sounds of Elmo coming from the television. Over on the bed she saw her daughter asleep in a strong embrace. Jamie's eyes were half-mast and gazing at her. Sarah smiled softly coming to the bedside. Gently she tugged on the tall woman to get her standing and then placed Eve down for sleep.

"You look tired," she whispered as she and Jamie headed out of the bedroom.

"Yeah. I guess I am."

"I guess the rest of our movie will have to wait until tomorrow then. Right now you need to go to bed. We have an early start anyway."

Jamie nodded her head in agreement. "Let me know if you need anything else with Eve though," she said as they both moved toward the door.

"I will. Thanks for all your help tonight."

"It was a pleasure," the brunette whispered through a yawn.

Sarah smiled at her before leaning up to kiss her on the cheek. "Good night, Jamie. Sleep well."


Going back into the bedroom, Sarah turned off the TV and then climbed into bed next to her daughter. As tired as she was from the long day, her mind wouldn't settle. Instead, it ran rampant with thoughts of the tall brunette. She fantasized about Jamie getting herself ready for bed just one floor above her, that brawny frame naked as the older actress slipped under the covers. She had seen the older woman's films, so she knew what Jamie's body looked like in all its glory. The actress had not been shy in her previous movies where her outfits were concerned, so Sarah recalled the brunette's last film, the skimpy sports bra and cut off fatigue shorts that showed everything that was within industry accepted decency. The twenty-seven-year old body seemed as if it has been sculpted from stone, with deep, profound ridges outlining each muscle of her body. Idly Sarah wondered if the brunette even had any body fat on her, imagining that the only place was in the older woman's ample twin femininity.

Smiling to herself Sarah dreamed about that day on the set. Her thoughts drifted to them being alone without cameras or clothes. She imagined Jamie's hips rocking insistently against her own as they had done that day and the feeling of the brunette's mouth against her thigh. The blonde let her mind take Jamie's hot breath over her need and pleasure her as she had yearned in that moment. Realizing her own hands were beginning to act again on their own, she regretfully stopped thinking about the older woman. She needed to go to sleep. Casting a glance over at her little girl, she saw Eve was sleeping soundly. Deciding to try to do the same, she closed her eyes and sighed.

A few days later both women were business as usual on the set. Jamie had several scenes to work on without the blonde that day, so she worked through most of lunch. However, when she was finally allowed to take a break, she headed off toward the food tent. Sarah wasn't there though, so quickly grabbing herself a sandwich, she walked off to the blonde's trailer. Knocking to alert her friend of her presence, she pulled open the door.

As soon as she stepped in however, she knew something was wrong. Sarah stood with her back to the door, staring down at the small table. Jamie could see her little body trembling, and Eve was nowhere to be seen. "Sarah, what's wrong? Are you all right?" she inquired quietly, closing the door and locking it behind her. The younger woman said nothing at first. "Where's Eve?"

"She's taking a nap," whispered the little actress. Her voice quavered.

The brunette put her plate of food aside and reached for the petite woman to try to console her obvious distress. "Sarah, whatever is wrong will be all right. You'll see," she said softly, curving her arms around Sarah's waist and bringing their bodies together.

Sarah let out a strangled gasp as she felt the solid frame against her. She had just received horrible news about Robert. His mistress was with him on his shoot. As much as she had tried to deny the deteriorating situation between them by trying harder to be an accommodating wife, she had just realized that all was truly lost. Not only was her first love, her husband, having a public affair without any regard to her feelings, she knew she was in love with the woman who held her. Turning quickly in Jamie's arms, she stared up into her dark eyes. Not giving herself a chance to change her mind, she yanked the tall woman's head down toward her own for a searing kiss. She moaned as their mouths came together.

At first Jamie had no idea what had just hit her. The only thing she knew was she was kissing Sarah Talbot like her very life depended on sucking all the air from the blonde's lungs. The little woman felt so good as Jamie delved passed the supple lips. However, just as she began to back away for some much needed air, the weight of the situation struck her. She was kissing a married woman with a two-year-old child. As the blonde leaned in for a second kiss, the tall woman gently stepped away, leaving Sarah just staring at her in confusion.

Taking a deep breath, Jamie asked, "Where did that come from? Why are you crying, Sarah?"

Looking at her friend's countenance, Sarah realized what she had just done. "Oh, God," she mumbled, covering her face in her hands and turning from the dark gaze. She dropped onto the sofa.

The older woman knelt next to her. Placing a tentative hand on Sarah's knee, she asked again, "What's wrong?"

"It's Robert," she answered. "I just found out his girlfriend is on the shoot with him."

"What? His girlfriend?" the brunette queried in confusion.

Sarah nodded. "I thought if I ignored her she would go away. I thought if I just tried a little harder to be the woman he wanted, he wouldn't go back to her," she cried.

"Go back to who?"

"The woman he was seeing before me. He cheated on her with me, and now he cheats on me with her," she admitted. "We aren't anything like people think, Jamie. We aren't this perfect couple, far from it."

Jamie didn't say anything for a moment as she took in the words. She felt herself becoming angry at Robert for not only being a terrible father but also an unfaithful husband. She knew if she were in his shoes, she would adore the blonde in a way she had never known. However, regardless of that, she knew it wasn't her place to pass judgement on their situation. Instead, she just tried to offer comfort. "You and Robert will work this out. I promise, Sarah. In the meantime though I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do. Tonight when we get home I'm going to take you and Eve out for dinner. I heard of this good little chili place just a few blocks from where we're staying. The concierge says it's the place to eat. The three of us will go there, drink some beer, have some unbelievably bad food for us, and just have fun. This thing with Robert will seem like nothing after a few beers and a chili dog," she lightly stated, making Sarah chuckle despite her mood.

The blonde cupped Jamie's cheek affectionately. "Thank you, Jamie."

Instinctively the brunette turned her head slightly and kissed the blonde on the inside of her wrist lightly. "Anything for my ladies," she whispered. Seeing how her comment caused the blonde's cheeks to flush, she pulled back slightly. "Come on now. Time to dry those eyes and have some lunch."

That evening Jamie did take the two blondes to dinner at the restaurant the concierge had suggested. Since it was only a few blocks from their place, they walked. When they arrived at The Hard Times Café, the establishment was packed, the bar full of mingling singles and a long wait for a table. Nevertheless, after putting their names on the list, Jamie and Sarah tried to stay as inconspicuous as possible, hovering in the corner and talking amongst themselves. Both of them wore their sunglasses while Sarah opted for a baseball cap and Jamie a red bandanna to try to conceal their identities.

Twenty minutes later Jamie's name was called, so the three of them moved up to the hostess to follow her to table. As they passed through the wooden booths, the tall woman took in the decor. The walls were decorated with different state flags and other kitsch. Getting to the table, Sarah chose the side of the booth that faced away from most of the restaurant while Jamie sat opposite her facing the bar. The tall woman slid her sunglasses up on the top of her head, having had enough of them in the darkened place. Sarah took hers off as well but kept her hat on low over her eyes.

Neither of them spoke as they perused the menu. Looking across at her dinner companion, Sarah admired the way Jamie looked. The tall woman was definitely looking sexy and dangerous that evening in a pressed, plain white t-shirt, jean shorts, and construction boots with the bandanna rounding out the look. The sleek physique of Jamie's arms and legs was on perfect display, and the blonde found herself feeling amorous at the sight.

A few minutes passed before their waitress came to the table to take their order. As soon as she looked at the brunette, she gushed, "Oh my God. You're Jamie Dean."

The tall woman grinned slightly. "No. We just look a lot alike. People confuse me with her all the time," she lied.

"Oh. Sorry. The resemblance is truly amazing though. Well, what can I get you two?"

The older woman gestured for Sarah to go first, so she placed an order for herself and Eve before it was Jamie's turn. When the waitress was gone, Sarah said teasingly, "I can't believe you just did that. Lying about who you are? Shameful."

Jamie shrugged. "I do it all the time when I don't want to be bothered. Don't you?" The smaller woman nodded. Changing the subject the brunette asked, "Did you happen to see what the back of the hostess's shirt says?"

"No. I just saw that it said Hard Times Café on it."

Jamie smiled. "It reads, 'I like mine all the way wet,'" she stated with a laugh. "That's my life motto," she joked. "I need one of those shirts."

Not believing her friend, Sarah turned to look back toward the door. Sure enough, that was what the girl's shirt said. "Oh my God. How vulgar is that?" she teased.

"Oh come on, Sarah. You know you like yours that way too."

The younger woman flushed. "Well, I know you do, Miss Dean," she countered.

"You better believe it, hot, willing, and wet," she growled.

"Sounds like someone needs to get laid," Sarah jested.

"Is that an offer?" Jamie asked as the waitress came back to the table with their beverages. Not waiting for an answer, she asked the waitress, "How do I go about getting one of those lovely shirts? I think my date needs one of those. After all, she likes me all the way wet. Right, Sarah?" the tall woman playfully.

Sarah snarled at her companion as she blushed. "Of course I like you all the way wet, Jamie," she uttered, sexily licking her lips for affect.

The waitress gasped as she looked between the two of them. Turning to Sarah, she hesitantly inquired, "Are you..."

"Yes and she's Jamie Dean. No other woman can be that sexy," she said, sparing the brunette a seductive wink.

The older woman felt her pulse drop between her thighs and start throbbing painfully at Sarah's comment. She was suddenly finding it difficult to breathe as she looked at her friend. Sarah was being so alluring and wicked. Jamie hadn't thought the blonde would go along with her game, but the petite woman had taken it one step even further. Managing to look up at the waitress again, she said, "I'll tell you what. You don't tell anyone that we're here, and I'll give you this hundred dollar bill." She pulled one from her wallet and placed it on top of the table.

"Throw in an autograph from both of you?" the waitress bargained.

Jamie shrugged noncommittally, not wanting to answer for the blonde. However, Sarah didn't seem to have the same problem, answering, "Sure."

"Okay. I'll go check on your order now."

"Thank you," the tall woman answered, putting her sunglasses back on to avoid future encounters before taking her glass of beer off the table to drink.

As soon as they were alone, the two women just looked at each other silently. Jamie wasn't sure what to say at the moment at Sarah's behavior. The blonde was being flirtatious, and even as much as she was enjoying it, she knew it was wrong to be trifling with a married woman's feelings.

As Sarah gazed into dark eyes, she took a deep breath. For just a few moments she had allowed herself to let go with the tall woman. She wanted more than that though. She wanted all the woman could give. However, she also knew that it wasn't going to come easily because of Robert. She still felt somewhat torn between her feelings and her obligations.

The rest of the meal passed quietly with both women showering most of their attention on Eve. The little girl glowed under all the observance. They stayed at the restaurant for close to two hours, but after Jamie had consumed several beers, they thought it best to go. After the brunette paid the tab, they made their way out into the warm summer night. Neither woman seemed to want to go home just yet, so they simply walked along the streets enjoying the evening.

While they were waiting to cross the street at one point, Sarah looked over at the woman standing next to her. Jamie was carrying Eve as they strolled. The blonde felt happy as she watched the two of them together. Eve was getting the attention she had hoped Robert would give her, but he never did. As they continued to wait on the light to change, she idly looked around them.

Lots of people seemed to be out that evening to take advantage of the nice night. Couples of all kinds crowded the sidewalks. The diversity of the community around them surprised and pleased the blonde. Shifting a little closer to Jamie, Sarah realized people probably saw them and thought they were together as well. The thought warmed her spirit. Wondering if she could somehow get even closer to the woman who held her heart, she subtly reached for Jamie's hand. The large one immediately enfolded hers, letting their fingers intertwine as they began to cross the street.

The tall woman tried to remain calm as she realized what had started out as a friendly evening was starting to feel like a date to her. There she was taking a walk, holding Sarah's hand tightly in her own as they window shopped along the street. It was a bittersweet moment, because she wanted this between them, yet she knew it wasn't real. Sarah was married to Robert, not her. Nevertheless, she decided to indulge in the wonderful feeling.

As the evening wore on, they stopped in one of the seemingly popular spots for ice cream before deciding to head back to their condos. They walked close together, Jamie's arm wrapped around Sarah's shoulders as the blonde held her sleepy daughter. Words weren't exchanged, but they weren't necessary either. Finally arriving back at Sarah's condo, Jamie stopped at the front door instead of following the blonde inside. She knew if she went in she might do something she regretted. The evening had gone so well between them, and she wanted to leave it just the way it was.

Seeing that the brunette was not going to come in as Sarah had hoped, she simply smiled at her. "Thanks for the fun evening, Jamie."

"You're welcome. I'm glad you had a good time."

"We both did," the blonde answered, looking down at her child.

"Well, one of these days we'll have to go out, just us adults. What do you say?"

"Sounds good. Maybe this weekend? I should be able to convince someone to watch Eve for an evening," she suggested.

"That sounds perfect. I'll think of something fun for us." There was a slight pause before she leaned to give the little woman a hug. She kissed both towheads on the cheek before whispering, "Good night, ladies. Sleep well."

"Good night, Jamie."

Chapter Four

On Friday night after they got off work, Sarah and Jamie decided to go out for the evening. The nanny in charge of Eve on the set had agreed to watch the little girl that night, leaving them the freedom to do whatever they chose. As agreed, Jamie took care of an agenda for them, deciding she wanted to take Sarah to exclusively lesbian places, because she knew they would be left in peace for the most part.

At eight that night Sarah was simply chatting with the nanny about last minute details as she waited on Jamie to arrive. Hearing the knock she made her way over to the door to answer it. As soon as she pulled it open, she felt her breath escape her as her heart stopped for a moment before starting again double time. The tall woman was standing there wearing a charming grin. She was dressed in a black, silk short-sleeved see-through top that left little to the blonde's imagination and a pair of tight jeans. On her feet she had a pair of black boots. An unlit cigarette was hanging from the corner of her mouth, and in one hand she held a single peach rose.

"Wow," the blonde stuttered under her breath.

Jamie gave a cocky smile. "You look beautiful, Sarah," she complimented, stepping into the foyer.

The small woman looked down at the way she was dressed. She had on a pair of khaki casual cotton pants and a pink blouse. "Thank you but I feel a little underdressed," she responded with a flush.

"You look perfect to me. Here," she said, extending the flower.

Sarah took it. "Thank you. You look incredible, Jamie."

"The reputation," she answered with a shrug. "Are we ready to go?"

"Sure. Just let me kiss Eve good night."

Both women moved into the living room to see Eve playing with the nanny. The little girl had already been bathed and prepared for bed. When she spotted Jamie she smiled brightly, immediately rushing toward her. The brunette scooped her up in her arms. Inquisitively Eve reached for the cigarette, but Jamie was quicker, swiftly removing it from her mouth and tucking it behind her ear where the two-year-old couldn't get to it. Sarah and Jamie both kissed Eve good night and then left.

Sarah felt somewhat shy as the two of them made their way down to their awaiting car. She hadn't quite been prepared for how Jamie would look for a night on the town. Nevertheless, she was beginning to get over her initial shock and start enjoying the scenery. After the brunette had helped her into the limousine and gotten herself settled, Sarah asked curiously, "So, exactly where are you taking me?"

"Just a few cool places. Trust me. You'll enjoy yourself. I wouldn't steer you wrong. You'll have fun," the tall woman answered elusively.

Seeing that Sarah wasn't going to get any more information out of her date for the night, she decided just to go with the flow. Their first stop was to a quiet, casual restaurant for a leisurely meal. Even though they both were recognized and interrupted a few times while they were eating, neither seemed to mind too much, because fans seemed to allow them their privacy for the most part.

Once their meal had come to a conclusion, their chauffer took them to their next destination. When they arrived at the bar, it was almost ten that night but things seemed a little slow. However, the tall woman escorted them toward the bar. "What are you drinking?" she asked as she signaled the female bartender.

"Whatever you're having I guess." Sarah answered.

Jamie gave her a skeptical brow before ordering two double shots of whiskey on the rocks. Handing one of them to Sarah, she stated, "This will put hair on your chest."

"Do I need hair on my chest?" she questioned lightly as she tentatively sipped the beverage.

Jamie chucked hers back in one large gulp. "No. Your chest is perfect as it is," she quipped nonchalantly as she asked the bartender for another.

The little woman flushed for a moment but decided to try to get back at the older woman. Innocently she asked, "Really? What's so perfect about it, Jamie?"

The brunette looked down at her companion's blue eyes. That question caught her off guard for a moment. Trying to backpedal before her mouth got her into trouble, she mentioned, "Well, I just assume it is. I've never actually seen it."

"Would you like to?" Sarah boldly asked, pressing closer to her date.

Jamie gulped hard. Sarah was looking at her like she wanted to eat the tall woman alive. The older woman wasn't sure what was suddenly happening between them, but she knew it was getting dangerous. She tried to back down gently by suggesting, "You want to sit? Let's listen to the karaoke."

Sarah nodded her head in agreement before following Jamie over to a secluded table in the corner. Once they were seated, she asked, "Are you going to sing?"

"Do you want me to?"

Sarah nodded. "Grace us with your Tony winning voice, Jamie."

"All right. I'll sing something if you want. I was hoping we could just hang out here for a little bit, and then head over to the other part of the club where the dance floor is. That is if you're up to it."

"Sounds good."

"Are you going to sing one while we're here? I think that would be interesting," the brunette stated.

"Sure. Why not?"

"Cool. I'll go grab the book, so we can see our choices. Be right back."

Sarah watched her walk away. The older woman really was a spectacular specimen. The blonde grinned behind her glass as she drained her drink. Things were beginning to get interesting, so she wondered what the rest of the night might entail. She had a strong inclination that Jamie Dean was an excellent dancer, so she could hardly wait to see the tall woman in action on the floor. While she waited on her date's return, she idly looked around the club. There were only a couple of men in the place dominated by women. Just by looking at them, she could tell that Jamie had brought her to a lesbian establishment, but she didn't mind. In fact, she was pleased she would be able to relax in public for once.

While she was waiting, she took a moment to watch Jamie from afar. The dj who was running the karaoke that evening had engaged the brunette in animated conversation. For her part, the tall woman was friendly as she spoke to the other woman, but Sarah could clearly tell she was anxious to come back to the table. She wondered if she should help the older woman out but figured Jamie was used to fending for herself. Sure enough, a few minutes later the tall woman returned with a songbook and a grin.

"Looked like someone was interested," the blonde mumbled.

"Not that it was returned," Jamie assured as she opened the book. "Let's see what our choices are here. Who do you like?"

"I have a good idea. Why don't we each pick one for each other? That would be fun."

Giving an unsure quirk of her brow, she said, "All right but as long you don't embarrass me now. Give me something I might actually know."

"Okay. Let's see what I can give you," Sarah muttered, taking the book out of the brunette's hands. It only took a few moments before she found something. Taking a slip of paper from the tall woman, she jotted the song down. "Your turn. Pick something for me," she instructed.

Unsure of whether she should be nice to her companion or not, she began to flip through the pages. She had a sneaking suspicion that whatever Sarah had chosen for her, it was not going to be the nicest thing she could've picked, but instead of trying to retaliate, Jamie figured she would get more points for being nice. However, as she looked across the table at the grinning blonde, she decided that she had to get even. With that in mind, she turned to a particular female singer to see what songs were available, quickly writing one down. When she was finished she took both songs up to the dj and then returned to the table to wait their turns at the microphone.

Half an hour and a few drinks later, Jamie's name was finally called. She flashed Sarah a grin as she made her way up to the stage area to take her turn. Since she had no idea what the blonde had chosen for her to sing, she just stood there, hoping it was at least a song she knew. However, as soon as the music cued to life, she gave a little groan. The sexy beat of George Michael's "Too Funky" filled the tiny bar.

The younger woman watched as the women of the bar actually looked to the stage instead of talking over the performers. She figured it was due to not only the song but also the tall infamous goddess who was standing there, beginning to move her hips slightly to the beat. Jamie seemed to be getting into it as the seconds passed, and by the time she opened her mouth to sing, she had taken on her normally cocky attitude. What Sarah hadn't thought of, however, was the fact that Jamie could still get back at her, which is exactly what she did.

As the brunette began singing, her eyes caught Sarah's and held them through much of the first verse. Then she began to slink her way over to the tiny woman in her chair, dancing to the beat as her voice continued to bellow the words to the explicit song. Coming to a stop right in front of Sarah, she gave the small woman her own sexy show, gyrating her brawny frame right in front of the younger woman.

Sarah unknowingly started panting as Jamie's hands moved along the buttons of her own shirt, teasingly releasing each one. She flashed the petite woman quickly before moving back toward the stage to pay attention to the other women in the room, leaving the blonde a quivering mass in her chair. Sarah could only watch as Jamie bestowed similar attention to other bar patrons, including a petite woman, who seemed all too glad to indulge in touching the actress as the brunette directed lyrics to her. The twenty-five year old could feel jealousy suffuse her body at the sight of the stranger freely fondling the sexy tall woman. As the song came to an end, a chorus of screaming filled the room for her. Sarah managed to clap but that was all she was capable of at the moment.

Swaggering back to the table, she shot Sarah a sexy grin. "Thanks for taking it easy on me," she teased. "Just remember pay backs."

A few singers later, Sarah's name was called. Not knowing what song Jamie had chosen for her either, she just took a deep breath as she made her way up to the microphone. When her music started, she rolled her eyes. She hadn't thought the tall woman would be so feral as to make her sing Britney Spears. Nevertheless, she decided to do her best as the words to "Lucky" came onto the screen. However, as she began to read the words as she sang them, they began to resonate with her. The song was more prophetic than Jamie had probably realized. Sarah felt her voice start to tremble as she belted out the words about a celebrity being miserable in their life.

As Jamie watched Sarah on stage, she realized what she had really done to the younger woman. She hadn't thought about what she had asked her to sing, unconsciously requesting a song that emulated her life a little too closely. Seeing Sarah begin to lose her composure, the older woman rushed to her aid. Quickly coming up to the stage, the brunette picked up the other microphone and began to accompany her.

The little woman looked up at her savior thankfully. Jamie gave her a sorrowful glance as she went to wipe an errant tear from the blonde's fair cheek. When Sarah felt the soft touch, she just stopped singing and watched as the tall woman finished the song for her. There was polite applause as the song ended as Jamie escorted Sarah back to their table.

"I'm so sorry," the tall woman tried to apologize.

"I need a drink," Sarah mumbled, not responding to the brunette's words.

"I'll get you one. What do you want?"

"Something straight," the blonde grumbled.

Not knowing whether the blonde had just insulted her or not, Jamie merely nodded. She went over to the bar and got both of them more whiskey. Coming back to the table, she tentatively inquired, "Do you want to leave? We could go over to the other side of the club and dance for a while. I'm kind of tired of this singing."

"Whatever you want," the blonde stated.

Jamie could tell Sarah wasn't happy by her curt answer. However, she led the way over to the other side of the club. When they went through the door, even louder music assaulted them. They moved over toward that bar and sat on two available stools. Sarah was quiet as she nursed her drink. The brunette watched the sea of grinding women in interest. She noted that many of them were looking at her as well. "Would you like to dance?" she asked after a few minutes.

Sarah shook her head. "No but you go ahead. I think I'll just hang out here."

"Are you sure?" the tall woman asked, hoping Sarah's sudden sullen mood wasn't going to linger too long.

"Yeah. You go."

Shrugging Jamie finished off her drink. "All right."

Sarah watched the brunette weave her way over to the dance floor and simply stand at the edge for a moment as she scanned the crowd as if Jamie was looking for a partner. The blonde saw the tall woman make eye contact with the petite cute thing she had sung to earlier on the middle of the floor before making her way over. She observed as the tall woman put on her charm. Within just a moment, she was dancing with the stranger in an intimate fashion. The short woman seemed just as confident as Jamie, boldly touching the actress as their bodies ground together. The blonde actress just looked on for a long time. As the songs and drinks blurred one into another, she could feel her mood beginning to recover, especially as she watched the tall woman's alluring movements on the floor.

The brunette was so lost in the music as she danced with her partner that she almost forgot her counterpart at the bar. The floor was hot and humid being packed with so many overheated bodies. Trying to cool herself off a bit, she took off her silk shirt, leaving her only in her black sports bra and jeans. Her dance partner didn't seem to mind as she moved in even closer, her hands mapping over the brunette's sweaty muscular back. The tall actress was just about to ask the woman if she wanted a drink when she felt another set of hands on her as a second body pressed up against her from behind.

Not knowing who it could be, she turned, surprised when she met Sarah's blue eyes. The blonde's hands lingered on her body, trembling fingers running over her hard stomach. Neither woman spoke at first. Quickly Jamie's first dancer partner was forgotten as the tall woman experimentally wrapped her arms around Sarah's body. The blonde came willingly closer until they were pressed tightly together. They moved in time to the music, their hips rocking against each other. Their eyes remained locked in an intense stare.

Sarah didn't think about what was happening between them. For one moment all seemed right as she was held tightly by Jamie Dean. Her body enjoyed the feeling of the brunette's wet form against her own. Feeling the tall woman's hands running over her hips down to her posterior, Sarah followed suit, letting her own trail down the older woman's back down into the back of her jeans. She groaned when she felt nothing separating her hands from the sweaty firm flesh.

Jamie gasped at the feeling of Sarah's hands on her bare backside. The way her hands were kneading the muscles was making her light-headed. Unable to stop the desire coursing through her, Jamie leaned down to the blonde's neck. She growled loudly as her mouth took in the landscape. Sarah felt so good against her.

The blonde moaned at the movement. One of her hands came up to the back of the brunette's head, pushing her in deeper as the other held on, digging blunt nails into the older woman's hip. Sarah gasped as one of Jamie's hands came around to cup her breast. Quickly their eyes met. Neither was able to stop now that the dam was beginning to break. Instead, each jumped in with both feet as their mouths came together in a sensuous lock, their tongues dueling hotly.

The small woman's head swooned at the feeling. Her legs quivered, but Jamie held her securely as their lips continued to assault one another with escalating need. Finally needing air Sarah pulled back slightly. "We need to leave," she heaved.

Jamie understood the unspoken desire in the blue-eyed woman's voice. She merely nodded and escorted her from the floor. They both hurried to the limo. As soon as they were in it, Jamie instructed the driver to step on the gas and take them home. He immediately complied with her wishes and peeled out of the parking lot. In the meantime Jamie slid up the privacy divider before turning to Sarah. Blue eyes were on fire. The petite woman grabbed her by the shirt, yanking her into a lustful kiss. Both of them groaned as frantic hands took in each other's overheated bodies. Twenty minutes later they were home. They raced by the concierge, who looked at them quizzically. Hastily jumping into the elevator, they barely waited for the doors to close before they were on each other again. When they got to Sarah's floor, the blonde dragged the taller woman down the hall toward her condo. Instead of going inside right away, though, they lingered in front of the door, kissing with rising passion, until Jamie finally whispered, "We need to go in."

Blue eyes met brown ones for a moment, allowing each to read exactly what was about to happen between them. As soon as they went inside, their worlds would change forever. However, instead of shying away from the adultery that was about to take place, Sarah embraced it. She knew she wanted the woman holding her like she had never wanted anyone else in her entire life. After all the pain that Robert had caused, it was time she take what she wanted for once. Nodding at the brunette, she turned in Jamie's arms to unlock the door. Her hands trembled as she tried to slip the key in the lock, signaling her quivering anticipation.

Taking pity on the beautiful woman, Jamie reached to help her, steadying her hand and putting the key in the lock. Together they unlocked it before the brunette snuck a kiss onto the blonde's neck. As soon as they opened the door, however, they saw the nanny sitting on the couch holding a very much awake Eve, which instantly knocked the passion out of Jamie as she realized what was really happening. She and Sarah were about to do something that would affect more than just the two of them. It would affect the two-year-old who adored them both. Putting some distance between them as Sarah went to her daughter, the brunette took a calming breath.

The blonde briefly spoke to the nanny about why Eve was awake before the woman left for the night. Sarah looked over at the older woman standing in her living room. She was disheveled, her black shirt untucked and misbuttoned and her hair slightly askew from Sarah's anxious hands. She could clearly see Jamie's sudden uneasiness, and she knew the moment between them had passed. "Well," she began.

"It's getting late," Jamie stated, checking her watch. It read after one.

Sarah nodded. "Yeah."

"I should go."

"You don't have to," the blonde offered hastily.

"Yes, I do," Jamie answered with defeat evident in her voice. Trying to give the two girls who held her heart a smile, she said, "I'll see you two tomorrow."

"All right," Sarah conceded with a nod.

"Sweet dreams to you both." Without even waiting for a response, the tall woman turned and walked out of the condo, closing the door behind her. Once out in the hallway, she leaned against the wall and gasped for breath. It was too overwhelming for her. She and Sarah were so close to doing something they would have regretted, but she could feel how much the blonde wanted her. They truly did feel the same, making the situation that much worse. She couldn't have the woman she wanted and who wanted her because of a jerk Sarah had married two years prior.

Once Jamie was gone, Sarah focused on getting Eve settled for the night. The evening had taken an unexpected course, and she wasn't quite sure what to do. She knew she wanted Jamie Dean, and it was obvious the brunette felt the same. She also knew experiencing anything with the tall woman would have consequences. If she and Jamie were to have anything intimate, they needed to know where the other truly stood. After all, she was married with a child to consider, and Jamie had a child of her own as well. It would be more than just a sexual fling if they were together due to the daughters in their lives. Both of their children would have to like the other woman in order for a relationship of any kind to work, but being that she hadn't met Katrina, she didn't know what the seven-year-old might think of her. Not only that, she was married to Robert Dawson, and they had a public marriage that was seemingly blissful. To go outside of it and see Jamie would definitely stir controversy and questions. Knowing that she had to stop thinking with her body, Sarah was determined to figure out what she really wanted before even trying to pursue the taller woman, if that was the course they were really meant to take.

The next day neither woman made an effort to see the other. Sarah figured she needed some time after what had taken place between them to gather her thoughts, so she didn't go up to the brunette's place. Instead, she and her daughter spent a Saturday alone together. Remembering that Jamie had mentioned a park a little while back, she decided to take Eve out for some much needed exercise. Packing up some toys and the stroller, the blonde went down to the concierge to ask where the park was. He was more than happy to give her directions.

The brunette slept in late that morning, because after leaving Sarah's place, she had stayed up late pondering what was truly happening between them. When she finally got up, she made herself breakfast at a leisurely pace before reading the paper cover to cover. However, she felt restless cooped up in her condo, so she decided that a run would do her good. She hadn't had much of a chance to go running while she had been there, so she quickly changed into some workout clothes. Heading outside she decided on a long route that included passing by the local park. She knew watching children at play always made her feel better, so she hoped some would be out on the pleasant Saturday.

When she ran by the park, she slowed her pace. Lots of kids were out playing while their mothers and fathers sat and chatted with each other. However, there was one woman who stood out amongst them. Jamie smiled as she watched Sarah playing with Eve. Stepping into the park, the brunette slowly made her way over to the playground, but as she came closer to the blonde, images of the previous night flooded her mind. She wasn't really prepared to talk to the little woman after what had happened, so she detoured over to one of the benches. Taking a seat next to another mother, she stretched out her long legs and just watched her two favorite blondes together.

It was only a few moments before she and the woman next to her were engaged in idle conversation, but Jamie kept her gaze floating back to Sarah every few minutes. The younger woman hadn't noticed her. As the minutes passed and Jamie became more involved in her chat with the stranger sitting next to her, she sought Sarah out less until she heard a cell phone ringing. The tall woman saw the blonde answer it and immediately begin a heated conversation, leading her to believe that it was Robert on the other side of the phone. Sarah seemed to be getting more animated and angry as the seconds passed, earning her scowls from other people. Jamie noticed the younger actress move away out of ear shot in an effort to have some privacy, but the tall woman observed that in Sarah's enraged state, the blonde hadn't realized that Eve hadn't followed her. Instead, the little two-year-old went about her own business, playing with several other children. Going back to her own talk, Jamie thought nothing of it for several more minutes.

However, when Sarah still continued to rant over the phone, the older actress began to get concerned. The blonde didn't seem to care any longer that she was in public. Everyone could plainly hear her spewing curse words at her husband. Looking over to where she had last seen Eve, her heart froze when the little girl was not there. Quickly she scanned the park. Seeing that Eve had wandered dangerously close to the street while Sarah was distracted, Jamie jumped into action.

"Eve!" she yelled out, starting to walk toward the little girl. However, the toddler ignored her as she went after something that had caught her attention. As soon as the tall woman saw Eve step off the curb of the sidewalk, she screamed her name again, breaking out into a sprint after her.

Sarah's train of thought was broken by the sound of Jamie's voice screaming Eve's name. Confused for a moment, she just looked around. Her heart stopped as she saw her daughter in the street with Jamie running for her. Screaming for her child, Sarah dropped her phone and took off in the same direction. "Eve!" she called loudly.

Just then a sports car full of rowdy teenagers came zipping up the street with their music blaring. Jamie's pushed herself as fast as she could toward Eve, yelling as loud as she possible. Behind her she could hear Sarah doing the same thing, but the shorter woman wasn't as fast given her size. Jamie got into the street and grabbed Eve up into her arms just as the car seemed to spot them. The screeching of brakes could be heard, but there wasn't enough time to stop or for Jamie to get out of the way. The car crashed into the tall actress, sending her up onto the hood of the car before there was the sound of shattering glass.

Sarah screamed as she saw the accident occur not ten feet from her in seemingly slow motion. The force of the impact had sent Jamie's body into the windshield. As the little woman ran to the car, she heard her daughter wailing. As she got to the older woman, she saw that Jamie still had a hold on Eve and had shielded her from the glass. "Oh God, baby!" Sarah exclaimed, pulling Eve from Jamie's grasp. She rocked her to try to calm her, but she began to panic as she realized the tall woman and the two boys in the car hadn't moved at all. "Jamie!" she called. "Jamie, God, don't do this to me!" she yelled, putting her hand on the brunette's shoulder. Seeing blood seeping through her friend's white t-shirt, she began to lose it.

Several of the other mothers at the park came to investigate the accident. One of them informed Sarah that she had called for an ambulance and the police, but they didn't seem to be coming fast enough. The two boys from the car had finally started to come to and gingerly made their way out of the vehicle. They seemed disoriented but otherwise uninjured. Even though Sarah was upset at what had happened, she had enough sense about her to get them to sit down on the sidewalk, because both of them looked pallid at the sight of Jamie still splayed out on the hood of the car unconscious.

Suddenly a pained moan caught the blonde attention. Looking over at Jamie, she noticed her dark eyes open. "Jamie, you're going to be all right," she tried to reassure.

"Ouch," the brunette mumbled. "Why do I feel like I was just hit by a car?" she questioned with a crooked grin.

Sarah laughed at the joke as she cried in relief that Jamie seemed to be coming around. "Well, that's because you were."

"Is Eve okay?"

"I think so. She's just upset," the little woman explained, as she continued to try to soothe her daughter.

The tall woman started to try to move herself. "Fuck. My back hurts," she complained.

"Don't move, Jamie. Just stay still. An ambulance will be here soon. You shouldn't move."

"All right. I'll just lie here and work on my tan," she joked as she winced in hurt. Her left leg and back were radiating in pain.

A few minutes later the police and several ambulances arrived on the scene. Carefully the emergency crew lifted Jamie and moved her to a stretcher. Sarah accompanied her in the ambulance with Eve, so that the EMTs could examine Eve as well when they got to the hospital. Once there though, she was forced to wait while Jamie was seen to.

It was afternoon before Sarah was allowed back to see the tall woman. When she went into her temporary room, the brunette was lying on her side giving her a smile. Jamie's lower left leg was in a cast. "How are you feeling?" tentatively she asked.

"Okay, I guess."

"What did the doctor say?"

"I broke my tibia and fibula and tore up my back. I guess it went through the windshield of the car. I had glass fragments embedded in it that they had to remove." Sarah winced at the thought. "How's the little one?" she asked, seeing Eve sleeping against her mother's shoulder.

"Just some scratches," the blonde whispered. Looking at the woman she loved, she started to cry. Had Jamie not been there, Eve might not be with her.

Sensing the little woman's thoughts, Jamie whispered, "It's okay, Sarah. Eve's fine, and I'll be fine. She's just got some scratches, and I've just got a broken leg. Both of us will be as good as new in no time."

The blonde shook her head. "Had you not been there...," she sobbed.

"But I was and that's all that matters. Sarah, there's no point in thinking about it."

"I'm so sorry, Jamie, that you got hurt."

"I'll be fine," she said, softly slowly reaching out to the small woman.

Sarah took the offered hand. Bringing it up to her cheek, she held it there. "Thank you for being there," she cried.

"Always," Jamie replied sleepily.

Seeing that the tall actress was getting tired, she stated, "Close your eyes and rest, Jamie. I'm going to go call the director and then find out when you can get out of here. I'll be back in a little bit."

That evening an entourage came to retrieve Jamie from the hospital. Under doctor's orders, she was required to stay off her feet for several weeks, upsetting everyone, because the shooting schedule had to be completely revamped. However, the tall woman didn't let the prognosis bother her. Instead, she cracked jokes all the way back to their condos in an effort to soothe Sarah, who was still obviously distraught over the events of the day.

Once back at their temporary homes though, the blonde assisted the older woman up to her place. Gingerly Jamie made her way back to her bedroom. Sarah followed her with Eve. "Let's get you into more comfortable clothes," she suggested.

"Fine but I want to shower quickly first. I smell after that workout," the brunette stated with a smile as she slowly made her way toward the bathroom.

"You're going to need help getting the bandages off your back," the blonde mentioned, following her. Placing Eve down on the floor in the bathroom, she looked up at Jamie expectantly. The older woman contemplated her options a moment, realizing she didn't have any other than to accept Sarah's help. "Come on. Turn around, so I can help you get your shirt off," the blonde instructed.

Jamie did as she was told, turning her back to the little woman. She unbuttoned the shirt her assistant for the movie had brought to her to travel home in, and then proceeded to try to slip it off her shoulders. However, she jumped slightly as hands came up to help her. Sarah's fingers felt cold on her back.

As Jamie's back was revealed, Sarah steeled herself for what was under the large bandages. Just by their size, she knew the tall woman had been badly injured. Jamie wasn't wearing a bra because of the bandages and now stood naked from the waist up to the little woman. "Okay. I'm going to slowly take them off now. Let me know if it starts to hurt at all."

Taking a deep, calming breath, the younger woman gently began to peel off the tape. As the bandages slowly came free, she had to concentrate on not reacting to what she was seeing. Several large cuts ran over the brunette's back. It was obvious the doctors had taken great care to stitch her closed as neatly as possible though. However, as she took off the last bandage by Jamie's shoulder, she gave a little gasp in surprise at what she found.

"What is it?" the tall woman whispered.

"You have a tattoo. I didn't know that," she responded as she briefly studied the grand tiger that graced Jamie's shoulder blade. Underneath the majestic animal were the initials SMT. Sarah's heart dropped a little at the thought of whose they actually belonged to, assuming they were for Jamie's beloved Stephanie. However, it left her with a strange feeling seeing her own initials etched into the strong shoulder.

"Yeah. I have a tattoo," Jamie stuttered a moment. She hadn't had to explain the memento to women before, but she anticipated Sarah's next questions. "The initials are Stephanie's. The tiger was her favorite animal. She used to call me her tiger, so one night not too long after she died, I got drunk in my sorrow and had that tattooed on my shoulder."

"I see," answered Sarah. Trying not to let her heart hurt at the visual of the woman she adored caring so greatly for another, she mentioned, "It's so large and in such a predominant place. I've never seen it before, and yet you're always practically shirtless in your movies."

Jamie gave a nod. "They usually just put makeup over it. I have one movie where it's visible, but the initials are covered."

Seeing that Jamie was waiting on her to leave to take off the rest of her clothes, the blonde politely asked, "Do you need any other help?"

"I think I have it."

"Okay. I'm just going to start on dinner for you then. Call me when you're ready, and I'll put clean bandages on for you. I'll run out at some point and get your prescription filled as well."

"You don't have to do that. I can take care of it tomorrow."

"Don't fight with me on this. You need someone to take care of you. This is my fault, so I want to do all I can to make it up to you."

"It's not your fault, Sarah. Those kids hit me with their car. That's not your fault."

"No but if Eve hadn't run into the street...," she started to protest, but Jamie cut her off.

"Again, not your fault. Two-year-olds are inquisitive. She didn't exactly listen when I tried to call her back. It was an accident, Sarah. Don't go blaming yourself for something you couldn't control. It's over. Eve's safe, and that's all that matters," she stated strongly, trying to drive home her point.

The small woman gave a nod. She didn't feel that way about the events, but she thought it was best not to argue the point with the older woman. She still felt responsible for what had taken place. "All right. You take your shower and call me if you need anything. Eve and I'll be starting on dinner."

After Jamie had taken a long shower, careful not to get her cast wet, she did her best to change into pajamas. It was difficult given the amount of pain she was feeling in her back, but after several moments was able to slip into a pair of boxers. Of course she knew her back had to be bandaged again before she could don a clean shirt, so she resorted to her only option, calling for Sarah to help her. Deciding it would be less tempting if she couldn't see the little blonde tending to her wounds, she decided to lie face down on the bed for the process.

When Sarah and Eve came into the room and she saw Jamie on the bed, the blonde actress's heart began to beat a little faster. Even with her injuries, the brunette looked sexy to her, sprawled out in only a pair of shorts. Knowing this was not a sexual task, however, she took a deep breath and stepped to the bedside, putting Eve down on the bed next to her friend. Tentatively she reached for the bandages and ointment that were discarded on the nightstand when they had first arrived. Taking a seat next to Jamie, she said, "I'm just going to put some of this salve on first."

Jamie gave a nod as she looked at the toddler who was making faces at her. Eve seemed to have already forgotten about the events of the day as she engaged Jamie in meaningless babble. Nevertheless, the tall woman enjoyed the child's attention, smiling at her as Eve gestured with her gibberish as if she was stressing particular points. For Jamie's part, she nodded and acted interested, which seemed to spur the two-year-old more. As the older actress watched her, she began to realize how many mannerisms Eve and her mother truly shared. From little hand gestures to facial quirks, the two blondes really were made from the same mold.

Sarah observed the conversation with interest as she applied the bandages to Jamie's back. Eve seemed so enthralled with the brunette, and she knew the feeling was mutual. Jamie never failed to show how much she cared for Eve. In her heart Sarah knew that was what she wanted for her daughter. When she was finished putting the last bandage in place, she simply caressed Jamie's shoulders a moment. The tall woman didn't seem to mind the touch. It went on for a few minutes before Sarah leaned down and kissed Jamie lightly on the back of the neck. Instantly the brunette tensed but said nothing as she just looked over her shoulder at her friend.

Sarah took that as her cue to stop and did so regretfully. Standing up from the bed, she picked up Eve. "Well, we're just going to finish dinner. You get dressed and come on out. It should be ready soon."

Nodding, Jamie answered, "All right. Thank you, Sarah."

Half an hour later the three of them sat down to dinner. Jamie was starting to feel the pain of her back as her medication wore off, but she was determined not to let it show in front of the blonde. She knew Sarah felt terrible for what had taken place, and it would only make her feel more so if she knew the condition she was really in. Instead, she just quietly ate her meal with intentions of heading off to bed afterwards.

As the blonde sat across from the older woman, she could clearly see the agony in her eyes. Even though the tall woman was stoic in showing her pain, she knew instinctively Jamie was only hiding it for her sake, which made her heart adore Jamie even more. She was always so thoughtful of others, and today had not been an exception. Jamie had placed Eve's life above her own. As much as Sarah didn't want to think about it, her mind played the moment repeatedly. Had Jamie not been there, Eve wouldn't be sitting next to her as if nothing had happened. Sarah knew she would have died emotionally had anything occurred to her little girl. As it was her heart suffered at the pain Jamie was experiencing.

When it was apparent Jamie wasn't going to eat any more, Sarah suggested, "Why don't we get you settled in bed, and then I'll run down to the pharmacy for that prescription for you?"

"Don't worry about that. Seriously, I can get it tomorrow."

"No. You need to take another pill. It's time," she countered, consulting her watch.

"Fine," Jamie conceded, sensing she wasn't going to win the argument. With Sarah's help, she made it back to her room and got comfortable on the bed. Seeing the blonde preparing Eve to go out, she said, "Leave Eve here, Sarah. I can watch her for a few minutes."

"Are you sure? You aren't exactly mobile, Jamie."

"It'll be fine. We'll watch some cartoons while you're gone. It won't take long. It's one less thing you have to worry about," she said.

Sarah contemplated the situation for a moment. "All right," she finally agreed, placing her daughter down on the bed next to Jamie. She handed the brunette the remote. "I'll be right back. Don't let her get off the bed," she instructed the older woman. Jamie nodded. Looking at her daughter, Sarah kissed her head sweetly. "You stay here with Jamie, Eve. Mama will be back in a few minutes."

"Me Me," Eve said with a smile, curling up to the tall woman.

"See. We're fine. Go on," Jamie said.

"Okay. I'll be back as soon as I can."

Sarah rushed out of the condo as quickly as she could. After all that had happened that day, she didn't like the idea of being away from either of them, but she knew Jamie needed the medication, even as much as she was denying it. Swiftly walking to the pharmacy, she was greeted by a clerk who seemed extremely bored. When she asked where the pharmacist was, he directed her toward the back of the store and even hung around as she waited on the prescription, trying to make conversation with her.

However, Sarah just wasn't in the mood to be social after all that had occurred. "Look, you seem very nice, Ralph," she began, taking a look at his nametag. "I've just had a hell of day, so if you wouldn't mind leaving me to contemplate it in silence, that would be nice."

"Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to offend," he apologized. He started to turn away but decided against it at the last second. "Has anyone ever told you that you looked like Sarah Talbot?" he questioned innocently.

"No," she answered.

"Well, you do. You're more attractive though," he tried to compliment. "You know speaking of celebrities, the other night I met Jamie Dean. You know who that is?" Sarah gave a nod. "She was cool. It was funny though, because she came in for baby stuff. I didn't even know she had a baby. It was funny to see the way she came running in and out of here like three or four times. It's not often that happens," he mentioned conversationally.

The blonde just nodded. In her mind she imagined Jamie doing just that. She thought it was sweet the tall woman felt urgency towards Eve's needs. "Ralph, that's a nice story, but if I could really have some quiet time, that would be great," she requested again.

"Oh, right. Sorry," he apologized again before moving away from her.

When the pharmacist was finished with Jamie's prescription, Sarah headed up to the front counter to pay for it. She watched as the clerk looked at the name on the bag and then scanned the medication. "Is Jamie okay?" he asked in concern as he put the medicine in a plastic bag.

Not seeing any reason to lie after he had seen Jamie's name, the blonde answered, "She was in a little accident. She'll be fine, but I really need to get these back to her."

"Oh, of course. Tell her Ralph said hi for me?" he asked.

"Sure," she replied, taking the bag from his hands.

Giving her a small grin, he winked at her. "Your secrets are safe with me, Sarah."

Being caught off guard by his observation, she simply nodded. "Thank you, Ralph. Good night."

"Could I ask you one thing quickly though before you go?"

"What is it?" she inquired more politely than she really felt at the moment.

"Are you two making a movie here?"

"Yes. Now if that's all, I should get going."

"Oh, yeah. Right. Well, good night."


By the time Sarah arrived back at Jamie's, half an hour had vanished. Hearing only the TV coming from the bedroom, she went back to check on her two favorite females. The sight that she saw when she walked through the doorway filled her heart with such pleasure. Jamie was lying on her side asleep with a protective arm around Eve, who was curled into her also sleeping. Sarah just observed them for a moment, not wanting to wake either of them, but she knew Jamie needed another pain pill or else she would be hurting later that night. Moving over to the tall woman's side of the bed, the blonde contemplated how to wake her.

Going with her instincts, she leaned down and kissed the dark-haired woman on the temple lightly and then the cheek. Jamie stirred slightly turning her head toward the touch giving Sarah the opportunity to gently kiss the tall woman's mouth. Jamie moaned in her sleep. Spurred on by the sound, Sarah pressed deeper, slipping her tongue between the older woman's lips. Instantly Jamie's eyes opened, but instead of pulling back right away, she reached up to the back of Sarah's blonde head, pulling her closer. The kiss lasted for long moments before coming to its mutual conclusion.

When it ended, they just looked at each other quietly for a minute before the younger woman softly said, "I have your pills. I'm just going to get you some water. Be right back."

The tall woman nodded. When the blonde left the room, she opened her eyes completely. It had felt good to wake to Sarah's kiss. She had wanted to indulge in it, but she knew she shouldn't. Instead, she had just enjoyed the moment until it was over.

Just a minute later Sarah returned with a bottle of water. She dug out the medicine and opened it, pouring one pill out into her hand. "It says you can take two if you wanted. How many do you think you need?"

"Just one will be fine. If that doesn't work, I'll take another later," she answered, taking the medicine and water from the blonde.

After Jamie had swallowed it, Sarah put the pills and water on the nightstand. "Do you need anything else?"

The brunette shook her head. "I'm fine."

"All right. I was thinking maybe I should stay here tonight just in case."

"You don't have to. I'll be fine," Jamie stated, trying not to sound too desperate for the woman's company. In truth she thought it was a wonderful idea.

"It would make me feel better," Sarah explained, trying to sound as if the tall woman's physical condition was the only reason she wanted to be there.

The older woman nodded. "All right then."

"Great. Let me just make a spot for Eve on the floor, so you're more comfortable. I don't really like her being in another room if I'm awake," she stated.

"I understand. Stephanie and I used to let Katrina sleep in our room a lot when she was young. After Stephanie died, Katrina never wanted to sleep alone. She finally grew out of it when she moved in with Samantha and Doug."

"Well, I'll move her when I go to bed. That is unless you're tired right now."

"No, not really. Let's watch a movie or something," she suggested.

Sarah nodded in agreement. Quickly she made her daughter a comfortable spot on the floor near the bed in case she needed to get to her. The little girl seemed unfazed by the movement, assuring her mother that she was indeed asleep for the night. Climbing onto the side of the bed her daughter had just occupied, Sarah tried to act nonchalant. Neither woman spoke for a little bit as Jamie flipped channels. They amiably agreed on what to watch and then were quiet.

After a couple of hours, Sarah noticed the tall woman was starting to doze. "Jamie?" she questioned softly.


"Why don't we get you under the covers? You'll be more comfortable there." The tall woman gave a sleepy nod. Working slowly and together, they maneuvered the big body under the sheet and comforter. Once that was complete, the little woman asked, "Would you mind if I borrowed something to sleep in? I'm getting kind of tired myself."

"No problem. The middle drawer over there has stuff," she mumbled.

Getting out of bed, the small woman made her way over to the dresser. Pulling open the drawer Jamie had directed her to, she found an assortment of t-shirts and shorts. Knowing that the shorts were going to be too big given their differences in size, Sarah opted for just a shirt.

The tall woman pretended her eyes were closed as she spied the younger woman at her dresser. Secretly she hoped the small woman would undress there in front of her, and she wasn't disappointed when Sarah began to shed her clothes. The older woman took a controlled breath as the blonde's bare back came into view. She watched as the woman reached around to unclasp her bra and toss it aside into the chair with her blouse, letting the edge of her breast show just for a moment. Sarah then slipped the t-shirt over her head. It swamped her and yet looked incredibly sexy at the same time to Jamie, because it was her clothes the younger woman was wearing. She continued to observe as Sarah then pulled her shorts off from under the long shirt. She disappeared briefly into the bathroom before returning to the bed and clicking off the lights, leaving them in only the glow of the television.

Later that night Jamie awoke suddenly. She had no idea why her eyes had quickly opened, so she merely listened for a moment to hear if anything was the cause. She heard nothing but the sound of soft snoring. Easing herself up a little, she noted that it was Eve asleep on the floor. The tall woman felt a body next to her stir a little in response to her movement. Letting her eyes adjust to the darkness, she saw Sarah lying there next to her. Blue eyes were open.

"Sarah?" she whispered.

"Yes?" came the quiet reply.

"Is Eve okay?" Jamie inquired.

"Yeah. It sounds like she's getting a little cold or something, but she should be fine. Are you all right?" the little woman inquired, reaching out to the taller woman. Her hand landed on Jamie's shoulder, and she soothingly began to rub it.

"I'm fine. Something just woke me up. Why aren't you asleep?"

"I don't know. My mind was too active I suppose."

"What are you thinking about?" Jamie asked softly as she reached out to touch the woman in her bed. Her hand caressed a soft cheek before settling into fair hair.

"You," confessed Sarah as she let her hand trail up to the nape of the brunette's neck. She massaged it for a moment. Going with her own instincts, she closed the distance between them by pulling the larger woman down to her. Their mouths met slowly. Sarah moaned as she felt Jamie's frame roll over onto her, one of her larger legs slipping between her own.

Jamie let out a low growl at the feeling of the blonde naked under the shirt as her thigh brushed the apex of the tiny woman's legs. The younger woman was already aroused. She felt Sarah's hips intuitively rock gently against her muscled thigh. "God, Sarah," she whimpered.

The twenty-five-year old actress moaned at the desire dripping from Jamie's voice. It called to her, stirring a place within her that had never been reached by anyone before. "Jamie," she breathed. She began to grapple with the tall woman's t-shirt, being mindful of her back, as she slipped it over Jamie's head.

Jamie allowed the small woman to release her from the clothing. In response, her right hand dropped down to the blonde's bare hip. The brunette slid the rest of her body between Sarah's thighs. Her back protested the movement, but she didn't care at the moment. All that mattered was the little woman lying beneath her. She had Sarah where she had always fantasized. She felt the petite woman's hands on her back.

"Are you okay? Does this hurt?" Sarah inquired as she gently pulled Jamie's body closer.

"No," the tall woman lied, even though her back did smart at the pressure of Sarah's hands. Her pain was secondary to the pleasure she was about to bestow on the woman who had captured her heart though. With her right hand, Jamie started to remove Sarah's shirt.

Seeing the older woman struggling a bit, the blonde sat up enough to slide it off herself. As soon as their naked upper bodies meshed together, both of them groaned with rising fervor as their lips met again. Sarah was in heaven. She had dreamed of them together since that day on the set. Now here she was with her fantasy embracing her in loving arms as they exchanged tender intimacies. Slipping her hands up into dark hair, she let Jamie take her to places she hadn't visited in such a long time, letting emotions sweep her into ecstasy. The tall woman freed herself from Sarah's inviting mouth to travel down into her neck as her hands came up to her generous endowment. The little woman squirmed when firm hands grasped unyieldingly at her chest. She heaved loudly as her back arched toward the touch.

Jamie responded with increasing intensity, beginning to manipulate them, stimulating their peaks between her fingers as she licked a pattern down the right side of the blonde's neck and over the soft contour of her breast until she reached its crest. When her hot mouth closed over it, she groaned wantonly.

Sarah called out lightly, clutching the back of the dark head. Her hips continued their own pace against the taller woman's stomach, grinding harder against her sinewy abdomen. She was soaked and aching for Jamie to be inside of her. "Jamie," she entreated. "Please. Touch me." Immediately she was rewarded with the feeling of the twenty-seven-year-old's right hand cupping her wetness.

"Sarah," the brunette whispered in earnest. "Please, may I make love to you?" she asked sincerely, waiting for permission to take things further between them.

"God, yes. Please, Jamie. I want you inside of me," she answered with a voice strained in need. She didn't think she could wait another moment. Hearing that consent, Jamie was just about to give the blonde what she wanted when a sound stopped her. Pausing for a moment, she heard it again. "What are you waiting for?" Sarah questioned in desperation.

Ducking her head toward Sarah's ear, she whispered, "Eve's awake."

Listening for movement, the younger woman heard her daughter whimper. Without a word she gently pushed against Jamie to move her. Instantly the brunette eased away, so Sarah could attend to the toddler. The little woman clicked on the bedside lamp to low and slid out of bed. Jamie merely watched the beautiful naked woman pick up her daughter. As she lay there observing them together, the weight of the situation came crashing down on her. She was so close to having sex with Sarah Talbot, her co-star, friend, mother of a two-year-old, and married woman. Given just a few more seconds they would have been in the throes of adultery, and the older woman's heart sank as her desire quickly ebbed. Even as alluring as the blonde was, there was someone else in Sarah's life, someone who had a claim on the woman's intimate affection.

Knowing it wouldn't be right to continue on after the blonde took care of what seemed just to be a dirty diaper, Jamie gently slipped her t-shirt back on and a made a move to rise from bed. She grabbed her crutches from their place leaning against the nightstand and limped out of the room.

As Sarah watched the older woman go, she could see the distress in her body language. She knew that they had just crossed their line of friendship, but she had no idea what to do now. She was in unfamiliar territory, having never considered an affair outside of her marriage. However, there she was in the bed and arms of the person she desired most in the entire world, ready and willing to sacrifice it all for the feeling of being one with the dark-haired actress. Once she had Eve settled again, she put on her nightshirt and slowly made her way out into the living room where she heard the TV. Jamie was sitting on the sofa staring at it. She didn't move when Sarah entered. The blonde took a tentative seat next to the older woman.

"Are you going to come back to bed?" she asked quietly.

"No. I'm not really tired," Jamie answered. In truth she was exhausted, but she didn't think she could control herself if she had to sleep next to the small woman. Her body was blazing, and all she really wanted was to merge with the intimate liquid fire the blonde possessed.

"You look tired to me. Come on. Let me help you back to bed. You need your rest."

Knowing she was right, Jamie reluctantly agreed. With Sarah's help she got to her feet and headed back to the bedroom. The petite woman assisted her into bed again and then took an uncertain seat next to her. Neither spoke for a moment. Finally Sarah bravely asked, "Do you want me to go?"

"You can't stay," the tall woman stated logically.

"But do you want me to?" the blonde questioned.

She nodded slowly, confessing, "Yes."

"I don't want to leave, Jamie," Sarah admitted. "We don't have to do anything. I just want to feel your arms around me. Could you just hold me?"

"Okay," the older woman agreed.

Giving a nod of her own, the blonde went to the other side of the bed and hesitantly slid in under the covers before turning off the light. Both women timidly reached for each other, meeting in the center of the bed. Trying to relax, Jamie just let Sarah cuddle into her the way she was most comfortable. When the blonde was settled, the tall woman sighed.

Still not knowing exactly what to say, Sarah merely said, "Good night, Jamie. Wake me if you need anything."

"Night, Sarah. Sleep well."

Neither woman slept the rest of the night. Secretly each of them stayed awake to enjoy the other's embrace. Early the next morning Sarah had to go to the set for work, so she regretfully left Jamie at her condo. They didn't speak about what had transpired between them, but there was an awkward tension.

The entire day Sarah's thoughts were with Jamie. Even though she had to work, she constantly wondered what the tall woman was doing with her day off. She could hardly wait to be back with her, but the schedule seemed to drag. When a wrap was finally called for the day, the blonde rushed back to Jamie's.

Surprisingly though, as her car pulled up in front of their building, she saw the brunette standing on the curb next to a limousine as the concierge loaded some bags into the trunk. Quickly jumping out of her own vehicle, she called out, "Jamie, where are you going?"

"Oh, hi, Sarah. I was just about to leave."

"I see that. Where are you going?" she repeated as Eve clutched to the tall woman's good leg and greeted her with a hug.

"Home. I left you a note. There's no point for me to hang around here. I need to be at home where someone can help me with my injuries. I'm going to go stay with Samantha and Doug awhile. At least I can see Katrina that way," she stated.

"You don't have to leave. I can take care of you, Jamie," the blonde offered.

"I know you can, Sarah, probably better than anyone," she replied. "However, it wouldn't be right. We both know that."

"Is this about last night?" Sarah whispered so prying ears couldn't hear them. The tall woman shifted uncomfortably under the blue gaze. "It is. Jamie, last night was..."

The older woman held up her hand. "Don't, Sarah. Don't try to apologize or explain. Let last night stand on its own merit. Let it be the perfect moment it was. Don't spoil it with words." Seeing the little woman upset, Jamie reached out for her. "Come here." She enfolded her in her arms for a moment. Leaning down toward her ear, she softly said, "We both know this won't work. You're otherwise spoken for, and I am hardly a sufficient replacement as a father for Eve. I can't even care for my own child. I adore you both, but you know as well as I do, this can't be. I'll be back in three or four weeks to finish this project, and I hope when I return you and I can be the friends we once were."

Sarah began to whimper as she desperately tried to hold back her emotions, but she failed as tears began to track her fair cheeks. It felt as if Jamie had just ripped her heart from her chest with words. "Jamie," she whispered.

It hurt the brunette to see the younger woman cry. She didn't want to cause Sarah pain, but she knew it would be disastrous to travel the path of an affair. Her heart would not be able to handle sharing the blonde with anyone, so she did what she thought was best. She gave up her hope for anything other than friendship. The shorter woman's tears made Jamie pull Sarah into a tighter hold that lasted several minutes. Finally though she kissed the little woman's cheek and broke away. "I have to go now. Don't cry for me, Sarah. I'm not worth your tears. I'll see you soon."

As Jamie pulled away and tried to get into the car, Eve called out and reached for her. "Me Me."

The tall woman looked at the little girl who was swept up into her crying mother's arms. The toddler continued to reach out for her. Unable to turn her back on the two-year-old, Jamie stepped back to her. Immediately Eve came into her arms, putting her head on the strong shoulder and throwing her tiny arms around the older woman's neck. Jamie's heart felt torn as she held the little girl. It was hard enough to walk away from Sarah but nearly impossible to do it to Eve.

"I'll be back soon, Eve," she tried to explain to the two-year-old blonde. Eve didn't let go however. "Sarah," she said, silently requesting for assistance. The blonde actress gently removed her daughter from Jamie's arms. Eve protested loudly with tears and screaming, extending her arms to the taller woman again. It took all Jamie's willpower not to take her. Instead, she stoically said, "I'll see you, ladies, soon." Getting into the limo, she didn't look back as she began to cry.

Concluded in Part 2

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