~ The Adventures of Super Dyke IV: Hearts Divided ~
by Alex Tryst
Copyright March 2006

Dedication: To Valerie (My fellow Pink fan, don't you just love women who kick ass?) Thanks for all the emails. It's been a pleasure to converse from across the pond.

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Erin stood at the window looking out at the rain. It was a stormy night in New York, the rain covering the streets and cabs in a never-ending stream. Erin could hear the water splash under the cars as she watched the street below. Her mind was too active to sleep that night. Suddenly hands encircled her torso, running under the hem of her white t-shirt and resting on her taut bare stomach.

"It's late, Erin. Why don't you come back to bed?"

She shook her head. "I can't sleep."

"Maybe I can think of a way to put you to sleep." A mouth kissed Erin's back through her t-shirt as hands drifted under the waistband of the blue boxers she was wearing. A hand cupped the junction of her thighs. The Texan sighed, pulling the hands out of her shorts and up to her lips. She kissed them softly before turning from the window. She looked down at Sahar standing there in the maroon chemise she had worn to bed that night. The Arabic woman's dark hair hung freely around her shoulders, and her gold and diamond pendant necklace sat in the valley of her breasts. Dark eyes sparkled even in the dim room. Erin thought she looked exotically beautiful.

"You know how to tempt a woman, don't you, Princess?" Erin rhetorically inquired, curving her arms around the petite woman in front of her. She leaned down and covered Sahar's lips with her own.

"Come back to bed and love us both to sleep."

Erin nodded in agreement, allowing herself to be led over to the king-sized bed they had already shared several times that night. Covering Sahar's body with her own, Erin cradled the smaller woman into her arms. Hands quickly removed her shirt and boxers, but they left the younger woman's lingerie in place as they kissed slowly at first. It seemed like that was what Sahar wanted, so Erin took her time. Working methodically down the little woman's neck, she showered it with delicate attention as her left hand gently caressed her breast through the satin. Erin could feel hands along her back, gripping gently, pulling her closer. The petite woman's breathing started to come in shorter breaths as Erin moved south, adoring Sahar's chest through her sleep attire. Her right hand eased under the edge of the material and rested against the toned thigh for a moment.

"Erin," her bedmate whispered.

"What, baby?"


"Just relax and enjoy it. You know I'll get you there, Princess," the tall woman murmured, coming back up to kiss her mouth. Their tongues danced slowly. Hips rose slowly upward into Erin's stomach, trying to bring them closer. Using both hands, Erin eased up the satin passed Sahar's waist, so their naked skin could touch. "Better?"

The Arabic woman nodded as her thighs tightened around Erin's hips. "I love the way you feel against me. You're so strong. You make me feel so safe, Erin."

"You are safe, baby. You know that." The leisurely pace continued. Their kissing was unrushed as Erin allowed Sahar to do most of the work, grinding at her own tempo against the Texan's body until hips started to reach an erratic pace. The mewling sound that came from her lover's throat alerted Erin to the fact that Sahar was more than ready to proceed. Her right hand that had been caressing her lover's thigh slowly drifted between her legs to her wetness and just cupped it for a moment.

"Erin, please, baby. I want you inside of me," Sahar beseeched quietly.

"And I really want to be there. You are so beautiful, Sahar, my beautiful little princess." Moving slowly Erin filled her lover. "Lock your legs around me, sweetheart," she instructed. "You know how much I like to when you do that."

Sahar complied, locking her ankles around Erin's hips. "You feel so good, baby. Oh, Erin."

Moving unhurriedly together, the couple ascended toward the summit. Erin didn't want the moment to get there so soon though and backed off a little when she could feel her lover start to teeter on the edge of fulfillment. Sahar whimpered in protest. Erin moaned into her lover's ear. "I love the way you feel against me, Princess. I love the way you feel from the inside."

"Allah, Erin, please. It feels so good."

"I'm glad."

"Please, baby. Make me come, Erin."

"Oh, I will. Don't you worry your pretty head about that. Just have patience. It'll come. I wouldn't ever leave you unfulfilled. You know that." After a few more minutes, Erin whispered, "Would you do something for me?"


"Roll over and get on your hands and knees."

Their eyes met in the dark, but Sahar did what was asked of her without comment. Erin also got to her knees, moving in behind her lover. Her hands rubbed Sahar's satin-clad hips for a moment before pulling the material up once again to reveal her treasures. Large strong hands massaged the beautiful skin as Erin kissed Sahar on the small of the back. Her mouth trailed up her spine as her hands continued to massage the firm cheeks in her hands.

"You are so damn beautiful."

Sahar moaned as fingers dipped into her wetness for a brief moment before withdrawing again. Those same fingers painted her wetness on her lower back leading down toward the top of the crevice of her ass. Sahar moaned again as a tongue repeated the trail. "Baby, please."

"You taste so good, Princess." Erin continued to run her tongue along Sahar's back as her fingers went back to a methodical stroking inside her lover's tight heat. Taking the smaller woman by the shoulder, Erin pulled her back against her tighter as she sat back on her calves, so Sahar was sitting in her lap. Pushing the long dark hair aside, she kissed Sahar along the nape of her neck. "Help me, baby. Let me feel you work for it," she whispered, encouraging her lover to ride her fingers. The younger woman immediately began to raise and lower her own body at a pace to her liking against Erin's hand. Using her free left hand, the tall brunette teased the crest of her lover's breasts on the outside of her chemise. "You are so sexy, Sahar," she whispered, nipping the side of her neck. She could feel hands in her hair, pulling her closer as the petite woman continued to ride her with a quickened pace. Erin let Sahar dictate the speed from there on out as she added a third finger. She could feel the climax begin in her lover's thighs as they quivered against her own. Sahar's breathing grew shallow and was accompanied by moans of pleasure as her walls began to clamp down against Erin, holding her a willing prisoner inside of her. Sahar's tiny body spasmed as Erin held her tightly and whispered words of adoration to her.

Finally there was a long sigh. "Oh, Allah, baby," Sahar mumbled, dropping her head back against her lover's shoulder. "You really are the best lover ever."

"And I'm not even finished." Nudging Sahar off her lap and onto her hands and knees again, she pinched the firm right cheek under her hand playfully. "Now be a good girl and grip the headboard. No matter what happens, I don't want you to let go."

"What are you going to do?" the petite woman questioned, looking over her shoulder at her lover.

Erin grinned and kissed her on the left cheek under her hand. "Whatever I want," she growled. Sahar shivered at the response but did as she was asked. She took a hold of the headboard and hung on. Erin took her time, kissing along her lover's legs. She took in her feet, calves, and thighs before moving up her ass to her back. Covering every inch with her mouth, her hands gently caressed all the available soft skin. Finally Erin worked her body between Sahar's legs, so she was flat on her back against the bed, looking up at her creation. Flashing her infamous grin, she instructed, "Hold on tight." With that she pulled Sahar's hips down, lowering her wetness toward her hungry mouth.

Sahar cried out at the feeling of Erin's tongue buried inside of her. "Erin, oh, Allah."

Erin growled in response. Sahar was so tight inside. "You feel so good, baby." Reveling in her task, the tall Texan took her time, using her tongue to tease and taste all the delights Sahar's body had to offer her until the Arabic woman shook once again with climax.

Dropping onto her lover's body, Sahar took deep breaths. Minutes passed as Erin held her, rubbing her back comfortingly. Finally Sahar sighed deeply. "Damn, Erin. The way you make me feel. Let me try to please you. I want you to feel as good as I do."

They had been working on Erin's ability to open up sexually for the past six

months, and she was getting better at allowing Sahar to pleasure her, but they were not as far as either of them really wanted to be in that area. Erin knew she was holding back intentionally, because she could feel herself becoming emotionally attached to Sahar in a way that went beyond friendship. It was what she had feared the most, falling in love. She knew she and Sahar couldn't have a long-term relationship, because of her business relationship with her lover's father. If he ever found out about them, she would lose his business, but even more, she feared he would force Sahar into a traditional life back at home in a loveless marriage to a man. Sahar's religion condemned their relationship, and even though the young woman seemed unconcerned with reconciling her religious beliefs with her behavior, Erin knew Sahar's father would feel differently if he knew about them. She didn't want Sahar or herself to suffer for their sexual relationship. Her lover deserved better. She deserved to live the life she wanted, but Erin was afraid that meant it would be without her, and therefore, she felt she had to protect her own heart from that inevitability.

"Where are you right now?" Sahar quietly asked, running her left hand along Erin's chest.

"What do you mean? I'm right here with you."

"No you weren't. You were thinking about something, something upsetting."

"What makes you think that?"

"Your whole body just tensed."

"I'm just worried about you going to France tomorrow."

"It's just for the wedding. I'll be back in a few weeks."

"I can't help but worry about the possibility of your father forcing you to go home, especially after what happened. He wasn't thrilled when he found out an intruder had broken into your home and shot me, you know. He doesn't think you're safe here. If he only knew the truth, he would have had you on the first flight home."

"But you're here with me and I've moved to a secured building. That makes all the difference in the world. Ever since I told him you were moving in, he's been better. He doesn't worry so much with you here to protect me."

"Even though he knows I'm only here about a week a month?"

"Still it's better than nothing. Besides I told him I was spending time with you down in Texas, too. He thinks you're around more than you really are. It was the only way to get him to calm down."

"You told your father you were in Texas with me? It would have been nice to know you had told him that. What if he had asked me? Princess, your father and I are in business together. I can't lie to him. You can't expect me to lie to him for you. If he found out, I'd lose his business, not to mention his trust."

"I don't expect you to lie. You just don't have to tell him everything. You wouldn't think of telling him about us, would you?"

"Of course not. He'd kill me. I just worry that he might get ideas of marrying you off because of Mercedes."

"Mercedes is in love with this guy, and she wanted to get married. My father has no say. Trust me. If he did, it would be to someone he thinks more worthy of my sister. He's not thrilled that Mercedes fell in love with a French diplomat. You know he hates non-Arabs, and he hates politicians. Brian Prudhomme is both. He was mad about it, but he's come to accept it. Mercedes is just like me. If she wants something, she'll get it regardless of the cost. He knows he'll lose her if he doesn't allow her to do this."

"Isn't disowning part of your culture, though, if you don't do what your father wants?"

"It can be, but you know him. He has a soft spot for Mercedes and me. We're his girls. He's much harder on my brothers. He'll give us anything we want. Trust me on this, Erin. He'll let me come back, because I'll throw a fit if he doesn't. He always gives in."

"Princess, I know your father differently than you do. I know how hard he is on your brothers. I've heard him talk about Mercedes and you, what he wants for the two of you as far as spouses are concerned. Mercedes has broken his heart by choosing to marry someone outside your faith and ethnicity. I don't want him to take that pain out on you, because you're a convenient target. He's already told me that he plans not to let the same thing happen to you. He wants to pick your husband, a nice traditional Muslim. He told me so."

"He doesn't mean it. He's just mad at Mercedes."

"I know. That's what worries me. I don't want you to pay for her mistake."

"I won't. I'm coming back to the United States after this wedding. He can't force me to get on his plane and go home with him."

"He could cut you off financially."

"Even if he does, I still have some trust fund money. He can't take everything. I was worried about that, so I called Emily and asked her for advice."

"What do you mean you called Emily? My attorney Emily? Emily Parker?"

"Yeah. You said you trusted her, so I called her, and she referred me to someone who could help me with my trust fund. I transferred it all to Johnston Brown, and he can't touch it."

"Well, good for you. I'm glad you had some foresight to plan ahead."

"I'm thinking about telling my parents about me, Erin, but I wanted to make sure I was protected first."

"You're going to tell them that you're a lesbian?"

"I was thinking about it. I'm scared, though."

"With reason. It goes against everything in your religion, Princess. Are you prepared for the worst to happen? He's going to lose it."

"I know, but what worries me is you. If I tell him, he's bound to ask you if you knew. I don't want him to be mad at you for keeping it from him."

Erin nodded her head as she combed her fingers through Sahar's thick dark hair. "Yeah, but if you really want to tell them, I'll support you. He might be upset with me."

"I don't want you to lose his business."

"I want you to be happy. If your father chooses not to do business with me because of that, that's his choice. There's nothing I can do about it."

"It is a lot of money, though?"

"Yes, his contract is a lot of money, Sahar. I'm not going to lie to you about that. However, I'm in my early 30s, and I have enough money that I could retire now and live comfortably for the rest of my life. Losing his business isn't the end of the world. If you want to do this, I'll support you."

"Well, I think he's going to go ballistic and disown me in all honesty, which is why I had to look into the trust first. At least with Mercedes she's still marrying a man."

"Do you have enough money to survive without working full-time somewhere?"

"I think so. It's about fifteen million. I still want to work at the club, because it's fun. New York is expensive, but the people over at Johnston Brown assure me that if I am careful, that's all the money I'll ever need."

"They're right. That's plenty as long as you don't go wild. No jet-setting to Paris for shopping sprees with Mercedes every time there is a change of season."

"Speaking of my sister, I wanted to tell them while we were in Paris, so they can't force me to stay with them. At home they could, but in France, they can't. That was Mercedes's idea."

"You told your sister?"

"Yeah. I told her a few weeks ago."

"How did she take it?"

"She was upset at first, but I got her to at least understand, even if she didn't agree with me. She came up with the idea of telling our parents in France instead of at home. Just in case they can't handle it, she and Brian have agreed to help me get back to the States."

"That means a lot, considering how much Mercedes is risking by trying to help you."

"She said that's what big sisters were for. We have to be there for each other, because we're both outcasts in our own family. With her though, she can at least go home. I won't be able to. I'll no longer exist in my father's eyes if he responds how we think he will."

"Are you prepared for that? Being without your family is going to be tough."

"I've been living in the States since college. I hardly ever see them. This is my life, and I'm tired of being scared. I want to live my life, not the one they want for me."

Erin kissed Sahar on top of her head. "You know I'll be here for you. If you need me to come to France to rescue you, I will. All you have to do is call."

"Are you sure you won't change your mind and come? Mercedes was hoping you would."

"Well, I already declined the invitation. It would be rude to go now. Besides it might be worse for me to be there if you are going to tell your parents. Unless you want me to go for the support."

"I think it's better if you don't as much as I would like you there. When I told Mercedes, she asked if you and I had hooked up. Isn't that funny?"

"How did she even know I was into women?"

"I don't know."

"What did you tell her?"

"The truth. I told her yes. It was only then when she said she understood the allure. Guess you have that affect on lots of women."

"Well, you Freyha girls are something else. Both of you are beautiful and charming. Brian's lucky to have her, and I'm lucky to have you," she said, lifting Sahar's head, so they could kiss.

"I'm lucky, too. Let me show you how lucky I feel to have you," she murmured, kissing Erin's neck as her left hand trailed over her stomach.

Erin sighed deeply, trying to relax at the touch along her form. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the feeling of Sahar's body, the satin of her lingerie, the warm hands, and the moist mouth. Sahar kissed her neck thoroughly, knowing it was the best way to get her to respond as her left hand tickled the skin along her hips and thighs teasingly. Erin could feel her heart began to beat faster and her breathing come in heavier pants. "Princess," she whispered.

"That's it, baby. Let me hear you, Erin. I've got you." Sahar moved slowly, deliberately down her lover's body. Her mouth took in all the landscape methodically.

The whole time Erin just clutched the dark head, feeling herself starting to open as her lover showered her with attention. It was starting to feel good to her, more so than it ever had. She felt herself moan as a hand came to rest between her thighs. "Sahar."

"What is it, baby?" she whispered.

Just then Erin did something she hadn't done in over a decade. She succumbed with one word. "Please."

Sahar kissed her lover's face sweetly. "Open your eyes, Erin." Erin did so. Her lover smiled at her. "I would do anything for you. Anything at all."

Erin smiled back at Sahar as she brought her arms around her and brought her down into a kiss. It didn't last long as the older woman groaned at the feeling of her lover entering her. Her eyes rolled closed. She concentrated on the feelings enveloping her body. Heat encompassed her as their bodies rubbed together. She could feel herself straining for that fulfillment, the culmination her body desperately craved suddenly, the height of pleasure that could only be found with a lover, the peak she had denied herself for so long. "Sahar," she cried. "Oh, God."

"That's it, Erin. Let it go."

With a little coaxing from her lover, Erin knew she couldn't be able to withhold any longer. She gave herself over to the pleasure, not worrying any longer about the exposure she felt. Crying out and gripping Sahar tightly, she climaxed with an intensity that surprised the both of them. She shook uncontrollably as she felt her eyes become watery behind her closed lids. She felt her lover holding her tightly and whispering comforting words to her. Finally after a long time, her breathing returned to normal, and Sahar withdrew. The couple cuddled together in silence for a moment. However, as Erin settled, the vulnerability she had shown began to nag at her. She felt too stripped and tried to withdraw from her lover's embrace.

Sahar wouldn't let her go, though. Looking into Erin's dark eyes, she whispered, "It's okay, Erin. Just relax. I've got you. You're safe here with me."

"I...," she said, not able to go on. She didn't know what to say just then. She tried to withdraw a second time, but she was restrained in Sahar's arm.

"Erin, please. This is one of the best parts, just lying here together. I like holding each other after we make love. It makes me feel closer to you. Let me hold you. I love you. I would never hurt you."

"You love me?" she questioned in surprise.

Sahar looked deeply into her eyes. "Yes, Erin, I do. I love you, and I know you feel the same even if you've never said it."

"I do love you, Sahar. You have to believe that, but..."

The younger woman sighed. "I already know, Erin. You pine away for Emily Parker. She's your dream girl."

"How did you know that?"

"Because when you were lying on my floor dying after Jas shot you, you kept calling for her."

"She'll never have me, though. She has Gillian. I don't want to feel this way about her."

Sahar nodded. "I understand. Heartbreak can be a tough thing, but I'm here for you."

"I just want to be fair to you, Princess. You deserve a lover who loves you completely. My heart is divided."

"I know, but it doesn't keep me from loving you. That just means Super Dyke has a flaw after all," she teased. "What do you want to do? I have feelings for you that are deeper than I've had before, and I know you do, too. I still mourn over Jas. She still owns a piece of me. I loved her, and yet I'm the one that ended her life. I killed the woman I loved."

"In self-defense," Erin quickly added.

"Yes but I shot her just the same. I thought I was going to spend my life with her, and I killed her before she could kill you and me. It was self-preservation, but it doesn't change the fact that she'd dead because of me. My heart is also divided, but I'm just trying to move on from that. I love you, and I'm willing to risk our friendship for more if you are. If in the end it doesn't work, I know we could still be friends. We've been friends and lovers this long. I don't see why it wouldn't work should either of us find someone else."

"That's true. We've never let relationships come between us before. I just don't want to be setting either of us up for pain in the future. You could have anyone you wanted, and I want you to have it all."

"I want the same for you. Maybe we can have it together. Maybe we can't, but we won't know unless we try. In the past six months, I haven't been with anyone else, and I've enjoy the monogamy. I don't want to be with anyone else right now. I just want to be with you."

"I haven't been with anyone else either," admitted Erin. "It's been kind of nice actually not to worry about protection and all that. It's nice to not hunt so much. This is the closest thing I've had to a real relationship in my life. It's a bit scary how much I like it. I never thought I could do a relationship."

"I guess it's settled then. We're both enjoying this. Let's just stay together, stay monogamous, and see how it goes?"

Erin nodded in agreement. "Okay. I can do that."

"Good. Now we really should get some sleep. It's late, and I have a long flight tomorrow."

Erin kissed her girlfriend on top of her head as they both settled down together in each other's arms. "I love you, Princess."

"I love you too, Erin."

A little further uptown a pair of blue eyes was wide open, staring into the dark as the blonde listened to the sound of the rain. Her mind was active, thinking about her schedule for the day. She had meeting with Erin Mahoney. They hadn't seen each other since Erin had been released from the hospital six months ago. During that time Emily and Gillian's relationship had flourished, and the couple was almost inseparable. Gillian was practically living in Emily's place being that it was closer to her job than her own. At that very moment the doctor was there, left arm clutching to Emily's bare stomach in her sleep. Emily looked at her girlfriend in the dark. Gillian looked so peaceful at rest, her short auburn hair splayed across the pillow, brown eyes closed, lips parted slightly. The light snore her lover had was so rhythmic it had a way of putting Emily to sleep. In many ways Gillian White was perfect for her, and she knew she was lucky to have met such a caring, understanding woman. There was only one problem. Part of her heart was still with Erin Mahoney.

Sighing Emily turned onto her side away from her lover and gazed out the window. She watched as the rain hit the glass with force. She couldn't help but wonder where Erin was spending her night. She had heard rumors floating through the affluent lesbian society of New York that Super Dyke was keeping company solely with Sahar Freyha those days. Speculation flew over whether the city's most notorious player had actually fallen prey to a woman's allure. No one seemed to know if in fact Erin Mahoney had been domesticated, but every indication was that she had. It broke Emily's heart.

Oh, Erin. Why couldn't it have been me? I could have given you everything you ever wanted, but you never gave me a chance. I just wanted to love you. What is it that you see in her that you never saw in me? What does she do that I don't? What does she give you that I couldn't? Do you let her close to you? Do you let her touch you, hold you, love you? I just wanted a chance to make you happy. Now I'll never get that chance. You're gone for good. I pushed too hard and drove you away.

Suddenly a voice behind her broke her musings. "You're not sleeping. Why aren't you sleeping?" sleepily Gillian asked, curving her left arm around her girlfriend's waist tighter and bringing their bodies together.

"The rain woke me."

"Bad storm tonight. Could I help get you back to sleep somehow?" she asked, kissing her lover on the side of her neck. Her left hand came up to Emily's bare breasts and teased the tip of the right one as her mouth sucked her earlobe gently.

Emily moaned. "Didn't you get enough earlier tonight?"

"I could never get enough of you, Em. One touch makes me want you so much more. We don't have to if you don't want to, but you always want to. I bet if I were to touch you down there right now, you'd be wet, wouldn't you?" Emily chuckled as Gillian's hand drifted down her body, but she teasingly clamped her legs shut, so the older woman couldn't get to her destination. "Come on. Open up for the doctor, Em."

"You're a shrink," she laughed, keeping her legs closed tightly.

"And I feel like taking advantage of my favorite patient. Now be a good girl and spread them."

"No," she countered.

"Spread them. Don't make me spank you."

"Oh, I love it when you threaten pain," she joked, turning in her lover's arms, so they were facing each other. "You wouldn't dare strike me." She knew Gillian would in fact smack her playfully. However, she was surprised at the strength and speed her girlfriend used to flip her over onto her stomach. She felt a light sting against the bare right cheek of her bottom as Gillian's left hand connected.

"You are such a bad little girl. How dare you talk back to your elders like that," Gillian stated with authority. Her hand came down a second time a little harder, this time on the left side. Emily gasped at the smart. Immediately a hand caressed her where she had just been hit. "Are you okay? Was that too hard?" Emily didn't answer, only moaned as she felt a tongue outlining the spot in question. "You have such a hot ass. I hate having to mar it in any way. It hurts me as much as it does you to do that," Gillian whispered, slipping back into their game, sensing that her girlfriend was not really hurt. "Now be a good girl and let me in." This time Emily complied, allowing her lover the access she wanted. "God, Em, you feel so good. Was this just a ploy to get me to take you from behind?"

Emily laughed, brushing her ass into the body pressed on top of her. "You'll never know."

"You want another spanking?" threatened Gillian.


"Answer my question, or I'll tie you up and spank you so hard your ass will be red for a week."

"Promises, promises," Emily whispered.

"All right. That's it. You asked for it." Keeping Emily's body under her own, Gillian reached into the nightstand and grabbed a set of handcuffs she had bought for them, after learning how wild her girlfriend truly could be. Quickly she cuffed Emily's wrists to the headboard. Getting up on her knees, Gillian made good on her own threat, alternating her spanking with thrusts into her lover's heat. It didn't take long for Emily to start writhing and trying to push herself up into her lover's body. Gillian wouldn't allow the contact, though. "You are so sexy, Em. I love how naughty like to be," the doctor whispered. "You even like ass play, and most women don't," she said, her right hand circling her girlfriend's back entrance.

"Gillian, please," Emily pleaded. Her lover was driving her crazy just then with all the teasing touches.

"No. I want to think of more ways to torture you first," she answered. She looked into the nightstand again. "Maybe I should use this strap on."

"No, please don't," the blonde said. "I don't like it."

"Why not? We've never even used it."

"I just don't like it," she said. It was a lie, but she wasn't about to tell her girlfriend anything about the history of the toy she held. She had only ever let Erin use a strap on with her, and she had loved it when the wild Texan pummeled her with it. It was a memory she didn't want tarnished by another woman.

"All right. If you really don't want me to, I won't. You know I would never do something you didn't like. How about this one? It's your favorite," she suggested, bringing out another toy they had used previously. She waited until Emily nodded in agreement. Going back to the task at hand, Gillian brought her lover to fulfillment in excruciating slowness with her favorite toy. She then let Emily out of the cuffs, so she could turn over onto her back. Gillian smiled down at her. "Now for the best part," she whispered, moving down her girlfriend's frame.

Emily moaned as Gillian found her way between her thighs. She cried out, gripping her lover's head to her as the doctor pleasured her further with her mouth. Finally after several more orgasms courtesy of Gillian's tongue, Emily begged her to stop. Gillian curled her arms protectively around Emily's body. There was silence as both of them caught their breath.

"You think you can sleep now?" the older woman asked, jokingly.

"Oh yeah. I'm about to pass out."

"Good. Sweet dreams, Em. I love you."

"I love you, too, Gillian," she answered, brushing her girlfriend's hair sweetly as they cuddled together. It was true. She did love the woman with whom she shared her bed. I just love Erin, too. Why does this have to be so difficult?

At work hours later, Emily was busy trying to prepare for her meeting with Erin. She had offered to take her client to lunch, and Erin had accepted the invitation. They were supposed to be friends, after all, even if Emily felt some awkwardness about spending time with her after the numerous things that had happened. When the receptionist buzzed her to let her know Erin had arrived, she took a deep breath. This moment made her nervous, but she knew she had to be professional. Erin was a client of the firm first and foremost. Going out to the lobby, Emily felt her breath leave her at the sight before her.

Erin was standing there, casually leaning against the front desk. She was dressed in jeans and boots with a pressed black shirt. She was engrossed in conversation with the young receptionist, a girl who was new and obviously charmed by the Mahoney persona. When Erin caught Emily's eyes, she stood to her full height and smiled brightly. "Hey, Ms. Parker. How's life treating you?" she asked.

"Life's good, Erin. How are you?"

"Great. Jill was just explaining to me that you all had some new people working here. Business must be good."

"I'm sure she was," wryly Emily responded. "Come on, cowboy. Let's go back to my office."

Erin threw a wink at the young receptionist. "Thanks for the company."


With that Erin walked down the corridor to Emily's office. The attorney glared at the new receptionist, who had leaned over her desk to watch Erin's departure. Their eyes met. The young girl just blushed and shrugged. Emily then turned to follow her client. She couldn't help herself. She looked at Erin's tight jeans as she walked just slightly ahead of her as well. Her heart pounded at the sexiness that was Erin Mahoney. Oh, Erin, the things you make me feel just by being near. Does Sahar get to touch that ass?

Once in her office, Emily did her best to focus strictly on business. It was easy enough, because she and Erin always had a lot to talk about regarding work. Erin was challenging at times, but the blonde had always thought she was worth it. The rewards for good service to Erin Mahoney were well-known. She was tough to please, but if you did, she reciprocated tenfold. Emily had always been able to satisfy Erin as a client, which is why their professional relationship worked wonderfully.

After business was covered, Emily consulted her watch. "Are we still on for lunch today?"

"If you don't have anything else pressing to do. I know this took longer than expected."

"Well, I have to eat. My next meeting isn't for an hour. We could do something fairly quick. There is a bar down in the lobby that serves good lunch fare."

"Sounds good. I'm getting hungry, too. I don't want to fly back to Texas with an empty stomach, and airport food is the worst."

"I couldn't have that. Come on. Let's go downstairs."

Both women rode the elevator quietly down to the lobby. They were seated in a small booth near the window. Silence still prevailed as they studied their menus, but once their orders were taken, Emily knew they had to talk to each other, or else it was going to be a long, awkward lunch.

"So how have you been? Have you fully recovered?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. Sahar's been taking good care of me."

"I'm glad someone is. How is she? I haven't seen her since that night. She was so upset."

"She's doing better. Some days are easier than others. Confronting your own mortality isn't always easy. She's haunted by the fact that she took someone else's life, the life of the woman she loved. Truth be told, I think I would be devastated if that had happened to me, but she's strong. She knows she had no choice. It was us or Jasmine. It was life or death, and she chose life. It's just too bad it was at the expense of someone else's."

"Well, I'm sure it helps to have you."

"I do the best I can for her. She deserves to be happy."

"Yes, she does."

"Speaking of being happy, she told me that you gave her some valuable counsel regarding her trust fund. I just wanted to thank you for that."

"I just gave her a referral."

"Well Johnston Brown has another happy client because of you. I fully intend to tell Chuck that you continue to amaze me with your skills."

Emily couldn't help but blush at the compliment. "It was nothing. I'm just glad I could help her. She told me she wanted to tell her family about her, and she wanted to make sure she wouldn't lose everything first."

Erin nodded. "She's on her way to Paris today for her sister's wedding. She intends to tell them while she's there. She knows she'll probably be disowned, but she's a strong girl. She knows what she wants and is tired of living for them. She wants her own life."

"Well, she has you. She won't be alone."

"I'm not a substitute for parents by any means, but she does have me. She always will. I fully intend to take care of her to the best of my ability. We've been friends for a long time, and I love her dearly."

Emily could feel her heart sink at that admission. She loves her. I can't believe I just heard Erin say she loved someone. "Sounds like the two of you might be closer than friends. Remember I saw you that night at the hotel the night before you were shot."

Erin shrugged. "We were lovers when we first met."

"And are you still?"

Erin looked into those blue eyes she loved so much. She knew she couldn't lie to Emily. "Yes. We are."

"So the rumors are true then?"

"What rumors?"

"Super Dyke has been tamed. Women have been speculating, because you haven't been out and about lately except with Sahar. The ladies all think you've been broken by a most unlikely woman."

Erin chuckled a little. "You make me sound like a wild horse."

"You are. Everybody has always thought of you as the unruly stallion, too wild to tame, too wild to even ride for any length of time."

"Oh, on the contrary, I think you have ridden me just fine. Don't you?" the brunette asked seductively.

Blue eyes met brown. You still have it, don't you, and you know it. "You know what I mean. You're not relationship-oriented. You prowl. You like the hunt, and lately from what I've heard, you haven't been hunting. You've been domesticated."

Erin shrugged. "I don't think of it like that. I like to think of it as growing up, maturing. Almost dying changed me, Em. It put a perspective in my life that has never been there before. I feel like I have a second chance at my life, and I want to live it differently. Sahar has been there for me through it all, and she has seen me at my worst as well as my best. She loves me for who I am, not what I am or how much I make. These New York women just want to use me, and I wanted to use them. It's the same in Texas. They don't care about me as much as they do losing their favorite toy. The game is over. It was over the moment I took that bullet for Sahar."

"Wow. She's really changed you."

Erin shook her head. "Life has changed me, not Sahar. Taking that shot was the moment in which I realized the real woman I wanted to be, not the one I had been pretending to be. Had I truly been as removed from her as I had been all the other women in my life, I would have just given her up, but I didn't. I couldn't, because I loved her, even if it was just as a friend then. She meant something to me. She means more to me than any other woman I've ever known."

Emily just nodded her head. She was mute momentarily. Why couldn't you be like this with me? Why did it have to take almost dying to know your true self? We could have been happy together, Erin. I just know it. "You deserve to be happy, Erin. I'm glad you seem to have found that with Sahar."

"How's Gillian?" the brunette asked. She didn't really want to know, but she knew she had to ask to seem polite. Just the thought of that woman touching Emily made her sick to her stomach.

"She's fine. We've been seeing each other for eight months now, and I guess I didn't know that relationships could be this rewarding. I suppose I'm a bit like you. The game was starting to get old."

"Does she treat you right?"

"Yeah, of course. She's one of the most attentive women I've ever been with. She goes out of her way for me."

"That's good. How old is she? She seems much older than you."

"She's forty."

"A lot older than you. Does ten years make a lot of difference?"

"I don't think so. How old is Sahar?"


"Does six years make a difference between you?"

"Not often. Although I have to admit, I never thought at age 32 I'd be with someone that young. She's mature for her age, though. She's been through a lot."

"That she has. Gillian might be forty, but she doesn't act it. She has no problem keeping up with me."

"And you're tough to tucker out," Erin mentioned. She couldn't help herself. She hated the fact that Gillian was a good lover to Emily. She had hoped she would be terrible and make the blonde wish for her again, but that didn't seem to be the case. Emily seemed happy with her new girlfriend.

Why do you keep bringing us up, Erin? What aren't you saying? It's uncomfortable enough to sit here and talk about your girlfriend. Why do you have to ask about mine? Changing the subject onto less personal matters, the attorney said, "I got the invitation for your parents' 40th wedding anniversary. I think it's wonderful that you and Jared are throwing them a party."

"Yeah, we wanted to do something special for them. I hope you can come."

The blonde nodded. "I already replied."

"I'd like it if you stayed at the ranch with me. Most of the relatives are staying at Jared's or my parents' since mine is out of the way. Most of the friends are staying at the hotel. If you want to stay with me, you can. I'd like the company."

"Well, thank you. I appreciate the offer, but I already booked a room at the hotel."

"Oh, well, if you change your mind, just let me know."

"I think Sahar might have a problem with that, don't you think?"

"Why would she? She wouldn't care. Besides, she's still going to be in Paris. She won't be there anyway."

"How long is she staying in Paris?"

"Six weeks. She wants to spend time with her sister before the wedding."

"Are you going to the wedding?"

"No. I declined the invitation. Besides, she doesn't think it will help to have me there. She thinks her dad is going to throw a major fit."

"I have no doubt. It is against Islam for two women to be together. Do you think she'll be all right there alone?"

"I told her if she needed me all she had to do was call. She wants to do this on her own. She's worried that her father might try to yank his contract with me when he finds out. She doesn't want that to happen, but I know it's bound to anyway. He's a smart man. He'll put two and two together."

"That hurts your business dramatically. He's your biggest international contract."

"She doesn't know that, and it shouldn't affect her life. I don't want her to hide from him for my sake if she really wants to tell him. Money means nothing. I have plenty of money. What I don't have is a happy Sahar. Her freedom is worth any price. It's getting too difficult to do business with him anyway. With the way things here are in the States, any ties to the Arabic community are scrutinized heavily, even legit ones. I need to start looking elsewhere for business. South America has a lot of potential, and it isn't frowned upon as much by the government."

"I was wondering if you were going to ever get to that point. The government has been putting the squeeze on you. They have been inspecting your business ventures abroad heavily because of your ties to the Middle East. Chuck and I have been fighting with them a great deal about keeping your privacy. They want all the records we have on you. You know they consider you a person of interest because of your relationships abroad."

"I know. But you know as well as I do, I don't support terrorism. All my contracts are for real. They'll look all they want but find nothing. I have nothing to hide."

"They don't see it that way. They think some of the people you do business with finance terrorists, and they find it all too convenient that you own a bunch of night clubs, which are notorious for money laundering."

"So they think I'm a money launderer? They think I'm a terrorist? They're paranoid. I'm an Irish girl from Texas. They just can't stand the fact that I've made myself a success by courting the oil heirs of the UAE. I've been the diplomat and gained the business they wanted."

"I know that and so does Chuck. My point is it might just be for the best that you lose this contract. Even if it hits your wallet, the government will get off your back a bit."

"Then you all are going to get your wish. I have no doubt that I'm going to lose this contract because of Sahar, and to be honest, that's just fine with me. I don't want to have to live a lie. Even if I do keep the contract, he's going to ask me about Sahar, and I'm not going to lie to him. As soon as I tell him about our relationship, he's going to dump me, and all his friends will, too. I will not be allowed back into that country without fear of losing my life."

"You honestly think it's going to be that bad? You think you're going to lose all your contracts in the Middle East?"

"Yes, I do. They might be businessmen, but they are still Muslims. They are all extremely traditional. I somehow managed to get in with them being a non-Muslim and a woman. That was nearly impossible. It was Sahar's father that gave me that break. The rest followed suit begrudgingly at his urging. If he goes, they'll all go. I have no doubt."

"That's almost half your revenue. She's going to ruin your business, Erin."

"No, she won't. It'll only be a temporary glitch. I'll find contracts in South America. I'm sure of it. Besides, even if I don't, I've made peace with the fact that it couldn't last forever. Something was going to drive a wedge between my Middle Eastern customers and me. I just thought it would be the government with their asinine reasons."

"Still that has to be a tough reality."

Erin shrugged. "Well, if all else fails, I could just sell my business. I'd get a generous price for it. My family's company has offered to buy me out several times. I could focus more on natural gas development or even start a natural gas development arm in the family business. They are missing an opportunity there. I'm not worried about it all that much. The right thing will happen. I'm more worried about Sahar."

"Well, you know to come to Chuck and me should you think about accepting any offers. We can refer you to some great M and A attorneys."

"Don't worry. You'll be the first one I call."

When lunch was over, Erin rode the elevator back to Emily's floor. They stood in the lobby for a few moments chatting. "I guess I'll see you in about a month then," Emily said.

"I look forward to it. If you change your mind about the hotel, I'd be happy to have you at the ranch."

"Thanks. I'll see how my schedule works out."

"All right. Thanks for lunch and the advice."

"My pleasure as always. Have a safe flight home."

"I will. I'll see you soon." Erin stood there for another moment before reaching out to Emily. She pulled her into a brief hug and dropped a light kiss on her cheek before getting into the elevator.

Emily sighed deeply. How one little kiss sets me on fire. I can't believe it. You've grown up, Erin. And I thought I loved you before. This Erin is so much more than I ever thought you could be. Moving over to the windows in the lobby, the blonde looked out onto the street. She saw her friend walk out the doors and hail a cab. What's to become of me if I can't let you go? I guess only time will tell.


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