~ The Adventures of Super Dyke VI: Turning Point ~
by Alex Tryst
Copyright May 2006

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Erin sighed deeply as she sat at the kitchen table. "I can't believe I let you talk me into this," she grumbled.

Arms curved around her shoulders from behind. "I know you, Erin. You want to see her. You're in love with her, and she is with you, too. Why won't you let yourself be happy?" Sahar questioned.

"Because I told you what happened when I told her I loved her. Nothing. She didn't say a damn thing. She doesn't love me. She loves Gillian."

"I don't believe that. I've seen how she looks at you. She's in love with you. I know it."

Erin shook her head. "Maybe there was a time when that was true, but it's certainly not true now. She had her chance six months ago when we were in Texas. I told her I loved her, and she didn't return it. It's over. I'm over it. The only thing that night accomplished was to ruin my first real relationship of my life."

Sahar took the chair next to her friend. "You know I've forgiven you for what happened. I knew it was going to happen sometime. I know you love me, and I will always love you, but we weren't meant to be in a permanent relationship. We both know that. I didn't break up with you because of Emily. It was never going to work, but we're still friends. That's what matters most to me."

"Yeah, we're still friends. I'm glad for that. Still, what was I thinking when I agreed to do this?" she asked, waving the invitation in her hand. It was for a housewarming party hosted by Emily and Gillian. They were announcing their move in together and wanted to celebrate with friends. Both Erin and Sahar were surprised when the invitation came to their New York address, addressed to the two of them as if they were still together. Even though they had in fact broken up, it wasn't common knowledge. They simply carried on much in the same way as usual minus the sexual aspect of their relationship. They still lived together when Erin came to town, and their friendship hadn't suffered for Erin's inability to be monogamous.

"I think you were drunk," Sahar teased, caressing her on the forearm.

"Yeah, well, I've been drinking a lot lately," she admitted slowly.

"I know. Look, Erin, I already responded that we would come. I'll be with you the whole time. I thought you said you wanted to be friends with her. This is what friends do. They go to each other's places. They have fun. If you really are over her, this shouldn't be a problem for you."

Erin sighed but said nothing. She knew Sahar had a point. If she was in fact emotionally over her feelings for Emily, she should be able to attend the party. She nodded. "You're right, Princess, and I am happy she's found someone that fulfills her completely. She deserves that."

The Arabic woman nodded her head. "That's the spirit. Rehearse those lines a few more times, and I might almost be convinced of your sincerity."

"No, I mean it. She's a good woman. She deserves the best." She paused. "So, what did we get them as a housewarming gift?"

"We? What's this we business?" the younger woman joked.

"Well, it came addressed to us like we were a couple. I figured I could just leach off of you. I'll show up but don't expect me to come bearing gifts."

Sahar smiled. "Well, it just so happens that we got them a few bottles of nice wine and a plant."

"That's it?"

"I was busy, and I didn't hear you offering to help. Besides, between the two of them, they were bound to have what they needed already."

"True. So, when do we have to leave for this thing?"

"Not until six tonight. We just stay for a few hours, and then we go to the club. I work the bar. You host the drag show, and the day is done. Now what do you say to taking me to breakfast? It's the least you could do for having me buy the gifts."

Erin smiled. "Deal. Now go jump in the shower," she instructed.

Sahar stood from her seat. Leaning to Erin's ear, she whispered, "Feeling like coming with me? It'll be faster that way."

"Somehow I doubt that. Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Hum, let me think . . . yes or else I wouldn't have asked."

"But we haven't had sex since we broke up," the Texan mentioned.

"I say we rectify the problem then. Come on. It'll relax you for the day. I'll do anything you want. You know it'll be fun. It's bad enough that we sleep in the same bed when you come here. Can't you fuck me once in a while in lieu of that rent you're paying?" she teased. "After all, if you can't fuck your friends, who can you?"

The tall woman didn't have a comeback. She merely took Sahar's hand and allowed herself to be led into the bathroom. Both women shed their pajamas and stepped into the shower. Erin didn't make any moves, simply started to wash her hair, but Sahar had other ideas. The small woman lathered soap in her hands before moving toward the Texan's body. Beginning at her shoulders, she massaged the muscles, cleaning them with her soapy hands as she kissed her friend's neck softly. Erin closed her eyes and sighed. The familiar touch felt good. She had missed it some since their breakup. Sahar was the only one she trusted this close, and in the past six months no woman had touched her, even though she had reverted back to her old ways and bedded many in an effort to rid Emily from her heart.

The slow seduction continued. The shorter woman's hands covered her friend's entire torso, kissing and licking a path further down her body until she was on her knees. Hands washed the powerful legs, taking extra time between her thighs, teasing and caressing. Since Erin was standing under the spray, all Sahar's efforts with the soap were washed away almost immediately, leaving only a clean amorous woman in her wake. The older woman took hold of Sahar by the back of the head, fingers clutching to her beautiful wet dark hair, and led her to where she wanted her most just then. Her lover gave no resistance, instead eagerly accepted the unspoken proposition. Erin moaned loudly when she felt Sahar's mouth against her. Instinctively she leaned backwards against the tile wall, bracing herself against the hot water handle of the shower while her left hand kept Sahar's head in place. She was determined to enjoy it to its fullest, so she relaxed and just went with the feelings.

Her mind started to wander as Sahar pleasured her, allowing the blonde of their earlier conversation to come to mind. She couldn't believe Emily and Gillian were still together. Not only that, they had moved in together into Emily's place. It was official now. Emily Parker was off the market permanently, but Erin couldn't help her wondering about the blonde attorney. She had thought of her a great deal in the past six months. They hadn't spoken at all, no emails, no letters, absolutely no communication, but she still hadn't managed to move beyond that night at the party. In fact, just then it was Emily kneeling between her thighs giving her pleasure. As soon as the thought occurred to her, Erin's eyes jerked open. She pulled Sahar to her feet, wrapping her in strong arms.

"What's the matter? You weren't finished."

"It's okay. Right now I really just want to love you," she whispered, kissing her lover gently on the mouth. Erin softly showered kisses over Sahar's face and neck as they held each other closely. Her hands soothingly caressed Sahar's back before drifting lower to her hips and thighs. Her lover whimpered at the tenderness.

"Erin," she whispered. "Please."

The tall woman responded to the request. She slipped into her lover slowly before withdrawing at an even more leisurely pace. In and out she went at the same methodical tempo as her lips brushed all the skin she could reach. It was the slowest Erin had ever gone with any woman, but just then it felt perfect. Just then it was more than sex to her. She needed to be grounded to something, anything to take her mind off Emily.

When the couple finished their shower and dressed, they headed out for the much-needed breakfast after their workout. Erin was quieter than usual, but Sahar didn't say anything. She carried on as normal, for which the Texan was thankful.

That evening as they got ready for the party, Erin tried to mentally prepare herself for what they were about to do. She was about to walk into Emily and Gillian's home and pretend to be happy for the couple. She knew she had to do it. It would be the only way to put finality on the relationship she once shared with Emily. Their time had passed. It was time to face it and move on. She had to show just to prove she was over the blonde. When she finished with her clothes, she waited in the den on Sahar to be ready. The young woman appeared a few minutes later.

"Ready?" Sahar asked.

Erin stood from her chair as she admired her date's outfit. "You look hot," she complimented. "I'm going to have the prettiest girl there."

"Thank you. You look pretty good yourself, cowboy. Come on. Grab the gifts."

Dutifully Erin grabbed the wine and plant. Sahar took her arm, and together they left. The cab ride was quiet, but finally the driver announced their arrival. Erin paid their fare before they stepped from the cab. The older woman just stood there a moment on the street looking at the front of the building. She briefly recalled her first night with Emily, the unrestrained foreplay in the cab and then the wild sex in her apartment. She would never know those things again with the blonde.

"It's going to be okay, Erin. I'm right here with you the whole time. I won't leave your side," Sahar whispered in promise.

Erin just nodded, thankful her friend could read her well enough that she didn't have to explain her hesitation. "Come on. Let's get this over with. We both have to work tonight."

Going into the building, they took the elevator to the correct floor before Erin led the way to the door. Sahar knocked for them. After just a moment the door opened revealing Emily. What in the world are you doing here? I don't remember you being on the guest list. "Erin, Sahar, hi. So glad you could make it," she greeted. "Come on in."

The two women stepped into the house that already had several visitors. "These are for you and Gillian," Erin offered, extending the gifts. "Sahar figured you two already had everything you really needed."

"Thank you. That's sweet of the two of you. We do have all the housewares we need. This is perfect." The blonde took the wine and then leaned to hug Sahar. She did the same with Erin. "Erin, would you mind putting that in the kitchen for me?"

"Sure. No problem." Doing as she was asked, Erin went to the kitchen where she ran into Gillian talking to some friends, most of the women Erin already knew.

"Hey, Erin. Long time no see," Gillian greeted casually, extending her hand. "Thanks for coming."

Erin shook the offered hand before setting the plant on the counter. "Ladies, how is everyone?"

"We've been missing you, Erin," one of them teased behind her wineglass. "Rumor has it you're off the market."

"Do you believe everything you hear?"

"And just how is Sahar these days?" Gillian questioned.

Erin didn't have to answer as she heard her friend's voice. "I'm fine. Thanks for asking." Sahar stepped up to Erin and placed a hand on her back. Erin responded in kind, slipping an arm around her waist as she felt Sahar's hand consolingly rubbing the tense muscles under her shirt.

"Looks like this rumor happens to be true," one of the women stated.

Erin didn't respond to the comment. Instead she introduced Sahar to all the women she knew in attendance and got introductions to the few she didn't. A few minutes later the group dispersed, wading back into the living room where there were other guests. Erin did her best to mingle. After all she did know most of the attendees. However, there were some people that were obviously not a part of the lesbian pool of New York. In fact, she guessed that these people, men and women older than the group, were Gillian's family, and the two men conversing with them were Emily's fathers. One of the men held a strong resemblance to the blonde attorney.

Just then her thoughts were interrupted by Emily's voice at her side. "Erin, I'd like to introduce you to my parents."

"Yeah, sure. That would be great. I'd like to meet them," she answered, walking just a step behind her hostess toward the men she had just been eying.

"Dad, Bob, I want you to meet someone. This is Erin Mahoney, a great friend of mine. Erin, these are my fathers, Steve Parker and Bob Harrison."

"It's a pleasure to meet you both. Emily has only the best things to say about her family," she said as they shook hands.

Bob smiled at her. "So, you're the Erin Mahoney?"

"It always makes me nervous when someone asks me that," she joked. "Makes me think you've been told something really good or really terrible. It's the latter I fear."

"No need for that. Emily cherishes your friendship. She practically dotes on you," Steve explained, causing his daughter to blush.

"I think I'll let my dads say embarrassing things with me gone," the blonde said, taking leave of the three of them.

They did the typical small talk for a few moments until things began to get personal. "So, Erin, what's your take on Gillian?" Bob asked.

The tall woman turned her head in the direction of the conversation. Looking back at the attorney's parents she said, "Emily loves her, and she deserves to be happy. It doesn't matter what I think."

"That doesn't sound like an endorsement," Bob mentioned.

"Emily deserves the best. She's a special woman. I just want to see her happy, and if that's with Gillian, then that's what matters."

Just then they were interrupted by Sahar. "Every time I turn around you have snuck away. Should I think you're avoiding me? I just can't keep tabs on you."

Grateful for her friend's presence, she said, "Princess, you know I would never avoid my best girl. These are Emily's fathers, Steve Parker and Bob Harrison. Steve, Bob, this is Sahar Freyha."

They all shook hands. "It's nice to meet you both. You have a wonderful daughter. She and Erin are good friends."

Bob nodded behind his drink. "We were just discussing that."

The conversation between the four of them veered away from the awkwardness after a few moments as they found more neutral subjects to discuss. They were having such a good time that they didn't even realize how much time had passed, but just as Sahar mentioned to Erin that they had to think about going soon, there was a clinking of a glass. Curiously everyone turned toward the sound.

Gillian and Emily were standing there together, holding hands. "Emily and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for coming here this evening. This is a great beginning to a new chapter in our lives together, so we thank you for sharing it with us," the doctor said. "And to celebrate this event, I have a special gift I want to give Emily." She discarded her wineglass on the bar and then turned to face her girlfriend completely. Taking her hands she smiled. "Emily, you have given me the best year of my life. I don't even know how I managed so long without you. I love you, and I love the fact that we have made the decision to live together. I look forward to many years of waking up next to you, loving you, taking care of you. Thank you for giving me the wonderful gift of your love. As an expression of the love I feel for you, I'd like to give you this," she said, pulling a small box from her pocket.

Erin knew instantly what it was. She hadn't been prepared for something like that. Unable to help herself, she clutched Sahar to her tightly. She could tell her friend thought the same thing and consolingly began to rub her arms as they grasped her waist. Erin's heart started to pound, and she found it difficult to breathe. She couldn't believe she was witnessing this moment.

Emily looked nervously at her girlfriend as the box came into view. When Gillian opened the top and presented what was inside, she thought she was going to faint. A large three-stone diamond ring in a platinum setting sat on brilliant display. Oh, God. She's isn't going to do what I think she is, is she? Gillian dropped to one knee in front of the attorney. Oh, God. She is.

"Emily, life could never be the same without you in it. You have come to mean so much. Words can't even begin to describe how I feel for you. I am hoping that we can make this new living situation more permanent. It would be a great honor if you would agree to become my wife. Will you marry me, Emily?" she asked, pulling the ring from the box and slipping it on her girlfriend's left hand.

Oh my God. I never saw this coming. Emily's eyes flitted from her girlfriend's face to the ring as she tried to breathe. She looked at her fathers before her eyes found Erin just next to them. The Texan was holding Sahar closely and wearing her usual stoic face. She then noticed Erin drop her head onto Sahar's shoulder and nuzzle into her hair, breaking their gaze. She really does love Sahar. Dammit, what is wrong with me? Here Gillian is on her knee proposing, and all I can think about is Erin. It's over. You promised Gillian it was. Gillian loves you. She wants to make you happy. You want to be happy, don't you?

"Em, are you all right, honey? You look like you're in shock," Gillian whispered after a few moments of completely silent anticipation.

She looked back at Gillian and smiled. "I am but not in a bad way. In fact, it's a very good way," she said, touching her lover on the face lightly. She looked Erin's way once more for the briefest of moments before replying, "I love you, Gillian. Of course I want to marry you. Yes. My answer is yes."

With that Gillian rose from her knee and embraced her in strong arms and loving kiss. "I love you. Thank you for making me so happy."

"I love you, too." Emily's eyes drifted over her fiancée's shoulder at Erin. The oil heiress wasn't even looking at her, being too busy playing with Sahar's hair. It's over. She doesn't love me anymore. I did what I had to do. Gillian's good to me. She can make me happy. This is what I want. I am ready to settle down. I just thought it would be with another woman, but Gillian is perfect. She even forgave me for what happened in Texas. She's the best one for me. This will work. We'll be happy.

When the two women finally broke their embrace, they were immediately rushed with well wishes. Erin and Sahar stood at the fringe watching. "Come on, baby. Let's go. We're finished here," the small woman suggested.

"Not yet. We need to congratulate the happy couple," Erin grumbled. They waited a few more minutes until Emily and Gillian's attentions were divided by those around them. Making her move, Erin took Sahar by the hand and headed toward Gillian. Stepping through the crowd, she gave the best smile she could. "We have to go, but we just wanted to congratulate you. Emily's a fine woman. I know you'll be happy together," she said, extending her hand toward the doctor.

Gillian smiled and shook the hand firmly. "I know she is, Erin. Thanks."

Their gazes stayed locked for another second as did their hands. Erin saw the challenging stare she was being given and suddenly realized she had been set up. She had briefly wondered why the invitation that had come to her was not in Emily's handwriting, but now it was clear. Gillian was the one who had invited her for this purpose. The doctor wanted her to know who the better woman really was and that Emily would never be hers. She hated being played, but there was nothing she could do. Emily had made her choice, and she couldn't interfere with the blonde's happiness.

Finally Erin broke their handshake. "We just want to wish Emily well too, and then we have to get to work. Congratulations." Moving over to the blonde, who was busy showing off her ring, Sahar moved in first to hug her and wish her the best. Emily smiled at her but then turned eyes to Erin. It seemed like an eternity before either said anything, although it was just a few fleeting seconds. Pulling Erin into a hug, Emily held her closely for several moments. Erin allowed the touch. "Congratulations, Mrs. White. You deserve the best out of life always, Emily. I hope you have found the happiness you've been seeking," she whispered quietly into the blonde's ear, so no one could hear them. Unable to stop herself, she kissed her ear gently before pulling away. Emily said absolutely nothing as their eyes met once again. "Good bye, Emily."

Not even waiting for an answer, Erin took Sahar by the hand and led her out the door of the apartment. Neither said anything as they made their way to the street to hail a cab. Erin sat silently staring out the window. Thankfully Sahar just sat next to her, stroking her thigh through her jeans. The silence still prevailed once they arrived home.

Finally after Sahar had changed into her work clothes she laid down on the bed next to Erin, who was just staring at the ceiling. "Do you want to talk about this?" she asked.

"There's nothing to say," Erin grumbled.

"Oh, I think there is."

"It doesn't matter. She's gone. It never would have worked between us anyway. I don't do relationships."

Sahar curved her arms around her friend. "Don't think that. You're a good woman, Erin. You can do relationships if you want. I know you'll find the right woman someday, and she'll make you happier than you've ever been."

"I don't want the right woman. I want the right now woman. That's what I am, a bachelor at heart, and that's never going to change. I don't want it to change. It's what I do best," she said, rising from the bed to end the discussion.

Heading to the shower, she stripped off all her clothes and stepped under the spray. With eyes closed she focused on washing herself, but when that was finished, she continued to just stand there trying to take normal breaths. However, the pain in her chest was too great as she stood there clutching her right hand to her left breast. Leaning her forehead against the tile, she wondered if she was having a heart attack, because she had never felt something like that before, but just then she realized she didn't even care. Nothing mattered without Emily. Knowing she had to pull herself together for work, she turned off the water and went to get dressed. She had to push all that she was feeling aside for the sake of her business. Focusing on that, she picked out her outfit for the night, a tight pair of jeans and the Super Dyke t-shirt Sahar had custom made for her friend. Over that she pulled on a blue jean shirt and her jacket.

Together the couple rode silently to the club. Once at Venus though, it seemed as all had been forgotten as Erin took on her usual persona, and Sahar took her place behind the bar. That night Venus was hosting what Erin hoped to be a new attraction to her club, its first ever drag show. Promptly at ten that night, she took the stage she had placed there for that specific purpose as the music faded into silence. The curious crowd waited on her to speak.

"Greetings, y'all. My name is Super Dyke, and I am your host for this evening's festivities. I'd like to welcome all of you to Venus for its first ever drag show. Tonight we have some talented drag kings to entertain you, but before we bring them out, I want to find out a little more about our crowd," she said, looking over her audience. She shed her blue jean shirt, feeling the warmth of the lights on her, leaving her in just her muscle t-shirt with a pink triangle across the chest with the letters SD in it. The group of mostly women roared at the display. Erin cracked her notorious grin. "You, ladies, like that?" she asked into the microphone. The screaming continued as they began to chant for her to remove more clothing. Laughing at the crowd she asked, "You want me to take my shirt off, huh?" Teasingly she raised the hem before dropping it again. The chanting grew in intensity. "All right. How about I get some volunteers?" she suggested. Her eyes scanned the crowd. There were two young women, younger than Sahar near the front. It was obvious they knew each other, but were not a couple, by the way they were standing closely together. Erin knelt down on the stage in front of the brunette. "What's your name, gorgeous?"


"And what about you, beautiful? What's your name?" she asked, turning to Emma's blonde friend.


"Emily?" she stuttered but quickly recovered herself. "Emma and Emily. The Em and Em girls. That's my favorite candy you know. Except you'd melt in my mouth and in my hands." The audience bellowed at the raunchy joke. It drove Erin further, especially since her two participants seemed game. Turning to the girls, she asked, "You two want to see me take my shirt off?" They nodded in affirmation. "I have an idea. Let's have a kissing contest and the winner of the two of you gets to take my shirt off me. What do you say?" They agreed, so Erin assisted them both up onto the stage in front of everyone. "All right. Each of you gets ten seconds. The DJ will time us. We'll flip a coin to see who goes first," she said digging into her pocket. She flipped it and smiled. "It seems Miss Emma is first. I'm ready when you are, sexy."

The young brunette approached Erin and wrapped her arms around the cowboy's neck. She pulled her down into a scorching kiss that caused the crowd to go crazy. Erin moaned at the feeling. This woman made her feel wanted right then in a wild carnality she hadn't felt in some time. When the ten seconds was over, the Texan had to take a deep breath to recover.

"Hot damn!" Erin exclaimed as the audience cheered loudly at the display. Turning to Emily. Cracking a grin she asked, "Are you ready, honey?"

The blonde nodded that she was. Stepping to Erin her hands ran gently up her torso and into her dark hair. The little blonde leaned up on her tip toes at the same time pulling Erin's head down for a kiss that was just as ardent but in a slow sexy pace. Erin's mind drifted to another Emily that she had been desperate to feel that way. A growl reverberated from her chest at the feeling. Again when the ten seconds was over, Erin had to take a moment to breathe.

"Sweet Jesus," she mumbled in the microphone. "You, ladies, trying to make me cream in my jeans or what?" The crowd loved the comment. "That was a close call, so close I'm going to have to call it a tie. Both of you get the honor and please feel free to cop any feels you want along the way," she joked. They took her up on the offer, making a show of ridding her of her t-shirt while groping her wantonly in the process. The women of the audience screamed with growing excitement was Erin's frame came into view. When she was standing there in only her boots, jeans, belt with the huge buckle, and a sports bra, she smiled at her companions. "Fantastic job, Em and Em. Audience, give a hand to my lovely assistants." The crowd did as the older woman helped them from the stage. Winking at the two of them she said, "You, ladies, come find me after the show. I think we have unfinished business." Turning to the audience, she said, "Now you all put your hands together for our first performer this evening. She hails from the Deep South in one of my neighboring states. Give it up for this New Orleans legend, King Rex."

For the rest of the show Erin remained partially undressed as she introduced all the performers. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, and furthermore, she liked the attention. It was just what she needed right then. However, when the show was over, she pulled her t-shirt back on and headed to the bar. Sahar was there shaking her head. "Don't give me that," Erin mumbled.

"How about a double whiskey instead?" the Arabic woman asked, placing the drink on the bar. "You have company heading your way."

Erin turned to see her assistants from earlier in the night. They were headed straight for her. She could tell they were on a mission, and she could only imagine what they wanted. Smiling in their direction, she slouched back against the bar with her legs open wide. "Ladies, enjoy the show?" They said they did. "What can I get the two of you from the bar?" Sahar took their orders. Looking between the two of them as they leaned into her on either side, Erin asked, "So, are you, girls, hooked up with each other or what?"

"We're just friends," Emma answered. "Close friends."

"How close? With benefits?"

"Is there any other kind of friend to have?" Emily questioned.

Erin shook her head. "That's the best kind. Perhaps we could all be friends."

"We think that's a good idea," Emily said as her hand roamed over Erin's leg.

"A very good idea," Emma added as she too fondled Erin's other leg through her jeans.

The older woman waited until they had their drinks before she said, "Well, I know a little place we can go to talk about this further. You game?"

"Lead on, cowboy."

She smiled at the two of them. This was something new to her. She usually preferred one on one action but figured she could handle the twosome just fine. With drinks in hand, she led them up to her office where she locked them all inside. The loud music could still be heard through the walls. Erin took a seat on her couch with the girls on either side of her. "So, what are you, ladies, into?"

"Fucking," Emily whispered into Erin's neck.

Erin chuckled. "I gathered that. Tell me what you want. You want me to fuck both of you, I hope."

"And then we want to fuck you,"

"That ain't going to happen. I don't play that way. Best you know that now. Super Dyke is never submissive to any woman. If you think for a second you're going to break me, you better get up on out of here now."

The girls looked at each other. "Fine. That's cool. We can live with that."


"Why don't you tell us what you want?" Emma suggested. Her hand moved to Erin's belt buckle. She tugged on it trying to get it open.

Erin looked between them and then reached down to assist with the buckle. Only Texas girls seemed to know the trick to unlatching the western belt buckle. "I think I want to watch the two of you fuck each other first for awhile, sort of set the tone. I'll jump in when I'm ready. Here. I'll even fold out the couch for you." Getting the two of them off the sofa, she unfolded the futon and then took a seat at her desk chair with her whiskey to watch. The girls got right into it, pretty much forgetting that she was there as they started to grope and kiss each other. Clothes were quickly shed, and soon they were heavily engaged.

Erin continued to observe them from her chair. These girls were younger than she first estimated. They lacked experience. That was obvious but certainly tried to make up for it in vigor. Knowing she could teach them both a few tricks, she put her drink down and started to undress herself, removing everything she wore expect her jeans. Reaching into her desk, she found the box of protection she had placed there months ago for this exact kind of opportunity. Stuffing some of them in her back pocket, she made her way over to the futon and crawled up behind Emily, who was hovered over Emma.

Touching the little blonde's naked hips, she asked, "Are you, girls, ready for me?" Both of them managed to moan affirmatively. "All right. Come here, baby," she instructed, sitting back on her knees and tugging Emily back against her lap. "Emma, this is a team sport here. Help me out." The brunette responded, rising to her knees as well. She kissed her friend and continued to fondle her on the front of her torso as Erin took the back. Together the two women put Emily into a frenzy until she started to beg for release. Erin was more than happy to oblige her. Finding her entrance she slid in forcefully, pumping and grinding against her with voracity. Emma helped until the blonde screamed loudly and went limp in their arms.

"Stop, enough," she whispered. "I can't go anymore."

Erin chuckled as she kissed Emily's wet temple. "Here. Lie down and rest a bit," she whispered, gently placing her against the mattress. "I have some unfinished business with Emma." Turning dark eyes on the brunette, Erin smiled. "You tired?"

"Not at all."

"Me neither. You still want to ride me after what I did to Emily?"

"Oh, yeah," she growled, jumping onto the older woman and knocking her on her back.

Erin laughed. "My, you're anxious. Just let me do a little wardrobe change here," she mentioned, dropping her used protection onto the floor. She pulled a new one from her back pocket.

"You don't have to use that, you know. Wouldn't you rather feel me without it?" she asked, kissing the Texan's neck.

"It's the only way I play. I don't know what adventures you all have gotten yourselves into, and you certainly don't know where I've been. It's for the best. Don't you worry. I can still make you scream your head off. You just tell me how you want it."

"Slower than what you did to Emily."

Erin nodded. "I can do that." Bringing Emma's head down to her own, she kissed her softly.

"Damn, you're good at that."

"I do my best." Erin took her time with this one. They were much more leisurely in pace as she let Emma ride her at her own speed. Finally though, Emily had managed a recovery and rejoined them. After a little while, when it was clear Emma was enjoying herself but not close to orgasm, Erin asked, "Emma, you're an ass girl, aren't you?" She shrugged. "Have you ever had it up the ass?" She hesitantly shook her head. "But you want to, don't you?" She nodded. "You want me or Emily to fuck you up the ass?"

"You," she panted.

"All right. That's all you had to say. Turn around and face Emily."

The brunette did so. The friends started to kiss once they were facing each other. Erin sat up. She couldn't really move with both girls trapping her legs between their wide spread ones, so she made the most of it. Clutching an arm around Emma's waist for balance, she found her mark and gently slipped into her lover once again. Emma cried out, "Oh, God."

"It's okay. I've got you. I'll go slowly so you can get used to it," Erin promised. "Emily, lend me a hand. You know what she likes. Give her what she wants."

Both women focused their attentions on Emma. It wasn't long until she was incapacitated as her friend had been. Both the young girls seemed tired after that, so Erin laid on the futon between the two of them, cuddling each of them to her with an arm. Two heads lay against her shoulders.

"So, what's your real name, Super Dyke?" Emily asked.

"It's Erin. May I ask how old you, girls, are?"

"Twenty-one," Emma replied.

Erin shook her head. "I don't believe that. How old are you really, not what your fake IDs say?"

"You think we're younger than that?"

"Yeah. I just want to know how much younger. Please tell me you're at least 18."

The girls looked at each other Emma confessed, "Nineteen."

"Eighteen," Emily admitted. "How old are you?"

"I'm 32."

"Damn, you're old," the blonde stated.

Erin laughed in spite of the cut on her age. "Yeah, I'm old. I'm almost twice your age, girls."

"But you're so hot," Emma whispered, hand running down her naked torso to her stomach. There was a pause in the chat. "How did you get this?" she asked, circling the part of Erin's abdomen that carried a small scar.

"I was shot."

"No way! Who shot you?" Emily curiously asked.

"A jealous ex-girlfriend. Well, she wasn't my ex. She was the ex of the woman I was sleeping with. She didn't like the fact that I had her ex-girlfriend too much and shot me."

"Wow. I hope she got what she deserved."

"And then some." There was another pause. "You know, ladies, this establishment is for 21 and over. You got in here on fake IDs, didn't you?"


"Well, now that I know the truth, I'm going to have to ask you not to drink while you're here."

"Come on, man," Emily complained.

"You know, you aren't supposed to be in here at all, but I'm not going to kick you out. It's the least you could do for me," Erin stated.

Emily stood from the futon in a huff. "Well, that just sucks," she grumbled. Hurriedly she began to put on her clothes.

"Emily, it's not that big of a deal," Emma said, trying to calm her friend.

"I came out tonight to drink and fuck. If I can't do that here, I'm going to find a place where I can. Are you coming with me or not?"

Emma stared at her friend before turning to Erin. "No, I think I'm going to stay here awhile longer."

"Fine! Stay with the old dyke! I don't care! I'm out of here!" With that she opened the office door and then slammed it behind her.

Erin got up and locked it once again before lying back down on the futon. "I didn't mean to cause problems with your friend. She wasn't too happy with me."

"She shouldn't have been. You probably gave her one of the best fucks of her life. You certainly did me," she whispered, curving her arm around Erin's body as they lay together.

The older woman checked her watch. They had been upstairs quite awhile. "It's starting to get late. You want to go downstairs and dance?"

"No. I want you to take me home and spend the night," Emma replied.

"Baby, you're 19."

"That didn't stop you the first time."

"I didn't know the first time."

"Would it really have mattered? I just want to have sex with you for the rest of the night. Is that such a bad thing? I know we can't have anything other than that. You're too old. My parents wouldn't approve," she joked.

"And just how old are your parents?"

"My mom's 44, and my dad's 45."

"Damn. I am old," she remarked with a laugh.

"Come on. Take me home just this once. I'll do anything you want."

Going against her better judgment, Erin nodded her head. "Okay. Let's get dressed and get out of here."

Across town blue eyes stared up at her ceiling as she thought of how she had gotten into the situation she found herself in at that moment, reliving them in her mind, as her sleeping partner held her closely. The rest of the night had been a success. They had received well wishes from all their friends and family for their engagement. Emily had been happy, standing there under the attention of those around her. Everyone was thrilled for the catch she had made in Gillian, with two notable exceptions. Her fathers congratulated her warmly, but she could see in their eyes their uncertainty in the match, even though they said nothing to that effect. It gnawed at her through the rest of the night after it was just she and her fiancée alone together.

The couple cleaned up the mess once they were alone until late into the night, because neither of them had wanted to deal with it the next day. The blonde watched Gillian as she worked on her task of the dishes. The auburn-haired woman was so focused she wasn't even aware of her audience. What is it about you that they see and I don't? You are so kind and caring. You go out of your way for me always. Is it the age difference? Is it your stability? Don't they think you'll make me happy? I just wish I knew why they feel the way they do. And what about your family, Gillian? Are they really happy for us? I always feel like a complete outsider around them. I can't read them. Sometimes I think they see me as a child, but I guess being almost the same age as your nieces and nephews doesn't help. Still wouldn't you think they could put that aside if it meant that much to you? Am I always going to be an outsider? The thoughts ran rampant through her mind. The blonde had her doubts about their relationship, but she knew they could make it work if they tried hard enough.

After the apartment was clean, Gillian embraced her closely as they stood in the kitchen. Emily stood there in that hug for a long time just taking in the feel of the woman against her. A warm mouth touched the skin of her neck. Just by the pace of her lover's breathing against her, Emily could tell she was amorous, even though Gillian didn't say anything, just kissed her for a few moments. Hands roamed over her slowly at first but then with growing need as their mouths met. Gillian's behaviors had an edge to them, a sure sign that she wanted something a little wild that night. Her lover was up for it. "You want to go to bed?" Emily whispered.

"I want to play a game. You feel up for a game?" she asked.

"Sure. What kind of game?"

Gillian stared into blue eyes. "I want you in a way I've never had you before. You made a promise months ago, and I want to call it in now."

Emily knew exactly what she was asking for even though she didn't say it. As part of their reconciliation after the blonde had cheated with Erin, they began to discuss a lot of things each was holding back. Gillian made it clear her interest in that strap-on Emily had in the nightstand and had questioned why they weren't allowed to use it. Emily knew she should have confessed her hesitancy in using it, but she didn't. Gillian pleaded with her to allow her the chance to fulfill her fantasy with it sometime, to which she agreed. Emily promised Gillian an opportunity to use it on her to try to take away her negativity regarding it. The couple hadn't talked about it again, so Emily thought it had been forgotten, but it was obviously not the case. Knowing she had to do it for her relationship, the attorney nodded in consent. "Then why don't we go upstairs?"

Gillian led them while Emily just tried to put what she was about to do out of her mind. You're doing it for Gillian. She deserves this much after all you've put her through, Emily. It's just one fantasy, and if you don't like it, you can just tell her. You'll never have to do it again if you don't want after this time. Just put Erin out of your mind. Gillian won't hurt you. It could be fun if you just let yourself go.

Going into the bedroom, the doctor turned on the bedside lamp and pulled back the cover and top sheet on the bed before turning her attentions to her fiancée. She took her time undressing her and then laid her out on the bed. Their eyes met. Gillian kissed her gently. "You know I wouldn't hurt you. If you don't like it, all you have to do is say your safe word, and I'll stop," she assured.

"I know." Even though Emily had been against the safe word idea at first when their relationship was newer, she understood its use with some of the activities into which they had ventured. Gillian pushed the boundaries of their sex life sometimes, and Emily had realized a whole new world she had never discovered, some of which she liked, some of which she didn't. With Gillian she had learned no never actually meant no in a sex game, which is why she finally agreed to the safe word idea, to keep the communication clear. In fact, looking up into her lover's eyes just then, she sensed that saying no would only encourage Gillian at the moment.

"Now I'm going to tie you up. Be a good girl for once, will you?" the doctor suggested, slipping into game mode.

When the doctor reached for Emily's left wrist, the blonde tugged her way free of the grasp, knowing this was what was expected of her. "No, you aren't," defiantly she challenged.

Gillian grinned ferally. "So, you are going to be a hellcat tonight. Oh, that just makes it so much more fun to break you," she growled, pinning Emily to the bed with her own body. Clothes brushed against naked skin in a mock struggle. Emily knew she had to at least try to wrestle her lover into submission, even though she knew this was about Gillian's need to completely dominate her. "Is that the best you have?" Gillian taunted a little as they fought. She quickly got one of the blonde's wrists handcuffed to the headboard. Emily swatted her with her free hand. It stung the side of Gillian's face in a move that momentarily stunned both of them.

Blue eyes looked surprised, because she hadn't meant to connect that hard. "Gillian, I'm so sorry," she whispered, raising her free hand to her lover's face. "I didn't mean to do that so hard."

Gillian didn't answer just grabbed her wrist. The game wasn't over yet, even at the surprise move. "You're going to pay for that," she rumbled. The scuffle continued. "Do you know how much it turns me on to see you fight like this?" the older woman asked as she handcuffed Emily's other wrist. Both of them were heaving for breath as they looked at each other. Emily had never seen the look in her lover's eyes before. They held a coldness that sent a shiver through her. It was still a game, but it was starting to go in a direction Emily never intended. The blonde hoped her girlfriend would redirect it. Thankfully she did, easing off just a little. "Don't fight me, baby. I hate fighting with you. Just be a good girl," Gillian whispered, kissing her lightly over the face. Emily relaxed a little into the caresses. "Now let's just get these ankles, and we'll be set. If you even think about kicking me, you'll be sorry." Emily posed no resistance to her legs being tied to the footboard. When she was completely restrained, she tested the bonds that held her. She wasn't going anywhere. "You comfortable?" her lover asked.

She was fine but answered, "Not really."

"Good." Gillian started to remove her own clothes as she hovered over Emily's frame. They kissed through the entire process until she was naked. "I can't wait to feel you from the inside. You're going to feel so good. I just know it," she whispered as her hands roamed over the restrained form.

Emily's body arched toward the touches, even though she wasn't feeling as turned on as her lover was at the moment, the pretend attack, having caused her arousal to disappear. It hadn't seemed to deter Gillian, though, so she hoped she could get back into it with a little encouragement. She watched as her fiancée took the strap-on out of the drawer and put it on herself. Then Gillian moved her body across Emily's again. They kissed gently at first but then with increasing intensity.

"I've been waiting for this moment forever," the doctor whispered. "My good girl. You're such a good patient. You're my favorite, Emily. I've wanted you since our first session."

Knowing the bad psychiatrist adaptation as one of her lover's favorites, Emily played along. It was a safer place than where they had just been, and she was glad for the small reprieve. "You're my favorite, Dr. White. Just don't hurt me."

"No, never. I wouldn't hurt you. I just want to love you. Don't you want me to love you?"

At this point in the role play, Emily always said yes. Tonight she chose a different response. "No, Dr. White."

"Why not, Emily? Don't you want me to make you feel good? I can make you feel things you've never felt before." Gillian's head dipped to the blonde's breasts, slowly circling the tip of the left one.

"It'll hurt," the younger woman mumbled, knowing her fiancée liked the young virginal types. She had stumbled on that information accidentally one night and pulled it out for special occasions.

"Have you never been with someone before?"

"You know I haven't. You asked me that in our first session."

"Well, I didn't know if that was still true now, did I? Do you love me, Emily?"

"Yes, Dr. White."

"If you really love me, then you'll let me make you the woman you want to be."

Emily gave a reluctant nod of her head. She was more than ready to get this over with. The game was starting to get old just then. Gillian leaned down to her neck and kissed it as she pushed the phallus inside of her lover. The blonde gasped at the size. She had forgotten how big it was, and having not used it in a long time, it was larger than expected. "Stop. It hurts," she said.

"I don't care. Sometimes becoming a woman takes pain. You're mine now, Emily, no one else's," she growled. "I own you for the rest of your life."

The blonde groaned painfully as her lover pushed in a second time. It hurt, but they were still involved in their game. The only way out of it would be to use her safe word. I have to do this for Gillian. I promised her I would try. Just give it a little bit. It'll just take some getting used to. It didn't hurt this much when Erin used it. Oh, Erin, how could this happen to us? Six months ago you said you loved me, and now I'm engaged to Gillian. Why weren't we able to work things out? You were the one I was supposed to be with. You were the one I always thought I'd be with at the end. And why did you come here tonight? I didn't invite you, because I knew it was going to be too painful. How did you even know? Unless Gillian invited you without my knowledge. Why would she do that? The answer was clear to her. You wanted Erin here to see you propose to me. You wanted her to see me say yes and choose you over her. Closing her eyes, Emily tried to hold back the tears she felt threatening at that thought as well as the pain of being pounded with the strap-on. Gillian really isn't as good at this as you were, Erin. God is what straight sex feels like? No wonder I'm a lesbian. Who wants a man lying on top of them rutting like a dog in heat? This so isn't working. Her tears started to leak from the corner of her eyes. This was not going to end as either of them had hoped. She was not going to get passed her feelings on this matter, even though she had tried. Knowing there was only one thing she could do to stop this, she said loudly, "Texas A&M."

Immediately Gillian pulled out and looked at her girlfriend's face. She had never heard her use her safe word before, and it took her by surprise. Seeing the tears she whispered, "Em, what's the matter? Oh, baby, come here." She let her fiancée out of her restraints to consolingly cuddle her. "It's all right. You're all right. You're safe, Em. You're safe."

The blonde said nothing, just cried for several minutes. Finally she hiccupped, "I tried. I really did."

"I know you did."

"I just can't use that thing. I don't ever want to see it again."

Gillian nodded her head. Rising from the bed, she took it off and threw it into the trash can next to the nightstand. "There. It's gone. I'll take the trash out tomorrow. You'll never have to see it again. I love you, Emily. I would never want to hurt you. Can you talk to me about why you're crying?"

"That was too real. You were so- you scared me."

"Yeah. Well, I scared myself a little too, which is why I had to change the game. It was getting a little too rough."

"And that thing is just too big. It hurts too much."

"I'm so sorry. It's gone now. You'll never see it again. Why don't you let me kiss it and make it better? It'll be just the two of us. No games. Just the two of us making love. Would that make you feel better?"

Emily shook her head as she looked into her lover's eyes. Gillian always did try to accommodate her needs, but tonight she just couldn't participate. "I'm sorry. I just want to go to sleep. It hurts too much."

"All right. I understand. Come here. Let me hold you at least."

Emily allowed herself to be embraced. Gillian was asleep almost immediately, leaving her with her thoughts.

You're not over what happened with Erin. Why couldn't I see that? Although you certainly made your stand tonight. You let her know who I belonged to, didn't you? But she let you. She didn't even try. It's really over between us now. You made sure of that. I suppose I can't blame you, though. If the positions were reversed, I might have done the same thing. I know you love me, Gillian. I hope we can make this work, but you have to be able to trust me. You want to make me happy, and I know we could be with each other. I just wish I never had seen Erin again. It would have made things so much easier. But you had to bring her here to make it clear I was yours. Well, at least that's the last time. She's going to be out of my life for good. We simply can't be friends if I'm going to make this marriage work. Gillian has to be my life now, and that's the end of it.


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