~ The Switch ~
by Ambrosia

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"Okay everyone! Gather around because it's time for the main event!" Nancy excitedly stated as she lifted a glass bowl containing quite a few tiny paper balls in it. When everyone had taken their seats, whether on the couches, chairs, or the floor, Nancy began to explain the rules of the main event. "I know a lot of you already know the rules, but for those that are new I will announce them. In this bowl," she pointed to the bowl in her hand, "are all of your names. One by one you ladies will get to randomly select a piece of paper from the bowl. Unless that name is the person you came here with, the woman selected is the woman you will get to spend the rest of the night with!" Nancy grinned as excited whispers and cheers sailed through the air.

Her mouth forming into the shape of O, Mia turned toward her beaming partner, a disbelieving expression on her face. Leaning closer to the taller woman, she whispered, "You brought me to a spouse swapping party? You said we were going to have fun but I had no idea this is what you meant! I can't believe you-this is so low. I could be at home watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer!" Hell bent on leaving, Mia started to stand when a hand pushed down on her shoulder, effectively keeping her pinned to her seat.

"It's Friday. Buffy comes on Wednesdays."

At any other time you wouldn't have remembered that! Furious green eyes sent the other woman a withering look. "Yes, it does but I have it on tape so I wouldn't have to endure the commercials. Regardless, I don't want to be here. I can't believe you'd hand me over to some stranger. Whatever happened to monogamy?"

Keri gazed at her in a way that she hoped was charming. "Honey, I just thought we'd try something different. Let's try it just this once okay?"

"There is no-"

Before she could finish her thought, a grinning Nancy thrust a glass bowl into Mia's face. Mia was about to shake her head negatively when the other woman shook the bowl, causing the tiny balls within it to dance around. "Come on," Nancy glanced at the redhead's paper nametag, "Mia. You can be the first lady to choose. I can tell this is your first time, don't be shy."

"Yeah, Mia. Pick a name." When she nudged her girlfriend's shoulder, Keri received a glare in response.

Not knowing what had come over her and why she was acceding to their wishes, Mia delved a hand into the bowl and pulled out one of the numerous tightly wrapped paper balls. Told to open it and read the name inside, she unwrapped the paper while her heart started to hammer. Though she knew a few of the women in attendance tonight, none of their names were on the paper. Lifting her eyes, Mia glanced around the room, noticing the multitude of anticipating faces before she spoke.


Instantly a buzz started as Mia caught snippets of conversation, hearing phrases such as 'beginner's luck', 'she's hot', 'damn, I wanted Taryn' and 'somehow cheated'. Leaning over, Keri jubilantly informed her that she must have hit the jackpot. Tired of glaring, Mia decided to ignore her partner who had been annoying her far longer than tonight. Meanwhile, she wondered who Taryn was. She didn't have to wait long as a six-foot woman wearing black leather pants as a second skin, slowly arose from a recliner placed near a corner of the room. All chattering ceased as Taryn headed in Mia's direction, the only sound in the room her booted feet as they touched the floor with each step.

Her eyes sweeping over the form approaching them, Keri turned to her partner. "You know honey, we can leave if you want to. You don't have to go through with this. No one is making you. Let's just go home and watch Buffy." In truth, she didn't want her girlfriend anywhere near the black-haired, blue-eyed gorgeous hunk of a woman. She was too good-looking and had an intoxicating aura that was difficult to explain.

Glancing toward Keri, Mia shook her head. She knew precisely what the woman was thinking and there was no way she was backing out now. Plus, she didn't think it was possible. "No, we're here to try something different, remember? Might as well participate." Hearing her girlfriend's faint groan of protest almost made her smile.

As Nancy moved on to another woman after giving Taryn an appreciate look over, the leather clad figure kneeled in front of Mia, a ghost of a smile on her reddened lips. Her own partner casually watching from across the room, Taryn lifted one of the small woman's hands, placing a light kiss in the palm of it. Her azure eyes connecting with Mia's emerald ones, she playfully winked, ignoring Keri's disapproving look.

"Hello Mia," she huskily whispered in a voice that sent chills through the woman lucky enough to be named Mia.

Finding her voice, the redhead softly replied, "Hi Taryn."

It was nearly eleven o'clock and everyone was successfully paired up. The only person in the room who didn't look particularly happy was Keri, as her eyes stayed riveted to her girlfriend and the silent woman sitting next to her. Though she'd done well with her choosing, (Pamela had to be at least a DD cup and was shaped like an hourglass) Keri would have rather gone home and watched the vampire slayer kick butt. Anything to keep her partner out of Taryn's hands. Damn, out of everyone she had to pick the lesbian most wanted. Now, she wouldn't have had a problem if she had chosen Taryn's name, but she didn't care for the idea of Mia spending the night with her.

"May I have everyone's attention please?" Nancy called out, waiting for all eyes to focus on her. "Alright, since we are all paired up, please feel free to leave with your temporary bed mate," pausing, she giggled, "at anytime. Unless you decide to go to a hotel, you'll have to discuss with your partner who will get the house for the night. That is unless all four of you want to be in the same place." Nancy mischievously chuckled. "That's up to you. Okay, have fun and I'll hopefully see you all at our next party!"

Dragging Pamela over to her girlfriend, Keri started to say something when Taryn held up a hand for silence. Slipping a hand into Mia's, she gently pulled the smaller woman to her feet.

"Mia and I are going to my home so Keri you may take Pam to your place if you like." Taryn briefly smiled. "Goodnight."

Before Keri could utter a word, Taryn began to lead Mia through the throng of people and out the front door.

On the ride to Taryn's house, Mia wondered what she had gotten herself into. This was insane! She didn't even know this woman's last name and yet she was going to her home to spend the night and do only gods knew what! According to the other women, Taryn was quite popular but that didn't stop Mia from wanting to jump out of the car. She glared out of the passenger side window, imagining Keri's stupid deceiving face. I hope Pamela smothers you with those huge fun bags of hers!

"Are you alright?"

Mia jumped at the unexpected voice and turned to look at concerned blue eyes. She slowly nodded, her eyes locked on Taryn's until the woman returned her attention to the road. "Yes, I'm fine." Lightly, she cleared her throat. "I've just never done anything like this before and I suppose I'm a bit nervous." That was an understatement. She was absolutely terrified.

"We don't have to do anything that you're not comfortable with." Glancing toward the smaller woman, she added, "If we get to my place and you decide you don't care to do anything, then that's cool. I have a million DVD's so we could make some popcorn and watch movies." Taryn gave Mia a reassuring smile.

Responding to the smile, the redhead suddenly felt more at ease. Knowing that Taryn meant every word, Mia released a relieved breath. There was nothing to fear because she didn't have to do anything and Taryn would respect that. Question was, did some part of her truly want to? Glancing toward the raven-haired beauty, she caught a pair of soft full lips grinning toward her. Mia's heart abruptly picked up speed.

Oh, most definitely.

Rubbing damp palms along her jeans, Mia anxiously waited as the other woman unlocked her door before stepping aside to allow her entrance. Walking into the apartment, her eyes squinted when Taryn illuminated the living room. When her eyes adjusted to the sudden light, Mia observed her surroundings. The living room's décor was tasteful yet simple. A cream colored sectional couch containing a mountain of plump pillows, bordered an oval shaped glass coffeetable that was placed upon a contemporary area rug, the colors of which complimented the couch.

"Would you care for a drink?"

Turning toward Taryn, the redhead nodded. "I'll have what you're having, thank you."

"Fruit punch then?" At Mia's surprised expression she chuckled. "Thought I might break out a bottle of wine or something?" Grinning, she shook her head. "I've never been much of a drinker so the only alcohol here is Sharon's beer. Would you like one of those?"

Mia smiled at her. Was the leather-clad woman truly a teddy bear at heart? "No, fruit punch sounds great."

"'Kay. Be right back. Please have a seat if you like."

As she headed in the direction of the kitchen, Mia walked over to the entertainment system to check out her collection of DVD's. Sure enough, it did appear that Taryn had a lot of them. Reading the titles, Mia noticed that they were in alphabetical order starting with Angels in the Outfield and ending with Zoolander. Mia snickered. And here I thought I had a seductress on my hands.

"I keep all the naughty movies in my bedroom," the hostess hotly whispered into her ear. "Maybe if you're good I'll let you see them later."

The petite woman jumped for the second time that evening with a lightning speed thrill coursing through her. She could feel Taryn's warm breath caressing her sensitive lobe. Her throat dry, Mia slowly turned around and was presented with a glass containing a bright red substance along with ice cubes. Unable to speak, she nodded her thanks while taking the glass and drinking deeply from it as amused azure eyes observed her. Taking a sip from her own glass, Taryn moved toward the couch as she asked Mia what she did for a living.

"I'm a librarian." Getting her legs to work correctly, she joined the other woman on the couch. "And you?" Noticing a coaster on the coffeetable, Mia set her sweating glass on top of it.

Crossing one leg over the other, Taryn leaned back into the plush couch. "I'm a police officer. Eight years on the force," she proudly stated.

Mia was glad that she had already put her glass down, otherwise she might have wasted fruit punch all over the rug. "Um…you aren't working…this isn't a raid is it?"

Although this wasn't the first time she had been asked that question, Taryn threw her head back, laughing until tears sprang to her eyes. Noticing the worried expression that remained on Mia's face, she thought she should assuage her. "No sweetheart, I'm not working. I don't arrest people for having sex," after a thoughtful pause, she grinned. "That is unless one or more of the parties involved is being monetarily compensated for it. I've participated in spouse swapping over half a dozen times before, so if I were working undercover I would have raided Nancy's get-togethers by now. This is strictly something I choose to do in my personal life."

Mia looked incredibly relieved. "Oh, good. So may I ask you a question?"

"You want to know why I go to these parties?"

Green eyes widened slightly in amazement that Taryn already knew what she wanted to inquire about. Mia nodded. "Yes. Why do you?"

Taryn shrugged. "Well, Sharon learned about it first from a friend of hers and then after about a week of coaxing, I gave in so we went to one of Nancy's Friday night parties. I guess it's sort of wickedly fun to swap partners and do whatever with them. I know Sharon sure gets a big kick out of my being with other women. Sometimes I think she likes it more than I do." She sounded neither saddened nor exhilarated by the admission.

"However, you do enjoy this lifestyle?"

Unreadable blue eyes focused on her for a few wordless moments before Taryn gave a short nod. "For the most part." Sighing, she sifted long fingers through her dark locks. "I dunno. I'm actually getting kind of tired of the whole scene. For some reason I feel like a piece of bait when I'm there."

Before she could fully activate her brain, Mia replied, "Could be because you're the most stunning woman in the entire crowd. Everyone would love to be with you." Quickly averting her eyes, she barely stopped her hand from smacking her own forehead. Needing something to keep her big mouth occupied, Mia grabbed her glass and filled her cheeks with its cool sweet contents. Soon, melting ice cubes clinked in an otherwise empty glass. Replacing it on the coaster, Mia slowly lifted her eyes to meet a pair closely watching her.

"What about you?" Taryn softly inquired.

Mia heavily swallowed before smacking her punch reddened lips together. "What about me?" She knew exactly what the other woman was asking. She just decided to play dumb.

The brunette moved close enough until she was in Mia's personal space, however, she didn't mind the intrusion. "Would you," Taryn slipped an arm around her shoulders, "love to be with me Mia?"

In that moment, the redhead fell in love with the way Taryn pronounced her slight name. Somehow, she made it sound like a gentle kiss from one's lover who has been away for weeks and is now back would feel. Her lips spoke the truth before rationality could sneak in. "Yes. Yes, I would."

Deciding to rely on actions instead of words, Taryn leaned toward the other woman and brushed her lips against hers while a hand tangled in deep red locks, idly massaging the scalp underneath. Melting into the kiss, Mia immediately opened her mouth allowing Taryn's tongue to have all the access it wanted. Moans filled the air as their tongues greeted one another. Tasting Mia's natural sweetness as well as the one created from the fruit punch, Taryn pulled the woman toward her until jean clad thighs were straddling her lap. When she whispered something against her lips, the smaller woman asked her to repeat it.

"I said that I want you," Taryn announced in a low voice. Of their own volition, her hands began to knead Mia's buttocks through the seat of her jeans. She watched as the woman's eyes closed in pleasure. "Do you want me?"

Mia mutely nodded and then shivered as a tongue lazily slid up the length of her neck before a soft mouth kissed her chin while strong hands squeezed her rear tighter. "What do you want Mia?"

"You," she breathlessly whispered, failing to notice that she had started to gently rock her hips, her arms wrapped around Taryn's neck.

"I mean what do you want me to do? To you? Look at me." She uttered it politely enough but it was obvious that it was a command. When her eyes made contact with emerald ones, her lips curved into a slight grin. "What do you want me to do to you Mia? Tell me." Taryn kept up the movement of her hands as she felt the other woman's heated crotch pressing against her belly through the silk of her blouse. Noticing that Mia was having a difficult time giving a response to her question, the brunette softly continued. "Release your inhibitions Mia. You never have to be shy around me."

"Make me come," the redhead whispered, watching her lover-to-be's lips and wanting to kiss them again. Lightly, she trailed her fingertips along the cool dark blue fabric covering Taryn's muscled arms. "I need you inside of me. As deep as you can get." Mia could feel the evidence of her arousal soaking through the cotton of her underwear and ached to shed all of her hindering clothing.

Leaning forward, Taryn flicked her tongue against a mouth, which mewled when she hurriedly pulled away. Removing her hands from Mia's rear, she proceeded to undo the buttons holding the woman's shirt together. As she released the very last button, she throatily inquired, "Is that your way of saying that you want me to fuck you Mia?"

The petite woman nodded.

"Say them. I want to hear you say the words." Pushing the shirt down Mia's shoulders and off her upper body, Taryn tossed it toward coffeetable. She began to slide her hands along a smooth bare back, heading upward toward the clasp of a bra.

"Fuck me," Mia answered in a hushed tone.

"Louder." Agile fingers released breasts from their confines and sent a bra to join the abandoned shirt.

Taking a deep breath, which proved to make her breasts appear all the more inviting, though that wasn't her objective, Mia locked eyes with Taryn. "I want and I need you to fuck me Taryn." She pressed her lips to those inches from her. "Please."

Not speaking, the brunette securely wrapped an arm around Mia's waist before leaning them both toward the coffeetable. Though she wasn't looking, the small woman heard the sound of clinking and realized that Taryn must have been messing with the ice cubes. Sure enough, when she rested back against the couch again, in her hand she held a half-melted cube. Blue eyes twinkled mischievously as Taryn allowed a few frigid drops of water to fall on Mia's chest and watched as the droplets slid between full breasts and down toward a navel, which caught most of them. Shivering in anticipation of events to follow and because of the cold liquid, Mia held on tighter looking as the ice cube headed a bit lower.

"You're so damned sexy Mia. I could never get enough of you." Proceeding to alternately stroke the darkened areas of the other woman's breasts with her ice cube, Taryn watched in rapt fascination as nipples swiftly puckered in response to the cold wetness. Meanwhile, their owner moaned and writhed in reply to the pleasing assault. As though Taryn could read her mind, discovering what she wanted in the process, she enveloped one of the chilled tips, her hot mouth immediately warming it.

Crying out, Mia rocked her hips more insistently while Taryn feasted on her almost painfully erect nipples. The minutes flew by as a contented brunette paid equal attention to Mia's breasts, her tongue languidly stroking and mouth delicately suckling. Wanting to move this to the bedroom, Taryn instructed the moaning redhead to hold on tightly. Making sure that her arms were locked around the bigger woman's neck and her legs around her waist, Mia captured Taryn's mouth while she easily arose from the couch and headed toward the hallway with her hands cupping firm cheeks.

Leading them into the guestroom, the hostess gently deposited her guest on the bed before turning on the lamp. First slipping off her boots, she stood next to the bed and started to remove her clothing. When she reached her leather pants, Mia scooted toward the edge of the bed in order to assist her in unzipping and pulling them off, mesmerized green eyes trailing up and down the incredibly long, shapely legs revealed. Not being able to resist, Mia stroked the smooth skin while her willing subject stood quietly still. At least she did until exploring hands slid up the apex of her thighs and fingertips brushed against her dampened curls.

"Ah ah ah." Taking a somewhat wobbly step backward, Taryn waggled a finger at Mia though there was a smile on her lips. "Little ones first," she teasingly remarked just before helping the other woman to remove her jeans and panties. Bending over, she placed a resounding wet kiss on Mia's lips before telling her that she would be right back. After she left the bedroom, Mia slipped between the covers while thinking that she already missed Taryn's presence. Please don't fall for her. This is just sex. That's all it is and it's never going to happen again. Although, she mentally spoke the words, they saddened her. Mia sincerely hoped that tomorrow took a long time in getting there.

A couple of minutes later, Taryn peeked her head back into the bedroom, her eyes connecting with curious green ones. Grinning, she asked the other woman to close her eyes and waited until she did so before walking into the room. Getting into the bed and wrapping her arms around Mia, she proceeded to shower kisses on her mouth, chin, and especially neck, which she took gentle nips of.

Well aware that Taryn's pleasuring mouth was applying enough pressure that she would surely awaken with a hickey in the morning, Mia moved against the woman, her thigh coming in contact with a foreign object. It felt kind of soft, long, and bumpy in places. A quizzical look on her face, she tapped Taryn on the shoulder until a dark head raised and blue eyes fixed on her. However, before she could say anything the other woman answered her question.

"It's a dildo, Mia. It's brand new because I bought it specifically for this occasion." A broad grin spread across her lips as emerald eyes opened considerably wider in shock. "Now I'm assuming that you've never used or in this case had one used on you before, but allow me to guarantee you sweetheart, you are going to love it," Taryn finished, her voice filled with the utmost confidence.

Mia looked semi-convinced, though a great part of her was intrigued. "Really?"

Taryn nodded. "Oh, yeah." Before the redhead could ask, she pulled back the covers and moved to her back saying, "You may check it out until your heart is content."

Again amazed by how intuitive Taryn was, Mia slowly sat up and scooted further down the bed until the dildo, which was attached to a matching leather harness strapped around Taryn's waist lay right in front of her. Glancing toward the other woman questioningly, she watched as Taryn swiftly nodded her acquiescence before reaching out and almost wondrously running her fingers along the length of the silver colored shaft. Now Mia had seen her share of penises and she never would have described them as beautiful but this silicone shaft actually was. As she wrapped her hand around the malleable dildo, she discovered that its texture was quite soft. Fingertips traced along a sequence of solid little ridges, which Mia instinctively knew would come in handy for stimulation. Cupping the large rounded silver head in her palm, she glanced toward Taryn, who was gazing at her through long eyelashes. As Mia's eyes focused on her, she smiled.

"Like my package?" A low voice teasingly inquired.

Straddling Taryn's legs, she leaned over until her nose was nearly touching the other woman's. "Like it? I wanna ride it." Mia could hardly believe what she had just said but there was no way that she was going to take it back. She practically ached to feel the dildo within her, and not because it was a replica of a penis but because Taryn was the wielder of it. If asked to, she wouldn't be able to put into words how aroused just the thought of that made her.

Not looking in the least bit surprised, the brunette's smile grew as she stretched an arm out toward the top drawer of the nightstand. Rummaging around, she pulled out a clear plastic bottle containing a reddish pink substance, the consistency of which could put one in the mind of jelly. Handing the bottle to Mia, she explained that it was a lubricant to be applied to the dildo. She watched as the woman's cheeks predictably reddened.

"However, if you rather I could do it." She sounded vaguely amused.

"No, you just relax there." Mia quickly shook her head. "I want to do it." Moving further up until her legs were on either side of Taryn's thighs, she lifted the cap on the bottle and was about to squirt some of the lubricant into her hand when a fragrant smell caught her attention. After reading the label, Mia looked toward Taryn with her dark brows arched high. "Edible strawberry flavor Taryn?"

The other woman saucily grinned. "Yes Mia. A great invention ain't it? What will the sexual pleasure oriented innovators come up with next?"

Chuckling, the redhead shrugged. "I haven't a clue." Continuing with her interesting task, Mia soon had the silver dildo coated in scented lubricant. Recapping the bottle, she placed it back on the nightstand before beginning to leisurely explore her lover's mouth, her tongue tasting and exploring the other woman's. The head of the shaft pressing against her entrance, Mia slowly ground on top of it, though she kept it from entering her.

As Taryn's hips began to move Mia broke away from her mouth, steadily making her way down the woman's neck and then her chest, her tongue laving the dip between heaving breasts. Softly moaning, Taryn waited for that sweet tongue to lavish some attention on her sensitive tips. Thankfully, she didn't have to wait long before Mia's mouth descended upon an already hardened nipple, drawing it in as though she intended to swallow the bud. Before long, she attempted the same with the other.

Taryn was breathing heavily as Mia's lips kissed their way down her body, eventually arriving at the shaft. Catching the brunette off guard, she swirled her tongue around the bulbous head before deciding to take it into her mouth.

"Good gods," Taryn whispered, her voice laced with astonishment as she watched Mia alternately lave and suck the implement attached to her. Almost immediately, the redhead ceased what she was doing and looked at her lover anxiously while asking if she had done something wrong. Taryn assured her with a shake of her head that she hadn't. "No I…I just hadn't expected you to do that. However, you may…I…it." Closing her mouth, she nodded while gathering her thoughts. "It's kind of a turn on actually."

Mia grinned. "It's about time I surprised you." Returning her attention to her new little strawberry flavored plaything, she proceeded to stroke the length of it with her tongue, following its contours and ridges while her green eyes focused on equally impassioned blue ones.

Her eyes briefly closing, a shudder rippled through her. "Damn, though the dildo isn't physically attached to me, I swear I can feel what you're doing."

Waiting until Taryn reopened her eyes, Mia moved until the apex of her thighs was directly above the shaft. "In that case, let's see if you can feel this." Hands now on her waist assisting her in doing so, she lowered herself onto the silver instrument, a guttural moan escaping her as its length filled her. Mia imagined that Taryn was truly within her as her hips began to slowly undulate. The base of the shaft stimulating her own center with each move that her lover made had the brunette moaning as well and her hips started to thrust upward, causing the dildo to sink that much deeper into the woman sitting on top of her.

Running her hands along Mia's flat stomach, Taryn headed north until she was cupping a gently bouncing breast in each hand, tweaking the tips between her thumb and forefinger. Feeling the sensations produced from the tugging all the way to the tips of her toes, Mia began to speed up, easily sliding along the shaft coated with a mix of her nectar along with what was left over from the lube.

"I feel you baby," Taryn hoarsely whispered. "Gods, do I feel you." Managing to sit up, she captured Mia's lips, thrusting her tongue deep within her mouth as their sweat slicked bodies rocked in a sensual rhythm. As she coaxed the smaller woman's tongue into her mouth before briefly sucking on the pink organ, she released her breasts, choosing to wrap her arms around Mia's waist.

Her head tipping so far back that she could catch glimpses of a painting on the wall behind her, Mia groaned when she felt her nipples getting a thorough tongue-lashing before a mouth pulled them within where teeth almost daintily nibbled. "Mmm, yes I love that Taryn."

"I know you do Mia. I know." Releasing the delectable bud in her mouth, Taryn lightly bit an exposed neck, earning another groan. Not giving her lover an opportunity to say anything more, she swiftly switched their positions so that Mia's back was now pressed into the mattress. Above her, the brunette faintly grinned as she proceeded to steadily pump her hips to and fro, pushing the dildo into the other woman and the base of it into herself.

Liking this position even more than the last one, Mia wrapped her legs around Taryn as her hands slipped down to cover a gyrating behind, squeezing the taut butt cheeks with every thrust. Her hands on either side of Mia's head, Taryn gazed at her as they rocked against each other generating enough heat to last them through the entire month of December.

"You're beautiful Mia," she earnestly whispered between shallow breaths. "You somehow manage to get more beautiful."

Though some part of her brain reckoned those last words spoken to be quite peculiar, Mia was much too far gone to give them any true contemplation. As Taryn's pace quickened, and the movement of their hips turned frenzied bringing them closer to their blissful destination, she buried her face in the crook of Mia's neck breathing in a natural essence, which she knew better than anyone else's.

While quavering thighs tightened around her, Taryn propelled her hips and plunged her shaft into her lover's moist cavern once more, which was all it took for them to disembark on bliss's threshold. Their moans and cries of pleasure intertwining until they couldn't fathom which sounds belonged to whom, Mia and Taryn continued to sway against one another until the albeit minuscule, very last aftershock.

As she idly stroked the small of Taryn's back, Mia carefully considered the words she wanted to utter, knowing that she would be speaking the truth. Running her tongue along her lips, she then took a deep breath, gathering her courage to say them. Turning her head on the pillow, she lightly kissed the ridge of a reddened ear.

"Hey you," Mia tenderly intoned. Immediately raising her head, Taryn offered her a sweet smile, though Mia's attention was on tear filled azure eyes. Growing concerned, she touched a palm to the woman's cheek. "What's the matter? Did I do something wrong?"

The smile, although shaky, remained on the dark-haired woman's mouth as she shook her head. "No. No you were perfect…everything I could ever want in fact." Briefly, she touched her lips to Mia's before disentangling herself and standing from the bed. Removing the harness and dildo, she placed them on the nightstand and walked over toward the closet, grabbing the short silk red robe she kept there because her beloved had mentioned on past occasions that it looked good on her. Slipping into it, Taryn tied the straps, knowing even without looking that emerald eyes were upon her.

"That robe looks really good on you Taryn. I mean…wow."

Grinning, Taryn leaned against the bed, kissing Mia's inviting mouth again. "Wow, eh? Well when I return do you think you can make me go wow?"

The redhead grinned in return. "I can most certainly try. Do you…umm." Her grin broadened. "Do you have any more toys?"

"You know I--" Stopping, Taryn realized that she had been on the verge of reminding Mia that she knew where the toys were kept. Hiding her crestfallen expression, she pointed toward a treasure chest near the only window in the room. "The goods are in there." Wiggling her eyebrows she added, "Feel free to check it out while I'm gone. I'll be back in a few minutes lov-baby."

Mia nodded. "Are you sure you're alright?"

The other woman managed to give her a dazzling smile. "Never better."

Walking into the living room, Taryn collapsed onto the couch, her eyes staring straight ahead toward the entertainment system though not focusing on it. No longer being able to control the dam that wanted to burst forth, she broke into tears, shoulders shaking with the force of them. Grabbing one of the throw pillows, Taryn clutched it to her as hot tears fell down her face. She mourned now, as she had been the past two and a half months for a love that she desperately wanted yet it seemed destined not to flourish because of some awful trick of time that she was clueless as to how to fix. Leaning back into the couch, Taryn reflected over the recent past. The first morning after--after Nancy's latest get-together to be exact.

After securing Mia in the passenger side, Taryn walked around the car, sliding into the driver's seat. Before she started the car, she leaned toward the other woman and gently kissed her lips, feeling like a teenager who was experiencing their first crush. It was just past 10:30 on Saturday morning, which meant that it was time to get Mia home, but she sure didn't want to. Taryn didn't fully know what their night together meant to the redhead, but it had been magical for her. In fact, she had never felt the way she did last night with Sharon or any other woman.

As they drove down the street, Taryn came up with an idea to possibly buy herself some time with Mia. Glancing toward the redhead, she almost shyly inquired, "Hey, how about I take you to breakfast before dropping you off?" A roguish grin spread her lips. "I don't know about you, but all that activity gave me a wicked appetite!"

Bursting into laughing, Mia nodded in agreement. "I could use some nourishment too." Reaching over, she briefly squeezed Taryn's knee. "Sounds like a great plan. Let's do it."

"Horny little thing, aren't you?" Taryn teasingly remarked. "That last time in the shower wasn't enough for you?" As Mia had another laugh attack, the driver continued speaking while shaking her head, as though marveled by something. "I swear, the different ways you came up with to use that loofah were truly ingenious. I'll never look at a bath sponge the same way again." She grinned, enjoying Mia's laughter.

Abruptly, a deer, which darted from thick bushes, came to a halt on the road in Taryn's lane as though daring her to strike it. Noticing an oncoming truck in the lane adjacent to hers, the brunette realized she only had three, maybe four seconds to make a decision. Since the few cars trailing behind her left braking out of the question, she either hit the animal or took her chances with the bushes. Deciding on the latter, she quickly swerved to the right as Mia clutched her seat tightly.

"Mia, hold on baby!"

Unfortunately, after the car careened through the bushes, a steep hill lay directly ahead. Before Taryn could even think to apply the brakes (although it probably wouldn't have done them any good), her car tumbled down the hill, rolling several times before a couple of mighty oak trees stopped all movement.

Her hands still wrapped around the steering wheel, Taryn moved backward until her forehead was no longer resting on it while attempting to breathe-- every breath excruciatingly painful. Although it seemed to take her forever to do so, she finally managed to turn her head in Mia's direction. Blood covered the majority of the other woman's face, one cheek pressed against the cracked window, her eyes closed.

"Mia?" Taryn barely whispered loud enough for her own ears to decipher the word. For around fifteen seconds she waited for an acknowledgment before unconsciousness won her battle to stay awake.

Feeling a gentle hand brushing against her cheek, Taryn fought to open her eyes, but felt as though someone had super glued her lids. She took deep breaths, both surprised and relieved that it no longer hurt as much to do so. As someone who sounded like they were standing on the opposite side of a long tunnel began to call her name, Taryn attempted to lift the heavy curtains covering her eyeballs again, this time succeeding.

"Taryn? Sweetheart are you okay?" A concerned voice inquired.

Her vision blurry, the brunette rapidly blinked as the palm of that hand pressed against her cheek. Within moments, she was able to focus, her weary eyes coming to rest on the woman sitting in a chair next to her bed. Feeling like a ping pong ball was lodged in her throat, Taryn swallowed twice. Coming to her rescue, the woman lightly touched a small plastic pink cup to her lips and allowed the battered patient to take a few sips before removing the cup of water. Her throat feeling better now, Taryn swallowed easier.

A thought then popping into her mind, she looked at the other woman intently. "Mia. Where's Mia?" she asked in a weak tone of voice. She found that it was painful to speak. Therefore, she would try to use as few words as possible.

Sharon looked at her somberly, hating to be the bearer of this type of news. "She didn't make it honey. I'm sorry."

Blue eyes slowly blinked twice before tears started to fill them. True, she had known Mia for less than twelve hours but that didn't fail to stop her from feeling as though she had lost her beloved. A dark head shook back and forth on the pillow, although it caused the dull ache in her head to increase. "Oh, no. She's dead? Really?"

Sharon nodded. "The good news--well if you can call death good-- is that she didn't suffer. According to the paramedics she probably went immediately." Watching as tears fell down Taryn's slightly bruised face, she grabbed a tissue from a small box on a nearby table and dabbed them away. However, just as Sharon erased the evidence, more started to leak onto Taryn's cheeks. Instead of wiping them away, she wrapped her arms around the injured woman as best she could, holding on to her as she wept.

Upon opening her eyes, the first thing Taryn noticed was the clock. It was 6:02 in the morning, two minutes after the time she usually awoke when she had to be at work. The second thing she noticed was that she was in her own bed, in her own home and she didn't feel an ounce of pain, which was amazing considering amongst her injuries were three broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, shattered pelvis and major concussion. Confusion etched across her features, she nearly jumped out of her skin when an arm wrapped around her middle and lips gently nibbled on her earlobe.

"Wake up Officer Hot Mama," a voice much to cheery for this time of morning stated. "Time to get ready for work. I'll make breakfast while you take your shower. You want pancakes or waffles?"

Two brows arched high. Oddly, all of those words sounded precisely familiar. Turning onto her back, blue eyes spied the smiling lightly freckled face of her partner. "Um, Sharon…what…how…what day is it? Isn't it Sunday?"
And aren't I supposed to be in the hospital doped up on my new best friend Mr. Morphine so I wouldn't think so much about Mia's passing?

The brown-haired woman gave her a funny look. "No Tar, it's Friday. You have one more day of work and then it's the weekend." A grin slipped onto Sharon's lips. "More importantly, tonight is Nancy's party and I am--"

"Ready for action," Taryn quickly interjected.

Curious gray eyes stared in her direction. "Yeah, how did you know I was gonna say that?"

"Just a lucky guess I suppose." Shrugging, Taryn started to get out of the bed while hoping that this feeling of déjà vu would soon go away. Apparently, it had all been a dream…a very realistic feeling dream. She wondered if there truly was a beautiful redheaded librarian in this town named Mia.

Informing her lover that she wanted pancakes, Taryn headed toward the bathroom while shaking her head. Nah, Mia was probably just a figment of her imagination.

That night, Taryn spied her dream lover at Nancy's get-together. Her déjà vu returning full blast, she noticed that the redhead was wearing the same outfit she had on in the dream and so did the woman she had arrived with. Then again…Glancing down at herself, Taryn concluded that she was too. She was about to put something else on when Sharon insisted that she wear her leather pants since they made her look 'sizzling hot'.

As Nancy announced that it was time to for the main event, Taryn found an empty recliner near a corner of the room and took a seat. Starting to feel as though she was trapped in an episode of the Twilight Zone, she anxiously gazed toward the glass bowl containing the tiny paper balls sporting the name of every woman in the room. Now surely Nancy wasn't going to let Mia have the first choice of the evening like she had in Taryn's dream. The raven-haired woman crossed her fingers, hoping that something different would occur. This was getting much too weird. It was as though history was repeating itself and she was the only one who realized it.

"Come on," Taryn closely watched, almost groaning as Nancy predictably glanced at the redhead's nametag, the bowl of name littered paper balls in her hand, "Mia. You can be the first lady to choose. I can tell this is your first time, don't be shy."

Please don't choose me, please don't choose me. Taryn repeated those words in her head while a hesitant Mia reached into the bowl, selecting one of the paper balls. After opening it, her emerald eyes glanced around the room as though she were trying to figure out who her chosen lady was before she opened her mouth to speak.


Oh, shit. The women around her beginning to speak in hushed tones, blue eyes briefly closed as a sigh escaped the brunette's mouth. The music to the Twilight Zone flowed through her brain while she slowly stood to her feet and headed in Mia's direction.

The next morning after another magically spent evening with Mia, Taryn decided against driving the woman home. There was no way that deer was going be the cause of them having another car accident. Instead, they would use their ambulatory skills.

"You live at 1800 Sunnybrook Road right?" Immediately, Taryn realized that she had disclosed something that she wasn't supposed to know. Well maybe Mia wouldn't notice.

Questioning green eyes observed her. "Yes, but how did you know that?"

Uh oh. No such luck. "You told me."

Mia shook her head. "No, I don't think so."

Taryn nodded insistently, hoping that she could convince the other woman. "Of course you did. Last night. I asked and you gave me your address. Maybe the reason you don't remember was because you were almost asleep when I asked." It sounded lame to her, but based on the redhead's expression, she bought it. "So, why don't we walk? It's a nice morning and you umm only live err five miles away. We can stop at Krispy Kreme on the way."

Emerald eyes brightened at the mention of her favorite donut shop. She didn't even mind that she would have to walk three and a half miles to reach it. The trip was worth it and plus she would lose the calories that a couple of glazed donuts would help to pack back on. "You're on."

Mia was pronounced dead at 10:43 in the middle of an intersection after being the victim of a hit and run. As the paramedics placed her in the body bag, a semi-shocked Taryn sat on the curb watching with tears streaming down her cheeks. She had thought that walking would prevent Mia from losing her life this time, but evidently, she was mistaken.

Hearing the onlookers talking amongst themselves behind her, the tall woman stood up and turned toward them, her face reddened with sudden fury. "Get the fuck away from here! What's the purpose of you just standing there gawking at her, huh? Leave! None of you have any business here!"

Although thinking her completely insane, the group of people decided to listen to her and hurried off in different directions. Turning back around, Taryn watched as the now full body bag was placed inside the back of a white van. Thoroughly confused and filled with heartache, the woman collapsed to the ground crying and not caring one iota if anyone was witness to it. Seeing her, a fellow police officer as well as friend, raced over in concern.

The next morning she awoke at 6:02 again and of course, it was the same Friday for the third time. That night at Nancy's party Mia chose her name from the bowl again. However, this time instead of revealing herself, Taryn slipped out thinking that if she didn't take the librarian home then maybe she would live. She was wrong. By noon, the next day she discovered that Mia had went home alone while her partner went home with Pam. A fire had started in her house and she hadn't been able to get out due to the abundance of flames. It was suspected that the fire started around 10:30 a.m.

Over the past two and a half months-seventy-five sets of 48-hour periods-- Taryn had tried a variety of ways to prevent Mia from dying as well as get time to progress naturally. But to date, nothing had worked. She hadn't figured out why this was happening and what the point was. All she knew was that she had fallen deeply in love with Mia Roberts and that she was destined to lose her every Saturday morning between 10:30-11:00. No matter what, something always happened to her within that time period and Taryn was powerless to stop it.

Running a hand through her hair, Taryn loudly sighed. She was starting to believe that they would forever be caught in this time warp. Using the sleeve of her robe, she wiped her damp cheeks, hoping that Mia wouldn't realize that she had been crying.

Thinking that she should return to the bedroom before her lover started to question her abrupt disappearance, Taryn slowly stood before heading back to the guestroom. On entering, she stood just inside the doorway watching as the other woman peacefully slept, lying on her right side with her legs slightly bent. A smile touching Taryn's lips, she shed her robe before quietly climbing back into bed and wrapping an arm around Mia. Immediately, the smaller woman snuggled back into her with an adorable little moan coming from parted lips.

"I love you Taryn," she drowsily whispered somewhere in between sleep and wakefulness.

Her eyes shining with tears of joy because she had ached to hear those words, Taryn placed a kiss on the back of a reddish brown head. Mia had uttered them a couple of times before, but it had always seemed to be in the heat of passion. This time they sounded genuine and therefore, Taryn couldn't be more thrilled. "I love you too Mia."

Within moments, both women were deeply asleep, a hint of a smile on each of their faces.

Just after 5:00 in the morning, Mia awoke instantly noticing that a warm gentle mouth was attached to her neck, sucking on a patch of skin. Meanwhile, a strong thigh busied itself pressing against her exposed sex, which was already slick with her arousal. Knowing the instant her lover was awake, Taryn released the bit of skin her teeth had been holding and raised her head to offer the woman an adorably crooked grin.

"Morning baby," she softly exclaimed just before capturing Mia's lips in a mind-blowing kiss. Their tongue saying hello, heatedly caressing one another, Mia pressed her own thigh to Taryn's center and proceeded to move it up and down.

Mia moaned as her lover's thrusting steadily increased. "G'morning to you," she replied against the brunette's mouth, her voice thick with sleep. However, with the sensations coursing through her, she was quickly on her way to fully awakening. And just as she was on the verge of coming, Taryn stopped all movement, except for her mouth which after placing a few more thorough kisses on Mia's lips, headed downward.

Making a pit stop at cherished breasts, Taryn offered them a bit of attention, suckling and nibbling the hardened pebbles of flesh in the center of them with her mouth just the way Mia liked. She knew from previous experiences that she could make the redhead reach orgasm just by simply making love to her breasts so as she flicked her tongue around a rosy areola Taryn became aware that Mia was on her way over the edge so she stopped again. She barely kept a grin hidden as the other woman softly growled her frustration.

"Taryn is your goal to make me crazy?"

The teaser snickered just a little bit before not-so-innocent-as-they-appeared blue eyes focused on Mia. Taryn gave a slight shake of her head. "Nah, of course not dumpling. I would never even think to entertain a goal such as that. In my opinion, you don't require my help in that department." The redhead smirked as she smiled too sweetly. Kissing those smirking lips, Taryn stood from the bed and walked over toward her treasure chest, rummaging inside until she located what she wanted. Concealing whatever it was behind her back, she slipped back onto the bed before hiding her find underneath the covers. Meanwhile, Mia granted her with an inquisitive expression.

"What do you have there?" She pointed a finger toward the slight bulge under the blanket.

"Don't worry about it."

"I'm not worried, just curious."

"Then don't be curious about it."

Mia smirked again.

As Taryn slowly arched a brow, the other woman opined that it looked decidedly sexy. Long fingers beginning to caress the outer region of her thighs caused Mia to delightedly shiver. "You're smirking too much," the brunette stated, her voice having dropped an octave, which thrilled her lover. "Why not spread instead?" Fingers gliding over toward her inner thighs gave them a slight hinting push.

Mia spread each thigh until they were an inch further apart. Her entire tingled in excitement over what Taryn might have in mind. "Is that better?"

"I'm gonna need more access than that lover." Her hands moved to the undersides of the redhead's thighs, stroking back and forth over the soft skin. An almost unnoticeable smile reached her lips when a small moan ensued.

"Um…" Mia's breathing started to become erratic. "What for?"

Unhurriedly, Taryn perched a leg on each of her shoulders until the heels of Mia's feet pressed into her back. Looking toward the expectant woman, she grinned. "So that I may feast upon your natural juices of course." A thumb found its way to Mia's entrance and stroked along it, causing her to moan more. "You see Mia," the other woman started in a conversational tone, "my tongue is desperate to fuck you."

Panting. She was panting now much like a fur-laden puppy might on a one hundred degree summer day. "It is?"

Taryn wordlessly nodded.

"Then by all means we should let it."

A thumbnail lightly flicked across an exposed clit causing hips to abruptly jerk. "You think so?"

Mia grabbed handfuls of the sheet surrounding her. "Mmm, gods Taryn yes…yes, I do. Please put it inside me."

"Well since you asked so nicely…" Ducking her head, Taryn replaced her teasing thumb with her tongue. However, instead of teasing she slipped right between Mia's soft folds, anxious to taste her although she had done so on many other occasions. The smaller woman's hips instantly started moving in sync with Taryn's exploring tongue as her moans grew in intensity.

"Oh, yes that feels so good. Please don't stop…don't stop…" Emerald eyes closed as the tongue delved deeper within her womanhood, the position Taryn had her legs in making it that much more enjoyable.

Heeding Mia's advice for the time being Taryn continued to thrust within her, tongue lapping at her sweet nectar while her hand fished around for the item she'd obtained from the chest. Finding it, she pulled out from her lover's moist center although the woman protested. Taryn gave her thigh a soothing pat.

"Ssh, ssh. Just a moment baby." When Mia began to open her eyes, the brunette quickly informed her to shut them. Having the last word-well at least the last growl-she did as she was told. Flashing a grin, although Mia wasn't able to see it, Taryn quickly attached something to her tongue. Without warning she penetrated the redhead's folds, plunging with renewed vigor as Mia gasped her pleasure and astonishment. Somehow, Taryn's tongue had started to vibrate and the reverberations made her body convulse with chills. It felt incredible.

Opening her eyes, Mia glanced toward Taryn, watching as her dark head bobbed up and down with her thrusts. She wanted to inquire how her lover's tongue was able to do what it was doing, but no words were forthcoming. Especially, when that vibrating tongue began to circle her clit, making it quiver before a scalding mouth gently drew it in. That was all it took to send Mia flying over the edge, the impact of her orgasm causing her to collapse back to the bed.

"Ooh, yes baby fuck me, suck me…don't…stop, pleeeease!" Shakily, she stretched a hand toward Taryn and placed it on the back of her head while she ground her drenched vibrating sex into the woman's mouth, making sure that she soaked up every last aftershock.

"Gods, that was…wow." Finally letting go Mia dropped her arm on the bed as she sucked in shallow breaths.

With a final slow lick, which sent a shiver through Mia, Taryn freed her tongue from the small apparatus surrounding it before she gently removed the other woman's legs from her shoulders and climbed up her body, kissing her lips. "Weren't you supposed to make me go wow?" She teasingly inquired. "Not that I mind making you go wow. I'd love to do it a hundred times." I actually have.

Wrapping her arms around Taryn's neck, Mia began to idly massage the back of it as she kissed her lips again, tasting herself there. "I'm more than willing to make you go wow right here and right now baby," she whispered just before running her tongue along her lover's lips, tracing them while one hand stroked along Taryn's side. "Hey, what were you just using? Before just now, the closest my body has ever come to vibrating was when I used one of those foot massagers at a fair one time." Mia grinned. "Of course, it didn't feel half as amazing as what you did. Plus, your delightful ministrations didn't cost me a buck."

"Yeah, just call me the so cheap she's free orgasmic massager." Beginning to laugh, Taryn picked up a small shiny metal device from the bed and showed it to Mia. "You clip this on and then attach one of these to it." She grabbed a thin circular band. "You can attach this little vibrator just about anywhere."

Taking the device, Mia examined it thoughtfully. "You have all the neat stuff."

As she observed the toy, Taryn began to smile. "You know, for a librarian you sure are loud. I would think working in a place that's supposed to be perpetually quiet would be ingrained into you." Her smile broadened. "Not that I mind. I love your… 'vocalizations'."

Although Mia rolled her eyes, there was a smile on her lips. "I'd like to see if I can get you to vocalize." Having an idea, she clipped the metal base onto her index finger and then attempted to slip the band on. Since it was too big, Taryn pulled out a previously unseen pouch and removed a differently shaped attachment, which would fit around Mia's digit.

Attaching it for her, Taryn grinned, the expression on her face eager. "Hit me with your best shot."

And indeed Mia did do just that until after the sun began to rise for the day.

Arriving home, the first thing that Sharon noticed was that her partner's car was parked in the garage. Touching the hood of it, she felt the chill seeping into her palm. Thinking that Taryn had yet to take her one-time lover home yet, she walked into the house. After tossing her keys on the coffeetable, she checked the guestroom, watching for a few moments as the two naked women wrapped around each other in bed deeply slept.

Though she had come home on another occasion to find Taryn still in bed with someone she had brought home from one of Nancy's spouse-swapping parties, something about the scene before her was disturbing. She attempted to quell it, but for the first time Sharon actually felt jealous seeing Taryn with another woman. Although their bodies were pressed tightly against and around each other, she had a strong suspicion that the two were closer than just the physical.

Sharon's head shook from side to side. How could they have just met and look as though they had been together for much longer? As though they had been put on this earth specifically for each other?

I have to be reading too much into it. They're just two people who had emotionless sex and are now sleeping…very very closely. Sighing, Sharon closed the door without a sound and headed toward the kitchen while repeatedly insisting that her imagination was getting ahead of itself. Grabbing a rectangular box from the cabinet and the half-gallon of milk from the refrigerator, Sharon next searched for a bowl. Perhaps some Fruit Loops would help her to think.

Meanwhile, in the guestroom Mia managed to snuggle closer to Taryn, softly snoring into the crook of her neck. A slight smile on her lips even in sleep, Taryn caressed the small of her lover's back.

Sitting on the nightstand facing the pair was a bright green digital clock. It read 11:36 a.m.

The End

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