The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Elves in Love






Annette Mori




Christmas could be in serious trouble, production is down and Santa won’t be delivering any gifts unless he can provide them for all the children. Something needs to be done, and fast. But a lesbian elf to the rescue…really? Read this delightful tale from Annette to find out more.


“No, no, no, no. It can't be true,” my mom exclaims. “What will everyone say? What did we do wrong?”

My mom clutches her heart. She's overly dramatic sometimes, even for an elf.

She looks over at my dad. “Clarence, will you please talk some sense into your headstrong daughter. I will not have any child of mind adopting the disgusting habits of those boorish humans.”

“Mom, that’s rude. The humans are okay. Geez, have you forgotten Santa is a human. We could learn a lot from them. In fact…”

My mom doesn’t let me finish before launching into her next tirade. “I would rather you be a whore on the ice, than—what do those garish humans call it—ah yes, lesbianism. I forbid you to be a lesbian.”

“That’s overly dramatic, even for you, Mom.”

“Don’t be flippant, Tinsel.”

“Sorry, Mom, but we don’t have prostitutes here in Santa’s Village. I think the saying is actually whore on the streets.”

“You are an impertinent child. We don’t have streets, Tinsel, and I know we don’t have prostitutes here. Thank goodness for that, but you get my point.”

I’ve just told my parents that I’ve fallen in love and I won’t marry Ernie because I’m in love with a girl elf. I’m pretty sure this has never happened to one of Santa’s elves before.

Rudolph definitely did not capture the market on feeling completely ostracized. You know how it was for him. They made his life miserable always making fun of him and not letting him play any reindeer games. At least Rudolf wasn’t gay.

In my case, relegating me to outsider status took the form of calling me that weirdo and keeping me from all their stupid elf games. I wasn’t really interested anyway, but I did want to stay close to Veronica. She was so beautiful and I had a major crush on her. That should have been my first clue. Of course, they only made fun of me until Ernie took an interest and then all of a sudden, I am miraculously Ms. Popularity.

Ernie is the stud of Santa’s Village and the most eligible elf in the whole village. Out of all the other female elves, he picked me. During the off season he has his own snowmobile business and my parents were ecstatic about our upcoming nuptials.

“I don’t see anything wrong with being a lesbian elf. Did you know that they think at least ten percent of the human population is gay and I’ve met some other gay elves?”

“Who corrupted you? Was it that tasteless hussy, Towanda?”

“Ew, no. Mom, it isn't any of Santa's elves.”

Towanda is one of the leaders of the Pick on Tinsel Club. Plus, she’s kind of homely and has somewhat rounded ears.

“What? Don't tell me you were corrupted by one of those vile Peebler elves?” Mom scrunched up her face. I've seen that look before—she makes that look when she’s detected a foul odor in the air like when my dad farts or when she’s totally disgusted about something. The truth is that my mom is a snob. She thinks that Santa's elves are much better than Peebler elves.

I sigh. I know I'm in for a long night. “Esmie is not vile. She’s beautiful, intelligent, kind, and loving. I will not sit here and listen to your racist views about the Peebler elves.”

“Clarence, now look what's happened. I told you we never should have let her sign up for that student exchange program. I told you no good would come of our precious daughter cavorting with those forest loving heathens. What do you expect when they live in hollowed out trees? It's so dirty and disgusting, not like our clean white snow. Now look what’s happened…she’s turned into a lesbian elf.”

Finally, my dad weighs in on the conversation. “Now, Rosy, dear, they do make those delicious signature peanut butter cookies that the Big Guy really enjoys. I seem to remember that you’ve been known to polish off a whole packet of their soft batch chocolate mint chip cookies.”

Go Dad.

Ding dong. The doorbell saves us from my mom’s continued tirade.

My dad gets up to answer the door and the Big Guy, Santa himself, is standing on the other side smiling at us.

“Ho, ho, ho. How is my favorite exchange student? Tinsel, we are so glad you are back and just in the nick of time.” Santa is now wringing his hands. “You know how far behind we are with our production quotas. I trust you have new tools for us to reduce waste and improve production. We’re depending on you to save Christmas.”

We call Santa the Big Guy because well you know he’s kind of big. We never say fat. Sometimes we say he is of generous proportions, but never fat. It hurts his feelings. Dad is right. He is partial to the Peebler peanut butter cookies and I swear the Peebler cookies are always the brand the humans leave for him.

I turn my head to face Santa and grin widely because I know my mom will not embarrass herself by saying anything derogatory about the humans or the Peebler elves.

“Thank you, Santa. Yes, I am very excited to bring a new concept to Santa’s Village. I even brought back an expert, Esmerelda. She’s a Peebler elf and has a master black belt in Lean/Six Sigma. Lean/Six Sigma is this totally cool concept that the Peebler elves learned from the American humans, who actually learned it from the Japanese humans. The Japanese humans make those quality cars the humans like to buy. I think they make some of the snowmobiles we use here in the North Pole. Ironically, the Japanese humans actually learned it from the American humans after the Second World War, but it didn’t really take root in America until the last couple of decades.”

I ramble when I’m nervous.

“Good, good. You know you are my prodigy and I will be most pleased to award you with a MTPA in the spring. Your parents must be so proud of you. I’ll bet Ernie is just busting with pride. Come around to the house later tonight and bring this Esmerelda so we can make plans.”

I’m in my second year of the graduate MTPA, Master’s in Toy Production Administration program at the premier college in the North Pole, S.M.I.L.E.—Santa’s Management Institute for Leadership Excellence.

Mom glares at me when she hears Santa mention Ernie.

Shoot. He had to go remind my parents about Ernie.

Santa waves his hand and exits our dwelling with his signature, ho, ho, ho.

Esmie is in Santa’s Village at the toy factory getting the lay of the land while I break the news to my parents before bringing her to the house. I sit up taller in my seat and ready myself for round two.

The front door barely closes when my mom starts in again. “Tinsel, where do you expect to house this Peebler elf, Esmerelda? I assume she is the Esmie who has corrupted you.”

“Mom, Esmie is here on her own time to help us out. I thought she could stay in our guest bedroom.”

“Absolutely not. I will not have that harlot in my home. I am sure this is just a phase, like with the humans. I am not about to encourage your cavorting with that kind of elf.”

I’ve had enough and I take a stance for the first time in my life. “If Esmie goes home because you are a stubborn old woman and not gracious enough to welcome her into our home, I will never speak to you again and you will single handedly be responsible for ruining Christmas.”

Mom starts huffing. “Clarence, did you just hear how your daughter spoke to me. Do something.”

“Rosy, dear, she’s right. I don’t think you want the rest of the Village thinking you were responsible for the cancellation of Christmas. That would really start the tongues a wagging. Besides, I’ve never seen the Big Guy so nervous. Didn’t you notice how he was wringing his hands?”

This shuts my mom right up. There is no way she will risk being the pariah of the North Pole.

We come from a long line of prestigious Santa’s elves. My great, great, great, great, great grandmother, Rosalind, was one of the very first elves to work in Santa’s Village. I might have used too many greats, but you get the idea—our work in the Village goes very far back. Mom is particularly proud of her ancestry and especially proud to have the same name as our famous ancestor.

I jump up from my seat because I take this as a minor victory and I’m also kinda worried about leaving Esmie alone at Santa’s workshop. I don’t want the other elves making fun of her. “Mom, Dad, see you later, I’m expected at the workshop right now.”



As it turns out my fears are totally unfounded. A group of Santa’s elves surround Esmie and everything she is telling them seems to have a mesmerizing effect.

“See if you just move this piece of equipment ten feet in this direction, you can save at least thirty minutes of production time. I also noticed that over there where they’re making the toy train sets there is a bottleneck at the final painting station. If you just split that section in two and have two elves assigned to the final painting, you’ll eliminate the bottleneck and probably save another forty-five minutes of production time,” Esmie explains.

I am so proud of Esmie. She has them eating out of her hand—well not literally—because only I get to do that, but you know what I mean.

“Hi, honey. I see you’ve already starting helping us improve our productivity.” I greet Esmie with a kiss on her cheek.

I totally forget that these elves have never encountered lesbian elves because it’s no big deal to the Peebler elves. The wide-eyed stares of my colleagues jump-start my brain. It’s not like I really care about them figuring out that I love Esmie, but I haven’t told Ernie yet. He deserves to hear it from me and not the gossiping Village elves.

I whisper in her ear, “God, I’m so sorry, Esmie, but I have to talk to Ernie. I almost forgot in my excitement to come rescue you. I can’t say it went particularly well with my parents, but I’m still standing so I guess it’s all good. Santa asked us to his house. I’ll bet Mrs. Claus is cooking some fantastic meal for us. Will you be okay here for a little longer?”

Esmie turns her brilliant blue eyes in my direction and smiles at me. “No worries. I got this. Be kind to Ernie because goodness knows I realize what he’s about to lose.”

I resist kissing her and turn to walk away and find Ernie. I’m not looking forward to this conversation.



Ernie is a section manager for transportation toys—like trains, cars, trucks, and etcetera. I find him bent over looking at some production graphs. He’s frowning, so I know the news is not good.

I quietly approach him. “Um, Ernie, I know you’re really busy, but I kinda need to talk to you about something important.”

Ernie looks up and a huge smile graces his handsome face. Ernie is exceptionally tall for an elf at five foot three. Most of us, like myself are usually around four feet tall. He has perfect teeth, compelling dimples, perfectly pointed ears, thick russet colored hair, and beautiful green eyes with just a hint of blue—just like the color of a spruce tree. He is the Hollywood version of Santa’s elves.

“Tinsy, you’re back. God, I missed you.”

He stands up to hug me and, like a heat seeking missile, he heads for my lips to give me a kiss in greeting.

I turn my head to the side so he can only graze my cheek.

He frowns at my response to his kiss.

I can’t hold it in any longer and blurt out, “Ernie, I’m so sorry, but I can’t marry you.”

He lifts an eyebrow and looks at me. “Tinsy, why don’t you start from the beginning and tell me what’s going on. No matter what, we’re friends first and that will never change.”

Ernie is such a great guy. He definitely deserves someone to love him. I want him to find a love like I’ve found with Esme.

I take a deep breath and try to explain everything to him. “Ernie, I know it’s kind of cliché to say it’s not you it’s me, but this time that really fits. See, I didn’t realize why I was never really attracted to you like I knew I should be. I’m a lesbian elf and I met someone on the student exchange program. I’m so sorry, Ernie. I know you don’t deserve this from me.”

“Wow, I’ve never met a lesbian elf.”

“I know. I didn’t really understand why I always felt the way I did until I met Esmie. Then everything clicked for me and it’s not really a big deal with the Peebler elves.” I look down at my feet because I can’t meet his eyes now that I’ve disappointed him.

Ernie uses his finger to lift my chin to meet his eyes. “Aw, Tinsy, I love you and I just want you to be happy. I knew deep down inside that something wasn’t exactly right, but I thought if I could just love you enough, then you might grow to love me too.”

“I do love you, Ernie, just not in that way. You’ll find someone. There’s a long line of elves who I’m sure can’t wait to snatch you up.”

He grins. “I know.”

I smile back at him, relieved he is taking this so well. “Humble as ever I see.”

He chuckles. “Okay, now that we have the hard stuff out of the way. Can I meet this wonder elf that everyone seems to think is the sun and moon all rolled into one.” He looks down on the production floor. “She’s quite beautiful, like you. You make a stunning couple. Will you tell me about her sometime? Can we still hang out? You are still the best snowboarder around. I’d hate to try to find someone new to board with.”

I’m excited now, because I can’t wait to show Esmie off and to teach her how to board. Ernie’s a lot of fun and I think the three of us will become great friends and maybe down the road when Ernie finds someone more suited to him, we will become a foursome. I hope he chooses Veronica, my first crush. They would make a beautiful couple.

I look down on the production floor and see Esmie gesturing with her hands. Her animation and passion shows when she’s talking about how to improve production. Like the Pied Piper, the elves are compelled to follow her every word.

I begin to daydream about the first day I met Esmie...



I am definitely a fish out of water when I get off the plane in Seattle and make the two-hour trek into the lush green forests of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a total culture shock and overload to my senses. There are so many competing sights bombarding my eyes in the forest. It’s early fall and the leaves on the trees create a kaleidoscope of color. In the North Pole, all we ever see is white. Of course, the colors on the toys in the workshop are vibrant and Santa’s elves are a colorful lot, but beyond the workshop, it’s all snow and ice.

Even the hair and eye color of Santa’s elves fall into an acceptable range of red and green. Most of Santa’s elves have vibrant red hair and eyes the color of most evergreen trees.

I suppose my out of the norm eyes created the lightning rod for the teasing and abuse I received as a young elf. Although my eyes are green, they are a unique color more typical of the bright colored bulbs the humans put on their trees. I think the color is similar to a color they call Kelly green. Ironically, my red hair is a more subdued red than most of the other elves in Santa’s Village.

You can imagine my shock when I get to my host family’s door at the base of this enormous tree and I look into the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. In the North Pole, we often see a brilliant blue sky, especially as the sky produces a stunning contrast to the white snow. Her eyes are the color of the North Pole sky on a sunny day. Even more shocking is her coal black hair.

She squints at me and frowns. “What are you looking at?”

I blush all the way down to the new hiking boots I’ve bought for my journey into Peebler territory.

I can’t help myself as I blurt out, “You’re so beautiful, your eyes are…”

She waives her hand, “I know, you’ve never seen an elf with blue eyes before, yada, yada, yada.”

I don’t understand her reaction. She seems irritated, but not the least bit uncomfortable with my spontaneous confession.

“I’m so sorry. Have I said something to offend you? I should have censored my reaction. May I present myself and start over again? My name is Tinsel, but please call me Tinsy. I’m the new student sent from the North Pole. I’m supposed to stay with…” I look at the piece of paper in my hand, “Mr. and Mrs. Forest and their daughter, Esmerelda.”

She pushes her gorgeous black hair behind her ear and I notice the perfect points on her ears.

Pointed versus slight rounded points are like the most prominent feature of an elf’s appearance. Besides the other typical facial features appealing to humans, pointed ears define the attractiveness of an elf.

She waves her hand. “Well, come on in, Tinsy. You’ve found the right place and I’m Esmie. Don’t ever call me Esmerelda. I hate that name.” She looks directly into my eyes and smiles. “You have beautiful eyes too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that color green in an elf. Do the other elves think your father is a human too?”

She says this so nonchalantly that I don’t quite know how to react. “Um, no. I used to get teased a lot, but no-one ever said that to me.”

Even I know that would be taking the teasing too far.

She shrugs. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. The Peebler elves don’t say this to my face of course, but I’m not stupid. I know that’s what they say behind my back.”

She looks at me again and this time her eyes travel up and down my body. She has a wolfish grin as she looks directly into my eyes. “So, Tinsy, what did they tease you about?”

I blush again. It’s Veronica all over. I have an instant attraction to Esmie and I know it’s gonna be a very long two months if I have to live in such tight quarters with the object of my affection.

“Oh, just the normal teenage elf stuff. They used to call me weirdo just because I didn’t want to talk non-stop about the boy elves. I don’t think they liked my odd hair and eye color either, but they never accused me of having a human father. The only humans we see in the North Pole are Santa and Mrs. Claus and they would never disrespect them with that kind of gossip.”

“Well, I think you are beautiful and I love that you don’t have the typical North Pole elf look. Come on, let me show you where you’ll be staying. I hope you don’t mind, but a tree isn’t exactly a palace so you’ll be bunking with me.” She glances back at me and her smile is so big that I see almost every one of her perfect white teeth.

I gulp. “Of course, that’s perfect.”

It’s definitely going to be a very long two months as I endure sleeping with this beautiful elf. I’ve been engaged to Ernie for a couple of months now, but we’ve never slept together, either literally or figuratively.

She takes my hand and leads me into her room. My hand tingles in hers and I don’t want her to let go of me—ever.

Her room is cozy and warm and I see pictures plastered all over her walls of famous human females and a few beautiful elves that I don’t recognize. Santa’s elves are a bit isolated so we don’t really get the same mainstreamed media that some of the other elves in the world experience.

We sit down on her bed and she doesn’t let go of my hand. I’m in heaven.

“Well, what do you think about my cozy little corner of the world?” she asks.

“You have a lot of pictures of girls,” I blurt out.

She chuckles. “Yeah, I love girls and women.” She looks directly at me. “What about you?”

I’m not exactly sure what she’s asking, but I have a niggling suspicion that she’s discovered my innermost secret and I start to panic. “What about me, what?”

“Relax, Tinsy, I just wanted to know if you like girls too?”

She’s so blasé about the question that I think she can’t possibly mean it in the way I’m thinking.

“Um, sure I get along okay with other girls I suppose. Better now that I’m with Ernie.”

“Who’s Ernie?”

“Um, he’s my fiancé. He’s like the most eligible elf in Santa’s Village so I’m really lucky he picked me.” I look down and start to fidget, but I don’t want to let go of her hand, so I just squirm a bit on the bed.

“You don’t sound very happy about it. Am I making you uncomfortable or something?” She let’s go of my hand.

I feel the loss of her hand immediately and I can’t believe I make a bold move and grab her hand back as I lace my fingers with hers. “No, this is nice.”

She smiles at me. “Tinsy, you don’t really know what I was asking do you? I thought I sensed something, but I guess I’m wrong since you’re engaged.”

I crinkle up my nose in confusion. “Can you please explain it to me?”

“I was asking if you like girls, as in like to date girls.”

My eyes get wide. “Can you like girls in that way? Is that really possible?”

“Oh yes, it is most certainly possible. Aren’t there any lesbian elves in Santa’s Village?”

“No. I don’t think so.” I blush.

Esmie narrows her eyes at me. “You know Tinsy, it’s okay to have those feelings. You wouldn’t be the first elf to be attracted to another girl.”

I start to cry a little. “So you’re saying I’m not a total degenerate if I think you’re beautiful and…”

“Most definitely not. Too bad you’re engaged, because you’re just my type.” She brushes her hand across my cheek and wipes away my tears.

I expel a sigh of relief. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel like a pariah. This beautiful elf likes girl elves too.

Our faces are so close together and her hand on my cheek feels so intimate that I suppose it’s not a big surprise when our lips meet. It’s like a magnet as we draw together in our first kiss.

Eureka. So this is what it feels like to be in love and kiss someone you’re attracted to. Ernie is nice, but I’ve never felt a spark with him like I feel with Esmie.

The first kiss is gentle and sweet, but now the floodgates are open and I’m firmly in her orbit as I reach for her and this time our kiss is passionate with tongues and teeth melding into a burst of light. Wow, is all I can say.

I spend the next two months learning all about Lean/Six Sigma, but more importantly, I learn all about love. I know that despite the pain and embarrassment I am likely to inflict on Ernie and my family, I cannot stop myself from falling in love with Esmie.

I know I’m definitely cheating on Ernie when I start my love affair with Esmie, but I am also for the first time in my life being true to myself. I rationalize that I will tell Ernie at the first possible moment when I return to the North Pole. It’s wrong. I know that, but I never said I was perfect.



I smile at my memories from my time in the forest with Esmie, but it’s time to start focusing on our predicament with toy production and the impending disaster with Christmas on the verge of cancellation.

Santa refuses to have Christmas unless we can have toys for all the boys and girls in the world, not just a subset.

Over the last few years the younger elves have started to extend their off season work because it’s so much more fun than working in the workshop. This year production got a late start, due to their other jobs. We have precious little time to try to make up the gap in production. Our time is running out. It’s already late December. Christmas is a short five days away.



Esmie and I show up at Santa’s house at precisely six o’clock.

Mrs. Claus answers the door and gives us both a cheery smile. “Oh hello, dear, come in, come in. I’ve got a nice fire going.” She looks at Esmie. “You must be Esmie, the wonder elf everyone is talking about in the Village. We are so happy you came to help us out.”

“It’s an honor to meet you, Mrs. Claus.” Esmie sticks out her hand.

“Please call me Mary.” Mrs. Claus leads us into the house and a roaring fire is blanketing the room in a warm glow.

“Would either of you like some nice peppermint tea? The roast beast is in the oven and dinner will be ready in just a few moments. Santa is struggling with pouring himself into his Santa suit right now. He’s a stress eater, you know. I’ve let it out as much as possible. Oh dear, don’t let him know I told you about that. He’s such a baby and gets his feelings hurt so easily these days.” She winks at us.

“I’d love some tea,” I say

“Me too, thanks,” Esmie adds.

Esmie is so polite I know she won’t say anything about being a vegetarian. She’ll just pick around the roast beast and hope that Mrs. Claus doesn’t notice.

We sit on the loveseat in front of the fireplace.

Santa is tugging on his pants as he enters the cozy living room. “Ho, ho, ho. Thank you for joining us for dinner.”

We both stand to greet Santa. Esmie is surprised when Santa pulls her into a crushing bear hug.

“You must be Esmie. You, my dear, are responsible for returning my hope that Christmas will indeed occur this year. My production managers have indicated you’re responsible for increasing efficiency by seventy-five percent. They are confident we will meet our production goals for this year.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Claus. Tinsy and I make a great team. She’s also responsible for identifying waste and streamlining the processes. We have a few more recommendations to make. We can go over those with you and the production managers tomorrow if you’d like.”

“Oh yes, yes, but please call me Santa. Esmie, I wonder if you would consider staying in Santa’s Village. We can always use an intelligent young elf as yourself. I could make you the Director of Process Improvement. Just name your salary demands.”

Esmie looks at me and smiles. “I’d love to accept your offer, but I have one condition.”

“Name it, whatever you want, just ask. You have single-handedly saved Christmas. We are all in debt to you.”

Esmie reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out a small back box. She opens the box and there is a beautiful emerald ring set in rose gold. She gets down on one knee in front of me and asks, “Tinsy, will you make me the happiest elf on the planet by becoming my wife?” She glances over to Santa. “Santa, will you do me the honor of presiding at our wedding, pending Tinsy’s answer?”

I don’t even hesitate for one second. I love this elf so much. “Yes, oh yes. I would love to be your elf wife.”

Santa’s belly is shaking like a bowl of jelly as he exclaims, “I’ve heard of lesbian elves before, but I had no idea our little Tinsy was one. I’ve always hoped she would find the one for her. I thought she had that with Ernie, but it is so clear to me how good a match you two are. I saw this right away and now that I see the two of you together, I have no doubt. She is literally glowing with love. I would love to perform the ceremony, but after Christmas, please.”



News of our upcoming nuptials swept the Village like a raging forest fire. Not that I have any experience with forest fires, but Esmie does and she’s told me all about them.

Although my mom wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea, the fact that Santa didn’t even blink an eye at Esmie’s request, in addition to the prestigious job offer making Esmie practically the boss over all the other production managers, went a long way in greasing the skids for us.

The Village elves were surprisingly dispassionate about lesbian elves. I suppose never really having one before worked in our favor because there wasn’t really anything to compare to. Since no one ever came out before as a lesbian or gay elf in Santa’s Village, the elves didn’t really know how to react. Since elves are by nature a cheery group, the reaction was joyful.

The elves actually had more problems with my great Uncle Hermey who didn’t really want to be a workshop elf. It was blasphemy when he decided his calling was dentistry. They weren’t very cheery with him, but I always loved his independent streak. He’s retired now and I was thrilled to introduce him to Esmie.

I was surprised when I overheard my mom on the phone the other day with one of her old cronies. “Yes, can you believe it? My little Tinsy is marrying the new Director of Process Improvement. You know she saved Christmas? What a wonderful elf and she’s going to be my new daughter in law… Yes, yes, I liked her right off… Oh no, it doesn’t matter to me a bit that she’s a Peebler elf or a girl.”

Santa promised to marry us the day after Christmas, because of course you know he has previous commitments on Christmas Eve and it always takes him at least a day to recover.

I started getting really nervous on Christmas Eve as I suddenly realized that in less than two days I’m getting married.

All of Santa’s elves always send Santa off on Christmas Eve with a big fanfare. On the Eve, I’m shifting my weight from one foot to the next trying to expend my nervous energy. Santa is already in the sleigh but he lifts his body out and walks over to me.

Santa whispers this in my ear, “Tinsy, I know you are nervous about the wedding, but I am throwing caution to the wind to tell you that I’ve already committed to answering a certain besotted elf’s Christmas wish and that wish is to marry you and live happily ever. You aren’t going to spoil her Christmas wish are you?”

A calm comes over me as I realize how lucky I am. “No, sir, I am not. I think I might share her wish.”

Santa waddles back to the sleigh, climbs in, and shouts out, “Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

Esmie and I both get our Christmas wish and Santa’s workshop has never been more efficient.


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Annette is an award winning author and health care executive living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her wife and their five furry kids. She has eight published novels including Goldie award winner, Locked Inside. The positive feedback has spurred her on and she is thankful to have the support of so many wonderful readers. Feel free to drop her a line at:, or check out her blog at:





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