~ Gift or Curse ~
by Blackgrl71

Title: Gift or Curse Prologue

X-Over: DWP with Laurel K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry & Anita Blake 'Verse

Rating: NC-17 - Some violence, definitely a couple of sexual interludes. If this is your 'cup o' tea then read on.

Summary: What if Miranda was a powerful Master Vampire and Andy was blessed by a Faerie Fertility Goddess, prophesied to be together, all while running a fashion empire? Neither will be prepared for their 'worlds' converging or being unwitting pawns in a power-struggle in their supernatural/magical worlds.

Characters: Miranda, Andy, Lily, Doug, Nigel, Emily, Serena; Merry Gentry Series' Characters; Anita Blake Series' Characters

Shout-Out: Thanks to my betas - Melanacious and Seelyfey, I definitely couldn't have done it without y'all. Also thanks to the Laurel K .Hamilton Fan Sites: Gentry & Blake which were lifesavers in terms of research.

Disclaimer: Devil Wears Prada characters belong to Lauren Weisberger and 20th Century Fox. I make no money off of this and I intend no infringement. Also, I don't own Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake and Merry Gentry universe and I mean no infringement there either, I make no money from this.

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Andy had always known she was different, and while she was raised in the loving, warm, and secure, environment of the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio - she always sensed something...creeping, for lack of a better word, after her. The older she got, the greater the feeling grew, and she felt that her time was... running out, something was coming for her. It was the little things---like that time she was 8 years old and that big giant diaper-stain and "resident bully' Billy Donovan kicked her in the shins. She'd punched him in a fit of rage (Just like she saw Muhammad Ali do that time while watching Thrilla in Manilla with her parents), only it was out in the parking lot. The kids that were surrounding them still give different accounts of that moment.

"No, I'm telling you that hole was already there!" or "Dude she had one of those brass knuckles-thingee...," and so on and so forth. All she remembered from that day was that old adage, 'seeing red,' and well, she saw fireworks ... coming out of Billy's ass. She'd wanted to see him bleed. The blood-thirst had frightened her.

She'd hit Billy so hard he flew back and hit Mr. Haggerty's truck with enough force to make a SIZABLE dent in the right fender. Then, like a shark scenting spilled blood in the water, she'd narrowed in for the "kill." She went to throw another punch, missed, and actually put a hole in Mr. Haggerty's truck. It wasn't until she felt a number of hands pulling her off and the sudden silence that she realized that something had happened. Her hand fared a lot better than Billy's head. And while her parents were mortified and pissed beyond belief that Andy would engage in violence, (Billy is still a tad bit slower than he was before that moment) she could have sworn that a flicker of... something-like unease-appeared in their eyes amongst the anger and disappointment.

She had various other mishaps throughout elementary school and junior high (complete with several parent-teacher conferences) before she learned to "mask" her strength. The only reason people didn't think she was a total freak was because most adults refused to believe an "innocent" looking girl could do those things. As it was, by the time she got to high school most kids were too wary of Andy to bother her. Thank gawd for Doug and Lily, Andy thought.

It wasn't until high school that Andy learned that she could actually pick up the front end of a car without breaking a sweat, and she never got sick - not even when the chicken pox almost knocked out the entire 3rd grade for weeks. Plus, there was her unusual fascination with Barry White... she FIRMLY believed that that had everything to do with her unusualness. Lily and Doug, her devout "swingmen" and BFFs, had banned her from ever doing the music selection after Andy made them listen to 'Let the Music Play' 30 times that one night during a sleep-over. Some people just can't appreciate musical greatness.

But there were other 'qualities' that made her more troubled, qualities that appeared after she hit puberty. Her sense of smell and hearing became acute. So acute that she could hear a person's heartbeat frantically pounding out of their chest, or smell when her best friend was menstruating from 10 feet away. Lily that is, not Doug. It was intoxicating, so intoxicating that it was all she could do to not shove her face in Lily's crotch - which almost happened once. That delicious metallic mixed with Lily's natural womanly essence. To say it was an embarrassing moment would be the understatement of the year. But that metallic, musky-sweet, scent, was so yummy that Andy had to pinch herself to not give into the instinct to pounce.

As time passed, Andy grew into a beautiful young woman and she acknowledged that she was graced with a set of lucky genes. What she did not know, was that her beauty was all compliments of her Sidhe/Fey genes. She moved with an effortless grace that eluded most teens, and her athletic prowess made her stronger, faster, with reflexes that even world-class athletes would envy. Sports, however, were just a hobby for Andy, and a means to pay for college - much to the frustration of her coaches. She had enough self-preservation about her uniqueness to significantly tone down her advantages.

It was at this same time that Andy also discovered that she was a bit of a breast-girl; otherwise how else could she explain her fascination with other women's breasts? Not to mention Andy's were no slouch either. At a little more than handful her sensitive nipples were an asset (or curse depending on the situation) when her libido went into over-drive. When she masturbated, she imagined Mrs. Atkinson, Andy's English teacher and first crush. Mrs. Atkinson loved wearing blouses that showing plenty of cleavage. Sometimes her blouses were just low enough to give Andy a glimpse of her delicious lacy-looking bras. And if Andy tried hard enough, she could imagine seeing a hint of dark-pink areola peaking out. It was always enough to work Andy into an oily-froth with sticky thighs by the time she got home.

Which leads to the...how did one say this...Horniness? Craving? Addiction? ...When it came to sex. So much so, that it felt as if her skin would peel off if she didn't do something about it. After her Mom walked in on her with her hands shoved down her pants in a fit of desperation, followed by the ensuing "birds n' bees" talk, Andy knew that she NEVER wanted to talk about it again. But, unfortunately, her Mom was the product of Hippie-commune upbringing (which you'd never guess from her stern image projected as a 4th grade teacher). So the next day, she found books and articles that her Mother "helpfully" left on her bed, with a note saying: Never be ashamed of your body, but be safe, and love yourself.

After a while, Andy began to recognize a pattern: a certain time of the month made her practically incoherent with lust unless she spent several hours and countless orgasms, panting through the coursing heat. During this time, her sense of smell became even more acute than usual. If Lily was around and menstruating, Andy realized that she had to beat a hasty retreat for fear of doing something she'd really regret. Like holding Lily down, spreading her wide, ripping her panties...

Needless to say, Andy had a pretty extensive knowledge around sexuality by the time she hit college at Northwestern. Enough that aside from pursuing a degree in Journalism and being a member of Northwestern's Women's Volleyball team, she had very popular college online show related to sexuality. To the mortification of her Father, it allowed fans to write in on her blog with their questions including dares related to sexuality called Early to Bed (named after her favorite sex toy store in Chicago). She'd try out her favorite dares and offer a critique and some kind of anecdotal lesson the following show. It worked wonderfully right up until that donkey suggestion. Then she realized she needed some strict guidelines. Plus she could play Love Serenade by Barry White for the show's Intro - how cool was that?!

To make college even more complicated, Andy discovered she liked girls. Said discovery occurred during what became known as the "Nate Incident."

The "Nate Incident" happened when she'd talked Nate, whom she was seeing at the time, into wearing a set of women's lingerie for the purposes of "research" for her show.. She'd made him shave... everywhere. She'd helped. Sort of. At least if you ignored the part where she accidentally nicked his left ball. How was she supposed to know he'd cough right at that moment? Dealing with the bleeding, in combination with her roommate seeing Nate in lingerie, sort of soured the very new relationship rather quickly. So Lily and Doug had labeled it the "Nate Incident." Now, he stammered, blushed, and always beat a hasty retreat (in the opposite direction) whenever they accidentally crossed paths. It was really too bad because he made the best grilled cheese sandwiches.

Nevertheless, Andy's popularity grew during college, which to her consternation might have had more to do with her "exploratory sex show" than anything else. It was also at this time (following the Nate Incident) that she accepted that she preferred women. There was a reason why she made Nate dress up in a lacy thong, or that the smell of Lily and other women menstruating sent her into heat. Not to mention her being a 'breast-girl'.

Doug was thrilled of course upon her declaration, "OMG girl! Now both us 'girls' can prowl the nightclubs in either 'Girls-Town' or play fag-hag with Lily in 'Boys-Town'!"

"You know they have a fierce Drag King show every other Thursday at Circuit!"

Lily just looked on in exasperated amusement, "I always knew you had one foot out that closet. Don't think I haven't caught you checkin' out 'the goods' a few times."

When Andy finished blushing she posed the question, "Should I tell my parents?"

"I DEFINITELY think you should have sex first, just to be sure!" Seeing pissy smirks on both women's faces, Doug followed up with, "Well, it shouldn't be hard, you have the #1 college blog-show about sexual exploration AND you're a jock?! You'll have a gang-bang before the week is out." He received a couple slaps on the head for his prediction.

But that didn't stop the twinge of heat between Andy's thighs at the thought of fully indulging herself between a woman's thighs. Immediately, her thoughts ran to that woman from the hotel lobby. She had been covering a story for her college newspapers about hotel workers and unions for this swank hotel in Downtown when she'd laid eyes on her.

Her contact was thirty minutes late, her feet were freezing and she really just wanted to go home. God, if she didn't need this interview so badly, she would. She was halfway through another edit of her notes, when Andy felt the presence. Something shimmered through the air, almost electric, making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and her heart gallop. Looking up from her notes, she searched for the source and felt the world go silent as her eyes fell on the silver haired goddess within the entourage of 3 men and 2 other women.

She moved like a shark across the lobby floor, devouring the dead space around her and forcing the world to move in her wake. Arctic ice-blue eyes glanced around the room, as if looking for someone, before resting on Andy for just a moment. Andy felt like she'd been punched-she couldn't breathe. Whole minutes were lost between breathes and heartbeats as the woman did a leisurely scan down Andy's body-from her favorite sporty leather jacket over a v-neck sweater to her snug jeans, all the way down to her booted feet, before traveling back up again. For a moment, their eyes locked, and Andy felt every part of her body tighten in response. Static crackled in her ears and her skin itched everywhere. The heat in the other woman's gaze rivaled the sun, and Andy felt burned...consumed. Her eye sockets felt hot - it wouldn't be until much later that she'd know that one of her Sidhe powers came online, making her eyes glow tri-colored: brown, copper, and gold.

If she'd taken a moment to look down she'd have noticed the visible dents in her armrests from her fingers. Her nipples instantly hardened into diamonds, the twinge between her thighs became an ache, and if Andy were to pass a finger through her folds right then, she was certain that she'd be wet. She didn't understand what was happening to her, but looking into her goddess' eyes, she knew she wasn't the only one affected. Arctic-blue orbs widened in surprise, narrowed, then disappeared altogether as the other woman turned on her heel and walked rapidly in the opposite direction. Before Andy could even speak, she was gone.

"Christ!" Andy ran shaking fingers through her hair before realizing that she was actually panting.

Andy never forgot the goddess, and the woman featured many times in her fantasies, but fantasies weren't the only thing Andy had - there were also the dreams.


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