~ Spiders Weave a Web of Wild Tales ~
by Blackstetson


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To one of the loves in my life who's name is written within these words... my guardian angle...Jayne? I love you honey oh so much or is it mostestess?!!!!


This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live (GROW UP AND MOVE), please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story and getting a new life might help.


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Copyright 2004 by Blackstetson68. All Rights Reserved.

I sat watching the tiny little spider making a home in the corner of the bow-bayed window that I was perched on. As I sat there, I wondered what it would be like to be a superhero like Spiderman is. My eyes seemed to close on their own, as there must have been too many sleepless nights in Seattle.

I found my self hanging upside down from the Space Needle, my hands and feet sticking as I crawled my way across the top and over the side of it. That's when I spotted her, dining alone at a small booth. I hung there upside down watching her sip from a tall glass of tea. She had long red hair, sexy bedroom blue eyes, and a tight fitting sweater that covered her ample chest. I had to have this woman. She was the one who had kept me awake night after night for months on end. Little did I know our worlds would collide and forever change my life?

I wasn't sure how I had gotten to the top of the Space Needle but there I was hanging upside down like a fool. I slowly turned myself around to climb to the very top an think about how I would get down when it hit me...I had SPIDER POWERS!!! I flung my hand out in the air and?nothing. Again, I waved my hand in the air. Nope. Nothing!

Now this is when my temper got the better of me. I whipped my hand across in front of me and all at once, I found myself flying through the air with great force. I knew the building I was headed for would hurt me when I hit it at the speed I was being sucked up towards it. I hit the side of that building and the air in my lungs whooshed out as I slid helplessly down the glass windows. I left a trail of snot down the window as my nose skidded across the glass. I knew I was in trouble if I did not figure out how to get the webs to release quicker. I turned and waved my hand towards the building to the left of me.

I felt the web release with a swish and once again I was swinging in the other direction. I did not want a repeat of smashing my nose into the cold glass again so I flipped my hand one more time and realize it was all in the wrist to get the web to release. I had the hang of this now and swung from building to building when it hit me. I had forgotten about the tiny red head back at the space needle. I quickly made my way back to the huge needle in the Seattle sky.

I arrived and the table was empty. I watched the tiny door below as people came and went. I was glad I worked out as I felt the sweat slowly run off my forehead. I reached up and pulled on the tight mask covering my face. I realized the suit I wore was a type of fake silk. Did I mention I was allergic to the stuff? I began to itch something fierce and struggled to get the tight form hugging suit off of my body. This would be great Spiderwoman flying naked through the streets of Seattle! I pulled it off my chest and looked at the red dots forming on my ample chest. Could this day get any worse?

That's when I heard a noise behind me and turned to spot the elevator doors opening and people getting off to walk around the observation deck. Oh yeah, I guess this could get worse. I took a running leap off the side of the building and webbed my way across to another building. I hit the tall glass windows with such force the women at the desk on the other side of the glass from me turned to look at me. There she was, the tiny red head I had spotted having lunch by herself. Her eyes grew as big as dinner plates as her eyes roamed over my body. I smiled and winked at her. What else could I do? I watched as she opened the window next to me and held out her hand to offer me help.

"Not everyday I get to rescue a superhero in distress." She whispered in my ear as I struggled to tuck my large body in through the window opening.

"Well this is new to me too. Sorry to crash into your window. I was about to get caught up on the space needle undressing." I mumbled looking down at the floor.

"Why were you undressing up there?" Her eyes roaming freely over my body as she spoke.

Now I work out 5 days a week and competed as a body builder so I had a well-shaped body and being half undressed was not something that bothered me. The look in her eyes told me I was a goner if she was allowed to get her hands on me. I didn't realize I had been scratching the hives on my chest till she reached out and took my hand in hers.

"Come on; let me help you with that rash." She pulled me towards what looked to be like a private bathroom. She handed me a towel and some soap,

"Go take a quick shower which will help you get rid of those hives. When you're done I've got some stuff to rub on them to stop the itching." She said in a sultry voice.

I stepped into the bathroom and ripped the suit off my body. I stepped into the shower and turned on the water. Naked, I just stood there letting the hot water run over me. I could not believe luck would have it that I'd smashed my naked chest and face into the window of her office. I was day dreaming when I felt tiny hands gently soaping up my back.

"My Gods your beautiful." she whispered as she reached up and kissed my neck.

I felt her hands gripping my ass tightly; spreading the cheeks apart as one finger gently ran down the crack. I steadied myself by placing my hands on either side of the showerhead as I felt her enter me from behind. It wasn't her hands she slid inside of me as they were cupping my breast pinching and pulling the nipples taunt. I moaned as I felt the long shaft bury deep inside me. I realized I did not know her name so in between gulps of breath I asked her.

"Tell me? your? name." I managed to stutter.

"It's MJ short for Mary Jayne." She replied, shoving her hips against my ass harder and harder with each stroke.

The sound of our skin slamming together made me even wetter for her then I had been seconds ago. I felt her pull out of me stopping me from cumming at that moment. Then she entered my ass, filling it up so tightly I thought I would explode. I felt a second shaft touching my clit.

"Spread your legs wider Spiderwoman." She commanded in a deep sexual growl.

I widened my stance and she shoved the second shaft inside of me filling me completely from both ends. I had never in my life had this kind of feeling of being made love to. Never so completely filled like this before. Our naked bodies slammed together as she rode me right to the very end. I climaxed with a shutter and screamed her name repeatedly. I felt her slowly pull out of me and I turned to face the tiny red head. She was breathing as hard as I was.

"I've dreamed of you Spiderwoman; night after night. I've seen you in my dreams and have wanted to make love to you over and over just like this." She shoved her legs between mine and entered me again.
I lowered my mouth down on hers, tasting her lips for the first time, sweet as honeydew melons. Her teeth grasped my bottom lip hard and it turned me on even more as she drew blood. Her hips moved rhythmically with mine faster and harder with each stroke. I was sure to be bruised when we were done. Her hands grabbed my ass pulling my cheeks apart once again as I felt her enter my asshole again with a bigger shaft this time. I moaned as she pushed me up against the wall, trapping the shaft between my asshole and the wall, causing it to go deeper inside of me.

"Can you feel it baby?" She called to me as I tried to keep my legs from dropping out from under me.

"Gods Yes?" I screamed as her teeth grasped my nipple and bit down hard on it.

Her mouth seemed to be everywhere at once; from nipple to nipple, to my mouth. I came again and again as I begged her to stop. Finally, I slide down the wall of the shower and passed out.

I woke with such a start. Gone was the window I had been looking out. Replacing it was the warm flannel sheets of my bed. For once, I was not alone. Lying there beside me was Mary Jayne. I leaned up on one elbow and looked down upon the lovely face of my lover. She had weaved a wild web capturing not only me but my heart and soul as well. Was I really Spiderwoman? Can I really swing from building to building? I no longer cared as I had the most beautiful woman lying next to me. That's all that matters now.

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