~ Crome's Claim ~
by BooDoo

Disclaimer: For one of the authors, these characters were inspired by some "steamy" Uber stories, however, they are original, in that they are not "patterned" after any two specific women, living or dead, and any resemblance thereto is purely circumstantial...that's our story and we're stickin' to it...heh.

Sex/Language: Um, yeah...isn't that the point, after all??? It's steamy, too...definitely PWP-like, so don't chance reading it at work, unless you work in a liberal atmosphere, 'kay? Since this little ditty definitely contains sex between women, if you are under 18, we'd rather not be responsible for the consequences reading this might cause your person, and/or, if you find sex between women offensive, please go away. Feel free to come back when you are either older or more open minded.

Acknowledgements: Big, big thanks to our beta(s) Mish and Skippy, and of course, each other, and you, our marvelous readers...really, you are...not just kissin' up here...!!!

Feedback: Any and all constructive feedback welcome...please, please, please....... You can reach us at booanddoo@webtv.net. Thanks for reading!!! And, now, on with the show!!!

Through the darkness, I can feel your gaze. Through the shadows of motion, I can feel your breath, as it caresses my body. Are you to be my savior or yet another disappointment? I have wandered these barren streets looking, searching. Will it be you? Are you the one to claim, to conquer my passions, thus setting them free? Do you know what I need? Can you give it to me by taking what I freely give, by taking me?

You are moving. Your presence shifts the air around me as I turn my back to you. I retreat into the darkness, but you follow. I cannot see you, but I know you are there, stalking me; stalking your prey. The blackness of the cavern swallows us. The only sound that penetrates the surrounding rock is my heavy breathing and then I hear it, behind me...a low growl, and I freeze. I am caught, there is no more running. A dread settles into my bones, as I feel you moving in on me.

Your heat burns my skin and your scent invades my senses. I find myself trapped between the coolness of the granite wall before me, and the hot flesh behind me. You are so close, I can feel your hard nipples, as your breasts rub up against my back. Your strong hands grasp my hips, holding me in place, as you kick my feet apart. My hands reach for the wall in front of me, in an attempt to find balance. Your hands travel up from my hips to my sides, and up my arms, and before I know what is happening, I find myself pinned, spread-eagle, against the rough surface.

You rock your hips into my backside, and I feel your hardness. You must be a goddess, for no mere woman could wield such a tool. I whimper in both fear and excitement. I begin to struggle. Not against you, but against myself. My body betrays me. I can feel the wetness as it coats my thighs, and I can smell my arousal, as it permeates the air around us. I shouldn't want to feel this way. I shouldn't want to be used like this, to be taken like this. But, your power radiates off you in waves, and I am helpless to fight it. You continue to rock your hardness against my wetness. My struggles excite you, and you release another low growl into my quivering ear.

In equal parts fear and anticipation, I cease all movement. Placing one hand at the back of my neck, you press me into the wall, while you guide your hardness into me, with your free hand. I suck in a breath through my teeth. I've never experienced this before. You stop all movement to allow me to become accustomed to the size and intrusion of your tool. I tense up, expecting you to savagely invade my body. Sensing this, you run your tongue up my spine, causing my body to shiver in response.

My mind is comfused by your actions; one minute you are roughly taking what you want, and the next you are comfortingly gentle. As I am lost in my confusion, you begin to move into me, again. The pain gradually subsides, as my muscles relax and begin to adjust to your massive size. I let out a low hiss, and begin to match your thrusts, relinquishing all control. Sensing my total submission, you pull my hips closer to you, forcing me to take all of you. You growl again, and I feel your breath on my neck, your teeth on my skin.

I match your rhythm, as you reach around to squeeze my rock hard nipples. I gasp at the pain, but am now powerless to resit you. Your hands find mine, fingers intertwine as you bite down on my shoulder and you begin to climax. My walls tighten around your tool, as I feel the waves of my own orgasm. You let out an ear-piercing howl, I, a primal yell, as we climax together. We stay in this position, you supporting me, as I continue to shudder and moan. I have never experienced such fear, such force, such pain, or such total fulfillment. I crumble in a heap, on the ground of the cavern, as you separate yourself from me, and turn to walk away.

My fear returns, as I look, longingly, at your retreating form. Within seconds, without saying a word, you return, take my hand, pulling me up and taking me with you. And, I know that I will follow, for you have claimed me, and my passion, and in the conquering have set me free.

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