~ Summer and Lightning ~
by Boo's Roo

Disclaimer: These characters are original...promise....

Sex/Language: Yes, both...the sex is between women and both it and the
language is explicit, so if either of these things bothers you then, don't bother reading this. Also, I am from the UK, so my English may be a bit off the norm.

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank my partner, Boo, who served as the inspiration for this piece. I would also like to thank my mom, Doo, for all her help and support, my beta, Poo, for all her hard work, and of course, Yoo, the readers.....

Feedback: I welcome any and all constructive feedback. You can reach me at roos_pad@yahoo.com.

Roo sat on the cushions in front of the big bay window, the windows flung open to allow what breeze there was into the room. The air thick and heavy, a clammy stillness settling about the room. The storm was approaching...

She sat watching the sparrows take it in turns to have dust baths in a small patch of dried earth. Sensing the impending storm, they scattered, taking to the air and flapping their way to shelter. Crossing her legs, she inhaled the damp air, the musty smell of rain already tainting it. 'When is it coming, when is it going to get here?' she thought, and with that a clap of thunder could be heard in the distance, to the west, coming from the coast. 'Ahhh, soon...good.'

Arranging the various cushions and pillows about her, she uncurled her legs and lay down upon them, sighing to herself. She waited. Laying there in her white vest top her mom had sent her, the ribbing on it clinging to the curve of her large breasts and stretching the front so much the material puckered between them, and her black pajama shorts, she closed her eyes. Waiting for the first stirrings of the cool breeze that often proceeds a thunderstorm, she thought of the days earlier events, the feelings, sensations and emotions that had raced through her body while talking to her girlfriend online.

The mere thought of the beautiful American that had captured her heart caused it to pound erratically. She remembered the love they had shared that afternoon, the passionate bout of sex they had instigated that had made her so wet she came with her lover on the other side of the ocean. A smile spread across her lips as she recalled how her CB had reacted to her words.

Another crack of thunder sounded, much closer now, and a stirring began in the air, a breeze was picking up, she could hear the leaves in the trees outside rustling lightly.

Thinking about what she had shared that afternoon, Roo could feel the little sparks of electricity travel down her body to her groin. 'God, CB you can even get me wet just thinking about you,' she thought. The breeze wafting in through the open windows cooled Roo's hot, clammy skin, she sighed, and felt gentle fingers run up and down the ribbing on her top, the nails catching her nipples as the cool breeze made them hard and erect. She moaned, as her lover pinched her left nipple between her thumb and index finger, gently teasing it. "Oooh, yeah, baby..." she whispered. CB rubbed her thumbs over the hard nipples, as they strained against the material.

The rain began to fall outside, but went unheard inside the room, all thoughts of the storm gone, as Roo's lover's hands explored her body.

CB's hands lifted up her top, so they could have better access to her breasts. They began to massage them, cupping and squeezing them, gently. Roo moaned, "Lick them, baby, please...". She felt skilled lips and a tongue latch themselves to her nipple and start sucking at it, while her other breast was kneaded by CB's strong, sure hand. Holding her lover's head Roo rose up into the sensation. Gently nipping at the underside of Roo's breast CB kissed over to the other one to suck and nibble on the nipple.

Dusk fell to darkness outside, the rain coming down heavily, thunder errupted in the air and lightning streaked across the sky. Roo remained oblivious to it as CB left her happy place and kissed her way down Roo's body, stopping at the belly button to trail her tongue around it, before dipping it inside. Giggling slightly, Roo moaned her pleasure. Stopping only inches away from Roo's pussy, CB could already feel her lover's arousal, her mouth watering, she ran her fingers through the hairy mound that covered her ultimate goal. Something between a groan and a growl escaped Roo's mouth "Mmrrrrrr..." and her hips rose to meet her lover's touch.

Taking two fingers CB followed the folds of Roo's pussy down. She was so wet, CB could feel the slick liquid coating her fingers and her lover's moans were getting more frequent and urgent.

The storm raged outside, lighting up the night sky as the two lovers fulfilled their need. Spreading Roo's legs open, CB ran her fingers up to Roo's clit and began to massage it in small, circular movements, adding a little pressure as she rubbed over the small, swollen bud. Each time she touched it, a moan escaped from her partner, and her hips bucked. With her fingers well and truly coated with Roo's juices, CB stroked down until her fingers are at the opening of Roo's wet, slick hole. Inserting the tips of them into Roo, CB heard her lover gasp, "Please, baby...." On hearing the plea from her lover, CB thrusted both fingers deep inside her lover's core.

Lowering her mouth to her lover's wet, pink pussy, and flicking out her tongue, CB began to lick her way up to Roo's swollen clit. Her fingers pumped in and out of her lover's core, as CB sucked the small nub of nerves into her mouth and ran her teeth across it, causing Roo's hips to buck wildly. "Ohhhh, God, yeessss, baby...."

Panting, Roo exclaimed, "Faster, baby, faster...."

Picking up the rhythm of her fingers driving in and out of Roo's slick, tight, wet hole, CB could feel her lover's climax approaching. "Cum for me, lover..." she gasped and sucked Roo's clit back into her mouth. Roo's hips rose to take all of her lover's fingers inside her, she cried out as her orgasm crashed through her body, the room shook, as a clap of thunder rolled overhead.

Waking up with a start, Roo felt disoriented as the rain blew in, through the open window, and the lightning streaked across the night sky. The curtain billowed in the breeze. Closing the windows, she settled back down on the cushions to finish her dream....

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