~ With All of My Heart ~
by Catherine Burke

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Here we are again....I thought I'd try this again.

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Rating: R / NC-17

Summary: Doctor Holly Graham was going through the motions. Taught to rely on no one but herself, she toiled through the medical school and settled into a position at one of Baltimore's top trauma centers. Tracy Campbell had looks, a career, a loving family and loyal friends. Yet, her love life was lacking. Pursued by many a suitor, she never found what she was looking for until a snowy night on a Maryland highway.

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Chapter 6

The outside of the building was deceiving. It looked small. On the inside, there were eighty foot tall scaling walls. Spattered across the face were climbing holds as climbers scattered like ants struggling to make it to the top. A man with black harness crisscrossing his back rappelled his way down the face of the center wall. Tracey tilted her head back as she watched his decent.

When Holly asked her to meet her at Earth Treks, Tracey had no idea what the place was. She called her brother, Tom, who began to chuckle.

"Why are you going there?" He asked.

"It's a date of sorts." Tracey didn't like the tone in her brother's voice. She could imagine the smirk on his face. "Tom, what is it?"

"Do you like this person?" Knowing his sister's fear of heights, he teased her. "Yes, I do. I like her a lot." Tracey heard her voice soften as she thought about Holly. "Tell me Tommy."

"It's a rock climbing center." "Oh shit." Tracey felt the queasiness in her stomach and her anxiety level rose. "I'm not canceling on her."

"Wow, she must be something special." Tom whistled into the phone.

"She is." Tracey said as she stood looking at the giant indoor walls spotted with different colored hand holds, her hands on her hips and her gym bag slung over her shoulder. She came right from basketball practice to the center, she didn't have time to fix her hair or worry about makeup. This was the only time she would able to see Holly today. Holly's friend, Greg was covering the ER for a few hours so she could get to the center and spend time with Tracey.

"She is what?" Holly's voice filled her ear. Tracey turned to see Holly dressed in a tight fitting North Face shirt and bike compression shorts, on her feet a special pair of shoes.

"Worth it." Tracey said. "I'm not sure what I was thinking when I accepted." Tracey's eyes moved across the climbers and rested on Holly's face. "This is one of the most interesting dates I've ever been on."

"It hasn't even started." Holly laughed. "Are you okay with this?"

"Holly, I have an issue with heights."


"Yes, I'm scared of heights."

"I didn't know. This is a bad idea." Holly's fears of making Tracey uncomfortable were showing.

"It's a great idea. I'll just stay on the small walls." Tracey placed a hand on Holly's arm. "Besides, I need to overcome some of my fears." Holly gave her a weak smile. The day was not going as planned.

"Come on, I'll show you the locker room. I have a lesson scheduled for one o'clock. I wanted to make sure you're comfortable on the walls so I arranged..." Holly ran her hand through her hair in frustration. She knew Tracey was athletic and thought rock climbing would be a great date. "I didn't..."

"Holly, it's okay." Tracey smiled at the blonde and tried to put her as ease. She tugged at the hair at Holly's collar. "It's going to be fun."

Fun was an understatement. Fifteen minutes into the lesson with Colton, the college aged instructor, Tracey was swinging back and forth in front of the wall face. She enjoyed the process of trying to beat the wall face. Her face stern in concentration, she didn't even realize she was twelve feet off the ground. Having the rock wall in front of her gave her the stabilization of having some control of the situation. When she scaled the eighteen foot wall, she got to the top and look down at Holly and Colton. She let out a laugh and pumped her fist in the air. Holly started her way up the wall and in a few minutes she at the top next to Tracey. The blonde was greeted with a kiss and two very strong arms wrapped around her waist.

"This is great." Tracey pulled back from Holly and gazed into her eyes.

"Want to try the bigger wall?" Holly gestured towards the one of the bigger slabs. "Or we can try the ones with the overhangs."

"Let's stick to the slabs. I'm not sure about the overhang." Tracey peaked over the edge. "Are you going to help me down?"

"Do you need my help?"

"Not sure if need is the word. I'd like to make sure I get back down in one piece." Tracey adjusted the harness.

"I'll make sure nothing happens to you even if I have to carry you down." Holly teased as she touched the scar on Tracey's chin. "Ready?"

They climbed different walls for three hours. Tracey knew her body would be screaming at her tomorrow, but today she was happy to spend time with Holly doing something the blonde enjoyed. As they climbed wall after wall, Tracey's eyes continued to roam the landscape of the doctor's body. The way Holly's shirt would stretch over the taunt muscles of her shoulders sent Tracey's mind into a sexual tizzy. As Holly reached for a hand hold, the tendons on the back of her hand stuck out as the doctor's ability to hold her weight with just one hand amazed Tracey. Tracey imagined what it would be like to run her hands across the vast plain of Holly's back. How it would feel to have Holly hold on to her with her hands. By the end of the session, the teacher was trying to cool her libido.

"I hope you had a good time." Holly said as she grabbed a towel from the locker and wiped down her face. She began to stow her things in her duffle bag. "I'm going to shower at the hospital." The doctor was looking a bit peaked.

"Holly, are you okay?" Tracey watched the doctor's face drop slightly.

"Not really." Holly huffed and leaned her backside against the metal lockers. "It's a bit embarrassing."

"What?" Tracey said as she mirrored Holly's stance against the lockers on the opposite side of the locker room isle.

"I can't shower with you right now. Don't get me wrong, I would love to." Holly ran her hand through her sweat dampened hair in frustration. "Tracey, I am so turned on right now, I don't think I can act like a reasonable adult if we were both naked." Holly's neck and face broke into a crimson color.

"Good to know I'm not the only one." Tracey smiled and closed the distance between them. "Scrubs do you no justice." Tracey reached out and placed a hand on Holly's forearm. "That's some body you've been hiding."

"Ohhh.." Holly leaned her head back against the lockers. "Are you trying to kill me?" Holly looked down into Tracey's silver depths. "I have to work every night this week. This is the last time I will see you until next Saturday. We have a date, remember." Holly had arranged with Allison to have reservations Valentine's Day at Tuxedo's. Holly was going all out to make sure the date was special.

"I can stop by the hospital on Wednesday." Tracy ran her fingers up and down Holly's forearm causing the fine hairs to rise with her touch. "Saturday is a long way off."

"It's like a week away." Holly smiled at her joke. "Are you going to your parents for Sunday?"

"No, there is a softball meeting at Johnny's at ten. We get together before the season to figure out if we need more players and who the sponsor will be. The last couple of years, we've gotten Gunning's to sponsor."

"They have great food." Holly commented, knowing the bar was a landmark in Baltimore. "Depending on what time I get out, I could stop by Johnny's to say hello." "Just hello?"

"Maybe more." Holly dropped her eyes to Tracey's lips. She looked around the locker room and found a crowd of women in the mist of dress. "God, I want to kiss you." Holly confessed.

"I want to do more than just kiss you Dr. Graham." Tracey teased as she turned away grabbing her towel and shower bag. "If you change your mind, I'll be in the shower room." Tracey didn't turn back as she heard Holly release another groan. She didn't think she was strong enough to resist the blonde if she did follow her. Soon, Tracey thought. She just needed to make it through the week.


The group of women had pulled three tables together so they could sit together. Sunday morning brunch at Johnny's was on the schedule for summer softball team every few months. This was the first time the team was getting together since before Thanksgiving. They would have the same conversations. They'd talk about the games they won and lost. Who would be this year's sponsor? Did they need more players? Who was returning to play next summer? Tracey smiled at Patsy as she passed the register on her way to the tables. Maxie waved at her and pulled her coat off the chair she was saving for Tracey. Piper sat across from them.

Tracey's smile illuminated the room. She was grinning ear to ear. Her date yesterday was still on her mind. Her night was filled with dream after dream of Holly making love to her. Taking her in ways she never thought of. This morning, she woke in mid orgasm. Her hand between her legs, her fingers buried deep in her center. She came hard. Images of Holly danced in her head. She wanted the blonde. This feeling was new to her, but she wanted Holly touching her, to feel her weight of on top of her, making her lose control. In her relationships she had never had these feelings before. Her previous girlfriends turned her on but Holly ignited her soul. With Holly she had a need, a craving to be with her. She knew just thinking about Holly made her wet.

"What's up?" Piper asked as she took in the smile and flushed face of her friend. "You look...." Piper was going to say turned on but decided against it, since Maxie was there. She loved Maxie but she was still trying to rekindle the relationship she once had with Tracey.

"Happy." Maxie said as she pulled out the chair for Tracey. Tracey took her coat off and settled it on the back.

"I am. God I'm so happy." Tracey said as she sat in her seat. The waitress came around with the coffee pot as Tracey flipped over her cup. "I've never felt this way before."

"The doctor." Piper looked across the table at her friend. She leaned back in her chair and watched Tracey's face light up. Dr. Graham seemed to make her friend happy.

"What doctor?" Maxie asked as she played with the creamers, building a small pyramid.

"I'm dating someone. Her name is Holly and she happens to be a doctor." Tracey knew she had to be blunt with Maxie when she spoke of dating. The banker still held a romantic interest in her. They remained friends, but Tracey wondered if Maxie was aware of how possessive she sounded and how jealous she acted.

"She's probably a chiropractor. Are they really doctors?" Maxie lifted her coffee for a sip. She stole a glance at Tracey who looked at her with a raised eye brow. "What?"

"She's an Attending at Jessup in the Emergency Room." Tracey silently wondered why she felt the need to defend Holly. If Maxie was her friend, she would be happy for her. "And she's great. Yesterday, she took me rock climbing at Earth Treks. It was so cool. She arranged for a private lesson and then we spent the afternoon climbing. It was a blast."

"Sounds like work." Tracey ignored Maxie's sarcastic remark. If her friend wasn't going to support her, then she wouldn't give her the satisfaction of a response.

"It sounds like fun to me. You seem like you had a good time." Piper could see the excitement in Tracey's eyes. They were now a light gray color like a piece of high sheen silver.

"I had great time." Tracey sat back in her chair. She didn't care that her legs ached and her ass was so tight she had to use the heated seat in her car for the trip to the dinner. "I had a really great time. It was the best date I've been on in a while."

"That was a date? Getting all sweaty and climbing up a wall? I'll pass." Maxie was showing her irritation.

"If I didn't know you better, I'd say you're ..." Piper glanced at Maxie and back to Tracey. "Enjoying spending time with her."

"I can't stop thinking about her. Jesus Pipe, I just see her and I want to do things. I've never felt this way before."

"Jesus." Maxie said in a huff as she spilled her coffee. Tracey's former girlfriend gave her a slight frown as she stood up quickly to find a towel. The pout Maxie gave Tracey was added to the list of pathetic looks the brunette had given her since their break up. "I need to get a towel."

"I think you're falling in love." Piper smiled as the realization hit Tracey. "It's known to happen."

"Oh my god. I think I'm... I want to sleep with her." For the first time in her life, Tracey was falling in love and it felt really good.

"That's good."

"No, that's bad. I've told her my feelings on sleeping together. She actually understood. I can't change my mind."

"Why not?" Piper laughed. "Do you think she wants to sleep with you?" Tracey smiled and nodded the redness climbing up her neck as she recalled their conversation in the locker room.

"Oh I think the feeling is mutual." Tracey smiled.

"That is sad." Maxie said as she scraped her against the floor pulling it out. "This woman takes you rock climbing and goes to see a high school basketball game. What kind of dates are those? Has she taken you to dinner?"

"We came here on our first date." Tracey smiled at the memory of the snow storm weekend. Her eyes glanced to the booth they sat in. "And we got pizza one night."

"Wow Tracey, you're slipping. If this woman is a doctor, don't you think she should take you to a nice restaurant?" Maxie eyed the owner who seemed to be hovering after she cleaned the table.

"They were great dates Maxie. It doesn't matter how much a meal costs, it's the quality of the company. I happen to really enjoy spending time with Holly. She could be dirt poor and it wouldn't matter to me."

"Do remember the night I took you to La Rubino? That was a great date." Maxie said as she leaned back and stared at Tracey for a moment.

"I remember you getting drunk, talking loudly and trying to make out with me in the middle of the restaurant. Yes, I would say I remember Maxine." Tracey watched the scowl on her friend's face. Patsy hid the smirk on her face as she walked to another table with the coffee pot ready for refills. "You and I seem to have a difference of opinion on our former relationship. Maxie, we are friends, if you can't deal with that, then I don't know what to tell you." Tracey had been fighting off Maxie's advances for the past two years. They had only dated a few months and at the time, Maxie was a big drinker. She said it was summer time and boating season, but Tracey knew better.

"Don't get in a huff Trace. I'm teasing." Maxie commented as she took a sip of her coffee. "Ellen will be happy that you landed a doctor."

"My mother doesn't know yet." Tracey had mentioned meeting someone to Ellen. There was no way she was going to push Holly into meeting her family before she was ready. Holly almost passed out the first time Tracey mentioned a family dinner. She wasn't about to do that again. Besides, I'm the one whose opinion counts."

"So when are we going to meet her?" Maxie asked, her tone a little casual and cocky to be of a friendly nature.

"Piper's met her once or twice."

"What?" Maxie almost flew out of her seat. It was scary how the banker got jealous of Piper and Tracey.

"Oh chill out." Piper said as she tipped her chair back. "She's a doctor. I ran into her a few times at the hospital. I think I knew her before the little school teacher did."

"Hey!" Tracey got defensive and smacked Piper on the arm. The two women seemed to forget that she was closely approaching thirty "I am not the little school teacher, Yvonne."

"I could have you arrested for assault." Piper rubbed her arm. When her given name was called out, Piper knew not to push Tracey. The teacher's temper was legendary. Piper wasn't sure if it was growing up with three brothers or in the military, but once Tracey got pissed, she was a force to be reckoned with. Tracey didn't lose her temper often but when she did, look out.

"I dare you to try." Tracey eyes suddenly darted to the window as a tall blonde figure passed by. When Holly entered the diner, Tracey could see the dark circles under her eyes. Last night's shift must have been trying.

"Are you on drugs?" Piper asked as Tracey's expression changed from being pissed to a goofy smile. Tracey ignored her but her eyes followed the newest customer. Piper turned in her seat to see who Tracey was enamored with. The tall blonde ER doctor walked up to the counter and began to speak with the owner. "Oh well, look what the cat dragged in."

"Who's the blonde?" Maxie strained to look over Piper's shoulder. "Not bad, a little too tall and skinny." Just as Maxie finished, Holly turned to face the table. "I got dibs."

"Oh, you are too late." Piper said as she turned back to her friends. Tracey was staring at Holly, a smile worthy of an Ultra-bright commercial plastered on her face. "Trace, you are so gone."

"I know and it's great." Tracey stood when Holly kissed Patsy on the cheek. When the doctor headed towards her table, Tracey met her half way. "Hello." There was a moment of awkward silence.

"I don't want to say hello because I've filled my promise and I want to spend a little bit more time with you." Holly shrugged. "You look great."

"You look like shit." Tracey touched Holly's face with her hand. "Did you have a busy night?"

"Horribly busy night." Holly recalled the trials of the evening. "I need to get a few hours sleep and then go back in."

"You need to go home and sleep. Why are you here?" Tracey looked in to deeply sad dark brown eyes. "Why?"

"Because you, Ms. Campbell, are the only sanity I have right now." Holly blew out a breath. "Tracey, I wanted to see you." Tracey took a hold of Holly's hand and led her to the table. She pulled up a chair between hers and Maxie's.

"This is Maxine Kendall and that mug is Yvonne Piper. You may recognize her."

"Hello." Holly held out a hand for Maxie who shook it. She took a closer look at the woman across the table. "Officer Piper, seems we keep crossing paths."

"Dr. Graham, always a pleasure." Pipe knew the doctor could recount a few incidents in which her friends would question her behavior. She did what she needed to do to keep the thugs off the street.

"So Dr. Graham." Maxie started. Tracey felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Maxie was going to bait Holly into some type of argument. "How did you meet Tracey?" "Umm... at the hospital." Holly didn't like the dark haired woman who sat to her right. She knew this was one of Tracey's friends but there was something about the way she looked at Tracey, as if she was jealous. Holly would ask Tracey about her later.

"What the hell were you doing at the hospital? Are you okay?" Maxie lashed out at Tracey without hesitation.

"Yes, it was after the bus accident." Tracey explained, wondering why Max didn't remember.

"You weren't hurt."

"I wasn't, but I had students I was responsible for." Tracey felt Holly's thigh press up against hers."

"I recall you were." Holly touched the small scar on her chin. "I treated some of the students." The doctor explained as she let her hand drop from Tracey's chin. "How do you know each other?"

"We dated." Maxie grinned like the Cheshire Cat as Holly fidgeted uncomfortably in the hard wood chair.

"Please, you dated Tracey for a month if that." Piper exclaimed, sensing the doctor's uneasiness.

"Two." Maxie corrected her.

"Whatever." Piper dismissed her friend with a wave of her hand. "We met playing basketball in high school. Tracey was the big bad player and I was sent to guard her."

"More like manhandle." Tracey recalled the rough and tumble blonde from a rival high school. "We ended up playing on an AAU summer team together when we were seventeen."

"It's been hell ever since." Piper crossed her arms over her chest and bore her eyes into the teacher. "We met Maxie playing softball about six years ago." Piper lifted her coffee cup to her lips. Patsy came around with her coffee pot.

"Would you like some coffee Miss Holly?"

"No thank you. I'm not staying."

"That's too bad." Maxie smirked. Tracey stood and took Holly's hand. She shot daggers at Maxie. "What?"

"Pipe, let me know if I need to do anything. I'm going to see Holly home." Tracey pulled Holly to her feet.

"You're an asshole." Piper said as she threw a creamer at Maxie.

"What did I do?" Maxie placed a hand on her chest pleading innocent as Tracey and Holly passed by her. Tracey smacked the back of her head.

"I'll call you later." Piper said with a wave of her hand. "What the hell are you trying to prove?" Piper looked at Maxie. "You keep it up and she'll never talk to you again."

Holly followed the pissed off teacher out the door of the diner and into the parking lot. As soon as they turned down the side of the building Tracey turned to face Holly and pushed her up against the wall. She pressed her lips and body against Holly's. She let go all of the frustration she had felt in the last twenty four hours. She wanted Holly to like her friends. Maxie's behavior pissed her off. If she felt uncomfortable, Holly had to feel uncomfortable. When Holly's arms wrapped around her and pulled her close, Tracey felt a peacefulness settle through her body. Holly's hand went to the back of her head, smoothing her hair in a soft caress. They separated for a moment. Looking into each other's eyes they both had goofy grins on their faces.

"I'm sorry."

"For kissing me?" Holly asked her hand cupping Tracey cheek the pad of her thumb caressing her skin.

"No, for Maxie."

"She's in love with you." Holly sensed Maxie was still after Tracey. "She doesn't hide it well." Holly observed. She was having a hard time keeping her feelings for the teacher under control now. She understood why Maxie loved the woman standing in front of her.

"I don't want to talk about Maxine." Tracey leaned in and kissed Holly again. She nipped at Holly's lower lip then held it between hers. She heard Holly sigh and pulled back. "Let's get you home and into bed."

"That's the best offer I've had all day." Holly put her hands on Tracey's hips. "Where is your car?" Tracey pointed to the front lot. "Lucky you. I'm in the back. Do you want to drive me home? I can leave my car here and walk over later."

"Can I stay with you for awhile?"

"Of course." Holly looped Tracey's arm in hers as they walked towards the red Jeep. "I just don't want to waste your day."

"Spending time with you is not a waste." Tracey pulled on Holly's arm. "There is nothing else I want to do."

"You may change your mind when I'm snoring and drooling on you." Holly teased as she let Tracey's arm go and went to the passenger's door.

"Not a chance."


Holly closed the drapes in her bedroom after she changed into a pair of sweat pants and a Ravens t-shirt. Tracey stood in the doorway, her hands holding on the door jamb. Holly threw her a quick smile over her shoulder. "Are you sure you want to stay?" She asked.

"Yes." Tracey came to her side and touched the hem of Holly's t-shirt. "Besides, I wanted to tuck you in."

"I put some sweats in the bathroom." Holly grabbed some clothes in case Tracey wanted to change. "

"Thanks. Is it okay that I lie down with you for awhile?" Tracey suddenly felt shy.

"God, yes." Holly placed her hand at the back of her neck and pulled Tracey's lips to hers. "Sleep, Ms. Campbell, that's all.

"Darn." Tracey snapped her finger and walked into the bathroom. She changed her clothes. She looked in the bathroom mirror. Her face was flushed. She pulled a Jessup hospital t-shirt on and a soft pair of sweat pants. "Sleep..." Tracey repeated as she ran her fingers through her hair. What did you do this weekend? Well, I actually crawled into bed with my new girlfriend and slept. Tracey mimicked her thoughts in the mirror. There was nothing wrong with what she was doing. She opened the door and saw Holly lying in the bed. Going to the opposite side of the bed, Tracey lifted the covers and slid between them. Holly turned immediately and pulled her into her arms.

"You feel good." Holly murmured as she tucked Tracey's head under her chin and felt wonderful to have the teacher in her arms and bed. "Thank you."

"For?" Tracey snuggled closer. Their legs and arms intertwined.

"Being here." Holly said as she kissed the top of Tracey's head. "For being you." Tracey felt Holly's form relax and heard the steady cadence of her breathing. Tracey closed her eyes, amazed that she had found such a wonderful woman.

Chapter 7

The front door of the Campbell household was rarely used. Family and friends knew to use the main door off the garage. As Tracey closed the door behind her, she tried to recall the last time she actually used her parents' front door. Stomping her snow covered feet on the mat just inside the garage door, she slipped off her shoes and went inside. Immediately, she was engulfed by the warmth of the fire burning in the family room. This past week, she missed family dinner because she was sleeping in Holly's bed. Sleeping...being the operative word. She had slept in Holly's arms and missed dinner. Ellen was not happy. The message Tracey retrieved from her phone was distant and guilt ridden as only a mother could do. To make up for her absence, Tracey promised to have dinner with her parents tonight. She coached practice right after the bell rang and was able to get to her parents just as the grandfather clock in the hallway chimed six o'clock.

"Tracey!" Frank's voice boomed through the kitchen and into the family room. Tracey wasn't sure if it was from her dad's hearing going, but he always seemed to talk loudly.

"Hey Dad." Tracey called back as she hung her jacket up on one of the hooks just inside the doorway.

"Pumpkin, can you grab a load of garlic bread out of the freezer?"

"Sure thing." It never failed, no matter how many times she came over there was always an errand to run or something to get just after she took her shoes off. With the quickness of a rabbit, she popped into the garage and grabbed the bread out of the overstuffed chest freezer. Shivering, she stepped back into the house. She was ready for summer.

She wondered if she and Holly would make plans for summer time, weekends away, maybe camping. If Maxie was behaving maybe they would go to her cottage for Memorial Day. For the first time in her life, Tracey was making future plans that involved someone else. In the past, she always felt as if dating someone else took time away from her family and friends. With Holly, she wanted to share that time. Make plans, look forward to seeing her in the stands at her softball game. She wondered how Holly spent her time in the summer. Did she like to camp? Was she involved in sports? There was some certainty that she did not spend time with her family. Tracey thought about the difference in the way they were raised. Her house always had a surplus of food. Even when she and her brothers were out of the house, Ellen still shopped as if she had to feed an army. The freezer was always filled. Holly didn't have that luxury. She had no furniture and when she did, the doctor sat on the floor because it was a comfort. She drank coffee at Johnny's because that was what she could afford. Patsy looked out for her because she had no one else. It saddened Tracey to think about how Holly had no family and no one to really look out for her. The thought of meeting the Campbell clan scared her. Tracey wondered if it was a defense mechanism. She let Holly set the pace. If she wanted to meet her family, she would let Holly decide.

Frank kissed her cheek in greeting as he took the frozen loaf from her hand. "You missed Sunday dinner." She could hear his silent tsk tsk in her head.

"I know. I heard it from mom every day which is why I'm visiting mid week. Where is she?" Tracey surveyed the kitchen. There was no sign of Ellen.

Beaming proudly, he smiled showing off his dimples, "Upstairs, I'm in charge of dinner!" Tracey cocked an eyebrow at the silver haired man in front of her - the look she often gave her students if they were misbehaving. "I just have to pull it out of the oven."

"So in other words, mom made it and you are cooking it?"

"Again, I'm in charge. You should be happy I am letting you eat." Frank teased as he pulled the garlic loaf from the bag. "She's in the sewing room."

"Keep up the good job. I'm going to run up and say hi." Tracey patted him on the cheek and headed through the house. She went through the hallway which her old bedroom was off to the staircase that led to the second floor where her brothers' rooms were. Ellen made David's room into a sewing room since he was off at college and never really lived in the house.

Seated at the sewing machine feeding a piece of material through the foot was Ellen Campbell. There was no doubt which parent Tracey resembled. They shared the same eye color and facial features. Although Ellen's hair had some gray running through it, the color was the same as Tracey's.

"Hi mom." Tracey said as she sat down on the day bed facing her mother.

"Good Lord, look who decided to visit. I was being to get a complex. My only daughter blowing off her family three weekends in a row."

"I was here on..."

"Not for family dinner." Ellen cut her off.


"You meet this new woman and you no longer have time for your family." Ellen continued to scold as she pulled what appeared to be a child's dress into her lap and began to remove stitches of thread.

"Her name is Holly. I was here the day after the snow storm. Dad and I had lunch during the week. I'm here tonight."

"You cancelled the night of the snow storm, calling saying something about canceling because something came up. Yesterday, I hear about your date from Tommy. You can't even share details with your mother." With a small huff, Ellen put the dress under the foot and started the machine.

Tracey could tell her mother was hurt. "I just asked Tom about the place. I didn't tell him how the date went."

"And this past Sunday?" The inquisition continued.

"Softball meeting." Tracey felt the flush on her face. She could never lie to her parents without getting caught.

"All day? Please, I know Vonnie. She would leave after an hour. Yet my daughter stays all day and cancels dinner with her family."

"I spent the day with Holly. I finally met someone I really like and I want to spend time with her. That's why I haven't been to dinner." Tracey propped her elbow on her denim covered knee and leaned her chin on her fist.

"Tell me about her, this Holly woman who you are spending time with. I know she works at the hospital. That's about it." Her mother's gray eyes softened as she spoke. "She seems to have caught your fancy." Tracey couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face.

"My fancy? She's definitely got that and some. She's a doctor." Ellen quit working on the dress, setting it down and focusing her attention on her daughter. She noticed her daughter's eyes light up as she began to talk about Holly. There was a bit of mischief in them. She hoped Tracey found someone she could fall in love with.

"She's a doctor." Ellen repeated. "Continue, what's her last name? Where is she from? How did you meet?" Tracey saw the interest in her mother's eyes. She went on for a good twenty minutes about Holly. Her excitement was bursting through her voice and body language. Ellen was about in tears from laughter after Tracey told her about their date at the climbing center.

"She didn't know I was afraid."

"True. You're not scared of many things honey. I'm glad you had a good time." Ellen stood up when the small buzzer on the table sounded. "So when do we get to meet her?" She asked as she went to the door way. "Frank! Take the pan out of the oven." Tracey giggled as she heard her father mumble something.

"This is where I'm not sure of what to do, mom." Tracey straightened in her seat. She ran her hands through her hair. "From what I gather, her home life was not great. She wasn't raised in a house full of love and laughter like I was. She has no concept of family. She associates family with pain, loss. She turned white as a ghost and started to hyperventilate when I asked her to Sunday dinner. I want you and dad to meet her but I don't want to force her."

"She'll come around. If she likes you half as much as you like her, she'll meet us eventually." Ellen assured her. "I would hold off on your brothers'. They can be a bit intimidating."

"And what would you call dad?"

"More intimidating." Ellen chuckled knowing Frank would pull full military rank on the woman if she didn't come around soon. She knew the relationship was new and knew her daughter very well. If they continued on the path to bliss, Holly would have to meet Frank Campbell soon.

"The boys better know what's good for them." Tracey's brothers teased her mercifully when she was younger. They seemed to want her to find someone. All of the boys were settled down and starting families.

"We want you to be happy. You've meet someone who makes you happy and we want to meet her." Ellen planted a kiss on the top of her head.

"She does, very happy."

"Good let's check on your father before he ruins my lasagna."

"He said he was in charge."

"And we will continue to let him think so." Ellen helped her daughter to her feet and wrapped a protective arm around her waist. "I can wrap some food up for Holly if you want to take it to her."

"Thanks mom. I'm sure she'll appreciate it." Tracey gave her mother's waist a squeeze.


Standing at the admission desk, Holly wrote final note in a chart and handed it to Musha, whose eyes were directed down the hallway. "Wow." The only word he uttered. Holly's interested piqued, she turned to see what he was staring at. Tracey was walking towards them, her winter coat open to show off her long legs. She wore a pair of jeans and a soft gray sweater.

"Hey!" Holly said to the clerk who quickly turned away. She shoved another file in his hands and walked to meet Tracey. "This is a surprise." "Surprise, I told you I'd stop by." Tracey held up the Tupperware container. "Ellen sent food, if you are interested. It's a family effort."

Holly's mouth went as dry as the Sahara. Once she found her voice, she was able to say, "Yes, we can go to the cafeteria or my office."

"The scene of the crime." Tracey commented as she looped her arm in Holly's. "What crime?" Holly questioned. Where you stole my heart was the comment on the tip of Tracey's tongue. Instead she opted for, "Capturing my interest."

"You make it sound like a bad thing."

"No, Dr. Graham, its' a good thing, a very good thing." Tracey pulled her closer as they stepped in the elevator. Holly leaned in, meeting Tracey's lips just as the doors shut. Pulling away from the embrace, Holly looked into Tracey's stormy irises. "Hi."

"Hi yourself."

"Are you having a good week?"

"Much better now. How about you?"

"A little slower then normal. People are staying in and behaving because of the weather. The cold makes people stay indoors." They exited the lift and walked to Holly's office. Tracey leaned on the wall as Holly fumbled with the lock.

"Did you eat already?"

"At my parents. They've been after me to stop by."

"I thought you had family dinner every week?" Holly recalled Tracey stating something to that effect.

"I've missed the last couple." She confessed, stepping into the office as Holly held the door open for her. A déjà vu feeling came over the couple as if they stepped back a few weeks ago. Holly took in the brunette who stood in her office. Mirroring the image she had posed weeks before.

"Feels weird, doesn't it?" Holly asked as she looked at Tracey's back. The teacher stood in the middle of the office hugging herself. She stepped behind her and stood close. Her fingers touched her shoulder and swept her hair away from her neck. Holly pressed a small kiss to Tracey's neck. She felt the quick intake of breath.

"No. A little strange, but not bad. I'm glad we met." Tracey took hold of Holly's hand and held tight. "Tell me why you've missed time with your family?" Holly whispered in her ear. She knew it was a sensitive spot.

"I wanted to spend time with you." Tracey leaned back into the warmth of Holly's frame. Holly's hand on her waist secured her, holding her tight.

"Please don't blow off your family for me. Promise me you will not do that." "Holly, we barely see each other and I..."

Holly turned Tracey to face her. Taking the container of food from her hands she set it on the small table. Returning to her spot in front of Tracey, she took her hand again. "I'm switching schedules so I'm working mostly days. I want to spend time with you also. Not just sleep with you." Holly's face turned red. "That's not what I meant."

"You don't want to sleep with me?" Tracey raised an eyebrow. "Maybe I should rethink my plans for this weekend." There was a look of panic that passed across Holly's face.

"Please don't." Holly lowered her head and at their linked fingers. Her heart was pounding against her chest. Tracey wasn't exactly teasing her, but she didn't come right out and say what she planned for the weekend.

"Hey." Tracey placed two fingers under Holly's chin and lifted her head to meet her eyes. "I'm ready. And I am not changing my mind."


"Really." Tracey gently pressed her lips to Holly's. "Believe it or not, it's been very hard for me." She saw the hesitation in Holly's brown eyes. "I know our date is Saturday night." Tracey reached in her coat and pulled out a key for her apartment. There a slight hesitation in her voice. "If you want to come over after your shift Friday night." Tracey put the silver key in Holly's hand. "I've got chaperone duty at the boys' game so I should be home by eleven. I just want to see you." She held off saying she like waking up in Holly's arms, in her bed, and next to her. She didn't want to scare her off.

"I'll be there." Holly let her lips slip briefly over Tracey's.

"Are you hungry?" Tracey led her by the hand to the table. "Dad cooked, mom made it."

"Sounds like a team effort. Sounds like an interesting dinner."

"It always is." Tracey opened the container and slid it across the table. "Do you like lasagna?"

"I like anything homemade. Didn't you promise to cook me dinner?"

"I think the deal was cooking in your kitchen. You can help." Tracey opened her purse and pulled out a package of plastic silverware. "I brought you a fork. Ellen actually sent it."

"I told you my cooking skills are limited. Flipping a grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, very limited." Holly said as she took the offered fork. "This looks good. Please thank your parents."

"You can use a knife, chop some veggies for me." Tracey watched as Holly dug into the gooey mess of noodles, cheese and meat. Holly chewed as she nodded her head.

Tracey leaned back in the chair. Holly was enjoying the food.

"God... this is good." Holly mumbled as she wiped her face with the napkin. "It's been such a long time since I had a homemade meal." Holly licked her lips. "Tell your mother thank you." "Don't forget Frank, he cooked it."

"And your dad." Holly saw the sullen expression cross Tracey's face. She quickly covered it up and smiled saying.

"I will."

"Every thing okay?"

"I want you to meet them." Tracey added quickly, "Some day."

Holly nodded. She could see the uncertainty in Tracey's eyes. They hadn't spoken about family since the night at Johnny's Diner. She didn't have the wave of nausea that washed over her the first time. Tracey didn't push her to meet her family. In fact, she seemed wary to bring up the subject of family.

"I'll let you know when I am ready." Holly commented to ease the tension in the air. "I can't promise anything." It was Tracey's turn to nod. The softening of her features did not escape Holly's eyes.

"Thank you for at least considering the thought." Tracey spoke softly when Holly continued to eat. Maybe one day she would be able to introduce Holly to her parents. If luck was on her side, maybe her brothers too.

The familiar squeal of Holly's pager sounded mid bite. As if an automatic response, Holly rolled her eyes. She wished she could get through a meal without being called away for an emergency. She knew their time for the evening was up. "Crap." Holly set her fork down and reached for the lid of the container. Tracey took it and placed it in the mini refrigerator in Holly's office. The pager squealed to life a second time.

"I've got to go." Holly was hesitant for a moment. She reached over and cupped Tracey's cheek. She gave her a quick kiss just as the over head public address system sounded.

"Dr. Graham to the ER stat... Dr. Graham to the ER stat."

Tracey walked with her to the door. "Dinner was good, but the company was great. Thanks for stopping by." Their quiet meal interrupted. "See you Saturday." Holly said as she hesitated at the door. "Is it me or does Saturday seem such a long way off?"

"It does." Tracey ran her fingers along Holly's forearm. Tracey looked into the tawny eyes to see the brightness in them.

Holly's lips curled into a smile as she said, "I'll see you when I get off work." She held the silver key in her hand over her head as if in a triumphant victory gesture. Tracey leaned against the door frame as she watched Holly's form retreat to the stairwell just as another PA announcement called her name.

Chapter 8

Practice was brutal. No matter what drill or set play Tracey asked the girls to run, they screwed it up. The under classmen and third string were her core players since the accident. She had to walk away from Molly Dorsey when the sophomore went the wrong way three times in a row. She glanced towards Zoey who sat on the side lines, dribbling a ball with her good arm. There was a remote possibility the senior could return to the line up by the end of the season. They still had ten games to go. The girls were giddy and not concentrating because of tomorrow night's Valentines' Day dance. Tonight the boys' team was playing at home against Greenville.

Tracey had chaperoning duties tonight at the game but she wasn't scheduled for the dance. Instead, she would be chaperoning at the prom in May. Saturday night while her team was at the school dance, Holly would be taking her out for a night on the town. She had no idea where Holly was taking her but she could hardly wait.

Tracey smiled at the memory of Holly holding the key over her head as she rushed off to the ER. Friday was finally here and almost over. In a few hours, she would see Holly, if she was lucky. Tonight she couldn't get the team to settle down so she made the girls run their asses off. By the end of practice, she couldn't wait to clear them out of the gym. Most of the girls opted to go home to get ready for the boys' game or a night out. Tracey hoped her practice exhausted them to the point they were too tired to venture out.

With the gym and locker room clear, Tracey went to shower in the women's locker room and get ready for the boys' game. It would save her time between running home and coming back to the school. Making certain the bolt was set on the door, she recalled the time when the boys' team from Baltimore South almost walked in on her at an inopportune moment. In her office, she stripped out of her clothes, grabbed her bottle of shampoo and conditioner and headed to the semi circle of showers. Turning on the water spigots, she tested the cascading water with her hand. When the water was at the desired temperature, she removed her towel and folded it over the barrier wall between the showers and the locker room. Tracey began to wash. She ran her hands along her arms and across her torso. She leaned her head back under the water pressure. Blindly reaching for the shampoo, she poured some into her hands and began the task of washing her hair. She let her mind wander to Holly. Feeling the warm spray against her skin, she wondered what it would feel like to be touched by the blonde. It would happen soon. That was her plan this weekend.

Over the last three weeks, their relationship had grown. She really liked the doctor and wanted to get to know her better. The night at her apartment, they made out like teenagers on a first date. Holly was a great kisser and Tracey got lost when she felt Holly's body against hers. Tracey didn't want to stop any more. She wanted to go farther. This weekend she definitely knew they would. She could have slept with Holly the weekend of the storm, she could have easily been swayed to stay the night and continue their exploration. Holly didn't argue or pressure her when Tracey pulled back. She didn't want to look at their first time as a Wham bam thank you ma'am moment. For some couples it worked. Tracey wanted to make sure Holly was a person she wanted to be with. Too many lesbians fell into the attraction first, relationship second. The three serious relationships Tracey been in, she waited at least six months before she slept with her girlfriends. Some of her dates looked at her like she was crazy when she pulled back. Deep down, Tracey knew she was old fashioned. She didn't want a quick roll in the hay. Holly was the first person she instantly wanted to sleep with. Most of the women she went out with she had some attraction to. They were forty watt light bulbs compared with Holly, who was burning brighter than the sun. Many dating experiences ended because of her no sleeping together idealism. A few women thought she was crazy and never called back. Holly wasn't like that. The night at her apartment, Tracey was more than frustrated when the pizza guy showed up. Holly quietly touched her face and said "I'm not going anywhere." She was different with Holly. She made her want to sleep with Holly. The burning attraction between them was evident. Tracey wanted more. This weekend was their time. She didn't think she could wait any longer. Valentine's Day was tomorrow and Tracey knew she was looking forward to it as much as Holly.

Tracey moved the lather through her hair and suddenly felt the hair on her arms rise. It was as if someone was in the showers with her. She tried to open one soap filled eye but the sensation burned. She cursed and reached for her washcloth. She covered her breasts with her hand and wiped the soap out of her eyes with the other. She did a quick survey of the shower room. There was no one.

"Hello!" She called out over the sound of streaming water. She waited a few moments. Silence answered her.

"Hello!" Tracey called again, still no answer. "Christ... you're losing it." Tracey chastised her paranoia. She rinsed her hair and quickly finished her shower. She grabbed her things and walked to her towel. Set on top of her towel was a single red rose. Tracey quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her body. She knew someone was there. She felt it. Even now, she felt as if someone was watching her.

"This isn't funny." Tracey called out, her voice echoing in the hollow alcoves of the locker room. She didn't need this. A fleeing thought that Holly may have placed the rose there crossed her mind. There was no way Holly would leave the hospital, drive twenty minutes away, and never say a thing. Holly would have let her know she was there. Maybe one of the girls stayed behind and Tracey didn't realize it. Her gray eyes scanned the showers and the locker rooms. There were no foot prints on the cement floor. The locker room had several mini dressing areas. A person could have easily hidden in one of them. Tracey's eyes slid over to the vents in the room. She still wasn't certain, but she swore she could sense someone watching her.

Bang! The boiler kicked on and sent a rush of air through the releases. Tracey held her towel tight to her chest. Throwing the rose into the trash can, she pricked her finger on a thorn. Tracey put her finger in her mouth. "Shit." She swore at her own stupidity. She quickly ducked into her office, closing and locking the door behind her. Shaking off the uncomfortable feeling, she wanted to go home, forget about the rose and creepy feeling in the shower. She wanted to get lost in the comfort of Holly's arms and kisses.


Very early on Saturday morning, Holly pulled into the apartment complex. Her shift was finally over. There had been a hundred things that had happened but the only thing she could think of was Tracey. She had the next three days off and planned to spend every minute of them with Tracey. On Wednesday, the coach stopped at the hospital to drop off a late dinner. Alone in her office, they were able to spend some time together. They realized they wanted to spend more time with each other and Holly even mentioned changing her shifts. She never had a reason to not work. Even with Pam, the overnight shifts never interfered with the relationship. For Tracey, she would change her routine. She'd give up nights and hours at the hospital.

Tonight would be their first real date. She made reservations at Tuxedo's, compliments of Chef Simon Ellison, Allison's brother. She reserved a room at the Pier 5 Hotel on the harbor. Holly ventured into the parking lot and through the door of Tracey's building. Dawn was hours away. Tracey gave Holly a key on Wednesday. The teacher was quite funny about it. Holly smiled, remembering how Tracey was stammering over her words as she handed over the key.

At the apartment door, the key slid into the lock and the door opened. The small apartment was spotless. What did Tracey think when she walked into my place, Holly thought. Holly smiled at the thought of kissing Tracey. They were like a couple of teens, trying to control their emotions. Holly knew she was holding back. She didn't want to scare Tracey. Yet, the feelings she was having were surfacing. Holly hoped she would be able to see more of the teacher once school was out for the summer. Between games, work, practices and emergencies, they rarely were able to schedule time together. Tracey asked for time the first day they kissed. Holly respected her request. After the day at the climbing center and snuggling in bed together last Sunday, Holly's sexual frustration was at an all time high. After the kiss in the parking lot at Johnny's she swore she thought Tracey was just as frustrated as she was. Now she was sneaking into Tracey's bed at three in the morning. Falling asleep exhausted didn't really constitute sleeping together, Holly thought as she put her jacket on the back of a chair at the kitchen island. On the counter, Tracey had left a note telling her to make herself at home. She had grabbed a quick shower at the hospital. She touched her hair, still slightly damp when she ventured out of hospital. Setting her bag down on the floor next to the island, she had an overwhelming need to just hold Tracey. Keep the brunette close and make sure her feelings were real.

The bedroom door was slightly ajar. Holly stopped at the door to watch Tracey sleep. In her career, she witnessed a number of people sleeping. None of them would she ever describe as sexy. Tracey was sexy. Quietly walking into the room, she came to the side of the bed. Lifting the covers slightly, she slid in. Tracey automatically scooted towards her. Holly wrapped an arm around her, holding tight from behind. Tracey snuggled back against Holly's chest, pulling her arm closer. Warmth engulfed Holly as she brushed a kiss against Tracey's temple.

Tracey knew the moment Holly opened the apartment door. All night, she waited to see her. In a fit of nervous energy, she got home from the game and cleaned the apartment until it was spotless. Their brief meeting on Wednesday didn't pacify the growing need to spend time with her. Holly had a full shift ahead of her but she made the time for Tracey. Nervously, she gave Holly a key to her apartment. Not wanting to freak the doctor out, she wasn't certain what Holly's reaction would be. When Holly told her she would see her when she got off work, Tracey couldn't wait for Saturday morning. Tracey used every ounce of her will power not to grab Holly and have her way with her.

She felt Holly slip into bed, the dampness of her hair, the smell of her citrus shampoo, the feel of the soft cotton sweats she wore. Holly usually wore sweats after her shift, unless she was going out. Tracey curled into Holly's arm and snuggled up against her chest. The kiss to her temple sent Tracey's heart racing. Turning to face Holly, Tracey silently conveyed her thoughts to the blonde. Savoring the look Holly was giving her, Tracey couldn't help but glance at Holly's lips. She wanted to kiss her. Tell her how much she missed her. Staring at one another in the silence of the morning, they moved towards each other and kissed. Tracey's desire increased as their lips touched. Her hands stroked Holly's back and pulled her closer.

"I missed you." Tracey finally said. Her fingers gently caressed Holly's breast. A peak formed as Tracey traced a lazy circle on her shirt. When Tracey touched her finger to the peaked nipple, she heard a gasp from Holly.

"I thought you were asleep." Holly whispered. She could feel Tracey's breath on her face. Wednesday she was so keyed up after Tracey's visit she didn't care that the ER was slammed with case after case. Tonight she had a mission to clear the board and get to Tracey's apartment before sunrise. She made it. "Did I wake you?"

"I've been waiting for you." Tracey confessed, her fingers at the neck line of Holly's top. "I can't stop thinking about you."

"Every lull I had tonight, you were in my head." Holly smiled in the darkness. Their faces silhouetted by light from the lamp in the parking lot.

"I hope that's a good thing."

"Yes it is." Tracey touched her lips to Holly's, leaning in and deepening the kiss. She felt warmth course through her body as Holly's grasp tightened around her. She felt Holly's leg slide between hers. Their kisses deepened as Holly's hands went to Tracey's hair, pulling the strands between her fingers. Holly felt Tracey's lips move to her neck then to her ear. She shuddered as warm breath tickled her ear. Goose bumps rose on her arms as she laughed out loud.

"Stop." Holly whispered as Tracey continued to kiss the sensitive place. Tracey pulled back and held her body on her hands. She stared down at Holly.

"I want..." Tracey said as she pressed her center against the doctor's thigh. "I want you to touch me."

"Tracey." Holly squeaked as she felt Tracey's center against her thigh. If the brunette continued to touch her, she was going to explode. "Sweet Jesus." They had messed around a few times. Leaving Holly to fend for herself after Tracey departed. "Are you sure? We can wait."

"Do you want to wait?"

"No!" Holly practically screamed. "I hoped this weekend, but I thought it would be after our date."

"Get me drunk and take advantage?"

"I'd rather you be sober." Holly ran her hands along Tracey's satin nightshirt. Bodies moved against each other in a slow rhythm.

"I think about you a lot."

"I think about this a lot." Tracey smiled down at blonde who was smiling like the cat who ate the canary. "You too?"

"Guilty." Holly confessed. "What are you planning to do to me?"

"What do you want?" Tracey flipped her hair over her shoulder out of her face as she leaned in for a kiss. Straddling Holly's hips, Tracey sat back as Holly's shaking fingers tried to undo the buttons of her top. The satiny material slid through her fingers easily, causing some distress on the doctor's part. "You are shaking." Tracey took the hand in hers. Turning the palm over, she gently laid a kiss on the sweating surface.

"I'm nervous." Holly released the breath she was holding. "Usually it's easy for me to remove clothes, a pair of scissors and they're gone."

"How about some help?" Tracey grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. "Better." She saw the glazed over look in Holly's eyes as the doctor stared at her bare chest. Instinctively, her hips began to move as Holly's hand cupped the underside of her breast, the pad of her thumb caressing the hardened peak. Holly rose to a sitting position as her head lowered to the cleft between Tracey's breasts. A trail of hot kisses led from one breast to the other and back again. Tracey's body began to dance to the song Holly was playing. When Holly sucked a nipple into her mouth, Tracey put her hands on her shoulders for support as her head rolled back from the sensations filling her body.

"Why is it you still have too many clothes on?" Tracey's hands filled with fistfuls of material as she pulled the sweatshirt over Holly's head, throwing it to the floor next to her shirt. "Better." Tracey ran her fingers through Holly's hair and pulled the doctor's lips towards hers in a searing kiss. She felt Holly's fingers touch the waistband of her panties and slowly easy them down. Lips covered every inch of her neck and dipped into the hollow of her collar.

"I need to feel you against me." Holly murmured as she lifted her hips to pull off the rest of her clothing. She backed off for a second, looking for hesitation in Tracey's face. There was none. She moved closer, kissing her deeply and pulling the teacher closer. Their bodies touched for the first time, skin against skin. The friction of breast against breast peaked sensitivity. Holly felt Tracey's weight fall against her as she tried to bring her closer. The void which filled her heart receded. In a move worthy of a pro wrestler, Holly flipped their position. Tracey began to moan beneath her as she hooked her feet around Holly's calves. Holly felt her wetness running between her thighs as Tracey's warmth met her. Pushing her hips into Tracey's center, Holly knew if she went too fast, she would explode. She wanted this moment to linger, to be etched in her memory. Suddenly gray eyes were staring up at her.

"Tell me I'm dreaming."

"I'm having the same dream." Holly pulled back, moving her hands to fondle Tracey's breasts, kissing, stroking and suckling each one, her tongue nipped and circled as the erect nipple popped free of her mouth. Tracey's movements began to mimic the rhythm Holly had set. Tracey arched backwards as Holly continued to kiss her breasts, her neck, and her lips. Gasps for breath emanated from Tracey. Holly pulled Tracey's hair from her face, weaving her fingers in the dark tresses and pushing her back against the mattress, hovering over her. The trail of kisses and touches moved further south. They moved together, rocking in waves as need overwhelmed. Tracey's fingers touched whatever flesh she could reach with eagerness. Holly's lips were warm and tugged at her breast, softly at first. As she flicked her tongue across the taunt nipple, the action caused Tracey to twist away with excitement.

"I need..." Tracey's fingers tangled into the doctor's hair, urging her to the nether region. Holly continued to tease as she flicked her tongue against the warmth of Tracey's abdomen. When Tracey began to push at her shoulders, Holly chuckled against the soft flesh. Inhaling the exhilarating musky scent, she let her fingers wander the coarse springy landscape. Holly let her mouth follow her fingers. She felt Tracey's legs locked around her back. Fingers glided through Tracey's folds as Holly explored her core. Her fingers stroking as she went, looking for reactions from the brunette whose eyes were closed as her head rocked back and forth. Leaning into the glistening wetness, Holly's tongue touched the sensitive skin. Tracey shot off the mattress, her legs tightening on Holly's body. "Jesus!"

Holly licked and suckled until she felt Tracey begin to pant. Her cries increased and Holly knew she was close to sending her over the edge. With her fingers, she entered the warm cavern and was greeted by muscles collapsing on her. Holly's tongue replaced her fingers, tasting the warm sweetness the teacher offered her. She licked, sucked and pressed deeper into Tracey's valley. Juices were flowing as she lapped the delicate fruit. She caught Tracey's nub between her teeth and playfully nipped. As her tongue circled her clit she heard Tracey stifle a scream. She placed her mouth on the bundle of nerves, giving the clit the reverence of a Goddess. Tracey's hands were wrapped in her hair and urged her on. Continuing her homage, she felt Tracey's fingers claw at her head as the pressure mounded. Holly thrust hard with her tongue and fingers.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Filled the bedroom as Tracey screamed out and began to shudder. Tracey felt the room spin and white light flashed across her eyes. Her body pulsated as if it were charged with an electrical current. Holly continued to touch her deeper and deeper she stroked and touched the delicate fresh. Tracey felt Holly's body convulse in orgasm, following Tracey into the bliss.

"God, you have to stop!" Tracey finally called. Sucking on the clit as the convulsions stopped, Holly pulled back and kissed the delicate flesh of Tracey's inner thighs, resting her cheek against one. "Come here please." Tracey waved her hand in the air.

With a smirk, Holly moved up her body. She could see that Tracey was flushed and trying to catch her breath. Tracey's eyes were closed and hair outlined her face on the pillow. She looked small and frail. Her eyes opened and a smile appeared on her face, "I think I'm going to be in trouble with you." Holly kissed her on the lips.

Tracey smiled back weakly. "Just give me a minute." Her eyes shut again. Holly kissed her on the shoulder and on her neck.

"I missed you." Tracey felt her shudder.

"Are you cold?" Tracey asked as she looked for the comforter. Holly pulled her back to face her.

"I'm falling for you." Holly spilled the words before Tracey knew what to do. Tears formed in her big brown eyes as she said it.

"I'm having the same feelings. I hate when I can't see you. I think about you all the time. I can't control myself when I'm around you. It's 4:30 in the morning and I want to touch you and be with you." Tracey confessed as she wiped Holly's tears away. "Don't cry."

"I'm crying because I'm happy." Holly laughed nervously. "You make me happy."

"Well, that's definitely okay." Tracey grabbed at the waistband of the discarded clothing and threw them to the floor. "What's with the sweats?" Tracey teased as she ran a finger along the hollow of Holly's shoulder.

"They're soft." Holly said as she cuddled against Tracey's side. "Just not as soft as someone I know."

"Who would that be?" Tracey teased a smile reaching her face as her eyes remained close to sleep.

"You." Holly silenced Tracey with her lips as she wrapped the teacher in her arms.


With an eyelid cracked open, Holly wasn't sure where she was at for a moment. The warm body pressed against her back reassured her that she was still with Tracey and in her bed. She groaned as the softness of Tracey's breasts pressed up against her skin. An arm was haphazardly clasping her waist. There was possessiveness in the firm grasp of the hand on her stomach. They spent the early morning hours learning each other's body. Soft lips and wandering hands mapped the landscape. Learning every hill and valley, the hard planes and soft curves, they explored until exhaustion took over. With Tracey, she climaxed over and over. She lost count of the number of times she had an orgasm. Each time was more intense than the last. Holly's body reacted to Tracey's touch like no previous lover. Tracey held on to her, pressing her hands, fingers and nails tight against Holly's back as she came, crying out Holly's name. A numb stinging sensation skirted across her back, she knew there were scratches and possibly blood. She curled her hand around the one resting on her stomach. The clock on the table closed in on the early hours of the afternoon. She felt a feather light kiss between her shoulder blades.

"Are you awake?" Holly asked when more kisses followed.

"No." She heard a whisper of a response against her skin followed by a quiet laugh. The hand on her stomach began to caress in small circles.

"No?" Holly questioned as she turned to face Tracey. Her hair was mashed against her head in places, sticking straight up in others. Bruised lips greeted Holly as soon as she turned. Holly moved to cover Tracey's body with her own, her leg slipping comfortably between Tracey's thighs. "You seem awake to me." Holly nuzzled her face against Tracey's neck.

"Still sleeping. I'm having the best dream ever." Tracey pressed her center against Holly's thigh. She could feel the wetness coating Holly upper leg.

"Oh, you are definitely awake." Holly closed her eyes as she increased the pressure against Tracey's center. At a quick gasp from Tracey, she pulled back.

Tracey looked into the brown eyes hovering over her. The night she spent with Holly was like a home coming. Her previous experiences paled in comparison. She wanted to do things she never thought of before. She wanted Holly to take her now. She was ready and waiting for her touch. Reaching a hand to Holly's face, she trailed the pad of her thumb across her cheek to the bruised lower lip, her eyes mesmerized by the feel of Holly lips under her touch. When Holly took the digit into her mouth, Tracey locked eyes with Holly. They didn't speak as they began to move against one another. Their touches mirrored as soft caresses led to changing of positions. Holly spread Tracey's legs wider, sliding her leg over Tracey's. When their centers touched, they let out gasps. Holly led the way. Her gyrating motion increased as slick centers danced together. Pants filled the air and sweat pebbled along their skin. Their bodies blended into one as skin slid against skin. Holly bit her lip and closed her eyes.

"No." Tracey broke the silence. "Look at me. I want to see your eyes." Her voice hitched as she felt the first tremor course through her. Holly forced her eyes open to hold Tracey's. She knew she was close. The feel of Tracey against her was like an aphrodisiac. She wanted her more and more.

"You're so beautiful. You make me feel so much." Holly declared her thoughts. She was holding off her pending orgasm.

"Let go baby. Come with me." Tracey reached out and touched Holly's face. "Come with me." Tracey released a throaty moan as her body let the orgasm fill her. She bucked up against Holly as Holly followed right behind, calling out Tracey's name. They held each other tight and murmured incoherent whispers as they fell back to sleep.


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