~ Can't She See ~
by Dawn

Disclaimer: This short piece is more of a raw, emotional outpouring that it is a work of fiction. If it moves you, let me know, dawnfred1@hotmail.com

Can't she see that I still love her or have her eyes become so blinded by the shine of a new love that she can no longer see me lying at her feet. I hurt the one I love but she is hurting me ten times what I ever hurt her. I would lay down my life if it meant that she would once again look at me with eyes full of love. The smile is gone from her face when she is around me; the laughter is gone from her voice. I once made butterflies flutter in her belly, but no more, they have died and been replaced by someone else. Someone whose words have filled the space where once I lived, the space where I can only hope and dream about occupying once again. I didn't see her slipping away until she was already gone and now I cannot accept the terrible thing that I have done, I let her down. The one thing she was always afraid I would do and I told her that I was not like the rest, not like the others who would hurt her. And I believed that I wouldn't, at least not so badly. I thought that we were forever and that she would by my one and always that I had looked for. She thought it too and we were happy, but now she has found her happiness with another, someone who she shared her tears with and now shares her laughter. Someone that I am not allowed to compete with. She gives her time, energy, and love freely to this other one and I am left looking for scraps of anything I can find near her feet. These scraps do not come with the smiling eyes that I miss so badly, they do not come with the kisses that I had once enjoyed, they don't come with the touches that promised her love. All of this I have lost, perhaps never to be regained. I have hope and I have fear; the hope that maybe someday this will all be but a bad and distant memory and that she will once again be by my side and looking at me with those blue eyes and kissing me with those soft lips. But I also live with the fear that the memory will be what we once had while we go on our separate lives, her with her new love and me with the broken pieces of a life never to be.

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