~ My Guardian, My Friend ~
by DS Bauden

Top 25: Mar. 31, 2003

Disclaimer/Violence/Language/Sex/Ice (yes, in that order): No disclaimers are necessary? this was something pulled from my brain. There is a tiny bit of some violence in the beginning, but nothing too crazy. The ladies in this tale do use the occasional naughty word so don't be alarmed. You will find a very mature theme in these pages involving sex between women. There is a "Have some ice handy" as well as a "Do not read at work" warning applied to this tale. Sit back and enjoy!

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My Guardian, My Friend

The crumpled form shouted from her position on the ground, "I hate you! This only solidifies what I already knew about you." She sniffled between words. "You love no one but yourself and you don't care who you hurt, least of all me."

The shorthaired blonde woman leaned down and grasped the shirt of her victim and chuckled. "I knew you had no backbone. You won't even defend yourself against me. You wonder why I fucked all those others.? It shouldn't be a mystery to you any longer, Amy. You were no different than they were; I fucked you because I could, that was all. You were a conquest, another notch in my belt. End of story." She snarled victoriously.

"Get away from me!" the dark haired woman shouted. Lita tightened her grip on Amy's shirt and raised her hand to strike her.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," a low rumble was heard from the other side of the street.

Looking up, Lita stood over Amy's balled up body and made eye contact with the voice. "Look bitch, this is no business of yours. Why don't you keep on walking and make things easier for yourself?"

Looking at the scared form beneath the brute woman, the red-haired woman asked, "Do you want me to leave you alone?" "No! Please help me!" Amy cried.

Alex walked across the street and eyed the blonde woman distastefully. "Sorry, I do believe she's coming with me. Now let go of her before I make you let her go." She growled making even Lita's tough resolve shake a little.

Putting her hands on her hips, Alex raised an impatient eyebrow at Lita daring her to defy her. Lita drawing the short straw in the brains department, attempted to push Alex away from her scenario. Alex, expecting stupidity from this woman, grabbed Lita's arm and turned it around until it was behind her back. Pushing her arm higher, Lita screamed out and attempted to escape her captor's hold.

"Don't struggle, you'll just make it worse. If you leave right now, I won't humiliate you in front of the lady. Your choice."

Lita thought for a moment then nodded her head in submission. Alex released her hold on her and stepped back a few steps. Lita turned and threw a right cross wanting to land it on Alex's face. Expecting the next move, Alex easily avoided the wildly thrown punch and landed one immediately into Lita's midsection. As Lita bent down from the blow to her stomach, Alex threw an upper cut, hitting Lita squarely in the jaw and knocking her to the ground. Trying to kick Alex from her seated position did nothing to help Lita's situation. Alex reached down and easily lifted her up from the ground with her left hand, cocked her right fist back and nailed Lita to the side of the face, knocking her again to the ground, this time Lita did not get up.

Looking over to the frightened woman on the ground, Alex extended her hand. "Can you get up? Do you need any help?" Alex asked softly.

Amy looked up and accepted the proffered hand and allowed herself to be lifted from the ground. She stared at Alex with grateful eyes. "Thank you so much. She's really out of control. I hate to think of what she would've done to me if you hadn't come along," Amy said, beginning to cry.

Alex, hating when women cried, offered her kerchief to Amy. Looking at the cloth, Amy fell into Alex's arms and began to cry heartily. Taken aback by the young woman's body falling into her own, Alex awkwardly put her arms around the crying woman. She laid her cheek against the smaller woman's head and comforted her. "Shh, it's okay. She won't hurt you anymore. I promise." As those words left her mouth, Alex knew in her heart they were truth. No one would ever hurt Amy again if she had anything to say about it. Alex let her have her tears and waited for the storm in her heart to calm.

After several moments, Amy's sobs lessened and she pulled slightly away from Alex. "I'm sorry. Here I am crying all over you and I don't even know your name," she said with a sniffle.

Alex smiled and replied, "It's Alex."

Amy held out her hand. "Nice to meet you Alex. I'm Amy."

"Hi Amy. Nice to meet you too. Wow, Alex and Amy. A & A? you know? together we form a support group." Alex smiled.

Amy laughed at her little joke and squeezed her hand. Looking down at Lita's unconscious form, she glanced questioningly at Alex. "Should we call someone? I mean? will she be okay?"

Alex took at step towards Lita and, not so lightly, nudged her with her booted foot. A low groan was heard from the body on the ground. Alex smiled at Amy and said, "She'll be fine. Where were you going tonight?" "We were just going to the bar down the street. You know the Edge?" Amy asked.

"Of course. I'm surprised I've never seen you there before. I'm sure I would've introduced myself." Alex said confidently.

Amy smiled sadly at her rescuer. "Lita would've made sure you didn't see me."
"Is that her name then? Lita?" Alex said, her usually repressed Irish accent coming out a bit.

Amy nodded. "Yeah."

"You want to go on then? I could walk you there if you'd like," she offered.

Amy nodded and smiled at her protector. "I would like that very much."

Alex bent and offered her arm for Amy to take it. She shyly placed her hand in the crook of Alex's arm and they set off towards the bar.

As they walked, Alex decided to break their silence. "So, can I ask what that fight was about?"

Amy took a deep breath, keeping her eyes in front of her. "I told her I didn't want to see her anymore," she said then paused. "But as you can see, she didn't take it very well."

"I guess not. Do you guys live together?" the red-haired woman asked.

"No, thank God. That would have been awful. We both have separate apartments, but spent the night at each other's place or whatnot."

Alex nodded in understanding, keeping pace with Amy. "How long have you two been together?"

"About six months and some change," she sighed. "Things weren't always this bad. She was so good to me when we first started dating? I never would have stayed even this long had I known her true colors." Amy paused in thought, then continued. "There was a woman about a month ago who was interested in me and tried to approach me in the bar."

Alex winced in empathy. "I bet that wasn't the wisest of moves on her part that night, eh?"

"No, it wasn't for either of us. Lita thought I'd been eying her all night, luring her over to me. I swear I didn't do a thing! She was just interested, you know? It wasn't my fault!" she explained.

Alex felt her companion's hand squeeze her arm tightly. "Hey, I know that. Well, I wasn't there, but I can't imagine you'd intentionally try to piss off your girlfriend."

Amy smiled at Alex. "Thanks. I wish she'd have been more understanding like that. That was the first night she ever laid a hand on me."

Alex's gait slowed as she tried to slow her racing heart. "How often did she hit you?"

"If I answered enough, would that be okay?" Amy asked shyly.

"Of course, I'm sorry? I didn't mean to pry. That sort of thing really makes my blood boil."

"My hero," Amy said softly.

They saw the lights of the bar come into view. Amy patted Alex's arm. "Do you want to come inside? I'd love to buy you a drink and perhaps talk a little more."

Alex nodded. "You got it, gorgeous." Amy's face reddened deeply from the compliment. "Oh, that is a beautiful color on those cheeks," Alex continued, reddening the smaller woman's cheeks even more.

The dark haired woman giggled softly in embarrassment and quickened their pace as the bar parking lot moved under their feet. The door quickly opened and closed letting in new people and letting out the old. The two women walked up the stairs towards the door. Alex reached for the door handle and opened it for Amy.

"After you milady." Alex gestured.

"Thank you kindly, ma'am," the smaller woman replied in a southern drawl and entered the bar.

The music was playing stridently over the loudspeakers and the bar patrons on the dance floor danced around wildly. As Amy looked around the bar, she noticed two seats available at the end. "Wanna sit there?" she asked Alex loudly.

To save a yell, Alex simply nodded then led them toward the seats. A couple women came up to Alex and offered kisses in greeting. A few nods of acknowledgement followed from other patrons eliciting an eyebrow and a grin from Amy. Shaking her head, she silently followed Alex to their seats. The music tapered off more from where they sat, much to both women's relief.

"What are you drinking?" Alex asked.

"No, this is my treat remember? You saved my ass back there? literally."

"Fair enough. Get me a Jack and Coke."

Amy called the barkeeper over and ordered Alex's Jack and Coke and a Smirnoff Ice for herself. When the drinks arrived, Amy raised her bottle to toast.

"To you, Alex. Thank you for saving me from Lita tonight. I really shudder to think what she would've done to me if you hadn't shown up."

Clinking her glass with Amy's, she replied, "Well, now, that's one thing we don't have ta worry about this night. Cheers to you."

The women toasted each other and sat quietly staring at each other. Amy's eyes glanced around the bar and went back to Alex.

"What?" Alex asked with a smile.

"Nothing," Amy lied with a shy grin.

"No, no," the Irish woman said. "You were gonna ask a question that was gonna make your cheeks warm again - I could tell. G'wan. Ask me."

"Well, you said earlier that if you would've seen me here, you would have introduced yourself." "Aye, that I would have," she agreed.

"Well, is that um? something that you ahh? do often?" Amy stuttered, reddening her face again.

"You are such a precious creature, Miss Amy. Now, what are you really trying to ask me?" Alex purred, sending chills down Amy's spine.

Blowing out a breath of embarrassment, Amy regrouped to ask her question. "Do you come here to meet women? Like, oh lord this sounds awful, but do you cruise women when you come here?"

Leaning a bit closer to Amy, Alex whispered. "Why do you ask? Do you like women who cruise other women?"

Putting her hands over her embarrassed face, Amy laughed. "No! I mean, I was just curious. You seem so confident. Like you've been in bars a lot and don't think I didn't notice the women who greeted you. Some of them are still trying to catch your eye."

"Is that the lil' green monster coming out to play, Amy?"

"What lil? oh," Amy said with another blush. "No, I'm not jealous. I'm observant."

Alex chuckled at her new friend. "Oh, is that what they're calling it now?"

"Stop it! I'm making an ass of myself here, and you're not helping."

Alex couldn't help but laugh long and hard at her cohort. "I'm sorry. You're just so damn sexy when you blush."

Amy couldn't help but to laugh along with her bar buddy. She lightly slapped Alex's shoulder and Alex feigned being hit harder and fell off her chair.

Amy laughed heartily at her antics. The red-haired woman returned to her seat, winked at Amy then took a drink from her glass.

"You are a goof, you know that?" Amy asked once her laughter simmered down.

"Thank you. I pride myself on my wittiness." Alex puffed out her chest out making Amy laugh again.

"So what were we talking about before? Oh yeah, you were gonna ask me something embarrassing."

"I've already done that!" Amy cried out.

"Oh, yeah." Alex grinned.

A song by Norah Jones came through the loudspeakers and the two women watched as several couples headed towards the dance floor.

"Do you dance?" Amy asked.

"I try not to," she answered honestly.

"Whew, I don't either. I was getting kind of nervous that you'd want to go out there. It would have been ugly."

Alex looked directly into Amy's eyes. "I doubt anything you did could be considered ugly."

Feeling her cheeks warm again, Amy reached for her drink and swallowed some of the cooling liquid. Alex did the same and the two looked at each other and smiled.

"So, did you really want to know if I was a player?" Alex asked.

Not hiding her smile, Amy nodded. "I guess, when I saw the other women and the way some of them were looking at you, it seemed they'd been familiar with you."

Alex looked around and indeed found some faces of women who she'd shared her bed with. "Well, I have to be honest. I used to be quite the dog. I'm kind of selective now with whom I spend time." "Moving up in the world, eh?" Amy asked.

"Well, moving up is a better way of saying growing up. I hate that term and refuse to grow up completely," she said while sticking out her tongue for emphasis.

"Well, we are in complete agreement there." "That's a damn good thing," Alex agreed.

Amy kept glancing at Alex as a couple songs played during their silence. Alex feeling her eyes on her, turned in her chair to face Amy. "What is crawling around inside that head of yours?" she finally asked.

"Ok, it must be the alcohol talking, because I don't talk like this. Just so you know, I'm a really cheap date. But, I guess since I've never really cruised, well even pursued a woman, I wonder how you do it? You must have quite a system."

Alex watched as the self-consciousness flooded her friend's cheeks and smiled. She knew she was just being curious, so she gave her an honest answer. "Ok, get comfy this will take a bit to get out."

After the two women ordered more drinks, Alex began her story.

"Walking into a club on any night is always dependant on my mood. Good or bad it dictates my night. I know who and what I am. I know it without a doubt and this is what always separates me from the wannabes. Damn fools hanging around on the edge of the club, looking for a foolish newbie, unsure of what they want. Fucking predators, no wonder they get thrown out a lot, hard." Alex stopped to take a drink then continued. "Glancing behind the bar, I get a Coke, never alcohol, not for this, and I begin looking around the room. I usually dress in jeans and black leather, I am by no means an extremist, with all the leather straps, collars and whatnot, but I'm also not a mystery as to what roles I play in this world. Usually, I'll talk to a few people I know and watch the room to see what's going on. While scanning the room I'm usually approached, I have a reputation; whether it's good or bad who knows? But there are always bottoms looking for a top that can be trusted; I guess that's me. The thing to know about me is that I do know how to give sexual pain, it's just not my scene. That's why I'm a top, not to be confused with a Dom, that and I don't want to control peoples lives down to the smallest detail. I am all about control, pushing limits, and while that may include some light pain, I am not about to beat the hell outta someone even if they do like it."

Amy processed this new information and nodded. "Ok, so you're a top, eh?"

Alex smirked. "Scare you?"

Shaking her head, Amy replied. "No, I mean, I guess I'm just naïve about stuff like that. I know some stuff about S&M and I guess you've helped me decipher the difference between that and tops and bottoms. So, thanks for that."

"If you never learn anything else about me, Amy, just know that if you ask me a question you want an answer to, I will answer you as honestly as I can."

Touching Alex's arm slightly with her fingertips, Amy said, "Thank you, Alex. That's probably the nicest thing someone's said to me in a long while."

"Again, I'm no mystery. What you see is usually what you get. Of course, if you like what you see? well?" Alex trailed off making Amy blush again.
"God! Stop it, Alex! I've blushed more tonight, I think, than I have my whole life!"

"Well, I find it very sexy, so you can blush whenever you want."

Laughing, Amy said, "Well, it looks like I'm going to be spending some time with you, so I'm just going to have to get used to it."

"Fair enough," the butch woman said. "I can deal with that."

"I bet," the brown haired woman said with a chuckle. "So, is that it? That's your MO?"

"Well, after awhile I'll see someone approach me, someone who wants to play," Alex said, wiggling her eyebrows. "She'll send me a signal, like a touch to my thigh, or a quick glance into my eyes before she stares at the floor. With that final gesture, she has made her offer, and with that offer, the night is set. With an exchange of safe and slow words she is mine for the duration."

Amy swallowed a few times while digesting the words and scenario her new friend put inside her head. Alex picked up on her friend's silence and lightly touched her hand.

"That didn't freak you out did it? The last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable, especially after what you've been through tonight."

Smiling at Alex, Amy took her hand in her own. "Uncomfortable isn't the word I would use to describe how I'm feeling after your story."
With raised eyebrows, Alex replied, "No?"

"Uh uh," she answered.

"Well then, Miss Amy, what emotion have I evoked from you?"

Thinking to herself for several moments, Amy answered, "You have evoked quite a few actually. Let me let you in on a couple. First one would be that I'm intrigued by what you've told me. I've never really played roles when I sleep with someone, but I do enjoy my view from the bottom, if you catch my drift." Nostrils flaring, Alex nodded slowly.

"Secondly, I am extremely curious on how your scenario ends."

"Well, I can tell you that both parties are usually quite satisfied and very very tired," the butch woman stated.

"Oh, really? Both are satisfied? You sound quite sure of yourself." Amy began to enjoy this game she started playing. She stared daringly into Alex's eyes and hoped she'd find her willing to play along. Alex took the offered challenge and squeezed Amy's hand.

"Well I can reassure you with words or?" she stopped and waited.

"You could show me first hand?" Amy threw the gauntlet.

"I could show you first hand," Alex agreed.

Amy's face lit up like a stoplight. She covered her face with her hands and sighed loudly into them. "I cannot believe I'm saying all this! I've never tried to pick up someone in a bar."

"Well, to be honest, I picked you up outside of the bar? quite literally in fact. But, Amy," the confident woman stopped. "You don't have to come home with me if you don't want to. I don't mean to feed you sensual pictures and scenarios to get your motor running. Truth is, I find you extremely attractive, and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to bring you ultimate satisfaction. I have to ask you though. After what you've been through tonight, is that what you really want from me?"

Amy considered her words carefully. She thought about the woman who most likely still laid on the ground outside of the bar. She thought about all that they'd gone through in the last six months and the way Lita verbally and sometimes physically abused her. Lita made her feel like she was worthless, ugly and offered nothing to the world. After months of feeling like a rag doll, she decided to leave her. After telling her she wanted to be free, her "lover" smacked her to the ground in plain view and almost knocked her silly. A voice from the other side of the street stopped Lita's hand in motion. A voice filled with anger and disdain, put an end to her pain. A protector coming from nowhere reached out and defended her. Her. The one that Lita said wasn't worthy of anything. The warm green eyes of her protector told her that she no longer had anything to worry about. She would be guarded and cared for.

This new aspect to her life was frightening, yet freeing and liberating. She was allowed to have friends. She was allowed to have an opinion. But most of all, she had been called beautiful, gorgeous and extremely attractive. These weren't the adjectives she usually heard. These were words of beauty, not repulsion, pain and dread. Looking into the caring green eyes, she knew that she would never fear this woman. The woman next to her would always keep her safe and keep her happy. This woman was truly a friend.

Staring at their entwined fingers, Amy made a decision. "As much as I would love to take you up on your offer? I think I'd like a friend more than a lover right now." Amy paused and looked at the sweet face in front of her. "I hope you aren't disappointed," Amy's self-conscious voice said. Her face fell slightly as did her head.

With a touch of a finger under Amy's chin, the blue-eyed woman raised her head, looking Alex straight in the eyes. "I don't know that much about you, Amy, but I really want to. I'm going to take our meeting as a divine intervention and I don't take those lightly. If that is what you want, then friends are what we'll be."

Amy's face lit up, not from embarrassment this time, but from true happiness. She cupped Alex's face with her hands and gently touched her lips with a chaste kiss. "Thank you, Alex. You've said volumes to me with that statement." She smiled. "Now, I do believe we said something about me going home with you." Alex's eyebrows skyrocketed into her bangs, not hiding her surprise at all. "Wait? I thought you just said?"

"Are you my friend, Alex?" the smaller woman asked.

"Of course I am, but?" a finger on her lips stopped her rebuttal.

"Have you ever had sex with your friends before?" she challenged.

The Irish woman nodded with the finger still on her lips. "Well then, I guess there's nothing more to discuss, except? do you want to have sex with me?"

Amy released the hold on her friend's lips in order to hear her reply. Alex ascended from her seat and stood in front of Amy. Placing her hands on Amy's face, she pulled her into a sweltering, passionate kiss that they both felt down to their shoes. Parting from their coupling, Alex looked into the smaller woman's eyes. "Does that answer your question?" she purred. Swallowing rapidly, Amy could only nod. "Are you okay to drive?" Amy nodded again. "Well then, what are we doing still standing here? Let's go to my place," Alex said, once again offering her arm to her willing participant.


The walk to Alex's car was a quick one. Not finding Lita on the sidewalk was a blessing for both women. Amy didn't want to deal with her anymore, and Alex had better things to do with her hands than use them on a worthless human being like Lita.

Approaching Lita's apartment building, Amy directed Alex where to stop so she could pick up her car. Finding her Toyota, Amy gave Alex a quick kiss. "Now don't drive too crazy. I wanna be able to follow you without having to play road rager, okay?"

Chuckling, Alex agreed.

The trip to Alex's home was an easy ride for both women. Only living a few miles from the bar made the jaunt fairly simple. After parking their cars in their respective spots, the two women walked hand in hand to the front door.
"Are you sure about this, babe?" Alex asked.

Nodding slowly while looking into Alex's eyes, Amy placed another scorching kiss onto her lips. Fighting the urge to deepen the kiss, Alex broke away and brought them both through the main door and down the steps to her home. Fiddling with the lock, Alex felt hands massaging her shoulders and neck, sending all sorts of tingles through her body. "You'd better stop that unless you want me to take you right here in the hallway."

Amy giggled then backed away giving her companion room to maneuver the lock. Finally managing to get the door unlocked, Alex invited her guest in with a wave of her hand.

"Come on in," she said.

"Thanks," Amy said, looking around Alex's apartment.

The walls contained minimal artwork, but the shelves and furniture held many types of toys: from Pez dispensers to rubber ducks, Alex had it all and her guest was quite amused.

"I see you weren't kidding about not growing up."

Alex smiled and nodded. "I told you I would answer you as honestly as I could. Even though it wasn't a question, I simply have a very hard time not telling the truth."

"That's very commendable, Alex. I appreciate your honesty. It's very rare these days," Amy said sadly.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. The mind games are a plenty out there."
Amy walked over to her new friend. "Yes, but not in here." She leaned closer to Alex, tilted her head upwards and gently initiated another kiss. Their lips met softly at first, but soon found a steady rhythm together. Alex's tongue snaked out and traced Amy's lips, asking silently for permission to move further. Amy's response was a verbal moan as she took Alex's tongue fully into her mouth. Stroking her tongue, exploring her mouth, Alex found herself immersed in pleasure.

Pulling apart slowly, Amy let her head fall against Alex's shoulder and breathed deeply. "Wow. That was? wow?"

Alex agreed, "I know what you mean? why don't we move this to my room?"

"I'd like that very much. I haven't been this worked up in a long time." She kissed Alex hard and after several moments pulled back. "I want you so badly right now." She played with the short hairs on Alex's neck and watched as gooseflesh formed on the taller woman's arms. "You like that, huh?"

"Let's find out how much."

Amy took her soon to be lover's hand and was led to Alex's bedroom. Walking through the threshold, Amy noticed the large bed surrounded by pale colored walls. A small computer desk held a laptop and a TV with a DVD Player on top of it. Several CD's scattered over the tabletop as well as sheets of neatly stacked papers. A small stereo sat atop an audio cabinet with a few photographs also on display. Amy smiled at Alex's choice of décor, but knew it spoke volumes about her new friend.

She watched silently as Alex lit the few candles that were in the room. With the touch of a remote control, sounds of Enya filled the room. Amy smiled at her and continued her perusal. Alex brought her lips against Amy's taking her focus off the room and on the roommate. Their tongues met without hesitation this time eliciting sighs and moans from both women. As they kissed, Alex began to undress her without losing their delicious contact. Amy helped Alex remove her clothing and began undressing her as well. Their hands gently roamed over the newly bared flesh sending chills and tingles throughout their bodies.

Latching onto her neck with her mouth, Alex gently led Amy to lay down on the bed. Maintaining her position on Amy's neck, the red-haired woman licked and sucked her way down her throat and around to the other side of her head. Amy began to breathe heavier, bringing on a stronger response from her lover.

"What do you want me to do to you, Miss Amy?" Alex whispered hotly into her ear.

Without hesitation, Amy answered, "I want to feel your power inside of me, Alex. I want to breathe in your passion and exhale your satisfaction. I don't want to think about anything except how beautiful you make me feel."

Alex cupped the smaller woman's cheek with her hand and lightly stroked her skin with her thumb. "You are beautiful, Amy. Don't let anyone ever tell you different. Not only are you beautiful here." She glided her finger down Amy's cheek. "But you are beautiful in here as well." She gently tapped Amy's chest and kissed her softly.

As Amy's eyes welled with joyful tears, Alex brought her knee between Amy's legs. Applying some pressure to her knee, Alex felt Amy's body respond in kind. Amy's hips moved of their own volition, meeting the pressure of Alex's knee, sending wonderful jolts of pleasure through her body.

"Mm, oh that's nice," Amy purred.

Alex continued to add more pressure to her lover's aroused center. Feeling the wetness slide against her leg, Alex brought one of her hands down to meet it. Attaching her lips to one of Amy's nipples, she gently explored the outer labia of her partner. Amy groaned and pulled Alex's head closer to her breast. A light sheen had broken out on Amy's body. The redheaded woman heartily licked and nibbled the puckered flesh of Amy's breast, moaning with pleasure as she worked.

Alex teased the tiny woman below her until she heard whimpers and pleading from her. "Please, Alex."

Chuckling lightly, she answered, "Please what, gorgeous?"

"God, I want to feel you inside of me! Please, touch me for real."

Wanting to take the edge off her lover, Alex complied with her captive's request and easily slid her fingers through Amy's wetness.

"Oh, God yess," Amy hissed.

Alex continued to explore her wetness and gently traced the edges of Amy's clitoris. Feeling her hips fly off the bed, Alex tried to soothe her.

"Sshh? just breathe, baby. Feel me touching you. God, you're so beautiful. Just take a deep breath. Let me make you feel good." Amy did as she was told and felt her anxiety level lower and enjoyed the ministrations of her very attentive lover. "That's it, just relax and just feel me."

Amy was sweating profusely and in a fevered blissful state. She was moaning louder with each stroke of Alex's fingers through her wetness. Alex occasionally let her fingers stroke the swollen nerve endings, sending Amy into frantic gyrations. Bringing up her fingers to her mouth, Alex tasted the dark haired woman's nectar and moaned in pleasure. Amy watched as she licked her fingers clean, her eyes never leaving Alex's.

"That had to be the sexiest thing I've ever seen," Amy panted.

"I'm glad you think so," she said with a sly grin.

Alex moved her body so it was in between Amy's thighs. She gently parted Amy's legs further and her nostrils flared as she inhaled the blue-eyed woman's arousal. Lowering her head, Alex brought her mouth within inches of her lover's passion. Lightly blowing on her sex, Alex smiled at Amy's thrust of hips.

"Shh, just feel me. Breathe, baby? just breathe," she purred just before taking her first long swipe of her tongue. Both women moaned in pleasure as Alex feasted on her partner. Amy's body thrummed with excitement as her arousal soared even higher. She'd brought her hands up to her breasts and began tugging at her nipples as Alex tasted her. The combined stimulation was something she'd never experienced before. It was definitely something she wanted to feel again, and often.

Alex's tongue worked over the engorged flesh and she relished the way her lover's body responded to her movements. Slowly bringing her hand towards Amy's entrance, she teased the velvet skin then slowly entered her with two fingers.

"Oh, God yess!" Amy cried.

"Mmm, I can taste how close you are," Alex said between licks.

Alex pistoned her fingers inside of Amy, bringing her voice to a heightened pitch. Alex moved her body slightly so she straddled Amy's right thigh. Amy moaned at the wet contact against her leg. Their bodies were moving in perfect synchronicity. As Alex frantically lashed at her lover, she felt the stirrings of orgasm from her.

"Oh God, I'm so close!" Amy cried out.

"Me too, baby. God, you're so good," Alex moaned, thrusting faster into her.

As the moment of orgasm reached both women, Amy's high-pitched release overlapped Alex's low groan. Milking as much pleasure from the climax as possible, their bodies exerted the last of their energies. Both women feeling completely sated from their coalescence, sighed simultaneously.

Alex rested her head above the short curly hair on Amy's abdomen. Breathing deeply, Amy's body tingled from her powerful orgasm.

"My God, Alex. That was awesome," she breathed.

Alex nodded against the flesh beneath her cheek. "I have to agree with you, babe. I felt that down to my toes."

"Come up here, would you?" Amy asked softly.

Not bothering to answer, Alex crawled the short distance up her body to lay next to her. She brought Amy's body to hers and cradled her against her chest. With a leg thrown over Alex's, Amy released a long sigh of contentment.

"Comfy?" Alex asked.

"Oh yea, this feels great. You feel great," she replied dreamily.

Feeling her chuckle beneath her, Amy raised her head to look into warm caring green eyes. "What are you giggling at?"

"First of all, I don't giggle. Secondly, I simply find you cute as hell."

"Do you?" she asked, a blush coloring her cheeks.

"Oh yea," Alex answered and kissed Amy's lips chastely.

Resting her head back on Alex's chest, Amy sighed again. "So, where do we go from here?"

Thinking for a moment, Alex chose her words carefully. "Well, I guess I need to ask you what you want here." "I honestly don't know. I know I'm not really wanting a relationship right now. What I do know is that I want to get to know you better."

Kissing the top of Amy's head, Alex replied, "That's good to hear, babe. I want to get to know you better as well. I don't usually rent a U-Haul after having sex with people, so I'm kind of relieved you weren't after that angle. I'm not saying it couldn't evolve into that, I think we should just see where our friendship takes us."

"I like the sound of that." She kissed the bared flesh under her mouth.

"Good," Alex whispered.

"Not only did you send me to the highest sexual plain I've ever seen tonight, but I also gained something else," she said, raising her head to look into caring eyes.

Looking back at the smaller woman, Alex asked, "What's that?"

"Well, two things actually. Not only were you my incredible lover tonight, but you were my guardian and most importantly you were my friend. If I ever needed one, it was tonight. I can't ever thank you enough for helping me earlier. I'm sure Lita will stop at nothing to take her humiliation out on me, but knowing you're going to be a part of my life, I really don't give a damn. You've allowed me to see that I'm not the bad person she made me believe I was. That means more to me than I can ever repay. Even if we never have this chance again, you've given me something back tonight that I thought I'd lost - my sense of self worth and beauty. No one has ever made me feel as beautiful as you did tonight," Amy finished and blushed hotly into Alex's body.

Lifting the red-faced woman's head to meet her gaze, Alex simply smiled. "You are beautiful, Amy. Never forget that." Alex sealed her words with a warm kiss.

"Mm, you are so good at that," Amy said pulling away from the kiss.

"Thank you, milady," she replied saucily. "We have all night, you know. Don't think I'm finished with you yet."

Wiggling her eyebrows happily, Amy answered, "That's good, cuz I was starting to think that the "quite satisfied and very very tired" scenario you painted earlier was only half right." "Half right?" Alex asked confused.

"Yea, I may be satisfied, but I'm far from tired. You think you can help me out with that?" she joked.

Rolling them over onto Amy's back, Alex looked down and smiled at her new friend. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

"Mmm," was the last coherent sound heard from either woman the rest of the night.

The End?

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