~ River Deep ~
by DS Bauden

Disclaimers: Xena and Gabrielle belong to MCA/Universal, this story is to pay tribute to the Warrior and her Bard. If you aren't old enough please don't read this, if it is illegal in your area for two women to love each other, then don't read this, if you are offended, wake up its the '90's. Please enjoy this next story, it is of a love that runs.....

Sex: Yes there is, and plenty of it. It is graphic so the ones with uneasy bellies for lovin like this should hold off unti later.

It is the longest stretch of rain that has hit as far as I can remember. Xena and I are unprepared for our journeys through the mud and slop of it all. Today is a little calmer than usual so we are leaving our hidden camp and going down the road to nowhere. She seems troubled in her stares at me and I can't think that it is all the rains fault.

"What is it Xena?"

"Hmm?" She's brought out of her daze."Oh, uh nothing Gabrielle." She lightly smiled.

Why won't she share her thoughts with me, gulp, is it something that I may have done? Gods I hate being in trouble with her. Prodding never helps, but neither does silence.

"Please tell me, you can tell me anything, you know that right?"

"Sure I do, its just...well, its not the right time."

Her pause really frightens me. She raised her arm around my back and lightly stroked it. That really feels nice, almost seems though, a way for her to make me forget that she is bothered. Well let me tell you that it worked! I will pretty much fall on the floor in my mind when I have contact of any sort. I wish I could tell her this, she is the greatest friend that I have ever known, probably that anyone has ever known. Is it wrong for me to feel this way? How can it be, it feels so right? Since our first meeting in Poteidaia, I haven't been able to shake my emotions for her. We have been through so many battles, monsters, and gods, so much has happened between us. It makes my mind spin to think of everything, but she has been right at my side through it all.

"We've come a long way," my throat weakening, "you and me, huh?"

"Yeah we have" she stared at me. "Some times better than some though, that's for sure."

I can feel her eyes burning at my soul. The wonderment in her eyes has me entirely confused. What is it that is bugging her so much? Do I smell? We bathed together last night so that can't be it. She would tell me anyway, she has no toleration for bad hygiene. I can feel myself drifting off to last nights bath. I love it when she washes my hair, it isn't often that she does, but it really makes my night when she decides to do it. I wonder if she enjoys it just as much. I wish she would open up like most women. Then again she isn't like most women, I have found that out more times than one. The back washing isn't bad either, I'll take that any day of the week. The rain is coming down harder again, and both of are just about soaked to the skin. She looks so great when her hair is all wet. Her eyes are so piercing, I didn't know they could make a blue that color. I feel so frumpy with boring eyes there just green and all. Well sometimes they are blue, or brown well...

"Gabrielle, we should look for a place to camp that is dry."

She startled me."Um, ok lets see if there is a cave by the water here."

"Good idea, it looks like another big storm is brewing. Zeus, when will this all end? It has been raining for two straight moons, now!"

"I know it seems like forever." I shivered with discontent.

"Damn, there is nothing but beach down he.." She stopped for a second. "Look I think I see a hut down there."

"I'm not sure what it is but it has to be drier than this path. Lets go see."

She nodded her wet head and we walked towards the thing that was beginning to appear as a little cottage. Who would live out here? There is nothing out here, but sand, water, trees, and this path. As we move closer to the cottage it appears to be abandoned. The windows are dark and dirty and the outside looks like it hasn't been tended to in eons. Its not too bad though from what I can see. There is a firehole on the floor, some remains from whomever lived in this place before, and a beautiful view of the lake. I think it'll do, for tonight at least.

"Looks deserted. Lets see if its open." Xena said as she pushed on the front door.

The door swung open and it did appear unoccupied, so of course Xena invited me in out of the rain with a smile, and a gesture of her arm leading the way. When she isn't in a bad mood she is genuinely very charming, I love that about her. She can make me smile with the dumbest things. Sometimes I can get so caught up in my stories that I tell, that I don't even notice her making faces at me, just to break the seriousness of some. I'll give her this though, if its a story that I'm extremely passionate about, I can watch her watch my mouth as if she is guessing what will happen next. She's feeling pins and needles throughout her body it seems. I bet none of her other suitors could do that, ha! What does that mean? Now I don't know what I am saying. She doesn't feel that way about me, I could tell that in a minute. She likes the strong burly type. Me? I am the farthest thing from strong. I may know how to use my staff, but that's it. I, unfortunately, do not have many skills.

"Hey! Gabrielle, where are you? I've been calling your name for about two minutes!!! Are you turning deaf on me?"

"Sorry Xena, I was just thinking too hard I guess. Shall I try to start a fire?"

"You? That would be funny and all, but I am getting a little chilled, I'll do it. It's gonna be hard with all the wet wood outside."

"I'll get the wood Xena, see if there is anything to eat, I am famished."

"Ok, I am a little hungry myself. I think we still have supplies in the bag. I just feel bad for Argo, there is hardly any relief for her with this rain. The trees just don't break enough water."

I love the feelings she has for that horse. No one that I have ever met has had such loyalty to an animal like her. The gods forbid anyone that tries to come between them, that would be a bad day for them for sure. Searching for wood, I notice there is a wheelbarrow filled with wood that is covered by a canvas, so it isn't too soaked. Someone must have left it here, but why? I don't care at least we will be warm.

"Oh good you found some."

"It was like someone had left it there for me to find."

"There is no one for miles."

"I can see that, I'm just glad I didn't have to search it out in this rain. That's all I meant."


As I cook our meal, I can feel Xena staring that stare again right into the small of my back. Our meal is almost in silence, you can practically cut the tension in two. With each bite of food I can tell that she is fighting something. I wish she would just talk to me. Her mind is in another place and I know she knows I can see that. Pouring some port in to her mug, she gestures to me.

"Do you want some of this Gabrielle?"

"Sure I'll have a cup."

I need a stiff drink to calm my nerves, because I am going to ask her to tell me what's wrong and she's not going to push me away this time.


"Hmm." Gulp.

"I've been watching you today and I need to know why you seem so troubled?"

"Gabrielle, I told you, I am fine."

"Oh no you don't, that isn't going to work. I am your best friend I need to know what I can do to help you through whatever it is that you are going through."

"I am fine..."

"You won't even look at me when you say that, I know you are lying, tell me dammit!"

Her head twirled around in disbelief that these words are coming out of me. I am a little startled myself and I think she can see this.

"I'm sorry Gabrielle. I am not one for talk, you know this."

"Yes but how can you fix what hurts if you won't tell me what's wrong?"

She looks much softer now, maybe it is the ale I don't know. She is looking at me, oh no, she is crying. Her beautiful eyes are filled with tears and I don't even know why. This is killing me! Her face is all wet from the fallen tears that I obviously have caused.

"I'm sorry Xena. I didn't mean for that to happen."

She shrugged away and went towards the window. Our fire is burning low and the lighting is almost gone now. Through the window came a soft beam from the moon. Through the worst of storms Artemis still has control. The light that came through hit Xena in a way that I have never seen before. Her body, her hair are completely illuminated by this small ray of light. I am completely in awe and I can't move, I can barely breathe. I am in love with this woman, I just know I am. There is a tear streaming down her face as she turns to me.

"Gabrielle, I love you."

My heart has stopped, everything has stopped.

"What?" I whisper.

I can feel my emotions building and building, yearning to hear those words again. My eyes are welling I have no control now.

"I said I love you."

She is crying harder now and I have begun to follow. I feel the energy to get up and walk towards her voice, it is an energy I have never felt before, it scares me. I am walking over to her and we are staring into each other eyes like we are never going to see them again, it feels like hours. She is dressing my body with her eyes over and over again.

"You are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen."

"Me? There is nothing here. Look at you standing here in this moonlight. I have never had a more beautiful vision in all of my life! You are breathtaking."

My words are stammering with the fill of my emotion. She touched my shoulder with one hand and began stroking my hair with the other one. The feelings racing through my body are ones that I don't even know that I had.

"Oh Gabrielle, you are beautiful in every sense of the word. Your heart...your eyes...your hair...your body...your face...your lips..."

She leans towards me ever so slowly and kisses my lips with a sweetness that I have never known. I kiss back with a passion that is growing and growing. Her tongue is slowly opening my mouth and I am returning the gesture. Our tongues have met, we both let out a moan of utter ecstasy and are pulling our bodies closer and harder. We have found ourselves on the floor near the dying fire, our bodies moving in each others rhythm, fighting to get our clothes off. I need to feel her body on mine, need it so much, I think that I will die if I don't have it.

"Oh Gabrielle, by the gods I want you so much, I can't breathe!!!"

She is breathing all right, faster and faster with each stroke of my hand across her bare back. She does love me I can feel it in her being, how could I not have known this, was I so caught in my own feelings that I didn't bother to think of hers, how could I, oh shut up!

"Xena, I love you. I always have, I just couldn't tell you. I didn't know...."

"Gabrielle you did always talk too much" She smiled that perfect smile and started to stroke my hair from my face as she began to tenderly kiss my lips.

Her hands touch my bare chest, and she starts to play with my nipples. I can feel my back arching to be closer to the touch. She has brought her mouth to my nipples and is stroking them with her tongue so gently, I can't stand it, it almost tickles, well actually it does. As she is playing with them I can feel her hand roam down to my passion. She circles my center and with one tender motion, touches me in the places that only dreams are made of. She slowly continues to caress, my hips are beginning to move, she has matched my rhythm and has begun to increase the motion. Over and over she caresses and touches and kisses.

"Oh you feel so incredible Xena!"

"So do you my sweet, so do you."

She is breathing and moaning into my ear and her other hand has reached out for mine. She has brought my hand down to the place where she needs me to be. She is so incredibly wet with desire and passion, by the gods it feels so right.

Our bodies are moving in tandem, in passion, animalistic pleasure is racing through our bloodstream. This is supposed to be this way I know it now.

"I need to taste you, Gabrielle, can I...please?"

"Yes my love as long as I can too."

"Of course you can."

Our bodies have shifted on the floor, and she is laying on my thigh, and I on hers, I can feel her tongue on me. Oh my gods!!! This is too much, I can't believe this, how amazing she is. I start to play with her hair. I need to smell her essence and begin to taste my love. She is incredible. My tongue seems to have a mnd of its own. She tastes wonderful, she is perfect in every way. We are both moaning so loudly, I am glad there is no one near. I don't want any interruptions of any kind. She is the most wonderful of all beings known to me. Our bodies are shaking and sweating , controlled by nothing I can feel her grab my body closer and closer as if to be one with me. We are, in my eyes. Faster and faster our tongues are moving and our bodies are in need of release, but neither of us are backing down. We have flipped over so now I am on top. I have put my foot under her head so she won't hurt herself trying to reach me.

"Gabrielle!! I...I"

"Yesss my love, yess?!"

I can feel her body tensing with tremendous pressure.

"I...love... you"

That is it I am losing it, I am going over the edge, my body has started to betray me. I have given in to her magic touch. I don't want this feeling to ever end. My body is shaking and shaking and shaking, oh my gods this is fantastic.

With a growl,"Xeeenaaa!"

My body has collapsed on her like a ton of bricks. I turn around so I can hold my love as tight as I can. My feelings for her are much deeper than I have ever imagined, and I know she feels the same.

"My love how, how have you never told me of your feelings for me?"

"Gabrielle, I never knew what they could mean for us. I didn't know that my feelings would be reciprocated. My feelings for you were as deep as any river that has ever continued to flow. I just never knew how you felt for me."

"All you had to do was talk to me. I would've told you if had asked. I understand though, I never told you either. It took the rain to drown it out of us I guess. What a beautiful story this would make."

"Oh no, this is one story that you won't tell. It is meant for us and us alone. I love you my little one, with all that I am."

"And you my love, I will cherish until I perish."

She smiles and starts to giggle which just isn't something you hear from her everyday. We held each other all night into the early daybreak. We got up after only a few hours rest to see that the sun has finally risen without the rain covering its beauty. Walking outside, we can feel a peace that neither of us have ever known, especially Xena. She has never known peace within herself ever. I am glad that I can give her something she needn't worry about it's demise. A gift that will continue to give, each day of her life.

I will love her until death, and she truly knows this, and in return, she will love me back as only she could.

The End

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