~ Sun Angel in Training ~
by Eveh

Disclaimers of all things that may potentially offend or surprise: I think I use bad language in this but not a lot of it. There will be violence, but I think that's because it's about a war. I suspect that there will eventually be a same sex relationship here. If you don't like reading things with that sort of content then please don't read it. All these characters are mine. If you want to borrow them then just ask. Thank you Tami for well you know what for.

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Part 1


Freedom is always something taken for granted when it is given too freely. It is a word that is almost too tangible, too overused. Especially before the wars came to the free Earth. Freedom that was always present suddenly disappeared. No one was prepared to answer to the stronger forces nor were they prepared to actually beg for death instead of precious life.

Slowly mankind had been beaten down and forced to submit. There would be no answer from the god they prayed to for safety. There would be no response from their faith in the greater power. What faith did remain was not in the faith of surviving against the conquering force, but it was the faith that one day they would be given freedom again. Not in their mortal life but in their eternal one. When they were at last allowed to die, then they would be allowed to see what they had seen only as children once upon a time.

Of course death was only freedom when they were allowed to die. The Force never allowed the humans to die. They were good workers when given the proper mental persuasions. Their minds were weak and simple to destroy. In general the humans were weak. They were physically and mentally inferior to those who had stolen their lives. To the Force, humans were as inconsequential as ants were to humans.

The wars didn't last long. The Force took over quickly. One of their leaders was once overheard saying the strike had been efficient. Well, their efficiency had killed over four hundred million people that inhabited earth. No one was spared, because that would be inefficient. Anyone that would raise arms against the Force would be killed. Any potential threat would be taken care of. This was the simple efficiency that the Force demanded. It was all they cared for.

Not much was known about the Force either. They never revealed themselves to their pet humans. Probably never deemed the humans worthy. Their name probably wasn't even the Force, but the humans did have to call them something and the Force seemed like a good enough name. It was what the United States had called them when they had first been attacked. The presidents address to the nation had simply been, "Some unknown force has attacked or western shores." From then on it was the Force.

They made the humans build their machines and weapons. Although, the humans never knew what they were building they simple built. It was the promise of death one day that they worked the long hours for. The Force would promise them death soon if they only served them well for a time. Death was their payment for hard work. Life was a curse never meant to be anything but torture and pain.

There were still groups of humans that remembered a word that carried meaning. It was the only word that seemed to have an effect on the people that had been brainwashed by the Force, and that word was love. It was that simple word that brought about another distant word that carried the key to the human soul, hope; and hope was what started the real wars. Love and Hope were the things that the Force learned to fear more than anything, because it no longer allowed death to be the simple answer. It made death unwanted and no longer a goal to be reached, but a destination that would be only an end following a brilliant life full of love and hope.

Humans were weaker than the Force. Their bodies weren't as strong and their minds weren't as keen but they were going to fight and they were going to adapt. They were going to make their future generations strong enough to wipe out the total population of the Force. Humans were going to breed warriors and great minds to give them their freedom back. It was the new goal set by mankind. Love Hope and Freedom was the silent cry of every person that worked as slaves and servants to the Force.


Chapter 1 (Earth Year 2994)

Melissa walked the underground tunnels completely lost in her thoughts. She didn't pay any attention to those who would pass her and she paid no attention to those who would turn their eyes away in a show of respect. Melissa was set in going to her destination. Her days work for the Force was over and now it was her time to be trained. Much was expected of her and she could not let anyone down. The future of humankind rested partly on her shoulders and she took that position very carefully.

It didn't matter that she was only fourteen years old; she had been chosen along with a very selective few that would give humankind their freedom again. She would be part of the movement that would lead the first attacks against the Force. It was her duty and she would do it no matter what.

Melissa wasn't a warrior though. Yes, she had been taught to fight and was one of the best fighters that the humans had, but she was one of the intellects. She was given the stronger mental abilities that would rival that of any Force. When Melissa was born the scientists knew that the green-eyed girl would be special. As a baby Melissa already shown signs of being a telepath and her brain activity was abnormally high for one so small. Melissa's natural ability had only been enhanced and she brought a new hope to the effort to achieve freedom.

The time was nearing where she would be one of the leaders of the three factions that would rebel against the Force. Today was the day she would meet the other two. Which was why she walked the underground tunnels very enthralled in her thoughts. Melissa had never gotten the chance to see them before as a precaution in case the Force had found one of them out and tried to discover whom the other faction leaders were. The time for the human rising was coming near and the time for the planning was now.

Eventually Melissa found herself outside the door of one of the Center's offices. The Center was the place every soldier was taught and every experiment made. The Center was basically the center of the whole resistance force. It was the place Melissa was born and the place she was taught each and every day, but the place she stood now was a place she was never allowed to before. This was the private sector that only the highest ranked officials could enter. All the weapons and technology were in this wing and it was well protected. Even where Melissa stood there were armed guards looking for any sign of danger.

The Center was a very well hidden secret from the Force who thought that the building was just another habitat ring. Not many humans even knew that much about the clandestine Center. Most only knew that it existed and it was where their desire for freedom was being planned. The Center was a sacred place and those people allowed to enter it were even more sacred and honored. The Center was the center of all humankind's hopes.

Melissa knew all this as she stared at the door that would gain her access to her other faction leaders. She didn't know if she was ready, but that didn't matter now. All that mattered was that it was time and she couldn't cower in fear from what was her destiny.

Melissa stepped up to the steel door and it opened automatically for her. A soldier immediately approached her and gave her the proper salute before leading her to another office that held all the other faction leaders. Melissa followed the soldier in silence afraid to disturb the serenity that filled the almost sacred room.

The soldier stopped at another door not too much farther down the main hallway and stopped. "This is as far as I can go ma'am." The soldier saluted again then went back to his post. Melissa walked up to the door, took a deep breath and reached for the door handle. She wasn't quite sure where she found the courage to open the door and step through it, but she found herself in the room nonetheless.

A long steel table rested in the middle of the overly bright room. It was a conference room full of computers that showed pictures of above ground and schematics of the Force's empire. A hologram projector was showing what a common Force foot soldier looked like and what weapons they carried. All this in intimate detail leaving no questions unanswered. On the back wall of a room stood the Human's flag that proudly displayed a intricate drawing of a group of people with joined hands and bowed heads forming a circle and within that circle the words "Love, Hope, and Freedom" were proudly displayed. It was what they were all fighting for and that was not to be forgotten.

After her cursory look of the room, Melissa decided to look at her fellow faction leaders. They sat across from each other in the plush chairs that surrounded the long table. The one to Melissa's left had the darkest skin she'd every seen which let her gray eyes stand out beautifully. She had dark hair that was braided and pulled back into a ponytail. She wore a simple silver top that showed off strong powerful arms. The girl looked to be older than Melissa but not by that much.

The person to Melissa's right was girl that looked as if she had a permanent tan. She had dark, almost black, hair that fell past her shoulders and the bluest eyes Melissa ever did see. They carried a sense of strength that she knew deep down would be vital to her own being. Again, this girl was not much older than Melissa.

"It looks like they see all women are fit to handle this job." The gray-eyed girl said then stood up and moved over to where Melissa stood and offered out her hand. Melissa took it and was surprised by the softness she found there. "My name is Elena, I am to be the leader of this entire movement and that…" Elena waved her free arm to the blue-eyed girl, "That is Ezra, the warrior." Melissa followed Elena's arm and looked into the blue eyes that were suddenly coming towards her. "Hello." Ezra offered her hand to the green-eyed girl.

Melissa took Ezra's hand and gave it a little shake then released the hand feeling suddenly very overwhelmed by the entire situation. Elena smiled at her noticing the confusion in the green eyes. "I know this must be weird for you, all of us actually, I mean we've never met each other and now we're to save the human race together. I think we should just take these first few moments to get to know each other…" Elena looked to Melissa expectantly since Melissa had failed to introduce herself.

"Melissa…my name's Melissa, I'm the strategist." She managed to get out to her surprise without very much difficulty.

"Why don't we all sit down, I'm sure we're all tired from our long work today." Ezra was of course referring to the long hours they had spent building whatever the hell the Forced deemed fit for them to build this day. Usually the Humans began working at a very early age of five. The Force was sure to train them in their youth so they would know their role in this society and not ever be confused about that fact. Anyway, the earlier they started working the better their bodies would adapt to such hard work.

The small group made their way to the table and each took a seat. The room was full of tension. They had been prepared for this moment practically since they were born, but all that practice didn't add up to the real thing.

"If we're going to work as one then we should at least know each other." Elena leaned her arms onto the table and looked at her subordinates individually. "My name is Elena." She began. "I am to be the leader of this entire movement. I am a rank thirty telepath and my battle ranking is also thirty. I have been taught about warfare and weaponry, as well as being briefed thoroughly about the Force. My main course included leadership and the study of human behavior." Elena closed her eyes for a moment then opened and looked at Ezra then Melissa intently. "I enjoy sparring in hand to hand combat. I also like to read what literature we do have and I enjoy a verbal sparring session every now and then. I'm frighteningly blunt and I can't stand any type of idiot. I'm very patient though, so I can at least face an ignorant person without killing them…usually." Ezra and Melissa let out the proper chuckle of laughter. "You'll have to learn the rest about me through experience." Elena smiled brightly then leaned backed in her chair indicating that it was someone else's turn.

Melissa and Ezra locked eyes briefly and some sort of silent agreement was made. Melissa leaned forward and began speaking. "My name is Melissa as you both already know, and I'm the third in command of this operation. I'm a ranked twenty-five telepath and my battle ranking is fifteen." Melissa looked briefly to her audience then turned her eyes to her clasped hands that rested on the table. "I've basically been taught all the same things you were except my main focus of study was learning all about the Force. Learning about the Force's habits filled up much of my learning sessions." Melissa paused for a brief moment. "I enjoy helping to teach the younger children and I also enjoy reading. I was taught to also be a healer and I like using those skills at the hospice to help out occasionally. I'm also a little disappointed that I happen to be the shortest person in this room." Elena and Ezra laughed at the statement knowing it to be the truth. Melissa was only five and a half feet tall while Ezra was just about six feet and Elena was even taller than Ezra.

Melissa sat back in her chair happy that her turn to speak was over with. Ezra however didn't lean forward in her chair, but instead leaned further back. She looked briefly to Elena then to Melissa. "I'm Ezra. I have a battle ranking of twenty-five and a telepath ranking of fifteen. I've been taught about warfare, weaponry, strategy, and numerous different types of fighting styles." Ezra leaned forward in her chair. "In my spare time I fight. You'll have to learn the rest about me through experience." Grinning almost seductively Ezra leaned back into her chair.

Melissa couldn't help but smile at Ezra's description of herself. For some reason Ezra's monologue seemed to fit her personality perfectly. Melissa just expected an introduction like that from the warrior.

Elena sat back and looked at her second in command then her third. This was the group she was given and she knew that she wouldn't be disappointed. To have a level twenty-five telepath and a level twenty-five warrior at her disposal was something very unexpected. To have a level higher than ten in any field was an odd occurrence. The highest-ranking possible in all fields was thirty, but no human was able to make that rank without severe physical and mental defects that made them of no use to the effort for freedom, except Elena. She was the strongest child ever to be born in the Center, which made her the first choice as leader.

When the Humans had first started to enhance their children's abilities they had made a ranking system to judge each child individually. The children were put through extensive tests designed to make the child go to their very limit, and if possible exceed that limit with the help of technology. Before the system was perfected though, there were many needless deaths. There were still needless deaths but the testing system had been much improved.

The three individuals sitting at the table had each been tested. They had each been enhanced to a certain level and still had room to enhance their abilities because none of them had reached their adult form yet. None of them had finished all their training yet and soon they would be training together. It was important the leaders formed an impenetrable bond with each other if the wars were to be successful.

Elena shook her head in an effort to clear it from all the thoughts that had suddenly barraged her mind. She stood up and walked over a monitor that displayed the underground complex. "This is now all our responsibility." She didn't turn around when she spoke the other occupants of the room. "We are to give these people's hopes life and I personally have decided that I will do anything within my power to accomplish that goal, but to be honest with you." Elena turned around and walked back to the table in the center of the room. "This all scares me." She finished in a whisper.

Melissa not expecting their leader to show any weakness was stunned. She could not forge any kind of response to this admission so she remained silent and looked over to Ezra to gauge her reaction and found Ezra looking to her for a response. What was clear in each pair of eyes though, was that they each held a certain amount of fear as well. They each acknowledged it and suddenly that fear wasn't as strong as it had seemed to be moment before.

Elena looked to the two faces at the table and couldn't help but laugh. She had successfully shocked her comrades and now she knew it was time for them to talk about the Force and the future uprising. Elena was sure that they were all scared and by her admitting it, didn't make that fear something to embarrassed by, but it made it something very real. Elena was only eighteen years old. Ezra was sixteen and Melissa was fourteen. They were nothing but children and they had every right to be afraid.

"I think it's time we now talk about the Force." Elena took her seat and looked to Melissa expectantly. Melissa accepted the subject change but was still put off by the bond their leader had already formed amongst them. Fear was something they all felt and shared. It was an emotion that now unified them in their cause. "What we know about the Force as you all know is very limited." Melissa began briefing the other two and the uprising truly began.

The trio stayed in the room and talked for many hours just sharing the individual information they had learnt about the Force. No plans were made that night. No battle plans were drawn up. There was only a sharing of information and a growing affection, respect and friendship amongst the three.

Chapter 2

Three weeks had passed and Melissa met with her fellow faction leaders another nine times. They still hadn't formed any plans for the upcoming battle, but were working more on getting to work with each other in an efficient matter. Melissa found herself looking forward to the meetings they had. They were suppose to meet again this day, but not at the Center to plan their rebellion effort, but to train with each other.

Today would be the day they would be able to see each other's battle prowess. Melissa knew that she would be the weakest fighter of the group which wasn't something she was used to. Usually she was the strongest warrior in her regular training sessions and the training sessions usually included over fifty students. Today, Melissa knew, two superior combatants would put her ego in check and she could do nothing about it except hope that she would improve. A battle ranking of fifteen wasn't anything to laugh at, especially since most only made it to the battle ranking of ten.

Melissa heard a soft knocking at her door that brought her from her thoughts. She went to her front door and opened it without taking a precaution to see who was on the other side, and thoroughly surprised when she saw Ezra standing there. "I was just seeing if you wanted to walk to the practice fields together." Ezra explained when she saw the surprise, but delight in the green-eyed faction leader.

"Yeah sure. Hold on a second." Melissa ran quickly back into her living quarters and retrieved a small pouch that she tied to her belt. Moments later Melissa found herself being escorted to the practice fields with her fellow faction leader.

"It's going to be weird not being the best out there today." Ezra said not so unexpectedly. During the past three weeks the faction leaders had become more talkative amongst each other. They held less and less back when they talked. Melissa knew that for Ezra it was probably some type of amazing accomplishment considering she wasn't very talkative at all, but for her it wasn't that much of an effort because she was a normally open person that didn't keep her mouth shut very often.

"Well at least you won't be the weakest out there." Melissa answered back giving her taller companion a small shove.

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to be the weakest." Ezra answered grinning broadly at her companion.

Melissa shot Ezra her best intimidating look, "Just wait until we practice our telepathy." That being said she continued her trek to the practice fields. Ezra, much to Melissa's delight, let out a small groan and said nothing more.

Elena was already ready and waiting to go when Melissa and Ezra showed up to the practice field. She was doing some warm-up drills that frankly left Melissa and Ezra in awe. Elena's movements were very quick and precise. Melissa just silently hoped that by the end of practice she wasn't too hurt.

Elena looked to where Melissa and Ezra stood almost slack jawed. She smiled a very not nice smile at them then ran toward them at full speed giving the two barely enough time to raise their guard before she started her attack. This being their first practice together, Elena saw it fit to start it out properly by showing them they couldn't be fascinated by her talent because that could prove to be very painful…for them of course.

Ezra got her defense up first and was able to deflect a roundhouse kick Elena sent straight to her head. Melissa wasn't as lucky and got hit in the side with a quick follow up left jab. For some reason Ezra wasn't quite sure of, she was genuinely angry with Elena for hitting Melissa, even though she was sure Elena didn't hit her at full strength.

Melissa and Ezra parted so they didn't make one big easy target for Elena and began their own assault. Almost in perfect harmony even though they had never sparred with each other before. It caught Elena off guard for a brief moment but soon she proved she had earned her level thirty battle rank.

The sparring lasted for almost two hours before they stopped for rest. The trio walked over to the resting area of the battlefield and took a much-needed break. They hadn't stopped since Elena had attacked Melissa and Ezra. Elena hadn't given them the chance to slow down. She forced them to keep up with her and match her move for move. When the sparring was over Ezra and Melissa didn't question the fact that as far as fighting in hand to hand combat went, Elena was the superior.

"Next time we practice, I think I'll let you two warm-up first." Elena said retrieving a cup of water from the dispenser in the rest area.

"Yeah, I'm sure a good warm-up would have made all the difference." Melissa responded sarcastically taking the cup of water from Elena's hands for herself.

Elena smiled at her younger companion and turned to get herself another drink of water from the dispenser. "It would have made a big difference Melissa." Elena turned from the dispenser with her new beverage and advanced on Melissa. "I would have dropped you on your ass a few more times." Elena smiled brightly at Melissa's enraged look and sipped her water coyly.

Ezra, although trying desperately not to, laughed at Elena's comment, because she knew it to be the truth. If Elena had seen the two of them warm-up she would have been able to size them up and attack towards their weaknesses, even though Elena had figured their weaknesses out not that far into the sparring. Ezra's own muscles were hurting from the torture Elena had put her body through.

The dark haired teenager recovered from her laughing only to find an enraged blond haired pinning her with her intense emerald green eyes. "What are you laughing at? You got dumped on your ass quite a few times if I remember correctly."

Elena inhaled a deep breath as if in sudden pain. "Oh…that has to hurt."

Ezra spared a brief look at the now very amused Elena, and then turned her full attention to Melissa. "I guess you would remember when that happened to me because you actually see me fall. I mean with you it's hard to tell…you already being so close to the ground and all." Ezra crossed her arms in front of her clearly proud of herself.

Melissa narrowed her green eyes into narrow slits then launched herself at the taller faction leader. "I'll show you who's closer to the ground." Ezra barely avoided getting tackled by the blond not anticipating Melissa's movements.

The blond leaped at the blue-eyed faction leader once again and before Elena knew it the two were sparring again, at full pace. Even though Ezra was the superior warrior out there, Melissa got the upper hand at one point and dropped Ezra flat on her backside. Ezra was utterly surprised to find herself on the ground and equally surprised she had fallen for letting the blond fool her when they were sparring.

Melissa turned and smiled brightly at Elena who had raised her cup of water in show of respect to the blond. Ezra got up from the ground and brushed the dirt on her pants away with her hands. She lifted her head and found herself looking into Elena's gray eyes, "Don't make her angry." Ezra said in mock severity.

Elena grinned at Ezra's comment then turned to the very satisfied blond. "So you don't handle short jokes well?"

"Well why don't you make one and we can see about that." Melissa dared.

Elena raised her hands in surrender and shook her head vigorously. "I was just making sure." Elena walked to the middle of the practice field and motioned for the other two to join her. Knowing the time for play was over Ezra and Melissa turned serious. They moved to stand with their leader waiting for Elena to do whatever it was she was going to.

Elena turned to her two companions and motioned for them to take a seat where they stood. She sat down in front of them and began speaking in all seriousness. Melissa and Ezra had learned in the past three weeks that this was the way Elena would end their time together. She would have them come together and say something then they would be dismissed.

"We can all fight and that's all well and good, but we need more than that." Elena turned her eyes to Ezra. "You have been taught to fight, that is what you do and that is what you love, I can see that; but fighting alone will not win us this war." She then turned her gaze to Melissa. "But it is a huge part of what we must do. You cannot hesitate to fight Melissa. Too many people can die if you do. If there is a way around some of the battles I'm sure you'll find them and I'm sure we'll even use them a few times." Elena smiled at Melissa in order to lighten her words. "There's just one more thing you should know before we leave. Today I have been given the last order I will ever receive." Elena took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "We are to welcome another two faction leaders into our efforts toward freedom. There will be four factions now. The new members will be ranked three and four." Melissa opened her mouth to protest but was stopped by a quick raise of the hand by Elena. "Ezra is number one and you are two." She quickly explained.

"What place does that leave you?" Ezra asked.

"I am now the leader of all the factions and don't reside over one in particular. My superiors last order was to give me a council, that if need be, can override my orders." Elena put her hands behind her and leaned back. "I have a council of four, but I will always have the deciding vote and the ultimate say on matters. Only you two in agreement can override me. Only you two can beat me in battle." Elena let the impact of her words settle over her new acquired friends. "The new members will report to the meeting tomorrow. Their names are Franklin and Erin. They have scored high in all the Center's tests or so I'm told." Elena stood up slowly and then looked back down to Melissa and Ezra. "The new millennium will be here in six years and we will be prepared because we are…" Gray eyes met Green. "We are Love." The same gray eyes met blue, "We are Freedom." Then the gray-eyed gaze turned inward. "And we are Hope."

Chapter 3

Ezra escorted Melissa back to her living quarters after Elena had dismissed them. They had each walked in silence enraptured in their own thoughts. When they reached Melissa's living quarters within the Center the silence was at last broken. "What do you think of adding another two members?" Melissa asked.

"I think it is probably for the best. With more factions that means we don't have to be in charge of as many people as before." Ezra's military mind analyzed.

"I agree. It will make the management easier, but you do know the other two faction leaders will be outcast." Melissa said almost regretfully.

"Yes, I know they will be, but nothing can be done about that."

Elena walked away from the practice field after Ezra and Melissa had disappeared from her view also deep in her own thoughts. She had the same concerns the two faction leaders did. She knew that the other members would be almost outcasts, because Ezra, Melissa and she were the three that would make the most difference in the coming war. They were the ones that had the respect of every entire person of the Human population. Their trio had a bond that the other two would never really be part of. They were the Love Freedom and Hope that had been promised to the Humans for centuries ever since they had found out that death wasn't the reward in the end, but life was.

Melissa and Ezra's bond was stronger than the three's put together though. Elena was singled out because she was the leader and she knew there would be a time when she would have to look past the friendship that was growing and make decisions that may put them in danger. She would have to make decisions that Ezra and Melissa didn't necessarily agree to, but couldn't override her on. Melissa and Ezra could become as good of friends as they liked because they weren't in charge of each other. They were the closest to equals that the Human army had, even though Ezra was one and Melissa two they each had the same amount of influence.

Elena found herself eventually in the Center walking towards the living quarters. She decided to continue to just walk around the halls of the living quarters, because she knew her mind would not rest. Elena went to the third level of the living quarters and saw Melissa and Ezra talking outside of a still closed door. Probably talking about our new faction leaders Elena thought briefly to herself. She walked up to the two and they just turned and easily accepted her presence. "Do you think they'll do anything counterproductive to the effort, from being excluded?" Elena heard Melissa ask Ezra.

"No. We all want freedom again, I don't think they would jeopardize that." Ezra answered fairly confident.

"If they do something that will hurt our effort for freedom then they would be dealt with immediately." Elena quickly added. "I'm sure that's something none of us would stand for." Melissa and Ezra nodded in agreement and a blanket of silence covered the trio. "I dismissed you two from practice almost an hour ago." Elena said looking to her watch. "You need to sleep for tomorrow brings another day working for the Force."

Melissa finally turned and opened the door to her quarters. She turned back and gave Elena and Ezra a quick hug then went into her quarters as soon as the good nights had been said.

"Come…I'll walk you to your quarters." Elena motioned for Ezra to go in front of her and they began walking down the hall toward Ezra's place of residence.

"Can I ask you a question Elena?" Ezra asked after much mental debating.

"Of course."

"Are you still scared?" The blue-eyed teenager asked timidly.

"There is not a day that goes by I'm not afraid I'll do something wrong that will make all the effort put into gaining our freedom again, obsolete." Elena said very seriously not turning to look Ezra in the eyes. "Fear is something that I don't think will ever go away. There is so much expected from us that if we do one thing wrong it could mean the end to everything."

"How do you deal with your fear?" Ezra asked in an almost whisper.

"To me I see my fear as something that reminds me of our cause." Elena stopped walking and waited for Ezra to do the same. "I give my fear the respect it deserves, but I will not give into the subordination it demands."

Ezra turned around and began walking again. Elena followed her not really expecting Ezra to say anything more. She would have to think through her problems on her own and come up with a solution of her own on how to deal with her inner turmoil. Elena knew if Ezra needed more help she would ask for it, probably not from her though.

Once Elena had made it to her quarters from escorting Ezra home she sat down in front of an old shrine her mother had built. She wanted to give her daughter some sense of culture that she wouldn't have if she just lived with the Humans learning their ways and only their culture. Elena's mother wanted her to know the other side of her heritage.

Elena looked to the shrine and remembered when she was just a small girl and saw her mother build it. She made every movement taken in building this sacred space seem almost angelic. Elena remembered how her mother had first prayed over a shell full of paint that was clearly the color of the sun, which was what her mother painted. It was a perfect outline of the most powerful essence her people had ever felt before, and within that sun was the single gray eye that watched over them all.

The shrine was a tribute to ?whence? life started. It represented what the Force held most dear to them. No Human could honor life like the Force did, or at least that's what the Force thought, and they were to be proven wrong. That was why Elena was underground in the Center helping the Humans gain their freedom again. Her family had taken it upon themselves to give the Humans a chance at life again. They wanted the Humans to have a chance to love freely again.

It was Elena's job to help the Human race be free from the Force. Her job was to help all the people who had been tortured by her people gain their freedom. It was her mother who had explained to her that life was to be honored above everything else. It was her mother who had explained to her that she was the Sun Angel. She was the one that would make the Force see what they had been doing was wrong. Then she would lead them into a new era, where they remembered who they were and they remembered why they honored life. They had done wrong when they started to make death the reward for work. The reward was life and that should never have been changed.

Elena was alone in this task. She was the only one of her kind. She was part Force and part Human. All those that knew, feared her because they just didn't know what side she'd be on when all the fighting broke out. The Human scientist had made Melissa and Ezra so strong because they were afraid this half Force and half Human being would turn on them. Elena's family just made sure she knew where her true loyalty must lie.

This war that was going to start was being planned for years. When the Humans decided to rise against the Force they knew they couldn't do it on their own. They knew they would need to have the Force's technology. Stealing the technology was out of the question because no Human was trusted enough to be allowed close to any type of sensitive information. So what option did the Human's have then try to play on the sympathies of some part of the Force?

At first, their cries for help were ignored but someone answered eventually. An alliance was soon forged and it was decided that while the Humans would gain the technology of the Force, the ones who had answered their calls would gain nothing. The only thing they wanted was to be able to honor life again. They had believed that their people had taken over the Earth in an act that went against everything they ever believed in. Somewhere along the way they believed that the Force had lost their way and the only way they could go back to the prosperous life they had before was to let the Humans go.

Somewhere between the passing of technology and knowledge one Force scientist had actually felt the love the Humans cherished. Force members began to unite with the Humans finally seeing them more than just inconsequential beings. This was not enough to cause a revolution, but it was enough to start to give the Humans even a greater amount of hope, because a child that is born from a Force and Human union was potentially the strongest warrior they could ever forge. Unfortunately, the children born from that union didn't often live past their third birthday. These unions were soon banned because of the health risk they caused, which tore a rift in the Force and Human alliance that had formed.

The Force backed out and left the Humans to continue on with their efforts towards freedom alone. The spark of Hope that the alliance had brought had been destroyed. The Humans no longer got their technology and they no longer had spies within the Force's government. A few Force members had been given the gift of love and didn't leave when they're comrades pulled out of the alliance. They stayed with the Humans and helped them as much as they could.

The Human's welcomed these Force members help, but soon they left as well. Eventually they died and most of their children wished to be integrated into their own culture. Those children that did stay eventually died as well. Except, there was one that still remained within the Center. This Force member was the only one that had had a part Human child that had survived. Her name was Kournva and she was Elena's mother.

Kournva was one of the best scientists the Humans had. She had set it upon herself to make sure her daughter lived past her third birthday and had succeeded. Elena was a strong child when she was born, which had only given Kournva hope for her survival. Now, Kournva lived with her husband in the Center's living quarters only a few levels above her daughter's quarters.

Elena tore herself from the thoughts she had fallen into. She suddenly had the urge to talk to her mother. Throughout Elena's life, Kournva had been the rock Elena could lean on. Kournva knew everything about her daughter. There were no secrets between them and there would never be.

Elena looked at the watch she wore then got up and headed back out her door. She walked to the Center's lab where she saw her mother standing at a lab table recording some results from a recent test. Elena walked in and took a seat on top of the table where the various parts of the test Kournva was conducting lay about.

"I'll have to redo this whole test if you don't get your butt off that table." Kournva said in her best mother voice not raising her head from where she recorded the lab results.

Elena smiled at her mother but didn't move. "Is that anyway to greet your daughter?" She said in mock severity.

"Quiet." Kournva slapped her daughter on the thigh. "You know you can't say stuff like in public," She chastised.

"What public?" Elena raised her hands indicating the empty laboratory. "There's no one here except us."

"What is it you want…daughter." Kournva smiled at her daughter's surprised expression. "You are my daughter aren't you?" Elena nodded her head. "Then what is it you want?" The scientist asked again.

"I was just thinking about you and wanted to see you that's all." Elena said sheepishly suddenly finding something very interesting in her lap.

"You're worried aren't you?" Kournva sent her thoughts to Elena.

Elena let out a huge sigh and nodded her head in the affirmative. Kournva walked up to her daughter and enveloped her into her arms.

"I know this is hard for you, my child, but you're the right one for the job."

Elena let out a sigh and wrapped her mother in her arms. She enjoyed the absence of barriers that stood between her and her mother. It was the one relationship where there were no lies or no half-truths.

"They need to know who I am, Mom."

"When the time is right they will know," Kournva released her daughter and took a step back. She looked deeply into her daughter's eyes and regretted, not for the first time, what her daughter had to go through. Kournva would always feel guilty for not allowing her daughter to have a normal Force childhood. She knew her daughter would be accepted among her people, they would never question how she came to be. The Force always protected their own.

"It pains me to feel that you have such guilt." Elena's gray eyes softened as she spoke to her mother.

Kournva reached out and softly caressed her daughter's cheek. She knew she could ask for no better child than Elena. "I can't hide very many emotions from you can I?"

Elena knew not to answer the question; she knew her mother already had the answer. No one could hide their emotions from Elena. All she had to do was open her eyes and concentrate just the tiniest bit on a person and she would know almost everything about them. Another one of my gifts Elena thought derisively to herself.

"You have much grief and that is my guilt to bare Elena." Kournva pulled away from her daughter and turned her own gray eyes away from that of her daughters. "It is late. Go back to your quarters and sleep."

Elena hopped off the table she was perched on and walked towards her mother. "I know nothing I say can ease that guilt you have, but I want you to know that I am who I am because of you." Elena placed her hand lightly on her mother's shoulder. "I was chosen to lead the Humans in the uprising against the Force because I am the best one for the job. This war is my purpose in this life and it is my hope that one day I earn the honor I have been given." Elena released her mother's shoulder and turned to walk out of the lab. Kournva reached out and grabbed her daughter and took her into a fierce hug. "I love you my child," Kournva sent with her thought all the emotion carried with it.

Chapter 4

There was a goal to all the training and all the meetings Melissa knew, but she just wished that maybe one day she'd get the chance to take one solitary day for herself. It's not that she wasn't a social person, actually far from it, but she felt like she was drowning and there was no way she could come up for a breath of fresh air. Every time she was able to take a small bit of her schedule for herself something immediately demanded her attention.

Taking out the Force was a very serious matter, but right now that's not what she wanted to do. She didn't want to learn anymore about how to fight or how to be the best person she could be, no matter if the best she could be was the real her or not. All the teenager's time was filled with working and worrying.

Deep down Melissa knew she wasn't alone in her endeavors. There were thousands of soldiers being trained to fight for the Humans right for freedom from the Force. There were even another four individuals who had the same arduous schedule she did, one of which whose schedule was even worse than hers. Still, as it has been said for millenniums…teenagers.

Melissa was only fourteen years old and she was on the verge of imploding from not being able to do something on her own, as her own person. She wasn't about to do anything that would jeopardize what the Humans had been working on for centuries, but the urge to just be something other than what everyone expected was a demand too great to ignore. Which was why Melissa refused to do anything her instructor's had asked her to do on this one fateful day.

Her tutors had asked her to practice her healing…she read instead. They asked her to review the new reports from the Force spies they had in place…she organized her healers supplies. They begged her to make notes on her progress with some research she had been doing…she just ignored them and did nothing. When asked why she was behaving in this manner she said she was taking a personal day. So, they did the only thing they could do…called her direct superior to handle the situation.

Ezra arrived at Melissa small corner of the Center mere minutes from when she was called for help from Melissa's tutors. She was worried about the blond teenager, having noticed her restlessness in the previous faction leaders meeting they had attended. As soon as Ezra walked into the wing that housed Melissa's own faction she was immediately saluted and approached by Melissa's tutor Erik.

Erik was an older man who had spent many years of his life in the laboratories of the Center. He had been one of the Center's scientists in his younger years, but as soon as Melissa had been born he was assigned to teach her. His hair had long since gone white from dealing with the unique personality that was Melissa. As soon as he had seen Ezra he let out a sigh of relief knowing that with the mood his student was in at present time he wouldn't be able to reach her. He only hoped this tall dark-haired girl could.

"Ma'am I'm so glad that you came." Erik said as soon as Ezra had told him to relax. "Melissa just hasn't been herself lately. I would talk to her but I know she won't listen. I was hoping that you'd get through to her." Erik's brown eyes silently begged for Ezra to just get the whole situation straightened out.

Ezra looked down at the man and nodded briefly. She wasn't sure what she'd be able to do especially if this man, who Melissa almost considered her father couldn't reach her. "I'll do the best I can. Where is she?"

"She's in her training room counting the sections on the ceiling." Seeing the confused blue answers Erik quickly clarified…at least to the best of his ability. "Melissa decided not to do any physical training today so instead of training she lied down on the practice mats and started to count the sections in the ceiling. That's when I decided to call you."

Ezra nodded slowly in understanding and wondered briefly if Melissa had gone crazy from pressure she was wonder. She knew such things did happen. "I'll just go check on her now." Ezra said not fully succeeding in hiding the worry in her voice.

"The room is just around that corner." Erik lifted his arm and pointed in the direction of the room. "Good luck."

Melissa was still lying on the mats of the training room when Ezra entered but she no longer seemed to be counting the sections of the ceiling. Instead, she had found something terribly interesting on the mats that seemed to demand her full attention. The green-eyed teenager didn't even pay any attention to the opening and shutting of the heavy doors to the training room.

"Melissa?" Ezra walked up to the spot that drew so much attention from the blond and looked down. "What are you doing?"

"Ezra." Melissa said somewhat surprised. "I knew Erik threatened to call you but I didn't really think he'd do it." She let out a snort of laughter. "I didn't think the old man had it in him." Melissa looked up and smiled brightly at her the blue-eyed faction leader. "Why don't you have a seat?"

Not sure what else to do, Ezra sat down careful not to sit in the spot that had Melissa so riveted. "Do you want to tell me what's going on?"

"Have you ever felt like you're being so smothered by everything that's going on that you no longer feel like you can breath?"

"Is that why you're acting this way?" Ezra reasoned.

"Yes…I mean no…well…yes…but really no." The dumbstruck look Melissa received from that statement made her burst out into laughter. She had never seen Ezra ever contort her face in such a manner.

"Do you wish to elaborate?" Ezra said a little sharply not too terribly happy with the laughing blond.

"I don't really know how to elaborate." Melissa sat up. "It's just that I feel like I need to just…I don't know…do something that's not me." Discouraged that her point hadn't gotten across by the raised eyebrow she received she tried to elaborate once more. "I'm just so tired of everyone knowing who I am and me not knowing." Melissa jumped up and became more animated with her words. "I'm tired of doing whatever is asked of me and me not thinking twice about doing it. It doesn't matter what these people around me ask I'll do it. Will you read these reports Melissa…will you work in the hospice…can you make another meeting today…are you willing to stay for another learning exercise Melissa." She mocked. "I'd give my life's blood if they asked and I'm tired doing what's expected."

"I can understand, but do you think this is the way to solve this problem?" Ezra quickly interrupted the blonde's tirade.

Melissa unexpectedly laughed at the suggestion. "Of course this isn't going to solve my problem. But that's the entire point. I don't want to solve anything I just want a little bit of control."

"Melissa you control an entire faction of over a million people. You're the third in command of an enormous military project…and you want more control?"

"Those are just simple duties." Melissa began pacing wildly. "I want more control of my life. I want to be able to have my own schedule even if just for a day." The teenager stopped in front of Ezra and got right into her face. "Haven't you ever wanted that?" Melissa's voice sounded almost defeated.

"Sometimes more than anything." Ezra said wistfully. "But that's not possible and you know it." She said belying a strength she wasn't sure was there.

"We need to make it possible." Melissa let out a frustrated sigh and ran her hand through her shoulder length blond hair. "We're suppose to be the people in charge and we can't take one day in a week for ourselves? Does that make any sense to you?" Melissa laid her hand on Ezra's shoulder. "If we keep going at the pace we're going we're going to be burnt out before we're even ready for the first battle."

Ezra took the hand on her shoulder and held it in hers for a brief moment. "We should definitely talk to Elena about getting some free time, but before you started to rebel you could have just talked about it the other night."

Melissa bowed her head no longer able to look into the accusing blue eyes. "You almost caused Erik, I'm sure, to have a heart attack. The man's very flustered."

"I didn't say what I've done today makes any sense." Melissa grinned seeing her tutor's disconcerted face. "I'll apologize to him when I see him again."

"Good." Ezra stood up and started to walk out of the room then turned back to the blond who hadn't moved. "Aren't you coming?"

"Um…where are we going precisely?"

Ezra grinned. "Why we're going to have some fun on your personal day. I'm assuming that you don't want to do any work here."

Melissa couldn't help the smile that covered her face. "Let's go."

Hours later Melissa and Ezra found themselves sitting in a couple of chairs directly across from a not too happy looking Elena. They had been ordered to report to their superior after they had inadvertently caused one of the replicators to malfunction during their "personal" day. Of course, that was after they had "interrupted" the training session of a few soldiers by just having a "little" fun with the troops. Unfortunately, before any of that happened Melissa and Ezra had been the cause of a "minor" complication in the Center's operation systems.

Elena sat back in her chair and cupped her head in her hand for a brief moment then looked back up meet the gaze of her first and second officers. Elena found that she couldn't hold their gaze for long so bowed her head. After a few more moments, Elena looked up once more, again not able to hold the gazes across from her for very long. This action occurred another three times before Elena just let out a long frustrated sigh.

"If I'm to understand you two correctly, you both did all of this for the sake of a personal day." Elena's voice was very strained and barely contained her inner rage.

"Yes." The blue-eyed and green-eyed teenagers answered simultaneously.

Elena let out a long breath and buried her head once again in her hands. "You've both put me in a very precarious position. Do you understand that?" Elena was met when she raised her head again to two nods. "For what you two did today I could demote you, put Erin and Franklin in your place and suspend you until I deem you worthy again of your positions, but we all know those two aren't good enough to take on your responsibility. So, this is what I'm going to do…nothing." Elena held back a chuckle from the wide-eyed glances she received. "Just know that I'm disappointed in you and I really had expected more from you both." The two head bowed in shame. "I was hoping that you both thought our relationship close enough that you could have talked to me if anything was wrong." If possible the heads bowed even lower.

"Understand that my trust in you two has been significantly altered and it will take time for you to have my full trust again. I understand the restlessness you both feel and the need for some personal time, but this was not the way to go about it. In hopes that this will never happen again I have arranged for the both of you, along with Franklin and Erin, to receive two days that will be entirely of your own. If you would have talked to me I would have given you the days without today's events." Elena's voice was very emotion laden and Ezra and Melissa felt very much like pond scum.

Melissa opened her mouth to apologize but Elena raised her hand to stop the apology she knew was coming. "Don't apologize. Frankly, I don't want one. Just take what you're given and be thankful." Elena stood up and leaned on her desk. "You both are dismissed and I would urge you to report to your separate living quarters immediately."

Ezra and Melissa stood up and saluted Elena for maybe the first time ever. Then they left Elena's office feeling a gray-eyed gaze fall heavily on their backs. They split up once outside and walked to their respective living quarters and although they both felt very guilty from the speech Elena had given them, they couldn't help but smile at the fact that this day had been one of the best of their lives. It was the first time either could remember spending time with a friend and just doing whatever they wanted. This day would certainly be one that they never forgot.

After the two left her office Elena sat down in her chair. "Computer find me the surveillance footage that tracks Ezra and Melissa, the faction leaders."

"Specify time you would like to be shown please." The male voice of Elena's computer answered.

"From the time when their signals were in the same vicinity and throughout the entire day. I want to see it all." Elena answered leaning back at her chair. Moments later there was a holographic projection of Ezra and Melissa showing Elena what they had said and done throughout the day. The two faction leaders were completely oblivious to the fact that they were even being recorded by a holographic imaging device or HID's, because the device cloaked itself and never was uncloaked unless ordered to do so by the highest ranking official, which now was Elena since all control had recently been relinquished to her.

It was a precaution the leaders of the movement had thought to put into place in case any of the faction leaders had problems. It was also so they could make sure that all the faction leaders were developing in a healthy manner. The HID's had been tracking Elena, Ezra, and Melissa ever since they were designated to be leaders of the movement against the Force. Even Franklin and Erin now had HID's following them around.

Elena watched the image in front of her for a few moments then ordered the computer to delete the image from file and ordered the HID's that followed all the faction leaders to be destroyed as well. Elena knew that if she was ever going to trust those who served under her, she couldn't have these devices following them around. It wasn't her job to observe them every single day to make sure they were progressing in a way beneficial to the war efforts. If they are expected to lead a war I should at least trust them to lead their own lives Elena thought than turned and left her office ordering for the computer to turn off the lights.

Ezra and Melissa each laid on their beds in their own quarters when at the exact same time they jumped up responding to some unknown noise. They both swore that it sounded like something blew up, but neither of them could find any evidence in their rooms of something that had recently exploded. After a thorough search they each walked to their beds and prepared once again to sleep, having convinced themselves they were just hearing things.

To be continued in Part 2...

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