~ Subdued ~
by Fantasy Bard and BlackStetson

Disclaimer: Ultra mature audience. For those who would like to be a little more daring but do so vicariously by reading.

Dedication: This is dedicated to Pit Bull who has been gracious enough to read our work for accuracy of events. Our thanks also go to Mystery Bard who helped make the necessary grammatical corrections and assured that the flow was correct.

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Brenna had been anticipating coming home to Alannah all day long. Tonight was the culmination of all the planning and studying that they had been doing for the past three months. Having lived together for a number of years, both women found that the sexual side of their relationship was beginning to wane. In fact, it nearly became non-existent to the point they were living more like roommates than lovers. Friendship still was strong and alive but some of the early passion had simply faded the longer they lived together. They recognized that if they didn't do something to charge up their sexual desires for one another, the relationship was going to collapse.

Together they discussed possibilities that would add excitement to their lives. They discussed perhaps bring in a third person but realized that could lead to rivalry and jealousy and instead of helping the relationship, it could kill it permanently. In discussing options, they both realized neither one wanted any one else to come between them.

Alannah mentioned one day that a friend at work had been attending some private lessons on how to play safe master/slave games. She told Alannah that she was not into the heavy dominatrix routine but was learning alternative ways of making love to her partner that changed the daily routine. She remarked that there could be some mild pain associated with some of the techniques. She stated that the pain was quickly replaced with entirely new sensations generated by some of the new toys she was using.

This intrigued Alannah and Brenna, who knew that a little rough sex for both of them, super charged their libidos. After spending some time talking with Alannah's co-worker over dinner one night, they asked if it would be possible for them to get an invitation to join the training group. Alannah's co-worker followed up on their request and less than three months ago, Alannah and Brenna began learning new sexual techniques and roles that would fulfill their wildest fantasies.

After months of training about how to use some of the sexual equipment and toys safely, Alannah and Brenna were finally taking their knowledge into their own hands and setting up for a romantic rendezvous that evening. Alannah had stayed home to set the mood of the room while Brenna went off to work. As Brenna worked through the day, her mind constantly turned to Alannah and the games that would be played that night.

Soon Brenna closed down her computer, as she got ready to go home. While driving home, she couldn't help wondering "Will I be too rough and turn her off rather than thrilling her?" The self-doubt was making her palms sweat and her heart race as she continued toward the apartment.

Meanwhile, Alannah was dressing for the evening. She encased her legs in sheer black nylon stockings, which were attached to garters hanging down from her black garter belt. Her black panties were of the thong variety and almost as sheer as the stockings. The matching bra merely supported the underside of Alannah's breasts, leaving the nipples exposed to the cool air of the room. Finally, she reached down and slipped on her four inch black pumps, completing her look for the night.

Once she finished dressing, she looked around the room one more time. The chair was positioned in the center of the room with the soft, thick nylon rope lying over each arm. Candles were placed around the room and provided the only light. Lying on the floor beside the chair were the items that she and Brenna decided together they would use in play tonight. "Oh God, I can't wait," thought Alannah as her breasts throbbed and her pussy moistened just thinking about what was to occur.

Meanwhile, Brenna parked the car and entered the apartment. She could hear the soft streams of music coming from their bedroom. She could smell the sandal wood incense burning, its odor wafting throughout the rooms. She knew Alannah waited for her through that single bedroom door.

She walked over to the bar and poured herself a shot of Crown Royal. Her nerves were jumping all over the place. She was not sure she was ready to go through with this game playing or not. "Fuck, what if it's too kinky?" Brenna mused as she sipped her drink.

Brenna heard Alannah call her name, "Brenna, honey. Are you ready, baby? Come into the bedroom."

Brenna quickly finished her drink and walked toward the bedroom. She could see the golden glow that emanated from the candlelight. She felt her heartbeat pick up as she entered the room. She saw Alannah standing next to the bed dressed in almost nothing. Brenna's mind became a blank slate and her body took over. "Damn, mine all mine and it is time to play," ran through her mind as she moved closer to stand in front of Alannah,

Brenna reached out and ran her warm hands down the sides of Alannah's body. She roughly took hold of Alannah, holding her arms locked to her sides as she passionately kissed her. Brenna pressed her lips firmly to Alannah's lips and thrust her tongue deep inside, seeking more.

"Yeah, baby." Alannah moaned.

Still holding Alannah's arms, Brenna walked Alannah slowly backward until her knees hit against the single chair sitting out in the center of the room. On reaching the chair, Brenna leaned in and kissed again as she pushed her down onto the chair, saying, "Oh baby, I want you. All of you."

Holding her in place with her legs, Brenna held one of Alannah's arms to the arm of the chair and wrapped the rope snuggly around her wrist, tying her down. She did the same with the other arm. Alannah trembled with excitement as she waited for Brenna's next move.

Brenna looked down and kicked Alannah's legs widely apart before kneeling down between them. Using her body to hold Alannah legs widespread, she reached out, grabbed her bra, unsnapping it in a single quick move. Alannah's voluptuous breasts spilled forth, tauntingly in front of Brenna's face. Brenna groaned inwardly as she flicked out her tongue, licking quickly around Alannah's nipples, watching them harden as she leaned in closer to Alannah.

"Mmmmmoooohhhh yeah baby!" Alannah said as she watched Brenna feed off her sensuous breasts.

Alannah pulled tight against her restraints but was unable to get loose, wanting nothing more than to reach out and touch Brenna's face. She moaned as Brenna pulled her breast deep into her mouth sucking hard on her nipple. Brenna reached down and ran her hands beneath the top of Alannah's panties, pushing them off her hips in her eagerness to reach her pussy.

She stopped sucking Alannah's breasts and reached down to the floor, picking up the nipple clamps that had been left lying there. She held first one then the other breast in her hands as she quickly clamped each nipple. "Sssssssssssssssss uhhhhhnnnn fuck!" Alannah cried out at first in pain. However, that soon subsided as Brenna tipped closer and flicked rapidly back and forth across her nipples; the pain changed to ecstasy and Alannah moaned aloud, loving the new sensation.

Brenna reached down, lifting Alannah's hips from the chair, and stripped her panties from her body, leaving her garter belt and stockings in place. Brenna could smell the hot, wet musk from Alannah's pussy as she looked at her slit with desire. She moaned, oh gawddddd, as her own desire overcame her. Sitting back on her heels, Brenna reached out with her fingertips and spread Alannah's nether lips so she could look upon the hidden feast waiting for her wet mouth. She ran her thumb up and down Alannah s' slit, feeling the wetness forming.

Brenna reached up, pinching Alannah's clit between her fingers and thumb. As it hardened, she moved her fingers lower so she could lean in and flick the stiffened nub with her hot tongue. Round and round she licked, stopping at times to pull Alannah's clit deep into her mouth. Alannah squirmed and groaned as her body tensed like a tightly compressed spring, loving every sensation she was feeling.

Reaching once more to the floor, Brenna picked up her final clamp. She again took Alannah's clit between her fingers and attached the last clamp to her clit. She finished the loop by attaching the chain dangling from Alannah's nipple clamps to the clit clamp. Every time Alannah moved, she pulled against both her nipples and her clit. The sensations were indiscernible making Alannah draw closer to the ultimate orgasm.

With Alannah's clit held out of the way and her nipples getting the attention needed, Brenna was able to concentrate solely on Alannah's pussy and ass. These were her main goals. Again, she reached down this time picking up a small, slender green dildo. With her other hand she lifted a vial of thick oil and poured it over Alannah's pussy, watching it run down onto the crack of her ass. Alannah moaned aloud as she felt the warm oil tricking down along her ass.

Brenna ran her index finger around the tight puckered hole, rubbing faster, pushing inward, and stretching it wider. Working in her finger deeper, she constantly twisted it in circles, ever widening the area. Moving her finger back out, Brenna grasped Alannah's hips in both hands and pulled Alannah's ass out over the edge of the chair making it easier to enter her ass. Brenna ran two fingers back up to the puckered hole and pressed steadily watching them slip deeper inside. She could feel the tightness clamping against her fingers as she shoved them in and out, ramming them hard and deep.

Finally, with her other hand, she moved the slender green dildo to line up with Alannah's ass. She quickly pulled out her finger and just as quickly slid the dildo in place. She held it in place, waiting for the first wave of pain to pass. Alannah hissed as she felt the sensation throbbing throughout her body making her want to feel more. Slowly, Brenna began sliding it in and out, pushing deeper with each thrust until it was firmly imbedded within Alannah's ass.

Holding it in place, Brenna leaned forward and ran her tongue around the opening to Alannah's pussy. Brenna pressed her tongue deep inside, twirling it round and round as she pressed even deeper.

As Brenna felt Alannah spreading wider, she reached for the final item, a bright blue jelly dildo. Still holding the anal dildo in place, Brenna pulled her tongue out, licking as she moved back. She reached out and pressed the head of the dildo against the opening of Alannah's pussy. Alannah groaned, "OH FUCK YES! GIVE IT TO ME!" She was overwhelmed by the sensations shooting through her body.

Brenna stopped, leaving the dildo just inside of Alannah's pussy. She moved her hands back up to Alannah's breasts, rubbing and squeezing them but being careful not to bump against the clamps. Leaning closer, she kissed Alannah, thrusting her tongue deep inside, pulling back to whisper, "You nearly took me over the edge, baby, and I want to prolong this for you and me. Are you ready?"

Alannah moaned back, "Oh God, yessssssss. NOW!!"

Brenna reached down, checking first to see if the green dildo was in place. She pushed it in further making sure it would not slip out as she turned back to Alannah's pussy. She grasped the blue dildo and pushed more firmly, feeling it slide deeper, stretching Alannah open wider. She met some resistance from the dildo in Alannah's ass but continued to push until it was firmly inside her pussy.

Brenna stopped, reached up and pulled on the chain between Alannah's clit and nipples. Red-hot triggers of pain shot through Alannah's body as her clit and nipples reacted to the pull. She arched upward, loving the way her whole body was reacting to Brenna's touch. Brenna moved her hand back to Alannah's pussy and began working the dildo in and out, faster and faster, shoving it deeper and deeper. In and out, harder, faster, twisting it side to side. She could feel the pussy walls getting slicker as it moved faster and faster, in and out.

With one big shove, Brenna pressed deep inside Alannah's pussy imbedding her knuckles deep as Alannah arched, throwing her pussy upward as wave after wave of white blinding orgasm hit her. Cum streamed from her wet, hot pussy.

Brenna pulled dildo out, licking along Alannah's slit as the dampness flowed from within. She contemplated running her fist deep inside of Alannah but realized since this was her first time, she may not be able to stand the pain. Instead, she leaned forward and rammed her tongue deep into Alannah's pussy, sucking all that she could.

Finally, when her tongue was too tired to thrust more, she leaned back, panting, trying to catch her breath. She reached down and slowly pulled the green dildo from Alannah's ass, watching as the asshole slowly closed back up. Alannah moaned softly as she felt the familiar intruder being removed.

Next, she removed the clamps from Alannah's clit and nipples, kissing each spot as she released them. She leaned in and kissed Alannah on the lips in a searing kiss.

Alannah could taste herself on Brenna's lips as the kiss deepened. Pulling back, Brenna removed the restraints from both arms and gently helped her back onto her feet. Alannah could barely stand so she leaned out against Brenna as they walked toward the bed. As Brenna tucked her in for the night, Alannah reached out and grabbed her hand, saying, "Honey. Tomorrow it's your turn."

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