~ Just Because, No Matter What ~
by Fantasy Bard

Dedication: This is a love story and a sex story. Sex can be an extension of the love that you feel for one another. Just because, no matter what.

I would like to extend a very grateful thank you to Tamara Hodge for her excellent beta reading and suggestions she made. Her work is much appreciated.

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Work had been hard and long today and we were both tired as hell. We had planned on going out but the rains seemed to have settled in around us, making driving hard. We changed our plans and decided to stay home together. We made a quick dinner, drinking a little wine with our meal. It was a quiet evening.

After dinner, she decided to go ahead and get her shower while I finished cleaning up the kitchen. I polished it off in a short period and headed back into the living room to await my turn for the bath. As I walked into the living room, I saw her lying quietly on the couch. She must have finished her bath while I was completing the chores in the kitchen.

Walking closer, I could see she was asleep as a soft snore could be heard with each breath she took. She was wrapped only in a large bath towel. I looked at her lying there and wondered if she would enjoy the way that I planned on waking her up.

I rushed to the master bath where I finished showering in record time. Pulling on a fleecy robe, I went back to the living room. She still lay sleeping on the couch.

I walked over and sat down on the edge of the couch. This woke her up and she slowly opened her sexy green eyes. My own brown eyes darkened in response to the passion that I could see in hers. My breath quickened as my mind raced with what I wanted to do with my baby.

Leaning forward, I kissed her gently on the lips and whispered, "Hello."

She grinned her crooked smile saying, "Ummmmm, come closer," as she reached up and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. Pulling me down to lean against her chest, she opened her mouth and slashed it across mine in a hot, wet kiss. I could feel her heat beneath my body as I pressed against her towel-covered breasts. My breasts tightened in response.

Placing my hands on either side of her head, I held her face still as I deepened our kiss, thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth. Parry and thrust, parry and thrust. I devoured her mouth as we kissed. I sucked her tongue back into my mouth, savoring the taste of my love. She moaned as I sucked harder, wanting to take all of it inside of me. I released her tongue only to quickly follow back into her mouth with mine. I thrust deeper and harder, moaning as I felt her sucking hard on me. I sucked her breath away as she pushed gently against my chest to move me back.

I watched her with hooded eyes as she inhaled deeply. Her heartbeat quickened and I could see the pulse in her neck beating. I could feel her heart racing against my chest.

I moved my hands slowly from her head, sliding them softly down the sides of her neck, across her shoulders only to stop at the top of the towel covering her breasts. Leaning closer, I said in sexy voice, "I want to taste you babe; I want to take your breasts into my mouth."

She moaned and arched up toward me, not able to speak. I shifted my hands to her towel and slowly un-tucked the edges, letting it fall open in front of me. Her breasts were large, full, and luscious to behold. They cascaded over her chest and filled the space around her. The skin was a pale pink; as if the sun never shone on it. Next to my darker skin, she glowed with rich color.

The skin around her nipples was puckered from the cool air in the room. It was a light tan, contrasting vividly with the pink of her breasts. Her nipples were amazing and just looking at them made my mouth water. They were perfect and looked like little tight berries right now, rosy pink in color and slightly drawn up. I planned on making them harder.

My mouth watered as I looked at her breasts. I reached out and rolled her breasts in the palms of my hands. They are large and filled my hands to overflowing. Their heat was unbelievable. The velvety soft skin warmed my palms. I rubbed my thumbs softly over her nipples, watching them grow harder as I brushed back and forth. She moaned softly as I continued to admire her breasts.

Finally, I leaned closer and lifted her breasts toward me. I watched her face as I flicked my tongue over her nipples. She arched more, reaching out to place a hand on the back of my head. I felt her fingers softly sliding through the short hair on my head. I burned where she touched me.

I stopped fleetingly, as I contemplated my next move. I squeezed her breast rhythmically; squeezed and released, squeezed and released, squeezed and released. She curved upward with each bolt of pressure she felt. I took my other hand and began playing with her nipple. I pinched it between my finger and thumb, rolling it around between them and pulling on it slightly. It grew even harder and turned darker red as I played roughly with it.

"Oh god, I feel it in my clit. God, you're making me so hot," she moaned as she continued to stroke my hair. Her breathing picked up and I could tell she was growing more excited.

She excited me when she talked dirty and it I pulled on her nipple roughly, wanting to make her feel more. Eventually, I couldn't resist any longer. I had to taste her; to feel her in my mouth and on my tongue. I moved my head closer and brushed my tongue briskly across the nipple I had been teasing. She hissed, "Yessssssssss!" Her nipple glistened with moisture.

I leaned down and sucked her hard into my mouth. Her back arched, as she pressed deeper into my mouth. I sucked harder, feeling her nipple engorge and swell. I rubbed my tongue around it as much as I could. I sucked even harder, wanting to take it all the way back into my throat.

She groaned and pressed into my mouth. I heard her chanting, "Oh god?Oh god?Oh god," as I sucked her nipple harder and harder. I released that breast and moved to the other, repeating the same process.

She began thrusting her pelvis gently as I went back and forth between each breast. I pulled back slightly, looking at her lying there just waiting for me to carry her over the edge. She spread her legs slightly as she continued to thrust her pelvis up and down. Her breasts were pinker thanks to my attention. The nipples were cherry red where I had sucked on them, pulling the blood up and making them swell.

I ran a hand over her stomach, moving closer to her mound as I leaned down and flicked her nipple with my tongue. My fingers traveled lower as she tightened her fingers on my scalp. I could tell by the way her body trembled and her breath quickened that she was excited and wanted more. I know my baby well; yes, I do.

While sucking her nipple, I slid my fingers between the folds of her lips and touched her clit with my fingertips. She gripped my hair and pulled slightly as pleasure swept through her body. I moved away from her breasts so I could watch her as I stroked and played with her clit.

Moving my fingers down to her opening, I coated my finger with her wetness. I rubbed the wetness over her hardening nub, sliding slickly round and round her clit. Her pelvis pressed harder against my fingers as she thrashed about on the couch. I added a finger and increased the friction rubbing harder and faster. I felt it rolling beneath my fingertips. The sounds she made excited me even more as she cried, "Fuck yes?more baby?more."

She reached for my robe as I rubbed her harder. I stopped what I was doing to tell her no, this is for her. I took her hands and placed them on her breasts, saying to her, "Baby, play with yourself. Let me watch you play with your nipples while I touch you."

She didn't hesitate and began pinching and pulling on her breasts.

God she was so hot to watch. She made me want to give her more and more just to watch her explode. I slid my eyes down her flushed body to her mound where my hand still rested against her clit. I began rubbing her faster and harder. I wanted to hear her cum. I wanted to see her cum. I wanted to taste her when she came.

I shifted slightly so that I was sitting along her legs somewhat below her hips. I could see her torso but more importantly, I could see between her legs from this angle. I leaned closer as I watched my fingers applying pressure to her clit. I could see the slight swelling where she was becoming excited by my fingering and rubbing. Moisture glistened as she became wetter. I leaned down and ran my tongue over her, tasting her pearly dew. I pressed my tongue hard and flat against her pussy as I stroked repeatedly. I never lessened the movement of my fingers on her clit. I began to feel her shaking, trying to hold back. She was chanting quietly, "Fuck me? fuck me?fuck me."

I moved closer to give her what she needed, slowly stroking my fingers down to her wet opening. I paused as I looked at her lying there flushed, waiting for me to carry her over the edge.

I began thrusting two fingers slowly into her. I felt the slick walls as my fingers worked deeper. She lifted her hips and impaled herself on my fingers as they pistoned in and out. My fingers were soaking wet and slid easily as I thrust all the way in, pulled out, and thrust again. In and out, faster and harder, I moved my fingers as she rocked, forcing them to go deeper inside. She cried out, "Oh yeah, baby, more. Fuck yeah!"

Leaning down, I ran my tongue hard over her clit as my fingers rammed in and out. I pressed my tongue to her clit and then pulled back to flick it rapidly back and forth as my fingers continued pumping in and out. She moved her hands from her breasts and grabbed my head, forcing it against her clit.

She continued to rock her hips on my hand and tongue as she began moaning, "Fuck, baby??I'm cumminggggggg!" as her body convulsed around my fingers, trapping them deep inside her.

She held my tongue hard against her clit. I began to suck as she came. "OH?GOD?YES!" she cried as cum flooded my still pumping fingers.

Her legs jerked as the walls clamped down on my fingers, trapping them inside. I held my hand still as I felt the inner walls spasm with her final descent over the edge.

She removed her hand from my head and I was able to draw back. My fingers were still imbedded deep within her. I looked at my hand and saw the moisture running over my fingers. Slowly, I removed them; the sound wet and sucking as I pulled them out.

Her legs collapsed to each side as I watched her recovering from the aftermath of my loving her. She was flushed a bright rosy pink all over her body. Her breathing was rapid but slowed as I watched.

Moving closer, I ended where I started, by leaning over and kissing her gently on the lips, saying softly, "I love you baby. Just because, no matter what."

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Copyright 2004 by Fantasy Bard. All Rights Reserved.

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