~ Strapped For Love ~
by Fantasy Bard

Disclaimer: Very mature audience only. Do you think toys are only for children?

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We had been watching porno flicks for several weeks trying to find new excitement in our relationship. Tonight, I watched you as your eyes stayed glued to the screen watching the lesbian couple in the movie picking out the toys they wanted for play. I saw you lick your lips as the first woman picked up a dildo and harness and began strapping up for her partner's excitement. I could see your breath catch in your chest as you became more sexually turned on by the moaning and pleading by the second partner for more, deeper, and harder. I knew strapping was a big turn on for you, yet at the same time, I want so much more out of our relationship than just penetration. As I watched the movie, I began to realize that it wasn't just penetration that was exciting you but the ability to control the conquest, to be able to give something to your partner that would be for her and her alone. My mind began to reason that your wanting to strap for me was not just dominance by you but also the real desire to give me pleasure. I was becoming excited by the prospect of having you make love to me with your dildo.

I looked over into your face as we sat on the couch watching the TV. I could see the sexual gleam that you couldn't hide. I was intoxicated watching your tongue leisurely sweep around the sweet oval of your mouth. Leaning to me, you kissed me lightly on the cheek, rising from the couch as you did so. You gently said, "Baby, I'll be back in a few." I turned my head and watched as you left the room. My body was throbbing with desire from just sitting next to you. God, Baby, what should I expect? I wondered to myself as I waited for your return.

Picking up the remote, I turned off the television. I rose and slowly removed my clothing, knowing this would be a surprise when you came back to me. I reached along the back of the couch and drew off the light cover that was lying across its top. I shook it out, letting it drift down to cover my naked body. As it slowly sank against my breasts, my nipples hardened from the feathery movement. As my breasts tingled, I slowly moved the palms of my hands over my nipples, feeling the sexual pull deep in my pelvis.

I heard you coming back down the hall and turned slightly to watch you re-enter the room. You had on a beautiful black silk kimono, which bulged into a tent at the crotch. My God, baby, I knew you had to be strapped. It excited me to no end thinking of feeling, tasting and riding your cock. My breath hitched as I tried to contain my exhilaration of anticipation of what was to come.

Walking closer you noted my shoulders were bare as were my legs. You moved closer reaching for my hands, pulling me up to stand beside you. You leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips as you slowly loosened the fastening on your kimono. It slid from your shoulders and dropped crumpled to the floor at our feet. I felt your cock prodding my pelvis as your breasts pressed against me and your lips covered mine with a hard, wet kiss.

And now we begin.

You move back a step and sit down on the couch, you cock standing up angling toward me as you pull me forward to straddle your lap. Reaching down you pull my hot ass toward you. I move closer with my legs spread open, draped on the outside of your legs. Your hands lightly slap my ass as I settle softly onto your lap, your cock pressed up between us.

Your head moves lower to my cleavage as you run your tongue between my breasts. "Baby, I love the way you smell," you murmur as you kiss the sides of my breasts. You squeeze my ass as I press harder down onto your lap. I reach back and pull one of your hands around to my slit, pressing your fingers onto my pussy. You run your fingers over my hot slit as I hold your wrist to feel you moving on me. You look down as you slide your fingers into my wetness. "Ummmmmmm yesssss," I moan. You curve your fingers around to massage my cunt. "Shittttttttttttttttt, gooooooooooooooooooood," I groan.

You pull your fingers back out to massage my clit while I rock in your lap. You lean toward me and say, "Yeah baby, but don't cum yet." You reach down and rub the tip of your cock over my pussy, massaging my slit. "Mmmmmmmm yes, oh God, yesssssssss", I hiss. Your cock presses at my slit, forcing its way inside of me. Hard, harder, fast, faster. "Fuck me baby," I command. You shove your cock in deeper, harder, faster, deeper, opening up my tight pussy. "That's it," I instruct as you rock harder stretching my pussy wide open. You start pounding into me, harder, faster, spreading me wider and wider. You pull back, then drive into me.


Pumping my pussy, going harder and deeper, driving all the way in and pulling it all the way out. I yell, "Make me cum baby. FUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEE."

You start pumping harder, ramming into me, slamming my hot pussy. "I'mmmmmm cuuuuummmmmmmminnnnnnnnggggggggg, So damn fucking wettttttttttttttttttttt." I plead, "Don't stop". You ram harder, harder, harder. Then you flip me over onto the couch pulling my legs up on your shoulders as you ram into me, grinding more and more, harder and harder. WHAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP. You reach down and flip on the switch on your cock, BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, saying, "Turning it on for you baby."



You continue ramming it in and out of my pussy. You ask, "You want more? Tell me. I'll GIVE IT TO YOU."

"Yes, Baby, Give me fucking more",
I beg.

Faster, you ram, faster, harder, faster, harder. I beg for more, "Ohhhhhhhh, please fill me up." POUNDING INTO MY HOT PUSSY.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, yesssssssssssssss." I cry as you drive your cock inside.



You rub your hand all over my clit as you ram your cock in and out of me

I holler, "Awwwwwwwwwwwww. FUCKKKKKKKK. MAKE ME CUM."

Your drive faster, harder, deeper, deeper, faster, in and out, rougher.


"OHHHH Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," I moan as your cock slides in and out of my pussy.

"TAKE IT BABY!" you growl between gritted teeth as your hips pump harder and faster.

You pull all the way out, then, SLAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM. Fucking me harder, faster, faster , and harder.


It's humming deep inside my pussy as you grind harder into me, pulling my hips tight against your pussy as your cock slides all the way inside of me. I whimper, "Make me cum baby," as I start shaking with my orgasm. You slam with your cock, pounding into my wet, slippery cunt.

Pumping me harder and faster, twisting and turning, back and forth, faster and harder, pinching my clit at the same time. Then you pull back all the way out and SLAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM my pussy, rocking deeper and deeper inside of me.

You pull our pussies tight together with your cock still imbedded in me and rumble, "You're mine baby. Whatever you want is yours." You pull out and slam into me again, finally stopping to pull out, dropping to your knees where you begin licking my pussy. I whimper, "MMMM fuck, yeah, baby," as you suck my cunt with long, hard, deep strokes.

You pull on my pussy lips and then slide you tongue back inside, tasting me. You whisper against my pussy, "AAAHHHHHH FUCK YOU TASTE GOOD BABY."

You tell me finally, "That's it baby, give it to me," as you continue sucking my pussy. I rock back and forth, riding your face as you keep drawing me into your mouth repeatedly. You reach forward and drive two fingers inside of me, stroking my G spot while you continue to hum against my clit. You push deeper, rubbing harder on my spot, as you say, "Cum on baby." I follow with, "MMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMMING."

You pull your fingers out as you lick my clit once again before moving up to hold me in your arms. You hold me tight, pulling me close as you kiss my neck and ears, locking your arms around me. Catching my breath I finally say, "Shit baby, what a ride, so fucking hard. God, I love you." You reply, "I love you baby, it's what you deserve but you have made me fucking wet in the process. I came so fucking hard just watching you cum."

Holding on to each other, we talk about what the experience means to us. I am thrilled by your desire to please me and you say that you also have the pleasure of controlling our love making which satisfies you immensely. Together, we have discovered adding supplemental toys to our relationship only gives both of us additional pleasure. We continue to snuggle until we both drift off to sleep.

Feedback welcome: fantasybard2003@yahoo.com

Copyright 2004 by Fantasy Bard. All Rights Reserved

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