~ Honey, Honey... By My Valentine! ~
by Fiur and Vlamme


The characters in this story are of our own creation so please don't use them without permission. Two of them might look like a certain duo from a famous TV show about a Warrior Princess and her Warrior Bard soulmate, but that's just coincidence.

This is a sequel to our story All I Want For Christmas...

There will be no blood or violence here. This is just a story about women in love and a day dedicated to love. Um...yes...there will be a graphic love scene in this piece of fiction...BLUSH...yes, between two women so, if you don't like it don't read it and for those under age you better get out of here...but, feel free to come back when you are older ;-)

The song "Show me Heaven" belongs to Maria McKee and was used without permission...we are so sorry but Vlamme got so inspired by it that we just had to put it in here.

This story is dedicated to all that nice people who sent us such lovely feedback on our Christmas story and asked us to do a sequel. We hope you will enjoy it. It also is for all lovers and all people who are in love or still searching to find it.


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14th of February

Soft and even breathing was the only sound that could be heard in the spacious bedroom, which was on the seventh floor of the apartment building. Lili and Marleen were in their bed, slumbering peacefully.

The clock showed it was nearly 6 o'clock in the morning. Marleen was wearing her short, red nightgown, and she lay at the left edge of the bed, in a fetal position, because someone had stolen her covers and the smaller Lili had claimed the rest of the king-sized bed all for herself. The young blonde lay there beneath all the disheveled covers, arms and legs stretched out. Duffy was curled up at the foot of the bed. The little dog had been growing quite a bit since Christmas. The three were fast asleep until suddenly, the shrill ringing of the alarm clock pierced the silence. Duffy barked, alarmed, and Marleen jerked up, her big, blue eyes opened wide in shock. "What's the matter?" she mumbled, blinking sleepily with her long, dark hair in the worst case of bedhead. In the next moment, the alarm clock ceased its tinny ringing under the pillow, which Marleen had thrown on top of the bedside table. Relieved, she sank back into the warm bed. "Who the hell set the stupid alarm?" she grumbled.

Without opening her eyes even the tiniest crack, Lili sighed dreamily, "I did." Then she turned on her side only to jump up at the next moment. Recognition set in and she shouted, "I DID!"

Marleen yawned. "I heard you the first time," she muttered. "And now come over here. Jesus, it's still dark outside. Since you woke us so damn early, how about spending some time cuddling and snuggling until breakfast? Because it's the weekend and that makes it perfect for staying in bed all day. Don't you think so?" Her hand was groping for Lili's body, but she only found the blanket and wrapped herself in it. She was nearly back in her dreamscape when Lili jumped around on the bed, shaking her girlfriend awake once more. "No, no, no, we can't. That would mess up my perfect plan. Today is the day. Day X, so to speak. They need this day!" the blonde declared, excitement clearly audible in her voice.

"I really don't know what you are talking about. Could you please explain it to me? And who are 'they'?" Marleen asked, wrinkling her forehead.

"Okay, I'll give you a hint. Valentine's Day."

The dark-haired woman shrugged her shoulders. "So what? I know that it's Valentine's Day today. Actually, I wanted to wake you with a heavenly breakfast in bed, after sleeping in for a change, but you, my dear, set the alarm for six o'clock in the morning! And then you jumped up as if bitten by an adder!"

Tired, the tall woman rubbed her eyes, yawned and slowly forced her body in an upright position. Incredulous, she looked at Lili, who was sitting in a washed out

T-shirt directly in front of her. "Who needs a plan for a romantic day of love anyway?" Marleen asked innocently.

"Well, Ashley and Kelly, of course," the blonde blurted out. "Don't tell me you have forgotten about that."

Uncomprehending, Marleen blinked and looked deep into emerald eyes she had fallen in love with so long ago, which were now flashing at her wildly. "You are so sexy when you are irritated...even in that old shirt you're wearing," she admitted, grinning roguishly. "And I know something I'd rather be doing right now instead of talking about our friends..." That said, she pinned her lover to the soft pillows, instantly covering her with passionate kisses. Lili moaned lustfully and almost forgot about everything else. Almost.

With supreme effort, she pressed her hands against Marleen's muscled stomach and pushed her back, scrambled from underneath her and hurried in direction of the bathroom. On the way, she winked at her beloved. "You nearly got me there."

"Yeah, but only nearly," Marleen sighed, got up and followed her reluctantly.

In front of the mirror, on which Marleen had drawn a big heart with lipstick, the blonde stood brushing her teeth. The excitement clearly written on her face wasn't exactly shared by the brunette. Slightly disgruntled, she leaned against the door frame, stretched her tired limbs and yawned. Lili stared at her beloved's reflection in the mirror and, lost in thought, she paused, the toothbrush still in her mouth. With each stretch, her fiancée's satin nightgown slipped upward, revealing two slender, long legs that ended at a tiny red hem. Smiling, the dark-haired woman noticed the longing gazes and finally pulled the nightgown over her head and two flawless breasts appeared to Lili's hungry eyes. As seductively as she could, Marleen caressed her own body until her fingers reached the slip, drew it over her firm buttocks and down her legs. Then, she cleared her throat and pointed her index finger at Lili. "Um...baby...you've got toothpaste on your chin...I would be grateful if you would refrain from drooling all over the floor...you know, I just cleaned it yesterday."

Completely dazed, Lili was still staring into the mirror, while Marleen laughed, stepped into the shower and let the refreshing wetness pearl over her naked body.

The blonde was wiping the dripping paste off her chin, when an out stretched hand beckoned her to enter the shower as well. A pair of mischievous blue eyes peered through a gap of the shower curtain. "You know, there's enough room for two. And here is your opportunity to soap me up...everywhere! I bought rose-scented soap in heart-shaped form for the occasion," she sing-songed, grinning and hoping that the other would relent.

For a split second Lili wavered, but then withstood the temptation. "No, no, no...we don't have time," she chuckled. "Or else, we are never going to get out of the house. I'll go and make us some strong coffee."

Shortly after that, Marleen followed her fiancée to the kitchen, while she hid her long, wet hair beneath a towel that was wrapped around her head like a turban. "Um...baby? What exactly do you mean we don't have time? It's the weekend, it's Valentine's Day...could we do something about Ashley and Kelly on another day?" Marleen asked hopefully.

Lili shot her beloved a searching glance. "You're not serious, are you?"

"What do you mean?" the dark haired woman pouted, now completely confused.

Lili crossed her arms. "Alright," she sighed. "When I say Valentine's Day in combination with Ashley, Kelly and my brilliant plan, does that ring a bell?"

Marleen slapped her forehead. "Oh damn. That totally slipped my mind. Was that really today?"

Lili giggled and hugged her. "Don't worry, darling. I've thought about everything and planned it through to the tiniest detail. Nothing can go wrong." She let go of her lover, glanced at her electronic calendar and then at her watch. "We are right on time to prepare the final steps. Soon phase 1A and B are under way, at least if Rashid is punctual."

"Rashid?" Marleen was puzzled, but Lili didn't answer her question, she just kept on talking. "Both will dress up for their dates, which means, we should start getting dressed, too. Then, we will take our positions at the French restaurant, where I have reserved a table and ordered a delicious menu for them. And in the afternoon, there will be an extra special surprise waiting for them at the park. That will be the highlight." Lili grinned widely while thinking about it. "This is going to be the most beautiful day of their lives!"

Marleen was skeptical. "Lili, I really don't want to spoil your optimism, but, what if they never appear at the restaurant?"

"Oh, they will! Pure curiosity will make that happen. I'm sure they'll want to know the identity of their secret Valentine," Lili declared, confidently. "But now, let's stop standing around here and talking. It's time for some action!" She went back to the bedroom, Marleen hot on her heels, and took out a big, black suitcase. Lili put it on the bed, opened the lid and presented the contents to her beloved. Marleen's eyes nearly popped out of her head. "Now, were did you get all that stuff? From 'Spies R Us'," the brunette asked astonished, while looking at several binoculars, tiny cell phones and other technical gadgets she had seen in James Bond movies.

"What's this? Night sight equipment? Lili, what do we need all that for?"

"Well, I have to make sure that my plan is going to be a success. So, we will have to stay close to Ashley and Kelly all the time. But, we can't get too close or they will detect us and that's why we need little electronic helpers," the blonde answered cheerfully.

Marleen's jaw nearly hit the floor. "You want us to shadow and trail them? You certainly haven't told me anything about that!"

"You wouldn't have cooperated if I had told you before. Actually, I also wanted to place some bugs in the restaurant..."

"LILI!" Marleen was shocked. "That's going too far!"

"You didn't let me finish. I said I wanted to, but I didn't. Quite frankly, the owner of the restaurant wasn't too happy about that particular idea."

The dark-haired woman breathed a sigh of relief, just to get the next shock.

After a pause, Lili added, "But, we have to disguise ourselves so Ashley and Kelly won't recognize us."

"Um...baby, what exactly do you mean by disguise?" Marleen inquired, very carefully, a bad feeling rising inside her.

Lili retrieved a white tuxedo, a short, black cocktail dress, a dark-haired wig and a beard from the suitcase. Then she held up the tuxedo and beard to Marleen.

"That's a joke, right? You can't be serious!" the brunette exclaimed vehemently, staring disbelievingly at the clothes.

Lili waggled her eyebrows, grinned and disappeared to the bathroom, cocktail dress and wig in her hands.

"Lili?" Marleen called after her. "Lili, please, tell me that you are joking! Why do we need fancy clothes?"

"Because that's custom in the restaurant, especially today. Now, please, stop making such a fuss, darling," Lili's voice answered from behind the bathroom's door.

"Great! Absolutely great!" Marleen grumbled, sarcastically. "I sure as hell didn't imagine my romantic Valentine's Day with Lili like this. I so wanted to spoil her, today. Well, I guess it can only get better." She sighed sadly, then went into the bedroom to change.


"Ohhh, yes! Of course, I want to become your wife! And I will love you until the end of all time," sounded from the TV, which was showing an old, black and white love story. Soft, romantic music drifted from the speakers while the credits rolled. A slender hand reached for the colorful paper box, which sat on the couch table and pulled out a tissue.

"Just what am I doing here?" Kelly sobbed, sitting on the couch in front of the TV,

dabbing her tears away. "I knew that that old, mushy movie would make me cry." She hugged her legs to her chest and sighed.

"Just why do they have to show love movies on each and every channel? Yes, alright, it's Valentine's Day, so what? Does the whole world has to be in love? Is there nobody thinking about us poor guys, who weren't able to find true love?" she grumbled sarcastically, got up from her seat and switched off the TV.

"I'm not even going to try the radio, because I'm sure there will be one love song after the other or worse, those disgusting duets, where the singers are crooning and cooing at each other. I don't think that my poor, tortured heart could bear that." She tapped her index finger against her chin, thinking. "Mmh, what could I do to get this horrible day over as fast as possible?"

A small smile flickered across her face, as an idea formed in her mind and she snapped her fingers. "That's it! I'm going to read a book. Yes, that will relax me and I can submerge myself in a fantasy world and forget that today is Valentine's Day."

The redhead went to her books and her eyes scanned the shelves for a suitable one. But her searching gaze stopped at a framed picture in the middle shelf, and a little, painful sting in her heart made the tiny smile that had formed on her lips disappear. The usual sadness seized her thoughts once more.

"Ashley," Kelly whispered brokenly, took the frame from the shelf and went back to the couch where she sat down, never taking her green eyes off the picture. Her hand was trembling slightly and tears welled up in her eyes, as one finger gently caressed Ashley's image. "Short dark brown hair, intelligent and warm gray-blue eyes that are shining with mirth and mischief, a smile to melt my heart, and the cutest dimpled chin I have ever seen. Oh, Ashley. I would give anything to find love and security in your arms."

She pressed the frame tightly to her chest, the pain in her heart nearly unbearable, while her whole body was shaking under the force of her sobs. It took a while until the red-haired woman had her emotions back under control. "But, as much as I hope, it will never happen. You and I will never be more than good friends. I have to accept that, even though it's tearing up my heart. I wish it were different, but it isn't."

Kelly looked at the picture. She placed her rosy lips against the smooth, cold glass of the frame. "I love you Ashley Tanner. I will always love you. And if I can only have you as my friend, that will be enough." She rose and put the frame back on the shelf. "It has to be enough," Kelly added after a short pause.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and the sound brought her back from her melancholy. Kelly glanced at her watch. "At this time? Who can that be?" A bit disgruntled, she walked to the door and opened it. Soon after that, a sea of red roses and red, heart-shaped balloons approached her. "Oh my God, what is all that stuff?" she blurted astonished.

A young, Indian man with a big smile on his face stood in front of the door. "Are you Ms Kelly Sanders?" he wanted to know.

"Um...ah...y-yes," Kelly stuttered, completely surprised and a bit dazed. "What can I do for you...uh..." she glanced at his name tag, which was fastened to his blue uniform jacket, clearly visible. "What can I do for you, Rashid?"

"Oh, no, no, no! The question should be...," he pointed at himself, "...what can I do for you." Rashid gazed at her swollen, red-rimmed eyes. "And I'd say that maybe this little delivery here will put a smile on your face," he replied charmingly, giving her the roses and balloons. "A beautiful, young woman like you shouldn't cry on a day like this."

Kelly's thoughts were tumbling. "All this is supposed to be for me? But... what ...who ...how?"

Apologetically, Rashid held up his hands. "I'm sorry. I'm not allowed to answer these questions. But, I wish you a happy day! Bye!"

And before Kelly could answer, the man ran down the stairs and exited the building.

Frowning, she gazed after him, then she returned to her apartment, closing the door behind her. "I really wonder who sent me all this. Red roses and heart-shaped balloons...how cute, " Kelly said grinning, and felt her chest warm with a lucky feeling.

After cutting the flower's stems with a sharp knife, she put them into a vase. "The person who sent me all this seems to be very courteous. All the thorns have already been removed. Well, it's a pity that the person forgot to leave their name."

Kelly regarded the balloons and finally something occurred to her. One of them was white and something silvery was glimmering through the light rubber. "Another secret that has to be disclosed," the red-haired woman mentioned, grabbed the balloon and pierced it with the tip of the knife until it burst. Five chocolates, wrapped in silvery paper, and a card dropped into her lap. "My favorite chocolate! Well that can only mean that the person, who sent all this, knows me pretty well. Mmh, maybe the card will tell me something about their identity. Or maybe...could it be that...no."

Excited beyond belief, she read the card's words. "The writing is neat and flourished; I don't know anyone who writes like this:

Roses are red

and violets are blue

honey is sweet

but not as sweet as you.

You are my sunshine

may I ask if you'd like to be my valentine?

If your answer is yes, then please, put on the one white rose, it will be our sign, when we will meet for the first time.

Around two o'clock in the afternoon, a car will pick you up to drive you to your destiny.

Please, fulfill my wish. Come and meet me, you won't regret it, I promise.

and, it is signed with 'Your secret admirer'. Oh great. Now I know exactly as much as I did before."

Kelly put the card aside and started to pace, restlessly. "What am I going to do? What am I going to do? A strange person sent me dozens of roses, heart-shaped balloons, my favorite chocolate..."

Then, a disturbing thought stirred in her mind. "It could be that...no, no, she wouldn't dare. Not when I was so mad at her after her last Halloween prank. Ashley wouldn't dare to play another nasty trick on me and set me up with a blind date...would she? Well, I guess I just have to wait and see what will happen."


Soaked with sweat and a bit confused, Ashley awoke in her bed and sat up. A short glance at the alarm clock, which was placed at the bedside table, told her that it was early in the morning. She sank back, wrapped both arms around her pillow and buried her sleepy face in it. "My God! These dreams are driving me crazy," she mumbled in the black and blue satin pillow case, pictures of an erotic dream still flashing before her mind's eye. She let go of the pillow as the door bell rang. With some effort she managed to rise, threw on a robe and padded to the door. Ashley opened it and found herself face to face with a grinning Indian man, who held up a big bouquet of red roses and some heart-shaped balloons.

The brunette wrinkled her forehead, while looking at him. "There...there has to be a misunderstanding. I think you must have confused me with someone else."

"You aren't Ms Ashley Tanner?" the man asked, his smile disappearing.

"I am, but..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Rashid pushed the roses and balloons into her hands. "That's for you, then," he announced, cheerfully. "Have a nice day, Ms Tanner!"

Ashley's jaw nearly hit the floor and she could only watch him run down the stairs until he disappeared from her view. Shaking her head, she retreated to her apartment with her presents and closed the door behind her.


Firmly, Lili pounded at the door of her neighbor, Jamie. Impatiently, she looked at the name tag that showed O'Sullivan, until finally a sleepy-eyed man opened the door, clad in boxer shorts, looking like he had jumped straight from a surfer magazine. Running a hand through his disheveled blonde curls, he tried to keep his brown eyes open.

"Good morning, sleepy head," Lili blurted. "I thought you were never going to answer the door. We already talked about everything, yesterday. Here is Duffy, her food, her favorite ball and her leash. Please, take good care of our little sweetheart."

She placed the dog and the other stuff into Jamie's arms and turned around to go back to her apartment.

Finally awake, he called after her, "And a happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Lili!" But the blonde was already gone.

Jamie sighed. "Come on Duffy, let's go back to sleep. That meets your approval, right?"

The dog's answer was the wild wagging of her tail.


Ashley posed in front of the bedroom's big mirror, scrutinizing her outfit and appearance. "Mmh, not bad Ms Tanner. Nope, not bad at all. If only the one your heart beats for would notice you. That would really be something, wouldn't it?"

Her thoughts went back to the dream, that had woken her just some hours ago, and blushed brightly. "If Kelly were ever to find out what I really feel, she would run as fast as her legs could carry her, screaming her head off and never to be seen again."

"And what if it isn't like that? What if she returns your feelings?" her mind shot back.

"Nonsense! That's just wishful thinking, nothing more," Ashley decided. "Kelly is just a good friend...a very good friend."

"If you keep telling that yourself, maybe you will start eventually to even believe it," the annoying little voice piped.


Suddenly, an idea crossed her mind. "Hey, what if Kelly came up with all that Valentine's stuff and sends me on a blind date? Maybe she's trying to get back at me for the last Halloween prank I played on her."

A small chuckle escaped her throat. "Oh Kelly, I hope you didn't set me up with an ugly, fat guy. Or else, there will be hell to pay!"

She was busy pinning the white rose to her leather jacket, as the door bell sounded. Ashley took a deep breath. "Okay, that's it. Now, there's no turning back. In a few moments the identity of my secret admirer will be revealed."

"I wish it would be Kelly," the little voice in her head announced helpfully.

"Forget that!" she admonished herself. "Dear God, now I'm talking to myself."

Ashley hurried to open the door and found herself face to face with an elderly man, who wore sunglasses and the uniform of a chauffeur. "Ms Tanner?" he inquired, smiling slightly.

"Um...yes. That's me."

"My name is George. If you would follow me, please? The car is waiting, milady." He turned around and walked down the stairs.

Ashley looked after him. "Milady? Wow, I've never been called something like that." She followed him and her eyes opened wide as she saw George open the door of a black stretch limousine. "Th-That's...that's the c-car?" she stuttered, quite surprised.

"Is there a problem, milady?" the chauffeur asked, helpfully.

"Uh...no...it's just...I didn't expect something like this," Ashley answered.

"Oh, that's just the beginning," he explained, smiling mysteriously.

"Come on, George. Could you not give me a hint what's awaiting me?"

Apologizing he shook his head. "I'm sorry, milady. But, I can't do that."

"Not even a tiny hint?" Ashley begged.

"My client wishes to keep the secret. But, I assure you that no harm will come to you. As soon as we've reached our destination, all will be revealed. And the sooner you get into the car, the sooner we will be there," George announced happily with waggling eyebrows, and Ashley laughed. "Okay. Then let's get it on so my secret valentine can welcome me."

The brunette went inside the limousine and got comfortable on the leather seat. "Wow! What a great vehicle."

George took his seat behind the steering wheel and pulled a little cell phone off his belt. He pressed one of the keys and lifted the tiny phone to his ear. "Ma'am? Yes, we can begin. No, she doesn't suspect anything." After that he pressed another key and put the phone aside to start the car.

At the same time, at the other end of the town, another limousine drove toward its new destination.


"This is absolutely ridiculous!" Marleen raged while gazing with drawn brows at her reflection in the rear view mirror of their jeep, which was parking in front of one of the town's most expensive restaurants.

"Please, stop fiddling with your beard, honey. Else it will slip off your face and then our cover will be blown," Lili replied and took Marleen's fumbling hands firmly. But she couldn't suppress the big grin as she gazed at her beloved.

Marleen's face darkened even more. "You are one to talk! You are not the one, who has to walk around, looking like a musketeer!"

"So what?! You don't know how badly this wig is itching!" Lili shot back.

"I'm feeling like a freak! The only thing that's missing would be some police officer, who arrests us!" the brunette responded acidly.

Lili rolled her eyes and sighed. "You will be able to pull yourself together for two hours, won't you?"

Marleen didn't answer. She crossed her arms and scowled.

"Fine, then go home. I can do this on my own," the blonde said and reached for the door handle to get out of the car.

The other woman held her back. "No, Lili, wait. I'm sorry. I too want to know if your plan to get Ashley and Kelly together will work. But, do we have to do it like this?" she asked in a small voice.

Lili just grinned and placed a tiny kiss on Marleen's nose. "Follow me, my sweet D'Artagnan. It's time to take our place in the restaurant." That said, she left the car.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Marleen grumbled into her faked beard. "This isn't how I dreamed today to be. Well, gotta make the best of it now."

The brunette joined her fiancée and together, they entered the restaurant.

Camouflaged behind some big plant pots, they took their seats and hid their faces behind the menus.

The table where Ashley and Kelly would be sitting soon was right in their views.

Lili looked at her watch and then opened her electronic calendar. "Okay, if everything goes according to plan, phase 2 has already started and the limousine with Kelly will be here in about five minutes. Ashley's car will appear exactly three minutes later. And now, let's cross our fingers and pray that everything will turn out like I want it to."

Marleen wasn't feeling too well in her skin and squirmed restlessly on her chair.

"Please, honey. Stop it. People are staring at us!" Lili hissed at her beloved.

Silently the dark haired woman thought, "Phhh. They are staring at us because we look like a couple of idiots!"

In the next moment, Kelly entered, her searching gaze moving through the restaurant.

With the menus in front of their faces, Lili and Marleen nearly slid under the table, while a waiter brought Kelly to her table.

Her back was turned to the two spies and nervously, her fingers drummed on the table cloth. One last time the redhead glanced into her little mirror to check her makeup. Looking up, she stopped short, because Ashley has appeared at the table. A bit startled, both women gazed at each other in awkward silence until Ashley took her seat opposite Kelly.

The waiter lit a candle and said, "Your menu has already been chosen. I hope you will enjoy the meal."

Then he left, leaving Ashley and Kelly alone with each other.

"The meal is phase 3," Lili whispered to Marleen. "And phase number 4 will start...right...now!"

On cue a fiddler approached to bridge the awkward silence of the women, who didn't dare to look each other in the eye, with his classical playing.

The waiter returned and Lili stretched to squeak in an affected voice, "Oh! What yummy stuff! And all of it aphrodisiacs!"

Shocked, Ashley looked at the woman with the brown, curly hair, while Kelly smiled, clearly embarrassed at the other guests.

Indignantly, Marleen pulled her fiancée back to her chair. "Are you out of your mind?" she boomed in a voice like a bear.

"I just have to point out to them what's on their plates," Lili squeaked back.

"Are you trying to blow our cover?"

"That's not going to happen, trust me." Confidently Lili looked at her fiancée and got a fright. She placed a hand on her mouth and whispered, "Your beard!"

"What's wrong with it?" Marleen asked innocently. "I know it's ugly, but, it wasn't my idea to..."

Lili brandished her hands wildly. "It's falling off!" she hissed through clenched teeth.

Being as unobtrusive as she could while also making a big fuss of the situation, Marleen tried to adjust the fake beard.

"That was close," Lili murmured. "You have to be more careful," she added and peered over the rim of her menu to see that Ashley and Kelly started to relax with a glass of wine.

Horrified, Marleen stared at her menu, nudged her beloved and said, "The whole thing is in French. I don't understand what I'm reading here. Only the prices are in dollars. Do you know what all that stuff is costing? Inflationary prices!" She looked up and found herself face to face with a waiter, who coolly cleared his throat.

"Oh...um...I'd like to have a small glass of water. No ice."

Before Lili could squeak out her wish, Marleen added, "A small glass of water without ice for my wife, too. Thank you very much."

The waiter arched his brows then left and Lili stared at her lover.

"What?" Marleen inquired. "Hey, with our luck they are charging extra for ice cubes," the dark-haired woman defended herself.

Lili shook her head. "Now that was absolutely embarrassing."

"I hear you...little Miss-all-of-it-aphrodisiacs..." Marleen muttered.

And then Lili filled her lover in. "They had oysters, caviar and salmon pieces for starters and now are served the main course. Green asparagus, artichokes and some kind of fish that has an arousing effect, but I've forgotten the name of it."

"Well, as long as you didn't order any blowfish they might get out of here alive."

A well placed kick against her shin stopped Marleen from further criticizing her fiancée.

"And for dessert they're having Mousse o' chocolate with a crème of pomegranate."

Suddenly, the other guests of the restaurant started clapping and the two spies cautiously peered over their menu's rims to see what was going on.

"Oh, there comes the pianist, that's phase..."

"Phase number five, I thought as much, " Marleen finished her lover's sentence.

"That's not all I wanted to tell you. He's going to play their favorite song," Lili replied.

"Really? These two have the same favorite song? Well, I guess it's fate then."

The waiter approached with their glasses of water, placed them on the table, took the menus out of their hands and left.

"That guy stole our cover!"

"Here, take this and hold it in front of your face," Marleen said, reached for the vase that stood on their table, took out the dry bouquet of flowers and gave it to her fiancée. "I'm going to hold up my napkin as if I were afraid of flu viruses."

Lili fidgeted behind the dry flowers and tried to listen to Ashley and Kelly's conversation, but she couldn't understand one word. "Just what are they talking about?"

"You are going to find that out as soon as the two are together and tell us all about it," Marleen answered.

"But I want to know now! Oh, the pianist is sitting down."

Kelly's heartbeat picked up speed, as the pianist took his seat at the piano and started to play. The first notes sounded and Ashley and Kelly recognized something and said at the same time, "This is my favorite song."

Blushing they looked into each other's eyes until Ashley took all her courage and stepped on the empty dance floor. The pianist began to sing.

There you go

flashing fever from your eyes

She turned around, looked at Kelly and reached out one hand.

hey babe, come over here and shut down tight

The red-haired woman couldn't keep her eyes off Ashley's gray-blue magnets that pulled her in. She wanted to drown in them. Slowly, Kelly let her champagne glass sink to the table. With her heart beating a mile a minute, she joined Ashley on the dance floor.

I'm not denying

we're flying above it all

hold my hand, don't let me fall

you've such amazing grace

I've never felt this way

Their hands found each other and with a tender smile, Ashley wrapped her muscled arms around Kelly's small waist, holding the other woman tightly and swaying softly to the romantic music.

Oh, show me heaven

cover me

leave me breathless

Oh, show me heaven, babe

Here I go

I'm shaking just like the breeze

hey babe, I need your hand to steady me

Ashley tightened the embrace when she felt Kelly trembling in her arms. One hand began to gently caress the redhead's back to calm her. "Don't be scared," Ashley whispered into Kelly's small ear. "You are safe with me. I won't let anything happen you do not want to happen."

I'm not denying

I'm frightened as much as you

Relieved, Kelly placed her head upon Ashley's chest and closed her eyes. A small smile curled around her lips as she heard Ashley's fast paced heartbeat. "It seems I'm not the only one who's nervous, hmm?"

A small laugh escaped Ashley's throat. "No, I'm as overwhelmed as you are," she confirmed and smiled softly.

though I'm barely touching you

I've shivers down my spine

and it feels divine

And then Ashley did something that Kelly didn't expect in the slightest. A smile upon her lips she sang the chorus,

"Oh, show me heaven

cover me

leave me breathless

Oh, show me heaven, babe"

Overwhelmed with strong emotions, Kelly cupped Ashley's face in her hands, her thumbs running softly over the smooth skin of the brunette's cheeks, while gazing deeply into gray-blue eyes. These eyes shone with love, only for her. "Ashley...I..."

If you know what it's like

to dream a dream

Their lips drew closer and for a second it looked as if they would melt in a fiery kiss, but a tiny feeling of insecurity took hold of Kelly, and she buried her blushing face at Ashley's throat.

baby hold me tight

and let this be

"It's alright," Ashley whispered tenderly into Kelly's ear. "You don't have to say anything. I just want to hold you and take this one day at a time," she promised and placed a sweet kiss on Kelly's hair.

Oh, heaven

cover me

leave me breathless

Oh, show me heaven, babe

leave me breathless

leave me breathless

cover me

Oh yeah

leave me breathless

Enraptured, Lili leaned back and sighed. "That is sooooo sweet."

A jealous Marleen gazed at the dance floor where Ashley and Kelly were dancing wrapped up in each other's arms. "That could be us..." she mumbled, frustrated.

"Did you say something, my love?" Lili asked, but Marleen just declined and shook her head, her fake beard finally falling off completely. This time it landed inside her glass of water and she wasn't willing to fish out the wet something.

Lili didn't notice the mishap. She was looking at the dancing pair, her eyes sparkling with joy. "Aren't you happy just how wonderful this day is going?"

The not very excited "Hmmm..." was enough for Lili to happily lean against Marleen's broad shoulder, who started to smile at the contact. At least she was smiling until Lili said, "Come on, let's get out of here. We have to prepare ourselves for the next phase."

The first thing Lili did, when they arrived back at their jeep, was to rip off the wig and scratch through her long, blonde hair. "Oohhhh," she moaned, finally free of the badly itching thing. "That feels great!"

Shortly after, she began rummaging inside a big, black bag and announced, "Time to change outfits. A black overall, a black, woolen mask and a pair of black gloves for each of us."

"Are you serious?" Marleen asked incredulously.

"Of course I am! Now hurry up!" Lili said and climbed to the back seat.

While she was changing, here and there some skin showed and Marleen's longing gaze never left her lover's body. Nearly inaudible the dark-haired woman asked, "When was the last time we made lo..."

The blonde looked up from her task. "When was the last time we made what?" she inquired a bit out of breath.

"Uh...nothing important," Marleen answered and changed the subject as well as her clothes. "How do you know that they will go to the park?"

"Because I arranged it. The waiter will give them a card, which will show them the way to a terrific surprise," Lili explained and climbed back to the car's front. "Could you please close the zipper in the back of my overall? Without bursting into tears that you can't open it right away?"

"Ha ha, very funny," Marleen retorted, slightly miffed, but closed the zipper.

The blonde started the jeep and the two soon-to-be-cupids drove to the park. They parked the car a bit off the road and waited. Darkness fell and with it came the cold.

Marleen was trembling in her seat when she suggested, "Hey, Lili. Let's climb to the back seat and cuddle a bit."

The blonde looked at her fiancée's face that bore blue lips and a red nose tip. "You wouldn't stop at cuddling."

"Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaase," the dark-haired woman begged. "Do you really want me to freeze right beside you? Where is your heart? I thought you loved me?" Imploring blue eyes gazed at Lili while a warm hand found its way between the blonde's thighs and slowly wandered upward. Marleen bent her head and opened her lips to receive a kiss. And just as she thought her lover would finally relent to her wishes, her lips made contact with a thermos flask. Confused, she hesitated and her fiancée poured her a cup. "Here, have some hot chocolate, it'll warm you up from inside. See? I thought about everything."

"I just can't take this anymore!" Marleen blurted. "It's the day of love, for god's sakes!"

Lili just grinned. "There are some cookies in the glove compartment. That might quench your...hunger."

Marleen leaned back in her seat and pouted. "Cookies are not what I hunger for!"

The blonde's grin got even bigger. "I know."

"I know that you know! You are so..."

"There they come!" Lili interrupted her beloved. "Awww. That's so cute. They're holding hands."

"Really?" Marleen asked, suddenly excited, too.

"Come on, we have to follow them! Phase number 6 will start soon."

Both jumped out of the car. In the light of a near street lamp, both got their first real glimpse of each other in their tight outfits. "WOW," escaped Marleen as her eyes traveled across Lili's voluptuous body and also the blonde couldn't stop to admire her lover's athletic figure. Blushing, she stuttered, "Um...ah...we...w-we should go...or else we will miss the best part."

"Are you sure? Maybe the best is right in front of you," Marleen responded and smirked.

Lili just grabbed her hand and together they ran from tree to tree, ducking here and there to avoid discovery. From time to time, Marleen touched her butt, pulling and fumbling on her overall, contorting her body in strange ways.

"Just what are you doing?" Lili demanded. "You are making me nervous! We are trying to shadow and trail them, remember? Your fidgeting is not very helpful!"

Awkwardly Marleen scrunched up her face. Still pulling at the too tight outfit, she asked, "Can it be that you bought this thing two sizes too small?"

A little bit unnerved, Lili shook her head and then replied with a big grin, "Does it matter?"

The two observers hid behind a tree. "What are they doing?" Lili wanted to know, who couldn't see anything from her position.

Marleen squinted. "I can't see anything either. They disappeared into the dark."

"Use the night sight equipment!" the blonde said and gave it to her lover.

Reluctantly Marleen peered through it and told her fiancée what she could see. "Well, they are laughing and whispering to each other."

"Damn! I should have bought the voice receiver. I knew it would come in handy."

The night sight equipment nearly slipped off Marleen's fingers. "What?" she asked shocked.

But Lili's explanation was cut short when suddenly dozens of tiny light bulbs came to life and illuminated a historical merry-go-around. Soft music drifted towards them as it began to spin.

"How beautiful," Marleen breathed, obviously impressed.

"It is, isn't it?" Lili answered and took her beloved's arm. "And everything beneath the clear night sky and sparkling stars. Perfect."

"Caution! There they come!" the brunette announced and pulled the blonde back behind the tree, pressing her tightly against her own body. "This tree is pretty narrow, so don't you dare think about moving, or our cover will be blown for sure," Marleen hissed.

"What are they doing?" Lili mumbled nearly inaudible, because her face was pressed into Marleen's chest, which made breathing a bit difficult.

"Ashley is helping Kelly to take a seat...now they are sitting next to each other, each on one horse...they're going up and down...their fingers are touching...they're laughing and smiling and making gooey eyes at each other...it seems to me that they are very happy," Marleen finished satisfied and looked down at her small, blushing lover, whose face was stuck between her breasts. The corners of the brunette's mouth twitched and she whispered into Lili's ear, "Have I told you lately how wonderful I think you are?" Tenderly she stroked the heated cheeks and ran one finger across her soft lips. "I love you."

Tears of happiness welled up in emerald eyes. "I'm so glad to hear you say that. I was afraid that you would be mad at me because I planned all this without considering how you wanted to spend this day." The blonde got up on the tips of her toes and bent forward to bestow a kiss upon her fiancée. "I lo..."

Just then, Marleen took some steps backward and anticipating, she looked past Lili's puckered lips and toward her friends. "They are going to another area of the park...I think it could happen there..."

Lili lost her balance, stumbled across a root and with a dull thud, her body landed on the meadow. "Happen? What could happen?" she asked a bit confused as she scrambled up from the ground.

"Their first kiss."

"You mean...but maybe they already did...a short while ago..."

Marleen looked at her beloved and pulled some grass out of the long, blonde hair. "What?"

Lili just waved her off and Marleen finished, "No. I would have seen if they had kissed."

While the blonde was still pondering her fiancée's last statement, Marleen grabbed her hand and dragged her along.

"They disappeared behind the wall by the lake. Now, we should leave them alone and let this run its course."

"Nonsense!" Lili answered quickly. "Not after everything we went through! Now it's getting interesting and we are sticking to the plan! Um...okay...we can't follow them to the lake because there is nothing we could use to hide...but..."

"Just how..." Marleen shook her head and rolled her eyes. "No, don't say anything... you scouted the area, am I right?"

Indignantly, Lili responded, "Of course, I did! Do you think I would send Ashley and Kelly into unknown terrain? I just got an idea. Follow me."

Slowly, they crept to the high, red brick wall, that was covered with ivy and stood in their way.

"Now what?" Marleen asked. "Are you going to pull out the mountain climbing equipment?" she added sarcastically.

"If you would be so nice to help me up so I can step on your shoulders?"

Disbelieving the brunette looked at Lili. "You want...baby, you really are crazy!"

"Come on, I just have to know what they are doing. Please!" The blonde poked out her lower lip and batted her eyelashes.

Marleen relented and formed her hands to a stirrup, so Lili could place her foot inside, and then she lifted her small lover up.

Clumsily, the blonde tried to find something to hold on, swaying dangerously from side to side while she tried to support herself on the wall.

"Oh boy, are you heavy," Marleen groaned from beneath and without thinking, which promptly earned her a smack in the head. "Oww! That hurt! Could you at least stop moving around so much?"

"Do you think I'm doing this for fun?!" Lili shot back as her butt hit Marleen's face. "I'm trying to keep my balance here, but I can't if you don't stop swinging me around!"

"I will be so bruised in the morning," the brunette mumbled, after her beloved finally managed to stand on her broad shoulders.

Lili blew some hair out of her face, stretched and supported her arms on top of the wall, her toes barely touching Marleen's shoulders.

Out of breath the brunette called up, "Please, be careful! I don't think I've got the strength to catch you if you fall."

"Yeah, I love you, too," came Lili's reply.

Suddenly the blonde began to squirm and fidget. Without taking her eyes off Ashley and Kelly, she announced to her beloved, "I can see them...and yes...oh...yes..."

Marleen wrinkled her forehead. "Hey! What are you doing up there? Having an orgasm without me?"

As an answer, she received a soft kick.

"Ow!" Marleen protested loudly. "Stop the abuse!"

"They're kissing!" Lili called excited.

"Who kissed whom first?" Marleen wanted to know, finally succumbing to her lover's excitement.

"Oh, now you find this interesting, hmm?" Lili asked pertly. After getting no reaction from her beloved, Lili added, "Ashley pulled Kelly into her arms and then with the tip of her tongue, she gently coaxed Kelly's mouth open and then their lips melted into each other. Ain't that great?"

No answer came from Marleen but a desperately hissed "Lili!"

"Now don't be so impatient! I'm telling you what they are doing!" the blonde snapped.


"Alright, alright. You are getting the details if you could wait just a second, they are drawing nearer."

"PSSSSSSSSST!!!" Marleen hissed again, louder this time.

"Would you please be quiet! I'm trying to understand what they are talking about. What the hell is wrong with you all of a sudden?"

And then Lili's feet lost contact with her fiancée's shoulders and she hung from the wall like wet sack. "MARLEEN!" the small blonde screamed, annoyed beyond belief. "You can't just leave me hanging here!"

Her strength finally lost her, her body slid from the wall and roughly, she fell to the ground right in front of a cop's feet. Her gaze wandered from the polished boots, over the blue uniform, the gleaming weapon, the walkie-talkie, to the serious face beneath the police cap.

Lili smiled somewhat awkwardly. "G-good evening, o-officer...good to s-see y-you...I


Without batting an eyelid the cop said, "Good evening to you, too, ladies. May I ask what exactly you are doing here?" Suspiciously, he regarded their black outfits.

"Nothing...we...um...we are relishing the day of lovers," Marleen tried to play down the situation. "Because it's Valentine's Day today, officer. Nothing...absolutely nothing is going on...really..."

Lili, who was covered with grass spots, tried to look as innocently as possible.

"Well, if that's true you wouldn't mind coming to the station with me, right? I'd like to check your ID and your statements," the officer replied. "After all, you were stalking two women..."

"That's not necessary, officer," interrupted Kelly's voice from the darkness. Then she came around the wall, hand in hand with Ashley, who had noticed the dilemma their friends had gotten themselves into.

"They didn't pursue us," Ashley admitted politely. "We knew the whole time that they were there. Everything was planned..."

Marleen's and Lili's eyes widened and their jaws nearly hit the floor after hearing these words.

"We were rehearsing for a movie, which we will do eventually. It's called 'Thieves of Japan on Valentine' , Kelly explained helpfully. "We truly are sorry for the stir we caused. That really wasn't our intention."

Distrustfully, the cop looked from one woman to the other. To reinforce Kelly's statement, Marleen and Lili took the typical Japanese bow and said, "Hai," putting on their most sincere smiles and playfully batting their eyelashes.

The officer finally accepted the explanation, said goodbye and left.

After he was out of eye and ear shot, Lili and Marleen both released a huge breath of relief.

"Thanks for your help. I wouldn't have known how to explain the situation without you," Marleen announced.

Lili looked deeply into Ashley's eyes. "Was it true? Did you really know that we were there all the time?"

Ashley just grinned and looked to Kelly, who answered, "Yep, I already knew at the restaurant when I was checking my makeup in the little mirror." She smirked at Marleen. "I noticed a strange man with an even stranger beard. I would have recognized those piercing blue eyes anywhere, Marleen."

Lili sighed. "Crap! I knew I should have gotten contacts for her. But who could have known that you would recognize Marleen right away?"

Ashley burst into laughter. "Well, to be truthful, I recognized you first, Lili. The whole time at the restaurant I thought why is that woman staring at me all the time, and then you started to talk in that squeaky voice and I knew it was you. You are such a bad actress," Ashley mentioned and winked at the blonde.

"So everything was in vain...my great plan...the masquerade..." Lili replied in a small voice, a pout forming on her lips.

"No. You two got us together," Ashley confirmed. "And for that we are thankful. Who knows, without your help we wouldn't have found each other."

"That's right," Kelly added. "Everyone should have friends such as you."

Close to tears after the heartfelt statement, Lili pulled the others in for a big group hug. "I'm soooooo happy for you."

Ashley and Kelly exchanged loving gazes until the redhead announced, "We want to go to a bar to talk about where this is going and..."

"And of course, we want to celebrate, "Ashley threw in and grinned.

Kelly blushed slightly, then turned back to her friends. "Would you like to come with us?"

Marleen and Lili looked at each other and then said at the same time, "Uh...no, thanks."

"We had enough excitement for today," the blonde explained.

"Yes," Marleen completed, "that was enough excitement to last a looooooong time."

The friends parted and while Ashley and Kelly went to a cozy little bar, Marleen and Lili returned to their car.

"It's nearly midnight. Time to go home," the blonde said gazing lovingly at her fiancée.

"Yes, we should hurry," Marleen answered in such a mysterious tone that Lili grew suspicious.

"Is there something I need to know?"

"Oh...nothing important, " the brunette responded casually. "Let's drive home."


Exhausted but happy, Lili opened the door of their apartment. "It was strenuous, but in the end it paid off, didn't it, Marleen? I know it got on your nerves, but I'll make it up to you. Soon, we will spend a whole romantic day alone, what do you say?"

"Why not today?" Marleen grinned roguishly and winked at her beloved. Then she put one hand over Lili's eyes and guided her to the bedroom.

"But..." the blonde tried to say, only to have her words cut short by her lover. "There is no but. You are not the only one, who can organize a big surprise, you know?"

"Honey, please just let me take a quick shower and then I'm all yours, okay?"

"Alright," the brunette replied. "But hurry, okay?"

Lili got up on her toes and sweetly kissed her fiancée on the cheek. "This is going to be the fastest shower of all time," she promised. "Maybe...you'd like to join me?"

Marleen chuckled and gently pushed the blonde in direction of the bathroom. "Just go ahead, baby. I'll be with you in a moment."

Provocatively Lili traced one finger over Marleen's face, breathed a tender "Okay" and disappeared into the bathroom.

There, she peeled off the skin-tight overall and stepped into the shower.

"Oh...that feels so great on my poor, bruised bones," Lili moaned as the hot water ran over her body. Her eyes tightly closed, she stood there and let the wet spray massage her muscles. "Just what is keeping Marleen? She has to wash my back."

Lili waited another five minutes, but her fiancée didn't appear. "Mhh, who knows? Maybe she fell asleep? Well, it was a hard day. But it really paid off," she decided, grinning widely, soaped up her body, washed off the foam and turned off the water. Soft music drifted to her ear, through the bathroom door. Lili wrapped herself up in her robe and left the bathroom. Carefully, she opened the bedroom door. Her eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat as she peered inside.

Countless, burning candles were placed all over the room, illuminating it with their soft, warm glow and red rose petals had been scattered across the bed. In the middle of it Marleen laid, wearing nothing but a gentle smile, as she beckoned her lover to come closer. Lili could do nothing else but follow the unspoken command of her beloved.

"Do you remember the song?" Marleen asked, after Lili had lowered herself to the bed and knelt in front of the brunette.

"Yes, it's ours," Lili answered, nearly breathless. "This song was played when we danced for the first time at that Christmas party...and you held me so very close to you and made me feel so safe and loved."

Marleen cupped Lili's face in her strong hands and pulled her closer. "And that is all I ever want to do. Keep you safe and love you forever," Marleen purred against her lips.

Tears welled up in Lili's eyes with Marleen's heartfelt promise and then her lips were captured in a passionate kiss that had her senses reeling. While their tongues were swirling around each other, Marleen's hands slowly traveled down, found the sash of Lili's robe, opened it and slid between the folds of the terrycloth. The blonde moaned as her lover's hands caressed the skin of her stomach and slowly wandered upward to envelope her firm breasts. Marleen broke the kiss and buried her face at Lili's fragrant throat, breathing in the sweet scent of her lover and of the shower gel she had used.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Marleen mumbled against the tender skin, placing tiny kisses all over it.

Lili snaked her arms around the taller woman, held her tightly to her chest and stroked the silky, long, black hair.

"You've outdone yourself, honey. Do you know that?" Lili asked, all the while tenderly caressing Marleen's strong back with gentle fingertips.

The brunette grinned and looked at the small blonde, her eyes shining with love. "Does that mean you like what I've done to the room?"

"You know I do," Lili responded. "You just proved that you can be romantic if you want to."

"Oooh, baby. You just wait, because that wasn't all. This is just the beginning," the dark-haired beauty declared, grinning wildly and pulled the open robe from her lover's body. "Time for a little loooooving," Marleen growled playfully and pinned the blonde to the clean, pale red satin sheets. Lili wrapped her arms and legs around the athletic form of her lover, her emerald eyes gazing at her with deep devotion. "Well then, I guess I'm all yours."

"Mmmh, I think we should drink on that one," the brunette said, sat up and reached for one of two glasses of sparkling champagne that were set on the bedside table, beside the cooler with the champagne bottle. But, instead of giving the glass to Lili, Marleen poured it over her beloved's front, where it ran down in small streams over her chest, across her firm stomach muscles and pooled in her navel. Lili squeaked slightly, surprised as the cold liquid hit her skin. And just a moment later, her body arched and she moaned deeply when Marleen's dark head descended and her warm, velvety tongue began to collect every drop of the spilled fluid. The brunette took her time licking each and every soft inch of her lover's body, slowly working her way down over firm breasts to the tight abdomen. Lili groaned, her breathing labored and her heart pounding wildly, as Marleen's strong arms wrapped themselves around her hips. The brunette looked up and grinned. "Well, baby...cheers." she exclaimed and then dipped her tongue into her lover's champagne filled navel. Lili's head flew back, and her back arched even more as a wave of intense pleasure ripped through her, while she buried her hands in Marleen's long, black hair. "Ohhh...yes...honey!" Goosebumps broke out all over her body. Slowly, Marleen's head slid lower and lower, her lips and tongue licking, nipping and caressing, but never reaching the spot Lili wanted and needed it so badly. She squirmed around, pushing gently against the dark head and trying to get it where she needed it the most, but Marleen wouldn't budge. Strong hands came up to massage her firm breasts and Lili clasped the hands in hers, intertwining their fingers, while the hot tongue was still swirling around her pelvis.

"Marleen...please...I need you...," Lili gasped with labored breathing, blood rushing in her ears and her heart pounding so wildly, she feared it would burst from her ribcage at any moment. "Honey...please...now...please..."

After another moment of pleading, Marleen finally took mercy on her smaller lover, placed Lili's legs over her strong shoulders and wrapped her arms around the blonde's hips to cup her firm backside. Her warm, velvety tongue parted the tender folds of Lili's burning desire and buried itself deep inside her center, drinking deeply of the blonde's naturally sweet essence. Lili's back arched and her eyes rolled back in her head, as her hands entwined in the long hair of her lover, holding the dark head close to her, while rocking against that talented lips and tongue that made her lose control and set her on the path to the point of no return. The tip of Marleen's tongue circled Lili's clit before closing her lips around it, sucking it firmly. And then it happened. Lili's toes curled, her back arched, her whole body began to tremble and shudder as the climax came upon her. Strong waves of intense pleasure swept through her and the name of her one true love was wrung from her rosy lips.


Lili's legs slid from her fiancée's shoulders and Marleen placed her head on the blonde's quivering stomach, with her warm hands soothingly and gently stroking the sweat soaked skin there, until her lover floated back down from the heights of passion.

The brunette kissed her way back up until she reached Lili's rosy lips and claimed them in a passionate, hot kiss. Lili rolled them over, covering her beloved's frame with her smaller one. "You know what? You were driving me absolutely crazy with your teasing," the blonde admitted while breathing small kisses across Marleen's beautiful face.

"Serves you right," the dark-haired beauty shot back. "You've been driving me crazy all day." Marleen rolled them over again and sat astride her lover's lap.

Incredulously, Lili looked up at the taller woman, stroking her firm thighs. "Now, how can that be? What did I do?" she asked, batting her eyelashes playfully.

Marleen chuckled, running her fingers all over her fiancée's upper body. "Wearing that skin-tight, black outfit. God, baby...do you have any idea how sexy you looked in that? It was enhancing the curves of your hot, little body. I so wanted to rip it off you and take you right there in our car," she husked.

Lili smiled while gazing at her with smoldering eyes. "I'm glad you didn't," the blonde replied, her hands slowly wandering from the brunette's thighs to caress her voluptuous breasts. Marleen's sapphire eyes closed and she moaned deep in her throat at the gentle touch. "Because if you had done that we would have been arrested for sure. Besides, you were looking rather delicious in your outfit, too. I had trouble keeping my hands off of you," Lili finished her sentence, her thumbs circling and stroking around the brunette's nipples. "Good thing I don't need to do that now."

Marleen groaned her agreement, as her hips started to rock against her lover's stomach. The blonde sat up, snaked one arm around Marleen's back to steady her and buried her face in between the slightly bouncing breasts, placing open mouthed kisses on the soft, sweet smelling skin and licking away little drops of perspiration that had started to form there. Her other hand reached inside the cooler on the bedside table, took out one of the many ice cubes and circled it around one of her lover's nipples. Marleen gasped and jerked as the cold invaded her body, only to moan loudly as Lili's hot mouth closed over the stiff peak, sucking gently and warming it while her hand applied the half melted ice cube to the other breast. Marleen shivered at the combination of hot and cold on her skin, all the while holding her beloved's blonde head tightly to her chest. Lili's hungry mouth switched breasts and the hand with the nearly gone ice cube slowly glided down Marleen's body, over contracting stomach muscles, until it reached its destination and Lili slid two fingers deep inside her lover's molten core.

"Ohhhh...baby...yes!!!" the brunette exclaimed passionately, her head thrown back, eyes closed in pleasure, when Lili placed her thumb on Marleen's throbbing clit, stroking it firmly and never ceasing the gentle thrusts deep inside her fiancée.

"Honey...honey...open your eyes, please," Lili begged while looking at Marleen's beautiful features. "Open your eyes, please. Let me see those gorgeous sapphires."

Her mind fuzzy from all the sensations her small lover elicited inside her, Marleen followed the softly whispered command and her eyes opened to melt her gaze with the imploring emeralds of Lili.

"You are so beautiful...I love you so much...my heart...and now come for me," Lili said, speeding up the thrusts and the firm stroking of the brunette's clit, all the while keeping their gazes locked. Soon after, a tingling started at the tip of Marleen's toes, traveling slowly throughout her body as her climax ripped through her. A scream of pleasure was wrung from her throat, which sounded like her lover's name. Shuddering and panting, she slumped forward and came to rest on Lili's body. The blonde drew her into her arms, caressing the strong, muscled back soothingly, while breathing tiny kisses on dark brows.

"God...baby...that...was...something," Marleen gasped against Lili's chest, trying to catch her breath and to get her furiously beating heart back under control.

"Happy Valentine's Day, my love," Lili whispered which elicited a big smile on Marleen's face.

"Happy Valentine's Day, indeed," she answered. "And as soon as I'm done catching my breath I'm going to show you just how happy I am."

A wide grin spread across the blonde's face. "I can't wait, honey."


Soft caresses of gentle fingertips woke Kelly. Her eyelids fluttered open and she found herself gazing in warm gray-blue eyes. Ashley greeted her with a tender kiss. "Hey you," she whispered. "Had a nice nap? I guess that movie wasn't as interesting as that guy at the store told us, hmm?" the brunette grinned and Kelly blushed slightly.

"I'm sorry," Kelly replied in a small voice.

"No need to be sorry. I had a great time," Ashley answered while stroking the soft skin of Kelly's cheeks.

The redhead looked at her incredulously. "Yeah? What have you been doing?"

"Nothing, just lying here on the couch, holding the most beautiful woman of the world in my arms and watching her sleep," Ashley replied before placing another sweet kiss on Kelly's lips.

Kelly chuckled slightly. "You say the sweetest things."

"And you are so very cute when you blush," the brunette retorted, while gazing into the most beautiful forest green eyes she had ever seen and wanted to drown in.

"It is late. I guess I should better be going now," Kelly said, suddenly serious, and attempted to get up from the couch but Ashley held her back. "Don't. I don't want you to go."


"Please, Kelly, spend the night with me...please," the brunette implored her with begging eyes. "It's just that... I...I'm just not ready to see you go right now... please...stay..."

Kelly sighed. "Ashley...I...I am scared," she finally admitted tearfully. "I'm scared that if we move too fast with this, everything will be destroyed. And I don't want that to happen, because I...because I love you," she finished her admission.

"I love you too," Ashley responded, pulling the redhead into a warm embrace and holding her tightly to her chest. "I promise you, we will take this as slow as you need to. I just want to go to sleep and wake up with you in my arms, would that be okay?"

Kelly nodded shyly.

"Okay then, I guess that's settled. And I think we should go to the bedroom, it is much more comfortable there." Ashley released the redhead from her embrace and got up from the couch to switch off the TV.

As they were laying in bed, holding each other, something occurred to Kelly.

"You know what?"

"What, sweetheart?" Ashley asked, yawning widely.

"I think that was the most beautiful Valentine's Day I ever had."

"Hmmm, mine too. I'm really glad that we have such great friends like Lili and Marleen," the brunette agreed.

"We should do something nice for them, too. Don't you think?"

"Yes, we should do that. Got an idea?" Ashley wanted to know sleepily, her eyelids dropping already.

"No. You?" the redhead asked, pulling her beloved closer.

"I don't know. Maybe we could do something for their wedding?" Ashley mumbled, trying in vain to fight sleep.

"Yeah, let's talk about that another time. You are exhausted, my love. Sleep now." Kelly whispered, placing a tender kiss on the brunette's forehead.

Ashley snuggled closer. "Promise you'll be here when I wake up?"

The redhead smiled in the darkened bedroom. "You can bet on that. There is no place on earth I'd rather be... than in your arms for eternity."

Her poetic answer earned her a tiny snore from Ashley and finally Kelly's eyes closed and she succumbed to sleep, a happy smile firmly etched in her face.



Special Note: Anyone for a sequel? Let us know and we will see what we can come up with.

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