~ Chronicles Of Darkness ~
Book One - Shadows and Dust

by Fiur and Vlamme

The characters in this story are of our own creation. We know that some of them might look like characters from a certain famous TV series about a Warrior Princess but believe us they are not it.

This story is divided into 4 books and will be posted in parts. We will try to get one chapter a month to you, but we can't promise that for sure, since this story's originally written in German, and Vlamme needs to translate it first, and with real life being quite busy at the moment that could take some time. But, if you would like to read the German version, tell us, and we will send it to you.

The story is already finished in our heads, and because we are two poor little girls from Germany, and we don't have the money to make it into a movie yet, we have decided to write it down for you all to enjoy...at least we hope that you will enjoy it!

Sure, lots of it, since we are talking about Europe in the 16th century. And, because vampires have a need for blood...

Yes, lots of that, too.

There will be a loving relationship between two adult females. Not in the first book though, but be patient and wait because stuff like that needs time to develop. We don't know yet how graphic it will get.

If you don't like the idea about women in love, we would suggest you not read this story. And, if you are under age, please come back later, when you are old enough.

Yes, feel free to tell us what you think. We are waiting for feedback at


First of all I would like to thank my best friend in the whole wide world, FIUR, for writing stories with me and for being my friend, so I will dedicate this story to you! And I hope that we will remain friends forever and for always in good times and in bad times.

I also would like to thank my groovy, super-duper, mega-cool friend...you know who you are...VBG! Thanks for beta reading, for your words of encouragement, for believing in our talent, and for believing that this story will be something great!

Another big thank you goes to Calli for creating this fabulous cover for our story, even though she only had the summary of this tale.

Well, VLAMME, you've said it all, but I would like to add how much I admire you, for you are great with the translations! I have so much fun writing with you, my best friend! I'm so happy that we compliment and understand one another so well. That's why I would like to dedicate this story to only you, VLAMME!...hdgdl...

My "visions" are telling me that we are going to be friends for eternity. You know what I mean...VBG!

I would like to thank Finnish music, especially "Apocalyptica", for giving me the inspiration to be able to put my thoughts and feelings into the right words.

And, I'm thanking my brain for comming up with lots of ideas, but one life time won't be enough to write them all down.


Those who lost the gods' favour
are fallen victim to a force
that guides them to dark portals
and from there on to eternal night.


Darkness fell around the trees of the forest. Only some hungry pretadors of the night were creeping through the bushes, searching and stalking their prey. Somewhere an owl called. A scraping sound sliced trough the dark, sparks came to life, eating away on the dry wood of a campfire.

Kyrian Leosol put the flintstones aside and lowered his tired body to his bedroll. His long black hair cascaded over his strong shoulders and his dark brown eyes stared, fixedly, into the blazing flames. The hunter forgot everything around him, until the soft whinny of his horse brought him back from his dreary thoughts. He got up and went to the black stallion to lift off the heavy saddle.

With gentle hands he stroked the soft muzzle of his trusty companion, "Five years, Nightshade. For such a long time I've been chasing the bastards who destroyed our lives. And still there is no trace of Skylar. What keeps me going is the thought, that maybe one day I will see her again."

He reached into his pocket and took hold of a silver bracelet, running his thumb softly over the fine metal, "Mother," he whispered.

Kyrian looked up at the sky, "You always told us that being a hunter wouldn't be easy. You were right. Day turns to night and night turns to day. I'm searching and looking but there is nothing! Nothing that refers to my little sister's whereabouts! The trail of the bloodsuckers is lost in the shadows. Desperation takes hold of my soul. I fear that all my hope will turn to dust, just like those unholy creatures, when the sunlight touches them. Unseen and unacknowledged they exist among us. At daybreak, they hide in secret places, but after sunset they come out of their hideouts, to attack mankind and suck the life out of them. A long time ago I gave up my unshakeable belief that there is a God out there, because I can't understand how such morbid monsters can walk the earth, and he does nothing to stop them. It get's more and more difficult to find them. My battle against these beasts seems like a lost cause, as if I am fighting in vain. They are like the heads of a hydra. You kill one then, and two more will rise from the shadows."

Tears began to fill his eyes, "I miss you so much, mother. I can't sleep at night because of the dreams that are haunting me, and the memories of that one awful day are torturing my soul. I will never forgive myself, that I wasn't there when you needed me the most. And Skylar? Will I ever see your sweet face again, my little sister?"

Nightshade pushed his head into his master's stomach. Kyrian smiled slightly, but the sadness in his eyes remained, "But at least I have you, Nightshade. And every day you are reminding me of happier times."

Lovingly he caressed the stallion's neck, "No! I won't give up! I took a vow and I will fulfill it, no matter what it takes! I will avenge your death, mother! Azrael and his companion won't get off lightly! And, if there is even one hair out of place on Skylar's head, I swear their deaths will be painful and tormenting! They will suffer from my hands like you suffered from their hands, mother!"

He took care of his horse, then he sat down in front of the fire with some stale bread and a piece of dry meat. After he finished his meal, he opened one of his saddlebags and took out an old, well-worn book, a quill and ink. Kyrian shook his head, "Well, I never thought that one day I would be keeping a diary. But, paper is patient and a trusty friend in the loneliness."

He slowly went through his entries until he came upon an empty page. Carefully the hunter dipped the quill into the ink, and started to write down his thoughts. Suddenly he stopped and stared back into the flames.

His voice was a hoarse whisper, "Everything started with the unfortunate day my family and I arrived in the town called Paris. I wish we never had entered this godforsaken place!"


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