~ MRI (My Reply Is:) ~
by Grasshopper

Disclaimers: This story is mine. All mine. Even though the characters resemble two people that we all know, they are still mine.

Violence/Sex: There is no violence here. This story does depict scenes of sex between two mature women. So, for those of you who are under the age of 18 or illegal in your state or state of mind then please do not continue.

Author's Note: This story is unfinished and will be continued. I thank Jo for content and Kaia for grammar. Questions and/or comments may be directed to mk_grasshopper@yahoo.com. I hope you enjoy this. Feedback is always welcome.
Copyright: December 9, 2002


"I don't need to be here, Kay," she said in an exasperated voice as she as she watched the multitudes of people moving around.

"Yes you do. Come on Callie, that fall wasn't the best thing," her friend stated.

Touching the little bump that was on the back of her head, she had to agree that the fall was bad but she didn't feel like being here, in the waiting room of emergency, of all places. She hated hospitals.

"Look, we've been here for over an hour. Can't we just get some meds and call it a day, please?" Callie whined to her friend. Just before her friend could answer Callie's name was called out.

"Callie Bradford." Both women looked up at the nurse then looked at each other, Kay with a big smile on her face and Callie with a frustrated look.

"Nope. Sorry bud, but it looks like your audience awaits you. Come on, the quicker you get in, the quicker we get home," Kay stated as she pulled on Callie's arm to get her to get up out of the chair.

"But I don't want to, Kay," the blonde hair woman whined.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whine to someone that doesn't care."

The nurse moved the wheelchair in front of Callie. "Callie Bradford, correct?" the nurse asked.

"Yep. This be her." Kay helped her friend into the wheelchair and patted her shoulder for comfort as Callie let out big sigh putting her chin in her hand. Kay had almost laughed out loud as she looked at her friend who looked like a child that was told that she better eat all of her eggplant.

"Do I have to be in this thing?" Callie complained to the nurse.

"Uh...yes ma'am. Rules," the nurse simply stated.

"Will you stop acting like a spoiled brat?" Kay stated as she lightly thumped Callie on the shoulder. "Geeze. Pretty soon, I'm gonna think that you're going to a have a two-year old temper tantrum."

Narrowing her eyes at her long-time friend, she said between clenched teeth, "I'm about too."

Kay simply shook her head and looked up at the nurse. "I think you better hurry up and get her back there before we all get embarrassed." The nurse simply smiled and began to push the wheelchair towards the entrance of the trauma rooms.

"Hey, nurse, got any sleeping meds back there? Might be a good idea to have her knocked out for a while."

"Har de har har," Callie stated in a frustrated voice as she crossed her arms over her chest. Kay could no longer hold it in and started laughing loudly as she followed behind the now amused nurse.

"Kinda quiet in here today, huh?" Stan said as he sat down at his desk.

"Yeah it is. Surprisingly though. The ER is hopping today from what I hear." The tall raven-haired female got up to get another cup of coffee. She filled her cup and went back to her desk. "Damn. It's six o'clock and I didn't eat breakfast or lunch and now I'm starving."

Stan looked up from the papers he was completing. "What'd ya mean you didn't have breakfast or lunch? I thought you went to lunch with Sue from records."

"I was on my way, until Dr. Hackerson pulled me into an impromptu meeting with him and some staff members." Vanessa pulled out some forms from her top desk drawer and started working on them.

"Hmmm. So what was that all about? The meeting I mean?"

"They've decided to invest in a new MRI equipment and they just wanted my opinion. It seems that someone has donated a huge amount of money to the hospital to do as they please. So we get new MRI equipment. It was all last minute." Vanessa slowly looked up to her partner that she had been working with for five years. She smiled as she watched her friend's face go from shocked to total elation.

"Ssswwwweeeeeeet!" Stan exclaimed as he pushed his rolling chair back from the desk and twirled around in it. "Yes, yes, yes!" Vanessa simply shook her head and laughed at Stan's enthusiasm.

"God, Stan. Are you excited?"

"Hell, yeah, I'm excited. Ah man, this is so cool!" he exclaimed as he pulled himself back to his desk.

"Stan. The equipment we have now is only two years old. It's not like we are really in need of one," Vanessa stated frankly.

"Yeah, that's true. But this equipment is not top of the line. I mean it's good but it's not the best."

"Hmmm. That's true. Well, we'll figure it out later once I get the details from administration."

"Cool. Hey, since you didn't eat and I'm done for the evening, why don't I go and get you some dinner, my treat? Name it and its yours," Stan said as he stood up to remove his hospital jacket and retrieved his sport coat, all the time looking at the blue-eye beauty.

"Lobster," Vanessa responded quickly without looking up from her paperwork.

Stan stopped in mid-motion with one arm in the air half way in the arm of his jacket with a stunned look on his face. Vanessa looked up at him and started laughing throwing her head back.

"Please, tell me you are not serious," Stan pleaded.

Vanessa stopped laughing long enough to say, "I am not serious." She watched him with amusement.

"Phew. Don't ever do that. I may work here and look important, but I don't get paid that much especially with two kids in college and a third one about to start." He continued to put on his jacket and picked up his briefcase, opening it and stuffing papers inside.

"Naaa. Wouldn't do you like that. Don't worry about it. I'm going to close up in about another 30 minutes. I can stop and get something. Hmmm. Maybe Chinese."

"You sure? Not going to hurt me to get you a cheeseburger. Can't afford the fries and drink though," Stan said as he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a couple of dollars.

"Man. You are so pathetic. You will just leave, please? I can get my own dinner," Vanessa said smiling at her ruffled looking friend.

"Ok. Well, I'm outta here then. Check you tomorrow, Van." Stan waved at her as he headed out the door.

"Ok. Have a good evening and say hi to Pam for me," she yelled at the retreating figure.

"Will do." She heard him yell back.

Vanessa picked up her pen and continued with her paperwork. She turned on the CD player and listened to newest Dave Koz CD. She loved jazz especially the saxophone. But she had to be careful. 'What is it with listening to someone play a saxophone that's gets my libido going? Geeze, I get horny every time. Thank god it's not with every saxophone song or else I'd be in big trouble. But get the right jazz tone and the right saxophone going, Mmmm.' Vanessa was now leaning back as she continued to listened to the sax. Her body was now in tune to what she was hearing. Her breathing began to pick up and she felt her nipples begin to harden, her clit twitching.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked at her desk clock, which now read 6:30pm. 'Damn. 30 minutes to go. Hmmm. I doubt if anyone is going to be coming down now not at this late hour. Wonder if I can close up in 10 minutes instead?' She looked at the clock and then her eyes slid to the back room door. 'Hmmm. Back room. Cot in back room. 10 minutes. Close down. Back room. Cot. Then food. Uh huh. That'll work.' She moved her hips just enough to try to alleviate the aching in between her legs. Her ears then adjusted back to the CD player. 'Bad idea. Turning on Koz before its time to close. Bad girl. Bad, bad, bad girl,' she chastised herself. She looked at the clock again. 'Five minutes to go.' She began to reach for her briefcase when the telephone rang. She stopped in mid motion and closed her eyes. 'They better not be bringing someone down here. NOT NOW. Oh please, not now.'

She reached over and picked up the phone. "MRI, Vanessa," she said in a professional voice.

"Hey, Van. It's Nancy."


"Got a patient for ya."

Vanessa closed eyes and pursed her lips. 'Damn' "Ok. How long?" she said trying everything in her power not to sound frustrated.

"Ten minutes. Information is being sent now," Nancy replied.

Vanessa looked at her computer screen, punched a few keys, and saw the information. "Callie Bradford, 26, white female. Ok. Got it."

"Good. Ok. Talk to ya later," Nancy said.

"Bye, Nancy." Vanessa hung up the phone and leaned back into her chair, bumping her head to the back of it. "No, no, no. Shit," she exasperated. She reached over and hit the off button to her CD player.

Taking a deep breath and blowing it out, she tried to get her body under control. She began getting all of the paperwork needed together. She went into the other room and started setting up the MRI machine. Within ten minutes, the nurse was wheeling in the patient.

"Hey, Vanessa!" the nurse called out.

Vanessa came from the MRI room and stopped in the doorway. She looked at the blonde hair, green eye female sitting in the wheelchair. Her libido kicked in. 'Down girl, down,' she berated herself. She cleared her throat and made her way over to the nurse and patient.

Smiling, she looked down at the woman who looked totally irritated. 'My, my, my. Can definitely tell she doesn't want to be here. Well, me neither, sweetheart. Me neither.' Vanessa's eyes glanced towards the back room door as she mentally sighed to herself. 'Damn you Dave Koz and that damn saxophone. Shit.'

Vanessa calmed herself down and looked back towards the patient. "Hi. I'm Vanessa and I'll be your tech this evening," she said making sure her voice didn't crack.

Callie sighed and lifted her eyes to the person standing in front of her only to be mesmerized by the most stunning bluest eyes she had ever seen. She slowly allowed her eyes to follow a downward path. Vanessa was dressed in a black ribbed turtleneck sweater that accentuated the swell of her breast and a pair of black knit pants that hugged her hips and thighs. Her eyes slowly slid their way back until they met Vanessa's. She swallowed hard and quickly shook her head to clear it.

Vanessa caught the look from the petite blonde and smiled inwardly. 'Hmmm. Is that my gaydar going off? Why yes. Yes it is.'

"Vanessa, this is Ms. Bradford. She's here for an MRI for head trauma," the nurse said not noticing the look that Callie was giving to Vanessa.

Vanessa looked up at the nurse and moved to the back of the wheelchair. "No problem."

The nurse moved in front of Callie. "Ok, Ms. Bradford. Ms. Carter will take it from here. Once your MRI is completed, another nurse will come to transport you back to ER. OK?"

Callie looked at the nurse narrowing her eyes. "Fine," she said.

The nurse walked to the back of the wheelchair where Vanessa was standing. Addressing Vanessa, the nurse stated, "There is a Ms. Kathleen Norton that came with Ms. Bradford. She's across the hall in the waiting room." She looked down onto the blonde hair, looked back up at Vanessa, and mouthed the words 'good luck' then turned and walked out the door.

Vanessa simply smiled at the retreating back and then began to push the wheelchair into the MRI room. She stationed the wheelchair near the table and locked the wheels in place. "Here we go," she stated. "Ok, Ms. Bradford. I need to have you lie down on this table please."

Callie got up out of the chair a little too fast and swayed almost losing her balance. Vanessa was there to catch her and quickly rushed in front of her to keep her from falling forward.

"Whoa, there. I gotcha," Vanessa said as Callie quickly leaned into, her closing her eyes as everything around began to swirl. Vanessa's arms went around Callie's body in an effort to hold her up.

"Whoa," Callie breathed out as she leaned her head into Vanessa's firm breast wrapping her arms around her to keep herself steady.

Vanessa froze eyes wide. 'Not good. Not good. Head way too close to hardened nipple. Oh man. Got to get this girl off breast now.' But instead of moving the blonde woman, she inhaled the fragrance emanating from the girl's hair. 'Mmmm. Smells nice. And her body. Mmmm. Very nice indeed.' Her hands unconsciously roamed the backside of the patient

Callie opened her eyes and realized that her head was lying comfortably on a firm breast. 'Uh oh. Way too close here. Way, way too close.' But instead of moving, she simply closed her eyes and turned her head so that she could enjoy the feel of the soft breast beneath her cheek. 'Mmmm. She smells so good. And this body? Damn!'
Callie simply closed her eyes and relished in this tall woman's embrace. 'God, I could stay here.' Callie then opened her eyes quickly as realization once again set in. 'Shit. What is wrong with me? You haven't had any in a while and you want to attack the first body that you feel? Geeze, Callie get a grip. Let go of this woman.' She reluctantly leaned back from the embrace and looked up into blue eyes.

Clearing her throat, she said, "Sorry about that. I...uh...got out of the chair way too fast. Head rush." She smiled and then lowered her eyes from the ones that held them.

Clearing her throat, Vanessa responded, "No problem. I was...uh...glad that I was here so that you wouldn't hurt yourself. Don't want you suing us, now do we?" she said jokingly.

Callie looked up at her and started laughing. "No, I definitely do not want to sue the hospital. I don't want to be the one responsible for you not having a job," she stated as she stared into the blue eyes again mesmerized by them.

Vanessa gazed into pools of emerald eyes that captivated her. Her eyes wandered down to the luscious lips that she wanted to take in as her own. Licking her own, she slowly began to move forward to taste the lips that awaited her.

Callie watched as Vanessa's licked her lips. Oh how she wanted to lick her tongue around those succulent moist lips. She began to move forward, opening her mouth just a little to prepare to feast.

Slowly, the two women were moving closer and closer to each other, each wanting to satisfy their own hunger. Lips met each other barely touching. Both women pulled back just a little as they felt a wave of heat pass through their bodies. Vanessa was the first to lean back in and capture the lips of this beautiful blonde woman. She felt the body of Callie begin to give in and she pressed her lips a little harder, pulling Callie's body into hers.

Callie wrapped her arms tighter around the long lean body of this technician. She felt herself getting weak in the knees and was glad that Vanessa pulled her body into hers. After a while, Callie begged for entrance to Vanessa's mouth and was pleased when Vanessa's opened allowing her to explore.

Tongues danced and twirled as each woman moaned and groaned into each other. Vanessa wrapped her arms tightly around Callie, picked her up and using one foot kicked the wheelchair out of the way. She slowly lowered Callie back to her feet all the while never removing her mouth from the luscious ones of the petite blonde-haired woman.

Callie's hands were all over Vanessa's back, roaming and feeling the strength that was evident. Her hands slowly moved down her backside where she gripped the hard cheeks, kneading it ever so softly.

Vanessa groaned when she felt the hands kneading her butt and instinctively moved so that her firm thigh was between Callie's legs. She moved her thigh up and down on Callie's mound feeling the heat radiating from there.

Callie began to grind herself onto Vanessa thigh wishing that the barriers known as clothing would simply vanish. The two women continued to kiss and grind into each other, totally unaware that someone could enter.

"Hey, Callie! You in here?" Both women pulled away from each other a little flushed.

"Uh, yeah. In here!" Callie yelled back. She looked up at Vanessa and said, "Sorry that's my friend Kay."

Feeling way overheated, Vanessa tried to get her professionalism under control. Swallowing, she said, "That's ok. Here, why don't we get you on this table so that we can start the exam?" She helped Callie onto the table just as Kay walked into the room.

Making her way over to where Callie and Vanessa were, she stopped and stood next the Callie not even looking at the tall female technician.

"Honey, I'm sorry, but I've gotta go."

"Why? What's going on?" Callie asked with concern in her voice.

Kay sat down on the table next to Callie. Running her fingers through her short auburn colored hair, she said, "Dad just called. I need to go home to Atlanta. Seems mom has had a heart attack."
Putting her hand to her chest, Callie looked at her friend. "When?"

"About an hour ago. Dad's been calling me but I had my cell phone off. He finally had the company page me and that's how I found out." Kay was still running her fingers through her hair, which was a sign to Callie that Kay was worried.

"I made a flight that's going to leave here in about 2 hours. I just need to go home and pack a couple of things and then catch the next flight out. Honey, I can't stay here with you. You understand, don't you?" Kay asked with pleading eyes.

Vanessa was busying herself setting up the equipment and getting things ready, but she made sure that she listened in on the conversation.

"Of course I understand. You know better than to ask me that," Callie stated as she hugged her friend. "Go on. Get outta here so you can make that flight." She pulled away from her friend and smiled at her.

"Thank you. Do you have enough for a cab?"

"Oh no. I didn't bring my purse. Remember, you dragged me out of the house before I could get anything except my keys," Callie stated as she poked her friend in the chest while she continued to smile

"Oh man, I forgot about that. I tell you what," Kay reached into her purse and pulled out her ATM card. "Use this and get some money out. There's an ATM near the vending machines through the second double doors of the waiting room. Just get whatever you need, OK?" She passed the card to Callie.

"Oh no, Kay, I couldn't," Callie said as she pushed her friend's hand away.

"Please, Callie. It's my fault that I didn't make sure that you had your purse and some money. Please, take it?" Kay was pleading.

Vanessa finally turned around as opportunity knocked. "Um, maybe I could help?"

Kay and Callie both looked up at the tall beauty. It was then that Kay realized that there was someone else in the room. She stared at Vanessa raking her in. 'Wow. What a tall drink of very cool water,' she thought to herself.

"I could drop you off at home. You're my last patient for the evening and by time you are done in ER; I'll be signing off for the evening. What'd ya say?" Vanessa offered simply.

Callie and Vanessa stared at each other for a long time as Kay went back and forth between the two women watching Callie mostly. 'Ah ha. Seems like someone has caught your eye, bud. Hmmm. Not bad looking at all. Yep, this could work. Just need a little nudge from moi.'

"You know that is a great idea. And I don't have to worry about you taking a cab this late. After all, it is winter and it's dark. I would definitely feel a lot better if you catch a ride with her. After all, she is offering."

Callie heard her friend rambling but never moved her eyes from Vanessa's.

"But you don't know where I live?"

"Sure I do. It's in your records. Not that I was trying to intrude, just that I have a good memory," Vanessa stated not taking her eyes off Callie's.

"Are you sure, it's not out of the way?"

"Positive," Vanessa said smiling.

Kay watched the exchange from the two with a bemused expression. "Great," she exclaimed clapping her hands, which broke the trance between the two women. She stood up grabbing her purse in the process "Now that that is settled," She looked down at her friend and gave her a big hug. "I'll call you in a day or so."

"You better," Callie stated as she let go of the hug. "I want to know everything that is going on, ok?"

"Sure. I better hit the road, hon, don't have that much time left."

"Ok. Be safe."

"I will."

She swung the purse onto her shoulder and turned to Vanessa.

"Thank you for the offer. I feel bad as it is. That was very considerate of you ms.."

"Carter but you can call me Vanessa."

"Alright, then Vanessa. Thank you." She shook Vanessa's hand and then turned to Callie.

"Bud, I'll call you on tomorrow, ok?" Callie was stating as she was making her way to the door.

"Ok, Kay, and give my love to the family," Callie was calling out.

"I will," Kay screamed back.

Callie watched as the retreating back turned the corner. Her eyes stayed glued to the doorway for a moment longer then she turned her gaze back to Vanessa who was now standing by the table.

"The sooner we can get started the sooner we can get you home," Vanessa stated as she gave the perfect grin.

Callie smiled back at the grinning Vanessa. "Alrighty, then. Let's get this show on the road. After all, I so want you to get me home," Callie said as she slowly lowered herself to the table, smiling seductively.

'Is that what I think it is? Down libby down girl! Hmmm. Now what is it they say? Ah yes. Aahh sookie, sookie now. Heh, heh.'

To Be Continued in part 2

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