~ Sex Education ~
by Greek Warrior

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Sex: Wasn't that the point? And surprise, surprise, it's between two women.

Language: You might run across a few bad words, not the 'f' word though, that was one of the rules.

This is a PWP story and was written in response to a challenge issued from the MinDom's Empress herself. Yes I'm sucking up!

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The stark white metal door slid open and a short, blonde-haired, green-eyed woman entered the lab yawning. "Morning, Morris." She acknowledged the older, brown-haired medical assistant.

"Good morning, Dr. Phelps." He grinned at the not completely awake woman.

Alison chose to ignore her assistant's amusement at her sleepy state. For as long as she could remember, she and mornings had never gotten along. She wished the doctors that had put together her DNA had included a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed gene. "How are our patients doing?" She asked as she walked over to stand in front of the cryogenic chambers that occupied the far end of the lab.

"Muscle stimulation was successful on 8 of the 12 subjects and brain waves continue to be active on those 8 also." Morris informed her. "The other four just aren't responding and their vital signs are weak at best."

She wasn't at all happy about losing four subjects but she knew the chambers had been damaged and it was beyond her control. "What about our star patient?" The doctor asked as she walked over to stand in front of the chamber that contained the subject filling her thoughts night and day since gazing though the small window in the chamber door.

Morris consulted his information pad. "The regeneration of all the damaged organs, the liver and right lung, have been completed successfully. Also the spinal column injury has been repaired. All in record time. This patient seems to continue to heal at an incredible rate."

Dr. Alison Phelps sighed in relief. She wasn't sure what drew her to this particular subject over the others that had been placed in her care. She stared at the emotionless face through the Plexiglas window and reviewed the information that had been retrieved from the computer's memory core.

"Subject #0331685. Female Caucasian. Name: Piper MacKay. Age 28. Height 185.42 centimeters (6' 1"). Hair black. Eyes blue. Weight 160 pounds. Placed in stasis in the year 2042. Medical problem; sever damage to liver, right lung and spinal cord."

Dr. Phelps had been one of several doctors assigned to care for the 178 subjects that had been moved to the orbiting space station when the satellite containing their frozen bodies had re-entered earth's orbit.

"Dr. Phelps?" The lab assistant cocked his head at his usually unflappable boss. She seemed to be more preoccupied with her star patient as time went on.

"Sorry, Morris. What were you asking?"

"Do you want to start the revival process on MacKay? She has successfully completed all the tests and procedures you had scheduled for her."

"Yes, Morris." The doctor turned her thoughts back to her patient. "I believe we'll begin immediately." Alison wanted very much to see the blue eyes that had been hidden for over three hundred years.

Two days later:

Alison was awakened in the middle of the night by the computer. "Dr. Phelps?" The cheerful voice called. "Your presence is requested in med-lab 021. Please report to med-lab 021 immediately."

Alison groaned and opened a link to the lab. "Morris, what's the emergency?" She groggily asked and yawned.

"No emergency, Doctor. But you've got one wide awake and confused patient, who's demanding a few answers." He reported. "I tried to get Ms MacKay to wait until morning, but she's having none of it and wants to talk to the doctor in charge."

Alison hopped around trying to get her other leg in her pants without falling on her butt. "Thank you, Morris. Tell her I'm on my way." She was halfway out the door and down the corridor before she had finished dressing.

When Alison entered the med-lab, she found her patient sitting up, with her arms crossed in front of her chest and glaring at Morris with a look that had her assistant nervously backing away from the irate woman.

Before Alison could say anything, Piper turned in her direction. "My god?Carol?"

Piper was now more confused than ever. She and Carol had been mugged on their way home from the play that her lover of five weeks had had a bit part in. She remembered protecting Carol when one of the muggers had pulled a gun after Carol had pulled her stubborn act and refused to give him her wallet. The last thing she remembered, until she woke up here, was Carol holding her and yelling for help.

And now she was sitting here, wherever here was, and in walked someone she at first thought was her lover. But when the figure moved out of the shadows by the door and she looked closer she saw subtle differences. This woman's face wasn't as round and full, and her hair was more blonde than the strawberry red of her lover. This woman seemed to be a little older or at least more mature.

"No, Piper, I'm Dr. Phelps. What's the last thing you remember?" Alison moved closer to stand beside the bed and check the read-out of her patient's vital signs. She needed time to compose her rapidly beating heart. For some reason beyond her knowledge, being around this woman was causing havoc throughout her body.

"Getting shot." Piper answered bluntly. "Look, Doc, is Carol here? This guy won't or can't tell me anything and I'd really like to talk to her. I'd also like to find out what's going on. If I was shot, how come I'm okay now? Just how long have I been out?"

'There's no way to predict how she's going to take this.' "No, Piper Carol isn't here." Alison used her most soothing voice and her most calming bedside manner. "Why don't you sit back and relax. I need to ask you a few questions and then I'll see if I can answer your questions, okay?" Alison pulled up a chair. She was sure this was going to take a while.

"Okay, Doc, that sounds fair." Piper agreed. 'At least if I've got to be in the hospital, I've got a great looking doctor. Wonder if she's attached?'

Alison reminded herself that until she explained the situation to her patient, she needed to refer to people long dead in the present tense. "Is Carol a member of your family?"

"Yes, she's my partner. My lover." Piper clarified at the doctor's wrinkled brow.

Alison was momentarily distracted by the unusual emotions coursing through her body and the sudden heat in her belly. Squirming in her chair, she regained her composure enough to continue. "Did you and Carol make?arrangements should one of you become?hurt or sick?"

"No, we haven't known each other long enough to even talk about having legal paperwork done or to make decisions for each other." Piper was starting to get a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Why?"

"Your wounds were very serious. Your spinal cord was damaged and you would have been partially paralyzed."

"Wait." Piper interrupted, a confused expression on her face. "I seem to be all right now. And what do you mean by 'would have been', Doc? What's going on?"

Alison cleared her throat. "Do you know the term cryogenics?"

"Yeah, you get frozen. What does that?oh my god! She didn't." Piper only had to look at the expression on the doctor's face to know that Carol had.

"She must have cared a great deal for you and wanted to give you a chance at living again."

"More like she felt guilty since her stubbornness got me shot in the first place." Piper closed her eyes against the tears of frustration she felt threatening. "How long?"

Alison took a deep breath trying to gain an upper hand on the conflicting emotions that were running rampant through her body. She couldn't imagine being in Piper's shoes and waking up to an entirely different world where everyone you had ever known was long gone. But there was still part of her that was very glad this dark-haired, blue-eyed woman had come into her life. "You've been in stasis for just over 300 years."

Silence?silence so complete Alison could swear she could hear the seconds slipping by.

"I don't suppose Carol's going to run in here laughing at me for falling for another one of her practical jokes?" Her eyes pleaded but held no hope.

"I'm sorry, Piper, but it really is the year 2369." She placed her hand on her patients. "I won't give you 300 years worth of history now, we can do that a little bit at a time, but I do want you to know that physically you're as good as new." Alison explained to her patient, in laymen's terms, what had been done to heal her. And that she along with 177 others had been found on a satellite that had been knocked out of earth's orbit and lost all this time until it found it's way back a month ago. "If you feel like company tonight, I'll bring us dinner and we can talk some more then."

"Thanks." Piper gave the doctor a lopsided smile. "Hey, Doc. Any chance Carol might be on that satellite too?"

Alison paused in mid-step. She hadn't even thought about the possibility of that being the case. "I can check. What's her last name?"

"Adams, her name is?was, Carol Adams."

"I guess it would be nice to have someone here with you that you know, especially if it's a person that you?love." Alison felt like her stomach and her heart had changed places. She should be happy for Piper but all she could feel was sadness.

"Love, oh yeah, I'd love to ring her scrawny little neck." Piper stated. "Sorry, Doc, just joking." She relaxed her hands that had curled into fists at the worried expression on the doctor's face.

Piper's hope that, for whatever reason, Carol might be one of the others that had been transferred from the satellite to the station wasn't realized. Alison noted that her patient took the information with little or no emotion. 'We were lovers, but we hadn't really had enough time to see if we would fall in love. We were mostly in lust with each other.' Piper had explained to the doctor when she delivered the news of Carol's nonexistence among the other patients.

In the week that followed, Alison spent all of her free time and most of her on duty time with or at least near her star patient. The other surviving seven subjects assigned to her had been 'thawed' and were taking the situation in stride since it had been on their instructions that they were placed in stasis. Alison had passed them off to med-lab assistants to be re-oriented into their new living environment.

Piper had spent a lot of the past week getting her body use to functioning again and now it was time to start learning about her new world and the beautiful doctor. She had accepted Alison's invitation to lunch and now found herself sitting in the doctor's quarters. "You live here alone?"

"Yes." Alison answered. "We have enough room on the station for everyone to have their own living space." She placed the food platter in the middle of the table. "I hope these are fixed right. I had to look up old recipes on the computer and I still can't see why it's called hamburger meat when it's made with beef instead of ham."

"It was one of the great mysteries of the late twentieth century along with Stonehenge and Atlantis and a few others." Piper chuckled.

This the first time Alison heard her patient laugh and it brought a smile to her face. She decided it was something she wanted to hear a lot more of.

During lunch, Alison gave Piper a brief story on the reason why the inhabitants of the station were living in space instead of on earth. Piper frowned when Alison explained that a comet had passed through earth's upper atmosphere and sent wide spread destruction across the globe in the year 2174. Alison then explained that the survivors migrated to the station that had been protected from the comet by its orbit positioning it on the opposite side of the planet at the time. "We've been here ever since, trying to build up our population."

"It sounds like an old sci-fi movie." Piper commented.

"I guess it's all a little too much to take in, in such a short time." Alison agreed.

Piper placed her napkin on her empty plate. "My complements to the chef." She pushed her chair back from the table and patted her stomach. She studied her companion as she finished her chocolate milkshake, which she'd found wasn't a new experience for the doctor. It was good to know a few things had survived 300 years. "So everybody lives alone?" Piper asked innocently. "Don't you get lonely here all by yourself?"

"Not really. But if I do, I go to the communal areas to socialize." Alison explained.

"What about a boyfriend or girlfriend?" Piper hadn't been able to get a clear reading on the doctor. "Don't tell me a woman as beautiful as you doesn't have a lover?" Alison lowered her head, but not before Piper saw the blush. 'I really hope she doesn't. I find myself very much attracted to her.'

"No." Alison stated as she stood up and started clearing the table. "We don't need to copulate to reproduce."

Piper stood and moved to gaze out at the infinite stars that were on display outside of the large window in the doctor's quarters. "But what about love? Desire? The feeling of a lover's hands on your body?" She felt the doctor move beside her at the window. "Or something as simple as wrapping your arms around someone and feeling their body meld with yours?" She saw Alison's reflection in the window blush again.

Alison felt her skin tingle in response to Piper's words and the way those blue eyes now looked at her. "I?we?" She shook her head in order to break the pull that Piper's gaze had on her body. "There was too much risk to the mother and child during pregnancy and birth. Our population was so small, our previous generations couldn't take the chance of something going wrong, so the need for the actual act of?intercourse, I believe it was called, was done away with in favor of a safer way."

"Is making love against your laws?" Piper could foresee some major problems if that were the case. She knew it wouldn't take long before she ended up in jail or whatever they called it. There was without a doubt no way she could be celibate the rest of her life.

"No, we just don't find a need to interact physically." Answered a very confused doctor. She was certainly feeling a few 'needs' right now.

"So, what about parents and family, like sisters or brothers?" Piper decided to give the beautiful doctor a break and change the topic from the talk of sex so she could regain her composure. But Piper's body seemed to have a mind of it's own as it was drawn like a moth to a flame as she moved into Alison's personal space and noticed that the doctor's body respond by leaning into hers.

"N?no, not in the traditional sense." Alison found it hard to control her breathing. "But we, as children, have teachers and mentors and receive guidance from all the adults that monitor us as we grow." She explained.

"Didn't you miss having a mother who held you when you had a bad dream or if you were sick in the night?" Piper lightly stroked the doctor's cheek with the back of her finger. "A mother who kissed your boo-boos and made them better?" She grinned when she saw Alison's eyes flutter closed and tilt her head into the caress.

Alison sighed. "I didn't get sick when I was a child and I've never had a bad dream." She corralled her emotions and moved a step or two away from her lunch companion. "And in all my medical training, I've never heard of lips healing any kind of injury."

Piper chuckled. "It's an old wives tale." She explained. "It was supposed to make you feel loved." She felt like throwing the doctor off stride again and re-entered her personal space. "What about now?"

"What do you mean?" Alison's body was betraying her again. All she could think about was experiencing the warmth of Piper's way too close body and how it would feel to have the woman's arm's wrapped around her and holding her close.

"Oh, I don't know, let's say you've had a bad day at work; maybe you've come home with a headache or a stiff neck. Wouldn't coming home to a lover waiting to take you in their arms to cradle your tired body into their warm embrace feel wonderful?"

Alison was unnerved; it was almost like her patient was reading her thoughts.

Piper stared into Alison's eyes. Her voice low and stimulating. "Someone to massage away your aches and pains with strong yet tender hands?" She placed her hands lightly on the doctor's shoulders.

"I?I don't know what you mean." Alison shuddered as she gazed deeply into blue eyes that were filled with many emotions that she had never before seen.

Piper ran her hands down Alison's arms. "Have you ever been held in anyone's arms? Have you ever felt desire burn through your body? Have you ever needed someone's touch so badly, that you thought you would die without it? Have you ever felt like this?" Piper asked as she wrapped her arms around Alison and pulled their bodies close together.

Alison nearly collapsed as her legs failed to support her, but Piper held her tightly. "I don't?I never?" Her mind couldn't seem to complete a thought, much less a sentence.

"Put your arms around me, Doc." Piper requested and Alison complied. "And feel the desire and the emotions flowing between us." Piper ran her hands up and down the doctor's back, moving her hands a little lower with each pass.

Alison felt a fire move across her skin wherever Piper's hands touched her. "I've never felt?anything like this before." She moved her hands to copy Piper's. "I don't know what you're doing to me."

"I'm loving you." Piper pulled away slightly to look into green eyes gone dark with desire. "And I plan on educating you, Doctor, on all the pleasures of the flesh." She tilted her head and placed a light kiss on Alison's lips.

"Are there?a lot of different?pleasures?" Alison asked somewhat embarrassed.

"Oh yes, darlin'. There are many ways to please a woman. And I plan on teaching you each and every one of them." Piper assured her and bent her head to claim the doctor's mouth once more.

"Teach me." Alison whispered just as Piper's soft lips met hers again. She felt like a fire was racing through her blood but at the same time her body shivered like she had a raging fever.

Piper used the small opening caused by the doctor's request, to enter and explore the virgin territory. That caused her to become weak-kneed as she thought about the other untouched regions she had yet to investigate.

When Piper's tongue first entered her mouth, Alison was shocked. But shock quickly turned into a hunger for more. More what she wasn't exactly sure?just more. The affect this woman had on her was exhilarating. Her body felt like it had been set free without ever knowing that it had been held captive.

Piper removed her mouth from Alison's when the need for air became urgent. "Which way to the bedroom?" She was having a little trouble holding herself upright, not to mention having to support the shaky doctor.

"What?" Alison was having her own trouble concentrating on anything but the tongue that darted out of Piper's mouth and moistened her lips. The same inconspicuous pink muscle had just rendered her totally incapacitated. "Oh, it's back there." Unable to take her eyes off of Piper's lips, she vaguely waved her hand over her shoulder.

Piper wasted no time in scooping the doctor into her arms and heading in that direction. She placed the doctor on her feet, at the end the bed. "I want?need to see your body." Piper explained as her hands moved to the bottom of the snug fitting pullover shirt Alison was wearing and when the doctor raised her arms above her head, Piper removed the garment and flung it way.

A little voice in Alison's mind told her she should be uncomfortable standing exposed in front of another. But her body sent other more primal urges that efficiently shoved that little annoying whiny voice into a small dark room in the back of her mind where Alison promptly locked the door and threw away the key. She reached for Piper's shirt, intending to remove it but found her hands stopped. "Please?"

"All in good time, Doc." Piper kissed the hands that she had stilled, then circled behind the doctor. Her lips, teeth and tongue slowly made a trail from Alison's shoulder to her neck, leaving goose bumps in their wake. "You're a very beautiful and desirable woman." Piper's hands moved up the doctor's ribs and brushed the outside of her breasts before retreating and coming to rest on Alison's stomach. "Have you never touched yourself? Felt your nipples grow erect and ridged?" She moved her hands upwards and cupped the doctor's breasts. Her index fingers rubbed the doctor's nipples and she felt them respond instantly to her touch.

Alison had never felt things so vividly; so real and yet she was sure she was dreaming. Nothing so good could exist when she was awake.

Piper hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of the doctor's pants and started pushing them off her hips as she whispered into Alison's ear sending shivers throughout the smaller body. "Felt the warmth and the flood of your passion as you slid your fingers through your folds and brushed against your throbbing clit before moving down to thrust them into yourself?"

"No, I've?never?" Her breathing was labored and fast. Alison was ready to beg for first hand knowledge of the pleasures of the flesh. "Please?I need more." She reached behind her and grabbed Piper's hips, shamelessly pulling them against her bare ass.

"And I shall give you more." Piper promised as she helped the doctor step out of the garments that pooled around her ankles. "Sit down." Came the sultry command.

Alison moved back and sat on the edge of the bed, watching as her patient stepped back.

"Do you still want to see me?" She questioned and Alison quickly nodded her head. Piper grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled the material over her head, exposing her chest for the doctor. "Do you like what you see?" Again Alison nodded. "Do you want to see more?"

Another nod followed by a tongue poking out to moisten dry lips. "Yes, please."

Piper turned her back to the doctor and slowly bent over while lowering her pants. She stayed in that position while removing her feet from the bunched-up material and looked through her slightly spread legs to see a wide-eyed doctor, clutching the bedcover in her hands. 'I knew sneaking into all those strip clubs in my miss-spent youth would payoff eventually.' She grinned.

Alison knew she was going to hyperventilate if she didn't slow her breathing down. But watching while Piper bent over slowly exposing herself was about to do her in.

Piper stood and turned back around to face the doctor. "Do you want to touch me?" Piper asked as she stepped closer, forcing Alison to spread her legs to accommodate her.

"I do, very much." Alison never took her eyes off the body standing between her open legs.

"Give me your hands." Piper placed the doctor's palms flat against her thighs with her larger ones covering them. She guided them up past her hips and across her belly, then around the outside of her breasts before coming to a stop covering her nipples. "Squeeze them." Piper requested when she removed her hands from the doctor's.

Alison felt the smooth skin under her hands as they glided across Piper's body. She had never known that touching another could be so satisfying or so arousing. As she grasped the soft skin and squeezed, she felt the nipples grow hard and press against her palms and heard Piper moan. She was rather proud of herself for causing that to happen.

Piper leaned down and captured Alison's mouth in a passionate kiss. She withdrew her tongue from the doctor's mouth, but left her lips parted in invitation. Alison shyly ventured in, tentative at first, but quickly gained enough confidence to explore the new territory.

"Move back on the bed." Piper requested after their lips parted.

Alison crawled backwards until she was in the middle of the big bed. Her legs were spread and stretched out in front of her and she was propped up on her arms that were stretched out behind her. She watched as Piper crawled between her legs. "Will you touch me?" Alison pleaded.

"I'm going to touch every part of your body, darlin'." Piper moved her hands down the doctor's thighs and hooked her fingers under her knees. She raised Alison's legs until her knees were bent and her feet were flat on the bed. She then pushed the legs apart until she was completely exposed. "So wet and ready for me." Piper ran her short, blunt nails up and down the inside of the doctor's thighs.

Alison closed her eyes and moaned as the nails raked across her skin. She felt her hips as they rocked towards Piper's fingers on each upward stroke. "Please?I feel like I'm going to?to explode." She didn't have the words or experience to tell Piper what she needed and she felt frustrated.

Piper of course knew what the doctor was feeling and what she needed. Taking pity on the flustered woman, she lowered her head between Alison legs. Stopping just before making contact, she inhaled the scent and growled low in her throat. The doctor's aroma was enough to make her juices overflow. She extended her tongue and with a light teasing pressure ran it the length of Alison's sex tasting the sweet elixir.

"Oh my god." The doctor's eyes opened to see the dark head between her legs. The raw uncontrolled reaction that Piper's tongue created caused Alison to grind her hips into her teacher's face and shamelessly beg for more. She whimpered when the pressure stop.

"Do you want to know how incredible you taste?" Piper leaned up and thrust her tongue into the doctor's mouth when she said yes.

Alison sucked on Piper's tongue as she was pushed back onto the bed. She broke the kiss to gaze up at the body hovering on hands and knees above her own. When Piper lowered her body to cover the doctor's, Alison received her first feeling of bare flesh against bare flesh. Tremors past through her body as she felt Piper's weight press firmly into hers. "I think I've died and gone to heaven." Alison commented as she wrapped her arms around her very willing teacher.

"You haven't felt anything yet, Doc." Piper responded as she held her upper body on her arms and thrust her mound into Alison's sex. "I've got 300 years to make up for and I'm horny as hell."

Grunts passed the doctor's lips with each thrust against her. She moaned with each wiggle of the body between her legs. She could feel the curly hair tickle and entice her swollen folds. Alison sensed a pressure building in her veins but wasn't sure how to relieve it. "Something's happening?I?"

Piper could feel her climax coming and knew the doctor was also ready. "Let?go." She wanted Alison to release first, to see the pleasure on her face at her first orgasm.

"I?" She closed her eyes tight as a wave of intense satisfaction swept through her body. Without conscience thought, she reached up and pulled Piper down onto her and held her tightly, bucking against her as each tremor exploded through her body.

Piper's own release came when Alison pressed their bodies together. Their juices blending together to create an aphrodisiac she couldn't wait to taste. She slipped out of the doctor's weakened hold and crawled down her body.

Alison opened her eyes and looked down. "What?what are you doing now?" She felt sure that once she had experienced an orgasm, they were done. That they would need time to recover before their bodies would be ready to do that again. 'And boy, do I plan on doing that again.'

"I'm going to taste us. Then we're going to love each other again and again." Piper chuckled at the astonished expression.

"I'm not sure if I can?you know, again." Alison explained as she propped herself up on her arms. "At least not right away."

"Oh, you can. You'll see. Besides, like I said, I've got 300 years to make up for and you are already aroused again." Piper lowered her head to drink.

Alison did indeed find her body once again responding to the erotic sight of Piper's mouth feasting between her legs.

Piper placed one finger inside the doctor until she felt the thin barrier that blocked her progress. She moved her mouth to Alison's clit and pressed her tongue against it. Once the doctor's hips settled into an even rhythm, Piper eased her finger in and past the barrier. A slight jerk of Alison's hips was the only reaction to the loss of her virginity.

"You're inside." Alison opened her eyes and watched Piper's finger as it disappeared into her body. "It feels so good."

Piper got to her knees and kissed Alison as she kept up the slow thrusting of her finger. "You feel good too." She wiggled her finger causing the doctor to squirm.

"More, I want more of you inside me." Alison demanded.

Piper straddled the doctor's leg as she added another finger. She pumped her hips, riding the thigh between hers in time with her thrusting fingers.

Alison felt Piper's wetness coat her leg. "Harder."

Piper was a little reluctant; she didn't want to hurt her inexperienced partner.

At the hesitation, Alison reached down and wrapped her hand around Piper's wrist and began to pump her teacher's fingers hard and fast into herself.

Piper felt the doctor's muscles grab at her fingers, not wanting to let go. She rode the hard thigh muscle faster. They released at the same time and weakly collapsed onto the bed beside each other.

"I want to taste you now." Alison demanded when she caught her breath. "And I want to be inside you." She rolled on her side to face her reclining teacher.

Piper turned her head towards the doctor and couldn't resist capturing a nipple that just happened to be in prefect line with her mouth. She heard Alison moan as she swirled her tongue around the firm body part.

"Oh no you don't." She informed her bedmate. "It's my turn." Alison sat up and straddled the grinning woman's stomach and placed her hands over Piper's breasts. She twirled the hard nubs between thumbs and fingers. "I take it I'm doing this right?" She asked as she felt the body under her start to respond.

"Yes." Piper bent her knees and spread her legs, pressing her body up and against the doctor as she felt the cool air in the room brush against her exposed sex.

Alison placed her body between her teacher's legs before Piper's movement could distract her. She opened her mouth and took in as much of the soft flesh that would fit and begin to suckle. She switched breasts, making sure neither was neglected. Her tongue flicked across a stiff nipple before her teeth lightly nibbled.

"God yes?harder." Piper instructed and held Alison's head to her chest as her hips lifted off the bed and pressed in the doctor's.

Alison sucked Piper's breast into her mouth and scraped her teeth across the soft flesh, then captured the nipple between her teeth. The movement of the body below hers reminded the doctor of the other areas she had yet to experience. She moved up to seize her teacher's lips in a forceful and demanding kiss.

When Piper felt the doctor's hips press into hers, she reached down and filled her hands with Alison's ass, grinding their mounds together. She had never been this out of control, this needy.

The doctor worked her way down the tall body, pausing every few inches to sample the succulent flesh along the way. Being a doctor, Alison was familiar with women's bodies but none had ever made her crave the intimacy and the passion that she was experiencing. She noticed every nuance, every curve. She inhaled Piper's scent that reminded her of the earthy smell of woodchips and freshly tilled soil from the station's greenhouse. "So, Piper, tell me, have you ever touched yourself?" Alison remembered her reactions to similar questions posed to her earlier.

"You are definitely a quick study." She grinned at the green eyes peering up at her. "And if you don't touch me now, you'll have a front row seat to watch me do more than touch myself." She explained as she propped on her elbows.

Alison felt a twinge between her legs at the thought of watching. "Maybe later, Teach, right now I want to do things to you that up until a few hours ago, I never knew people did to one another." She saw blue eyes close as her mouth made contact with Piper's warm moist sex.

"Definitely a quick study." Piper forced her eyes open to watch the blonde head moving between her legs.

'Delicious.' Alison thought as she ran her tongue over the hard bundle of nerves and through the swollen folds. Remembering how the woman's fingers felt when inside her, she penetrated Piper's opening with two fingers as she swirled her tongue around her clit before sucking it into her mouth.

"God, Doc?another?add another finger." Piper's hands rhythmically clutched and released the bed cover as she pleaded for more.

Alison did as requested and lifted her head to watch her fingers slide into Piper. The soft, silky warmth that surrounded her digits caused a renewed throbbing between her legs.

"Faster." Piper held her hips off the bed as Alison drove her fingers deeper and faster. "I'm close." Her back arched so that her feet, shoulders and head were the only parts of her body to touch the bed. "Oh?shit, darlin'." Piper felt Alison's lips lock around her clit and the doc's tongue flick across it. Her body convulsed hard with each tremor of her climax.

Alison held on for the ride. Each time her tongue touched the sensitive bundle of nerves, Piper's body bucked against her face. She continued until Piper's pleas stopped her.

"You're killing me, darlin'." Piper looked down at the hungry green eyes shinning back at her. "Both of us are going to be too sore to move tomorrow." Piper groaned when the doctor removed her mouth and fingers.

Alison crawled halfway up Piper's body and straddled her stomach. "Good, it'll give us a reason to stay in bed." Then she placed her fingers in her mouth one at a time.

Piper watched spellbound as the doctor placed her finger in her mouth and suck it clean, then repeated the process twice more. As each finger disappeared, she felt Alison's renewed moisture coat her stomach and licked her lips.

"I guess I'd better let you re-build your strength since I seem to have worn you out." Alison taunted as she got to her feet and placed one on each side of Piper's head. "I think I'll try that touching myself you mentioned earlier." She played with her breasts, massaging them, then squeezed and rubbed her nipples until they were standing erect and hard. "Would you like to watch me?touch myself?"

"Yes?god yes." Piper answered as she stared at the doctor above her starting to pleasure herself. As she watched Alison move her fingers between her spread legs, she copied her and reached down between her own.

Alison placed a hand against the wall to steady herself as she ran her fingers down and dipped them into her folds, massaging and caressing her clit. She gazed into two piercing blue eyes intently watch her. "Do you like what you see?"

Piper nodded her head. "Go inside." She commanded as she continued to play with herself. "I want to see your fingers buried deeply inside you."

Alison inserted two fingers, watching her teacher's mesmerized gaze while she slowly and repeatedly drove her fingers into her opening. "Is this?what you wanted?" Alison bent her legs, thrusting downward to meet her fingers.

"Oh yeah, looks like you're enjoying yourself." Piper removed her hand from between her legs. "But I can't let you have all the fun." She ran her hands up the inside of Alison's thighs. Using one finger, she joined the two that the doctor was plunging into herself.

Alison felt completely filled. "I?I don't think I can stand." The thrusting between her legs continued as her legs slowly started to buckle from the intense pleasure that consumed her.

Piper crawled out from beneath the doctor, letting her sink to her knees. Kneeling behind Alison, she removed her finger and cupped Alison's breasts, pulling their bodies together; she closed her mouth on the pulse point in the doctor's neck.

"Don't stop." Alison whimpered when she felt Piper's finger slide out of her. "I'm almost there." She continued to pump her hand in search of relief.

"Oh, darlin'." Piper whispered in the doctor's ear as she pulled Alison's fingers from her body and brought them to her mouth, sucking them into her mouth and cleaning the sweet elixir from the digits. "You can play with yourself all you want, as long as I'm watching that is, but I'm the only one that can take you there."

Alison moaned at the words, the breath rushing past her ear and the fingers lightly running through her curly hair and brushing her clit. "Do it, please." Alison begged her tormentor.

"Oh, I'm gonna take you, hard and fast." Piper pulled Alison to the center of the bed. "Lean forward on your elbows and spread your legs." She commanded. "I want your tender, succulent ass easily obtainable." Piper grabbed the cheeks in her hands massaging and parting the supple flesh. "Such a lovely ass." She lowered her head nipping the sensitive skin with her teeth.

Alison moaned, long and low. "God, don't tease me." She rested her forehead against the bed, raising her ass higher, trying to entice Piper to give her what she craved.

"Mm, so submissive and willing. And ready too." Piper commented as she spread Alison open and saw her juices flowing. A growl started deep in her chest as she ran her tongue along the length of the doctor's sex, then dipped it into Alison's opening, drinking in the offered essence.

"Oh?that's?" Alison pushed her hips back, trying to impale herself on the tongue that was wiggling so deliciously inside of her. "?wonderful."

Piper hungrily drank in the doctor's offering before removing her face from between Alison's legs, licking her lips. "I seem to remember promising hard and fast." She stated as she moved closer to the doctor, leaning her body over Alison's back and wrapping one arm around her waist. Bracing herself with one leg bent, her foot flat on the bed beside the doctor, the other knee between her legs, she penetrated Alison with three fingers.

"Oh lord yes." The doctor pushed back to meet the fingers pumping into her opening. It didn't take long for the pressure to build in her body and release a powerful orgasm that erupted throughout her body. The fingers pulled out as she collapsed onto the bed.

Piper was now in desperate need of release. She straddled the doctor and spread her folds open as she lowered herself to Alison. "Ugh?so good." Her throbbing clit made contact with the doctor. She began riding Alison's ass, humping faster as the doctor rose up slightly providing more contact for her pulsing nub.

Alison felt the body above her still briefly then buck hard against her before collapsing onto her back and rolling off to lie beside her. She turned her head to watch Piper come back from her euphoric state.

"Thank you, darlin'. You're incredible." Piper brought Alison's hand to her mouth and kissed her palm. "Neither of us is going to be able to walk tomorrow, though.

"That's okay." Alison lay on her side next to Piper. She rested her head on the broad shoulder and placed her arm and leg over her in a possessive manner. "You are such a good teacher."

Piper chuckled. "You think I should offer to teach a sex education class?" She ran her fingers through Alison's soft, silky hair.

"No." Alison snuggled closer. "You're my private instructor. Let everybody else find their own teacher.

"I can live with that, Doc." Piper said as Alison drifted off for some much needed sleep. She wrapped her arm tightly around the doctor. "The future isn't so bad after all." Piper mumbled as she joined the doctor in slumber.

The End, at least until they wake up!

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