~ Princess ~
by H.W.

!!!Warning, the rating for this story is NC-17/mature/adult!!!
Please, if you don't want to read the full disclaimer, at least read the first part.

Disclaimer, first part.

Legal stuff: If Paramount owns it, I don't. And if they don't own it it's all mine. Mine, mine, MINE I tell you!!!

Universe: Star Trek Voyager.

Main pairing: B'Elanna/Seven.

Synopsis: The Borg always seem to want Seven back. But just what would happen if they got their wish?

Cannon, Smannnon.
I simply took what I liked, and made up the rest. So please don't write me to tell me that I'm not following cannon; I know.
For instance, one main change that you will notice from what is implemented in the TV series, is that you will see that Seven has had a lover before. What can I say, I simply got tired of her being the eternal virgin and wanted her to have some experience for once.

Though straight sex (meaning M/F) is talked about in this story on a few occasions, this story is really a F/F story, and all the adult stuff is purely F/F (though they do like toys.)

There is a plot in this story, but also some NC-17 scenes. Because some people love NC-17 stuff, and some hate it, I very deliberately put the adult stuff in separate chapters that contain no plot material at all. That way you can skip them if you want, without having to worry if you missed anything important.

However, a big part of this story is about building relationships between different pairs of women. So even in the non-adult chapters you will see the subjects of love and sex being mentioned on a regular basis.

The Adult chapters are chapter 7, 10, 12, 22, 32, and 49. So if you skip those you will miss nothing of the plot, I promise.
To make it easier for you to recognize these adult chapters instead of having to remember their numbers, the beginning of the adult chapters will be marked with the words... 'adult chapter'.

As said above, in this story there are six 'adult chapters.' Especially chapter 7, 10, and 12 are quite close to each other. So once you hit that spot you might think that it's only sex from then on. As proven with the mentioned chapter numbers above, it's not. It's simply that this was a convenient place in the story to put several love scenes. As simple as that.

And the Oscar... um, I mean, special much appreciated thanks... goes to:
(Let me see if I can get the sequence straight here.)

First, Angel. His questions like 'why would they do this' or 'how is that possible' have made me rewrite many a part for the better, and on top of that have given me many an idea for specific scenes.

Then there was Kas, who went over the first ten chapters or so of the first draft of the story. She did a great job, but because I saw that I had to do a major reedit of the story I suggested that she stop for the moment so that she didn't waste her time making corrections I wouldn't be using because text and story changed. I promised to be in contact again once I finished the story. Kas, if you are reading this, I did try, but the e-mail address I have for you is no longer working. I really did appreciate the work, and I would have loved for you to do a last read over just to make sure that no errors were missed.

Once I had the first draft of my story finished. I asked people on my mailing list for opinions and suggestions. I used almost all of them in the rewrite of the story. So thanks to all of you. And I would especially like to thank Llachlan for assuring me that Vasha could be saved and that I should keep her in the story. :)

And last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Jo. She went over the story last and pointed out a ton of spelling and grammar mistakes I missed. But on top of that I want to give her extra credit for pointing out all the potential shortenings of words, like 'I've' Vs 'I have' and 'wasn't' Vs 'was not'. By picking and choosing which shortenings to use it was possible for me to add character to the 'voices' of people. So if you see inconsistencies in how people talk, it's not because she didn't suggest the shortenings, but simply because I forgot what kind of shortenings I was using for that character. For instance, there are a few characters that have no problem with saying 'wasn't' but would not say 'we've'.

My eternal thanks to you all. This story would literally and figuratively not have been the same without you.

And to people who read this story and find errors in it (and I'm sure that there are still some to be found), you have two options.
First, you can send me a copy of the chapter with the mistake(s) clearly marked and the correction in there as well.
Or you can remember that you are reading this story free of charge and as such just accept that it isn't perfect.

Disclaimer, second part.

You may notice that in the beginning... the beginning being a relative term in a 64 chapter long story... the story line sounds very familiar. I did that on purpose, this is my take on a well used story line. I hope that when you reach the end that you will agree with me that the story certainly didn't finish like that storyline normally does.

Also, let me give you a little explanation. Normally when I write a story I take good care to make sure that I don't use ideas that have been used over and over again. I pride myself on the fact that I normally come up with original story lines, if I may say so myself. There has been more than one idea for a story that I never wrote, simply because I saw something similar coming by in another story. But not so in this story. This is what I call my 'guilty pleasure' story. I wrote what I want to write, how I want to write it. If something sounds familiar... congratulations.

Now, since this is my 'guilty pleasure' story, you will see another fan base I like making an appearance. But don't worry, this isn't an X-over, I think that I have fitted the other fan base into this story in a very believable Star Trek way, and the other fan base is never named by show or even character names from that show.

Now, onto the high NC-17 rating for this story. Why?
Well, there's one thing I noticed while reading Fan Fiction, there have been some great love scenes written for B/7 stories, but normally it's only one, maybe two in the entire story. The only exception to that that I know of is Wyldchild's 'Flesh for Fantasy'. So I decided to set forth a story that has a lot of R rated stuff (like comments or short descriptions) and also several love scenes. But I also had this idea for a long story, so I decided to combine the two since a long story would give me enough opportunities to write the R/NC-17 stuff in there.

And now finally on to the story.


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