~ Special Day ~
by Ijay

Story teaser:

A woman decided to make her lovers first birthday with her unforgettable. Their love is new but really deep. Just an ordinary day in the lives of two lovers; but it isn't so ordinary.

I startled awake at dawn. I could feel my whole body tingling and I wondered why. I stretched out my hand towards the bed-side table and grab the alarm clock. I noticed that it's just a few minutes past six. Normally, you would have been out on your early morning run by now, but today, we both slept through the alarm probably because of last night exhaustion. We were both up till the wee hours of the morning.

I return the clock and look down at you. Your blonde hair is splayed all over the pillow, while some lay on my chest, which is where your head has been resting all through the night. I could feel your hot breath on my left nipple as you sleep. I guess that was the reason for the tingling sensation I felt when I woke up.

Gently, I lifted your head from my chest and slide my aching arm from under you. You moaned but did not awaken. I leaned down and start tickling your cheek with my eyelids. You love it when I do that. You stirred but didn't wake, so I continued. Lazily, you stretched up and hold my head steady. I know I am caught, so I sealed your lips with mine. I didn't want to complicate matters so early, so I give you a gentle kiss and rise from the bed, pulling you along. You give a small whine. Then your eyes widened immediately as you jumped out of the bed. I know you've just noticed the time and you're scared that you are late for your early morning 5mile run, but I know a one day miss will not upset your routine, so I grabbed your keys as I escape from the room.

I entered the other bathroom and brush my teeth, and then I splashed cold water on my face in readiness for the big event. I entered the kitchen and wandered around. I want to make you breakfast but I can't cook. So, I manage to brew a pot of coffee before you walked in, all ready to start your jog.

"Baby, do you see my keys?" You ask. I keep my back to you because I know that you'll read the truth from my face if I turn. You've always been able to do that.

"No, baby." I replied.

"I'm sure it's here somewhere. Can you open the door, please?" you asked.

I silently continue pouring the coffee. My mind is whirling around looking for a good reason that I'll give as to where my own keys are.

"I. J.?" you called. You hate when I don't respond to you.

Gingerly, I turn and thrust a cup into your hand. You didn't really want to accept it but you were forced to, because of the way I released it immediately it touched your fingers.

'Baby, can't you stay? Just this morning?" I asked. You shake your head as you take a sip of the coffee and grimaced. You take another sip and place the cup back on the table. I know that the coffee must be horrible like always. I take a sip and confirmed that it is, really. I dump my own cup beside yours as you made to leave.

"Kathy?" I called in a small voice. You turn immediately and look at me. I never really call you that except when I really need something; like now and you know it. You turn and come back to me. I know you will because you've never been able to deny me anything.

"I. J. what do you want?" you ask in a displeased voice that I know you are just putting on for my sake.

"Have breakfast with me." I said

"You know I don't ?" you started

"Just fruits, please?" I said cutting you off.

You heaved a big sigh as you sit on the kitchen chair; I rush to get a bowl of fruits I kept in the fridge last night. As I sit opposite you, you reach across and touch my face tenderly.

"You know I love you, right?" you said

I nod as I shoved a strawberry into your mouth. You lean back on your chair as you bite into it. But the juice filled your mouth and spill over, running down the left side of your mouth. I lean over and with my tongue, followed the red line from your chin into your mouth. I could feel your mouth open under mine, but I leaned away before you could really kiss me. I pushed a second berry into your mouth. You chewed this one with caution as your gorgeous eyes study me intently trying to decide what I am playing at. Carefully, I cut the apple and feed you that too as you continue watching me. You are beginning to make me nervous. You always manage to do that just by staring at me.

After awhile, I get up and made to clear the table, but you protested and insist that you have to do it. I know you will offer to do it. I had chosen that moment to do the dishes because I don't want you following me if I leave the room. But before I could escape, you notice me crossing my legs as I stand. You know I always do that if I really need to pee.

"Where are you going?" you ask as I made to exit the room.

"Be right back." I throw over my shoulder at you.

You know where I am going to, but I hope the dishes will keep you occupied till I return. When I enter the bathroom, I pull down my shorts short to pee. As I pee, I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation but that didn't last because the next thing, I feel your presence and my eyes sprang open.

"Oh baby, no. you know I hate it when you do that?" I groaned but you smiled at me sweetly.

"I know, but I love watching you pee." You replied.

I get up and turn my back on you as I wipe. I feel the blush spreading all over me because I know you are still watching me. I wash my hands and silently stand by as it blow dried.

I turn around and smile at you. Then, without warning, I placed my hands on your shoulder and at the back of your knees and lift you up. You shouted before you realized that I've got you; then, you snuggled up into my neck. I take just two steps before we both crumpled to the floor in a fit of laughter. When the laugh subsides, I got up from the floor and climbed the bed. From there, I beckoned you to me, but you slowly shook your head, 'no'. I know you are playing hard to get. So, I get up and start stripping for you, I put in a little twist and whine as I strip. When I am naked, I turn around and face you fully. Your eyes immediately rushed to my boobs. You've never been able to resist my size 34cc boobs with their engorged nipples and as always, you didn't disappoint. You immediately sprang up from the floor and tackled me. We both fall back on the bed. Then you proceed to attack my swollen brown nipples. I moan because I like it when you bite me.

"Yes, baby harder." I moan as I feel you bite me again. I push you off and rise with you. I pull off your jogging suit and pants immediately. Then, I push you down and attack your small breasts. Your pink nipples are rock hard-showing how aroused you are. Gently, I caressed and suck on them, running my tongue all over your chest. I love sucking your breasts.

Finally, I slid up and claim your lips. You moan loudly and I respond with my own moan as our lips melted together. Our tongues clashed and I make a slurping noise as I try to swallow your tongue. You wrestle it back and draw mine into your mouth and proceed to devour me. I could feel you breathing into my mouth as I know you must feel me too. As I made to slide down your body, you use both hands to hold me steady as you continue assaulting my mouth.

My hand slide down between our bodies to your oozing pussy. You are so wet that my fingers become drenched immediately. I use my fingers to flick on your clit before inserting two inside you. When I made to slide down your body this time, you released me and even gave me a gentle shove. I wasted no time in planting my tongue inside your pussy. As usual, I marveled at how sweet you taste. I flick my tongue on your clit, and then I shifted and licked all over your vagina. My tongue is doing the waltz on your pussy as my hand keep pumping you-in and out. Very soon, I feel you tightening and clenching on my fingers and I know you are about to cum. I increased my efforts.

"Oh yes! Right there baby?" you moan and I respond with a moan also.

"Oh God! You are? you are?yes, oh? baby? yes yes?baby? baby? I'm? I'm?" then you screamed and sprang up in the air. Your whole body is hanging in the air except your feet and your shoulders. You are shaking uncontrollably as wave after wave crash into you. Yet, I stayed with you, tonguing and fingering your pussy. Finally, your trembling reduced and you fall back on the bed, gasping for breath.

I slip out my fingers from your pussy and shove it into my mouth. I suck on them and suck on your pussy simultaneously for a long time. You've been quite for a long while that I thought that maybe you've passed out, but when I slide up, I am shocked to see that tears are silently running down your beautiful face. I freeze in shock and start wiping your tears.

"Baby, what is it? Did I hurt you?" I ask in alarm.

But instead of answering, you shake your head. I could feel my own tears forming. I hate making you cry especially today that I want everything to be perfect for you.

"Kathy? Was I too rough?" I ask as my tears brim over and run down my cheeks.

"Kathy?" I said choking. You see my tears and swallow hard trying to calm yourself so you could speak.

"Hush baby, I am fine physically. It's just my ? my?" you stop and sniff as fresh tears run over.

"Your what?

"It's just my heart that is aching." You replied

"Why is that?" I ask wiping my tears.

"Because I love you so much it hurts and it scares the shit out of me." You gushed out.

"You don't have to be scared. I love you too. So much." I replied as I bend to kiss you. I could taste your tears in the kiss as I know you must taste mine and it adds to the intimacy between us. We have never been as passionate in bed as we were just now. As we kissed, I reach out under the pillow and pull out a package tied in blue and white ribbon. I know you'll love it because I noticed the way you looked at it the other day we were at the store.

I break the kiss and sitting up from you, handed the package to you. Your face registered surprise as you accepts the package and flip it over trying to determine what is inside. I watch you intently as you give up trying to guess and rip the wrapper apart and tore open the package. As you see what is inside, you gasped loudly.

"Oh baby! You shouldn't ?"

"Happy birthday, sweetheart." I whispered cutting you off.

Your beautiful eyes widened as you stare at me in shock. I return the gaze and watch as your eyes fill up again, then your mouth open and all that could come out is just 'oh'. This is your first birthday with me and you hadn't thought that I'll know when it is. I reach up and tenderly wiped your tears before reaching down to kiss you. We kissed slow and tenderly for a long time, before I straighten up.

"I love you, baby." I whispered stroking your face.

"I love you too, baby. So much." You replied as you draw me down to you again.


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