~ The Morning After ~
by Iro B. Hunter

Disclaimer: None for the characters, nor for graphic sex or violence in this story. In other words, I disclaim the absence of a need for a disclaimer. Cheers.
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She opened up one eye. Then the other. The room was still dark but she guessed it wasn't long before sunrise. The next thing she became aware of was the body that was hugging her. And the events of last night that flashed before her eyes.

"Oh, God," she thought, "I really ruined this, didn't I?" Sleeping with someone mere hours after they met was *not* the ideal way to start dating, and she knew it. And they weren't even out on a date. Nope. It was just a dinner, among friends, and friends of friends and she was just there?

They barely spoke to each other for at least half an hour after the first introductions, but ever since she laid eyes upon her she felt completely drawn to this woman. Her eyes, her body, everything was just perfect.

And then they started talking? about everything and anything? jobs, dreams? they just clicked. Soon they were not paying attention to anyone else on the table, and as time passed, their friends slowly made their exits. But they stayed, and talked, and smiled to each other. It was just too nice of a company to part.

And then *it* happened. They kissed. Then they kissed again and again, the kisses becoming more passionate every second. She knew she should have told the other woman to stop, to wait, but truth is she didn't want to. Stopping required a will that she had lost hours ago in the eyes of this almost stranger. So she followed this woman to her house, knowing very well what was going to transpire there. That was one of the things she hadn't done many times in the past, and she ended up regretting every single time.

So there she was, moments before dawn, in a strange house, almost awake and full of regret. Right now, she would do anything to take back time, not to let things happen and get a real chance with this woman who had captivated her heart at first sight.

The first rays of light filled the bedroom and she scanned the room again. She looked at the woman sleeping next to her, making a silent prayer that things would turn out differently this time.

As she finished her thoughts, the woman moved and the bed sheets fell of her body. A ray of light illuminated the other woman's legs and she saw it. Just like hers. On her foot. A small tattoo with the female symbol. And a voice in her head told her that her prayer was answered.

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