~ The Dylan Morgan Show - Season 02 - Episode 9 ~
by Jenny Frame

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Episode 9

Previously -

"Hey Rosie, can you ask Emmie to call me if she calls home?"

"Sure will. Good luck for tonight."

"Thanks, I'll need it. Bye."

Dylan ended the call and pushed her food away, her appetite leaving her. She couldn't put her finger on it, but Dylan felt there was something wrong. She felt it in her gut.

On impulse she picked up her cell and called Emily's driver.

"Hey Jamie, it's Dylan."

"Hi Dylan."

"Jamie, is Emily out from her appointment yet?"

"No, Mrs. Morgan's an hour late now. I was just going to go in and ask at the reception. She always runs over her appointment time a bit, but not by an hour."

The gnawing in Dylan's gut suddenly got a whole lot worse. "Has everything been quiet?"

"Yes. There was one photographer waiting when we pulled out past the house gates, but that's it. Everything was quiet at the clinic when we arrived."

"Just stay there for the moment Jamie, incase Emily comes out. I'll call reception and find out what's happening."

Dylan's heart started to thud as she rang Rain's clinic. "Mind Balance clinic. How can I help you?"

"Eh...hi, this is Dylan Morgan. My wife, Emily had an appointment with Rain. I just wondered when she would be finished."

"Oh, Mrs. Morgan left about forty minutes ago Ms. Morgan."

Dylan's heart started to hammer out of her chest. "Sh...she did? Was she okay when she left?"

"Oh yes. Her driver called me while Mrs. Morgan was in with Rain; he said the press was camped outside the front of the building, so he would pick her up at the back. I took her to the back exit and she left."

The receptionist heard a bang as the phone was dropped at Dylan's end, and then only silence.

"Ms Morgan? Is everything all right? Hello? Ms Morgan?


Dylan dropped the phone and grabbed onto the table. A wave nausea hit her as she broke out in a cold sweat.

Again. It's happening again! Oh God no!

She stood and stumbled over to the wall, sheer panic was consuming her. She rested her head against the wall and tried to breathe.

This can't be happening again. It can't be! Toni's dead'. The walls in the room seemed to be closing in on her, suffocating her, and all she could see was Toni's face taunting her. "She's mine!"

You need to get under control Morgan! Emmie needs you. The baby needs you. Breathe. Just breathe.

After a minute or so of deep breathing, she began to feel the panic attack ease up. She walked over to table and lifted her bottle of water. Her hand shook as she took some calming sips.

Dylan's control was returning, and just as she was planning what to do next, her cell phone rang. She picked it up knowing it was to do with Emily when the display read 'unknown number.'

"Morgan here."

"Dylan old buddy!" Dylan collapsed down onto the chair at the sound of the voice on the other end.


"You recognise my voice, well I am honoured. Are you missing anything Morgan?"

Dylan's panic was now replaced with anger, "I swear to God Jimmy, if you hurt a hair on Emily's head, I swear I will kill you!"

Jimmy laughed, "Oh yes. You're good at that aren't you?"

Dylan squeezed the water bottle she was holding until it was crushed. Come on stay calm. Keep him talking and get as much information as possible.

"What do you want?"

Another chuckle came across the line, "What do I want? Hmm; What do I want? That's an interesting question, Morgan."

He sounds insane; like he's lost it. At least he doesn't know Emmie is pregnant'.

"How much is your wife worth to you?"

"Everything and anything! Just tell me, and you'll get it."

"You didn't let me finish, Morgan. How much is your wife worth to you, your pregnant wife at that."

Oh God! He knows!

Dylan smashed her hand down on the table in fury, "How did you know?"

"Your precious wife told me." Jimmy then imitated Emily's voice. " 'Oh please, don't hurt me, I'm pregnant! Don't hurt my baby!' It's amazing what women will tell you when you grab them and bundle them in a car."

"When I get hold of you Jimmy, I will repay you for every scratch I find on Emily."

"Now, now, Morgan. I don't think threats are a good idea when I have your wife tied to a chair and you have no idea where she is."

Dylan let out a long breath, realizing what Jimmy said was true. "Okay. I'm listening. What do you want?"

"First thing, Morgan. No police. If you tell the police about this and track me, Emily will be dead before they break down the door."

"Yes okay, what else?"

"Let me make this clear to you; in case you're thinking of trying anything. You are not dealing with Toni Bianchi. I don't care whether Emily lives or dies, I'm not interested in her and I have nothing to lose. I'm broke, I can't get a job anywhere in the media again, you've seen to that."

"I can give you money. I can see to it that you never have to work again. You'll be a very rich man."

There was a brief silence and Dylan thought she might actually have a chance.

"I've been rich, I was a millionaire after I sold the story about the father of your brat, and do you know what I discovered? It's true what they say money doesn't make you happy."

"Well, what will make you happy, Jimmy? What will it take to get my wife back safely to me?"

"Your destruction and utter humiliation. I want you to go out and do your stupid show tonight and I want you to look down the camera and tell the American public that you are a murderer and a liar. I want you to tell them how you shot Bianchi and how you covered it up. You will be destroyed Morgan, and I can watch it live on TV."

Dylan said nothing, but sat with her head in her hand, utterly defeated, He's got me...

"You've gone awful quiet, Morgan. Is your wife and your unborn child not worth your career, your liberty?"

"Of course they are. You know I'll do it."

"Very good. When I see your confession on TV, I'll let her go."

"I want to talk to her Jimmy. I need to know she's okay before I do this, or no deal!"

Jimmy weighed up the possibilities but eventually he said, "Alright, but don't try anything. I'll have a gun pointed at her head and remember; I don't care if she lives or dies."

"I understand."

Dylan heard a chair scraping along the floor, then the sound of tape being ripped off skin.


"Baby girl are you okay?"

"Don't do it Dylan. You'll go to jail!"

Dylan heard the sound of a slap and Emily cry out. "Don't touch her Jimmy! I'm doing what you say. Stop!"

"Dyl...I'm okay."

"You hang tight, Emmie. I'll do this and get you out. I love you."

"Whatever happens Dyl, look after Molly, remember the first time you called her smurf..."

Dylan heard Emily cry out again, and then Jimmy came back on the line. "That's enough. You know she's alive."

"I told you, I'm doing what you say! You don't need to hurt her." Dylan shouted.

"Just remember what I told you, you tell the police or anyone about this, your pretty wife and baby will be dead before they find me. I'll be monitoring the police scanner. Have I made myself clear?"


The phone line went dead, and Dylan was left utterly alone.


Emily watched Jimmy hang up the phone and laugh. When he had first snatched her and thrown her in the back of his vehicle, she had been transported back in her mind to being restrained by Toni in the cabin, but she wasn't that person anymore. Emily Morgan was a stronger person for the experiences she had been through, and was determined to not be the same frightened woman Toni had hurt. On the journey to wherever Jimmy was taking her, she had practiced some of the calming techniques Rain had taught her. By the time Jimmy had bound and tied her to the chair in this room, she had reached a calm place inside. She would face whatever was to come with dignity and none of the terror that she showed Toni.

"You are an evil nasty man, Jimmy Daniels."

Jimmy turned around slowly, giving Emily a chilling look. "I'm evil? I never killed anyone Mrs. Morgan. That was your...what do you call her? Your husband?" He gave a cruel laugh.

"It's funny isn't it? For all Morgan plays at being a man, for all her money and success, her strength and toughness, there's one thing she can never have." Jimmy grabbed his crotch suggestively.

'That's what this is all about'. Emily thought. "Dylan makes you feel inadequate, doesn't she? She is everything you want to be, that's why you hate her so much, isn't it?"

Jimmy flew over and grabbed her by the hair. "Shut up you fucking bitch! Unless you want to feel what a real man can do to you! Do you?" Jimmy screamed.

Emily stared back at him with calm impassive eyes that totally unnerved the reporter.

Her released her hair and pushed her head away roughly. "That dyke does not make me feel inadequate, she is just a woman. I'll tell you why I hate her. I hate her because she is arrogant and smug, and no matter what happens to her, she comes up smelling of roses. Well not this time I've seen to that."

Jimmy was raving now, Emily had obviously hit a nerve and his hate and anger were pouring out of him.

"Do you know how long I've been in the media business? Thirty years. Thirty years of grubbing around looking for gossip on lucky talentless bastards like Morgan, and do you know when I first got my break in TV? After I broke the story about your brat; I thought…finally some recognition, finally someone will see what talent I have, but then the fucking clueless brain dead American public, fall in love with the golden lesbian couple. You make me sick!"

Emily strained against her bindings, there was a little give in them, and it gave her a little hope.

Maybe if I keep working at them. Got to keep him talking.

"Why couldn't be content with your job as it was. Why target Dylan?"

"Were you happy working in a greasy diner? Or are you happy now in your designer clothes and your credits cards to pay for anything you want?"

Emily answered honestly. "I was unhappy because I was alone, but if Dylan had come along and had been a regular hard working person, and I had to keep working there, I would have been happy. As long as I had the love of my life, I would be happy."

"Love of your life?" Jimmy laughed manically. "Is that what she tells you? That's hysterical, women are so easy."

He crouched down so he was eye level with his captive. "Let me let you in on a secret baby girl, isn't that what she calls you?"

Emily flinched at hearing the term of endearment come from Jimmy's mouth.

"There is no such thing as a love of your life. We are born alone and we die alone. Men, and dykes like Dylan are only interested in one thing. Sex and using this beautiful body of yours. To do that, we spout meaningless words of love."

Emily shook her head in disgust. "I pity you Jimmy, you will never know the contentment and joy of loving someone and them wanting nothing else but to love you back and make you happy. You are a sad, sad man Jimmy."

As the first blow hit Emily's face, she felt that at least she had stood up to her captor this time. This time she would face whatever was to come with a calm inner strength, and not give her captor the satisfaction of her fear.


From the distance my choice is simple

From the distance I can entertain

So you can see me I put makeup on my face

But there's no way you can feel it, from so far away

I'll be your clown, behind the glass

Go head and laugh, cause it's funny

I would too, If I saw me

I'll be your clown, on your favourite channel

My life's a circus circus, round in circles, I'm selling out tonight

Emeli Sande ~ Clown

Dylan stood staring into the long mirror in front on her, her show clothes hanging and waiting to be put on. Since ending the call with Jimmy, she had called Jamie and told him to head back home. She hated lying to her employee but had no other choice, so she told him that one of the studio staff was picking Emily up and brining her to the show to watch Dylan that evening. The young man reluctantly headed back to Long Island.

As she stared blankly into the mirror, all she could think of was her failure. Every time her family needed her she failed.

"You don't deserve their love Morgan." Dylan lifted her eyes and saw the image of Toni standing reflected back at her.

"Toni?" Dylan gasped.

"Yeah. Didn't I tell you I'd always be here?"

"You're dead. You can't harm us, and you're just a figment of my imagination." Dylan spat back at her.

"I'm as real as you make me Morgan. I represent all your fears and failings, and believe me they are sure stacking up."

"I know I've failed. You don't need to remind me."

Toni laughed. "Poor, poor Dylan. You just can't keep a hold of your woman can you? That's one thing I never failed at; no one got near Emily when she was my woman. Once I could understand, but twice starts to look like carelessness."

"I will get her back!"

"Oh yeah, by sacrificing your career and your liberty. What a grand gesture!"

Toni tapped her own head and said "You know, I have won in the end, even though I'm dead."

"How do you work that one out?" Dylan Snarled.

"Well, you are going to be locked up in jail, and you won't see your kids grow up. You won't hold Emily for a very long time. Maybe she'll find someone else to keep her warm!"

Dylan held her hands to ears and shouted, "Shut up! Shut up!"

When she opened her eyes, the vision of Toni was gone. Dylan braced herself against the wall, and tried to catch her breath.

There was a knock at the door and Lynn popped her head round the door.

"Is everything okay Dylan? I thought I heard shouting."

Dylan pulled herself together very quickly and put on her best smile.

"Everything is fine Lynn. I just had some music on, it was probably that."

Lynn didn't look entirely convinced, but let it go. "You better get ready. It's an hour and a half till your due on set, two hours till show time."

Dylan nodded and said, "I'll get changed now and then head to make up."

After Lynn left, her mind immediately went to the item locked in her office safe. After Emily's kidnapping, Dylan felt she needed to buy a weapon just in-case she ever had to protect her family again. On impulse she bought a gun, but she knew her wife would not want it kept it home, so it had been locked in her office safe ever since. 'What does it matter? You don't even know where to look for her anyway.

Feeling resigned to her fate, Dylan got her show clothes on. She was just buttoning her shirt when a text came through on her iPhone. It read...Just a little reminder of what's at stake. Don't try anything stupid. I'll be watching.

Attached was a picture of Emily tied to a chair, her face covered with new injuries.

Oh baby girl. I promise I'll get you out of there. I just hope you can have a good life without me.

Dylan lifted her hand and gazed at her wedding ring that she hoped would never leave her finger. She kissed it and whispered, "I love you, Emmie."

Accepting there was no way out she walked over to the mirrored dressing area. She slipped on her suit jacket, and checked herself in the mirror one last time before she had to head down to make up.

This is it Morgan. The end of this circus. At least Emmie and the kids will be secure, with the money I've made they won't want for anything. I hope Molls doesn't hate me for what I've done; she always thought I was this superhero or something. Now she'll find out I'm a murderer. I love you little Smurf...smurf...'

As she said these words in her mind, she remembered something Emmie had said on the phone.

"Whatever happens, look after Molly. Remember the first time you called her Smurf..."

It was at that point that Jimmy snatched the phone away from Emily. It hadn't struck her as odd at the time, but now thinking about it over again; it seemed a strange thing to say.

If she'd said, "Whatever happens look after Molly. Tell her I love her." That would have been normal but why, "Remember the first time you called her Smurf?"

Dylan smacked her hand to her head and said, "What an idiot! Of course."


Lynn marched down the corridor toward Dylan's dressing room. She had just come from the make-up room, where the girls had told her that Dylan hadn't turned up yet.

She opened the dressing room door saying, "Dylan, you are running so late! It's an hour to showtime..."

The room was empty. She checked the bathroom, again it was empty.

"Where are you Dylan?" Something on the table caught Lynn's eye. She picked it up and read:

I had to leave. I can't explain why, but just know that it is important. Carry on with the show preparations. I will try and make it back in time. If not, get the director to play the 'Best Of' show. I know you will be angry and the network will go crazy, but when you find out why I had to do this, you will understand why.


I knew something was wrong earlier. I should have trusted my instincts. Oh Dylan what have you done?


Emily had very nearly worked herself out of her hand restraints. Luckily for her, Jimmy had resorted to the bottle to calm his nerves, so he was becoming less and less observant, but he still had a tight grip of the gun. That was a problem she had been wrestling with; how get him to put down the gun. Emily looked around the small apartment that she used to call home for inspiration. As her blindfold had been removed, she had been astonished to find herself at her old apartment. When Emily had moved in with Dylan, after the break in, she had insisted on keeping her apartment up. She felt it was too early in their relationship to saddle Dylan with such a big commitment. Dylan took over the rent hoping that it would never be needed again, but also understanding it would make Emily feel more independent knowing she had someplace to fall back on. It was never needed again, but Dylan had obviously forgotten to cancel the lease agreement.

Jimmy seemed to think it funny that once all this was over, Dylan would find out Emily was kept in touching distance from her.

She had tried to give Dylan a clue over the phone, but she thought Jimmy had cut her off too quickly.

If I could just find a distraction, maybe I could run for the door. Thought Emily.

"Ha, ha! Lookie here Mrs. Morgan!"

Jimmy had a small portable TV set up, so he could watch Dylan's live confession. A half hour before The Dylan Morgan show was due on the air; the network ran an advert for tonight's show.

'Coming up tonight on The Dylan Morgan Show, Dylan steps onto the ice to challenge one hundred metre Gold medalist Sandy Williams! Don't miss it!'

Jimmy held his whiskey bottle up to the TV and said, "Oh we won't miss it, will we Mrs. Morgan?"

The smarmy reporter's smile turned to shock, when the apartment door burst open and there in the doorway stood Dylan brandishing a gun.

Before the slightly drunk Jimmy had a chance to react he felt intense pain in his bicep. "Ugh! You shot me!"

When he collapsed to the floor, Emily, who had gotten free from her bonds jumped and kicked the gun away from him.

Dylan was standing over him in a second, pointing her gun at his head.

"Emmie, are you alright?"

"I'm fine Dyl, just a few cuts and bruises."

Dylan handed over her cell phone to her wife, "Call the police Emmie!"

Emily did as she was asked. Her hands shaking as she dialed the number.

"You son of a bitch, Morgan. How did you know?" Jimmy held onto his wound, trying to stem the blood flow.

"Emily told me. This is the first place I met my daughter. That's all I needed to hear."

"I hate you Morgan and one day you are going to get what you deserve!"

"Perhaps, but it won't be from you Jimmy. You'll be behind bars for a very long time."

Dylan looked over and saw Emily still talking over the cellphone; she crouched down in front of Jimmy and gave him a smile, "Jimmy old buddy, you're a loser. You were born a loser and will always be a loser. It'll warm my heart to sit on my deck overlooking the beach, drink in hand, beautiful wife at my side, and think of you holed up in some disgusting prison cell."

She raised an eyebrow and in a cocky voice said, "You should know by now, no one beats Dylan Morgan!"

"Argh!" Jimmy snapped and launched himself at Dylan. She easily dodged his attack, getting him into a head lock and the gun pointing at his head.

"At least I got to touch your precious Emily and smack her around. She kept screaming, begging me not to hurt your bastard kid inside her." Jimmy knew all he had left was to try and hurt Dylan with his words.

The police assured Emily they were on their way, and she hung up to see Dylan gaze at Jimmy with a far away murderous look. She was back in the cabin with Toni taunting her.

"No one touches my wife! No one!" Dylan pushed the end of the gun, right into his forehead.

Emily knew she had to get Dylan under control. "Dylan? We're okay now. The police are on their way."

The look in Dylan's eyes remained distant. Emily took the chance of moving closer, knelt beside her partner and placed a hand on her head.

"Honey, I'm okay. The police are on their way. Calm down, we don't need to hurt Jimmy anymore, it's not Toni."

This seemed to get through to Dylan. She shook her head and looked at her wife. "Emmie? You're okay? The baby too?"

"I'm fine. We are both safe now you're here. Let's just wait for the police, okay?"

Dylan nodded, and after a few minutes the cops burst into the room.

"Drop the gun! Now!"

Dylan quickly put it down, knowing they had Jimmy covered. Once the scene was secure, Jimmy was dragged away kicking and scream toward the waiting EMT van.

"Morgan is a murderer! You have to believe me! I'll get you Dylan, I promise you!"

Dylan held Emily tightly in her arms, as he was taken from the room.

"Thank you for bringing me back. I was back there in the cabin, and all I could see was Toni."

"I know honey; I knew you would come back if you heard my voice."

Dylan kissed her forehead, and placed a hand over their child. "You were so brave, Emmie. I couldn't have done it without you."

"I wasn't going to be a victim anymore Dylan. I had to keep going and keep calm for you and Molly, and the baby. Thank God you didn't do what Jimmy asked."

Emily placed her head on Dylan's chest, seeking the warm feeling of protection she always got from her partner.

"I would have done it in a second to protect you. If you hadn't given me that clue, I would have been going to jail instead of Jimmy."

"I don't even want to think about that. Dylan, what about the show?"

"Don't worry I've taken care of it. Lynn may kill me though."

This raised a small smile from Emily. They were interrupted by Mark and Patrick coming into the apartment.

"Are you two okay? We were on another job when your call came on the radio."

"We're okay guys. Daniels was determined to get back at me through Emily, but I worked out where he was holding her."

Mark looked around the apartment. "Weird that he brought you back here. This is where it all started."

"Let's hope it ends here. My family has had enough drama for one lifetime."

Her two friends nodded and Mark put a comforting hand on Emily's shoulder. "The EMT's want to give you a quick check over Emily, and then we'll get you down to the station for a statement."

Emily only needed a few sterile strips on her cut lip and eye, but come the morning she was sure to be sporting quite a few bruises.

Mark and Patrick led the famous couple down to the waiting police car, and into a barrage of camera flashes and noise as reporters shouted questions toward them.

Dylan held Emily to her protectively as the waiting police tried to usher them into the car.

When they were safely inside Dylan said, "I think it might be time to step away from this circus."

Emily looked up at her sharply, "What do you mean? Give up the show?"

"Yeah, I've been thinking about it. I meant to bring it up before, but this just reminded why I wanted to. I don't want you and the kids to be followed by cameras all the time and being put in these kinds of situations."

"Dylan, you are born to entertain. You would get bored in a matter of months."

"Maybe. I just want to make things better and enjoy being with you, Molly and the new baby."

Dylan pulled her wife to close. "Let's not worry about it just now. We can talk about it some other time. I just hope the network will want me to do the show tomorrow night, and haven't fired me already!"


As it turned out, Dylan was not fired for running out on the show. After initial fury at the star messing up their prime time schedule, they started to become delighted by the headlines pouring in about the hero TV star, who faced down a gunman and saved her wife from a merciless attacker.

The networks PR machine stepped in and put an even more positive spin on events, resulting in a media frenzy.

Saturday show time came, and Dylan stood backstage; nervously waiting to see the audience's reaction to last night's events.

It was finally time and Dylan heard the ten second countdown in her ear piece. She lifted her hand and kissed her wedding ring, "I love you baby girl."

And now, live from New York, it's The Dylan Morgan Show, and here is your host Dylan Morgan!

As the announcer finished, the large black back drop in front of her opened revealing the audience, who stood, cheered and chanted her name.

As they had rehearsed, instead of her trademark wink to the camera and summersault out onto the stage, she casually walked out in an understated way.

The audience refused to calm down, as they continued to clap and cheer a lot longer they usually did. Dylan smiled and felt such warmth from her fans, who were giving her support. Eventually she used her hands to ask the audience to quiet down.

When she was finally able to talk, she said, "Wow, what a welcome! Just amazing, thank you."

Dylan stood casually, hands in pockets, ready to deliver the speech that had been carefully crafted by the writers and the network to both explain last night's events and to capitalize on the public sympathy for Dylan and her family.

"Thank you, thank you so much. First of all, I want to apologize to you guys and everyone at home and my guests for not being able to be here for the show last night. I hope everyone understands that I had to be where my family needed me."

The audience clapped enthusiastically, showing their support for the TV star.

"Thank you."

Dylan fixed a cheeky smirk to her face and said, "It has been suggested that the whole thing was an elaborate hoax to get me out of the dare this week, because I truly suck at skating!"

The audience laughed along with the star. "Seriously, thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support via email, Facebook, Twitter and phone calls to the network. Emily and I really appreciate your support. I'm happy to say, my wife is doing fine, apart from a few cuts and bruises. She's watching tonight."

Dylan walked right up to the camera and spoke directly down the lens. "Hi Emmie, I hope you've got your feet up? I know watching me try to skate is gonna put a smile on your face, and Molly don't laugh too much at your old Mom!"

The audience loved this little glimpse into the Morgan family life. The opening of the show seemed to strike the right note between acknowledging what happened the previous night, and keeping the subject matter light and entertaining.

The show turned it out to have the highest audience figures they had ever had, due to the tremendous interest in Dylan's situation. The shows audience also enjoyed seeing a more humble Dylan, as she lost the ice hockey dare, going out in the first round against this week's contestant and track star, Sandy Williams. She took it in extremely good humour admitting to the audience, that she couldn't be awesome at everything, and making jokes about herself. The show had been a roaring success, and after the credits rolled, Lynn declared "Well Dylan, I think that was the best show you have ever done. The network execs are very excited. I don't think you're going wanting for TV work for a very long time."

Dylan rubbed her bruised hip and replied "And I thought it was a good time to retire!"


Three months later...

It was a bright warm day, near the end of May, and the Morgan beach front house was alive was noise and laughter.

Over the past months Dylan and Jackson had been in training for the summer special charity dare, in aid of Rosie's charity 'In the Pink'.

They had been promoting and raising money on the show until last season went off the air in April, for the Marathon de Sables event, which was taking place in the Sahara desert.

The friends were leaving in four day's time, and Dylan and Emily thought it would be a wonderful idea to have a going away party with their family and friends. Tommy and Walt had taken charge of the barbecue, while Patricia and Emily had been fixing the coleslaw, potato salad and other side dishes. When they were nearly done, Pattie sent Emily to sit down, thinking she looked a little tired.

Emily didn't argue and went to sit at her favourite spot on the walkway looking out onto the beach. From here she could watch Dylan, Jackson and Rosie, and their new friend Sandy Williams, playing beach volleyball, while Molly and Wolfie watched on from the side lines.

Emily was mesmerized by Dylan's muscular form as she jumped and leaped around after the volleyball, wearing a pair of bright blue Hawaiian beach shorts, and a tight muscle shirt. The low neckline of the shirt also made Dylan's new tattoo visible. As a surprise, Dylan came home one Friday last month, having been tattooed underneath her collarbone. It read Familia in aeternum - meaning Family forever, with both Emily's name and Molly's at either end, with room for the new baby in the middle. Dylan had been nervous as to what Emily would think of it, but when she had told her wife it was because she wanted her family close to her heart, she had been engulfed with hugs and kisses. Not to mention the fact that Emily thought it looked as sexy as hell on her partner.

She didn't think it was possible for Dylan to be any fitter than she already was but she and Jackson were both in the shape of their lives, with all the intensive training they had been doing. Dylan had asked Sandy to get involved with helping them train; she hoped to give the younger woman a helping hand in the business by giving her some exposure on the show. Emily smirked as she remembered that as Dylan's training became more and more intense, so did her passion for her wife. The combination of pushing herself physically, and Emily's pregnancy starting to show, seemed to make Dylan extremely virile, and Emily loved being the centre of that passion. Emily rubbed her little growing baby bump, and remembered there had been one low point in the last few months, the day they had a huge fight. She had not been thrilled at all by the prospect of the upcoming charity event. When she had read that it was, in effect a six day marathon in grueling temperatures exceeding one hundred degrees, camping out at night, without any assistance or help, she had a fit. It started when Dylan had shown her the booklet on the event one morning alone in their bedroom.

"Well? What do you think?" Dylan grinned like an excited kid, as she stood looking down at her seated wife.

Emily stayed silent as she closed up the information booklet. As she had read through all that the competitors had to go through, the dangers and the warnings the booklet gave, she felt panic grip her and anger start to boil inside.

"Emmie? You're not saying anything."

Emily gave her partner a sharp look "You are not doing this."

"What? What do you mean? Of course I'm doing it. It's already fixed up with the organisers."

"You went ahead and agreed to this without consulting me? What am I? Your wife or just some woman you keep around to cook for you?"

Dylan looked perplexed. "What? Why... Why wouldn't I? Do I normally ask you before I do a dare?"

"This is not a dare Dylan, this is willfully and recklessly risking your life, when you have a family to take care of."

"It's not dangerous baby, it's very carefully structured and managed."

"It's says here that people have gone missing when doing this stupid race." Emily threw the booklet at her partner's feet. Dylan was astonished; she didn't think she'd seen Emily so angry, since her after Toni took her, But then she had noticed that the pregnancy mood swings were starting to appear recently.

"Yeah and they were all found, Emmie. That's the main thing."

"It says one man was found a week later and hours from death!"

Dylan watched tears start to fall from Emily's eyes, and she began to rub her stomach as if soothing the baby. She noticed that her wife had started to do this when she was a little stressed.

Dylan walked toward her and reached out to take Emily's hand. "Come on Emmie, you know they put that in there to discourage unfit amateurs. I'm super fit, and I'll be training even harder before I go, and I'll have Jackson with me. This is who I am. I have to challenge myself, you knew that when you met me."

Emily yanked her hand away. "You weren't married with a baby on the way when we met. Or have you forgotten that your wife is pregnant?"

Dylan was really starting to get angry now. "Of course I haven't forgotten! I mean that's why you are acting like this; you're totally over reacting because you're over emotional and hormonal!"

Dylan had a whole day of silence to contemplate the folly of those words, and Emily's reply of "Do what you want Dylan Morgan!"

Emily smiled as she remembered Dylan moping around with a sad look on her face, and bringing her drinks and treats, trying to make conversation. Eventually she started to weaken. She talked to Rosie who assured her that Jackson, with all her training, would not let Dylan do anything stupid, and Dylan also promised to be sensible and listen to Jackson's advice while they were out there. She reluctantly agreed and Dylan was delighted to be let back into the bedroom and her wife's arms.

Emily was shaken from her thoughts by Dylan shouting,

"In your face Hunter!"

"That was outside the line!" Jackson shouted back.

"It so was not! My team wins!"

Rosie planted herself down on the walkway beside her. "Whew! I've had enough. That's exhausting! I'm just going to leave them to argue it out."

"Did you have fun?"

"Yes, but those two are so competitive! You wouldn't know they were best friends. You should have seen them fight over poor Sandy. Dylan's like, 'Sandy's on my team, I met her first!' and Jack's all like, 'You can't have two Olympic athletes on the same team. She's on my team. It's only fair!' I was like guys? We're not in kindergarten here!'"

"So who won?"

Rosie gave her a skeptical look, "You really have to ask? Dylan said it was her beach, so she got to choose the teams. Jackson said, her ego was the size of this beach and she would beat her anyway!"

"Poor Sandy being stuck in the middle of those two. She's really nice isn't she? Quiet, but nice."

"Yeah, she's cool. Wow! I like this angle much better."

Emily looked down to the beach to see their two partners had decided a sparring match in the sand would settle their disagreement. Molly held onto Sandy's hand as they both laughed at Dylan and Jackson fight and roll around in the sand.

Rosie was captivated by Jackson's body as it glistened in the sun.

"Yes, I was admiring the view myself. They are both in great shape aren't they?" Emily said.

"You are not kidding! Jackson's like pumped all the time. I don't know how I keep up!"

"It's fun though!" Emily said to her young friend.

Rosie looked at Emily and said, "I think I need to break this up. You sit tight Emmie, I'll pull them apart by their ears!"

Emily heard Tommy shout down from the deck, "The foods ready, Emily."

"Okay, we'll be up in a minute." When she turned back toward the beach she was faced with the imposing sight of her slightly out of breath, perspiring partner.

"Hey baby girl? I won. You got a kiss for your conquering hero?"

At that moment Jackson marched past passed with her arm round Rosie's shoulder. "Yeah, if you like winning by cheating!"

"I did not! Everyone agreed it was a fair point." Dylan shouted after her.

Emily shook her head at Dylan. "Molly, Sandy! The foods ready."

Molly came running with her new friend. "Mama! Andy gonna teach me to run fast!"

"That's great sweetie. Sandy, go on up. The foods ready."

"Thanks Emily! Molly, I'll race you." Molly took off laughing and Sandy chased after her.

"Molly really likes my new buddy." Dylan pulled Emily to her feet and kissed her softly, while placing a hand over her wife's stomach.

"How's my little baby smurflet? It's not too hot is it?

"No baby's fine. I think baby's enjoying being with all our family and friends."

The couple started to walk up to the deck. "Great isn't it? Come on I'm starved."


Everyone was gathered round the deck in small groups enjoying their food.

"Everyone got enough? Sandy would you like some more?" Walt shouted over from the grill.

"Uh, sure that would great. It tastes fantastic Mr. Henderson."

"Please call me Walt."

When Sandy stood to take over her plate to the grill, Molly came running over and said. "I take it andy. Me elping uncle alt, and Grandpa."

"Oh, thanks Molly." She ran off happily toward the grill. "She's an adorable kid Emily."

"Yes, most of the time, other times she runs me ragged. She's a bit too much like her other Mom!"

"Hey! I take that as a compliment Emmie." Dylan pouted.

"Aww, of course it is Goofy." Emily then turned to Rosie and said, "Your Dad seems to be getting on great with Molly."

Rosie looked over to the grill where Walt had Molly up in his arms telling her about the finer pointer points of grilling a good steak, while Tommy worked the grill.

She realised it had not only changed her life meeting the Morgan's, it also had enriched her daddy's life. It had just been Walt and herself for all of her life, and apart from a few poker buddies at his local bar, he was quite isolated. Now through Rosie's relationship with the Morgans he was included in a family life again, and he couldn't have been happier with Jackson if he had chosen her himself.

"Yeah, he looks like he'd like a Grandchild of his own. You guys should have one!" Dylan mumbled through a mouthful of food.

Rosie looked at Jackson and was surprised by the broad smile on her face.

Woah! Why is she smiling? We haven't even talked about kids before. It's obviously something Jack wants.

"Hey! Don't get any ideas soldier boy! I've just finished my first big project here, and I have jobs coming in all the time now. I'm just getting my business off the ground, and I'd like to live a little first."

"I didn't say anything, did I? It was just Dylan being annoying as usual."

Despite her protests, Rosie couldn't help but notice the look of disappointment on Jackson's face.

An uncomfortable silence settled on the friends, which apparently Dylan did not pick up.

"Oh man, this is fantastic! Dad? Can I get some more steak?"

"Sure champ. You want some more chicken?"

"Yeah, pile it on Dad!"

A sullen looking Jackson stood and took Dylan's plate, "I'll go and get it for you."

"Jack listen...ugh, fine then! I'll go and get some drinks, Em." Rosie stood and marched off into the kitchen.

Emily just shook her head at Dylan. "Dylan Morgan, you don't have a sensitive bone in your body!"

"What are you talking about? I just wanted more food."

"Of which you've already had two huge plates full."

Pattie tapped her daughter on the shoulder and said, "You could have been a bit more sensitive. It's obviously something Rosie and Jackson haven't talked about yet."

"What have Jackson and Rosie got to do with me getting more food?"

Pattie and Emily looked at each other and shook their heads.

"You see what I have to put up Sandy? Sometimes I think they speak in a different language!"

"I'm going to help Jackson." Dylan grumbled then stomped off to get her food.

"Andy! We bring ou food." Molly came over with Sandy's plate, with a little help from Walt.

"Hey thanks, Molly."

"Molly you have sauce all over your face, I'll get you cleaned up." Pattie told her Granddaughter.

Emily smiled as her daughter trotted off happily with her Grandma. Hmm...I hope I have another little troublemaker just like her.

Emily looked at Sandy happily enjoying her food. She hadn't said much to her, but seemed talkative enough around the others.

I think I need to get you to relax.

"So Sandy? How are things going for you? Dylan said you were looking to open a gym?" Emily asked.

Sandy ran her hand over her collar length braided hair; she was still pretty shy around Dylan's beautiful wife.

"Uh yeah, I'm trying to get it off the ground. My...my dream is for it to be a state of the art facility, where both professionals and regular people can train, using the very latest in training equipment. I want it to be a real place though. Not one of these places people go to wear the latest sneakers and don't break a sweat. Um...I'd like to have track athletes, boxing, martial arts, all well as community groups, and kids programs all under the one roof."

Emily was intrigued by the way Sandy's face lit up with enthusiasm when talking about her project.

"That sounds fantastic! How far have you got with it?"

"I'm about to start looking for premises. Nike has gotten involved with the project, they really like the exposure I've had on Dylan's show."

"Dylan is happy to help you. I think you remind her of herself at your age."

Sandy smiled bash fully.

"She's given me some great contacts in the martial arts world, but also been a great mentor to me. I'm used to the athletics world, but this being famous thing is kinda weird. Sometimes when people speak to me, I don't know what they want from me. Dylan's really helped me with the celebrity stuff. I'm not in Dylan's league though. I don't know how you guys do it. How did you handle being famous all of a sudden?"

"I wouldn't have handled it without Dylan, I don't envy you. It's a really scary thing to suddenly be the focus of so much media attention."

"Yeah it is." And very lonely. Sandy thought to herself.


"Just go and talk to her."

Dylan and Jackson stood at the corner of the deck, Dylan trying to console her moody friend.

"Why should I? You saw her when she walked by with the drinks. She totally blanked me! I didn't even do anything. It's your entire fault. I've got to tread carefully with Rosie. She's touchy about these kind of things."

"Hey! It's not my fault. I just wanted to see you both happy. I've seen you with Molly; I thought it would be something you would want."

"It is, but Rosie's a lot younger than me. She's may not want the things I do at this point in her life."

Dylan devoured a chicken drumstick she was holding and mumbled. "Sounds to me, like you need to talk about things."

Jackson looked at Dylan in disgust. "Do you ever stop eating?"

"Stop changing the subject. Go! You don't want to be leaving on our trip and not talking to your girl."

Jackson sighed. "No, I guess not."

She marched over to where Rosie was sitting, grabbed her hand. "Come on."

"Jack, what?"

"We are going to talk." Jackson pulled her hand to get her to follow.

"Whatever." Rosie gave in and allowed herself to be guided to the kitchen.

Walt chuckled and said to Tommy. "My stubborn little girl has met her match in that one!"


"Watch it! You're going to yank my arm out its socket!"

Rosie sat against the kitchen table and folded her arms in a defensive posture.

"So? what? Get on with it."

"Listen. I haven't done anything wrong here. Dylan just made a stupid throw away comment."

"I saw your face Jack. When she said it, your face was like all happy!"

"Of course I would look happy! Who wouldn't look happy at the thought of having a baby with you? You're beautiful, kind, warm. It would be amazing to have a little kid like you running around. It doesn't mean I want to get you pregnant this second."

Rosie's stance softened at Jacksons heartfelt words. "You would? I didn't mean it isn't something I might want with you Jack, but when I heard that and saw your face, I just felt like you had my future all planned out for me. I like to be in control of my life."

"Oh, I know that." Jackson said. She moved closer to Rosie and took her hands. "Darlin, I know you're a lot younger than me. You have some living to do, and your business has just taken off; but just know I'll be here through it all. Whenever you're ready for something more, I'll be ready too. I love you."

"Oh Jack I love you too!" Rosie pulled Jackson into a kiss. "Mmm...I'm sorry we fight all the time."

"We don't." Jackson managed to say through her kisses. "We bicker. There a difference."

"Like an old married couple." Rosie mumbled back.

"Oh yeah!" Their kiss turned more passionate as Jackson lifted Rosie onto the table and came to stand between her open legs.

"Mmm. Hippy girl, I want you so much!"

They were slowly losing themselves to passion when Molly ran in, then seeing them ran back out and announced to everyone.

"Dackson kissing Wosie on da kitchen table Mom!"

It felt like a bucket of cold water had been thrown over them. The pulled away from each other, panting.


"Oh yes, Soldier boy!"


As the afternoon turned into night the family and friends moved down to sit on the beach.

Tommy, Pattie and Walt sat in some comfortable beach chairs chatting. Sandy, Jackson and Rosie were playing frisbeeFrisbee with Molly and Wolfie.

Emily sat on the sand, leaning back against her partner. Dylan was enjoying the closeness, her arms round Emily's waist and her hands caressing the baby her wife was carrying.

"This couldn't be any more perfect." Dylan said.

Emily snuggled in closer, pulling Dylan's arms tighter around her. "It's is perfect. I don't want you to leave TV star. "

"I don't want to leave either, but I'll be back before you know it. It's for a great cause." Dylan reminded her wife.

"I know. It's the only thing that's stopping me from asking you not to go. I hate being apart from you. Promise me again you'll be careful, honey?"

Dylan grasped Emily's chin lightly, and turned her head so she could look her wife in the eye. "I give you word mama smurf."

"When I come back, we'll go on a wonderful family vacation. Just us and no TV, newspapers, magazines, reporters. Nothing."

"Sounds like heaven."

"Have you thought anymore about the show?" Emily asked.

Dylan had been thinking about making some changes in her professional life since the kidnapping, she hated having her family in the public eye as much as it was, but Emily didn't want her partner to give up something she loved doing.

"I'm going to talk to the network about it after we get back from vacation. I'm still under contract, but I have some ideas."

"I don't think we would be any less in the public eye, even if you retired honey. People love you, and love reading about you. That's not going to change."

"I just want to spend more time with my family, Emmie. That's all that matters to me now. You, Molly and the baby."

"You are all that matters to us Goofy, so make sure you come back in one piece from this marathon. If you get hurt, I'll kick your butt myself!"

"Yes ma'am!"

As Emily watched their friends laugh and play on the beach, she realised just what it meant to be utterly content. She not only had a family, but an extended family and fantastic friends that enriched both their lives.

"I'm so happy Dylan. You have given Molly and me a perfect life. No matter what struggles we've faced and we've had more than our fair share, we've become stronger."

"It's you and Molly that have given me everything. Before you two came into my life, work was all I had. Now I live to make you two happy and enjoy the love you give me. I'm sorry you had to go through what you did with Toni and Jimmy, but you're right, we are stronger for it."

Dylan kissed their entwined wedding rings. "Unbreakable, baby girl."

"Unbreakable." Emily repeated.

Molly came running over to them shouting. "Mom! Come play wiv us! Dakson say she beat ou at Frisbee!"

"Oh did she? That sounds like a dare smurf. Let's go beat her!"

"Yeah, Mom!"

Dylan made sure Emily was comfortably seated and then hoisted Molly onto her shoulders.

"Right, let's go show her what the Morgan's are made of!"

"Yeah, diddy up Mom!"

Emily laughed as she watched her big kid and little kid trot away. She rubbed her growing baby bump. Oh, Little one! You might not have a quiet life like a regular kid but you are going to have such a fun life with those two, and so am I.

The End.

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