~ The Stream ~
by J. M. Wockler

Disclaimers: The sexual content is not terribly graphic, but definitely lesbian.
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Camping. I was going camping! What on earth possessed me to agree to this folly? I hated sitting out in the wilds, in the middle of nowhere. Sitting around a campfire, eating rapidly cooling food out of a can, toasting marshmallows that give you third degree mouth burns. Having to listen to a bunch of strange women twanging Old MacDonald had a fuckin' farm on a cracked up bunch of strings. Just great!! You never knew what could creep up your pants leg, into your tent or even worse: your sleeping bag!

Why was I such a wimp and had I let Marcy talk me into this? All through the drive there, a Glenn Frey song was blaring out the car radio: "You belong in the city. Concrete under your shoes" Yeah...Right...

I was muttering and feeling mighty sorry for myself as I drove into a gravel pit called the parking lot. Obviously I was not the first one there. Other cars were already parked and now sat empty. Eager beavers. I unloaded my stuff, new and borrowed. A duffel bag of warm clothes, a God awfully heavy tent, foam mat, a nylon quilted sleeping bag that had professed to be warm, and other accoutrements I did not want to think of.
It was early Fall and the weather was holding. The campsite had been described as nothing short of paradise. Grassy meadow, lovely stream, woods, and of course the bursts of color cloaking the trees.
Nothing but quiet. Peace and quiet. That's what Marcy had said.

After signing in at the entrance annex reception or whatever they call it, I lugged my stuff into camp and dumped it on an open space at the perimeter of the field. Shrubs and trees surrounded the rest of the field.

"JC! You came" I turned and saw Marcy running towards me, arms outstretched in welcome. I hugged her and looked at her as if saying: "Wild horses wouldn't have kept me away." But I couldn't force myself to be that hypocritical, so I kept my mouth shut.

"Let's put you next to me. I'll help you with your tent. You've never put up one before have you?"

I winced. She had practically yelled that all over the camp. It hurt my ego. But before I could flash my butch card she was already on the job.

Not much to do but let her get on with it. I mean, she was right. What did I know about getting a tent off the ground? What's more, did I want to know? Nope.... but it would look bad if I let my smaller, more fragile looking cousin erect my tent while I did nothing but look on so I walked over to help. As I bent over a bunch of sticks, tent poles I believe they are called, a shadow fell over me.

"Need any help?"

I looked up but as the sun was directly behind her, I could not see her face. I squinted, trying to figure out who was talking to me. Stupid really, because I had not been introduced to anyone yet. I only knew Marcy. Still, if her face was anything like those gorgeous bare legs I was looking at ? WOW!

I straightened up and faced her. She was about my height, with thick chestnut hair, worn short, just brushing her collar. Just like mine. Her gray eyes were smiling at me.

"Hi, I'm Chris," She said, holding out her hand.

"JC," I replied, shaking her hand.

"Well JC, need any help? It's been a while since I saw a real honest to goodness canvas tent like this" Chris grinned. "It must weigh a ton. Where'd you get that??" She didn't say "Dinosaur" but she wanted to. I could feel it.

"It's good quality stuff. At least it won't get blown away at the first puff of wind around here." I scowled at her. "It is my dad's tent."

I could see a smart-ass quip just itching to jump out of her mouth, but to my surprise, she just smiled.

Without further ado, she helped me sort out which poles went where, while Marcy had already unfolded and laid out the tent. It was surprising how quickly it was all sorted out. In next to no time, my tent was standing, proud and tall.

I tossed my gear in and followed Marcy and Chris towards a larger group that had assembled near the central open space.

We were a motley crew of women. Varying ages, colors, shapes and sizes. There were about ten of us, including myself. Since we were the first group visiting this women-only camp this season, Angela, the woman in charge of the grounds, introduced herself to the whole group. Angela reminded me a little of Ms. Bullstrode, you know, from one of Roald Dahl's books. She looked chunky, aggressive and definitely not the type to suffer fools. Still, she was on her best behavior I suppose because she was smiling, sort of. Angela pointed out the bathhouse and washroom facilities, the use of the camp barbeques and offered her services should we need help or want advice on tracks and trails around the area. Wishing us all a good time, she left for the cabin that was her office and left us to introduce ourselves to each other should we want to.


The first evening was spent out under the stars. Whoever said that this was the life ought to have been taken out and shot. As soon as the sun went down, it started getting cold. Real cold.

Marcy, chipper as always, was full of good cheer and had helped fix dinner. Hamburgers flambé, yummy!
To be fair, Marcy really did what she could to help me shake off the funk I'd been in for months now. Asking me to come camping with her was a Godsend actually.

Nothing is worse than living in an empty apartment filled only with memories of a partner who ditched you for a high-rise job in Australia. I have a hectic job, working for an Engineering company specializing in road construction, and infrastructure. Plans to be made, comments to type, baby-sitting of clients, blueprints, deadlines to be met, meetings, meetings, and of course, more meetings to be attended. God, if the time spent on talk were put into building a better transportation system, we would be well on our way towards the twenty fifth century.

Work. Work seems to be my downfall. I love my job. I care about it and put a lot of time and energy into it. Too much at times, it seems. Sue sure as hell thought so. She ran off to Australia when she couldn't take the silence of the apartment and the emptiness of our life. Not only did it offer her better job prospects, but maybe a partner who might not be married to the blacktop and concrete that her job revolved around. Her exact parting words, as she slammed our front door.


"So, how did you like your first day? Isn't it fun? Isn't it relaxing?" Marcy bubbled

I tried to share her enthusiasm while trying to keep my teeth from chattering. "Yep. Great" I hunched lower into my fleece jacket.

"I love being among women. It's so relaxed, so? so? communal. Don't you think so?"

Communal!? I eyed Marcy, wondering when she had turned hippy. "I wouldn't know. But yeah, it looks like it might be a fun week".

Marcy took this to be a sign that I was ready to join in on some group activity that was taking place in the camp center, where the main open fire pit was situated. Women had already gathered around and were talking, laughing and sharing whatever they had brought along to drink. She pulled me along towards the crowd.

I sat down on a low bench, next to Joan and Lee. A couple from England. Joan was on loan for a couple of months from the Devon Animal Sanctuary to help set up a breeding program on some kind of bird from around here. Joan loved fly-fishing, so she was going to make use of the stream alright. Her partner Lee was along for the ride and knew her stuff on flying feathers but she specialized in reptiles. Snakes in particular, she told me. Heh! Funny combination: birds and snakes.

As soon as what I did for a living was out, Joan asked me if what I did: "tarmac everything", did not clash with my conscience regarding the preservation of nature.
Not that again! What is it with some people? Can the two not exist peacefully next to each other? I mean, if it weren't for roads, how the hell would they have gotten here? I was trying to say this in a nice way, when someone sat down beside me. I expected it to be Marcy, but it was Chris.

Chris handed me a much-needed mug of hot coffee, and then proceeded to scoot up extremely close to me. I raised my brow a bit but grinned at her. Hey, a nicer body heater I could not have wished for. She smiled back and we started talking. Joan and Lee had found other birdwatchers, so I did not have to include them in our talk, should I have thought of it.

Chris had been out exploring the surroundings and told me about the stream that ran along the length of the camp perimeter, the foliage and just anything that came to mind. It was relaxing. I found myself sitting back and just listening to her.


Morning came too soon. I woke up and wished that I hadn't. My back was sore and my feet were cold, despite the two pairs of socks that covered them. I sighed and crawled out of my sleeping bag. There was no sense in making like an Egyptian mummy when I was uncomfortable as all get out.

I poked my head out of my tent, taking in the pearly sky of approaching dawn. Yawning, I got out into the open air and went in search of the bathroom. Marcy's tent was still zipped, so I assumed she was still asleep. I looked at my watch; it read 5:35. Jesus!

As I was walking back towards my tent, wondering what to do, some bright eyed and bushy tailed campers started moving about camp. Hmmm, that might hold the promise of begging a cup of coffee from somebody. I had gotten the hang of lighting the gas thingy on which I could heat water and stuff, but why go through all that trouble if there was some to be had, ready made? Besides, making good coffee was not my strong suit.

As luck would have it, Chris poked her head out of her tent. I made a beeline for her. She looked adorable, all sleepy eyed and her hair in a rumpled mess, sticking out every which way. It just did something to me. She crawled out of her tent dressed in nothing but a long t-shirt and socks. The cold made her nipples harden and from where I was standing, she looked pretty sexy. She shrugged into a big flannel shirt and smiled when she saw me. I grinned back.

"Hey sleepy head, want me to make you some coffee?" The words were out of my mouth before I knew I was even going to say something. Shit, now what?

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned, "That would be great. I'll be right back."

Sighing, I headed towards my tent and got the gas burner fired up, rummaged around in my store of food and drink and made coffee.

Holding out the filled mug to her, we sat down on the bench we had occupied the evening before. She took a sip and almost at once sat up straight, looking at me aghast. She swallowed and gasped.

"Holy shit, JC, what the hell is this?" she croaked.

"Uhhmmm .. Coffee?" I said.

"Well it sure straightened the curl right out of my pubic hair. This is strong stuff."

To say I was embarrassed was putting it lightly but I put on a good face and said, "Hey, I always drink my coffee this way. Wakes me up." I took a big swallow and quickly closed my eyes to prevent her from seeing my shock. That stuff would take the curl out of a poodle's fur!

"Listen, have you taken a shower yet?" Chris asked.

"No, why?"

"Well, I always go for a morning run before I jump under the spray. Maybe you'd like to join me for a bit?"

Assuming she meant running and not the shower, I nodded. "Just let me get my shoes and shorts on."

Chris smiled. "Meet you by the stream."


We were about 15 minutes into our run alongside the stream. The sun was rising and beginning to give off heat or maybe it was just my own exertion that was making me sweat like Hades. I managed to keep up with Chris, but only just.

After about 20 minutes, she slowed and finally stopped. I had to regulate my breathing so as not to appear to be panting so hard that I would pass out. But I did not fool her.

I leaned against a tree trunk. Chris walked up to me. There was something in her face that rang alarm bells in my mind. My mouth went dry.

It was all quiet around us. The only sounds to be heard were the rushing waters of the stream flowing next to us and of birds calling out to each other. It seemed as if we were miles from camp.

She took out a hanky and started patting my sweaty face dry, pinning me to the spot with her gray eyes.

"You know," she said in an almost conversational tone, "I like you. Your handsome face, your broad shoulders. You turn me on. I love strong looking women."

I didn't really know what to say to that, so I shrugged and grinned, wanting to flex my 'broad shoulders' but I left it, because I did not want to show off.

"Mind if I touch you? Run my hand along your shoulders?" She ran the tip of her tongue across her lower lip in anticipation.

Again I shrugged, like saying: well if you want to, go right ahead doll! But wisely I kept silent. She placed her hands on my hips and ran them up my sides. Her eyes were now half lidded. I shivered. It tickled and yet it was electrifying. Her hands ran up to my shoulders, and down the front to cup my breasts. She not only cupped them, but also felt for my nipples and squeezed.

"God, I love that!" she growled.

So did I!! I wanted to reciprocate, but she held me fast and she leaned into me.

"No. This is for me. Your turn comes when I tell you."

I was surprised at her almost aggressive assertiveness, but in a way, that turned me on too, so I held back and obeyed her.

She slid her hands under my shirt. I was not wearing a bra. The contact sent instant tingles down my spine and I grasped her waist immediately to avoid falling into the roughly compacted dirt that bordered the stream right up to the tree line. She withdrew her hands from my bare flesh and brought them up to the front of my shirt.

"Did I give you permission to touch?" she whispered, "I thought I told you this was for me, that your turn would come?" Her eyes glittered with heat, "I thought we could do this the easy way, but I guess I was wrong. There are a few rules you need to be made aware of, and listen closely. You do not touch until I tell you that you may. You do not speak, you do not move. Do I make myself clear?"

It would have been an understatement to say that I was shocked. Baffled into silence and yet aroused and intrigued were words that fit the situation better. I wondered where she had gotten the balls to do this, but I was wrenched from my silent wondering as she shook me with the hands that she still had wrapped in the fabric of my shirt.

"I asked you a question!" she hissed, "You may speak this one time and then I don't want to hear another thing out of your mouth. Not one more word unless it is to answer a direct question. I won't hurt you, but I won't stop until I am finished. Now, again I will ask: do I make myself clear?"

"Yes." I managed to croak out the small sound; although I wondered how I could speak through the lump of pure passion and longing that had formed in my throat. I looked into the eyes that stared back from a few inches away. I tried to search for what was to be expected; some clue as to what would happen next. The answers were not held within the anthracite pools of her eyes, and although I should have been terrified at the unknown, I felt not terror, but lust.

"Good." she said and it was then that I saw the smile that played at the corner of her mouth, "Now let's find a more suitable place to take care of things that offers a bit more privacy."

She grasped the bottom edge of my shirt and tugged. I had no choice but to follow her, and I quickly thought that I would probably follow this gorgeous stranger wherever she went, as long as she controlled the situations that followed like she controlled this one. I was so engrossed in my thought process that I did not notice where we were headed until I was suddenly jerked to a stand still. Confused, I looked around and soon discovered that we were in a little clearing deep in the woods, secluded from any form of civilization. Directly in front of us, near the center of the clearing, was one lone tree, and hanging from that tree, on one central branch, were several silk scarves.

"Come here." She beckoned and I followed.

I stepped forward until I was standing under the massive branch that reached towards the heavens. I looked up and chanced a glance at the scarves, hanging so neatly in a row around the bark. This was new for me and I wondered if this was a good idea. I mean, obviously she had set this up sometime before, like yesterday maybe? What if she were a serial killer? Should I stay and see this through, or should I get the hell out of here? My panic must have shown, because she walked up to me with a smile playing about her lips. Her hands softly held my face; she kissed me. Her tongue sought entrance to my mouth, sparred with mine, withdrew, caressed my lips, and then thrust into my mouth again. Her hands slid over my stomach, my breasts, my nipples. All this probably lasted just barely seconds, but she had set me on fire. My whole body ached with the need to be touched, the need to have her hands on me and more importantly, in me. The need to touch back and discover the feel of her skin under my fingers. I reached for her.

Chris moved out of my reach. "I told you before not to touch, and you did. Time to teach you a little discipline."

Her voice did not hold any anger, but was calmly monotone and reserved. She couldn't hold back the light that danced in her eyes though, and it was in that moment that I knew no fear.

"Put your arms above your head," she instructed me and I immediately complied.

She skillfully reached above my head and untied a scarf from the branch. With the ease that came with experience, she quickly retied it around my raised right arm and repeated the movement with my left arm. I had to spread my legs slightly to keep from being pulled off balance as she checked to make sure the manacles were secure but not too tight. They were constricting in a highly arousing manner. As I watched her step away from me, I momentarily considered that this position could be rather painful and frightening with an inexperienced or inattentive partner. As she spun on her heel and approached me once more, I felt that she knew her stuff and I was in good hands.

"It is a shame that I have to restrain you to get you to listen and allow me to touch you without being touched in return. I told you before, that this was for me. Your time will come, but for now, you will stand still." She paused and smiled, a sweet smile that held promise for what was to come, "Somehow I think that this situation is quite all right with you and I won't receive any further complaints."

With that last statement, she stepped behind me and I was left wondering what was next to come. I sensed movement above my head and before I had time to think about moving, I was plunged into darkness by the scarf that she placed over my eyes. With my eyes shadowed from the situation, my other senses were heightened.

The first touch of her fingers on my neck sent thick, hot liquid to the very center of my core. As she traced down my arms, over the subtle swell of my breasts, down the planes of my abdomen, and to the wet heat between my thighs, and then slowly making her way down to my ankles and back again, I could barely restrain the words that yearned to come out of my mouth. She started the slow ascent north and I bit my lip to avoid screaming out for her to touch me.

"Do you like when I touch you?" she asked in a near whisper as her skilled fingers closed around my painfully taut nipples, twisting and pulling.

"Oh ? fuck ?.." the words trailed off as I focused all my thoughts on those accomplished fingers working my nipples into hardened peaks beneath my shirt, "Please ?.. Touch me ?. Harder ? now ?" I gave up trying to speak in coherent sentences and let her fingers go to work on teasing my nipples through the cotton.

No sooner had I relinquished trying to speak and she stilled her motions on my breasts.

"I thought I asked you a question? Do you like when I touch you ? here?" she asked as she tweaked one nipple, "Or here", she tweaked the other nipple, "Or here" she maneuvered her hand once again between my thighs and stroked a finger over my distended and very sensitive clitoris, "Answer me. NOW!"

"Yes ?. All three places ?." Her hands had not stopped their movements between my legs and it was getting increasingly harder to think and even harder to form words, "Please ?. Touch me ?.. Wherever you ?.. just ?.. touch me now."

In a flash, her hands stopped working on my flesh and I lost track of her whereabouts. I felt hands on my shoulders as I felt her body press into me from behind. Then suddenly her hands left my body. I felt her step back. I heard a rustle and then her hands reached to the front of my shirt. I felt something cold and hard touch my body. My breathing stopped. Shit! A knife! Oh God, she is a psycho!

Before I could react, I heard my shirt rip open. The knife she held was used to open up my shirt! She dropped the knife once my torso was exposed. She clasped my breasts with such ferocity that I was stunned for a split second and then I was plunged into a world of pure ecstasy. Her fingers worked my nipples into frenzy as she suckled my neck. I felt her lips on the back of my neck and on my ear; placing sweet kisses one moment and then quickly replacing the sweetness with hungry bites.

"Are you enjoying this?" she asked teasingly, never stopping the movements of her fingers on my breasts, "Is this what you wanted? Do you want me to fuck you like this?"

She didn't give me the chance to answer before she moved her hands to my shorts. In one quick, sure movement, she had them off and I was naked.

"Decided to forgo the panties today I see. Were you expecting something?"

"Not so much expecting as hoping." I managed to croak out. What else could I say? Here I was, hanging from under a branch, having my wildest fantasy come true!

She grasped my waist with one arm and pressed hard against me. I felt her pebble hard nipples push into my back. Her hot breath in my ear.

"Spread your legs." She instructed and I complied, "Wider ?. Wider ?. Wider ? There, that's perfect."

"Uuuuunnnnngggghhhh!" The strain on my arms was becoming felt and so was the pressure building within me. God woman, take me now! I was almost ready to start begging.

I felt her mouth on my neck as she worked her hands down my back and over my ass. She briefly cupped it and then moved on. Her body was pressed into my side now. She worked one hand between my thighs as the other one went back to torturing my nipples. Her fingers paused as soon as they reached the wet heat that she caused, as if she was deciding whether to go further. As quickly as her actions stilled, they began again and she swiftly plunged into my depths. Hard. She withdrew totally and thrust into me again. As she beat a steady rhythm into me, she stroked my breasts with one very skillful hand. I bit my lip to avoid screaming out but it was no use.

"Oh Christ ??yeeessss ?? right there ?.. Fuck." I couldn't help but whimper from the pleasure.

She continued working me and it wasn't long before my body vibrated with the promise of release.

"Uuuuuhhhhhh ?. Oh God ?? I'm going to come" The words were out of my mouth at the exact moment that my body made good on the promise. As my whole body quivered with the force of my release, everything receded into the background. As the last ripples of tension left my body, I bowed my head in defeat. A defeat so sweet that I would gladly surrender over and over to this woman. It wasn't until my breathing slowed and my heart rate returned to normal that the rustling behind me penetrated into my awareness. I was suddenly conscious that I was very much naked and standing in the middle of the woods.


"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" the voice was familiar, but I couldn't place the name. "Having a little extra-curricular activity in the woods I see. And I wasn't invited?! I am deeply hurt. I think you both need to be punished."

The voice suddenly came together with a name and a face. My heart sank. The camp director, Angela had walked in on us. Angela was the kind of "sure-thang" dyke whom you knew would take what she wanted and not think a second thought. The kind who controlled and set a situation. That very thought scared the hell out of me.

Chris was silent. The only sound I heard from her was her rapid breathing. If that was due to the exertion or Angela's arrival, I did not know.

I heard Angela walk up to me. A thick finger traced my still soaked clit.

"Mmmmm." She rumbled, "I'll bet that tastes good." I could hear her smile. It made me shiver. Chris still had not moved.

"So, what should we do with you Chris, my sweet? I surely can't have you both tied up to the tree and blindfolded. That just would not do. Or would it?"

I knew the question did not need an answer, and I didn't try to think about what she would find acceptable. I was still bound to the tree, and I felt a presence in front of me as she ushered my companion to the tree. I felt my arms sag as my hands were released and bound with Chris's, arms dangling between us. As soon as we were tethered to one another, my blindfold was removed and I had to squint into the harsh daylight.

"Chris, God damnit. What the fuck are you doing letting her take over like this?" I hissed in near panic. My arms were tingling from their sudden release. I took this chance to shake them loose. We may have been tied to one another, but the scarves were long enough to allow some distance between us.

Chris said nothing, but around her lips there was a hint of a smile.

Oh my God! How totally fucked up can this get? I was about to find out.

"Let me tell you what I'm going to do," Angela paced around us, like a lioness stalking her prey, "I am going to sit back here, and we're going to play a little game of Simon Says. You do what I tell you and only what I tell you. If you fail to follow instructions, you will be swiftly bound to that tree and be severely punished. Now, let the games begin."

I chanced a glance at Angela and I saw a wolfish grin on her face. Now I know what those Christians must have felt when the Romans threw them to the lions.

"You may say one thing to each other before all talking shall cease. One thing and then we can get down to business."

I looked into the smiling gray eyes staring into mine and the words that came to my tongue seemed as right as anything in my life had ever been.

"Fuck me, take me, love me, and keep me." Stupid, I know but I just could not think of another single thing.

"Of course" was her only response, and I couldn't help but believe her. I had no choice.

These were the last words that we spoke to each other before Angela took us to another world. A world of pleasure and a world of surrendering all control over us. As I looked into Chris's eyes, I knew I would go with this woman wherever she went, even if she wasn't the one controlling the situations that followed.
I moaned loudly in anticipation

Angela leaned back against the tree trunk.

"Simon says ?"

"JC!!!!!! JC!!!!!!! Where are you??? Yoo hooo!!!"

The sound came nearer.

"JC! Are you out there? It's me, Marcy. Please answer me. Where the heck are you? Are you okay!?"

We swiveled our heads towards the sound of snapping twigs?..

"Oh shit!"

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