~ Can't Buy My Love ~
by Katia N. Ruiz
Copyright 2004

1) SEX: This story has a VERY sexually active main character. She is not very subtle, and is never above a quick grope here and there. ::laugh:: Oh, and she absolutely LOVES women, which makes her a lesbian.

2) VIOLENCE: This woman will get slapped once or twice, I would think, since she is a randy bitch. ::laugh again::

3) LOVE: Yes, between two women, of course.

4) COMMENTS: Comments are appreciated, but nasty, hurtful comments will not be tolerated. So be nice.

Chapter one

"Honey, I'm home!" A man's voice startled the women, scattering them off the huge four-poster bed.

"Shit, shit, shit!" One of the women chanted. She was frantically shoving the other woman towards the windows as she hurried to untangle her robe. "Hurry up, will you?"

"You expect me to jump out the window?" The other woman stopped short, the smaller woman banging into her back. She finished buckling her belt and moved towards her shoes.

"Honey, where are you?" The man yelled, sounding increasingly suspicious.

"You have to get out of here!" Honey shrieked quietly, shoving the other woman again. She didn't want her secret lover's gorgeous face to be ruined in any way, and she knew her husband would make sure to damage it. "He'll kill you, Oksana."

Oksana's green eyes couldn't help but take in every single inch of glorious nudity on Honey's body. If she were to die today, she would die a happy woman. Yes siree.

Honey felt her skin tingle and flush at the hot look she was receiving, and had to shake herself mentally before she jumped into Oksana's arms again. Mike is going to kill me if he finds me at it again! She thought frantically. "Not now, you sex addicted bitch!" She growled at the younger woman, pushing her again.

Oksana leered, reaching around the woman and grasping a thick buttock. "Give me some sugar, baby." She grunted, leaning down and stealing a kiss. She always had a problem prioritizing things when it came to sex.

Honey groaned deep in her throat and tore herself away just as the door slammed open. "You whore!" The man roared, furiously stalking towards the two women. His fingers clenched when he took in his naked wife and the barefoot, but dressed, Oksana Ivanov, his boss' whore of a granddaughter.

Oksana calmly picked up her shoes, weighing her options as she stood up straight. The giant looming towards her didn't scare her. Her grandfather had him by the balls. So she was surprised when he swung at her, but not surprised enough to be rooted in place. His fist passed where her head should have been as she dodged to the side. She winced in sympathy when she heard it crack against the wall behind her, but he didn't miss a beat. She bolted, leaving the room by the door.

Oksana could hear him hot on her heels, Honey behind him, screaming. She clambered down the stairs, jumping the last six steps and landing at a run.

"I'm going to kill you-," He rasped, struggling to reach her as she jumped down his front steps.

Thank God for track! Oksana thought with relief. "You're fired, Mike." She said over her shoulder, hardly sounding out of breath. "Wait until papa finds out you swung at me." Laughing, she ran at a full clip onto the street towards her car.

That gave Mike pause, and he stopped running, his nearly naked wife slamming into his back. "I find you here again, I'll kill you for sure, Oksana Ivanov! I swear it!" He bellowed half-heartedly, knowing that that wouldn't be the case. The Ivanovs were a very powerful lot.


"I want you to fire Mike Rosen."

The old man's gray eyes narrowed at his granddaughter. "What the hell for?" He asked with a thick Russian Accent.

"He swung at me." She paced back and forth across her grandfather's office. At first she had been amused by Rosen's anger, but the more she'd thought about it, the more indignant she became.

Oskar Ivanov's eyes narrowed further. "Where did this happen?"

She stopped pacing then, thinking hard about lying to him. Mentally shrugging, she opted for the truth. Her grandfather knew her well after all. "At his house."

Oskar seethed, shaking his head. He was angry and disappointed once again. "I am not firing that poor man!" He barked and stopped any protest with a raised hand. "That woman runs around with anything that moves. He's a good man, and I am not firing any more good workers because of you." He'd had to fire or transfer more than one irate husband or female lover when they'd attacked his granddaughter. "You cannot keep your hands to yourself. One day you will go too far. What is the matter with you?"

Surprised, Oksana did not know what to say. "But papa-"

"Nothing!" The old man interrupted angrily. "You and I will have a talk soon. Now, go home or wherever it is that you go, and try not to get yourself killed."

A sheepish Oksana left his office.

He watched her go, shaking his head.


"I'm bored."

"Me too."

"No, I mean? with us."


"Kat, wait! Sit down, let's talk about this."

"You're bored with our relationship, what more is there to say?" Kat yanked her hands out of girlfriend's, but sat down and glared at the other woman. Her feelings were hurt. When Annie had said she wanted to chat, Kat had been happy; they hardly got to talk at all anymore. When she said she was bored, Kat assumed she meant because there was nothing on TV or something like that. But bored with their relationship? Jesus Christ, she's the one who never wants to do anything! Outside or in the bedroom!

"I'm sorry, but I am. This is not working." Annie ran a trembling hand through curly brown hair, not meeting Kat's eyes.

Suddenly, it hit Kat like a brick, and all of her feelings shut down. "There's someone else." She said, feeling suddenly calm. She watched the butch fidget like a lying five year old. "Who is it?" She demanded.


"Who is it?" Kat asked again. "Please, just tell me. I deserve to know." She knew it would hit her later, when all was said and done. She would break down and scream.

Annie grimaced inwardly, knowing Kat's calm was a bad sign. Her eyes were the dead giveaway. The light green pools were stormy, on the verge of spilling hot tears that Annie had always hated to see. But she knew it would be a long time before Kat cried, and she definitely would not cry in front of Annie. That fact made Annie feel better. Coward, she told herself. Finally, Annie drew a deep breath and said: "It's Dena."

Kat's calm faηade almost crumbled at the name. "My best friend." Annie nodded miserably, and in a surge of fury, Kat slapped her across the face. She stood up and left Annie on the couch, heading for their bedroom. "I expected it of Dena, actually, but you?" She packed all of her clothes in a hurry, not bothering to fold them.

"What are you doing?" Annie asked, still rubbing her face. Damn, she packs a mean right!

"I'm leaving." Kat said.

Annie wasn't surprised; her girlfriend had a lot of pride. "Kat, hold on-" She began.

"Don't say a word, Annie. Not one word," Kat snarled, beginning to loose her outer calm. "Let's finish what you started, okay? It's over between us. Very much over!"


Kat kneaded the bridge of her nose as she leaned back on the tub. Her mother picked up on the third ring. After a few minutes of greeting conversation, Kat popped the news. "I quit my job, and I'm coming back home."

"Oh honey!" A heavily Russian accented voice responded. "What happened?"

"I'm just bored with the job, mama." Kat lied. "I figure I can take a couple of months off and then find something closer to home." She fought tears.

Yuliya grinned widely, unaware of her daughter's distress. "I'm so happy to get you closer to home! I hardly see you. You can stay in your old room."

"Oh, mama! Mr. Ivanov is not going to like that, I'm sure." Kat protested.

"Of course he will, Ekaterina!" Kat's mother said. "He watched you grow up, and he was very sad when you left. He still remembers how you used to give him a run for his money at chess!"

Kat smiled, remembering the bushy eye-browed old man. "He never got Oksana to play with him?"

Yuliya laughed. "That girl could never sit still long enough, you know that."

Kat smiled wryly. "There had to be some hyperactivity there." She commented, thinking back on the young woman she'd spent part of her childhood with.

"Um-hmm." Yuliya agreed, not saying anything else on the subject. Kat would find out soon enough when she got there. "So, when will you get here?" She then asked, the excitement of her daughter's impending return showing through again.

"How does a week sound?" Kat said, anticipating her mother's whoop of delight as she pulled the receiver off her ear.

"Oh, darling, your papa is going to be so excited!" Yuliya exclaimed. "He's been asking when you were coming to visit."

"Don't tell him a thing, I want to surprise him." Kat joked, knowing how hard it was for her mother to keep some secrets.

"Humph." Yuliya rolled her eyes. It was a joke to everyone who knew the older woman that she could not keep her mouth shut long enough to blink. "I won't tell him, you will see."

"I love you, mama. I'll call you tomorrow." Kat said with a laugh. She could always count on her mother to make her feel better.

"Wait!" Yuliya said. "You don't have a boyfriend in the city, honey?" She'd been meaning to ask from the beginning of the call, but Kat had sidetracked her with the news.

Kat struggled for words. When it came to her parents, Kat was as far in the closet as an old pair of too tight jeans. "No boyfriend, mama." She managed. "I have to go."

"Okay, honey, but when you come home, you will tell me why you have no boyfriend." Yuliya said it mildly, but to Kat's paranoid ears, it sounded like a threat.

"Okay, mama, I love you, bye." Kat hung up hurriedly, and stared up at the bathroom ceiling. "Do I really want to go home?" She asked herself fretfully.


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