~ A Chance Encounter ~
by Kiki Heart

The characters in this story look like a pair of beautiful women we all know and love, but these two ladies belong to me. This story was inspired by the word 'trench coat' and the song "She Only Smokes When She Drinks" by Joe Nichols.

The day started out normal for Jessica. To all the other people walking down the street she was just another over worked woman trying to make it in a world dominated by men. She waited at the streetlight with half a dozen strangers waiting to cross the street. After looking at her watch for the third time the light changed and the little man started to flash signaling it was okay to cross.

It was Monday and over the weekend she had finally admitted to herself that her life was boring. Being only five foot three it was hard in her line of work to be taken seriously and she had decided early on to devote all her time to becoming respected. Due to this decision, she had no social life and hadn't had a sexual encounter in longer than she cared to remember.

Whenever someone became interested they quickly found out that they came second to Jessica's work, and soon after were gone. She was a legal assistant to one of the top lawyers in the city. This was not only time consuming, but exhausting as well, and she had started to wonder if she was in the right line of work. Lost in her mental list of what she had to do on Tuesday she never saw the taxi that decided to jump the gun on the light. Before she knew what happened a stranger had grabbed and pulled her to the side of the road.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing?" The stranger still had not let go of the small woman, and Jessica quickly tried to slap away the hands and arms that had pulled her to safety. "Please get your hands off of Me!"

"Sorry about that ma'am, but you were about to be run over." A rich velvet voice spoke to an irate Jessica.

At the sound of the voice Jessica looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen and felt her mouth go dry.

Stammering to regain her composure after the stranger removed her strong grasp on Jessica's arms; she looked around, her embarrassed by the scene she must have caused.

"Well, thank you for rescuing me then." Straightening the sleeves of her suit jacket, she took in the woman who had saved her life.

Her rescuer stood quite a bit taller than Jessica with long ebony hair that ran down her back. She had on a black tight knit sweater with black slacks, a pair of black boots and an ankle length leather trench coat to round out the dark outfit. She was definitely the most gorgeous woman Jessica had ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on.

"Well, knowing that you are okay I have to be going now." One statement and the woman was gone.

Jessica looked into the small crowd around her for the woman in black, but her savoir had disappeared without a trace. I didn't even get her name.

* * * * * * *

After a near death experience, Jessica's week went as smoothly as possible. Except for the fact that each day on her way home from work her emerald eyes would scan the faces of the strangers around her. It seemed to Jessica that she would always be looking for the woman with the ebony hair and blue eyes; she had not seen her.

It was now Friday and Jessica walked into her apartment, threw her keys on the table, slipped off her shoes and promptly plopped on the couch to rub her aching feet. Thomas, her beloved cat, came bounding into the living room to jump in her lap and demand attention.

"Thomas, I didn't see her today either." With her only reply being a tiny meow, she let out a defeated sigh.

* * * * * * *

Three weeks had passed and Jessica had given up on seeing her rescuer again. Except for the woman invading her dreams each night, the petite woman's life had returned to its normal hectic state. Her boss had just won one of the biggest trials of her career and celebrating was an order for the night.

Jessica had been one of the few that had decided to go home and change out of her work clothes and shoes before joining her co-workers at the local women's bar.

She had just recently stopped smoking and had been avoiding the bar scene like the plague so that she would not be tempted. Making an exception, since she was getting paid extra for drinking and dancing she crossed her fingers and prayed she would be okay.

Upon walking into the darkly lit bar, she easily spotted a group of women by the pool tables that showed everyone had already started the celebration. As soon as she got up to the second landing, Casey, one of her co-workers, came up to her and engulfed her in a hug.

"I thought you were going to skip out on us, sweetheart." Casey was a nice woman and Jessica had been dodging her advances since the southern red head had joined their team. Shrugging out of the touchy feely embrace, Jessica put on her best smile and faced the pestering woman.

"No, I just wanted to change out of those stuffy clothes."

"Oh, Darling your hair is so beautiful. What I wouldn't give to have blonde hair as soft and full as yours." Casey seemed oblivious to Jessica's discomfort.

"Thank you Casey." Adding under her breath, You've told me a million times. How could I forget.

Slightly rolling her eyes, Jessica sat down next to her boss and hoped the waitress would come by soon. Her boss welcomed her to the group and as if they were on the same wavelength waved the waitress over.
Leaning over to whisper in her boss's ear she thanked her immensely and placed her order.

As the night wore on, and Jessica drank more her craving for a smoke was driving her to insanity. Since her co-workers knew that she had recently quit, finding a cigarette and smoking in front of them was out of the question. Jessica excused herself from the table and fibbed about going to the bathroom, but instead went in search of a smoke and a dark corner.

The petite blonde discreetly walked up to the farthest end of the main bar and waved over the bartender.

"Everything okay? Can I help you?"

"Oh, hopefully you can help me and then everything will be fine. You're a bartender..." Jessica started out and then almost backed out of the request. "Do you have a smoke to spare for a desperate woman?"

She flashed her most brilliant smile and hoped beyond hope that the bartender had one and would give it to her. Its always worked in the past.

The butch bartender grinned, "What's it worth to you?"

Jessica's head dropped to the bar. The last thing she needed was some smart-ass bartender giving her a hard time. After being hit on all night by Casey and now the bartender was playing cat and mouse with her all Jessica wanted was a cigarette. With a sharp reply on the tip of her tongue, she raised her head to glare at the dyke.


Before the blonde erupted at the bartender, a cigarette appeared out of the shadows and was held by a pair of slender but strong fingers. Jessica gratefully took the cigarette, and in the blink of an eye she heard the flick of a lighter. Placing the cigarette between her lips, she leaned towards the flame and looked up at the person who held the fire as she inhaled.

As her eyes met a strange but familiar pair of blue eyes, her breath caught in her throat and she began to choke on the smoke that had just entered her lungs. It's her!

"A glass of water, now." The woman that Jessica had started to believe only existed in her dreams spoke to the bartender in a very demanding tone, and then stood up and helped her sit down on a bar stool.

Speaking in the low rich tone Jessica remembered the stranger asked, "Are you okay?"

The bartender brought the glass of water and was quickly waved away. Jessica grabbed the glass and chugged half of it to get rid of the burning in her throat before she spoke.

"I can't believe this." She took a drag off of her cigarette and started to shake her head in disgust. The one woman that she had truly been attracted to in years and here she was acting like a fool in front of her, again.

"What can't you believe?"

"First off, what is your name?" Being fully embarrassed, Jessica still had not lifted her eyes from the floor. She couldn't face this woman, the woman in the black leather trench coat, the woman that had been haunting her dreams for weeks since their first meeting.


Connor, I like it. It fits her nicely.

"Well, Connor thank you again for coming to my rescue." As she said this, she held her cigarette up in salute to the tall stranger.

A broad but slightly crooked smile appeared on Connor's face. "Glad to be of service, and glad to see you haven't gotten hit by any cars." She chuckled.

Jessica could swear that she felt Connor's low throaty chuckle vibrate through her entire being and settle between her legs. With this, Jessica felt the need to explain.

"Well, you see?" Her words died on her lips when their eyes met. Still slightly embarrassed and possibly drunk, she held out her hand. "My name is Jessica, but my friends call me Jess. It's nice to finally meet you. I was starting to believe ? well, it doesn't matter what I believed."

Connor took the blushing blonde's hand in a soft but firm hold and started to caress the back of her hand with her thumb. "What was it that you believed?"

Jessica looked down at their still clasped hands and felt a shiver run up her spine even though the bar suddenly felt warm to her. With Connor's velvet voice still caressing her ears, she spoke in a small uncertain voice. "I was starting to believe you were only a figment of my imagination."

Cigarette forgotten, the two women slowly drew their hands away and just stared at each other caught in the moment. My word she is gorgeous.

Jessica broke the moment when she remembered where she was and why. "Can you wait here? I promise I will be right back, I just need to do something really quickly."

The ebony -haired beauty just nodded her head and Jessica was off to make excuses to her co-workers without a second thought. On the way back, she decided to make a quick pit stop in the ladies room to check her appearance. Once satisfied with that, she made a beeline to where Connor was waiting for her, but found the bar stool empty.

Dumbfounded that this woman would disappear on her again without a word, she was pissed. Jessica sat down in her chair and almost wanted to weep at how depressing this whole situation had turned out to be.

During her mental berating of herself, the bartender walked up and interrupted her lecture. "She left this for you." After dropping the napkin down in front of the clearly upset blonde, the bartender turned to leave her in misery alone. Thank God she left me alone. I don't think I want to deal with people ever again.

Jessica picked up the bar napkin and read the messy handwriting.

Sorry about leaving without saying goodbye.
Hope to run into you again, but until then
Stay safe


Well, at least she wrote me a note. No phone number. No nothing to tell me anything more about her. Jess left a tip for the bartender for the glass of water and delivering the note to her.

As her luck would have it, she would frequent the bar every Friday for the next two months with no sight of Connor.

* * * * * * *

It was another Friday and Jessica had lost all hope of her dark stranger showing up at the bar again. Feeling restless and terribly lonely, she decided that she would skip the bar and walk down Main Street. The fresh air would do her good and maybe these crazy notions of hers would float away on the night wind.

Over the past couple of months the petite woman thought she had seen Connor in the crowds around her, but whenever she called to her and the woman turned around Jessica's heart would drop a little lower. Either the hair was too short, or the eyes were a different color, or upon a closer look the woman wasn't tall enough. The only thing that Jessica had to identify Connor with was her black leather trench coat.

Jessica was nearing a subway entrance and figured she should turn around and head back home when across the street something caught her eye. It was Connor's trench coat! Immediately the blonde tried to get across the street, but a load of passengers that had just come from the subway stairs blocked her way. Going against the flow of pedestrian traffic, she finally made it to the street only to be stopped by all the moving vehicles.

She could just see Connor leaving the small coffee shop and starting to walk away. It was her only chance; she yelled.

"Connor!" The short blonde added a waving arm with her yell for good measure, but she could see the dark haired woman getting farther away from her.

"Connor!!" A man brushed past her nearly knocking her over. She lost eye contact with the dark figure on the other side of the street. Damn!

Dejectedly walking away, Jessica was so worked up. Between seeing Connor, and being very angry with the man that almost caused her to break something Jessica was not ready to go home anymore. She decided to walk in the same direction she saw the dark haired woman disappear into.

She walked for about an hour and stopped in front of a movie theatre. Why the hell not? A late night showing of Showgirls should do me a world of good. Jessica walked up to the ticket window, bought her ticket and went to grab a couple of snacks at the bar. Deciding on a bottle of water and a large order of popcorn, she paid for her snacks and went in search of a good seat.

Jessica did not want to be bothered by other people so she chose a seat in the back and out of the way. She was seated in probably the oldest theatre in the area and as the previews started she noticed the antique looking decorations. Of course the screen and most likely all the electronics had been upgraded so she settled in for what should be a good movie.

Well into the movie Jessica sat in rapt fascination with Gina Gershon's body and had not noticed the person sitting next to her until they spoke.

"She is very good looking."

Startled by the raspy whisper near her ear, Jessica turned to face the person that had spoken and found herself face to face with Connor.

"Where did you come from?" Jessica turned in her seat to face Connor full on. "I can't believe you. Where have you been? You don't leave a number or a place to meet you again." Jessica paused at the smirk she was getting from her dark haired companion. "What?"

"Well, for one you haven't mastered the concept of whispering, and for two, what does it matter where I have been since I am here now?" As Connor spoke she watched as Jessica's face slowly blushed.

"Well, I never."

"No, I bet you haven't."

Before Jessica could react and pull away, Connor had closed the distance between them and pressed her lips to the contrite blonde's. Jessica wrapped her arms around the woman sitting next to her and her hands found there way into the long dark tresses. Connor's hands made a trail up the petite woman's sides and around to her back only to pull her as close as the movie seats would allow.

As Jessica's air supply started to run out her brain started to work as well. She couldn't believe that she was acting like a teenager making out with a woman she barely knew. And it was in the back of a movie no less. The movie was forgotten and her senses were flying away with her. Her lips feel exactly like I knew they would.

She pulled back just enough to gasp for air while Connor's lips made a trail along her jaw line to her ear. A small almost imperceptible moan escaped Jessica's lips when her companion softly sucked on her earlobe. I shouldn't be doing this. No matter how much that little voice inside Jessica's head told her this was wrong she didn't stop.

Searching out Connor's lips again, she felt a slight tug on her jeans and after a quick lift she found herself straddling Connor's hips. Finally her little voice won out and Jessica pulled away to rest her forehead against Connor's chest. Trying to catch her breath and think of something sensible to say, she felt Connor's fingers sliding through her hair in a slow tantalizing way.

"We should stop, I barely know you." The sound of her voice didn't even sound like her and she wondered if it sounded as weak to Connor as it did to her.

Without any words spoken, Connor gently lifted Jessica's chin and captured her lips with more passion than the first time. Where the first kiss was soft and gentle this one was full of passion and urgency. Jessica's lips fell under Connor's spell and she returned the kiss with just as much fervor. Was this lust, or something more that Jessica was feeling? No I want more than just a one-night stand with this woman. I don't want her to disappear on me again.

The small blonde felt like she was on fire and unable to stop the rollercoaster she was on. Connor slightly lifted her hips in response to the small moan that was muffled by their kiss. Her thrust was returned with enthusiasm and Jessica's hips took on a life of their own. Right before her release Jessica abruptly stopped and moved back to her seat.

"What's wrong? You were right there, baby. Why did you stop?" The concern was evident in Connor's throaty whisper.

"Oh god, you don't know how I want this, but I have to know that this is going to be more than just every once in awhile. I don't know how to find you. I don't know how to contact you." While Jessica was talking Connor took her hand in hers and started gently rubbing her thumb across the blonde's hand. Slowly, Jessica started to relax while she was talking. "I want more out of this, and I need to know that you do too."

When Connor didn't say anything, Jessica raised slightly wounded eyes to her dark companion and noticed that Connor had on her signature black leather trench coat and smiled. She gently took hold of the collar at her neck and brought Connor's face closer to her own. Taking a chance Jessica spoke barely above a whisper. "So, what is it going to be Connor?"

Again, when Connor didn't answer, Jessica closed her eyes and her hopes on the dream of her and this woman becoming something more. A few seconds passed and Jessica felt a tickle on her lips, when she opened her eyes slightly she found Connor's soft full lips just barely touching hers. She leaned in and brushed her lips across Jessica's in the softest touch she had ever felt. It felt like a feather was being held to her mouth.

After a moment of bliss, Connor pulled away, looked deep into Jessica's emerald eyes and finally spoke. "We did not meet by accident and no matter how hard I try I can't stay away from you. I need you and I want more than every once in awhile."

Jessica pulled Connor into a tight embrace. Just when she thought her world was crashing down on her, out of the blue she felt like she was on cloud nine. "Let's get outta here."

Hand in hand they walked out of the theatre into the night air to finish something that might or might not have been a chance encounter.

The End?. maybe

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