~ A Warrior ~
by Kim Phoenix
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Hauntingly beautiful in blood and gore
Across a field of men galore.
Wild, untame, feisty and fierce,
Looking for gaps in armour to pierce.
Swords and shields, spears and staves,
Fighting all day to free those slaves.

Calling on strength from deep within,
Dodging arrows, missing tanned skin.
Working hard to end the battle,
Slicing through meat like mere cattle.
Whittling the numbers to only a few,
Victory is at hand as morale grew.

Sweet slick sweat dripping down,
Freedom is clear for this little town.
Opposers defeated or lying about,
All eyes turn to her without any doubt.
If not for her they'd all be dead,
For she is her sword covered in red.

Cheering her name into the night,
She sneaks away out of sight.
Going home to someone waiting,
To banish the demons away from grating.
Falling asleep in her lover's embrace,
Staving off nightmares to her disgrace.

Tending her injuries hidden from view,
Her lover is gentle, loving and true.
Amazing, graceful, patient and fair,
Always calm and with words of flair.
Worrying crazily every time
She leaves clean but returning in grime.

Her sword remains sharp and her armour strong,
For when they fail everything will go wrong.
Only appearing in times of need
To save as many lives who need to be freed.
Cunning and smart, skilful and quick,
Frail and scared to lose all in a click.

Gathering men to follow her cause,
Trustworthy individuals without a pause.
Listening to those all around,
Garnering peace sorely found.
Making sure to meet each day,
Her lover would fight her if she should stray.

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