~ Blue Furred ~
by Kim Phoenix

Story Type: Original Novel

Genre: Fantasy/ Alternate Future

Copyright Disclaimer: Any relation the characters within the following story have to other people living, dead or fictional is purely coincidental. All characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author.

Description: Three thousand years and beasts dominate the world. Technology is long forgotten, but magic is surfacing to change what is now to what it used to be. With Thomas cooped in a deep valley, she strives to find the things she lost.

Content warning: Contains violence and sex scenes.

Chapter 1

Presently, year 3000 AI...

Snow fell gently to caress the ground in a cold embrace as the heavy clouds above gathered to block out the silver rays of the majestic moon. The flakes of snow would greet the dying and living woods as the woods whispered dark thoughts and deeds. The flakes didn't drift very far since the high mountains cocooned the woodland in a safe haven away from the harsh winds of winter. Even the cold was kept at bay as glowing golden eyes looked passed the many leaves, not even blinking away the flakes of snow which melted on touch.

A low growl filled the air. Rustic and smooth like the purr of a cat as the sound travelled through the many slender trees. Blue fur covered the beast from head to foot as it sensed the air around it. Standing on hind legs with two arms keeping it balanced, the beast stilled as if death had touched it. Only the faint rise and fall of its chest hinted that the beast was still very much alive.

The beast elongated its sharp claws as its slightly raised snout sniffed the air. Big round glowing golden eyes flared for an instant before becoming slightly dull. Its muscular frame was shaped like a lion's body but it seemed humanoid in posture. The beast's blue fur stood on end as it sensed something else.

"FURRY!" called a nervous young female voice. "Furry, where are you?"

The blue furred beast tilted its head slightly at hearing the familiar voice. Slowly it assumed its beast posture by falling onto four legs. Its arms had transformed in size and shape to accommodate it to be able to run like a wolf. Swiftly it sprinted to where the youngster was, eager to relieve her of her loneliness.

"There you are." cried the little girl as she wrapped her hands around Furry. She hugged it tightly as she smiled at not being alone anymore. She had her friend back. "You scared me when you ran off." mumbled the girl, not expecting a reply in return. She hugged the blue furred beast tightly before walking around to its side.

Furry nuzzled the girl affectionately. It licked her face before the girl could get around to its side. It then carefully crouched down to lie flat on its furred belly so that the intentions of the girl could be met. It waited patiently as the little girl managed to climb on top of its back and swung one leg over so that she was balanced. It felt her small hands gently grab at its mane before it carefully rose to its feet without letting the girl fall off.

"Home, Furry." called the little girl as she grasped the mane tightly without hurting the beast. She leaned forward as far as she could that she was almost lying on top of it before the beast slowly started forward and began to speed up through the woods. Her blue eyes were filled with joy as she carefully watched the beast manoeuvre through the trees.


Two glasses clinked together in a silent toast. A man sat comfortably in one chair which was made for the master of the house; however the master was not home. A woman sat across from him as she smiled into her drink and took a healthy sip before her brown eyes could look at the man.

"It was a wonderful meal." commented the middle aged man in a rough voice as he watched the woman with hazel eyes filled with lust. He smiled as he saw the glazed look in her brown eyes. He felt pretty comfortable that he could do anything that he wished within this house. "It is a shame that your master is not home."

The woman smiled more widely. Her brain had already been influenced by the alcohol that was in the glass. It was the best red wine that she had ever had since she seldom drank any. Her complexion had already shown signs that she was nearing her limit of tolerance. "The master is away on business for a few days, David." replied the woman in a sweet innocent voice.

"It seems pretty careless for your master to leave a woman like yourself out here in the middle of nowhere without a man to protect you." said David slyly as he slowly positioned himself on the edge of his seat. He could see that she was almost over her limit of tolerance for alcohol. "Maybe it would be wise if I stay the night to make sure that you will be alright."

The woman smiled toothily as she took another small sip of wine. She was already in a warm haze and everything was a bit blurred. She felt extremely relaxed as she replied to David in her light mannered tone. "It would be inappropriate for a stranger who was lost in the woods and only came here for directions to stay for the night. I have explained how you can get to the nearest town and have even fed you in my hospitality." said the woman as she laughed lightly over her glass.

"It's a good suggestion Kayla to have me here to protect you." said David persuasively. He smiled as he saw her face. She was obviously thinking about what he was saying and the idea would have been enticing for a young woman like her. "I will be gone in the morning." He watched carefully as she took another sip. He had already put his half empty glass down and was staring at her amusedly. His clothes were a little grimy for a gentleman but he wasn't shabby like a labourer. He smiled as it looked like she was almost at the edge.

Kayla smiled and took another sip. She looked at her empty glass for a minute before David gladly refilled it fully. She smiled and took another sip, finding the wine had actually gotten better and her body was even more relaxed. She sat up straight in her seat as was expected of a lady and smiled dreamily as her cheeks became rosier by the minute.

Suddenly David leapt from his seat over to Kayla, knocking the glass of wine to the carpeted floor, staining it red. He ripped the high collared dress to expose soft, smooth, pale skin and kissed her neck savagely. Kayla was confused but she didn't want this. She fumbled with her hands to push him away but he drove her back onto the lounge. Her body sagged effortlessly in his grasp as fear filled her eyes. Even the adrenaline running through her body couldn't stop him since something was wrong.

The front door banged open and Furry raged in. Its razor sharp claws extended out in a savage slash that caught the man on the back. Blood sprayed the floor as the man yelled in pain. Furry opened its jaws wide to crush the man's leg before yanking him off Kayla. Furry then leapt on top of him as it tried to bite and scratch at the human who was a monster.

David's eyes glowed red as his face transformed into the cruellest snarl. He grabbed at Furry's neck and snout so that he wouldn't get bitten. He powerfully coiled his body up and tossed Furry onto its back. David elongated his finger nails into sharp pointed claws slashing at Furry's coat which slowly ran red with blood. David clawed at the beast's face and body while still trying to dodge the bites and claws aimed at him.

Outside the little girl stood in the dark of night. She was waiting for Furry to return since it had growled when they had reached ten metres from the front door. She had slid off Furry's back knowing that there was something wrong. She had watched her friend charge through the front door and heard a lot of growling and crashes that would be the furniture. Her blue eyes were trained onto the door. She knew that she couldn't go in and check what was going on with all of that noise indicating that there was some sort of battle raging on inside. However her curiosity was stilled as a gentle hand rested on her shoulder.

"Hattie, what are you doing out here all by yourself?" asked a woman in a warmly manner. She was dressed appropriately for the road with a coat and many layers underneath. Her brown eyes looked concerned for the youngster as she stood next to her travelling companion. She smiled at the firm hand on Hattie's shoulder which belonged to her travelling companion and master of the household.

"Furry wanted me to wait here, Katsi." replied Hattie as she felt the young woman hug her warmly in greeting and continued to hug her as they heard the commotion coming from inside. She smiled as she watched the master of the house release her shoulder and started to head towards the house.

"Don't worry Hattie, I'm sure that the master will be able to sort this out." replied Katsi reassuringly. Her brown eyes were worried for her sister who was still inside. She knew that her sister would not leave unless the master directed them to. So she could tell that something must have happened to her sister for Furry to go inside without Hattie.

Hattie watched as the master walked away from them. Her blue eyes were locked on the formidable form that the master was. Her eyes widened as the master began to shed clothes. She saw a feminine body, with muscles that enhanced her sexuality and then tanned naked flesh. "What is the master doing?" asked Hattie since she had never seen the master like this.

"Don't worry, the master will handle everything. She knows what she is doing." replied Katsi comfortingly as she held onto Hattie, very aware that they were to stay outside until everything was sorted. She knew the drill and knew not to interfere.

Inside the house, Furry clawed at David to get him off. Furry tried to kick and scratch him, but was so far unlucky. It received several slashes of claws from David and knew that it had to somehow turn the tide. Golden eyes flared in anger and pain as Furry finally found his jaw around David's fist. He savagely crushed David's hand and completely tore it off. Blood spilled everywhere as it saw David yell in pain. Furry didn't stop at that, it continued to claw at David and bite in other areas to toss him off.

David jumped up and away from Furry knowing that his advantage had been lost. He held what was left of his arm to try and stem the bleeding. His face was still contorted in a cruel snarl. His red eyes glowing as he hunched over and waited for his muscles to tense. He was ready and thirsty for blood shed. He growled deeply before he flicked his torn arm out to the side and smiled evilly as his hand regrew back.

Furry snarled and snapped to make sure that David was kept in check. It didn't realise that David could regrow his limbs so rapidly. Seeing that David was ready to pounce, Furry quickly rushed first and lashed out in a series of bites and claws. It was now standing mainly on its hind legs and attacked like a two legged beast with arms.

David didn't care that Furry could change shape and posture. He was only concerned with killing what had disturbed his fun. Blood lust filled his vision as he licked the drying blood from his fingers. He smiled at the sweet taste before dodging and lashing out at Furry.

Suddenly, darkened blue eyes filled the room and a heavy presence made itself known. The master stood there in her naked human form. Painfully, the master threw her head back in a loud angry roar that was deep and feminine. Her muscles began to bulge as her tanned skin began to shed and soft black fur covered every inch of her. She was still standing as her nails were elongated into claws and her feet became furred with sharp nails and soft pads like a lion's foot.

The master jumped into the fray and ripped David away from Furry before she slashed David's throat. Her angry blue eyes sparkled as she watched David claw at his neck to try and stop the bleeding but failing miserably. She waited for David to fall to the ground, writhing in pain as his blood drenched the floor. She growled at David until he had stopped breathing and moving. Her blue eyes glanced around the room to spot Kayla on the couch; slouched and frightened.

Furry fell to all fours and slowly turned to look at its master who had come home in the nick of time somehow. It had been sure that the master was not meant to be home for another few days. However it was glad that the master had not been hurt. Furry sniffed the air, disliking the smell of battle and blood that was filling the room. Painfully, Furry padded over to the human to make sure that she was alright while its master resumed her human form.

"She is fine, Thomas." growled Furry in a strained voice as if it was unused to talking in the human tongue. It was tired and wanted nothing more than to go to bed and heal. However, it needed the master's touch to save its life because of how much blood was lost.

Thomas looked at what was left of the body of the monster that had been attacking Furry. She was not impressed that she had come home to discover a monster called a Valil. She knew that Valil's were rare, but to have one in her house meant that something was wrong. Her sensitive nose sniffed the air and could smell chemicals mixed with wine, blood, saliva and sweat.

Thomas slowly walked over to Kayla and knelt next to the lounge. It was clear that the woman had been drugged. Carefully extending her hand over Kayla's eyes to cover them, she whispered a word into the air "Dispellere". Her blue eyes watched in satisfaction as she felt the stirrings of ancient magic drip from her lips. She could feel the alcohol and other toxins leave Kayla's body through her own hand. She hissed in pain as she felt the toxin on her skin but she quickly removed it away from Kayla in case she accidentally dropped the substance into her eyes.

Thomas stared at the toxins for a moment before discarding it away so that it could do no more damage to anyone. She made sure that she had an imprint of the toxin so that she could identify it later if she needed to. However right now her concern was to make sure that everyone was alright.

Furry collapsed with its head slightly on the lounge and its body sagging against the leather. Its golden eyes were becoming dull as time passed. It had lost a lot of blood and the adrenaline had worn off. It was tired, so very tired.

"Hang on Furry." said Thomas reassuringly as she placed her hand on him. "Restituo cruor." whispered Thomas as she felt ancient magic drip from her lips again. She smiled as she felt the blue fur warm up under her hand and felt Furry starting to heal rapidly as soon as blood was restored. "You should go outside to relieve everyone's worry while I clean this up and make sure that Kayla is back on her feet."

Furry stood up without a hitch. It looked like it had never been in a battle in the first place except for all of the blood and gore that covered its body. "I will see to Hattie and Katsi before turning in for the night." growled Furry before it padded out the front door.

Thomas watched her beast and friend leave. She was glad that everyone was alright now. She had made it home on a whim that something was not right. The gnawing in her gut had subsided some but there was something else that was still bothering her that she was unaware of.

Furry padded outside, leaving bloody footprints that slowly faded away. Golden eyes looked up to see Hattie and Katsi looking very concerned for its sake. Glancing around swiftly, Furry decided that it needed to clean up a bit first before reassuring its charges. Looking at all of the snow covering the ground, Furry ran along for a few paces before leaping and sliding its chest and body along the snow. Washing its fur of the blood that coated it, it made sure that the Valil blood had been thoroughly removed. Furry then approached its charges to reassure them that everything was fine.

"Furry." called Katsi as she patted the beast. Her brown eyes were glad that although it had a lot of blood on it when leaving the house, there were no wounds. She was also glad that it decided to clean up first since it was now bodily rubbing against Hattie who was hugging it in reassurance. Katsi looked back up to the house and could tell that it was not time yet to go back inside. The master was expected to come back out to give the all clear or Kayla would call out to them. She was still worried about her sister but knew, since the master was in the house, everything would be alright.

Furry sat on its hind legs and started to mercilessly lick Hattie into a fit of giggles. Furry smiled as it saw the worry leaving the youngster's face. It had been a little worried that Hattie would have disobeyed it and come inside when the whole battle started. However its fears had died down and now it was enjoying a full belly rub. Furry liked the benefits of being a beast.

Furry's ears perked up at hearing footsteps. Golden eyes looked up towards the house where the master was standing, obviously giving the all clear and waiting for them all to gather inside. Furry grunted a bit to get the attention of its charges before padding slowly along making sure that Hattie did not slip in the snow.

Thomas gave a stilted smile towards the three that were coming. She had efficiently cleaned up the mess using ancient magic since there were no conventional ways of removing Valil blood. She had a sneaking suspicion that this Valil was not the only one. Slowly closing the door as blue eyes scanned outside for anything else surprising, she turned towards the living room where Katsi and Kayla were reunited.

"What happened?" asked Katsi as she sat on the lounge next to her rattled sister, Kayla. Her brown eyes had already noted the torn neckline of her sister's high collared dress and the worry that was in her brown eyes. "You can tell me Kayla, everything will be alright."

"The master will be upset with me." whispered Kayla into her sister's shoulder as they hugged. She held on since she didn't have the strength to face the wrath of the master. She was frightened and knew that she was surely going to be punished. "I was just trying to help."

Thomas watched the two sister's talk quietly. She sat in her chair and instantly smelt the Valil's scent. Her eyes narrowed at Kayla for disobeying the rules that she had set upon the house for everyone's safety. However she just sighed as her anger melted away. Kayla and Katsi were still inexperienced by the world that was now reality.

"I was being polite to the man that was lost. I gave him directions and food. He then attacked me." cried Kayla softly into Katsi's shoulder. Her shoulders shuddered uncontrollably as she tried to calm down but the thoughts that were running through her mind did not put her at ease in the least. She was still worried that the master would punish her and the abuse that could have happened to her.

Thomas sighed once again as she overheard the small whisperings between the sisters. However she couldn't complain since they were only human who were protected from the ways of the current world. Her blue eyes had watched as Furry huddled into a small corner near the blazing fireplace. Hattie was with it, curled up next to the beast with Furry's protective legs slightly covering her.

Thomas cleared her throat loudly to get the attention of the two sisters. "I think it is time for bed. There will be plenty of time to sort out the rest tomorrow. I expect both of you in my office first thing in the morning." said Thomas in a deep feminine voice which showed no emotion at all. She watched as the two sisters excused themselves before leaving the room. Slowly she sank into her seat and rested her forehead against her propped up arm. How could a few days away come to this?

Thomas was proud of the land that she had chosen to be her home. She was certain that there was a village nearby, but not near enough that it would conflict with her privacy. It was mainly a human village but there were a few half breeds of different creatures. However, everyone was friendly and they sort to her if there were any problems. She was a warrior for a reason and protecting the people on her land was paramount to everything, including things that happened in her household.

Thomas was still on edge that a Valil had wandered onto her land and had tried to attack a human. She was very aware of what those vile creatures could do. Valil's were dark soul feeding creatures that fed on human souls when the humans were at their weakest moment; These moments being when a human was either near death, sick or during the act of sexual intercourse. Valil's were cunning with their humanoid forms that could trick almost anyone that it was human. Accompanied by the human mannerisms that the Valil's learnt, they were hard to pick out among a crowd of humans. She was also aware that Valil's usually travelled in a pack, only separating when they were going to feed since they didn't share very well.

Blue eyes stared intently at the fire. Humanity was dying, the old ways were dying. Beasts and monsters roamed the land without a care while humans fled or sheltered. Before the massive war between beasts and monsters had revealed themselves to the world, humans lived as though they were the superior animal. They did not fear anything and lived in ignorance. However now it was certain that humans would seek protection from a beast so that they were protected from the monsters.

Thomas was such a beast although she rarely showed that side of her to anyone. Only the people in her household and her opponents would witness her wrath. Most of the humans in the village were unaware that she was a beast and treated her like any other human. It was fine with her since everyone was nice and got along. She seldom had to stand between people's arguments.

The beasts on her land, on the other hand, were aware that she was one of them and showed her the utmost respect since she was the leader of sorts in the area. There was no one who would want to oppose her since there was nothing to oppose about. She made sure that everyone got what they wanted or needed and made sure that everyone could compromise. However her word was always the last word. No one dared to argue with her unless they were sure that she would agree with them or face unknown consequences.

Monsters and other beasts never ventured into her land. They steered very clear of the border's that she set unless they wanted to meet their demise. It was the only reason that the Valil incident had rattled her mind. The only conclusion that she could come to was that Valil's were invading her territory or something outside of her domain was threatening them into her land.

"You should rest." growled Furry lazily.

Thomas smiled at Furry's concern. She was tired after rushing back from the village since she had to smooth over a few contracts between humans and some beasts that wanted to use a portion of her land to create a business. She would have been done with it in a day but she had found a few problems with the contract. She had addressed the issues and had to wait an entire day or more for the beasts and humans to stop arguing about what to do to amend it. She had almost slapped all of them when an elder had suggested something which all of them agreed to. She almost laughed at the simplicity of the suggestion and would have given voice to it. However she knew that the beasts and humans had to use their brains and think. She wanted smart people on her land and doing the thinking for them would hinder that.

"You used a lot of ancient magic today and you also partially transformed. I can see the tiredness in your eyes. If you wish, you could always snuggle down with Hattie and me." suggested Furry with a golden glint in its eye daring for the master to accept. "Hattie is still unaware," it said as it yawned widely before resting its head back on the thick rug.

"Good." replied Thomas before she stood up and left the warm room in favour of her equally warm bed that was calling her name. She smiled as a wave of her hand disintegrated the lights except for the low red flames of the fire in the fireplace. Her still naked flesh was taking with it the aura of her dominance in this household as she disappeared up the stairs.


Chapter 2

Bright light streamed through the thick foliage as birds native to the area chirped in merriment. With colourful feathers and small bodies, the birds jumped excitedly from branch to branch kindly talking and playing amongst themselves. The few scatterings of snow did not drive these small birds away into shelter; they were happily enjoying the little warmth that was granted to them this day from the sun high above.

"Tweet, tweet, little birdie..." called a feminine voice full of promise. Her full lips parted to show white teeth in a wide smile towards the many small birds. Her slender finger was extended as she continued to call for the birds to come and perch onto it. She had bird feed in her other hand and was not sure whether the birds would favour her over frivolous things since it was clear that they were capable of finding other food that might be more to their liking. Slowly she pursed her lips and whistled merrily towards the birds to see if they would come to her.

"I must detest that awful noise, Anna. It is so off key to even be a tune and no bird with ears would be willing to land on your finger." joked Izana as she glided out of the trees on a swinging vine. She was still hanging on, with her long blonde hair swaying to and fro, and her blue eyes amused at Anna's antics. She felt in tune with the plants around her as she felt most at home hanging from a vine. She could have been a monkey in another life if she believed in those religious things.

Anna glanced over towards her friend Izana who happened to be dangling from the vine upside down. She slightly shook her head and sighed before abandoning her attempts at trying to fetch a bird. Turning her back towards the merrily chirping birds and tossing the grains of seed over her shoulder, she approached Izana with raised eyebrows. "Is there a reason for you to actually be here?" asked Anna shortly in a gentle feminine voice.

"My, my, is that a hint of anger I hear there?" asked Izana in a mock voice.

"Should I tell father that you have been poaching bananas from the neighbours again?" asked Anna innocently as she smiled sweetly up at Izana who only growled back. Anna burst out laughing and started to walk out of the small clearing. Her innate sense of direction had her heading back to the main house where she would most likely find the others. "You should remember that I don't play fairly."

Izana smiled and jumped down from her vine to walk casually by her sister's side. They were in truth not related by blood but they always stuck together. Their father had always made sure that Izana was always there for Anna in case she needed protection. Since Izana and father were beasts and Anna was only human, they made sure that Anna was never left alone. It could be dangerous in these times for a human girl to venture the world. All sorts of predators were around that would find Anna as small game.

"Father won't know if you don't say anything. You have the most sensitive nose that I know of for being you. You have to wonder if there isn't any beast blood in you." commented Izana lightly. She knew that the subject of Anna's identity was a sore spot for Anna and so she treaded carefully, not wanting to upset Anna or face the wrath of her father.

Anna smiled widely. "It wasn't the smell that caught you out. It was the piece of banana still hanging from the corner of your lips. Also knowing that you love those is also a good indicator as well. However I have to wonder where you get the craving from." commented Anna good naturedly.

Izana laughed and jumped ahead, finding a nice dangling vine that she could swing on. Her pale skin melted away to be replaced by soft blonde hair. She was lucky that her pants and shirt did not get ruined since the shift to beast form made her smaller than a human. However she retained her human brain and gained extra power. Her feet could now easily grab the vines as she enjoyed her swinging as well as kept an eye on her sister.

"I would say that you are monkeying around but I think you are too clever for them. I also wonder what type of monkey would eat raw meat. If father finds out that you have been shifting back and forth between forms, he won't let you eat tonight." called Anna as Izana swung overhead.

"Don't worry." replied Izana loudly as she swung from one vine to another. "I am well aware of my energy levels. Father won't find out and you aren't going to tell. I won't let you go to the lake tomorrow if you do." yelled Izana from a high branch.

Anna had to laugh; Izana had made a threat that she had to abide by since she had wanted to go to the lake for some time. Only this time of year was best since the lake would be frozen over and she would be able to ice skate. It was one of her favourite activities for this time of year. She had to convince her father that Izana would be old enough and strong enough to protect her since father had business to attend to, being the head of the family.

Anna sighed as the house came into sight. She had left the woods behind and was slowly walking through a field of grass towards the house. It was a magnificent house, with its white bricks and huge windows. Father had managed to salvage it from the war and knew that it would be the best place for his family to live. There was an abundance of game in the woods as well as enough fuel to last through the winter. They could live comfortably without having their privacy invaded.

Anna was walking slowly. Her eyes were on the grand house, however something made the hairs on her neck stand on end. She made sure that she did not appear frightened since her father had drilled it into her that showing weakness would be her downfall. He also did drill into her that she should remain vigilant and be prepared beforehand to anticipate anything. However Anna's fears were put aside as Izana in her carefree manner appeared by her side.

"Don't worry, I'm here." whispered Izana reassuringly as she walked in her human form. She didn't like the feel of the surrounding area but knew that nothing would happen even if father was not there to assist. She could feel a presence lurking about in the darkness of the woods but she couldn't leave her sister's side to investigate. It would ultimately leave Anna unprotected and father would definitely not forgive her.

Anna and Izana made it to the front step without incident. They both casually entered the large house and locked the door behind them. Izana was immediately running around the house to check all of the doors and windows. Father wasn't expected to be back for another two days with the family, so they were on their own. Anna immediately built up the fireplace, her forethought about having some wood in the house for the fire paid off.

When everything they could think of was completed, Anna was huddled on the lounge with her very welcomed over protective sister, Izana, sitting next to her. She yawned for the hundredth time since their evening adventure had exhausted her. The added warmth of the room compounded the needs of her body seeking sleep. Her eyes were already drooping but she would snap awake as soon as she realized that she had almost drifted off.

Izana sat like a statue. Her sister's tiredness had not gone unnoticed. She would have opted for them to go upstairs to bed but that would require them to actually leave the safety of the living room where they had fire as a weapon if need be. She had already gotten blankets for the both of them if they needed to bunk it out on the lounge which seemed quite appealing at the moment. However, she could feel that danger was ever present and Anna was feeling the same. She had heard several noises coming from outside but couldn't identify what it was and her father had told her many times that it was better not to look.

Izana slowly relaxed back into her part of the lounge and laid a portion of her blanket on her lap. "Scoot over here and lie down. You can sleep for a bit while I keep watch. I'll wake you if something happens." whispered Izana since she didn't want anyone to hear her except for Anna who immediately complied. Izana smiled as Anna placed her head on her lap. She ran her gentle fingers through Anna's soft hair to calm her down and help her to fall asleep. She wasn't surprised to see Anna breathing more slowly and deeply. "Dream well sister, may you stay safe in them."


White eyes looked across the snow covered field. Long silky white strands of hair swayed with the soft breeze as flakes of snow were scattered about. Slowly turning around the feminine figure took in the surrounding area with a deep sigh of relief. A large house could be clearly seen with a faint orange light streaming out of what she assumed was the living room. Her white eyes narrowed as she scanned the surrounding woods that almost seemed to close in around the house in the dark.

Her feminine body was bare to the world. She didn't have a piece of material on her and she looked so fragile. Her body was slightly compact with small muscles that enhanced her womanly features such as her breasts and bottom. She was quite short compared to the average six foot beast that roamed the lands but she felt calm and relaxed. The cold air was not bothering her at all and she stood there knowing that there were others watching her.

Inside the house, Izana was in a panic. Her sister, Anna, who had been lying on her lap, had stopped breathing. Her blue eyes were frantically looking around the room before she gently lifted Anna's head up and slipped out from under her. She quickly pressed her head against Anna's chest to try and see if she could hear or feel anything. Fear rose in her when there was nothing. Hesitantly she reached up with two fingers to press against Anna's pulse point at her neck. She waited for what seemed forever and her blue eyes began to water in worry.

Izana slowly pulled her hand away and frantically tried to think of something. There was still time for her to do something to help Anna since she only just stopped breathing then. So she precisely thumped her hand on Anna's chest, her strength kept in check since she didn't want to break Anna's ribs. She had zoned out in worry for Anna since this had never happened before under her watch. She continued to thump Anna's chest but each one made her arm heavier and her hope was slowly giving out. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Why is this happening now?

Outside the house, the white haired and eyed woman was waiting for the inevitable. She could see a pack of what looked like wild humans running towards her. The only thing that scared her most about them was that they had red eyes which told her that they were not normal. She could flee towards the house but she already knew that it was locked from the inside and no one would open it. So she stood there with dreaded fear that placed chills down her back and made the hairs on her neck stand on end. The pack was coming.

The pack of wild humans with red eyes ran towards the white eyed woman who looked as if she were the frailest thing that existed in their world. Their faces were contorted into a cruel snarling face that scrunched up most of their nose and enhanced their narrowed red eyes. Their mouths were open to heavily breathe in the cruel freezing air as they licked their lips in tandem at another easy meal.

"ANNA!!!" yelled a voice from inside the house which belonged to Izana. Her voice was full of despair. It was high pitched as though she were transforming into her beast form. The scream continued for several seconds.

The white eyed woman turned to look at the living room window which was curtained. She had heard the rendering scream which had momentarily stopped the pack of wild humans. She was worried now. Why is Izana yelling for? Her white eyes then turned back to the pack of wild humans. She only just had enough time to actually raise her arms up at one of them to try and defend against them.

"OOF!" The air in her lungs was momentarily knocked out of her as the wild human landed on top of her. She could see his red eyes that looked so uncharacteristic for a human. She tried to push him away but he was strong and on top of matters, two more had jumped onto the both of them. Her legs were pinned down and so were her arms. A hand had managed to cover her mouth so that she couldn't yell for help. The male on top of her looked at her as if she were his next meal. She could see out of the corner of her eyes that he had elongated finger nails that looked sharp enough to tear her apart.

She tried to wriggle free but her efforts were for naught. The pack had securely trapped her in place with the male on top of her free to do as he wished. Tears began to pool in her eyes as the male slowly trailed a finger down her middle. Fear was in her eyes as she stared at his cruel face that was contorted out of proportion as if someone had splashed hot oil on it and left him to melt. However it was just how he smiled and she could see that he was enjoying himself with the help of his friends.

One of the wild humans then released her mouth but as she was about to scream, the male had kissed her savagely. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and somehow managed to make sure that she didn't bite his tongue off. She felt violated as he trailed his fingers along her body. His intentions were clear; she was going to be sexually violated before he killed her. His savage kiss had left blood in her mouth and all she could do was try to spit it out right at his face.

Fear intensified within her as she saw how he didn't like being spat at. A raised hand slapped her across the face and for a moment she was dazed by the blow. However she was still aware that he was still on top of her and he continued his ministrations. He licked her neck and slowly trailed his tongue down towards her breast.

Suddenly the male was thrown away from the white haired woman. She was still dazed from the blow and remained lying there in the snow. Her head was throbbing from when she fell but she could no longer feel the pack of wild humans holding her down. She listened in a far away sense as there were grunts and growls but soon her mind was closing down. This was all too much for her. Izana... Help me... Her thoughts trailed off as darkness claimed her.

Inside the house, Izana could hear the faint fight outside. She didn't really care and knew that whoever was out there was not going to receive any help. She had Anna still on the lounge, not a pulse or breath left in her body. Her rendering scream of helplessness had been so emotional that she had transformed into her beast form even before she realised that there was nothing that she could do.

Izana's heart was torn at seeing her sister like that. She could hear someone banging on the front door but she couldn't leave her sister. So she stayed kneeling next to Anna's body. The banging continued and stopped for a small moment before a loud crash could be heard. Izana jumped to her feet as a black haired, six foot panther walked in on its hind legs into the lounge room with a naked white haired woman in its arms.

"Move." commanded the panther in the human tongue before it was about to place the woman onto the lounge where Anna was. The panther could see that Izana was going to protest with her actions, so it beat her to the punch by gently kicking her away from the lounge. The panther then gently placed the woman on top of Anna but smiled as the woman went straight through and was Anna.

Izana's blue eyes had widened. She watched as the woman that the panther had carried in had fallen straight through Anna. She looked more closely and gasped in shock at seeing the woman's face which was actually the same as Anna. "How can this be?" whispered Izana unbelievably as she expressed her thoughts verbally without realising it.

The panther smiled as Anna was breathing again and now fully clothed. The panther slowly started to revert back to its human form and let out a deep breath as hair turned back to tanned skin. Blue piercing eyes tracked Anna's fragile body before releasing a sigh of relief.

"You're a woman." exclaimed Izana as she too reverted back to her human form.

"Last time I checked, I'm sure I was." replied the woman that now stood in the place where the Black Panther had been. She turned to face Izana with a cold look but slowly eased her features into a small smile. Her muscles stood out and she was sure that it would be proper if she found herself some clothes. She had left her clothes outside after quickly shedding them off to transform. She had taken down the group that had attacked Anna and didn't have time to grab her clothes on the way in. She was sure that they were now sodden with snow and probably wouldn't be the best thing to wear. "I don't suppose you have some clothes that would fit me do you?"

Izana had been too shocked by the chain of events that she only realised now that her guest was virtually naked. A blush quickly spread across her face as she stared at the woman's fantastic body. However she mentally slapped herself and ran out of the room to see if she could find some suitable clothing for the woman's size.

The woman would have laughed at the obviously embarrassed Izana. She had heard a lot about the young trouble maker that it was hard to believe the little girl that had been described had grown to be beautiful. However she was still not as beautiful as Anna had become. Her blue eyes had been stunned when she saw Anna naked, not knowing that it was Anna until the fight had ended. She had rushed into the house sensing that something was amiss and found the solution instantly.

Her blue eyes were riveted onto Anna's peacefully sleeping face. Slowly she knelt and gently ran her fingers through the soft white hair. She was mesmerised at how soft Anna's skin was as her hand trailed gently down the side of Anna's face. However she stopped what she was doing as she felt the cold feel of steel resting on her shoulder. She didn't dare move a muscle as she remained crouched with her black hair hiding her face from whoever held the blade.

Izana ran to a halt at the doorway with a bundle of clothes in her arms. Her eyebrows were raised in confusion. "Father?" said Izana as she saw her father's blade resting on the shoulder of her guest and Anna's saviour. She stared at her father as the room seemed to stop. She took in the crowd of people who were now in there in their transformed states, ready to pounce at her father's word. "You're back."

"In good time, it seems. There are bodies outside that belong to Valils. All of them are dead and the door was busted in. What are you doing with all of those clothes in your hands instead of staying with your sister?" asked Izana's father sternly. His broad muscles stood out and he was tall enough to be the average six foot beast that was a trait among the leader's of the family. His blonde short hair was a mess and his blue eyes never left the woman that was crouching near his other daughter, Anna. His clothes were travel worn and grimy but his sword remained sharp and clean. "Haven't I told you enough times to never leave your sister alone?"

"But... but..." Izana was fumbling for words. She knew what she had to say but couldn't. She could clearly see that her father was getting angrier by the minute as she failed to answer his questions. However before he could blow more steam, she managed the most important fact before the rest flowed naturally. "She saved Anna. I was with Anna the entire time until she came in and dumped Anna on top of Anna. I know it sounds confusing but Anna was... she was..." Izana couldn't bring herself to answer the rest. Tear stains could still be seen on her cheeks.

"She was dead, Allen." said the woman with the sword still on her shoulder.

Allen hastily retrieved his sword as soon as he recognised her voice. "I'm so sorry Thomas. I didn't know it was you. With all the carnage outside I thought they had a feud amongst each other and the survivor came in here." said Allen until one of his family members eased a hand on his shoulder. His blue eyes followed Izana as she handed the clothes over to Thomas. Only now did he realise what Thomas had said. "How is Anna dead?" he asked confusedly.

Thomas selected a pair of plain pants and a woollen jumper. She put them on before once more kneeling by Anna's side. Her blue eyes sparkled as she saw Anna stir. It was a good sign that Anna was alright. "I'm going to take her with me," whispered Thomas as her fingers gently glided through Anna's hair.

"What? Why? You still didn't answer my question about Anna being dead." complained Allen as he tried to get the entire situation under control. He could already hear the other members of his family who were outside, almost finishing their task of clean up. "What is going on?" yelled Allen as he's frustration began to build.

"Izana, please escort everyone out including your father. No one is allowed into the room until I say so." commanded Thomas calmly as she continued to stare at Anna. She heard the faint shuffle of feet as everyone left except for Allen who was being stubborn. "Leave us now Allen. I will answer your question later." compromised Thomas before Allen grudgingly left with Izana.

Thomas stroked Anna's hair in a soothing manner. It would take some time before she could explain everything to her but knew that she would be most safe at her home. She could get Furry to guard her like Furry was already doing for Hattie. Her blue eyes made sure that every strand of hair was not out of place.

White eyes fluttered open. Anna's vision was slightly blurry but all of her senses indicated that she was safe and warm, or so she hoped. She could feel the lounge beneath her and wondered how long she had drifted off for. She could still feel someone combing their fingers through her hair. It felt really nice and she smiled at the touch. Slowly she looked towards the person who was kneeling beside the couch and her eyes widened in surprise. Fear started to fill her core at seeing a stranger's face.

Thomas smiled warmly. She could tell that Anna had flinched in fear at now being able to see who was actually by her side. "It is alright. You are safe here with me." whispered Thomas in a sensual tone that was warm and loving. She had stopped her fingers from stroking the white soft strands as soon as Anna had shown her fear. Carefully standing up so that she didn't frighten the woman, she found a nearby couch and sat waiting for Anna to decide.

Anna looked carefully at the woman that sat negligently in her father's chair as if she ruled the house. Her white eyes had also noticed that the woman was wearing clothes that belonged to her father's brother. The clothing was slightly loose but the woman did not look like a child trying on their parent's outfit. She looked like her own woman who was unaffected by what she wore and gave off an almost regal flair.

Anna only just realised that she had been staring and quickly found something else of interest to occupy her eyes. So she stared at the carpet as she gingerly sat up. Her feet slowly touched the carpeted floor and only then did she notice that she was tired and slightly sore. She discovered bruising around her wrists and ankles as if someone had tied her up.

"You look confused." commented Thomas.

"Why are you here? Where is Izana?" asked Anna timidly.

Thomas smiled once more. It was a good sign that Anna was thinking normally. She had seen before how the Valils had attacked her and wondered if she remembered any of it. She also knew that the savage kiss that the male Valil had conducted was more than it seemed. Her blue eyes studied Anna carefully, noting every little movement and even her behaviour. It was hard to pinpoint if the woman in front of her was the same girl that Allen had talked about. However there was plenty of time to find out.

Thomas rested her face on her propped up arm to further study Anna without being intimidating. The fingers of her other hand were slowly tapping against the top of the arm of the chair as if she were thinking. I could use magic to make sure but her body has already been through a lot for one night and I don't think she will survive it just yet. She was beginning to sense that Anna was doing the same with her. However she continued to stay silent and refused to answer any questions until she was sure. There was definitely something different about this woman to other humans but she had not a clue of what it was. It was not just her appearance either. Granted that having white hair and eyes were a bit strange for a human, Anna was something else. There was something about her that made her drastically different. Putting that aside, Thomas stood up suddenly.

Anna almost jumped out of her seat as she watched the drastic change in the woman's mood. It was almost as if she had sensed danger around them. Her white eyes had seen how the blue eyes were glued to every little detail about her but she wondered what it was all about. It was a little frightening mainly when the woman remained tight-lipped on the questions that she had given.

The door to the living room burst open and Allen stood there with fear in his eyes. This was the first time that Anna had seen him like this since he had drilled it into both of his daughters not to show an ounce of it. Her surprise was put on hold as Izana ran into the room and hugged her tearfully. She was totally confused now and no one seemed to want to give her any answers.

Thomas ran outside. She had heard the alarms being raised and knew that there was another Valil in the area. It was unusual for them to hunt in a pack so now it was getting interesting that one had strayed behind. Her bare feet hit snow and she looked around with sharp blue eyes to try and find the Valil. However she didn't need to as someone pounced on top of her.

The smell of Valil flesh stank like rotten eggs. Sharp fingernails tried to claw at tanned soft flesh. Human like teeth tried to pierce the neck of the woman who was responsible for the deaths of the other Valils. Powerful legs locked the woman to the snow as claws were about to slash at the blue eyes that were staring at it.

Thomas had been slammed onto her back with her arms locked by her sides. She wouldn't be able to throw the female Valil off of her when she was pinned like this. Her legs were stilled as she stared at the angry Valil. She could sense that the Valil knew who had killed its friends. Her blue eyes watched as the Valil was about to claw her eyes out. However, she had already started whispering words of the ancient language that invoked powerful magic to rise at her will. A powerful invisible force pushed the Valil off before the tips of the fingernails could touch her eyeball. She hastily stood up by flipping onto her feet and faced the angry Valil who was slightly hunched and crouched prepared for battle.

Thomas could feel the respect of Allen's family fill her ego. She knew that no one among them could fight a Valil without being injured or worse. Even though Allen's family, except for Anna, were all beasts capable of many deeds, none of them could wield the slightest amount of magic. So all of them stood around to watch and if they were needed, they would lay their lives in her hands. However, she didn't need them.

Thomas's blue eyes glimmered in the near darkness. They were shining brilliantly as a flick of her wrist caused a hill of snow to dump itself on the unsuspecting Valil. Her hand then clenched into a fist and the Valil was stuck in a block of ice. Carefully weaving her magic, Thomas made sure that the Valil was sealed and no one could release it other than herself.

Allen was quickly by her side. "We will take care of moving it wherever you wish us to. Please go inside and rest while we ready it for transport." informed Allen with a slight bow. He was sure that she could have transformed into a beast to deal with the Valil but she didn't and that caused an alarm to ring in his head that something was not right. He had seen her transform into a panther many times without feeling the wrath of the effects of going back and forth between forms. He wondered why she had resorted to using magic that she had expressed to him that it was not her way of fighting honourably.

Blue glimmering eyes stared at the block of ice that the Valil was trapped in. She had not intended to use her magic since she already knew the consequences. She had already used a lot earlier to help Anna merge back to normal. She could feel her whole body falling under the stress of transforming several times and using a considerable amount of magic in one day. She didn't want to move from where she had managed to stand. She knew that the only thing holding her up was her will power and determination.

Suddenly, Thomas was on her back with a growling Furry on her chest. She looked up at Furry and gave a weak smile which Furry didn't return. She noticed out of her peripherals that Allen was taken aback and the rest of his clan were stunned to stillness. She wasn't surprised since none of them had seen a creature like Furry before. Furry was one of a kind.



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