~ Down and Up ~
by Kim Phoenix
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Feedback is welcomed. This is an arduous attempt at poetry with certain parameters set to stimulate my mind and this is the result. I'm not sure it has amounted to much, but hope you all enjoy.

Annoyance, pest and prickly,
Agonizing minutes spent in situations.
Alcohol, friend and fighter,
Always there to help unwind or fuel emotions.
Aggravate clear and clumsy,
Acting like a child even with the knowing,
Aptitude, less or little,
Aim with a fist towards those who are challenging.

Emptiness, dark and dreary,
Everything is crushing, weighing so heavily,
Echoing angst and anger,
Eager to leave all of this depressing feeling,
Everyone, take and taking,
Enjoyments are lost to people's time and rushing.
Energy, lost or losing,
Enter deeper into the abyss of burden.

Illusions, real and raping,
Inhibiting what is known to be a sane mind.
Imagine, sick and silly,
Ignoring reality to stay in white room.
Indulgence, pills and prevents,
Inducing the brain to cease all its functioning.
Intellect, light or lesser,
Increasing the times spent watching a world revolve.

Outrageous, wake and waiting,
Opening all doors to return to sanity.
Oppression, dills and doctors,
Organising to leave the psychiatric ward.
Overwhelmed friends and faces,
Overjoyed to be welcomed back into the world.
Opinions, laxed or lighter,
Observe new things outside of the institution.

Universe, still and spacious,
Understanding the big instead of small picture.
Uplifting soul and spirit,
Usurping emotions that lead to depression.
Undergrade, love and living,
Unforgettable passion left feeling amazed,
Uniqueness, mulched or mass,
Ultimate gifts to know you have once existed.

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