~ Stronger Than Us ~
by Lady D

Disclaimers: This is a continuation of the series of stories entitled, The Bet On Madison & Syd's Choice. The story starts off right where we last saw Sydney and Madison. All of the characters in this story are fictional. Two of the characters just happen to resemble Xena and Gabrielle. I hope you enjoy the third installment.

Love/Sex: Yes, and I'm getting a little bolder with the love scenes. Enjoy!

Violence: In an unfortunate turn of events, yes.

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Chapter One

"Oh?right there?don't stop?" Madison breathed in ecstasy.

Syd smiled to herself as the blonde whispered hotly in her ear. She pumped her hips faster causing the phallus to go deeper. Madison dug her nails into the brunette's back as she cried out in pleasure. Syd held the blonde firmly under her arms and pulled Madison closer. Feeling her lover's body tremble beneath her, Syd couldn't stop her own orgasm from building and she soon fell into oblivion with her lover.

"Uhhhh!" Syd yelled as her body convulsed. She felt Madison's legs close tightly around her body.

Madison moaned as she rode out the final waves of her orgasm. "Mmm?oh baby?" she panted.

They lied there for a moment allowing their hearts to slow to a normal pace.

Syd and Madison had made love all night long and it had been amazing. Madison couldn't deny the chemistry that was still between them. Last night on their "first" date, Syd had treated her like a queen and was so charming. They had wanted each other badly and making love was inevitable.

Syd turned her head to the right and gently kissed Madison on the cheek. She lifted her body slightly so she could look into those beautiful green eyes. They smiled fondly at each other before sharing a deep loving kiss. When the lip lock ended, Syd studied the blonde's expression.

"Did you like that?" The brunette asked with a raised brow.

"Yeah?I did," the blonde shyly admitted.

Syd smiled gently before giving the blonde a soft kiss on the lips. It was the blonde's first experience with a dildo and to her surprise it was now one of her favorite sexual pleasures. After Syd suggested the strap on, Madison hesitantly agreed. Syd ran out to her car in the middle of the night to retrieve the sex toy. The brunette promised her it was brand new and had never been used on anyone. Madison was a little nervous at first, but she felt more comfortable knowing it was Syd using it on her. It felt?wonderful.

"I'm going to pull out now, okay?"

Madison unwrapped her legs from around Syd's slim waist allowing the brunette to slowly pull out of her. Madison gasped in response and lightly bit her bottom lip. The basketball player rolled onto her back and sighed in satisfaction. Within seconds a smaller body snuggled into her side and she smiled. Madison laid her head on the brunette's shoulder a let out a contented sigh of her own.

"Man. I don't think I've had this much sex in one night," the brunette sighed happily.

Madison chuckled lightly. "I didn't hear any complaints," she cooed rubbing Syd's stomach.

Syd let out a small laugh. "Because there weren't any," the brunette kissed Madison on top the head. "You're amazing."

"So are you?" the blonde hummed kissing Syd on the chest. "I can't believe we're here together, lying in the sunlight?" Madison raised her eyebrows and suddenly sat up in the bed. "Sunlight! What time is it?" The blonde leaned over Syd's body to glance at the clock. "Oh my God, it's after nine! I'm going to be late!" Madison sprang from the bed and ran into the bathroom.

Syd leaned up on her elbows and watched the blonde with a hint of laughter on her lips. It was kind of funny watching Madison's cute little bare behind trot off in a hurry. "What will you be late for?" Syd asked.

"Work!" the blonde called from the bathroom. She opened the glass door to her shower and turned it on.

Syd shifted slightly in the bed and winced as pain shot up her knee. Okay, maybe walking around without a cane all night was a bad move?and then all those sex positions? Syd smiled to herself. She reached over towards the nightstand and grabbed her bottle of pain killers. She had retrieved it from her car last night, along with the strap on, and she was glad she did. Popping two pills into her mouth, she slowly began to ease herself out of the bed. She carefully placed both her feet on the carpet sitting on the edge of the bed.

Madison rushed back out of the bathroom and into her walk-in closet.

"I have to do the team's physical today, remember?" the blonde announced. She quickly thumbed through her array of clothing and finally settled for a black business skirt and burgundy blouse.

"Yeah, I remember." Syd was finally on her feet. She stretched her long muscular body, trying not to lean weight on her injury. Syd looked between her legs and had a crooked smile when she realized she was still wearing the harness.

The blonde quickly came back into the bedroom, set her clothing on the bed and then swooped back into the bathroom. Syd stood there watching her the entire time.

"I don't exist?" she joked to herself and began to unbuckle the strap on.

"Leave it on," a commanding, yet seductive voice purred.

Syd lifted her head and saw Madison in the bathroom doorway watching her. Hunger burning in those green eyes.

The basketball player lowered her hands. "Okay?" she replied warily.

The running water of the shower could still be heard in the background as Madison slowly approached her. Syd studied her every move with keen curiosity. The blonde put her hand on Syd's shoulder and pushed her down slightly. "Sit."

The brunette did as she was told and looked up at Madison. "I thought you had to go to work." Syd whispered as Madison brushed dark bangs from her face.

The blonde remained silent and quickly straddled the brunette's thighs. She gasped when the shaft of the phallus rubbed against her womanhood. Green stared deeply into blue as Madison continued to brush Syd's hair back in gentle strokes.

"Screw work?" the blonde breathed. "You just look so hot with this on."

Madison leaned in and roughly captured the brunette's lips. Syd eagerly accepted the lustful kiss and allowed her lips to be completely devoured. The blonde's tongue wasted no time plunging into her mouth causing Syd to growl. She held onto Madison's hips and pulled her closer. The smaller woman dug her hands in Syd's long strands, skillfully maneuvering her tongue. The brunette fell back pulling Madison with her. She shifted her hips upward and Madison moaned into her mouth. Soon both of their hips were moving in unison. They broke the kiss and the blonde sat up, putting her hands on either side of Syd's head concentrating on the movement of her hips. She grinded herself against the shaft of the sex toy and moaned. Syd held Madison's waist to help guide the blonde's pleasure. They both panted and moaned as their hips moved faster. It did not take long for both women to share another mind-blowing orgasm. Madison collapsed onto Syd's body and they laid there for a moment, waiting for their bodies calm down.

"Wow?" Syd breathed. "Where did that come from?"

Madison lifted her head and smiled. "You...one look at you and I just can't help myself." She leaned in and kissed Syd sweetly.

"Me too." The brunette replied.

After a few minutes of fooling around, they took a quick shower. They were now fully dressed saying their goodbyes next to Madison's front door. Syd had her arms around Madison's waist and the blonde had her hands on Syd's shoulders. They looked into each other's eyes.

"I'll see you this afternoon. Your appointment is a 1:30, don't be late," the doctor reminded her lover.

Syd gave a small smile. "I'll be there. But then again?" Syd leaned in closer to Madison's face. "I think I already passed my physical," the brunette seductively spoke.

Madison shyly smiled before allowing her lips to be captured in a soft kiss?and then a second.

"How is your knee?" the blonde asked with concern, rubbing Syd's biceps.

"It hurts a little bit, but I'm a big girl." Syd leaned in so their foreheads touched.

"Was it my fault?" Madison asked softly.

The brunette slowly shook her head. "No, baby, I'm alright." They gently rubbed their noses together in an Eskimo kiss. "I love you, Maddie."

"I love you, more." The blonde gave Syd a final kiss on the lips and headed towards the door. "I have to go. Are you walking out with me?"

"Yeah, sure." They were a few paces from the door when Syd suddenly stopped in her tracks. "I forgot my pain pills. They're in the bedroom," Syd said.

"I can wait."

"No, it's okay. I don't want you to be anymore late then you already are," Syd said walking backwards.

"You're right," Madison agreed opening the front door. "I'll see you this afternoon. Bye."

"Bye, baby."

Madison gave Syd one last smile before exiting out the front door. Syd turned around and made her way into the bedroom. Right where she left them, her prescription pain killers were still on Madison's nightstand.

"Can't forget these," She muttered picking them up and stuffed them in her jacket pocket.

* * *

After relaxing a bit at home and having lunch, Syd was now on her way to her appointment at the Athletic Health Center where Madison worked.

"Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you!" Syd screamed along with the rock song on the radio.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang.

"Hello?" the brunette answered with the Bluetooth attached to her ear.

"Sydney? Turn down that God awful music."

"Hey, mom." The brunette replied. She turned the knob lowing the volume. "What's up?" she smiled, still feeling the after effects of cupid's arrow.

"Well, I just wanted to give you some exciting news." Kathleen said happily.

"Yeah? What might that be?" Syd smiled.

"Anthony?he proposed last night!"

"What?! You're kidding?! What did you say?" the brunette asked with anticipation.


"Oh, Mom that's fantastic! Congratulations!" Syd grinned.

Anthony and Kathleen had been together for the past two years. The brunette met him when her mother had just begun dating him. She liked him well enough, and he didn't mind it when Syd called him Tony, rather than Anthony. He was a retired police officer with a good sense of humor and seemed to be making her mother happy. So, he was fine in her book.

"Have you guys picked a date?"

"Oh, it's too early to tell now, but we're hoping to have it next spring. You know, while you're off season."

"Sounds great. I'm really happy for you, Mom. Tony is a real catch."

"Thanks, sweetie. That means a lot to me. Of course, I can't say the same for your oldest brother."

Todd. "He's still being huffy about your relationship? What's wrong with him?"

"I guess on some level he thinks Anthony is replacing your father."

Syd shook her head, disappointed in her eldest brother.

"I just hope he comes to the wedding," Kathleen solemnly spoke.

"Oh, he'll be there. I'll make sure of it," Syd promised.

"I'm sure you will hon."

Syd could hear her mother smiling.

"What are you up to?" Kathleen asked.

"I'm actually on my way to the doctor to get my physical."

"Oh, okay."

"My physical from Madison," Syd beamed happily.

"Is that so? Didn't you two have a date last night?"

"Yes, we did." All night long. Syd thought.

"How did it go?"

"Mmm?let's just say, it went very, very well."

"Oh, Sydney. Don't you ever know how to behave yourself?" Kathleen asked in an amused manner.

"Of course, I do Mom." Syd pulled her car into the parking lot of the Athletic Center. "Madison just does something to me when I look at her."

Kathleen sighed reminiscently. "You two always did belong together. I'm glad you found each other again."

"Me too." Syd killed the engine on her car. "Well, I have to go now, Mom and congrats again."

"Thank you, sweetheart. I love you."

"Love you, too. Bye." Syd click off her cell and grabbed her cane that was sitting in the passenger seat.

The brunette rode the elevator up to third floor and was now settling herself in the quiet and empty waiting room. She began to thumb through a sports magazine that was on the table in front of her. Syd chuckled lightly when she came across a picture of herself in a GOT MILK advertisement she did a year back. In the photo, she was fully dressed in her WNBA Monarchs jersey, down on one knee, balancing a spinning basketball on her finger. She was selling her sexy lop-sided smile and nicely sported the milk mustache, or at least Syd thought so.

The door that led to the back patient rooms clicked opened and out walked Cynthia Cortez, a.k.a. Cee Cee, one of Syd's teammates and good friend. They were both drafted to the Monarchs the same year and their personalities clicked immediately. Cee Cee was Hispanic, about 5'9, a little pudgy but not fat and had extremely dark black hair.

"Hey Syd, how's it going?" Cynthia smiled walking over to her seated teammate. They greeted each other with their buddy handshake.

Syd shrugged her shoulders with a smile. "It's going well. You played a hell of a game the other night."

"Thanks, girlie. How's the flexor?" Cee Cee pointed towards Syd's knee.

"Oh?" Syd unconsciously rubbed above her knee. "It's getting a little better everyday. Madison said I should be able to play in about two weeks."

Cee Cee cocked her head to the side looking a Syd with a smirk on her face.

"What?" Syd asked.

"Madison, huh? To the rest of the team she's known as Doctor Murphy."

Syd smiled lightly. "Well, let's just say I have certain?privileges that the rest of the team doesn't have."

"You didn't." Cynthia stated with a look of shock on her face.

"Yes, I did, and I have before. She's my ex. Or at least she was before last night." Syd gave an alluring grin.

Cynthia raised her eyebrows in interest. "Really?"

"Yeah?" the brunette spoke dreamily. "I think we definitely reconnected."

Cynthia smiled at her friend. "You sound like the love bug bit you, Syd."

Suddenly, the door that Cynthia had just stepped out of moments earlier clicked open again and a woman holding a clipboard stood in the doorway. She smiled politely at the two athletes.

"Ms. Rush, Dr. Murphy will see you now."

Syd grabbed her cane and carefully stood to her feet. She looked at her friend with a smile. "I guess I have been bitten." The brunette stepped past her teammate and followed the nurse through the door.

A few moments later, the basketball player sat impatiently on the patient's table, anxiously awaiting Madison's arrival. Every second she thought of the blonde, butterflies would swarm in her stomach. She suddenly heard a familiar voice on the other side of the door and she sat up straight in anticipation.

Finally, the door opened and her eyes lit up when she saw the beautiful blonde. Madison was wearing her long white doctor's coat over her outfit and Syd immediately thought she looked adorable. The blonde closed the door behind her and green eyes finally met blues. A slow smile spread across both of their faces.

"Hi." Syd said, locking an intense gaze on the blonde.

"Hi," Madison replied, biting bottom her lip slightly.

Syd let her eyes roam the young doctor's body. There she is. The woman you made love to all night long. I wonder if she's thinking what I'm thinking.

Madison could feel Syd's eyes scoping her out from head to toe and her cheeks immediately flushed. She tried to shake it off.

"Now, I know what you're thinking, Syd," the blonde stated, walking over to the counter with her clipboard. "But we both have to act professional so I can do my job." She turned her head towards Syd and caught the basketball player staring at her ass. "Syd!"

Syd's eyes shot up to Madison. "Huh? Oh, sure, sure."

The blonde gave an amused smile. "I'm serious. We can't fool around. Do you think you can behave yourself?"

Syd smiled with a gleam in her eyes. "I can't make any promises, doctor."

Madison glared at the brunette. "You better."

Syd stood from the table carefully and took a step towards the blonde. "Are you saying you didn't miss me?" the brunette asked with a charming smile.

Madison ducked her head. "No...I missed you like crazy."

"Then kiss me," Syd challenged boldly, stepping closer.

"Syd..." the blonde sighed helplessly.

"Come on, just one kiss." She was closer to the blonde now and brought her hand to Madison's chin, gently tilting the blonde's head up so they were face to face.

Madison's eyes sparkled as she looked into those loving blue eyes. "Baby, it's never just one kiss with us, you know that."

The brunette unconsciously licked her lips and gazed at Madison lovingly. "I want to hold you?" Syd whispered.

Madison's heart ached upon hearing Syd's request.


With no further control of her actions, Madison slipped her arms around the taller women's waist and fell into Syd's warm body. The brunette let out a sigh of relief as she held the blonde in her arms. Madison hummed in contentment and snuggled closer to her lover.

"I missed you too, baby." Syd whispered.

Madison gently rubbed her hands up and down the brunette's back. "I knew you'd do this to me."


"Make me lower my guard."

The brunette leaned back and her eyes focused on green eyes before lowering to soft pink lips.

"If you want me to stop?just tell me."

Madison could feel Syd leaning in and her heart skipped a beat. "Stop?" she breathed.

Those blue eyes were determined, yet soft at the same time. "You have to mean it?"

Hot breaths mingled as their lips were centimeters apart.

"Stop?" the blonde weakly whispered, before her lips were softly captured by the brunette's.

Madison immediately fell under Syd's spell. She kissed the basketball player back and a flame was instantly ignited between the two of them. Syd snaked her hands inside Madison's white coat and slid her hands down to the blonde's ass, pulling her to her body. The doctor moaned and wrapped her arms around Syd's neck. The brunette slid her tongue into Madison's mouth and the blonde sucked it eagerly. The basketball player backed them into the counter. Madison was being leaned so far back she was practically lying on the counter.

Syd broke the kiss and gazed into the blonde's eyes. "I couldn't stop thinking about you all morning?" she dipped her head and placed hot kisses on Madison's neck.

"Syd?" the blonde whimpered.

The basketball player grasped the back of Madison's thighs and lifted the smaller woman onto the counter. The blonde clawed at the brunette's back as Syd devoured Madison's neck.

"The way you smell?the way you feel?" Syd breathed.

Madison gasped when she felt her skirt being hiked up her waist. "Uh, Syd?wait?wait."

The brunette stopped her actions and looked into Madison's flushed face. Her hands continued to slowly stroke the outsides of the blonde's sculpted thighs.

"I have to?do your examination?" Madison whispered lightly.

Syd pushed her body closer to the blonde's. "You can examine me anytime?" The brunette's voice husked.

The basketball player pulled Madison closer and continued to nibble the blonde's neck. Madison arched into the touch and wrapped her legs behind Syd's thighs. She lost all sense of control when Syd sucked on the right spot.

"Oh, God?" the doctor whimpered.

KNOCK, KNOCK. "Doctor Murphy?" a voice called behind the door.

The two untangled themselves from each other and Madison quickly hopped off the counter straightening her clothing. Syd stepped away and sat on the patient's table once again.

Madison cleared her throat. "Yes, come in." the blonde called, busying herself by looking at her clipboard.

A young woman in her twenties wearing blue scrubs entered the room. She had brown hair, blue eyes and stood a little taller than Madison.

"Oh, excuse me." She said when she saw Syd sitting on the table. "Here are the lab results on that patient you were looking for." She handed a few papers to Madison.

"Thank you, Allison," the blonde politely smiled.

The younger girl headed out when Madison stopped. "Actually, Allison? I think you should stay for the examination. So, you can see how everything goes."

"Really? Sure!" the young intern replied, perking up.

Madison turned towards Syd and raised an eyebrow. "You don't mind, right Ms. Rush?" Syd noticed the look of expectancy on the younger girl's face and then looked at Madison knowingly.

Well played, Maddie. Syd shook her head and smiled. "No, I don't mind?" she locked eyes with the doctor. "I guess it would be best."

Madison gave her a small smile and then sat on the stool a few feet away from Syd. "Great. Well, first I'm going to start with a rundown of questions."

"Okay. Shoot."

The examination itself did not take as long as Syd thought. Madison did the basic checkups and before the brunette knew it they were on the final test?reflexes.

Madison glanced at Allison who was watching her every move like a hawk. "Allison, I think that will be all for today. I believe Dr. Grant has something for you to do next."

Allison held her clipboard notes to her chest and nodded. "Okay, sure. Thank you, Dr. Murphy." She turned to the basketball player. "It was nice meeting you, Sydney." She smiled shyly.

"Nice meeting you too, Allison. Take care." Syd replied.

Allison gave a small smile and left the room.

Syd's eyes immediately went to the blonde's and she arched an eyebrow. "Keeping the little intern the room so I couldn't touch you, huh?"

The blonde shook her head and chuckled. "I had to do something, Syd. Otherwise, we'd be all over each other and I'd never get your physical done. So, don't give me any grief about it."

Madison held the small hammer in her hand and began to lightly tap near Syd's kneecap.

Syd looked down at Madison with an unwavering gaze. "I want to see you tonight."

Madison stood up straight and looked squarely into compassionate blue eyes. "I want to see you, too."

The brunette's face lit up. "Your place or mine?"

The blonde stepped forward between Syd's legs. "Yours?" the blonde whispered, running a finger over Syd's lips. She leaned in, stopping her lips just centimeters away from Syd's. "I haven't seen your bedroom yet?" she tenderly kissed the brunette and smiled.

"We'll have to do something about that."

Madison looked down at Syd's other leg. "How does your knee feel? Any pain since this morning?" she asked, lightly running her hand over the injured leg.

"There were a few sharp pains, but I think that had to do with last night's activities."

Madison blushed slightly and Syd smiled.

"As long as you are taking those pain pills you should be alright. Two tablets every seven to eight hours a day," the blonde instructed.

Syd nodded. "Yeah, that's what I've been doing. They seem to do the trick."

"Good?" Madison brought her hand to the player's cheek. "I really hate seeing you in pain."

"Hey, I can handle it. But I always did like it when you took care of me."

"I like when you let me," Madison leaned in, giving Syd a soft lingering kiss.

KNOCK, KNOCK. "Dr. Murphy?"

Syd let out a frustrated sigh. "I'm going to strangle that intern of yours."

"Be nice? Come in, Allison!" the blonde said, stepping away from her patient.

The young intern poked her head into the room. "Hi, um. Your 2:30 is here."

"Okay, send them back. Ms. Rush and I are done."

"Okay." Allison hurried away.

Syd stood from the patient table with a grunt and Madison handed her the cane.

"When are you finished today?"

"I'll be done around 5:30 tonight."

Syd ducked her head and gently grasped one of Madison's hands. "Okay." She brought it to her lips and kissed it gently.

Madison smiled at this action and gazed into those baby blues. I almost forgot how sweet she could be.

"I'll be waiting for you. Eight o'clock, my place."

"It's a date."

They shared one last kiss and Syd was gone.

* * *

Right on schedule, a car was sent to Madison's house to pick her up. The blonde was just bursting to see Syd again. She rang the doorbell to the gigantic house and the door opened within seconds. There stood the basketball player with a huge smile.

"Hey, you." Syd beamed, ushering the blonde inside.

"Hi," she kissed the brunette hello. "I didn't expect you to answer the door."

They made their way down the hallway. Syd walked steadily with her cane and Madison made sure to stay at her pace. The blonde took her free hand and held it firmly.

"Oh, I gave everyone the day off. That way we have the whole house to ourselves," Syd finished with a purr in her voice.

Madison raised her eyebrows. "Really?"


They now stood at the foot of the large staircase.

"Would you like to take the house tour?" Syd asked.

Madison stepped closer to the dark haired woman and placed her hands on Syd's shoulders, running them downwards. "I would. Where should we start first?" the blonde husked.

The brunette's body shivered as Madison gently cupped her breasts. "The bedroom?" Syd's voice squeaked. The basketball player cleared her throat. "The bedroom."

"Hmm?let's go?" Madison purred. "Wait," the blonde said in realization. "Have you been going up and down these stairs to get to your bedroom? Syd, with your knee -"

"Baby, calm down," Syd interrupted the blonde evenly. She took the blonde's hand. "Follow me."

She led them a few feet away from the stairs to a door with a number panel next to it. Syd punched in the code, and the door slid open revealing an elevator.

"Oh, you have an elevator." Madison did a double take and realized how cool this actually was. "Syd, you have an elevator! In your house!" the blonde proclaimed stepping inside the small lift.

Syd chuckled at Madison's excitement. "Yes, I do. It's pretty useful when you have three floors. This goes straight to my bedroom." She stepped inside with the doctor and closed the door behind them.

The elevator was not large. Three people could fit in there at the most, and with both of their libidos going crazy in such a small space, it did not take long for Madison's lips to find Syd's. The blonde had Syd pinned against the wall as they kissed each other eagerly. The brunette dropped her cane and pulled the smaller woman to her. By the time they finally reached the second floor Madison had already gotten the basketball player's pants unbuttoned. The lift came to a stop and the doors opened to the brunette's large, decorative bedroom.

"Maddie?" Syd groaned as the blonde nibbled on her neck. "We're here."

Madison slowly removed her lips from the brunette's neck and looked into lustful blue eyes. "Lead the way."

Before Syd could move, Madison's lips latched to her neck again. "Uh, I'm trying to?" Syd breathed.

The brunette began to walk forward, taking the smaller woman with her who was clinging to her tightly.

The bedroom had a wood floor, a high ceiling, and a massive bed. At least that was all Madison noticed before pulling Syd's lips down to hers.

Syd broke the heated kiss. "Let me carry you to the bed," the brunette requested.

"Are you sure?"

"I think I can make it. Besides, I want to."

Madison smiled sweetly, letting her arms drape lazily around the brunette's neck. "Aww?" she kissed Syd on the lips. "That's sweet baby, but you don't have to do that."

"Come here, woman." In one sooth move, Syd scooped Madison up in her arms.

"Syd!" the blonde shrieked in laughter.

"I've got you now," Syd grunted, walking forward.

However, after a few steps, Syd felt her knee giving out. "Okay, maybe not." She winced.

"Oh, sweetie?" the blonde worried.

Syd quickly bent down, putting her weight on her good knee and safely lowered Madison to the floor. The blonde was settled onto a fluffy, cream colored rug that was at the foot of the Syd's bed.

The brunette blew out a tired breath as Madison brushed some hair from her face. "Baby, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm okay? sorry?" Syd said quietly. She was a little embarrassed.

"It's fine, baby. You were just trying to be romantic. That's one of the things I love about you."

"Yeah, that's me," Syd replied with a hint of sarcasm. "Come on." The brunette began to stand but Madison gripped her shirt collar.

"No, come here." Madison requested softly. Syd shifted her body so she was on top of Madison and she looked into loving green eyes. "Kiss me."

Syd studied the blonde's face for a moment. Pure lust radiated from the doctor's body. Blue eyes lingered on the soft lips before her and she kissed Madison with all the passion she had ever possessed.

Never breaking the kiss, Madison slowly rolled their bodies over and she was now on top. The blonde broke the lip lock and smiled. She straddled the brunette's hips and hovered above the basketball player.

"I want you right here?" Madison snaked out her tongue and slowly ran it from Syd's bottom lip to her top lip. "Right now."

"Right here?" Syd breathed, quickly getting turned on.

"Yes." the blonde replied. "It's not like we haven't done it on the floor before." KISS. "You remember that summer at your house?" Madison husked, nipping the basketball player's ear.

"How could I forget," Syd smiled evilly.

* * *

Eight years ago

The heat from the sun showered over the city of Las Vegas. Summer was present in the city that never sleeps. Madison and Syd were lounging around the brunette's house all day. Syd's grandparents were in town and she still did not understand why here elders came out here when it was so damn hot.

This afternoon, Kathleen was out having lunch with her parents while the two teenagers stayed in for the day. They still had two more months of summer and then it was off to college.

The two were walking from the den into the large tiled kitchen carrying their empty bowls. They had just pigged out on ice cream sundaes while watching T.V. As soon as Madison stepped into the kitchen she felt the heat streaming through the kitchen windows.

"Oh, I can't believe how hot it is," She sighed, placing her bowl next to the sink along with Syd's.

"That's Vegas for you. The sun is unforgiving. "The brunette peered through the window and looked at the backyard. The surface of the pool sparkled and glistened as it reflected the sun's radiance. She turned to her girlfriend, who was wearing cute khaki short shorts and a light pink tank top. This was in great contrast to Syd's silk, dark navy blue basketball shorts and white football jersey.

Madison watched in curiosity as Syd padded over to the backdoor and opened it.

"You want to go for a swim?"The basketball player asked turning to the small blonde.

"Syd, it's like a hundred degrees outside. I'm not going out there."

Syd nodded her head. "Okay. We can find something else to do." She began to close the door, but then quickly swept the smaller girl off of her feet and into her arms.

"What are you doing?!"Madison yelped in surprise. When she realized the brunette was heading out the backdoor her eyes widened. "Syd! Don't!"

The brunette carried her out in the steaming hot backyard with Madison squirming in her arms.

"No! Syd! I don't want to get wet!" Madison screamed.

"I just want to cool you off," Syd replied calmly, with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Syd, I'm not joking!" Madison latched her arms around Syd tightly.

Realizing she couldn't loosen the blonde's grip from around her neck, it was impossible to throw her girlfriend in the pool without going with her. So, that's exactly what she did. The brunette held onto her girlfriend, and hurled herself and the small blonde into the lukewarm pool. Madison was not amused. As soon as she broke the surface she swam to the ladder and pushed back her soaked hair. When Syd emerged from underwater with a grin on her face, Madison's anger rose even more. She gave the basketball player a scowl.

"What's wrong with you?" Madison asked in frustration.

"Oh, come on. It's a hot day. What wrong with taking a quick dip?"

"But, I told you I did not want to get wet!" the blonde argued.

"I thought you liked it when I got you wet." Syd replied in a seductive tone. She swam over to the blonde and attempted to put her arms around her, but Madison forcefully pushed her away.


Syd looked at the blonde in confusion, but when she saw those green eyes burning with anger, her smile faded.

"You could be so immature sometimes, Sydney." The blonde turned and climbed out of the pool.

The brunette bobbed in the water for a moment in shock. Hearing her name unabbreviated was never a good sign. Syd closed her eyes for a moment, in light reflection of her actions and realized what she had done was pretty stupid. She sighed and watched as the soaked blonde made a hasty retreat towards the house.

"Maddie!" she called.

The blonde heard Syd, but just kept walking. She was pissed off.

Syd quickly swam to the ladder and pulled herself out of the pool. "Maddie, wait!"

Madison stepped into the house and began to make her way through the kitchen.

"Madison, please stop," Syd requested, placing a hand on the blonde's arm.

It was the first time in a long time the blonde had her Syd say her full name. Madison stopped walking and stood where she was.

"Look, I'm sorry." The brunette spoke softly. "You told me not to do it, but I did?and I'm sorry."

Madison put her head down and closed her eyes. She could hear from the tone of her girlfriend's voice that the apology was genuine.

"I guess I can be pretty immature, sometimes."Syd gently slid her hand down to Madison's hand and she held it tenderly. They were both dripping water all over the tile floor.

Madison slowly turned around, but did not look up. Syd smiled sincerely at the blonde's timid reaction. She could tell she had hurt Madison's feelings.

"Hey?" the brunette cooed lifting the blonde's chin. She studied the sad green eyes in front of her and her heart sank. "I'm sorry?" Syd whispered.

Madison ducked her eyes and slowly nodded her head.

"Come' ere." Syd softly requested.

The blonde accepted the brunette's warm, rather?soaked hug and sighed.

"I'm so sorry, baby." Syd snuggled her cheek against the top of the blonde's damp hair. "I can't stand it when you're mad at me."

Madison angry slowly began to dissipate. "It's okay?" the blonde spoke quietly.

Syd looked down at her and shook her head. "No, it's not. I was stupid and immature just like you said."

The blonde smiled softly. "I never said you were stupid, Syd."

"Well, I was. What can I do to make it up to you?" The brunette spoke sincerely.

Madison studied Syd for a moment and her heart just melted. The blue eyes that looked down at her were so sentimental?so caring. Syd's bang stuck to her forehead and Madison always thought the wet hair look was sexy on the brunette. Water dripped from Syd's sculpted face as she waited for the blonde's response.

Madison smiled and began to think of how she could play this to her advantage. Syd raised an eyebrow, wondering what the blonde was up to.

"Get down on your knees and apologize," The blonde commanded.

Syd bit her lip, stopping herself short from protesting. She got down on her knees and looked up at Madison's smug expression.

"Maddie, I apologize."


Syd gave Madison a playful scowl. "For throwing you in the pool with me."

"And?" The blonde raised an eyebrow.

"And?" The brunette looked at her unsure of what to say next, but something soon came to her. "I'll never do anything else to you, unless you tell me to?and I love you."

Madison bent down on her knees in front of Syd and smiled softly. "Thank you." The blonde leaned in a brushed her nose against Syd's.

The brunette smiled brightly. When they displayed this loving gesture of affection, Syd knew everything was alright between them. Madison kissed her tenderly on the lips, causing the brunette's heart to flutter. Syd then leaned in, giving the blonde an equally sweet kiss. They both smiled softly at each other before moving in together to share a long lingering kiss. Madison felt herself being leaned back as the kiss deepened. Syd slowly pushed the blonde onto her back as their tongues slowly intertwined. Syd had her arms wrapped under Madison's body and held her close.

'This is certainly a nice turn of events.' Syd thought. 'One minute she's mad at me, next we're making out on the kitchen floor.'

"Mmmm?" the blonde moaned in pleasure.

Madison felt Syd snake a hand under her soaked tank top, pushing it upward. "You drive me crazy?" the brunette whispered against Madison's parted lips.

Syd moved down to the blonde's exposed stomach and began to place soft kisses around her naval. Madison gasped at the softness of Syd's lips and she felt her shorts being unbuttoned.

"Syd? What are you doing?" she asked in a whisper.

The brunette moved back up to Madison's face and gazed into those green eyes lovingly. "I'm making it up to you."

Madison's eyes fluttered closed as Syd sucked on the most sensitive spot on her neck. "Right here?"

"Right here?" Syd captured the blonde's lips in a heated kiss.

Madison grasped the hem of Syd's jersey and pulled it up. The brunette quickly got the message and removed the damp shirt from her body. It landed on the hard tile with a splat. She looked at Madison's breasts and noticed the erect nipples protruding through the tank top.

Syd leaned down to whisper in the blonde's ear. "Somebody's excited."

The brunette looked at Madison once more and the blonde blushed shyly. Syd smiled, kissed the red faced girl on the cheek and proceeded to remove Madison's shorts. The blonde lifted her hips allowing the basketball player to slip off the shorts. They were both breathing hard, neither one of them able to control their rising libidos. Madison tugged on Syd's shorts and helped the brunette take them off. The blonde was surprised to see Syd wearing girlie underwear.

"No boxers, today?" Madison smiled.

Syd smiled back and climbed on top of the blonde. "It's too hot?" KISS "But not as hot as you?"

Their lips met in a slow kiss and their tongues glided against each other erotically. The blonde pushed her hips upward as Syd slowly moved her kisses along Madison's jaw line, down to her neck.

"Please, Syd. I need you?"Madison moaned grinding herself into her girlfriend.

Arousal burned in the pit of Syd's stomach when she heard the blonde's request. The basketball player stuffed her hand down the front of Madison's panties and wetness painted her hand. She began to stroke the blonde's clit, causing the younger girl to moan loudly.

"Is this what you need, Maddie?" the brunette whispered.

"Yes?" the blonde responded, spreading her legs wider.

"You want me to go deep inside you?"

The blonde licked her lips and nodded breathlessly. "Mmmm Hmmm?" She loved it when Syd would speak to her that way and vice versa. It was kind of a new thing they discovered while making love. Dirty Talk.

Madison reached between them and moved the barrier of Syd's underwear to the side. They entered each other in unison and moaned in pleasure.

"You feel so good?"Syd whispered, as they both began rocking their hips.

* * *

Back to Present

After making love all night long, the two exhausted women were lying in bed holding one another. Madison had her head snuggled on top of Syd's shoulder with one leg draped over one of the brunette's thighs. It was around 2 am and neither one of them felt like sleeping, so they talked.

"I forgot to tell you. My mom is getting married."

"Really?" the blonde lifted her head slightly to look at Syd's face. "That's wonderful. Who's the lucky guy?"

"His name is Anthony, but everyone calls him Tony. He's a good man. I can see they really love each other."

"Well, that's great," Madison sighed, lying back down. She rubbed the brunette's toned stomach. "I'm happy for her."

"Yeah, so am I." Syd smiled, softly and snuggled her cheek into blonde hair.

They were silent for a moment. The blonde slowly ran her hand between the basketball player's breasts and back down.

"You know?" Madison spoke silently. "You are way better then you were at eighteen," she giggled.

"So, I've improved? Is that what you're saying?" Syd laughed.

"Yes." Madison lightly kissed the brunette's collarbone. "When we make love now, I feel even closer to you than I did back then. You're more attentive."

Syd smiled softly. "Well, I know something that hasn't changed. You definitely still like dirty talk." Syd whispered with amusement.

Madison furrowed her brows. "What? I do not! What makes you say that?"

"Um, I think it was when you were like, 'Oh, Syd. Talk dirty to me." The brunette moaned re-enacting the blonde's moment of passion.

"Stop!" Madison argued, blushing furiously.

Syd chuckled loudly as the blonde tried to bury her face in her shoulder. "We have a blusher!" The brunette teased, tickling Madison's ribs.

"Syd!" the blonde laughed, as her body squirmed around the bed.

"Say it! Say you like dirty talk!"

"Okay! Okay! I?I like dirty talk!" Madison got out, trying to breathe.

Syd stopped tickling the smaller woman and waited for her to catch her breath. She leaned on her elbow and looked down at Madison with adoring eyes.

After calming down, the blonde finally looked up into two very mischievous blue eyes. "I hate you?" Madison smiled, wrinkling her nose.

Syd nuzzled her nose against Madison's with a grin. "You love me." She kissed the blonde softly on the lips.

"You're lucky I do. Otherwise, you'd be dead right now."

"Are you threatening me, Dr. Murphy?" the basketball player teased.

Madison pushed Syd back and flipped them over so that she was on top. "Maybe I am."

The brunette chuckled lightly. Then she was suddenly looking deeply into serious green eyes.

"Syd?" the blonde asked, gently stroking the brunette's shoulders.


"Are we?" the blonde began hesitantly. "?back together again? Like a couple?" Madison asked sincerely.

Syd swallowed the lump in her throat. "I?I don't know. Do you want us to be?" the brunette asked holding her breath.

"More than anything in the world," the blonde whispered, on the brink of tears.

"Then I want to ask you something." Syd said, gazing into hopeful green eyes.


"Will you be my girlfriend? Again?"

Madison let out a gasp of happiness and beamed from ear to ear. "Yes, baby. I will."

They shared a lingering kiss and made love once more.


Chapter Two

Three Months Later

Madison cheered from the sidelines as Syd scored the winning basket, with just seconds to go in the game. The Monarchs fans in the ARCO arena erupted into a frenzy of cheers and whistles.

"Sydnnnnnnney Ruuuuuush!" the announcer boomed through the arena speakers. "The Sacramento, Monarchs are going to the WNBA playoffs!"

The brunette pumped her fists in the air and jumped up and down in victory. She was instantly flooded by her fellow teammates and coaches. There were endless hugs and pats on the back in celebration. Before she knew what was going on, Syd was hoisted off the ground and was sitting on two of her teammates' shoulders.

Madison's eyes sparkled with happiness as she watched her girlfriend being paraded around the basketball court. She thought of the night before and how Syd could barely sleep because she was thinking about this game. The brunette had wanted to go to the playoffs so badly and now Madison was bursting with happiness for her lover.

Syd was finally set back down on the ground and was approached by her coach. As she was giving her coach a hug, yellow Gatorade was poured all over her and the coach's head. The brunette could care less that she was soaked from head to toe. She laughed and playfully went after the culprits.

In the mist of the celebration, her thoughts immediately went to the small blonde waiting for her on the sidelines. The brunette looked for Madison in her usual spot, but did not see her. Blue eyes scanned the players' bench and there was no sign of the blonde. Suddenly, a hand gently tugged back on her shoulder. Syd turned around and was greeted by two beautiful green eyes.

"Hey, you!" Syd greeted Madison with a smile. She picked the blonde up by the waist and spun her in circles. "We won, baby!" She yelled.

Madison giggled and held on tight. Finally, she felt her feet hit the ground and she hugged the brunette to her. "Congratulations, baby!"

They broke the hug and looked into each other's eyes. Syd's baby blues were ecstatic and full of joy. Both women wanted nothing more than to give each other a kiss, but they both agreed to hold off on displays of affection in public places. Syd always found it embarrassing when she was caught in the tabloids during an intimate moment.

"Hey, Syd!" The couple turned towards the call and saw it was Syd's teammate, Cee Cee. "Come on, the media wants to get some photos of us!"

The brunette gave her teammate a nod and then turned back to Madison. They didn't even realize they were still holding hands.

"I have to?" Syd began, reluctantly.

Madison squeezed the hands holding hers. "I know. I'll see you after all the chaos."

Syd smiled softly. "Okay?love you."

"Love you, more." The blonde smiled back.

The brunette gave her a final lingering smile and then went towards her teammates. Madison watched the basketball player walk away and be playfully jumped on by fellow players. The blonde was happy for her girlfriend, but at the same time she felt overwhelmed. Syd was bigger than life in the WNBA and female fans would constantly throw themselves at her when given the chance. The brunette would flirt back and flash her charming smile. She couldn't help it. It was just part of her personality.

But regardless to those shenanigans, Madison could always count on one thing from the brunette, and that was Syd curling up with her at night. Syd would be so sensitive, loving, and allow herself to be?Syd. Those were the moments that Madison treasured. Watching the brunette on the basketball court or in the public atmosphere, swamped by the media, was like seeing a completely different person.

The doctor began to notice the brunette's mood pattern after games. If the team won, Syd was a sex machine that was unstoppable, but when the team lost, the brunette was grumpy and barely wanted to be touched. Madison found it kind of funny at first, but soon got used to it. She glad the team won a lot more than they lost.

About a half hour later, Madison was in the locker room amongst all the rowdy basketball players who were still hyped over winning the game. The blonde was in a back room packing a few medical items, ready for travel. She hauled her light medical bag onto her shoulder and walked out of the back room- the doctor's quarters. She stopped short when she spotted Syd talking to a reporter... a very attractive reporter. The woman had long and curly locks of bleach blonde hair, full red lips, and blue eyes. She was about two or three inches shorter than Syd, but she was wearing pumps.

Madison could tell from a distance that as the reporter was asking questions, she was shamelessly flirting with the brunette.

Syd smiled politely as Jasmine Hayworth, one of the top sports magazine reporters in Sacramento, asked her questions about the game.

"What did it feel like scoring that final shot with just seconds to go?"

"I'd have to say it was the most amazing feeling in the world." Syd responded, dabbing her sweaty face with a towel.

The reporter smiled. "I'm sure it's not the most amazing feeling," Jasmine spoke boldly, jotting down notes in her notepad.

Syd looked at the reporter for a moment, immediately understanding the meaning behind those words. The brunette chuckled nervously as Jasmine's predator eyes met hers. "No?not the most amazing feeling, but?I did it for the team and I think all of us played a hell of a game tonight. The first time this team won the playoffs was in 2005 and I am determined to lead them to a second victory this year."

From a distance, Madison studied the blonde reporter carefully. The woman was practically in heat as she was nodding and hanging on the brunette's every word. Both women laughed after Syd had said something funny. Madison could tell Syd was flirting back a little and a spark of jealousy formed in the pit of her stomach.

"Well, that's all I have for now. I really have to get changed."

"What's stopping you?" the reported asked, suggestively.

Syd shook her head with a slight smile. "You're a shameless flirt aren't you?"

Jasmine looked the basketball player up and down. "Not with everyone. I'll see around, Sydney and thanks again."

"You're welcome," Syd responded as the reported walked away.

Seeing that the leggy blonde was making a departure, the muscles in Madison's legs finally began to work. She approached Syd with a less than thrilled smile. Syd turned to her and grinned.

"Hey, babe. Sorry, I got caught up in an interview. I'll be done changing in a few minutes."

"I saw. It's okay, I'll just wait here." The blonde took a seat in a chair not too far from Syd's locker.

The brunette reached on the top shelf in her locker for her pain killers. She quickly popped open the bottle and poured three of the capsules in her hand.

"You still have pain in your knee, baby?"

"Uh, yeah?every once and awhile. It's no big deal," Syd responded nonchalantly, as she picked up her water bottle. "I'm just going to finish this bottle and then I'll be done with these for good."

Syd had been taking the prescription pills for three months now and she tended to rely on them every day, whenever she would feel pain. About two weeks ago she began taking three capsules every eight hours instead of two. Syd realized raising her dosage helped immensely, but she did not say a word of it to Madison.

Moments later, the two of them were sitting in the back of a black Escalade being driven home. The couple would alternate where they would spend the night. Most of the time, Madison found herself spending more time at Syd's house then her own, which was where they were headed now. The blonde contemplated in suggesting they move in together, but Madison wasn't sure Syd was ready for that change.

When Syd and Madison where finally in the comfort the brunette's room, Syd stood by her nightstand removing her watch. She studied her girlfriend who was sitting at the foot of the bed. Her back was to the brunette as she was removing her shoes.

"Are you alright, babe? You've been pretty quiet all night."

Madison slightly turned her head. "I'm fine. Just tired, I guess," the blonde replied, gently.

The truth was Madison couldn't get the sight of Syd and that reporter out of her head. In fact, it always made her uneasy when the brunette flirted so openly.

"Okay?" the brunette sighed. She walked towards her large walk-in closet, loosening her button down shirt.

Madison stood from the bed and unzipped her skirt. She wanted to drop the subject but her brain wouldn't let it go. "That was Jasmine Hayworth you were talking to, right?"

"The reporter? Yeah." Syd answer from inside the closet.

"She's attractive."

Syd came around the corner of the closet and leaned against the doorway, looking at the blonde across the room. "Okay? what's this about?" the brunette asked, calmly.

Madison shrugged her shoulders. "Nothing..." the blonde averted her eyes to the carpet. "It's just that she must have been asking some incredible questions for you to be smiling like that."

Syd furrowed her brows. "Like what?"

Madison raised her eyes to the brunette and walked towards the closet removing her blouse. "Oh, you know like what," the blonde stated, walking past Syd into the closet. "She was flirting the pants off you. Smiling and giggling like a moron."

"Baby, women flirt with me all the time. I can't stop that."

Madison finished putting on her night gown and turned to her girlfriend. "I know!" she spoke a little louder then she meant to.

Syd paused midway as she was slipping on her T-shirt. She was taken aback by the blonde's sudden outburst and raised her eyebrows.

"I know that." The blonde spoke softly, lowering her gaze. "But do you have to flirt back?" Madison finished quietly.

Syd smiled gently and slipped on her shirt. She thought her girlfriend was being silly. My Maddie is jealous.

"Maddie, you know it doesn't mean anything." Syd said, approaching the small blonde.

Madison shook her head slightly. "Just forget it. I shouldn't have said anything about it." As the blonde attempted to walk past the brunette, Syd grasped Madison around the waist with one arm and gently pulled her back into her body.

"Hey?" Syd whispered, wrapping both arms around Madison, holding her affectionately. The blonde closed her eyes and leaned into Syd's embrace. "We're not going to forget about it. You wouldn't have mentioned it if it didn't bother you."

Madison took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "It does bother me?" the blonde whispered. "All of those fans and the media are always all over you. They love you. Sometimes I just feel? I don't know? like I'm not enough for you."

It broke Syd's heart as she heard the love of her life speak those words of sadness. The brunette turned the blonde around in her arms and immediately saw that Madison was on the verge of tears. Syd looked directly into the blonde's eyes and held her closely.

"Madison," the brunette spoke sincerely. "You're more than enough for me. You're my heart. I was lost before you came back into my life. When I smile or flirt with other people, it's just an act. You're the only one I'll ever be real with?because I'm in love with you."

A lone tear trailed down Madison's cheek and Syd gently wiped it away. She cupped the blonde's face. "Okay?" the brunette said gently.

Madison smiled at Syd's loving words and laughed slightly for being jealous for no reason.


"Good," the brunette said, hugging the blonde in a warm embrace. "Don't ever think you're not enough for me, baby. I love you so much."

Madison sniffled slightly. "I love you more."

After a moment, Madison leaned back and looked into gentle blue eyes. "I don't mean to be possessive or anything. I'm sorry, I just?"

Syd cut off the blonde's words with a soft kiss. She caressed the doctor's face and looked down at Madison. "Don't be sorry. This just shows how much you love me."

The smaller woman looked at Syd with sparkling eyes and smiled. "There are other ways I can show you how much I love you." she purred, moving her hands under the brunette's shirt.

Syd raised an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

"Oh, yeah?" the blonde followed her own hands as they explored Syd's waist. The brunette's breathing became ragged and her body shivered under Madison's touch. The blonde leaned up and captured Syd's lips in a sensuous kiss.

"You know. I haven't properly congratulated you for leading your team to the playoffs."

"You want to congratulate me?" Syd smiled as she was dragged out of the closet by the front of her shirt.

"Get on the bed, baby." Madison commanded. "I have something for you."

"Okay." Syd grinned and headed over to the bed. "What is it?"

"I've been saving it for a special occasion. I'll be right back." The blonde purred, as she disappeared into the closet, closing the door behind her.

Wearing only her silk pajama bottoms and a T-shirt, Syd settled herself on the large king sized bed.

After waiting the longest ten minutes of her life, the brunette finally saw her girlfriend emerge from the closet. Syd's mouth dropped open at the vision that stood in the doorway.

The small blonde wore a black, Mesh Teddy with eyelash lace. The lingerie hugged Madison's body in all the right places. Her cleavage protruded boldly from the top of the teddy and long blonde hair draped over the doctor's shoulders. Hot red lipstick covered her soft lips. She leaned against the doorframe. Her eyes dark with lust.

Syd could hardly breathe as Madison ran her hands over her own breasts down to her stomach.

"Do you like it?" the blonde asked the gawking basketball player.

The brunette couldn't bring herself to form any words. All she could to was nod mutely. Madison looked extremely hot and willing to do whatever she wanted. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

Madison giggled at the brunette's inability to talk. Syd was usually the confident one but this time Madison held all the control. "Cat got your tongue, baby?" the blonde as she slowly approached her lover.

Syd could barely look at her girlfriend in such a revealing outfit. It was so out of Madison's character. Especially, the way here hips were swaying with that sexy walk. The brunette's heart beat wildly against her chest as the blonde got closer. Madison could see the basketball player's face turning red.

"Are you blushing?" the blonde asked with a sexy smile.

Syd smiled bashfully and ducked her head as Madison approached the bed.

"Aw, baby, that's sweet."

Syd scanned the blonde's body up and down and blew out a breath. "I?I've just never seen you like this," Syd sputtered. The brunette licked her lips out of nervous habit.

Madison climbed onto the soft mattress and slowly crawled towards her awaiting girlfriend. "You like it though, right?"

The brunette nodded, getting an eye full down the top of the blonde's teddy.

"We're going to play a game," Madison husked.

"Okay?" Syd uttered.

Syd had totally fallen under the blonde's spell of seduction. Her arousal pooled between her legs as the blonde climbed onto her lap, straddling her hips. Madison's breasts where heaving in the basketball player's face. Syd looked into those green eyes and saw a woman who was sure of herself. That insecure sixteen year old girl was gone.

Syd couldn't contain herself any longer. She brought her hands to the blonde's hips. "Come're," the brunette purred, pulling Madison closer.

But Madison held Syd back, putting a hand to the eager basketball player's chest. "Not so fast. There is one rule to this game."

"What?" the brunette asked, stroking the sides of Madison's hips.

The smaller woman removed Syd's hands from her body and placed them on the bed. Still holding the brunette's hands down, she leaned forward so their lips were inches apart.

"You can't touch me?but I can touch you."

"Maddie?" the brunette began, helplessly.

"Shhh?can you do that for me?"

Though that was the total opposite of what Syd wanted to do, she relented and nodded her head.

"Good, girl." Madison brought her arms around the brunette's neck and began to grind her hips into Syd's crotch. She closed her eyes and moaned slightly.

The basketball player watched Madison's body move against her and a throbbing began between her legs.

Madison reached up with both her hands and gently brushed back Syd's hair. Suddenly, the blonde pulled her head forward and the brunette found herself between to voluptuous breasts. Syd nuzzled her face deeper into the blonde's cleavage and inhaled Madison's scent. She loved that perfume the blonde wore.

"Oh, Syd?" Madison moaned, as she massaged the brunette's scalp, pulling her closer.

Syd sighed into the blonde's sensual embrace. She wanted so badly to throw Madison on the bed and make her come over and over again.

Without warning, Madison roughly pushed Syd onto her back and sucked the tip of the brunette's ear into her mouth. The brunette was pleasantly surprised by this act of aggression.

"Open your legs," Madison whispered.

Syd complied and Madison laid her lithe body between the brunette's legs. Syd's breathing hitched as the blonde seductively rubbed herself up and down her body. Madison held Syd's wrists above her head and continued to nip at the basketball player's ear. "You still turn me on when I watch you play?" she whispered. "You're so hot, baby."

Syd let out a whimper as Madison grinded herself on the brunette's clit. She could feel it through her pajamas and her boxers.

"Ahh?" the brunette moaned.

Madison covered Syd's moans with her mouth and kissed the brunette deeply. The kiss was slow and long. Syd brought one hand behind Madison's head and the other on the blonde's lower back.

Madison raised her eyebrows and broke the kiss. She removed Syd's hands and put them back on the bed. She looked down into Syd's beautiful blue eyes. "I didn't say you could touch me," the blonde warned.

Syd smiled and raised an eyebrow at Madison's assertiveness.

The blonde kissed the brunette's lips once more, and then moved her slow torture to the brunette's neck. She sucked on the brunette's soft skin, giving a small nibble here and there.

Syd closed her eyes enjoying the assault. "Baby, you're killing me with the foreplay," the brunette groaned.

Madison didn't say a word as she forcefully yanked up the basketball player's top and began to suck on her right nipple.

"Okay, that works?" Syd breathed.

The blonde moaned as she took the hard nipple fully in her mouth and circled the dark bud with her tongue. This drove Syd absolutely crazy.

"Maddie?please?let me touch you," the basketball player begged.

Madison loved to hear the brunette beg. She leaned up and gave Syd a sexy smile. "Uh, uh. I'm liking this too much."

Syd watched as the blonde slowly lowered one of the straps on her shoulder.

"Oh?" the brunette moaned, as more skin came into view.

"You want this?" Madison asked in a sexy tone.

"God, yes?" Syd breathed with no hesitation.

Madison took a moment and studied the hunger and love burning in those blue eyes. She grasped the front of Syd's shirt top, pulling her forward to sit up.

They were now face to face, the blonde's small form still straddling the brunette's hips. Syd looked deeply into the dark green eyes that were in front of her. Madison guided Syd's hand to her other strap and she pushed it down. Blue eyes followed the action and the swell of both breasts to come into view.

The blonde gave a small smile. "What are you thinking?" she whispered, rubbing her nose against the basketball player's.

Syd smiled with equal affection and looked Madison squarely in the eyes. "Maddie, you're so beautiful," she whispered inches away from the blonde's lips. "I want to make love to you all night long?and I want to make you come until you're begging me to stop?" the brunette spoke in a seductive tone.

The blonde gasped with excitement as those words were spoken to her.

"?and when it's over, I just want to hold you in my arms."

She could no longer go by the rule of her own game anymore. "Syd, touch me?please?" Madison groaned as she brought both of Syd's hands up to cover her breasts.

The brunette growled and attacked the blonde's lips. She practically pounced on the smaller woman, causing the blonde to fall backward and lie on her back.

"Mmmm?" the blonde moaned, pulling the brunette's shirt from her body.

Syd quickly removed her top and devoured the blonde's lips once more. Madison wrapped her legs around Syd's waist and held the back of the brunette's head deepening the kiss. The basketball player moaned and began to grind her hips into the blonde's throbbing center.

Madison moaned as Syd nibbled on the most sensitive spot of her neck. The brunette's mind reeled as she remembered how crazy this spot would make Madison when they were young lovers in high school.

The doctor felt Syd cupping her breasts and giving them a gentle squeeze. Suddenly, the part of her clothing that was covering her breasts was yanked down, fully exposing herself to her girlfriend. Syd sat up and admired the beauty in front of her.

"These have got to be the best tits in California." The brunette commented, moving her hands over the soft mounds of flesh.

"Oh, yeah? What other tits in California are you comparing them to?" the blonde breathed.

A look of panic came over the brunette's face. "I?um?" Syd would always become tongue tied when the blonde would ask about her past love affairs. "?it?uh?"

The blonde smiled adoringly at the basketball player's stuttering and pulled Syd down to her, silencing the brunette with a kiss. "Just make love to me, Syd?" she whispered.

* * *

Early the next morning, Syd had to be at the arena for practice, leaving a very sleepy and exhausted blonde in her bed.

Madison vaguely remembered the brunette waking her up and giving her a kiss goodbye in the early morning hours. The blonde got out of the bed and took a shower. This became a routine for the small blonde.

Dressed and fresh for the day, she headed downstairs in the private elevator. She was happy to have the day off and was looking forward to relaxing. As she exited the small lift, Syd's butler, Bernard, was there to greet her.

"Good morning, Lady Madison. How are you feeling this morning?"

The blonde smiled at the older man. Bernard had made it a habit in calling her Lady Madison after the doctor told him to stop calling her Ms. Murphy.

"I'm well, Bernard. How are you?" the blonde smiled making her way down the hallway.

"Wonderful, miss. Breakfast is waiting for you at the dining table."

"Thank you."

Madison made her way to the large dining room where a bountiful breakfast awaited her. As the blonde sat down, she felt a little lonely. She wished Syd was there with her.

* * *

"The playoffs are in two days ladies! I want to see some hustle out there!" the Monarchs coach yelled as the women did there drills on the basketball court.

After a hard practice with the team, Syd couldn't wait to get home and spend some time with Madison before their flight to Minneapolis the next morning.

She was sitting in the back seat of her usual vehicle of transportation with her sports agent Donnie Ferguson. He was a good, honest man and always seemed to know what deals to negotiate for the best interest of his client. The 41 year old man had been with Syd since the beginning of her career and has been doing a damn good job.

As her agent chatted away on his cell phone, Syd decided to make a call of her own.

"Hi, baby," the blonde cooed answering the phone.

"Hey, beautiful. How's my girl this lovely afternoon?"

"Lonely. I don't like waking up without you."

"I know?but I'll be there in about thirty minutes."

"Actually, Syd?" Donnie interrupted.

"Hang on, baby," Syd turned to her agent.

"It turns out we have a prior engagement and we have to be there within the next hour."

"Oh?" Syd turned her attention back to her phone. "Um, baby?"

"I heard," the blonde said disappointed. "You go ahead and do what you have to do. I understand."

"I'm sorry, Maddie. I'll make it up to you."

"You better."

Syd chuckled lightly. "I will. Hey, baby, now that I got you on the phone, could you fill out another prescription for me. I ran out of pills this morning."

"This is your last refill, Syd. Four is the limit with these pills." The blonde warned.

"Oh, yeah I know. Like you said, ask for the last refill if I need it and I do. This pain should subside soon. I probably won't even finish the new bottle."

"Okay. I'll just head out to my hospital pharmacy and pick it up for you."

"You're the best, Maddie. I love you."

"I love you more, and don't forget, dinner at my place tonight. I'll be waiting for you."

"I won't forget."

"Alright. Bye, baby."

"Bye," Syd smiled, clicking off her phone. "So, what's with the sudden change in the schedule? Where are we headed?"

"Well, I've set up a lunch meeting for you with one of the top journalists in Sacramento. They would like to do a biographical sketch on you."

"Oh, Donnie I don't really want to do anything like that."

"It'll be good for you. Remember how successful the Sports Illustrated cover story went?"

"Yeah, but they didn't talk about my life. It was just my day to day stuff only involving my career."

"That's true, but this exclusive interview is a good way for your fans to get more personable with you. They will get to know better."

"Can't I just be a superficial bitch like all the girls?" Syd whined.

Donnie gave her a look and the brunette rolled her eyes.

"Alright, fine. I'll do it. I just wish you had warned me about this sooner. I could have told Maddie about it."

"I'm sorry, Sydney. This just came up and we can't miss those windows?"

"Of opportunity." The brunette finished for him.

Donnie eyed her like an annoyed father.

"I know, Donnie. Who exactly is supposed to be interviewing me anyway?"

"Oh, you might know her. Her name is Jasmine Hayworth."

Syd's ears perked up, hearing the journalist name. Well, that's just great. Syd thought to herself.

In the next ten minutes they had reached their destination. The driver pulled up to an expensive and elegant looking restaurant. In fact, Syd knew the place well. She had taken many of her dates over the years to this restaurant.

The brunette stepped out of the vehicle and turned around when she heard the car door close behind her. Donnie rolled down the window looking at his client.

"Aren't you coming?" Syd asked, with a bemused expression.

"No, you don't need me for this. Plus, Ms. Hayworth preferred to speak with you alone."

"Did she now?" Syd replied, pushing her shades further up on the bridge of her nose.

Donnie gave the brunette a casual smile. "I'll see you in an hour or two. Have a good meeting."

"Yeah, thanks," Syd said with a lack of enthusiasm.

As soon as Syd entered the restaurant, a maître d' led her to a back VIP table. Jasmine Hayworth sat in a booth waiting for her. Her face lit up in a smile when she spotted the brunette heading her way.

Jasmine stood from the table a put out her hand. She was dressed in a grey business skirt suit and her makeup was perfect as usual.

"Sydney. Thank you for meeting me here at such late notice," the reporter greeted, shaking the brunette's hand.

Syd smiled politely. "It's not a problem."

"Please." Jasmine gestured for Syd to take the seat opposite her.

The brunette settled herself in the cushioned booth and looked at the woman opposite her. "This is one of my favorite places."

"I know. Feel free to order whatever you'd like. It's on me."

"Okay?" Syd replied, not sure she should even be sitting alone with this woman.

A waitress came to their table. "Hi, Syd," the young woman said with a flirtatious smile.

Syd smiled back at the young waitress who looked no older than nineteen or twenty. "Hey, Crystal. How's my favorite waitress?"

"I'm good."

Jasmine watched the interaction between the two with keen interest.

"Do you want the usual?" Crystal asked.

"You know it." The brunette winked and handed Crystal the menu.

"Okay." The young woman replied with a blush. She turned to Jasmine. "And what can I get you, miss?"

"I'll just have a Caesar salad, thank you."

"Alright. I will be back soon with your orders." Crystal gave Syd one more lingering smile and walked away.

When the brunette turned to Jasmine, the reporter was looking at her like she was from another planet.

"Is something wrong?" Syd asked.

"Have you and the waitress?.?"

The brunette furrowed her brows. "You mean? Oh, God no. She's a nice kid. I can tell she has a little crush on me but, it's not going any further than that."

"Okay, I believe you." Jasmine smiled.

Syd nodded her head, glad the matter was dropped.

"So, let's discuss why we are here. Are you willing to let me do an exclusive interview with you?"

"Look, Ms. Hayworth?"

"Jasmine," the blonde corrected her, looking into the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

"Jasmine. Why are you so interested in me?"

"You're an interesting woman, Sydney. Or have you not figured that out yet?"

The brunette shrugged her shoulders indifferent. "I guess?"

"You guess? Sydney, you are the top scoring player in the WNBA. Last year alone you had 211 assists, 185 turnovers and a free throw percentage of .849. You're the best out there."

Syd could not stop the blush that was forming on her face. She was flattered and pleasantly surprised that Jasmine knew her basketball statistics. "You've been doing your homework," the brunette replied with a slight smile.

"Like I said, you are very interesting."

The brunette's eyes flickered up to Jasmine's. Flirtation and admiration was looking back at her. Oh, God don't look at me like that.

Syd shook her head, breaking the beach blonde's trance. "So, what do you want to know?" The asked, taking a sip of her water.

"Well, there are two parts to this. For the initial sit down interview, I just want to know the basics like, where you grew up, what your ambitions were in life, any hardships you may have faced in the process?"

"That sounds simple enough. What's the second part?"

"I'd like to travel with you and your team during the playoffs. I want to get a firm perspective on how the number player in the WNBA lives."

Maddie won't like that idea. Syd cleared her throat. "Um, how long do you plan to travel with us during the playoffs? The entire time?"

"Absolutely. For as long as the Monarchs are in it to win it. I'm very serious about my work?and my subject."

Jasmine gave her an overly flirtatious gaze and for some reason Syd felt an odd connection to this woman; like she had known her in a previous life. The brunette smiled lightly and was happy Crystal came over with their food at that moment.

"Here you go, Syd. Your favorite six cheese lasagna." The waitress said, setting down the food.

"Thanks, Crystal."

"?and your salad Ms. Hayworth."

Jasmine nodded politely at the waitress and she was once again left alone with the brunette.

"The initial plan was to have your biography featured in Sacramento Magazine, but after I pulled some strings, and they found out it was you, they are willing to feature your biography in ESPN magazine."

"No, shit? Really?" the brunette's face lit up.

Jasmine smiled and giggled at Syd's enthusiasm.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to curse."

"It's fine. So, do we have a deal?"

* * *

Syd was beyond exhausted by the time she reached Madison's house in the late evening. After her two hour meeting with the reporter, she had a press conference which took another three hours to get through. And just when Syd thought she was free to have dinner with Madison, her coach wanted to take the team out for a night on the town?to party VIP style. Syd refused at first, but her whole team said she was bumming out, so couldn't refuse the invitation. Even though she did not drink as much as the other girls, she still felt a little woozy. She never was one who could hold her liquor.

The brunette said goodnight to her driver and slowly got out of the car. Small sparks of pain had been attacking her knee for the past forty five minutes, and she desperately wanted some pain killers. She used the key Madison had given her and entered the blonde's house.

As she was slipping off her shoes, she saw her new bottle of prescription pills on the counter. The brunette let out a sigh of relief and walked into the kitchen. She glanced at the small dining table and her heart sank. Two dinner plates were beautifully set up with candles at the center of the table.

"Aw, baby?" Syd sighed, regrettably.

She heard the television in the den and made her way towards the room. There laid the small blonde on the couch, sound asleep. Syd stood over her girlfriend and smiled lightly at the sight before clicking off the T.V. The brunette got on one knee and leaned over Madison, brushing lips against the blonde's.

"Mmmm?" the doctor sighed into the kiss, waking her up. "Syd?" she whispered, her eyes still closed.

The brunette brushed back blonde strands of hair from Madison's face. "Hey, Maddie. I'm here."

Madison could barely open her eyes. "I waited for you?"

Syd smiled down at the woman she loves. "I know. I'm so sorry, baby. I got caught up."

"It's okay?" the blonde breathed, sleepily.

"Let's get you to bed," the brunette said, gathering the smaller woman in her arms.

Madison automatically cuddled herself into Syd's chest as she was carried down the hall and into the bedroom. The brunette pulled back the covers and sat Madison up in bed. She began to remove the blonde's clothes.

"I made dinner," Madison yawned.

"I know, Maddie. I wish I could have been here. There was just so much stuff going on today."

The blonde was now completely naked lying in bed and Syd tucked her in. She placed a soft kiss on Madison's cheek.

"I'll be right back," she whispered.

Syd walked back into the kitchen to her bottle of pain killers. She opened it up and popped three of the capsules into her mouth. The brunette then opened the refrigerator and chugged half of a water bottle, swallowing the pills. She always felt a wave of relief flow through her when the pills entered her body. It was like a comfort.

A few moments later, the basketball player stripped out of her clothes and climbed into the bed in her birthday suit.

Madison felt Syd's warm body press up against her from behind and sighed as the brunette held her closely. She felt a kiss on her ear and then drifted into to a deep slumber.


Chapter Three

Syd, Madison and the entire Monarchs crew took a flight to Minneapolis the next morning for the first round of the WNBA playoffs. During the game, Syd had complete control and led her team to victory defeating the Minnesota Lynx.

"That was an amazing game, tonight baby," Madison purred, walking backwards into the hotel suite.

She was pulling the brunette by the front of her shirt, heading towards the king sized bed.

"I'd like to think so." The basketball player smirked.

Madison stopped the brunette and walked a few paces in front of her. She turned around and stood at the foot of the bed.

"Do you still have some game left?" the blonde asked, wiggling her eyebrows. She removed her blouse, revealing a lacey bra the hugged her breasts perfectly.

Syd's eyes moved down to the blonde's assets and then back into burning green eyes. She walked over to the blonde.

"I've got plenty of game, baby," Syd replied as she was lying Madison on the bed.

The brunette climbed on top of Madison and both of them groaned at the contact. Right before their lips met, Syd's cell phone began to ring. The basketball player growled in frustration and looked over at her phone on chair in the corner of the room.

"Don't answer it," the blonde begged, wrapping her legs around Syd's waist.

"It's Donnie," the brunette replied, recognizing the ringtone. "It might be important."

Madison held onto her girlfriend for a moment and then reluctantly let go. "Fine, but don't take long."

Syd hopped off the bed and answered the phone. "Donnie, this better be good."

"How's my favorite client?"

"She's busy at the moment."

"Well, this will be brief. I wanted to let you know that Jasmine Hayworth has flown in to Minneapolis tonight. Around 10 am tomorrow she wants to do the sit down interview with you."

"Oh, they flew in today?" Syd said, looking over at her awaiting girlfriend.


"So, where are we meeting?"

"According to her, right across the hall."


"She booked in the room across from yours. She said it was important to stick with the person of interest at all times."

"Great," the brunette sighed. Syd had never told Madison that the person conducting the biography project was Jasmine Hayworth. She informed the blonde about the project itself, but not the journalist. She knew she was in over her head, now that Jasmine was in town. "I'll be there."

"Okay. Great game tonight, by the way."

"Thanks, Donnie. See you later." Syd clicked off the phone and rushed back over to the blonde. She stood near the bed and began to unbuckle her pants.

"What was that about?" the blonde asked, leaning up on her elbows.

"Just a reminder about my interview tomorrow." Syd let her jeans drop to the floor and climbed onto the bed.

"With who?" the blonde asked, curious.

"The reporter who is doing my biography, that's all," Syd explained, kissing along Madison's collarbone.

Madison's furrowed her brows. "Who is this reporter?"

"It doesn't matter," Syd muttered, brushing off the question. She went to kiss Madison's lips, but the blonde pulled back on her advance.

"Syd," the blonde stated firmly. "Who is it?" It better not be who I think it is.

"It's just Jasmine Hayworth." The brunette stated quickly. "Now, where were we?" Syd leaned in to kiss Madison again, but the blonde stopped her, placing a palm on her chest.

"Jasmine Hayworth? That leggy blonde in Sacramento?" the Madison questioned.

Syd sighed in defeat. "Yeah?"

Madison's expression turned to stone and her face was completely unreadable. "Right?" she said quietly. She slid herself from underneath Syd's body and stood from the bed.

"Argh!" Syd growled lightly. She rolled her eyes and plopped onto her back. The basketball player knew this would make the blonde upset. Now she was mentally beating herself up for not telling her sooner.

"When exactly were you going to tell me this?" Madison asked, standing at the foot of the bed.

"I'm telling you now," the brunette stated bluntly.

The blonde glared at her and then went to her suitcase opening it up. She pulled out her night gown and began to get dressed.

"Oh, Maddie, no. I thought we were going to make love," Syd whined, half heartedly.

"I'm not in the mood anymore," the blonde said flatly, not looking at her girlfriend.

"Look, I didn't want to tell you because I knew you'd get upset?just like this," the brunette pointed out.

"All of this time and you could have mentioned something about it. You know how I feel about her. Why couldn't Donnie get someone else to do it?"

Syd sat up and hauled her body forward to sit on the edge of the bed. "She's the best journalist in California."

"I don't care," the blonde argued, placing her hands on her hips. "I don't want her doing your biography, let alone follow us around."

Syd stood from the bed and crossed her arms. "This is a business, Madison. I can't control who interviews me and who doesn't. And I don't understand what the big deal is. You don't trust me?"

"It's her I don't trust," the blonde said, glaring into Syd's eyes. And I don't like how you act around her.

"Well, she's the one who made the deal with ESPN magazine. So, that's that. It's final," the brunette shrugged.

The blonde stood silent and just looked at her. Syd immediately saw the betrayal she had caused in Madison's eyes. She sighed and averted her gaze to the floor. Madison stepped away from Syd and swiftly removed a pillow from the large bed. She then went over to the closet and took out an extra bed sheet.

"Maddie, what are you doing?" the brunette asked softly.

The blonde threw the bed accessories at Syd's feet. "You're sleeping on the couch."

"Baby?" the brunette tried to reason.

"Don't baby, me," the blonde objected, climbing into the bed. "Goodnight."

Madison covered herself up, facing away from the brunette and Syd knew that was the end of this discussion. The brunette studied the blonde for a moment and felt the sudden urge to have the last word.

"You know what?" Syd roughly gathered the blanket and pillow in her arms. "I'll take the couch. It's better than being in a room with you right now," she growled in anger.

"Fine!" Madison yelled back.

"Fine!" And with that, Syd stomped out of the room and slammed the door behind her.

Feeling a bit irritable and already regretting her last few words, Syd shuffled through her gym bag that was on a table in the living space of the hotel room. She pulled out her pain pills, swallowed a few and then picked up the hotel phone.

"Room 702, please."

"Hello?" the person on the other line answered.

"Hey, Cee Cee it's Syd."

"Hey, what's up?" her teammate replied.

"Do you want to come down to the hotel bar for a moment and have a drink with me?"

"Are you alright, Syd? You sound funny."

"I'll tell you about it downstairs."

"Okay, girlie. See you in five."

Syd hung up the phone, got dressed and stepped out of the hotel suite. When she stepped into the hallway outside her room, she turned to the left and looked at the door that was a few yards down the corridor, across the way. She stared at the door for a moment, knowing the reporter on the other side was the cause of her argument with Madison. Syd shook her head and walked down the hall. She nodded to the two bodyguards at the elevator and then descended to the hotel lobby.

In the darkened room, Madison cried softly, lying in an unfamiliar and lonely bed. She wanted so badly to be held by Syd, but she was upset. How could the brunette not tell her that the selected journalist was Jasmine Hayworth? Her stomach turned thinking about that day she saw Syd speaking with the flirty blonde in the locker room. She pulled the covers tighter around her body and tried to get some sleep.

* * *

Syd was sitting at the bar with Cee Cee. The female bartender placed their ordered drinks in front of them.

"Thanks," Syd said softly.

The bartender smiled. "You're welcome, blue eyes," she replied with a wink before tending to another customer.

"I swear. It doesn't matter where you are. Sacramento or Minneapolis, the hot dykes always seem to gravitate towards you. It's a gift."

"Or a curse," Syd grumbled, pushing her hair from her face.

Cynthia looked at the crestfallen brunette sitting on the stool next to her. "What are you talking about, Syd?"

The basketball player sighed. "I mean, it was great when I was single. But now that I'm in a relationship, I have to learn how to control my?flirting. Especially, in front of Maddie."

Syd downed her drink and placed the glass on the counter.

"Just tell me what happened."

The brunette fidgeted with the small white napkin that was on the bar in front of her and kept her eyes down. "Maddie and I had a fight."

"Oh?" Cee Cee spoke in realization. "What about?"

"More like who about. Jasmine Hayworth."

"Hayworth? That hot ass reporter stationed back in Sacramento?"


"You slept with her?" Cee Cee asked in shock.

"No!" the brunette frowned, shaking her head. "Madison saw me flirting a little bit with her in the locker room a few days back and now she doesn't like the idea that Jasmine is doing my biography."

"Oh, shit. That is a dilemma. Jasmine will be traveling with us awhile."

"Tell me about it." Syd pushed her glass forward on the bar. "Can I get another?" she called to the bartender.

"That Jasmine is a pistol. I've seen her hook up with a few players in the past. One of my friends from the LA Sparks has had the pleasure."

"Really?" the brunette stated in a bored tone.

"No lie. She gets around and she preys on hot items like you." Cee Cee took a swallow of her drink and gulped loudly. "I think Madison is picking up her Poison Ivy vibes. It practically radiates off that woman. She's hot. I mean those legs?those breasts?"

"Not helping?" Syd groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Oh, sorry. Maybe I'm not the best person to speak to about this." Cee Cee shook her head, trying to clear the images that were floating in her head.

"I have an interview with her tomorrow and?"

Syd laid out the entire story to Cynthia. After about two hours of chatting, the brunette decided to call it a night. They booth stood from the bar.

"So, what are you going to do about Madison?" Cynthia asked, stretching her arms in the air.

"I'm not sure. But I think I have an idea how to make it up to her."

* * *

Madison sleepily blinked her eyes open upon hearing the hotel phone ring for her wakeup call. She picked up the annoying phone and hung it up. Her thoughts immediately went to Syd and how lonely she felt at the moment. She looked beside her at the spot next to her where the brunette usually slept. Sighing, she climbed out of bed to prepare for her shower.

As the warm water gently sprayed her face, the blonde began to have second thoughts about her opinions last night. She realized that she could trust Syd and maybe she did overreact a little bit. However, Syd was still in the wrong for not telling her about the attractive journalist.

Minutes later, the small blonde was slipping on her bathrobe. She went over to the bathroom mirror and brushed through her wet hair.

I might as well wake Syd so she's not late for the interview. The blonde thought.

Madison opened the bedroom door and gasped at the sight before her. The entire suite was decorated top to bottom with dozens of assorted roses. The blonde placed a hand over her chest to make sure her heart was still beating. She walked further into the room and spotted the biggest bouquet on the living room table with a large envelope that said, "Maddie."

The blonde held her breath and plucked the pink envelope from the arrangement of flowers. She carefully opened it and pulled out a card that read:


I want to apologize for the things I said last night. You were right about everything and I'm sorry. You know you mean the world to me and I can't imagine being with anyone else but you. I love you, baby. Please forgive me.


Madison couldn't help but smile as she read and re-read the small note. Suddenly, the sound of the hotel door could be heard opening and closing. The brunette stepped around the corner and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the blonde standing there.

"Hey," the brunette said hesitantly.

Madison heart skipped a beat when Syd had entered the room. "Hi," she replied. She looked down at the brunette's hands and noticed she was carrying a tray of food.

"Oh, I um, wanted to surprise you with your favorite breakfast. Pancakes," she raised the tray slightly. "I can heat it up if it's too cold."

The brunette set the tray down on a nearby table. She could barely look at the blonde.

"Syd, how did you do all this?" the blonde asked in amazement.

"I hired a crew of people from a flower shop and they did this. I paid extra for the late night order but, it was worth it for my girl."

Syd received a warm smile from the blonde and she smiled back.

"The roses are beautiful. Thank you."

"You're welcome." Syd took a step forward.

Madison held her breath as the basketball player slowly came closer. "I know this doesn't come close to making up for what I said last night but?"

The blonde smiled lightly. "It comes pretty close."

Syd now stood before the blonde and looked down into Madison's eyes. Madison could see the rawness and fear of rejection in those blue eyes. She hadn't seen that kind of look from the brunette since they were younger.

Madison furrowed her brows in confusion when Syd looked at her ear strangely. "What is it?" the blonde asked.

"I don't know?" Syd reached behind the doctor's ear. "It's a?"

When the brunette brought her hand in front of Madison's face, she was holding a red rose. The blonde laughed and Syd grinned upon hearing that giggle she loved. Green eyes smiled up at her as Madison took the rose. The reaction melted the brunette's heart.

"I'm sorry, Maddie." Syd stuck out her bottom lip slightly.

"I'm sorry, too."

They leaned in and shared their intimate Eskimo kiss. Syd wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist and Madison held Syd around the neck. They hugged each other closely.

"I love you," Madison whispered.

"I love you, more."

Syd kissed the blonde on the cheek. When they looked into each other's eyes, it didn't take long for their lips to meet in a passionate kiss. Madison put her full heart into the kiss. It was so sweet and thoughtful of Syd to do this for her. They slowly ended the kiss and vulnerable blues eyes studied the blonde carefully.

"Do you want to move in with me?" Syd spoke before she could stop herself.

"What?" Madison's expression softened in surprise. She needed Syd to repeat what she had just said.

"Do you want to live together?" the brunette spoke carefully.

Tears began to well up in the blonde's eyes. "Oh, Syd?" she breathed with a smile. "Really?"

Syd nodded her head slowly. "Really."

"Oh, baby!" the blonde squealed jumping into the brunette's arms. "Yes! Yes, I'll live with you!"

Surprised by her girlfriend outburst of excitement, Syd couldn't help but laugh. She held onto the legs that were draped around her waist. Madison smothered her with endless kisses on the face and neck.

Grinning like a fool, the blonde looked into the Syd's eyes. "When should we do it?"

"As soon as we get back to Sacramento. My guys can take care of everything."

The blonde brushed back Syd's bangs. "Oh, honey. Let's not fight anymore," Madison whispered, pressing their foreheads together.

Syd gently rubbed Madison's back and held the blonde firmly. "I hope we never do."

Still holding the blonde in her arms, Syd began to walk towards the bedroom and Madison snuggled her head on the brunette's shoulder. Syd gently laid the smaller woman on the large bed and then straddled her hips.

"But do you know what I like about fighting?" The brunette asked, leaning in placing soft kisses on Madison's neck.

The blonde gasped and grinned, knowing what the brunette was thinking. "Making up," Madison groaned.

Syd sat up and smiled down at the blonde. "You know it." She pulled on the tie closing Madison's robe and the housecoat fell open revealing the blonde's beautiful body.

"Syd, what about your interview..." the brunette cut off her words with a soft kiss.

"Screw the interview," Syd whispered as she ran her hand from Madison's neck down to the blonde's left breast. "All I care about right now is making love to you."

She cupped the breast gently and the blonde's nipple became hard almost immediately. Madison's moan was covered with a sensual kiss. All of the doctor's senses came to life, and she was immediately aroused. She had never wanted the brunette so badly. Syd kissed a heated trail between the blonde's breasts all the way down to Madison's naval.

The doctor dug her hands into Syd's thick hair and massaged the brunette's scalp. "Please, Syd?" the blonde whispered.

The brunette closed eyes as her nose came in contact with the blonde's arousal. "I can smell you?" Syd spoke in a deep sexy tone.

Madison shivered as the brunette slowly inched towards her throbbing sex. Syd stuck out her tongue and finally made contact with Madison's wet core. She loved how the blonde tasted. Madison's head shot back and she groaned in pleasure. The brunette began a slow rhythm at first but soon her tongue went deeper and faster. Syd could feel the blonde's hips moving upward meeting her every movement. Madison's eyes closed in concentration as she savored the feel of the brunette inside of her. After a moment, she opened her eyes and met incredible blue eyes full of lust. She knew the brunette was dying to be touched.

"Wait?baby, wait?" the blonde reluctantly breathed.

The brunette looked at her with a slightly worried expression. "Am I hurting you?"

Madison smiled sweetly and ran her hand against Syd's cheek. "No. I just want you to come with me."

Syd ran her tongue over the blonde's sex, causing Madison to gasp and lay her head back.

"Are you sure?" the brunette purred. "I can wait."

"Yes?I'm sure." Madison breathed.

"Kay." Syd quickly removed her pants and boxers, throwing her shirt off in the process. She climbed on top of the blonde and Madison's thigh found a spot between the brunette's legs. They both moaned at the contact.

"You're so wet," the blonde sighed.

Syd groaned in response and began to rub herself against Madison's muscular thigh. She slid her arms underneath the blonde's and held her closely. The doctor dug her nails into the brunette's shoulder blades and met Syd's rhythm.

"Uh?oh?" Madison moaned as the brunette went faster.

Syd spread her legs further apart and grinded her hips in a circular motion, painting the blonde's thigh with her passion. Madison moved her hands down the brunette's back and grasped Syd's ass, pulling the basketball player closer. The blonde let out a small whimper or moan at each movement of the brunette's hips. Madison's hands slipped under Syd's shirt and began to caress the heated skin of the basketball player's back.

Syd captured the blonde's mouth in a sensuous kiss. Madison's tongue was an unstoppable force that the brunette couldn't get enough of. It drove her further on and she pumped her hips faster.

"Maddie, look at me?" the brunette breathed, heavily.

As soon as those green eyes met hers, it sent the brunette over the edge. Madison felt her orgasm building and she held onto Syd tightly. The basketball player buried her face in the blonde's neck as they rode out the waves together. Madison could feel Syd's heartbeat against her chest. She ran her hand through the dark strands and sighed happily. Syd kissed the blonde's sweaty neck before leaning on her forearms and looking down at Madison.

"Mmmm, that was a nice surprise?and the flowers were nice too." The blonde breathed.

Blue eyes shined brightly into green and they both smiled. "I love you, Maddie. You have no idea how much." The brunette whispered emotionally.

Madison smiled sadly, unable to hold back the tears that fell from her eyes. "I know, baby. Believe me I know."

Syd met the blonde's lips and they shared a deep kiss.

* * *

An hour and a half later, after showering together and getting dressed, the brunette was ready to go to her interview. Or at least she thought she was. It was hard for Syd to button her pants with a feisty blonde pushing her hands away and unbuttoning them.

Syd laughed as Madison unzipped her pants for the third time. "Maddie!" She swatted at the busy hands going for her crotch and backed away. The blonde giggled and came at her again.

"Baby, I have to go," The basketball player pleaded, zipping up her business slacks.

Earlier Syd had called her agent and told him to push the interview with Jasmine back to 1pm. She wanted to spend time with the blonde, but now it was back to business.

Madison said nothing and still went for the front of her girlfriend's pants, laughing wickedly. Syd grasped the smaller woman's wrists and looked into those mischievous green eyes.

"Haven't you had enough?" the brunette smiled.

"Never." Madison leaned upward and kissed Syd's neck.

The brunette's eyes closed at the soft contact and she groaned slightly. She knew she had to get out of there. "Oookay, I think I better go now." The brunette smiled, backing away towards the door. She quickly turned around and zipped up her pants. Small arms came around her waist from behind.

"Can I at least get a goodbye kiss?" the blonde murmured against Syd's back.

The brunette sighed. "Will you behave yourself?"

"Yes," the blonde promised.

Syd turned around in Madison's arms. The blonde smiled and brought her arms around the brunette's neck. Their lips met in a slow tender kiss. However, that wasn't enough. Syd wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist as Madison slowly slid her tongue in her mouth. It was a long kiss and both women were enjoying it thoroughly. Syd's mind began to meander away from her sensible thoughts. Madison almost had her until she felt a hand cup her crotch. Syd whimpered and broke the kiss. When she looked down she noticed her pants where unzipped once again.

"How the?When did you?" the brunette sputtered in surprise.

Madison smiled innocently and the brunette couldn't help but smile back. "You're a sneaky girl." Syd laughed, zipping up her pants a final time. She walked towards the door and opened it giving Madison a final look.

"Bye, baby. Have a good interview."

Syd gave the blonde a wink before stepping out of the hotel suite. Taking a deep breath, she had to calm her racing heart. Madison knew just how to get her worked up. Shaking it off, she headed down the hall to the journalist's room.

The brunette lightly knocked on the door and within seconds it opened. There stood the attractive reporter in a gray skirt suit with a black undershirt. Her lengthy, thick blonde hair was down past her shoulders.

"Well, hey there," the journalist smiled.

"Jasmine," the brunette nodded, excepting the blonde's offer to come in.

The suite was practically identical to the one that Madison and the basketball player were staying in. The brunette glanced to her right and saw to chairs facing each other with a table in between.

"I'm sorry I had to push back the interview. I hope it wasn't an inconvenience." Syd stuck her hands in her pockets.

"Oh, it's not a problem. It actually gave me more time to prepare my questions. Would you like a drink?" Jasmine asked, walking over to bar.

"No, thanks. I'm good," Syd gave a friendly smile.

Jasmine stopped mid pour on her drink and a troubled expression came over her face. "Maybe I shouldn't be drinking myself. I'm supposed to be the responsible professional."

"No, please." Syd gestured for her to go ahead. "I don't mind."

The blonde smiled and continued to pour her drink. "Thanks."

Syd still stood in the middle of the room not sure what to do. Jasmine noticed this and pointed towards the two chairs. "You can have a seat and we can get started."

"Alright." The brunette walked over to one of the chairs and sat down.

For a moment Syd felt very comfortable but she couldn't for the life of her figure out why. Suddenly, it clicked. The perfume in the air was Madison's favorite.

"Um, I know this is out of the blue," Syd spoke as the blonde got settled across from her, "but what perfume do I smell?"

"Oh, it's called Obsession," the blonde smiled, absently touching her neck.

"That's what I thought it was."

"Do you have allergies or something?"

"No, actually it's just a favorite scent of mine." Well, my favorite scent when Madison wears it.

"Huh, funny that." Jasmine set down the small audio recorder on the table in between them. "Okay, are you ready?"

Syd nodded her head and brushed both of her hands over the top of her thighs. "Let's do this."

"Fantastic." Jasmine hit the record button and began the first round of questions.

Syd listened intently to the questions the reporter asked, answering the questions with straightforwardness and personality. Jasmine had some great questions and the basketball player began to realize why the blonde was the best in Sacramento.

"I just have one last question for you, Sydney. You are a lesbian, correct?"

"Yes, I am. I've never kept that aspect of my life hidden from the media." The brunette answered with confidence.

"Well, there is one thing I'm sure your fans are dying to know for sure."


"Are you in love?"

Syd blushed slightly, smiling ear to ear. "I'll have to apologize to some of the fans out there but yes, I am a taken woman and I'm very much in love."

"Who's the lucky lady?"

"Sorry, she shall remain nameless. She'd kill me if I mentioned her name. All in good time I say. I'm sure it will come out sooner or later, but not from me," Syd smiled.

Jasmine laughed and accepted the brunette's discreetness. "Okay, that's a wrap," the blonde exclaimed clicking off the recorder.


Both women stood from their chairs. "Sydney, thank you so much for allowing me to do the interview," the reporter said, shaking the brunette's hand.

"Happy to do it."

They broke the handshake and Syd walked towards the door. She stopped and turned around, seeing that the blonde was putting away her notes and what not. "I guess I'll be seeing a lot more of you."

Jasmine looked up from her task and smiled flirtatiously. "I can only hope."

Syd smiled and rolled her eyes, heading towards the door. "Goodbye, Jasmine," the brunette chuckled. It amused her how the blonde could switch modes like that. First, she's a professional journalist then all of a sudden she's an enticing vixen.

Jasmine watched the brunette leave and her perky smile slowly faded. "Syd, you have no idea what you do to me?" the blonde whispered to herself.

* * *

Two weeks has passed and the team has been traveling back and forth between Minneapolis, Sacramento and now Phoenix. In the first round of the playoffs, the Monarchs wiped out the Minnesota Lynx, winning the best out of three games 2-1. Now, they were back in Sacramento about to play their second game against the Phoenix Mercury.

Syd's team had lost the first game and the brunette was beyond agitated. In fact, over the past week Madison began to notice that the basketball player's mood would change fairly easily. One moment she would be happy go lucky, then if someone were to say or do the wrong thing, she would hit the roof.

On the bright side of things, about three days ago, Madison had officially become a resident of Syd's home. The happy couple was ecstatic to be able to see each other 24/7 and instead of unpacking boxes, they were too occupied undressing each other and drinking champagne in celebration.

It was now the night before the second game with Phoenix. If the Monarchs didn't win this game, the team would be knocked out of the Western Conference Finals and knocked out of the playoffs all together.

Madison was in the master bathroom flossing her teeth while Syd sat up in bed reading a sports magazine. As the blonde was discarding her used string of floss she noticed something in the small trashcan. Frowning, she reached inside and pulled out the empty prescription bottle. It was Syd's empty bottle, but it was filled two weeks ago.

"Baby?" the blonde called.


Madison walked out of the bathroom and stood in the doorway holding up the empty bottle so Syd could see. The brunette looked up from her reading.

"Is this the same bottle from two weeks ago? These are supposed to last you a month," the blonde explained.

The brunette closed her magazine and calmly removed her glasses. "I know. They were spilt by accident, well Cee Cee made me spill them."

Madison crossed her arms waiting for Syd to explain.

"I was in the steam tub after practice today and I was about to take two pills," the brunette held up two fingers. "Then Cee Cee comes into the room howling like a mad woman making me drop them in the tub with me. This police woman finally agreed to go out with her."

Madison chuckled lightly. "Really?"

"Yeah, honest," the brunette smiled.

The doctor shook her head. "You basketball players and your aggression. I was thinking that?I don't know."

Syd raised a questioning brow. "You thought I finished those pills in two weeks?"

The blonde shrugged and smiled slightly. "It was just weird seeing an empty bottle so soon. That's all."

"Well, that's what happened. Crazy Cee Cee." Syd pulled back Madison's sheets on her side of the bed. "So, are you coming to bed, doctor?"

The blonde smiled and shut off the bathroom light. She then shuffled over to the bed and hopped in with her girlfriend. Syd shut off her bedside lamp and lied down in the bed. Madison snuggled under the covers.

"Goodnight, Syd," the blonde whispered before placing a kiss on the brunette's waiting lips.

"Night, Maddie." The basketball player whispered as the blonde attached herself to her side, holding her close.

"Big day tomorrow night," Syd spoke lightly.

Madison could feel the nervous tension in Syd's body beginning to churn to life. She kissed the brunette's shoulder. "You'll do great, baby. You always do. The Monarchs are going to win tomorrow. I can feel it."

Syd smiled in the darkness as the blonde rubbed circles on her stomach. Madison always knew what to say. "Thanks, Maddie. I hope you're right."

However, the brunette's smile soon faded and guilt filled her heart, because the truth was?she did finish those pills in two weeks.


Chapter Four

After winning the second game against the Mercury in Sacramento, the team was now in Phoenix, Arizona playing the defining game that determined which team would be going to the WNBA finals.

The crowd in the US Airways Center went wild as the star of the Phoenix Mercury scored a three pointer. With one minute to go in the fourth quarter, Syd cursed to herself as the opposing team pulled ahead five points.

Two of her teammates took the ball out and within seconds the ball was in her hands. Syd dribbled the ball slowing her pace as she got midcourt. She held up her hand signaling her team to setup the play. The brunette drove the ball hard towards the basket and three of the Mercury players immediately came at her. Syd faked the shot and passed it to an open player, who then passed it to Cee Cee. She attempted a three pointer and sank it!

"Yes!" Syd cheered running back down court on defense. She and Cee Cee shared a quick high five.

From the sidelines, Madison cheered at the amazing basket. She silently prayed that the Monarchs would win the Western Conference finals. The doctor balled both of her hands into tight fists and nervously held them up to her lips. She looked to her left and saw Jasmine jumping up and down like a hormonal cheerleader. Oh, how she disliked that woman. There was just something about her that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. Madison rolled her eyes and focused her attention back on the game.

With only thirty seconds on the clock, Mercury had the ball. The player Syd was covering attempted to pass to the brunette's right, but Syd quickly jumped in making the interception. The brunette could hear her coach on the sidelines screaming "Go! Go!" as she dribbled down court. As she went for the layup her body collided with her opponent who attempted to block her shot. Syd lost her balance and she fell to the court floor. The basket was good. Madison's heart jumped in her chest as the brunette hit the ground. She was afraid Syd may have injured herself again.

The referee blew his whistle as the ball circled the rim and fell into the basket. The quarter of the crowd that was Monarchs fans cheered and whistled. A foul was called against the Mercury player and the brunette had two free throws.

One of Syd's teammates helped her off the floor. "Awesome job, Rush."

Syd smiled and nodded her head. The referee made sure the brunette was okay before blowing the whistle to continue the game. Syd caught Madison's eyes on the sidelines and gave her the thumbs up. The blonde smiled with an empathetic expression, nodding her head.

The brunette stood at the free throw line giving her knee a good stretch before the ref tossed her the ball. She easily sank both shots, tying the game 68-68.

"Yeah!" Madison practically jumped four feet off the ground when Syd made the second basket.

Everything was on the line now for both teams and neither one of them wanted to play overtime.

"Let's go Phoenix!" CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP "Let's go Phoenix!" CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP. The Mercury fans chanted.

Syd held her breath as a Mercury player went for a two point shot with just ten seconds to go. The ball bounced off the rim and thankfully one of the Monarchs caught. Syd ran full speed down court and turned her head looking for the pass. The ball came to her and she was just past half court with three seconds to go. She had no choice but to shoot it from that distance. With all of her strength, she threw the ball towards the basket. Right as the final buzzer sounded the ball SWOOSHED right into the basket. NOTHING BUT NET!

Syd raised both of her arms up in victory as she was quickly surrounded by her fellow teammates who practically pounced on her. The Phoenix crowd's excitement was mixed. It was a hell of a shot, but their team lost!

During all of the celebration and media frenzy, Madison knew to stay back. It was so overwhelming when there were tons of people crowding the basketball player at once. It always impressed the doctor how Syd could handle it all. Madison headed to the locker room. She had to tend to another player's shoulder anyway.

With the media finally cleared out of the locker room Syd looked around for Madison. She finally spotted the blonde in the backroom bandaging ice around a player's shoulder. Syd made a B line towards her girlfriend but was stopped by someone who lightly touched her shoulder.


Before the brunette could react, she was engulfed in a close hug. It was Jasmine and she was hugging the basketball player a little too close for comfort. Syd patted her lightly on the back, not to be rude and they broke the hug.

"You were incredible out there. Tell me, how you felt during those last few seconds."

Though Syd did not want to stop and chat, she humored the reporter and gave some more of her time.

Madison finished wrapping the player's arm. "Okay, we're all set here." The blonde said, walking over to the table behind her.

"Thanks, doc. Any chance I'll be able to play in the finals?" the player asked.

"I'm not so sure about that, Callie. Let's just see how it looks in a week."

Callie's face dropped upon hearing the news and Madison immediately felt for the player. She placed her hand on Callie's uninjured shoulder. "Hey, you'll be fine. It's just a minor setback."

Callie smiled grimly, and then nodded. "Sure, thanks, Dr. Murphy." She stood from the doctor's table and walked out of Madison's quarters.

The blonde watched her walk out as she hung her head. The thing she hated most about this job was telling athletes that they couldn't play for awhile or at all. It broke her heart as much as it broke theirs.

"Why the long face?" a voice asked inside the small room.

Madison lifted her head and smiled when she met blue eyes. Closing the door behind her, Syd moseyed over to the small doctor.

"It's nothing," the blonde shrugged, forcing a smile. "All in a days' work, you know."

"Yeah?" the brunette sympathized, standing near Madison.

"But you!" the blonde exclaimed, her face spreading into a smile. She hugged the brunette to her and looked into bright blue eyes. "You were out of this world, Syd. I've never seen a shot like that! I've got to say, you're one of the best in the league."

Syd blushed and ducked her head. "Thanks, Maddie. That means a lot coming from you."

Madison pulled Syd closer by the bottom of the brunette's jersey, looking into those bashful blue eyes. "Well, I meant every word. Come' ere."

The brunette smiled before meeting the doctor's lips in a gentle kiss. Madison ran her hands down the basketball player's toned arms and she looked up at her girlfriend in awe. The brunette ceased to amaze her every time she watched her play. Syd's heart and determination was dedicated to this game and Madison was beyond proud of her.

Syd brushed her thumb across the blonde's cheek. Madison closed her eyes and held a soft smile on her lips.

"After I made that shot?the first person I thought of was you, and how much I wanted to hold you. You're the only one that matters to me."

Madison chuckled lightly. "Baby, where is this coming from?"

"This is one of the happiest days of my life and knowing that you're here?." Syd smiled sadly, tears were forming in her eyes. "?standing right in front of me?it just makes it ten times better."

Madison's heart fluttered upon hearing the brunette's words. "Syd?" the blonde cooed softly.

Holding both of Madison's hands in her own, she held them to her chest and smiled softly.

Madison always loved to see those blue eyes linger on her with such love. The basketball player leaned in, kissing Madison on the cheek. They nuzzled their noses together, both closing their eyes in comfort of being so close. Then their lips slowly met in a deep, passionate kiss.

Before Madison knew what was happening, she found herself backed against the wall trapped by the brunette's eager body and talented tongue. She moaned inside Syd's mouth, running her hands through long dark hair. Syd pushed closer bringing a thigh between the blonde's legs, making her gasp. The brunette had her arms tucked snuggly under Madison's, running her hands up and down the blonde's back. They kissed for a couple minutes, until they finally had to break for air. Their breaths mingled as they fought for oxygen in their lungs, lips remained inches apart.

Madison leaned against the wall, exhausted and completely turned on. Her green eyes hooded as her chest rose and fell steadily.

"Syd?" the blonde spoke, her voice raising an octave higher in pitch. "What's gotten into you?" she breathed.

The brunette grinned wickedly and moved her hips against the blonde. Her thigh pressed against Madison's clit, making the doctor gasp. "I just wanted to show you how happy I was." She placed a lingering kiss on the blonde's soft lips before pulling away.

Madison stood from the wall she was leaning against and straightened her clothing. As she watched the tall brunette walk confidently out the room, she blew out a breath and smiled, checking out Syd's backside as it disappeared around the corner.

* * *

Early the next morning, the entire Monarch crew was in route to Detroit, Michigan to battle the toughest team in the East- the Detroit Shock.

"You are now free to move about the cabin," the stewardess announced over the loud speaker.

Syd turned to her left, looking at Madison who was burying herself in a novel. "Baby?" the brunette spoke softly.

"Mmhmm?" Madison answered, glancing up from her story.

"I have to speak to the coach about something."

"Okay," the blonde smiled, lightly.

Syd stood from her seat and made her way from the back of the plane to the front. Madison looked up from her book, making sure Syd was a good distance away before pulling out her cell phone. She quickly hit a speed dial number, waiting two rings before someone finally answered.


"Hey, Lisa it's me."

"Madison? Oh, my God. We haven't heard from you in weeks."

Lisa was Madison's best friend during their senior year in high school and all through college. When Madison was offered a medical job in Reno, the two friends parted ways for awhile but still kept in touch. Lisa was still in their hometown of Las Vegas working at their old high school as an English teacher. Her partner, Heather, Syd's best friend back in the day, had become a P.E. teacher.

"I know. I'm sorry. It's been really hectic ever since the playoffs began."

"Yeah, how about that huh? Heather and I watched the game last night on T.V. That was an incredible shot Syd made," The red head gushed. "Heather was jumping off the couch screaming her head off."

Madison chuckled, imagining Heather going crazy. "It was pretty incredible. Speaking of the playoffs, I have a proposal for you and Heather."

"Okay, shoot."

Syd finished her brief conversation with her coach and was on her way back down the aisle. Glancing to the right, she caught the eyes of the attractive reporter who was obviously watching her. The blonde was sitting alone in a window seat. Syd gave a small smile and was about to pass but Jasmine whispered her name. The brunette stopped and looked down.

"Can we talk for a minute?" Jasmine asked, softly.

Syd glanced down the aisle, eight rows down and saw Madison talking on the phone. The brunette shrugged her shoulders and sat beside the reporter. "What's up?"

"It's an exciting time. Are you nervous about the game tonight?"

The look in Jasmine's eyes was always soft, inviting and what the brunette really couldn't understand is why she felt oddly drawn to the woman.

Syd shook her head, looking down at her sweatpants. "Nah, not really. I try not to be."

"It looks like you have quite a woman who supports you though."

Unsure blue eyes met hers and Jasmine smiled. "Don't worry. I won't mention Madison in the biography. I can tell she is a private person. However, I don't think she likes me much."

Syd curled the side of her lips in a small smile. "Maddie has a kind heart. She's polite to everyone. You just have to get to know her."

Jasmine raised her eyebrows slightly, not really believing the brunette's words. "I've tried. She gives me these looks that aren't very inviting. I don't know, maybe it's just me who sees it."

No, I see it too. "Well, I can talk to her about it, but I don't think there is anything to worry about. Maddie is the sweetest person in the world. She gets along with everyone."

Jasmine studied the brunette for a moment and noticed Syd's blue eyes sparkling as she spoke of Madison.

"What?" Syd asked, frowning slightly.

"Madison is a lucky woman to have someone like you."

The brunette gave a shy crooked smile, breaking the gaze Jasmine held on her with those captivating eyes. Sometimes it was hard to escape Jasmine's lingering stare. It seemed to penetrate the soul and see the depths of truth or bullshit you try to dish off to her.

"I think that's the other way around." Syd looked down at Jasmine's jean covered legs. "It's weird seeing you in those."

Jasmine looked down at herself and lightly giggled. "I can't wear skirts all the time."

"I think I like those better."

Their eyes met. "Do you?" the blonde asked softly.

Syd chuckled nervously and began to stand from the seat. "I better get back to Maddie."

Jasmine looked up at her grinned, almost in a teasing manner. "Okay, later."

Syd made her way back to her seat and Madison had just clicked off her phone when the brunette took the seat beside her.

"Who were you speaking to?" Syd asked.

"Huh? No one." The blonde answered nonchalantly.

Syd furrowed her brows and tilted her head, studying the blonde. "Really? And do I know this no one?"

"Maybe." Madison opened up her book and began reading again.

"Maddie, who was it?" the brunette asked, not wanting to play the guessing game.

"You'll find out in good time," the blonde said calmly.

Syd eyed Madison suspiciously and then decided to let it go. She had bigger things on her mind anyway?like leading her team to victory.

The WNBA playoffs were in full swing and the Monarchs soon found out why the Detroit Shock was the defending champions six different times. Syd's team lost both games in the Palace of Auburn Hills- the Shock's turf.

The brunette was practically pulling her hair out and was grumpier than usual. If they lost one more game, Detroit would win the championship?again. This was affecting Madison as well. Syd would barely let her get close. The brunette hated to be pitied after losing a game and Madison knew that. But when night came and they would lie in bed together, Syd would eventually seek out the warmth of Madison's body.

Three nights later, they were back in Sacramento.

Madison thanked the lord above that the Monarchs won the third game in the finals and if they hadn't it definitely would have put a damper on her surprise.

After Syd had dealt with her usual media crowd, Madison spotted the basketball player in the locker room and grabbed the brunette by the hand. Curious, Syd followed with an amused smirk on her face. They stopped in front of the door to the doctor's quarters.

"What's going on?" the brunette asked, smiling at the blonde's bubbly excitement.

"Just wait." The blonde opened the door. "Come on out guys!" the blonde called into the room.

Syd's eyes practically popped out of their sockets when she saw who came around the corner. It was Heather and Lisa.

"Hey, Syd," Heather smiled.

The brunette stepped forward, a huge smile on her face, and gave the other woman a tight hug.

"Heather," the player grinned, patting her old friend on the back. They broke the hug and held each other at arm's length. Heather's brown hair was a lot shorter, reaching barely past her ears and was layered nicely. She still looked the same, only her face seemed harder in expression and her skin was tanned. Probably from chasing around those high school girls in the sun, Syd figured. "It's been a long time."

"It has," Heather nodded in agreement, a smile on her face. "I'm sure you remember my partner, Lisa," the gym teacher joked.

Syd turned to the other woman and raised an eyebrow. "Yes, she does look familiar," the brunette said playing along.

"Hi, Syd," the red head smiled, as she was engulfed in a hug. "Still haven't lost that since of humor of yours."

"Of course not." The brunette stepped back and looked between the two. "What are you guys doing here?" Syd gushed.

"Hey, it wasn't our idea." Heather shrugged, looking at the smiling blonde who was watching the entire scene unfold.

Syd turned around and narrowed her eyes at Madison. "Oh, you?" she smiled, cupping Madison's face gently with her hands. She gave the blonde a firm kiss on the lips and Madison smiled at her with sparkling eyes.

Syd held the blonde's hand in hers and turned towards the two women. "So, how long are you guys in town?"

"Actually, we have to leave tomorrow afternoon," Lisa replied, regret in her voice. "The school year has started and we have to be back to teach. But Madison convinced us to come down for a weekend to watch you play. Live!"

"Yeah, this is definitely better then a TV screen," Heather agreed.

"Well, I'm glad you guys did. It's been forever. Things have just been crazy since?"

"Since you became the big star with an ego coming out of your ass," Heather joked.

"Hey!" Syd frowned, pointing a warning finger at the P.E. teacher. "I can still kick your ass."

Everyone laughed at the playful banter between the two friends.

"I was thinking we could go out to dinner, baby," the blonde suggested.

"Oh, yeah, dinner sounds great. You guys up for that? My treat."

"Well, if you're paying big star, hell yeah!" Heather exclaimed.

* * *

Hours later, the four friends were seated at a table outside the restaurant rather than in. The scenery overlooked Sacramento's Tower Bridge, which looked exquisitely beautiful during nightlife. There was a slight breeze in the air and everyone was in good spirits.

Heather and Syd were seated across from each other, closest to the railing of the pier near the Sacramento River. Lisa and Madison were seated next to their girlfriends. They all had already eaten, but decided to indulge themselves with a few bottles of wine.

"Okay, okay." Lisa broke in, through the groups' bits of laughter. "Now, that I have both of you at the table?Heather, Syd?and since we're all adults?"

"Some of us," Syd joked, receiving a slap on the arm from Madison and a snicker from Heather.

"Seriously, whose idea was it to have a bet on dear old Madison?"

"Oh, honey that was so long ago, I can't remember." Heather sighed.

"You punk! It was you!" Syd exclaimed, pointing at the P.E teacher.

"What? I would never!" Heather smiled, placing a hand on her chest. They all gave her a disbelieving gaze and she caved in. "Okay, okay. It was my idea."

"So, why Madison?" Lisa asked with interest.

"Yeah, why me?" the blonde pushed, resting her hand on her chin.

Heather looked to Syd for help, but the brunette just grinned and shrugged her shoulders.

"Truthfully?" Everyone nodded. "I didn't think Syd would have a chance. You weren't really her type in high school, Madison."

"Boy was that the truth," Lisa smiled, remembering the four-eyed bookworm she used to know.

"Hey!" the blonde protested.

Syd chuckled, and grasped Madison's hand under the table. "Maddie was exactly my type. I just didn't know it yet." She turned to the blonde and they smiled softly at each other. Madison loved those sparkling baby blues.

"Nice cover, Syd. You always did have a way with words." Heather chuckled. "Anyway," Heather continued looking at Madison. "When you found out about the whole thing, Syd was crushed. She would mope around everywhere like a little lost puppy. You should have seen her. She was so in love with you she didn't know what to do," Heather explained.

The blonde looked at the woman seated next to her and smiled. Syd was ducking her eyes and smiling shyly.

"Really, I never knew that," Lisa chimed in.

"You had to see it to believe it." Heather took a sip of her wine.

"I can believe it," Madison spoke softly, rubbing her thumb over Syd's hand.

Syd smiled sheepishly and finally raised her eyes to the group. "Okay," the brunette spoke, regaining her composure and shaking off her vulnerability. "First of all, I had never been in love before. So, yeah?it did hurt."

"Aw, baby?" the blonde cooed. She leaned over placing a kiss on the brunette's cheek.

Syd smiled at the affectionate action and then looked at Heather squarely in the eyes. "And second of all, at least I went after Maddie. I wasn't drooling over her from a distance."

It was Heather's turn to blush and she averted her eyes.

"Since we're so in the mood for confessions," Syd smiled, looking at Lisa. "Heather had the biggest crush on you. I don't know when it started, but she would practically light up like a Christmas tree when me or Maddie said your name. It was pathetic really," Syd teased with a smile.

"I think that's sweet," Lisa replied, turning Heather's chin to face her. She placed a gentle kiss on the P.E. teacher's lips.

"It was very sweet," Madison agreed, narrowing her green eyes at the brunette.

Syd rolled her eyes and smiled.

"You knew she made me nervous," Heather snapped playfully at her best friend.

"Well, look at us now. It all worked out," Madison smiled.

"I want to make a toast," Syd announced to the table. Everyone raised their glasses. "To friendship, happiness and the love of our lives."

"Amen to that!" Lisa cheered.

They all tipped their glasses.

* * *

The next afternoon, Madison was in the Monarchs' locker room in her doctor's quarters looking over an inventory list. She wanted to make sure there were enough medical supplies for the team. Syd was in the arena practicing with the team preparing for tomorrow's game. The blonde looked at the open doorway when she heard a light knock.

"Hi, are you busy?" Jasmine asked, walking into the room.

Madison was taken by surprise seeing the reporter standing there. Being in a room alone with this woman was the last place she wanted to be.

"Um, no. What can I do for you?" the blonde continued to look over her list.

"Well, I was hoping we could chat."

"About what?" Madison replied in a bothered tone.

"Sydney?your job?anything really. I've noticed during the entire playoffs we haven't said a word to each other."

"I really don't have anything to say to you," Madison answered, never giving the reporter a single look.

Jasmine smiled lightly and walked further into the room. She stood by one of the doctor's table's just a few feet from the blonde. "Did I do or say something wrong to make you not speak to me, Madison?"

Green eyes met light blue. "It's Doctor Murphy."

"Okay, Dr. Murphy. Do you have an issue with me? I heard you didn't even want me to do Sydney's biography."

Madison grimaced and set her clipboard on the counter. She turned to the blonde reporter and crossed her arms, leaning against the counter. "Listen, Ms. Hayworth, I'm going to level with you."

Jasmine raised her eyebrows in waiting for the blonde to speak.

"I know about your reputation with the WNBA players and I know how you operate. I don't like you or respect you because you're unprofessional."

Jasmine curled her lips in a devilish grin. "Unprofessional? If I recall, you're sleeping with a player yourself, doctor."

"She's my girlfriend and there's a difference between loving someone and sleeping around." Madison spoke in a calm yet commanding tone.

"Wow, I didn't know you were a little spitfire." Jasmine gave a crooked smile, walking over to the doctor. She stood in front of the smaller woman and slowly crossed her arms.

Though there was an obvious height difference, Madison would not let it intimidate her. She frowned at the woman, wishing the journalist would just leave or better yet, drop off the planet.

"Look, I'm just doing my job?and the way I do it, is none of your business."

"It is my business if you're thinking about touching my girlfriend."

Jasmine chuckled lightly and shook her head. "Syd is a grown woman. She can do what she wants?and if that includes doing me?I certainly wouldn't try to stop her."

Madison wanted nothing more than to snatch the reporter's hair from its roots, but the doctor knew she was better than that. A catfight would not amount to anything. She looked deeply into those arrogant blue eyes.

"Well, keep dreaming. That's not going to happen. Now, if you'll excuse me," Madison turned her back to Jasmine and picked up her clipboard. "I have work to do."

After a few seconds, Madison heard the reporter silently leave the room. The small blonde let out a frustrated sigh. She felt as though a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, but at the same time, Jasmine's words still got under her skin.

"Uh, I can't stand her?" Madison growled between her teeth.

* * *

In an unbelievable turn of events, the Monarchs defeated the Detroit Shock in Game four. Now, the team was back to Motor City for the final game.

Standing in a corner of the locker room, Madison watched the team huddle in a circle before the big game. The blonde looked across the room and spotted Jasmine sitting in a chair, laptop on her thighs, typing away. Nothing had been said about their little discussion in Sacramento. Syd did not bring it up and Madison did not say a word about it, so it is assumed that the small spat shall remain between her and the reporter.

"Alright, ladies! Let's get out there and win this thing!" The coach yelled with enthusiasm. The women replied in wave of hoots and hollers and the huddle was finally dispersing.

"Syd," Madison said, grasping Syd's arm as she was walking by.

The brunette glanced at the doors exiting the locker room as her team was filing out, then turned to the smaller woman. "What's up, baby? It's almost game time." Syd asked, concern in her voice.

"I?" The blonde knew this was the most important moment in Syd's career and she wanted to say some encouraging words, but nothing was coming to her. She looked deeply into those sky blue eyes and smiled. "Kick some Shock ass tonight."

It was a rarity to hear Madison curse, but when she did it always amused the basketball player. Syd smiled adoringly at the small blonde and kissed Madison on the lips. "I will."

As Syd stepped away they shared knowing smiles and the brunette turned to catch up with the group. Madison let out a soft sigh as she watched Syd disappear from the locker room. No matter how long they've been together, the brunette still managed to form butterflies in her stomach. As the room grew more silent, Madison felt as though she was being watched. She turned to look across the room and was caught by two gleaming blue eyes. Jasmine lowered her gaze back to her laptop with a scornful expression. Something about those eyes put a shiver down the blonde's spine. They almost seemed?evil? Madison shook it off and headed out of the locker room.

* * *

A lone figure sits in front of the television screen watching the highlights of last night's game.

"With seconds to go, Sydney Rush of the Sacramento Monarchs makes an amazing three point shot to win this year's WNBA Finals." An announcer stated on ESPN news.

As the announcer continued to speak, a clip of Sydney and a panel of other players are shown at a press conference. The brunette was smiling and answering questions graciously and professionally.

"The team was ecstatic and some decided to celebrate earlier than others," the announcer continued. The next clip was of Sydney and Madison gazing into each other's eyes before the brunette pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Fans, players and Monarch staff could be seen celebrating in the background as the two lovers were in their own little world.

The figure frowned at the display on the screen and clicked off the television. Filled with anger and hate, they picked up the telephone and dialed a number. "Do it."


Chapter Five

It was an early October morning and Syd just dropped Madison off at the Health Center. Even though the season was over, the blonde still had a day job as an athletic doctor. For the past two weeks Syd had been dropping Madison off at work with her driver. The blonde said she could use her own car to drive herself, but Syd insisted. It has been three weeks since the playoffs came to an end and Syd was relieved it was over. However, every other day she would receive a call from her publicist, agent or more than anyone, Jasmine.

The dark escalade pulled up in front of the Athletic Center.

"What time do you get off work?" the brunette asked.

"Around six."

"Six? That's later than usual."

"I have some paperwork to catch up on," the blonde replied, lifting Syd's dark shades from her face.

"Well, I'll make sure a car is her for you then."

"As always," the blonde smiled, her green eyes twinkling into bright blue.

Syd smiled back and leaned in, kissing Madison softly.

"Have fun at the photo shoot," the blonde said, opening the door.

The brunette pushed her shades back down to her face. "I'll try."

Syd hated photo shoots, especially the photographers. They would always find some way to unintentionally annoy her.

"Okay, see you tonight, baby." Madison closed the passenger door and headed towards the building.

* * *

Syd was on the ESPN photo shoot set, bored out of her mind. She stood in front of a white backdrop wearing gray dress pants and a white blouse loosened three buttons, and her hair down. A make up woman was sprucing up the finally touches on her face and then quickly stepped out of the shot. The brunette hated photo sessions with a passion, but it was part of the job, at least that's what Donnie kept telling her.

"Alright, darling let's begin," the photography announced, British accent strong in his throat.

Though she hated to admit it, Syd was a natural in front of the camera. Every pose, every smile always seemed flawless. Jasmine was there too of course, behind the scenes, watching the basketball player as the camera clicked away.

After about twenty shots, the photographer stepped from behind the camera and clapped his hands together. "Great! Fantastic! Okay, people let's get her suited in the basketball uniform," he announced to the crew. People began to scramble around as Syd was led to the dressing rooms. Jasmine followed.

In the back room, two women helped the brunette slip into the uniform without getting makeup smudges on it. Jasmine stood in the corner of the room talking to the brunette.

"I think this will be my best story yet, Syd. I want to thank you again for agreeing to do this."

"Hey, it's no problem. This is the last step right? We finish the photo shoot and I'm out of your hair." Syd looked down at her feet as one of the women began tying her shoes. Jesus, even the laces have to be right!

"Well, actually I was thinking, maybe we could have a little farewell dinner. You know, to celebrate the closing of this great project?"

Syd smiled apologetically. "I really can't. Madison and I have plans, tonight." The brunette lied.

"Oh? How is Madison these days?"

The women finished fixing up the brunette's uniform and began to clear the room. "Five minutes Ms. Rush," another woman announced poking her head in the room.

"Okay, thanks," the brunette nodded and she was soon left alone with Jasmine in the room.

"Um, Madison's great. She's been real busy at the Health Center," the brunette replied, looking at herself in the mirror.

"Does she drive there herself?"

"Usually, yeah, but lately my driver has been dropping her off. I know how tired she gets after a long day, so..."

"That's very sweet of you, Sydney," the blonde gave a ghost of a smile. Jasmine brushed her hair back from her face. "So, do you and Madison plan on going on a trip anytime during the off season?"

Syd shrugged and turned around looking at herself in the mirror. "Maybe."

Jasmine studied the brunette's reflection. "That means yes. Don't be modest, where to?"

The brunette turned around and gave a crooked smile. "Jasmine, you're a nice person and all, but you're still the media and I can't disclose that information."

The reporter smiled and took a step closer. "Fair enough." She reached over and leisurely ran a finger down Syd's bare arm. "God, you look hot in that uniform."

The brunette took a step back out of the reporter's reach. "Thanks," Syd spoke hesitantly.

Jasmine chuckled lightly and their eyes met. The blonde raised a seductive brow. "What, are you afraid of me?"

"Jasmine?" the brunette began, but was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Ms. Rush, we need you now."

With a perfect chance for an escape, Syd brushed past the reporter and opened the door. "Whoo," she breathed, glad to be out of that ring of fire.

Jasmine stayed behind in the dressing room and smiled to herself. She knew she made the brunette nervous. As she was about to follow the retreating basketball player, something sticking out of the brunette's bag caught her eye. Curious, she went over to investigate.

* * *

When the photo shoot came to an end, Syd rushed back to her dressing room. Jasmine watched the brunette from her chair on the set and smiled wickedly. She headed to the back room where Syd went and slowly approached the dressing room. When she approached the dressing room door, a lot of ruckus and things being thrown could be heard. Jasmine looked through the slightly cracked door and saw Syd frantically looking for something.

The blonde opened the door. "Syd?"

"What?" the brunette answered hotly, not looking up.

"I think you dropped this."

Syd stopped what she was doing a raised her eyes to the reporter. Jasmine was holding what she was looking for...her pain killers. She made her way across the room towards the woman.

"Yeah, I must have dropped them."

Jasmine handed the bottle over willingly with a smile. "I didn't want one of the staff members to find them or something."


"No problem." Jasmine studied Syd as the basketball player was opening the bottle. "I thought the pain in your knee had subsided," the blonde commented.

Syd paused her actions for a moment. "Not exactly," the brunette answered. She closed the bottle and chased the pills with a few swallows of water.

"I uh, noticed the label didn't say Madison's name," Jasmine pushed, crossing her arms. "A different doctor gave you those pills. Does Madison even know you're still taking those?"

The brunette swung the bag onto her shoulder and her head snapped up. "Jasmine, stay out of my business," the basketball player warned. Syd began to pass the blonde and headed towards the door.

"She doesn't know. I knew it. You're?"

Jasmine words were suddenly cut off when Syd grabbed her arms and roughly pushing her back against the wall. "You know nothing!" the brunette growled between her teeth.

A wicked smile slowly spread across Jasmine's lips. She liked the brunette's sudden outburst of aggression. "But I do know," Jasmine spoke softly. "I know you need them."

Syd's eyes remained locked with the blonde's. The reporter was speaking true. She did need them. The brunette's expression softened and she loosened her grip on the journalist.

"Don't worry," the blonde whispered cupping Syd's face. "I won't reveal your little secret." Jasmine looked down between them and slowly began to trail her hand down the front of the brunette's body. "I'm sure we can think of some kind of arrangement," she purred.

Both of them were breathing heavily as the blonde's hand made its slow descent. Syd's body quivered as Jasmine's touch moved towards her crotch. Before she lost control of the situation, Syd roughly grasped the blonde's wrist and pushed it away. "I can't do that."

Jasmine lowered her eyes trying to hide her disappointment. She shook her head and stepped around the brunette. Syd looked after her, facing the blonde's back.

"I'm sorry," the reporter spoke gently. "I shouldn't have tried to?"

The brunette exhaled heavily. "No, I'm sorry. I had no right to snap at you like that."

There was an awkward silence in the room for a moment, until Jasmine turned around. "I won't say anything, Syd. You're right. It's your business. We'll just act like this whole conversation never happened."

Syd nodded her head, somewhat relieved. "Thank you, and again I'm sorry."

Jasmine nodded her head and gave a small smile.

"Okay, goodnight, Jasmine." Syd quietly turned around and left the room.

The journalist smiled to herself when the brunette was out of sight. I've got you right where I want you.

* * *

The activity and heavy workload at the Athletic Center today had the young doctor beyond exhausted. Madison slowly trudged up the front steps of the mansion and was greeted by their butler, Bernard.

"Good evening, Lady Madison. How was your day?"

Madison smiled lightly as the older man took her coat and hung it in the closet nearby. "It was busy, Bernard. I'm really beat."

"May I get you something to drink?"

"No, thanks. I'm fine. Where's Syd?"

"I believe she's in the game room."

Madison smiled, knowing the game room was Syd's favorite place to let loose and be a kid again. "Thanks, Bernard. Goodnight," she said, placing a friendly hand on the butler's arm.

"Goodnight, Miss."

Madison made her way to the huge game room that was near the back of the house on the first floor. One wall was lined with arcade games then there was air hockey, a pool table and ping pong in the middle of the room. The blonde enjoyed playing around in the room herself. It was an atmosphere where she and Syd could just be kids again.

The blonde poked her head in the room and saw the basketball player setting up a shot over the pool table. She was wearing a white Monarchs shirt with purple letters and tight blue jeans. All that was left on the table was the eight ball, which she easily sank.

"Nice shot," the blonde commented, walking into the room.

Syd looked up from the table and smiled. "Hey, babe." The brunette stood from over the pool table and leaned her weight on the cue stick. "How was your day?"

Madison walked in and stood on the opposite side of the pool table. "Very busy. There are way too many athletes in this city. I'm thinking about moving," the blonde teased.

"Hey, those athletes keep you in business," the brunette smiled, going over to the wall, hanging up her cue stick.

"I know?" the blonde sighed, heavily. She rolled the white ball over the table underneath her hand. "I'm wiped out."

"Yeah?" the brunette cooed. She crossed the room and engulfed the blonde in a warm hug.

Madison sighed into the embrace and held the brunette close, snuggling into Syd's chest. Then she felt something very unusual between them.


"Mmm?" the brunette smiled to herself. They were still in a tight embrace.

"What's that?"


"You know what," the blonde said, looking up into mischievous blue eyes.

"Oh, you mean this?" Syd held the blonde closely around the waist and moved her hips into the blonde's crotch. Madison whimpered involuntarily and the brunette grinned at the blonde's response. "It's a surprise."

Madison covered her blush with a giggle and wrapped her arms around Syd's neck. "We both know I like surprises," she smiled. "But as tempting as this is baby, I'm so ti?"

The brunette stopped Madison's words with a firm kiss. Without even thinking, the blonde kissed her back and willingly opened her mouth to let Syd's tongue inside. The brunette moaned into the kiss and picked Madison up from the floor. The blonde groaned at the contact between her legs as she was carried a short ways and placed on the pool table.

Madison broke the kiss breathless. "Baby?I'm exhausted," the blonde moaned as Syd nibbled her neck.

"I can wake you up," Syd husked. She hiked up the blonde's skirt to her hips and placed her hands on Madison's ass, pulling her roughly against the bulge in her pants.

"Oh!" Madison groaned loudly, as Syd moved against her now soaked panties.

"I think you're awake now?" the brunette whispered against Madison's lips.

They remained in this position for a moment. Their hot breaths mingling against each other's lips. Syd waited for Madison to make the next move. Both women could feel the heat radiating off of each other's bodies. Hooded green eyes penetrated lust straight to the brunette's soul. With a growl, Madison pulled Syd's head down into a rough kiss. The brunette eagerly wrapped her arms around the blonde's body, holding her close, kissing her with equal fervor. Madison reached down between their bodies and undid the brunette's pants. Her hand began to stroke the phallus up and down. Syd grunted as the other end pushed inside of her. Madison felt the brunette's hand snake under her blouse and cup her breast.

"Oh, yes," the doctor moaned, throwing her head back.

"God, I want you so bad?" the brunette breathed.

Madison pushed Syd away from her, shoving her in the chest and quickly removed her blouse from her body. She threw the clothing to the floor and climbed over to the center of the pool table. The blonde lied on her side and bent her knee, posing for the brunette.

"Come and get me sexy," she purred, corking a finger for Syd to come over.

Adrenaline pumping through veins, Syd pounced on top of the pool table like a wild panther.

"Whoa! Baby, be careful," the blonde laughed.

Syd just chuckled and swooped down, capturing Madison's lips. She moved between the blonde's thighs and Madison pulled her closer, wrapping her legs around Syd's hips. Both moaned as their bodies touched. The basketball player's strong body felt so good on top of her. Madison laid her head back in ecstasy as Syd ran her tongue between the blonde's breasts. The brunette then took her time feasting on each nipple, taking them slowly in her mouth.

"Syd, please?please just, I want you inside of me?" the blonde begged.

Dark blue eyes stared up at Madison and Syd grinned seductively. "All in good time."

Madison's core was throbbing like crazy and she wanted so badly for Syd to take her. She felt the brunette roll her hips into her and the dildo rubbed against her center. She couldn't take it anymore. With all her strength, the blonde rolled them over so she was on top.

Syd grinned up at the feisty blonde. "You wanna ride me, Maddie?"

Madison leaned down and hovered over the brunette's body. The look in the blonde's eyes was beyond lustful. "I want to ride you hard?" the blonde purred.

The basketball player quirked a brow, challenging the doctor. Wow, there's that wild side that I love!

Madison grasped the phallus roughly and leaned up on her knees. She slowly guided the tip to her dripping center as Syd watched her every move. She lowered herself onto the dildo and gasped as she was filled completely. The brunette placed her hands on Madison's waist and began to thrust her hips upward, moving at the blonde's pace.

"That's it, baby. You feel me deep inside of you?."

"You're so deep," Madison moaned, eyes closing in concentration as she worked her hips faster.

Syd looked down and watched in pure enjoyment as the dildo went in and out of the blonde.

"Mmmm," Madison moaned as she began to move in a circular motion. "Oh, yeah?"

The brunette whimpered as the blonde sensually moved the dildo into her sex. Syd sat up and leaned on her elbows for leverage as she began to deliver powerful upward thrusts into the blonde's throbbing need. Madison threw her head back and met Syd's every plunge of passion. Both women were moaning, groaning and sweat began to seep from their temples.

"Oh, God! Baby, I'm coming!" Madison grunted in her throat.

"Me too?" Syd moaned. She increased the speed of her thrusts and within seconds both women felt an explosion of ecstasy pour through their bodies. Syd sat all the way up and held the blonde closely to her as the tremors continued to ripple their bodies.

Madison found Syd's lips and they kissed deeply. The blonde's tongue teased the brunette's mouth before slipping inside. The basketball player returned the kiss and did a little teasing of her own as their tongues clashed. Syd moved her hips slightly, causing Madison to moan inside her mouth.

They broke the kiss and looked into each other's eyes, smiles on their faces. Madison lightly caressed Syd's cheek and then brushed back sweaty bangs from the brunette's forehead. Both were stilling trying to catch their breath. It was the most intense and spontaneous sexual experience they had ever shared. Madison leaned her forehead against Syd's and spoke softly.

"I think that was the best game we've ever played in this room."

The brunette's lips spread into a grin and they both shared a laugh. Syd gently brushed hair behind Madison's ear and the blonde leaned into the light touch. They loving gazed into each other's eyes and then leaned in, kissing slowly, expressing all the love in their hearts.

* * *

The next afternoon, Madison was going into the kitchen to make a snack when she spotted the mail on the counter. The envelope on top looked very unique from the others. Madison picked it up and she smiled fondly when she saw the return address. Snack forgotten, the blonde raced into the living room where Syd sat watching T.V. The sports channel of course.

The brunette was sitting comfortably on her fluffy large couch, flipping from ESPN to ESPN2.

"Oomph." Without warning, the blonde plopped onto her lap sideways and smiled brightly.

"Look what I have," the blonde taunted, waving the envelope in Syd's face.

"What is it?"

Still grinning, she handed the envelope to her girlfriend. Syd glanced at it and realization hit her.

"Oh, this must be Mom and Tony's wedding invitation," the brunette said.

"Yep, can we open it now?" Madison asked, playing with the nape of Syd's neck.

The brunette shrugged and smiled softly. "I'll let you have the honors." She handed the envelope back to the spirited blonde.

Opening it carefully, Madison pulled out the card and opened the invitation. "One love that is shared by two," the blonde read. "Oh, that's so sweet."

"Yeah, very sweet," Syd mocked the blonde.

Madison caught the brunette rolling her eyes, and bumped her with an elbow. "Oh, stop it. You can even be sweet when you want to be. Don't be such a jock."

"I can't help what I am. And you like that about me," the brunette smiled, blue eyes twinkling.

"Yes, I do." Madison placed a chaste kiss on the brunette's lips.

The blonde turned her attention back to the card and opened it. A photo of Tony and Kathleen was tucked into the left side of the card. The happy couple had their faces together smiling happily for the camera.

"Aw, how cute!" Madison squealed.

Syd just smiled and rubbed the side of the blonde's thigh, holding her snuggly in her lap.

"We cordially invite you to the wedding ceremony uniting Anthony Williams and Kathleen Rush?" the blonde began.

Syd studied Madison's expression as she read the invitation. The blonde was so beautiful in that moment. Even though she was dressed in sweatpants and an oversized shirt with her hair pulled back, Maddie always looked beautiful to her. Madison's face always lit up with a special glow when the blonde would speak of romance or marriage. Humph. Marriage?marriage. I'd love to marry this woman. This amazing woman who is with me right now.

"Syd? Hello? Syd?"

The brunette blinked and focused on curious green eyes. "Huh?"

Madison smiled and leaned into the brunette, cuddling against her. "Where did you go?" she asked, running her fingers through Syd's ponytail.

The brunette's heart began to pound in her chest, hoping the blonde wouldn't see what she was thinking through her eyes. Syd smiled softly and kissed Madison on the cheek. "Nowhere, baby. I'm right here."

"Yeah? Then when's the wedding?" the blonde asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Um?" Syd bit her lip, thinking.

"That's what I thought. What were you thinking?"

Syd looked at Madison straight in the eyes. "Truth?"

The blonde nodded.

"I was just thinking how incredibly beautiful you are, and how lucky I am. I just love staring at you sometimes."

Madison's lips spread into a genuine smile and Syd's heart fluttered. Will you marry me? It was on the tip of the brunette's tongue, but she felt it was the wrong time.

"Baby. Where is this coming from?" the blonde asked.

Suddenly, an on pour of emotion swept through the brunette's body and she couldn't stop it. Syd blinked, blue eyes filling up with tears. "I'm just so in love with you?" Syd breathed, her voice cracking, barely above a whisper.

Madison's eyes were turning red, the emotion taking over her. "Honey, don't. Don't cry," the blonde pleaded, cupping Syd's face.

Syd held the blonde close and Madison wrapped her arms around the basketball player's neck. Madison did not understand what came over the brunette, but if Syd was crying it made her cry too, and they were always there to comfort each other. She let the brunette hold her and cry a little longer and Syd finally calmed down.

"I'm sorry," the brunette sniffled, wiping at her face. She hung her head bashfully. "I don't know why?ah?"

Madison shook her head and smiled warmly. "Don't be sorry, baby. Sometimes we just need to cry. It's okay." She kissed Syd on the lips, and caressed the brunette's bicep. "I like when you share your feelings, remember?"

Syd nodded and smiled remembering the blonde's words when they first began dating in high school. "I remember." Blue eyes shyly met green.

"And you know what?"

"What?" the brunette replied softly.

Madison rubbed their noses together and Syd closed her eyes. "I'm in love with you, too."

Their eyes met once again and Syd leaned in kissing the blonde on the lips.

"So, when is the wedding?" the brunette asked.

* * *

Later that evening, Madison was in the shower thinking of what she and the brunette had done that day. Which was absolutely nothing and it was heaven. It was the first time in a long time they both had the day off. It was wonderful being able to spend a day together. The blonde smiled to herself as she shampooed her hair. Syd had been so sentimental this morning and Madison had never felt so loved in her life.

About an hour ago the brunette had told her that she was going to the workout room in the house, which was right next to the game room. After Syd's little tear up that morning, they had made love on the couch and then on the floor, twice. Thinking of the basketball player ignited a flame of arousal throughout her body. She wanted her again.

Deciding she would pay Syd a little surprise visit in the workout room, the blonde took the elevator from their room and tip toed down the hallway. Slowly, walking into the unusually darkened home gym, she spotted the brunette. Syd was sitting on her bench press chair, tilting her head backward, popping a few pills into her mouth. Madison's earlier thoughts were now forgotten as she watched the brunette chase the capsules down with some water.

"Baby? What are you doing?" the blonde questioned, walking further into the room.

Syd froze her movements for a moment, and then slowly screwed the top of her water bottle back on.

"Just finishing my workout." She answered, not turning towards the blonde.

Madison suddenly found this entire situation eerie. The workout room seemed to be glowing blue from the moonlight shining through the high windows and everything in the room was enhanced by dark shadows.

"Are those the pain killers you are taking?"

"I had a headache," Syd said evenly. She stood from the bench, holding her bottle of pills.

Madison stepped closer eyeing the bottle in the brunette's hand, then looked into somewhat guarded blue eyes. "Well, then you should just take some Aleve or Advil. Those are too strong for the basic headache." The blonde reasoned.

"These work better." Syd shook the bottle lightly.

"Baby, you don't need those anymore. I checked out your knee a few weeks ago myself. You had no pain. Just give me those and?"

"I'm fine," Syd shot back, raising her voice slightly. Her mind automatically went on the defense when she saw the blonde reaching for the pills.

Madison studied the brunette, taken aback by Syd's sudden change in behavior. Those usually friendly blue eyes were dark and unfamiliar. It almost scared her.

"Obviously, you're not." The blonde spoke more firmly.

Syd stared into green eyes, irritation mounting inside of her that she had no control over.

Madison's face softened and her eyes grew compassionate.

"Syd?what's going on with you?" the blonde asked softly. "You're acting strange. One minute you're the sweetest person ever, then the next you're grumpy as hell."

The brunette clenched the muscles in her jaw and stuffed the pills in her sweatpants. "There's nothing going on," Syd said, brushing past the doctor.

"I think there is," Madison said, following Syd out of the room, into the hallway. "Where did you get those?"

Syd stop in her tracks and turned around slowly. "What's with the twenty questions?" the brunette asked with an attitude. Her frustration was already at the boiling point. She felt as though she was being interrogated like a criminal.

"Have you become an addict?" the blonde bluntly asked.

"No, I'm not an addict," she frowned.

"Then give me the pills," Madison inquired, holding out her hand.

Syd chuckled lightly, almost nervously and looked into Madison's questioning eyes. "Why do you want them? I need these."

"Because I don't like what they're doing to you. Can't you see what's happening? How many have you been taking?"

"You know what? I don't need this right now," the brunette scowled, shaking her head. She turned around and began to walk away.

"Sydney!" the blonde yelled, worry and confusion in her voice.

The brunette whipped around quickly, eyes wide with rage. "You want the fucking pills!" she yelled. "Then take 'em!" Syd violently threw the bottle in the blonde's direction. Madison flinched as the bottle flew past her head and collided against the wall. The lid to popped open and large capsules went flying, scattering across the marble floor.

"What is wrong with you?!" Madison yelled.

"Don't," Syd ordered. She began to pace back and forth in front the rattled blonde. The brunette brushed hair away from her face in frustration and blew out a breath.

"Syd?" Madison began carefully.

The brunette stopped and looked at the blonde, fire burning in her eyes. "Don't say anything else. You're like this thing that latches onto me every second. Always wanting to know, where are you going? What are you doing? And I'm sick of it!"

Madison took a moment and swallowed the knot in her throat. Her eyes were full of hurt and tears began to form. "Syd?why are you saying these things?" her voice cracked. "I was just concerned?"

"I don't need your concern!" the brunette interrupted. Syd abruptly turned on her heel and began to trudge down the hall away from the blonde. "Go to a guess room or something tonight, I want to be alone," she called over her shoulder.

The blonde watched in shock as this nightmare unfolded before her. The brunette turned the corner and was out of sight. Madison stood frozen in the middle of the large hall. She felt as though she had been slapped in the face and it stung her to the very depths of her soul. Did that just happen? Who was that? What did I do? Those questions riddled Madison's mind as her body began to tremble with tears.

* * *

Hours later, Syd was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. Sleep would not come to her and Madison did not come up to the room. Why would she after Syd went off on her like that? The basketball player missed the warmth of her girlfriend against her body. Replaying her outburst over and over in her head, the brunette was internally beating herself up about what she had said. She knew she was wrong and there was no excuse for her anger. Madison didn't deserve that. What am I going to do about this? Thinking of how badly she must have hurt the love of her life, a lone tear trickled down her cheek and soaked into her pillow.

* * *

Around 7am the next morning, Madison was already dressed and ready to go to work. She did not want to face the brunette and decided to hightail it to the Health Center an hour early. Dark circles were around her eyes, due to lack of sleep from the night before. Madison had stayed in a guest bedroom and the unfamiliar bed did not help matters. She also missed, Syd. The blonde couldn't wrap her mind around the incident that happened last night. One thing led to another and then the whole situation ended in chaos and confusion.

Madison climbed into her own car, not bothering to call Syd's driver and started the engine. The blonde almost felt odd driving herself to work. It had nearly been a month since she had been behind the wheel. Shaking it off, she started the engine of her silver, two-door Mercedes Benz and pulled out of the massive garage.

As the blonde approached the mansion's front gate to leave, she noticed her brakes seemed a tad slower to catch than usual. Hmm. I haven't driven in so long the brakes even feel weird. Well, at least the car still stopped.

Making it down to the surface streets and out of the hills of high class homes, Madison approached a stoplight turning red. The blonde eased her foot on the break, but this time there was no catch at all. Green eyes widened in panic as Madison frantically stomped her foot on the brake pedal. Nothing. The Mercedes was cruising over 45 mph and the blonde was helpless as it sped towards the busy intersection.


Chapter Six

Syd went to the second floor guest room and found nothing but an empty bed that had been slept in. The brunette hung her head solemnly. She must have taken her own car. She doesn't even want to face me.

Suddenly, the intercom speakers throughout the house came to life. "Ms. Sydney! Telephone, it's the police!" Bernard announced.

Syd raced across the guest room and picked up the phone on the nightstand.

"Hello, this is Sydney."

- - - -

"Yes." Syd's heart began to pound as the police officer told her the news.

- - - -

"Is, is she alright?"

- - - -

"Which hospital?"

* * *

The brunette drove her red mustang like a mad woman through the streets of Sacramento trying to get to the hospital. Rushing up to the recovery ward, the brunette ran over to the receptionist desk, gasping for breath.

"Murphy. Which room has Madison Murphy?"

"Are you Sydney Rush?"

Syd nodded her head vigorously. "Yes. Where is she?"

"Room 427, down this hall to?"

Before the woman could finish her sentence, Syd was halfway down the hall. Quickly, finding the room, she took a breath and slowly stepped through the open door way.

Madison was lying on the hospital bed with her eyes closed. Her left arm was in a cast and there was a large white bandage wrapped around her head. Syd's heart dropped at the sight and tears began to burn her eyes.

"Oh, baby?" she breathed helplessly. She walked over to the bed slowly and grasped the blonde's right hand.

As she stood closer to the blonde she noticed the left side of her face was slightly swollen and bruised.

The crash had happened just two hours ago.

"This was all my fault," Syd sniffled. "You must have been so scared, baby?" the brunette brushed back the blonde's bangs gently, before leaning down to place a tender kiss on the corner of Madison's lips.

"Pardon me," A voice said behind her.

Syd turned around to see a woman in a long white doctor's coat behind her.

"Are you family?"

Syd nodded. "I'm her partner. How is she?"

The woman nodded her head in understanding. "She's doing very well. Her major injury was a simple concussion due to impact on the left side of her head. We had to put in seven stitches to close up the wound. Her arm will take five to six weeks to heal completely. She fractured both the radius and ulna bones in her forearm."

Syd's face scrunched into a pained expression and tears ran down her face. "When will she wake up?"

"It should be anytime now," the doctor replied, looking at the brunette sincerely. She began to look through her patient's chart.

Syd looked down at the blonde's half battered face and smiled slightly. She was going to be okay, and that was all that mattered.

Within an hour, Syd had spoken to Madison's parents, Frances and Tom, informing them of the blonde's accident. They said they would be taking the very next flight out to Sacramento. Syd also spoke to an officer who was on the scene. He had informed her that a witness had seen Madison's car swerve into the intersection and flip over onto its top. Madison had done that to avoid hitting anyone and the quick turn made the car flip completely over one time, and land upside down.

Syd pulled up a chair next to the blonde and waited patiently for Madison to open her eyes.

* * *

Eyes slowly opened to a white hospital ceiling. The blonde immediately felt an uncomfortable throbbing on the left side of her head. Oh, my God. I'm in a hospital! What happened to me? Where's Syd?

"Syd?" she spoke tiredly.

Familiar blue eyes were hovering above her face in no time. Worry masking the basketball player's expression.

"Hey," the brunette cooed softly, with a smile. "I'm here," she said, holding on to Madison's hand.

"Syd, what?what happened?"

"Shhh, it's alright. You were in an accident. Try not to move okay. Your left arm is broken and you have a concussion. But you'll be okay. Everything will heal. I better get the doctor."

Madison's grip tightened on Syd's hand. "No. Just, please stay with me."

"I'll stay with you, baby." Syd stroked the back of the blonde's hand with her thumb and fondly looked into tired green eyes. "You had me really scared, Maddie. I thought I would never see you again."

"I?I can't remember what happened."

"What do you remember? The very last thing."

Madison closed her eyes, trying to recollect anything. Within moments it hit her and she couldn't control her emotions. Without warning, the blonde began to cry.

"Maddie..." Syd whispered. The brunette's heart ached as she watched Madison weep uncontrollably.

She wanted to pull the doctor into a warm hug, but that was impossible with the blonde's injuries. Syd leaned in real close and kissed Madison's cheek. She then gently stroked the top of the blonde's head.

"What is it, baby?" the brunette asked.

"I remember?" teary green eyes looked into blue. "I remember we had a fight. It was horrible."

Syd took shallow breath and let it out. "I know?" the brunette bit her lip, trying to hold back the tears. "I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for all those awful things I said. And I'll stop taking pills, I promise I'll stop. I know you were only trying to help. Please forgive me," the brunette pleaded. "I'll do anything."

Madison looked deeply into Syd's desperate eyes and pulled their intertwined hands to her chest. "Let's not talk about that now. I just need to feel you close to me."

Syd didn't have to be told twice. She slipped off her coat and carefully climbed into the bed beside Madison, laying on the blonde's right side. Syd placed an arm behind Madison's neck and the other around the blonde's waist. Madison leaned her head on Syd's chest and closed her eyes. They both needed this. To be close. To feel the presence of each other. Neither one of them slept at all last night without each other. With no more words exchanged, both women drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

* * *

Two hours later, Tom and Frances were led by a nurse into the hospital room that held their daughter. Upon seeing the two women, both of them smiled fondly.

"This certainly looks familiar," Frances commented to her husband.

"That it does. I guess some things never change."

Both of them remembered Syd and Madison's prom night when they found the two teens sleeping on the couch in the very same position.

Hearing voices, Syd stirred and opened her eyes. She saw the older couple standing a few feet from the bed. "Oh? hey Mr. and Mrs. Murphy," Syd spoke quietly.

"Hello, Sydney. Thank you for taking care of our little girl," Tom replied.

"Anytime. She'll be happy to see you guys." Syd leaned close to the blonde's ear and whispered. "Maddie. Maddie wake up."

"Hmm," the blonde mumbled. Madison opened her eyes.

"Look who's here."

Madison turned her head slightly and spotted her parents near the bed. "Mom, Dad?" she whispered.

"We're here honey," Frances replied. Hurt could be read in those green eyes that mirrored her daughter's. She had been so frightened when she heard the news.

Suddenly, feeling a bit awkward holding Madison with her parents in the room, Syd thought she should give them alone for a few minutes.

"Hey, I'll be right back, okay?" Syd whispered against the blonde's face.

Madison smiled lightly. "Okay."

Syd kissed her on the head and carefully removed herself from under the blonde, climbing out of the bed.

As soon as the brunette stepped out of the room and into the brightly lit hallway, her stomach growled. "No, breakfast." She grumbled.

Syd decided to head down to the cafeteria and see what they had. As she was taking the elevator down, her cell phone began to ring. The brunette checked the caller ID and saw Jasmine's name. Syd was reluctant to answer, but did anyway.

"This isn't a good time, Jasmine."

"Sydney, please don't hang up. I just heard the news about the accident."

"Yeah?" the brunette sighed.

"And I just wanted to say, that I am so, so sorry for your loss."

Syd frowned, confused. "Loss? There was no loss, Madison is fine."

There was a pause on the line. "She is? Oh, well that's great! Thank goodness."

"Yeah, I know. She's alive and well. A few broken bones and a concussion, but she's fine."

"Good. Good."

"I hope you're calling as a friend, Jasmine. Not as a media hound," Syd spoke seriously. She stepped off the elevator and headed towards the cafeteria.

"No, no I am your friend, Sydney. I wouldn't do that." Jasmine replied, hurriedly. "I just wanted to check in on you."

"Okay, well, I appreciate it. Thanks."


"Alright, well take care, I've got to go."

"Yeah, of course. Okay."


As soon as Jasmine ended her conversation with Syd, she angrily screamed at the top of her lungs into her empty three bedroom house. In frustration she speed dialed a number on her cell phone.

- - -

"Yeah, what the fuck happened?!" she yelled. "This was supposed to be a simple job." The reporter began to pace the floor, back and forth.

- - -

"Well, she's not. She's still alive!"

- - -

"No, no. I'll do it my own way." Jasmine angrily threw her phone across the room and it smashed against the wall. "Useless?Fuck!"

* * *

The following morning, Jasmine drove the streets of Sacramento and made her way up the hill to the posh area of the city. She slowly pulled her silver Jaguar XF up to the front gate of Syd's mansion. Knowing that Syd was at the hospital, it was the perfect time to make her next move.

A security guard came out of his booth and approached her vehicle. "I'm sorry, ma'am but no one is allowed on the premises at this time."

Jasmine removed her designer sunglasses from her face and eyed the middle aged security guard. Her lips curled into a seductive smile. "Well, actually I came to see you."

"Yeah?" the man straightened the belt around his waist and grinned. "Do I know you?"

"No, but you will." The blonde leaned forward so the guard could see the ample cleavage down her blouse. "I'm going to give you an offer you can't refuse."

The man gawked at the reporter's assets and his mouth dropped open.

"What's your name, big boy?" the blonde husked.

"Uh?um, it's?my name is Marty."

"Marty, huh?" The blonde smiled. "Well, Marty?I think we can both help each other out," Jasmine purred, stepping out of her car. Her long legs were exposed to the warm California air. It was a crime to wear a skirt as short as she was sporting.

Marty was struck dumb as his eyes lingered. He lifted the cap off his head temporarily to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

Jasmine placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him a seductive smile. "You see, I've always had an interest in how security cameras worked."

"Really?" Marty whimpered.

"Oh, yes. Do you think you could teach me?" Jasmine asked in a naïve school girl voice.

* * *

Madison stayed under observation at the hospital for an entire week before being released. Syd had remained by Madison's side every day and night keeping the blonde company. It was going to be nice to finally sleep in their bed again.

As Syd's driver pulled up to the back entrance of the large house, Bernard was at the door waiting for them. The brunette climbed out of the car and rushed around to the other side. The driver had already opened the blonde's door and Syd said she would take it from there.

"I can carry you in, baby."

"Syd, I'm fine, really."

"You look a little woozy to me." The brunette reasoned.

"It's probably just some of the after effects from the pain medicine they gave me. But I can walk just fine." The blonde shifted her body to get out of the SUV.

Madison had noticed how overprotective the brunette had become of her over the past week. Syd would be so gently and speak to her in soft whispers like she was a fragile kitten. It was sweet of course, but lately had become a bit overwhelming.

Syd placed a firm hand on the blonde's knee, sopping her. "Please, let me...just in case."

Madison saw the worry in those blue eyes and relented. "Okay."

Finally, making it to their bedroom, Syd gently laid her precious cargo on the bed. Leaning over the blonde, Syd brushed back the doctor's bangs and smiled gently.

"Do you need anything? Water? Tea? I'll just bring you both," the brunette said quickly.


"Is this pillow okay behind your head? I want you to be comfortable."

"Baby?" the blonde tried again.

"How is your head? Are you in any pain? I could?"

"Sydney!" the blonde yelled.

Syd stopped her rambling and stared at the blonde. Madison smiled affectionately and grasped the collar of Syd's shirt, pulling her down for a soft kiss. She gently caressed the brunette's cheek.

"Baby, it's okay. I know you feel like you have to do all this stuff for me, but you don't. I'm not blaming you for what happened," the blonde whispered. "Don't think for one second that this is your fault."

Blue eyes quickly became misty and Syd's bottom lip began to quiver. She buried her face in the blonde's stomach as her body began to shiver with tears. "I'm so sorry," a muffled voice cried.

Madison caressed the brunette's head. "Oh, sweetie, no. Don't cry."

Syd sniffled and lifted her eyes, tears running non-stop. "But you left early that morning to avoid me. I know you did."

Madison looked into those sadden blue eyes and then lowered her gaze. That was actually true. She just wanted to bury herself in work and possibly talk things over with Syd later. She just wasn't ready to face her and she was still hurt by the brunette's words.

Judging by the blonde's reaction, Syd knew she was right. "I don't know why I got so angry. When you started asking all those questions I?"

"Baby, it's alright. I already forgive you for losing your temper. Just don't blame yourself for what happened to me. Okay?"

"I've already thrown out all of my prescription pills. I don't know what happened to me, baby. I couldn't stop. But I promise you. It will never happen again. No more. I'm through with the pain killers. Do you believe me?"

"Of course, I believe you, baby." The blonde ran a hand through dark hair. "That wasn't you the other night. I know you would never hurt me, intentionally." Madison cupped the brunette's face and smiled. "I love you."

Syd gave a soft smile in return. She was grateful that Madison was forgiving her, even after all of the horrible things she said to her. "I love you, more. I always will." The brunette leaned in and they shared a teary, loving kiss.

* * *

A few nights later, Syd was awakened by a kick to her left shin. A bit startled, she opened her eyes to the darkened room and looked over at Madison. The blonde's brows were furrowed and she had a troubled expression, turning her head left and right.

Syd scooted closer and placed a gentle hand on Madison's shoulder, shaking it lightly. "Maddie...baby, wake up."

The blonde whimpered in fear then suddenly screamed, "No! No! Syd!"

"Baby!" the brunette spoke louder.

"Please! Help me!" Madison sat up suddenly in the bed, sweat covering her forehead and neck.

"Maddie, are you okay?" Syd whispered, placing an arm around the blonde.

Madison turned her head quickly towards the brunette, fear swimming in those dark green eyes. Relieved to see Syd, a comfort washed over her and she leaned into her girlfriend. Syd embraced her in a warm hug. "Oh, Syd?I was so scared."

"What happened, honey?" the brunette whispered, stroking the blonde's slightly sweaty hair.

"I?I remember what happened. Before the accident."

"Here, lean back on me."

They scooted their bodied down in the bed. Madison was lying her head back in the nook of Syd's shoulder and arm. Syd leaned her cheek against the top of the blonde's head. Her left hand found an open space under the blonde's casted arm and rubbed Madison's hip comfortingly.

"Tell me what you remember."

Madison took a breath, trying to calm herself. She slowly wiped a tear from her eye, then placed Syd's right hand over her belly and covered it with her own. "I remember, coming out of the gates and?the brakes were acting kind of?loose."


"Yeah, but I thought it wasn't such a big deal. But then when I?" Madison received a horrifying flash from her nightmare and couldn't stop the fresh tears from stinging her eyes.

"Hey?" the brunette kissed the blonde's head. "Hey, it's okay?talk to me, baby."

Madison gripped the larger hand under hers and continued. "I was coming up to a red light?and when I hit the brakes?I couldn't stop. I was hitting the break over and over, but I couldn't stop." The blonde's voice trembled and more tears fell.

"Shh?" Syd kissed the top of the blonde's head.

"I can't remember what happened next. But before I crashed?all I could think about was my family, and if I'd ever see you again. I was so afraid?"

A tear escaped one of Syd's eyes and she closed them tightly.

"I didn't want to leave you, Syd. I wasn't ready to go?" the blonde cried.

"I know, baby." Syd shifted her body to look down into misty green eyes. She tenderly stroked the blonde's bangs back from her forehead. "You're safe now." She whispered, inches from Madison's lips. "You're here with me...and I'm beyond grateful that you're in my arms right now. You're my world, Maddie."

In response, Syd received a soft smile. "And you're mine," Madison whispered back.

The brunette gazed into those green eyes and smiled in return. She brushed the tip of her nose against the blonde's and Madison closed her eyes, loving the affectionate display. Syd kissed her softly and then a second time. She wanted to reassure the blonde that she was safe and loved.

After a moment, Syd and Madison turned their bodies to face each other and fell into a comfortable sleep.

* * *

Curious as to why the blonde's breaks failed, Syd had her friend Joey De Luca, one of the best mechanics in town, examine the vehicle. The brunette stood in the auto-mechanic's garage with her arms crossed as Joey, was under the car examining.

"So, Joey what's the verdict?" the brunette asked.

"Huh?" the muscular mechanic hummed, discovering something odd.

"What is it?"

Joey rolled himself from under the damaged car and looked up at the brunette. "The brake line was cut."

"Cut?" Syd questioned with a frown.

"Yeah," Joey replied, standing up. He rubbed his greasy hands on his frequently used towel that hung from his waist. "Professional, too."

Syd shook her head, confused as hell. "Wait a minute. What do you mean professional?"

"I mean someone did this on purpose and they knew what they were doing. It's a clean precise cut."

The brunette's heart jumped in fear. "I don't understand. I mean who?who would do this on purpose? And to Maddie of all people!" Her fear soon turned to anger and her natural instinct to protect Madison kicked in.

"I think you should call the police, Syd. Something is very weird about this."

Syd smiled weakly and patted Joey on the arm. "Thanks for your help, Joey. I'll see you around."

As Syd climbed into her car to leave, her mind kept reeling over who Madison could possibly be enemies with.

* * *

Over the next two months, Madison seemed to be recovering quickly. The stitches in her head came out a month ago and all that remained was a thin horizontal red line that ran from the middle of her forehead to the end of her eyebrow. Her arm cast had been removed just two days ago and she was happy to finally be rid of it. Syd insisted that she go see a physical therapist, but Madison said she could handle it herself. She was an athletic physician after all. Sometimes Syd would drive her over to the athletic center where the doctor worked so she could use the equipment. Lately, she had just been using the gym in the house to work on her arm.

Syd was happy to see her recovering so quickly with Christmas just a week away. The blonde's only complaint was the occasional headache, which was what she was experiencing right now.

"Syd! Can you hand give me my pain pills, baby!" Madison called from the bed.

"Okay, I'll be right there!" the brunette answered from the bathroom. She had just gotten out of the shower and was toweling off her hair. She decided to keep the mysterious news about the cut break line to herself and told the blonde the brakes just simply went out. Syd did not want Madison worrying about anything in her condition.

The brunette threw on her white house coat and then opened the medicine cabinet. She opened up the blonde's prescription pills and poured out four, two in which she placed in the pocket of her robe.

"Just a sec, babe!" she called.

As Syd closed the medicine cabinet she caught her reflection in the mirror. She was guilty. She was guilty as hell and she knew it. The brunette tried to kick her habit of pain killers, but couldn't. Every once and a while she would sneak a pill or two and occasionally take some of Madison's, which she discovered were stronger than her own. She was a walking lie and Madison had no idea. Syd shook off her culpability and walked out of the bathroom.

* * *

Syd and her agent Donnie where sitting a Jasmine's plush office the following afternoon. They were there to preview the brunette's biography before its release date the following month. Coincidently, the month of her birthday, January.

"I hope this is quick." Syd grunted, crossing an ankle on top of her knee.

"It should be. Just relax."

Donnie studied the brunette for a moment. The basketball player looked physically worn out and dark circles could be seen around her eyes. "When was the last time you got some sleep?"

The brunette raised her eyes from her lap, looking into Donnie's concerned ones. "Oh, um, maybe a few days. Maddie has been having these nightmares and it keeps me up."

Donnie nodded in understanding. But in truth, Madison had not had a nightmare for weeks now. Syd was still on edge about the incident with the blonde's brakes. It still creeped her out and some nights she couldn't sleep. Three months has passed since the accident and nothing unusual had occurred. But what Syd did do was hire extra security around the perimeter of the house.

The brunette shielded her eyes, frowning from the rays coming through the office windows. "Doesn't it seem a little too bright in here?" she grimaced.

"Uh, not really," Donnie responded, puzzled. To him, the room was perfectly lit. "Are you sure you're alright?"

The brunette sighed heavily and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine." She gave Donnie a reassuring smile. "No worries."

Just then the door opened and Jasmine walked in holding the biography draft and a few cover photos of Syd. "Hello, Sydney, Donnie. I hope I did not keep you waiting long."

"Not at all, Jasmine," Donnie grinned.

"Great," the blonde said, giving a winning smile. She placed the materials on the desk and sat down in her leather chair. "So, Sydney, how's Madison doing?"

"She's doing well, thanks for asking." Syd smiled politely.

Jasmine smiled back and gave a nod. "Alright well let's begin."

The three went over the biography and photos in a matter of forty five minutes. Syd had to admit that she was very impressed by Jasmine's thoroughness in her writing. The brunette also liked the idea of the ESPN cover. There were to be two photos of Syd on the cover. Both of them looked like they were in the same picture. One was of her in regular clothes, which represented the real Sydney and the other was the brunette in her Monarch's Jersey giving a cute wink.

"This is great!" Syd said with enthusiasm.

"Thank you, Sydney. I'm just doing my job."

"Well, you do it well." The brunette replied, looking over the article. "Now, I know why they call you the best."

"Do you really?" the blonde purred suggestively.

Syd slowly looked up at Jasmine and caught the flicker of bold flirtation in those eyes. Much like the look she gave her in the dressing room months ago.

Donnie saw the look passing between the two and cleared his throat. He stood from his seat and picked up his briefcase. "Well, I think we have everything settled here. Unless, there is anything else, Ms. Hayworth."

The blonde finally looked at the middle aged man after Syd abruptly broke their gaze. "No, actually, I think we're done."

Syd set the papers back on Jasmine's desk and stood from the chair. The blonde came from around the desk and opened her office door. "Thank you again for stopping by," she smiled.

Donnie gave a polite nod as her walked out of the office.

"Take care, Jasmine" the brunette said, about to walk by.

"Syd?" Jasmine said, lightly touching the brunette's arm.

The basketball player stopped and looked at the blonde.

"I can tell you're a little on edge. Are you okay?"

The brunette shrugged her shoulders uncomfortably and nodded. "I'm fine."

Jasmine put a soft hand on the brunette's shoulder. "How is Madison?"

"She's better, thanks." Syd could feel Jasmine's lingering fingers becoming a little more than friendly.

"Good," Jasmine smiled deceitfully.

They looked into each other's eyes for a moment. Syd knew the blonde still had some leverage over her.

"Well, I have to get going," Syd smiled, holding out her hand.

Jasmine took it and they shared a firm handshake.

"I think this will be the best article ever written about me. Good work," Syd complimented.

I'm in love with you. Jasmine thought was she looked into those blue eyes. The journalist smiled, and reluctantly let go of Syd's hand. The brunette joined Donnie in the lobby and they were gone.

Jasmine closed her office door and let out a deep breath. She grasped her breast to release some of the sexual frustration that was suddenly ignited within her. The things that woman did to her. Even though the car accident did not go as she had planned, at least the blonde was in pain. That was good enough for the moment. I know your dirty little secret, Sydney and it's bound to come out sooner or later?you'll see.

* * *

Christmas Day had come and it was later in the evening when the two lovebirds were snuggled on the couch in the living room. A colorful glow eliminated from the enormous Christmas tree flooding the room like a rainbow. Torn wrapping paper was scattered around the room. Syd and Madison silently watched the tree. The blonde's body was between Syd's legs with had her back against the brunette's front. Warm arms were wrapped around Madison's waist. They just laid there enjoying the closeness. Syd stroked the blonde's once injured forearm.

"How's your arm?"

"It's okay?" the blonde whispered, smiling.

"That's good. How's your head?" Syd asked gently.

"It's better. I didn't have one headache all day."

Syd smiled softly and kissed Madison's temple. She then began to leisurely run her fingers through the blonde's hair. Picking up a few strands, dropping them and repeating the affectionate touch.

"That feels nice..." Madison whispered gently. The blonde snuggled herself deeper into Syd's body and sighed. "I'm stuffed after that Christmas dinner though."

Syd giggled lightly. "Yeah, me too." The brunette slid her hand under Madison shirt and began to caress the blonde's toned abdomen. "You have a tummy ache?" Syd cooed, gently.

Madison's skin was on fire as the brunette touched her. It had been so long since they had made love. They had barely touched each other after the blonde's accident and Syd's hand felt so good against her.

Syd's breathing hitched as she boldly began moving her hand up the blonde's body.

Yes, baby. Please touch me. The blonde thought as Syd's hand slowly continued its journey up her body. She wanted this so much. To be touched again.

As the brunette's hand reached just below the doctor's right breast, she hesitated. She was afraid Madison would tell her to stop and that she wasn't ready to get physical again.

Sensing Syd's hesitation, she grasped both of the brunette's hands, snaking the other one under her shirt and placed both of them on her breasts. "It's okay." The blonde breathed.

The brunette closed her eyes as she lightly squeezed the soft mounds in her hands. She felt wetness begin between her legs as Madison's nipples stood to attention. The blonde arched her back slowly; her head falling back onto Syd's left shoulder. The brunette gave a second more firm squeeze and Madison whimpered into the touch.

"God, you feel so good?" Syd whispered in the blonde's sensitive ear.

Madison arched her back even more as Syd moved her breasts in a sensual motion. "Mmm," the blonde moaned, as Syd placed a soft kiss behind her ear.

Syd then moved down to the blonde's neck and took the liberty of gently sucking on the skin presented to her. She snaked her tongue out and lightly trailed it over the side of the blonde neck. Madison shivered and kept her eyes closed in pleasure as Syd continued to fondle her bare breasts.

The doctor began to move her lower body and her ass grinded into Syd's crotch. The brunette groaned as her arousal was suddenly heightened. Syd slightly pinched the blonde's nipples, soliciting a whimper from the smaller woman.

Madison pulled Syd's hand from her right breast. She sat up and slowly removed her shirt. Syd's womanhood throbbed in anticipation as the blonde's toned back was exposed. Madison lied back in her previous position and grasped Syd's left hand putting it on her breast. The brunette felt her other hand being lowered to the hem of Madison's pajama bottoms. The blonde turned her head slightly and placed a soft kiss on Syd's jaw line. "I miss you?" she whispered, pushing the brunette's hand in her pants.

Syd whimpered as her hand disappeared in the blonde's pajamas. Madison moaned as her fingers grazed over golden curls. "I miss you too," she whispered.

"Oh?" Madison purred as Syd's fingers grazed her swollen clit. She opened her legs wider and felt the brunette open her long legs more as well.

Syd slid her fingers lower and was greeted by a warm pool of wetness. "You really want this don't you?" the brunette teased.

Madison lifted her hips to push herself into Syd's hand. "Please Syd. Make me come," the blonde pleaded.

Syd smiled against the blonde's ear. "Okay?" she whispered.

"Uh!" Madison grunted, as the basketball player began to stroke her slow and hard.

Syd could feel the blonde's ass rubbing against her center as her pajama bottoms and boxers were quickly becoming soaked. She slid two fingers into the blonde's aching need while the other hand massaged Madison's left breast.

"Oh, Syd?" Madison moaned. She moved her hips in a circular motion, causing Syd to moan also.

The brunette moved her hand faster and used her thumb to stroke the blonde's hard nub. They were both breathing heavily and Syd enjoyed hearing the moans and whimpers Madison made. The brunette had been waiting for a long time to touch her woman like this again.

"I love your fingers inside me?" the blonde breathed.

Syd slipped a third finger inside Madison and pumped her fingers faster. The blonde moaned and raised her arms above her head, her hands burrowing into Syd's dark strands. The brunette kissed the area connecting the blonde's ear to her neck. She knew the blonde was close.

"Come for me, Maddie." Syd husked.

Madison felt the heat building in the pit of her stomach and let the sensations take over her body. Syd continued to go in and out of her as her hips kept up with the brunette's quickening pace.

"Uh! Oh! Syd!" Madison screamed, as her entire body began to quiver.

The brunette slowly pumped her fingers as Madison rode out the final waves of her orgasm. Syd was close to coming herself but was more interested in giving the blonde pleasure at the moment.

"Mmmm," the blonde murmured, followed by a satisfied giggle. She turned her body around to face the brunette, lying on Syd's legs. She grinned at the basketball player before placing a lingering kiss on her lips. "That's exactly what I needed."

Syd raised an eyebrow and gave a crooked smile. "Glad to be of service."

Madison sat up and ran her hands over Syd's chest. The blonde noticed Syd's erect nipples showing through her T-shirt. Madison raised her eyes and gazed into dark baby blues. She slowly leaned into the brunette and kissed her sensually. Madison's hot tongue snaked into the brunette's mouth and Syd passionately returned the kiss. They moaned in unison as their breasts brushed against each other. Syd pulled the blonde's body to her and caressed Madison's bare back.

The blonde broke the kiss and smiled. "I'd like to return the favor."

Before Syd could respond, her pants were being tugged down her legs. Madison climbed off the couch and got on her knees in front of the brunette. "Turn towards me, baby."

The basketball player did as she was told and Madison swiftly removed Syd's boxers. Green eyes connected with blue as the blonde trailed her hands up and down Syd's muscular thighs. The basketball player shivered as Madison pushed her legs apart.

The blonde could smell the brunette's potent arousal and closed her eyes. "Just relax, baby. Let me love you," Madison spoke softly.

The blonde's hot tongue was ran along Syd's sex and the brunette moaned in pleasure. Madison hardly took everything the basketball player had to offer. Waves of heat and ecstasy were quickly feeling the brunette senses; all the way from her head to her toes. She held onto the blonde's head, as Madison worked her tongue faster, in and out of her. Finally, a powerful burst of energy erupted from Syd and she was calling out Madison's name. As the brunette's body was shivering uncontrollably, Madison climbed up the brunette's body, straddling Syd's lap.

"Merry Christmas, baby." The blonde whispered, before they kissed each other deeply.

* * *

It was mid-February, and the couple was all packed and ready to go fly out to Las Vegas for Kathleen's wedding. The ceremony was to take place the following week.

Syd and Madison stood in the foyer as their driver was carrying out the last of their luggage to the car. The blonde slipped on her shades and the two headed out the door.

"Shit?" the brunette sighed, as they were crossing the threshold.

"What is it?"

"I forgot my cell phone."

"Syd, I thought you said you had everything."

The brunette patted her jacket pockets. "Not my cell. You go ahead. I left it on the kitchen counter. I'll be out in a sec."

Madison smiled and shook her head. "Okay, but hurry." The blonde turned and headed out the door as Syd jogged back into the house.

* * *

Marty was sitting comfortably at his post in the front gate booth of Syd and Madison's house. He waved to the departing couple and waited for the vehicle to disappear out of sight. The security guard pulled out his cell phone and made a call.


"Jasmine, it's Marty. I have some news for you."

"Yeah? Does it have to do with our little project?"

"Yes. Ms. Rush and Ms. Murphy are going out of town today. I think you have more than enough footage for what you were looking for."

"Great! You are the best Marty. I'll be by later this afternoon. You'll get what I promised you."

* * *

As they neared the brunette's old neighborhood, it almost felt surreal. The trees were bare of any leaves and lawns that were usually green in the spring were somewhat yellow. All vegetation was slowly recovering from the winter weather and there was a cool breeze in the air. It was a nice afternoon.

"We're back," Madison smiled, as Syd drove their rental car through the familiar streets of Las Vegas.

There were about four cars already parked in front of the Rush residence. After ringing the doorbell, Syd and Madison stood at the door waiting for someone to answer.

Soon the door opened and there stood Anthony. "There she is!" he grinned.

"Hey, Tony," the brunette smiled. She stepped over the threshold and gave her mother's fiancé a hug.

Madison stepped inside as well, closing the door behind her. Keeping a hand on the older man's shoulder Syd turned and gestured towards the blonde. "Tony this is my girlfriend, Madison."

"Madison," he said, leaning in giving her a polite peck on the cheek. "I've heard a lot about you."

The blonde smiled and nodded. "It's nice to meet you, Anthony."

"Call me Tony, kid. We're all family here."

Madison grinned. "Okay, Tony."

Madison's first impression of this man was positive so far. Anthony was a charming man and she could already see why Kathleen is taken with him.

A few voices could be heard further back in the house.

"Come this way you two. We're in the dining room."

As they followed Anthony, Kathleen came around the corner with a huge grin. "Oh, honey!"

Syd smiled brightly. "Hey, mom."

They gave each other a tight embrace. Kathleen kissed her only daughter on the cheek then turned to the blonde and gave her a hug as well. "Madison, sweetheart. It's good to see you."

"You too, Kathleen. You look great."

"Thanks, darling." The older woman cupped the brunette's face. "I've missed you, Sydney. I'm so glad you're here."

"I'm happy to be here mom."

They walked through the large kitchen and found everyone seated at the table. There were smiles, hugs and kisses as the couple was greeted. Syd was happy to see her eldest brother Todd. It took quite a bit of convincing on her part to make him come. But he finally let go of his feelings that Anthony was replacing their father.

A girl came up to Sydney with a basketball jersey on and baggy shorts. She was practically a spitting image of the brunette when she was that age.

"Hailey? Is this my little Hailey?" the brunette said, bringing the girl into a bear hug.

"I'm not little anymore, Aunt Syd. I'm thirteen."

"Geez! Time flies. Hey, I like your jersey." The brunette smiled, noticing it was her Monarchs number.

Hailey smiled and glanced at her shirt. "You're my hero, Aunt Syd. I want to be just like you!"

"Aw, that's cute," Madison said with a smile. She noticed Syd blush lightly.

"It's awesome," the basketball player replied, patting Hailey on the shoulder.

"Do you remember me, Hailey?" The blonde asked. "You were only five when we met."

"Yes. I remember. You were really nice. You're Madison." Hailey shyly ducked her eyes.

"That's right. Can I have a hug?"

The young brunette smiled brightly and hugged Madison.

"Sis!" Syd turned around and she smiled. Her brother James came towards her and pulled her into a tight hug.

"I haven't seen you for about a year now," James commented.

"I know. Jimmy you kind of buff! Have you been working out?"

"Man, I have to in order to keep up with the baby," he smiled.

"Where is the little guy?"

"He's actually down for a nap. I'll let you see him later, though."

James' son was one year old and Syd had never seen him in person. James and his wife Angela had sent pictures and that was the closest she had come to the little tike.

The entire family sat around the table and had a wonderful meal. They talked, laughed and spoke of good times. The main topic of discussion eventually went to Syd leading her team to victory in the WNBA championship.

After dinner, Kathleen pulled Syd away from the others to show her something upstairs. The brunette followed her mother into the master bedroom.

"Wait here," Kathleen instructed.

Syd stood patiently in the center of the large room as her mother rummaged in her walk-in closet. The older woman soon came out holding a large album of some sort.

"Sit with me."

Syd sat by her mother on the foot of the bed, curious. "What is this mom?"

Kathleen set the large album on her daughter's lap. "Have a look."

The brunette opened the hard-covered album and immediately saw a picture of herself when she was being drafted into the WNBA. It was a newspaper clipping.

"Wow. I haven't seen that picture in a long time." She flipped the page and saw two more articles that talked about her. She flipped another and the same, with photos and everything. "Mom, this is amazing. When did you put this together?"

"I've kept everything that's ever been written about you that I could find. I'm just so proud of you Sydney. Your father would be also."

The brunette couldn't stop the tears from slowly escaping her eyes. "Mom, this?I?thank you...." Syd finally got out, her voice cracking.

Kathleen pulled her daughter's head down to her shoulder and caressed the brunette's hair. "You're welcome, sweetie. You're very welcome."

The two women sat there for a few minutes, enjoying each other's company.


Chapter Seven

The next day, all of the women got together for the fitting of their dresses. Kathleen wanted her three sons and daughter to be the groomsmen and their wives to be the bridesmaids. A perfect four to four ratio on both sides. Kathleen and Anthony decided on a small ceremony with less that eighty people to be in attendance. Hailey really did not want to wear a dress, but since it was for her grandmother, she said she would be the best flower girl ever. Adam, Rick's son, was to be the ring bearer, Kathleen's younger sister, Carol, was her maid of honor and Anthony's best friend, Keith was his best man.

"Oh, Madison honey, I think that dress fits you perfectly," Kathleen smiled, poking her head in the dressing room.

"I think it does too. It's beautiful," the blonde said looking at herself in the mirror. "Can you zip me up?"

"Sure." Kathleen stepped inside the small room and helped Madison. "So, how are things between you and my daughter?"

"We're great. Maybe a tad shaky after my accident, but we're okay."

"Oh, that must have been awful. Syd called me that afternoon of your accident, hysterical on the phone. I don't think she had ever been that scared in her life."

Madison ducked her eyes and straightened her dress. "Yeah, I know. We were both scared?but we got through it."

"And you got through it together. That's the important thing." Kathleen placed a gentle hand on the small of Madison's back. Their eyes connected in the mirror. "I'm so happy you two found each other again. You're the love of her life Madison and you girls are the perfect match. You always have been."

The blonde smiled sweetly. "Thanks, Kathleen and thank you for allowing me to be a part of the wedding."

"You're family. Of course you're a part of it. Okay, let's get you out of this." Kathleen unzipped the dress. "Do I hear wedding bells for you and Sydney?"

Madison's heart fluttered at the question and she blushed. "Oh, I?I don't know." The blonde answered, slipping out of the dress. "I mean, I'd love too, someday."

Kathleen gave a knowing smile. "It looks like it has crossed your mind before."

"Okay, yes?" the blonde sighed with a smile. "I've thought about it. Nothing would make me happier then to marry Syd."

"Why don't you ask her, dear?"

Madison shrugged her shoulders, unsure. "I don't know if she's ready for that."

"Madison, no one is ready for it. Sometimes you just have to dive in and hope the sharks don't bite."

Madison nodded and Kathleen smiled softly. They gave each other a hug before the older woman stepped out of the dressing room.

* * *

"Damn, Syd. You look better than all of us in a tux," Rick smiled, looking at his sister in the mirror's reflection.

"Eat your heart out," Syd teased, straightening her tie.

Todd came out of the dressing room looking as handsome as ever, followed by James. All four of the siblings stood in front of the large mirror.

"We look hot," James smiled, looking down the row.

Everyone laughed. Syd walked over to her oldest brother and patted him on the shoulder. "How are you doing?"

He smiled, lightly. "I'm good kiddo. I was acting a little immature. This is the first time mom is even interested in marrying another man. I guess I never thought someone else besides Dad would be filling the position."

Syd nodded in understanding. "I know what you mean, bro. But no one can ever replace our father."

"I know that, baby sis." He stuffed his hands in his dress pants pockets. "It just took me by surprise. I'm happy for mother."

"I don't have to hug you now, do I?" Syd teased.

Todd laughed. "Come're you."

They shared a warm hug but were soon interrupted. "This is a wedding you guys, not a funeral!" James butted in.

"Hey, shut up Jimmy. We're trying to have a heart to heart here," Todd replied.

James put his hands up in surrender. "Sorry," he said with sarcasm.

"So, when are you and Madison tying the knot?" Rick asked, straightening his tie.

"Yeah, your last one to be hitched in the family, baby sis." James said.

Syd cleared her throat nervously. "I don't know guys. I mean, I've thought about it. I just think we need more time."

"Time? You've known her since she was sixteen, and you need more time?" James asked.

"Hey, maybe she's not ready, Jimmy," Todd said, coming to his sister's defense.

"I am ready," The brunette said, confidently.

The three brothers stood silent, staring at their younger sister.

"I would love for Madison to be my wife. There just hasn't been a right time to ask. I want it to be the perfect moment."

* * *

Finally, the day of the wedding had arrived. The reception was to take place in the Rush's huge backyard. The yard was decorated beautifully with an array of flowers and white cloth. The guests were finding their way to their seats and gifts were piled on a table near the patio. Everyone was thankful that the weather had held up nicely. It was a sunny, blue skied day and not a single cloud was in sight.

The wedding was about to begin soon and Syd along with her brothers were sent to fetch the bridesmaids. They stood outside the room waiting for the women to finish up. Finally, they emerged. One by one taking their husband's arm. Madison was the last one to come out and Syd was struck silent.

When Madison's eyes met Syd's she seemed to have the same reaction. She smiled shyly as they were left alone in the hallway.

Syd's eyes scanned the woman in front of her. She had on a beautiful violet strapless dress that hung perfectly off her body. Her hair was pinned up perfectly and she had on a darker shade a lipstick that she usually wore. She seemed to glow with radiance.

Madison's heart beat faster as she stared at her girlfriend. Syd was wearing a stunning black tuxedo with shiny matching shoes. She had on a decent amount of makeup and her hair was pinned back, which accentuated her cheekbones.

Finally, Syd found her tongue and spoke. "Wow, Maddie, you?you look beautiful."

The blonde shyly ducked her head and blushed. "Thank you," Madison replied quietly.

Syd smiled at the blonde's bashfulness. Green eyes finally met blue and Madison smiled. "You look amazing."

Syd charmingly nodded her head in thanks and held out her arm. "Shall we go?"

Madison proudly took her girlfriend's arm and grinned, green eyes sparkling. "Lead the way."

All four couples were walked down the aisle. It was a spectacular wedding ceremony. While Kathleen and Anthony exchanged their vows, Syd and Madison couldn't help but glance at one another, smiling timidly. Neither one knowing the other was thinking about their special day.

After the final 'I dos' the crowd was dispersing, ready for the reception. The bride and groom had their first dance, champagne was pouring non-stop, and everyone was congratulating the newlyweds.

Eventually, couples were filing onto the dance floor, well, the area in the backyard set up for the dance floor. Syd and Madison had let their hair down, theoretically and literally. They were dancing to the upbeat music, drinking, laughing and having a good time.

After a good few hours, the sun was beginning to go down. Guests were starting to leave and the party was winding down. Everyone had said their goodbyes to Kathleen and Anthony who were on their way to Hawaii for their honeymoon. James agreed to lock up the house after everyone left.

Madison was chatting with a few guests by the bar when Syd suddenly grasped her hand, dragging her into the house. Madison chuckled and followed the brunette. The basketball player's first instinct was to head for the basement.

Seeing that no one was around, Syd opened the door and they descended the stairs. "What are you doing?" Madison laughed, alcohol swimming in her veins.

"I?I want to be alone with you," Syd slurred slightly.

When they made it downstairs they saw the newly transformed and nicely furnished basement. Syd's childhood posters and furniture were no longer present. There were two large couches and a widescreen TV. Further into the basement was a pool table. It was a comfy room put together like another den.

"Nice digs?" the brunette commented, leading Madison by the hand to the couch.

Syd lightly pushed the blonde down to lie on the couch. Madison willing lied on her back and smiled at the basketball player. The brunette removed her black jacket and tossed it to the floor.

"You're drunk," Madison giggled as Syd climbed on top of her.

The brunette grinned. "So are you..."

Madison chuckled and cupped Syd's face. "Well, if I'm drunk?and you're drunk?maybe we shouldn't do this."

Syd smiled and nodded. "Yeah, we might regret it in the morning?"

"Mmm hmm," Madison mumbled before pulling the brunette down for a heated kiss. She buried her hands in dark hair and moaned softly.

Syd pushed her body into the blonde and deepened the kiss. With the combination of alcohol, the way Madison looked and the atmosphere, Syd suddenly became really horny.

They broke the kiss and Madison whimpered as the brunette cupped her breast and moved a thigh between her legs.

"You look so fucking hot in this dress," Syd whispered against Madison's neck. "I couldn't keep my eyes off you."

"Oh, Syd?"

The basketball played began to trail her kisses down the blonde's chest. Madison held onto Syd's head and closed her eyes losing herself in the brunette's touch. Syd tugged the blonde's dress down, exposing Madison's right breast. She began to feast hungrily on it as gentle fingers caressed her scalp.

"Well, looky here!" Someone's voice boomed in the large basement. A few whistles of appreciation soon followed.

Syd quickly helped the blonde cover herself up and stood briskly from the couch. Madison stood as well, hiding herself behind the taller woman. They spotted James and Rick at the foot of the stairs and a few other guests descending behind them. "This is Mom's wedding, not yours, Syd," James teased.

"That's a nice shade of lipstick," Rick laughed.

The brunette wiped at her mouth, which was covered with Madison's lipstick. The blonde was grasping the back of Syd's shirt, blushing heavily.

"What are you guys doing down here?" Syd frowned.

Rick shrugged and walked further into the basement. "We wanted to play some pool. Sorry to interrupt sis, but this is no longer your room, remember?" he smiled.

"I'll break!" James called as the small group headed to the pool table in the back.

Madison straightened her dress as Syd picked up her jacket from the floor.

"Do you guys want to play?" James asked.

"No, actually we better get back to the hotel," Syd replied.

Rick shook his head. "No, you're not. Mom would kill us if she found out we let you drive drunk off your ass."

Syd rolled her eyes, but she knew her older brother was right. She looked at Madison and raised an eyebrow. "Is it alright if we crash here tonight, baby?"

"Fine, I guess," the blonde said, plopping onto the couch.

"We can just stay in a guest room." The brunette sat next to the doctor, wrapping an arm around her. "At least we have a change of clothes in the car."

* * *

After spending the night in the old Rush house and handling the lock up responsibilities, the couple left the home the next morning and changed at the hotel. They planned on staying in Vegas for another two days.

That afternoon, they spent most of the day visiting friends and relatives. First they stopped by Tom and Frances' house. Madison was so happy to see her parents and have one of her mother's home cooked meals. After that, they visited their friends Lisa and Heather at their home.

It had been a long day. The Las Vegas sky was losing light as Syd and Madison pulled away from their friends' house.

"It was so good to see them again," Madison smiled, leaning back in the passenger seat.

"Yeah, it was."

"I am so ready to get back to the hotel, take a hot shower and relax."

"Actually, babe?we have one more stop to make."

"What? Where?"

"You'll see."

Madison narrowed her eyes at the basketball player. "Syd."

"Just sit back and relax, Maddie. You'll see," the brunette smiled.

Realizing she wasn't getting anywhere, Madison sat back in her seat and folded her arms.

Finally, after another half hour, they reached their destination. Madison looked around and the area looked very familiar. They were definitely up in the mountains.

"I know this place," the blonde said.

Syd pulled the car to a stop and turned to Madison. "Good, you're remembering. Come on," the brunette smiled, before hopping out of the truck.

Madison hoped out of the truck as well and caught up with the brunette. When she looked out over the cliff Madison dawned a smile of recognition. Syd had taken her to this very spot eight years ago. It was still light outside and the sky was breathtaking with a beautiful mixture of orange, pink and yellow. They could see the entire valley.

The brunette looked down at Madison and smiled. "Now, do you remember?"

Madison met sparkling blue eyes and nodded. "I do remember. You brought me here a long time ago," the blonde replied, grasping Syd's hand. "It was much darker outside though."

The brunette glanced at the large flat rock and then back at Madison. "You want to sit in our old spot?"

"Sure," the blonde replied, before being led to their awaiting seat.

Syd sat down first and Madison sat between her legs, scooting backward into the brunette's body. Madison sighed when she felt strong arms wrap around her waist from behind.

"This city is so beautiful. I think people take Las Vegas for granted."

"Yeah, I'm glad to call it my hometown."

As they sat there, looking over the city where they fell in love, Syd's heart began to race. She held onto Madison tighter and leaned her cheek against the blonde's head.

"This is so weird," the Madison whispered.

"What do you mean? You don't like this?"

"No, no, I love it. It's just that I feel like a teenager again."

Syd chuckled. "Me too."

"I remember the first time you held me like this. It felt like my heart was going to explode," the blonde giggled, lightly.

Syd smiled and snuggled against blonde hair.

"It was at school, in the cafeteria restroom?and do you remember what you said to me?"

"Tell me?" the brunette whispered.

Madison smiled to herself and lightly rubbed one of Syd's arms. "You said?I feel like I could hold you forever."

The brunette leaned over and kissed Madison on the cheek. "I still do," Syd replied swallowing the lump in her throat.

Madison snuggled back into her girlfriend and sighed in contentment.

"And?I'd?I'd try my best to be a good wife to you," Syd spoke softly.

The blonde's eyes popped open and her breathing hitched. Madison sat forward and turned her head, looking directing into Syd's face. Those blue eyes were vulnerable and guarded at the same time.

"Wife?" Madison breathed.

Syd gave a ghost of a smile and carefully climbed from behind the blonde. Madison did not move and remained seated. She was too shocked after hearing that one word that the brunette had just uttered. Wife. Syd was now standing before her.

The brunette's eyes were swimming with affection as looked down at the doctor. "What I mean when I say that is?" Syd slowly got down on one knee, making sure to keep eye contact with Madison.

The blonde's eyes widened in surprise and anticipation. She covered her mouth with one hand and gasped. Syd dug into her inside jacket pocket and pulled out a small box. Madison smiled lovingly as Syd gently grasped one of her hands. Their eyes connected.

"Maddie, I love you so much?"

"I love you too, baby," the blonde replied, softly.

The corner of Syd's mouth curled into a cute smile, loving the blonde's sudden response.

"We've been through so much together?and you know me better than anyone. I fell in love with you when you were that cute, shy and innocent sixteen year old girl? and now I'm even more in love with the woman you've become."

Tears began to form in the blonde's eyes as she gazed into those heartfelt baby blues. Madison saw pure love and devotion.

Syd lightly squeezed the hand in hers and nervously continued. "Madison Murphy?love of my life?will you marry me?" The brunette opened the small black box with shaky hands and revealed a stunning platinum, twenty-five carat ring with three-stones.

Madison gasped as she looked upon the beautiful ring. She then met nervous blue eyes and smiled. "Yes," the blonde nodded. "Yes, I'll marry you."

Syd's face lit up when she heard Madison's answer and she grinned. The brunette carefully removed the ring out of the box and gently slid it on the blonde's finger. It fit perfectly.

"Thank you?" Syd whispered, pulling Madison to her feet. She pulled the blonde into a warm hug. "I love you?"

"I love you more?" Madison breathed, as tears ran down her face. She had always wanted this moment to happen. Syd was her everything and now she would be her wife.

Without warning, the blonde was lifted from the ground. "Syd!"

"Yes!" the brunette hollered, spinning the two of them in circles. Madison was in a fit of giggles because of Syd's sudden outburst. Finally, she put the blonde back down and turned towards the entire Valley of lights, arms raised high to now starry night sky. "You hear that Vegas! She said yes!"

"Stop!" Madison laughed, tugging on one of Syd's arms.

The brunette turned to her fiancé, eyes shimmering with love and happiness. "You've made me the happiest woman in the world."

Madison slowly wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck. "Second happiest?" she whispered with a cute smile.

Syd brought her arms around Madison's waist and they became closer. They looked into each other's eyes at that moment and both of them knew they had just taken an incredible step in their relationship and in their lives. Syd brushed her nose softly against Madison's and they both smiled warmly. Then their lips slowly inched towards each other and the two women shared a loving kiss.


Chapter Eight

Three weeks later

Sitting in her bed at night, legs under the covers and a yogurt in hand, Jasmine clicked on the television. She continuously flipped the stations until something caught her interest. It was Sydney. The blonde lowered the remote and listened in on the Entertainment News story.

"It seems that the WNBA's most valuable player will be tying the knot."

Jasmine suddenly spit out the yogurt she had in her mouth and her eyes widened as she watched the screen.

"That's right Monarchs fans; Sacramento's very own Sydney Rush is now engaged to long time girlfriend Madison Murphy." The screen showed photos of Syd and Madison in a few paparazzi photos: tanning on the beach and walking the streets hand and hand.

Jasmine frowned at the images and rage was growing in the pit of her stomach.

"Sources say the basketball star popped the question weeks ago while the couple was in their hometown of Las Vegas. There is no set date for the wedding as of yet," the entertainment anchor continued. "But it is clear that these two lovebirds are in it to win it."

Jasmine closed her eyes and took a deep breath. So, you're engaged now. Well, we can't have that. The blonde thought, as hatred ate at her heart. She looked across the room at the surveillance DVDs that Marty had given her and a slow smile spread over her face.

* * *

Madison clicked off the television in the den and smiled to herself. She had just seen the short story about her and Syd's engagement. The blonde made her way down the long hallway and finally came to the indoor pool room. The lights inside the clear blue depths were reflecting the ripples of water on the ceiling and walls.

The brunette just finished her final lap when she saw Madison standing at the edge of the pool grinning at her.

"What's going on, beautiful?" Syd asked, bobbing over to Madison.

Madison crotched down and put her bare feet in the water. "It's official. Everyone in the world knows you're mine. I just saw a story of E news."

"Yeah? I'm surprised they didn't find out sooner." Syd stood to her full height in the four deep part of the pool and stood between the blonde's legs. She lightly caressed the outside of Madison's thighs.

The blonde was still grinning at her with pure adoration in those green eyes.

Syd smiled back and chuckled. "You like that I'm yours don't you?"

"Yes," the blonde replied, sweetly.

Syd moved her hands gently up and down Madison's thighs. "Well, you're mine, too!" Quickly lunging herself forward, Syd grasped the blonde's arms and pulled her into the pool.

Madison gasped loudly, when she resurfaced. Her face in shock and surprise. "Ah! Syd!" The blonde shrieked, pushing a few wet strands away from her face.

"Shhh?just come're?" Syd husked in her sexy tone. She grasped one of Madison's wristed and pulled the blonde over to her.

Madison's defenses were useless when Syd's lips brushed against hers. Arms wrapped around the brunette's neck. The brunette slowly ran her tongue across the blonde's lips. Madison felt her insides flip flop and she opened her mouth allowing the basketball player to deepen the kiss. Their bodies maneuvered in the water further into the pool until the blonde's back came to another edge. They broke the kiss breathing heavily. There they were. Almost five feet deep in the water, soaking wet, looking into each other's eyes.

The brunette smiled softly. "Maddie?"


"I can't wait to marry you?" Syd whispered.

Madison's expression was soft with a loving and honest smile. She ran her hand over the brunette's slick hair. "Me too?I love you so much, Syd," the blonde's voice cracked.

"I love you too, Maddie," the brunette breathed before their lips met again.

Madison's legs floated up and wrapped around Syd's waist. The brunette pushed her body into the blonde's and Madison moaned in her mouth. The brunette worked her hands underwater and found the hem of the blonde's tank top. Soon the top was off and Syd could feel Madison's bare chest against her. Madison untied Syd's bikini top and removed it, allowing the garment to drift away from them.

Their bodies came together and both women moaned at the contact. Moist lips crushed together as they sought each other's tongues. Madison quickly reached into the front of Syd's bathing suit and began to stroke the brunette's clit. Syd broke the kiss and arched her back. Madison saw the opportunity and nibbled on the basketball player's neck. The brunette moaned loudly as Madison worked her fingers inside her.

The blonde found Syd's lips again and kissed her deeply. She moaned in anticipation as she felt Syd's hand push past the elastic band of her shorts. "Mmm?" the blonde whimpered, trapping Syd tighter between her legs.

"Oh?yes, faster baby?" Syd whispered, lost in the feel of Madison's touch. The blonde began to stroke the brunette deeper and faster.

Both women were arching their backs as moans and whimpers escaped their lips.

* * *

After having a wild escaped in the pool, the two lovers were now in bed cuddling.

"When do you think we should set a date?" Madison asked, rubbing the brunette's abdomen.


"For the wedding."

"Oh, well uh?I think we should just do it tomorrow."

"Syd?" Madison began. She knew from the tone of Syd's voice the brunette was joking and talking out of her ass now.

"What? It would be the perfect day," Syd went on, speaking nonchalantly. "I know we don't have anything arranged, but with a few phone calls, we should be able to round up a few guests. Have you pick a maid of honor? You'll have to get on that?"


"Too soon?"

Madison swatted the chuckling brunette on the stomach. "I'm serious. When do you see us getting married?"

Syd place her hand on the one resting on her stomach. "The truth is Maddie, I really would marry you tomorrow, because any day that you agree to take me as your wife, I'd say that was the perfect day."

Madison leaned up on her elbow and met Syd's blue eyes. "How do you do that?" she asked softly.

"What?" the brunette whispered back.

"Know exactly what to say to me."

"I just say what I feel?like you've always wanted me to."

Madison smiled softly and brushed some of Syd's hair from her face. As she studied the brunette's expression, she saw the young teenager she had fallen in love with in high school. That look. God, she loved the way Syd would look at her. The entire world would melt away and it was just the two of them. "I love you. You're my whole life, Sydney."

The brunette felt her heart skip a beat and gave a warm smile. "Hey, save it for the vows," she quickly chimed in, making Madison giggle.

Syd leaned up and kissed the blonde on the lips. "I love you too, Maddie. Now, let's get some sleep."

The two settled themselves in the large bed and went to sleep.

* * *

"Goodnight, everyone!" Madison called to her fellow employees in the Athletic Center office.

A number of goodbyes were called back to her as the blonde threw on her sweater and headed out the door. As Madison exited the building she spotted a woman leaning on a Jaguar looking at her. It was Jasmine.

Madison rolled her eyes slightly as the reporter walked over to her.

"Hello, Dr. Murphy."

"Jasmine?" the blonde nodded. "What are you doing here?"

The reporter was a bit unsteady as she looked at Madison. The doctor saw the glassiness of Jasmine's eyes and she could smell the alcohol on her breath.

"Have you been drinking?"

"A little."

Madison scrunched her nose in disgust and tried to walk around the woman but the reporter blocked her path. The blonde let out a frustrated sigh and looked at the journalist in question.

"Jasmine, what do you want?"

"I want to know if you and Sydney are really getting married."

"Ms. Murphy?" Syd's driver stepped out of the car, concern on his face. "Is everything alright here?"

"Yes. Everything's fine, Eddie," Madison reassured him.

The man looked between the two women and then nodded his head, returning to the vehicle. Madison turned her attention back to Jasmine.

"And to answer your question, Jasmine?yes, we are."

The reporter's expression seemed to sober slightly and she lowered her eyes. No, no this can't be happening. Madison turned her head slightly, studying the blonde's response. "Why?"

Jasmine raised her eyes and quickly shook off her disappointment. "Well, I just wanted to personally come and congratulate you," she slurred.

The doctor smiled weakly. "Thanks, but I know you don't mean it." Madison looked past the blonde and saw her ride patiently waiting for her. "Look, is there a real reason why you're here?"

Jasmine had been out driving around all night. Ever since she heard the news of the couple's engagement she couldn't set her mind at rest. She didn't even know why she was at Madison's job. She felt desperate, like she had to create some kind of rift to stop the marriage. She wanted Syd for herself so badly and she was willing to say or do anything at this point.

"Well, since you've asked. I was wondering if Syd had gotten over her problem."

Madison frowned. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, don't play that game, Madison. I'm a reporter, I'm not stupid. I pay attention to detail and Syd was eating those pain pills like candy during the season."

Madison shifted her gaze uncomfortably and adjusted the strap of her purse on her shoulder. "I don't know how you got that information. But she's not using anymore."

"So she's gone to a rehab facility. I wonder how that info didn't reach the press."

"That's because there was no rehab. She quit?.for me."

Jasmine chuckled and shook her head. "Addicts can't just quit, Murphy. It's not that easy to kick a habit."

Madison felt her anger reach its boiling point and she wanted nothing more than to punch the reporter right in her smiling face. The vibe coming from Jasmine was disturbingly familiar and it made Madison's skin crawl. She needed to get away from this woman.

The blonde glared at Jasmine. "You don't know anything, Hayworth. Now, step away from me before you get hurt."

"Wait, there's one more thing." Jasmine reached into the inside of her jacket and pulled out a then CD cover. "Watch this DVD. I'm sure you'll find it very?informative."

With questioning eyes, Madison took the disc that was handed to her. "What's on it?" she asked, not wanting to play games.

Jasmine took a few steps back and only grinned. "Just watch it. Goodnight." The reporter turned around and headed towards her car.

Madison looked after the blonde feeling confused by the entire encounter. She looked down at the object in her hand and it was a blank DVD with no label on it. The blonde tusked between her teeth and shook her head. Did that just happen? Madison slipped the disc into her purse and headed towards the dark SUV that was to take her home.

* * *

When Madison arrived at home, she took the small lift up to the master bedroom. When the door slid open she spotted Syd sitting up in the bed watching the flat screen on the wall.

The brunette's face lit up when she saw the blonde. "Hey, baby. How was work?"

The exhausted doctor walked into the room and placed her purse in a nearby chair. She had not forgotten about the DVD the reporter had given her, but she did not feel like watching whatever bullshit Jasmine was offering at the moment. She was too tired.

"Oh, you know the usual." Madison came over to Syd's side of the bed and kissed the brunette hello. "What are you watching?" the blonde asked turning to the screen.

"There's a Dirty Jobs marathon on."

Madison rolled her eyes in annoyance. "You and that show?" the blonde sighed removing her sweater as she headed towards the bathroom.

"What? It's a great show," the brunette reasoned. "I don't know why you don't like it. It's educational."

"I don't know how jumping into a cesspool is educational," Madison replied.

"It is as a matter of fact!" Syd called behind the retreating blonde. "It is?" the brunette said to herself.

Madison splashed some cool water onto her face and let out a deep breath. She was still wigged out by Jasmine's little visit and was wondering what was on that disc. She decided to keep it to herself for now. All she wanted to do was curl up in Syd's arms and fall asleep.

After changing into her night gown, the blonde climbed into bed and snuggled herself into the brunette's side. She wrapped an arm over Syd's stomach and she felt the basketball player circle an arm around her shoulders.

Syd turned her head and placed a kiss on the blonde's head. "You look so tired, babe," the brunette cooed.

"Long day?" Madison yawned.

"A couple of the girls and I are getting together tomorrow morning to shoot some hoops."

"Okay?" the blonde murmured.

The basketball player grasped Madison's hand and brought it to her lips, placing a gentle kiss on the blonde's palm. "Goodnight, Maddie?" Syd whispered.

"Night, baby?" the blonde murmured before drifting to sleep.

Syd smiled softly at the sight of her slumbering girlfriend and shut off the television.

* * *

Early the next morning, Syd met up with her friend Cee Cee and four other players from the team. As soon as Syd stepped foot in the gymnasium her teammates began to hoot and holler loudly and clap.

The brunette threw her gym bag on the bench and smiled. "Okay, okay." She said, trying to pipe down her friends.

"Big bad Sydney is finally getting hitched!" Cee Cee yelled, jumping on the brunette's back.

Syd buckled her knees to hold the weight of her friend as her other teammates laughed. Cee Cee ruffled the top of her head and she pushed the other woman off her.

"Get off me you nut!" Syd yelled playfully.

"Hey, congrats Rush!" Jessica said, giving the brunette a high five.

"Thanks, thanks, guys," the brunette said.

"Let's play some ball!" one of the other women shouted with a grin.

While the others woman ran onto the court, Cee Cee stood next to Syd as the brunette changed into her gym shoes.

"I'm really happy for you, Syd."

The brunette glanced up at her friend and smiled lightly. "Thanks, Cee Cee. So, how are things with the police chick?"

"Things are um?" Cee Cee shyly ducked her head. "Things are going well."

Syd raised an eyebrow. "That's it? No details?"

"I'm not going to kiss and tell with this one. Joyce is?special."

The brunette nodded her head in acknowledgement. "I can respect that."

"And she's a detective, not a cop."

"Is there a difference?"


"No there's not."

"Yes, there is."

"No, there's not." Syd said standing up.

"You wanna take this outside?" Cee Cee joked.

"Let's go!"

"Are you ladies going to bitch all day or are we going to play?" One of the women interrupted.

"Yeah, come on MVP! Let's see what you got!"

The brunette gave a winning smile and she and Cee Cee jogged onto the court to join their teammates.

* * *

Madison gave her mouth a final rinse before spitting out the tooth paste foam into the sink. She grabbed a towel and wiped her mouth off before exiting the bathroom.

Stretching her arms overhead, she thought of how happy she was to have the day off. Then another thought came to her?the disc.

The blonde went over to her purse and rummaged through it until she found the mysterious DVD. Madison went up to the flat screen and slipped the disc into the player. In a few silent moments an image popped up on the screen. It was an overhead shot of Syd and herself in the foyer of the house. The video was silent.

Madison's brows furrowed in confusion. "What the hell?" she whispered to herself.

The blonde continued to watch the screen and realized this was footage of her and Syd before their trip to Las Vegas for Kathleen's wedding. How the hell did Jasmine get this? Madison thought, as she continued to watch the screen.

She and the brunette carried on a brief conversation and then Syd jogged back into the house.

Madison remembered that Syd had forgotten her cell phone in the kitchen.

Suddenly, the image changed to a shot of the kitchen and Syd entering. What struck Madison as unusual was how the basketball player was acting once she was in the kitchen.

She was almost being, stealth. The brunette looked behind her to make sure no one was looking and went towards the kitchen cabinet.

Madison continued to watch with curiosity as her girlfriend was obviously being sneaky about something.

Syd opened one of the higher cabinets and reached far back onto the top shelf. When the brunette pulled her hand back, she was holding an object. Madison couldn't tell what it was because Syd's back was to the screen. When the brunette finally turned around, Madison gasped in shock at what Syd was holding. Pills.

Syd quickly opened the bottle and popped a few pills into her mouth. She then looked to see if anyone was coming and quickly put the bottle back up in the cabinet. The brunette then hastily exited the kitchen.

The screen went black.

Madison sat there on the edge of the bed in disbelief. She continued to stare at the blank screen and a sea of emotions flooded her body. A lone tear fell from her eye.

* * *

"Maddie!" the brunette called, coming through the front door.

No answer.


Again, no answer.

Where is she? Syd was in such a good mood she decided to take the three flights of stairs all the way up to her bedroom. Taking in a few deep breaths, she opened the double doors to her room.

"Hey, baby I?" Syd stopped short when she saw Madison sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at the carpet. There was a suitcase at the foot of the bed beside her.

Syd studied the sight before her, confused. "What's going on?" the brunette asked carefully.

"You promised me?" a small voice spoke.

"Baby," Syd spoke softly, walking slowly into the room. "What are you saying?"

"Why did you lie to me??" Madison finally lifted her head, eyes puffy and red from crying.

A sudden sting hit Syd's heart upon seeing the blonde's face. She rushed over to Madison and kneeled before the blonde.

"What's wrong, honey?" the brunette asked softly. She placed her hands on the blonde's knees.

Madison closed her eyes, almost painfully, and shook her head. "Don't touch me right now."

Syd removed her hands as if she had been burned. "Maddie, what?"

Green eyes met terrified blue with pure intensity. "I know you're still taking pain killers."

Syd's facial expression dropped and her heart began to beat faster. Before the brunette could say anything the blonde clicked on the TV and hit play. Syd turned around and watched the screen. She stood up suddenly when she saw the image of her and Madison. "What is this?"

Syd saw herself go into the kitchen. "How? I don't have a security camera set up in the kitchen. Where did this come from?"

Madison remained silent and looked down disappointedly.

The brunette watched the video until the end and she knew she had been caught. Silence filled the room. Syd hesitantly turned towards Madison. She was afraid of what was going to happen next. She knew she had broken a promise; A promise that seemed so simple when she made it, but was impossible to keep.

"Madison?" she spoke with uncertainty in her voice.

The blonde met her gaze. Those green eyes that usually sparkled upon seeing her were now empty and distant. Madison waited for Syd to explain herself but all the basketball player could do was look at her. What was she supposed to say?

"I?I'm sorry?"

The blonde lowered her eyes.

"I tried to quit, Maddie?I did?but?" Syd's words failed her.

Madison swallowed the lump in her throat. She stared daggers into the brunette's eyes. "I was in a hospital bed with a concussion and a broken arm?and you looked straight into my eyes?" the blonde's voice cracked. "And you lied."

Syd put her head down in shame. She knew Madison was right.

"How could you do that?" Madison breathed.

The brunette hesitantly met Madison's gaze again and she saw the hurt in those green eyes she had caused. She didn't have an answer to that question.

Madison slowly stood from the bed, her eyes burning with fresh tears. "I think we should spend some time apart."

Syd slowly closed her eyes and a tear escaped, rolling down her face.

"I left the engagement ring on the dresser?"

"Maddie, please don't?" the brunette pleaded, tears making themselves more present in her eyes. She took a step towards the blonde, wanting to reach out to her.

"Syd, don't?don't make this any harder?"

The brunette stopped. Her eyes moved down to the suitcase that was next to the blonde and her bottom lip began to quiver. As a final plea, she slowly got down on her knees. "Please, Maddie?" Syd sobbed, desperation in her voice. "I'll stop, I promise I'll stop. Just stay with me, baby."

Madison shook her head solemnly, unable to stop the tears from that were now falling from her eyes freely. "That's what you said before?it was lie?you're even lying to me now."

Syd's heart was beating at a frantic pace and her palms were sweating. Her worst fear was becoming a reality. The woman she loved was leaving her.

Madison picked up her suitcase and began to walk past the broken basketball player. Suddenly, Syd grabbed the blonde's her free hand. She kissed it and pressed it against her cheek, crying in desperation.

"Baby, please?I'm begging you. Don't leave me?"

Madison sniffled and took a breath. She knew she had to stay strong. "Syd, look at me?" the blonde softly requested.

Slowly, Syd raised her head. Madison's heart ached upon seeing those beautiful blue eyes puffy and red. The blonde cupped Syd's cheek and the brunette closed her eyes, tears falling down her face.

"I love you?but I can't compete with this anymore?what you've become. It's stronger than us. Right now you have two loves in your life and you need to make a choice. When you figure out which one is more important, let me know."

Madison slipped her hand away from Syd's grasp and held her head high as she began to walk out of the room.

"Maddie?" the brunette whispered; her voice shaky. She heard the blonde's footsteps descending the stairs and her heart was breaking even more the further Madison was walking away from her.

Syd quickly got onto her feet and ran out the bedroom looking over the railing. She saw the top of the blonde's head as she was reaching the second floor. "Maddie?" the brunette called softly.

Madison heard Syd's heartfelt call, but refused to stop.

"Madison!" the brunette called again.

The only response Syd received was the closing of the front door.


Chapter Nine

After about an hour of crying and trying to reach the blonde's cell phone, Syd gave up. She had no idea where Madison had gone or where she would be staying. Her entire world had been turned upside down in a matter of minutes.

Suddenly, the brunette thought of something that triggered a nerve of anger. The surveillance video. She jumped off the couch and ran through the long hallway towards the front door. The basketball player exited the house and did a full speed sprint down the drive way. Only one person knew how her security system worked besides herself. Marty.

"That asshole?" Syd mumbled through her teeth.

She came to a skidding halt in front of the booth at the front gate, making the security guard who was inside jump. "Jesus, Syd! You scared the shit out of me." Marty smiled.

"You?" the brunette growled, staring daggers at her soon to be ex-employee.

A look of fear came over the guard's face. "What?"

Syd charged into the booth and grabbed the man, forcefully shoving him against the wall. "Why did you do it you fucker?!"

"What are you talking about?!"

"The cameras! Where the fuck did the extra cameras come from?!"

Marty suddenly became silent. Syd pulled the frighten man toward her and pushed him against the wall again, harder than before. "Answer me!"

"Ah! Okay, okay. It was this woman's idea."

"What woman?" the brunette snarled, her mind going crazy.

"She?. her name was?was?"

"Spit it out, Marty!"

"Jasmine!" he screamed.

Syd's eyes were as wide as saucers and she let go of the man. Marty slumped backward onto the wall, breathing heavily.

The brunette took a step back and ran a shaky hand through her hair. "Jasmine?Jasmine Hayworth?"

Marty quickly nodded.

Syd studied the man for a moment. "What did she offer you?" she asked, her eyes deadly.

The security guard couldn't bring himself to look at his employer. "Twenty grand?"

Syd chuckled between her teeth sarcastically and shook her head in disgust. "I thought you were my friend, Marty."

The man looked up at her regrettably. "I'm sorry, Syd."

Syd took a step forward and looked squarely into Marty's eyes. "Good, I'm glad you're sorry?because you're also fired you piece of shit. Get off my property."

* * *

Madison had no idea where she was headed. She had been driving around the city for over forty five minutes with no place to go. Deciding she could not drive any longer, the blonde pulled into a semi busy gas station and cut the engine.

She leaned her head back against the headrest, took in a deep breath and slowly released it. She was hurting so badly inside and the cut ran deep. Syd had lied to her and it was beyond her belief. Madison pulled out her cell phone and hit the speed dial waiting patiently for her friend to answer.

"Hey, Madison," Lisa answered.

"Lisa?.I need to talk?" the blonde got out, barely able to speak.

"Madison? Honey, what's wrong?"

"I?.I left Syd?"


"I left her. I packed a few things, jumped in my car and left. I don't know what to do, Lisa?" the blonde cried frantically.

"Whoa, calm down. Just tell me what this is all about."

Madison explained the whole situation about the brunette's addiction to her best friend and Lisa couldn't believe her ears. How could Syd do this to her?

"I had no idea, Madison."

"Neither did I. I should have paid more attention or?"

"Madison, don't make up excuses for her. This is not your fault. Syd has a problem and she needs help."

"I know?I know?" the blonde sighed.

"You did the right thing."

"Did I? Every fiber of my being is telling me to just go back to her."

"I know, honey. But like you said, she has to choose. You've already confronted her about it and that did not end so well."

"Yeah, I ended up crashing my car."

There was a moment a silence between them.

"So, what will you do now?"

"I don't know. I guess I'll just check into a hotel, get settled."

"Okay, well you call me anytime alright? I'll keep the phone near me."

"Thanks, Lisa. You're a good friend."

After ending her conversation with Lisa, Madison started the car and pulled out of the gas station.

* * *

After making sure Marty had left the premises, Syd ran back into the house and picked up the phone. Jasmine?Madison was right about her all along.

"Hey, Cee Cee."

- - -

"Yeah, listen I need your help."

- - -

"Do you think I could get some help from that detective of yours?"

* * *

Later that evening, Madison was toweling off her hair as she walked out of the hotel bathroom in a white robe. It was a decent hotel and the blonde was fairly comfortable. While she was putting on her nightgown, she heard her cell phone vibrating. She really did not feel like talking to anyone, in particular Syd, so she let it go to messages.

As she settled herself in bed she began to think. About the brunette mostly. She missed her terribly, but Syd had broken an important promise to her. She was hurt and angry. She just needed some time. She couldn't even stop for me. Madison thought closing her eyes. A few tears silently escaped from under her tired eyelids.

* * *

Jasmine was sitting at her office desk, drinking some orange juice. She was trying to nurse her hangover, which resulted from her drinking the night before. It was finally starting to go away. She felt triumphant about her actions two nights ago. She knows Madison had probably seen the camera footage by now.

Suddenly, her receptionist was on the line. "Ms. Hayworth?"

"I told you, Susan. I do not want to be interrupted."

"But miss, Sydney Rush is here to see you."

Jasmine perked up in her seat. "Send her in."

Within seconds, the tall brunette walked into the room and closed the door behind her.

"Sydney," the blonde smiled. She sat back in her chair and crossed her legs revealing for a glimpse what she was wearing underneath her skirt. "What brings you here this morning?"

"You did," Syd answered.

Jasmine raised a brow. "I did?"

The brunette took another step forward and brought a hand from behind her back. She was holding the DVD that Jasmine had given Madison. Syd did not say a word. She only looked at the blonde with a venomous gaze.

"What's that?"

"You know damn well what it is!" Syd threw the case on Jasmine's desk with a thud and leaned over the blonde's desk. "Marty told me all about your little arrangement."

"Aw, Marty told you did he?I should have known he couldn't stomach it."

"Why would you do this to me, Jasmine?"

"You did it to yourself, Syd," the blonde shot back. "I just let Madison finally see the truth."

All Syd could do was stare the reporter down with anger and deceit in her heart. "You fucking bitch?" Syd strained between her teeth. "She left me because you!"

"No! She left because of you!" the reported shouted back, standing to her feet. "You're an addict, Sydney. You think a woman like Madison wants to be with you?"

The brunette let out a breath and frowned in resentment. She turned her back to Jasmine and buried her face in her hands. She hated that the blonde's words spoke true. It was her fault that Madison left her.

Jasmine watched the brunette for a moment, her tone of voice softened. "She can't handle who and what you really are?but I can."

Syd's expression changed in surprise but she did not turn around. She heard Jasmine making her way around the desk.

"I want us to be together. I always have?but Madison had always been in the way and her little accident didn't quite go the way I had hoped."

Syd quickly whipped around and looked at the blonde in question. "What are you saying? You're the one who cut her brakes?"

"Well, not me personally. I hired someone to do it but they screwed up of course. The little bitch is still alive."

With fire in her eyes the brunette charged towards Jasmine. She wanted to wring this woman's neck. But before Syd could reach her, the reporter quickly pulled a small pistol from behind her back.

"Don't try it," Jasmine instructed.

The basketball player immediately backed off and put her hands up. "Jasmine?put the gun down?" Syd spoke calmly. "You don't have to do this."

"I think I do." Jasmine waved the gun towards a chair, indicating Syd to sit down.

The brunette slowly moved forward and took a seat.

Keeping her eyes on the basketball player, Jasmine stepped backwards and sat on top of her desk, crossing her legs.

"God knows I enjoy a challenge Sydney and you're a hell of a good one. But after awhile, the chase gets old. So, I had to improvise."

"And try to kill Madison?"

"If I had to, yes."

Syd felt like crying and she bit her bottom lip. "Why me, Jasmine?"

"It's always been you. Ever since I first laid eyes on you?" the blonde slowly lowered the gun to her lap.

"But you don't even know me. We only met a year ago."

"Oh, I know you?Sydie."

Sydie? The brunette thought. No one has called me that since?

Jasmine laughed at the quizzical expression on Syd's face. "Come on, Sydie. You really don't recognize me? Well, I guess you wouldn't with the plastic surgery and blonde hair."

Syd leaned forward and studied the woman carefully. It can't be. "Stacie?"

"In the flesh, baby. The little cheerleader you used to fuck whenever you wanted to and throw away like a piece of garbage." The blonde pointed her gun at the basketball player once again. "You didn't think you would get rid of me did you?"

"Stacie?" the brunette whispered under her breath. "I can't believe this."

Jasmine hoped off the desk and stepped forward. She hiked up her skirt and straddled the brunette's lap. "Believe it, Sydie," she smiled, poking the gun at the brunette's chest.

"You tried to kill Madison?how could you do something like that?" Syd asked with hurt in her eyes.

"You do whatever it takes for the one you love." Stacie lifted her free hand and began to stroke Syd's dark hair. "So, now that blondie is out of the picture?you and I can finally be together." Stacie spoke calmly, as if her actions would have no bearings on her and Syd's future. She leaned in and kissed the brunette on the lips.

Syd fought the urge to vomit as she felt the woman's lips against her skin. The blonde slowly traveled to Syd's ear. "Remember how good it used to be?" Stacie whispered, before nipping her earlobe.

Syd yanked her head away from Stacie's aggressive mouth and shook her head slowly. "Stacie? listen to me. I'm sorry for what I did to you in the past. I really am?but you can never break what Madison and I have." The brunette tried to explain carefully. "I'll always love her."

Stacie's face went into an ugly pout and she closed her eyes tightly. "No!" she shouted, jumping off the brunette's lap. "This is not supposed to happen!"

Syd held up her hands again, shaken by Stacie's outburst.

Tears were running down the distraught woman's face as she cocked the gun. "I can't live without you, Sydie?" Stacie said helplessly.


Suddenly, the office doors burst open and about six policemen came charging in. Syd immediately hit the floor as she was instructed to do earlier. She covered her ears when she heard gun fire. The brunette tightly closed her eyes and she heard Stacie scream out in pain. Then all was silent.

When there was nothing but a few murmured voices, someone tapped the brunette's shoulder.

"Ms. Rush, are you okay?" a man asked.

Syd raised her head. "Um, yeah I think so." Her ears were still ringing from the gunshots.

The police officer helped her off the ground. Syd looked over to where Stacie was. She had been shot in shoulder. The other bullet had hit the window behind her.

"My fucking arm!" Stacie shouted in pain as two policemen hand cuffed her.

"You're going away for a long time, lady." One of the officers said.

As they escorted her out of the office, a woman dressed in black dress pants, a red blouse and a black suit jacket approached Syd. It was detective Joyce Whitmore, Cee Cee's current girlfriend.

"Nice work, Sydney."

"You got everything?" the brunette asked.

"We heard every word. Ms. Hayworth will be charged with two counts of attempted murder and who knows what else."

Syd let out a shaky breath. "I didn't know she had a gun."

"I know. It was a shock for us, too. But you got her to talk. You handled yourself well." The detective patted her on the shoulder. "You think you can hold down a cup of coffee?"

"Sure," the brunette nodded.

The two women walked out of the office.

* * *

The following morning, the blonde was checking her phone as she was taking the elevator down on her way to work. Three New Messages. The first one was from Lisa and the second was her mother. When she was about to start the engine of her car, the third message began.


The blonde's breath caught upon hearing Syd's soft voice.

?I know I'm the last person in the world you want to talk to right now, but?I just wanted to say?that I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for lying to you?I'm sorry for letting you down?

Madison heard the strain in the brunette's voice. She could tell Syd was beginning to cry.

I know I have a problem?I guess it took losing the most important person in my life to realize that? But I just wanted to tell you that I'll be going away for awhile?to get better?

Syd cleared her throat, trying to regain her composure. Tears were falling down the blonde's face as she listened to Syd's heartfelt words.

They say it's a ninety day program. Donnie's arranging the whole thing. I'm leaving tonight. So?I?I guess I'll see you?bye Maddie. I love you.

Madison listened to the message two more times before slowly lowering the phone from her ear. She sat silently for a moment and a ghost of a smile slowly formed on her lips. She's doing it. She wants to get better?for us.


Chapter Ten

Two weeks had passed with Syd in the rehab facility. At times she just wanted to leave because it was so hard to get herself under control. Her mind was more at rest when she was in a session or talking with other patients, but when she was alone in her room, those pain killers would be calling her. She knew she had to be strong.

One evening, her agent Donnie came to visit. He informed her that the media had caught wind of her rehab situation. Syd assured him that it was okay and she knew he had done everything in his power to keep it under wraps. She decided to release a statement to the press explaining her addiction and she knew the consequences she would be facing from the WNBA Board. Thankfully, the board granted her permission to remain a player; however she would be suspended from the first eight games of the following season.

Madison was on her mind every moment of everyday. She had not seen or spoken to the blonde since their break up and she missed her terribly. Donnie and her mother Kathleen were the only ones who knew where Syd was being treated. The basketball player had sworn the two of them to secrecy because she did not want Madison to see her until she was completely well.

* * *

Two Months Later

"Kathleen, please. I need to know where she is," Madison begged over the phone.

"Sweetie, I'm sorry but I can't tell you."

"Donnie told me she was in Las Vegas."

"Yes, she is here and she's fine, Madison. She just?"

"I'd like to see that for myself?please Kathleen. I haven't seen her in over two months. I just want to make sure she's okay."

"Madison, she's not going to like that."

"I don't care?" the blonde said softly. "I'm flying out there tomorrow. Will you please take me to see her?"

There was silence on the line for a few moments and Kathleen sighed. "Yes, okay Madison. I'll take you."

"Thank you, Kathleen. Thank you so much."

* * *

Syd sat patiently in the visitor's hall of the facility. She was told her mother had just arrived. The brunette was wearing some comfortable sweatpants and one of her old UNLV t-shirts.

The door opened and her mother walked in. "Hey, honey."

The brunette stood from the sofa chair and walked over to her mother, giving her a hug. "Hi, Mom." Syd sat back down in the chair and her mother sat across from her.

"How are you doing?"

The brunette shrugged. "Same as always...It's getting a little easier every day."

"That's good honey."

Syd looked down at her mother's hands and noticed she was nervously twisting the strap of her purse between her fingers.



"What's going on? This is a pretty sudden visit. I mean, you were just here three days ago."

Kathleen cleared her throat. "Well, this time I brought someone with me."

"Yeah? Who? Tony? Tell him to come in."

"No, no?not Tony."

"Who then? Rick? Todd?" Syd smiled, trying to guess the possibilities.

"No, none of your brothers either."

"Mom, who is it?"

Kathleen stood from her chair, looking down at her daughter. "Now, don't get angry. She begged me to come and see you."

Syd's face dropped in realization. "Mom, you didn't?"

"Yes, I did. I brought Madison. She's waiting in the hall right now."

The brunette shot up from her seat. "Mom!" Syd hissed. "I told you not to bring her here! I don't want her to see me like this!"

"Sydney, don't be ridiculous. She wants to see you because she loves you?and I know you miss her too."

The brunette crossed her arms and looked like a pissed off little child. Kathleen could always see right through her.

"I can tell," Kathleen commented.

Syd rolled her eyes. She turned around and walked over to the window, looking outside.

"Will you see her?"

The brunette sighed heavily. "Since, she came all this way?fine."

Kathleen smiled and shook her head at her daughter's stubbornness. She knew Syd wanted to see the blonde. "I'll send her in."

Syd heard her mother exiting the room. As soon as the door closed, Syd quickly removed the band from her hair letting the dark strands hang freely. She straightened it out the best she could, giving it a few ruffles.

"Damn it, Mom?you promised." The brunette said between her teeth.

Kathleen had put her on the spot by unexpectedly showing up with the love of her life. She was bag of nerves now.

Madison waited patiently in the lobby, nervously tapping her foot on the tile floor. When she saw Kathleen approaching her she stood to her feet hopefully. "So?" the blonde asked.

"She'll see you, sweetheart."

Madison sighed in relief. "Good."

Kathleen reached up and rubbed the blonde's shoulders reassuringly. "Madison, don't be so nervous. She wants to see you. She was just letting her pride get in the way."

The blonde nodded and smiled lightly.

"Now, you go in there and say hello to my daughter."

Madison chuckled lightly. "Yes, ma'am."

The blonde made her way down the hall to the visitor's lounge. When she reached the door, she took at deep breath before placing her hand on the handle. She turned the handle and opened the door. The blonde's heart fluttered when she spotted the tall brunette standing by the window, looking out.

"Syd?" Madison spoke gently.

The brunette took a moment and then slowly turned around. Her eyes slowly trailed upward and she was soon greeted by two friendly green eyes. Syd couldn't help but smile softly upon seeing the blonde. Madison's hair was cut, with blonde strands hanging just past her ears. She looked beautiful, like an angel. She was definitely a sight for sore eyes.

"Hi, Maddie."

The first thing Madison noticed about Syd was that her eyes seemed brighter and she was healthier. The bags that were under her eyes were no longer present and she seemed to have a positive aura around her. The blonde was immediately reminded of the fresh faced teen she had fallen in love with so many years ago.

"Hi?" the blonde smiled back shyly.

"You cut your hair."

Madison self consciously ran a hand through her short locks. "Yeah, I thought I could use a change." The blonde looked down at her feet.

Syd ducked her head shyly then lift her eyes. "You look beautiful?" the brunette spoke softly.

The corner of the blonde's lips curled into a smile. "Thanks," Madison replied, blushing.

The brunette shrugged slightly. "If I had known you were coming I would have cleaned up better."

Madison lightly shook her head and took a step forward. "You look great."

There was an awkward silence that settled in the room. Both women letting their eyes wonder on anything but each other. Neither knew the other had nervous butterflies in their stomach.

"How have you been?" the blonde asked, walking further into the room. "Is this place treating you well?"

"Seventy-four days clean." Syd replied, slipping her hand in the pockets of her sweatpants. "I'd say pretty well."

"That's wonderful, Syd." Madison replied, placing her hands on the back of the chair Kathleen had been sitting in. "I'm proud of you."

Syd could see the genuine truth in Madison's eyes and she smiled softly. "Thanks. It's nice hearing that from you."

Madison stepped from around the chair. "Have you been sleeping well?"

"Some nights are harder than others, but it's getting better."

The blonde looked at her with a sympathetic and caring gaze. The truth was?neither one of them slept well at night. Both of them missed the warmth of the other.

Syd broke the eye contact and gestured towards the chair. "Let's sit down."

"Okay?" Madison said quietly.

They settled themselves in the comfy chairs and sat across from each other.

"Donnie told me about the incident with Stacie. Jesus, she was right under our noses."

"We could not have known. She changed everything about herself.

"Except her obsession over you. I knew there was something about her that made my skin crawl."

"It turned out your instincts were right. I was so busy thinking about the playoffs?" Syd looked down and shook her head solemnly. "I should have realized it was her. Then when she confessed about causing your accident?I was ready to rip her head off."

"So, when you had the brakes checked?"

"My mechanic told me the line had been cut," Syd finished.

"That explains the extra security?" The blonde said softly. Madison was a little upset Syd did not tell her about this.

Syd saw the sudden mood change on Madison's face. "I should have told, but?"

"I know. You were only trying to protect, right?"

"I didn't want you to worry. You were already in enough pain."

Madison slowly nodded. "I understand."

There was moment of silence and then Madison lifted her eyes and spoke. "That was very brave of you to confront Stacie like that."

The brunette shrugged her shoulders slightly and smiled. "If I had known she had a gun, I probably wouldn't have been so brave," she replied jokingly.

Madison reached over and placed a warm hand over Syd's. The brunette shivered internally from the touch and ducked her head, closing her eyes. This was the first physical contact she had received from the blonde in months. It felt nice. Syd glanced at their hands and looked up.

"I'm glad you're alright." Madison whispered.

Syd smiled softly and placed her hand over the blonde's. "Me too."

Madison looked down at their hands and sighed. She missed Syd's touch so much.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. A middle aged woman stuck her head in the room. "Pardon me," the woman said, realizing she interrupted an intimate moment. "Syd, there is a session starting in five minutes."

"Thanks, Maggie. I'll be there."

"Okay. Sorry for intruding," the friendly woman said before leaving the room.

When they were left alone, Madison realized they were still holding hands. "Well, um?" she slipped her hand from Syd's grasp. "I guess I better get going."

Madison stood from her seat, as did Syd. "Alright."

"I wanted to tell you that I moved back into the house."

"Yeah?" The brunette tried to mask her smile. "When?"

"About a month ago."

Syd smiled and ducked her head. "Good?" she nodded. "That's good."

Madison noticed the brunette's reaction and thought the basketball player was very cute. "Um? I don't know if I'll be able to visit as often as I'd like. Work has been kind of hectic."

"That's alright. I'll be out of here in two and half weeks."

"Okay, well?" the blonde began to walk backwards. "I'll give you a call sometime. We can talk."

"I'd like that," Syd replied, quietly. She could feel the loss as Madison was backing away.

"Okay?.bye, Syd."

The basketball player looked into Madison's eyes for a moment. She wanted to hold this image of the blonde for as long as she could. "Bye, Maddie."

Madison turned around and head towards the door. Syd looked at the ground and turned away. It was always hard for her to watch the blonde go?now more than ever. The brunette waited to hear the sound of the door opening, but it never came. Suddenly, she felt a light tug on her shoulder. As soon as the brunette turned around she was engulfed in a warm hug. The brunette immediately put her arms around Madison and held her close.

"I miss you?" the blonde whispered.

Syd closed her eyes and inhaled Madison's scent. She felt like crying because the blonde felt so good in her arms. "I miss you too, so much."

They held each other for what seemed to be forever, neither wanting to let go. Slowly, they broke the embrace and looked into each other's eyes. They didn't have to say a word. Their eyes said it all. Madison leaned in a kissed the corner of Syd's mouth. Blue eyes looked at her with longing and adoration. The blonde let her hand linger on the brunette's shoulder as she slowly backed away.

Syd just stared after her as Madison turned and left the room. The brunette let out the breath she was unintentionally holding and held a hand over her heart. She still loves me.


Chapter Eleven

Before Syd knew it, two and half weeks had past and she was going home. Madison insisted that she would meet her at the airport but the brunette refused, saying it would be a media frenzy; and it was. Paparazzi were hounding her left and right as she and two bodyguards made their way through the airport.

"How long were you taking prescription pills?"

"Are you and Ms. Murphy still together?"

"Will your time in rehab affect your basketball career?"

Wearing dark sunglasses, Syd blew past the intruding questions and made a B-line to her awaiting ride. When she was finally in the safety of her SUV she leaned her head back on the seat and blew out a breath. "Jesus?." She sighed.

But her thoughts of the nagging paparazzi were soon diminished by thoughts of Madison. She would be home, in the blonde's presence once again. She felt like a kid going to Disneyland for the first time. Syd looked at her watch and it was just past 3pm. Maddie is still at work. Syd contemplated about showing up at the blonde's office to say hello, but thought better of it and changed her mind.

* * *

When she opened her front door, she nearly jumped out of her skin when about ten or more people came out of nowhere yelling: SURPRISE!!!

Syd grabbed her chest and smiled when she realized she was surrounded by close friends and family. This included her brothers, Lisa, Heather, her mother, Anthony, Madison's parents, Cee Cee and a few members of her team. A large banner was hanging across the stair railing that read "Welcome Home Syd"

Madison came up to her first, giving a warm smile. "Welcome home," the blonde said, before sharing a hug with the dazed basketball player.

Syd looked down into the blonde's sparkling green eyes. "You did all this?"

"Well, I had a little help from Kathleen."

Syd's mother came over and kissed the brunette on the cheek. "I'm so proud of you, honey."

"Thanks mom. Hey, Tony," Syd smiled, shaking the older man's hand.

"How are you, Syd?"

"I'm?surprised to tell you the truth. Hey!" Syd squirmed, as she was poked in the side. She turned around and saw Heather standing behind her.

"Hey, dork!" the brunette smiled, giving her old friend a hug. "Lisa?" she hugged the red head as well. "I can't believe you guys are here."

"We had to be. It's your homecoming," Lisa smiled.

"And you know what every homecoming has?" Heather asked, catching Syd's eyes with a knowing grin.

Syd grinned back.

"Beer and barbeque!" the two friends called in unison.

Madison chucked lightly when she heard Syd and Heather doing one of their old antics. She grasped the brunette's arm. "Syd?"

"What's up?"

"My parents want to say hello."

"Oh, alright." Syd turned to her friends. "I'll get back to you guys."

"No problem. We'll be around."

Madison led the brunette over to Mr. and Mrs. Murphy.

"Sydney, sweetheart," Frances said hugging the basketball player. "We are so glad to see you."

"Yes, we are," Tom smiled. "And we're proud of you. It's not easy to overcome an addiction. I now I have even more respect for you."

Syd smiled timidly and nodded her head. "Thanks, Tom."

"You got it," he replied, patting her on the arm.

All of a sudden a loud whistle sounded throughout the foyer and everyone was silent. It was James, the youngest of Syd's brothers standing on the staircase. "Hey, everyone! I know we are all happy to see my baby sis. She's been through a lot, and I'm proud of you by the way," he smiled looking directly at her. "But let's move this to the patio outback and chow down on some ribs and steak!"

"Here! Here!" Heather chimed in. Everyone laughed and began to migrate toward the back of the house.

It was the greatest get together Syd had been to in a long time and it was all for her. She felt genuinely happy to have the love and support of friends and family. Everyone was laughing, chatting and they all sat together at the huge dining room table, eating ever last drop of food.

Nightfall soon came and everyone slowly began to leave the house. Lisa and Heather were their last guests in the house. Syd and Madison walked them to the door.

Madison and Lisa lagged behind standing in the foyer, while Syd and Heather went through the front door and spoke on the front driveway.

"Don't forget to call us when you get back to Vegas," Madison told Lisa.

"Okay, we will." Lisa smiled, hugging her friend.

"So, are you and Madison going to??" Heather wiggled her eyebrows.

"Heather?" The brunette pushed her friend lightly and smiled.

"What? I sure would be. If I hadn't seen Lisa in months, I'd be going crazy."

Syd shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know."

"Come on, Syd. I know you. You don't even seem relaxed. You're horny right?"

"Heather?" the brunette hissed between her teeth. She glanced over at Madison and Lisa who were having their own conversation and then glared at her friend. She could tell Heather was a little drunk.

"I know you just want to throw on that strap on and?.mmm, mm mm," Heather began to pump her hips in a sexual manner.

"Dude, quit it?" Syd warned, trying to stop her friend. The brunette attempted to conceal her laughter but it was too funny. "Stop?"

"Just give it to her good and?"

"Heather?" Lisa's voice sounded right behind them.

The P.E. teacher immediately stopped her actions and both women turned around to see questioning expressions on their girlfriends' faces.

"Um, hey." Heather said, slightly embarrassed.

"What were you guys doing?" Lisa asked.

"Nothing," Syd smiled nervously, biting her lip.

"Right?okay," Madison replied, sarcastically.

"Come on, baby. You're obviously a little wasted," Lisa said, grabbing Heather's arm, leading them to their car. "Goodnight you guys."

"Night," Syd and Madison replied in unison.

They gave their friends a final wave as they drove off and they headed back into the house. Once they were inside, the two of them headed towards the small elevator.

"What were you two talking about?" Madison asked.

"Oh, you know?basketball, stuff."

"Sure, okay," the blonde replied, unconvinced. She knew what Heather was doing when she and Lisa approached them.

Syd allowed Madison to step into the elevator first and she followed. The brunette could feel the blonde's body heat as they stood in such close proximity. Madison's cute little blue dress wasn't helping matters either. The ride in the elevator was quiet and awkward. As soon as the door opened to the bedroom, Madison stepped out and unzipped the side of her dress. She then let it drop to the floor.

"My gosh, I'm so tired," the blonde sighed making her way over to the walk-in closet.

Syd stood frozen by the elevator door. She couldn't move. She couldn't breathe. The basketball player helplessly stared at Madison's retreating bare back and thong underwear. Is she working out more? Damn! When the blonde's form disappeared into the closet, Syd shook her head trying to get out of her stupor.

"I um?I think I'm going to take a shower," Syd announced.

"Okay!" Madison called back.

"A cold one?" the brunette mumbled to herself.

About forty minutes later, Syd immerged from the bathroom dressed in her pajamas. The room was dark, but she could see Madison sitting up in the bed looking at her.

Syd hesitantly approached the bed. "Um, I can go sleep in the guest bedroom if you want," the brunette suggested.

"Why would I want that?" Madison asked softly.

"You know if you need time. We haven't been in bed together for months. So, if you're uncomfortable."

"I'm not uncomfortable, Syd. This is your bed too. Besides?I want you to," Madison replied shyly.

Syd sighed and patted the sides of her thighs. "Okay."

The brunette climbed into bed and lied down, putting her hands behind her head. Madison got settled as well and looked up at the ceiling. They made sure to keep a reasonable distance between each other.

"Thanks?for today Maddie. I really needed that."

Madison turned her head and gave a warm smile. "You're welcome. Everyone wanted to see you, so I thought I'd just throw a party."

"I'm glad you did."

"I'm glad that you're glad."

They both chuckled lightly. Syd gazed at Madison as the blonde laughed. She couldn't get over how beautiful the blonde looked. The young doctor appeared to be more grown up with the hair cut and even more adorable.

"What?" the blonde asked, noticing the brunette lingering eyes.

"I missed that smile," Syd spoke lovingly.

Madison ducked her eyes and felt her face warming up. She didn't know how to respond.

Syd smiled genuinely at the blonde's reaction. "Goodnight, Maddie." The brunette curled herself under the covers and turned away from Madison.

"Goodnight," the blonde finally replied. Her eyes lingered on the back of Syd's head for a moment and she smiled. It was a comfort to have the basketball player back in the bed with her at night.

* * *

Three Hours Later

Syd was restless and she knew why. The only thing on her mind was the blonde lying next to her. Syd shifted her body and turned around facing the blonde's back. Being this close to Madison was driving her crazy and she wanted nothing more than to reach out and bring the small woman into her arms. She had to say something.

"Are you awake?" Syd whispered into the darkness.

There was a long moment of silence and the brunette was beginning to think Madison was asleep until she heard a soft reply. "Yes."

"Are you okay?"

"No," the blonde whispered back.

Concerned, Syd scooted a bit closer. "What's wrong?"

Madison bit her bottom lip lightly afraid to answer this simple question honestly. She was tired of playing this game and she spoke from the heart.

"I?will you please hold me?" the blonde asked barely above a whisper.

Syd's heart fluttered upon hearing Madison's heartbreaking request and she immediately enveloped the blonde woman in her arms. "You never have to ask that?" Syd murmured in Madison's ear.

The familiar warmth of Syd's body against her back felt so good she wanted to cry. The brunette sighed against the back of her neck and she shivered involuntarily. Syd's strong arms were around her waist and she closed her eyes.

Syd snuggled further into Madison and held her close. She had missed this affectionate embrace. Holding Madison was the best feeling in the world to her and she never wanted this moment to end.

Both women fell into a content slumber with soft smiles on their faces.

* * *

Madison climbed on top of her body and began to kiss Syd deeply. The brunette brought her hands around the blonde's body and placed them on Madison ass pulling her closer.

The blonde opened her eyes to some unusual sounds coming from next to her. Madison lifted her head and she realized she and Syd had shifted positions. She had been resting her head on the brunette's shoulder and her body was halfway on top of Syd with her leg bent and in between Syd's legs. When she looked at the basketball player she noticed that the brunette was still asleep, dreaming about something. It was definitely a pleasant dream by the sounds Syd was making and Madison couldn't help but giggle.

"Syd?" she began softly.

Suddenly, the brunette's arms were wrapped around her waist and Syd began to move her hips against Madison's leg. Gasping, the blonde was surprised by the act and instantly felt her own arousal begin. She wanted to grind her hips in unison with Syd's, but she knew that would be wrong. She tried once again to wake the slumbering brunette.

"Syd!" she spoke a little louder.

The sensual movement of Syd's hips stopped against her leg and she let out a sigh a relief.

Syd felt a throbbing between her legs as she slowly opened her eyes. She was greeted by the most beautiful greens eyes looking down at her. Getting her bearings, she remembered she was at home. Not in a twin bed at the rehab facility. Slightly embarrassed that she was having an erotic dream of the woman slightly on top of her, Syd blushed lightly.

"Good morning," Madison smiled.

"Morning?" Syd squeaked.

The blonde noticed the basketball player's bangs were slightly damp and that her expression looked like a kid who was caught by their mother watching a porno.

"Are you okay? You seem a little shaken."

"Fine," Syd swallowed loudly.

Madison raised an eyebrow. "What were you dreaming about?"

Syd's eyebrows rose slightly and her blush became more evident. "Nothing."

"Really? It didn't sound like that to me."

"I was talking?" Syd asked in mortification.

The blonde nodded with a soft smile on her face. Syd covered her eyes with her left hand in embarrassment. "Ah, man?" She couldn't hide the humiliation on her face.

Madison grinned widely and then chuckled. She thought it was so cute when Syd was being bashful. The blonde removed Syd's hand from covering her face.

"What did I say?" the basketball player groaned, afraid to hear the answer.

"Well?it wasn't exactly words. It was more like, Mmm? Ohhh?." The blonde moaned, imitating Syd's earlier sounds.

The brunette's center throbbed in sympathy as she heard Madison mimic her sounds.

"Oh?" Syd replied, trying not to look into Madison's eyes.

The blonde chuckled. "Don't be so embarrassed. It's not the first time I've caught you dreaming about sex," Madison stated in a teasing tone.

Syd cleared her throat and wiggled her body uncomfortably. "I wasn't?"

"Yes, you were," The blonde interrupted quickly with a smile.

The brunette sighed. Madison knew her too well. "Okay, yes," Syd finally admitted.

Madison's smile slowly faded and she turned her head to the side, studying the brunette's expression. "Were you dreaming about me?"

Syd stared into Madison's eyes for a moment. The blonde looked down at her with a soft gaze.

"Yes," Syd whispered quietly. "I've had dreams about you for the past four months. One came true when you let me hold you last night."

Madison softly blinked her eyes and looked at Syd with pure compassion and love.

"I'll understand if you want to take things slow. But I really want you."

The blonde shyly ducked her eyes.

"I'm not going to lie," Syd whispered.

Madison slowly raised her eyes and looked into unsure and vulnerable baby blues for a moment. Without a word she shifted her body and climbed on top of the basketball player, pushing her thigh deeper between Syd's legs. The brunette moaned at the newly applied pressure and closed her eyes.

"I want you too," Madison spoke softly, brushing Syd's bangs from her face. She slowly leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on Syd's neck. "You think I undressed in front of you last night for nothing?" she whispered against the brunette's skin. "I missed you."

"Mmm?" A moan escaped Syd's lips before she could stop it. The brunette closed her eyes at the contact hoping she wasn't in a dream. She wasn't. Madison's soft lips had just brushed against her hot flesh. "I thought so?" Syd whimpered.

The blonde raised her head and was met by dark blue eyes. Her gaze moved down to Syd's soft lips. The brunette's breathing became ragged and Madison could feel Syd's heart beating against her own chest. Syd brought her hand up and gently caressed Madison's cheek. The blonde closed her eyes and exhaled a breath.

Syd smiled softly and cherished this quiet moment between them. My Maddie. The blonde slowly opened her eyes and smiled back. Their eyes lingered on each other for a moment before Madison timidly leaned in and brushed her lips against the brunette's. Syd kissed her back and parted her lips slightly as the kiss deepened. Their tongues touched for the first time in a long time and both women moaned as they performed a sensual exploration of each other's mouths.

Syd felt Madison's hand slowly inch under her shirt and begin to caress her side. Beginning to feel more bold herself, she snaked both of her hands under Madison's nightgown and cupped the blonde's ass. The blonde whimpered into the kiss and probed her tongue further into Syd's mouth. Madison's warm toned body slowly moved against Syd and the brunette held her close. The blonde's hand inched further up and cupped the brunette's left breast squeezing it roughly. Syd pushed her hips upward, trying to feed the fire that was burning between her legs. Madison got the message and ground herself into the brunette.

They broke the kiss and Madison moved her lips to Syd's ear. "Please touch me?" the blonde whispered.

The brunette gave an animalistic growl and quickly flipped the two of them over. Madison was now on her back with the brunette on top of her. Blue eyes were dark and full of arousal. "Where do you want me to touch you?" she breathed, her lips inches away from Madison's.

The blonde grasped Syd's right hand and put it on her breast. A soft moan escaped Madison's lips as the brunette cupped her gently.

"Not here?" Madison whispered. She held a heated gaze with blue eyes as she slowly guided Syd's hand further down her heated body. The brunette swallowed in anticipation as her hand reached the apex of Madison's sex. "Here?" the blonde breathed, releasing Syd's hand, opening her legs further.

Syd closed her eyes as she felt the warmth that met her fingers. She was in heaven as she began to rub gentle circles through the blonde's panties feeling the liquid heat that was waiting for her on the other side. Madison jerked her hips forward and gasped. The brunette smiled at the reaction and she felt her own wetness pooling between her legs. Syd moved her hands to the hem of the blonde's panties and slowly pulled them down, discarding the lingerie on the floor. The brunette lied back on top of Madison and kissed her deeply. Strong legs and arms wrapped around Syd's body, pulling her closer.

The brunette's mind and senses were on overload. She had waited for this woman's touch and now she had her. To taste, to hold, to smell her scent. Madison pulled at the brunette's shirt and Syd quickly removed it. Soon both women were completely naked. Their bodies seemed to move in an erotic dance because they knew each other so well. Each trying to drive the other crazy. Syd nibbled the spot on Madison's neck that made the blonde melt and in return Madison nipped at the brunette's earlobe.

Syd's hand eventually found the blonde's sex once again and she slowly teased Madison's clit.

"Baby, please don't tease me?" the blonde panted.

"You want me inside you?" Syd asked, in a deep seductive tone.

Madison quickly slid her hand between their bodies and entered the brunette forcefully. Syd instantly reacted to the sudden touch, arching her back and groaning in ecstasy. Madison wasn't in the mood for Syd's teasing. She just wanted to come.

Syd's plan to tease went out the window and she filled the blonde making her moan loudly. Madison grabbed the back of the brunette's neck and pulled her down into a rough kiss. They were all over each other like two animals. Their hands instantly found a rhythm and they pumped in and out of each other at a rapid pace.

"You feel so good?" the blonde panted as their sweaty bodies moved together. "I missed you so much?"

"Mmm?you feel good baby?you're close?"

"So close?"

Syd felt Madison pushing into her deeper and she moved her hips faster. Feeling the blonde's fingers inside of her and knowing it was Madison urged the brunette on.

Heavy breathing and pleasurable moans and whimpers filled the bedroom.

Madison's fingers caressed the plains of the brunette's strong back and she soon began to feel a tingling burn in the pit of her stomach. "Oh, baby, yes?go deeper?"

Syd used the power of her hips to fulfill the blonde's plea and soon she felt Madison tightening around her fingers and shivering beneath her. Hearing her cries of passion ring throughout the room, Syd's body instantly erupted into a mind-blowing orgasm of her own.

As the final waves coursed through their bodies, they held each other close for a moment. Both of them were breathing heavily and Madison lazily ran her fingers through Syd's hair.

"Wow?" Syd breathed. She trailed a few kisses up Madison's chest all the way to the blonde's lips.

They gazed into each other's eyes and Madison pushed a strand of dark hair behind Syd's ear.

"I love you, Sydney Rush."

Syd smiled softly and loving brushed her nose against Madison's. They closed their eyes and enjoyed the intimate display of affection. Syd leaned back and admired the beauty of the woman lying beneath her. "I love you more, Madison Murphy."

The brunette leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on the blonde's cheek. "So, I guess we've made up." Syd smiled.

Madison's face spread into a wide grin and she laughed. "I would say so."

"What do you want to do with the rest of the day?"

"Hmm?I could think of a few things," the blonde drawled, shifting their bodies so she was on top.

"I'm liking your plans already," Syd replied, raising an eyebrow with a grin.

* * *

The blonde was straddling Syd's lap with a bowl of strawberries in her hand. Madison brought another chocolate covered strawberry to Syd's lips. The brunette smiled, and took the succulent fruit in her mouth.

The couple was practically in bed the entire day making love. The only time they left the bed was when they accidentally fell during a round of wild sex. They had tangled themselves in the sheets and wound up crashing to the floor in a fit of giggles.

"Baby, I'm full," the brunette said, after swallowing the piece of fruit.

Madison set the bowl aside and placed a chaste kiss on the brunette's lips. "There's one more thing I want to give you."


The blonde climbed off of Syd's lap and hopped off the bed. The basketball player chuckled, watching the blonde's bare behind as it bounced over to the dresser. Madison opened the top drawer and pulled out an item.

Syd watched her with keen curiosity as the blonde came back to the bed and returned to her lap. Madison held a clinched fist in front of the brunette and smiled softly. "This?"

The blonde slowly opened her hand and Syd saw the beautiful engagement ring she had given Madison months ago. The brunette looked into loving green eyes.

"I wanted you to put it back on my finger."

Syd felt tears begin to burn her eyes. This was Madison's true affirmation that she wanted to take her back. Even after the horrible rift she had created between them. Before she could stop herself, Syd broke down and began to cry.

"Baby?" the blonde cooed gently. "What's wrong?"

The basketball player placed her hand over Madison's palm and closed the ring between their two hands. She looked deeply into the blonde's eyes. "Maddie, I never had the chance to tell you I'm sorry."

"Syd," the blonde began, solemnly.

"No, I have to say this. I'm sorry. I was weak and out of my head?but most of all, I'm sorry for lying to you and hurting you. Those were the last things I ever wanted to do."

A tear traveled down the blonde's cheek and she nodded her head. Madison's heart was so full of love for the woman before her. "I know?thank you for saying that."

"You're welcome."

Syd took the ring from Madison's hand and turned the blonde's palm over. She carefully held the ring and looked into the blonde's eyes. Madison smiled lovingly and Syd just melted.

* * *

One Year Later

The brunette slid the diamond ring onto Madison's finger and felt butterflies flutter in her stomach when sparkling green eyes met her gaze. She nervously swallowed the lump in her throat and spoke from her heart. "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side and that I will always be a faithful partner to you."

Madison smiled, her face concealed under her white veil. This was it. Syd and Madison were standing at the altar declaring their love and eternal devotion to each other before friends and family. In the back of their lovely home, on this beautiful April afternoon, it was their wedding day.

The blonde gazed into Syd's loving blue eyes. "I will forever wear this ring as a sign of my commitment and the desire of my heart."

Syd smiled softly as Madison slid the wedding band on her finger.

"Sydney, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. May it remind you always that you are surrounded by my enduring love."

The brunette felt as though she were walking on air. She was marrying the most caring, gentle, and loving woman in the world.

"I will wear it gladly. Whenever I look at it, I will remember this joyous day and the vows we've made."

Soon it was time to lift the veil. "You may kiss the bride," the man said.

Syd reached over and carefully lifted the transparent covering from the blonde's face. The brunette's heart fluttered when revealed her wife's face. Madison seemed to glow like an angel under the California sunlight and her smile was as radiant as ever. Syd stared deeply into those gorgeous green eyes and leaned in kissing Madison softly.

Their family and friends began to cheer and clap as the newlyweds broke the kiss. They turned towards their audience and smiled brightly. All the familiar faces of their loved ones were grinning back at them. As the couple jogged down the aisle hand in hand, the crowd began to throw rice at them.

Syd and Madison were in a fit of giggles as they ran into the house and up the three flights of stairs to their bedroom door.

"Okay, okay?" Syd breathed, trying to calm down her laughter. "We have to do this right."

Madison chuckled and nodded her head. "Okay," she grinned.

Syd placed her hand on the blonde's back and then swooped an arm under Madison's legs, lifting her off the ground. They both giggled as the brunette carried Madison into the bedroom. She walked over to the bed and carefully laid the blonde onto the large mattress. Syd leaned half of her body over the blonde and lovingly looked down at a smiling face.

"We did it, Maddie. We actually did it?" the brunette whispered in astonishment.

"I know?we're married," Madison smiled softly.

Syd smiled back and gave the blonde a gentle peck on her nose. She was feeling pure happiness and love in this moment. As she looked into those sea green eyes that she adored, the basketball player knew she was with her soulmate.

"You're my wife?" Syd whispered, gently. Loving the way that phrase sounded for the first time.

"And you're mine," Madison brushed Syd's hair from her forehead and cupped the sides of the brunette's face. She studied those blue eyes, as if she were looking into the brunette's soul. She liked what she found. "I love you," she breathed.

"I love you more, baby. I'll love you forever." The brunette leaned down and met her wife's lips in a gentle kiss.

The End

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