~ The Bet on Madison ~
by Lady D

Disclaimers: These all of the characters in this story are fictional. Two of the characters just happen to resemble a young Xena and Gabrielle. This is my first attempt at fan fiction, so hopefully you all will allow me in the fold.

Love/Sex: Yes, but it's not hardcore. Love between two teens.

Violence: Some?

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Chapter 1

Las Vegas is not just about the casinos, hotels and entertainment. Glam and glitter is half of what Vegas is about. Believe it or not, there are actually, neighborhoods, schools and groceries stores in the city of sin. And at one of these locations of suburbia, a tale of unexpected love evolves.

Sydney Rush was the most popular student at Freedmont High. She was class president, head of student council and the star basketball player. To everyone else it seemed like she had everything, but looks can be deceiving. Her conquests of girls would come and go but she never really had a connection with any of them. It was just sex. Not that she wanted a relationship. Sydney played with girls like one would play with a toy and moved on. Maybe it was her long black hair or her intoxicating blue eyes. But any girl she set after, she got, one way or another.

It had been at least two months since school had started up again and Senior year was beginning to be a breeze. Sydney walked into her noisy first period class and noticed a waving hand in the back of the class. It was her friend Heather. The two met freshman year while trying out for the basketball team and had been good friends ever since. Heather was a tad shorter than Sydney's near six feet, and had brown hair to her shoulders and dark brown eyes. Sydney took her seat next to a grinning Heather.

"Hey star. You still coming to my house tonight?"

Sydney nodded her head. "Great! You haven't been over in a while."

"Don't get too excited," replied Sydney, "I don't like you that much!" she joked.

Heather gave her a playful swat in the arm. "You're such an ass." Sydney shrugged her shoulders.

"So?..have you spotted a fresh piece of meat yet?" Heather asked. Sydney turned her head and looked at her friend.

"Hey, the day has just begun. It won't be too hard. Find a hottie, seduce her and she's mine."

Heather gave a knowing smile to Sydney. "Right, well I want to change the rules a little bit this time."

"How so?" Sydney asked raising an eyebrow.

"I pick who you seduce into sleeping with you."

Sydney furrowed her brows. "Why? I know what I like."

"Yes, I'm well aware of what you like, but let's just try something?fun this time. Pleaaaase?" Heather stuck out her bottom lip.

"Aw, don't do that crap." After seeing that Heather wasn't letting up Sydney agreed to her new game.

"Yes! I actually already have somebody in mind."

"Oh, god? they aren't hideous are they?" Sydney cringed.

Heather directed her eyes across the room to the front row. "Not at all. She looks sweet actually."

Sydney followed her friend's gaze and her eyes landed on a shy looking petite girl with long blonde hair. She was sitting up straight in her desk and was silently reading a book.

"Are you crazy? The new girl?" the brunette said with a frown.

Heather gave a wide smile and nodded. "Yep."

Though Sydney was outwardly rejecting this girl, that didn't stop her thoughts from wondering. She is kinda cute. But I'm a jock and she looks like she wouldn't give me the time of day. Wait, why am I worried about what she thinks? I'm Sydney, I'm not supposed to care. Compared to Sydney's letterman's jacket, tattered jeans and black T-shirt, the blonde was wearing nice fitting black jeans a navy blue sweater and wore thin black framed glasses.

"But she's too?too?"

"Goody two shoes?"

"Yes, exactly. She's not my type of girl." Syd sank in her desk.

"Oh, so you don't think you can get into her pants?" Heather smirked.

Sydney gave a slight smile. "I didn't say that. It's just?."

"What? Will this be a tough assignment for the Sydenator?" Heather teased.

"You wanna bet?" Sydney challenged raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, actually I do wanna bet. I bet you? fifty bucks that you can't get into that girl's pants by? let's say, before prom?"

Sydney gave lopsided smile. "Too easy. I'll have her way before then."

"We'll see about that." Heather smiled. They shook hands on the deal. Just then the teacher began the lesson and everyone in the room quieted down.

* * *

It was the middle of the school day and everyone was off to the cafeteria for lunch. Being the new girl at Freedmont High, Madison had not made any friends. Though the blonde was a senior like all in her class, she was not the same age. Skipping a grade, she was only sixteen years old instead of eighteen like many of the students who sat beside her in class. Not to draw attention to herself, Madison sat at a lone table with her sack lunch and a book.

Not more than five minutes later Sydney, Heather and about four more friends trudged loudly into the cafeteria laughing and goofing around. Looking up from her book Madison wanted to see what all the commotion was about.

It was the popular girls basketball team and some of the A squad cheerleaders. Syd knew some of these girls personally, but one in particular was a lawless flirt with the tall brunette. Her name was Stacy Burns. She had long curly brown hair, hazel eyes and a nice firm body. At least that's what Syd always thought. Again?it was only a physical thing and Stacy understood that.

Finally, after a few moments the small crowd started to disburse taking a seat and suddenly Madison was trapped by two beautiful blue eyes staring at her.

Forgetting the many conversations that were floating around her, Sydney kept eye contact with the small blonde. Her eyes are green. The brunette observed. Sydney took advantage of this stare-off and gave Madison a sexy sideways smile.

Realizing she was ogling, the blonde quickly averted her eyes back to her book. She's obviously really popular. People are hanging all around her. She's beautiful too. Madison didn't know why she was thinking this way but realized she needed some fresh air. Besides, that type of crowd wouldn't want to be around her anyway. She quickly gathered her things and stormed of the lunchroom.
Already seated with her crowd of friends, Sydney noticed the blonde leaving in a hurry.

This is my chance. Sydney thought. "Hey guys, I'll be right back." Sydney got up from the table and winked at Heather who gave her a nasty look. Sydney waved her off with a hand and followed the blonde's trail.

Madison had found a bench to sit on not too far from the cafeteria and continued reading her book. Suddenly, a shadow hovered over her pages and she looked up to see who or what was blocking her sun. Madison's heart rate picked up when she found herself locked in a gaze with beautiful blue eyes.

"Hi," the tall teen said.

"Uh?hey?" Madison squeaked.

Sydney gave a winning smile. She knew she was obviously making the little blonde nervous. "You must be the new student," Sydney said in a friendly tone.

"Um?yes, you are the new student?.I mean?yes, I'm the new student." A slow blush started to creep on Madison's cheeks and she quickly looked down at her feet to avoid the brunette's eyes. Great she must think I'm a dork.

Sydney gave a light chuckle. "You're pretty cute when you blush."

This comment in turn made the blonde blush even harder. "Thanks..." she said in a small voice.

"Mind if I sit down?" Sydney asked gesturing to the spot on the bench.

Still keeping her head down Madison gave a little nod. Sydney took at seat beside her and introduced herself. "I'm Sydney Rush," she said holding out her right hand.

"Madison?Madison Murphy." She said shaking the brunette's hand. Madison was still a little embarrassed and kept her eyes to the ground.

Sydney found this kind of cute. Wow?she's really shy. But you know what they say about the quiet ones.

"Hey, it's kinda hard to talk to you if you don't look at me." Sydney said in a soft tone.

Madison slowly looked up to the brunette's gaze. "Sorry."

"It's okay." Sydney said with a gentle smile. "I actually came over to ask you a favor."

"A favor? Oh, yeah?you're a jock. I suppose you want me to do your homework." Madison quickly became disappointed thinking a person actually was trying to be friends with her instead of hiring her as an academic slave.

Sydney looked at her with a confused expression.

"Just tell me when and where you want be to drop off the work," Madison said in a small voice and looked back down.
Suddenly realizing Madison's misinterpretation, Sydney's eyes opened widely.

"Oh, no! No, I don't want you to do my work."

This made Madison a little happier and she looked at Sydney again. "Oh, then, what would you like?" she said with a timid smile, pushing back her glasses on her face.

Sydney ran a hand through her dark hair and gave a light sigh. "Actually, it's kind of embarrassing, but? you seem really smart?" Another blush threatened Madison's cheeks. "?and I was wondering if you were any good at math."

Madison quickly nodded. "Yes, I'm actually great in math. Did you need help?"

"Well, that's the embarrassing part. I'm actually looking for a tutor?if you're interested?I could pay you?"

Without hesitation, Madison agreed. "I'd be happy to help you. But pay isn't necessary. I can teach you a few math tricks." She said smiling.

Sydney returned the smile and Madison quickly averted her eyes feeling heat creep to her cheeks again.

"That's great. If I could just get your number, we can meet at my place?if you're comfortable with that?"

"Um?sure." Madison scribbled her phone number on a ripped piece of paper and handed it to Sydney who idly slipped it into her letterman's jacket.

"Alright?" Sydney said standing up. "I have basketball practice after school today, but I'll call you as soon as I can?thanks Maddie."

Madison got a fuzzy feeling hearing here name abbreviated. "You're welcome, Sydney."

"Oh, call me Syd. All my friends do." She said with a smile.

"Okay? Syd." Just then the bell rang.

"See you later?" Syd then turned and walked away with a triumphant smile on her face.

Madison sat motionless staring after Syd. Oh, call me Syd. All my friends do. I have a friend.
* * *

After school the girl's basketball team was getting changed for practice in the locker room. Heather and Syd sat on a bench in front of a long row of lockers.

"So?any luck with the nerd?" Heather asked unbuckling her pants.

Syd smiled and dug her hand in her jacket pulling out the paper with Madison's number on it.

"No shit!" Heather screamed yanking the number from Syd's hand. "How did you get her number?"

"I said I needed a tutor for math and she agreed. Loners are always pretty happy if someone talks them."

"You don't even need a tutor! You're better at math than me!"

Syd dusted imaginary dust off her shirt. "Just call me slick. I know what I'm doing. You're about to lose fifty big ones."

After a very tiring and sweaty practice, Syd and Heather sat in the brunette's mustang while Syd pulled out her cell phone.

Sitting on her twin bed, Madison had her nose in a math book. She wanted to make sure she had everything down to the tee so she wouldn't look like a fool in front of her new friend.

Her room was full of shelves with beanie babies on them and stuffed animals. She had flower wallpaper and plaques on the wall showing off her academic achievements. Madison told her mother the plaques were too much, but her mother Frances insisted. She was proud of her little scholar daughter. Suddenly there was a knock on her bedroom door.

"Yes mom, come in!" the blonde said not straying her eyes from the book.

Frances opened the door and smiled at her daughter. "Honey there is someone on the phone for you. A Sydney?"

Madison quickly hopped off the bed and grabbed the cordless phone from her mother and covered the receiver with her hand. "Yeah, she's my new friend."

"Okay," Frances said, happy her daughter found a friend that fast. She closed the door to her daughter's room and headed back downstairs.

Madison took a deep breath, removed her hand from the receiver and said hello.


Madison smiled at the nickname. "Yes, this is she."

"Hey, what are you up to?"

"Oh, just?um?studying? watching T.V."

"Cool, well I'm all done with practice, so I figure you can come by my house around five?"

"Sure. My mom can drop me off."

"Your mom?" Syd stifled a laugh.

"Yeah, I still have to get my driver's permit..." Madison said in a self conscious tone.

"Permit? How old are you?" Syd asked in confusion.

Madison hesitated.


"I'm?I'm sixteen?"

It was Syd's turn to cover the receiver and she turned to Heather. "She's only sixteen!" she whispered to her friend.

Heather covered her mouth and snickered. "She's legal enough for you. The bet's still on." Syd frowned at her friend and continued her phone conversation.

"Syd? Are you still there?"

"Yeah?I'm still here?I was just thinking?"

"Thinking what?" That I'm too young to teach you anything?

"That? I don't care about your age?it's fine. I'm just glad I found someone as smart and pretty as you are to be my tutor." Syd gave a teasing smile to Heather who shook her head. She knew that many of the girls Syd gunned for always fell victim to her sweet talk.

Madison smiled into the phone and blushed. "Oh, thank you. That is a very nice compliment."

"Well, it's true. I'll see you at my house at five. Okay?"

"Yeah, okay Syd."

"See you then, bye."


Syd flipped her phone closed.

Heather made some gagging noises. "All that sentimental talk makes me sick."

"I have a different angle with this one...okay?" The brunette said firing up her engine.

Syd pulled her red Mustang up in front of Heather's house. Before opening the passenger door, Heather turned to her dark haired friend.

"What are you gonna do with her?"

"This one's gonna take a while to thaw out. Baby steps my friend, baby steps," Syd replied with a confident smile.

Heather opened the car door. "Yeah, baby being the keyword here."

"Shut up." Her face turned into a pout.

Heather stepped out of the Mustang and closed the door. She was about to lean to the window and say more but Syd sped off before she could say anything else.

Chapter 2

Madison and her mother pulled up to the address Syd had given them. It was an outstanding two-story home with a brick walk way to the front door, shutters on every window and nice green bushes and grass to further compliment the maintenance.

"This is an amazing house. What are her parents' occupations?" Frances asked.

"I'll be sure to ask." Madison stepped out of the car gripping her math book and folder under her arm.

"Be sure to call when you're ready."

"Okay mom. I will."

Madison walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Her palms were sweating and she pushed the rim of her glasses up on her nose. She had never actually been invited to any of her peers' house before. Not even for a party. Soon the door opened and the blonde was pinned with friendly blue eyes and a smile.

"Hey Maddie. I'm glad you could make it. Come on in."

Madison replied with a small smile and walked through the doorway past Syd. The brunette closed the front door and turned to Madison.

The blonde took in the brunette's red tennis shorts and light wearing gray sweater with the name "Gators" on the front, their school mascot. Syd had her hair up in a fine ponytail and was wearing some white and gray Nike socks.

"Would you like a drink or something?" Syd offered.

"No, no I'm fine." Madison said quietly. "Your house is beautiful."

"Yeah?it's pretty nice." She nudged her head indicating Madison to follow her. They took a step down into the den and came to a door. Syd opened it and Madison saw a flight of carpeted stairs going down and took a step back.

"It's okay, the basement is my room. It's fixed up nice and everything."

Syd grabbed Madison's freehand while her other clutched to her books. For some reason she felt safe with Syd holding her hand and proceeded to follow down the stairs. When they finally reached the bottom Madison was mesmerized by how large Syd's room was. To the left was a door leading to a full bath next to a sliding door closet. To the right was work out equipment and from there it connected to a section tucked in the corner. Stepping down, a queen sized bed could be seen with dark colored sheets. On the walls were posters of famous NBA players and the walls themselves were painted a dark yet warm blue color. It was the perfect room for Syd.

"Wow?what exactly do your parents do?" Madison asked.

"My mom is actually one of the top orthodontics here in Vegas. And my dad?" Syd's smiling face slowly faded into a solemn expression. "My dad died a few years ago..."

"Oh?I'm sorry?I didn't mean to?"

"No, no it's okay?you didn't know." Syd said with a slight smile.

Still holding Syd's hand, Madison's fingers absently brushed her thumb back and forth over Syd's hand. The two just stood there hand in hand, blue staring into green caring eyes. Look at that. She cares about my feelings. Breaking the gaze, Syd looked down at their joined hands. This brought Madison back to reality and she withdrew her had from Syd's.

"Um?where are we going to study?" Madison asked in a shy tone. Why did I just stand there and caress her hand like that?

Oddly missing the contact of Madison's hand Syd recuperated and suggested the bed. Madison looked down and shifted her weight from left to right.

"I used to have a desk in here but, it was really old. We gave it to good will." Syd said as she crossed the large room and stepped down into the section with her bed.

I get so shy around her. I'm scared to think how I'd react on a bed with her. A little uncomfortable, Madison still remained where she was.

Syd turned around realizing the blonde didn't follow. Hard to get huh?

"Maddie? Are you gonna help me pass this next math test or what?" Syd said with a gentle smile and belly flopping onto the bed facing the blonde.

Madison shook her head and realized she was acting paranoid and joined Syd on the bed.

After an entire hour Syd was pretty sure she had the blonde's trust. Madison was explaining the many formulas while Syd showed interest but already knew the stuff like the back of her hand. As the hour passed Syd would crack a few jokes and earned a few giggles from the blonde. Both were on their bellies, shoes off, facing the foot of the bed. The math book was in front of them at elbows reach. To Syd and Madison's surprise, both grew more comfortable with the other. Taking quick glances towards the blonde, Syd soon realized that this nerd actually had a hot body. Geez, I can barely concentrate with her next to me!

Growing tired of restraining touches, Syd leaned slightly to the left causing their shoulders to brush.

"So, if you take the square root of?" Madison stopped mid sentence when she realized Syd was still leaning weight on her shoulder. Her heart started to beat faster and could have sworn Syd could her it. Then she felt breath on her cheek. Madison slowly turned her face towards Syd and was met by a seductive blue gaze.

"Could you do me a favor?" Syd said lightly.

"Um?sure, I guess."

"Can you take off your glasses?" Syd whispered.

Madison looked back down at her math book. "I don't know?I'm really blind without them." She said with a slight smile.

"Please?" Syd asked in all sincerity.

With hesitation Madison brought her left hand up to her glasses and slowly removed the dark frames from her face. She still kept her face down to avoid eye contact with Syd. Her blonde hair was draped over her face.

With a sideways smile Syd tilted her head trying to see Madison's face. "Okay?now can you look at me?" Syd said with a hint of laughter.

Madison slowly brought her face up and turned to Syd.

Syd's animal seeking prey persona quickly melted away when Madison's sea green eyes met hers. Oh, my god?she's gorgeous. Now, it was Syd's turn to have a rapidly beating heart.

Judging by the long silence and only seeing a blur where Syd's face it supposed to be, Madison figured that her looks were not pleasing to the dark haired girl beside her. She quickly turned away.

"Is it that bad?" Madison asked in a barely audible voice. I shouldn't have taken my glasses off. She thought regrettably. Then she felt finger tips touch her chin and slowly tilt her head up.

"You're beautiful." Syd said in a whisper.

"You're just saying that..." Madison murmured shaking her head slowly.

"No. I'm not?you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." And to Syd's surprise, she was telling the truth. Whoops, did I just say that? This girl is doing something to ya Syd. You're losing your cool. Just push her down on the bed and have at it!

But Syd couldn't be aggressive with this one. She knew if she did that the poor girl would be scared away and never come near her again. Maybe one kiss won't hurt.

Madison tried to open her mouth to speak but nothing came out. No one besides her parents has ever called her beautiful. She saw Syd inching slowly towards her face. They were so close that Madison felt their hot breathes mingling.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK came from the other side of Syd's s bedroom door.

"Sydney? Are you home?" a female voice called.

The two girls quickly separated as they heard the door opening and footsteps descending the stairs.

Soooo close. "Yeah mom, down here!" Syd gave a disappointed sigh and glanced at Madison. As quick as a flash Madison had her glasses back on and her legs over the side of the bed putting her shoes back on with shaky hands.

Syd's mother made her way around the corner to the private section of her daughter's room. And to Madison's surprise Kathleen Rush was a spitting image of Syd, but a tad taller and more mature looking.

"Syd did you?oh, I see you have company." She smiled.

"Yes, mom this is Maddie?I mean?Madison. She's helping me out on this test coming up." Syd explained.

Kathleen wrinkled her head in confusion. Her daughter was always good in her studies and rarely needed help, but decided to leave it alone.

"That's great hun. I'm glad to see your head in a book instead of always having basketball on the brain."

Finally getting the laces tied on her sneakers, Madison stood from the bed and started to gather her things. "I think I should call my mother now. It's getting pretty late." Madison said never looking up to Syd.

Syd rolled off the bed and stood up also. "Yeah, okay?I think I got everything." Almost everything.

"Syd honey, why don't you give her a ride?" Kathleen suggested making Syd raise an eyebrow.

Madison quickly walked over towards the older woman. She was obviously a little spooked by Syd's actions. She had never been in this type of situation before and really didn't understand the feelings that stirred in her when Syd was near.

"Um no! No, that won't be necessary Mrs. Rush. My mother is expecting my call.
There's no trouble?really." Madison said in a hurry.

At this moment Madison couldn't be around Syd. She couldn't even look at Syd. The shy blonde felt uncontrollably drawn to her and knew sitting beside her in a Mustang wouldn't make matters any better. They almost kissed! She had never felt this way and it was making her more uneasy by the second.

About 5 minutes later, Madison and Syd were sitting in the den waiting for the blonde's mother to arrive. Madison sat on the furthest cushion away from Syd on the three seater leather couch. She was clutching her books to her chest and looking at her lap. Syd was laid back relaxed on her side of the couch stealing quick glances. For once in her life she was actually at loss of what to say. Finally, after two minutes of silence?

"Uh, thanks for coming over to help me today."

"You're welcome." The blonde said not looking up.

There was a pause.

The brunette ran her hand through her hair. What's wrong with you? How come she's not all over you by now? How come I'm not all over her? Why am I worried I'll say the wrong thing?

Suddenly, there was a honk that sounded from outside. Knowing it was her mother Madison stood and headed for the door.

"Wait!" Syd said jumping up to stop her. Madison stopped in her tracks nearly at the front door and continued to look at the ground. She still couldn't bring herself to look at the tall dark haired girl. Syd came up and stood beside her and looked down at her.

"I'll call you tomorrow?" Syd said friendly.


Not sure what to do Syd opened the front door further for the blonde to exit. The only gesture she thought was appropriate at the time.

"Night, Maddie" she replied, never taking her gaze off the small blonde.

"Goodnight Syd." Madison squeaked in a childish manner.

Madison exited the house and Syd watched her walk the brick path, get into her mother's car and drive off. Syd closed the front door and leaned her head against it.

"Stupid?stupid," Syd whispered to herself.

How is this girl different from any other girl? She's so sweet?and innocent. I don't know if I can do this?but a bet's a bet. And I never lose a bet.

* * *

Syd and Heather sat in the back of the class during first period. Though she was trying to concentrate on her work, Syd couldn't take her eyes off the small blonde across the room.

"So, did you bang her yet?" Heather smirked leaning over to the brunette.

Syd turned and frowned at Heather. Though it was a phrase she often used herself, it almost felt wrong to talk about Madison in that way.

"No. I only kissed her goodnight." Syd whispered.

"On the lips?" Heather said keen with interest.

"Just the cheek."

"Aw?how sweet?"

Syd rolled her eyes.

"Well, just remember I want my fifty in cash." Heather said with a smug smile.

"Oh, I'll win this thing. This will just take some time. And thanks to you, I have more than enough." Syd said confidently refocusing her gaze on the blonde.

* * *

It was after school and Madison sat in her kitchen quietly eating her after school snack. Her parents had to work late at the hospital so she was alone for the night. But she wasn't worried about that. She was more concerned about Syd. As agreed they would meet every Wednesday and Thursday at five. Suddenly the phone rang and Madison knew it was Syd.

"Hello." She said shyly.

"Hi Maddie. Are we still on for tonight?"

"Of course." Madison replied in a friendly but unsure voice.

There was a long pause

"Listen?I know what happened yesterday was a little awkward but I don't want to loose you as a friend."

Madison smiled. "Me too."

"So can we put that behind us?"

"Definitely." The blonde said her smile growing wider.

"Great! I'll be there at five."


Syd hung up her cell and abruptly turned around when she heard clapping coming from behind her. She jumped because she could have sworn she was in the locker room alone.

"Shit, Heather. You tryin' to give me a fuckin' heart attack" Syd said letting out a breath.

"Just watching the 'supposed' master at work."

"And??" Syd asked raising her eyebrows.

"What was awkward?"


"What was so awkward that happened between the two of you?"

Syd shrugged her shoulders and started packing up her gear. "We almost did kiss, that's all. My mom came in before I could make a move."

"Ah?the old parent bust. Too bad." Heather said sarcastically.

Syd wanted to tell her friend that she almost fell head over heels when the blond removed her glasses. She wanted to say she looked beautiful and sweet, but that would totally be underminding her reputation.

"You just wait. I'll have her." Syd said with a sly smile. I've just got to play along and go slow. I've still got 5 months.

"Have who?" a seductive voice said around the aisle of lockers. Stacie came into view along with three other girls from her squad. "Cause you've already had me." she said with a smile.

Heather rolled her eyes at the comment. She knew Stacie was hot, but did she have to constantly hang on Syd like that?

Syd shifted her body and leaned her back against the lockers. She eyed the highly hormonal cheerleader up and down. Man I love those outfits?

"Hey Stace?we were just talkin'." Syd replied.

"Oh?" the cheerleader came closer to the brunette taking up personal space. "Well I just came in here for something."

Syd raised an eyebrow. "Yeah?what?" she said with a cocky smile.

Stacie leaned her full body into Syd and ran her hands down the brunette's hips. "This?" She captured the basketball player's lips and within seconds she forced her tongue into Syd's mouth. The brunette didn't complain because this is what they would often do whenever either was in the mood. And eventually these lustful kisses would lead to more. But that wouldn't happen with an audience.

Stacie finally withdrew her tongue and pulled slightly away from the hard breathing brunette. Both looked at each other with knowing eyes. Syd could do nothing but smile. Stacie smiled back.

"Bye Sydie" she said stepping away. The two other cheerleaders began to giggle.

"See ya." Syd breathed watching the brown-haired girl's behind as she walk away.

Heather shook her head. "I don't know how you do it!"

* * *

As planned the tutoring session took place at Madison's house. To help lighten the mood, Syd brought over a pizza and apologized again for the day before. The blonde of course graciously accepted and the tutoring continued for three more weeks. Going against many of the rules in Syd's nature, she didn't try one move on Madison. Instead, she listened to the blonde's lectures and occasionally it led to friendly conversations. Both were starting to enjoy each others company and tended to look forward to these meetings. It was a chance to learn more about each other. To Syd's surprise, she was actually starting to like the blonde's personality. Though she was shy and quiet in public, Madison was a chatterbox in private.

Syd learned that both of Madison's parents were transferred doctors from Virginia and moved to Vegas because of a shortage of physicians, also the blonde was an only child. Syd on the other hand was born in Vegas and was the youngest of four brothers. She was the only girl. Her older siblings had moved out of the large house years ago. Syd's mother, Kathleen is a hard working orthodontist and her father was one of the most respected attorney's in Nevada. Madison always knew to lay off conversation about Syd's father. It was still a heavy subject.

During school, when they'd pass each other in the halls Syd would give a friendly wink and Madison would shyly smile. They were never actual social butterflies with each other on campus. Syd had her jock friends and Madison would sit with her new friend Lisa who she met in math club. Whether they liked it or not, their social groups had no chance of mixing. Not to mention Syd was being continually haggled by Heather who kept insisting for her to give up.

One afternoon, when they had just finished a study session at Syd's house, the brunette walked Madison to the door. Before the blonde could open it, Syd stopped her by lightly touching her arm.

"Um?Maddie?" the brunette asked in a shy tone.

"Yes?" the blonde said turning to her friend.

Come on moron think of something! Syd thought to herself.

"I?uh, this Saturday we have a game?and I was wondering if you'd like to come and watch." Why are my palms sweating? I'm only asking her a question!

"Oh?I don't know Syd. I've never been to a game before." Madison said with a shrug pushing her glasses on her nose.

"That's all the more reason for you to go." Syd lightly nudged the blonde's arm.

Madison bit down on her bottom lip to hold back a smile and playfully shook her head.

"Come on?please?" Sydney wiggled her eyebrows.

Madison giggled and looked down. She's so cute when she does that eyebrows thing.

"Okay, I'll see if Lisa wants to come along too."

"Good." The brunette said with a relieved smile.

The two stood there for another moment and then Syd quickly leaned down and kissed the blonde on the cheek.

Madison looked up at gleeful blue eyes. "What was that for?"

"Um?a thank you?" Syd said nervously.

Madison smiled and gave Syd a playful shove away from the door.

"Bye." She said leaving.

Syd watched her walk to her mother's car and waved to the driver. She had the pleasure of meeting Madison's parents and liked them both. In all truth she started to feel bad about the bet she made with Heather. But whatever feelings that were conjuring, Syd couldn't let up for one girl. One girl she was dangerously starting to have affection for.

Chapter 3

It was Saturday evening and the crowd in the stands was in an uproar! Syd dribbled the ball quickly and fearlessly down court. Not seeing any of her teammates open for a pass she charged the lane making an amazing lay up. The crowd cheered on the Freedmont Gators along with the cheerleaders who chanted Syd's name. After making her shot, Syd scanned the crowd in search of a particular blonde but still no sign of her. She's not coming. It was the middle of the 2nd quarter and she hadn't seen Madison anywhere. With a disappointed sigh she put her head back in the game.

The team sat in the locker room during halftime chatting amongst themselves after a pep talk with the coach. Heather noticed that Syd wasn't her enthusiastic self during a tight game like this. They were behind four points, and usually the brunette was eager to bust heads and pump up her team. This time she sat on the bench in deep thought.

"Hey, what's up with you?" Heather asked flapping a towel lightly against the brunette's arm.

Syd took a guzzle of her bottled water. "There's nothing wrong." She said with a shrug.

Heather gave her an 'I'm not buying it look.'

"Really? I'm just frustrated that we're behind in this game."

"No you're not. Usually you're yelling at everyone for their mistakes and ready to snap on anyone who questions you. Now tell me what's wrong."

The team started to clear out of the locker room to start the second half.

Syd shot Heather a fierce look. "There's nothing wrong. Can't you just lay the fuck off?" the brunette snapped. Syd stood off the bench and followed her team back to the gymnasium.

"Someone needs to get laid." Heather said under her breath and followed the angry brunette.

The third quarter was just beginning and to Syd's further disappointment, Madison still hadn't arrived. Why am I so disappointed that she's not here! Syd tore her eyes away from the gym entrance and gave up on hopes of seeing the blonde. Just at that moment Madison and her friend Lisa entered the loud gym. Madison spotted Syd on the far end of the court playing hard defense. She couldn't help but check out Syd athletic body. Wow, she looks sexy all sweaty like that. And with her hair in a ponytail? Her friend elbowed her side breaking her daydream.

"Let's sit there." Lisa suggested pointing to an empty spot about six bleachers up. The two took there seats and began watching the game.

Over the past month Madison couldn't help but be attracted to the athletic brunette. The way her blue eyes glimmered at her when she smiled and how her deep voice gave her the shivers because it was so intoxicating.

Syd was playing hard man on man 'D' when suddenly she felt a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach and turned to the crowd. Her eyes zeroed in on green eyes. Madison's green eyes. She has no glasses but that's definitely her. She came?she actually? BAM! The large girl Syd was guarding turned suddenly and nailed her elbow right below the brunette's left eye. The tall dark haired player hit the floor hard onto her back. Before she lost consciousness, all Syd could remember was the ref's whistle blowing, a crowd of players surrounding her, and a high pitched squeal of her name coming from the stands.

* * *

When Syd finally awoke she found that she had been taken to her basement bedroom. Only something wasn't right. She couldn't see out of her left eye! It was pitch black on that side. She reached up and lightly touched the swollen flesh.

"Owww!" she winced.

"Hey, be careful." a soft voice whispered from the right side of her bed.

"Maddie?" the woozy brunette asked.

The blonde carefully sat on the edge of the bed beside the athlete. "Yeah, it's me."

Syd slightly tilted her head to the right to see with her good eye and smiled. Madison smiled back and held up an ice pack.

"Here, keep this on for a while." The blonde ordered putting the icepack against Syd's eye. The brunette held the pack in place. "You're mom's right upstairs. Do you want me to get her?"

"No, it's fine...You're here?That's all I need right now." Syd said in a hoarse voice.

Madison blushed.

"Jeez?how long was I out?"

"A few hours. It's? nine o'clock now. First thing we did was get your mom on the phone and she said we were to take you home and she'd call a doctor for a house call. At first I thought that was strange, but your mother said you hate hospitals."

"Yeah, I do. It's not fun waking up in one." Syd said with an exhausted sigh. "Okay? continue."

"Well, then the doctor said you had a minor?very minor concussion because you hit your head. I'm glad it wasn't worse. And your eye, well?"

"Is it that bad?" Syd frowned.

Madison reached down beside the foot of the bed and picked up her handbag. "I'll let you see for yourself." She said digging for a mirror.

The injured basketball player removed the icepack and Madison handed her the compact mirror.

"Oh shit! My face looks like a fucking air balloon!" Syd shrieked. Realizing she used foul language in front of the blonde she quickly apologized.

"No, it's okay. I'd probably have the same reaction." Madison said with a hint of laughter. She retrieved her mirror.

Syd replaced the pack on her eye. "I just have one more question." The brunette said wincing.


"Where are your glasses?"

"Oh?Lisa convinced me to switch to contacts. Before the game I was getting fit for my new ones and I could have sworn I'd be out of there before the game started. It seemed like I was in that office all day. That's why I was so late. I tried to make it on time. I just wanted to surprise you."

"It was a surprise alright. You're the cause of this." Syd said pointing to her eye injury with her free had.

"What? How am I the cause of that?" she said with a frown.

"Before I got hit I saw you in the stands and?"you we're so beautiful. "You just distracted me." Sharp pain suddenly shot to Syd swollen eye.

Syd winced in pain. "Oh god this really hurts?" she groaned.

Madison smiled lightly and placed her hand over the hand Syd was using to hold the icepack.

"Here you big baby," she said as she lowered the brunette's hand and pack. The blonde leaned over so her hands where on either side of Syd's body. "Maybe this will help."

Madison slowly leaned forward and tenderly kissed Syd swollen eye. Then she switched and kissed the brunette's know closed good eye. Madison slowly pulled back and looked down at the brunette.

"Is that better?" Madison whispered.

Syd still had her good eye closed, still tingling from the blonde's gentle kisses. "Oh, yeah..." She managed to squeak out.

After a short moment, Syd finally opened her eye and smiled. She looked at the girl just inches from her face. Go for the lips. Please! Madison held Syd's gaze and then eventually her eyes fell on the soft lips before her. Oh, yes! She's gonna kiss me! Thank you big bitch that hit me in the eye. Both of their heart rates picked up speed as Madison slowly inched closer. Syd could feel the blonde's hot breath on her lips. Yes. It's okay.

"Hey, Syd!" Heather and two other players from the team yelled in unison barging into the bedroom area.

Madison quickly got off the bed and Syd growled in frustration. "Gotta be kidding me!"

Neither Syd nor Madison heard the teammates come down the stairs because they were too caught up in the moment.

"I'll see you later Sydney." The blonde shyly announced. She picked up her hand bag and quickly and cautiously passed the three basketball players.

Until they were sure the blonde had completely exited the room, the three plopped down on the large bed. The two other girls that joined Heather were Brandy and Jamie. Brandy was an African American girl that was about the same height as Syd but had a little more muscle mass. Like Heather and Syd, she also liked to boast about her many conquests. Jamie was a red head that talked with a southern accent. She wasn't as tall as the other girls but really knew how to handle the ball. Brandy, Syd, and Heather took a liking to her after she said she played on their "team".

Syd gave them all a fuming frown. "You assholes! She was about to kiss me and you blew it!"

Brandy gave a smirk. "Oh please Rush. You ain't hittin' that. That bookworm's too smart to fall for you."

"I know I don't say this much but?I agree with Brandy on this one." Jamie said.

Syd looked at her bedspread and shook her head. "You guys don't know her."

"Well neither do you, if you know what I mean. It's been a whole month and you guys have never kissed?" Heather asked.

Syd glared at her friend. "We almost did. Until you guys showed up!" the brunette said between her teeth.

Brandy put her hand under her chin observing the brunette carefully. "Man, Rush. You do look a lil frustrated. Have you not had a very special and necessary need fulfilled in a while?"

"Fuck you..." Syd groaned putting the icepack back on her face.

"Honey, you might as well pay up now." Jamie said putting her hand on the brunette's shoulder. "That little blondie goodie two shoes ain't sleeping with you."

Syd shrugged the red-head's hand off her shoulder. "Don't call her that."

Heather got off the bed and stood over her friend. "Why so sensitive about it, Syd? Either you bang her or pay up."

Syd kept a straight face and didn't even look up at Heather. She was fuming inside because they were referring to Madison as just another screw. But once again she let her pride get the best of her.

The brunette exhaled a breath and looked to the three faces staring her down. "You all still think I won't do it?"

They all shook their heads. Syd sat up straighter in the bed. "Okay. Just to show how serious I am, let's raise the stakes. Two hundred dollars says I sleep with her.

Everyone's eyes widened and mouths gapped open. "But Syd?that's a lot of money?oh wait, never mind you're rich." Jamie said in realization.

"I know." Syd said resting her arms behind her head.

Brandy frowned. "You sure Rush? I don't think you can pull it off."

The brunette ignored Brandy's comment.

"Are we on?" Syd asked Heather with a determined face.

Heather bent down to the brunette so they were nose to nose. "We're definitely on."

The next morning Syd called Madison to put her plan underway. Though she was frustrated by her friends' constant teasing she hated the war that was constantly being fought between her ego and her heart. Syd knew she had feelings for Madison, but she couldn't explain them. She had never been in love before, so how would she know how it felt? Valentine's Day was this Tuesday, and she thought it was the perfect opportunity to win the blonde over completely.

Madison stood in her kitchen scrambling some eggs on the stove. It was a mother daughter ritual every Sunday morning. Frances would cook the biscuits and bacon, while Madison did the eggs. By the time breakfast was ready, Tom, her father, would scurry into the kitchen in a bathrobe, pour his coffee and wait for his beautiful girls to serve him a plate. Both Madison and Frances were fine with this arrangement because that left Mr. Murphy to cook dinner.

"So, hun, how was your friend?" Frances asked.

"Syd?" Madison smiled at the thought of the brunette and their almost first kiss.

"No, your other friend that was knocked unconscious for three hours." Frances joked.

Madison playfully shook her head at her mother's humor. "Her eye was swelled pretty badly, but she's okay."

The blonde really liked Syd. There was just something about her that made her shyness vanish into thin air. The brunette had a way of making her feel like she was the only person on earth. Every afternoon they would study together, Madison couldn't help the attraction she felt. Syd was a magnificent sculpture to look at. When she'd look into her blue eyes, her knees were useless. When the brunette smiled, her heart raced.

Just then the phone rang and Frances picked it up. "Murphy residence..."

"Oh, hi Mrs. Murphy this is Sydney. May I speak to Madison?" Syd never called Maddie by her full name, but in respect for the blonde's parents she would say the alternative.

"Sure, Sydney, she's just helping me with breakfast."

The blonde quickly turned off the stove and went to her mother's side. Frances handed her daughter the phone.

"Hi, Syd. Is something wrong?"

Syd smiled at the blonde's concern. "No, everything's fine. I just wanted to know if you were busy this Tuesday night."

That's Valentine's Day. "No, no I'm not doing anything. Do you need more help with studying?" The blonde said playing dumb.

The brunette lightly chuckled. "No, I don't need more help studying. I just wanted to invite you to my house to watch a movie."

The blonde hesitated while Syd anxiously awaited an answer.

"I'm not really comfortable with all your jock friends. They don't like me you know."

"Oh?no they're not coming. Just you."

Madison smiled. "Just me?"

"Yeah. So whatta ya say?" Syd said in a low seductive voice.

Madison heard the sudden change of tone in the brunette's voice and it sparked something new in her lower anatomy.

"Um?sure?I'll be there. Should I bring anything?" the blonde managed to say.

"No... just you..."

Madison's face began to flush and she turned away from her parents who were engaged in a deep conversation.

"Okay... I'll see you Tuesday," the blonde agreed.

The brunette heard the timid tone in the blonde's voice. "You're blushing aren't you?" Syd said smiling.

Madison giggled. "Bye Syd." She pushed the end button.

Syd hung up her phone, leaned back on her pillow and sighed. "She wants me." Odd thing is?I want her too.

* * *

Syd had been in her bedroom closet for an hour trying to find the right clothes to wear. Heather stood by the sliding closet doors watching her friend frantically pull out clothes. Suddenly a shirt landed on her head and she yanked it off.

"What's with you Syd? It's not like you haven't done this before."

Syd finally decided to go with her best fitting black T-shirt and dark blue jeans. "How does this look?" she asked stepping out of her closet. Her hair hung down to her shoulders still a little wet from the shower she had.

"It looks fine. But since when have you cared so much?" Heather questioned her.

Syd shook her head. "Look, it doesn't matter. Now you have to leave before Maddie comes."

"Oh, I can't stay? I wanted to watch her blow you off." Heather teased.

"I think I'll be the one doing the blowing." The brunette wiggled her eyebrows.

Heather's mouth dropped open and smacked Syd in the arm. "Eww, you know what I mean!"

Just then the doorbell rang.

"Shit! Come on, you have to go out the back way." Syd whispered as they ran up the steps. As Syd opened the back door Heather couldn't resist to tease some more.

"Please can I stay? You need a witness to see that this action is carried out." Heather said smiling.

"Heather I'm not fucking around!" she whispered harshly. The doorbell sounded again. "Leave!" the brunette hissed.

"Okay, okay." Heather left and Syd quickly closed the door behind her.

Syd knew this was the perfect night to set everything up. First, her mother was out of town visiting one of her older brothers so they would be alone. And second, it was Valentine's Day. Syd ran to the door and opened it. Usually when she planned these nights of seduction she would open the door, take the girl by the hand, throw them on the large leather couch and have sex. It was that simple. There was never any movie to watch.

However, what she saw at the door stopped the predator brunette in her tracks. There stood Madison in yellow sun flowered dress with spaghetti straps. Her long hair was combed neatly and one side was tucked behind an ear. Syd couldn't speak. She just stared like a fool.

"Hi, Sydney. Can I come in?" Madison asked with a smile.

Syd finally willed her eyes to blink and opened the door further. "Oh, sorry? you just look?nice."

"Thanks. You look nice too." The blonde said stepping into the foyer. Syd closed the door and turned to look at the beautiful girl before her. She couldn't get over how gorgeous Madison looked. That dress?yum. The blonde took a step closer to Syd and softly put her hand on the basketball player's cheek. "Hey, you can open your eye now!" said with a light laugh.

The swelling around Syd's eye had gone down, but it was slightly bluish purple around the bottom lid creating a dark half ring.

Noticing that Syd was still just gawking at her, the blonde smiled in amusement and removed her hand. "So, where are we watching the movie?"

Syd shook her head again and was a little embarrassed to be staring so much. "Oh, right over there, in the den."

They both stepped down into the den area with the big leather furnishings. The blonde sat on the couch greeted by a large plasma screen TV mounted on the wall.

"So what are we watching?" the blonde asked excitedly.

"That's a good question." Syd stated standing in front of the DVD cabinet.

In fact, it was a very good question since Syd and her dates never actually got to the movie part.

"How about a Romantic-Comedy? It is Valentine's Day." Madison suggested.

"Okay?" Syd said scanning the various titles. "How about Nine-Months?"

"Oooo?I like that one." The blonde said. Syd popped in the DVD and turned off all the lights so all that could be seen was the glowing light of the television. She then plopped on the couch on the left side of Madison. She was so close that their thighs were touching. The blonde looked down at their touching legs.

"Not much for personal space are you?" Madison said with a giggle.

"Not really." Syd said smiling.

After about 15 minutes into the movie Syd glanced over at the blonde who was closely watching the movie. Her hormones were on overdrive having the blonde this close to her in the dark. She wanted so much to reach over and touch the blonde in places she had never been touched before. She wanted to lay her down on the couch and do sinful things to her all night long. Without even thinking she turned to the blonde and slowly placed a kiss on her cheek.

The blonde closed her eyes and relished the feel of Syd's lips. It had been a while since she had received one of those from her dark haired friend.

Syd pulled back and studied the blonde's face for a reaction. Finally Madison opened her eyes and turned to piercing blue eyes.

"Why did you do that?" she whispered.

Syd ducked her head down and brought it back up again. "I couldn't help it." She said with sincere eyes. "You're so pretty Maddie." She whispered.

The blonde looked down and blushed. Syd put her arm on the couch cushion behind Madison's head and used her left hand to tilt the shy girl's head up. Her mind filled with panic when she was greeted by tearing red eyes.

"Oh?Maddie what's wrong?.?" Syd asked worriedly.

Madison brought her left hand up to Syd injured cheek and slowly caressed it.

"There's nothing wrong," she said sniffling and shaking her head slowly. "It's just that?you make me feel so?special."

Hearing the truth and emotion in Madison's voice, Syd's eye became glassy. The blonde leaned forward and kissed the injured eye tenderly and pulled back to look at the brunette. "Thank you." She whispered.

Syd looked deeply into Madison's eyes and finally spoke. "I like you Maddie. A lot?and I want to ask you something."

Madison sniffled. "What?"

Syd smiled sheepishly and then asked, "?Can I kiss you?"

Madison studied the brunette's face a moment and then slowly nodded her head. Syd leaned towards the blonde inch by inch very slowly. Timidly their lips met for the first time in a gentle kiss. And then a second. With their eyes still closed Syd slowly pulled back just enough so their foreheads were touching. She actually wanted to know what the blonde was feeling. Madison still had her eyes closed and had a slight smile on her face.

"That was my first kiss." She said shyly.

"How was it?" Syd whispered.

"It was perfect?" Madison said snuggling her head against the brunette's. "Your lips are really soft."

"Mmmm?so are yours?" Syd whispered and kissed the blonde again. Only this kiss lingered for awhile. Slowly their lips danced together. It wasn't lustful or urgent, just satisfying. The brunette was amazed by how nice it felt just to kiss. Syd slid her tongue out lightly touching Madison's lips and the blonde suddenly panicked and pulled back.

"Syd, wait." She said putting her hand on the brunette's chest. Under her hand she could feel Syd's heart beating a million miles per hour.

"Your heart is beating really fast." Madison said breathlessly.

Syd took an audible swallow. "I know?I've never felt like this before."

Madison smiled and absently rubbed the brunette's beating chest. "Syd?.I don't know if I can?What if I'm not good at it?" the blonde said dejectedly.

Syd placed her hand on Madison's cheek and smiled. "You're doing well so far, trust me."

"I trust you Syd."

Those three words, I trust you stung Syd to the core. Here she sat with an innocent girl who trusted her. Who cared for her. The more time the basketball player spent with Madison, the worse she felt about the bet.

Syd mentally shook her head to clear her mind of conscious thoughts and refocused her attention to the blonde. Their lips met again and Syd boldly slid her tongue into the blonde's mouth. Madison showed no resistance and slowly caressed her tongue against Syd's. The brunette moaned in her throat and placed a hand on the blonde's thigh. Soon, it was an all out war between the thrashing tongues. This along with Syd's hand position made the blonde feel a now familiar feeling in her lower body. Syd laid Madison on her back never breaking the kiss. The blonde's warm body felt good beneath her. Finally, they both broke the kiss, breathing heavily. Syd looked down at the blonde's flushed face.

"Are you sure you've never kissed before?" Syd asked with a slight smile.

"Never..." Madison replied with deep breaths.

"Then I guess?you've never done this either." Syd said in a seductive tone. She positioned her thigh against Madison's womanhood.

The blonde whimpered in response. "Syd?"

The brunette thrust down again. Madison couldn't find any words. What she was feeling was new and incredible. She just laid there with her mouth open taking small breaths.

Syd then tilted her head and began placing heavy kisses on Madison's neck. The blonde gave a loud gasp and gripped Syd's back. "Oh, Syd?" Madison squeaked and absently began moving her hips. The brunette responded with a low mumble and continued to kiss Madison's neck and slowly thrust her hips forward.

"Mmmm?I think we should stop?" the blonde whispered breathlessly in Syd's ear.

"Me too?" Syd whispered back sucking on the blonde's neck. She continued to seek her pleasure until she felt Madison stiffen beneath her. Syd halted her movements and raised her head to look into the blonde's eyes. She looked deeply into the green eyes before her.

"You're not ready?" Syd said softly.

"This isn't right..." Madison whispered

"Do you wanna go to my room?" Syd quickly suggested.

"No?I mean?this isn't the right time." Madison said with sincere and loving eyes.

Syd tried to mask her disappointment and closed her eyes. God, she got me really worked up.

"Okay," she said sitting up. Syd returned to her earlier seated position and leaned her head to the ceiling blowing out a frustrated breath.

Madison sat up and straightened her dress. She then leaned forward and put a soft kiss on the brunette's cheek. "I'm sorry?I'm just not ready yet?" she said with a hint of sadness thinking she disappointed the basketball player.

Syd turned to Madison with a loop-sided smile. "It's okay?really. That was the best make out session I've ever had." Madison giggled and put her head down trying to conceal her blush.

"Hey?don't get all shy on me now." Syd joked receiving another giggle from the blonde.

"Alright," Syd said standing up. "Are you ready for me to drive you home? Not that I want you to go but?if you're around me any longer I won't be able to keep my hands off you."

Madison playfully shook her head and grabbed Syd's offered hand.

* * *

The ride on the way back to Madison's house was silent. Syd looked ahead with a big grin on her face and the blonde had the same expression looking out the passenger window. Madison carefully turned her head to catch a glimpse of Syd's profile. The sight she saw made her smile even more. Madison noticed the happy smirk and blue eyes flickering from the street lights passing above the red mustang. She also admired the dark haired girl's defined and intimidating cheekbones. She's so beautiful. And she wants me. Why? Why do you want me Sydney Rush?

Feeling the hovering stare from the blonde next to her, Syd turned to Madison. As soon as their eyes met Madison realized she was staring and quickly focused her gaze out the window again. Syd silently smiled and turned back to the rode again. She slowed the car and pulled over next to a brick wall and a sidewalk. The other side of the street was pitch black hiding the many night crawlers of the desert. Syd then turned off the engine.

"What are you doing Syd? My house is another block down."

Syd turned her body towards Madison. "I know. But since it only?9:45 and your curfew is at ten, you're still mine for another fifteen minutes." Syd said moving her hand under the blonde's dress and stopping at her thigh. Madison's breath caught in her throat and she closed her eyes. Syd leaned forward and locked her lips with Madison's in a needy kiss. For the next ten minutes the two gave gentle caresses and kisses eventually leading to fogged up windows. Madison broke the kiss and both were breathing heavily. Syd retreated back to her seat and put her head down on the stirring wheel in front of her. Madison leaned her head back on her seat doing the same.

"We have to stop now baby?" Madison said softly.

Syd raised her eyebrows and brought her head back up to look at the heavy breathing blonde. "Did you just call me baby?" Syd said with a smirk on her face.

Madison looked at Syd with a humorous smile on her face. "Well?you are." She put her hand on Syd's cheek and looked into her eyes for a moment. Green stared into blue and both knew what was there but were too afraid to admit it. Suddenly Syd's eyes widened.

"Oh! I almost forgot!" The brunette said digging into her jacket.

"What is it?" Madison smiled, a little startled by Syd's eagerness.

Syd pulled her hand out of her jacket revealing a small rectangular shaped box.

"Just in case this night turned out to be what I hoped?"

"Oh?.Syd?" the blonde said in a shaky voice.

"Happy Valentine's Day." Syd smiled shyly handing Madison the box.

The basketball player had never been more nervous in her life. Her palms were sweating and her heart rate began to race. She had never actually given any girl a gift that meant something.

Madison accepted the small box and opened it carefully. Inside was a silver necklace holding a nice size heart. On the face of the heart was the letter M formed by small clear little jewels.

It was silent for a few moments and Syd was starting to worry if she had gotten the wrong thing. Maddie kept her head down looking at her new present.

"Maddie?" Syd whispered.

The blonde squeezed her eyes tightly trying to hold back her tears, but it did no good. She looked up at Syd with glazed eyes.

"I love it?" she said with a smile.

Syd felt a little relief rush over her. "Really? I was worried that?"

Madison leaned in and gave the brunette a light kiss on the lips. She placed her finger tips under Syd's chin.

"This has been the greatest night of my life?" the blonde said looking into beautiful blue eyes.

"Me too?" Syd whispered.

They kept their eyes locked a moment longer.

"Take me home, Syd." She whispered.

Syd nodded and fired up the engine. They drove the extra block and pulled up in front of Madison's home.

"Goodnight." Madison said grabbing the door handle. Syd stopped her by grabbing the blonde's arm lightly.

"Wait?" Syd put her head down. "This may sound weird but?you're not even out of the car yet and I'm already missing you."

Syd felt like a huge wuss admitting how she felt. She never gave into her emotions, but this time was different. She felt safe with Madison. The blonde turned to the distraught girl beside her.

"Sydney?don't be ashamed for saying what you feel?it's sweet." Madison said with a slight smile.

Syd looked up and then gave the blonde a quick peck on the cheek. "Okay?night." She said softly.

"Night?.." the blonde stepped out of the car and quickly turned and leaned down to the window. "I'll be at your game tomorrow," Madison said with a smile.

Syd gave a huge grin. "You better be."

Chapter 4

"Wow, I can't believe you were necking with Sydney Rush!" Lisa squealed.

"I don't believe it either?" Madison said.

The two girls were sitting in Starbucks at a back table discussing the events of Madison's risqué night with the basketball player.

"So? you're not freaked out?" Madison asked cautiously.

"Why would I be? I'm not a lesbian myself but?you can still talk to me."

"Good." The blonde said blowing out a breath of relief.

"So?how do you feel about her?" Lisa asked with high interest.

"I?she's just so?warm and caring. I like her a lot Lisa." The blonde said with all honesty in her voice. "She gave me this beautiful necklace for Valentine's too," Madison said referring to the heart around her neck.

Lisa's giddy smile soon faded. "That's great Madison?but can I tell you something? And I'm only saying this because I'm your friend."

"What?" Madison said with a confused frown.

Lisa leaned forward. "Out of the three years I've attended Freedmont, I've seen Rush operate. She's kind of a player. One girlfriend today and then the next day a new girlfriend. I just don't want you to get hurt."

Madison took in her friend's words and nodded. "I know Syd has had other girls, but I truly feel that it's different this time. She cares about me. I don't think she'll ever intentionally hurt me either."

"Okay, Madison. If that's what you think. Then I understand." Lisa said.

* * *

Syd dribbled the ball down court quickly after retrieving the rebound of the opposite team's miss. Her adrenaline pumping she faced one defender waiting for her under the basket. She faked left tricking her opponent and swerved to the right leading her wide open for a shot. She easily sinked the 2 pointer and the crowd erupted. Syd quickly ran back to other side of the court to get back on defense. Seeing a signal from her coach on the sidelines, she called to the referee a time out. The two teams scampered off the court and went to their benches. The Freedmont girls' basketball coach called her team in for a huddle and the girls formed a tight circle. While all the teammates were listening to the upcoming plays, Syd raised her head to look at the stands. There she was?Madison.

She made it! God she looks good. Syd thought smiling at the blonde.

Looking directly at the tall brunette, Madison silently mouthed a "hi" to the sweaty basketball player. Syd gave an endearing smile and winked at the now blushing blonde.

Man she looks hot in the tight shirt. I wouldn't mind?

"Rush! Rush, are you paying attention!" the coached yelled snapping Syd back into reality.

Syd turned her head back to the huddle. "Oh, yeah. Sorry coach."

"You're only the captain of the team." Brandy said sarcastically receiving a scowl from Syd.

"Hey, listen up you two!" the coach fumed.

The girls played hard all the way up until halftime was called, and the Freedmont Gators had a 10 point lead. The ref blew the whistle and everyone cleared the floor. Syd jogged over to the bench and took a sip of water from her bottle. She then looked up to the stands to catch another glimpse of the blonde but she was not there. The brunette took this as odd for a second and then figured Madison went to get a snack or something. Syd shrugged it off and headed for the locker rooms were her team had already headed. As soon as she reached the double doors she heard a voice coming from under the bleachers.

"Syd!" the voice whispered loudly.

The basketball player frowned in confusion and walked towards the voice. "Maddie?" she asked.

Suddenly, a small hand grabbed the collar of Syd's jersey and tugged her under the large structure. Madison gently pushed Syd against the wall and leaned her body against the brunette's. "Hi." She whispered.

"Hi?" Syd said with a wicked smile spreading across her face. The brunette noticed that Madison picked the perfect place away from peering eyes.

Syd leaned down and kissed the blonde soundly. "I'm glad you could make it." She said.

"I would never miss one of your games silly. Besides?when you're all hot and sweaty you look really?"

Syd playfully raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"You look?." Madison began to blush which made Syd chuckle.

"Sexy, maybe?" Syd smiled.

Madison ducked her head down and then nodded. "Yeah?"

The brunette kissed the top of Madison's head. "You sure do blush a lot."

Green eyes looked into blue. "Only around you." Madison said quietly.

Syd reached down for both of Madison's hands and brought them around her neck. They stared into each others eyes and the blonde gingerly rubbed their noses together.

Being in such close proximity, Syd pulled the blonde to her and started slow lingering kisses on Madison's lips. The blonde kissed her back and slowly slid her tongue into the basketball player's mouth.

"Mmmm?" Syd hummed in pleasure. Both were breathing heavy and Syd ran her hand through blonde tresses. Madison ran her hands over Syd jersey trying to pull the brunette closer.

After a moment, Syd broke the kiss and looked into loving green eyes. Madison put her hands on the sides of Syd's face. "I just had to be with you. Even if it was just for a second." The blonde whispered.

The tall brunette smiled and pulled Madison in for a hug and the small blonde laid her head against Syd's chest. She felt the basketball player's heart beating rapidly inside her chest. Madison silently smiled at how Syd reacted to her kisses and snuggled closer to the brunette.

"If I keep kissing you you're gonna have a heart attack." Madison joked.

Syd ended the hug to look at the blonde. "No?I think if you stopped kissing me I'd have a heart attack." She said seriously.

Madison looked deeply into Syd's eyes and saw nothing but truth there. She really means it.

Their lips met again.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the locker room the coach was giving the team further encouragement and saying that they had this game in the bag.

"Now, Rush?Rush?Where the hell is Rush!" the coach yelled.

"She must still be in the gym, I'll get her." Heather said running out of the locker room doors.

Back under the bleachers the two girls were heavily preoccupied and oblivious the world around them. Syd moved from Madison's enticing mouth down to her neck. The blonde moaned in pleasure while Syd gently sucked on her pulsing point.

"I like when you do that?" Madison said panting.

"I know?" Syd said seductively.

The blonde clawed at the basketball players shoulders as Syd continued her pleasurable assault. The brunette was then feeling a little bold and started her hand under Madison's tight pink shirt. The blonde's breath became ragged as Syd's hand moved across her toned stomach and inched closer to its intended destination. Just then they heard a loud voice over the rustling crowd.

"Syd! Yo, Syd where are you!" Heather was yelling.

The brunette laid forehead against Madison shoulder and slowly slide her hand from underneath the blonde's shirt. "Man?" Syd whined like a two year old.

Madison started rubbing gentle circles on the brunette's back. "Go on baby, the team needs you."

"Oh?alright." Syd said standing up straight.

Madison leaned up and pecked Syd on the lips. "Make a basket for me."

"I'll make a zillion baskets for you." Syd said with a smug smile.

"I know?I'll see you after the game."

Syd kissed her on the cheek and then turned to go. As she stepped from under the dark area Heather had her back to her scanning the huge gym. The tall brunette crept up behind her unsuspecting friend and pushed her playfully before taking off into the locker room. Heather growled in amusement and raced after her friend through the loud double doors.

The Gators won 57-44. After the game Syd and her three teammates, Heather, Brandy and Jamie were engaged in conversation while packing up their things.
"We sure did wipe those Ravens out tonight didn't we guys!" Jamie said in an enthusiastic cheer.

The three other teammates complied by whooping and banging on the lockers.

"Yeah, especially with your help Syd. Girl, you were making those shots back to back!" Brandy exclaimed. "Who the hell were you trying to impress tonight?"

Syd shrugged her shoulders. "Nobody in particular."

"It was Murphy wasn't it?" Heather said.

"The geek?" Jamie questioned with wonder.

"Hey! She's not a geek. She's just?really smart." Syd said defensively.

Heather raised her eyebrows. "It's okay Syd... I saw her in the stands the entire game?but I still wonder?" the brown haired girl put her finger to her chin. "Where did blondie go during halftime? I didn't see you and I didn't see her."

Syd started rummaging through her duffel bag as though she were looking for something.

"That doesn't mean anything," The brunette muttered.

Brandy and Jamie glanced at each other and then back at the enticing conversation unfolding before them.

"After I found you?or after you found me, your face looked a little?flushed? A little?make-out flushed?" Heather said as though she were an interrogator.

Syd quickly zipped up her duffel bag and looked anywhere but at her three friends. The dark haired girl didn't want the other girls knowing how she truly felt about Madison. Out of all of the years they knew her, Syd never withheld information about the actions she performed with a girl, but this time was different. Madison was different.

"Rush? Were you doing the tongue dance with Murphy during halftime?" Brandy asked.

"Yeah?" Syd said hesitantly.

"Well, well, well?Heather I think you're gonna lose this bet. Rush has this one wrapped around her finger." Brandy said picking up her bag to leave.

"Not exactly. It's still 2 months and counting." Heather said with a smile.

Outside the locker room doors awaited a small blonde. Madison continuously walked back and forth with folded her arms tightly around her body. She hated that she had forgotten a coat. It was quite a windy evening and Madison didn't know that Las Vegas weather tended to change year around. When she thought of Vegas, all that came to mind was heat, dessert and 24 hour casinos.

Suddenly, the double doors opened revealing Brandy, Jamie and Heather. The three girls eyed Madison as they passed and let out small giggles. This made the blonde pretty uncomfortable and she suddenly fell into her shy mode and looked at the ground. Why are they laughing? Madison wondered. What ever it is, why does it involve me? I'm glad Syd isn't like them. She felt a wave of relief wash over her as the three players disappeared around the building.

The double doors opened again giving the blonde at a sight for sore eyes. It was Syd dawning her red and white letter-man jacket with dark blue jeans and a long sleeved black shirt underneath. She sauntered over to a very cold yet happy Madison.

"Hey beautiful?" Syd said with a smile.

"H...Hey," Madison said chattering her teeth.

Syd quickly noticed the blonde was shivering and hugging herself. "Oh shit Maddie ?you must be freezing!" Syd realized shrugging off her jacket. She quickly wrapped the large jacket around the quivering small blonde.

"Thank you?" Madison said.

Syd smiled and hugged the blonde to her chest. "That better?"

"A lot better?" Madison said snuggling closer to the basketball player.

Syd pulled back and leaned down to give Madison a tender kiss on the lips. She then rested her forehead against the blonde's and the two just stood there enjoying the closeness.

Finally Madison spoke. "I'm glad I didn't distract you this time." The blonde said with a smile.

Syd let out a light chuckle. "You're always a distraction to me. But that's part of the reason why I like you."

Madison blushed and leaned her head up to face the brunette. "I like you too. A lot?" the blonde said sincerely.

Syd brushed stray bangs that were covering the blonde's forehead. "Let's get outta here." Syd said with a smile.

* * *
Lisa and Madison were in there usually spot in the cafeteria about 10 feet away from the exit double doors. They figured it was the easiest way to avoid the big crowd when the bell rang.

Lisa bit into her sandwich and looked towards the blonde sitting across from her. Madison had her eyes locked to the entrance doors.

"Why do you always do that?" Lisa finally asked.

"What?" Madison said not tearing her eyes away from the doors.

"Wait for your honey bunny to come in the cafeteria." Lisa said smiling.

Madison looked at her friend. "No, I don't ?I'm just?looking around."

"Yeah, looking for your sexy mama." Lisa said with a snicker.

Madison raised her eyebrows and swatted her friend's shoulder. "Shut up!" she said in a whisper.

Just then the usual banter of hoots and hollers could be heard from the rowdy girl's basketball team entering the cafeteria. Madison quickly turned her head scanning the group and spotted the dark haired girl. Syd looked across the room and met the blonde's green eyes. Madison smiled and did a discreet wave while Syd gave a crooked smile and winked. As she sat down with her loud team she glanced over to Madison again who had never taken her eyes off the basketball player. Syd secretly rolled her eyes towards the girls' bathroom indicating Madison to go in. The blonde frowned not understanding the brunette's gesture. Syd wriggled her eyebrows and repeated the indication. Lisa noticed the silent exchange.

"She wants to fondle you in the bathroom," Lisa whispered in the blonde's ear.

"Hmmm?" Madison had an amused expression. "I'll be right back."

Madison stood and headed towards the bathroom. Syd just sat, watching the blonde's every move until she disappeared behind the restroom door. The basketball player was practically drooling watching the blonde's butt in those tight blue jeans and nice fitting white button down blouse.

After checking that the coast was clear, Madison stood at the bathroom counter looking at her reflection in the mirror. God I want her sooo bad. Is it normal to need somebody this much? The blonde's thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she felt strong arms wrap around her waist from behind. Madison closed her eyes and leaned back into the warm body behind her.
Warm fuzziness began to flutter in Syd's stomach as she hugged the blonde closer and rested her chin on Madison's shoulder.

"God you feel so good?" the basketball player whispered

"So do you?" the blonde said still keeping her eyes closed.

Syd slightly turned her head and inhaled the sweet scent for the blonde hair.

"Maddie?" she whispered in the blonde's ear.


"I feel like I could hold you forever." The words slipped right out of Syd's mouth before she could stop them. There I go with those feelings again.

The blonde opened her eyes when she felt Syd's body stiffen behind her. Blue connected with green in the reflection of the mirror.

"It's okay baby. Remember we said sharing our feelings were good?"

Syd's body relaxed once more and she gave a slight smile. "Yes, I remember."

Madison turned around to face the now timid Syd. She liked to see the basketball player vulnerable in front of her. She cupped the brunette's cheek.

"Good?because I want you to hold me forever..." Madison whispered before leaning upwards to capture Syd's lips in a lingering kiss.

The kiss started slowly and seconds later the two teens were kissing with bursting passion. Syd began moving her hands down the sides of the blonde's body until they reached the back of Madison's thighs. Syd broke the kiss receiving a disapproving whimper from the blonde. The basketball player bent her knees and lifted the petite body on the bathroom counter. Madison wrapped her legs and arms around Syd's body. They both groaned from the body contact and Syd swiftly captured Madison's lips again. Syd couldn't get over how good the blonde was at kissing. She began kissing along the blonde's jaw line and eventually to her neck. Madison let out a gasp. Oh?yeah she loves this?Syd thought.

Madison ran her fingers through dark hair.

"Ah?I love kissing you?" Madison whispered.

In response, Syd grabbed Madison's behind and pulled her closer to her stomach.

"Uhh?Syd?" the blonde breathed. Blue eyes connected with green and Madison slowly began to rock her hips against the basketball player.

Syd looked deep into the lustful green eyes her breathing becoming ragged.

Just then they heard the bathroom door burst open. Madison scrambled off the counter while Syd quickly ducked into an empty stall. A girl walked in and passed the heavy breathing blonde with no awareness of what the two teens were doing before her arrival. She then went into the last stall down the row.

Good?she didn't see anything? Madison thought gripping the counter with both hands.

The blonde looked up in the mirror and saw in the reflection one blue eye peering behind the stall Syd disappeared into. Madison turned around and kissed her fingertips blowing a kiss to the hiding figure. The basketball player opened the door a little further revealing a huge grin. Just then the bell rang and the blonde mouthed "Call me" and walked out of the bathroom.

Madison headed over to Lisa who was waiting patiently for her by their table. She could tell the blonde was all flustered.

"Have fun?" Lisa said with a smile.

* * *

February soon passed and welcomed March. Syd and Madison seemed inseparable and saw each other every chance they could. Syd would take her to the movies, bowling, skating and any other place teens hung out. It was almost as if they were a?.couple?

These thoughts were going through Syd's mind as she was working out. The brunette stopped her treadmill and wiped her sweaty bang with her forearm. Syd walked over to her nightstand and open up the drawer. She fumbled around a few items until she found what she was looking for and then plopped down on her bed.

She opened up her mini calendar of Swimsuit Girls 2006 and flipped to April. Prom night was circled in red marker on the 28th. Looking at that date made Syd to sick to her stomach now. Madison was no longer a bet to her?she actually liked the little blonde.

Later on that night Madison came over to watch a movie with Syd. It was Saturday night and both the girls' parents were used to of them getting together. Either at Syd's house or at Madison's.
The tall brunette had her legs laid across the long couch while Madison laid on top of the basketball player with her head buried in Syd's chest. The blonde liked laying on top of Syd like she was a big stuffed animal she could snuggle up to. On top of them was a warm soft blanket. Syd never complained at all when Madison wanted to cuddle. In fact, she enjoyed it too.

Madison felt the vibration of Syd's laughter through the basketball player's chest when something funny in the movie happened. After their giggles died down Syd gently began rubbing the blonde's back.

"Baby?" Madison said in a sleepy voice.

"Yeah?" Syd said still rubbing the blonde's back

"My birthday is next week."

"I know?" Syd smiled.

Madison raised her head and gave questioning green eyes. "How did you know?"

"I asked your mom?I do care about the day you were born," Syd said with a smile.

This made Madison smile and she leaned forward to give the brunette a quick kiss. Then she laid back down in her previous position on Syd's chest.

"Hmmm?I guess you can't have that surprise gift now?" Syd said with a smile.

The blonde lifted her head once again. "Surprise?" Madison purred.

"Yeah?" Syd answered with a slight smile. "But now that you know?that I know when your birthday is?it's all out the window." The brunette saying acting like she was disappointed.

Madison sat up a little straighter looking down at playful blue eyes.

"That doesn't mean you still can't give it to me," the blonde said challengingly.

"But then it won't be a surprise..." Syd let out a breath. "Well?so much for that?"

"No?not so much for that?" Madison put her hands and either side of Syd's shoulders supporting her weight. "You will give me that present Sydney Rush," Madison said trying to keep a straight face.

Syd smiled and shook her head. "Nope?"


"No?." The brunette said with a smug face.

Madison shifted slightly to the left and ran her right hand through her blonde hair closing her eyes. Syd laid there mesmerized by how beautiful the petite girl was. But then shook her head trying to stand her ground. She's doing this on purpose.

Madison looked longingly into Syd's blue eyes. "Pleaaaase," the blonde whispered, leaning her full body on the brunette. Madison inched closer to Syd's mouth and then teased the brunette's bottom lip slowly. The basketball player's breathing became ragged as the blonde moved down to her neck.

Syd was still trying to win this battle and closed her eyes.

"N?no?." the brunette managed to squeak. "You can't make me?"

Madison pulled back away from the brunette's neck and looked at Syd with seductive eyes. "Oh yeah??"

The blonde moved up quickly and straddled Syd's hips.

"Oh?.God?." Syd moaned from the contact. She knew she wasn't going to win this.

Madison leaned down again to whisper in the brunette's ear. "Do you like this?.?"

Syd closed her eyes and reveled the feel of the blonde's breath on her ear. She couldn't believe how aggressive the blonde was being. Her heart was beating double time.

"Yeah?." Syd said in a small voice.

Madison smiled to herself and then nipped at the brunette's lips again then to the neck. Kissing and nibbling the helpless basketball player. "Can I have it now?" Madison asked between a kiss.

"I?.um?." Syd was having a little trouble forming a sentence.

"Please?baby?." Madison breathed.

"Maddie?..this?.isn't?.." Madison leaned more of her body on top of Syd and then claimed the brunette's lips. The kiss was long and sensual. Syd had no idea Madison's tongue was that long.

Madison then broke the kiss and looked at the hard breathing brunette. Syd had to regain her senses for a second and then looked up at waiting green eyes.

"Okay?." Syd said with a lazy smile.

The blonde grinned. She was happy she had the ability to make Syd weak.

"Good," Madison said patting Syd's chest and then laying back down in her cuddle position.

"Hey, I thought we were?ya know," she whined looking at the top of a blonde haired head.

"My job is done," Madison said smiling.

"Ah?you're evil," Syd said in a playful tone, but still sexually frustrated.

A few moments later Madison heard the rattling of keys and then front door opening. In a panic the blonde tried to leave the comfort of Syd's arms. But the brunette held fast to her.

"Syd, your mom will see us," Madison whispered hysterically.

Syd wouldn't let her go and looked into terrified green eyes. "Stay?it's okay."

Before Madison could reply, Syd's mother stepped down into the den and spotted the two on the couch. "Oh, hello girls, you have a good day?"

"Yeah, it was great Mom. How are you? You look pretty beat."

Madison could not believe what was unfolding right in front of her. There she was sprawled out on top of this woman's daughter. She's not mad? Shocked?

"I'm fine. Saw a lot of patients today. Syd, why don't you order some take out. Madison?"

The blonde's eyes widened. "Yes?" she squeaked.

"Are staying for dinner tonight?"

"Uh?I?.um," She was so nervous she couldn't even say a straight phrase.

"We'll see mom," Syd finished for her.

"Okay, I'll be down in a bit. I wanna go wash up." She smiled and then exited the den to go upstairs.

As soon as her mom was out of earshot Syd sat up bringing Madison up with her. "Hey, why were you so freaked out?" she asked with an amused smile.

Madison looked up and shyly met blue eyes.

"I?didn't?I mean?she knows?that you?"

"Yeah, Mom knows I'm into girls."

"Oh?" Madison replied. She had no idea how her parents would react knowing that she was secretly stealing kisses with another girl.

"Alright," Syd said patting the blonde lightly on the back. "I have to order this takeout food."

The blonde slowly climbed off of Syd's body and stood up. The brunette got off the couch as well and they both headed into the kitchen. Syd walked over to the phone and hit the speed dial for the restaurant.

When Syd was done with the call she walked up to Madison and snuggly put her arm over the blonde's shoulders. They trudged back into the den and sat on the couch.

"You okay? You've been pretty quiet," Syd asked with concern.

Madison kept her eyes in her lap.

"Maddie? Talk to me." Syd hadn't seen the blonde this shy since the day they met.

Madison finally looked up.

"It's just that?my parents don't know that?that we?" Madison's face flushed.

"That we're more than friends?" Syd finished.


Syd nodded in understanding. There was silence between them, and then Madison asked,

"When did your mother find out?"

Syd let out a breath. "Um?I was fourteen and my mom caught me looking at one of my brother's girlie magazines."

Syd covered her face trying not to laugh and Madison smiled in amusement.

"I could have sworn I locked that door," the brunette admitted shaking her head. "Anyway, after that my mom and I had 'the talk' and I told her I always had crushes on girls. I didn't know what was happening, but she was really understanding and just told me to be myself and follow my heart."

Madison smiled warmly at the brunette then softly pushed back dark bangs that were covering Syd's forehead. Then put her hand back in her lap.

"I don't know if it will be that simple for me."

"Look, I can tell you're not ready to tell them. But don't have so many doubts. They love you. And they love who you are. Okay?" Geez where did all this lovey dovey talk come from?

Madison had no idea Syd could be this sweet and understanding. She slowly leaned forward and gave the brunette a soft kiss on the lips. "Okay?" she said in a whisper.

"Maddie? I just need to know one thing."


"Are you staying for dinner?" Syd smiled.

* * *

A few more days past and it was Madison's 17th birthday. It was just Syd's luck that it happened to fall on a Saturday where she didn't have basketball practice. The brunette arrived at Madison's house that morning around 8:30.

Madison was just finishing dressing when she heard a light knock on her bedroom door. When she opened it she found a smiling brunette holding out a rose to her. Madison smiled back and took the rose in her hand never breaking eye contact with Syd. The brunette took a few steps forward and then closed the bedroom door behind her.

She watched Madison smell the rose and gave a half smile. Syd took one more step closer to invade the blonde's personal space so now the tips of their noses were touching. Syd tenderly captured the blonde's lips.

After a moment Syd leaned back and looked into caring green eyes. "Happy Birthday, Maddie," she whispered.

Madison ducked her head and blushed. "Thank you?and thank you for the beautiful rose. They're my favorite."

"I hoped so," Syd said with a smile.

With the rose still in her hand Madison wrapped her arms around Syd's neck and pulled her closer.

"Did my parents see the rose?"

Syd shook her head. "No, I hid it in my jacket. Don't worry, I'm still your little secret," she whispered.

Madison kissed her on the cheek then looked back into sparkling blue eyes. "It won't always be like this."

"I know. It's okay Maddie, trust me," the brunette said light heartedly. "You'll tell them when you're ready." She then leaned forward and kissed the blonde. Madison allowed Syd's tongue entry and they held on to each other's bodies tighter.

Madison broke the kiss finishing it off with a quick peck on the brunette's lips.

"Um, let me just get my shoes on, and then we can go okay?" Madison hurried over to her bed sat down and reached for her shoes.

* * * *

"Oh, my God? that was incredible," Madison gasped.

"I told you it'd be good," Syd said with a smile.

"Yeah, we definitely have to do it again," the blonde smiled back as they walked away from the rollercoaster.

"You're on! The Adventure Dome is one of the best places to go in Vegas!" Syd yelled as the rollercoaster filled with screams passed them overhead.

The Adventure Dome was the only indoor theme park in Las Vegas with loads of rides and attractions for teens to have fun with. Madison and Syd were just like wild animals running all over the dome. They did bumper cars, the Inverter, motion rides, face painting and last but not least laser tag!

After the fun filled day the two girls decided to end the afternoon at one of the parks in the valley. This one in particular had a pond for ducks and large trees all over the area. The two sat on a bench over looking the small body of water sipping their slurpies.

"Ah, these ducks are so cute," Madison gushed looking at the feathered creatures in search of food from the two humans.

While the blonde was looking on Syd stuck her very blue tongue out playfully at Madison. It took the blonde a moment to realize this, and when she finally turned to her side she was surprised by the face the brunette was pulling.

"Ah! Syd!" She said laughing and shoving the brunette.

Syd tucked her tongue back in and began to laugh also.

"That's gross, you know that right?" Madison said her eyes gleaming.

"I thought it was pretty funny," the brunette grinned.

"Did you now?" Madison raised her right eyebrow.

"Yep?" Syd said smugly. Her bliss was soon interrupted when a flick of cold red slushy hit her face.

The brunette turned her head slowly towards a giggling blonde. "I didn't do it, I swear," the blonde protested during laughs. She put her cup on the ground and stood up to make a getaway.

Syd stood also with an evil gleam in her eyes ready to pounce her prey.

"Come on Syd, I was just playing!" The blonde yelped and ran when the brunette made a move towards her.

Madison took off towards an open field of grass with Syd hot on her heels. The trees above them created a nice shade and gentle breeze from the March weather.

"You better run!" Syd shouted to a squealing blonde.

Madison was no match to Syd's athletic ability and the brunette grabbed the blonde from behind and drew her in a tight bear hug.

"Gotcha!" Syd said triumphantly.


Madison was so overcome with giggles that she lost her footing and slunk to the grass bringing Syd with her. The basketball player landed right on top of Madison with a huff. The brunette lifted her weight up with her arms on either side of the blonde while Madison turned her body so she was facing Syd.

They looked at each other for a second and then erupted in a howl of uncontrollable laughter.

"Sorry about that?" Syd said between giggles.

"Huh, maybe you should play football?that was some tackle," the blonde breathed.

After a bit more laughing the two teens finally sobered up and gazed longing into each others eyes. Syd broke the gaze for a moment to look around them. This part of the park was pretty secluded right now. She looked back down at the beautiful face before her and raised a playful eyebrow.

"What?" Madison asked with a hint of amusement.

"There's nobody here?" Syd said in a low tone bringing her mouth closer to Madison's.

"And?" the blonde raised an eyebrow.

"And?I wanna do this?" Syd finished be pressing her lips to Madison's in a warm kiss. And then nuzzles her nose against the blonde's.

"Humph," the blonde smiled and then slowly brushed a strand of dark hair behind Syd's ear. Her eyes locked with blue eyes filled with adoration. "Thank you, baby. Thank you for a wonderful day. This is the best birthday ever."

Chapter 5

It was now April and three weeks before prom. Madison arrived at Syd's house for their weekly tutoring session. This time they chose to study on the coffee table with their backs to the foot of the couch. The blonde was wearing her jeans from school she wore that day and a cute little red button down shirt. Syd chose to wear her grey workout sweatpants and a big UNLV Rebels T-shirt. Madison sat Indian style with her legs under the table and Syd sat on her right hip with her legs to the side. They were side by side with the math book open on the coffee table in front of them. Though Madison was trying her hardest to concentrate on the lesson, it was difficult with Syd staring at her silently the entire time.

The blonde finally turned to the basketball player with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you paying attention?" she said amused at Syd's cockiness.

The brunette gave a playful smile. "Yeah?"

Madison turned back to the book. "Good?now here you take the square roo?

She was cut off by Syd's soft lips spreading butterfly kisses on her cheek?once, twice, three times?.

The blonde closed her eyes. "Syd, that's not helping?" she said breathlessly.

Syd kissed the blonde's ear. "It's helping me?" the brunette murmured seductively. She then put her hand under Madison's chin and turned her head so they were face to face. She placed a tender kiss on the blonde's lips.

The blonde put a hand to the eager brunette's chest and pushed her away lightly.

"I don't think I should be your tutor anymore." Madison smiled.

"Why?" Syd said playing dumb.

"Because we're not getting any work done," Madison said narrowing her eyes.

Syd smiled and gave puppy eyes to the blonde. She softly took the hand placed on her chest and interlaced their fingers. "But Maddie?what other excuse would you have to come over and see me." She said slowly lowering the blonde to the carpet. She was now fully on top of Madison.

The blonde let out a breath trying to ignore the nice feeling of Syd above her. "You're just?trying to ignore?our studying?" she breathed.

Syd smoothly bent her head down and began nibbling Madison's neck. The blonde moaned and grabbed the basketball player's strong back. She closed her eyes enjoying the feel of Syd's assault.

"Syd?I'm not kidding?" she said arching her back.

"Neither am I?" Syd whispered in a sexy tone that made the blonde melt.

Syd found the blonde lips again and stuck her tongue out for entrance. Feeling the heat of the brunette's body on top of her, Madison was slowly slipping into Syd's realm of seduction. She allowed Syd's tongue to enter and after a moment the two were all over each other. The blonde grabbed the back of Syd's head with both hands to deepen the kiss further.

"Mmmm?" Syd began to unbutton Madison top. Without a thought the basketball player began to grind her hips into the blonde beneath her.

Madison broke the kiss and looked into Syd's hooded blue eyes. The brunette looked down at Madison's half unbuttoned top and then back up at green eyes. Syd had never seen the blonde this sexual and willing. Her heart was beating a million miles per hour. Maybe I'm moving too fast. The blonde noticed the slight hesitation and she reached down, grabbed Syd's left hand, and slowly placed it on her left breast. Never mind! Syd claimed the blonde's lips again and their tongues did a slow erotic dance. Madison was about to pass out with the feeling of Syd kneading her breast and the fire in her stomach had to be tended to. They grinded, kissed, rubbed?it was too much! Syd was working on Madison's neck again when the blonde whimpered something.

"What honey?" Syd whispered raising her head.

"I want you?" Madison whispered heavily.

Syd took in her words and looked deeply into the blonde's eyes for a moment. "I want you too?"

Madison raised her hand and tucked some of the brunette's stray hair behind her ear.

"Let's go to your room." The blonde breathed.

Syd was a little baffled by the request. "My room....You mean?."

"I'm ready."

Hearing those two words made Syd's heart skip a beat. If I sleep with her I'll win the bet, but feel like shit afterwards because I used her. I want her so bad though, and it's not about the bet. I want her?just because. I just won't tell anyone about this?yeah, and the whole thing will be forgotten. I'll pay Heather, and the whole guilt trip is over.

"You're sure?" Syd asked with full sincerity.

The blonde nodded. Syd slowly raised herself off Madison and helped the blonde up from the floor grasping both of the hands. When they were both standing, Syd looked down at the girl who stole her heart. She saw nothing but trust in the younger girl's eyes. Syd took Madison by the hand and they walked towards the basement door.

The Next Day

The red mustang pulled up into the Freedmont High parking lot on a beautiful clear Las Vegas morning. The tall brunette sporting her crisp letterman's jacket and dark jeans exited the car and quickly headed over to the passenger side. She opened the door using jesters as though she was a valet and helped the young blonde out of the car.

"Here you go Madam" Syd joked.

"Why thank you." Madison said smiling.

When the blonde was safely out of the vehicle and the door was closed, Syd turned and leaned her back on her car and gave a charming smile. Madison smiled back.

"Come here you." Syd said.

Madison complied and slipped her arms on the inside of Syd's jacket and wrapped her arms around a slim waist. They stood there a moment enjoying the warm embrace.

"Do you need a ride home today?" Syd said leaning her cheek against blonde hair.

"Mmmm?no not today?" Madison looked up into twinkling blue eyes still holding the embrace. "I have math club after school."

Syd gave a playful grin. "Math club, huh?"

"Yes?math club." the blonde said grinning.
Syd held Madison closer to her body and brought her head down so it was touching Madison's. She held the blonde's gaze and the only thing that was present between them was love.

Syd lean down and slowly kissed Madison's soft lips. Madison returned the kiss and let her tongue slip into the brunette's mouth. For the next two minutes the two were oblivious to anything going on around them and then the bell rang to go to first period. Madison broke the kiss breathing deeply.

"Syd?we need to go to class?"

"Mmm?hmmm" Syd mumbled.

She then put her attention to the blonde's enticing neck. Madison giggled at Syd's effort to keep going.

"Baby?come on?.we have to stop now?" She said attempting to push the eager brunette from her. Not that she didn't enjoy Syd nibbling her neck. It was actually her favorite thing.

"That's not what you said last night." Syd said giving a final kiss on the blonde's neck and standing upright.

Madison began to blush and ducked her head. "Syd?" she said in a shy voice.

The brunette gave a sly grin and tilted the blonde's head up to face her. She planted a gentle kiss to Madison's lips.

"Let's go."

They walked towards campus hand in hand. When they arrived outside of their class, Madison went in first and was followed a while later by Syd.

From the back of the room, Heather observed both girls as they walked in separately. First, she looked at Madison, who was wearing black jeans and a long sleeved red sweater. She walked in with a grin on her face and an unlimited amount of happiness in her appearance.

Mmm..hmmm?she's really happy today. And she looks different for some reason. Heather pondered.

Then in walks Syd. She had a beaming smile on her face and extra spunk in her stride.

Oh?well that explains it!

The brunette took usually seat by Heather.

"What's up buddy?" Syd said sitting down, her smile never wavering.

Heather looked over at her friend with a scowl.

Syd saw her friend's expression and gave her a questioning look.

Heather leaned over towards her friend. "You slept with her?"

Oh shit! How did she know. Well of course she knew. I practically almost tripped over my own face with the big ass smile I was dawning. All right, my best bet is to just play dumb.

Now that Syd had fallen in love with the small blonde, she didn't want anyone knowing about what they did last night. She knew if Madison ever found out about the bet it would ruin their relationship. Syd couldn't lose her. Not when she just found her. Syd shifted in her seat and shook her head.

"No?nothing happened." Syd said looking at her desk.

"Bullshit Syd," Heather slide back in her chair in defeat. "I guess I'm taking a trip to the ATM after school."

"Heather, let's not talk about this now?" the brunette said in a rather small voice.

"Okay?but you will tell me later?" Heather whispered back.

The blonde looked up from her seat at the front row and noticed her lover looking rather upset about something. Syd had her head hung down looking at her desk.

What's wrong baby? The blonde thought. Just then the teacher came in and began the lesson.

* * *

It was a chilly afternoon for girls P.E. Lisa and Madison's class were stuck with walking the track. This didn't bother either of the girls because it gave them a chance to talk. The petite blonde and talkative redhead dawned they're red and white P.E. sweats to help block the gusts of wind.

"You still coming to math club?"

"Of course. Always loyal to the math world. I'll be there."

"How about we get some ice cream after?" her friend suggested.

"Sounds good??..um Lisa?I have to tell you something. Just don't freak okay."


"I?" Madison stopped her words when to other classmates jogged past them. She kept her eyes to the ground when she spoke. "?me and Syd?."

"No?you didn't?" Lisa said in a rather playful voice.

"Yeah?.we did."

"Oh, my God! Madison!" Lisa practically jumped off the ground. She was excited for her friend.

"Shhhh?keep it down. I don't want everyone to know." The blonde giggled at her friend's outburst.

"Oh?sorry. So?how was it?"

Madison smiled from the memory of last night. "It was?special. And?now I know she loves me."

"Wow, Madison. That's wonderful. I never thought Sydney Rush could change. Hmm?I guess that's what love will do to people."

"She's so caring and sweet. She took it real slow with me."

"Okay?so?.was she good?"

"Lisa!" Madison's eyes widened and she slapped her friend on the shoulder.

"Oh, come on. You're supposed to tell the details to somebody!"

The blonde felt a blush creep up on her face and then went on to tell her friend the details. But not too much detail!

* * *

At lunch, not a soul had seen Syd. Heather and the rest of the team didn't see her, the cheerleaders didn't see her and most importantly, Madison didn't see her.

As soon as lunchtime approached, Syd sneaked away to her car for a drive. She needed to clear head and she really wanted to avoid her friends who will bombard her with questions. Syd did not want to discuss the bet because it was nonexistent to her now. What she and Madison did last night was something to cherish, not goof around about.

I really don't want Maddie to find out how stupid I was. Stupid bet! Why didn't I call it off when I had the chance? I'm sure Heather has already told the team I slept with Maddie. Damn it!

The red mustang raced down the road in a rage of fury.

It was now the end of the school day and Syd returned to the Freedmont campus. She had no choice, there was basketball practice.

Meanwhile, Lisa, Madison and a few other students sat in one of the classrooms working their brains in math club.

"Uh?this problem is impossible." Lisa said to herself. "Madison, did you get the answer to number 7? Madison?"

The blonde sat at her desk staring into space.

"Earth to Madison?." Lisa said waving her hand in front of the blonde's face.

"Huh? Oh, sorry." Madison said shaking her head.

"What's up?"

"Lisa, have you seen Syd at all today? I didn't even see her at lunch," The blonde asked curiously.

"Come to think of it no?but she's probably fine. At basketball practice right?"

"Yeah?she should be. Never mind?did you have a question?"

Lisa looked down at her paper. "Number seven?"

"Yeah, it's easy."

After showing Madison showed how to calculate the numbers, Lisa announced that she had to use the restroom.

* * *

Syd entered the girls' locker room and was greeted by three of her teammates eyeing her and smiling. It was Heather, Jamie and Brandy. Syd shook off their looks and headed towards her locker to change.

The three got off the bench and blocked Syd's path, and as she predicted the comments came left and right.

"So?you actually did Rush?" Brandy exclaimed.

"You are the master!" Jamie spat out.

Heather reached into her pocket and pulled out two $100 bills. "Here you go. You've earned it."

Syd stared at all her friends and then shoved Heather's hand away that was holding her prize money.

"Syd, what the fuck!" Heather said as Syd pushed past them.

The tall basketball player laid her bag on the bench in front of her locker.

"I don't want it." Syd said working the combination on her locker. Heather, Jamie and Brandy stood there dumbfounded.

"What?" Jamie said.

"You heard me." Syd said opening her locker.

Brandy took a step forward. "Rush, you won the bet. You should be proud?"

"Yeah, and out with the details. Is she loud?" Jamie commented.

Syd's anger was on edge at this point.

"I never thought that blonde hottie would give it up. I had no idea she'd be a slut puppy for you." Brandy said with a wicked smile.

That did it Syd grabbed Brandy by the collar and pushed her up against a locker. "Don't you ever? talk about her like that again," the brunette snarled pointing her finger at the slightly frightened Brandy.

"Hey, hey?chill out Syd." Heather said coming closer to the two players.

Syd let go of Brandy and stepped back.

"Look?" the frustrated player let out a breath. "I don't want you guys talking about the bet. And I don't want to hear another word about Madison! From any of you?" She turned back towards her locker and tugged her jersey on.

"Syd come on?. it's not like you're in love with her." Heather joked.

The brunette remained quiet stuffing her belongings into her locker. She kept her eyes averted from her friends. Judging from Syd's silence, the three knew something was up.

"Syd?" Jamie asked.

The brunette closed her locker and looked at her friends. "Move your asses guys. I heard coach isn't in a good mood." And with that, she turned and left the locker room with three silent teammates.

* * *

Across campus Lisa was just about to exit one of the stalls when she heard giggling voices enter the bathroom.

"Can you believe that thing about Murphy?"

"Madison Murphy?"

It was Stacy Burns and few others girls from the Freedmont cheerleading squad. After hearing Madison's name mentioned, Lisa quickly put her feet up on the toilet seat and listened in.

"I heard from Brandy, that Syd and Heather made a little bet on Madison." Stacie said slyly.

"You mean if she could get Murphy to sleep with her?" one of the girls asked fixing her make up in the mirror.

"Yep, and Syd, being the person she always is?won." Stacy said.

"Wow, the nerd gave it up? Too easy." Another girl said.

"What a slut." The first girl said.

"Hey, I've slept with Syd." Stacie snapped.

"No, no! I didn't mean that you?"

"Shut-up Morgan?.I don't blame Madison though. Syd is a good fuck." Stacie finished up the touches on her hair. "Well?you live and you learn." She then turned and exited the bathroom.

"Bitch?" Morgan said under her breath and followed along with the other girls.

Lisa exited the stall and shook her head. "Damn you Syd."

* * *

As planned, Madison and Lisa went to the ice cream parlor. That was when Lisa laid out all the information she heard in the bathroom. Immediately after hearing this, Madison asked her friend to take her to Syd's house. This is where they were headed now.

Lisa pulled her car up in front of the brunette's house. The blonde looked over at her friend and Lisa gave her an encouraging face. Madison exited the vehicle and walked down the small pathway to the large house. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she rang the doorbell.

A moment later the door was opened and Madison was greeted by Syd's mother.

"Oh, Madison sweetie, come in?" the blonde walked in after politely saying hello.

"You must be here for Syd. She's right downstairs in her room."

"Thank you Mrs. Rush."

As soon as Madison reached the bottom of the stairs she was greeted by a sight that made her hormones go wild. Syd was in a grey tank top and old red basketball shorts doing bench presses.

Her toned muscles worked slowly up and down. For moment Madison forgot her purpose for being there.

Feeling a presence in the room Syd craned her head up and saw the petite blonde.

"Oh?" she said putting the bar back on the holder. Syd sat up with her legs still on either side of the bench and scooted down the edge.

"Hey gorgeous," Syd said smiling with puppy eyes. Her hair was damp and sticking to her forehead.

Madison remained silent and walked up standing in front of Syd. She looked down into the beautiful blues eyes she fell in love with. Please don't let it be true. She thought.

Syd gasped when Madison slowly straddled her hips. "Okay?" Syd said in an unsure voice.

The blonde ran her hands down both sides of Syd's face and then slowly leaned down and steadily captured the brunette's lips. Syd raised her eyebrows in surprise and then sank into the blonde's trance. Madison put her full feeling into the kiss as if it were their last one. Syd placed her hands on the blonde's hips as Madison deepened the kiss.

After what seemed like forever, Madison broke the kiss and embraced the tall brunette in a hug. Syd took deep breaths and returned the embrace.

"Wow?are you gonna do that every time I workout?" Syd joked. Her humor was suddenly washed away when she felt Madison's body shudder.

Syd rubbed her back in circles. "Hey?"

Madison sat up straight and looked at Syd with such sadness it made the brunette's heart skip a beat. A loan tear trickled down the blonde's face. A flush a concern fell over Syd's features.

"You love me?right Syd?" The blonde sniffled.

"Of course I love you." Syd said in almost a whisper.

Madison closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them again. "Then tell me it's not true?"

Syd's face dropped. "What?"

"That you made a bet?that?I would sleep with you?."

Syd averted her eyes and look down away from Madison. Uh?oh?shit!

Oh, god?it is true. The blonde swallowed a lump in her throat and got off of Syd's lap.

The first thing Madison did was reach for the silver necklace around her neck. She tugged it off and threw it on the ground at Syd's feet.

"I thought?I don't know what I thought?" Madison said in a whisper.

Syd heard the pain in Madison's voice and looked up to see the blonde retreating towards the stairs. The tall brunette quickly ran to her and blocked her path.

"Wait, listen?" Syd said, grabbing the blonde by the arms.

"Don't touch me!" Madison said between her teeth. She pushed Syd's hands away.

Syd pulled her hands away and raised them like she was being held at gunpoint. That really hurt her that the blonde wouldn't even allow a simple touch.

"It was all just to game to you wasn't it?" The blonde insisted.

Syd let out a breath and close her eyes. "It wasn't like that?"

"Then what was it like Syd, huh?!!! Madison's voice raised.

Syd glance down.

"And what about the tutoring?was that a set up too?" Madison demanded.


"Don't call me that!" Madison yelled.

Syd averted her eyes so the blonde wouldn't see the rejection she just felt. She hated that she was the cause of Madison's broken heart.

"The things you said last night?I believed it. I'm such a fool?" the blonde breathed.

"I was telling the truth?" Syd said quietly.

The blonde closed her eyes and shook her head. What she experienced last night was so special to her.

* * *

The two teenagers reached the bottom of the basement stairs. Madison's small hand was held gently by Syd's. They walked closer towards the basketball player's bedroom area and stepped down.

There they were, in front of Syd's Queen sized bed. Syd's palms began to sweat and Madison's heart was beating rapidly.

Syd slowly turned towards the blonde.

"You okay?" she asked softly.

Madison turned so they were now facing each other. "Yeah????.Syd?"


"Will you hold me?" Madison whispered.

Syd smiled and took the blonde into her strong arms. Madison full body contact against hers was driving Syd's libido up a wall. She inhaled the scent of Madison's shampooed hair and closed her eyes.

Madison basked in the warmth of Syd's embrace. She never felt safer in her life.

Syd placed a kiss on the blonde's sensitive ear and began a trail of kisses down Madison jaw line heading towards her lips. When she reached her destination the blonde showed no resistance and passionately accepted the dark haired girl's kiss. Syd pulled the blonde closer to her body receiving a pleasurable moan from Madison. After what seemed like endless moments of groping and grabbing Syd unbuttoned the rest of Madison's shirt and slid it off the petite blonde's shoulders.

Eventually they made it to the bed still in a heated make out session. Syd lay on top of Madison who was only wearing her teal bra and jeans. Their labored breathing and small moans were all that filled the basement.

Syd slowly broke the kiss. Never losing eye contact she straddled the blonde's hips. Madison laid there awaiting the brunette's next move. Syd reached for the hem of her shirt and lifted slowly off her body. The blonde watched in amazement as Syd's bra covered breasts came into view. All she could do was stare at the globes above her and heart felt like it was going to explode.

Syd laid her body fully on top of Madison's. Both released a moan as bare skin touched for the first time. The brunette gave the blonde a gentle kiss on the lips.

"I've never done this before." Syd said looking into green eyes.

The blonde's eyebrows furrowed. "But?I thought?you've already?"

Syd silenced the blonde with another kiss. Her eyes became serious and sincere.

"I mean?I've never made love before." Syd whispered. "I wanna make love to you?"

Madison didn't know what to say. She knew then that her heart belonged with Syd. Her eyes began to well up.

A lone tear escaped and Syd gently brushed it from the blonde's face. Madison knew that she wasn't the only vulnerable person in the room.

Syd gave a gentle smile and then started to sensually devour the blonde's neck. This was the spot Syd knew made Madison's body ignite with desire. Her breathing became heavier as Syd moved her kisses downward. The brunette placed sweet kisses on the blonde's taut stomach.

Looking up into sea green eyes full of want, Syd began to slowly unbutton Madison's jeans. She then slowly pulled down the zipper. Syd sat back up on her hunches and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. Madison's eyes were wide with anticipation.

Slowly the brunette let the piece of lingerie leave her body and tossed it across the room. Madison's breathing hitched as she saw Syd's naked breasts for the first time. She couldn't move.

Syd noticed this hesitation and placed her hands over both of the blonde's hands and brought them to her chest.

"It's okay?" Syd whispered. "I want you to touch me."

The blonde began to knead the brunette's breasts and watched the reaction it elicited. Syd leaned into the touch and threw her head back slowly. This only made Madison even hotter.

"Sit up." Syd politely requested of the blonde.

Madison complied and felt the brunette's idle hands sweeping around her body and unfasten her bra. The blond laid back down, fully exposed to Syd.

"You're beautiful" was the only phrase Syd could think to say. The blonde's face flushed and she gave a slight smile.

"Just relax, okay?" Syd whispered.

The brunette began her assault on Madison's neck and then slowly moved her kisses to parts of the blonde's body she's never been kissed before.

Madison closed her eyes and took in the new emotions and feelings that were evading her senses. For the next hour all that could be heard in the large basement was panting, moaning and soft murmurs of affection.

Madison gripped the bed sheets tightly, closed her eyes, and arched her back. She had no idea it would feel like this! She felt as though she had temporarily gone blind and she couldn't hear for about two seconds. Her body shook violently and she let out a loud moan that even surprised her!

Moments later the two exhausted teens lay in each others arms face to face. Their bodies snuggled close under dark sheets. Blue stared into green with unwavering care. Syd lifted her left hand and tucked stray strands of blonde hair behind Madison's ear.

"You okay?" the brunette asked in a whisper.

The blonde gave a little nod. "Yeah." she whispered back. After a moment Madison broke out into a huge smile and then started to giggle.

Syd smiled too, amused at the blonde's sudden outburst.

"What?" the brunette asked.

The blonde shielded her eyes with her hand for a second and shook her head a little.

"I?I can't believe I just had sex..." Madison said still all smiles.

Syd laughed. "Well?believe it?" the brunette said pulling the blonde's body closer. Syd leaned forward and gave the blonde a gentle kiss on the lips.

Madison nuzzled her head against Syd's and then maneuvered her position so she had her head laying on the basketball player's chest.

As Syd was stroking the blonde's head three words were on the tip of her tongue. I love you?Come on say it.

"I?" That's all that came out of Syd's mouth, but it was said so low Madison didn't hear the first attempt.

"I love you?" Syd spat out. Her heart was pounding wildly.

Madison's breath caught and then she slowly raised her head and her eyes greeted very vulnerable baby blues.

She gave a tender smile and cupped Syd's cheek. "I love you to Sydney Rush," Madison whispered back.

Keeping eye contact Madison put here full body on top of Syd. She leaned down and aggressively attacked the brunette's lips. The Syd felt as though she'd lose consciousness because Madison's tongue was practically suffocating her?but in a good way.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from upstairs.

"Syd! How many times have I told you not to lock this door! Open it right now young lady!"

While Syd's mother was saying this whole spell both girls frantically gathering up their clothing and throwing it on.

"Okay mom!" Syd said throwing on her shirt. Madison was still getting dressed as well.

As soon as she was fully clothed Syd scaled the stairs two at a time and opened the door.

Syd's mom stood there with an unpleasant look on her face. "What were you doing down there?" she asked with her arms crossed.

Having sex. "I?uhmmm?."

Madison emerged at the foot of the staircase.

"Madison? Shouldn't you be home sweetie, it's 7:30?" Kathleen asked the blonde questioningly.

"Oh, yes Mrs. Rush, Syd and I just lost track of time," Madison said coming up the stairs. "We finished our studying and Syd was letting listen to her knew Ipod. Earphones?they block out everything."

Kathleen smiled at the two girls. "Well, you better take Madison home Sydney, her parents are probably worried."

Syd was about to speak but the blonde interjected. "I've already called them Mrs. Rush. They know I'm still here."

"Good?all right, drive careful Syd." Kathleen said pointing at her daughter.

"Yes, mom." Syd said under a cold sweat. She was surprised at Madison's calmness.

Kathleen turned to the blonde. "Goodnight Madison," she said politely.

"Goodnight Mrs. Rush," the blonde said to Kathleen's retreating form climbing the staircase to the second floor.

The two teens turned to each other and had sly smiles on their faces. Syd grabbed Madison's hand and gave her a tug towards the door. "Let's go."

On the drive to Madison's house Syd listened to the conversation the blonde was having on the phone with her mother.

"I know I should have called mom, but Syd's mom asked me to stay for dinner? yeah ...okay?.we're on our way?.love you too?bye." Madison closed Syd's cell phone and let out a breath.

"Wow?who knew you were a good liar," Syd said with amusement.

"Well, I had to say something?" the blonde said.

Syd finally reached Madison's house and pulled up to the driveway. The brunette knew she couldn't stay long so she left the engine running.

They faced one another and then looked away shyly.

"Ummm?.tonight was amazing." Syd said turning back to Madison.

The blonde slowly turned to face her new lover. "Yeah?it was incredible."

Syd let out a chuckle. "Gimma a kiss." She said with a warm smile.

Madison giggled in return and leaned over capturing the brunette's lips. This kiss started out friendly but soon started to heat up. Syd broke the kiss first.

She looked deep into Madison's green eyes. "You better get inside. I don't want your parents to catch us."

Madison nodded. "I know?" the blonde said releasing a sigh.

Their faces were so close the tips of their noses were touching.

"I love you?" Madison whispered.

"I love you more?" Syd whispered back and then placed one final kiss on the blonde's lips.

Madison opened the passenger side door and exited the Mustang. She was on her way to the door.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow!" Syd called to her.

Madison turned around and smiled. "Okay."

Syd pulled out of the driveway and made sure Madison was inside okay. She then sped off into the night with a huge grin on her face.

* * *


Syd came out of her thoughts from the night before when she heard the blonde's angry voice.

"How much?"

"What?" Syd said looking up.

"I said, how much?" Angry green eyes stared daggers at Syd.

"That doesn't matter?" The brunette said shaking her head regrettably.

"No! I want to know how much my virginity was worth!" Madison said her voice rising.

"And I said, it doesn't matter!" Syd yelled back, her frustration had reached the edge.

"It matters to me! Tell me!" the blonde shouted.

"Two-hundred! You happy?!!!" The brunette screamed.

The blonde's face cringed into even more hurt. She bit her bottom lip and then spoke further. "I should have listened to Lisa?You'll never change."

"It's not like you didn't want it." Syd sneered. Within seconds she felt a hand slap her hard across the face.

"I never want to see you again!" Madison whirled around and ran up the stairs. Her feet felt like lead and her heart literally felt like it was ripped to shreds.

As soon as those words escaped Syd's mouth she immediately regretted it. She closed her eyes tightly to hold back the tears, but it did no good. Her legs felt like jelly and she crumpled in a heap onto her knees and covered her face weeping.

Chapter 6

It was about 8 pm when Syd arrived at Stacie Burns' front door. She didn't know what she was doing and she didn't care. All she wanted was to feel something.

Stacie opened the door and was greeted by a red puffy eyed Syd. Stacie noticed this and asked, "Have you been crying?"

"Are your parents home?" Syd asked disregarding her question. She was determined to get what she needed from Stacie.

"No?they're out of town?what did you wa?.." Stacie's words were cut short when Syd forcefully grabbed her and crushed her lips to the cheerleader's. Never breaking the lustful kiss, Syd closed the door with her foot and pulled the cheerleader closer to her body. Stacie was more than willing and started to strip off Syd's clothes as they headed towards her bedroom.

* * *
Madison hadn't been out of her room for the past four hours since her stand off with Syd. Hear whole body was a heap of tears and she couldn't get a hold on her vulnerability. Then there was a knock at the door.

"Madison, honey. May I come in?" the blonde's mother Frances asked.

The blonde rose from her tear stained pillow and dragged her weak legs across the small room to unlock her door. Frances stepped in and closed the door behind her while her daughter retreated back to her bed. Madison's face was clearly tear stained and fresh tears were soon to follow. Frances stood near the door.

"This is about that basketball player isn't it?" her mother asked with sincerity.

"How did you know?" Madison asked sniffling her nose.

"Oh, sweetie?" Frances said crossing the room and sitting next to her daughter. "I know you fell in love with her."

The blonde slowly sat up and shook her head solemnly. "That's not all I did with her." Madison could feel a new stream of tears coming on.

"You two had sex." Frances said without hesitation.

Madison nodded her head hesitantly.

"I know you did honey," Frances said with a sigh.

The blonde's eyes widened. "What?how?you knew I slept with Syd?"

Frances gave a small smile. "I used to be a teenager too you know. It wasn't that hard to figure. I was in the kitchen that night fixing tea when I heard you come in and trudge straight to your room. Then the next thing I heard was your shower. I was a little iffy about that but I let it pass. But it was a dead give away when I saw you sneaking in the kitchen around midnight looking for something to eat, when you had called me early saying you ate dinner at Syd's house."

Madison put her face in her hands. "Oh?god?" The blonde couldn't believe her mother knew that easily. "So?you don't care that I?like girls?"

Frances put a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "As long as you know what makes you happy?your father on the other hand doesn't know."

"Good?I'm not really ready to tell him."

"That you're a lesbian or that you had sex?"

"Mom!" Madison said between her teeth and then cracking a small smile.

"There's my smile." Frances said. "Now tell me what happened."

* * * *

Eyelids fluttered open slowly in the darkness. Blue eyes focused on glaring red numbers from the alarm clock near Syd's head. It was 1:02 a.m.

Syd sat up and looked to her right. Gleaming in the moonlight from the window was curly brown hair, Stacie's hair.

The Syd that came over tonight was hurt and confused. She slept with Stacie to forget about the hurt she had caused Madison, but that didn't do any good. It only made her feel worse inside.

The brunette groaned and got out of the bed fully nude. The slight shift in the bed stirred the cheerleader.

"Where are you going Sydie?" Stacie mumbled.

"Home." the dark haired girl said putting on her jeans. "This was a mistake."

Stacie giggled and sat up stretching. "Well?if it was a mistake? we made a mistake three times," she teased.

Syd shook her head and threw on her T-shirt. "This isn't gonna happen again."

"Humph?sure you say that now, but you'll be back."

"I'm never coming back!" Syd sneered. She gathered up her shoes and slammed Stacie's bedroom door on the way out.

The brown-haired cheerleader lay back down and smiled. Whatever, I got what I wanted?three times.

Syd arrived at home within the next half hour. As soon as she came down to the depths of her dark basement she noticed an object in the middle of the room shining on the floor. The brunette flicked on the light and walked over to where the gleam was located.

When Syd finally saw the mysterious object her heart stopped. It was the silver heart necklace she had given Madison for Valentine's. Seeing the item that meant so much to both of them discarded on the floor like garbage made Syd feel even more remorseful. She was wrong for making that bet. She was wrong for taking advantage of a sweet girl. She was wrong for breaking her heart.

The brunette knelt down, picked up the necklace and pressed it against her chest. Please forgive me Maddie...I need you to forgive me....I need you.

* * *

It had been two weeks since Madison and Syd split up and the brunette was slowly starting to draw into her own self pity. During school she was miserable. She would mope class to class and occasionally spot a familiar blonde walking around campus. In first period, the class she had with Madison, all the brunette would do is stare at the love of her life. The hallways were even worse. Syd would see Madison walking in her direction and hope for some sort of eye contact. Any contact at all. All the blonde did was look towards the ground or stare ahead like Syd didn't exist. That was what hurt most.

Finally one afternoon Heather decided she had to confront her best friend. She arrived at Syd's house and went down to the basement finding the dark haired teen spread out on her bed staring blankly at the ceiling.

"Hey," Heather said in an audible whisper.

"Hey," Syd said, not looking away from the ceiling.

Heather walked over and laid next to her distraught friend. She joined Syd in the staring at the ceiling game.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like shit?" Syd said without hesitation.

There was a pause. Heather let out a sigh. She should have realized how her friend must have been hurting. But this kind of drama was new for both of them.

"I'm sorry Syd?if I had known you fell in love with her?.I would have backed off. I shouldn't have been pushing your buttons like that."
Syd slowly shook her head. "It's not your fault. This whole situation just sucks."

"Maybe you should just try and talk to her." Heather suggested.

"I have?.she won't answer my phone calls. I even tried her house the other day but all I got was an evil stare from her mother. She said Madison didn't want to see me," Syd said in a defeated tone.

"Syd, what we did was dumb. The bet was dumb, but you can't not date again."

"I don't feel like dating."

Heather hesitated. "Well?Madison does?"

"What?" Syd asked sitting up.

"I saw her with someone yesterday?at Crystal Palace."

Syd shook her head in disbelief. "Maddie can't be dating?we just broke up." Syd said, obviously not buying her friend's words.

Heather put her hands behind her head. "Syd?it's true," She said with all seriousness.

Syd's face wrinkled in confusion. "You're not kidding?"


This made Syd suddenly angry. She stood up from the bed and starting pacing.

"Well, who is it?" She asked trying to remain calm.

Heather sat up and looked at her friend. She could tell Syd was going to blow a casket if she told her.

"I don't wanna say?you'll just get more angry?"

Syd stopped her pacing and looked at Heather with wading patience.

Heather finally gave in and answer. "Lori Katner?"

"Lori Katner?!!!! The softball captain!" Syd yelled.

Lori Katner and Syd were not on friendly terms to say the least. Lori had always been hot headed towards Syd ever since she caught the brunette necking with her girlfriend at the time on the side of the school. That situation ended with a few cuts and bruises on both girls and a suspension for Lori who initiated the brawl.

Heather flinched at the brunette's shouting. "I told you."

Syd's pacing began again. "How could she do this?and so soon!" The brunette was flinging her hands around as she spoke. Then something dawned on the dark haired girl.

"Syd, prom is in three days. Everyone is hooking up with someone."

The brunette stopped pacing and focused her gaze on the floor. She let out a breath in defeat.

"Hey?why don't you ask Kelly out? She really likes you."

Kelly Walsh was a girl Syd had spotted at one of the rival schools during a basketball game a year ago. She was about two inches shorter than Syd had long platinum blonde hair and intense brown eyes anyone would fall into. The two had hung out a few times but nothing really came out of it.

Syd remained quiet and deep in thought.

Heather let out a sigh and then got off the bed. "Look?if you're still hurting?"

"That's a good idea."


"If she can date someone else, I can date someone else too. I'm gonna call Kelly and ask her to prom. You're right. I can't be locked up in my room for the rest of my life." Syd said with confidence.

"Yes, exactly. Now we're getting somewhere." Heather said relieved. "It's really not healthy being inside all day."

Syd gave a chuckle then headed over to her dresser drawer to pull out her little black book. "Thanks, buddy."

* * *

"Hey, how did your date with Lori go?" Lisa asked Madison over the phone.

"It was nice?" the blonde replied softly.

"Nice? Is that all you're going to give me? What did you guys do?" Lisa asked eagerly.

"Well?she picked me up in her Jeep, took me to dinner at the Macaroni Grill and then took me home."

"That was descriptive." Her friend said in a not pleased tone. "Madison?what's wrong?"

There was a pause.

"I don't know," the blonde mumbled.

"Yes, you do?it's Syd isn't it?"

"No?well?.yes." Madison said with a sigh.

Lisa rolled her eyes.

"Madison, I thought you were going out with Lori to start over. Syd hurt to you, remember? You have to get her out of your mind."

"I know?you're right."

"Okay?so did anything else happen tonight with Lori?"

"She kissed me goodnight." Madison said trying to sound cheery.


"It was?okay." Not as good as Syd, though

"Okay?" Lisa said not satisfied.

"I just?"


"I didn't feel anything. Aren't you supposed to feel something when you kiss?"

"Maybe it just takes some time."

"I guess?" Madison sighed. It felt it right away when Syd kissed me.

"Did she ask you to prom?"

"Yes?.and I said yes, if that's what you want to know." Madison said this quickly to cut off her talkative friend.

"Good, good. That means you're moving on."


"Alright?I'm gonna get some sleep. We can go dress shopping tomorrow. Night." Lisa said with a yawn.


* * *

Early in the morning Madison was awaken by what sounded like a car in the front of her house.

She pushed the comforter off her body and peeked through the blinds at her window.

She saw a lone figure in a dark hoody placing something in the Murphy mailbox. The figure then turned and hopped into a red mustang and drove off quietly.

"Syd?" the blonde whispered.

Madison quickly threw on some sweatpants and bunny slippers and then crept silently downstairs. She went out to the mailbox and retrieved the one envelope with "Maddie" on the front. Then in the same fashion went back to her room.
Madison turned on a light and sat slowly on the bed. She held the envelope in her hand for a moment and let out a breath. She then tore it open and pulled out a piece of paper with a short letter on it, obviously written by Syd.


I know that I'm the last person on earth that you want to hear from right now, but I have to tell you something. And I guess this is the only way right now. From the bottom of my heart I am so sorry for what I did to you. You became one of the best people in my life and I ruined it. I just wish you can someday forgive me. I still care for you deeply and I hope you will speak to me also. Hope to see you at prom.


Madison read the letter carefully a few more times and then smiled to herself.

Chapter 7

The energy in the Freedmont high school gym was high. Hyper active teenagers were tearin' up the dance floor left to right. The gymnasium was a sea of colorful fabrics going this way and that.

Madison just walked through the double doors with her date Lori on her arm. The blonde wore an impressive strapless green dress that enhanced her eyes, a silver shiny necklace with earrings to match and her hair was up in a neat bun.

Blue were fixed on her the entire time as the blonde looked around the gym. Syd was standing next to the DJ booth waiting for Kelly to return from bathroom. Her breath caught as soon as she spotted Madison across dance floor. She had to talk to her, but seeing Lori made her hesitant.

"Hey, Madison? Do you want something to drink."

The blonde smiled politely at Lori. "Sure."

"Okay," Lori returned the smile. "I'll be back."

Madison's eyes scanned the auditorium and finally landed on two blue eyes staring back at her. Syd had her hair gelled back with a small amount of lipstick on. She was wearing a white collared long sleeved shirt with a black vest.
Wow. The blonde thought.

Madison returned the gaze shyly and saw a glimmer of a smile forming on Syd's face. This in turn made the blonde blush.

Suddenly, there was a tap on her shoulder. The blonde turned around startled and saw that it was Lisa and her date Kevin.

"Hey, Lisa?Kevin?how's it going?" the blonde said with a smile.

"Great! Isn't this whole place incredible!" Lisa yelled as the song "Promiscuous Girl" started.

"Yeah?amazing!" the blonde yelled back.

Lisa looked over Madison's shoulder and saw Lori making her way back. "Here comes your date."

The blonde glanced back and saw the tall red head headed towards them.

"Come on Lis, let's go dance!" Kevin insisted tugging Lisa's arm.

"All right, Kevy?Well, we just wanted to come over and say hi."

"Have a good time guys," Madison replied with a convincing smile.

"You too," Lisa got out before being pulled away.

Lori walked up and handed the blonde her drink. "Everything okay?"

Madison nodded and took a sip of her drink.

A few moments later Lori and Madison were dancing together to a slow song. Syd looked on over her date's shoulder. She couldn't get over how beautiful Madison looked. And she also couldn't get over Lori putting her grimy hands on the blonde whenever the opportunity was right.

"You've been looking over there all night." Kelly said to Syd as they danced slowly.

Syd twirled the two of them around and smiled faintly at her date.

"What are you talking about?"

"The blonde. Who is she?" Kelly asked with a hint of jealousy.

Syd shook her head slightly. "Just someone I know."

Kelly smiled slightly and cupped Syd's face. "Well, I can make you forget about her," the platinum blonde whispered seductively.

Just at that moment Madison decided to steal another glance at Syd and to her utter shock the brunette was in a lip lock with Kelly.

Madison ducked her head. She had to get away from the sight. Madison pulled slightly away from her dance partner and looked into confused eyes.

"Um, Lori?if you'll excuse me?I?I have to use the restroom."

"Oh?okay sure?" Lori said in puzzlement.

Madison turned quickly and headed for the restroom.

As soon as Syd realized Kelly's lips were on hers she pushed the eager blonde away.

"What are you doing?" Syd asked annoyed.

"I'm just trying to help you baby," the blonde drawled.

The upset blonde burst into the bathroom almost on the verge of tears. How can she just kiss someone right in front of me? Madison took in a deep breath. I'm not going to cry. I'm not going to cry.

Suddenly a familiar alto voice a few feet behind the blonde broke hear thoughts.


Madison turned around slowly and saw Syd standing before her. She looked down at the floor. She couldn't stand look into the eyes that she adored. Still adored.

"Why are you here? Shouldn't you be with your date?" the blonde said quietly.

"I'm fine here."

There was a slight pause.

"Did you get my letter?" Syd said softly.

Madison nodded still not looking at Syd.

"Do you forgive me?" Syd said taking a step forward.

Madison didn't know how to reply to that question. She did forgive Syd the moment she read the heartfelt note but now she was a little hot tempered about the brunette kissing another girl. So she just spat out the first thing that came to mind.

"You kissed her?"

Syd let out a sigh. "I didn't. She kissed me." the brunette said in a calm voice.

Madison eyes began to tear up. It amazed her how much it hurt to see Syd with another girl. Still looking down she decided that the last thing she wanted to do was cry in front of Syd.

"I've?I've got to go?" Madison said trying to walk past Syd, but the brunette stepped in her path and put her hands on the blonde's shoulders stopping her.

"No?you're not going to run away from me again."

"Syd?please?" the blonde sounded so vulnerable.

"No, look at me?" the brunette whispered.

Sad green eyes slowly greeted Syd's misty blue ones. The brunette smiled slightly but was troubled by Madison's tearful eyes.

Syd hesitantly cupped the blonde's cheek. "You look so beautiful."

Madison looked into those amazing blue eyes and was immediately lost. She so much care, compassion and love behind those eyes. She saw the girl she fell in love with.
Syd moved her face a little closer and the blonde's heart started beating faster. The brunette brushed the tip of her nose with Madison's. This felt familiar and comfortable to both of them. Something they both missed. Their lips were centimeters apart until someone burst into the bathroom.

"Madison!?" Lori's voice called into the bathroom as she entered. She was stopped in her tracks at the site of the two people in front of her.

Syd turned her face away quickly and stepped a few paces back from Madison.

"What the hell is going on here?" Lori said with anger in her voice shifting her eyes between the two.

With her back still turned, Syd ran a hand through her hair and then turned around to face the music.

"Rush?I should have known." Lori said in a menacing tone.

"Look, Katner?.we were just talking." The brunette replied defensively.

"Bullshit. History sure does repeat itself doesn't?" Lori said loosing her collar.

"I don't want any trouble, okay."

"That's too bad because that's exactly what you have with me."

Madison saw what was unfolding her and spoke up. "Lori, let's just go. It's nothing?"

"Shut up Madison! This is between me and Rush."

The brunette took a step in front of the distraught blonde and glared at Lori. "Don't talk to her like that."

"I can talk to her any why I want to. She's my girl now."

Syd took a step toward the angry red head. "You don't deserve a girl like Madison. You're not good enough for her."

With this remark Lori lost it and did a full on tackle to the brunette's body which landed them both in a bathroom stall in a clutter. Syd backside landed on the toilet trying to fend the mad red head off of her. Lori grabbed Syd's shirt and just started wailing left hooks at the basketball player's face.

"Stop it! Oh, god!" Madison shrieked.

Lori got to good hits in before Syd used her forearms to block her face. Finally getting in the right position, the brunette used both of her long legs to nail the softball captain in the stomach, pushing her out of the stall and knocking the wind out of her.

Syd hurriedly got to her feet and stepped around Lori who was on her knees holding her stomach..

"Come on," Syd said breathing heavily taking Madison's hand. They rushed out of the bathroom and then stormed through the mass of teens dancing to Maroon 5's "Makes Me Wonder."

Eventually the two were running hand and hand to Syd's mustang and were off down the road. Neither one were really thinking, they just had to get away. It wasn't until they were halfway down the rode that Madison noticed Syd's face.

"Syd, you're bleeding!" the blonde said in an alarmed voice.

Syd stuck her tongue out slightly and tasted a trickle of blood on her lower lip which was split on the side. The brunette was just thankful it wasn't down the middle like last time.

"I'm okay?" Syd said reassuringly.

"No you're not. There's a cut above your eyebrow too," Madison said with worry on her face. She gently stroked the skin above the cut.

So that's why it's stinging so damn much. The brunette thought.

"Yeah, it must have been that damn class ring of hers." Syd replied pulling up to Madison's house.

The blonde turned to the injured girl. "Come in Syd so you can get cleaned up."

"No?it's okay. I can do it on my own."

Madison smiled slightly because she knew the basketball player was trying to be tough. "Syd don't be ridiculous. My mom is a doctor, remember?"

The brunette shook her head and looked at Madison with troubled eyes. "I don't think your parents will want me in the house. Not after what I did to you?" Syd said hanging her head.

Madison gently took the brunette's hand. "Syd?I've forgiven you. That's all that matters. Besides you're hurt."

When the two rang the doorbell and realized no one was home, Madison used her key to enter the house. The blonde walked into the kitchen with Syd on her heels and flipped on the light switch.

"There's a note on the fridge," Madison concluded. She walked over to the refrigerator and retrieved the note while Syd stayed in the doorway leaning her shoulder on the wall.


Your father and I went out for a nice dinner for two. We don't expect you to be home before us, but if you are I just wanted to let you know. Call the cell if you need to reach us.


Mom and Dad

"My mom and dad went out to dinner," the blonde turned to Syd holding up the note.

"Well, it's okay?I'll just go home and take care of this," Syd said referring to her face.

The blonde walked over to the tall brunette. "No you won't. Go to the restroom, let me go change and I'll be there in five minutes." She started nudging the now amused Syd down the hall towards the restroom. "My mom taught me a few things about first aid."

"Yes, ma'am," Syd replied playfully.

Just as promised Madison met Syd in the bathroom with a first aid kit. She had changed into a large red plaid button up shirt, obviously her dad's, and petite green shorts which showed about three inches under the shirt. She also had let her hair down.

Syd had gotten pretty comfortable herself. Her black vest was no longer on, her long sleeved shirt was two buttons loose from the collar and her cuff links were removed.

The basketball player stood there eyeing the blonde while she was setting up the kit. "Don't you look cute," the brunette said with a lopsided smile.

Madison gave a small chuckle and turned to Syd with a wet towel in her hand. The brunette continued to stare here down while the blonde cleaned the cut on her lip. Syd missed being this close to her and she was relishing every moment. She liked seeing this side of Madison taking charge.

Coming out of her thoughts she realized the blonde was speaking to her. "What?" Syd asked.

The blonde smiled slightly and hand Syd an icepack. "I said sit on the toilet over there and put this ice on your lip."

"Oh, sure?sorry?" Syd said a little embarrassed and followed the blonde's orders.

"Okay?" the blonde said dipping some antiseptic on a cotton ball. She walked over and stood in front of the seated brunette. "This might sting a little."

Syd chuckled lightly and tilted her head up. "I think I can handle it."

The blonde began to dab the cut carefully.

"Man?some prom this turned out to be," Syd said sarcastically.

"Tell me about it," Madison said keeping an eye on her work.

Syd suddenly sucked in a breath. "Okay that hurt," the brunette breathed.

"I'm sorry?but the worst is over," she said with a hint of laughter walking back to the counter with the kit bag on it.

"As long as you didn't do that intentionally it's fine," Syd said with a smile.

Madison giggled and returned back to her patient with a white butterfly bandage in her hand. She carefully put it on the cut and then backed away looking into gentle blue eyes.

"All done," she said with a smile.

Syd stuck out her bottom lip trying to look even more pathetic.

"What?" Madison asked with amusement.

"Can't you make it feel any bwetter," Syd said in her best impersonation as a child.

Madison bit her lower lip and then bent down to kiss the bandaged cut. The basketball player closed her eyes as soon as the blonde's lips touched her skin. But before she knew it the warm and familiar touch was gone.

"Better?" the blonde said in a playful tone.

Syd removed the icepack from her lip and looked up into amused green eyes.

"Um?I think my other cut needs that too," the brunette replied.

This made Madison blush but she tried to cover it with a smile. "I don't think that's such a good idea." The blonde went back to the counter and started packing away the kit supplies.

Syd stood from the toilet and walked over to the blonde. "Why not?" the brunette questioned in a flirty tone. "How is this cut different from that one," she said pointing above her eyebrow.

Madison turned and faced the brunette who raised an amused brow. "Because it's on your lips," the blonde argued, enjoying their little banter.

Syd just stood there and let a grin spread over her face.

The blonde shook her head and rolled her eyes exiting the bathroom. Syd was right behind her. They carried this conversation into the kitchen.

"What does it matter? You almost let me kiss you in the bathroom," the brunette offered.

"I did not?," the blonde smiled turning around putting her butt to the marble covered kitchen counter.

Syd took a few steps closer. "Yeah you did?"

Madison ducked her head. "You were the one saying all the gushy stuff," the blonde replied noticing the tall brunette was coming closer.

"Well, if you weren't so beautiful maybe that wouldn't have happened," the brunette whispered drawing even more closer.

The blonde's heart was racing having Syd at arms length. She looked up and saw serious blue eyes, loving eyes.

Madison's features flushed and she looked away. "Um?I'm gonna make a snack?" the blonde said going over to another part of the kitchen. "Do you want anything?" Madison asked with her back turned to the brunette.

Within seconds Madison felt gentle arms wrap around her waist from behind. Her self control melted away feeling the warm body on her back.

"This?" Syd whispered in the blonde's ear.

Madison closed her eyes and leaned into Syd's affectionate embrace.

"Maddie?I've missed you so much?" Syd breathed.

The blonde let out a breath and closed her eyes tightly trying to hold back the tears. Syd leaned her head down on Madison's shoulder and held on to her for dear life.

After a moment the brunette reached around and grabbed one of Madison's arms turning her around slowly. The blonde's eyes were slightly red and puffy with tears streaming down her face. Syd looked into those beautiful green eyes and was on the verge of tears herself.

Syd held both of Madison's hands in her own and leaned closer to the blonde's face making their breaths mingle. Madison was so overcome with emotion she couldn't speak.

"I love you so much," the brunette whispered cupping Madison's cheek softly.

The blonde let out a tearful chuckle and wrapped her arms around Syd's neck. "I?I love you more?" Madison got out.

They both leaned forward slowly and their lips finally met. Syd had missed this so much. Those warm soft lips against hers were heaven. She gently nipped the blonde's lower lip and then they slowly lingered their mouths together.

There's that feeling I was missing. Madison thought pushing her lips more firmly to the brunette's. Just as the blonde was getting more into the kiss it was broken suddenly by Syd.

"Ow?" Syd whispered.

"Oh, I'm sorry?I forgot," Madison said soothingly.

"Humph, it was worth it," the brunette said with a hint of a smile.

Madison brought her hand to Syd's chest and felt a rapidly beating heart under her hand.

"At least I still give you the same reaction," the blonde said smiling.

Syd ducked her head bashfully and then smiled back. It was then that Madison noticed a glimmer of a silver chain showing under the brunette's shirt.

"What's this?" she asked grasping the chain pulling it up and out of Syd's shirt.

The sight she saw melted her spirit. It was a silver heart with a jeweled 'M' on it. The very same one the basketball player had given to her on Valentine's Day. Madison held the heart pendant by the tips of her fingers and then looked up at Syd.

"How long have you been wearing this?" the blonde whispered.

The brunette shrugged her shoulders slightly. "Since?the day after we broke up," Syd said bashfully averting her eyes from the blonde. "It was the only part of you I really had left?"

Madison put her hands on either side of Syd's face making blue eyes lock with green. Their gaze lingered for a while until the blonde broke the silence.

"That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me?" she said then pecked Syd lightly on the injured lips careful not to hurt her. "Thank you." This time it was Syd's turn to blush.

After grabbing a snack and eating at the kitchen table the two decided to do some cuddling on the sofa. Madison lay her head on the Syd's shoulder with one arm wrapped over the basketball player's tummy and Syd had one arm wrapped under Madison stroking the blonde's shoulder.

Though Syd was enjoying this closeness something was still nagging at her.

"Why did you go out with Lori?" she blurted out.

Taken aback by the question, Madison hesitated.

"Um?I don't know. I was really confused?and hurt. I was trying to?ya know?"

"Forget me?"

"Basically?but it didn't work," Madison sighed snuggling closer. "All I could think about was you."

She started rubbing circles on the athlete's stomach.

"It wasn't until tonight I realized how possessive she is," the blonde said remembering how crazy the red head was.

"Tell me about," Syd drawled.

The blonde took a moment to remember Lori's words in the bathroom. "What did she mean by history repeats itself?" Madison asked with wonder.

Syd was hesitant to answer but decided not to hold back from the girl she loved any longer.

"It was because of what happened two years ago. One day after school Kutner caught me and Jessica kissing behind the school."

"Who was Jessica?"

"Her girlfriend?"

"Oh?" Madison said quietly.

"Yeah?so then we ended up fighting and she was suspended for two weeks. I pleaded self defense so they let me off the hook. I ended with a pretty bad black eye though."

"Aw," Madison said sitting up a bit to look at Syd. "Which eye was it?"

"This right eye," the brunette said pointing.

The blonde bent down and kissed the eye that was pointed to.

"But?why were you kissing Jessica if she was already taken?" the blonde said with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey, she came on to me," Syd said. "What was I supposed to do?"

"Say no," the blonde teased.

Syd gave a half smile. "That wasn't gonna happen. My hormones were a little crazier back then."

Madison chuckled and then laid her head back down on Syd's shoulder.

"Did you kiss Lori?" Syd asked afraid of the answer.

The blonde was silent making Syd sit up bringing Madison with her. "Maddie? Did you?"

Madison ducked her head before answering. "Yes?we did."

Syd swallowed a lump in her throat. "You did?really?"

The blonde looked up to greet saddened blue eyes. Madison gave her best puppy look to Syd and reached over gently rubbing her stomach again.

"Syd?I?" the blonde started but Syd put a hand up to silence her.
"It's okay?we weren't together," the brunette said softly looking down.

Madison softly kissed Syd on cheek. "I promise to make it up to you as soon as your lip is better," the blonde smiled.

"Okay?" the brunette relented.

The two settled back down in their previous cuddle position.

"Was there tongue?"


"Was there?"

Madison let out a sigh. "No?there was no tongue?"

Syd smiled smugly. "Good," she said pulling her girlfriend tighter.

"I guess Lori's not the only possessive one around here," the blonde joked.

"I'm not possessive?just?"


"Yeah?okay?I was jealous," Syd replied quietly.

"Hmmm?well you don't have to be?" the blonde whispered kissing the brunette on the neck then settling back down. "?because I only love you."

This made the basketball player smile to herself. "I love you too."

Around 12 am the Murphy's entered their home quietly to find two sleeping forms on the couch. Madison still had her head tucked into Syd shoulder and a secure arm around the brunette's waist. Both had content smiles on their faces as they slumbered.

"Well?I never expected this," Frances whispered to her husband.

Tom loosened his collar and smiled slightly. "Whatever happened between them must have been pretty rough. Look at Sydney's face," he said upon spotting the brunette's injuries.

"Yeah?but they look happy now," Frances smiled happy her daughter would be complete again. "Come on, let's let them sleep," Frances said dragging her husband away.

The End?for now

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