~ Spring Break ~
by Lady J


This story was born out of a tale that was spun to enhance the social life of a dear friend. All the characters and situations are purely from my little mind and though some of the characters may resemble women we have come to know and love no infringement was intended. Copyright 2002

Love and sex: Well not quite yet but if even the mere thought of a loving relationship between two women offends you please do not go on.

Violence: None I'm a lover not a fighter.

Acknowledgements: M, I will always be your deamweaver, and I hope you enjoy the journey. For me it has been a labor of love. To my loving partner who not only encourages me but also is my grammar guru, thank you honey for everything. Also a hearty thanks to my beta readers who kept me on track.

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By Lady J
Chapter 1

"This is just evil. That's all, just pure evil," the young woman thought as she poured over notes and formulas studying for her chemistry final. Her green eyes squinted as she tried to rework a particular problem whose answer had so far been eluding her. She leaned her back against the headboard of the bed, then she drew her knees to her chest. She rested her chin on her knees in a defeated posture.

Turning her head she looked around the simply decorated room. All these apartments looked the same, white walls with beige carpets being the norm. A slight smile began to curl around her pink lips with quiet appreciation of how her little touches had given this Spartan space a homier feel.

Looking over at her roommate's side of the room her smile broadened as she shook her head. It was a confusion of different personal items scattered around her space in an order that only the curly headed young woman could understand. It was a mirror image of Becca's personality with the oddest things poking out of the strangest places. What she felt was cluttered at times, her roommate would call eclectic. She had to admit; though it wasn't her style, it was always neat and clean with a strange sense of order and that's what counts.

She turned her head to pensively take in the view the bedroom window offered. She scanned plush green lawns that disappeared into the tree line that surrounded their little complex. A gentle breeze silently moved the leaves in what seemed an almost rhythmic motion. The pendulous movement of the branches and the trembling plethora of leaves mesmerized her for a moment and seemed to infuse a new feeling of confidence into her soul.

"I can do this," she scowled raising the sheet of paper with the sinister formula on it closer to her face. "I am not totally unintelligent." Chemistry would be the last final she would have to take before the spring break. The fact that this final was her last some how comforted the young woman. The other courses, though not breeze courses by any means, made sense to her now troubled mind and so were much easier to complete with confidence. But Chemistry concepts for whatever reason always seemed to be just out of her reach. She wasn't failing the course but she was accustomed to getting much better grades.

Being lost in her pondering she did not realize that she was being watched by a pair of amused brown eyes.

"It's got to be Chemistry, poor dumplin'. That is the only subject that can furrow her brow that way. Well, it's time for the cavalry to come in and save the day."

With a bound she pounced on the bed startling the fixated blonde.

"What ya lookin at sugar?" she asked with a thick southern drawl as she ripped the paper from the still alarmed blonde's hands.

"Darn it, Becca, I hate when you do that. And give that back," the tiny blonde cried, annoyed with her friend at this point.

Becca, ignoring the rather perturbed blonde, flipped over onto her stomach atop the rumpled comforter as she perused the problem that had been vexing her little roommate for so long. Folding her long legs at the knee and locking the suspended ankles together she began, "Well, honey, here is your problem, see?. " Taking the pencil from her hand she began to rewrite the equation coming out with the expected answer all the while pointing out and explaining the concepts that were eluding her roommate's grasp. She leaned forward looking over the brunette's shoulder, her green eyes fixed upon the paper as she tried to absorb all that Becca said and did.

"And that is it, ya see darlin, ya just had a few things backwards, no biggie." Becca smiled over her shoulder at her roommate, mischievous brown eyes sparkling. Her lean 5'6" frame still sprawled next to the now much more calm roommate.

"Now remind me why you are an art major and not a science major?" she scowled playfully at her friend. Becca was brilliant, 4.0 average no matter what subjects she decided to tackle. Literally a genius, Becca used her flighty nature to hide a truly amazing mind much to the chagrin of the little blonde. Her green eyes clouded for a moment as she remembered a conversation they had had not so long ago.

"Boys don't like a woman who is smarter than them, sugar, ya know it's all just a game. I know I'm brilliant and they know I'm beautiful?" Becca giggled when the blonde had asked her why she hid her intelligence deliberately, "? that is all that really counts. Ya know how men are, they have very fragile egos that need alittle stroking every now and again."

"Why is it every time you open your mouth it sounds like something straight out of 'Gone with the Wind'? I am being serious here? And personally I wouldn't care if a man gets stroked or not. You are brilliant why not let it show?" The blonde scowled, her lesbian as well as her feminist tendencies coming to the forefront.

Throwing her head back so the curls in her thick brown mane danced, she laughed, "Bein' from Mississippi may have somethin' to do with it, honey. There the south never died it was just wounded, so the ways of Scarlett O'Hara are still alive and well." The brunette paused for a moment looking deeply into the blonde's green eyes. With a more serious tone she said, "Darlin', I am very comfortable with who I am. Isn't that all that really matters? I know who I am. Like I said before, it's all just a game. Good fun if ya don't take it too seriously. Believe me, when my hero comes to spirit me away, he won't be like these boys, he will love me for who I really am, brains and all."

Turning over again, Becca sat up, her hands behind her, supporting her lean body. The slight motion of the bed bringing the little blonde from her reveries and back to the present.

"Now, Jessie, ya know I am a people person. I could never be locked up in a stuffy office or lab. Nope, can't tie me down with a 9 to 5. I enjoy people, travel and appreciate art. I'm a free spirit, darlin', I need space to fly," she said with flair, looking into emerald eyes.

Jessie smiled and reached for her book that had slipped almost off the edge of the bed during Becca's assault on her space. Suddenly, her hand was restrained from grasping the book by a slender soft hand being placed upon her own. She looked up at Becca who was grinning with a flirtatious glint in her eye.

Uh oh, when she gets that look in her eye she wants something.

"Sugar?" she spoke, honey dripping from every modulation of her soprano voice. "What ya doin for Spring Break?"

Noticing that her roommate had not yet released her hand Jessie began, "Ahhh, nothing just going home, I guess. Why?"

A bright smile crossed the curly brunette's face as she clutched Jessie's hand to her chest.

I'm in trouble here.

"Well, darlin', how about goin' with me to Florida? Ya know sun, guys, surf, surfer guys, fun, fun guys?"

Beginning to laugh, her green eyes twinkling, "And why would I be interested in all these guys?"

"Well, sweetheart, I was speaking for myself in that respect. Of course there will be women there too?" she said as she pulled Jessie closer to her, whispering huskily into her ear, "Just think, miles and miles of beaches just covered with beautiful, tan, single women. All just waiting for a cutie like you."

As she whispered into her ear Jessie could feel a chill run down her spine. She must want something awful bad to flirt like this, but what?

Extricating herself from Becca's grasp, she giggled and scooted off the bed onto the floor. "Oh yeah, they will be waiting for little ol' me?" she said mimicking her roommate's southern accent.

"Get serious, Becca. Now tell me what the catch is." Jessie commented narrowing her eyes at her vivacious roommate.

Becca sat up throwing her long legs over the edge of the bed, looking up coyly at her friend.

"What makes you think there is a catch, sugar?" she said (asked?) batting her eyes flirtatiously.

Jessie stood to her full 4'11" height still glaring at her friend in an "I'm not going for it" look.


"Well, darlin', I got a condo on the beach for us to stay in, and well, it would be much more economical with four?"

"And who would this 'four' consist of?" she interrupted still with her no nonsense stance unmoved.

"Well, sugar, there is you and me, Shannon and?" an evil grin twisted onto Becca's pink lips.

Jessie looked at her friend expectantly waiting for the last name. Then her facial features contorted as the realization of who the fourth was. Now, the reason for Becca flirting began to become crystal clear.

"Oh no, you can't possibly mean?."

Becca's evil grin mutated into an evil toothy smile.

"Ugh, not Victoria. Becca, you know how she is; our friendship at best is tentative and at worst non-existent. Why would I want to go to a tropical paradise with the ice princess? And on the other hand why would she agree to go if she knew I was coming along?" Jessie looked at Becca with a mixture of disappointment and anger. Dejected she threw herself back on her bed. She liked the idea of going away for spring break for a change and let's face it, her social life could use the boost. But Victoria, geeze?

Looking over at her friend Jessie added, "And as if her attitude toward me was not enough, you antagonize her every chance you get which just makes things worse."

"Sugar, I must confess, I do like to get a rise out of her, but you have to admit she brings a lot of it on herself. You know she drew first blood and it wasn't with you it was with me. But the four of us have been friends for over four years, now don't you think it's about time to bury the hatchet?"

"As long as I can bury it in her head," Jessie growled.

"Sugar, you know you don't mean that."

"Ah, Becca, this is so not fair. You dangle the vision of scantily clad women in front of the lesbian and then you pull the beach towel right out from under her," Jessie pouted.

Lying next to Jessie, Becca placed her arm around her waist and hugged her. "Now, Jess, it's not as bad as all that."

Jessie looked up quickly with a 'you've got to be kidding' look on her face. Becca took note and said "Ok, it has been that bad. But can't y'all try to get back to where you were a few of months ago? This vacation is just what we all need. It's been a tough quarter for all of us both in class and out. This is a chance to be able to relax and may be, just may be we?."

At this point Jessie again looked over at her friend with a truly skeptical look covering her soft features.

"Ok, OK she never relaxes, but, honey, there is a first time for everything. I know you and Victoria would be much happier if you could just put this all this nonsense behind ya once and for all."

"I'm more than willing, it's Victoria who?" Jessie said sarcasm infused into every syllable.

Becca placed her fingers gently on Jessie's lips to stop her from getting any more upset. Getting Jessie 'riled up' was not in the plan.

Becca knew that this whole situation was harder on Jessie than she would ever admit. She could see the pain on her face every time Victoria would snub her. She could see the tension in Jessie's body language each time Victoria's name was even mentioned. And seeing Victoria in class several times a week was not helping matters, especially since Victoria would take special pains to ignore her and sit as far away from the little blonde as she could and still be inside the classroom.

Becca would always regret the day that she opened her big mouth and 'outed' Jessie to Victoria and Shannon, but nothing could be done about that now. She felt responsible for her part in the schism that had formed between Jessie and Victoria. She had done her friend a wrong and Becca was determined to make it right. With this in mind she would continue the damage control she had started months ago.

Jessie was such a smart, warm, generous, kind, and sensitive woman, Becca thought it inconceivable that anyone could treat Jessie with anything but kindness and respect. Especially Victoria, who had known her for so long, why would she try to push someone this special out of her life?

'This has got to work,' Becca thought to herself.

Becca nodded her head to indicate that she understood the frustrations of her roommate, then said, "Look, darlin', I promise you will have the best time, I will personally see to that. And though I could conceivably have a stroke, I will do my level best not to irritate or play any jokes on the Yankee. OK?" pleaded Becca once again giving the little blonde's waist a gentle squeeze. She had known Jessie since they roomed together in the dorms over four years earlier. She knew how best to handle her.

"I think I know what her problem is anyway," she said, a slight smile creeping across her face.

"And what, pray tell, would that be?" Jessie scowled.

"I think Vicki likes ya," Becca replied in a sing song voice, "she's just a scared she may LIKE ya if ya know what I mean." Becca's smile brightening, she knew that her words would lighten Jessie's mood.

At the thought of Victoria having a 'thing' for her, she simply rolled her eyes.

"Ya know what I'm saying is true. I've seen her watching you," Becca snickered with a fiendish grin crossing her face as Jessie just rolled her eyes again.

The little blonde chuckled back, nudging the brunette in the process. "Christ! Get serious, Becca."

Victoria was straighter than any pin with a tongue that occasionally would rival that for sharpness. She wore her heterosexuality like a banner making the little blonde aware of that fact at any given moment. This attitude baffled and hurt Jessie because she had never and could never see Victoria in a romantic light. Victoria was her good friend, 'was' being the operative word now a days. She just couldn't grasp why it would matter to Victoria who she slept with, nor did she believe it was any of her business as long as she wasn't making a pass at her. If Victoria was a true friend the fact that she was a lesbian would not matter to her, but it did and any overtures that Jessie could make to quell Victoria's discomfort seemed moot.

At the same time this "me thinks thou dost protest too much" posture that Victoria emanated when she was around Jessie was not lost on Becca. Oh, no, in fact this was just more fuel for the fire and she always had a way of turning the tables on Victoria at any given moment, usually causing Victoria immeasurable amounts of embarrassment and angst.

Jessie signed slightly knowing it had not always been this way between her and Victoria.

Victoria, a Bostonian, from old money, had a tendency to be stiff and proper, years of boarding and prep school training very evident. Becca laughingly speculated Victoria's inflexible nature a product of toilet training at gunpoint.

Yet there was another side of Victoria that rarely saw the light of day. Her 5'11" height and dark features presented a very imposing first impression, but she could be kind, humble and even vulnerable at times. It was this side of her personality that first befriended Jessie.

The two became best friends and with that their respective roommates, Becca and Shannon, were easily drawn into the circle. Becca was attracted immediately to Shannon's fun loving nature and these two made it their mission in life to be sure the little blonde and the brooding Bostonian had some fun on a regular basis.

Shannon, Victoria's roommate, was the day to Victoria's night. Shannon, a blond, blue-eyed California girl was in direct contrast to Victoria in looks as well as attitude. Shannon was a typical laid back surfer girl turned premed student, who never let anything ruffle her feathers. Jessie had never seen her angry or stressed. She just seemed to go with the flow no matter what life threw at her. She was 5'7", lean, a true California babe, with abs that if you bounced a quarter off of them that coin would sail at least 2 feet into the air. A lot like Becca, she enjoyed having a good time but was also a brilliant student, who, when told of Jessie's orientation, simply said, 'Cool'.

At this thought Jessie cringed slightly, remembering that fateful night when everything came out. That night that everything changed between her and Victoria.

All four girls were sitting at a table in their favorite pizzeria talking excitedly. Becca the last to get her acceptance letter to grad school smiled infectiously at her three friends. This letter was definite cause for celebration; these four would not be separated and would continue their close-knit friendship through grad school. Victoria had already found a three-bedroom home close to the campus that they could all share cutting a good portion from everyone's living expenses. This financial windfall being especially fortunate for Becca and Jessie who were both on a tight budget. Now with the last acceptance letter received, all the plans they had been making for the last year were falling into place.

"I am so jazzed about this," Shannon said as she shoved another piece of pizza in her mouth.

"Yes, now that Rebecca finally received her acceptance letter we can all rest easier. I suppose you were getting a little concerned, dear, seeing as the rest of us got our letters quite sometime ago," Victoria said.

The table was quiet for an instant and Jessie silently cringed inside. Becca and Victoria always seemed to have a love- hate relationship going on that she did not understand. Jessie knew one thing though; she did not want their drama to spoil the celebration tonight.

"Now, I had no doubt about bein' accepted, darlin', it was the scholarship I was worryin' about. Now I have them both, I'm ready to pack."

"It's too bad you aren't Victoria, those coaches have been all over her since she applied," Shannon said

"Coaches?" inquired Jessie

Victoria rolled her eyes and became visibly uncomfortable as Shannon replied, "Yeah, they are always calling her. Aren't they, Vic?"

Victoria gave her jovial roommate a scowl to show her disapproval of the nickname.

"What are you talking about, Shannon?" Becca asked when she noticed Victoria's discomfort.

"Well, I guess it's the height thing she's got goin' on, but basketball and volleyball coaches are always courting her. They've been doing it since freshman year."

"Really, why haven't you ever said anything Victoria?" Jessie inquired

"Well, it is just not something I am comfortable talking about. It's not like I need the scholarships and those women?."

"What do you mean by 'those women'?" Becca asked unsure of what Victoria was referring to.

"Really, Rebecca, everyone knows how those young women are," Victoria commented in a condescending manner.

"No, darlin', what does everyone know that I don't?" Becca began to get her back up pretty sure what the Bostonian was referring to.

"Now, Rebecca, even you are not that ignorant."

Jessie cringed and placed her hand, unseen by the others, on Becca's thigh. Becca glanced at Jessie to see the pleading in her eyes, but she could not stop herself now. The condescending nature of Victoria has inflamed her anger.

"Well, Victoria, ya know we's all just hicks from the back woods of Mississippi, why don't you just try explainin' what you mean to us in real simple words. Now, remember don't be usin' none of them fancy college words that we cain't understand," Becca replied with a very thick southern drawl, a snarl fixed upon her pink lips.

Shannon began to snicker quietly knowing that Becca was going in for the kill. Jessie just squeezed Becca's thigh a little harder hoping to calm her now incensed roommate.

Victoria narrowed her eyes and said, "Well to put it into terms that even you can understand, they are all lesbians."

Jessie closed her eyes pleading to any god that would listen to still these churning waters.

"For one thing that is untrue. Just because a woman is a superb athlete does not mean she is a lesbian. That is just an old stereotype and I am surprised that you, Victoria, as educated and worldly as you claim to be don't know that," Becca countered.

Battle lines were being drawn while Shannon and Jessie spectated from the sidelines hoping they would not be pulled into the blood bath.

"Now, Rebecca, we both know that many of these young women find, shall we say, comfort with their own sex. And I just can't be associated with these women, I have a reputation to maintain," Victoria said with a trace of antagonism in her tone.

"Oh, true, how could I forget? Daddy's little girl hanging around with a bunch of dyke volleyball players, what a scandal. Do you think that Mummy would ever survive even the hint of such a thing?" Becca bantered back placing her hands on the cheeks of her face in mock horror.

Victoria's eyes narrowed even more and one could almost see smoke seeping from her ears.

"Well at least I have a notable family. My ancestors were some of the first to set foot on Plymouth Rock, what about you're family, dear?" Victoria sneered.

"Well, sugar, my family was on the Ark," Becca retorted.

At this both Jessie and Shannon could not contain a snicker. The slight sound, however, was lost on the two combatants.

"What is your problem with lesbians anyway?" Becca asked.

"I don't have a problem with them persay, I just don't want to be associated with them," Victoria answered.

"Too late," Becca stated. Jessie could feel the color begin to drain from her face.

"What are you talking about?" Victoria asked a confused look replacing the angry appearance of her features.

"Jessie, that's what I'm talking about. Your best friend is 'one of those people'."

Becca's words seemed to echo endlessly. The table where the four sat was encased in a stunned silence. No one dared even twitch a muscle. No one even took a breath for several moments, each unconsciously maintaining her posture. Becca with a defiant air, Victoria defensive mixed with confusion, Shannon passive and Jessie quiet.

After what seemed an eternity, Shannon blinked her blue eyes as a bright smile crossed her face. Looking over at Jessie she simply stated, "Cool." At the sound of her voice all eyes turned to her as she settled into an even more laid back position, smile still lighting her face. Looking over at Jessie she said, "So tell me, have you dated anyone on the volleyball or basketball teams?"

A second of silence then an eruption of laughter came from both Becca and Shannon, Jessie looked over at Victoria with now twinkling eyes beginning to giggle herself. Victoria was unmoved with a stunned look still covering her angular features. With one continuous graceful movement, Victoria stood, threw some bills on the table, turned on her heel, and left the restaurant.

Jessie rose from her chair to go after her but Shannon stopped her. "Jess, let her go. I'll talk to her when I get home. Don't worry; she's just in shock. You know how she gets."

The little blonde blinked and asked, "I'm sorry, Becca, what did you say?"

"I said, we're all gonna have a good time, please come with."

Green eyes met pleading browns. She had to grudgingly admit that she always had a good time with Becca no matter what they did together and no matter who was around.

Jessie continued looking deeply into the pleading doe eyes of her roommate.

Ughhhhhhh, I hate that she always gets her way.

"Oh, OK, on one condition?"

Squealing with delight she replied, "Anything, sugar, you name it."

"Help me get through this chem exam."

"Ya got is, sweetheart. I'll have you an A student in no time," she said reaching for her book. "Now let's start here?"

Becca was lying on a beach towel basking in the hot Florida sun. She could feel a bead of sweat slide down from the slope of her breast into the sensual valley between them. As she felt the warmth of the sun caress her body, she suddenly felt unfamiliar eyes caressing those same curves. Shading her eyes with her hand she looked up to see a blue eyed sun bleached god standing over her.

"Do you mind if I sit down?" his baritone voice resonated in her ears.

Mutely she nodded and sat up from her prone position. The ruddy young man laid his surfboard parallel to her towel and sat down facing her. His smile was radiant against burnished skin, and his broad shoulders still glistened from his recent foray into the crashing surf.

Becca couldn't believe that she was speechless. Rational thought left her as her eyes roved shamelessly up and down his chiseled body finally diving into his twin cerulean pools.

Slowly he leaned in and captured her lips with his. She could feel all of her skin tingle as he deepened the kiss.


He breaks the kiss and smiles. She returns his smile as she leaned in and took his lips with her own. She began to slide her tongue into an eager mouth ?

She slowly opened her eyes, stunned. Her god had vanished and been replaced by a well-worn teddy bear.

RING? click?'We're busy, you know what to do' beep beep

"Hey, Becca?Yo, you there? Becca, this is Shannon?"

"Yeah, yeah? I'm here," Becca growled into the phone. "You sure do have bad timing, darlin'."

"Sorry, didn't mean to wake you."

Yawn?"Ok?What's so important that you had to wake me at this ungodly hour?"

Shannon chuckled, "Bec, it's noon. I don't consider that ungodly."

"Hurmph?" was Becca's answer.

"Just wanted to know how things went with Jess, did she agree to go with us?"

Yawn. "Shannon, if I wasn't so sleepy I could actually be insulted by your lack of faith in me. Ya know my powers of persuasion are legendary," Becca giggled into the phone.

Shannon laughed out loud then said, "Oh yeah, you do have quite the reputation but I'm not sure that has anything to do with being legendary."

Shannon continued to laugh as Becca replied, "And what exactly are you trying to say, my dear?"

"Well in case you haven't noticed, Jessie is a girl and I think she could escape your feminine wiles, hehehehe."

"Oh don't you worry your little head about that, I know how to handle Jessica. Everything is just fine, she's comin' with, no worries," Becca replied slowly coming back to consciousness.

"OK, ok, so she's going. That's all that matters. So everything is working out just great then," Shannon gushed.

"Why?" Becca inquired.

"Cause Vic said that not only is she getting the condo but she's gonna have us flown to Florida in her daddy's private jet. Way cool, huh?"


"Damn, what was that?" Shannon asked.

"Oh, just the answering machine."

"Better not let Jessie hear. She'll have both our asses if she knew we set this whole thing up," stated Shannon.

"I know. I know. I'll erase it before she gets home. Now let's go back to this condo private jet thing," Becca inquired her brows knitting together. "You didn't tell her anything about this before last night did you?"

"Naaaa. When she heard the idea she was totally jazzed about it," Shannon continued.

"She does know Jess is part of the package right??" Becca inquired confused by Victoria's change of attitude and her sudden generosity.

"Yeah, told her straight off. She's cool with it," Shannon answered.

"Well, there's a difference between cool and cold which is the way she's been treating Jess for months. What gives Sha?" Becca asked suspiciously. This was all too easy. What's Victoria up to? There was no way in hell that she was going to let Victoria hurt Jessie any more than she already had. Having Jessie hurt was definitely not part of the plan.

Shannon shrugged unseen on the other end of the line. "Nothing, Bec, I swear no strings here. I've been tellin' you she wanted to bury the hatchet, but couldn't think of a way to do it without hurting her pride and admitting she was wrong. You know how proud she is. Anyway when she heard about the plans for spring break she just lit up. No kidding, she was almost giddy."

"Now that must have been frightening," Becca commented.

"Yeah it was, but as far as the condo and flight, well I guess it's her way to do some penance disguised as benevolence."

"I don't know, Sha. I don't want Jessie hurt again," said Becca

"You know me better than that, Becca," Shannon began, a little hurt by her friend's implication. "I don't want the little one hurt either, I love her as much as you do. Look, I'm not sayin' that I understand what Vic's malfunction is or what caused the big change, but you don't live with someone for four years and not know them. I know that Vic has been a real bitch over the last few months and I have been tempted to kick her ass on more than one occasion, but I swear she does want to clear the air with Jessie. I know she misses her, though she would never admit that out loud. Let's face it, the rich are just down right stupid sometimes," Shannon said, finishing with a southern flair.

Becca could not help laughing out loud at that last comment. "Ok, Ok?I trust your judgement. So spill. Where is the condo? How big? And the jet thing that is way cool and gonna save us a bundle."

"Well apparently her parents have like a bungalow or something on a private beach. Didn't get many details just that it has 3 bedrooms and is directly on the beach. Walking distance to everything. And as far as the jet, well apparently Daddy has a Lear for business that he said she could use when he isn't. So basically all we have to do is pack and bring spending money," Shannon said smile beaming.

"Perfect. This is going to be a great vacation," Becca said.

"Yeah, and then the four musketeers will ride again," Shannon giggled into the phone.

"Yep, that's the plan. Now let me go back to sleep to see if I can pick up my dream where I left off," Becca chuckled.

"Ok, talk at ya later," Shannon replied shaking her head as she hung up the phone.

Becca cuddled with the teddy bear, slid back under her sheets, and drifted blissfully back to dream land.

Victoria sat in the shade of a large oak tree catching her breath after her jog. This stretch of path around the placid lake was always a favorite for hers, especially when she had to sort things out in her mind. She had run much longer than normal and finally found this cool haven where she could collapse unnoticed by the other runners.

Her mind had been on Jessie and the upcoming vacation. She was more than glad that she had the resources to offer the girls, knowing that Jessie and Becca finances were always tight. She smiled; this was one time it was nice to have wealthy parents. She just hoped that the gesture would be seen for the olive branch it was.

Victoria wiped the sweat from her brow and looked across the still expanse of water. She heaved a long low sigh and admitted to herself just how much she missed Jessie. How many times had they jogged together on this path, talking and laughing and making plans for the future?

She smiled broader as she remembered the first time she set her eyes on Jessie. The 5'11", dark hair and eyed Victoria had first met Jessie in a freshman Chemistry class. She had taken an immediate liking to the little blonde who seemed so lost amongst her much taller contemporaries. Drawing Jessie as a lab partner, Victoria, became quickly aware that this little woman was neither lost nor helpless. To her surprise, Jessie was very bright, witty, and articulate and though Chemistry seemed to elude her grasp at times, she never let them see her sweat. Victoria in some ways admired her, Jessie knew what she wanted and went after it, unlike herself who was being forced into a mold that her parents had designed for her upon the day of her birth.

She shook her head at her own stupidity. She knew she had caused the rift between herself and Jessie and now was at a loss on how to repair the damage. Now, thanks to Shannon she had an out. Now she had a way to make amends and she was not going to waste this chance.

She closed her eyes as she thought about what she had done to her friend. Once again trying to please Daddy took priority over everything else in her life.

As the weeks passed and she had time to sit quietly and think, she came to the realization that it probably wouldn't have shaken his opinion of Jessie one iota. She smirked as she thought it might even have enhanced his opinion of her. Now, Mother, was a different story, she would probably have Jessie discreetly removed from the manor if she had ever found out that her young friend was a lesbian. To her, status and appearance was everything.

Dark eyes clouded as she remembered the first time the little blonde had met her parents. If the Jessie was taken aback by the affluence of her surroundings she never let it show. Jessie was poised and absolutely charming. Yet there was a definite no nonsense strength that simmered quietly just beneath the gracious facade.

Victoria's father had taken an instant liking to the feisty blonde. He commended her wit saying, "My dear, you have a quick mind and the wisdom of how to use it without being obnoxious. In essence you have balanced class with old-fashioned spunk. I like that in a woman. Victoria, I am glad to see you have superb taste in friends."

She shook her head to bring herself out of her memories.

She looked up to see the familiar form of Jessie jogging past her. The little blonde had not noticed the dark Bostonian as she passed. She sat quietly as she watched Jessie jog out of sight.

Getting up, she dusted off her seat and began to follow her friend with a slow jog.

Jessie pondered events of last night as the pavement pounded away beneath her determined strides.

I want to go on vacation, but I'm not sure I have enough saved to take the trip. Ugh, Jessie, at least be honest with yourself, it's not the money it's Victoria. Do I really want to go on a trip and be uncomfortable the entire time? But, on the other hand, if Victoria is willing to go, knowing full well that I'll be there, maybe she is softening up, maybe I'm not the monster that her sad little mind conjured up. Hmmmm.

She continued her run, her mind spinning about as fast as her paces were taking her. She smiled as she remembered all the times they had jogged this track together. That warm and congenial demeanor was in sharp contrast to the icy inflexible attitude she had been receiving of late.

Damn, after the way she's treated me, why do I still miss her? Why can't I just chalk this whole ugly affair up to experience and write her off?

She scolded herself for feeling anything for Victoria except contempt.

Then, suddenly, her mind flashed back to the night when she held Victoria in her arms as the tall woman wept. The mighty ice queen was so vulnerable that evening.

They had come to visit her parents during one of the breaks. She was determined not to let the opulence of Victoria's home intimidate her. She would just be herself no matter what.

Jessie found both her parents very distant and cold though Victoria's father seemed to really like her. She remembered how he showered his guest with complements while he virtually ignored his own daughter. Jessie noticed that anything said to Victoria, whether mild praise, inquiries of school, or a request to pass the potatoes was said with an air of frigid detachment.

Her mother was no better; she was also totally emotionally detached from her only daughter.

Jessie remembered grieving for her friend's plight, thinking how pathetic the whole scene was. No one should be treated that way, especially by one's own family.

Guess money can't buy everything, she remembered thinking to herself.

That's why I can't hate her?under all that mess is a decent person who just needs to be accepted for who she is?She just needs a little love and compassion, but geeze, Vic, you don't make it easy on anyone do ya??

She smiled as she continued her run.

"You seem happy this morning."

The familiar voice came from just behind Jessie and startled her from her reveries.

"I'm sorry. Didn't mean to scare you," Victoria quickly added as she flushed slightly from embarrassment as well as from the boldness it took her to even speak to Jessie.

Jessie stopped and stooped over and placed her hands on her knees trying to steady her breathing.

"Naaaa," huff huff, "It's ok, just deep in thought I guess," Huff huff, "Wasn't paying attention."

Finally she glanced up to see concerned dark eyes looking at her. Jessie couldn't help but smile up at her friend. Victoria let out a long breath that she didn't even realize she was holding. She returned Jessie's bright smile.

"Uhhhh," Victoria started, "Ya want ta finish this lap together?"

"Sure," Jessie answered.

Within a moment the two were jogging off in companionable silence.

Jessie returned home newly energized by her encounter with Victoria in the park. Though they didn't really say much to each other it felt good to just be in the same space and not have that uncomfortable feeling well up in the pit of her stomach. Victoria was reaching out in the only way she knew how and Jessie was ecstatic with the gesture.

Yep, this vacation was the best idea Becca ever had. If it hadn't been for Spring Break, Victoria may never have come around.

She pulled her drenched tank top over her head as she kicked off her running shoes.

Thirsty, very thirsty, she thought as she headed to the small kitchen.

On her way through the kitchen, she noticed the message light blinking on the answer machine. Jessie pushed the button and turned to get a bottle of Gatorade out of the fridge. Opening it, she quickly swigged down the cool refreshing juice as she listened to the beginning of the message.

Upon hearing the two familiar voices she smiled but that smile disappeared as she continued to listen to the message. She placed the Gatorade bottle gently down on the counter and turned slowly to listen more intently to the remainder of the conversation till it was cut off by a beep.

Continued in chapter 2

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