~ The Dance ~
by Lady J


This story was born out of my fevered twisted brain. All characters are my own property any resemblance to anyone living or dead are purely coincidental. Copyright December 2004

Love and sex: Well yep for sure so if sexual relations or even the mere thought of a loving relationship between two women offends you please do not go on.

Violence: None I'm a lover not a fighter.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to my wife who has filled my wildest fantasies.

This is my first attempt at a PWP please be kind, gentle but honest. You can feed the bard at kaysladyj@hotmail.com

In the dark club she tapped her foot to the steady beat of the music that was playing. Absently she twirled her wedding ring around her finger while she watched the gyrating bodies of the women on the dance floor. She had never really enjoyed the new genres of music but this techno dance music was pretty good and she was truly enjoying the sound.

Her dark eyes scanned the dance floor once more before lighting on her wife. The blonde streaks in Renee's hair sparkled with the rhythm of the lights and music that was playing. She was 'chair dancing' while she watched the dancers reel across the floor. Renee's bright smile illuminated the dark corner where they were sitting. She leaned toward the brunette so she could be heard above the base line of the music, "This is great. Are you having a good time?"

The dark eyed brunette nodded and smiled in return. She was having a good time, it had been years since they had been to a club and had never been to a techno lesbian club before. They would not be here now if not for the insistence of their two young friends, Crystal and Amber.

The four had met on vacation some months before and had struck a friendship almost immediately. And though there was an age gap between the married couple and the newly in loves, their friendship had only grown through mutual respect and interests. The blondes, Amber and Renee were always the life of the party. They were both bubbly and vivacious loving to go to new places, meet new people, and in general both enjoyed life to the fullest. On the other hand the brunettes, Crystal and Tracy loved fishing, scuba diving and camping. Living in Florida afforded them to do these activies year round and now having someone else to pal around with made it even better. The two women would dive, enjoying the beauty of the reefs and tropical fish while Amber and Renee would chat and drink margaritas at the camp site waiting for their great white hunters to bring back the lobsters that they would cook that night.

Tracy scanned the dance floor again and spotted the young couple bumping and grinding to the beat of the music. She smiled as she thought, I am sure that dance is illegal in at least fifty states. Young love, one of them farts the other thinks it's Sheryl Crow. Renee always said they're relationship was so new that it still had that 'new car smell' about them. She chuckled softly to herself remembering when she and Renee were the same way. Looking down at her ring she began playing with it again and wondering where the passion went.

She and Renee had been together for seven years and though their relationship was not lack luster it was just a little routine lately. She smirked as she thought that maybe she was just envying the youth and newness of the love her friends had and wanting that feeling, that urgency for lack of a better word back.

Suddenly she was brought out of her thoughts by a shake on her arm. She looked up to see hazel eyes meeting her own.

"What are you thinking about?" Renee half spoke half called into her ear.

"Nothing," Tracy replied "Wanna dance?"

Renee smirked before saying, "Honey, you know better than that. We just have never been able to dance together."

"Oh come on we could give it a try, I don't move all that badly do I?" Tracy asked.

Renee took Tracy's face into her soft hands and kissed her lips. "Between the sheets you move like a goddess, but on the dance floor?." She ended her comment when she saw the hurt look on Tracy's face. "Oh baby, you know I love you," she said trying to soothe her partner.

Tracy didn't answer before the moment was shattered by the return of their young friends.

"Hey guys why aren't you dancing?" asked a breathless Amber as she sat in Crystal's lap. Crystal grasped her drink and downed the cool fluid in one swallow. Once the glass was placed back on the table she noticed the slight tension between Tracy and Renee.

"We're enjoying watching," Renee popped up. Tracy agreed with her though somewhat
less enthusiastically than her partner. Amber gave a quick glance to Crystal before shaking her empty glass, "Honey, looks like I'm empty again. Let's go to the bar. You guys need another round?"

"Sure." Tracy began to fish out her wallet. "No, No, No." Amber called, "We got it." And the two disappeared into the throng.

Tracy's dark eyebrows arched as she looked over at a shrugging Renee.

After a time the two young women returned with the four drinks and they settled into a good natured banter again. The four laughed and drank and watched the dancers gyrating motions.

The one of Amber's favorite songs began to pump through the oversized speakers. The booming base setting the rhythm for the dance. Kissing Crystal on the head, she walked around the table and asked Tracy to dance. Tracy shook her head feeling a blush creep to her cheeks. But Amber, being the persistent young woman she is, would not take no for an answer. She leaned down and whispered something into Tracy's making the older woman laugh as she stood to follow Amber onto the crowded dance floor.

Renee watched slack jawed as Amber took Tracy's hand and led her to the floor. Crystal scooted next to Renee watching the attractive blonde she was dating begin gyrating against the tall dark eyed brunette. At first Tracy's movements were stilted and calculated then, suddenly, she seemed to turn a corner.

The music began to permeate Tracy's soul and her body followed suit. Before Renee's shocked eyes Tracy's uncoordinated moves became smooth, sultry, and utterly sexual.

Tracy pulled Amber to her and began grinding against her with the beat of the base line of the music. Amber, in answer to Tracy's hands running over her body, lifted her own hands to her hair and tossed it so that her wavy hair flew in the air with picturesque precision. Renee had to admit they really did make a handsome couple. She had never seen Tracy quite as animated as she was right now.

When she thought she had seen everything, Renee was surprised again as Amber began to unbutton Tracy's shirt not only exposing her white 'wife beater' that she wore underneath the pastel oxford but also running her hands over her wife's torso.

Crystal watched the drama unfold both on the dance floor and on the face of the friend that sat next to her. Her blue eyes twinkled, her jeans seemed to get tighter as she watched her girlfriend touch and tease her best friend. She had no idea how hot it would be to watch Amber touch another woman, but it was very hot and she could not wait to get Amber home so she could ravage her.

Obviously Renee didn't feel the same way. Her body language reflected her inner turmoil and anger. Crystal leaned over toward her ear, "You ok?"

A jerking nod was all the answer Crystal received. Renee downed the remainder of her drink never taking her eyes off Amber and Tracy. She felt like she was watching her wife make love to another woman. Tracy was graceful, sensual, and totally hot. Their dance was animalistic and primal and she had never seen Tracy this way.

Tracy placed her hands behind her head and began rotating her hips with smooth sexual motions. Amber mirrored these motions then leaned over and unbuttoned the top button of Tracy's jeans. Renee had seen enough and tried to leap up from the table but was restrained by Crystal.

"Hey don't sweat it?they're just having little fun. No harm no foul."

With rage lighting her features she answered, "No harm no foul. Are you high? Do you need glasses?"

Crystal chuckled, "I see a couple of friends just having a good time, what do you see?"

Renee growled and pulled herself from Crystal's hold and stormed off toward the bathrooms.

She entered the bathroom almost knocking over two women who were trying to exit at the same time. She crossed over to the empty handicapped stall where she knew she could be alone to run some cold water on her face. She slammed the door and snapped the lock before turning to the basin behind her. She ran the water for awhile trying to get it as cold as possible. Unfortunately cold was luke warm but she would take it. Cupping her hands she repeatedly brought the water to her face and submerged her heated skin and her anger into the semi cool waters. Holding onto the sides of the basin she watched the water drip from her face.

Who was she angry with, Tracy for being so lewd on the dance floor with Amber, or herself for not dancing with her wife when she had been asked? If she had said yes she could be the one out there running her hands on a surprisingly supple, absolutely hot, Tracy. Had they been together so long that she had forgotten just how attractive, just how red-hot Tracy could be? Maybe.

Shutting off the water with a quick twist of her wrist she reached over and grabbed a handful of paper towels and dried her face.

I am just being stupid. She thought as she threw away the towels. She unlatched the lock and opened the door. Before her mind could wrap around what was happening she was pushed back into the stall. When her mind finally caught up to the actions around her she realized it was Tracy forcing her back into the small area. With her hand still on her chest she turned and locked the door.

Tracy shoving her against the cool tile wall and began to kiss her deeply. Pressing her lips so hard against Renee's that it was painful for the blonde. With a forceful move Tracy pushed her tongue through Renee's soft lips and pressed her lips even harder, selfishly taking everything she wanted.

Renee's senses were having trouble keeping up with the sensations that her body was sending her fevered brain. She had never seen Tracy this aroused. As Tracy groped her breasts, Renee could feel her own hunger growing to meet her lover's wantonness.

Tracy pulled open Renee's shirt not caring how many buttons were lost in the process. Roughly she pushed her bra up and began to feast on Renee's breasts. She licked and sucked and bit at the sensitive skin while pushing her thigh hard into Renee's crotch. Renee gasped feeling the pressure increase between her legs. Tracy had always been a gentle lover, but Renee found this new rough treatment aphrodisiacticly exciting.

Renee could feel Tracy undoing the button on her jeans then jerking down the zipper. Still sucking hard her nipple Tracy pushed the tight layers of fabric down until Renee could feel the tile pressed against her naked ass.

Disengaging from her breasts, Tracy stood to her full height a lust filled gleam in her dark eyes. Taking a hand full of blonde hair she jerked Renee's head back exposing her smooth neck to her whim. She buried her face into the side of her throat while simultaneously pressing her fingers into Renee's warm wetness.

An unstoppable cry was forced from Renee's lips and echoed in the small chamber. Tracy bit and sucked Renee's neck hard while plunging into the smaller blonde over and over. Tracy grunted as she entered her lover over and over with a force and hunger she had never known before.

Renee knew her body was no longer her own. The pain mixed with pleasure had intoxicated her to the point that she thought at any moment she would loose consciousness. Over and over she felt Tracy drill into her. With each thrust she felt herself cascading to the crest of ecstasy. She could hear Tracy's grunts mix with her own cries of pleasure fill the small space. At one point she thought she could hear the snickering of some bystanders but she didn't care she was being loved with a ferocity that she had never experienced before.

Closer and closer she crept to release. Harder and harder her lover pounded into her softness. Louder and louder came the unabated cries from her lungs.

Tracy was totally entranced by the feel, the smell, the sound of her lover. The act was primal and she would drink in all of it until her thirst was quenched no matter what it took. She could feel Tracy's clit engorging as she felt her canal begin to contract with spasms of pleasure. The more she felt these sensations the harder she fucked her until she felt Renee's body go stiff as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure raked her body.

Renee cried out loudly her release exploding from her body. Before her cry finished she clawed Tracy's back to the point that she left rivulets of blood down the length of her long back.

With the wash of pain and pleasure Tracy called out as well and wrapped her arms more tightly around Renee so she would not slip boneless to the floor.

Gasping for oxygen both women slowly slid to the floor. Renee was thankful for the cool tile against her overheated skin. As their breathing slowed Renee pushed the long brown tresses away from her lover's face and gently kissed her cheek.

The only word the woman could offer her tall lover was "Wow."

Tracy looked up to see hazel eyes looking back full of love and satisfied exhaustion. She leaned over and kissed her blonde hair. "Baby, you said a mouth full."

Suddenly the quiet was broken by loud hoots and wild applause. Renee buried her face in Tracy's shoulder and both women dissolved in laughter.

After some minutes of getting clothing back to some semblance of normalcy the two emerged from their stall of passion. Several women had remained behind in the bathroom to see who these hot women were and gave high fives to them when they came out of their seclusion. Embarrassed by the notoriety, Renee buried her face in Tracy's shoulder again. Tracy tenderly kissed her hair as they finally exited the bathroom.

Sitting at their table Crystal and Amber watched a much disheveled but much happier pair emerge from the bathroom arms around each other's waists. Crystal put her hand up and Amber slapped it both satisfied with the outcome of their little plot.

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