~ Ancient law ~
by Larisa

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Ancient law
By Larisa.

Mist rolled across the hot spring to swirl around the lone warrior, who had taken advantage of Mother Nature's gift on this night. A fire burned close by flickering in the breeze, throwing shadows across the golden palomino grazing near by on the tall grass. She lay upon the cool ground hair still damp from washing the dirt and grime from the past week not to mention blood and gore from the lowlife slavers she had taken care of earlier that day. Relaxed from the hot bath, she gazed into emerald green eyes that gleamed with something she had never seen before in their depths. A deep longing and passion, blond hair cascaded across her breasts bringing her nipples taut to then flow down her tight abs, Xena arched her back at the touch. Silver blue eyes half lidded watched as a pink tongue caressed her skin, circling her navel, teasingly dipping inside while small soft hands ran the length of her thighs. A sharp intake of breath came as Gabrielle went lower, her hot breath flowing across pulsing flesh. Eye contact was never broken until Xena felt Brie's tongue slide up the inside of her thigh. Sooo very close to her nether lips. Her head fell back, her lips slightly parted to reveal her tongue running across her bottom lip.

Brie tasted the saltiness of Xena's skin with the faintness of her essence, lying between her thighs, she blew on her swollen womanhood and watched as the sweet nectar flowed with each heartbeat. Her arms were under Xe's thighs with her hands gliding across hips and stomach, she couldn't stand it any longer. Tilting her head sideways, she kissed Xe's lips gently at first, tasting her, she moaned. Taking each lip between her lips, she sucked lightly, her tongue caressing.
Hips thrust against her as Xena's breathing became ragged. Her hands were buried deep into their bedroll, fingers clenching as Brie deepened her kiss. Plunging her tongue deep inside her wet warm walls, she growled deep in her throat as nectar covered her lips and chin.

"Oh gods...Brie.... I'm sooo close...pleeee...

"Xena, there you are!" At the sound of a voice saying her name everything crashed around her, she let out an enraged roar that split the silence startling night birds to take flight from their perches as Joxer stood horrified at the sound. His face was white and his knees shacking. "What was that?" He asked, as Xena with a feral look on her face growled deep in her chest as she walked towards him. His eyes bugging, feet frozen to the ground, all he could do was stutter. "Xe...Xe...NA!" With a crash, he hit the ground as a naked warrior stalked off to the fire, donning her shift she grabbed her sword and sharpening stone and set to put a surgical edge on it.

"Damnblastednogoodemptyheadedneedledickedsheephumpingsonofabachai!" Joxer approached on stealth feet, falling over everything in his short path, his scabbard caught between his legs, armor twisted and his helmet pushed down over his eyes. Xena swung her sword sideways catching him behind his knees with the flat of her blade dropping him to the ground next to her.

"Xena, what's burning, it smells like?" Pushing his helmet up he squeaks "ME!" slapping at his feet he glared at Xe. "You... you ...brute! You would let me burn wouldn't you? Hey wait a minute you knocked me down again!" Seeing how close to the fire he was, a dopey grin came across his face. Grabbing Xena in a clumsy hug, he giggled. "You saved me!"

"Get...off...me...Joxer, what do you want anyway?

He sat back down next to her; puffing out his chest, he lowered his voice. "I am on a mission!" Seeing glinting steel he gulped. "All right, Geez Gabby sent me to find you." Xe's hands stilled on her blade, turning piercing blue eyes to him. "She's headed back to the Amazons, Ephiny sent a message. Something about an emergency, and she wants you to meet her there."

"What emergency, is she all right?" She asked.

"Ephiny sent for her, that's all I know and she was all right when I left a few days ago."

All kinds of things went through her head and here she was days away from "Her Bard" Surprised at how she considered Brie hers, she mentally slapped herself. She's with her Amazons, Ephiny is there, she'll take care of her should be no problem. Then a past scene went through her head of Ephiny kissing her goodbye. Flames burst in her chest. "I'll break her into little pieces if she touches her there will be Regent pieces from Amboria to Thrace!" She growled to herself.

"Xena, are you all right!" Joxer waved his hand in front of her eyes.

"Yeah, get some sleep; I'll wake you before I leave. And Joxer I want you to go to Amphipolis and tell my mother where I'm headed got that?"

"OK, no problem, consider it done."


Gabrielle was in their hut spread eagle on their bed, a smile gracing her lips. Raising her knee, her small hand ran down her stomach to rest at her apex, fingers moving in slow circles. Blue eyes watched her hungrily from the edge of the bed. Spreading her legs further apart, she dipped two fingers into wet swollen lips causing a sucking sound. Xe's breathing came quicker as she watched. Brie spread her legs letting Xe see her juices flowing out of her. She tried to get closer but Brie put her foot against her shoulder and pushed her back.

"Ah, ah, ahhh, no touch just watch."

She slid her fingers in, moving them in and out to the rhythm of her thrusting hips. Xena ran her hands down her own breasts feeling her own juices run down the insides of her thighs. She groaned. "Brie, cum for me!" Brie was close to the edge, her head thrown back chest heaving, when she heard a loud banging from the door. In an instant Xe was gone and then she heard her name being called.

"Whaaaat! Even here I can't sleep late."

Crawling out of bed, she stumbled to the door on weak legs, yanking it open to see one of her guards with her hand raised ready to pound on the door again.

"Regent Ephiny wants to see you in her hut ASAP."

Still in her shift she walked the few yards to Ephiny's hut, without knocking, she flung the door open. Ephiny stared at her Queen with her blond hair sticking out everywhere, green eyes blazing from a flushed face, her overlarge shift hanging off one shoulder.

"Ahh Brie, what are we going to do about that Amazon law, we have to do something before Xena gets here."

Brie took a seat across from her, dropping her head into her hands she groaned.

"You know Brie; she's going to be in a bad mood when she gets here!"

"OK, I get your point, let me think. Let me see that damn thing maybe I can find a loophole or something. Who wrote that stupid law anyway, some ugly Queen? Oh Xe's gonna be mad as a wet hen when she reads this!"

"That is if she gets here in time before the ceremony, we only have three days, and we don't know if Joxer has found her yet?"

"Gods I hope so, I don't even want to think of her wraith if he doesn't!"


Xena ran the legs off of poor Argo, taking every short cut she knew to try and get to the village. She had no idea what had happened but she knew it wasn't good if Brie sent for her. She pulled Argo to a sliding stop beside a small stream. Leaning down she splashed the cold water over her face trying to get some of the dirt and grime off. She knew she looked like centaur dung and smelled like it to, but bathing would have to wait until she made the village. And knowing them and her Bard, they would drag her to the bathing hut before they would let her into the hut or they would make her sleep with Argo in the stables.

Walking Argo to try and cool her out didn't work to well; Argo ended up trotting beside her to keep up. Talking to Argo as usual, she said. "I knew I shouldn't have left her, I should have just suffered like I have been for the past few years, but noooo I have to run off on some phony adventure to cool my heels because I can't keep my hands or mind off of her! So I leave her in that Potatoehead village and run off, what am I gonna do if I lose her to someone or something? It'll kill me, I don't know if I can stand by while another Perdicus takes her away. I can't give her what she needs, but then who knows if Perdicus could, no one will ever know thanks to Callisto, but you know what girl, I could have kissed that crazy bitch when she killed that wimpy bastard! Gods what am I gonna do?


Brie sat in her hut going over the scroll; her hands gripped her hair pulling it out to the sides dropping her head to the table top she just kept pounding her forehead. She never noticed Eponin standing in the doorway watching her.

"Brie, can I talk to you a minute?"

"Sure come on in, so what's up?"

"Well it's about the ceremony, I've ahhh... asked around but no one will help out, they're..."

"Afraid of Xena right?"

"Weeelllll... yeah!"

"Don't worry about it Poni, I'll think of something, I've got two days before anything needs to be done right?"

"Right, I'm sorry Brie, for what it's worth."

Brie gave her a hug then walked out the door with her. It had been a few hours since she had eaten so she headed to the chow hall. After filling her plate, she joined Eph and Solari at the head table.

"So guys, how's it going?"

"I don't know Brie, you tell us, and do you think Xena will make it here on time or what?"

"I hope to the Gods and the Amazon nation she does."


Xena decided she needed to stop and get some sleep and let Argo rest before neither one of them was worth a damn. Unsaddling Argo, she dropped the saddle and bags, grabbing some dried meat and wine she wrapped up in her bedroll and laid down to eat. Before she even finished the meat, she was sound asleep. Green eyes haunted her dreams. The next morning she slept way past daybreak, panic struck grabbing her saddle and bags, she hurriedly saddled Argo, before she was even in the saddle, Argo was running.


Brie got up before sunrise, which was different for her, she slept like she had a bed full of rocks. No place could she find a spot that was comfortable, and she kept looking for Xe. Even though they didn't have that kind of relationship. She was still used to having her beside her when she slept; just feeling her body heat or hearing her breath was enough to ease her into Morpheous's arms. Maybe that's why she was in such a cranky mood, but Eph says its sexual frustration. Besides herself, no one had touched her since Perdicus. And with the next day being that blasted ceremony didn't help any either. Getting dressed she headed to the sparing grounds to work off some of her edginess. All she could do was wait and see.


Brie went through all the young warriors and was going up against Poni when Eph showed up to watch. Standing off to the side, she watched her lover go up against their Queen. Her blood rushed hot through her veins, with every rippling muscle Eph got hotter. Her stoic warrior, no one in the nation knew the real Poni, the tenderness she showed behind closed doors, how her hard-callused hands turned soft against her skin. It took them along time to face their feelings for each other, if only Brie and Xena would do the same.

Poni swept Brie's legs from under her dropping her to the dirt, standing over her she reached down to help her up. "Come on Queenie, let's go get a drink."

Eph held hands with Poni as the three of them went to their hut to have a drink. They sat on the bed drinking wine after two skins. They weren't feeling any pain.

"Come on Brie, you can't tell me you've never thought about Xena in that way, my gods half of the Amazons here would give up ten years of their lives to bed her!"

Brie blushed and found something very interesting on the ceiling. "Well, I ah...ohh all right, so what if I have, there's nothing I can do about it, she doesn't feel that way about me!"

"Yeah, right!" Poni mumbled. "Brie have you really paid attention when she looks at you, for Dite's sake. Queenie next time open your eyes. Blondes I tell ya."

"Listen here Poni, you happen to be sitting between two of us, so lover if you want some tonight you better watch it."

"Oohhh, I just loooove blondes, yes in deedee, nothin like them!"

"Eph, I think she is trying to get out of the fire, ya think?"

"Oooohhh, I think your right."

"Well guys, it's been nice but I think I'm gonna turn in and toss and turn until the morning."

Leaning over she gave them both hugs and wandered off to her hut, on her way she thought of crystal blue eyes and how it would feel to run her hands over that body. She knew she would not get any sleep again tonight thanks to Eph and Poni.


Xena rode through the night, she knew that she was still a ways from the village and even riding on, she would not make it until the early afternoon. But her heart told her she had to make it at whatever cost. She dozed in the saddle, her head hanging down on her chest; Argo kept on plodding along, and it was candle marks later when she awoke. Looking around she figured out where she was and by the position of the sun, she guessed it was around two candle marks past sunup. She still had about seven or eight candle marks before she hit the boundaries of the nation. Pulling cheese from her pack she ate it with out even tasting it washing it down with watered wine didn't help any either, she found a small clear stream and let Argo drink, then she slipped her feed bag over her head so she could eat as they continued on.


Amazons were preparing the platform for the ceremony later that day, Brie, Eph and Poni were sitting in the chow hall eating breakfast. Brie's head rested on one hand, with her fork up to her mouth she nodded off. Poni started laughing almost choking on her eggs.

"Brie, Brie, hey wake up before you end up with your fork up your nose! Why don't you go back to bed and I'll come and get you before the ceremony."

"OK, Eph, I just haven't been able to sleep good lately."

"I know, not since Xena left."


Brie retired to her hut, before she was all the way in her bed she was sound asleep. Candle marks later she was still asleep, the council was gathering on the platform, Poni ran to get Brie as Eph tried to stall. She checked with the scouts earlier but no sign of Xena yet. They were running out of time and she could only stall for so long. Poni showed up with a disoriented Queen, dragging her to the chow hall, she grabbed a cup of wine and made Brie slam it, and then filled it for her again.

"Poni, what are you trying to do get me drunk for this thing?"

"I'm trying to stall for time, and if were lucky maybe your warrior will get here in time to save my ass!"

"Huh, what are you talking about?"

"Oh never mind, here drink up."

Poni grabbed a cup and started drinking to. Between the two of them, they had polished off over a dozen cups before Eph showed up to collect them.

"Oh by the gods Poni, what are you doing?"

"Stalling fer time Ephie, whants some?"

Brie grinned at her Regent. "Comes on Ephie, have's a dwink with us."

Eph grabbed both of them and hauled them to the platform, Poni stood off to the side as Eph and Brie stumbled up the steps. The council members just stared. One of the elders started reading the Amazon law as to how it pertains to the Queen. Brie had no idea what was going on, she was too drunk.


Xena came to the west boundary, dropping off Argo she held up her hands; within seconds, Solari came charging out of the trees. "Xena, hurry you have to get to the ceremony before it's too late!"

"Wait what ceremony!"

"Gabrielle's joining ceremony, the council is doing it now, go, I've already sounded that you're coming!"

Xena launched herself onto Argo, taking off at breakneck speed she cut through trees branches hitting her in the face, arms and chest. Argo breathing hard but never faltering a step. She was nearing the center of the village; she could hear the whistles of her arrival. Scouts burst into the ceremony jumping up and down trying to get Eph's attention. Finally she seen them, the council had Brie down in front of them on her knees.


"Will the Amazon who wishes to join with our Queen please come forward and join her." Everyone looked around but no one moved, finally one gruff voice said.

"What the hell, can't live forever!" The elder was halfway through the ceremony when a battle cry was heard. Up over the six foot fence that blocked off the village from the trees came a golden horse, then a flying warrior tumbling through the air. The sea of Amazons parted for the storming Destroyer of Nations, all of them glad they weren't beside their Queen.

She stood behind Brie looking like she could kill with a glance. Brie feeling someone behind here looked back.

"Hi sweetheart, what's tooks ya sos longs?"

"Brie your drunk and you Poni what in the name of Hades are you doing?"

"Sacraficin myselves for Qweenie here."

Xe looked to Eph with a raised eyebrow. "Eph get your woman out of here before I toss her!"

Eph dragged her courageous drunk lover off to the side, as Xena knelt before the council.

"You can continue with the ceremony, now that I'm here!"

The elder looked to the Regent and received a huge smile and a nod of her blonde head. Brie wrapped her hands around Xe's arm and leaned into her. Kissing her shoulder, she smiled up into blues eyes.

"I missed you Xe!"

"I missed you to Queenie."

The elder signaled for the high priestess, who stood before Xena and Brie holding a braided leather strap. Placing their hands together, she bound them. "In the name of Artemis, I bind Xena; by this act you are not a true Amazon and the Queens consort and willing to protect our Queen and nation. Queen Gabrielle, you have chosen Xena as your protector and consort, do you understand the Amazon law on consummation?"

"Yep, gots it all mesmerided."

Xe's head spun to look at Brie, dark brows drawn down.

"We need to talk, like now!"

Brie gazed up into steel blue eyes, her smile so loving, and Xena's heart flipped. "Nope, I gots better things ta do with my mouth!"

The high priestess cleared her throat. "You must before the nation seal this joining with a kiss."

Xena's brain was overloading while her heart was doing flips in her chest. She had gotten her Queen but something was not right. "I may want this, but Brie may not. After all she is drunk, she can't be thinking clearly!"

Throwing a death look at the elders, she leaned over and kissed Brie on her cheek. When she tried to stand up, she felt hands tangled in her hair. Brie pulled her down within inches of their lips. Closing the distance, she placed a soft kiss on her lips, pulling back to look into blue eyes, she seen the walls fall down behind them.

"Fuck it, I want this!" She mumbled. Wrapping one arm around Xena's neck, she captured her lips once again. Blood rushed through Xe, she knew what Brie wanted, giving in she opened her mouth to her, without hesitation Brie's tongue slipped inside, and she moaned releasing all her emotions into that one kiss. She pushed Xe back into the dirt, the Amazons could not believe their eyes! Their little Queen had dropped the Warrior Princess in the dirt. Brie straddled her, running her hands under brass armor. Xe gave in and returned the passion, tongues dueling, breaths becoming more ragged by the second. For need of air they broke apart, looking into each other's eyes the truth was told, then Brie passed out and fell on top of Xe pinning her in the dirt. Mumbling could be heard from the Amazons.

"Did you see that, Xena kissed our Queen and she passed out!"

Xe called Brie's name but got no response, she struggled to sit up, Eph and Poni came to her rescue, with one pulling and the other pushing they managed to get them up. Xe carried Brie to their hut and tucked her into bed. "You have no idea what you just did to me!!" She whispered to her as she kissed her on her neck. Finding Poni and Eph still outside, she dragged them to the bathing hut.


Sitting across from them, Xe noticed that the once stoic Poni had dropped her iron walls and was cuddled up against Eph with her head resting between neck and shoulder.

"Now you two are going to tell me what in Hades name is going on here!!!"

Eph cleared her throat. "OK, the elders found this scroll stating that if the Queen after two summers had not taken a consort then she would have one chosen for her by the elders. We think it was written so as to keep Amazons from not getting power through way of the Queens bed."

"OK, that explains part of it, now Poni, what were you doing up there?"

Brown eyes twinkled. "I was the only one who had the guts, plus I knew you wouldn't kill me because then you wouldn't have anyone to whup your ass in sparing!"

Xena grinned at both of them. "Thanks guys, but this whole thing about Brie and me being joined, how are we gonna pull this off with the consummating thing?"

"Come on Xe!" Eph laughed. "We seen you two out there, you two were not acting, and no matter how hard you try to hide it, I have seen how you look at her!"

Xena's face turned pink when she realized that Eph was right.

"But what about Brie, how is she gonna handle this when she's sober, and why was she drunk to begin with, Poni!" Xe pierced her with her eyes.

"Courage, liquid courage, my idea of course, she was worried about you not making it in time and I was worried that I couldn't get up the nerve to kneel beside her in your place. You ain't never seen Eph mad! I can take getting my ass kicked by you any day of the week, but Eph won't give me any if I piss her off!"

"Keep it up Poni and you won't get any tonight!"

"See what I mean?"

"Now the biggie is, someone of high rank in the nation has to ahh... watch.... You...two...you...know.... Do it! To make sure that the Queen is ahhhh.... Satisfied!"

"WHAT!!!!" Xe yelped. "I don't even think so, are they nuts!?!"

Eph and Poni both shrugged. "I think the worst part is it has to happen tonight!" Eph stared into the water so as not to catch that look. "Xe, me and Poni volunteered to watch!"

"You sick bitches." She groaned as she slid under the water.

"Hey Eph ya think she drowned herself?"

Minutes went by before she came up for air. "Where is this suppose to happen or do I not want to know?" Asked Xe.

In unison, they replied. "In the temple of Artemis, on her alter table."

"By the gods, well I guess I better go sober up the Queen and have a talk with her."

Xena sat on the edge of the bed watching Brie sleep, her face relaxed made her look so young, not being able to resist she traced Brie's lips with her finger. "What am I gonna do now little Queen?" She asked herself. Brie turned on her side reaching out she found Xe's thigh, opening one eye to see her warrior sitting there. Raising half way up, she wrapped her arms around Xe pulling her down with her. In seconds she was sleeping, her face nestled between Xe's breasts. Wrapping her arms around Brie, Xe to fell in to the arms of Morpheous.


Eph and Poni prepared the temple; covering the altar in thick furs, the last one to be place was a pure white one. Food and drink where left on a small table by the alter. After chasing the priestesses out of the back room, they commandeered it for themselves. A huge party was going on in the village to celebrate the joining, but then Amazons need no reason for one.

Candle marks later Eph and Poni went to the Queen's hut, opening the door slowly to find blue eyes watching them. Brie was wrapped around Xe like a vine. Eph whispered. "It's time, meet us there." Xena nodded her head, she ran her fingers down Brie's cheek pushing her blond tresses away, then kissed her forehead. "Brie, time to get up." All she got was a mumbling and arms holding tighter. "Oh no Queenie, we have a date with some voyeuristic Amazons!" Rolling over, she untangled their bodies; grabbing a water skin, she poured it on Brie. Sputtering she sat up. "Xena, I'm wet."

"Not yet, but you will be, come on Queenie, we gotta go meet your perverts."

"For what?" Eyes grew wide. "Oh gods I get it, wet, that's funny, promise?"

"You're wicked Brie."

"I guess they told you huh?"

"Yes, now come on, I want to sneak in there or we'll have standing room only in the temple!" Xe's eyes softened. "Brie, I.... Never mind, let's go."

They crawled out the back window and made for the trees, going back behind the bathing hut, they found the trail to the temple. Coming along side it, they seen Poni guarding the door like a bullmastiff, seeing them she waved them in, once inside she barred the door behind them. Eph came from the back room with a troubled look on her face.

"If you guys don't want to go through with this, ahh Poni and I will cover for you."

Brie walked up to her and gave her a hugged her, looking into brown eyes she sent a silent message, Eph gave a nod of her head and started towards the back of the temple, when she noticed that Poni wasn't following. Eph yelled at her, everyone looked, when she had their attention, she flashed them her tits. Poni growled and took off at a run after her lover.


The tension in the room could be cut with a sword, Brie's stomach was doing flips. she had no idea how to do this, throwing caution to the wind, she filled two goblets with sweet wine. Stepping before Xe, she handed her one and watched her slam the wine, after taking a drink she set their goblets down. Taking Xe's large hands into hers she brought them to her lips placing a kiss on each knuckle, she looked up into soft blue eyes.

"Xe, you know how I feel about you but I have never been totally honest with you or myself, until Eph opened my eyes."

"Brie, you don't..."

"No Xe, I do!" Brie released one of Xe's hands, caressing her cheek, she ran her fingers across to trace Xe's lips, she heard an intake of breath and felt Xe's hand tremble.

"Xe, I love you. Actually I'm in love with you, I'll understand if you..."

Her words were stopped by Xe's finger crossing her lips.

"You know words don't come easily to me. You have always had my heart, from the very first day. I could no more live without you than I could without air, what I do in this life, I do because of you. I love you Brie!"

Tears flowed down Brie cheeks, Xe pulled her close and kissed the tears away. Raising up on her toes, she softly kissed Xe's lips, then became more demanding, tongues touched seeking the depths of each other's mouths. Brie broke the kiss.

"Make love to me Xe!"

In one swift movement Xe picked her up and carried her to the alter, slowly they removed each other's cloths, hands brushed warm skin as material fell away. Xe ran her hands over Brie's breasts watching her nipples become taut, wrapping her arms around Brie, she rested her head between her breasts. Brie could feel her body tremble against her, she tilted Xe's face up to meet hers, kissing her with so much passion that they were breathless. Laying down she pulled Xe with her. Cupping her face in her hands she let Xe see all the love in here eyes. "I love you!" They kissed for what seem liked eternity. Xe trailed kisses down Brie's neck to her collarbone then to her breasts leaving a kiss on each one. Taking a nipple into her mouth she began to suck, flicking her tongue across it she felt Brie arch her back giving her more. Without neglecting the other one, she brushed it with her fingertips. Straddling Brie, she ran her hands down her breasts along her ribcage to her hips.

"You're so beautiful!" Leaning over she placed kisses on each hip, using her tongue she trailed it from hip to hip stopping in the middle to lavish her naval. Moans came from deep in Brie's throat, her hips reaching up towards Xe. Moving so that she was between Brie's thighs, she leaned back to caress her from ankle to hip, raising her knees to either side of her. She licked behind each knee and all the way to Brie's swollen lips. Taking in the scent of her arousal made Xe moan, she could feel her own juices flowing down the insides of her thighs. She laid down resting her face on her lover's mound, Brie raised her hips against her. Kissing her soft blond curls, she slid her tongue down between swollen lips making Brie gasp. "Xeee..... I've never!" Her first taste almost put her over the edge, wanting more, she lifted Brie's hips pushing her tongue into sweet nectar that flowed over her tongue and chin. She felt fingers clutching her hair pushing her down. Growling in her throat, she sucked on the now hard nub, flicking it with her tongue, she could feel Brie's muscles start to tighten. Using two fingers, she slowly slipped them inside tight warm walls, then she felt it, that thin virgin veil. She looked up to catch misty green eyes.


"I couldn't, it wasn't you!"

Tears came to Xe's eyes, slowly she pushed past the barrier watching her lover the whole time, she saw the pain reach her eyes as a small groan escaped her parted lips. She held fast until she felt hips thrusting against her fingers, joining her tongue with the rhythm of fingers and hips, she started to push Brie towards the top. Brie thrashed, digging her heels into the furs.

"My gods.....Xeeee please!"

Xe felt muscles tightening, one last thrust and she went over the edge "Xeeeenaaa!!!!!! Oohhh gods!!!!!" Spasms ripped down her body. placing one last kiss on her mound Xe pulled herself up her sweat soaked body. She looked to the back of the room to see a naked Eph and Poni standing in the doorway. Poni gave her a toothy grin, wiggling her fingers at Xe, they jumped back into the room.

Xe looked down into tear filled green eyes. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"What was I suppose to say, oh by the way Xe, when Perdicus started sucking on my nipples I moaned your name?"

"You didn't?

"Oooohhh yes I did, needless to say he went limp as a wet noodle!"

Xe started laughing so hard that tears were coming from her eyes. "By the gods I love you!"

She buried her head in Brie's neck laughing harder, she had started to stop when they heard a scream of "Poni!" Break the silence. "Xe did they see anything?"

Raising her head, she grinned at her lover. "Yep, they watched, I think they may have learned something from the sounds of it!"

"Well they had better stay in there and continue to practice because I don't want them laughing at me."

Flipping Xe over Brie bit her neck, sucking hard bringing a moan from her lips. Pulling back, she inspected her work. "Ya know Xe, this looks like when we met the Bachai's and I had to bite you, every time you groaned I thought I was gonna lose it, you have know idea hot wet I was. Just like now!"
Moving down Xe's body, she sucked on her nipples. Using both hands, she squeezed her breasts getting a groan out of Xe. Straddling her stomach, she ground against her letting her feel her juices cover her skin. "Gods Brie......you....do that again and I'm....done...for!!"

"Can't have that now can we?"

Sliding her body downwards, she trailed her tongue down Xe's stomach, coming to the soft black hair of Xe's womanhood, she ran her fingers through it. "Xe, you have no idea how long I have wanted to do this?" Kissing down her hairline, she licked each swollen lip, Xe's hips were bucking up towards her. With a flick of her tongue on the hard nub, Xe gasped. "Pleeease.....Brie...I can't take ......anymore!!!" Grinning she did it again then buried her face between her thighs licking her flowing juices. Pushing her tongue into her throbbing walls, she used her fingers to stroke Xe's hard nub, within seconds, her hips raised the muscles in her thighs tensed and she yelled from deep in her chest.


Brie crawled up Xe's body feeling her muscles jerk still, she kissed her long and deep tasting herself on Xe's lips, she moaned. "Boy were we stupid, we could have been doing this all these years!"

"Your unbelievable Brie, you have truly shocked me."

"When can we do it again?"

"What? Come here, let's rest first."

Cuddling up together Brie rested her head on Xe's shoulder, breathing in her scent, she twisted her fingers in dark tresses and drifted off to sleep. Xe was still awake, tears flowed from her eyes down her temples. She whispered into the silence.

"Thank you Artemis, I'll take care of her!"

Morpheous claimed her moments later, they never seen Artemis standing over them, she ran her fingers through their hair and placed a kiss on each brow.

"You are very welcome Warrior Princess, and I leave you with my blessings.

In a blue cloud, she was gone but her blessings remained behind with them in the form of silver oak leaves forming rings on their fingers.

The End
Ancient Law
By Larisa

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