~ Appalachian Trails ~
by Larisa

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Appalachian Trails
By Larisa.

Across the Appalachian trail, the sun had just risen over the tree tops, it's gentle warmth burning off the fine misty fog that hovered at the top most leafs, caressing them like fingers as it danced on the slight breeze. Soft footfalls scattered the small animals that had come out to scrounge for food. The small woman came to a natural wall made of thick leafy ferns; pushing them aside, she searched the area before her. She heard giggling coming from her left and then a loud boisterous male laugh. Skirting to the left, she made her way to the forced break in the ferns, dropping on to her knees she watched as the two people played amongst the wild flowers. A young woman in her early twenties was running, her long dark hair flying out behind her. Laughing as the man with her made chase, he was within a few feet of her and diving through the air when she dropped to her knees. He soared right over her and landed hard in the grass and flowers. A loud grunt escaped his lips when she jumped on his back.

"You lost again Evan, I told ya you'll never catch me if I don't want it ta happen."
The tall dark hared man rolled over on to his back. His dark brown eyes smiled up in to blue.

"But Lilly, the chase is half the fun. And I get ta be tackled by you." They leaned forward to share a soft kiss, that turned in to something more.

The small woman made her way to where the couple lay. Kicking Evan in his leg, she growled. "Get your paws off of my sister and get up!" Lilly looked over her shoulder in to smoldering green eyes. "Ooohhh shit! Rochelle don't you dare say anything ta Pa about this." Her blue eyes pleaded with her older sisters. "He'd kill us both!"

"Don't I know it. Now get the Hell outta here Evan, cuz he's on his way." Evan gave Lilly a quick kiss then took off at a sprint through the trees. "Just what the Hell do you think you were doing? You know Pa can't stand Evan's family, and here you two are out here frolicking like a bunch of rabid weasels."

"But Rochelle, I love him and I don't care what grudge Pa has against his family. Evan didn't do anything ta Pa or us."

"I know that and you know that but it doesn't matter ta Pa. This war has been going on since before I was born and when Pa's 6 foot under he will still hate the Randall's!"

"But why? What did they ever do ta Pa that he hates them so much."

"It's a long story and I don't know all of it. Now come on before he gets here and tans both of our hides."

The two sisters, one tall and dark the other short and blond made their way through the trees towards their home. They were more than halfway there when their father Herbert stepped in front of them from the side of the trail.

"Just what do you two think your doing out here?"

"We were." Lilly stumbled over her words.

"We came out to get some berries for breakfast." Rochelle covered for her sister. "We found about a quarts worth, it'll be good ta put over pancakes."

Their father gave them a cold look. "So where are they, these so called berries?" Rochelle pulled a cheesecloth bag off of the back of her belt and handed it to him.

"You two are lucky, cuz if ya were lying ta me I'd make sure ya couldn't move for the next month after I used my mining strap on your asses! Now get back ta the house before I change my mind and beat ya anyway."

Rochelle and Lilly sat on their beds in the bedroom that they shared. Rochelle sat with her back against the wall writing in her journal. One of many journals that she had completed over the years. She wrote down her inner most thoughts in this particular one and the others were collections of short story's and novels. Her father told her constantly that she was wasting her time because no one from this area was ever going to become some famous writer. Either you worked in the mines or you lived on Welfare. However, it never stopped her. She sat there and remembered the time they argued over it. He took all her journals and threw them in the burner by the shed out back. She was in tears and screaming at him not to burn them. Losing her temper, she picked up a rock and hit him in the side of the head. She didn't remember anything after seeing the flames erupt in his ice blue eyes. She woke later that night in so much pain that she couldn't even move. Lilly was leaning over her with a cold rag wiping her forehead.

"You're lucky that he didn't kill you, if Ma hadn't been there to stop him I'd be digging your grave out back!"

A small groan came to her lips when she tried to sit up. Deciding to just stay still, she looked at her sister through bloodshot eyes. "Why does it bother him that I write and what right does he have to burn my journals?" Tears flowed down her face as she sobbed at the loss of so many journals. Year's worth of writing all gone up in flames.

"Rochelle, he's an asshole OK? Just don't let him know that you're writing."

"But I lost so much!" She sobbed harder. Lilly leaned over and placed something on her sisters heaving chest. Her fingers ran across the familiar feel of a journal, the scent of ink and paper reached her nose. Opening her eyes, she looked down at one of her journals that she had thought was long gone in the flames of her father's hatred.

"You saved one of them?" She croaked from her tear-thickened throat.

"Nope, Ma did. In fact, she saved all of them. But don't say anything ta Pa cuz he'll just try and burn them again."

They stopped at the sound of footsteps in the hall; Lilly took the journal and hid it under the bed before their door was opened. They watched in the dark as a small form came to the bed and sat down beside them.

"How do you feel Roc?" Their mother asked in a whisper. "You know how your father is, why do you have to piss him off all the time?" Helen asked her oldest daughter.

"But Ma, I didn't do anything! I was in here writing when he came in and took all of my journals. The next thing I knew I was throwing a rock and then waking up here in bed."

Helen's blue eyes twinkled at them as she stifled a chuckle. "That rock you tossed at your Pa gave him one Hell of a knot and a headache ta go with it. I think he'll stay clear of you for a while. But don't let him catch you writing anymore. He almost killed you today."

"But why Ma? Why does he hate me writing?"

Helen moved further on to the bed and held both of her daughters to her. "I'm gonna tell you something about him. But you have to promise me that you'll never repeat it and never say anything ta him." Lilly and Rochelle nodded their heads and sat back to hear the story.

"It was many years ago, before you where born Roc when your Pa was young and impulsive. He fell in love with one of the girls in this holler going against a feud that has been around since the civil war." Helen spoke for hours retelling a story that her daughters had only heard bits and parts of. When she was finished they sat in stunned silence, finally Rochelle spoke up. "So you're not my real mother?"

"No Roc, I'm not your birth mother. But you are the daughter of my heart and nothing can change that. I held you in my arms when you where born and I will hold you till the day I die. Now you two get some sleep and in the morning stay away from your Pa."

Roc lay in her bed her thoughts ran rapid. All these years she had been lied to about everything. Now she comes to find out that she has a whole different set of relatives that she had never met. All because of some stupid feud. As she drifted off to sleep, she was haunted by dreams again; it was the same dream that she had been having all her life. Crystal blue eyes burning right through to her soul watched her. Her fear making her heart beat on her ribs so hard that she could hear it. She heard herself scream as a large hand came towards her face.


Roc jumped from her bed at the pounding on her bedroom door. "Roc get up, you're gonna be late for work!" Her mother yelled. Grabbing her work cloths, she scrambled to get dressed. Running from her room she stopped off in the kitchen to grab the plastic mug of coffee her mother had waiting for her. She glanced at the microwave clock and saw that she had 20 minutes to get to the small store that she was a clerk.


Wind whipped past the woman's face beneath the full faced black motorcycle helmet she wore. Tears trickled from behind her dark sunglasses from the wind. She slowed as she came to the small store along the country road. She needed gas and knew that if she didn't get it here, she would be pushing her Harley all the way home. Pulling her hog next to the single pump, she got off of it and filled her tank. Inside she grabbed a carton of chocolate milk and a candy bar; she was just about to pay for her things when she became breathless. Her ice blue eyes looked above the frames of her sunglasses at the small blond clerk. It felt as if a lightning bolt shot right through her body. Making her legs move she walked with stiffly to the counter. The clerk rang up her purchases and reached for the bills in the half gloved fingers. When the money was pulled away, she looked up into the bluest eyes she had ever seen. Her breath caught in her chest for a moment then a feeling of terror assaulted her senses. She quickly grabbed the money and handed back the change to the person before her. Grumbling a thank you, she left the counter to escape to the back office. Blue eyes watched her and became concerned with the rapid departure of the terror-stricken woman. She knew that her 6-foot stature intimidated people but never before had it caused someone to run and hide, well only when she was pissed and going to do some serious harm to them. She was intrigued and promised herself that when she had more time she would find out why the little green eyed blond was afraid of her.

She rode like a maniac up through the holler, kicking the hog sideways as she took the last turn before she would reach the house where she had grown up. It had been at least 6 years since she had been here. It was either leave or kill one of her cousins. No one believed her when she told them that he was the one who raped the schoolteacher 6 years ago. And then on Monday, right out of the blue she gets a phone call from her Ma telling her that the State police had caught him doing it again and he was now behind bars. She hoped he would be gone for a long while and that the other inmates had lots of fun with him while he was in there.

She parked her Harley behind her Ma's old blue Chevy Impala, before she could get her helmet off her Ma was giving her a breath-stealing hug. She looked at her Ma, noticing the silver at her temples blending in to her auburn hair and the laugh lines at the corners of her crystal blue eyes.

"You're just as beautiful as ever Ma." She said after she kissed her cheek. I've really missed you."

"Liar! You just missed my cooking, and from the looks of you, I know you've not been eating like you should. Now get in the house and say hello to your Pop."

Mother and Daughter walked arm in arm into the small house. "Your Pops in the living room in front of the TV." Royanna rolled her eyes at her daughter. "You just had to buy that wide screen TV for him. Now I get to watch the WWF life-size and believe me you I don't like to see that one guy with the huge ass any bigger than necessary." They heard a deep voice come from the living room.

"Roy who's here?"

"Go on, go scare him a little. Tell him your taking the TV back." Royanna chuckled at the grin on her daughters face.

"Hey Pop, whatcha watching? Any naked women on that channel?"

"By the God above! Renny my baby girl." Rogers brown eyes tearing up as he looked at his daughter. Embracing her in his strong arms he picked her up off of the floor. "You're to skinny and when the Hell did you get so tall!?!"

"Come on Pops, I was born this tall. But I think you've shrunk some since the last time I saw ya."

Father and daughter sat in the living room watching Chyna slam Leta on to the mats. Their yelling could be heard all the way outside, Jimmy her brother shook his head at the noise. His 6'6 form stood in the doorway to the living room watching his baby sister and Dad root for Chyna.

"Never fails, get a half naked Amazon on the TV and Renny shows up."

With the whole family sitting around the table, it was like old times. Royanna kept putting food on Renny's plate saying she was not allowed to leave the table until she put on 10 lb. They caught up on the past 6 years that Renny had been gone and were surprised when she told them that she would be looking for a place near by. She had sold her company and planned on retiring near home.

Her Dad looked surprised at her retiring. "Renny, your 30 years old and retiring?"

"Pop, I'm a multi millionaire and just plain tired of all the headaches of running a business. I still hold a small percentage of my company so I'll still get proceeds. I just won't have to make any decisions. So yep, I'm retiring early. Now I can have some fun!" She chuckled at their stunned faces.

"You have that much money?" Jimmy asked. "And here I am breaking my ass hauling coal around and my sister is rich!" He gave her a toothy smile. "Remember Renny I'm your favorite big brother."

She slapped his shoulder. "Jimmy, your my only big brother, Evan's the baby. He doesn't count. Where is he anyway?"

"Probably out chasing women somewhere." Jimmy answered. "I hear from the rumor mill that he's dating a young one. But nobody knows her name or what she looks like."

After talking for a few more hours with her family Renny went in to her old bedroom and was amazed that it was so small. She always thought of her room as being huge. She slipped out of her cloths and pulled on a large T-shirt. Pulling back the covers, she crawled into bed and stared at the ceiling. Soon she drifted off to sleep and dreamed of a little blond with green eyes.


Roc sat on her bed writing in her journal. Her hand shaking with every word she wrote.

At work today, I saw the eyes from my dreams; at least I think there the ones. My whole body shook with fear after just one glance; I had to escape to the office before I fell down. I wish I knew why those eyes scare me so much, when all I ever see in my dreams is them and a hand coming towards me. Who ever it is never hurts me so why does it happen. I know I'm rambling here, it's that I'm so confused. Maybe if my dream didn't end at that same moment every night I would have an answer. On the other hand, maybe I'll never have an answer, who knows?

With the last entry, she hid her journal under her mattress and let sleep and her dream claims her. Again, all she saw were the eyes and the hand reaching for her. She awoke with her heart pounding and sweat making her T-shirt cling to her body. Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, she looked to see Lilly's bed empty. Rubbing her eyes as she went out the door heading towards the kitchen. The house was dark and silent and there was no sign of her sister. She let out a low groan knowing exactly where she was. Praying to anyone who would listen that their Pa wouldn't get up to check on them. Which she found ridiculous since they were both in there twenties and didn't need to be under constant surveillance? She would have to have another talk with her but she knew it wouldn't do any good, just like all the other talks she had with her. She was just about to return to her room when she heard the back door opening. Hiding in the shadows she watched as Lilly crept down the hallway to their room. Once she was in Roc snuck up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. Lilly gasped and came four feet off the floor.

"Christ! What are you trying ta do give me a heart attack?" She whispered.

"What are you trying ta do get us both killed? If Pa catches you he's gonna go nuts and take out the entire holler with his shotgun!"

"Roc, I had ta see him. It was important." She became very quiet; tears came to her eyes as she looked at her sister. "I'm late Roc and I'm worried sick."

Roc covered her eyes with her hands; a low groan came to her lips. Falling backwards on to Lilly's bed she just lay there not moving. "Are you sure? I mean you could have miscounted or something?"

Lilly laid down beside her, tears flowing down to soak into her hair at her temples. "I checked twice, and I'm already two weeks late. And you and I both know that I'm never late, not for that anyway. What am I gonna do? Should I run away with him, face Ma and Pa? What?"

"In the morning you'll tell Ma once Pa leaves for work and see what she says. You can't hide it forever. It's impossible! What did Evan say?"

"He wants to get married and move away. It's just not because of the baby, he's asked me numerous times ta marry him and I've always said no. But now I think it would be best, I want my baby to have a father and Evan will make a good one."

Roc Leaned up on to one elbow and brushed the tears from her sister's face. "I'll support you in any decision you make and I know Ma will to. Now don't worry about it and get some sleep."


Renny was sitting at the kitchen table with her Ma when Evan dragged himself in and collapsed at the table. His dark hair was sticking up at all angles and his brown eyes were bloodshot.

"Rough night tuff stuff?" Renny asked while covering the smirk on her face with her coffee cup.

"When did you get here?" He asked.

"Oohhh I've been here for weeks, didn't ya notice?"

"Have not! I may be a little dense at times but I would have noticed you. How could I not when all I heard last night was your damn snoring."

"Well, I think your having a dense moment right now cuz your shirt is on inside out and backwards and I do not snore!"

Their mother leaned back against the counter and watched her kids banter back and forth just like they did years ago. She smiled to herself knowing that they would never change no matter how long they were apart.

"Right, so you're gonna tell me that there was a grizzly in your room."

"Yep, great big one to. So tell me, did he come and visit you last night?" Her left eyebrow rose almost to her hairline as she shot him a grin.

"Ya lost me Sis."

"From the look of all those bite marks on your neck, it's was either a grizzly or a rabid vampire bat. And since we don't live in Africa, I'd have ta say it was a grizzly."

Evan tried to pull his collar up to cover the hickeys circling his neck but failed.

"So little brother, who is she and does she have a good looking sister over the age of 18?"

"Can't tell ya, and yes she does. But she would never have anything ta do with the likes of you. So there!"

"And why is that pray tell? I happen ta be quite a charmer."

"And her Pa happens ta have a shotgun! And he may very well use it!"

"Ooohh a challenge, I love it! So your not gonna tell us?"

"Nope, well I gotta go ta work. I'll be home for supper and we can insult each other some more." Evan rose from the table kissed his Ma on the cheek then ran out the back door.

"I don't know about him Renny, he comes in late every night and then sometimes not at all. I'm worried about him with all this sneaking around and not wanting any of us to know who this girlfriend is."

"Give him time Ma, he's young and probably doesn't want ta scare the poor girl off by introducing her to us."

"Two years is plenty of time! I'm beginning ta think that it's one of the Steven's girls. And if your Pa finds out there's gonna be a big problem. Him and Herbert are still so pissed off over what happened 25 years ago. It's so damn senseless, grown men acting like that."

"I know Ma, but ya know how stubborn men can be. I'm going for a ride, I'll be back later."

"You be careful on that damn bike of yours! You know I've never liked the fact of you riding one of those things."

She kissed her Ma on the cheek and told her not to worry.


Roc called in to work and told them that she was sick and couldn't make it, she wanted to be there for Lilly when she told their Ma that she was pregnant. She knew their Ma was going to throw one Hell of a fit when she found out who the father was. She was sitting at the kitchen table with Lilly when their Ma came in to get some breakfast. She knew right off that there was something very wrong with the picture before her. Roc never missed work and Lilly looked like death warmed over. After grabbing her coffee, she sat across from her daughters and gave them the "You had better tell me or else look" Lilly looked up from beneath her brows and immediately started sobbing. Roc patted her on the back and told her not to worry that she would explain everything to their Ma. Taking a deep breath, she looked her Ma dead in the eyes and rushed the words out as fast as she could.

"She's pregnant with Evan Randall's baby."

Helen raised one eyebrow and looked at Lilly. The intense look on her face turned in to a bright smile. Moreover, that scared the Hell out of her daughters.

"I'm gonna be a Grandma?" She let out a loud yell and clapped her hands. Roc's mouth dropped open and Lilly's eyes just about fell out of her head.

"Ma, you're scaring us. Did ya hear who the Daddy is?"

"Of course I did. I may be no spring chicken but I'm not deaf." She got up from the table and hugged Lilly. "I'm gonna be a Grandma! Finally one of you two is gonna give me a baby to spoil!"

"Oohh boy! Ma's flipped! Lilly call the Doctor!" Roc's green eyes twinkled at the way her mother was acting. She was expecting a mushroom like cloud hanging over the house when they told her.

"OK girls, there's only one problem and that's your Pa. We may have to have him committed when he finds out. Otherwise we'll be visiting him in jail."

"Evan asked me ta marry him. I'm going ta tell him yes, he said that we can move away so that there will be no problems."

"You do what's best for the three of you, but know that I will always be here for you. I'm so happy for you two."

Roc looked down at the tabletop then back to her Ma. "We were expecting you to throw a fit about this. Ya know about Evan?"

"Now listen real close to what I say, a mother always knows what their kids are doing. Even when they think they're being slick." She looked right at Lilly with her blue eyes shinning with glee. "You've been sneaking out of here for the past two years and meeting Evan out in the open area with all the wild flowers."

Lilly was speechless; she had no idea that her Ma knew what she had been doing.


"Your sister isn't the only one who can hide in the ferns." She laughed at the shocked look on Roc's face. "Ya didn't even see me did ya? I don't sleep as heavy as you two believe, I heard you two sneaking around the house last night to."

"Ma's a spy!" Lilly groaned. "You didn't watch us do anything did ya?"

"If I did ya would have heard me yelling out scores from the ferns. No, I didn't watch so don't worry about it."


Renny pulled in to the little store and parked her hog alongside the building, after placing her helmet on the handlebars she walked through the door. Her heart was beating a mile a minute until she noticed that there was an older man behind the counter. She was hoping that the little blond with the gorgeous green eyes was working today. Feeling a little depressed she went and got her chocolate milk and some vanilla zingers to tie her over until she got home. She went back outside after paying for her junk food and sat on her bike to eat. Just as she looked up she saw Evan drive by in a dump truck full of coal and not far behind him was Jimmy. It made her think of how lucky she was that she had gone off to collage to study computer programming and was able to get grants to start her company designing computers for the military. After 6 years of hard work, she was a wealthy but very lonely woman. She had dated but never had a serious relationship with any of the women. There was always something missing. She could never put her finger on it. Most of the women she dated had no real interest in her; it was what she could buy for them. Therefore, for the past 2 years she had not dated anyone, better to be alone than have a phony relationship where only your wealth was loved. She put her helmet back on and pulled her hog up to the road to wait for a compact car to pass. Looking over the edge of her sunglasses as it passed she caught sight of the little blond from the store looking at her from the passenger side. She could have sworn that she had seen her flinch when their eyes made contact. But then again it could have been her imagination. She pulled out and headed back towards home where she would drill her Ma over who this woman could be.


Roc and Lilly drove towards where Evan would be at this time of the day. Lilly knew his schedule by heart and that he would be at the train dumping station unloading the coal from his truck. She had called his cell phone to let him know that she would meet him in their secret place. She pulled her car in to the parking lot behind the old abandoned passenger loading station and waited. Not five minutes later Evan showed up on foot. The second he saw her face lit up with a huge smile. Taking her in his arms, he gave her a gentle kiss, seeing Roc in the car he gave her a grin as he nodded his head.

"Evan, I have something ta tell you."

Evan got a worried look on his face and was about to fear the worst when Lilly held his face between her hands.


Just that one simple word made him the happiest man on the planet. He swung her around in a circle yelling loud enough for the whole world to hear. He stopped and held her tight to his chest. When he pulled back, tears were flowing from his brown eyes.

"I love you so much Lilly. You've made me the happiest man in West Virginia."

"I love you to Evan, can we get married this weekend? Roc said that she would be our witness and Ma to."

"Your Ma?" His eyes grew wide. "She knows about us?"

"She has known the entire time! Ma's a spy."

Evan pulled Lilly behind him over to where Roc sat in the car. She was amazed at the tears streaming down his face. She had never seen a grown man cry before and it warmed her heart. She then knew that her sister was a very lucky woman. That Evan had a kind heart and wasn't afraid to show his feelings.

"Thank you Rochelle, you don't know how much this means to me. And I promise you that I will always take care of Lilly."

Tears came to Roc's eyes as she seen how much he loved her sister and she knew deep in her heart that he would keep his word.

"I know you will, otherwise I'll kick your ass." She laughed at the look on his face when he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

"Will ya do it with steel toed boots?"

"Yep, and then some! Come on Lilly, we don't want your man getting in trouble by being late back to work."

"Your right, that's the last thing I need is for my Pop to get a hold of me for being late! Ohhh geez, this means I gotta tell them!" His eyes clouded for a second. "I'll tell them when we get back from our honeymoon." He grinned at them, kissed Lilly and took off running back to his dump truck.

He's a very special man Lilly, I'm so happy for you."

"Yes he is. I hope you find someone as special as he is."

"Haaaa, no chance in that Sis. You got the one and only! Lets get home and make some phone calls. We have a lot to do in a couple of days."


Renny sat in the living room with her Ma drinking iced tea and eating a scrapple sandwich. She had already had one sandwich but her Ma was determined to put some weight on her. She just couldn't get her to believe that she didn't need any extra weight packed on and that she weighed almost 190 lb. as it was.

"Ma, I worked out in a gym 4 days a week lifting weights and on the other days I ran 5 miles a day. If I eat like I'm doing now I'll have ta spend a couple of months with Jenny Craig."

"I still say that you're too thin! How do ya think your gonna find a woman if your all bony?"

"Maaaa! Geez I can't believe you just said that!" Her face turned beat red. "I'm not looking for anyone. All they want is my money." She thought for a second about the little blond and changed her mind about asking her Ma. She knew that she would try and play matchmaker.

"So tell them that you're unemployed and broke. I know this really sweet girl, she's just your..."


"OK OK, I'll leave ya alone. For now."

They watched as Evan came running through the house at break neck speed heading towards his bedroom. They heard him scrounging around in his bedroom and then his feet running out the back door.

"I swear he's gone nuts!" Royanna told her smirking daughter. "It's got ta be that girl."

Renny ran her fingers through her long ravine black hair. "He's young and in love Ma, Just wait until he gets married and has kids."

"I can see it now, Poor Evan changing diapers and making up bottles!" Royanna cocked an eyebrow at Renny. "Nah, he'd throw up the first time he had ta change a nasty diaper. He gets green when the cat gets sick!" They sat laughing at Evan's expense until Jimmy came in and gave them a funny look.


Evan pulled his truck in to the woods deep enough that no one could see it from the road. Not like someone would see it in the darkness of night but he wanted to make sure. He snuck through the woods to come out on the side of Lilly's house. He knew that her and Roc's room was on this side, so he ran crouched over to their window. Tapping on the screen, he tried to get their attention. Lilly heard the sound and went to the window; she almost fell over when she saw him standing there.

"Evan?" She whispered. "What are you doing here? If my Pa finds you he'll kill both of us!"

"Don't worry he won't. I forgot to give you this." He showed her a diamond engagement ring. "I want it to be official. Open the screen so I can put it on your finger."

"I don't think so!" Herbert said from behind him. "No daughter of mind is gonna have anything ta do with the likes of a Randall!"

Roc heard her father and ran to the window. Lilly started to cry when she saw the baseball bat in her father's hand.

"Please Pa, let him leave. Don't hurt him!"

"Shut your damn mouth and close that window!"

"Please Mr. Steven's, I love her and I want to marry her."

"You'll do no such thing! The only thing you're gonna be doing is feeding the worms!"

Roc ran to get her Ma and have her call the Randall's house then took off outside to where her father and Evan were. She stepped between them to protect Evan. She knew her father would try and kill him because of a senseless feud that should have never been.

"Pa, just let him go! If you hurt him you'll go ta jail!"

Herbert's eyes were shooting flames at her like they had done for so many years. Her body started to quiver with fear.


Renny picked up the phone in the kitchen and wasn't even able to say hello as the female voice on the other end started talking the minute the connection was made. Before she knew it, Mrs. Steven's had hung up. Without even thinking twice, she ran through the house looking for her Ma. She grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to Jimmy's room so she could wake him up. She explained the situation as fast as she could then ran out the door to her hog. Jimmy pulled on his Levis and grabbed the keys for his truck; Royanna was in her robe and nightgown but didn't want to waste time changing.

Renny took every curve in the road at a dangerous angle; sparks were shooting off of the Harley's highway pegs. She didn't care at this point, she knew she had to save her baby brother.


Herbert came at Evan with the baseball bat over his head; it didn't matter that Roc was in the way. She knew that she had to stop him and the only way to do it was to knock him down and give Evan the chance to get away.

"Evan get Lilly and go!" She yelled at her future brother in law as she kept blocking her father from getting close to him.

"I won't run from a fight!" He yelled back at her.

"Go NOW! And take Lilly!"

Herbert pushed Roc out of the way with the end of the bat and charged Evan. Swinging the bat he missed when Evan ducked, instead he took out the window. Glass flew everywhere, cutting exposed skin as it rained down upon them. Lilly was in her room screaming at her father and Evan while her mother threw cloths in a garbage bag. Helen grabbed Lilly by her hand and pulled her from the room. She knew where Evan hid his truck so that's where she would take her daughter. She just hoped that Rochelle could get Evan out of there so he and Lilly could leave.


Renny took the short cut to the Steven's house by way of the field. She was doing close to ninety miles and hour through the cornfield. The stems beat at her legs and hands, some coming across her face and lashing her like a bullwhip. She knew that her brother and Ma were on their way but she could get there quicker this way. She had never been here before but she knew where they lived. She never even knew their daughters and they had all gone to the same school.


Roc jumped on her fathers back and tried to get the bat away from him, he had already hit Evan twice in the ribs. Evan was leaning against the side of the house wheezing, blood trickled from his lips and he was having trouble standing. Roc punched her father in the side of the head near his right ear. He acted like he never felt it. She kept punching him and trying to cover his eyes so that he couldn't see where Evan was.

"Evan go! Get out of here!" She yelled.

Evan started stumbling away towards where his truck was hidden. Herbert tried to go after him but Roc wrapped her legs around one of his and tripped him. They both hit the ground hard. Roc rolled off to the side on to her back; when her father tried to get up, she jumped on his back and forced his face in to the ground. She heard a God-awful roar and the next thing she knew she was flying through the air. Then she was being punched in the face repeatedly. Herbert then picked her up and bounced her off of the house, when she hit the ground he started kicking her in the ribs.


Renny never saw her brother stumbling into the tree line as she slid her hog sideways threw the yard. All she saw was a man beating someone; before her hog could stop, she was in the air and landing on his back. They tumbled to the ground in a mass of arms and legs. Renny had the wind knocked out of her when she landed on her back. Herbert grabbed her by her throat and tried to strangle her. She hit him in his throat with a quick right jab, when he let go she jabbed him again knocking him on his ass. She rolled to her feet and picked him up by the front of his shirt. And kept punching him, she let go of him and before he could fall, she threw a spinning roundhouse kick that connected with the side of his head. He flew sideways and hit the ground. She checked to make sure that he was not going to get up and still alive before she went to the crumpled shape on the ground against the side of the house. Just as she was about to lean over she heard her brother, mother and the voice she had heard on the phone coming towards them.

"Do something with that piece of shit laying there!" She yelled to her brother, then she asked for a blanket to wrap Roc in.

"Fucking bastard!" She screamed when she looked at the swollen bloody mess that was Roc's face. A white-hot bolt shot through her chest making her stumble to her knees. She heard sobbing coming from Mrs. Steven's and turned to see her attack who must be Mr. Stevens. Her Ma came out of the house with a blanket that she had pulled off of one of the beds. Renny wrapped Roc up in it then picked her up as gentle as she could and headed for the house. Her heart was pounding in her chest so hard that she thought it might come right out of her chest. She laid Roc on the couch while her Ma searched for a light switch. Royanna gasped when she saw what Herbert had done to his eldest daughter. Both of her eyes were swollen closed, a gash ran blood down her temple and cheek from above her right eye, her bottom lip was split wide open, and her left cheek and nose were already swollen and discolored. Renny ran her hands down across her ribcage and felt the sponginess of broken ribs. She couldn't tell if her wheezing was from her broken nose or a punctured lung.

Royanna had gone to the kitchen and brought out a bag of ice and a wet towel for Renny. Trying to be as careful as possible, she wiped the blood from the pale white face.

"Ma tell Jimmy ta pull the truck around, we need ta get her ta the hospital. And ask her Ma where Evan is."

"She said that he's on his way to the hospital now, he may have broken ribs."

Helen came running in to the living room and collapsed the minute she saw her daughters face.

"I'll kill that son of a bitch!" She sobbed. "He didn't need to do this! All he had to do was let Evan leave."

Roc started to groan when she tried to open her eyes. The best she could do was look through tiny slits. What she saw sent her into a panic. Crystal blue eyes looked down at her and a hand came towards her face. She croaked the word no and tried to swipe at the hand. Struggling to get away, she soon calmed at the sound of a deep voice and the gentle hand that lay on the side of her face.

"It's OK, your safe now. I'm going ta pick you up so that we can take you to the hospital. OK?" Renny never waited for an answer; she lifted Roc in her arms and cradled her to her chest. When she got outside, she handed her to her brother while she climbed in to the back of his truck. Once she was settled, Jimmy placed Roc in to her arms. Royanna pushed Helen in to the front off the truck and waited for Jimmy. Renny held on to Roc tightly to keep her from being bounced around in the truck until they made it to the hard-topped road. They had about a 45-minute drive to the nearest hospital. Jimmy had thrown Herbert in the back of the truck and he now was coming around. The minute he sat up Renny reached out and punched him in the jaw giving him another nap. She did that three times until they pulled up to the emergency doors of the hospital. She climbed out and ran for the double doors. Finding a gurney inside against the wall, she laid Roc down and started yelling for a doctor. A nurse came from behind the desk and was about to yell back at her until she saw why she was yelling.

"Sweet Jesus! What the Hell happened here!?!"

"Her father did this, I think she has a punctured lung. She can't breath to good."

The nurse grabbed the gurney and stared pushing it down the hall towards one of the rooms. Yelling for another nurse, she started calling out for her to get the doctor ASAP.

When her mother, brother and Helen came in Renny had slipped to the floor. Her knees held up tight to her chest by her trembling hands.

"Renny are you all right? My Gods look at your hands!" Royanna leaned down and pulled her daughters bloody hands away from her legs. "Did this happen during the fight?" She then noticed that she had cuts on her face to. "You need to see a doctor and get these cuts taken care of."

Later Ma let them work on Ms. Stevens. These cuts are nothing; I got them from the cornstalks in the field. Where's her asshole father?"

"Jimmy got security and their handcuffing him to a gurney down the hall. The stupid bastard took a swing at one of them."

Helen came back from the nurse's station towards them. Her face was pale and tear stained. "I want to thank you for saving my daughters life, I know he would have killed her this time." Renny felt anger rush through her body when she heard that this was not the first time that he had done this to the small blond. "I had to get Lilly and Evan out of there first, and when I left she was holding her own against him." She broke down in to sobs as she fell into a chair in the hallway. Royanna went towards the nurse's station to find out if Evan was there and to check on Roc as well. She was just coming back when they were wheeling Roc past her. She grabbed one of the nurses to find out what they were doing. Moreover, to see if someone could look at Renny.

"They're taking her up to surgery, she has some internal bleeding that has to be stopped, and we'll treat your daughter as soon as we check on the guy down the hall."

"The one who's handcuffed?" She asked.

"Yeah, he looks pretty bad. Must have gotten into bar fight with all the damage that's done to him."

"That was no bar fight! My daughter did that to the bastard for beating up that poor little thing headed up to surgery!"

The nurse gave her a look of astonishment. "He beat that poor girl!?!" She yelped. "The Hell with him, he can wait until Hell freezes over! You never heard that!"

Royanna grinned at the nurse as she took her to see Renny.

"Evan's just about done having his ribs taped, Lilly is with him and they'll meet us here as soon as he's released. Nevertheless, right now your going ta get those cuts taken care of. Ya got me little girl?" Renny blushed at what her Ma called her. "OK Ma."

"Hey Sis, you really did a job on Steven's!" Jimmy laughed. "He's gonna half ta eat out of a straw for about 6 months! Ya snapped his jaw in two places! I'll remember never ta piss you off, you have a punch like a jack hammer!"

"I think that was from the roundhouse kick I gave him."

"Kung Fu stuff? Where'd ya learn that Grasshopper?"

"From this huge black guy, it's Karate not Kung Fu and ya can call me Sensei bitch." Her blue eyes drilled into him with one of her looks that usually scares the Hell out of someone.

He laughed at her look "OK grasshopper, ya know Renny that look doesn't work on family."


The four of them sat in the waiting room after Renny was bandaged up. They were waiting for the other kids to get there and word on how Roc was doing. Helen had fallen asleep shortly after they had sat down; she was exhausted from the stress and fought to keep her eyes open. Out of the corner of her eye, Renny saw her Pop walk past the room. He had been at his weekly poker game when they had left the house. He turned when he heard her call him from the room. When he entered, he took one look at her and his blood pressure went up 20 notches.

"Calm down Pop!" She held up her bandaged hands. "Never ride a hog through a corn field doing 90. It hurts like a bitch!"

"I swear you kids are gonna give me gray hair!"

Renny looked at his bald spot. "Pop you'll have ta grow some first."

"Damn! I knew I was missing something! How's your brother and Rochelle?"

Royanna got up from her chair to join her husband. Giving him a hug, she told him about the kids. No sooner had they sat down when Evan and Lilly came in. Evan was walking stiff and flinching with each step. However, he smiled at his family and tried to pretend he didn't hurt.

"Hi guys. I kinda caused a lot of problems tonight huh?"

"That's an understatement baby brother, now are ya gonna introduce us ta your fiancée or do we have ta do it ourselves?"

He turned a couple of shades of red then introduced his family to Lilly. It was weird that here were two families that the fathers had been feuding for 25 years sitting in the same room waiting for news about the eldest daughter. Renny was getting impatient with waiting to hear about Roc, she left the room to find a nurse to see if there was any word yet. She returned after waiting 25 minutes and finding out nothing. She felt an ache deep inside, every time she pictured Roc's bruised and swollen face the ache turned in to a sharp stabbing pain in her chest that made it hurt to breath. She walked in just as her father was telling them about Kathleen, Roc's real mother and his younger sister.

"She was a beautiful woman inside and out, blond hair, green eyes and a laugh that cold warm the coldest heart. We knew that she had been seeing Herbert, but we also knew that no matter what we couldn't stop them. It didn't matter to them that we are all connected by blood, and that they were fourth cousins. So we just let it go, Herbert had asked her to marry him after they found out that she was pregnant. She had told him no at first, but then reconsidered after she realized how hard it would be to be a single mother. They eloped to Tennessee when she was eight months pregnant and kept it a secret. We didn't know until after she died when Herbert showed my Dad the marriage certificate."

"Pop, how did she die?" Jimmy asked.

"She was on her way to see her publisher, she had two books published and needed to sign the contract for the third one. On her way a drunk driver went left of center and hit her head on, the ambulance kept her alive until they reached the hospital. The doctors where delivering Rochelle when she went in to heart failure. Her heart had been damaged by the steering wheel and back then, they didn't have all the technical stuff like they have now. They couldn't save her. We were gonna raise Rochelle as our own when Herbert came busting in to the room with the paper. We couldn't do a thing."

"And I married that stupid bastard because I had been in love with him for years!" Helen groaned. "I was the OR nurse when Rochelle was born, I held her in my arms and knew that she was going to be a special person. Herbert and I were married within the week and I quit my job to raise Roc."

"Herbert never let us see her after that. He came over one night and told us if we ever came near his house he would kill us all. He said that if we hadn't let Kathleen write her stupid books then she wouldn't be dead. And he hoped we would all rot in Hell!"

Renny, Jimmy and Evan sat starring at their parents; Lilly looked at her mother and broke down in to tears. Helen wrapped her arms around her youngest daughter and asked her why she was crying. " I'm so confused. Are Evan and I relatives? " Helen chuckled at her and laughed harder when she saw the look on everyone's face.

"Since we're cleaning out the skeletons here. Lilly, Herbert's not your father and you share no bloodlines with Evan's family. Your Dad was David Yarbough, my high school sweetheart. He was home on leave from the Marine Corps and well...you can figure out the rest. He was killed in Beirut when the barracks was blown up. Herbert didn't know for the longest time until he found a paper from the hospital with your blood type on it. He knew that he couldn't produce a child with AB+ blood."

"Geez Ma, is there anything else I should know?" She asked with huge eyes.

"Only that your baby is gonna be one spoiled little child."

The Randall's with the exception of a beet red Evan mouths dropped open all at the same time and the word 'What?' came out in many voices.

"I'm gonna be a Daddy, Surprise!"


Roc looked down upon her own body covered with blue sheets, tubes ran from her unmoving form, the only sound in the operating room was the long high-pitched scream of the heart monitor attached and the frantic directions of the doctor who was trying to save her life. She heard him asking for the paddles and to clear. Her body jerked upward off of the table and held in midair for a few seconds before falling back down. The surgeon looked to the heart monitor with the flat line. Calling for an increase of joules, he used the paddles once more. Again, there was no heartbeat. Roc watched as the Surgeon dropped his head in defeat. Watching as the nurses and interns started to remove their masks she became aware of a presence on each side of her. A strong-fingered hand rested on her left shoulder while a smaller more gentle hand caressed her right. A soft female voice whispered to her that it "Wasn't her time". She looked to see a woman with long golden hair and brown eyes standing in a golden aura. Her smile seemed so familiar to Roc. On her left was a very tall man with long wavy brown hair, beard and mustache, his eyes were the most amazing blue she had ever seen. When he spoke, it was with so much love that it brought tears to her eyes. "You have much to do, someone awaits your return." He noticed the look of confusion on her face. "You will know when you see their soul through their eyes. Go now and let love show you the way." She looked back at the two apparitions still standing side by side. They nodded their heads then seemed to fade away.

The surgeon looked up at the clock on the wall. "Time of death, 2300 hundred hours on the..." He froze when he heard the heart monitor start to beep. Checking the leads that where attached to Roc's chest to make sure that they were in fact there, he then flipped the monitor off then back on to make sure that their was no malfunction. One of the nurses pressed her fingers to the pale neck searching for a pulse.

"Doctor, I have a pulse!"

He grabbed his stethoscope and placed it over Roc's heart. There was a beat and it was getting stronger as well as her blood pressure.

"Come on people, let's finish this up and get her out of here."


The surgeon stepped in to the waiting room shaking his head; at first, everyone thought the worst. Helen had tears streaming down her face; Lilly was holding her hand grasping it with enough strength that it hurt. Renny stood up towering over the doctor ready to find Herbert and slit his throat.

"What I have to say is unbelievable!" He said still shaking his head. He related to them what had transpired in the OR and that Roc was at this moment being moved to the ICU.

"I had to remove part of her spleen, the whole appendix and wire her ribs back in place. She has a blood clot on her one kidney that will be absorbed by her body. Her facial injuries will heal in time. She may have some scaring where I had to suture the more serious cuts. She has an inner strength that I have never seen before. An amazing will to live."

"When can I see her?" Helen asked.

"As soon as we have her settled, I'll have a nurse come down and get you."

Sighs of relief came from everyone in the room. Evan got up and gave Helen a hug and whispered that he was sorry that this had happened and would she forgive him. She hugged him back and told him that it was not his fault and that Herbert would pay for what he had done to both families. Minutes later a nurse stepped in to the room and asked Roc's immediate family to come with her. When they stepped in to the ICU area Helen broke down and cried. Her baby lay so helpless; bandages covered the sutures on her face. The bruising had deepened around her eyes making them black. They stayed for a few minutes until the nurse told them that Roc needed her rest and that they could come back in the morning and visit. They found the Randall's waiting outside in the hall.

"The nurses said that we can come back in the morning and visit. Has anyone heard anything about Herbert?"

Renny spoke up, anger laying just beneath the surface. "He'll be here over night and in the morning they're taking him to jail to await his appearance before the judge. It all depends on if Rochelle will press charges against him whether his goes to jail or not." She dropped her head letting her hair fall over her shoulders; with one hand, she touched her white T-shirt where Roc's blood had stained it a dark red. "Jimmy can you take them home?"

"Sure but what about you?"

"I'm going to stay here for a while. Can you bring my hog, it may be trashed I don't know?"

"I'll check it out and if it's still running than I'll drop it in the parking lot for ya."


Renny stood looking through the window into the ICU at Roc. She had only met her once but she needed to be here. She didn't know why but she was not leaving until she knew that the little blond was going to be OK. Pulling a chair up beside the door she sat down to wait, she dozed off a short time later and dreamed of the events that happened that night. She could see green eyes looking up at her and a smile so sweet and tender that her breath caught in her chest. She awoke to the loud scream of a machine and running feet. Nurses rushed past her into the ICU unit and went right to where Roc was convulsing in the bed. Her body straining against the sheets, her screams high and piercing. Two nurses tried to keep her from pulling the tubes out of her arms and restrain her until one of the others could get a sedative in to the IV tube running in to the top of her one hand. Renny could not stand it any more; she pushed one of the nurses out of the way. Pulling Roc against her chest, she started whispering in a low soft voice in to her ear. Brushing the sweat soaked blond bangs from her forehead she continued to talk to her. Within seconds, she calmed down much to the nurses amazement. Renny continued to soothe the little blond in her arms.

"Miss, you'll have to leave now." One of the nurses said to Renny.

She kept her eyes on Roc's features when she spoke. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here with her and if you don't like it to fucking bad." She made her point by giving them the "look". None of them wanted to tangle with her, they knew she was the one who put the other man in the room down the hall. So they left her where she was and made sure that everyone else on that floor knew to leave her alone.

Roc could feel the heat of another body against her face, the sound of a heartbeat in her ear as she lay halfway between consciousness. Strong arms wrapped around her in a comforting hold lulled her back to sleep.

Hours later Renny was surprised that she had fallen asleep holding Roc, her back was stiff and her one leg was numb. She tried to pull away but she soon found an arm grip her around her waist. She looked down to see tiny slits showing bloodshot eyes looking up at her. Holding her breath, she waited for Roc to pull away, instead in a low whisper she heard her say. "No, don't go." Then the even breathing of sleep once more. She pulled her numb leg up on to the bed and moved in to a more comfortable position. Once she was settle she watched as Roc moved against her body like a lover, snuggling against her breasts with her face and wrapping her arm tighter around Renny's waist. A deep sigh left her lips as she fell in to a deeper sleep.


Word had spread through out the hospital of how Renny had quieted the little blond. Those who were brave enough came to look inside the ICU to see for themselves, the miracle patient who came back to life and her personal bodyguard. Early the next morning Renny had the strange feeling that she was being watched as she slept. Cracking one blue eye open she looked about the room and finally down in to slit green eyes. Roc had moved during the night and had her head cradled on Renny's shoulder, her left hand rested against a firm breast and she didn't seem to notice until Renny looked down at where her fingers where moving back and forth of their own accord. A small grin lifted one side of her mouth.

"Sorry." She lifted her head and groaned. "I don't know who your are but I feel safe with you. You saved me from my Pa didn't you?"

"I just kinda helped out a little. How are you feeling, do you need anything? I can get a nurse or doctor." She started to get up.

"Please don't leave...I mean.... Gods I don't know what I mean. My head is all jumbled and I hurt all over like Hell."

"Well the surgeon had to repair a lot of internal damage last night. I'm surprised that you're even awake and moving. You scared the Hell out of the hospital staff, not to mention all of us when the doctor came in not looking to good." A grin covered her face when she thought of the doctor's face last night.

"How did I do that?"

"They were about to pronounce you deceased when all of a sudden the heart monitor started to beep."

"I thought that was a dream! I was with these two angels, spirits? And they told me I had much to do, that someone awaits my return." She became quiet for a minute trying to think of the exact words the man had told her. "The man told me that I would know them when I saw their soul through their eyes and to let love lead the way."

Renny chuckled at her. "That's a Hell of a dream, I hope I never get any like that."

"I've seen you before haven't I? Here I am running my mouth and I don't even know your name."

"Yes you have, don't worry about it and it's Renny Randall."

"Your Evan's sister. I should have recognized you." Then it hit her where she had seen her before. "All my Gods! It was you in the store that day!"

"Yep, that was me. I'm sorry if I scared you, it was just that I had this strange feeling and I had ta see your eyes."

Roc thought back to all her dreams about the eyes and the hand, she realized that it was Renny's eyes she always saw. However, for some reason her mind connected it with her father and the beatings he gave her. Herbert's eyes showed a hatred where Renny's showed...Then it all clicked together, what the two spirits told she.

"Can you help me sit up?"

Renny eased her further up in the bed and used the remote to elevate it up a little.

"Is that better, I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No, this is good." She gazed in to Renny's crystal blue eyes for a long time. A warmth coursed through her body, reaching up with her left hand she touched Renny's high cheekbone and let her fingers trail all the way to her chin. "I it was your eyes I saw in my dreams. I just didn't know until just now."

Renny felt her cheek burn as Roc ran her fingertips across her skin, she was frozen in place never wanting it to end. She knew that she was meant to meet this incredible woman. And to think it had to be under such terrible circumstances.

They heard a cough from the doorway and Roc's doctor came in to the room. A slight grin on his lips as he looked at the two women.

"I see my patient is doing well, I'm quite amazed that you're moving around. Usually when someone has had such extensive surgery, all they want to do is sleep. Or be knocked out for the duration of the healing." Chuckling at them, he gave a shake of his head. "I had a guy in here with an ingrown toenail and after we operated, he kept screaming for a morphine drip!" Moving to the side of Roc's bed, he looked up at Renny with kind eyes. "Can you excuse us while I take a look at her sutures?"

"Sure no problem, I'll be back in a couple minutes." She eased herself off of the bed and made her way to the door, before she could get into the hallway, she heard Roc's voice.

"Renny, please stay." She gave her a sheepish look. "I may need a hand to hold."

Blue eyes smiled back at her with a warmness she had never felt before until she had looked in to them when she had awoke. "Sure, no problem that is if it's OK with the doc?" Renny gave him a quick look then returned to gaze in to the pleading green eyes.

"What ever the miracle patient wants. Now lets take a look at those sutures."

As he pulled her hospital gown up Renny looked right in to Roc's eyes, not wanting her to think that she was a pervert or anything since a good portion of her breasts were showing. Renny slapped herself mentally for even thinking of Roc's breasts. "My God were cousins! What the Hell is wrong with me?" She thought to herself. "Not to mention that she's probably as straight as an arrow. Boy would that go over like a lead balloon with the families!" She came back from her thoughts when she heard the doctor start talking to Roc.

"Everything looks good, in fact you're healing rather quickly. A couple more days and we'll be able to take out the staples on your side and bikini line. Once your all healed you should only have a thin line showing where the incision was made. Now for the damage that was done to your face." He pulled out a penlight and checked each eye then the sutures that he had put at her eyebrow, cheek and bottom lip. "Now with time the swelling will go down and the bruising will fade. You'll look like a raccoon for a while but that's expected when your nose has been broken. We didn't pack your nose because there was no bleeding, we also didn't put a nose bridge on because once we reset the septum there was no need for it." He stood back from the bed and smiled at her, shoving his hands in to his lab coat he made his way to the door. "If you need anything just buzz one of the nurses. I'll be by a little later on to check on you."

Renny ran her hands through her hair then scrubbed her face.

"I'm gonna go home take a shower and then check on everyone. Do you want me ta have your Ma bring you anything from home?"

Roc grabbed one of her hands and held it with both of hers, a tingling feeling traveled between them. "Thank you for staying with me. I would really love to have one of my journals, Lilly knows where they are, so if you wouldn't mind to much?"

"No not at all, I'll tell your Ma ta bring it when she comes at visiting time."

A light blush ran up Roc's face. "Will you come back later? I mean if you don't want to that's OK. I would just like ta talk ta some more."

A brilliant smile lit up Renny's face at the thought that this little blond would like to see her again. "I'll be back later after I take care of some things." She leaned back from the hallway. "Don't hassle the staff, they may force ya ta eat the food."

"Wait! Renny!" She yelled then groaned with pain.

"Yeeeessss?" She asked with a grin on her face.

"Can ya bring me some real food? I can't even begin ta think of what they're gonna try and make me eat." She shivered at the thought of all the food being the same color and consistency.

"OK, I'll make a stop on my way over here. See ya later."


Renny found her hog sitting in the employee parking lot of the hospital, unscrewing the chrome air cleaner lid she pulled out her keys. Once on the road she headed home, the whole way she thought of how she reacted to just a small touch from Roc's small gentle fingers. "What do you expect dummy you haven't had anyone touch you in two years." However, she knew she was lying to herself, no woman had ever had the effect that this little blond had on her. She pulled in to her parent's driveway to see her brother Evan sitting on the front porch with Lilly snuggled up on his lap. Both of them were asleep under a blanket. She knew her Ma had covered them up. She remembered the numerous times she had woke up with the same blanket covering her after she fell asleep looking at the stars at night. Silently entering the house she found her Ma sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Her cup was sitting at her usual spot on the table steaming with fresh coffee.

"I heard that damn pig of yours halfway down the holler. I wish you would get something with four wheels on it."

Renny laughed at what her Ma called her Harley; she never seemed to get the name right. "My car should be here by noon, I had a friend drive it down for me. I'll get one of the boys ta take me ta the bus station and pick it up later."

"Bus station? Why isn't your friend flying back?"

"He hates anything that keeps him from having his feet on the ground. It's a control thing."

"So you spent the night at the hospital did ya?" Her smile was wicked as she gazed at her daughter over the edge of her coffee cup. "How's Roc?"

Renny gave her the eyebrow and her trademark crooked grin to go with it.

"What? I was just asking."

"Yeah right Ma, that look ya gave me wasn't I'm a concerned mother look, it was will I have a new daughter look."

"And that's wrong? Come on baby girl, you can't go through life all alone. It's boring!"

"Maaa! She's young and she's family."

Royanna laughed at her. "Don't I know it!" The wicked gleam was back in her eye. "I'm gonna pick up Helen and take her over to see Roc. So when the lovebirds wake up let them know will ya?"

"Ooohhh before I forget, Roc wanted Lilly to bring her some of her journals, will ya ask Helen ta take them over?"

"Sure, we're gonna get some of her things together for her stay. I know I wouldn't want ta walk around the hospital with my ass hanging out of one of those flimsy gowns." Royanna put her cup in the dishwasher then went out the back door. Minutes later Renny heard her Impala start out of the drive.

After her shower, she was sitting on her bed pulling on her boots when the phone rang. After a short conversation, she hung up. She hated what she would have ta do but they had slept long enough, after all it was 12:30 in the afternoon. It would take them about an hour to get to the bus station so she could pick up her car. It would do them all some good to get away from the memories of the last 24 hours.

They pulled in to the bus depot and searched for Renny's car.

"This is gonna be fun." Evan moaned. "There's gotta be over 200 cars here and we're suppose ta find yours!?!"

"Take it easy little brother, stop right here for a minute." She climbed out of the truck; she stood on the running board to scan the parking lot. Spotting her car, she gave Evan the directions to where it was. He stopped the truck for her right next to an old beat up Chevete that had more primer on it than the original white factory paint.

"Nice car Sis." He gave out a loud laugh, then sobered when he noticed the grin and raised eyebrow. "Well at least it runs, I'll wait for ya...in case it has any engine problems."

"For what I paid for it I had better not have any problems." She spun her keys around on her index finger. "Tell ya what, meet me at the entrance and I'll race ya in ta town, the last one there buys lunch at McDonalds.

"Ooohhh this is gonna be one of those days where I eat 2 of everything on the menu. Let's make it that fancy place by the State Capital and you're on!"


Evan sat waiting at the entrance, snickering the entire time. "Lil, where gonna eat like royalty today! All those fancy smancy little finger food thingies, snails, and fish eggs. I can't wait!" His eyes bulged as he watched Renny pull up beside his truck in a candy apple metallic red Ferrari Testa Rosa.

"Shit! Let's make that McDonalds Sis. Please?"

"Don't worry, my treat OK?"


After their lunch, Renny decided she wanted to walk around town and look in windows. Which had Evan laughing hysterically. He knew his sister hating anything to do with stores or shopping, unless it was the motorcycle shop. They were all standing outside of a shop that carried cards, stationary and other miscellaneous items. Lilly's eyes lit up at the sight of a leather bound journal.

"Roc would kill for that journal, the ones she uses are those ugly green things that they use in the military."

They where standing next to their vehicles when Renny stopped as a thought went through her head. "I'll meet ya at home, I'm gonna get Ma one of those ahhh." She had to think fast of something that her Ma would not normally have. "Double chocolate German cakes that she likes from the bakery we passed earlier." She waved at them and decided to drive closer to the bakery, thinking the whole time that her Ma didn't like chocolate cake and that it had flown over Evan's head like a 747. After getting enough bakery items for the entire Holler population, she headed back to the store where they had seen the journal. When she left the store she looked back to see the clerk still in a state of disbelief. Moving the bakery items to the seat, she sat the heavy cardboard box on the floor of the passenger side. She pulled her cell phone from under the seat and made a quick phone call, the stuff that she had ordered at the restaurant they had eaten lunch at ha her take-out order ready. Then she would stop at home first and then go on to the hospital, that way Pa could ruin his supper on all the stuff she had bought. Beside herself, her Pa was famous for his sweet tooth.


Roc had the bed elevated so that she could see everyone who was in her room, Lilly had brought her some of her favorite cookies and they sat around eating them against the nurse's orders. She looked at the clock once more and realized that there was only 20 minutes before visiting hours would be over and Renny had not come by to see her. Maybe she was kidding herself and they couldn't be friends. Her mood made a fast decline to depression. She tried to smile and laugh when expected to but her Ma wasn't fooled the least bit.

"Well everyone, I think its time ta go and let Roc get some rest."

Roc gave a small smile to her Ma in a silent thank you. "Thanks everyone for coming and keeping me company." She watched as her own family, Evan and Royanna filed out of the room. Lowering the bed, she pulled the covers up to her chin and closed her eyes, willing the tears of disappointment not to fall. She was balancing on the very edge of sleep when she felt warm fingertips caress her cheek. For a reason she didn't know she moved her face in to the warm hand. Blinking open her eyes she looked up to see Renny standing by her bed.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I got caught in traffic."

"That's all right, everyone was here ta keep me company. They just left a little while ago, Ma chased them all out." She tried to smile without hurting her bottom lip.

"Are ya hungry? I brought ya some real food."

"Starving! I gave my hospital slop ta Evan, he'll eat anything won't he?"

"Pretty much." She pulled the Styrofoam container from inside a heat pack cover that had been in a bag on the floor beside her and handed it to Roc. "I didn't know what you liked soo."

Roc opened the container, groaning deep in her chest and licking her lips.

"My favorite, thank you. It's been a long time since I've had Sirloin tips with onions, peppers and mushrooms."

Renny looked down in to the bag and brought out a small bag. "I forgot about this, it's a cornbread biscuit and some sour cream and butter for your potato. And this is for desert." Roc opened the smaller container to see a piece of New York style cheesecake with fresh strawberries on top.

Roc's eyes devoured the desert. "Do you always eat like this Renny?"

A bashful smile covered her face. "Well, yeah I do. I like good food, unfortunately I have ta spend a lot of hours in the gym otherwise I'd look like a house."

With her mouth full of sirloin, she moaned deep in her chest. She wiggled an eyebrow at Renny and gave her a wicked grin.

"Would ya marry me?"

Renny almost fell out of her chair, her mouth fell open and her breath caught in her chest. "Huh?"

"Well... I look at it this way." She used her fork to accentuate her words. "If someone would feed me like this I'd marry them in a minute!" She finished by popping a piece of sirloin in her mouth and grinning. "After all, ya know that saying? A way to a mans heart is through his stomach isn't only for men. Can ya cook?"

Renny laughed at the intense look on Roc's face. "Only if it tells me how many minutes it takes in the microwave."

"So your a real chef huh?"

"Oh yeah, popcorn is a real culinary masterpiece in my house."

Renny noticed the green journals laying on the end of the bed, Lilly was right they were ugly. "I see that your Ma brought your journals for ya."

"Yep, those ugly green things have caused a lot of trouble in my house."

"How? I mean their only journals."

"Pa didn't think so."

She told Renny of all the beatings her Pa gave her for writing, and she never knew why. She had tried numerous times to explain to him that they were just her thoughts, but he didn't care and just beat her all the harder. And about the time, he tried to burn all her journals and if not for her Ma, they would have been lost. Renny couldn't stop the tears that flowed from her eyes. What kind of monster could do such things to his daughter for expressing herself through writing? Then she realized why, he associated Rochelle's writing with her mothers. Which was senseless, her mother was killed by a drunk driver. Writing had nothing to do with that, she could have very well been going to the grocery store and ended up the same way. Would he have let his daughter starve to death because food was in the picture? The man needed to be locked up and never to be realized he was an endangerment to his family. When she had finished her story, she noticed the tears running down Renny's face and then noticed her own tears.

"He's a bastard and as soon as I get out of this place I'm getting an apartment and moving out. That way I will never have ta worry about hiding my journals or sneaking around so that I can write." She broke down in to sobs; the pain that showed on her face tore right through Renny's aching heart. She moved from her chair to the side of the bed where she sat down and pulled Roc in to her arms. She rubbed her back and whispered in her ear comforting words. A short while later she moved back to look in to the tear stained face. "You don't have ta worry about him any more. He's in jail and won't be getting out anytime soon. I saw something when we were in Charleston today and I thought it would be a good get well present." She leaned over and handed Roc a gift-wrapped flat box. "It's not much but I knew you would like it."

Roc unwrapped the box and when she saw what was inside, fresh tears came to her eyes. She lifted the leather bound journal out of the box. At the bottom corner was a small brass plate with the word Calliope and below it was RTS. She ran her fingers across the names. "Calliope the Greek muse of epic poetry, it's beautiful." She whispered.

"I have this one also, I thought you could use this one for your personal thoughts."
She handed her another journal in a darker colored leather. Roc looked at the brass plate on this one and saw the name Polyhymnia and her initials. "The muse of sacred poetry." Her tears were uncontrollable now; no one had ever bought her anything like this before. She ran her fingers over the smooth leather; the scent came to her nose and seemed so familiar to her. She loved the smell of leather; it was comforting in a strange way. She placed the journals on the side of the bed and pulled Renny in to a hug. "Thank you, no one has ever done anything like this before." She pulled back a little and placed a soft kiss on Renny's lips. Renny was floored; she didn't know what to do. So she just smiled and said your welcome. Roc's face turned red when she realized what she had just done. If it was possible she would kick herself in the ass right now for being so stupid, all she could think of was that Renny would run for the farthest hills and she would never see her again. "I'm sorry, I got carried away there."

"It's OK, I'm glad you like them."

"You again?" The nurse said from the doorway. "You know that visiting hours was over two hours ago?" She came further in to the room and saw the Styrofoam container. She cocked an eyebrow at Renny. "So what did ya bring her for supper?"

"It was take out from that French restaurant in Charleston."

The nurse's mouth dropped open. "If I get in the other bed will ya bring me some to?" Shaking her head at them. "When I was in her when my son was born, my husband brought me Burger King! Just wait till I get home, I'm gonna give him the riot act! Don't you stay to long, she needs her rest." The nurse picked up the container and took it with her.

"I should really get going and she's right you do need your rest. I'll come by tomorrow and see you."

Roc gave her a puppy dog look and started sniffling.

"Ooohhh don't do that, I can't resist puppy looks."

"Good to know." She grinned. "Will you stay until I go to sleep?"

"OK, but then I gotta get home. I promise you that I'll be by here before visiting hours are over."

"OK, now stop squirming around."

Roc moved over on to her side so she could cuddle up against Renny's side. Resting her head on the strong shoulder, she wrapped her arm around Renny's stomach. Within minutes, her breathing had deepened and a soft snoring came from her still swollen nose. Renny gently moved from under Roc, before she could pull the blankets up Roc put a strangle hold on her pillow. She watched as she buried her face in it after taking a deep breath.


It was late but Renny sat in the living room looking through the newspaper while her Pop snored on the couch. He had fallen asleep watching wrestling and the only thing on the TV now were those paid programs where they try and get insomniacs to buy stuff they don't need. Her and her brothers had experimented with their Pop by turning the TV off after he had fallen asleep, every time they did it he would wake up and say to them "Hey I was watching that!" Every time he could tell them what was on the TV even if he had fallen asleep hours before it came on. So now they kept the TV on and laughed at him in the morning when he came in to the kitchen all humped over with a stiff back. She was going to get him one of those couches that has the recliner built in so he could fall asleep and not be so stiff in the morning, plus someone else could sit on the couch instead of laying on the floor. Which was were Jimmy was right now snoring away with his mouth hanging open. She had circled three ads in the paper that she would call about in the morning. That way she could get something's started and still get to the hospital and visit with Roc.

Her mind started running pictures of Roc through her head; even with her face so badly bruised and swollen, she could picture in her head what her expressions would look like. The sound of her voice when she talked, how she expressed certain words with her hands and her laugh all stuck in Renny's mind. She knew that she would do anything for this gentlewoman and that scared the Hell out of her. Even though they had only known each other for a couple of days she felt that they had known each other for years. She felt so comfortable with her, even when there was complete silence it was a comfortable silence between them. The next thing she knew her Ma was shaking her awake.

"Must be a thing with your Pops DNA." She waved her arm around to make her point. Roger and Jimmy were still sleeping. "It's 2am Renny, go ta bed. Sleeping in that chair will leave ya wishing ya hadn't.

"What are ya doing up at this time?"

"Hot flashes! Damn things wake me up every morning at this time, I wish they'd pick a more decent time like 8am or something."

She kissed her Ma on the cheek then went to her room.


Roc tossed and turned as much as her sore body would let her, she kept searching for something and couldn't find it. She woke with a jerk when she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

"It's OK, let me help you out here." The night nurse said as she straightened out her twisted blanket and sheet. "Let me take that IV out for you, it can come out since you've finished off the last of that saline bag. I would have waited until morning but this way you won't pull it loose tonight with your thrashing around."

Once the nurse was finished Roc was able to move easier since she didn't have the IV tubing to impede her movement. The nurse also removed the drainage tube from her side and the catheter. She felt a whole lot better now, almost human. The nurse told her that she would be able to get out of the bed tomorrow and use a walker to get some exercise. She was so glad that she had on her own nightclothes, the thought of walking in the hallway with her ass hanging out made her smile as she picture herself trying to walk with her back to the wall. Rubbing her face, she yawned, deciding it was way to early to be up she moved her pillows around on the bed, snuggled down and closed her eyes. Two seconds later, she was leaning up on one elbow and looking at the pillows. She leaned down and smelled each of the two pillows. She put one behind her head and the other one she wrapped her arms around in a strangle hold. "I can't believe this." She said out loud. "I can't sleep unless I use the pillow that smells like Renny!"


Renny stood with the real-estate agent inside the ranch house she had called earlier that morning about. They had already looked at the others but this one had her attention. It's location was perfect, it was only 15 minutes from her parents which she liked and the floor plan was perfect for the additions she had pictured in her head. The time that she had lived away from home she had always lived in a townhouse, which was all right for a temporary residence but now she wanted someplace to settle down for good.
It had three bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, a large country kitchen, living room and 2-car garage. She wanted to add a larger family room and a room for a gym. That way she wouldn't have to drive so far to be able to work out and have someplace to store her Hog during the winter months. A huge smile covered her face as she looked at the agent.

"I'll take it! Will they settle fast?"

"Yes Ms. Randall, in fact I think that it will go through within the week. The couple have divorced and want it sold immediately."

"Good, I'll be at your office as soon as I make a visit to my bank. Will cash be all right?"

The agent's mouth dropped open at the thought of a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars in cash.

"Yes, of course it will. That should really speed things up." She looked at her watch and counted on her fingers. "As soon as I get to the office I'll call the sellers lawyer and let him know that it's sold."

"Sounds good, I'll see you in a little while and thanks."

Renny was ecstatic; she was going to be a happy homeowner for the first time in her life. She pulled her Ferrari out on to the road and headed to the bank.


She sat in the chair across from the agent's desk; they conversed in small talk while they waited for the seller's lawyer to show up. Before they knew it, he was in the office and laying out a whole folder of papers.

"You don't know how happy I am that you are buying that house Ms. Randall. My clients are assholes and the sooner the house is sold the sooner I don't have to deal with them anymore. So if you will sign these I can go out and celebrate."

Renny had never in her whole life seen a man so happy. It was unheard of for a sale to go fast. She handed him back the papers; both he and the agent signed them. The agent pulled out a notary stamp, initialed it and handed it back to Renny.

"That's your title for your new house, congratulations. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

She shook both of their hands and just about skipped out to her car. As she made her way to the hospital, she groaned when she realized that she would have to go shopping for furniture. "Maybe Roc will help me?" She spoke to herself as she swung in to a Deli parking lot. She knew that Roc was probably starving and would like a nice huge sub sandwich. She was not going to like having to tell her parents that she bought a house, although she's 30 years old they still think of her as their little girl. She knew damn well that she couldn't live at home forever. If she wanted a love life, her parent's house is not the place to have one. She could picture her Ma standing outside her door asking her if 'She was doing everything right, cuz it sure didn't sound like it from all that screaming going on in there!' Made her think of her brother and Lilly, she slapped herself for the picture that put in her head. She had sex on the mind she thought to herself, but then who wouldn't after two years of celibacy.


Roc was sitting up in her bed writing in her new journal when Renny stood in the doorway with the bag of food in her hand. She watched as Roc kept on writing oblivious to anyone watching her. Renny opened the bag and waved her hand over in sending the aroma towards the bed. She saw the small nose sniff the air and a stomach growl. Roc dropped her pen and looked towards the door.

"Food! Gimme gimme! I'm starving in this damn place, ya gotta get me out!"

Renny grinned at her as she wiggled the bag in front of her. "Hospital breakout? That sounds interesting, if I do it'll cost ya."

An eyebrow arched over a green eye. "Anything you name it!"

"Help me pick out some new furniture for my house. I hate shopping! In fact I'd rather have a lower GI than go ta a store!"

"That's really bad! It's a deal. Wait a minute I thought you lived at home?"

Renny pulled the title out of her pocket and handed it to her. Green eyes grew wide as she read. "You just got this today?"

"Yep, Took a whole hour and it was mine. The sellers were divorced and wanted it off their hands as fast as possible."

"That's really sad." Renny gave her a strange look. "Not about the house, I mean about them being divorced, if I ever get married it's forever." She made her point clear.

"In this day and age it seems that a marriage doesn't mean to much to some people. If they have problems ya just call a lawyer instead of working it out." She sat down in the chair beside the bed; she spun a gold ring on her pinkie as she thought. Roc could sense that something was wrong, she moved over closer to Renny and placed a hand on her forearm.

"Are ya OK? I didn't mean ta upset you."

"Oh ya didn't, I was just thinking of some of my relationships. How I wanted them to last forever but they never did for one reason or another." Roc could see the pain in her eyes, her heart went out to this strong woman. "We just didn't connect all the way around and after a while we didn't have anything ta talk about or anything in common except sex."

Roc's small hand was running up and down Renny's arm, her fingertips smoothing the fine hair down. At first, it was out of comfort but changed when she felt the corded muscles beneath the surface. A warmth traveled up her fingers to surround her heart. Renny had a problem, the feel of warm fingers sent heat to lower areas of her anatomy. This was a serious problem since Roc was her cousin and you just don't have those kind of feelings towards family. She was going to have to get a grip on herself before she did something stupid. Trying not to be too obvious, she eased her arm away to reach for the bag of food. She handed the bag to Roc and watched her eyes grow huge, pulling out a foot long Philly sub and chips she moaned with delight. She unwrapped it and took a huge bit, rolling her eyes she moaned even louder.

"Gods this is good!" She mumbled through a full mouth. "Here, take a bite." Renny didn't know what to do so she took a small bite of the sub.

"It is good! I should have gotten two of them."

"I'll share with ya if ya get me a coke."

"Damn, I knew I forgot something. I'll be right back."

When Renny got back, she was handed half of the sandwich and what was left of the chips. "I saved ya some. You eat and I'm gonna finish up what I was writing."

Renny sat and watched Roc chew on the end of her pen in between paragraphs. She was waiting for her to end up with blue ink all over her lips.

"What are ya writing?"

"A short story that's been running around in my head for a while." She reached over on the bedside table and picked up one of her journals. "Here, read this and tell me what ya think."

"Are ya sure?"

"Yep, Lilly reads them but she's family and I want a second opinion. Come up here, that chair sucks."

Renny raised an eyebrow at her. "I don't bite or anything and I've had lots of shots lately." She gave her the eyebrow back. "It's not like you haven't been in bed with me before. Well not like that...oh Hell ya know what I mean."

They lay on the bed, one reading and the other writing until they heard a familiar voice.

"I'm gonna see about charging you rent." Their favorite night nurse JT was there. "Or buy you a watch with an alarm on it. Ya know it's 8pm?" Two faces gave her sheepish looks. In unison, they replied "Sorry."

"Thirty more minutes, that's it. Once you're out of here you two can move in together and spend all day doing what ever."

When she left they looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"What do ya think she meant by that?" Roc asked.

"I think she thinks that we're involved."

"That's funny. I mean that she thinks that, not if we were ya know...involved." One side of her mouth lifted. "Gotta shovel?"

"Huh? Why?"

"So I can dig a bigger hole for myself."


Royanna was in the living room with Roger reading a romance novel written by her now deceased sister in-law Kathleen Randall. After she finished it, she planned on giving it to Rochelle. She knew that she value it because it was her mother's first publication and she had signed it for Royanna.

"Hey Roy, where do ya suppose Renny is? I see less of her now than when she lived up north!"

"At the hospital with Roc, she takes her supper at night, then I suppose they sit and talk."

"Just seems a little strange ta me, ya know with them just meeting and all."

"They're just friends, neither one of them has any around here."

"And how do ya know that?"

"I talk ta Helen a lot these days and she said that Herbert wouldn't let either of the girls have any friends. He made them come home after work and they weren't allowed ta make any phone calls or anything."

"I hope they keep that bastard locked up forever! What kinda man would treat his kids like that? No friends, beat them, terrorize them. I hope he's in a cell with some big guy named Bubba! Serve the bastard right it would."

Royanna cocked her eyebrow over the book at her husband. "And I thought I was the only one who thought that. Any way they're all safe now. And I'm not worried about Renny and Roc, I think they look cute together."

"Don't start Roy." He drew his bushy gray eyebrows over his nose. "No matchmaking."

"Did I say anything about matchmaking?"

"What about matchmaking?" Renny questioned from the doorway.

"Oohh nothin, we were just talking about Jimmy." Roger snorted the minute he heard his wife try to get out of a mess. "He needs ta find a nice girl and get married. I want lots of grandkids."

Renny smiled at her then told her she was going ta bed. As she was walking away, she yelled that she had bought a house.

Her parents smiled at each other then each held up one finger and mouthed. "One more ta go!"


Evan and Lilly rented the church for that Saturday for their wedding; all the food would be prepared by their ma's and the liqueur by Jimmy and Evan's pop. Renny got them two-way tickets to Jamaica and paid for them to stay on a resort. She figured they both deserved to spend some time alone and what better place than an island away from the holler. They could walk along the pure white beaches and have a honeymoon to remember. Her next job was to get Roc sprung from the hospital so that she could be at the wedding. Which was no small feat considering the doctors wanted her to stay until the following Wednesday. Any longer in bed and she would be bouncing off the walls. The nurses where ready to slap an IV in and sedate her for the next week, she was driving them crazy. She kept ordering Pizza at night cuz they wouldn't bring her any food.

Evan paced back and forth in the living room of his parents house, driving his father to the point of tossing a pillow at him.

"Will you stop already! Your driving me nuts!"

"Pop, they won't let me see Lilly!"

"Ya ain't suppose ta, it's bad luck ta see your bride before the wedding in her dress. So sit down."

Evan slumped in the chair with a puppy dog look on his face. "How come it's taken so long?"

"Get use ta it son, you'll have ta put up with it your entire life. Hell, they'll have ta start on Friday so that they're already for Saturday!"


Renny pulled in to the hospital parking lot, as she got out she grabbed a bag off the passenger seat and slung it over her shoulder. Once inside she searched for Roc's doctor. With some haggling and promises, he agreed to sign the discharge papers. He told her that the nurses would miss her because she feed them well on the night shift. She thanked him for everything he had done then went to let Roc know she was free, that is after she signed a don't over do it contract in blood. When she peeked in to the room, she watched the little blond bouncing around on the bed. She cocked her eyebrow at her and wondered what the Hell she was doing. Leaning in further, she looked up at the TV to see a women's basketball game. "So little one's a basketball fan, that's interesting." She mused.

"Are you suppose ta be doing that?" She indicated with her hand.

"What? I'm not outta bed and they said no jumping around and I don't consider this jumping because I'm not on my feet.... Yet." A huge toothy smile covered her face.

"You said all that without taking a breath, amazing. Here I brought ya something."

She looked in to the bag and gave Renny a questioning look. "What are these for?"

"You want ta leave here in your Xena nightshirt?"

"But I'm not going anywhere until next week."

"Think again little one, get dressed so we can escape before the doc changes his mind."

"Really? I'm free?" Renny nodded her dark head. "Hot damn!"

She jumped out of her bed and with one movement, she pulled her nightshirt over her head. Renny almost passed out; she spun around so fast that her head was spinning.

"That was stupid!"

"What was?"

"I think I over did it pulling my shirt off, can you take a look at my incision's and make sure I didn't tear anything."

Renny took a deep breath before she turned around. Just the quick look of Roc's perfect breasts almost killed her and now she would have to get close to her naked body. She tried to avoid direct eye contact with Roc's body as she walked towards her. When she was close, enough she did a quick glance down at the incision on her side and bikini line. Her face immediately turning beet red, she looked up to find Roc grinning at her.

"Your OK, just be careful."

"Help me put my shirt on will ya?"

Renny held the button down shirt out for her to put her arms in. As she turned around Renny slipped it over her shoulders, her fingers touched the soft warm skin of her neck. Goosebumps ran down Roc's body at the feeling of Renny's fingers.

"Thanks, I was just so happy ta be getting out of here that I didn't even think about those damn sutures."

Once she was dressed, Renny put her shoes on for her because it was hard for her to bend over. They packed up all her journals and stuff that everyone had brought for her and were headed out the door when a nurse came up with a wheelchair.

"Do I have to?" She whined.

"Yep, unless your carried out of here. Your choice."

A wicked grin came across her lips and before Renny knew what was happening she had her arms full of a little blond.

"On ward James!" She ordered Renny as she pointed down the hall towards the exit. Renny felt like a packhorse, she had a bag slung across her shoulder, one in her hand and Roc in her arms. She tried to convince herself that she wasn't enjoying herself but it didn't work. She carried her all the way to her car and watched Roc's eyes just about fall out when she saw that they were going to get in a Ferrari.

"That's yours!?! What are ya rich or something?"

"Nope, I just use ta have a good job at one time. Ya like?"

"Ooohhh yeah!" With the look of a kid on Christmas, she looked up at Renny. "Can we go fast?"

"That depends on if there's any of those cars with those funny flashing lights around. Come on lets get ya home." She watched as Roc's face dropped. "What's wrong?"

"I just hate the thought of going home, my Ma's gonna drive me nuts. Plus with everything that happened there I...." Tears came to her eyes and flowed down her cheeks. Renny pulled her in to her arms and held her close to her body. "Is there anywhere else you can go, a friend's house?"

Roc sobbed into Renny's chest. "You're my only friend." Renny's heart broke at the thought of this gentlewoman not having any friends, beside her. She could only imagine what kind of life she has lived. "My house doesn't have any furniture in it yet."

"I don't care, I'll sleep on the floor. I just don't want to go home."

Renny pulled back from her to look into reddened eyes. "OK, but we'll stop by your Ma's and get you some things and then we'll go ta my Ma's and I'll get some blankets and stuff. OK?"

Roc hugged her tight and mumbled thank you.

Renny would have to borrow either Jimmy's truck or her Ma's car because there was no way she could fit anything in her small sports car. Fitting her 6ft body in it alone was a task. They had Roc's scarce belongings on their laps and there was no way she could drive and still be able to steer let alone see where they were going with blankets and pillows in the car to. When they walked into Renny's parent's house, she was surprised to see everyone including Helen sitting around the living room.

"Did we miss the party?" She asked as she stepped in to the room.

"Nope." Royanna grinned. We were waiting for you guys, were going ta see the male strippers for Lilly's getting hitched party. After all for the rest of her life she's gonna have ta look at your brother's skinny little ass."

"Gee thanks Ma!" Evan gave his Ma the Randall glare. "She happens ta like my skinny little ass."

"That's cuz she ain't never saw no male stripper!" His Pop threw in. "Hell, after tonight we may have ta find us an apartment ta share cuz they'll run off with the strippers!"


Renny had never been so embarrassed in her life! Her mother was on the stage grinding with one of the strippers. She tried to hide under the table but she couldn't fit. What was worse was that her mother hadn't even had a drink other than a plain Coke. She sure wouldn't want to see what she would do if she was a drinker. As another guy came on to the dance floor Helen jumped on the stage. Lilly and Roc's mouths dropped open as their mother started dancing. "How's it feel guys ta have your Ma up there?"

"Ma's a wild woman! I just hope she doesn't start ta strip."

As soon as the strippers were finished, they opened the doors to let all the men in who had been waiting outside hoping that they would get lucky that night. Every man that came in had a lecherous look on their face. No sooner had Roc left to go to the bathroom than some guy had her cornered when she came out. Renny saw what he was doing, her blood pressure shot through the roof. Before she knew what she was doing, she had moved in front of him, leaned over and licked Roc's ear. "Baby I thought you were gonna wait for me?" Roc played right up to her. "I thought you were right behind me." She ran her hand up Renny's chest, slipped her fingers down at where her shirt hung open. "Let's go, I have something ta show you." She pulled Renny towards the bathroom by the front of her shirt. Renny looked over her shoulder at the man and winked.

They stood in the bathroom laughing hysterically.

"Did you see his face!?! I wish I had a camera at the time." Roc was leaning on Renny's shoulder laughing so hard she had tears running down her face. "He's probably still standing there with his mouth hanging open."

"Gods I hope not! He'll ask us if we wanna do something kinky!" Roc shivered at the thought.

Roc walked in front of Renny out of the bathroom, as soon as she came around the corner the guy was still there as if he was waiting for them. She spun around, pulled Renny to her and pulled her down for a smoldering kiss. Wrapping her arms around Renny's neck, she pulled her lower. She surprised both of them by moaning deep in her chest. Pulling away, she looked in to deep blue eyes. He voice deep and rough she asked. "Do ya think he bought it?" All Renny could do was nod her head. "Lets go before I have ta strip ya in front of him." Renny's eyes just about fell out of her head. "Just kidding." She chuckled. Wrapping her arm around her in a possessive way she led them back to their table.


It was 2am when Renny pulled in to her parents drive. Royanna had taken Lilly and Helen home and said that she would spend the night there instead of driving back home. Renny looked over to a sleeping Roc and knew there was no way that she was going to go to her new house and have her sleep on the floor. She had carried her into the house and went to her bedroom and laid her down on the bed. She pulled her shoes and pants off and covered her up. Grabbing a pair of boxers and a T-shirt, she shrugged out of her cloths and changed. She leaned over Roc to grab the extra pillow so that she could sleep on the couch and felt an arm come over her back and pull her downward. "Don't go." She heard her whisper. Renny tried to pull up but found that the little blond was stronger than she looked. "Please, I don't want ta be alone." She looked down in to sleepy green eyes. "OK, but no blanket hogging." She crawled in on the other side of the bed and laid on her side facing away from Roc. She felt a warm body curl around her and an arm wrap around her waist. Roc's warm breath caressed her neck in a deep even rhythm. Renny's head was running over what had happened that night in the bar, a smile came to her face right before she followed Roc to the land of dreams.


Roc leaned up on to one elbow so that she could look down in to Renny's peaceful features. Her fingers ached to run threw her silky black hair, to touch the fine hair the covered her face by her ear. On it's own accord her index finger traced a dark arched eyebrow. She watched as a sleepy blue eye cracked open. "What time is it?" Roc looked over at a clock on the bedside table. "It's really early, it's 4:30." She heard Renny groan then snuggle deeper in to her pillow. "Go back to sleep little one." A small smile lit up Roc's face at the nickname Renny gave her.

Royanna stood in the doorway to her daughter's room; a wicked grin covered her face when she looked at her daughter. "Guess ya don't need a matchmaker after all little girl." She said to herself. Walking in further she tried to figure out whose limbs were whose. Roc was laying on top of Renny's chest with her head resting under her chin, their legs tangled in a mess and arms wrapped around each other. "If I only had some film!" She thought it would be a good blackmail picture to hold over Renny's head when she said about her matchmaking.

"Are you two gonna get up any time today? Ya know its 11:00."

Renny opened her sleepy eyes and looked at her Ma. She was about to say something when she noticed a blond head on her chest. A light blush covered her face.

"Morning Ma." She gave her a sheepish grin.

"Uh huh, try 11pm little girl! You two have been asleep almost a full day!"

"WHAT!" She struggled to get up but was pinned by Rocs body weight.

"Just kidding, it's 11am and I've got lunch ready." She left the room laughing.

Renny fell back in to her bed and groaned. "Roc?" She didn't move. "Rochelle!" Still nothing. Finally she stuck her finger in her mouth then in to Roc's ear. All she got was a giggle out of her. She spoke more to herself than Roc "Little one if ya don't get up I'm gonna eat all of the lunch Ma has made for us." A blond head popped up; sleepy green eyes looked at her. "Lunch?"

"Yep, it's lunch time. Are you." She stopped when she heard a low rumble come form Roc's stomach. "Never mind, come on lets go eat."

Royanna sat in amazement at how much Roc could eat, and what Renny didn't eat off of her plate Roc did. "OK, baby girl what are you gonna do about furniture for this new house ya bought and didn't even let me look at before ya did it?"

Roc's going shopping with me and we're gonna find some stuff."

Royanna's eyebrows buried themselves in her hairline. "You poor baby!" She gave Roc a big hug. "I pity you."

"Why?" She looked back and forth between mother and daughter.

"Every go shopping with a baby?" Royanna pointed a finger at her daughter. "Right there, Renny the whiner! Complains the whole time!"

"Maaaa! I'm not that bad!"

"We'll let Roc here decide that after she spends 10 minutes in a store with you. Now I'm going ta pick up your Ma and sister and we're gonna get baby stuff. I'll have a bottle of aspirins waiting for ya Roc."

Before she left the kitchen, she tossed a dishtowel at Renny.

"There's your whining towel, baby girl."


Renny was laying on her stomach across a concrete bench at the Mall; her head was hanging off of the end. Every time she looked at all the bags surrounding her she moaned louder. Customers made a wide berth around her, not wanting to get to close in case she was one of those mental patients that they heard were always escaping.

"Look Renny, isn't this cute?" One blue eye looked up at her. "Please, can we go home now? My feet hurt, my head hurts and if we don't get outta here the customers are gonna hurt." A deep growl rumbled in her chest. "I feel like a bag lady!" Roc started laughing at her. She laughed harder when Renny rolled off of the bench and crawled on her knees over to where she was standing. Grabbing her around her knees, she pleaded with her. "Please? Come on little one it's 7pm! We've been in every store, outlet and mall within 200 miles! I'm tied and hungry! "

"One more stop and we're done for the day, but tomorrow." Renny fell over on the floor. "I'm gonna die!" Renny whined.

Renny carried bag after bag after bag in to her new house. The furniture company had left all the furniture that Roc had picked out in the driveway because no one was there to let them in. Renny just prayed that it didn't rain. Roc had carried the grocery bags in to the kitchen along with the kitchen stuff she had picked up. She had food in the oven cooking while she started putting other stuff away. Once she was done she went in search of Renny, she found her in the master bedroom laying on the mattress that was on the floor surrounded by bits and pieces of the frame.

"Comfy baby girl?" Roc heard her mumbling in to the mattress. "I thought of that to." Renny rolled over with the eyebrow raised. "You did?" Roc crooked her finger at her indicating that she was to follow. They stood amongst all the bags in the living room. Roc stood with her hands on her hips, one eyebrow was raised as she scanned the bags. Stepping between them, she leaned over and grabbed one up then handed it to Renny. "A la tool kit. Now get cracking cuz suppers almost done."

"Any one ever told ya your bossy?"

"Nope, now get going or it's the hard cold floor tonight."

Renny mumbled the whole way to the bedroom; Roc shook her head and just chuckled at her.


Roc yelled from where she stood at the kitchen bar, she had their plates ready and had opened a bottle of wine to go with the lasagna and garlic bread. When Renny stumbled in to the kitchen, she couldn't believe her eyes. There where curtains and dishtowels, canisters, pots and pans on a brass rack hanging from the ceiling. Everything needed in a kitchen it was there and all put away.

"You did all this and all I got done was the bed!?!"

"I'm a quick worker."

Renny knew all about her quick working, she had seen that at the bar last night. She didn't know what was wrong with her. She let her first cousin kiss her and enjoyed it! She knew in her mind that she couldn't let this relationship head in an intimate direction but her heart wanted to at warp speed. She would have ta talk ta Roc and her Ma about this.


They were sitting on the bed against the headboard, since that was the only place to sit until they moved the furniture in. Renny looked at Roc from the corner of her eye only to see a green eye staring back at her. "About last night?" She forced out.

"That was the most fun I've ever had, I've never been to a bar before." Then it hit Renny right between the eyes. "Maybe the kiss meant nothing to her." She thought to herself. Maybe I'm blowing this all out of proportion for nothing.

Roc knew exactly what she wanted to ask her about. However, she didn't want her to know that she had enjoyed the kiss they had shared. So she didn't bring it up at all.

"Can we go to another bar sometime? But not with men jumping around in G-Strings. I honestly don't know what all those women get out of it?"

Renny's eyebrows shot up her forehead. "Excuse me? That didn't do anything at all for you?"

"Was it suppose to?"

"Oh boy, listen. All those men came running in there for only one reason and that was because those women, after watching those guys jump around half-naked made them think of having sex. Get my drift?"

"All it made me want to do was ask them how many pairs of socks they had down there. What about you, did it have the same effect as all those other women?"

Renny dropped her head; her chin rested on her chest. "How do I answer this one?" She asked herself. "Uhhmmm, well.... No it didn't." She looked at Roc from the side. "I don't sleep with men." Roc gave her a confused look. "You don't sleep with men?" Renny shook her head no. "Then who...Ohhhh. That's OK neither do I."

She had the feeling that she didn't understand what she was trying to tell her so she put it right out on the table. "Aahh Roc, I'm a Dyke."

"Soo, is that suppose ta bother me?"

"Some people are bothered by it, they think that all I want ta do is get them in bed."

"Well do you?"

"No, I'm not like that. And I don't chase straight woman either like everyone thinks we do."

"Neither do I, can we go ta sleep? I'm exhausted."

Renny lay with Roc's head resting on her shoulder, while listening to her even breathing she beat Roc's last sentence around in her head, she didn't know if she had meant that "no" she didn't because she was straight or because she was gay. It didn't matter anyway because Roc's picture had a big red circle with a diagonal line going through it.


They had the house pretty much set up; all that Renny had to do was get some paint for the kitchen. Years of cooking had colored the walls a dingy white and she wanted it to be the brightest room in the house because that was where everyone hung out. They were standing in the spare room when the rest of the Steven's gang showed up along with Royanna.

"This would make a perfect nursery! Don't ya think so Helen?"

Renny spun around and gave her Ma an evil look. "I don't even think so Ma, this body is not gonna go you know where with anything of the opposite sex."

"Helen, Lilly did I say anything about Renny having a baby?"

"Nope, but who knows if she meets the right woman maybe she'll have the baby." The three of them stood there with huge grins on their faces.

"If I buy a newspaper Ma and look in the want ads I'm not gonna see my picture with an ad saying "I'm desperate, if your female and single. Call me!" Am I?"

"Nope, for my baby girl, I'll make sure it's on the front page." Giving her daughter a huge grin. "I know this really nice young woman that would kill ta go out with you."

Renny put her hands on her shoulders and pushed her Ma out the door.

"Absolutely not! NO blind dates! Been there, done that, was scared ta death!"

"I'm telling ya, you'd love her! She's beautiful, intelligent, works..."

"Maaa, please!"

"OK, why don't ya show us around, give us the nickel tour."

Roc was still in the spare bedroom with her Ma and sister. She was chuckling at the way Royanna was trying to be matchmaker. "And what is so funny little one?" Helen asked her. "Your no better! I know someone that would be perfect for ya! Tall, dark, intelligent, kind giving heart, nice family."

"Ohh great!" She groaned at them. "Why not just send the four of us out on a double blind date!?!"

Helen looked at Lilly and then yelled for Royanna.

"Ohhh Gods! What did I just do? Renny's gonna kill me!" She walked out of the room to search for the others and try and to put a stop to what her mouth had started. "I wonder how much a bus ticket costs ta Florida?" She mumbled to herself.


Roc had returned to her Ma's house after a few days at Renny's helping her to get her house set up. She had talked to her boss and found out that she still had a job and could come back the next day for her regular shift. She would have to work longer hours so that when the hospital bills started coming in she would be able to pay them. She had no benefits at the store; she only made minimum wage as it was. She sat with a pensive look on her face, trying to figure out how she was going to explain to her Ma that she wanted to get her own place. She needed to learn how to be on her own. Have her own life and not depend on her Ma to put a roof over her head. Helen stepped in to the kitchen and noticed the intense look on her daughters face. Sitting down across from her, she asked.

"Wanna talk about it?"

"I don't know, it's kinda hard and I don't want ta hurt you Lilly. But I really need ta find my own place."

"Rochelle, your 25 years old. I expected you to move out years ago. After this afternoon Lilly will be a married woman and living with Evan. Granted it'll be in Royanna and Rogers's basement, until they can save up the money for their own place. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine! I won't be totally alone; I have Royanna and Roger and its not like you'll be moving ta another state. Or are ya?"

"No Ma, I'll be real close by. Thanks Ma, ya don't know how hard it was for me. Ya know?"

"I know, now go get dressed, we have ta be at the church in 20 minutes."

"What about Lilly? Where is she?"

"Hiding at Renny's. Renny said that there was no way in Hell that Evan was gonna get ta see his future bride before she walked down the isle. So she's got the doors barricade. And Roger and Jimmy have Evan tied up."


It was a small gathering for the ceremony, with family and friends there were around 50 people total. Renny being the best man would escort Roc, who was the maid of honor, Jimmy would escort his Ma and Helen and Roger would give Lilly away.

Lilly was in the back room with the bride's party while everyone else except for Evan and the preacher where at the front of the church. Renny had no idea what the brides party was wearing, so when Roc came from the room her breath caught in her chest. Her blond hair was held back by pearl combs with baby's breath and white daisies woven in, the off-white dress had long billowy sleeves. Across the front were pearls and light blue embroidery in a Celtic design reaching down to her hips where it descended into a v then flowed out to drape over her hips and reach the floor. Each dress was similar in design to the Brides, except for the full train that would be carried by Evan's two 5-year-old twin cousins. Roc stopped dead in her tracks, her smile alone could out shine the blazing sun when she saw Renny in a black Armani Tux with tails. The white ribbed tuxedo shirt had French cuffs with diamond cuff links and was set off by a light blue cumber bun and cravat, that made her eyes shine like sapphires. She walked up to her slowly trying to take in the whole picture. Reaching up she arranged Renny's silky black hair to fall over her shoulders. "Your beautiful." Renny was at a loss for words. "So are you little one."

"Hey, I'm taller today. I'm almost 5'6" with these 2 inch killer heels on!"

"And here I thought I had shrunk during the night. Come on lets get this started before Evan has a heart attack."

All eyes watched Renny and Roc walk down the isle; they could hear the whispering as they went past.

"What are they whispering about?" Roc asked in a quiet voice.

"Want the truth?"

"No lie ta me, yes I want the truth!"

"They keep saying that we make a good looking couple."

Roc looked up at her with a bright smile. "We do, don't we."

Renny had surprised Evan and Lilly by having a white Limo waiting out front to take them to the reception hall. She and Roc took her Ferrari while she had another Limo for the rest of the bridal party.

"How come were not taking the Limo?"

"Because I don't plan on staying all night, I can only take so much of the hooky pokey before I want ta run screaming in to the night."

"If ya do then I'm going with ya! I hate that damn song. Who picked the music for tonight?"

"I think Evan and Jimmy. They had better not have any of that heavy metal or hard rock stuff or I'm gonna kick their skinny asses all the way home."

"They probably have a collection of Polka and Box car Willy instead!"


During the reception, Renny had danced with both of her brothers and her Pop as did Royanna, Lilly, Roc and Helen. Renny had been asked by some of the guys that worked with her Pop but turned them all down, claiming that she was tired. Roc on the other hand danced with every one including a fast song with Royanna. The tempo changed as the DJ announced that it was the bride and grooms last dance before they were to leave on their honeymoon.

Renny sat at the head table and watched as one of the younger men walked up to Roc. She was amazed when he walked away alone and Roc came back towards the table where she sat. The song that Evan had picked for their last dance was Shania Twain's song from this moment on. Roc reached down and took Renny's hand in hers. Their eyes connected and held as Roc pulled her to her feet.

"Dance with me Renny."

"Roc, this won't look right."

"I don't give a damn, dance with me."

She pulled Renny to the floor and wrapped her arms around her neck, soon they were very close together and swaying to the music. Roc moved one hand to the back of Renny's dark head and pulled it down so that she could bury her face at her neck. This felt so right to Renny, to have the little blond so close to her like this. She could smell the light perfume that Roc wore along with the lavender shampoo she used. She wrapped her arms tighter around the small waist. Roc never wanted this dance to end, her senses were screaming, she could feel Renny's pulse beat a staccato rhythm. The scent of Obsession coming from her skin drove her nuts.

Renny started to sing along with the song, shocking Roc to her core. She had no idea that she could sing. And made a mental note to have her sing for her again.

Royanna had been watching them through out the night, the stolen glances and touches. She nudged Roger and turned them so that he could see.

"What do ya think old man?"

"I think she's a goner."

"Should I tell her?" She asked.

"Wait a little while and see what happens."

The song ended Renny and Roc came apart slowly. They looked in to each other's eyes and recognized in the other the feelings that were blooming in their hearts.

Helen draped her arms over Royanna and Rogers shoulders. The three of them watched the couple just standing there gazing in to each other's eyes.

"A match made in heaven if I ever saw one." Helen remarked them. "Come on guys, it's time for Lilly ta throw her flowers at us and Evan ta put someone's eye out with her garter."

All the single women were crowded together, except for Renny and Roc who were in the very back of the room watching. Lilly turned around to face away from the women, she bent completely over then threw her arms back and over her head. Her flowers arched up over everyone's head by a good 2 foot and continued towards the back of the room. Out of reflex Renny reached up and snatched them in mid air. Her left eyebrow raised when she realized what she had caught. Roc looked up at her and grinned.

"Pretty good the best man catches the bouquet." Her grin was returned by a bright smile as Renny handed her the flowers.

Evan pulled a chair to the center of the floor and had Lilly sit down. He dropped to one knee and listened as the crowd went crazy when he inched up her dresses hem all the way to reveal the black garter with the small blue flowers on it.

"You guys wish this was you!" He yelled to all the single men. He eased it off of her thigh while he searched the room. A wicked grin formed on his face. He stood up looked at all the single men, shrugged his shoulders at them and shot it over his head to the back of the room much to the disappointment of the men. His sister watched as it arched and came down right on top of Roc's bouquet.

"Damnedest thing that the Maid of Honor catches the garter."

"Ain't it though?" She held the garter up and waved it for all the guys to see. They started yelling for her to shot it back. She laid down the bouquet, gave them an evil grin and killed all their wishes by sliding it up Renny's arm. One of the guys Renny had gone to school with yelled saying that it was rigged. Renny leered at him, dropping her head down she looked at him from below half lidded eyes.

"She's more woman than you could handle and I'm more of a man than you'll ever be!" Then she grinned at him. I'm sure my Ma will invite ya ta the baby shower, I hear they're gonna give door prizes. Everyone started laughing and clapping him on the back.


They stood outside and watched the Limo drive away. Renny and Jimmy had wicked grins on their faces.

"What did you two do this time?" Their Ma asked. The Limo was about 100 yards away when they heard a bang and then a 6-foot condom floated out behind the car.

"I'd say it's a little late for that." Roger said.

"Pop, we know that! But remember that Evan gets embarrassed when that Trojan commercial comes on the TV. This ought ta embarrass him for the rest of his life." Jimmy answered.

"Kids I tell ya!" He snickered at them.

Roc took Renny's hand as they walked to her car. Renny opened the door for her and helped her get in, then went around to her side of the car. Before she got in, she saw her parents grinning at her. She shrugged her shoulders, flashed a grin and got in.

"Can I stay with you tonight? Ma's staying with your folks and I..."

Renny took her hand in hers. "Any thing you want little one." The things that went through Roc's mind could boil water.


The next night Herbert Steven's sat on his rack in his cell reading the area newspaper; he was halfway through it when he came to a page that he wouldn't normally even look at. However, being in jail and having nothing to do but read or stare at his ugly cellmate Ferguson. He read every single sentence. His face started turning red, pulse raced and his heart pounded as he looked at Lilly and Evan's wedding picture. He read the paragraph that outlined their honeymoon plans.

"Jamaica! That bastard is taking my daughter ta see all those God damn...."

"Say it Steven's and you'll be eating through a straw!" Herbert looked across at Ferguson who was a 6'6" 270lb black man.

Herbert shut his mouth quick. "I'm in this damn place because of him and his damn sister! She beat me up and then I end up here!"

"Wait a minute man." Ferguson sat up in his bunk. "You let a woman beat you up?"

"She jumped on my back and did that kung fu shit on me. I wasn't expecting it."

"And why the Hell did she jump you?"

"Cuz I used a baseball bat on her brother for seeing my daughter. And then my oldest daughter comes out and tries ta stop me so I started beating her with the bat!"

Ferguson's temper was starting to rise, no woman no matter what deserved to be hit and definitely not with a baseball bat.

"Then this huge bitch comes flying outta know where and lands on my back, she kicks me in the head. Then I wake up in the back of a truck and she hits me again!"

Ferguson's brown eyes showed rage, drool started to drip from the corner of his mouth, a low growl rumbles in his chest.

"I'm their father I'm allowed ta beat them ta death if I want! I brought them in ta this world I can take them...."

Ferguson jumped him where he sat; he pounded on him until he fell on the floor of the cell. The whole time he kept yelling that "No one hits women and lives!" He picked him up and slammed him against the bars, with each punch to his ribs the other cellmates heard crushing sound. Yelling from everyone finally brought the guards to see what all the yelling was about. They unlocked the cell door and dragged Steven's out by his arm. Ferguson took one last kick and caught him in his kidneys.

"No one hits a woman, especially their daughter!" He screamed as the guards slammed the door shut! "Fucking asshole I hope your rotten ass dies!"

Herbert was back in the hospital; they were waiting for the elevator to take him up to surgery. Ferguson had managed to bust every one of his ribs and did serious damage to his facial bones. The night nurse that was on duty came over to see who they had, she recognized him at once.

"Where's he going?"

"Surgery, cellmate beat him to a bloody pulp."

"Here I'll take him up, you go ahead and check the last of the patients."

Once the door to the elevator closed, she hit the stop button. She slapped him in the face trying to wake him, when she received no response she pulled him to a sitting position on the gurney by his shirt, pulled back her fist and punched him square in the nose. "That's from Roc, you bastard!" She let his head bounce off of the gurney. When the elevator doors opened she had the biggest smile she had ever had plastered on her face.

Helen had just crawled in to bed when the phone rang; she was going to let it ring but it might be Lilly and Evan letting her know that they were all right in Jamaica. Her face paled when they told her that Herbert was out of jail and in the hospital. She had hoped that he would never be without bars between him and the rest of the world. She had to call Royanna and let her know, and then she could get a hold of Renny and Roc.
She knew that he would be under guard but it still scared her that he was out.

Roger answered the phone; with in 2 seconds his face was bright red. "Son of a bitch! ROY! Get the phone!" Royanna grabbed the phone in the kitchen as she started to listen to the news from Helen she watched Roger grab his keys. He mouthed "Renny" then left.


"Mauve? You're kidding right? Please say your not gonna make the bathroom Mauve and pink." Renny's face showed horror. "Little one, do I look like a pink and mauve type person?" Renny stood back and gave her the once over. "Well...I see black leather, but I don't think that we can get that kinda stuff for the bathroom." She winked at Renny, giving her a seductive leer. "How about leather sheets on your bed?"

Renny gave her the eyebrow. "Already have them."

"That reminds me, do you have any cloths besides the ones in your saddle bags? I did your laundry and all I found in your drawers were some socks."

Renny's mouth fell open. "You do laundry, like using a washer and dryer?"

"Yeah why, don't you?"
"Uuuhhmmm, I had a house keeper that did all that stuff. Ya know, cooking and cleaning. I'm far from being domesticated." She grinned at the shocked look on Roc's face. "All my belongings are being shipped down here, they should be here in a couple days." She turned at the sound of the doorbell; looking at her watch, she wondered who would be out at 11pm. She pulled open the front do to see her Pop all agitated and ready to pop a blood vessel.

"Pop, what's wrong? It's not Ma or anybody is it?"

"No, where's Roc at?"

"She's in the kitchen why?" She feared that something was wrong with Helen. She whispered to her Pop. "It's not her Ma is it?"

"No, nothing like that, Herbert's in the hospital. I wanted ta warn you two."

He followed her in to the kitchen where they found Roc going over wallpaper samples. She took one look at him and knew there was something wrong.

"Tell me Roger, I know something has happened."

He repeated the conversation that he had with her Ma; by the time he was finished Roc was terror-stricken. Not only for herself but for her Ma, Lilly and Evan were safe being in another country for the time being. She would wait until they returned to say anything, no sense in ruining their honeymoon.

"Where's my Ma? I don't want her being alone."

"Don't worry, I'm on my way over there as soon as I leave here. I'll take her home and she can stay with us until that asshole is back behind bars."

She hugged him and thanked him for coming all the way over to tell her and for taking care of her Ma. After he left she started to tremble so badly that she had to sit down. Renny wrapped her arms around her, she knew that she would never let anything happen to this gentle woman. She meant too much to her.

"He won't get out of the hospital, they'll have him handcuffed ta the bed and under guard, so don't worry." Roc leaned her head back and rested it against Renny's breasts. Her heart beat faster but it wasn't from the thought of her Pa getting loose it was the woman who was holding her that caused it. Roc had never felt this way before and it confused her. She was relaxed and feeling very comfortable when it vanished at the sound of the phone ringing. Renny reached over and answered it. Roc tilted her head back and watched as a huge grin covered her face. She said good-bye to the caller then started laughing.

"What? What's so funny?"

"That was your favorite night nurse. Now she had me swear not ta mention this except between us so ya can't tell anybody."

"OK, just tell me damn it!"

"She punched your Pa in the nose while she was taking him up to surgery. She said it was the least she could do for ya."

"Can we send a couple of Pizza's over ta them? Ya know kinda of a thank you?"

"Hell! I'll have Pizza's sent over every night for what she did!"


Roc was looking in the apartments for rent section of the paper; she had a couple circled that she could afford and where close to both work and Renny. She was just about to call the first one when Renny came in.

"What time ya get off little one?"

She looked up and smiled. "That all depends on you, I mean...." She watched Renny grin at her. "Geez, I didn't?oh Hell!" She turned beat red. "I was waiting for you ta get here, can ya go with me ta look at some apartments?"

Dark brows drew down over pale blue eyes. "Why are ya looking for an apartment?"

"It's time I moved outta Ma's house."

Renny's mind was made up that instant. "Would ya consider moving in with me, I have all that room and I like having you around."

Roc smiled at her. "Do I get my own bathroom?"

"Yep, ya get the femme one!" She winked at her.


"I'm so glad your moving in with Renny, now I don't have ta worry about you." Helen said to her daughter.

"I really like her Ma, we have so much fun just doing nothing. She's the first friend that I've ever had."

Helen grasped her hands in hers. "I know she is, your Pa never let either of you have real childhood. And I feel so bad that I couldn't do anything about it."

"It's OK Ma, I know you tried. I just feel bad about leaving you."

"I told ya before, I'll be all right. Now you get going before Renny thinks you've changed your mind."


Evan and Lilly showed up at Renny's all nice and tan with big smiles on their faces. The four of them sat around and talked about how their honeymoon went. Then got around to how the living arrangements had changed since they had been away. Roc grabbed her sister by the hand and pulled her up. "Come on I want ta show you my PINK bathroom." She laughed at the way Renny cringed. "She hates pink, don't cha Stud?" Renny gave her the eyebrow, which made Roc laugh even more.

"Stud?" Evan looked at his grinning sister.

"It's not what ya think, honest! Get your dirty little mind outta the gutter."

"Sure Stud! So what's the tail behind it?" She told him the whole story about their shopping adventure and Roc's decorating ideas. He was laughing so hard that tears flowed down his face.

Lilly stood with a shocked look on her face. Roc's bedroom was twice the size of the one they had shared at their parent's house. She went over and jumped on her sister's bed. "This ain't your bed!" She gave her a wicked look. "You bought a new bed didn't you?" Roc shook her head. "Nope, Renny took one look at my tiny little bed and said there was no way in Hell that it was coming here."

"Renny bought this for you?" She smiled when Roc nodded her head. "So, have ya christened it yet?"

She looked confused. "Huh? Did I do what with it?"

"Ya know? Have ya got tall, dark and sexy in your bed yet for other than sleeping?"

"Lilly! No, I haven't. What makes you think that I..."

"Come on Roc, I know."

"How could you know when I don't know?" She rubbed her face and groaned. "I'm confused Sis. How do you know if you're in love with someone?" Lilly put her arm around her sister. "OK, let me ask ya some questions."

After a whole list of questions Roc fell back on her bed. "What am I gonna do? I'm in love with another female who just happens to be my cousin!"

"How about ya screw the cousin part and tell her, then ya can screw the cousin?" Lilly replied with a huge toothy smile. "I can't tell her Lil, I know she doesn't feel that way about me. Where just friends, period."

"Suit yourself, but I'm telling ya your wrong. Open your eyes Roc!" Shaking her head she looked down in to her sisters green eyes. "Take it from an old married woman, the feelings are mutual."

"Old! I'm older than you are!"

"Not me you numskull! Ma!"

"Oohhh shit!" She moaned when she thought of her Ma and Lilly discussing her love life. "Who else knows?" She really didn't know if she wanted an answer but it was to late now.

"Who doesn't! I saw you two at the bar and we all saw you at our wedding." Wiggling her eyebrows at her. "The last dance, the look at the end. Hell, we thought you two would have done something that night!"

"Lilly! Gods, that night at the bar Renny was."

"Feeling faint so ya were giving her CPR?"

Roc's look became detached as she recalled that night. "Hell, after that kiss I was feeling faint! At your wedding she sang to me while we were dancing. All she had ta do that night was ask and I would have said yes. Is that bad?"

"You're kidding right? Have you really looked at her or how the men look at her? She's gorgeous!"

"Believe me I know!"


Evan leaned close to his sister and wiggled his eyebrows. "Ya can't tell me your not interested in her. Cuz ya would be lying like a rug!"

"Just stop, she's my cousin for Gods sake! It's not going any further than what we have. She's my best friend and I'm not gonna blow it."

"If I hadn't met Lilly first, I would have taken a shot at Roc but it wouldn't have mattered if I was Mel Gibson!" He looked his sister right in the eye. "She's as gay as your are Sis."

"She is not! She danced with every guy at your wedding." He tapped her on the side of her head with his palm. "But she danced the very last dance with you! Not some guy, plus the fact that she put the garter on your arm not some guys! Wake up and smell the coffee!" He left her sitting there and went to search for his wife and sister in-law. He knew she would catch on sooner or later. Renny ran everything that had happened through her head for the hundredth time. "Maybe he's right?" She said to herself. "I have ta pay more attention ta what she say's."

"Who say's what?" Roc asked.

"Did I say that out loud? I must have otherwise ya wouldn't asking right? Please tell me ya can't read minds."

"OK, I won't tell ya." She grinned at the worried look on Renny's face.

"I meant Ma, I always let what she says go in one ear and out the other." She breathed a sigh of relief when Roc said Oh. "Where's Lilly and Evan?"

"I guess their talking." She got a wide-eyed look on her face. "They better not!"

"Better not what?" She asked Roc's back that was high tailing it back to her room. Roc reached her room to find it empty; a relief went through her. Then she heard them in Renny's room. Her face turned bright red and she ran back to the living room where Renny was sitting with a pensive look on her face. She looked up to find Roc holding back a grin.

"Do you know where your brother is?"

"With Lilly I guess, why?"

"Just listen real close."

Renny tilted her head to the side trying to pick up any noise, and then she heard it. A deep lust filled moan. She started laughing at the sounds they were making.

"I wouldn't be laughing if I was you, they're in your bed!"

"No! I'll kill him! That little bastard!"

Roc saw the pink traveling up her cheeks and gave her a big grin. "What's the matter Stud?"

"Come on lets go for a ride."

"I get it now!" She laughed. "It's not half naked men that gets ta ya it's the moaning!"


Renny made a big mistake this time; instead of taking the car they took the Hog out for a ride. With the vibration of the engine and Roc's arms wrapped around her she was feeling quit a bit of discomfort. Roc picked up on her inner battle and tried her best to make it worse, she pushed her breasts in to Renny's warm back. "Bad girl, very bad girl!" She thought to herself. Then she squeezed her thighs on each side of Renny's legs. She could swear she heard her moan right through her helmet. She asked herself. "Why am I doing this? Oh cuz I can and it's fun!" She chuckled loud enough that Renny turned her head to look at her. What she saw was a grinning blond looking back at her.

"She knows exactly what she's doing to me and she thinks it's funny! Wonder how funny she'll think it is if I have a coronary and wipe us out on the black top!" A wicked grin came to her lips; she loved paybacks and just happened to know what would rattle her to her core. She looked up ahead for the turn that she needed to make. Up ahead of them was a small path in the trees; she pulled the bike hard to the left and shot through the opening. She felt Roc grab on to her just about cutting off her breathing. They came to an open area right beside a wide stream that eventually flowed in to the river. Renny parked the bike and sat looking at the clear water. Roc couldn't resist; she got off the back and wandered over to the edge to look out over the water to the other side. Reaching down she ran her fingers through the cool water.

"It's beautiful Renny." She bent over to find flat stones that she skipped across the rippling stream. "I wonder how deep it is?" She turned when she heard Renny speak over her shoulder. "Don't know but let's find out." Roc's jaw dropped to hit her chest; Renny stood before her completely naked. "What are ya waiting for? Let's get wet!" She walked slowly past Roc to the edge of the stream, making sure that she got a good eye full. She turned around to look at her. "Well, come on!" Roc's breath left her body along with whatever pulse she had as she looked at Renny's tall muscular body, wide thick developed shoulders. Her eyes worked their way down and she swallowed at the sight of her full breasts with their hardened nipples. Dropping her head she peeked up at thickly muscled legs coming back towards her.

"Ohh Gods! I'm gonna die!" She thought as Renny moved right in front of her.

"Either strip or I throw ya in fully clothed, your choice."

"Uuhhmm, you go ahead I'll be there in a minute." She stuttered over her words.

"Better hurry before it starts ta get dark."

She could only get out one word. "Yep." As she watched the sway of Renny's hips move back to the waters edge. As fast as she could she striped out of her cloths hoping to get in to the water before Renny turned around and saw her naked body. She knew that her body wasn't bad but next to Renny she was scrawny. Before the last piece of clothing hit the ground she ran past and dove in to the water.

"Got ya little one!" Renny said as she dove after her.

"Roc surfaced and looked around for Renny, she was no where to be seen. She turned to look back at the bank thinking that maybe Renny never came in and just ran off with her cloths. After all that's what she would have done. Before she knew what happened she was being launched up in to the air to land back in the water. Sputtering to the surface she searched and still couldn't find Renny. "Ohh come on!" She felt the water move against her legs, once again she was airborne. "What the Hell! Does she have gills or something?" She wondered while she worked her way back to the surface. "I'll catch ya this time, I swear I will!" She waited and waited; just about the time she was going to give up she felt the water move around her. As Renny grabbed her knees and lifted her up she folded over at the waist and dove under. Renny couldn't move fast enough, the next thing she knew Roc had her around the waist and was biting her in the neck. Renny surfaced, now she looked for Roc. She knew Roc couldn't pick her up so she wasn't worried about that. But she could dunk her, she wasn't ready for what happened next. Roc had surfaced a distance away and watched. When Renny was about to turn her way she went under and swam around her. The second she stopped, Roc made her move and bit Renny on her ass. She had to surface before she drowned from laughing under water. Wiping the water from her eyes was a big mistake, she would have preferred not to have wasted the time she needed to get away. An evil grin on her face Renny lunged at her and took them both under. They rolled like gators with Roc sinking her teeth in where ever she could. Renny finally pulled them up with Roc still with her teeth sunk in to her shoulder.

"Dam little one, I feel like I'm swimming with Piranha's!"

"You're lucky, I could have bit something else!"

"Is there anyplace ya didn't bite me?" Roc wiggled her eyebrows to her answer.

"Ooohhhh, I got it! I don't think we'll go there." She tilted her head to the side and grinned. "Nope, we won't. Come on lets head home so I can beat Evan up and make him change my sheets." She shivered once. "That disgusting little pig!"

They tried to dress with out looking at each other but that didn't work. And neither did Renny's idea of revenge, just thinking about Roc's teeth nipping at her skin sent flames rushing south. She would wait until tonight and give herself some much-needed relief.


It was pitch black outside when they got home, when they came in the door Evan and Lilly were sleeping on the couch with the TV on the CMT channel. Renny went right to her room and looked at her bed still all messed up, the sheets were halfway off the bed along with the pillows and blankets. She stood with her hands on her hips and was about to storm in to the living room and pounce on Evan when she felt Rocs arms wrap around her from behind.

"It can wait until morning, go take a shower." She sniffed at Renny's dark hair. "You smell like a dirty swamp."

"You don't smell like roses little one."

"That's why I'm going ta take a bath and soak until the water turns to ice!"

Renny thought of ice to, but what she would like to do with it could cause Evan to have a heart attack when it landed on his crotch still in the bucket!

"Go on, get in the shower. I guarantee you'll feel better."


Roc was finished with her bath; she pulled her Xena nightshirt over her head then went in to the living room with a blanket to cover Evan and Lilly up. She found Renny in the chair with her head propped up on her fist sound asleep. After she covered the newly weds up she stood beside Renny. She pushed her still damp hair back off of her face then let her knuckles brush against the soft skin of her cheek. She wanted so badly to lean forward and kiss her soft lips. Her eyes lingered on the dark arch of her brow, the high sculptured cheekbone to her strong jaw. Her eyes drifted down to watch the strong pulse beat beneath the hickey. Roc grinned evilly at the hickey that she had left on Renny, she wondered where else they had showed up. She couldn't help herself; slowly she leaned forward and placed a soft kiss where the hickey marked the soft skin. She pulled away only far enough to place another kiss on her jaw. "I love you Renny." She whispered as she tangled her fingers in the damp black hair and leaned the last little bit and kissed the soft lips before her. Renny couldn't believe what she had just heard; her heart slammed in to her chest right before Roc kissed her. Her lips felt so warm and soft against hers that Renny could not resist, she kissed her back. She pressed her tongue against Roc's lips and felt them open to her. She pulled Roc so that she was straddling her thighs; she held her close as their kiss deepened. Their tongues caressed each other, tangled and explored the warm depths. Renny ran her hands down Roc's back to her hips and pushed up her nightshirt to find that she wore nothing beneath it. They moaned deep in to each other's mouths. The two spy's on the couch started to snicker. Renny broke the kiss and looked over Roc's shoulder at her brother and sister-in law.

"We have an audience baby."

Roc dropped her head against Renny's shoulder and buried her face against her neck. "Shit! Now what do we do?" She whispered.

"Evan?" He wiggled his tongue at her. "Bite me!" She stood up and carried Roc to her room.

Lilly smiled at her husband. "Honey, I think our plan worked. And ta think we didn't even do anything in her bed!"


She sat on the side of the bed and fell backward pulling Roc with her.

"I can't believe I let us do that with them right there across from us!"

"Don't blame yourself, I started it. If I hadn't kissed you..."

"But I kissed you back! So it's my fault!" Renny moaned. "I need a cold shower, a really freezing cold shower."

"I could think of other things besides a cold shower." Roc whispered.

"Yeah, ice cubes! Lots of them in the bath tub and me sitting in them!"

"Nope, wrong again. Wait here, I'll be right back."

Roc ran to the kitchen, Renny could hear her making noise and then her feet as they pounded down the hall. She leaped on to the bed and handed Renny a spoon.

"Baby, I don't do kitchen utensils!"

"Then you'll have ta eat with your fingers." She slapped her forehead. "That came out wrong. Come up here."

"Will ya spoon me if I do?"

"No, but I may bite you if ya don't." A very wicked grin crossed her face. 'I did that already didn't I?" She leaned over and looked at Renny's neck. "Yep, there's the proof, right." She poked her with her finger. "There!!"

"Hey that hurt! What did ya do ta me?"

"Ooohh I left hickeys all over your body during our water games."

"Did not!"

"Did to!"

"I don't believe you!"

"Look in the mirror!" Renny ran her finger over the spot on her neck and felt the tenderness there. "You did!" Roc pulled her spoon from between her lips and grinned. "Told ya!" She dipped her spoon in to the giant sized tub she had and flipped it at Renny.

"Hey! What the? Looking down at her shirt she saw strawberry ice cream.

"Ice cream? I'm dying over here from sexual frustration and you're eating ice cream!" She flipped another spoon full hitting her across her nose.

"Yep, and your wearing it. And it's PINK!"

"Cute baby, ya gonna share?"


They sat against the headboard feeding each other ice cream and watching the small TV that hung from the ceiling.

"Last one Stud, open up." She dropped the container on the floor. "Ya know what Stud? I'm full and I just wanna go ta sleep."

"Baby, I'm glad we didn't go any farther tonight." Sliding down in to the bed she pulled Roc up against her. "We need to talk about this, but not now. Tonight I just want ta hold you."

The spy's watched from down the hallway as Renny curled up against Roc's back.

"They sat and ate ice cream Evan!" Lilly whispered to him as they crept back down the hallway to Renny's bedroom. "After all that necking! They sat in there, watched TV and ate a whole gallon of ice cream!"

"Lets go home Lil, we'll talk ta Ma in the morning and see if she can figure out a way ta get them together."


Renny woke to an empty bed, she looked around her and saw Roc's Xena nightshirt laying beside her on the bed. She pulled it over to her as well as Rocs pillow and went back to sleep with her face buried in to both of them.

Roc had her private journal with her at work and in between customers and stocking the shelves she wrote in it about what happened the day before. If the pages were able to set themselves on fire they would from what she was writing. She was so intent on getting her feelings down that she never seen the man come in the store. He looked around the store at the things on the shelves as he made his way to the area where Roc was writing. She felt someone behind her and had started to turn around when he covered her mouth and nose with a rag. She fought him for seconds then fell to the floor.

"Now let me see ya punch me ya little bitch!" Herbert grabbed her by one arm and dragged her out of the store. He had stolen one of the nurse's cars from the parking lot and had it stashed on the side of the store. He lifted her as best he could with his broken ribs and got her into the back seat of the car. He took off out of the lot throwing gravel all over the place.

"You made a big mistake getting in between me and that Randall Bastard, now you'll just have ta disappear so I can get a hold of him to."


But Ma! She's my cousin, I can't have a relationship like that with her."

"Renny, so what! It's not like your gonna have kids together and screw with the gene pool or anything. Let me ask ya this, do ya love her?"

Renny tipped her head back and closed her eyes. "With everything that I am."

"And if ya weren't related would you let her know how ya feel?"

"Of course, but what's the point?"

"The point is this little girl, she ain't your cousin by blood."

Renny's head dropped forward so fast that she almost gave herself whiplash. "What the Hell are ya talking about?"

"I should have told ya a long time ago but I never thought that we would have these circumstances. So I didn't think it was important. Anyway, remember when ya asked about your name and I told ya that ya were named after my dead sister?" Renny nodded her head but kept her pale blue eyes on her Ma. "Well, she couldn't have kids, she and Danny went ta all kinds of doctors and clinics and no one could help her. So me and your Pop decided that we could help them have kids."

"Ma, you're not making any sense here. How could ya help them have kids?"

"Just hold on I'm gettin ta it! So we decided that I would carry a baby for her and then they could adopt it and raise the baby as their own."

"So I was suppose ta be their kid? But Ma that still makes me Roc's cousin."

"Nope, Danny's your biological father. I had one of those invetro fertilization things done and you were conceived."

Renny didn't know what to say, after 30 years she finds out that the man who took care of her when she rough housed with her brothers and got hurt was always there to pick her up. Taught her how to read and write and work on car engines was not her real Pa. "But your my real Ma, it wasn't my aunt's egg or anything right?"

"Nope, I'm your Ma and Roger adopted ya when ya were born."

"But what about my biological father, where's he at?"

"He died right along with Renny in that plane crash on the day ya were born. That's why we named ya after both of them. As kind of a remembrance."

"Is this the last of the family secrets? Your not gonna tell me next week that I gave birth ta Evan or anything are ya?"

"Nope, that's it. Your not mad or anything are ya? Ya know for us not telling ya?"

"No Ma, I couldn't have asked for two better parents." She leaned over and kissed her Ma on her cheek. "Now go get your woman and tell her!"

"Thanks Ma, I'll let ya know how it all works out."

"I don't want any gross details! Not like I hear the boys talking about!"


"They do, I swear! Get outta here and go ta Roc."


The shift had just ended for the day shift nurses, they all walked together to the parking lot talking about their patients and how they were going to spend the rest of their day. Nurse Cranton searched through her purse for her keys as she walked along.

"Sharon, I can't find my keys again, I swear I put them in here."

"How could ya miss that huge piece of wood ya have them attached ta?"

"That's why my husband put them on there cuz I always loose them." She stopped where she was at thinking of the last time she had them. "The Hell with it, I have one hidden under the bumper in one of those magnet things." They continued to walk until they got to where she had left her car. "Sharon, tell me ya didn't let me walk past my car."

"Nope, we parked right here. I remember cuz I said something about parking by that cute Interns car. And there it is, but your cars not." Cranton looked at the Mazda Miata, then to the empty space where her car should have been. "Shit! Someone stole my car!" She reached in to her purse and pulled out her cell phone. "I'm gonna call the police, why don't ya see if one of the girls will give ya a ride home."

"No, I'll wait with ya." She grinned at her friend. "Maybe that cute cop will show up." Cranton no sooner dialed the phone than a police car came flying in to the parking lot with its lights and sirens going. "That was quick!"

"But I didn't even get through yet!"

"Come on, something's wrong. Cuz here comes the State Police and the prison van." They looked at each other and knew right away what the problem was.

"I hope ya got insurance for when they shoot the shit outta your car."


Renny pulled her Hog into the stores parking lot next to Roc's car. From inside of her saddlebag she pulled out a single red rose and put it on the seat of the car. Her heart was slamming in to her ribs as she thought of what she was about to do. She patted her front pants pocket and checked the inside pocket of her leather vest to make sure she had everything. "It's now or never Renny, have ya got the guts ta do it?" She asked herself. "Hell yes I've got nothing ta lose, except my heart." She loped to the front of the store and went in. She felt a wrongness about the place right away. She looked at the cash register door hanging open and cartoons of cigarettes laying on the counter. A noise alerted her to the back room, she moved silently to stand by the edge of the door to watch from the mirror on the wall. Who she saw was not Roc, the person came running from the back room with his hands full of beer. As he came even with the door Renny threw up her arm and cloths lined him. A scream from pain and then the crash of breaking glass, Renny grabbed him up and pinned him to the wall by his neck, his feet dangling off of the floor.

"Where's the clerk?"

He tried to speak but all he could do was make a choking sound. She dropped him to his feet. "Where's the clerk at, what did ya do with her."

"Lady, there was no one here! Don't kill me, please!"

She grabbed the front of his shirt and dragged him over to the check out counter.

"You stand there and don't move or I'll break your neck!" The young kid stood shaking against the back wall and watched her as she called the police and reported what she had found. When she was done she turned back towards him and gave him "the look."

"How long have ya been here?"

"Maybe 15 minutes, I swear there was no body here, that's why I was taking stuff." Renny ran her fingers through her hair. She picked up Roc's journal and flipped through the pages to stop at the last entry. As she read it tears threatened to flow from her eyes, she choked them back as best she could.

"Lady, when I was coming in I saw a blue Ford Tempo leaving if that helps."

Renny's eyes grew wide at him. "Could ya see who was driving?"

"No Ma'am, It was going to fast, but it was headed north." She racked her brain trying to think what was North or here. Nothing, except the woods and maybe some old hunting shacks that haven't been used in years. She dropped her head in to her hands and that's when she saw it, a white rag laying on the floor. She picked it up and found that it was a surgical pad, the faint odor it gave of wasn't familiar to her. She knew that she would give it to the police when they got there.


Green eyes blinked open to see nothing but darkness. Roc tried to feel around her but a sharp pain shot up her left arm, she was laying on soft mushy ground and the smell was of rotting vegetation and stagnant water. She looked up to see a dim light above her, she knew she would never be able to reach it. It had to be at least 30 foot up. She got to her knees and felt the walls around her. The dirt and rock were soft and came away in her hands, she tried to make a hole in it but it fell away. With her left arm possible broken she knew she wouldn't be able to climb out anyway. Tears flowed down her face; all she could think of was never seeing Renny again.

Herbert sat in the hunting shack that he had used many years ago, he knew that no one knew about the place, except one and Kathy couldn't tell anyone about it. When he was done the old well would be a mass grave of the Randall's and his eldest daughter. He lifted his shirt and checked the bindings on his ribs; he had pulled something when he threw Roc in the well. He just hoped it wouldn't stop him from finishing off the rest of them. He tried to take a deep breath and felt a pinch at his side.

"I'll just ignore it like I do everything else."


The State Police showed up at the store just before Renny was about to leave. She handed over the young kid that had been stealing stuff and waited for the officer to come back and talk to her. She handed him the surgical pad that she had found and told him about the car that the kid had seen leaving. He called on his radio to headquarters and found that the same car had been reported stolen form the hospital parking lot earlier that day. And about the injured convict that was missing.

"Who was suppose to be here in the store Ma'am."

"Rochelle Steven's, why?"

He put the two names together. "Because her father has escaped from the hospital and the car that was seen leaving here, was stolen from the hospital."

Renny's heart stopped, her knees buckled beneath her dropping her to the ground.

"He's going ta kill her! She got up off the ground and ran for her Hog; pulling her cell phone from a saddlebag she called Helen. She explained what happened in as few words as she could. "Where would he take her?" She was pacing in circles listening to Helen. "OK, I'll call Pop." She called her parents and prayed that her Pop was home. He picked up on the second ring.

"Pop, where would Herbert go to hide?"

"Hide, why what's happened?" She explained what she could and waited for him to think. "I don't know Renny. He could go anywhere on the Appalachian Trail and no one would find him."

"What about when he was with Aunt Kathy, did they have someplace they went?"

"Ooohh wait! He has this old hunting shack up there!" He gave her directions and told her that he would get everybody together for a search party and wished her luck before hanging up.

Her nerves were shot; she had one more thing to do before she went in search of Roc. She gave the directions to the Officer and explained about the reason Herbert was in jail. He told her he would get a chopper in the air and have them look along the trail for the car and shack.


Roc yelled from the bottom of the well to hear her voice echo and go unanswered. She had no more tears to cry and her hope was almost lost. She would never feel Renny's arms around her again as she slept or hear her voice whisper to her in her dreams. With the last of her strength she screamed Renny's name so loud that it pierced the air above the well. Then she collapsed to the wet ground.

"Go ahead scream all ya want ya stupid bitch, no one will hear ya. Including that bitch Randall! So much for your hero saving ya this time." Herbert stood beside the well. "I may just toss her down there with ya still alive for company!"


Renny had her Hog at full throttle; the wind lashed at her face bringing tears to her eyes. She was taking short cuts through the Appalachian trails trying to cut down on the distance to the hunting shack that she hoped Herbert had fled to. The roads were rough and unpaved, rocks and tree roots crossed over them and some were so thick with vegetation that she would have to go around and find a place to get back on the trail. Her Harley Sportster was no dirt bike and the weight of it was hard to handle, her strength was diminishing with each mile she rode. Looking to the sky she watched the sun starting to drop behind the Appalachian Mountains, soon she would only have her headlight to see by. She checked her gas gauge and cursed herself, she had a little less than a quarter of a tank, she would never make it all the way their. She would have to go on foot.


Roger called all of his relatives, with in 30 minutes his yard was filled with every vehicle known to DMV and then some. Some of his relatives had come down out of the mountains and as far away as Charleston. They looked like the extras from the Deliverance movie. Helen pulled her car along the road and after seeing these scary men she wondered if she should run and hide. Until she saw Royanna standing on the front porch with Lilly. She walked the long way around to join them.

"The Calvary's here, Herbert better hope that he hasn't hurt Roc. Cuz these boys will take it out of his hide." Royanna laughed at the astounded look on Helen's face.

"Who are they?"

"Some of Rogers family, Herbert thought there was only us. Just wait until he sees them!"

The last group showed up with 2 trucks with cages in the back, the sound of coonhounds baying added to the noise. A shot was heard and everyone became quiet.
Roger stood in the bed of Evan's truck and gave everyone the information he had. The first to go in to the trails in the general area of the shack would be the guys with the dogs, and then the rest of them would follow. They were to make sure that they didn't shoot Renny, Roc or any police Officers, anyone else would be a hunting accident.

The noise was deafening as they all left, leaving the women folk behind to prepare food for their return.

Helen looked at Royanna and her daughter with tears in her eyes. "Will they find her?"

"These boys could find a certain tick in the middle of the Appy trails! They'll find her. Not come on we got a lot of food ta cook."


The Hog was out of gas and sat in the middle of a trail. Renny thought she had maybe 3 miles before she came to where she thought the shack was. She took off running with her saddlebags across her shoulder. The bags held a lot of things that she never thought she would need; tonight may prove her wrong.

Her legs were burning with the stress of running in engineer boots; sweat ran down to soak her black T-shirt. She thought of taking off her leather biker jacket but knew she may need it later.

She slid to a stop right before she would have fallen in to a ravine. Looking both directions she knew that she couldn't go around, it would take to long. She zipped her jacket and jumped.


Roc tried bracing her back against the wall of the well and her feet on the other side. She made it up maybe 5 foot before she fell back down, the dirt was to loose.

Herbert sat in a chair in the shack eating the candy bars he had taken from the store, washing it down with Rolling rock beer and tossing the bottles out a window to clatter on the hard dirt. He had taken enough food and other things from the store to last him quit a while. He didn't know how long it would take him to get the rest of the Randall's and didn't want to take a chance and have to go to a store. Not to mention he had no money and the hospital scrubs he was wearing would be like a red flag. Pulling another bottle of beer out of the box he twisted it open.

"Here's ta ya fucking Randall's!"


The boys were at the bottom of the trail that would take them in the general direction of the shack. The dogs where baying up in front of them as they took off through the woods following Renny's scent. One of the boys came running down to find Roger. He carried Renny's helmet in his hand.

"I found her Hog, she ran outta gas up ahead. Does she know the way around the ravine?"

"I don't know, she may." Roger looked towards where he knew the shack would be. "Gods I hope she doesn't do something stupid like jump! That's a good 40 foot ta the bottom. Can ya take her bike down ta Jimmy's truck? If I leave it up here I might as well stay in that shack for the rest of my life!"

"No problem Uncle Roger, I'll take good care of it."


Renny made her way back up the other side of the ravine, she was bruised and sore but she would worry about that later. Right now she just wanted to find Roc and get the Hell outta here. She stumbled through the last of the trees, falling on one knee she groaned from the pain. She knew she had hit that knee hard when she collided with a rock in the ravine. Her head jerked up at the sound of a clinking noise. It sounded like a thick bottle hitting another. Creeping along the ground she came to an area to the left of the porch, a lantern was burning inside and she could hear a voice ranting inside. Dropping her saddlebags on the ground she crawled up on to the porch where she laid by the side of the door and peered in. His blue hospital scrubs showed enough for her to know that it was Herbert. She got up and started to walk as quietly as possible across the wooden floor. She was with in an arms reach of him when the floor broke under her; she was up to her knees in the floorboards and stuck. Herbert spun in his chair; his eyes looked right in to hers. A loud laugh came from his chest as he swung the beer bottle at her.

"This ones for you!" He yelled as it broke against her forearm and temple. Everything went black as she fell at an awkward angle to the wooden floor.

"Damn, I didn't even have ta look for ya bitch! Ya come right ta me!" He bent over and looked at the blood pooling under her head. "That had ta hurt! Ohh well, won't matter once I dump ya in the well with Roc." He tossed the neck of the bottle out the window and opened another one.

Renny could hear a loud ringing in her ear as she came around, she thought she had been out for hours. Soon found that it was only minutes, Herbert was just finishing off his beer when she peeked between lowered lids. The stench of beer came close to her face when Herbert leaned over her; he grabbed her under her arms and pulled her free of the broken floorboards.

"Your lard ass broke my damn floor ya bitch!"

She didn't know what made her madder the lard ass or the bitch part. She would just wait for a chance and she would fix his mouth so he wouldn't be able to speak for the rest of his rotten life.

"I just got me a new pair of boots. You won't need them in the well anyway."

Herbert stepped on either side of her legs and tried to pull one of her boots off. As soon as he bent over she brought her other foot up and caught him under his chin. He flew backwards and landed on his back. She came up on her knees and wobbled from the head injury. Crawling on her hands and knees she made it over to where he lay moaning on the floor. Straddling his waist she pulled him up to her face.

"No one takes my boots!" She hit him so hard that she heard bone crunch. Her rage let loose and she kept on punching him until she couldn't move her fingers. She ran her fingers across her temple and they came away covered in blood.

"Time for this later, gotta find Roc."


Roc sat in the center of the well and looked up at the half moon that was coming out from behind the clouds. Her fingers on her left hand were cold and numb and her shoulder and arm hurt so bad that she couldn't breath. Throwing her head back she screamed Renny's name again. Every 15 minutes she would scream hoping that someone would hear her.

Renny froze where she stood, either her head injury was making her hallucinate or she just heard her name being yelled by Roc. Searching the shack she found an industrial flashlight that Herbert had taken from the store. The idiot hadn't even taken the price sticker off of the lens. Once outside she limped towards where she thought the scream had come from. She screamed Roc's name and almost passed out from the bolt of lightning that shot through her temple. Clutching her head she listened.

Roc jumped up from the ground, she looked up towards the top of the well.

"Renny?" She croaked. From all her screaming and being in the well for hours her throat was dry and sore. She tried again, this time it came out louder.

Renny heard her from off to the left of the shack; she limped towards a clump of brush yelling Roc's name.

"Renny! I'm down here!" A flash light beam hit the ground at her feet; she covered her eyes when it came up her body.

"I can't climb out, my arms broke."

"I'll be right back." She tried to remember where her saddlebags were, her mind was foggy and a pounding was behind her eyes. She knew that she had a concussion and needed stitches, she could feel her shirt soaking up the blood, that was running down her face and neck. Scanning the ground around the shack she found her saddlebags, rummaging through them on her way back to the well she found what she was looking for. A collapsible grappling hook, then she pulled a twisted bundle of repelling rope out of the other bag. Clipping the safety D ring on she wrapped it around a thick tree near the well. Unbuckling her belt she put the rope between the front of her legs around her left thigh and up then refastened her belt. She made a mental note to put her harness back in her bags. Stuffing the flashlight in her jacket she climbed on the edge of the well, the minute her one foot hit dirt and rocks fell down towards Roc below.

"Baby, go against the wall, I'm coming down for you." Lowering her self-down so far, she then pushed off the wall and repelled down. All Roc could see was the flashlight beam coming towards her and then a loud groan coming from Renny when she hit the ground. She crawled to where Renny sat against the wall breathing hard, when she was close to her she fell against her chest sobbing.

"I never thought I'd ever see you again." Roc sobbed.

"I'm here now, I'd never let anything take you away from me."

"Where's Herbert?"

"Laying in the shack, I may have killed him."

Roc pulled back from Renny. She took the flashlight and shined it so that they could see each other. "If you didn't, I will!" Renny saw the rage in her green eyes.

"Baby listen to me, you don't want that on your conscience. I hope ta God that he's still alive cuz I don't want it on mine." Roc ran her hand down the side of Renny's face, she felt the warm stickiness coat her palm. Moving the flashlight to see, she gasped at the amount of blood on her hand.

"You're bleeding!"

"Yeah, a little run in with a beer bottle. Nothing a few hundred stitches won't fix." She flashed Roc a lopsided grin. "Come on lets get outta here."


The boys finally made their way around the ravine and were within 200 yards of the shack. Roger took off running towards the faint light showing through the door. He and Jimmy stopped at the prone body on the floor. Roger checked for a pulse, turning to Jimmy he whispered to him then left. Outside he yelled for Evan to help him look for Renny and Roc while Jimmy got some of the boys to help him with Herbert.

Renny had cut part of the rope and tied Roc to her back being careful not to hurt her arm any more than she had to. They were halfway up the well when she felt a jerk on the rope and then a light hit her in the eyes.

"Renny?" Her Pop yelled down.

"Yep, it's me. Damnedest thing I found down here."

"Figures ya would pick a place like this ta go on a date!"

"Shut up Evan and pull us up."

Roc stood around in total amazement at the number of men standing around. From what she could see there had to be 50 or 60 men and a dozen of hounds all baying. Evan and Roger helped them to the shack so he could check to see how bad they were injured. His face went pale when he saw how much blood had soaked in to his daughter's shirt.

"By the Gods Renny, do ya have any blood left in ya? What happened?"

"Beer bottle." She looked at her forearm and noticed a few nicks in her sleeve. "I'm glad I had my leather on otherwise I may have bled to death." She pictured the large vein running across her forearm. Pulling Roc close to her she ran her fingers up her arm to her shoulder, the pain it caused shot right to green eyes.

"Your shoulders dislocated and I think your forearm is broke." She nodded to her Pa and Evan. Roger wrapped his arms around Roc's waist while Renny held her upper arm with one hand and placed the other on the top of her shoulder.

"This is gonna hurt Baby, so close your eyes." When she did Renny nodded to her Pa. With a fast jerk she heard the shoulder pop back in. Roc screamed then passed out in Rogers arms. Renny then set her arm. Evan brought her pieces of the floor where she had fallen through and her saddlebags. When Roc came back around her arm was splinted and she was in less pain.

"Your right Stud, that did hurt! She looked around her. "Where's Herbert?"

"The boys took him down ta where we have the trucks parked. We'll take that ladies car back down; we'll beat them back cuz they walked...oh that reminds me! Your Hog is in Jimmy's truck."

"You guys walked all that way?"

"I've been meaning ta ask ya, how did ya get around the ravine?"

"I didn't." She gave him a lopsided grin. "I jumped."

Roger looked at Roc and pointed to his baldhead. "Ya see this shinny head of mine? Ya know why it's shinny? Cuz after 30 years of her stunts, I've pulled all my hair out by the roots!"

Evan drove the Tempo with Roger riding shotgun and the girls sleeping in the back. It would take them over an hour to get home. They were going to stop at the hospital first so that the girls could get patched up. Jimmy called Renny's cell phone and told his Pop that the police would be waiting there to get their statements, as usual the cops got to where the boys had parked just as they were getting ready to leave.


Back at the Randall's house, the yard was light up with torches and lanterns, the boys sat around talking about the night and eating the BBQ that the women had cooked for them. They would be telling the story of how Renny jumped 40 foot in to a ravine and crawled up the other side for years to come. By the time Renny was in her 80's the story would have her jumping down the distance of the Gorge bridge.

Helen, Lilly and Royanna were waiting for them to get back from the hospital. So as soon as the police car pulled in they ran out to meet them. Helen sobbed when Roc got out of the cruiser, taking her in her arms she kept telling her how sorry she was that this had happened. Royanna hugged both Evan and Roger and slapped Renny in the shoulder before she pulled her in to a hug. She told her if she ever heard of her jumping in to anything other than her bed she was going to kick her ass. Renny and Roc went out back to thank all the boys for their help and then they were going home. Jimmy went past his Pop and nodded his head and left.

Helen came up to Roger and asked him about Herbert.

"The police will go back in the morning and get his body. He jumped in the ravine trying ta get away from the boys." She nodded her head accepting what he said. Her and Lilly went out back to find Evan so that he could take her home.

"Well old man, it's 2am I'm going ta bed. Tell the boys they can crash here if they want."


After running a hot bath, Roc helped Renny take off her cloths. She started crying when she saw all the cuts and bruises covering her body.

"I'm sorry Renny, I didn't know this would happen." She sobbed even harder when she looked up to see Renny's black eye and swollen cheek.

"It's not your fault Baby, he was crazy. No one knew he would do this."

She caught the past tense wording that Renny used. "So he's dead?"

"Yeah, Jimmy told me he jumped in the ravine trying ta get away."

"This may sound terrible, but I'm glad he's dead." Roc told her with steel in her voice as well as in her eyes. "Come on get in the tub before it gets cold."

"Will you wash my hair? I can't stand ta have all this blood on me."

"But the doctors said not to get the sutures wet."

"I know baby, but it's nasty. Please?"


Royanna woke when she felt Roger get in to bed.

"Herbert didn't jump did he?"

"No Roy, he was already dead when we got there. Renny beat him to death."

"Does she know?"

"Nope and she never will. The boys threw him in the ravine and they'll never say any different than what they told the police. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if she knew the truth."

"No she wouldn't. You're a good man Roger Randall. She told me she's glad that she has you for a father."

"She did huh? So you told her, good."

"Good night ya big stud."

"Such a flatterer."


Renny could hardly sit down on the bed without moaning out in pain; Roc cringed with every sound. "Gods I feel old, I get breakfast in bed tomorrow right?"

"We may have ta call Lilly ta fix it. I don't think either one of us will be able ta move in the morning."

They tried to curl up together without hurting each other, with all the moaning and groaning they couldn't help but laugh.

Renny turned Roc's face to look at her. "I love you Roc." Green eyes tearing up from the look of such total love shinning in crystal blue eyes. "When I went to the store and you weren't there I thought I would never get to tell you. I would have looked to the ends of the earth for you."

Tears filled Roc's shimmering green eyes. "I love you to Renny, and If we weren't in such bad shape I'd show you."

"Just the look in your eyes is enough...for now." She gave her a grin then kissed her softly.

They cuddled together until the each drifted off to sleep.


The next morning they tried to sleep as long as possible, Renny knew if they laid around they would feel their aches and pains more. Rolling to the edge of the bed she slowly swung her legs over. Groaning deep in her chest from her aching body she realized that they had slept completely naked. She looked over her shoulder to let her eyes linger on Roc's naked hip, she ran her fingers over the slight bruising from her hipbone down her thigh. "I'm so sorry." She whispered. Roc rolled over taking her fingers in her own. "We'll be OK, trust me." Her heart warmed at the look on Renny's face. "Can you get some time off from work?" Renny asked. "I can't really afford to take time off, I have all those hospital bills ta pay." Her face paled. "Ohhh no! My journal, I left my journal at the store!" She swung out of bed and started to pull her cloths on. "Baby, wait! I have your journal." Roc stopped what she was doing. "You do?"

"I put it in my saddle bags last night. Baby?" She dropped her head down; a slight blush covered her face. "I read what you wrote yesterday."

"That's OK, I don't mind."

She remembered with such clarity the feelings she felt when she read Roc's personal journal. "Will you still love me if I ask you ta quit your job?"

"Renny, I told ya..."

"We don't need the money."

Roc looked at her with a confused look on her face. "Are we gonna be robbing banks so we can eat?" Chuckling Renny shook her head. "Nope, my body couldn't handle the get away drive. What I'm saying is we can live off of my savings."

"Are ya serious? After all you've bought; ya can't have too much left. Plus I wouldn't feel right, ya know kinda like a leech."

Renny picked up the phone and dialed the bank, she signaled for Roc to listen with her. She asked for the balance on all of her accounts. When the bank employee finished Roc had to sit down.

"Renny, you're not a bank robber or anything are ya?"

"No, so do ya still love me just for me and not for my money?"

Roc showed her by giving her a deep steaming kiss that made her pulse race. Tangling her fingers in her long black hair at the base of her head she pulled her closer. Her fingers traveled down Renny's muscular back and around her ribs and up to caress the soft skin beneath her full breasts. A moan rumbled in her chest at the felling of Roc's hands touching her. Pushing forward wanting more contact between them. They fell sideways across the bed exploring each other's bodies with mouths and hands. Roc slowly moved her lips from Renny's neck to her collarbone, leaving gentle kisses as she worked her way towards Renny's hardened nipples. Flicking her tongue across the tip she felt Renny's body jerk upwards. Grinning at the effect she had on this gorgeous woman she pulled the rest of it in to her mouth and sucked with greed. She moved over to lavish the other nipple but continued to use her fingers by rolling it back and forth. Renny's fingers were buried deep in the blond hair, pulling her towards her breast. She wanted her to go lower. The throbbing between her legs was growing by leaps and bounds. Roc looked up into Renny's eyes. "I want you Renny." Placing her lips at Renny's stomach she was working her way down towards the dark patch of curly hair when they heard footsteps coming down the hall.

"Fuck me!" Renny groaned as she shot up from the bed and started dressing. Roc fell face first in to the mattress and groaned. "Baby, from now on we lock all the doors and windows!" Renny forced out between clenched teeth.

"Hello! Anyone home?"

"Maybe they're still sleeping?" Helen's voice echoed off of the walls.

"I wouldn't blame them if they were."

Renny came out of the bedroom walking stiffly, not because of her sore body but because of her throbbing unsatisfied center. "Nice timing Ma!!" She thought to herself. "No were up, we were just gonna make some breakfast."

"Don't bother, we brought some with us."


They sat in the kitchen at the small breakfast nook eating the food that Royanna and Helen brought them. "I brought your mail and all kinds of boxes that came UPS today." She slid a letter-sized box over to Roc. "This one came with your name on it." Royanna said as she gave her a warm smile. Royanna recognized the return address on the top. Roc had no idea who would be sending her anything let alone to Royanna's address. She carefully opened the box to find one of her green journals sitting on top. She leafed through it and recognized one of her earlier stories. "This is mine, but how..."

"Keep Looking baby, there's more."

She pulled a stack of bound papers from the bottom of the box, laying the sealed envelope to the side. The top paper had the title of her story with her name below.

"Renny, it's my story, it's all typed up?" Her look was of total confusion. "Open the letter." She used her finger to break the seal. As she read tears came to her eyes. "It's from a publisher, they want to publish my book. But how did they get it?"

Renny smiled at her. "That's the one that you had me read at the hospital, when I left I took it with me and I was so moved by it that I knew my friend at the publishing house would want to have it published. Your not mad at me are ya?"

Roc leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss. "No, I'm not. I just never thought they were any good. At least not good enough ta have published."

Royanna pulled her purse up on to her lap and handed Roc a paper covered book. "I was gonna give this ta ya the other day but things didn't quite work out that way."

"It feels like Christmas. What is it?"

"Just open it Roc and it will explain it's self."

She ran her fingers across the authors name at the bottom of the cover.

"This is one of my mothers books."

"She signed it on the inside, it was the first book ta come off the press. This goes with it, I've kept up with it all these years, and actually I've kept it a secret all these years. I knew one day that I would be able ta give it to ya." She handed her another envelope. Inside was a bank statement for a savings account with her name on it.

"There's two hundred and fifty some thousand dollars in there! Where is all this money from?"

Helen smiled at her. "Royanna put all your mothers royalties from her books in there."

"Ma?" Renny gave her Ma a look of complete understanding. "You are a sneaky woman!"

"A mother can dream can't she? I knew one day all our paths would cross and I wanted ta pass on Kathy's dreams to her only daughter." Roc broke down in to tears as she held her mothers book to her chest. "I want to thank all of you, These are the best gifts that any one could ever give me! Nothing can make these moments pale in comparison." Renny felt her pocket and knew better than that but she kept it to herself for now.

"Before we all fall ta pieces, Renny there's all those boxes in your brothers truck ta bring in. What did ya get the comes in a box marked like a cow?"

"Something ta make Roc's writing a little easier."

Roc's head picked up with the mention of cow-marked boxes.

"You bought a computer?"

"Yep, the whole works. This thing will be able ta break in to the Pentagon file system once I get it programmed."


Since Renny had set the computer up Roc hadn't been from in front of the monitor for the last week except to grab something to eat and then it was stuff that she could eat and still be able to type. She had one of her journals propped up against the tower and had just turned to the last page when Renny came in to the room. She stood off to the side and watched her. She mouthed each word she typed, Renny had an idea. She went in to her room and came out carrying a headset and a CD.

"Baby, I've got something that will help with your writing." She held out the headset to her.

"All ya have ta do is talk in to it and it types out the words for ya. It'll be a lot quicker for ya ta get all your journals in to text."

Roc looked over her shoulder at her and grinned. "Are ya saying that I'm ignoring ya?"

"Well, uuuhhmm yep! I wanna take ya somewhere and at this rate we'll be to old to move."

"I guess if I could use more than 3 fingers ta type I could get a lot more done. Knew I should have taken typing in school." Renny walked behind her and hugged her.

"How's it feel knowing that your gonna be a famous author?"

"Famous? I wouldn't go that far. I'm still trying ta get over the shock of having something published. And it's all because of you that this is happening." She reached up with one hand and pulled Renny's head down towards her. "I never thanked you properly for what you've done." It started as a sweet kiss and turned in to something more. Renny's blood pressure went through the roof. She was just about to carry Roc in to their bedroom when Evan and Lilly showed up. They pulled apart when they heard them snickering in the doorway. "15 foot of chain link fence and serpentine wire on top."

Roc gave her a strange look. "Huh?"

"I'll explain later, go ahead and finish up here. I'm gonna have some words with the children." She grabbed Evan and Lilly by their hands and dragged them towards the living room. "This family has the worst damn timing in the entire world!"

"We aim ta please Sis!"

"Could have fooled me! All right here's the deal, I'm gonna make some kind of excuse for us ta get out of here. I have everything all set up, so you guys stay here have a second honeymoon or what ever. And as soon as we get there I'll call. OK?"

"They're gonna get busssssy! Renny's gonna get sooome!" Evan sang as he did a stupid little dance in the living room.

"Evan's gonna get smacked! Lilly did ya know he was this stupid before ya married him?"

She laughed at the hurt look on her husbands face. "It's one of the reasons I hope we have a girl. Two of him would drive me nuts!" Lilly looked at her watch. "You better get going before you're late for your reservations, you to be careful and we'll see ya when ya get back." Renny grinned at them before she ran down the hall. Roc had just turned off the PC when she walked in to the room.

"We've been given a mission of mercy by the children."

"A mission? What are ya talking about?"

"Come on I'll explain on the way."


It was 2pm when they crossed the Virginia state line; Renny told Roc that they had to pick up Evan and Lilly's wedding gift that she had ordered for them. Roc had given her a funny look since she knew that Renny had paid for their honeymoon, she had no idea what else she could have gotten them. She was even more confused when the pulled in to the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg VA.

"Renny what are we doing here? I thought we were picking something up?"

"Ohh we are!" She replied to a confused little blond.

Renny stood at the check in counter waiting to sign the papers. As soon as she was done she went back out to the Ferrari and got Roc.

"All set, lets go."

"Renny, what were ya doing in there?"

"Picking this up." She showed her the room keys.

"You picked up keys?"

"Yep, to our suite." A huge smile covered her face. "No more interruptions, no more family or anything else for a whole week!" She pulled Roc to her chest. "Just you and me and room service!"

"You are a sneaky one aren't ya?"

"I take after my Ma." She said with a huge grin on her face. Looking at her watch she saw that they had 30 minutes before their reservations at a near by restaurant. "Let's get to our room, we have ta change for supper."

"I have a feeling that this is gonna be one Hell of a week!"


They were seated at a table in a five star restaurant, Roc had never been to a place that had waiters that brought Champaign to your table and poured it for you. When she looked at the prices of the dinners her mouth fell open. "Renny, this one dinner is $150.00! And that's the cheapest one!"

She smiled at her and winked. "Believe me, once ya taste it the price won't matter."

"Ya could have taken me ta McDonalds and I would have been happy."

"I know but this is a special occasion." She leaned forward and kissed her.

"Were gonna get kicked outta here if ya keep that up."

"Nope, they can't do that."

"And why not?"

"Cuz I own the place." Roc's mouth fell open. "So that means I could throw ya down and ravage ya right here and they couldn't say a word."

After their dinner Renny took her to an out of the way place where they could stand beneath the stars and full moon. The gentle breeze carried the scent of pine and honeysuckle.

"It's beautiful here Renny. I could stand here all night and look at the stars." Renny moved to stand in front of her, taking her hands in her own she brought them up to her lips and kissed each knuckle. "Are you happy?"

"More than words can say. I never believed that I could be this happy."

Renny dropped down on to one knee before her. The full moon reflecting in her eyes making them seem like they were glowing. Roc's green eyes looked down at her in confusion, her one eyebrow buried it's self in her hairline.

"You make me happy, I see the wonder of life in your beautiful eyes, I never want ta lose that." She pulled a small square box from her pocket and it held before Roc. She opened the box to reveal a solid gold band with a half-carat diamond set between sapphires and emeralds. "Rochelle Tanner Steven's will you marry me?" Tears flowed down Roc's face; words left her as she looked in to Renny's crystal blue eyes.

"Yes, I'll marry you Renny Randall." Renny slid the ring on to her finger. Before she could stand up Roc pushed her to the ground. Their kiss became urgent; hands explored flesh with an intensity unknown to them before. Roc grabbed the front of Renny's shirt, pulling on it so hard that all the buttons flew in to the night. Her mouth left Renny's to travel down to her breasts, nipping the skin with her teeth brought moans from Renny. Straddling Renny's thigh she moved her hips against her, brushing up against Renny's center with every movement. Renny was close to going over the edge; she had to slow them down before it was to late. She rolled them over so that she was now straddling Roc. Slowly she kissed her lips, teasing her with her tongue until she was granted entrance to explore her warm mouth. She broke the kiss to look in to her green eyes. "I love you Roc." She ran her thumb across her bottom lip. "With all that I am." Placing small kisses down her neck to the v of her shirt, taking her time she kissed the exposed skin after each button was undone. Pushing the fabric aside she kissed each firm breast, circling each hardened nipple until Roc begged her for more. Flicking each nipple with her tongue before she drew them between her lips to suck. Roc was moaning and pulling Renny's head tight against her, her hips thrust up to push against Renny's thigh that was now between her legs. Renny left her breasts to trail her tongue down between them all the way to the waistband of her pants; with one hand she unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down. Her tongue licked the soft skin making Roc's hips jerk upward.

"Please Renny!" She begged as her hips thrust up trying to make contact. Renny got to her knees; pulling her own shirt off first she then slowly pulled Roc's pants and underwear down her legs, kissing the soft skin as she went. Renny worked her way up each leg starting at her ankles she alternated between kisses and licking the soft skin. She could smell her arousment as she got closer to Roc's throbbing center. Her own center throbbed with each beat of her heart. Again she stopped to let Roc suffer with the loss of contact. She stood and removed her remaining cloths, watching the effect it had on he lover. Trailing her own hands down across her breasts she watched Roc chew on her bottom lip to stifle a moan. Sinking slowly down she covered Roc's warm body with her own. Kissing her deeply and moving against her with her hips, she waited until she felt that her lover was close to the edge before she stopped to move back down her body. Using her lips and tongue she had her thrashing and moaning, with the tip of her tongue, she traced the very edge of blond curls. "Oohhh Gods!" Roc groaned when she felt Renny's hot breath caress the sensitive nerve endings. Renny brought her legs over her shoulders as she dropped her head down between her thighs. She watched as her hot breath made Roc's center twitch, slowly she brought the tip of her tongue up each lip, ignoring Roc's plea to do more. She felt fingers tangle in her hair and push her closer, she couldn't wait any longer. She took her first taste of her lovers juices that flowed from between her swollen lips. Roc thrust her hips upwards looking for more contact.

"I'm so close...please...Renny!"

Renny slipped her tongue between her lips and lapped at the juices, using one hand she parted them and plunged her tongue in to the throbbing center. Roc tried to grind her hips but was soon held tight by one arm holding her down.

"Baby, what do you want?" Renny asked with her roughened voice.

"I don't know...I've never..."

"It's OK, relax for me." She used one finger to circle around her center; slipping it in to the first knuckle she withdrew it slowly. When she felt the muscles relax she pushed it in further. She kept doing this until she felt Roc's muscles start to contract around her finger. She started to grind her hips; Renny felt the muscles in her stomach start to quiver. Bending forward she pulled the bundle of nerves between her lips and sucked, the second she felt Roc go over the edge she pushed her finger in all the way breaking the virgin veil. Roc screamed out her name when she erupted in an earth-shattering climax. Her juices flowed over Renny's chin and fingers with each spasm. When her body relaxed Renny gently removed her finger not wanting to hurt her. She looked up to see tears flowing down Roc's temples in to her hair. Kissing away the tears she gazed in to love filled green eyes. "I didn't hurt you to bad did I?"

"No love, you didn't hurt me. Gods I love you."

"I love you to Baby."

Roc tasted herself on her lovers lips, as she ran her hands down her body to her hips she let her fingers lightly touch the inside of her lovers thighs. She felt the slickness coating her skin. "You're so wet, I want to taste you Renny. Kneel for me?" At this point Renny would have stood on her head if her lover asked. She placed a knee on each side of Roc's hips and was startled when Roc inched her way down so that her head was between her knees. Wrapping her arms around her thighs she pulled Renny down over her mouth. Lightly at first she licked the insides of Renny's thighs, bringing moans from her lips. She had no idea what she was doing but figured if she copied what Renny had done to her she would be all right. At first Renny had her hands on the ground in front of her but the moment she felt Roc's tongue slip between her swollen lips she leaned back and braced her hands behind her. Grinding her hips back and forth against her lovers mouth she was quickly reaching her breaking point. She could feel Roc's hips moving beneath her, matching her rhythm. Roc unwrapped one arm, running two fingers between the folds of skin she found Renny's center and slid them in while she flicked the bundle of nerves above her with her tongue. The minute Renny felt this she slipped one hand between Roc's legs and entered her. They moved against each other, screaming each other's name as they climaxed at the same time.

They lay exhausted in each other's arms, their bodies satisfied they drifted off to sleep beneath the full moon of Artemis and the twinkling stars


Roc was the first to wake; she lay with her head upon Renny's right breast her. Her right hand resting on her lovers stomach. The sparkling of the gems in her ring winking up at her, she brought to her lips and kissed it.

"Do you like it?" The sleepy voice of her lover asked.

"Nooo.... I love it! But not as much as I love you." She leaned up to place a kiss on her lovers neck. Crawling on top of Renny she locked gazes with blue eyes. Tracing the dark brows with her fingers she let them brush down her cheeks and finally to stop at her soft lips. "I never dreamed of anything like this. It's almost like I was waiting for you. I feel so complete now, is that weird?"

Renny kissed the fingertips that had been against her lips. "No it's not weird, for my whole life I've always felt incomplete, even when I was with someone. I had given up and didn't want to have anyone in my life as a partner. That changed the minute I saw you in the store that day. I fought with my little voices, I fought with my heart and I lost everything in the end...to you."

Tears streamed down Roc's face at the words that came from her lover. "I'm glad you lost the fight, I wouldn't want it any other way." They shared a gentle kiss and cuddled together.

"Baby, I think we should head back to our room. With our luck any minute we could be found by a herd of eager boy scouts on a nature hike."

"I was hoping for the women's soccer team myself."

Renny raised an eyebrow at her. "What ya gonna trade me in already?"

"Nope, I was hoping ta show ya off. Let's get outta here, I've seemed ta have gotten a second wind from our little nap."


Countless times Renny almost wrecked on the way back to the resort. Roc was quite imaginative with what she could do while her lover was driving. Renny barely had the rooms door open before Roc had her down on the floor. Spitting out words between her lovers breath taking kisses she said. "I think I released a sex crazed demon!" Roc bit the side of her neck with enough pressure that Renny squealed.

"I have a lot of years ta make up for!"

Their discarded cloths were spread through out the rooms; Roc had found a new use for the coffee table in the sitting area of their suite as well as the small breakfast nook. Roc had fallen back on the small table gasping for air; Renny sat on the bench with her lovers legs still on her shoulders as she rested her head on her lovers stomach.
"I wonder if house keeping knows what goes on in these rooms?" Roc asked.

"I'll leave them a note with your name on it, how's that sound?"

"Like your an evil women. But you'll be ruled guilty by association."

"Ohh well, soo what's the punishment for being found guilty?"

Roc laced her fingers behind her head and stared up at the ceiling. "Give me a minute I'll think of something." She was just about to give out the sentence when the phone rang. "Hold that thought." Renny walked to where she thought the phone was the last time she had seen it, finding the cord she followed it until she found the rest of it under the cushions that had been on the couch. That is until her lover found a better use for them. A grin graced her lips as she thought of how uninhibited Roc was. "Who would have known?" She thought to herself as she answered the phone.

"About damn time ya answered the phone!" Evan's voice yelled in her ear.

"I was trying ta find it. Why are ya calling anyway?"

"I was curious ta see what my Sis has been up to. So what have ya done?"

"Like I would tell you! Does your wife know what a pervert you are?"

Evan started laughing. "Yep, she sure does. And let me tell ya, the things..."

Roc dropped to her knees in front of Renny. Running her tongue up her leg from knee to inner thigh she watched as her lovers legs parted to give her entrance. She wasted no time in slipping her tongue between her lovers nether lips.

"Evan....I gotta...oh Gods!!!!!" The phone fell from her hand to land on the floor at her feet. Thankful that she had been leaning back against the couch, she knew that her legs would have given out on her. Evan looked at the phone in his hand, then put it back to his ear and listened to his sisters moans. His blue eyes grew wide; he started yelling to Lilly about Renny getting some before he hung up the phone. "I wonder if Roc's as wild as Lilly? Have ta ask Renny when they get back." He said to himself as he launched himself on to Renny's huge bed where his wife was reading the Kama Sutra. "Funny how this page seems ta be all bent back and creased? Inquiring minds just found out!" She turned the book upside down then sideways as she looked at the picture. "Honey?" She showed Evan the picture. "Can you do that?" His face paled at the sight of the persons one leg hooked over their own neck. "You're kidding right?" She wiggled her eyebrows at him. "Maybe Renny will show me?" He pulled the book from her hands. "Gimme that!"


Roc wrapped her arms around the outsides of Renny's thighs giving support as well as keeping her head from being smashed between her muscular thighs. Making slurping noises and growling she was driving her lover crazy. Taking her engorged clit between her lips she sucked hard while she used three fingers to enter her. She pumped her fingers deep and hard.

"Oohh Gods Baby! Right there!" Renny moved Roc's hand to a different angle. Instantly she went over the edge. Roc's fingers were held by muscles holding tight. Before the spasms stopped she pulled her fingers forward to hit the spot again. Renny screamed out as another climax claimed her. He legs gave out and she sank to the floor to be caught in the arms of her lover. Roc looked at Renny's closed eyes, waiting for them to open. After a few minutes she was getting scared. "Renny?" Laying her down on the floor she put her ear to her lovers chest to listen for a heartbeat. "Ohhh don't do this ta me! Renny wake up!" She started to give her mouth to mouth. She felt arms wrap around her and pull her down to lay on her lovers chest. "Are ya trying ta kill me little one?" She whispered in to blond hair.

"You scared the Hell outta me! What happened?" She felt Renny's chest rocking beneath her head as she chuckled. "I think I passed out?" A huge grin covered Roc's face. "Do ya do that often?" She asked as she looked in to her lovers sleepy blue eyes. "It's never happened before. We may have ta call house keeping."

"Why, do you need something? I'll get what ever you need." Roc said as she helped Renny up off of the floor. "Can ya make the doors wider ta get your big head through?"

"Ohhh that's funny! Come on lets go ta bed, I'm tired."

"Thank the Gods! I'm worn out!" Renny said to herself. She fell asleep with her legs still hanging over the edge of the bed.


Renny woke to the sun rising outside the window, she had no idea what day it was or where her lover was. She felt her pillow and the sheets to find them cool to her fingertips. Pulling a T-shirt over her head she walked on sore legs through the suite. She heard the door open and Roc trying to sneak in to the room quietly.

"What are you doing?" Renny asked.

"Good your up. I was just down at the health spa, they have one of those sauna things and I want ta try it."

"Well, why didn't ya?"

"Cuz, I kinda saw some of the people going in there and I realized that it's coed. I ain't going in there with out you! Those people are scary!"

"Scary huh? How are they scary?"

"Lets just say that our relatives are normal compared ta the ones I saw!"

Renny grinned at her lover's comparison. "Should I get a gun ta protect ya?"

"I'd ask for a suit of armor but that would be a little uncomfortable in there. So will ya come with me?"

They walked in to the sauna and found a bench against the one wall that was empty. Renny put a spare towel down for them to sit on. She had been in saunas before but they were always same sex, this was different to say the least. She looked around at the other occupants and noticed that it seemed that everyone was partnered up. When they had sat down there was a space between them but now Roc was practically sitting on Renny's lap. "Baby, what's wrong." Roc leaned close to her ear and whispered. "Look to my left." What she saw was a man in his late fifties, his gut started at his neck and ended laying around him on the bench, and his entire body was covered in long black hair except for his baldhead. Then it hit her what had gotten her lover all bent out of shape, he had no towel on. Every time he looked at Roc he lifted his gut to show her what he thought was impressive and wiggled his tongue. Renny leaned forward towards him, her towel low enough to show a lot of cleavage. Cocking an eyebrow she gave him a lopsided grin. "Hey buddy." When he finally made it from her cleavage to her eyes she licked her lips. "Wanna know what I can do with my tongue?" He nodded his baldhead at her almost to the point of whiplash. "Ya see this little blond next ta me? Roc had no idea what Renny was doing. "I give her have multiple orgasms with just my tongue. So if I was you, I'd haul my lard ass outta here before her wife." She pointed to her chest. "That's me, kicks your sorry lard ass all the way across the state!" She raised up off of the bench and watched him wobble butt naked from the sauna to the loud claps and yells of the other people. A couple of men stood up to leave, one very thin older man came over to her.

"Thanks for running him out of here, my wife has had me in here everyday protecting her. And frankly I don't have any more weight to sweat away in here." He waved to her as he walked out along with the rest of the poor husbands. Roc wrapped her arms around Renny's, leaning her head on her strong shoulder she whispered to her.

"My big bad warrior. And I thought chivalry was dead."

"Not when it comes ta you little one."


People walked to the small shops and stands looking at hand made candles, baskets, leather goods, armor, swords and anything else that was around during the time of King Arthur. People dressed to play their parts as Greek and Roman solders, gladiators, monks, pagans, druids, barbarians, Gods and Goddesses, Warriors and Amazons. Renny had been to the Renaissance Festival many years before but Roc had never been out of the state of West Virginia. The look of complete fascination on her face of seeing things that she had only read about. She lifted her nose in the air and took a deep breath.

"Food, I smell food!" She gave Renny a puppy dog look. "Can we get something ta eat?"

"Instead of walking around and trying ta eat, how about some place where we can sit down and relax?"

"You're the boss...well not really but I'll let ya pretend for the day?"

"Now I see how this partnership is gonna be." Wrapping her arm around her shoulders she led her towards a huge coliseum type set up. Inside it was set up with tables and benches all looking down to the sand covered ground. Peasants walked up and down the aisles selling different things to the patrons while hags carried huge metal trays with mugs and platters of different types of meats, breads, vegetables and pastries. Roc watched a man chewing on a huge roasted leg that looked like it came off of a steroid shooting turkey.

"I want one of those!" She pointed to the turkey leg. "And one of everything else they have!"

"A bit hungry aren't ya?" Roc's stomach made a noise that would scare a grizzly away. "I guess we better feed that creature ya have in there."

"After last night that could be your creature in there." She said as she patted her stomach. "Easy, Momma's gonna feed you." Giving her lover a wicked grin. "Wouldn't that be a wicked evil rumor ta start?"

"It would kill Evan!"

After their food came they watched as 20 Roman solders came through a door below them. Each man was either armed with a lance, sword, shield, mace or net. From the opposite side 20 female Warriors came through a door, dressed in leather tops, skirts and high leather boots, their cloths were decorated with colored beads and feathers. Some had brass or boiled leather armor covering their shoulders and or chests. Each was armed with Long or short Swords, daggers, staves, lances, spears or chobo's.

After a man dressed like Caesar made an announcement the battle began. War cries pierced the air from the Amazons while the Romans screamed in pain from the blows they were taking. Roc watched in total fascination as the Romans got their asses kicked. "I feel like I've traveled back in time! This is great!" Grabbing Renny's arm to get her attention she pointed to a woman who was taller than the rest. "I bet ya could take her!"
"If I use Jimmy's truck and run her over!"

"I've kinda seen ya in action, so don't give me that. Can we get some swords and play save the Damsel in distress?"

Renny gave her a horrified look; all she could think of was Roc dressing her up in a flowing pink dress and then trying to save her. "And who is gonna be the damsel?"

"Uuuhhhmmm?" She looked at her lover and grinned. "Evan. He'd look good in a pink dress. Ya think?"

"Oooohhh I'm sure he'd love the idea."

After they watched the victory dance from the Amazons, they watched Jousting matches and Gladiator fights. Roc started to yawn so it was time for them to head back to the resort before Renny had to carry her. Just before they headed out the gates Roc told her to wait that she wanted to use the bathroom before they left. Renny took the few minutes to run back to a stand they had seen earlier and pick up a few things she wanted to get for her lover. She had just made it back when her lover came strutting over carrying a long cardboard box under her arm.

"And what have you bought little one?"

"I could ask the same thing. But I won't."

Two minutes later she asked. "What did ya buy me?"

"How do ya know it's for you? It could be for Ma."

"But it's not, I know that look ya get on your face when ya get me something. Sooo what is it?"

"You'll have ta wait until we get back ta the resort."

"See I told ya, it is for me." She grinned at her lover then tried to look in the bag. "Aren't ya even curious about what I bought?"


"Liar, ya are to."


Back in their suite Roc kept trying to look in the bag. Renny held it over her head and told her if she could grab it she could have it.

She began to whine. "But that's no fair! I'm vertically challenged!" A wicked grin crossed her face then disappeared. "OK, I'll give it a try." She walked around Renny with one eyebrow raised. When she came up beside her she started tickling her sides. Renny fought it but lost in the end when her arm dropped and Roc grabbed the bag.

"Short people learn alternative ways of getting things outta their reach." She emphasized her words by sticking her tongue out.

Taking the bag over to the couch she sat down to open it. Her eyes grew wide when she pulled out a leather satchel with shoulder straps. Bringing it up to her nose she inhaled the leather scent. "I love the smell of leather! It gets me...never mind" Next where some parchment rolls with brass ends and red ribbon tying them together.

"I thought you could write some of your poems on them and mount them on the wall at home."

She got up and gave Renny a deep kiss. "Thank you. There perfect."

"I almost forgot!" She pulled six feather quills from inside her leather vest. "You can use these to write your poems with."

Roc picked up the cardboard box that she had laid beside the couch and handed it to Renny. "I saw this when we first started walking around and it cried out your name."

She opened the box and pulled out a sword in a hand made black leather sheath with bronze adornments going down the outside of it. Pulling the sword free she tested the balance by spinning it in one hand. Stepping back to make sure nothing was in her way she swung it in figure eight's and other sword movements. "It's beautiful!" She ran her finger over the pearl inlays on the guards. Re-sheathing her sword she pulled Roc in to a hug. "I could have used this in the sauna earlier."

"They all would have cleared out of there then." Running her fingers down across her lovers breasts she gave her a seductive smile. "I'm a damsel in distress, are ya gonna save me?"

"Everyday of our lives!" She threw her over her shoulder and headed to the bedroom yelling out a war cry that bounced of the walls.


They lay in bed snuggling after hours of making love. Renny knew they would be making another trip to the sauna in the morning before they left, just so that they could get the kinks out. Roc moved her ring back and forth shooting sparkles on the ceiling and walls. "Does everyone back home know what you had planned this week?"

"Nope, just the week here."

"So they're gonna be surprised that you proposed to me?"

"Yep, so be prepared for all Hell ta break loose!" Wiggling her eyebrows at her

"That does not sound good! Especially that we're both women and cousins."

Renny turned on to her side to look in to green eyes. "Well, your right on one part."

"This isn't when ya tell me that you were once a man and had a sex change so ya could be a lesbian is it?" Renny started laughing at her. "Gods no! The other part."

"Ya mean being cousins?"

"Yep, we're not cousins." She went on to tell her lover about finding out about her biological father the sperm donor.

"Damn and I thought we had a chance ta get on Jerry Springer with the sex changing Lesbian thing!"

"Ma's gonna throw one Hell of a party for us. That's what I meant by be prepared."

"Ooohhh, there's only one problem." She reached in to the bed stand drawer and pulled out a ring box. Opening the box she pulled out a gold band thicker than her own with the same set up of stones in it. "I had the head desk clerk get this made for me." She slipped it on her lovers finger. "Ma must have been giving ya lessons on being sneaky. I love you little one."

"I love you to. But I gotta ask this, Is your name really Renny?"

A light blush ran up Renny's face. "Part of it."

"Part of it? What's your full name? I asked everyone but they wouldn't tell me."

"That's cuz they knew I'd beat their asses. Your not gonna laugh are ya?"

"No, please tell me. It would be awful if I didn't know my wives full name."

"I see your point. It's Serenity Quinton Randall."

"That's a beautiful name, but I like Renny to."

Roc wrapped her arms around her lover and let sleep claim them.


The weather was beautiful for their ride home; the sun was sparkling through the treetops. The wind blew through the open roof of the Ferrari, tossing their hair out behind them. They had maybe an hour before they would be home and Roc couldn't wait. She wanted to show off the ring that Renny had given her and tell every one of their plans to marry. Although they would have to travel to Washington DC to have the ceremony performed. Unless Renny could pull some strings with the local church. Coming down off of the high ridge they noticed an old pick-up truck coming towards them, it had swerved just a little on the road but it was really nothing to worry about. As they came closer to each other Renny noticed that it had started to move erratically. She became concerned but kept it to herself not wanting to worry her lover. They came abreast of each other and before Renny could react the truck slammed in to the side of her car. The trucks size and weight was no match for the low-slung sports car. It's bumper and fender tore in to the side and hooked the rear wheel well. The truck did a 180-degree turn pulling the Ferrari with it, Renny tried to wrench the steering wheel and pull the car away but it was no use. They felt the car flipping on to its side along with the truck. Roc gripped the seat with both of her hands, Renny held on to the wheel and prayed that they didn't flip all the way over. The screeching of metal and the sudden jerk as both car and truck rolled over. The truck being higher and the way it was connected to the Ferrari held the passenger side off of the ground. Roc opened her eyes and looked around, she became frantic when she felt a warmness soaking her left side. Feeling with her one hand she felt the stickiness of blood but no pain. She looked to where Renny was laying side ways at an abnormal angle across the center counsel. Her heart slammed in to her chest as she saw all the blood running down across Renny's shoulder from where her head rested. She started screaming her lovers name and fighting with the seat belt. A loud groan came from where the car was suspended from the truck when she moved. She moved as slow as she could and unbuckled her seat belt. She hit the ground hard, knocking the air out of her. Crawling as far as she could in the small space where her lover was hanging by her seat belt she tried to feel for a pulse but couldn't find one in her wrist. Tears filled her eyes and blurred her vision. She tried to work Renny's seat belt loose but it was wedged between the seat and the console. She was panicking, she had to get her out from where she was, the car kept groaning and shifting. She took a chance and pulled as hard as she could on the seat belt where it was attached to the top of the seat, it didn't move. Then she remembered that her lover always carried a pocketknife in her back pocket. Pushing her way further to Renny's left side she was able to get her hand in her back pocket and pull the knife free. Flipping the blade open she backed out and braced Renny with her shoulder. As soon as she cut the strap Renny fell on top of her pinning her down with her dead weight. She tried pushing with her feet to get them out but couldn't get enough leverage to move. The only thing she could do was to crawl out from under Renny and then pull her free from the car. Racking sobs tore at her chest as she reached under the car and grabbed her lover by her arms. She put all her strength in to what she was doing and could barley move her. A loud groan reached her ears and the car tipped towards her. Screaming Renny's name, she planted her feet in to the ground and threw all her body weight backwards and landed on her ass. She crawled forward to wrap her arms under Renny's and pull her the rest of the way out from under the car. She had just cleared her feet away when the car fell. 2 seconds to late and Renny would have been pinned beneath it.

Roc pulled Renny as far as she could away from the car. They were about 20 feet away when she eased her down and checked for a pulse. Running her hand along the base of her neck she searched for the artery. She felt a faint pulse beneath her finger. She was looking at her head where all the blood was coming from but all she could see was matted hair. Ripping her shirt off at the bottom she bound her lovers head with it. She was at a loss as what to do next. They where on a road that didn't see very many cars, then she realized that she had forgotten about the other driver. Taking her shirt off she rolled it up and put it under Renny's head.

She ran to the truck and looked at the other driver. She knew it would be a waste of time to do anything. He had come through the windshield and his head was at an odd angle. She had to find some way of getting Renny help and very soon. That's when she heard the chirping sound of Renny's cell phone. The last time she remembered it was in the glove box. She looked to where the car lay on what was left of the windshield framing. There was a very small space between the passenger side and the ground, maybe just enough to get her arm in and get to the phone. She lay on her side and tried to wiggle her arm in the hole but it was too small. She tried digging the hard dirt with her hands and all it did was tear up her fingers. Looking around she spotted a hubcap that had come off of the truck, using it as a make shift shovel she made the hole larger. She struggled trying to get the glove box open but finally it gave way and all it's contents fell to the ground. Searching blindly through the hole she finally found it. She half stumbled to where Renny lay still unmoving. Checking the bandage on her head she saw that blood had soaked through it.

"Renny! Baby can you hear me? Please Renny wake up!" She brushed the dark hair from her lovers pale face. She started to sob when she got no response. "I'm getting help, you have to hang in there! Don't you die on me! Don't you leave me here all alone!" She fumbled with the phone, finally getting it turned on she tried to get a strong signal. What she got was very faint; they were being blocked by the mountain range. She took off running to higher ground praying the whole way that it would be enough to get the call out. Standing on the highest ground she could find with out losing sight of her lover she dialed 911. Giving them the approximate location of where they were and asked if they could get a chopper to fly them to the hospital because of her lovers head injury. She hung up and called the Randall's. She could hardly control her sobbing as she tried to explain what happened. Royanna tried her best to try and calm her down enough to find out where they were; She had an idea of where they were when the signal went dead. Roc tried to call only to find that the battery was dead.

She ran back to Renny and found her in the same condition as before. She needed something to keep the sun from beating down on her but knew that anything they had was in the Ferrari and impossible to get to. She went back to the truck and rummaged inside it looking for anything that she could use. She found numerous empty beer bottles and cans laying all over inside the trucks cab.

"YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!" She screamed as she threw a beer bottle across the road. She now knew why he had lost control of his truck and hit them, he had been drunk. Grabbing a hold of the cloth seat cover she pulled until she tore enough of it to be able to make some shade for Renny. Looking in the back she found a bottle of water that was half full, she would see if she could get her lover to drink some of it.

She sat with Renny's head in her lap; with the seat cover over them keeping most of the sun off of her lovers face. She kept talking to her as she dribbled some of the water across Renny's lips hoping that she would get some of it in to her. It felt like she had been sitting there for hours before she heard sirens coming towards them, then the whooping noise of chopper blades swooping down over the ridge of mountains. Fresh tears fell from her eyes as she watched state police cars and an ambulance sliding to a stop by the wrecked vehicles. The Paramedics came running with their gear and a backboard. She fought them as they tried to move her out of their way so that they could work on Renny. A trooper came over and had the same trouble, she may be a little thing but the cop was no match for a ferocious protective lover. They all looked towards the road at the sound of screeching tires; Renny's family and hers came running towards them. Roc fell to the ground sobbing as Royanna came towards her.

Wrapping her arms around her she held her against her chest. Roger and Evan pulled the trooper aside to talk to him while Lilly went to check on her sister in law. The paramedics had her on a backboard with cervical collar, they had IV lines running, a heart monitor and oxygen. They picked her up and started running towards the chopper that would fly Renny to the head and trauma hospital in Richmond. Roc broke free of Royanna and took off after them. This time the paramedics knew better and let her get on board.


Roger stood looking at the two vehicles with tears in his eyes; it would be the second time in his life that a drunk driver had made an impact on his family. If the driver was not already dead he knew that he would have killed him with his bare hands. He felt arms wrap around him from behind and Royanna's gentle voice reach his ears.

"We have ta go Roger, there's nothing here that we can do. The girls need us at the hospital."

"That son of a bitch was drunk! The trooper said that he had his drivers license taken away because of prior convictions! He should have been in jail! Now my little girl may die because of an asshole alcoholic! Where's our justice!?!" He broke down in to sobs, whether from anger at the situation or fear, he didn't know which. He wanted to smash something.

They all piled back into the Impala, with a trooper escorting them they took off towards Richmond VA.


The beating of the chopper blades deafened Roc, she watched as the paramedic on board spoke in to the headset he had on while he took Renny's status. He had re-bandaged Renny's head with thick gauze pads but the blood was still seeping through. Her right forearm was put in to a pressure cast and strapped to her chest, it was then that Roc had noticed the way her shoulder was misalign. She wondered if she had done that when she pulled her from under the car. The paramedic kept checking Renny's right hand for a pulse and the colors of her fingers. Reaching in to a cabinet behind him he pulled out two plastic type bags. Crushing them in the middle he placed on her head and the other on her shoulder. She motioned to him by pointing to her wrist and mouthing how much longer. He keyed his headset to the pilot then mouthed to her that it would be about 5 minutes before they reached the hospital. Sitting on the bench next to her lover silent tears ran down her cheeks, she kept a hold of her left hand so that Renny would know that she was there.


Roc was running behind the gurney as the nurses and doctors rushed Renny down the hall towards the emergency room, they pushed through a set of doors and rushed around to get monitors hooked up to her and check for further injuries. Roc stood looking through the huge glass window as they cut Renny's cloths from her body. Taking her valuables from her pockets a nurse put them in a plastic tray on the counter, then removed all her jewelry including the ring that Roc had given her. She was about to put it in the tray when she heard pounding on the window. Roc stood there pointing to her own finger and then to the ring the nurse had in her hand. She understood and came to the door and handed the ring to Roc. Placing it on her index finger she held it to her lips and placed a kiss on her lovers ring. Watching them pull a portable x-ray machine over to the bed she worried that she had made a mistake by moving her.

She was pacing back in forth in front of the window when they pushed Renny back out of the room.

"Where are you taking her?" She frantically asked them but received no answer as they rushed away. The same nurse who had given her Renny's ring came out in to the hall. Roc grabbed her by the arm. "Please, tell me where they're taking her!"

Taking Roc's hands in her own she looked into the red-rimmed eyes. "It's OK, they're taking her down for a CAT scan, it's procedure for a head injury."

"What's wrong with her shoulder and arm? I think I did that to her when I pulled her out from under the car."

"I'll get one of the doctors and he can tell you what they have found so far. OK?"

She wanted answers yesterday but knew that by harassing the staff that she could put her lovers care in jeopardy. She paced back and forth like a cage animal, thoughts rushing through her head of what ifs. Twisting Renny's ring on her finger with each step she took. After an hour she couldn't stand it anymore and went in search for anyone who could tell her what the Hell was going on. She came to one of the nurses stations and pounded on the counter with her fist trying to get someone's attention. A haggard looking nurse came over and glared at her.

"Your not suppose to be back here, you have to wait out in the waiting room like every one else. Now go before I call security!"

"How about if I call a doctor after I rip you to pieces!" Roc screamed back at her. "I came in on the chopper with my wife over an hour ago and no one has told me a damn thing since they took her away!" The nurse gave her a disgusted look when she heard the word wife. Roc had enough; she came around the side of the counter and stood toe to toe with the nurse. "Now you find me some one who knows what the Hell is going on before I go on a rampage and give this son of a bitchin place more patients!"

The nurse picked up the phone and was about to call for security when the nurse who had spoken to Roc earlier took the phone from her hand.

"I'll handle this, you go back to cleaning bed pans." The haggard nurse gave her a searing look. "Figures you'd come to that queers rescue! You people disgust me!"

"Good! Gives you a good reason to stay away from me, now doesn't it!?!"

Taking Roc by her arm she led her down the hall to the elevators. "I'm sorry about that, she was suppose to tell you that we had taken your wife up to surgery. And when you never showed up I got suspicious and came back down here to see what the problem was."

Roc felt a cold sweat break out on her skin at the mention of surgery, she felt dizzy and had to grab on to the wall to keep from falling.

"Hey, now don't pass out on me here." She said as she grabbed Roc by her shoulders. "They had to repair her arm and shoulder."

"But what about her head?" She choked out between her now trembling lips.

"I'm taking you to her doctor now, then everything will be explained to you. OK?"

She didn't trust her voice right now so all she did was nod her head. They walked for what seemed forever until they came to a small room by the ICU area. The nurse looked in and saw the doctor looking out the window. She pulled Roc in to the room with her and called the doctor by the first name of Jesse. Roc was surprised; most doctors want their titles flaunted around them as to say I'm better than you. She was even more surprised when Jesse turned out to be a female surgeon. Her light hazel eyes smiled down at Rocs tear stained face. Looking to the nurse she gave her a sweet smile.

"Thanks Sweety, I'll see ya later."

Roc looked from doctor to nurse and back again. Jesse had a lopsided grin on her face. "As you can see we don't give a damn what people think about us. Now about your wife...." Roc gave her Renny's name. "Her shoulder was pretty messed up." She held her hand up to stop what she knew Roc was going to ask her. "And no you didn't do that when you moved her, in fact because you moved her she won't loose that arm. Come over here and sit down before I have to pick you up off of the floor." Jesse ran her fingers through her curly blonde hair. "Where was I....Ohh her shoulder was dislocated and the way that is was out of it's socket it was pressing on all kinds of nerves, blood vessels, and one big artery that is under your arm, it's that one that you can feel your pulse in."

"When I tried checking for her pulse after we crashed, I couldn't find one in that wrist. That's when I panicked and cut her seat belt to get her out. I dragged her by her arms from under the car."

"When you did that, you rearranged the broken bones that had been pressing on that artery. I fixed the nick that was in it, and she will set off every metal detector in the airports. I used a lot of pins and screws to put her back together. Now for the head injury, she has a serious concussion and has not regained consciousness yet. There's a lot of swelling around that side of her brain, we won't know yet if there will be any problems when she wakes."

"Like what kind of problems are you talking about?" Roc asked in a terrified voice.

"We're talking about her eyesight in that eye, there's a lot of pressure in the area around the optical nerve. She may or may not have vision in that eye. But we're hoping for the best. She's young and strong."

"Can I see her? I need to be there when she wakes up." The doctor saw in the green eyes a determination that no one was going to keep her away from her lover.

"I'll take you to her right now, is there any one that you want to call? Family or friends?"

"They're on the way, I called them from where we...." She couldn't continue, she kept seeing Renny laying there on the ground unmoving."

"Its OK, come on lets go check on your wife. She's hooked up to all kinds of stuff in here and it doesn't look pretty. The first 48 hours is critical with her kind of injury, so we want to keep an eye on her."


Roc walked in to the ICU area and almost sunk to her knees, Renny was so pale, and her head was completely wrapped in white bandages. The right side of her face was swollen and discolored far worse than the way she had looked after her father had beat her. She stood alongside the bed, brushing the long black hair off of her lovers shoulder. Tears fell down her cheeks as she took in the tubes and wires tracing out from beneath the covers. And the orange tints that covered Renny's right shoulder peeking out from the bandages. She sat on the edge of the bed and held on to Renny's hand, leaning forward she whispered in to her ear.

"You have to wake up, I can't live with out you." She sobbed softly against her lovers shoulder. Crawling up in to the bed she lay beside her lover, she gently laid her arm across her chest where she could feel Renny's heart and buried her face against the warm neck. She was lulled to sleep by the slow heartbeat under her palm.

Hours later the Randall's made it to the hospital, Royanna was worn out from having to keep everyone from falling apart. She was half-tempted at one time to toss Roger out the door for his back seat driver comments. She was doing 70 miles and hour with a state trooper in front of her and he kept saying that they weren't going fast enough. Any faster and she swore parts of her car were going to start falling off. So now she had to rope him in from tearing the hospital part looking for Renny. Lilly went to ask about Renny and Roc while Evan stood like a statue, she had never seen him so quiet in the entire time she had known him. She watched from the corner of her eye Royanna poking Roger in his chest, her blue eyes looked like lasers cutting through steel. He kept backing up until she had him pinned against the wall; finally he gave up and dropped his head and nodded.


The ICU nurses couldn't get Roc to wake up, so they left her laying next to Renny, which was against hospital policy. But after Jesse came in to check on Renny they were told to leave Roc alone, that having her so close would help her lovers condition. She was a firm believer that people who were either unconscious or in a coma did know when loved ones were around.

Once Lilly was able to find out where Renny was, they immediately headed there. The nurse told them that only one could go in at a time. So Royanna went in first, she was not surprised at all by finding Roc sleeping right next to her daughter. She would have been surprised if she hadn't been. Standing close to the edge of the bed she kissed first her daughter on her forehead then Roc on her cheek. Brushing blond hair back at her temple, she whispered for Roc to take care of Renny. She heard a low mumble come from her and watched as she snuggled further in to Renny's neck. Just before she left the room she watched Renny lift her left arm up and wrap it around her lovers waist. Tears came to her eyes, she knew that Renny would be all right and it was all because of a little blond.


Renny's head pounded, her body hurt like Hell and she wanted so badly to open her eyes. She tried but it was if her body wasn't listening to her. "Pretty good, my body goes on a vacation and leaves my brain behind!" She thought to herself as she tried again to do something about the trolls in her head with the jackhammers. Then she felt it, the warm body pressing up against her. Then she thought "Well Hell my body's still here! If it wasn't, then I wouldn't be able ta feel Roc laying next to me. Maybe it's pissed at me for something? Maybe because I'm laying here talking to myself and not making a damn bit of sense?" Roc's warm breath caressed her neck and she could feel where her hand was resting right above her heart. "My baby's right next to me, so I know I'm not dead. She'd kill me if that happened! The wrath of Roc? No thank you!" The last thing she remembered before everything went black was her arm wrapping around her lover.


There was nothing for them to do so the Randall's went to the nearest motel and got two rooms for the night, if need be they would reserve one for Lilly and Royanna for as long as Renny was in the hospital. Roger and Evan couldn't miss too much work so they would have to go back home. As soon as they got in to their room Roger made a phone call to his cousin who ran a wrecker business, he would see about getting Renny's car to his shop so that her insurance company could look at it. Royanna took Lilly and they went to the nearest store to pick up some cloths and stuff for Renny and Roc, they knew that neither one of them would want to wear those gorgeous hospital gowns and for as long as Renny was in there Roc would be to. Plus from what they had both seen, Roc was covered in Renny's blood.


Dr. Jesse stepped quietly in to the room to check on Renny, she carefully cut the bandages away from Renny's head, checking the sutures to make sure that there was no infection she noticed that the swelling was half of what it had been the night before. She had never seen anyone heal as fast as her patient seemed to be doing. There was only a small amount of swelling above her ear and at her temple. Using her penlight she checked her eye, the night before it was filled with blood from the pressure and broke capillaries and no it was almost back to normal. Both of her pupils were reacting normally and except for her still being unconscious she was doing well. Removing the bandages from her shoulder, she noticed that a set of green eyes were watching her.

"Hi ya, how are you feeling?"

"Sore, and like I crawled through a gutter. I'm surprised that Renny hasn't woke up ta tell me I reek."

"And have ya leave me here so that the doc could molest me?"

If She had not already been laying down she would have been on the floor when she heard her lovers voice.

"Renny?" Tears came to her eyes when Renny looked over at her with a cocky grin.

"Baby, I love you but you really reek!" Her grin turned in to a brilliant smile.

"This is fucking unbelievable!" Remarked Jesse. "Sorry, I'm Dr. Jesse Alvarez."

Roc leaned forward and gave Renny a soft kiss before explaining who Jesse was and what she had done for her the night before.

"I was just about to check on your shoulder but since your awake you can tell me how you feel."

"Well, I don't know when the trolls with the jack hammers left my head but know I have the River Dancers in there jumping around."

"What about your eye sight, can you see clearly out of both eyes?"

Renny switched closing each eye and looking towards the far wall. "I don't see a damn thing!"

Roc gasped for air. "All my Gods your blind?"

Renny chuckled then grabbed her aching head. "No baby, there's not a damn thing on the wall ta look at. Doc could ya maybe put a picture or something on the walls around here? Like maybe a playboy center fold?"

Jesse started laughing at her. "I'm sure that would go over like a ton of bricks around here. Hell if we did that we'd never get rid of some of the patients."

Roc grinned at both of them. "How about a poster of that nurse I yelled at last night? You could have your patients outta here with in minutes!"

"That's a scary picture you just painted for me, stampeding patients! Well, since your awake and in good hands here. I'm going to finish my rounds, I'll stop by later and see how your both doing."

After Jesse left Renny leaned over and gave Roc a long passionate kiss, the next thing they knew a nurse was running in to the room. "What the...your awake!" Both of their faces were a bright red. "I'll go get Jesse."

"Wait, she was just here. I'm sorry I didn't get your name last night. I'm Rochelle or you can call me Roc."

"I'm Maria, so my wife has already been in here huh? She sneaks around this place like a ghost."

"Uuuhhmm, if ya don't mind my asking, what made ya run in here so fast?"

Maria chuckled at them. "Renny's heart monitor alarm went of in the nurses station."

"Sorry about that." Roc whispered. "I'm just glad the wire wasn't on me, other wise ya would have brought the crash cart in when she woke up and scared the Hell outta us."

Renny gave Roc a sweet smile. "Baby I'm sorry but I have ta do this." She looked over at Maria. "Can she use the shower in the locker room? She's making my eyes burn." Roc's mouth fell open. "You just wait until we get you home, I'm not gonna shower for a week just ta torture you."

"By then I'll be able ta run for the hose and scrub brush." She pulled Roc to her chest and gave her another deep kiss. "Go on and clean up, I can't chase any nurses or doctors yet, so I'll be here when ya get done."

Roc got off of the bed and noticed that she was only in a blood splattered sports bra, looking down at her Levis she saw that they were covered in Renny's blood.

"I guess I do need a shower." She grinned at both of them. "OK, I'll be back in a couple of minutes."


She was coming back from the showers wearing a pair of scrubs when her sister and Royanna stepped out of the elevator. When they saw her she had a huge smile on her face.

"Hi ya, would ya believe that Renny told me I reeked?"

"She's awake?" Royanna asked in amazement.

"Yep, and just as wicked as ever. She wants playboy centerfolds put on the wall so she has something ta look at."

Lilly gave her sister a weird. "She wants pictures of men on the wall?"

"Huh? Lilly playboy not playgirl, put a mans picture on the wall and she'll run screaming from the room with me right behind her." She slapped her sister in the arm. "What do ya know about playgirl?"

"Well, I ahhh...never mind." A red-faced Lilly croaked.

"Anyway, we didn't know how long you two would be in here so we bought you two some cloths and other stuff. Now lets go see Renny so I can yell at her." Royanna mumbled under her breath as she walked down the hall towards Renny's room.

"I should beat your ass Serenity Quinton Randall!" Royanna growled.

"Hi ya Ma, you look good." She rebuffed her mothers threats. Where's Pop and Evan?"

"Don't give me that shit, you are not gonna change the subject!" She went over to her daughter and tried to give her a stern look but it melted in to a smile. Bending over she hugged her as tight as she could without hurting her. "No more sports cars, you get a huge truck or something, ya hear me." She kissed her forehead then gazed in to her tired eyes. "I'm not gonna worry about you two out there in some little car."

Lilly watched mother and daughter together, tears formed in her eyes at the love Royanna had for her daughter and realized how lucky her and Roc were. And she knew that when her and Evan's baby came it would be loved by the Randall family.

"Sis, what is Renny's name?"

"Serenity Quinton Randall. Shocking isn't it?"

"I don't see anything Serene about her." Lilly said then covered her mouth with both hands when two sets of crystal blue eyes looked at her. Roc busted up laughing at her sister. She was waiting for her to take off running for the hills. She squeezed her sisters shoulder and noticed that she still had Renny's ring on her finger.

"Oh baby I almost forgot something." She said as she walked over to the bed. Sliding the ring off of her finger she slipped on to Renny's finger and added a small kiss to it. Royanna grabbed both of their hands and looked at the rings.

"You finally did it huh little girl! About damn time, I thought we were gonna have ta lock you two in a room together! Lilly call the guys and let them know that Renny's awake." Royanna gave her daughter a mischievous grin. "Ya know what this means don't ya?"

"Ooohhh boy! Please Ma, nothing big."


Renny had two more days to spend in the hospital, the staff was so happy she and Roc were leaving. At least some of them were, the others liked going in her room to see all the playboy pictures on the wall. Jimmy had come to she her and brought most of the pictures for her to decorate with. Royanna was ready to beat all of her children when she saw their decorating tastes. "I never thought that I had three boys, but I do now!" She griped at them. Renny gave her Ma a lopsided grin. "It could be worse Ma, ya could have had me and two prissy boys!"

"Instead ya got three studs!" Evan tossed in.

The boys and Lilly went back home and Royanna would stay to drive the girls home. She felt like she had five kids now, and couldn't wait for the new addition to come and grace their lives. Lilly only had a few more weeks to go before she was due. But until then she had another wedding to plan.


They were finally home and could sleep in their own bed. Renny was about to go nuts from being celibate. Being by herself for years was different than having the love of her life cuddling up against her and not being able to do a damn thing about what her body was screaming for. She figured that they had a full week to make up for and she wasn't waiting another second. Before Roc could even drop their bags on the floor, Renny had her by the hand and was pulling her down the hallway to their room. She kicked the door closed and locked it, the phone came off the hook to land on the floor beside the bed. With her one arm she started to pull Roc's shirt off. She was struggling and all Roc could do was laugh at her frustration.

"It's not funny! I hate this damn sling thing they put me in! A damn man had ta have come up with this contraption, they have no idea how hard it is ta even go ta the bathroom with this thing on! I can't do shit with my left hand!" Roc was laughing so hard that tears where running down her face. "I feel like I'm in a straight jacket!"

"Ohh baby come here." Roc pulled her hyperventilating wife in to her arms. "Lets just take it slow, we don't have to rush. We have the rest of our lives." Renny growled deep in her chest. "Get this damn thing off of me before I get the scissors out!"

"OK Stud, just hold still." Within seconds of her shoulder brace coming off, clothes flew threw the air to land in places that only Renny would be able to reach. They started out on the bed and ended up on the floor rolling around like rabid weasels.

"OOHH GODS!" Renny yelled. "Baby don't bite so hard!" She rubbed her left ass cheek.

"I couldn't help it! It was there right in front of me! Roc growled deep in her chest at her lover. Renny rolled to her knees and started crawling up on to the foot of the bed. Before she could get up all the way she collapsed where she was, a tongue ran up between her legs from behind sending flames shooting through her body. She clung to the edge of the bed as Roc slid her tongue between her nether lips. She lapped at her with a hunger Renny had never felt before. She was quickly sending her to the edge, Renny had trouble breathing, and gripping the blankets so hard that her knuckles turned white she thrust her hips once and went over screaming her lovers name. She slipped to the floor breathing heavy, tremors coursed through her entire body. She groaned as her body jerked and she fell to the floor landing on her back. Roc crawled on top of her, attacking her lips she mashed their mouths together, bruising Renny's lips beneath her own, their teeth struck numerous times causing them to pull back and break the kiss. Renny grabbed Roc's wrists and flipped her over on to her back. Holding her wrists with one hand she used the other to stroke her lovers cheek.

"Baby calm down before ya hurt yourself" The answer she got was an animal sound that sent shivers up her spine. "Ohhh shit! I'm in big trouble." Renny released her lovers wrists and moved as fast as she could to get to the bathroom where she locked herself in. She searched through all the drawers and beneath the vanity. "Where the Hell is it!?!" She pulled everything out from the closet, towels and wash clothes fell to the floor around her feet. "I know it's here, cuz I put it here!" Reaching up to the very top shelf she ran her hand across the back. "Got it!" She had ignored Roc pounding on the bathroom door begging her to come out and play. Then it got real quiet, except for a clicking noise by the lock. She hurried up what she was doing and had just finished when the door flew open with a huffing Roc on her hands and knees, her green eyes glowing. "Now Baby, just give me a minute." Roc searched the blue eyes looking down at her and saw a fire start to glow in them. Watching as Renny walked towards her she saw the leather harness and strap-on around her lovers hips, she bared her teeth and growled. Crawling to Renny she came up on to her knees, running her hands up her lovers thighs and across to where the dildo stood out. She ran her fingers down the length of it as she flicked the very end with her tongue. Renny's eyes closed as Roc took the dildo in to her mouth and sucked on it. "Ohh my Gods!" She thought to herself. "She's a demon and she's stolen my very soul!" She heard the sucking noise her lover was making; her hips started thrusting on their own. She had to do something before she was lost. Grabbing Roc by her ears she pulled her up from the floor and backed her against the bathroom wall. Dipping her head down she grabbed the tender skin of her lovers neck, biting it hard enough to bring a loud moan from Roc's chest. She made a path down her lovers body with little nips; pulling a nipple into the mouth she dragged her teeth across it. Roc tangled her fingers in to long silky hair pulling Renny closer to her. She was moaning louder, her hips pushing against Renny's breasts.

"Please Renny...I'm so close!"

Renny dropped to her knees and spread Roc's thighs apart, nuzzling the blond curls with her chin she looked up to see Roc's eyes closed and her mouth open taking panting breaths. Running the flat of her tongue across the swollen clit in front of her, she pulled back as hips thrust hard towards her. Twice more she did this until Roc was ready to explode. Standing up she picked her lover up and let her wrap her legs around her hips. Slowly Roc lowered herself down on to the dildo. She clutched at Renny's shoulders, her fingers digging in to the strong tense muscles. Leaning forward Renny tenderly took Roc's bottom lip and pulled it between her lips; her hands gently ran up and down her rib cage relaxing her. Roc began to relax to her lovers touch; she eased further against Renny's hips until she had taken the whole dildo in to herself. Neither of them moved, Renny started kissing Roc at first with a loving touch, then with more passion. Moving her hips slowly until she felt Roc match her rhythm. Roc started to move faster until she was pulling Renny to her with the strength of her legs. Renny could feel her own juices run down to soak the insides of her thighs. Groaning every time Roc slammed against her. She was getting close to losing all control.

"Renny fuck me!" Something snapped in her, she pushed Roc against the wall, thrusting her hips faster. "Harder Renny!" She moaned in to her lovers ear. Dropping her head Roc bit into Renny's neck, sucking harder than she ever had before. Renny thrust deeper in to her lover, using one hand she slipped it between their bodies and pinched Roc's swollen clit. Roc threw her head back and bucked against Renny, she screamed out her lovers name as she exploded. Just hearing her name screamed sent Renny over with her. Their bodies trembled together as the aftershocks went through them. Renny's legs gave out and they sunk to the floor gasping for air. Burying her face in to her lovers sweat soaked blond hair she started to cough. They both felt something drifting down on top of them from the ceiling. "Ohhh shit! Baby look up." Roc tilted her head up and saw the plaster drifting down on to them. She groaned as she eased up from her lover.

"How are ya at fixing drywall?"

"Huh, why?" Renny asked.

"Oohhh cuz we have a holes in the bathroom wall now, not to mention where the wall came away from the ceiling." When she pulled Renny to her still weak legs she showed her the numerous dents and holes they had put in the wall.

"Ohh boy!" Then she started laughing. "I'll call Evan and have him come over ta fix it."

"Evan?" Roc cocked an eyebrow at her.

"He'll be wondering for years how the holes got there." She grinned at Roc and pulled her tight against her chest. Capturing her lips she gave her a long passionate kiss.

"I love you little one."

"I love you to Stud. Can we go play some more, I don't want to be able to walk for a month!"


After hours of reacquainting themselves with each other bodies they dropped off in to a deep dreamless sleep. Hours later Roc stirred; green eyes opened to see a dark head nestled on her chest resting between her breasts. Half of Renny's body lay atop her, the rest laid between her opened legs. Raising her hips she ground in to her lovers stomach, waited a few seconds then repeated her motions. Blue eyes peeked up at a grinning face.

"Baby, your gonna kill me." She rolled her stomach muscles against her lovers center. "But what a way ta go."

"Can we take a nice hot bath? I'm really sore." Roc asked as she gave her best imitation of Renny's puppy dog look. "Anything ya want, ya got it."

Renny sat her with back against the huge garden tub with Roc leaning back against her chest. Using a sponge Renny lathered her lovers upper body, teasing her nipples with brief contact. Roc's breathing came in short gasps each time the sponge came near, her hips started to press back in to Renny. Turning around she wrapped her legs around Renny's waist.

"Water sports, could be interesting?" She wiggled her brows at Renny before she captured her mouth and stole her breath away. Their bodies slippery with soap, they moved against each other. Renny slid one hand down between their bodies, running her fingers through the wet blond curls until she came to the silky wet area that was hot to her touch. "Gods Baby, you're so wet." Roc bucked against her hand when she felt two fingers slip inside of her. Digging her nails in to her lovers shoulders she pulled herself tighter against her thrusting hand. At the feel of nails digging into her skin a white-hot flame shot right to her throbbing center. "Gods Baby!" She groaned as her hips thrust forward. Roc slipped her hand down and entered her; soon they were thrusting together, the water in the tub splashing over the edge to soak the bath mat and towels. Muscles clutched around their fingers, gasping breaths mingled in a deep kiss and two souls became one when the heavens and earth crashed around them. Their screams echoed in the bathroom, bouncing off walls and dying slowly to leave only their panting breaths. Roc wrapped her arms around Renny's neck and collapsed against her, burying her face in the wet hair that fell over her lovers shoulder. All was quiet except for the loud moans reaching their ears.

"What the Hell is that?" Roc mumbled from her secure place.

Then a loud banging joined in with the moaning. Renny sat up further in the tub, tilting her head to the side she concentrated on the sounds. A low chuckle came to her lips then burst out in a deep laugh.

"What is it?"

"It's Evan and Lilly, I think there in your bed!"

"EEEWWWW! Why my bed? What's wrong with their own bed in their basement apartment at Ma's?"

Renny gave her a lopsided grin. "Why don't ya go ask them?"

"Uuuhhmm...no that's OK."

They listened for a few moments of moaning and groaning. Renny couldn't help herself; she covered Roc's ears with her hands. She took a deep breath and let out her war cry and uncovered Roc's ears and listened. Two screams pierced the air seconds later then silence. "Should we go ask them if it was as good for them as it was for us?"

"Aaahhh nope, I don't wanna see Evan's bare ass any more than I wanna see my sisters what ever!"

"Your no fun!" Renny gave her a grin as she picked her up and carried her to their bed.


The families had everything set up in the field behind the house, the boys and Roger had built a gazebo just for the occasion and Royanna, Helen and Lilly had covered it with ivy and white and red roses. Tables where everywhere but the head table sat nearest the shady trees. Roc sat on the edge of a stool in her slip in Renny's bedroom watching Royanna alter the hem of her wedding dress while Lilly and Helen arranged the bouquet she would carry. Her nerves were on end, her stomach kept rolling and pretty soon she thought she was going to have to make a mad dash to the bathroom again. She didn't know why she was so nervous; it wasn't as if she and Renny hadn't been living together for months now. She thought maybe it was the fact that so many people would witness their commitment to each other this day.

Renny laid on her brothers bed, her eyes closed and her breathing even. Evan and Jimmy watched her, amazed at how calm and cool she was that she could sleep an hour before her wedding.

"See Evan, that's why she's called Stud!"

"I'd say Dud, look at her! At least she could do something like.... Snore!"

A deep growl reached their ears. "Gotta Hell!"

"Ya know Sis?" Evan grinned. "Ya only have 20 minutes before your roped for all eternity."

"And your point would be?"

"You're laying there in you BVD's!"

"Are ya jealous cuz yours still have Mighty mouse on them? Never mind, help me get ready will ya?"

Roc was ready; at least she hoped she was after chugging a bottle of Pepto Bismal. The last minute adjustments were being made to her dress and now all she waited for was her cue to walk to the Gazebo and become the happiest and luckiest woman in West Virginia.

Renny stood in the gazebo waiting, her long jet-black hair hung over her back and shoulders of her new pure white Armani tux, her cumber bun was a light blue that made her eyes shine like never before. The diamonds in her French cuffs sent sparkles in to the gathering of relatives as she waited with quaking knees for her future wife to walk down the aisle to stand by her side. At the first note of the wedding march Renny turned to see Roc step from the back door of the house. If not for Jimmy she would have fallen over.

"Ohh my Gods Renny! She's beautiful!"

Roc stepped towards her in a pure white low cut wedding dress, from neck to cleavage was a shear silky material covered in pearls in a Celtic design. The long sleeves were billowy until mid forearm where it hugged the arm to come to a point over the top of her hand. The train was trimmed in white lace and pearls as well as the full veil covering her face. Renny could see her bright nervous smile beneath it, holding out her hand to her she saw some of the jitters leave as well as some of her own. Roger grinned at his daughter when he saw her reach out towards Roc. The pride was ready to burst out of his chest at the sight. He knew know what pure love was when he looked in to crystal blue eyes.


The wedding reception was held right there in the back yard, plywood was put down to act as a dance floor for the guests. Roc and Renny sat at the head table holding hands and trying to feed each other. However, every time either one of them got a fork near the others mouth someone started tapping on a glass.

"Baby, were gonna starve tonight ya know that don't ya?"

"So I guess we have ta put a stop ta this glass tapping stuff huh?" She winked at her wife. "Any ideas. Stud?"

"Lots of them." She lifted Roc up and put her on her lap. Looking out at all of her relatives she grinned. "Ready Baby?" At her nod Renny captured her lips and stole her breath away with a kiss to rival all others from the past. When the kiss broke Renny looked down into Roc's still face, running her fingers across her bruised lips a grin came over her face. Standing up with her wife in her arms she carried the unconscious bride in to the house. The guests went crazy; yells could be heard all the way to the kitchen where Royanna and Helen stood at the table preparing more platters to take outside.

"Renny?" Royanna had a worried look on her face. "What's wrong?"

"Aaaahhh.... Roc passed out."

"What happened that she passed out?" Her Ma asked.

"Most likely nerves." Helen said until she saw the blush run up Renny's neck.

"Nope, I kissed her." She grinned and left the kitchen on her way to her old bedroom she whispered to Roc. "OK, were clear." Roc didn't move. "Baby, I said were clear, were all alone now." She laid her on the bed. She ran her fingertips across Roc's cheek. "Roc, wake up. You're scaring the Hell outta me here!" She lifted one eyelid to look at a green eye that was just now starting to come around. Leaning down over her she pressed her face against her neck. She picked her head up when she felt small fingers run through her hair. "You really passed out on me didn't you?" A sheepish look came over Roc's face. "What can I say Stud? I'm married ta the hottest women around!" Placing a soft kiss on her lips she gave her the puppy look. "When can we get this over with and go home?"

"Soon Baby, very soon. I had Ma rearrange things, after I put out Jimmy's eye with your sexy garter, we have our last dance and I carry ya outta here. Sound good?"

"How about if ya toss it and my bouquet out the bedroom window and we run like Hell?"

Renny tilted her head to the side, a pensive look came over her face and then she shook her head. "Nope, Ma would kill us or go on our honeymoon with us."


Renny was talking to Jimmy when she heard her name yelled by Evan. Turning just in time to catch the mic being thrown to her. She looked to see where Roc was, grabbing a chair she placed it in the middle of the dance floor. Pulling Roc by her hand she sat her in the chair and went down on one knee before her. Roc had no idea what her wife was doing. She just hoped that it wasn't to embarrassing.

The Band started up with Shania Twains song You're still the one.

Renny sang the whole song right to Roc. Her whole heart went in to the song and Roc knew it by the tears that were trailing down both of their cheeks. As she sang the last verse she took Rocs hand in hers and looked deeply in to tear filled green eyes.

Ain't nothin better
We beat the odds together
I'm glad we didn't listen
Look at what we would be missin
I'm so glad we made it
Look how far we've come my Baby.

She pulled Roc's hand to her lips and kissed each knuckle. "Ready ta smack someone with your bouquet?"

All the single women gathered behind Roc and waited for her to throw her flowers. The women screamed and scampered around until there was a victor. A tall dark woman with dark brown curly hair and green eyes stood holding the flowers in her hand. "Who is that Renny?" She squinted her eyes at the stranger.

"No idea, must be one of my cousins girlfriends."

"OK Stud." Roc gave her a lecherous look. "Get your hands up under my dress!"

"I'm married to a wicked woman! I wouldn't have it any other way!" She leaned forward and winked at Roc. She then pulled the bottom hem of Roc's dress over her head.

"My Gods Renny what are you doing under there?" She squealed. Renny took her time enjoying the fact that she knew Roc was 10 shades of red right about now. Running her tongue up the inside of her lovers thigh until she came to her garter. Using her teeth she slipped it down until she reached her ankle. Pulling it off she grinned at her multi colored wife. "I don't think they'll forget this wedding ever!"

Still sitting she shot it up into the air and watched Jimmy snag it. He walked over to the woman who had caught Roc's flowers and pulled her in to an embrace and kissed her. His family was floored; Jimmy had never done anything like this before. However, Renny saw something that no one else did. The love in her brothers eyes and her soon to be sister in-law.

"I'll be damned!" Renny chuckled.

"Me to!" Echoed Roc.


"That's Laura Meghini. Or I should say Dr. Meghini. MD."

"A doctor huh? What kind?"

Roc blushed at her wife. "Uhhhmmm fertility, OBGYN."

"Has possibilities?" A huge grin spread across Renny's face. Roc didn't say a word; they all seemed to get lost somewhere.


The band struck up the couples last song. With the first notes Roc looked up at Renny with a beautiful smile.

"What? Did ya think I forgot?"

"Nope, you're just so amazing. I love you Serenity Quinton Randall."

"I love you to Mrs. Rochelle Tanner Randall."

They danced to Shania Twains song From this moment on.

Just as the last notes were coming to an end. Royanna ran over to them and whispered. They took off running towards the house. Lilly was laying on the couch, her face covered in sweat and Evan looking very pale in the corner of the room.

"Hi guys, guess what? My water broke."

Renny looked stunned, thinking fast she grabbed Evan and sent him to find Jimmy and the Doc.


The waiting room in the maternity ward was empty except for the Randall's and Helen. Evan was trying his best in the delivery room but had to keep coming out to compose himself, not to mention get the feeling back in his hands.

"Please Renny!" He begged. "Just go in there, she'll never know it's not me." He had a desperate look on his face.

"You got her in the situation now ya get ta share her pain little brother."

"But Sis! She's called me every name under the sun and she's even made up some new ones!" His whining was amusing ta Renny and the others; they hid their chuckles behind hands and magazines. "Come on Sis!"

"Nope! Your lucky, she could grab something else other than your hands."

His face turned red and he had to look down instead of his sisters blue eyes.

"She already has." He mumbled. "She says as soon as we get home she's cutting it off!" Renny couldn't hold back any longer, she gave a loud bark of laughter and propelled her little brother back through the doors telling him that if he didn't get his skinny ass in there she was gonna beat Lilly to the tiny deed.

Hours later found Renny sleeping in a chair with Roc curled up on her lap, soft snores came from where Roc had her face covered with Renny's tux jacket. None of them had bothered to change out of their wedding garb, they ushered everyone out the doors the minute Dr. Meghini checked Lilly. So now 12 hours later they were still there. The nurses from ICU had come down earlier after hearing that a Randall had been admitted to the maternity ward. At first sight of everyone in tuxes and bridesmaid dresses they thought that it was Evan and Lilly's wedding day. Until they saw Roc in her wedding dress. JT her favorite night shift nurse came up to her with a bright smile on her face.

"So it's your wedding day. Who's the lucky groom?" JT asked.

"Well, I don't know if that's the right word or not." Roc grinned at the confused look on JT's face. "Come on I'll introduce ya." JT almost hit the floor when she saw Roc take Renny's hand in hers. She had only saw Renny's back and so many men these days had long hair that it never dawned on her that it would not be a man.

"Baby, you remember JT?"

Renny smiled at the startled nurse. "How can I forget the person who wanted ta charge me rent."

"I have ta say that this is a first." She slowly shook her head. "I knew something was going on between you two when Roc was in here."

"Nope." They answered in unison. "I had just met her. Funny how things work out huh?" Renny said with a big grin on her face.

"Ooohhh yeah! I'm happy for you two. So who's the one in maternity ward?"

"Now there's a story!" Roc laughed. She explained the whole story to an even more shocked JT.

"This is gonna be one Hell of a celebration for years ta come! I gotta get back upstairs, good luck and I don't wanna see either of you on my floor again unless it's ta visit. Deal?"


A haggard Evan came in to the waiting room still in the surgical gown and booties. He looked around at his family sleeping on anything they could find. Seeing his sister and sister in-law cuddled together, he didn't want to disturb them. So he went over and woke up Jimmy. "Let him get smacked!" Evan thought to himself.

The whole family stood outside of the large glass window and looked down on the newest addition to the Randall family. Weighing 7lbs 6oz, 24 inches long was Tanner Quinton Randall all wrapped up in a pink blanket. There wasn't a dry eye in the hallway.

"It was all right ta name her after you two wasn't it?" Evan asked Renny and Roc.

"Little brother, I have never been so moved in my entire life...well, let me take that back! It's the second time. I fell honored that you named her after me." She pulled him in to a tight hug.

"Me too!" Roc said as she gave him a hug. "Whose idea was it?"

"Both of ours." He replied. "If it wasn't for you two we would never have been given the chance to be together and be near our families." He looked over at Jimmy then back to Renny and Roc with a grin on his face. "Wanna make a little wager on Jimmy there? I say 2 months and we'll have ta get our tux's out again."

Renny wiggled her brows at him. "100 bucks and its 33 days."

"You're on!" He slapped her hand.

"You two are awful!" Roc looked at Evan with sparkling green eyes. "So who won the bet on us?"

Evan gave them a big grin and pointed over his shoulder at Royanna.

"Ma did, she always wins!"


Renny and Roc lay in bed cuddled up together, finally able to relax after so many hours of being awake and on the constant go.

"Baby, where do ya wanna go on our honey moon?" Renny asked her sleepy wife.

"How about some place nice and warm, quiet and a nice big soft bed."

"That doesn't give me a place Baby, I mean like Jamaica, Hawaii, Maui some place like that."

Green eyes looked in to crystal blue. "I'm happy right here in your arms, I can think of no better place than where I am right now."

"There's no place I'd rather be either. I love you Roc."

"I love you to Stud Daddy."

"Huh?" Blue eyes got wide at the mention of the word Daddy. "But I can't, couldn't have...impossible! Rochelle!?!"

Roc laughed at her wife's panic attack. "Easy Stud, remember we will have a fertility doctor in the family."

"Damn!!!! There goes that Jerry Springer Show again!"

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