~ Chained ~
by Larisa

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Early the next morning Xe and Poni woke up in each other's arms. "Ahhh Poni would you get off my tit!" Poni's eyes shot open. "Oh shit, I thought you were Eph, I could have sworn she was here last night!"

Poni and Xe sat shoulder to shoulder whimpering. "It's your fault Xe, you and your dam herbs!"

"How was I supposed to know this would happen?" Xe held out her left arm and leg and rattled the chains that joined them together.

"What are we gonna do?"

"Maybe the Horde will take us; they have no use for sex slaves?"

"Right Xe, they'll just roast us over an open fire!"

Eph and Brie had gone down to the stream to wash and were on their way back to Xe and Poni so they had to come up with something quick.

"What are we gonna do with them Brie?"

"We could tease them for the rest of the week and let them think twice before they tried to drug us up with herbs again."

They returned to the cave to their captives. Their lovers gave them their best puppy dog looks hoping it would play on their softer sides. It didn't work Eph and Brie sat on the ground across from them leaning back on their hands they each had a leg crossed over a knee showing they wore nothing underneath their skirts.

"Eph baby, puleeeease turn me loose!"

Eph tilted her head and winked at her lover as she licked her lips. "Nope!" She answered with her sultry voice. "Don't trust ya!" Poni was deflated, now it was Xe's turn.

"Gabrielle?" She used her deep silky voice that always melted her lover's defenses. "We'll behave ourselves and won't run away again." Brie's eyes narrowed her one eyebrow twitched, she tilted her head to look at Eph and then back to Xe, a sweet smile on her face gave Xe and Poni hope.

"Well I think we could...NOT! Paybacks are a bitch and that's me Queen bitch!

Xe and Poni fell back on the ground. "Thanks Xe!"

"No problem Poni."

Eph and Brie cooked that night from the stash that Poni had in the cave plus the wine that they had brought with them. Eating was hell for the captives, with Xe being a lefty and Poni not, they had to coordinate their hand raising otherwise the other one never got their food to their mouth. Xe had finished eating before Poni and refused to let Poni pick up her arm to eat, with the circumstances as they were their tempers were very short.

"Xe come on I keep missing my mouth."

"Something that big and you miss it?"

"At least I'm normal and use my right hand!"

"There is nothing normal about you Poni!"

"Who says!"

"I do!"

Eph and Brie looked at each other and shook their heads. "Come on I need some air, we'll leave the kids to play."

That's all it took for a Poni fit, she jumped Xe pinning her on the ground with her full body weight.

"Take it back!"



"Beg me!" Xe wiggled her eyebrows and Poni growled at her for it. "Ya know Poni; you're sexy when you do that." Poni's eyes grew twice their normal size, her anger deflated by Xe's comment. Xe started laughing at the look on her friends face.

"Are you making a pass at me?"


"Wanna get out of here?

"Whats your plan?"

"Just follow my led. You got great tits Xe, makes my mouth water."

"Go for it Poni I'm all yours."

They rolled around on the ground moaning and groaning loud enough to be heard outside the cave by their lovers.

"Now what are they doing?" Asked Eph.

"Well, they sure don't sound like their ..." Brie's eyes grew wide. "Fighting!"

"Are they coming yet?" Poni asked since Xe was the one on the bottom and could see out the cave entrance. "Oh yes Poni, almost!" Poni latched on to Xe's lips giving her a deep kiss.

"Ooowwww let go...Oh hi Sweety we were just ...ah never mind." Poni was hauled off Xe by her ear leaving Xe wide open for an assault from Brie, who went nose to nose with her lover.

"I can't leave you for a minute can I?"

Brie reached in to her gross green sports bra thingy and pulled out the key to the cuffs on Xe's wrists and Eph did the same for the leg irons on Poni. Xe and Poni grinned until they realized what was happening. Now they had their wrist chained to their opposite ankle leaving very little movement except to walk like huge chimps. Xe and Poni growled at each other.

"I think the tea wore off Poni and were screwed until the very end!"

That night Brie and Eph sat eating fresh rabbit stew and Xe and Poni got the left overs from breakfast, hard rolls and cold tea.

"Sweety can we have some?" Poni asked giving her best puppy dog look to Eph. She got her answer by the way of a spoonful in the face. "Thanks Sweety!" Xe started to laugh at her friend and got the same treatment. But Poni learned and just gave her a big ole grin, so they settled for the hard rolls and cold tea. The cramps were getting worse; Xe could see the paler and the sweat beaded on her lovers face. At this point, their trust in their lover's eyes was very low, so she didn't want to offer any herbal remedies to their uncomfortable lovers. So she watched them polish off one wine skin after another until they passed out drunk. Xe covered Poni's mouth as she shoved on her shoulder trying to wake her up. Pointing to their passed out lovers they moved out of the cave like big chimps.

"We're we going?" Poni asked.

"As far away as possible until this is over!"

With difficult movements, they half crawled through the trees until they made it to the outside perimeter of the nation. They knew that no villager would help them for fear of revenge from the warriors. So, the only thing to do was wait for some unsuspecting idiot to come along and help them get free, and the wait was not to long but it was scary. The clanging of metal and the occasional cry of pain came towards them along with a hideous song.

"Joxer the Mighty loves Aphrodite."
"Gabby's a little twit down in a lava pit"

"He just keeps adding on to that God awful song and it keeps getting worse every time I hear it."

"Xe I thought Brie's voice was bad but he's got her beat by a mile!" Poni said as she covered her ears and started a mantra of her own. "He sucks, he sucks, he sucks!" Right up until he fell over her in a heap of crashing metal. Stumbling to his feet he fought with his sword which had slid around on his belt to the center of his back, he turned in a circle like a dog chasing his tail.


"What Xena I'm trying to...Xena what are you doing here? Not that you're not allowed here but I never expected to see you to be well...and where's your cloths, my you certainly have the assets don't you!" He gave her that stupid giggle of his. "Where's Gabrielle I want her to hear the latest lyrics to my song it goes like this, Joxer the...owww Jeez you you ama ...oh hi Poni"

"We heard now shut up, one more word and I'll make you a part of my history, got it?" Xe growled. "Now help us get out of these things.

"I was going to ask you about those but I figured you two were in to that kinky stuff." Xe shut him up with a glare alone, Poni crooked her finger at him to come closer, Joxer tipped his head back and narrowed his eyes at her. "You're not going to hurt me are you?"

"Only if you don't get over here!"

When he got close enough she swept his legs dropping him on his back then she pounced on him and started looking for something on his body.

"Hey that tickles...Poni, Poni; please not out in the open I have a rep to uphold!"

"I got it!" Poni yelled as she turned a piece of wire in her fingers.

"Hey that's part of my... of my looking down at his chest he pointed. "To this thing give it back!"

Xe growled at him. "Shut up or I'll turn Poni loose on you!" He looked over to see Poni with an evil grin on her face. She bent the wire and started to work on the locks, with in seconds she had hers off and then went to work on Xe's. Once done, she handed the wire back to Joxer who looked at it and shrugged his shoulders and stuck it back in to the thing on his chest.

"Joxer take these." Xe handed him the cuffs and leg irons. "And you'll find Brie and Eph about a candle mark away in a cave, you can't miss it. And tell her you helped us out ok."

"No problem, you can count on me!"


Xe and Poni took off through the trees heading back towards the nation and to one of her mothers forgotten temples. Joxer was looking for the cave that Eph and Brie were in singing his song the whole way at the top of his lungs, every Amazon with in hearing distance ran for cover so as not to be an unwilling audience. Eph covered her ears even with out the hang over it drove her nuts.

"Brie stop him before I forget he's a friend of yours!"

"If he keeps it up he'll be a late friend!"

Brie came staggering out of the cave with bloodshot eyes and her blonde hair sticking out all over her head.

"Joxer shut the hell up!" She then gave him a terrifying scowl.

"Gabby!" He grinned and grabbed her hugging her hard to his chest.

"Let me go before I throw up on you!"

"Oh sorry." He giggled. "I just saw Xena and Poni." Brie's eyes shot open, she ran back in to the cave and looked around. "Son of a bitch...I'm gonna kill her!" Joxer being as quick as molasses in the middle of winter solstice followed her in. "She said to give you these." He handed over the chains. "Boy did I ever have the time getting these things off of them, I mean who ever put these things on them wasn't fooling around, I mean with them being all crouched over and everything. Do you know who..."

Two pissed off amazons closed in on him, eyes glowing like embers.

"I guess it really doesn't ...Oh darn now Brie Eph I...owww!"

"You know what Queenie; this is a lot more fun!"

"Ooowwww, Eph not so hard!" Joxer yelled and tried to get away.

Every time Joxer slowed down Brie or Eph poked him with one of the sharp sticks that carried. Later, Joxer stood minus his armor tied between trees with a sign hanging around his neck proclaiming. "PMS relieving dummy!" Beside him on the ground was a bushel of rotten tomatoes.

"Hey not the moldy ones!" Joxer squealed.


"Well Xe ya think we'll be safe here?"

"If they find us here we might as well just stay in the village and suffer! Hey Ma want another Gyro, how about you Charon? Just let the boat float they have all of eternity to get over to the other side."

"I wonder if Joxer's still alive?" Asked Poni.

"Oh he's enjoying the amazons by now."

There sat Artemis, Xe and Poni in Charon's ferry drinking wine and eating Gyro's hoping that no one found them for awhile.

The end

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