~ Chicken Little ~
by Larisa

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Chicken Little
By Larisa

Part 2

It was one o'clock and Bronte was just about crawling up the walls, she pulled the bag that Grisly had brought her from off the table and dumped it out on her lap. The first thing that caught her eyes were the blue silk boxers, a wicked gleam came to her eye. Running the silky material through her fingers brought a smile to her face.

"So ya think I'm the boxer type huh little bear? You would be right on that, never had silk before though." She held out the black sleeveless shirt and then the Levis. Checking the size, she laughed and shook her head. "Damn woman, you even know what size I wear." Her brows dipped down as far as the swelling would allow. "Just how do you know what size I wear?" All her other clothes were the wrong size; she knew that she couldn't have gotten anything from them. "So ya been checking me out." Easing out of the hospital gown, she dressed in her new clothes and then reached under the bed for her boots, which was a huge mistake on her part. Her head felt like the top was going to shot off. Lying back on the bed, she waited until the pain went away and her eyes became unclouded. "Sometimes Pellatrino, you're a raving genius." Her best bet was to just lay there and wait for Grisly to come and ask her if she would put her boots on for her.


"What time is it?"

"Two minutes later than the last time you asked me." Daryl was ready to box Grisly's ears; she had been asking her for the last hour what time it was. "What's the rush today, gotta hot date?"

"If you must know, I'm picking Bronte up from the hospital." She stuck her tongue out at her.

"Ohh so it is a big date!" Daryl ran her fingers through her curly hair. "Gonna primp for the big bad warrior convict?"

"Warrior convict?"

"Yeah, she reminds me of a warrior the way she plows through the workers to rescue her damsel in distress."

"I'm far from being a damsel, thank you very much."

"OK, midget being crunched then."

"You really are pushing it Daryl, I'll…tell grandpa!" She grabbed Daryl's wrist and checked the time again. "Damn! Five fucking minutes!"

"Ohh for Christ sakes go change or put your dildo on or something."

Grisly's brows reached up into her hairline and her eyes blinked a few times. "I do not own a strap-on."

"Wanna barrow mine?" Daryl wiggled her brows and stuck her tongue out seductively.

"You are really sick and pushing it."

"I push it very well, ask Marty."

"That's it I'm gonna go change out of these ugly white things."


She ran out of the locker room just as the last person was leaving the time clock, she looked down at her skintight black Levis, boots and finally her blue sleeveless T-shirt. "What am I doing?"

"Getting sexy for your woman." She looked up to see Marty and Daryl waiting for her.

"She's not my woman, she's…I don't know what she is."

"She's HOT!" Marty ducked the hand coming towards her head.

"Do you want to sleep on the couch for the next year?" Daryl grabbed her by her nipple ring and dragged her towards the door to the parking lot.

"Baby, I was just being observant."

"Be that way with your eyes closed."

"You're no fun baby, just looking, would never dream of touching."

That's because one of three women would kick your ass!" Grisly planted her foot in said area and gave Marty a small shove. "I'm starting first!"

"Ohhh I hear possessiveness in little bears voice Marty!"

"Bite me Daryl!"

"Not on the first date I don't." She threw back.


A horrible noise was coming from Bronte's room, Grisly peeked around the corner afraid of what she might find. Slapping a hand over her mouth to hold back the scream of laughter that was trying to burst forth, she silently walked into the room and looked down at a sleeping Bronte. Her mouth hanging open, drool running down her chin and the most god-awful snore that Grisly had ever heard coming from her nose and mouth at the same time. Grisly stepped beside the bed, ran a finger across a dark brow, and watched it twitch beneath her finger. She loved the way the dark brows were naturally arched over pale blue eyes. The few times she had been held under their captive gaze, she felt her heart race and her mouth go dry. Tracing the fine wrinkles at the corner of Bronte's eyes, she let her finger trail down a high cheekbone to end at her chin. Grisegond what are you doing? You're gonna get caught and then what? Her little voice was laughing at her. After a loud rattling breath, a blue eye squinted open and rolled around until it caught sight of a smirking face.

"You snore like a grizzly."

Bronte tried to speak but with her dry throat nothing would come out, she sat up, swung her legs over the bed and fell into Grisly's arms. Grabbing her pounding forehead, she moaned and whimpered into a soft breast.

"Moved a little to fast there Bronte." Grisly made sure that she could sit without falling, then handed her a glass of water. "Are you all checked out from this place?"

"No, they want you to sign some more damn papers." She looked up from beneath her dark brows and back to the floor. "They need an address and I don't have one."

"I'll take care of it and be right back." Not being able to help herself, she brushed dark bangs back from Bronte's forehead and placed a soft kiss on her damp skin. "No jumping around while I'm gone."

"Don't worry, I don't think I'll be doing that for a while." She rubbed her temples trying to get rid of the pounding. "Or anything else." She said to the empty room.

Grisly came back into the room pushing a wheelchair, with one look from pale blue eyes, she pointed a finger at her. "Don't start, it's hospital policy." She looked down at Bronte's sock covered feet and grinned. "Did they hide your boots so you couldn't escape?"

"That wouldn't stop me but where they put them did." She pointed under the bed and shrugged her shoulder. "I tried to get them but it was either let my head fall off or get my boots. The boots won, could you…"

Grisly pulled her boots out from under the bed and put them on for her, she felt like a mother fighting a toddler to get their shoes on. "What are you doing with your toes?"

"Uhhmm curling them?"


"I'm not used to wearing socks and it feels funny."

"You don't wear socks with your work boots?"

"This is the first pair of socks I've had in a while, I didn't need them in prison, I wore Tennis shoes or those sissified shower shoes."

"Sissified? Is that a word?"

"It is when you're my size and ya have to wear orange flip flops." She rotated her ankles before getting off the bed, she hadn't been out of the bed except to go to the bathroom and the sudden movement had her feeling a little dizzy. Reaching out, she found a small muscular shoulder to lean on and felt warm hands around her waist. "Can your health deteriorate in the hospital, I feel worse now than after I was shot."

"Once we're out of here, we'll go get some real food and fresh air. I hate hospitals, I'd starve to death in a day."


Grisly pushed Bronte right up to her grandpa's truck, she had borrowed the truck because she knew the tall woman would have a hard time bending her body at odd angles to fit inside her little VW Golf. Once Bronte was in, she pushed the wheelchair up to the doors and then jogged back to the truck and got in.

"Are we ready? I'm starving and my uncle's restaurant is having a BBQ rib special for supper."

Bronte turned in the seat and caught Grisly's hand before she shifted gears. "I wanted to thank you for the clothes and everything you've done for me." She looked down at the small hand in hers and traced a jagged scar across the top of it. "I'll pay you back for the clothes on payday."

"Bronte, I don't want paid back for anything. What ever I did, I did because we're friends. You're not alone anymore."

"But you don't even know me or…"

"I know that you're the only one that's ever saved me from being mangled in the hallway after work, that's enough for me to see you're a good person." She pulled the truck out of the lot and headed to her uncles restaurant. She knew that the minute he saw her with Bronte, the family would find out and they would be snooping around to find out who the tall woman was. Everyone knew Paula, she had on occasion tagged along with Grisly, Daryl and Marty to the restaurant only to make it as far as the bar. Pulling around the back, Grisly got out and ran around to the passenger door to help Bronte.

"What are you doing?"

"Uuhmm trying to be a gentleman?" She placed a hand under Bronte's elbow and steadied her once she was out of the truck.

"I'm not an invalid ya know."

"I know but you're still weak and my grandpa always said to be a gentleman."

"Does that mean that we're gonna fight over doors and pulling chairs out?"

Grisly rubbed her chin, looked up a good foot into sparkling blue eyes, and felt her breath catch in her chest. Her voice low and deep, she spoke and managed to put both feet in her mouth. "You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen and a body to…" Bronte's crooked smile and deep laugh startled her. "I said that out loud huh?" Wrapping a long arm around Grisly's shoulders, Bronte pulled her into her side and gave her a small hug.

"Don't worry about it, I mumble to myself all the time. Grisly, I don't want to sound like a prom queen but do I look like a raccoon?" Pain and regret filled green eyes and Bronte could see them becoming misty. "Little bear, this isn't the first time I've had my nose broke, won't be the last time either. I'm worried about what people will think of you being seen with the likes of me."

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, I don't care what anyone else thinks. Lets go eat before I turn in to a bigger mushball and embarrass myself more."


Grisly's uncle brought them huge platters of BBQ spareribs, bowls of coleslaw and French fries. And something that he only did for family and friends, two bath towels for sauce covered hands and faces. Of everyone who came there to eat, his niece was the worst of them. She left with more sauce on herself than what they put on the ribs. After 26 years, her eating habits were the same. He remembered going over to the house and seeing a naked Grisly in her highchair covered with what ever she was eating.

The older man gave his niece a smirk and then leaned over Bronte's shoulder and whispered in her ear. He laughed when the food stopped midway to her mouth, her jaw dropped open and eyes captured Grisly with such intensity that Grisly sat there like a deer in the head lights.

"Ohh nooo Uncle Roger you didn't?"

"Ohh yes I did little bear, serve ya right for eating me out of house and home." He laughed all the way back to the kitchen. Bronte set the rib down on the plate and leaned forward.

"So is it true?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No it's not, what ever he said he was lying."

"I don't think so little bear, if he was, you wouldn't be three shades of red right now and looking for an escape route."

"Ohh shit. What's wrong with me eating my supper naked, I'm at home and no one knows about it…well, except you now." The last part was whispered.

"That's not what he said." Bronte grinned. "Roger said that usually you sit at the buffet bar and eat."

"How is it that I always end up with my foot in my mouth around you?"

"Must be my charming personality, I've been known to be nice too."

Bronte was full and feeling like she would burst if she took too deep of a breath, grisly on the other hand was still eating. She had eaten what Bronte hadn't and then went to the buffet table for deep fried shrimp and Black River cheesecake. It was all rinsed down with a half gallon of milk that Roger had brought over.

"You marry this one and you better have two jobs to feed her, she eats more than the Tampa Bay Bucs!" He handed Bronte a white Styrofoam container. "That's for Scooter, don't let the grizzly get it."

"Hey that's not fair!" Grisly whined and stuck her bottom lip out.

"Is too, last time you ate half his desert before you got home. I told him he should have had you drive so he could guard his food." Roger waved at the women and went over to a table to check on other customers.

"Grisly are you done eating because if I sit here much longer, I won't be able to get up."

"Too much food in ya?"

"Nooo too many sutures, I'm getting stiff and my ass is numb."

"Do you want me to drop you off at the motel on my way to the garage?"

"Nah, I wanna see Scooter and check on some things I was working on."


Bronte undid the top button of her Levis and pulled her shirt out of the waistband so that she could breathe. Grisly on the other hand was eating potato chips that had been left in the truck. All Bronte could do was close her eyes and moan. "Eating machine"

"Did you say something?"

"You're an eating machine." Was all she said before she fell asleep.


Grisly pulled the truck up to the front door of the garage, she looked over to see Bronte with her head tilted back on the headrest sound asleep. She hated to wake her, she knew that she needed rest for her shoulder to heal. Quietly, she opened the door and was half-way out when warm fingers touched her arm.

"Thanks for supper."

"Your welcome, we're at the junkyard, you coming in?"

"As soon as I check on something, be there in a few minutes."

The two women went off in separate directions, Grisly to her grandpa's office and Bronte to the shed she had been working in. The minute she opened the door, she knew some one else had been in there while she was in the hospital. Flipping the overhead light on, she saw the frame, fenders and gas tank hanging from the ceiling. Picking up the carburetors, she saw that they had been cleaned and rebuilt and that new fuel lines had been attached to them. Looking quickly over the other stuff, she saw other little things that had been done. A bright smile came to her face, she left the shed and went to find Scooter.


"Grandpa, Roger sent your supper!" She stopped in the office and watched her grandpa try to hide his playboy magazine under the desk blotter. "Still trying to hide those from me huh?" She placed the container on the desk and folded her arms over her chest. "I already have that copy so there." She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Where's your wife at?" He knew that would get her.

"My what? Ohh you mean Bronte." Ya old bastard trying to pull a fast one. Her little voice said. "She went to check on something, said she'd be in afterwards."

Scooter gave his granddaughter the once over and snorted. "Wearing the huntin clothes, catch anything?" His bushy brows wiggled above mischievous eyes.

"About fifteen pounds of ribs, shrimp, fries…

"And what ever didn't run or scream when it saw her coming." Bronte stepped to stand beside Grisly and gave her a wiggling brow. "You had that family worried when you kept winking at their baby and holding up a French fry as bait."

"But she had animal crackers and Uncle Roger wouldn't give me any, I was trying to trade for them."

"Sure ya were."

Scooter kept looking between the two women and couldn't help but smile. Right then, he knew they were made for each other. No one but the girls, Roger and him could tease Grisly and not end up with a knuckle sandwich. "Been out to the shed Bronte?"

"Yep, did you do all that work on the bike parts?"

"Nope, Grisly did."

Bronte turned with amazed eyes to a blushing Grisly, her brows reached up into her hairline and the corner of her mouth lifted. "You painted all the parts and everything?"

"I had to do something, I felt bad, still do about…"

"I told you not to." She pulled her forward and gave her a soft kiss on the lips that made her blush even more. "Thank you."

"Hey I told her to do it!" Scooter pulled his teeth out and puckered up. "Come on Bronte lay one on an old man."

"And give you a heat attack? Don't think so."

"How about if I put my choppers back in?" He gulped loudly from the look Grisly gave him. "Possessive little midget."

"I am not possessive, I'm…grossed out! That's twice in the last two days I've seen that kinda puckered up face."

"Ohh yeah, who else wanted Bronte ta kiss them?"

"Not her, me! That crazy Marty wanted me to kiss her…to see if…ohh never mind." She dropped her head to try and hide the redness that was quickly creeping up her neck.

"Well, I think I'm gonna go lay down for a little while. My little hobbits in my head are pounding again."

"Take that ice bag outta the refrigerator, it'll help." Scooter said and then handed her a bottle of Tylenol from his desk drawer. "If you need anything, both mine and Grisly's phone numbers are here by the phone."

"OK, thanks for everything." She winked at Grisly and waved at Scooter before going out the door. Cutting up the side of the garage, she went through where the fence was knocked down and to the back where her tent was. She would miss sleeping in a bed but she was happy to be outside and free again. A bed was a little thing to give up for being able to lay beneath the stars every night. Unzipping the tent, she dropped down to her knees and crawled inside. Checking the air mattress, she found it flat as a pancake. "Just great, how in the Hell am I gonna blow you up with out doing the same to my head?" Pulling it out from under her sleeping bag, she squeezed it and found a small hole near a seam. "Guess it's the hard ground until payday that is if I still have a job?" She lay down on the sleeping bag and pulled her feet up to take her boots off. Next were her pants and shirt, she lay there listening to the birds and other wild life until sleep claimed her.


Scooter threw his bad leg up on the desk and balanced his supper in his lap, taking one of the ribs out, he chewed as best her could on an end.

"So my little bear, what did you and the tall one do today?"

"Nothing just went out to eat is all." She sat on the edge of his desk and tried to steal a rib.

"I see you bought her some new clothes, she's a damn fine looking woman. You like her don't you?" He looked up at her and grinned.

"Yeah I do. She's so different from anyone I've ever met." She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. "There's an inner strength in her and a darkness that reaches out for something."

"You're the only one who can see these things Grisly, maybe they reach for you?"

Opening her eyes, she looked down into the serious face of her grandpa. "Why me?"

"Because little bear, there's always been a light that burns within you. Even as a baby, you were special."

"I'm no different than anyone else grandpa." She hopped down off his desk, kissed his cheek and walked out the door to stand in the dusk and look to the coming night sky. "Wish I were different." She walked slowly to her car and looked across the street to the motel. "If I were, maybe we could be more than friends?"


Bronte tossed and turned on the hard ground, no matter how she laid, her back screamed at her. The doctor had told her that she was healing rather quickly and that he had never seen anything like it. However, that the bullet had hit the shoulder blade and chipped away a piece of the bone. The bone would be sore until it healed and for her not to abuse herself. Exactly what sleeping on the hard ground was doing, it was damp and only going to get worse. Rolling to her side, she caught the nose guard on the sleeping bag and let out a howl when the tape pulled out the fine hair beneath her right eye. Giving up, she yanked the tape off, threw the guard across the tent and rolled over to lie on her stomach. Nothing was working; she sat up, pulled on her shirt and boots and went to the shed to work on her motorcycle.


Grisly was in a pensive mood the next morning, every time Daryl looked over at her, she saw the dark brows gathered over the bridge of her nose. What confused her more was that Grisly had not fallen asleep even once that day. Plus, she was very quiet which was so unlike the talkative little blonde. When lunchtime came around, she barley ate her lunch. Daryl became worried when she found her starring off into the distance.

"Grisly what's wrong?"

"Huh? Oh nothing just thinking."

"About what? It must be awful heavy the way you've been so quiet today."

"Just something grandpa said last night, he said that I have this light burning inside of me." She turned and looked into Daryl's hazel eyes. "He makes me sound like some kinda angel or something."

"Angel you are not, but you are special. What started this conversation with grandpa?"


"Ohh tall dark and mysterious. How is she?"

"I don't know." She tried to hide the blush that crept up her face. "I took her to Rogers last night before taking her back to the junkyard."

"And you scared the hell outta her by eating the entire buffet spread?"

"No, but Roger told her if she married me she would need two jobs to be able to feed me."

"More like a class in CPR to revive you after sex." Her face grew serious and she cleared her throat before continuing. "You know that she probably had lots of women in prison."

"I know, but I haven't been Mother Teresa myself."

"That's not what I'm saying; in there, things are different, rougher."

"Geez were talking like I'm going to sleep with her. We're just friends nothing more."

"Come on Grisly, you can't say you haven't thought about getting tall dark and dangerous between the sheets."

"Honestly, I haven't." She ran a fingertip across her lips and sighed. "She's different from all the others, I want more than that kind of relationship."

Daryl waved a hand in front of her, pinched her cheeks and looked deeply into bright green eyes. "Its really you isn't it, you weren't abducted by aliens and replaced with a different model?"

"Funny Daryl, no it's the real deal here. I watched her sleep in the hospital the one-day and I really looked at her. I felt something reaching out to me. Every time I look at her, I see it."

"Are you related to that Jamaican tarot reader on TV that got arrested? cuz you're getting spooky here."

"Can't help it, I look in her eyes and I can't breathe, my heart pounds in my chest and I feel like I'm going to pass out. She kisses me and my lips tingle for hours."

Daryl wrapped an arm around Grisly and kissed her temple. "My little bear is soooo gone!"


Scooter was out in the junkyard looking for a part some one had called about when he came across Bronte sound asleep sitting inside a stack of tires. Her arms and legs hanging over the edges and her head resting back against one of the many sheds. He cringed when a god-awful gargling noise came from her open mouth. Reaching inside his pocket, he pulled out a roll of cherry lifesavers and flipped one towards her. It bounced off her chest and fell between her legs, the next one hit the mark. Her eyes shot open and she looked around until she saw him standing about five feet away with an innocent look on his face.

"Damn that bird has a Hell of an aim! Flew right over you and well, you know." He grimaced at first and then burst into chuckles at the horrid look on her face. Bronte's face paled until she tasted the cherry flavor. A low rumbling growl rattled in her chest before she gave him a wink. "Whatcha doin out here?"

"Couldn't sleep last night, so I worked on my motorcycle and then just wandered around." She pushed herself out of the tires and tried to stretch her cramped body. "Lesson number one, never sleep in tires. Ya get all cramped up and you end up with black shit all over you." She looked down at the black streaks all over her arms and legs. "Guess I'll go take a shower and then I'll give ya a hand out here."

She trotted off towards the fence line leaving Scooter to stare at her retreating form.

"Damn woman if I was 50 years younger and female." He scratched his head and hobbled to an area where he had nothing but Chevy cars and trucks.


Daryl and Grisly looked to the overhead speaker as static came over it, a hesitant voice started to speak at first then the hushed sounds of voices in the background before the heard the big boss speak.

"Due to an accident on the PA Turnpike, we won't be getting our truck in until the morning. Everyone will be paid for a full day but you are to punch out and go home. That means I don't want to see any shop stewards in my office!"

They heard the loud click of the speaker shutting off and then yells echoing through the entire warehouse. They looked to each other and jumped up and down. Grisly let out a howl and got smacked in her ass for it.

"I hate when you do that!" Daryl yelled right in her ear and then had Grisly cringing as she gave out a war cry of her own. "Let's get out of here before they change their minds." The place looked like it was on fire, workers ran in every direction, bouncing off each other, the walls and doorframes. Grisly saw Marty waving to them from the opposite end, taking Daryl's hand, she dragged her down the hall and through the door to the small maintenance room.

"This is how Bronte kept getting away so fast." She pointed to the time clock on the wall. "She punched out here and went out the back door."

The three of them punched the clock and ran out the door to go around the building and to their cars. Grisly would remember to give Bronte a swift kick for not telling them about her little secret. Punching the gas pedal, she flew through the parking lot and out on to the road heading in the direction of the junkyard. Since she had so many free hours to play, she wanted to play with Bronte. Maybe she could learn something of her mysterious friends past and figure out where she fit into her future if that was the case. Blowing past slow moving cars, she made a new record of seven minutes from her job to the junkyard. She pulled in between two trucks that she didn't recognize, getting out of her car, she followed the sound of voices to the garage on the side and found her grandpa with two men looking at used transmissions and engines.

"Hey Grisly what are you doing off work so soon?" Scooter wiped his hands on a rag before he gave her a hug.

"Some kind of accident up north, the chicken truck can't get through so they sent us home."

"You here to help me today?" He waved towards two transmissions and a V8 truck engine. "I need to get those out to these fellows' trucks." He saw the lecherous look one of the men was giving his granddaughter and it made his blood boil. "Go down stairs and get Bronte."

"I can do it myself." She took two steps towards the transmissions and stopped when she heard her full name called.

"Uhhmm…I'll go get Bronte." She gave Scooter a raised eyebrow and mouthed the words 'What?' before she went past him and towards his office and the trapdoor. Going down the brightly lit steps, she headed towards the small bathroom. Not paying attention to what was in front of her, she walked right into a half naked Bronte.

Holding back a chuckle, Bronte looked down at the top of Grisly's head. "You always greet people this way?" Grisly's face was buried between her breasts and she could feel the heat coming off her face. Grisly stepped back but kept her face downward.

"I didn't see you standing there." She ran a hand across her eyes and left it there.

"Come here I need some help, I can't get dressed because of those damn sutures snagging on everything." She dropped her red sports bra on top of Grisly's head and went back into the bathroom. "It's not like you haven't seen me naked before."

"I know it's just different than before, I was…forget it." She mumbled and went into the small bathroom. "What do you want me to do?"

"Pull the back down over those damn things, I can't reach like I used to. My shoulder is stiff and hurts like Hell to move it at that angle."

Grisly stood on the toilet seat and helped Bronte get her sports bra on, she couldn't help but let her fingers trail over the warm silky skin of her shoulders and back. The play of muscles under the naturally bronzed skin made her mouth go dry and her pulse pick up. Being completely ignorant, she let her fingers linger on Bronte's muscled ribcage and almost fell when she moved away from her.

"I need your help, I don't know why but grandpa says so?"

"Are you awake yet. 'cuz you're not making any sense." Bronte tilted her face up and looked into green eyes swirling with so many emotions it was hard to tell what Grisly was feeling. She heard the smaller woman gulp as their eyes connected, she wanted to lean down and kiss her senseless but held back. Instead, she tweaked Grisly's nose and led her to the stairs. "Let's see what Scooter has for us." As soon as they neared the area where the men were, they heard the voices of the customers.

One of the men said loud enough for the next county to hear. "Only thing a split tail is good for is giving me head."

Grisly saw Bronte's back stiffen, the tendons in her forearms flex and her fists clench. Wrapping her arms around the taller woman's waist, she held her back. "Lets let them dig their hole deeper, then we'll show them." She felt Bronte relax a little but still felt the stiffness in her body.

The other man came up with his story. "You know that blonde bimbo at the bowling alley? I plugged her right there against one of the pool tables, then made her suck me."

Bronte took a hold of Grisly's arms when she felt her start to let go of her waist, she knew the blonde bimbo part had got to her.

"All those women at the Tyson plant are sluts, I pick one up every night and make her give me a blow job in the front seat, then kick her out." The first man howled at his accomplishments. Scooter's face was getting redder by the second, he didn't believe in treating woman the way these two morons did. If he was younger, he'd kick the shit out of them just for breathing.

"You ready little bear? Just follow my lead."

Grisly nodded her head and swore that Bronte grew in size right before her eyes. The veins pulsed in her shoulders and biceps every time she clenched her fists. Pulling one of Scooter's work shirts off a peg, she handed it to Bronte to put on.

"What's this for?" Bronte asked as she looked at it.

"Flash those mother fuckers!"

An evil grin crossed Bronte's lips. "I can do that."

One of the men turned to Scooter and winked at him. "That little blonde that was in here, I think I fucked her last night."

Just as Scooter was about to sign his death certificate, Bronte stepped into the room. Her voice came out delicate as a southern belles, a thick southern accent with the mannerisms to go with it. Grisly and Scooter both almost hit the floor with the drastic change in the tall woman.

"Grisly said you needed my help, I can't see why when you have these two strappin young gents standing here." She gave them a seductive look, licked her lips and played with the buttons on the front of her shirt.

Scooter had to clear his throat first or choke. "Would you load up that engine and those transmissions for them?"

"Sure no problem, I can do this in a few minutes." She walked over to the parts, bent over at the waist and examined them for a few moments. She felt their eyes on her ass and knew they would say something about it.

"Like ta plug her ass…," One of them said and shut up when he caught the murderous glare coming from Grisly.

"Are you going to wish them into our trucks or what? I don't have all day to wait around because of a useless woman."

Both Grisly and Scooter cringed when they heard the mans words directed at Bronte and saw her back stiffen. She turned around and gave Grisly a dazzling smile.

"Can you do me a favor baby, hold my shirt? I don't wanna get it all greasy!" She turned so that her back was to the two leering men and slowly let it slid from her shoulders into Grisly's hands. She turned part way and trailed her fingers down Grisly's cheek before she gave her a soft kiss. "Thank you baby bear."

"Come on you dyke bitch, I ain't got all day!"

Grisly's took a step back when Bronte changed right before her very eyes. Pale blue eyes turned to an icy white, her body radiated danger and pain and her voice dropped so low that it was more like an animal's growl. Her fluid panther like movements had her standing toe to toe with the loud mouth. "Move to the side little man before you get hurt." She growled deeply then turned her back to them, picked up the engine and carried it to one of the trucks. Moments later, she grabbed the two transmissions up, one in each hand and took them outside. When she returned, she shot her arms out to the sides and flexed.

"Did they pay for their stuff grandpa?"

"Yep, cash on the barrel head."

"Good." She stepped towards the two men and growled. "Time to go assholes!" Grabbing them by the front of their shirts, she picked them up, threw them out the door and slammed it behind her. "Fucking morons."

"Damn woman, I ain't never seen no one pick up an engine like that before. I use the engine puller and roll it out." He flexed his thin arms and sighed. "If I had muscles like yours I wouldn't need it."

"Grandpa is that why you had me get Bronte?"

"Partly, that skinny fucker kept stripping you with his eyeballs. No man has that right, I knew Bronte wouldn't let 'em get away with it." He winked at her. "Some southern belle ya turned out to be."

"My grandma trained me well." She winked at Grisly. "She also taught me how to be a gentleman, something those two have no idea how to be." She sat down on a crate and let her hands dangle between her legs, she knew she shouldn't have picked up the engine in her condition but it was called for. Rolling her head in circles, she felt the muscles flex and relax in her shoulders and upper back and then a warmness caught her attention. Before she could utter a word, Grisly was behind her looking at her back.

"You tore some sutures out playing Xena, sit there and let me get the first aide kit."

"Ohhh you are in soo much trouble Bronte, nurse Ratchet has nothin on doctor grizzly bear. Her cure all, is rubbing alcohol!" He laughed when Bronte pulled in a breath from between clenched teeth. "I'm leaving so ya can scream in privacy." He laughed the entire way out the door, Bronte swore under her breath when she tried to flex her back. She could feel where the sutures had come out by the burning sensation.

"Do I have to tie you down until this heals or what?" Was whispered near her ear. "You big dumb warrior, should've just punched them out."

"But flexing my muscles for you was worth it." She mumbled back. "What's a little bit of pain to see you drool?"

"I do not drool. I admire so there."

"So that wasn't drool you left on my tits? OOWW! That hurt!"

"Good! Now stop squirming around, I have to pull the other sutures out." She pushed the long dark hair off Bronte's back and felt tingles go right to her toes as she looked at the nape of her neck and the broad shoulders. One of her weaknesses had always been the nape of a woman's neck, the soft sensitive skin and silky hair. She found her eyes traveling back to that area numerous times before she had finished. "Ohhh Gods, I'm gonna die and got to Hell!" She leaned forward and kissed the sensitive skin before moving away. "All done." Came out in a croak.

Bronte could swear that her insides quivered, turned to molten lava and barreled south to singe her center. And that was just from a caress of lips on her neck, she knew now that her libido was back full force, with a hunger for a little blonde chicken inspector. She turned her head and caught sight of Grisly's shaking hands putting away the small scissors and other items she had used. Covering the small hands, she stood up and towered over a flushed unsure Grisly. Dipping her head down, she brushed her lips against hers for a brief second.

"Can I?" Bronte asked softly. With a nod of her head, Grisly gave her permission. She had never been kissed the way she was right now, the soft whispers of lips against hers, strong but gentle fingers threading through her hair and pulling her closer to the strong body in front of her. Her world tilted on its axis when a warm tongue slipped between her parted lips and slowly caressed her tongue. A deep moan escaped from deep in her chest and rumbled between them. A fire was burning like an inferno in her belly and quickly consuming her, she ran one hand up to Bronte's shoulder while the other one tangled in her long dark hair and pulled her closer. Their tongues danced slowly against each other as their bodies pressed so close, they could feel each other's heartbeat.

"I didn't hear…" Scooter said and then stood in the doorway with his mouth hanging open. Never in his life had he seen anything so passionate or with so much unselfish love as the way Bronte was kissing his granddaughter. The way she held Grisly in her arms as if she were a delicate flower she was afraid to crush. He shook his head and wiped a tear that came to his eye. He was all choked up and started to sniffle.

Bronte broke the kiss but left a whisper of one against soft lips before easing Grisly down onto the crate. She gazed down at the flushed face and felt the warm breath panting from between moist pink lips. Brushing a finger across a dark brow she waited until green eyes fluttered open. What she saw there made her heart do a back flip in her chest. The purest love she had ever seen in her life was looking back at her. She was scared to death and didn't know what to do except…run.

"I gotta…go…" She pointed towards the door. "Do something…can't…I aahh." She stumbled towards the door and looked at Scooter with pain-filled eyes. She closed them as she stopped at the door, pushed through it and ran off towards the back of the junkyard and to freedom. Scooter walked over to Grisly who was still trying to focus her eyes and control her breathing.

"Little bear you OK?" He asked as he sat down next to her.


"My Gods that was some kiss!" He wiped at the sweat on his forehead.

She looked at him and blinked her eyes. "Huh?"

"Damn! She kissed you stupid!"


Grisly went running through Daryl and Marty's house, down the hallway and into their bedroom. She launched herself into the air and landed in their bed between them. Marty patted her on her head, rolled over and started snoring, Daryl opened one eye and groaned when she saw the huge toothy grin on her friends face.

"Is this a house call or something?" She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked to the clock. Grisly it's midnight, what in the Hell are you doing here?"

"I needed someone to talk to." She snuggled down, rested her head on Daryl's shoulder, and looked into her sleepy eyes.

"Grisly this is kinky."

"What's kinky is your wife playing with my ass." She slapped Marty's hand and moved closer to Daryl. "I think I'm in love."

"You're cute and everything but I'm married."

"Not you!"

"Make me a cheese cake and ya can have Marty."

"You're impossible!" She poked Daryl in her ribs. "Bronte!"

"Ohh her, that's nice." She closed her eyes only to open them when Grisly grabbed her nose. "Grisly!"

"I have ta tell ya what happened!"

"Can't this wait until morning?"

"Noooo, I can't sleep until I tell you."

After dragging Daryl out of bed, drinking a pot of coffee and eating the rest of the cookies in the cookie jar, Grisly had told her about Bronte kissing her.

"So she ran out of the garage and that was it?"

"Yep, Hell it took me a good half hour to be able to think straight!"

"So now what are ya gonna do?"

"I have no idea, that's why I came here. Help!"

"What am I an authority? I've been with Marty for fifteen years."

"Exactly! You know more about relationships than I do, except for how to sneak out of someone's bed in the middle of the night."

"How about sneaking into one?"

Green eyes grew wide, Grisly's mouth moved a few times before it worked. "Sneak in? How?"

"I don't know, she stays at the motel right. Get the key to her room one night and take it from there."

Grisly jumped up from her chair, hugged Daryl and ran from the house leaving her friend sitting there shaking her head.


Grisly pulled up to the office door of the small motel, she got out of her car and ran up to the door to pound the Hell out of it until the night clerk opened it. "God damn Grisly, what are you doing trying to tear my door down?"

"Hey Buddy, I need the key to Bronte Pellatrino's room."

"Hold on and let me check the book." He held the door open for her, went behind the desk and checked the reservation book. He scanned four pages before he found her name. "Pellatrino, checked in and out with in two days."

Grisly's face palled, she felt her heartbeat stop and felt like she was going to die. "When!"

"Last week. Hey is this a woman?"

"Yeah, six foot, dark hair, blue eyes."

"I see her all the time over at your grandpa's and walking through the field heading towards the plant."

"That's her." She rubbed her tired eyes and tried to figure out where she could be staying. "Damn! Hey Buddy is there anywhere else she would stay around here? Ya know maybe a small apartment or something?"

"Nope, none that I know of. Ask your grandpa, he should know."

She sighed and nodded her head, she had no choice now but to go home and ask her grandpa. He had to know where Bronte was staying.


Bronte had no idea where she was, once she got out into the field, she just kept on running until her legs gave out and she dropped from exhaustion. She sat at the base of a tree and starred out into the darkness, not a star in the sky above her nor a sound of nature. It was like she was back in one of the holes in prison. All the light was gone from her life and she was left with the darkness of her soul. The look in Grisly's eyes after she had kissed her scared her so bad, that because she didn't know how to handle those kinds of emotions, she didn't think she deserved to be loved. At least that's what she thought, who could love an ex-convict who did ten years in prison for second-degree murder? It was a mark on her that would stay with her the rest of her life. Not to mention the scars on her soul for some of the awful things she had done while in prison. She couldn't subject Grisly to that kind of life. She felt tears fill her eyes and over flow to slide down her cheeks, in such a short period of time, she had fallen in love with the small blonde. She would just disappear and let Grisly go on with her life, she was a beautiful young woman who deserved more than she could give her. Pushing herself to her feet, she walked off into the darkness with tears flowing from her eyes and soft sobs the only sound for miles.


Scooter walked through the hole in the fence and went over to the tent where Bronte was staying. He looked inside to see her stuff still sitting in the far corner and her guitar laying across the sleeping bag. This was the last place he had looked for her. He hadn't lost his temper in nearly 40 years but he was real close to doing it now. Grisly had drilled him for an hour that morning trying to find out where Bronte had been staying. When he told her that she had been sleeping in a tent, he thought his granddaughter was going to raise the shingles on the roof with her yelling. He finally calmed her down and explained why he thought Bronte had chosen to sleep basically outside under the stars. Grisly admitted that she understood that after ten years of being locked in a 8x10 concrete cell, even she would want to be outside where there were no walls to contain her. She calmed down enough that he was able to come to the junkyard and look for the missing woman.

"Damn you Bronte! You break my little bear's heart and Gods help you when I find you!" He hobbled back towards the garage and made some phone calls to a couple of his buddies.


Grisly stumbled into work with bloodshot eyes and pale in the face. She took one look at Daryl and burst into tears.

"Ohh Gods little bear." Daryl mumbled and pulled the sobbing woman into her arms. "I will hunt that bitch down and kill her with my bare hands." Using her foot, she kicked the emergency stop on the conveyer belt. "Grisly what did she do?"

"I can't find her…she's gone!" More sobs tore from deep in Grisly's chest. She started to crumple to the ground until Daryl picked her up and carried her outside. Daryl sat on a picnic table cradling Grisly in her arms. She had no idea what to do and hoped that Bronte was proud of her behavior. She turned her head when she heard footsteps hitting the gravel and offered Marty a small smile.

"What's wrong?" She ran a hand across Grisly's tear stained cheek and looked into her wife's eyes.

"Bronte left her." She mouthed.

"I'll kill her!" Marty's eyes turned an eerie golden color as her temper flared to life. She pulled their car keys from her pocket, handed them to Daryl and took Grisly from her arms. "Let's go to grandpas."

"What about work?"

"Let them fire us, I hate this fucking place."


The trees had thinned to an area that over looked a small pond in the middle of an open field. Jogging down the hill, she stopped at the edge of the pond and decided that she wasn't thirsty enough to drink green water. She turned when she heard a rustling in the brush a little ways from where she was standing, she kept watching until a huge pair of horns appeared. What came next was a couple of tons of hamburger on the hoof, a long horn bull snorted and trotted towards her. She may have been raised in the country but she had no idea of what to do with a charging bull except run like Hell and hope he wore out before she did. Running around the pond like a complete loon with a pissed off long horn bull on her heels was one of the stupidest things to ever happen to her.

"Go away! Go find some moo cow to chase!" She yelled as she ran around the pond for the umpteenth time, getting tired of making left turns, she took off towards the trees and found one to climb. Now with her six feet off the ground with the bull below her scratching the ground she felt like a bigger idiot. "Fucking great! Only I could get treed by a cow!"


Night had fallen and the four of them had just returned to Grisly's after driving all over the area looking for Bronte. Grisly had gotten past being hurt and was now a full-fledged raving maniac. Her clothes were filthy from tromping through fields, her hair stood up at all angles and her face bore the strain of hours of stress.

"Where is she and why did she leave!" She screamed and stomped around the room.

"Grisly, no one knows that but Bronte." Scooter had tried everything he knew of to find the woman, he had his buddies looking for her as well as the four of them. "All you can do is wait until she comes back." He prayed that she did so that she and Grisly could iron things out.

"We're going home Grisly and get some rest." Marty gave her a hug and kissed her temple. "We'll come back over tomorrow morning and look some more OK?" Daryl gave her a hug and the two women went home.

"Little bear why don't you go take a shower and get some sleep, I'm gonna go home and call the boys and see if they've heard anything."

Grisly sunk into a kitchen chair and dropped her head onto the table, silent tears flowed from her eyes to soak into the linen tablecloth. Her heart and soul ached, she just couldn't understand why Bronte had run away from her. "Why Bronte, I just wanted to love you." She whispered to herself.


Bronte looked up from where she had her head resting on her knees to see a flashlight off in the distance.

"See that hamburger butt, you're in big trouble now!" She dropped a leaf down on the bulls head and stuck her tongue out at him. She heard a mans voice calling a name that she couldn't make out.

"Hey mister over here!" She yelled and saw the flashlight shine in her direction. "Yeah over here!"

The man stopped a few feet away from the tree and looked up. "What are you doing up there lady?"

"Trying to keep from getting a horn up my ass."

"Buster you idiot!" He slapped the bull on his rump and pushed him away from the tree. "How long you been up there?"

"Ohh since about noon or so, damn walking hamburger wouldn't leave. Can you tell me where I am?"

"You're in Romney, where ya supposed to be?"

"Romney, I just don't know where at in Romney. I live by the Tyson's chicken plant. How far away am I?"

"About 20 miles or so, when ya get down from that tree, head due south and you'll come to where your supposed to be. I can give ya a ride if ya want."

"Nah that's OK mister. Thanks." She climbed down from the tree and jogged in the direction that he had pointed, she stopped and yelled back to him. "What day is it?"

"It's Tuesday for at least another hour or so, ya sure ya don't wanna ride."

"Yep, thanks anyway."

The farmer scratched his head and looked to see that it was only him and Buster. "The guys will never believe this, you know that don't you."


Scooter was at the end of his rope, he had gone over to see Grisly and found her still in bed fully clothed and looking like death warmed over in a microwave. He had told her as much and got only a grunt and a snarl in return. Throwing his bad leg up onto his desk, he tapped the floor with the cane he was using and sipped his luke warm coffee.

"You wait until I catch you Bronte, you'll be sorry you hurt my little bear."

Bronte was winded, in pain and had never seen anything so beautiful in her life as the junkyard. Limping around the building, she stopped at the window that looked into Scooter's office. Peeking around the pane, she saw him with a disgusted look on his face.

"Ohh I'm in soo much trouble." She mumbled under her breath. Scanning the small room for Grisly and seeing no one, she tapped on the pane until Scooter looked up at her. If she had been faint of heart, she knew the glare would have killed her.

"DON"T YOU MOVE!" He yelled at her and moved faster than she had ever seen. She leaned back against the building and waited to face his wrath.

"I'M GONNA BREAK BOTH YOUR LEGS PELLATRINO!" He jabbed her in the chest with his cane and held her in place. 'WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?"

"Scooter let me explain, then if you want you can beat the Hell outta me."

"Start talking or I start swinging!"

She slid down the wall and sat in the dirt. Running a hand through her dirty tangled hair, she looked up into his furious eyes. "I'm scared."

"You're scared, of what?"

"Of not being good enough for Grisly, I don't deserve her."

"You're right about that, you don't deserve her after what you pulled! My little bear cried for two days over you and now she's so pissed off she won't come out of her house! And what's worse is Daryl and Marty want your hide!" He tapped her knee with the cane and leaned forward to look in her eyes. "Do ya love her?" He watched as tears filled pale blue eyes and trickled down dirty cheeks.

"More than anything."

"So whatcha gonna do about it?"

"I don't know." She shrugged her shoulders and sniffled. "Does your band play tonight?"

"Yeah why?"

"Can you get Grisly there?" She pleaded with her eyes.

"Does this mean that you'll apologize to her?"

"On my knees."

He straightened up, held a hand out to her and pulled her to her feet. "You look like Hell, go get cleaned up and get some sleep and I'll have Grisly there if I have to have Marty carry her inside." He stepped forward and gave her a hug. "Don't you ever do that again, you hear me?"

"Yes sir grandpa, never again, I promise."


"I don't feel like going to the bar, I wanna just sit here and think up ways of killing Bronte."

Scooter dropped down onto the edge of her bed and tapped her on her forehead. "You've been in here for days now, it's time to get up and get your nasty ass in the shower and come hear me play lead guitar."

"Grandpa I don't wanna goooo!"

"MARTY!" He yelled and waited as Marty and Daryl stepped into the room. "Hose her down!" He gave his granddaughter a grin and left the girls to deal with her.

Marty stood with her massive arms crossed over her chest and Daryl stood next to her with a finger pointed at Grisly.

"Get your ass in the shower, you're going if we have to carry you!" Daryl moved forward and Grisly slid off the bed and tried to make it past Marty.

"Ohh no ya don't little bear!" She grabbed her, carried her into the bathroom, and held her as Daryl turned the shower on. As soon as she moved out of the way, Marty carried her into the shower and held her there until she gave up and agreed to get cleaned up.

"NO FAIR! Three against one!"

"Three? I don't see three of us, do you Daryl?"

Grisly poked her in her chest and went nose to nose with her. "You count as two bonehead! Now get out so I can take a shower you perverts!"


Scooter looked over the sheet music and grinned, he knew Grisly was going to cave in, he would if he were her. Who wouldn't with what they all had planed. He went over the chords in his mind and new that there was no way that he would be able to play the notes. "Damn gnarled hands." He rubbed the swollen knuckles and grinned. "More than one way to skin a convict!" He came out from the back room and picked up the lead guitar.

"Oohh Bronte! Come here or else!" He threatened and softened it with a grin. Holding out the sheet music to her he asked. "Are ya sure this is the one?"

"Yep, that's the one I want ya ta play."

"OK, just checking." He looked at his watch and counted the minutes before the band would take stage. "I'm gonna see if the girls got her here yet. Don't you move!"

"Like I could." She mumbled and rattled the handcuff that attached her to the railing on the steps. "Can't believe I agreed to this."


Grisly was being dragged between Marty and Daryl, she had agreed to taking a shower but never agreed to coming to the bar.

"You two just wait, I'll get you back for this! I know where you live!"

"Yeah, yeah we're scared!" Marty snickered and pushed her down into the middle chair at a table in the middle of the room.

"Why we sitting here and not at the bar?"

Daryl moaned and shook her head. "Because after all that screaming and yelling you did, we're deaf."

The lights dimmed and the band took the stage, Grisly saw her grandpa get behind the keyboard and wave at them. Flexing his fingers, he then stretched his arms over his head and rolled his head on his shoulders. All Grisly could do was snicker at his actions, he thought he was Liberace when he was up there. She leaned back in her chair and waited for the old men to start playing. Not a one of them was under sixty but they were the best band in the area.

Daryl leaned back behind Grisly and winked at her wife, so far their plan had gone off without a hitch, now it was up to grandpa and Bronte. The band had played for fifteen minutes, and then they came to a song where Scooter didn't have to play keyboard. He got up and went backstage to unlock Bronte, when he got back there, she wasn't were he left her.

"Son of a bitch!" He looked around and was about to look for a way to end his life when Bronte came from the bathroom. "Damn you woman!"

"What? I didn't go nowhere but the bathroom." She winked at him and handed him the handcuffs. "Childs play grandpa."

"What am I gonna do with you?" He handed her the lead guitar and pushed her towards the stage curtain. "I can't play those chords with my bad hands, you're gonna have ta do it."

"Grandpa!" Her eyes grew twice there size then narrowed. "You planed this didn't you?"

"Ain't sayin nothin. Now wait until they kill the lights."


"You OK Grisly?" Asked Daryl who was getting nervous.

"Yep, could use another beer though." She looked up when one was placed on the table in front of her by a waitress.

"From the guy at the end of the bar."

"Great just what I need, some guy thinking he's gonna score with me."

When the first notes of the song were played by the lead guitar but the lights stayed off on the stage, Grisly became confused.

"Is this a new thing for the old buzzards, playing in the dark?" Her breath caught in her chest when the voice that started singing was a woman's.

What is this thing you do
Makes me just tell the truth
Whenever I turn to you I surrender
Fears that I've tried to hide
"Did they get a new singer or something?" She looked at two sets of shrugging shoulders then looked back to the stage.

And every old alibi
Now I see a source of light
Just within my reach

Bronte stepped to the edge of the stage and the lights came on to bath her in their softness. She opened her eyes and looked down into the audience to find Grisly looking up at her.

You are my sanctuary
My beacon in the night
You opened up your heart
You let me walk inside
When the world is turning crazy
I run to your embrace
Only you can save me
I've finally found a place
To lay down the load that I carry
You are my sanctuary

"Ohh my Gods! I can't believe she's doing this!" She felt her face getting warm and knew that she was turning beet red.

Don't know what brought us here
But the one thing I know clear
I traveled a trail of tears to find you
Now when I'm on the brink
Down to my weakest link
And the weight makes me sink
Down to my knees

Bronte sunk to her knees, looked directly into misty green eyes, and pleaded.

Now love seems so easy
You are my everything
So simple you touch me
My worries drift away

Before she could say the last words of the chorus, Grisly was standing before her.

You are my sanctuary

Tears flowed down her cheeks to match Grisly's, she whispered to her in a low voice. "You are my sanctuary, I love you Grisly." When Grisly just stood there without moving, she dropped her head in defeat. Then she felt a small hand at the back of her head pulling her forward and then Grisly sobbing into her neck. Wrapping an arm around Grisly, she pulled her closer and whispered in her ear. "I'm sorry, please forgive me." Grisly crawled up onto the stage, pushed her onto her back and straddled her hips.

"Don't you ever run off again." She held Bronte's face between her hands, looked down into her tear filled blue eyes and asked. "Will you marry me?" Scooter hit the stage lights so that prying eyes couldn't see his granddaughter attack the tall convict. He wiped the tears from his eyes and motioned for the girls to get the couple off the stage before it became X- rated. He looked around from where he stood and didn't see a dry eye in the place and that included his band members.

"Damn that woman can sing and heal a heart all in one shot." He said to himself before he wiped his eyes and blew his nose.


Daryl kept slapping Marty's hand from the rearview mirror that she was using to spy on Grisly and Bronte in the back seat.

"Will you stop already, they ain't doing nothing back there." She whispered.

"That's why I'm looking, why ain't they?"

"Because they ain't us, that's why!"

"Ohh that's right, we have no morals or discipline." She gave Daryl a bright toothy grin. "We're perverts."

They heard snickers from the back seat and both women rolled their eyes. "You're something Marty, what I don't know." Daryl returned the grin and ran her hand up her wife's thigh.

She pulled to the back of Scooters house and stopped beside the small mother in-law house that Grisly lived in. Turning in the seat, she looked at the two women who were sitting close to each other and holding hands.

"We're here, you two behave yourselves and don't keep grandpa up all hours of the night with your screaming."

"You mean like you two do from half a mile away?"

"We try to compete with the wild life, what can I say. Now out so I can get Marty home and rip her clothes off."

Bronte laughed at Marty who was wiggling her eyebrows at her. "We get the hint, thanks for your help. I owe you guys." They got out of the car and walked to the front door of the small house. Grisly looked up into Bronte's pale blue eyes, took a deep breath and pushed the door open. She had been with plenty of women and never had been as nervous as she was at that very moment. She had never asked any of the others to marry her either and that made it worse since Bronte had said yes.

"It's not much but it's home." Grisly looked around her small living room with it's mismatched furniture and throw rugs. Bronte turned her around and looked down into her eyes.

"You could live in a cave and it wouldn't matter to me." She leaned down, brushed her lips across Grisly's, and then deepened the kiss until they were both moaning. Turning them around, Grisly walked Bronte backwards towards her bedroom. She didn't stop until Bronte fell backwards and landed on the bed. Crawling on top of her, she looked down into glimmering pools of deep blue and felt her insides melt. Running a finger above Bronte's one eyebrow, she traced a faint scar with her fingertip.

"You're so beautiful and I can't believe you want me."

"Grisegond, you're a beautiful woman. It's not what's on the outside, it's what's in your heart. You're my beacon of light in the darkness." She leaned up, gently kissed Grisly, and then whispered. "I love you."

With a tenderness unknown to Grisly, Bronte removed her clothes. She kissed the soft skin as it was revealed to her, until Grisly lay before her in all her glory. Shedding her own clothes slowly, she let them drop to the floor and stood before the woman she loved. When Grisly reached a hand up to her, she took her hand, kneeled on the bed and crawled upward until she was hovering over her soon to be lover. They kissed for long moments, with gentle brushes of their lips and tongues. Every thing that Bronte did was slow and gentle, so unlike anything she had imagined about the tall woman. Her head fell back on her pillow when Bronte kissed the tender area below her ear and nibbled at her neck. She could feel tingles race to the tips of her toes and back up to swirl around her center. Juices flowed from between her legs to soak into the covers on the bed. Low moans rumbled in her chest when she felt soft moist lips work their way down her neck and stop at the tops of her breasts. Arching her back, she offered herself to her lover.

"Bronte…my Gods…I've…" She tangled her fingers into dark hair and pulled Bronte's head to her hardened nipple. "Please." She gasped when her nipple was taken into a warm mouth and sucked gently. She whimpered when her lover pulled away and rose up to straddle her hips.

"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." She trailed her callused fingers down across her firm breasts and stomach to stop at her trim hips. Leaning forward, she kissed her way down to the soft cinnamon colored curls and stopped when Grisly's hips thrust upwards. Bronte wanted to take her time and show Grisly how much she loved her, even if it was torture for both of them. She felt her juices flowing and coating the insides of her thighs. No other time had this happened to her, she had never been a sexual person and the few times she had been with someone, she left unfulfilled.

"Don't you stop!" Grisly panted and thrust her hips upward and moaned when she felt Bronte's wetness mix with her own.

"I'm far from stopping." She purred and worked her way backwards on the bed to stop when she was lying between muscular thighs. "I won't stop until were both too exhausted to move." She licked at the soft curls and moaned when wetness touched her chin. Sliding her hands beneath her lover's hips, she lifted her up and held her. Taking her first taste, she moaned deeply against swollen lips and felt fingers tangle in her hair. Slowly, she savored the juices flowing from between Grisly's nether lips and licked deeper.

Grisly threw her head back, clutched at the bedcovers and pumped her hips against her lover's mouth. She had never felt anything like what Bronte was doing to her. Every nerve in her body was singing, her muscles danced in her stomach and tensed in her thighs. She could feel a liquid heat rushing through her body and then her ears were ringing with her screams. Before her body stopped pulsing, she felt a finger and then two slip inside of her and pump slowly to Bronte's tongue licking her engorged clit.

"Brooonte…Ohh…right…there!" Her back arched off the bed as another climax tore through her body followed by another one seconds later. Her legs shook and then fell to the bed as she gasped for air and reached for Bronte. "I can't…do it…again." She said between pants for air. Bronte crawled up her body, lay beside her and pulled her into her arms to kiss away the tears running down her cheeks. Grisly closed her eyes and pressed her face into a sweat-dampened neck, kissing the softness before her, she ran her hand up Bronte's broad back.

"I've never had that happen to me before." She whispered against Bronte's neck.

Bronte was worried that she had done something wrong. "What hasn't happen before?"

With a bashful expression, Grisly looked into passion-filled eyes. "I've never had an orgasm." She hide her face against Bronte's neck.

"Never?" Bronte pulled back to see tear filled eyes.

"You're the first." She watched a corner of her lover's lip twitch upward until it became a sweet smile. "I feel like a virgin."

"Makes two of us." She captured Grisly's lips for a long deep kiss that left them breathless and gasping for air. Rolling over on top of Bronte, Grisly continued to kiss her until she felt her shiver beneath her. Trailing her lips and tongue down her chin, she stopped at the hollow of her throat. She licked the dampness from her skin and pulled it between her lips to suck. Blunt fingernails dug into her back, scratched downward to grip her ass and pull her into thrusting hips. Before she settled between muscular thighs, she loved every square inch of her lover's body. She knew by morning Bronte would look like a leper with all the bite marks she left on her.

Bronte watched as Grisly's tongue licked at her center, her eyes fluttered closed when she felt it slip inside her. Gripping the covers in clenched fists, she pushed her heels into the mattress and raised her hips upward. Grisly pushed her tongue into her lover's warm center and moaned deeply when she felt her muscles close around her. Pulling her tongue out, she licked at the juices flowing from her and then flicked the tip of her tongue against a pulsing clit. Looking up, she saw a deep blush covering Bronte's chest and neck, her nostrils flared with each breath she took. Wetting her middle finger, she circled around her lover's center, slipped it part way in and stopped when Bronte gasped and grabbed her hand.

"Baby, it's been twelve years." She eased Grisly's finger in a little further and then all of the way. She slowly guided her hand until her hips were thrusting against her. Every muscle in her body tensed when she felt warm lips pull on her clit and send her over the edge of the abyss. Crying out when Grisly's finger tipped upward and sent her back over the edge before she could catch her breath. Her body shook, trembled and tossed her when her lover groaned against her throbbing lips and sucked at her center to draw out every drop she offered. Weak and breathing heavy, she collapsed into the bed and felt Grisly licking her way up her body. Snuggling against her, she felt Grisly press herself into her body and groan when an orgasm racked her small body.

Brushing sweat soaked hair back from green eyes, she brought their lips together and tasted herself on her lover's lips and tongue. When they parted, Grisly looked deeply into her eyes. "Twelve years? You haven't been with anyone in twelve years?"

"Nope, I forgot all about having sex where I was." She kissed her softly and snuggled her face against a warm neck. "Can ya handle twelve years of sexual frustration?"

"Only if you can handle the same."

After raiding the refrigerator and needing showers after covering each other in the BBQ sauce from the ribs, they fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms after hours of finding hidden secrets. Until, Bronte sensed someone watching her sleep. Peeking an eye open, she jumped when a pair of golden eyes gazed at her.

"Hey ya sexy, it's noon and time to get up." Marty was lying next to her in bed and Grisly was pressed tightly against her with her face pressed into her back. "My baby's in the kitchen making us lunch, so get your ass up." She wiggled her brows at her. "Or I'll bite it!" She clicked her teeth together and rolled from the bed.

"Bear, Marty wants to bite my ass."

"That's sweet." Was mumbled against her and an arm hugged her tighter.

"Does that mean she can and you don't care?"

Grisly nibbled at her earlobe and purred afterward. "I all ready left my marks."


Daryl had enough hamburgers in the center of the table to feed a small army. The huge deep fryer stood on the counter with five pounds of fries draining and ready to serve. Pulling the condiments from the refrigerator, she added a squeeze bottle of vinegar for Grisly. "Are they awake?" She asked Marty as she slid past her in her sock covered feet and almost went out the back door.

"Yep, had ta threaten Bronte, but she's awake."

"I can only imagine what you said." She pulled Marty over to her and gave her a deep lingering kiss.

"Food! And it's all mine!" Grisly pulled Bronte into the kitchen, smacked Marty on her ass and dropped into a chair. Holding onto Bronte's hand, she placed a kiss in her palm and then placed the warm hand against her breast. "Guess we get hamburgers 'cuz we ate all the ribs last night."

"More like each other covered in BBQ sauce." Daryl pointed to the empty bottle on the sink. "Hey Bronte, all your bite marks are the same color as the circles under your eyes."

"What marks, I don't have any…" She looked down the front of her button down shirt and saw dozens of small bruises. "I look like a leper." She cast a sideways glance at Grisly who had a hamburger up to her mouth. "Gods reminds me of what I wanted to do to Buster." The hamburger dropped to her plate and Grisly turned her head and glared at her.

"Who's Buster?"

"Ohh this huge long horned bull that had me sitting in a tree for ten hours."

"You got treed by a cow?" Marty started laughing at the picture that formed in her head.

"It was either that or get a horn up my ass. I'll have ta thank him for it." She squeezed Grisly's thigh and gave her a smile. "Gave me ten hours to sit there and think up in that tree, and another couple hours of planning on my way home."

She told them of running through trees, fields and finding the pond and Buster. After sitting in the tree until it was past dark, then the farmer finding her being guarded by the bull beneath her. The thoughts that ran through her head that scared her but she had no place to run. All she could do was sit there and face her fears, and learn from them.

Grisly leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips then kissed and nipped a spot on her neck that wasn't bruised. "I'll think of hamburgers differently from now on."

"Anyone know if we still have jobs?" Marty asked.

"Ohh who cares, hate that place anyway." Daryl mumbled under her breath.

Grisly looked over at Daryl and grinned. "The only thing I'll miss is the chickens with the screwed up figure eights. Some of them were kinda kinky."

Bronte stopped halfway to her mouth with her hamburger and looked around the table. "Kinky chickens? You'll miss kinky looking chickens." One of the mysteries of the plant was answered; it was Grisly and Daryl that had been laughing when she sent the poor chickens down the belt.

"Looky what I got here? Four good lookin women and I'm the only man here!" Scooter hobbled into the small kitchen and leaned against the kitchen counter. "What we're ya doin in here last night, damn but I thought I was gonna have ta call 911!" He gave them all a toothless grin and then pulled an envelope from his pocket and handed it to Bronte. "That's from us playing last night and the guys wanna know if you'll sing with us again?"

She opened the envelope and pulled out five one hundred dollar bills, startled blue eyes looked into Scooter's twinkling eyes.

"This is too much money grandpa. I can't take this."

"Ohh yes ya can, we get paid three hundred ta play, plus a percentage of the drink money. After you sang, Bud had his hands full serving up drinks." He blushed and scuffed a toe on the tiled floor. "We know it ain't much but, me and the guys want ya ta take Grisly on a honeymoon with that money. She's never been anywhere but around here."

Tears formed in Bronte's eyes, she had never cried so much in her life, and knew she had become a giant mush ball. Taking Grisly's hand in hers, she brought it up to her lips and kissed her soft palm. "Where ever you want to go, it's up to you."

"First we take care of my stalker buddy, then, we'll go somewhere." She leaned into Bronte's shoulder. "We're not having any perverts tag along with us."

Marty gasped and clutched at her chest. "Not even us?"

"You two don't count, you're family."


All four of them were sitting in the head honcho's office come Monday morning. Bronte wasn't worried about not having a job since all charges had been dropped from her and the reason she had not been at work was from being shot. The other three were claiming that they all had food poisoning and couldn't come into work. If the boss didn't believe them, Marty was notorious for her regurgitating act, and would toss her breakfast on his desk. The man had better not fire them because Daryl and Grisly were both sympathetic barfers.

Bronte sat with her eyes closed and her head leaning back against the wall, Grisly was leaning on her shoulder and playing with her long fingers. She tried to understand her lover's fascination with her fingers but couldn't, nor could she keep her from playing with them.

The boss's secretary came from her boss's office and pointed to the women.

"Robert's and JaBloan, he's ready for you."

Grisly pulled Bronte to her feet and refused to let go of her hand. "Bear I can't go in there with you."

"Ohh yes you can!" She looked at the secretary with a glare. "My last name is Pellatrino, I filled the papers earlier this morning. And my wife is going in with me."

The secretary rolled her eyes, threw her hands in the air and went back over to her desk. "What ever."

The boss was a tiny scrawny little man and within a split second, Bronte knew whom rat face took after. Her boss looked at everyone and then stared at her.

"Who are you?" His nasally voice asked.

"She's my wife." Grisly replied and gave him a glare that could strip paint. "Don't you pay attention to who you hire? She's been here for months now."

"What's your name?" He looked through all the clutter on his desk.

"Bronte Pellatrino." Bronte replied and just stood there watching him fuss with the trash all over his desk.

"OK. He looked up at them and then handed them each a paper and waved them out the door. They each looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and left. Once in the outer office Grisly looked at the paper and grinned.

"He's lost in another galaxy, this says that we get pay raises because our section is up in production percentages."

"Guess we should get back downstairs and play with nasty birds."


With each woman back in her work section, it was back to the everyday boring stuff. Except for the anticipation of two women who couldn't wait that day for breaks or lunch time to be together.

"Grisly watched as the belt started up and chickens went past her in their normal everyday way, until one came down the belt looking like something out of a bondage magazine.

"Ohh looky here Daryl, our little pervert is up to his games again." She plucked the bird from the belt, fixed the figure eights and replaced him. "Wonder if the guy has problems with sexual fantasies or something?"

"I don't have any brothers and neither do you so he's not related to us." Daryl bumped shoulders with Grisly, moaned and groaned close to her ear. "Sound like something you've heard lately?"

"Like I would tell you," She smirked. "More like deep grunts, panting and screams."

"From Bronte, she doesn't look like a screamer to me."

"She's not; I was talking about you and Marty in my living room this morning."

"Ohhh…Ohh my Gods look at that chicken!" She waved her hand at the two chickens all tangled together and rolled her eyes.

"What a pervert!" Grisly pulled the birds off the belt, sat down on the small stool by the wall and started to untangle them. When she had them separated, an envelope was in between them. She looked at Daryl's back and called her over. "I got another envelope here." She was just going to put it in her pocket, when she felt something hard in the corner. Daryl turned around and watched her open it.

"What is it?"

"I don't know, but I'm gonna find out." She pulled it open and dumped out a gold insignia ring with large silver X in the center. "Who ever it is put a ring in it." She held up the ring and looked inside the envelope for a note. "Mystery to me, no note or anything."

"That's because I didn't want you to think it came from your stalker." Bronte lay on her side across the conveyer belt watching them.

Daryl jumped and almost fell over her own feet. "You're the one whose been doing the kinky chickens?"

"What can I say, it gets boring over there." Rolling off the belt, she walked over, dropped to her knees and took the ring from Grisly's fingers. "I was going to wait and do this tonight but…" She shrugged her shoulders and smiled up at Grisly. Holding the ring up at eye level, she ran a fingertip across the silver X. "This has been handed down in my family from mother to daughter for generations; I never thought I would have anyone to give it to." She slipped it onto Grisly's ring finger and placed a kiss on it. "Maybe one day you'll pass it on to our daughter." Tears filled Grisly's eyes and over flowed to trail down her cheeks.

"I love you Bronte Pellatrino." She wrapped her arms around her and buried her face against her neck. Daryl walked up behind Bronte, wrapped her arms around both of them and cried on Bronte's shoulder.

"We're gonna be so happy together, love you guys." She sobbed into a strong shoulder and then laughed when Bronte tried to shrug her off.

A whiny voice of rat face came over the PA system telling them to get back to work or else. Daryl flipped the camera off and got off Bronte's back, then started picking the chickens up off the floor.

"Where's Marty work in this place." Bronte asked and wiped the tears from Grisly's face.

"Up the line in the plucking station, why?"

"Because I'm gonna need her help doing something." She gave her a quick kiss then went out the door at a sprint.


Marty jumped, threw her pliers in the air and took a swing at Bronte before she knew who had goosed her. "Christ you want your nose broke again?"

"Not yet, damn thing still hurts like a bitch. Can you get upstairs and grab rat face?"

"Sure, any special way you want him delivered?"

"Alive, bring him out to the picnic tables at lunch time?"

"Sure, we gonna have a weenie roast?"

"Never can tell." A toothy grin covered her face and then she was gone. Checking a clock in the hallway, she saw that she had ten minutes before lunchtime and the last time rat face would ever harass anyone ever again. Going back in to the section where Grisly and Daryl worked, she waved to them to follow her. Shrugging their shoulders, they shut the belt off, ran down the hall after her and out to the picnic area.

"Little bear do you still have those notes in your car?"

"Yeah why?"

"Because today is rat faces last day at work. Can you get them for me…please?"

She turned when she heard rat faces whiny voice yelling at Marty who had him hefted over her shoulder.

"You better not throw up on me you little fucker!" She yelled right before she dropped him on the ground and planted a foot on his bony chest. "Caught the little fucker licking the monitor screen that shows…." she pressed harder on his chest, "my wife's work area!"

"You sick little fuck, I outta rip your tongue out!" Daryl lunged for him but was held back by Grisly.

"You can't do this to me; I'm the boss's son!" He whined at them.

"Ohh like we really give a flying leap!" Grisly tried to get around Daryl and Bronte to take out her own vengeance. "You sick little fuck, sending me those sick notes!"

"Prove it, you can't so there!"

"Oohh yes we can!" Bronte waved the letter they had gotten earlier that day over him. "You wrote up these papers and the writing matches the notes, get outta this one freak!"

The sound of voices came to them as the other workers came out of the door for lunchtime. Bronte lifted rat face off the ground, put him up on the table and motioned for Marty to hold him there. With her loud war cry, she got everyone's attention. Unfortunately, some of them hit the ground and refused to move afterwards. She shook her head, raised her hands over her head and gave Grisly a smirk.

"They're all a bunch of pusses. Come on over here, I have some important information for all you people!" She waited until the worker's were gathered around them and then she pointed to rat face. "How many of you guys out there have wives or girlfriends who work here? Raise your hands." All the men looked to each other and some of them yelped when their wife or girlfriend smacked them. "Ohh come on, I'm a married woman and not interested in your women, raise your hands." A couple dozen hands went up. "OK, this is for the ladies out there. Take a good look at rat face here and if you're desperate and in need of a date, raise your hand if you'd go out with him." Gut busting laughs came from the woman but not one hand went up. "My thoughts exactly, now, for you guys out there who have your women working here." She jumped up on the picnic table and waved the notes from Grisly in the air. "How would you feel if your wife, girlfriend or daughter was getting these left on her car? I'll read a couple so you can get the full impact." She sorted through them, looked at Grisly and elbowed rat face in his ribs. "Now here's a sick example of this perverts journalistic abilities. 'I want to suck your tampons." She looked around and saw faces turning funny colors. "How about, 'I want to suck your clit." Grumbles and pissed off looks were shot at rat face. "These notes were left on my wife's car everyday by this twit. You all know what he tried to do to me, I ended up arrested and then shot. Are you going to let this freak continue to do this to your women or are we going to put an end to it?"

The yells were deafening to their ears, the group of workers surrounded the table and keep yelling the word "STRIKE!" repeatedly.


Scooter was laughing so hard that his teeth fell out of his mouth and dropped onto his desk. He flipped to the next page of the local newspaper and looked at the picture the photographer had snapped during the protest at the chicken plant. Dead center were his girls standing on top of a picnic table surrounded by every worker from the plant. The reporter had named the protest 'Chicken Little' like the fairy tale. The sky fell on the boss's son for sexual harassment of the female workers. The protest lasted two hours before the boss came outside, fired his son in front of everyone and put in writing that he was not allowed on company property. Before it ended Bronte Pellatrino was elected the President of the local union. She promised the workers that nothing like this would ever happen again and she would fight for their rights. All the workers went back into the building and finished out the day but with a heavy weight lifted from some of their shoulders.

Scooter pulled his scissors from the desk drawer and clipped the article from the newspaper for framing. He had the perfect spot over his desk for it, right next to Daryl, Marty and Grisly's graduation picture. Soon he hoped to have another picture up there, one of her and Bronte together.

"Damn that woman, never know what she'll do." He looked at the picture fondly before slipping it into an old frame and placing it on the wall.


A week went by with Bronte and Grisly going to the junkyard after work at the plant to work on her motorcycle. They were finally finished with the entire rebuilding and painting. Bronte wiped the last of the wax off the gas tank while Grisly opened the door so she could push it out. This would be the first time that they showed it to Scooter. He had tried a couple of times to see what it looked like and found a snarling Grisly guarding the door. Some nights they worked so long on it, that instead of going home, they stayed in the tent that was still in the field. Grisly had never made love under the stars, so Bronte made sure that they did until the sun rose up over the trees. They showered in the basement of the garage, used all of the hot water and had poor Scooter running for the far reaches of the junkyard. Now they were ready for their first ride before they left the next morning for their weeklong honeymoon in a cabin up in the mountains.

Grisly pushed open the door and waited for Bronte to push the motorcycle out. The entire time Bronte was pushing, Grisly was watching her ass flex with each step. She was caught with a rakish grin on her face but didn't care because she knew she would pay dearly for it later.

"Ready little bear?" Bronte swung her leg over the seat and straddled the motorcycle. "Come on put something big between those thighs."

"You did that last night and I know the motorcycle has nothing on you."

Bronte winked at her and licked her lips seductively. "Just wait until I have you ride in front of me." She hit the start button and grinned when the engine came to life and purred. "Just like a big kitten."

"I know something else that purrs like a kitten." Was whispered into her ear. She would never get used to the feelings that Grisly could cause in her. She wondered if perpetual horniness was a health hazard. They pulled up to the garage and waited for Scooter to come outside, when he did, he whistled and walked around them to get a look at the motorcycle.

"Got your plates yesterday, had to pull some strings but you'll be all legal." He handed Bronte the envelope and waited for her to look at the plate. In blue letters were the initials, BGP.

"It's perfect grandpa." She pulled him into a hug and chuckled when he blushed. "Are we all set for tonight with the guys?"

"All set, I got a hold of the girls and they'll be there." He grinned at them. "Nekkid as the day they were hatched."

"They better not show up like that!" Grisly growled. "Last time they did that I had to bail them out of jail."

Scooter looked closely at the gas tank and pointed to the dark purple paint with the silver ghost flames cutting through a silver X. "What's that mean Bronte?"

"Don't really know, but it was on everything that my grandma had, something about an ancestor from Greece." She ran a finger across the X and then where a G cut through the lower leg. "I guess you could say it's a family crest."

"Let me get some plate screws and you two can go get a speeding ticket." He hobbled into the garage and came back out to find them more interested in each other's tonsils than him. "One day one of you is gonna choke." He mumbled under his breath.


The lights dimmed over the stage and the bar became quiet, they had all been waiting for this moment since the bar opened earlier that evening. None of them could get enough of Bronte singing, she had sung and played lead guitar ever since the band had asked her to come back. But this night would be it until she and Grisly came back from their honeymoon. The owner of the bar had promised, by Bronte's request, that her share of the proceeds from the drinks would go to one of the children's charities instead of to her. It wouldn't be much but every little bit helped.

The first song that the band played was Trouble by Travis Tritt and the others were an assortment of other artists. The crowd new, that when the lights went out that Bronte would sing the next song. The place went so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, the first few chords of the song came from Bronte's old guitar and then she launched into her song.

I'm gonna make you a promise
Starting tonight
If I never do anything else
For the rest of my life
I'm gonna hold somebody
I'm gonna look in someone's eyes
'Til I'm so overcome that I cry
I'm gonna love somebody
More than anybody
Baby there's so much I wanna do
But I'm not gonna do anything without you

The place went wild when Grisly stepped up onto the stage and sang the next part of the song.

There's no way I'll ever give up
There's no way I'll lose
If I have to sacrifice everything
Then that's what I'll do

Bronte sang the next chorus with tear-filled eyes.

This is my dream I live and breathe
All I think about
This is the fire that burns in me
That will never go out

The two women moved close together and sang the last of the song wrapped in each other's arms.

Baby there's so much I wanna do
But I'm not gonna do anything without you
I'm not gonna do anything without you
Anything without you

The lights went out on the stage and the place went up in an uproar of howls and yells. Scooter had gone to keeping a box of Kleenex on his keyboard for when Bronte sang. She had the most beautiful voice he had ever heard and she always brought tears to his eyes.

"Damn those two." He sniffled and wiped his eyes. "I didn't know my little bear could sing." He walked up to them and pulled them into a group hug. "You been holding out on me Grisly, you can sing!"

"Of course I can grandpa, I take after you." She kissed him on the cheek and then took Bronte down onto the dance floor. One thing that the customers were thankful for was that Bronte had taught her wife how to dance. They were now safe from bodily injury when she was out there. It was the bands break time so the DJ put on a slow song just for the two honeymooners. Bronte looked over her shoulder when she felt someone press against her back.

Marty leaned close to her ear and whispered. "Big mush ball."

"Can't help it, that's what little bear turned me into."

They were interrupted again but this time it was someone Bronte didn't know. She gave the small woman a raised eyebrow and said. "Yes?"

"Whatcha doin with my woman?"

"Excuse me but who are you?"

"I'm Grisly's girlfriend who are you?"

Bronte turned, pushed Grisly into Marty's arms and stared down at the small drunk. "I'm her wife that's who I am." She stepped closer and growled. "Unless you like pain, you had better run."

"Hold on a minute!" Grisly walked in between them with her arms raised over her head. "Paula, I was never your woman. I was never your anything, now go up to the bar and tell Buddy to give you a beer on me."

"But Grisly I came here to get me some." She wobbled as she looked into silvery blue eyes.

"Not from me you aren't, besides you suck in bed! Now go away before I let my wife beat the Hell outta you."

"Well, you suck in bed to so there!"

Bronte wrapped her arms around Grisly in a possessive manner. "I know she does and she does it very well too."

"You know you're sexy as Hell when you're being possessive and I'm soaking wet." Grisly thrust her hips into a muscular thigh and moaned. "Let's go home."


Their sweat-dampened bodies slowly thrust against each other, soft moans buried against the other's neck as they climbed higher towards the pinnacle. Grisly thrust against Bronte's muscular thigh one last time before, she was claimed by a blinding climax that took her lover with her. Gasping for air, they lay tangled together on the living room floor. Bronte wiped the sweat from her lover's brow with her fingertips.

"Little bear, next time we put a blanket down or make it to bed." She shifted and whimpered. "I have rug burns on my ass."

"I'll kiss them and make them better." She rolled off Bronte and pulled her to her feet. What went on in the bedroom was no better than what they had done in the living room. An hour later, Bronte swore that Grisly would be the death of her. She was on the bedroom floor on her back, her feet on the edge of the bed with Grisly's face buried between her thighs. Her shoulders burned when her back arched and she fell over the precipice of another climax. All she could do was whimper when Grisly crawled up her body and collapsed on top of her in exhaustion.


"Don't know baby, maybe we should call 911 or something?" Marty leaned over and lifted one of Bronte's eyelids. "Don't think anyone's home in there." A low moan came from Bronte as her bloodshot eye came into view. "Ohh we have life, praise the Lord and all that shit."

"Most have been one of those sex-a-thon nights." Daryl snickered at her two friends. "Maybe we should run an IV of Gatorade, I think Bronte's dehydrated. Little bear looks happy as Hell nursing on her, so she's OK."

A low whisper of 'help' came from Bronte and sent the two women in to bursts of laughter. Daryl leaned over Grisly, stuck a wet pinky in her ear and jumped back when she let out a yell.

"Come on little bear, Bronte needs lotsa fluids. Ya drained her last night."


Grisly rubbed Aloe into the rug burns on Bronte's shoulders while she drank glass after glass of water to re-hydrate her body. She kept shooting looks at a snickering Marty who was helping Daryl make breakfast for them before they left for the cabin. If a week in the cabin was going to be anything like the night before, Bronte wondered if she should make out a Will before they left. She dropped her head forward when Grisly started massaging the tight muscles of her neck and shoulders, if she gave her a back rub after they spent a few hours making love. She could do anything she wanted to her.

"Guys, we had someone prepare the cabin for ya, they said the freezer is full of Buster meat."

"That ought to last two days or so, any food for me up there. OWW! Sorry little bear but I just couldn't let that one go."

"You're not gonna have time to eat so don't worry about." She nipped the back of Bronte's neck as an example.


After they all ate breakfast and loaded the bike up. Bronte and Grisly gave their friends hugs and asked them if they would tell grandpa their goodbyes. The sound of the engine coming to life made Grisly's blood sing, she had plans for the ride up there and knew that it would take them twice as long to get up to the cabin. After all that's what a honeymoon was for, sexual exhaustion.

Daryl and Marty waved to them as they left and as soon as they were but a speck in the distance, they yelled and tore back into the house.

"I know she has cheesecake hidden somewhere!" Daryl yelled as she ran past Marty and in through the kitchen door. "With real strawberries!"


Two days later, Bronte was sound asleep on a blanket in front of the fireplace and Grisly was grilling steaks on the grill. Everything would have seemed normal if Grisly had a stitch of clothing on. Since they had arrived at the cabin, neither one of them had been outside or dressed. The small cabin had a Jacuzzi in the bedroom and a large hot tub on the small deck out the back for when company was over. Not like, they would ever make it out there to use it. Grisly had just placed the medium rare steaks on a platter when she heard snickers coming from the living room. Placing the platter on the small table, she picked up a weapon and snuck into the room.

"What in the Hell are you guys doing here?" She whispered hoarsely to Daryl and Marty.

"Gonna use that on us? I like mine room temperature and a little smaller." Daryl said as she pointed to the crookneck squash in Grisly's hand.

"Sick bitch, now what are ya doing up here?" She threw the squash at Marty.

Marty looked up from where she was pulling on Bronte's toes and said. "Grandpa sent us to check on you two."

"Plus we brought ya more food, Gatorade and Geritol for Bronte."

"Come on she's not that old." Grisly snorted and looked at the huge bottle Daryl had tossed her.

"Maybe not but after the weeks over she will be. She looks like she's in a coma."

"Not yet but close." Bronte mumbled, rolled on to her side and went back to sleep.


After supper, the four of them were in the hot tub on the deck relaxing, Daryl winked at Marty and then got Grisly's attention.

"Grandpa's been really busy since you guys have been up here."

"What's he doing, reading all my Playboys?"

"Nope, we hadn't seen him since the day you guys left, so we went and checked on him." Daryl cleared her throat and watched Grisly's face pale. "We found him in bed…"

"Yeah go on." Grisly leaned towards her and waved her hands.

"With your grandma!"

Grisly's mouth dropped open and she slipped down into the water. When she came up, she spit water in the air and shook her head.

"I am NOT going home, uuhhh aahhh! I can't handle seeing them hanging all over each other! EEEWW!" She grabbed onto Bronte and looked into her amused eyes. "Please can we stay here forever?"

"Grisly, grandpa said Bronte's in charge of the junkyard until he comes back. They're going on their second honeymoon."

Three women slapped their hands over their ears to keep from going deaf when Grisly howled like a banshee. She crawled from the hot tub and ran off through the open field ranting and raving like a lunatic.

"Will she be OK?" Bronte asked their friends.

"In a little while, her ahhh grandma is…how do I put this?" Daryl sat there for a few seconds thinking.

"Nuts!" Marty supplied for her.

"Yep, to put it simply, the woman is a loon."

Bronte watched her wife leap up into the air, run through the tall grass, throw dirt and grass in the air and scream a lot.

"I think it's hereditary."

"Welcome to the family Bronte, May the Gods show you pity."

Bronte slipped below the water to drown out the laughter of Daryl and Marty. An isolated island in the middle of the ocean was sounding better and better by the second.

The End
Chicken Little
By Larisa

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