~ Mender Of Souls ~
by Larisa

Disclaimer: You guys know the deal, yeah they resemble the Duo. These women are all from my wicked little brain. If same sex relationships give you the creeps, go read some Blues Clues or something. If you're not old enough, then go read Blues Clues! Violence plays a part in this story, if it bothers you close your eyes when you come to that part. Other than these things, it's my normal filthy language but not bad. E-mail is appreciated.

Thanks for Lesia and Ri for letting me use them as sounding boards.

Mender of Souls
By Larisa

Part 2

Chauncey lay on the couch with her leg propped over the back; she was ignoring the throbbing and the itching that had her to the point of finding a sharp implement to cut the damn cast off. While Beau was in the shower, she had found a metal coat hanger and was running it down in to the cast on her arm trying to relieve some of the itching. Her head was resting on the arm of the couch with her eyes closed; she was in heaven as she hit a spot on her arm that had been driving her crazy all day. A low moan escaped her parted lips and sent chills down a peeping Beau's spine. She crept forward and smacked Chauncey's fingers.

"Stop that before you get an infection in there."

One blue eye opened to glare at her, a deep growl rumbled from deep in her chest. "It itches! And if I don't do this I'm gonna cut it off!" Pulling the coat hanger out she tried to get it inside of the cast on her leg, she just knew that she had hair 6 inches long covering her entire leg including the top of her foot.

"Chauncey, I'm gonna tie your hands together!" Beau snarled as she grabbed the coat hanger from her hand.

"How bad were the breaks anyway?" She asked as she laced her fingers together on her stomach.

She gave her a wicked grin. "Bad enough that you needed casts."

"Smartass! Now how bad, compound, fracture, clean break, what?"

"Both clean breaks. You got lucky that you didn't break your hip or have more damage done."

"Just great! She pouted at Beau, who gave her a compassionate smile.

"I have cast covers if you want to take a shower."

Blue eyes lit up at the thought of feeling clean, she knew that she had blood in her hair and it made her feel gross. "One problem with that, I can't wash my hair and it really needs it."

Beau blushed at the thought of seeing Chauncey in her bathtub, granted she had all ready seen her completely naked. But this was totally different, in the OR she was Doctor Beau. At home, she was just Beau and she didn't know if she could slip into her professional role here. Chauncey watched emotions flash across green eyes; she knew that Beau was battling herself.

"Please Shrimpy, help me?" She pleaded.

Taking a deep breath, she let it out slowly. "OK. I'll wash your hair but you wash the rest."

Chauncey gave her a heart-warming smile. "Thank you."


Beau sat on the floor behind Chauncey; she poured warm water over her head to wet her hair. She was having problems concentrating on what she was doing, just the feel of the long dark hair falling through her fingers had her body throbbing. Pouring Ocean Breeze scented shampoo in to her hand and being careful to not hit the sutured area at Chauncey's temple, she gentle worked the lather in to dark tresses. She heard a soft sigh come from Chauncey as she massaged her scalp. Looking over a muscled shoulder, she watched the water lap at firm breasts with each rise of her chest.

Chauncey was in heaven; she had never had her hair washed by anyone and now knew what a huge mistake that had been. She felt tingles run down her body as Beau's fingernails softly scratched her scalp. She moaned when she felt water being poured over her head to rinse the soap free. She had no idea why this little blonde had such an effect on her but she wasn't about to miss one second of it. Out of reflex, she grabbed Beau's small hand and brought it to her lips for a lingering kiss.

"Thank you." She replied softly as she looked to her side to see a blushing blonde.

"You're welcome. I'll leave you to finish up here, just give a yell when you're done and I'll help you get out of the tub." She turned her eyes from Chauncey's gorgeous body for fear of her seeing the emotions reflecting in her eyes.


Standing in the hall with her back against the wall, Beau took deep calming breathes. It was more than lust that was coursing through her; the tall Cooler was crawling in to her heart at a rapid speed. Going in to her bedroom, she striped the bed and replaced the linens with fresh ones. She had just finished with the pillows when she heard her name being called. Grabbing a large towel, she made her way to the bathroom. Taking Chauncey's good arm she placed it over her shoulder and then braced herself so that she could help the taller woman out of the tub. Minutes later and both of them breathless from the exertion, Beau decided that next time Chauncey would take a shower.

"I have a large T-Shirt and Boxers that you can sleep in, it'll be more comfortable than a hospital gown." Beau said as she wrapped the towel around Chauncey.

"OK, you know I've never asked anyone for help before."

Beau smiled at her. "I know, Kenny told me all about you suturing yourself up in the bathroom. Where did you learn to do that?" She ran a fingertip down a high cheekbone where a faint white line that showed against tanned skin.

"I read a lot?" She gave a crooked grin.


Beau was stretched out on the couch with her Guinea pig lying on her chest softly snoring. She couldn't get the visions of a tall dark and extremely gorgeous woman out of her head. Her heart hammered in her chest as she pictured firm breasts being caressed by the bath water and wishing it were her hands doing the caressing.

"Come off it Beau, your not her type. She most likely goes for femmes with high heels and fancy dresses. And your wardrobe is scrubs and not much else.

Chauncey was doing the same thing as she laid inhaling Beau's scent from her pillow. "What do ya think Chester? Is she the sweetest little thing you ever saw? A bright smile came to her face when she thought of Beau blushing as she wrapped the towel around her body. She closed her eyes and buried her face in to the pillow, breathing in the soft scent she drifted off to sleep thinking of soft green emerald eyes.


A sound penetrated Beau's sleep; she rolled over and fell off the couch to land in a heap on the floor. Rubbing her eyes, she squinted up to see that it was still dark outside. Dropping her head back on the floor she was about to doze off when she heard the sound again. It was a soft moan that came to her ears; panic brought her to full alert. She jumped up on un-steady feet and made her way to her bedroom, with out turning the light on she felt her way to her bed. Leaning forward she placed a hand on Chauncey's shoulder and found her T-shirt soaked with sweat. Running her hand up the back of her neck, she felt the feverish skin beneath her fingers.

"Shit." She whispered as she felt more of the fevered skin. Leaving Chauncey the way she was, she went to her bathroom and brought out the bag she kept in there. Pulling out a 100cc bottle of antibiotic, she filled a syringe with 3cc's and bared Chauncey's hip. After injecting her she went to get a cold clothe to place on her head and a pan of alcohol and water to bath her with.

Easing the T-shirt off her fevered torso, Beau was careful when she came to the sutured area of her side. She noticed an inflamed area around the end of the incision. She knew that an infection had started and was causing the fever. She ran her fingertips around the inflamed area and watched as blue eyes peeked open to watch her.

"It's infected isn't it?" Chauncey asked with a low gravelly voice.

Green eyes locked with blue, Beau ran her fingers down a sweat-covered cheek and nodded her head. "I gave you a shot, I need to start an IV and add more antibiotics to it along with some saline."

"Help me up." Chauncey said as she struggled to sit.

Worried green eyes looked at her. "No you just stay where you're at."

"Listen Shrimpy, it's my body and I want to see. Now help me up." Her blue eyes battled with green and Beau gave in at the end. She helped the taller woman sit up in the bed and all most fell over when Chauncey asked for a pair of forceps and a syringe of saline.

"What are you going to do?" Beau asked with a deep voice.

"Fix it." Eyes locked in battle. "Help me or I get up and do it myself."

Searching through her bag she pulled out what Chauncey had asked for. "You stubborn Neanderthal! I can't believe I'm letting you do this, I'm a doctor and you're…INSANE!" Watching as Chauncey snipped the last suture, then pushed the forceps in to the incision almost made her pass out.

"I'm a doctor and a surgeon and this is making me squeamish!" Beau said to her self. "Are you like one of those backyard mechanics?"

Blue eyes smiled up at her. "Yep, need your chassis over hauled?" Pain shot through her eyes when she pushed the syringe in to the incision and flushed it with the saline solution. Beau held a square of gauze up to the area and watched as a thick fluid poured out along with a small flake of what appeared to be chrome.

"For the love of Gods, I can't believe I missed this!" Tears came to her green eyes when she realized that her incompetence was the reason why Chauncey was sick with fever. "I'm so sorry Chauncey, it's all my fault." Her tears flowed down her cheeks as she began to softly sob.

"It's not your fault, anyone could have missed it." Wiping the tears from Beau's face with her fingertips, she felt a warmness fill her heart. Placing her right hand behind Beau's head she pulled her to her chest and comforted the devastated little doctor. "I'm ok don't worry." She placed a kiss to the blonde crown of disheveled hair. Beau wrapped her arms around Chauncey and sobbed. "I'm sorry." She mumbled as her sobs continued until she fell asleep still holding on to a confused Cooler.


Beau's eyes squinted open at the sound of the doorbell being rung continuously. She rolled over to come up against a warm body, her eyes widened at the sight of firm breasts right in front of her. "Ohh Gods." She whispered to her self. Then was brought out of her fantasy by the doorbell. "Shit." She said aloud as she crawled over Chauncey's still sleeping form.

Standing on her tiptoes she looked through the peephole to see a uniformed officer standing on the doorstep. She opened the door with a forced smile on her face.

"Good morning, you're here to speak with Ms. Sebastian?"

"Yes Doctor De La Croix. It'll only be for a couple of minutes." The officer gave her a small smile as he stepped through the door.

"Just a minute, let me wake her." She ran her fingers through her sleep-tousled hair trying to put it in to some sort of order. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she came up against a warm body. Looking up in to sleepy blue eyes she offered a small shy smile.

"There's a police officer here to see you." She said in a small voice.

Chauncey cupped Beau's cheek in her hand and looked down in to the shy green eyes. "I heard him, give me a few minutes and I'll be out. OK?"


The three of them sat in the kitchen drinking coffee while the officer took notes on what Chauncey could remember from the night before. The officer's disappointment showed on his face when all Chauncey could remember was that it was a dark colored car that had hit her and taken off.

"OK, Ms. Sebastian, I'll be back at a later time to see if you remember anything else about that night." He stood to leave when he heard Chauncey say something about checking repair shops for the car.

"Ma'am why would we do that?" He asked with curiosity.

"For the simple fact that I wiped out the windshield and the front grill with my body." Her eyes changed to an ice blue as they drilled in to the young officer. "I became quite intimate with the windshield wiper and lost a kidney because of it. I want this asshole found!" Beau straightened in her chair at the sudden change in her. She watched the transformation to the Widow maker happen in a matter of seconds and knew that she never wanted to come up against that side of Chauncey.

"Yes Ma'am well check in to that." He put his notebook in his shirt pocket and left the house on his own. Beau's green eyes wide with fright looked directly at Chauncey, her heart slammed in her chest until she saw the corners of pink lips lift at the corners and ice blue eyes turn to a deep blue full of warmth and humor.

She chuckled. "I hope he has an extra uniform to change in to."

Beau took a deep breath, and let it seep through her parted lips, placing her hand over her heart. "I know you had me scared."

Before Beau left for the hospital, she made sure that Chauncey had everything she needed at arms length of the couch. Chauncey had refused to stay in bed and Beau was not about to argue with her. One encounter with the Widow was all she wanted for the rest of her life. Approaching the door she saw Chauncey holding up a paper bag.

"Your lunch; can't have you eating that hospital slop."

Beau blushed and walked slowly to where Chauncey was sitting on the couch. "You made me lunch? You didn't have to do that. Thank you." She pulled the bag to her chest and stood looking down in to smiling blue eyes. "Well…I guess I should get going." She turned half way then back, leaning down she placed a chaste kiss on Chauncey's cheek before she jogged to the front door and left.


Beau dropped down at the lunchroom table beside Kenny and grinned at her. "Hey Studmeister you look a little rough this morning." She remarked as she looked in to the blood shot eyes of her friend. "Jeri's got cramps, so she makes me suffer by staying up with her."

"Poor baby." She pouted then broke out in to a huge smile.

"What the hell are you so happy about?" She grumbled after a huge yawn. "Finally get laid?"

Beau smacked her in her shoulder and told her to keep it down. "No. She made me lunch." Her face took on a somber look.

"What? You finally have a woman to make you lunch, why the doom and gloom look?"

Beau told her about the infection and the flake of chrome that Chauncey flushed from the incision.

"I told you she took care of all her injuries. I guess we should feel lucky that she didn't toss us out of the OR and remove her own kidney."

A wicked grin came over Beau's face at the thought of Chauncey trying to perform her own surgery. "That would have been something." She pulled out her sandwich and gawked at the thickness of it. "Damn! I think she used half a cow on this thing!" She took a huge bite, her eyes grew wide as she struggled to bite through the contents and then narrowed. Kenny snorted at the faces Beau was making while she struggled.

"What's the matter short stuff?"

Beau gave up and put the sandwich on the table. Lifting the bread up she searched through the meat until she came to the slice of cheese. A low growl rumbled in her chest.

"I guess this is paybacks?" She held the cheese up that was still in the plastic wrapper, a note could be seen placed in the center that read.

"Chester hates wiglets!"

Kenny burst out laughing and had to cover her mouth to keep from spraying Beau with Pepsi. "She's good! I would have never thought of doing that!" Kenny remarked once she regained control. "Oohh don't look now but here comes Bertkins." Beau sighed and dropped her head.

"Doctor De La Croix, how's your in home patient doing?" He asked as he pushed his glasses back up his nose.

"Fine Sir, she's up and moving around a little."

"Good to hear it. Now what is her first name, you left that out of your report?"

"It's Chauncey Sebastian." She answered sheepishly.

"Chauncey Sebastian. I know that name but I can't remember where I've heard it." He then left mumbling Chauncey's name to himself.

Kenny snorted at him and whispered to Beau. "Maybe it was the info commercial on "Do your own brain surgery in the comfort of your own home." Kenny sobered at the look Beau gave here. "Anyway…how's home life? Any interesting developments?"

"Like what? She's healing and is trying to drive me insane."

Snorting at Beau she remarked. "That should be a short trip!"


Jeri struggled with the grocery bags in her arms; she used her hip, wall and thigh for support to free a hand to get the door opened. Just as she reached for the door handle the door was pulled open to reveal six foot of amused Cooler standing there.

"Need some help?"

"Do I! Can you teach Beau how to grocery shop?" Handing a bag to Chauncey, Jeri made her way to the kitchen. "Short stuff is lost when it comes to shopping for anything!" Placing her bags on the kitchen table she looked to see Chauncey doing the same. "Wait a minute here! Where's your casts?"

Blue eyes twinkled at her and a cocky grin graced her lips. "Funniest thing, the damn things just fell right off while I was napping." She lowered her voice and scanned the room before speaking. "I think the Guinea pig did it."

"Beau's going to have a royal Amazon fit with you." Opening the refrigerator she started putting things away. "She may be little, but get her temper going and she can open the gates of Hell."

"Demon spawn Huh?" Chauncey said while putting the canned goods away. "No problem for a Neanderthal asshole as she calls me." Chuckling to herself caught Jeri's attention.

"What's so funny?"

"Ohh just that she's going to be kinda mad at me when she gets home anyway. I made her lunch and I left the wrapper on the slice of cheese in the middle of her sandwich."

Hazel eyes twinkled with amusement. "Sounds like love to me."

Chauncey smiled back and shook her head. "Yeah, the sweet love of revenge." Her thoughts were running in ten different directions from the words that Jeri had said. Beau had defiantly worked her way through a small crack in her armor but she did not know what the feelings were that she was having. Love was something that she had never thought much about at any time. It was always her work that kept her from having any relationships, and then her will to be the best made her cold and unapproachable. That alone kept people at a distance and her only connection with the human world were the ones her job brought her in contact with.

"Hello! Earth to Chauncey!" Jeri yelled from across the kitchen. "Anyone home in there?"

"I was just thinking. When's Shrimpy supposed to be home?"

"No telling, her and Kenny have a complicated appendix/tumor removal to do this afternoon. Plus rounds afterwards, why?"

"I was going to cook supper and didn't want to make it and then have it drying out before she got home."

Jeri hid a grin by burying her head in the refrigerator. "So, whatcha gonna make?"

"Since you did her shopping and brought her a rump roast, I thought I'd make that."

"Sounds good to me, need any help?" She asked with a wiggle of her eyebrows. "I'm good at slicing and dicing. And I know all her favorites."

"I feel that there's something behind this offer." She said with a curious look.

"Ass kissing is the point I'm hinting at. Short stuff will eat just about anything, except plastic."

"Gotcha." Chauncey placed what she needed on the table and repeated to herself. "No plastic."


"Kenny I need a clamp here it's seeping." Green eyes squinted from behind the face shield; they had run into some complications while removing the inflamed appendix. Beau was just about done when they found a perforation in the bowel. "Got it! OK, guys lets staple this one and get home."

They threw their soiled scrubs in to the biohazard container and walked out of the room with huge grins on their faces. "One more hour and we're outta here!" Kenny yelled as they took off running towards the locker room in their sports bras and silk boxers. Sliding across the floor in their socks, they slammed in to the door when it was opened by Dr. Bertkins. Kenny hit the floor and Beau landed on top of her holding her nose.

"Not again!" Beau mumbled from behind her hand.

"Ooww! My ass is broke!" Kenny whined from under Beau.

"Doctors, horse play is not for the hospital. I suggest you two get dressed and continue your work in a more adult fashion." Dr. Bertkins looked down at the two stunned women. "I think you will find this most interesting Dr. De La Croix." He dropped a manila envelope on to her heaving chest then walked away leaving them on the floor in a heap.

"Am I bleeding?" Beau asked after rolling off Kenny.

"Yep, and your nose is swelling."

Beau pulled her hands away and saw her own blood covering her palm. "Oohh Gods…" Kenny picked up the now unconscious Beau and carried her in to the locker room to put her on the couch. After placing an ice bag on her face she kissed her forehead.

"Sweet dreams short stuff."


Kenny returned 45 minutes later to find Beau moaning and trying to pull her scrubs on.

"Easy short stuff before you fall over." Kenny placed a steadying hand on her shoulder and helped her get her scrubs on. "I did our rounds and now I'm taking you home so that your Neanderthal can take care of you."

Beau gave her a hug and thanked her for doing her rounds. She tossed the manila envelope in to her locker and let Kenny help her out of the room. "Does it look really bad?"

"Uuhhmm…no worse than the last time. But I think it's broke this time." She looked at the swollen eyes and nose of her friend. "I think you should let me reset it."

"Nuh ahh!!!!!" She said as she covered her face with her hands. "It'll be OK…after a bottle of aspirins."


Kenny opened the door for Beau and helped her sit down on the couch, she was just about to look for Chauncey when Chester and Abigail came tearing in to the room. A wide grin split her face when she saw Abigail with an afro hairstyle.

"Some ones been busy." She sniffed the air and moaned. "And cooking!"

Beau leaned over the back of the couch and whined. "I can't smell anything!" Pouting at Kenny with what would normally be her sad puppy look but now looked like a few rounds with Mike Tyson. "What's it smell like?"

"Roast, carrots, potatoes, onions, fresh bread and apple turn-over."

"You can smell all that?" Beau questioned.

"Nope, I can see it sitting on the table." She lowered her voice so that only Beau could hear her. "She's a keeper!" Placing a kiss on the little blonde's forehead she ran for the door. "Gotta get home to my wife, it's naughty nurse night."

Chauncey walked out from the bathroom with her hair still wet from her shower, with one look at Beau's face she hurried over to the couch and took her face between her hands.

"Who the hell did this to you Shrimpy?" Anger and then concern raged across her eyes. "Where's Kenny? I'll kick her ass if she did this."

"Wasn't Kenny, Dr. Bertkins nailed us both with the locker room door. "My fault." She moaned as a thumping began in her forehead. "This really sucks!"

"Well, the door did a good job. It's broke." In a spilt second she snapped Beau's nose back in align. "There ya go, all fixed."

"OOWWW!!!!!! I can't believe you did that!" She fell back on the couch.

"Why didn't Kenny fix it?" Chauncey asked as she sat next to her on the couch.

"Wouldn't let her." She wiped her eyes and tried to sniff the air. "Kenny said you cooked."

"Are you hungry? It's ready." She took Beau's hand and helped her off the couch. She let out a yelp when she felt a foot connect with her ass. "What was that for?"

"My sandwich." She looked at Chauncey and let out a yell. "Where the Hell are your casts!?"

"Never mind about that, lets eat before it gets cold."


Beau had just finished her third turnover when she heard Abigail whistle from under the table, she leaned over and started laughing.

"You're so cute." She gazed across the table at a snickering Chauncey. "Nice one, so are we even now?"

"Yep." Picking up their dishes she went to the sink and started to wash them.

"No you don't, you cooked I'll clean up." Beau pulled Chauncey's hands from the soapy water; a tingling raced up her fingers and looped her heart. She glanced to their joined hands then into smoldering blue eyes. "I…uhmm." She broke their gaze and held hands to start washing the dishes. "Can at least share the kitchen duties while you're here." She didn't know what just happened between them but she so wanted to kiss the taller woman. "Is there anything you need from your house, I can go by there tomorrow and pick stuff up for you."

"I could use some clothes and I'd like to get my truck from the bar. That is if it's still in one piece." She leaned her back against the kitchen counter and watched a nervous little blond wash their dishes. She knew what would have happened if Beau hadn't pulled back and she also knew that she wanted it just as much. She decided to change the subject and put the little blonde at ease.

"So how did the appendix surgery go today?"

A blonde head swung her way. "How did you…Oohh wait it's grocery day. Jeri told you."

"Yep. So what happened?" Chauncey watched as a proud smile came over Beau's face.

"It started out OK, but after we removed the tumor that had branched out in to the appendix and part of the colon and small intestine, we started to remove the appendix. Part of the colon had adhered to the appendix and when we removed it, it tore a small perforation in to the wall. I ended up having to cut some of the colon away and splice it back together."

"What are the chances of the bowel re-adhering to it's self or other organs in the future?"

"I don't know, I'm hoping that this was a freak thing caused by the tumor and that the patient won't have any more problems." She stopped what she was doing and looked questioningly at Chauncey. "Wait a minute here, what do you know about adhesions of the bowel and such?"

"I told you I read a lot." She gave Beau a smile that reached right down and squeezed the little blonde's heart. "So tell me, what were the patient's symptoms?"

"Ohh the normal, slight fever, nausea, constipation and lower ab pain at McBurney's point. We had a little bit of rebound and psoas sign."

"What about abscesses in the peritoneal cavity and were there any signs or peritonitis?"

Beau gave her a studied look; she just shook her head and smiled. "Ever think of reading something more interesting like fan-fiction of the internet?"

"Yeah, been there done that. They write to slow and leave you hanging off cliffs. So what else did you find besides the adhesion and the carcinoid tumor?"

"No to the other stuff and not much, But I wish I had a shop vac in there to perform liposuction on the 50 extra pounds of lard that I had to dig through to get to the appendix." Placing the washed dishes in the strainer she turned to Chauncey. "Wanna watch some TV and have a few beers? I could use one to maybe numb my throbbing nose."


They sat at opposite ends of the couch; beer bottles littered the coffee table along with the remains of the apple turnovers. Chauncey looked over to see Beau's mouth opened and her snoring loudly. Stretching out on her back she reached over and pulled Beau down to lay beside her on the couch. Slipping an arm under a blonde head she wrapped the other across her waist. With in minutes she joined the little blonde in slumber.

Beau felt a warmth surrounding her body and was confused by it. She brought a hand up and felt her swollen eyes and nose and moaned when a pain shot through her head. She knew that it would hurt due to the swelling of the septum and pressure on the nasal passages but she didn't know it would be this bad. Dropping her hand down she felt a warm softness under her fingers, running her hand down she knew what she was feeling but couldn't seem to stop the exploration of a firm breast. She felt a nipple harden under her palm and grinned at what she thought she was getting away with.

"What's your prognosis Doc Shrimpy, is it real or silicone?"

"Uuhhmm…sorry…I didn't…shit!" She dropped her head back down then moaned when she hit her nose.

"It's OK, I can't think of a better way to be woken." Placing two fingers beneath Beau's chin, she lifted her face and cringed. "You're not going in to work today."

"I have to, I have rounds to make and patients to check on." She blinked her eyes a couple times but just couldn't seem to get them open. "Could be a little problem since I seem to have misplaced my eyeballs."

"Exactly what I'm talking about. Now if you'd let go of my tit, I'll go get breakfast started." She watched a dark blush color Beau's face when she moved her hand from her breast. She leaned forward and placed a kiss on her forehead and shocked herself. "Just stay right here, I'll bring it out when it's done."

Beau sunk back on the couch and sighed. She couldn't believe that she had been feeling up Chauncey and is still living. Then the gentle unexpected kiss on her forehead. She ran her fingers across the spot and smiled. She continued to lay on the couch dreaming of a tall dark Cooler when a thought hit her. "Chauncey? Would you like to help me with my rounds today?"

"Help you? How am I supposed to help you with rounds, I'm not a doctor." She said from the kitchen.

"Maybe not but you can read the charts for me, since I'm blind as a bat."

Chauncey's body startled to tremble at the thought of going to the hospital with Beau, she didn't know if she could do it. She was standing with her back to the door of the kitchen and staring out the window when she felt arms come around from behind her. A warm rush traveled through her body and warmed every fiber of her being.

"Please come with me, just for an hour or so till I can get someone else to take over for a few days." Beau squeezed lightly so as not to hurt Chauncey's injuries. She continued to beg and plead until she felt Chauncey's body shake with held back laughter. "Tell me your not crying because you'll be seen with my horrid face." Chauncey turned within her arms and looked down at the swollen face.

"It's not horrid exactly, it's just a little unusual." She laughed when Beau pouted. "That doesn't help any, yes I'll go with you."

"Thank you! I'd kiss you but I can't see your face." She skipped from the kitchen with a bounce in her step until she bounced off the door jam. "Damn that hurt!" She rubbed her shoulder and then continued on her way.

Chauncey chuckled at the antics of the little blonde, then sobered when she thought of what she was about to do. "What have I gotten myself in to?" She rubbed her face and then grinned when she realized that she would be spending the entire day with a beautiful shrimpy blonde. "I can do this. I can forget the past and not spaz out in the hospital." She took a deep breath and followed after Beau.


Kenny did a double take when Chauncey and Beau walked in to the locker room. Then she cringed at the swollen face of her friend.

"Gods Beau, what are you doing here in your condition? You should have stayed home, I would have checked on your patients when I did my own."

"I know you would but I wanted to get some things from my locker and arrange for a few days off. Plus I begged and pleaded for Chauncey to help me with my rounds." She reached out and searched for Chauncey's hand. "She's my seeing eye Neanderthal."

"You know Chauncey, you're wrapped." Kenny said as she came nose to chest with the taller woman. "Yep, right around her short little finger. My condolences." She gave out a burst of laughter as she left the room. They could still hear here as she got further down the hall.

"Tell me something Shrimp, do you really like her?"

"Yeah why?"

"Damn, and I was going to find a hamper to stuff her in." She pulled Beau through the door to start her rounds.

Beau was amazed at the medical knowledge that Chauncey had, numerous times she asked why she had done one procedure when another would have been easier and worked in the same way. Or suggested a much more extreme antibiotic treatment rather than a more time consuming one that would take longer to get the desired effects. They finished the last patient and were on their way to the locker room when Dr. Bertkins intercepted them.

"Dr. De La Croix, I was wondering when you would show up today." He took one look at her face and snickered. "Why did you come in, my God woman you could throw the patients in to arrest with that face."

"You certainly know how to give out compliments to build a girls ego." She self-consciously ran her finger across her nose. "Dr. Bertkins I'd like to introduce you to Chauncey Sebastian, she's been my eyes today."

Dr. Bertkins studied the tall dark woman before him, he looked above his glasses and a bright smile came to his face. "I'm very honored to meet you Dr. Sebastian."

Beau felt Chauncey quiver beside her when Dr. Bertkins used the title of doctor when he addressed her.

"Oohh she's not a doctor, she's a bouncer at the bar."

"I'm not mistaking Dr. De La Croix. This is Dr. Chauncey Saint Sebastian MD, top heart surgeon from St Johns Hospital. I just read her research paper on Myocardial ischemic disorders." He completely ignored the shocked look on Beau's face and the grey complexion that now covered Chauncey.

"I was especially interested in what you said about Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia."

Beau came out of her shocked state and interrupted Dr. Bertkins. "Excuse me sir but we really must be going, perhaps you can continue your discussion with DR. Sebastian at a later time." She never gave him a chance to say a word as she yanked Chauncey towards the locker room. Once inside she pushed her up against the wall and tried to look her in the eye.

"You're a heart surgeon!?! Why didn't you tell me!?" She turned from Chauncey and flung her hands in the air and stomped around the room. "Here I am trying to impress you with my medical knowledge and my heroic feats in the operating room and your one of the countries leading heart surgeons! How could you let me act like such an egotistical ass?!" She came right up against Chauncey's chest and leaned in to her. "Why didn't you tell me?" That's when she noticed the terrified look on Chauncey's face and her entire body trembling. "Ohh Gods, Chauncey are you all right?" Chauncey's eyes rolled back in her head and she slipped down the wall, Beau caught her before she landed on the floor and struggled to get her in a sitting position. Making sure that she wouldn't fall over, she ran for the intercom and paged Kenny.

"What's the problem?" Kenny asked as she peeked her head in to the locker room. "Tell me you didn't knock her out." She said when she saw her kneeling in front of Chauncey.

"She just passed out on me, help me get her on the couch. I think she had an anxiety attack or something." After they had her on the couch Beau checked her vital signs and looked at Kenny with a panic-stricken expression on her face. "Kenny there's something wrong, I can't find her heart beat!" She felt for a pulse at the side of her neck and then her wrist. Tears poured from her eyes as she panicked.

"Beau calm down and get the hell outta the way!" Kenny placed the stethoscope over Chauncey's chest and moved it back and forth and then stopped. She looked up into Beau's tear stained face. "Do you love her?"

"What the hell has that got to do with her not having a heart beat!"

"Just answer me, do you love her?"

"Yes damn it!" She dropped to her knees and buried her face in her hands and sobbed.

"Short stuff, get up here and listen." Kenny dragged her beside Chauncey and placed the stethoscope in her ears. "Her hearts on the wrong side of her chest."

Beau looked at Kenny and saw her nod her head. "Your Neanderthal's a medical mystery." She waved a ammonia capsule under Chauncey's nose and watched as her blue eyes blinked open and then a long fingered hand swipe at the awful smelling stuff. Before Chauncey could say a word, she was attacked by a hysterical blonde. Beau wrapped her arms around her neck and sobbed against her. Chauncey couldn't understand a word she was saying so she looked to a grinning Kenny.

"She thought you were dead. She didn't know that your heart's on the wrong side." Mouthing her last words to Chauncey she said. "She loves you." Then left the room.

Chauncey wrapped her arms around Beau and let the tears trail down her cheeks. With just knowing that the little blonde loved her, she felt the walls around her heart shatter in to thousands of pieces.

"Shrimpy lets go home." She whispered against Beau's small ear. She watched as a tear stained face rose from where it had been buried against the side of her neck. Wiping away the last of the tears, she gave her a small smile. "Let's get out of here, we need to have a talk." She pulled Beau down and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead.


They lay on Beau's bed, propped up against the headboard with pillows. The lights were off with the glow of scented candles their only light. Chauncey took Beau's hands in her own and ran her fingers across the smaller ones, she loved the feel of the soft nimble fingers entwined with her own. "I stopped practicing medicine a few years ago due to an accident that tore my perfect world apart." She glanced sideways to see Beau watching her. "In all the years of doing heart surgery I never lost a patient, I couldn't lose a patient because I was perfect, I was higher than any God ever known to the human race. And then one horrible night it all came crashing down on top of me, reality smacked me so hard that I gave up everything that I had worked for because I finally seen that I wasn't perfect. I was human just like everyone else, so I did something that I never thought I would do, I ran."

Tears filled her eyes and flowed down her cheeks to drip off her strong jaw. She took a deep breathe and tried to smile at Beau. Her body started to tremble as memories flooded her mind. She felt Beau's strong arms wrap around her and pull her down to comfort her against her chest.

"It happened one night after I had just finished a triple by pass on an elderly man. I was on my way home when all of a sudden head lights blinded me and I lost control of my car."

The sound of squealing tires and tearing metal shattered the silent night, flames shot up from where the two vehicles were fussed together. Chauncey moaned as she righted herself from where she had landed on the passenger's side of her small sports car. Pulling her body through the window, she stumbled to the other car to find a young woman slumped behind the wheel. Checking for vital signs she found a very weak pulse and on further examination she found that the woman's chest had a very large gash where the steel band that decorated the steering wheel had broken and punctured the woman's chest. Running back to her car she pulled her cell phone from her briefcase and called 911, then returned to the woman. Tearing the door open she carefully removed the woman from the car and carried her to a safe distance. As soon as she placed her on the ground both cars exploded in to flames.

Ripping the woman's shirt open she saw that the steel band had broken the breastbone and penetrated the chest cavity. Blood was spurting with each weak heartbeat, there was nothing she could do, she had lost her medical bag when her car exploded and had nothing to help the woman. She sat with her hands pressing over the wound and waited for the ambulance to arrive, what seemed like hours went by before she heard the sirens and then the lights of the approaching rescue squad. She ran to the edge of the road and flagged them down, within minutes she was in the back of the ambulance yelling orders to the paramedics as she used rib spreaders and opened the woman's chest. Reaching in with sponges she tried to see where the damage was, a grin came to her face when she saw that the superior vena cave had been severed by the steel band. This was a simple thing for her to fix, she had done thousands of them and could do them while sleeping. She ordered the paramedic to get her the instruments she needed to fix what she considered a simple problem.

Before she could start the resection of the SVC, they lost all vitals and the woman flat lined. They hung IV's and Chauncey started open heart massage. To no avail she was never able to get a heartbeat back; she continued to do the massage even as they rolled the gurney in to the hospital. When the other surgeons approached the table she went ballistic and refused to give up even after the woman was pronounced dead. Finally the chief surgeon tackled her and had a nurse inject a tranquilizer. She woke later to find herself strapped to a bed in the ICU unit.

"Being my stupid holier than thou self, I didn't know that I had sustained a potential paralyzing injury. I had three cracked vertebras in my neck and two ruptured discs in my lower back." She wiped the tears from her face as she looked up into slit green eyes. "I spent six months in a hallo in the hospital after they repaired my back, I had a lot of time to do some heavy thinking. The first time I went back in to the OR for a simple by pass procedure, as soon as I cracked the chest open I freaked and then passed out on the patient. I was put on mandatory leave and had to see the hospital shrink. I never saw the shrink and I've never been back to the hospital since. I can't do it anymore." She broke down sobbing against Beau's chest.

Beau held her tighter and whispered loving comforting words in to her ear; she rocked her back and forth in a soothing motion until she felt the deep even breathes of sleep. She went over everything that Chauncey had said to her and could see where the God complex would play a huge part in Chauncey's life. She remembered when she told her grandmother that she wanted to be a doctor, the long talks they had and how her grandmother had drilled in to her head that no matter what, she was just a human and if a patient died it was Gods will and had nothing to do with her. That if she gave 110% of herself then the other 90% was the Gods to give. A small smile came to her face when she thought of how wise her grandmother was, she was a no holds barred type of woman and didn't hesitate to put someone in her place. She wished that she was here now to give Chauncey a good talking to. Resting her head on top of a dark head she closed her eyes and let sleep claim her.

Chauncey snuggled her face further in to the softness below her, she could feel the soft thump of a heartbeat, and a small smile graced her lips. The soft scent of Beau and her Jovan cologne filled her lungs, her heart did back flips when she remembered what Kenny had told her the night before. A soft moan came to her ears and then a small hand came down to smooth her hair and then rest on her cheek.

Green eyes opened a bit and took in the dark head resting on her left breast while a long fingered hand lay across the right. Her heart filled with over flowing love for this strong woman.

"I love you Dr Sebastian" She whispered close to the sleeping woman's ear. "With all my heart."

Tears flowed from blue eyes when she heard Beau's declaration with her own ears. Lifting her face up to look in to green eyes, she saw all the love the small woman had in her heart. Coming up on one elbow, she moved closer to soft pink lips. She hesitated for long moments and was about to pull away when she felt a small hand come behind her neck and pull her down. With the first touch of their lips, a feeling of electricity coursed through their bodies. Chauncey deepened the kiss and moaned when she felt Beau's tongue slid along hers. When the kiss broke they were both breathless, tears flowed from their eyes as their eyes locked.

"I love you Dr. De La Croix." Lowering her head Chauncey captured soft lips and stole Beau's breath away. Small hands moved down a long muscular back and worked their way under clothing to feel soft warm skin beneath her fingertips. She brought her hands around to cup full firm breasts and heard a low moan come from Chauncey. The kiss broke, Beau lifted Chauncey's shirt over her head and tossed the shirt to the floor. Taking Chauncey's breasts in her small hands she brought her lips to place a kiss over each breast. Rolling Chauncey over on to her back she straddled her hips and brought her head down to place a lingering kiss over the place where Chauncey's heart beat. Taking her scrub shirt from the bottom she went to pull it over her head but was stopped by strong hands covering hers.

"Let me." Chauncey said in a deep purring voice that sent shivers down Beau's spine. Chauncey sat up and removed the shirt, then brought her lips to the center of Beau's chest and kissed every inch of her warm skin. Running her fingers down a small ribcage she brought them back up to graze across rose-colored nipples and grinned when Beau moaned deep in her chest. Bringing her lips back to her chest, she kissed her way up to Beau's neck. Pulling the soft skin between her lips, she sucked gently. Beau moaned and pulled Chauncey's head tighter to her neck, she arched her back when she felt the tingles rush through her body to settle at her center. Bringing her legs around to wrap around Chauncey's waist she pressed her hips downward and moaned when her throbbing center made contact with Chauncey.

Releasing Beau's neck, Chauncey pulled back enough to look in to passion filled green eyes. She pulled her closer so that their breasts touched and sent an electrical charge through them. Rolling them over she lay with her hips between Beau's thighs, kissing her way down her body she stopped when she came to the drawstring tie of her scrubs. Using her teeth, she pulled the tie free and worked the scrubs down slim hips. Running her hands up silky soft legs she moaned deeply when she came to Beau's neatly trimmed patch of blonde blond curls. Looking in to soft green eyes, she crawled her way up to place soft kisses upon her lips. Beau worked Chauncey's sweats down her hips, then used her feet to push them off long legs. Wrapping her thighs around a trim waist she pulled Chauncey down to her and groaned when she felt hard abs press in to her center. Rolling her hips she pressed her engorged clitoris against the warm skin as she kissed Chauncey deeply. Hands explored unknown flesh, memorizing each curve and texture. Chauncey moved her way down Beau's body with her lips, kissing and sucking each inch of skin until she came to soft curls. Rubbing her chin through the curls she grinned when Beau moaned and thrust her hips upward against her. She breathed in the scent of her lover's arousal and felt her mouth water. Slowly she brought her tongue down for her first taste of nectar, slipping her tongue down further, she felt Beau's center spasm against her tongue.

Beau's fingers tangled in long silky dark hair, pushing Chauncey's head down further she thrust her hips upward and wrapped a leg across a strong back. Her body tightened at the first touch of the warm tongue of her lover, she could feel her orgasm getting closer with each lick of Chauncey's tongue. She gasped when she felt herself opened and a warm tongue plunged in to her center.

Chauncey worked her tongue in and out of with the same rhythm that her thumb was performing on Beau's pulsing Clitoris. Her own body was reaching the pinnacle at a great speed; she could feel the wetness flowing from her throbbing center and the clenching of her muscles. Using every bit of will power she put her own release on the back burner and concentrated on pleasing her lover. Beaus shortened breathes reached her ears along with the soft moans that escaped her parted lips. Slipping two fingers in to Beau she took her hardened clitoris between her lips and sucked. Flicking her tongue across the very tip, she knew that Beau was close to going over.

"Don't…stop…aahh Gods…" Beau moaned as her fingers dug in to Chauncey's back and the mattress. A wave rushed from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, her back arched off the bed as the strongest orgasm she had ever had claimed her. She screamed out her release by yelling. "SAINT SEBASTIAN!"

Chauncey's body was wracked by an earth shattering orgasm when she felt Beau's center grip her fingers and spasm. Her back arched and hips thrust against the mattress. When her name was screamed out she went back over the edge as another orgasm tore through her body. When her mind cleared of the bright white light, she tipped her fingers up and hit a hardened spot within Beau. Torrents of juices flowed over her fingers and hand as Beau's second orgasm shook her body. Long minutes after their bodies had calmed, Chauncey crawled her way up to lay beside Beau and pull her in to her arms. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she cried, she felt gentle fingertips wipe the tears from her face and then soft lips claim her own. A feeling of completeness surrounded them as they held each other close.

"I love you Saint Sebastian."

Chauncey gave her a sweet smile then kissed her lips gently. "Shrimpy, I'm no Saint."

"You're my Saint and that's all that counts." She ran her fingers across pink lips and gazed in to dark blue eyes. "You are my heart."

Chauncey pulled her head to her chest and held her as they both cried silent tears of happiness. He empty feelings that they had both lived with was gone and replaced with a burning feeling that filled their hearts. Embraced tightly in each other's arms, they let slumber claim them.


They woke hours later with a hunger neither could deny nor quench. After making love for another two hours, Chauncey rolled from the bed leaving Beau sound asleep. She stood beneath the shower spray and let it beat across her back. She leaned her head back and let the water wash down her face, dragging her hands across her eyes and down her face to linger on her neck, she felt a tenderness at the front. Turning the water off, she climbed from the shower and looked in the mirror. A huge grin came to her face when she saw the huge hickey that Beau had left.

"Little Shrimp has got some teeth on her." She toweled off and walked to the bedroom naked. Pulling a pair of sweats and T-Shirt from Beau's dresser, she put on a show for the green eyes she knew were watching her. "Like what you see?" She purred from across the room.

"Ohh yeah! Whatcha doing outta bed?" She asked as she stretched and yawned.

"I thought that while you were sleeping that I'd run home and get some clothes and check my mail." She sauntered over to the bed and bent down to place a lingering kiss on Beau's lips. "Wanna come…with?" She asked with a glimmer in her eye. "I can make it worth you while." She ran a finger down Beau's nose and grinned. "My healing technique did wonders for the swelling."

"Excuse me?" Beau coughed out. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"The swellings gone down in your face, can hardly notice except for the little bit of bruising."

"Right. I don't believe you."

"Go look, I ain't lying about it."

Green eyes narrowed at her, Beau crawled from the bed and padded to the bathroom. She looked back over her shoulder to see intense blue eyes watching her. "I get it now! You just wanted to see my ass!"

An evil wicked grin came across Chauncey's face; she nodded her head and continued to devoir her lover with her eyes.

"You got that part of it right."


Chauncey had changed clothes; she now wore her traditional black Levi's and T-shirt. She pulled a black leather jacket over the top of it and picked up the backpack that she had thrown some clothes in. Dropping her glasses down over her eyes, she gave Beau an ear-splitting grin.

"I'm baaack!" She purred close to her ear. "Let's go to the bar and turn some heads."

"That I can defiantly do with this face." She pouted and received a kiss for her troubles.

"You're beautiful to me and that's all that counts."


Beau walked in to the bar and headed right over to where Jeri and Kenny were standing talking to the hyena woman. Beau shook her head and prepared herself for the whiny voice.

"Hey guys, ya miss me?" She asked as she climbed up in to Kenny's lap and kissed her cheek."

"Damn Beau, Kenny told me that your nose was broke but I didn't think you'd look like a raccoon."

"Gee thanks Jeri. I never have to worry about getting a big head around you."

Jeri leaned up on to the bar and came eye to eye with Beau. "So where's your Neanderthal?"

Hyena woman became all ears; she had hoped that she had a chance with the gorgeous doctor. That is why she was torturing herself by hanging around the un-couth Kendra. She wondered whom this Neanderthal was that the doctor was waiting for.

"She's checking on her truck, she wanted to make sure it was still in one piece."

"She didn't have to worry; ever since she got run over we've had off duty cops out there." Jeri pulled herself up on the bar and pulled Beau's shirt collar to the side. A huge grin came to her lips; she then let out a howl that took ten years off Beau's life.

"What the hell Jeri!?"

"It's about damn time short stuff, is she good?" She wiggled her brows at her and then looked up when she saw a tall shadow come through the door. "There's your woman, better get off my wives lap before Neanderthal kills her."

Beau climbed down and turned to watch Chauncey saunter across the room, her heart beat a staccato as she caught the slight grin on her lips. Chauncey made sure that every one knew she was back, the first drunk that touched her, she tossed out the door. From then on, the crowd parted like the red sea for her. She scanned the crowd and found a small blond watching her from across the room. Each time someone got in her way she let out a growl until the coast was clear all the way, to where Beau stood. She knew that all eyes where on her as she walked to the bar, it was common knowledge that she never left the back wall except for to break up a fight. She was enjoying the hell out of this and would give everyone a coronary. She came toe to toe with Beau, bending down at the waist she wrapped her arms around Beau and picked her up. Beau wrapped her legs around her lover's waist and laced her hands behind her neck. Their eyes locked and held, Chauncey leaned forward and captured her lover's lips in a breath-stealing kiss. When it broke, Beau was gasping for air and clinging to Chauncey's neck for dear life. She dropped her head down and buried her face against her lover's neck.

"Well I guess that answers that question!" Hyena woman huffed then left the bar to go stomping away. Kenny started snickering until it became an all out gut busting laugh. Everyone around her gave her funny looks and moved a distance away.

"Kenny it's not funny!" Jeri said as she smacked her in the shoulder with her bar towel. Then started laughing herself when she noticed all the jaws dropped around the bar. She almost fell on the floor when Chauncey went up to the DJ and spoke in to his ear. The next song he played was Shameless by Garth Brooks. She pulled Beau in to her arms and held her close, she pulled back to look in to tear filled green eyes and sang to her.

Chauncey wiped the tears from her lovers face and gave her a smile that made her heart stop. "I am ya know, shameless." She kissed her softly then led her to the bar where she lifted her up to sit on the edge. Moving in between her legs, she wrapped her arms around her waist and rested her head against her breasts. She stood there until Jeri smacked her in the shoulder.

"It's about time you big bone head! You two belong together."


The entire night they clung to each other, one set of eyes were continuously watching the once cold and distant Cooler, amazed that the little doctor could change her in such a short period. He had hoped that she would remain cold, unfeeling, and alone for what she had done. He watched them as they left the bar hand in hand.

"I will make you pay for what you did to my life." He mumbled under his breath.


Beau had Chauncey's cloths off before they could even get to the bedroom. She pushed her back on to the couch then dropped down between her thighs, placing them up on her shoulders; she nipped the tender flesh until she came to dark curls. Taking a deep breathe she exhaled against throbbing flesh and grinned when a gasp came from her lovers lips. Tilting her head to the side, she began to French kiss her lover's center; long fingers tangled in her short hair and pressed her closer. Moaning deep in her chest caused Chauncey to thrust her hips in to her. Mere minutes later Chauncey was screaming her release, her head fell back on the couch as she gasped for air. Beau with a huge grin on her face stripped out of her clothes and climbed on to her lover's lap to straddle her thighs. Taking a nipple between her lips she sucked until it became hard, she rolled the other between her fingers and felt Chauncey's hips thrust beneath her. Her surprise came when she felt two fingers enter her, she ground down on them and thrust forward. She could feel her climax fast approaching. Chauncey raised her hips and thrust against her own hand; pulling Beau's face to her, she captured her lips and kissed her deeply.

Beau broke the kiss, bucked against her lover, and then sent them both over the edge in to oblivion. They collapsed against each other, gasping for air Chauncey started to chuckle until it became a snorting laugh.

"Hey! What's so funny?" Beau gave her a smack on her head and gave her best glare. "That's the last time I take advantage of you!"

Chauncey sobered as she looked into the flaming green eyes. "Sorry Shrimpy…it's just that…no one has ever done this to me."

"Done what?"

"You know…rip my clothes off, throw me down and flip my world on end."

"I did that?" A huge toothy grin came over Beau's face. "Good! Now let's see if I can make you walk funny for a week."


Beau stumbled in to the locker room and looked at an equally tired Kenny. "Hey Studmeister, can we go home now?"

"I wish! I'm beat, my ass hurts, my legs feel like they ran the Boston Marathon and I never want to see another beer keg for the rest of my life!" She dropped down on to a bench with a loud groan.

"You guys and your rough sex, I tell ya it'll kill you one of these days."

"I never said I had sex last night. It was carrying all those damn full kegs of beer that almost killed me!" She rubbed her shoulder and groaned some more. "I've been carrying those things ever since Chauncey got hurt, I don't know how she can do it night after night."

"Easy, she's my Neanderthal."

"Uuhh huh and what condition is she in today?"

"Still sleeping and later she'll find out that she's not as flexible as she thought she was." She left Kenny with her mouth hanging open as she walked out laughing evilly.

During Beau's rounds, she had a feeling of anticipation; she rushed from patient to patient trying to get done so that she could get home and changed. She was to meet Chauncey at the bar that night and then go out for a late supper. She kept checking her watch only to see that one whole minute had passed.

"Chauncey had finished talking to one of the off duty officers that was staking out the parking lot. She was glad to see that the owner of the bar was taking the attack on her seriously and preventing others from being injured or worse as well. She pulled the door open to the bar and was surprised when the men smiled at her and slapped her on the back. Never before had they accepted her for the lifestyle she led, until Beau entered her life. She looked over to where Kenny was standing guard over her wife but did not see her lover; she checked her watch and realized that Beau still had an hour before she would be getting off work. Sighing she took her place against the wall to watch the activities around her.

Beau did not bother going home to change; she left from the hospital in her scrubs and drove right over to the bar. Slamming her car door closed she took off at a sprint towards the bars door; she jumped through as a man came out and just about knocked him over. Squinting her eye's she scanned the room for her lover and found her in her usual place. Taking a deep calming breath, she sauntered up to stand in front of her.

"Got any teeth?" She asked with a serious look on her face.

"Wanna feel them Shrimpy?" A brilliant smile came to Chauncey's face that almost sent Beau to the floor.

"You keep smiling at me like that and you'll have to perform CPR on me."

"I'll perform any way you want."

Beau wiggled her eyebrows at her and then licked her lips. "Really?" She purred.

"Come on let me buy you chocolate milk." Chauncey took her hand and led her over to where Kenny was. Bending down, she gave Beau a passion filled kiss that left her lover gripping the edge of the bar to keep from falling over.

The night flew past quickly, before they knew it the lights had come on and the last of the patrons were ushered out the door by Chauncey's crew. She had finished setting new kegs in place early so that they could leave as soon as the place was empty. She stood with Beau at her side waiting for Kenny and Jeri to join them. They had plans on going to Denny's for something to eat before heading home. She didn't know if she could stand to sit in a restaurant for to long considering Beau kept running her hand up the inside of her thigh. Kenny came towards them dragging Jeri behind her. A huge grin came to her face when she saw where Beau's hand was.

"Come on short stuff, no kinky stuff until you two get home."

They walked in to the parking lot to find only a handful of cars still sitting around. They had decided earlier that they would take Beau's car and then swing back by to collect the others. Kenny kept trying to climb on Jeri's back to get her to carry her to the car. In the process, she was using Beau's shoulder to hike herself up. The four of them looked like a group of drunks as they pushed and shoved each other. They never paid attention to the lone figure watching them from over the roof of a dark Impala.

"Come on Baby just carry me to the car. If you do, I'll let you have your way with me."

"Kenny I have my way no matter what." Jeri said as she kicked her wife in her ass. Some how Beau had gotten caught in between the two of them. She was trying to wrap her arms around their necks and head but them when a loud crack split the air. Kenny fell in to her and moaned, another crack sounded and the next thing she knew they were all in a heap on the ground and Chauncey was telling them to stay down. The next instant more cracks were heard and yelling. Chauncey came to her feet and looked to where the off duty officer was flipping a man over on the ground. He looked up when her saw her and asked if every one was OK.

"I think so, is he dead?"

"Yes ma'am."

Chauncey turned when she heard Beau's scream of "NO!" She dropped down to see Beau's scrub shirt and hands covered with blood. Panic struck her chest; she went immediately to her lover and checked her for wounds.

"Chauncey its Jeri, she's been shot!" Tears flowed down Beau's face as she pressed her hands over her cousin's chest. Blood soaked her shirt and seeped from between Beau's fingers. Chauncey looked at Kenny who was still lying on the ground; she flipped her over to see the upper right side off her shirt stained with blood.

"FUCK!" Chauncey jumped up and screamed for the officer to call for an ambulance. She dropped down next to Beau and told her to check on Kenny. She tore Jeri's shirt down the middle and groaned when she saw the bullet hole over her left breast. Ripping the rest of her shirt off, she made a pressure bandage and held it over the wound. She looked to see that Beau was doing the same with Kenny.

"How is she?" She said controlling her voice.

"It went right through her shoulder, where the fuck is the ambulance!"

Chauncey could see the fear in her eyes; she tried to communicate with her through her eyes alone. "They're on the way, they'll be ok. I promise."


It was like was like a replay of the past for Chauncey, she was straddling Jeri's hips as the paramedics pushed them through the ER.

Dr. Bertkins came jogging up to the gurney and recognized Jeri. "OR number two is all ready, take her right up." He then saw that Beau was jogging beside the other gurney that held his other surgeon. "Beau what the hell happened?"

"Someone at the bar tried to kill us!" She let the nurses take Kenny in to the elevator. "What OR is Jeri going to?"

"Number two. Can you do this Beau?" He looked down in to stormy green eyes.

"I want Sebastian in there with me!"

"Beau, she's not on the…"


"OK, you convince her." He shook his head then took the stairs to the OR that Kenny was being taken to. Beau ran down the hallway towards the other stairs, once she was on the second floor she burst through the door to the scrub room and found Chauncey sitting up against the wall. She dropped down to eye level and lifted her lovers face up to hers. Locking eyes with her, she saw that she was lost in her own world.

"I need you Chauncey, Jeri needs you."

Blue eyes focused and took in the pleading green eyes. "I can't Beau, I can't go in there." Tears filled her eyes and her entire body started to shake.

"Don't give me that shit! Now get your ass up and get scrubbed! You are going in there with me and we are going to save Jeri's life! NOW MOVE IT!" She pulled Chauncey to her feet, pulled her sweaty T-shirt off, and handed her a pair of scrubs. "I'm going to scrub and I expect you right beside me in two seconds!" She went over to the sink and started scrubbing with the antibacterial soap; she glanced to her side and saw that Chauncey was pulling a pair of scrub bottoms on and a pair of bootees. A small smile came to her face when her lover came to scrub beside her.

"We can do this." She whispered loud enough for Chauncey to hear her.

Once they were both gowned and gloved, the nurses pulled the shields down in front of their eyes and backed up from where Jeri was lying on the OR table. Out of habit, Chauncey checked the X-rays and then the vitals. She glanced over to Beau and a small nervous smile came to her blue eyes.

"We can do this, you're opening. I'll assist." Beau watched as her lover took a deep breath and nodded.

"OK, let's go."

They stood across the table from each other; Beau looked in to Chauncey's eyes and nodded.

"OK people, I need suction as soon as I open." She made the first incision and called for the rib spreaders, she reached out a hand and as soon as the instrument was placed in her hand, she saw her hand start to shake. The next second she felt a small hand touch her lower back.

"I'm right here with you."

She took a deep breath to steady her rapid heartbeat. "We have any music in here?"

"Yes Doctor, what kind do you want?" One of the nurses asked.

"Beethoven's fifth piano concerto."

Beau gave her an amused look then went back to see long nimble fingers working magic. Chauncey had the rib spreaders in place; she pointed to where she wanted the suction and saw that it was Beau who answered her call. As soon as the area was clear, they could see that the bullet had nicked the aorta.

"30 silk, forceps and slip a sponge in there. Beau see if you can find that damn bullet." She stepped away from the table and searched the instrument tray for what she needed.

"I got it Chauncey; it was lodged in the ribcage. I cauterized the area and it's clean."

"Good, now lets get this fixed so she can kick Kenny's ass."

Beau watched as Chauncey used a pair of bent forceps to suture the aorta. She was confused by the way she was tying the sutures off and asked what they were called.

"Oohh I call them, I can't tie a knot knot."

"Huh? You're kidding right?"

"Nope, I was twenty before I could tie my shoes so…"

Beau smiled and shook her head at her lover's weird sense of humor.

"What's our vitals say?" Chauncey asked as she looked up but continued to suture.

"We're good, she's steady and holding."

"Hang another bag of plasma and let's get her outta here." She turned to Beau, handed her the forceps and stepped aside.

"OK Shrimpy, lets see your cross stitching."

Beau made sure that nothing that wasn't supposed to be in Jeri's chest was removed; she removed the rib spreaders, and started closing. She tied the last suture off when the fifth concerto ended.

"Damn we're good!" Chauncey said as she wrapped an arm around her lover and walked them from the OR. "Let's go check on Kenny." As soon as they took off their soiled gowns, Beau launched herself in to her lover's arms.

"Thank you. I couldn't have operated on her alone."

"Bullshit, I couldn't have done it alone. You're my strength." They held on to each other for long minutes until Dr. Bertkins came in to the room.

"Doctors, there's a pissed off surgeon down the hall that wants some news."

"Yes sir, going there right now." Beau answered as she took her lover's hand.


They walked into the room to find Kenny fighting with the nurse, she was trying to put her own IV in and the nurse was holding above her head. Doc Kenny, I refuse to let you do this. Now behave yourself or I'll jab you in the ass!"

"Jab her in the ass anyway, she deserves it." Beau said from behind the nurse. "I'll take care of it, go ahead and take a break."

"Thanks Doc Beau." She said as she stuck her tongue out at Kenny.

"All right you two, how's my wife and don't lie to me!" Her caramel colored eyes drilled in to both of them.

"She should be going in to recovery as we speak. The bullet nicked her aorta and lodged in the ribcage."

"So you fixed her?" Kenny looked to Beau.

"Nope, my Neanderthal did." She smiled proudly up at her lover. "I've never seen anything like it in my entire life. She sutures without looking!"

"WHAT!" Kenny yelled.

"I won't tell you that she can't tie her shoes either."

Kenny fell back in the bed and groaned. "I'm going to kill you both!" She closed her eyes and fell apart. Beau sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her in to her arms.

"She had the top heart surgeon from St. Johns working on her. She's going to be fine."

In between her sobs Kenny asked her who the surgeon was.

"Doctor Chauncey Saint Sebastian MD."

She pulled back to look Beau in the eye. "You're not kidding are you?"

"Nope." She grinned down at her. "Think you can get in a chair?"

"I can do the Boston marathon if I have to."


The three of them sat in Jeri's room waiting for her to wake up, Chauncey kept an eye on Kenny to make sure she wasn't over taxing herself. She refused to take the bed next to her wife; she wanted to be right next to her when she woke up. Beau was cuddled up in her lap sound asleep, her soft snores and snorts were endearing to Chauncey and she couldn't help but smile every time Beau mumbled something in her sleep. The officer who had shot the gunmen had come to give Chauncey his identity and to report that he was also the one who had run her down in the parking lot. The second he said the name her heart leapt in her chest, he was the husband of the woman that she had tried to save years ago. They had confiscated newspaper articles and other incriminating evidence that he had been stalking her for a long time.

She felt a closure now, she was free from the past and it all was because of a stubborn little blond and a gunman who wanted her dead. She would never look back; she had a future now with the most important person in the world. She was brought from her meandering s when she heard a soft moan come from Jeri; she nudged Beau and nodded her head in Jeri's direction. Beau climbed stiffly from her lovers lap and took a spot next to her cousin's bed.

"Hey gorgeous, how do you feel?"

Blurry hazel eyes looked up at her, a small smile came to her face when she saw that it was Beau.

"Like someone jumped up and down on my chest." She ran her fingers across the breathing tube in her nose. "Do I have to have this?"

Beau looked to her lover and saw her nod her head no. "I'll take it out for you, but you're going to wear an oxygen mask."

"OK, where's Kenny? Is she OK?"

Beau smiled down at her worried cousin and pointed to where Kenny was sound asleep in her wheel chair.

"I told you two about that rough sex."

"Beau what happened?"

Chauncey stepped closer to the bed and took Jeri's hand. "Some asshole shot at us. The bullet went through the back of Kenny's shoulder and hit you in your chest. We had to do open heart surgery to repair your aorta."

Beau smacked her lover in the stomach and glared at her. "No we about it. Chauncey repaired your heart; I just stood there in awe."

Jeri gave a quizzical look at both of them. "You let the Cooler operate on me?!"

Beau told her the same thing that she had told her wife and couldn't help but laugh when Jeri's mouth feel open.

"Damn! I can't get much luckier than having three surgeons in the family."

"There you juveniles are!" Dr. Bertkins said from the doorway. "Dr. De La Croix, about that envelope I gave you the other day. Have you even looked at it?"

Beau's face turned a pink color, she had forgotten all about it with everything that had happened. "No Sir I haven't, I promise I'll look at it tonight when we get home."

"No need, I just happen to have a copy here with me. I should have given it to Dr. Sebastian to begin with." He handed Chauncey the papers and stood with his arms crossed over his chest. "I need an answer with in the next five minutes."

Chauncey looked at him with wide eyes. "Sir?"

"I'm offering you a job, to head the surgical unit. I'm retiring in…" He looked at his watch then back to her. "Four minutes."

Chauncey looked at the papers then to her lover. "Beau?" Green eyes filled with tears as Beau realized what was happening. Chauncey moved in front of her lover, she leaned down and gave her a sweet kiss. Her eyes misted as she saw all the love showing in a pair of emerald green eyes.

"Two minutes Dr. Sebastian."

She turned to face Dr. Bertkins, taking a deep breathe she said. "Yes."

"Good. Here's the key to your office. I'll be by tomorrow at 0530 to get you started then I'm off to Florida, nude beaches and college coeds."

Beau launched herself in to her lover's arms and sobbed.

"Why the tears Shrimpy?"

"Because now I have to answer to a Neanderthal!" She pulled back and kissed her lover deeply. "I love you boss lady."

"Hey this ain't fair!" Kenny said from just waking up. "What did I miss?"

"A whole lot Studmeister, a whole lot!" Jeri remarked.


Three months later the four of them were back in the bar in what was now their usual place. Jeri gave up her job to go back to college and get her OR nursing degree and Chauncey went full throttle in to turning City hospital in to one of the leading surgical institutes in West Virginia. She made Beau her wife along with promoting her to assistant head surgeon and Kenny to head up the ER. After selling all three of their houses they combined the money and bought one huge house that they shared. When not working they sat on the back deck and gazed out at part of the 100 acres of woods and open fields and looked to the future.

The end.

Mender of Souls
By Larisa

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