~ Mamma's Rule's ~
by Larisa

Disclaimer: Ya all know this stuff.

Sex: Nope sorry.

Violence: Only by Cyrene.

Language: Nothing really bad.

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Outside the stables at Cyrene's all was quiet except for the voices of Xe and Brie. Argo was off chasing a stud through the field so Xe had no excuse not to spend time with Brie. "Please Xe you promised you would teach me!" She sat in the shade of the stables wishing she had never opened her mouth. She didn't mind teaching her young lover things but some of the things were just not appropriate for someone like her somewhat innocent little Queen. And what she had promised to teach her was kind of embarrassing and few knew the technique, after all she didn't want Brie better at it than her! She fought back and forth with herself repeatedly to finally losing the battle when she saw the puppy dog look Brie was giving her.

"Oh what the hell, if she knows then she can be more of a help to me on those very special times of need." She told the rebelling side of her brain. "Oh ok, I'll teach ya." Brie smiled brightened up the entire area, dropping down to her knees in front of Xe she asked.

"What do I do first?"

"Ok, this is very important, stick both arms out in front of you, and now rotate your hands in circles."

"Why am I doing this?"

"So your wrists are loose and the muscles in your forearms, because it's all in the wrist. Now flex your fingers, make a fist and flex again." Brie wiggled her fingers, shook her arms, cracked her knuckles, shrugged her shoulders then gave Xe a big ole grin.

"Ok I'm ready."

"We have to stand up for this, its better that way, now stand close in front of me." Brie did as she was asked; she felt Xe's hands on her waist pulling her closer against her strong body. She could feel the warm leather touching her bare skin and the erotic scent of her lover when she leaned forward to talk in to her ear. "Now cup your hand a little, just bend the tips of your fingers up." Xe ran her fingers down Brie's fingers just right. "That's good, now put your arm out a little. (She positioned her arm) Ok now hold it right there, I'm gonna put it in your hand but don't move."

"Ok I won't move a bit." Brie stood stock-still and waited, with her eyes closed, she concentrated on what she had just been told.


"All set Xe." Her eyes shot open when she felt something in her hand. "Xe why's it so cold?"

"Well, because I've been sitting in the shade that's why, how's it feel?"

"Good, really good, I forgot how big it was, it's perfect shape, and how it draws everyone's attention, how..." A finger hushed her and pressed seductively against her lips.

"Thanks Brie but I don't need the bard here; I need the little animal you are sometimes."

"Oh yeah right, I forget sometimes, lets do it!"

"Ok now move your hand like this." Xe took her small hand in to her larger one and moved their hands together until Brie got the hang of it. "Now you have to use your arm to get the right motion in it otherwise you won't get the desired result." Brie moved her arm with Xe's help.

Cyrene, Eph and Poni went to look for the missing couple. Ma was pissed because they hadn't been inside since the four of them had gotten there. "She may be the Warrior Princess but I'll still kick her ass!" Cyrene walked in front of the Amazons. "She had better be doing something important to still be out here in the stables!" Poni glanced at Eph and shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh I bet she's doing one of her Warrior things with Brie." Eph replied as Poni snickered.

"She better or six feet of brat is gonna be mucking stalls all night!" Cyrene growled.

"Ok that's real good, nice and fluid, just a little more to the side, almost there just a few more times. Xe moaned under her breath from a brush of Brie's breast. "Just perfect keep it at that speed, Oooohh yeah that's very good Brie." Brie was thrilled that she was pleasing Xe, she just hoped that she could satisfy her all the time now. "All ready now, just hit the spot I showed you earlier and you can notch your staff."

"Are you sure Xe, I can keep doing it if you want?"

Cyrene and the Amazons were just rounding the corner of the stables when Eph put a restraining hand on Cyrene's shoulder stopping her they stood quietly and listened.

"Gods no, I'm ready now!" She purred close to her lover's ear.

Cyrene was boiling mad now, the Warrior Princess was in deep centaur dung!

"Do it Brie do it!"

"XENA!!!!!" What the Hades are..."

Xe's eyes popped wide. "Oooohhh shit!!" She grabbed Brie around the waist; Poni threw a tackling block at her lover and Cyrene.

Whap, cling, twang, whoosh, every little animal noise you can think of, twing, shwoooosh, Poni yelling curses at Xe, thunk! "Gods Brie that was great, I never seen my chakram ricochet that many times before!" Cyrene and the Amazons got up off the ground and stomped over to Xe and Brie.


"Well, Ma I was just ooowwww Ma that hurts, let go, please I didn't..."

Cyrene dragged Xe by her ear towards the inn. "Just shut up, how many times have I told you about being late for supper? I slave all day in that furnace of a kitchen and you're out here playing, now get in their and wash up for supper or I'll plant a boot in your ass!"

Eph, Poni and Brie stood and watched Xe being dragged off by her Ma. "Will Ma leave any of her for me to kick around?" Poni held up the antlers that Xe's chakram had sliced off on its little trip around the field.

"I don't know Poni but if we don't get in there we may be next!" Brie was grinning like an idiot. "I will never let her live this one down just like she won't let me live it down being born with six toes." She looked to see her friends looking at her funny. "Oh shit!"

"You have six toes Brie?" Poni asked.

"No, I don't have six toes," Brie covered her eyes knowing that she didn't sound one bit convincing. "Really!" She squeaked, Poni and Eph just grinned at her.

"Ok six toes lets go eat." Eph laughed as she ran from a blood red Bard who was screaming.

"I don't have six toes!!" She yelled as she ran after her friends.

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