~ Puzzled ~
by Larisa

Disclaimer: Ya all know who they belong to so I ain't gonna repeat it. This story is from the archives of my sick and warped imagination.

Sex: Not this time.

Violence: : The normal stuff.

Language: My usual nasty mouth.

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It was a boring day in the village, it's rained all week, the ground was mucky and close to becoming a swamp. All the Amazons have stayed inside today to save each other from their short tempers. Poni and Eph sit in their hut way past boredom, Eph is ready to kill Poni for using all her scrolls to make paper thingies that she had flying all over the hut. Poni is now laying on her back across the bed with her head hanging off the edge, she's trying to look up Eph's skirt as she sits at her desk.

"Poni knock it off, we've already done that all day, so your not getting anymore!"

"But I'm bored Eph!" She whimpered.

"You are such a baby, why don't you go play with Xe?"

"Why don't you come over here and breast feed your baby?" The big grin was knocked off her face when a wet soggy shirt landed on her face.


"I can't do it any more Brie, my fingers are sore and stiff, my lips are chapped from my tongue sticking out so much and I have a headache!" Xe collapses on to the bed stark naked her hair is all wet and wild looking.

"But Xe your so good at it, if you don't show me, how am I gonna learn how to do all these things!"

Xe groans, covers her eyes and then runs her tongue across her sore lips. "Oh ok, come on."

Brie jumps up, skips over to the bed with a huge smile on her face and crawls on top of Xe where she straddles her hips. "I just love you Xe!"

"Now please be gentle Brie, it's been a long day."

Brie leans forward and gives her a soft kiss. "I promise I'll be gentle."


Poni takes the wet shirt and flings it back at Eph hitting her in the back of the head. Pretty soon it's a full out war, things are flying all over the place, cloths, boots, scroll flying thingie's, pillows, blankets, quite a few things go out the window to land in the mucky stuff. Poni ducks just in time to avoid being hit in the head by something, jumping up she runs to the window and looks out.

"Eph tell me that wasn't my new mask?"

"Ok." She gives Poni a big toothy grin. "I won't tell ya!"

Poni losses it and grabs the closet thing at hand that's not hers and out the window it goes.

"Now were even, so there!" She sticks her tongue out at her lover.

"Poni tell me that wasn't my rabbit skin underwear!"

Poni mirrors the grin she got. "Ok I won't tell ya!" Now it's a free for all.


"Brie you're to rough, don't force it, you have to slide it in easy. Now feel this."

"Oh yeaah, it's so smooth when you do it."

"Now try again." Brie tries but she just can't get the hang of it.

"Oowww Brie that hurts! Wait lets try this one, you picked this one up real quick."

Xe laid there with her little Queen straddling her hips moving in many directions practicing her intricate movements trying to please her lover.


The war continued in the Regents hut with Eph pinned down on the floor with Poni beating the hell out of her feather pillow on her lovers head. Feathers were flying everywhere, Eph grabbed Poni and tossed her off and ran out the door to get the other pillow, which was wet and muddy and really heavy. When she came in the door, she ducked the pillow that Poni swung at her and came up in time to catch her lover square in the back hard enough to knock her out the door to land face first in the mud. Eph got worried when Poni didn't move, she ran outside and turned Poni over, straddling her she wiped the mud from her face.

"Poni wake up, Gods I didn't mean to ...Ommphf...Poni you bitch!"

Eph lay on her back in the mud head to head with Poni who was laughing hysterically. Bad thing to do, very bad. This became the very first Amazon mud wrestling fight.


"Oh Xe you never said it would be like this, can I do it again?"

Xe looked up in to twinkling green eyes. "You can do it as many times as you want, but just watch because I've got some bruises from you pushing so hard.

"Ok Sweety, I'll use the other one even though it's harder." They share a long deep passionate kiss. Xe is dying a little each time Brie rolls her hips forward.


Our two mud puppies have managed to roll all over the village and end up laying in the mud right outside Brie and Xe's hut.

"Give up Eph?"

"Yeah Poni I give, just let me rest here a bit and then we'll got take a nice hot bath."

"You gonna wash my hair for me?"

"Yeah I'll wash your hair and get all the mud out of your ears to."

"Oh Gods Xe I am almost there!"

Eph and Poni blinked and gave each other a wicked grin.

"Come on Eph, let's watch!"

Moaning noises came from Xe as Brie moved on top of her.

"Xe a little bit farther!"

Eph and Poni crawl to their door on their hands and knees to stop right at the edge of the open door to lay with only their heads inside.

"Ooohhh yes yes yessss! Brie screamed as she fell forward on top of Xe giving her a soul-searing kiss. Breaking the kiss Xe turned her head towards the door to see two sets of eyes looking out from muddy faces.

"See Eph, Xe lets Brie do that!"

Brie raises up to see her friends looking at them, she jumps up off Xe using her chest to push off and gets a groan from her lover, then trots over to sit on the floor next to her friends.

"So Eph you won't let Poni play with these?"

Brie holds out a wooden puzzle she just completed in her hand. Two sets of eyes just look at it, Eph starts laughing at the look on Poni's crestfallen face.

"What's so funny Eph?" Brie asked.

"Sweetheart," Xe comes over rubbing all the little square and round red marks from the puzzle that have marked her chest. "Poni thought we were doing something else."

Brie tilted her head and cocked her eyebrow at them. "Like what?" She asked.

She received two evil grins from Eph and Poni. "Come on Queenie let me show you what rainy days are good for!" Xe dragged her lover over to the bed and threw her in to the middle and for many hours, she showed her the art of Needle Point.

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