~ Reason of Insanity ~
by Larisa

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Reason of Insanity
By Larisa

Part 2

After taking a hot shower and putting on a pair of clean boxers and T-shirt, Blade felt almost human. She dropped down onto the couch and started watching reruns of Stargate SG.1 with Dana and Sylvie. When she heard the unmistakable sound of feet scuffing the floor, she looked over her shoulder and saw Q coming her way in a pair of footy PJ's with the Smurfs all over them.

"There's the Sweetpea I remember, my little spider monkey." Did I just sound very possessive to my own ears? She felt a blush work its way up her face and set her ears on fire. Sweetpea crawled over the back of the couch and forced her way between Blade and the back of the couch.

"Still nice and comfy or should I crawl on your lap and put you in a death lock like I did in your office the other day?"

"Ohh this is just fine, nice and comfy, your knees do wonders for my lower back pain." She wiggled around and heard Q grunt behind her. "How ya doing Sweetpea?"

Her voice was high and reedy making her sound like a little person from the Wizard of Oz. "Ohh just fine." Blade moved forward, placed an arm around Q's neck and pulled her forward and onto her lap. "Just don't bit me, my ears still sore from those sharp teeth of yours." She looked sideways at an amused Sylvie and replied. "What?" She lifted Q's foot up and pointed to her covered feet. "Look footies."

"Blade I think you spent too much time at that place, your brains gone soft or something else has. Not to mention you could be a pedophile from the way you drool over Sweetpea dressed in footy PJ's." Sylvie raised an eyebrow at her friend and gave her a lopsided smile.

"Shut up Sylvester or I'll tell Dana about your leather fetish."

Dana's head spun so fast to look at her lover that she got dizzy. "Wanna see my full length black calf skin trench coat?" Dana took Sylvie's hand and dragged her off the couch. Blade rolled her eyes and snorted.

"So much for peace and quiet and its all because of my big ohh my…" She slapped a hand over her mouth and moaned.

"What's your problem Blade Runner?" Q poked her in her chest and then followed her eyes to the TV. "What?"

"Please jump my bones Major Carter."

It was Q's turn to roll her eyes. "Ohh please, she's butch and a blonde." Blade leaned back from Q and gave her a raised eyebrow.

"And you're..." She waved a hand at Q.

"And that's exactly the reason." She rolled off Blade's lap, flipped on the couch and rested her head on Blade's bare thigh. "Now be quiet so I can drool over Janet and your leg." She pushed on the tight muscle until Blade groaned and settled down to watch TV. Blade was ready to scream bloody murder or throw Q on the floor and pounce on her. She had no idea what was going on with the program they were watching, the small fingers that were floating over the sensitive skin at the back of her knee distracted her. With each light touch, she felt her center clench and knew that she was soaking wet from arousal. Her jaws ached from clenching her teeth to keep her moaning from rolling from her throat, and her knuckles were white from gripping the couch cushions.

Q felt the muscles in Blade's leg jump every time she touched the soft skin and the muscles in her stomach tense and release. She knew if she flipped over and faced Blade, she would be able to pick up the scent of arousal. When the credits rolled past on the TV, she stretched her body out on the couch and then got up.

"I'm going to bed; you can either sleep here on the couch or sleep with me, your choice." She wiggled an eyebrow at a flushed Blade and then loped towards her bedroom. Crawling into bed, she wiggled around until she was comfortable and groaned when her PJ's rode up and hit a sensitive area. Getting out of bed, she unzipped her PJ's, stepped out of them and tossed them on the floor before getting back under the covers. She felt like her body was going to engulf into flames and knew that Blade had to be just as bad if not in worse condition. She rolled onto her side, brought her knees up, cupped her swollen sex with her hands and moaned into her pillow. "You screwed yourself Sweetpea, got all hot and bothered and now ya can't do a damn thing about it…or can I?"


Blade let her head fall back on the couch and moaned long and deep, she took a deep breath and felt her stomach flutter along with the southern region of her anatomy. Moving around on the couch, she felt the wetness of her boxers against her skin and moaned again. "Now what are you going to do Blade, you can't very well go and get in bed with her in your condition." She mumbled to herself and covered her face with trembling hands. "Like if you take care of this problem she would get you right back to the same point with just one touch. Face it you are sooo screwed! And now you're talking to yourself and thinking of doing something completely unlike you." She looked around the dark living room and listened for any noises other than the normal thinks like the hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen. Sliding off the couch, she got up and walked towards the hallway as if she were bowlegged. When she heard no sounds, she crept back to the couch and sat back down. Slipping closer to the edge, she ran a hand under the waistband of her boxers and held back the moan when she felt her swollen flesh against her fingers and the copious amount of her arousal coating her skin. She dug her heels into the carpet when her hips thrust upward after sliding her fingers through her folds. She knew that it wouldn't take long to relieve herself and started sliding her fingers across her throbbing clit.


Q pressed her fingers tighter against herself and moaned into her pillow, pulling one hand out from between her thighs, she pulled her pillow tighter to her face at the same time she slipped two fingers deep inside of herself and thrust her hips against her hand. Her soft grunts were muffled by her pillow, as was her panting when her climax came closer. She felt her muscles start to flutter and then clench tightly around her fingers, her back arched when her climax shuddered through her bathing her hand in warm juices. She rolled over onto her back and panted into her pillow waiting for the last of the tremors to subside. Tossing her pillow on the floor, she laid breathing heavy and wiping the sweat from her face.


Her head was thrown back against the couch, her legs straining and one hand gripped the arm of the couch to the point of her fingers going numb. A soft grunt came from Blade's lips when her orgasm washed through her, her center still throbbed and twitched from the small insignificant release she had given herself. Dropping her weight back onto the couch, she whimpered from the uncomfortable fullness between her thighs. "Fuck…I'm useless…to myself." She forced out between her panting breaths. "Ice pack or bust myself in the head with something heavy." She got up off the couch and waddled towards the bathroom, she stopped when she saw the light under the door and heard soft moans coming from inside. She pressed her hands over her ears and crept down the hall to Q's room, if she was quiet, she could get in and out without disturbing the sleeping woman.


Q stood in her bathroom with the light off and an ice-cold washrag held against her aching sex. What she hoped would release some of the tension she was feeling did nothing but make it worse, her mind kept playing over what she had been doing to Blade earlier that night. She tossed the washrag into the sink, covered her face with her hands and stepped into a warm body. Large hands came down onto her shoulders and kept her from falling backwards; she peeked through her fingers and saw only the white of a T-shirt.

"Q are you OK, you're all sweaty?"

Q dropped her hands and gazed up into dark blue eyes, a low whimpering escaped her lips when warm hands ran down her shoulders and arms to stop at her hands.

"No and it's all your fault I'm like this." She took Blade's larger hand in hers and pulled her towards her bed. When she stopped, she ran her hands up Blade's chest and wrapped her arm around her neck. She searched the taller woman's face for any kind of resistance and found none. Pulling her closer, she brought their lips to a breath apart before pressing them together for a soft lingering kiss. She never expected Blade to push her back on the bed and crawl on top of her. She cupped Blade's face in her hands and gave her a pained look before pulling her down for a hungry kiss. Their tongues dueled, teeth clashed and flames roared through their already painfully aroused bodies. When the kiss broke, Blade looked down into lust-filled eyes and moaned as she fell over onto her side. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?" Her hips jerked when her center let her know that it was still there and wanted some attention.

Taking the bottom of the T-shirt and pulling it up over Blade's head, she tossed it to the floor. "Ohh I can imagine." Q ran a hand up Blade's thigh and under the leg of her boxers, a long deep guttural noise rattled in her chest when her fingers found warm skin covered in slick juices. She got to her knees and pushed the boxers down trim hips until they were at Blade's knees. She quickly disposed of the wet boxers before she dropped her head and ran a warm wet tongue up the inside of Blade's thigh. She felt Blade's hips thrust and a soft mewling come from her. "You're so wet." She dropped her head and started to lick the juices from Blade's thighs and outer lips.

"It hurts Q…please…" She spread her knees further apart and gasped when she felt Q's tongue slip between her folds. Moving her one hand to Q's thigh, she gripped the inside of her leg and moaned when she felt the wetness coating her skin. She rolled onto her side and pushed Q onto hers, lifting her leg up and placing it over her shoulder; she buried her face between her thighs and greedily licked her juices. Rolling over so that she was above her lover, Blade slipped one arm under a thigh and slipped two fingers deep into Q's twitching center. With slow thrusts, she pushed her closer to the edge and felt her own climax coming closer. Her hips thrust downward and she growled against her lover when she felt fingers fill her. Mimicking each other's movements, Blade was the first to reach the pinnacle and fall over with a loud yell against her lover's center. The vibration sent Q after her and they thrust and trembled against each other until exhaustion dropped Blade over onto her side where she laid gasping and shuddering with the remains of a powerful orgasm. Q rolled over and crawled to lay sprawled across Blade's chest, she kissed the sweat-dampened skin between firm breasts and worked her way up until she came to parted lips. Placing soft kisses at the corners of her mouth, she brought their lips together for a tender kiss. She pulled back, looked into exhausted eyes, and smiled.

"Who's your daddy?" She whispered to her lover and then buried her face against her neck.

"You are Sweetpea, you are." Blade wrapped her arms around the warm body and drifted off to sleep.


During the early morning hours, they rolled to face each other and ended up tangled together so that Q had her head resting on Blade's shoulder and tucked under her chin. Their arms and legs thrown over and wrapped around each other brought their bodies so close that they seemed as if they were Siamese twins. Dana crept into the room and over to the couple who were laying with their heads at the foot of the bed. A lopsided grin covered her face when she realized exactly what they had been doing to end up all tangled in the blankets and naked. Leaning close to Q's ear, she whispered.

"Rise and shine stud muffin, the office called."

Q snuggled closer to her lover and mumbled. "I quit."

"Right and give up your gun and shiny badge."

A green eye opened and blinked a few times before focusing on Dana. "What do they want?"

"Your cute little ass in the office by 9:00."

"What time is it now?"

"Five thirty."

"You woke me up at 5:30 in the morning for work at 9:00?"

"They woke me up so I'm returning the favor. Nailed Doc huh?"

"Shut up Dan and go amuse yourself with Sylvie." She pressed her face deeper into Blade and sighed. "Shoot you with my gun."

Dana left the room snickering, she couldn't wait to tell Sylvie about them. She skipped down the hall, threw her bedroom door open and launched herself onto her lover's snoring body.

A blue eye opened, a low moan and then Blade was looking around the room, wondering why it looked so different and why her neck felt wet. A low moan came from her again when sharp teeth pulled on the delicate flesh over her pulse point. She wiggled her fingers against the warm body and knew exactly what happened the night before. Her heart raced and she was ready to bolt from embarrassment.

"Don't you dare move." A gravelly voice said close to her ear. "I'm nice and comfortable and warm."


"Who else would be chewing on you?" She leaned up onto one elbow and looked down into Blade's red face.

"About last night, I…we…"

Q gave her a lingering look. "Yes we did and I don't regret one second of it, I hope you feel the same." She searched wide blue eyes and smiled. "I've never seen you blush like this before, what's wrong?"

"I've never just jumped anyone like I did you last night, I just don't do things like that…"

"Blade Runner, I pulled you to my bed, I instigated it not you." She dipped her head down and licked the hollow of Blade's throat before kissing her way up to moist lips. She moaned when she felt Blade's tongue slip between her lips and search out her mouth, when the kiss broke they were both breathing heavy and flushed. Blade dropped her arm over her eyes and groaned deeply in her chest.

"I did a lot of things last night that's not like me."

Q crawled on top of her lover and rested her chin between her breasts. "Really, like what would they be?"

"I can't tell you…it's just something I can't…"

"Ohh let me guess," She pondered her thoughts for a few moments while watching Blade's face turn a deeper red. "Would it be you trying to get yourself off?" She chuckled when Blade covered her face with both hands, grumbled, and groaned. "What was that you said?" She pulled herself up so that she was even with her and pulled her hands away from her beet red face.

"I said it didn't work."

"So if I got you all hot and bothered right now, you would suffer for eternity?"

"You don't have to try; I'm already that way…never woke up wet before." She covered her face again then opted for using a pillow.

"So I can take the credit for this and feed my Neanderthal ego?" She slipped a hand down between them and felt the juices covering Blade's nether lips. "You are so wet." She played in the wetness and felt Blade's hips twitch upwards against her, slipping a finger between her folds, she circled her center and then dipped her finger inside before withdrawing completely. Blade gasped and her body pushed upwards for more contact. "Sorry lover but I have to go." She rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom leaving a frustrated Blade to whimper into her pillow.

"Sweetpea you can't do this to me." She whimpered and rolled into a fetal position on the bed, her sex twitching and screaming at her. She rolled onto her back, crossed her ankles and started a mantra of nonsense to take her mind of her condition.


Q had a huge grin plastered across her face as she sat down on the toilet, it disappeared and her jaw dropped when she wiped herself and felt how wet she was. "Makes two of us Blade, Gods we're a mess together." She flushed the toilet and ran right into a stumbling Blade at the door. She placed her hands on Blade's chest to keep her from falling and then did something that made Blade almost sink to her knees. Dropping her head, she captured a hardened nipple between her lips and sucked greedily.

"Sweetpea if you don't stop I'm gonna pass out." She braced her hands on the door jam and rested her head on her lover's shoulder. She sighed with relief when Q released her nipple and let her go into the bathroom.

"Don't be too long or I'll start without you." She crawled up onto the bed and lay sprawled out on her stomach waiting for Blade to come back to bed.

Blade closed her eyes and whimpered some more. "I've become a whimpering idiot in a few hours." She finished, left the bathroom and felt her knees go weak at the sight before her. She could see her lover's arousal from across the room and felt her mouth water, with weak legs; she walked to the bed and crawled up between Q's opened thighs. Running her hands from ankle to tight rear, she moaned when Q pressed her hips down into the mattress. Covering her body with her own, she dropped her head down to rest beside Q's and whispered in her ear.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"

Q turned her head and came nose to nose with Blade. "Not until I looked into your eyes."

"Was that before or after you beat me up with Snoopy?" She grinned and placed a soft kiss on Q's nose.

"That was my caveman attempt to seduce you, did it work?"

"Uhhmm…no, I think the grabbing did it to me," She placed soft kisses on moist lips and finished her sentence. "I've been wet since that day." She brought their lips together in a slow exploring kiss that rekindled the flames of desire. Soft touches and butterfly kisses over heated flesh had Q moaning when Blade worked her way down her body and stopped at her apex. Q spread her knees wider and offered all that she was to her lover. Blade dipped her tongue into the juices that flowed from her lover's center and growled when she felt the soft twitch against her tongue. Using her thumb, she brushed back the hood covering Q's clit and flicked the tip hard enough to bring Q's hips up off the bed. Making slow figure 8's around it had her thrashing on the bed and begging.

"I need to…feel you…in me." She pleaded with a thick voice and arched her back when Blade's tongue entered her. She felt the warm muscle slid in and out, then stop all together, and then start to make broad strokes on her throbbing clit, her stomach tensed and the muscles in her thighs as her climax moved through her body. "Blade…I'm coming!" She rasped out, clutched the bedcovers and screamed Blade's name as a powerful orgasm shook her body. She felt her lover turn her head, place her mouth over her center, and lick the streams of her juices that gushed from her. Bright lights flashed before her eyes as another orgasm followed on the tails of the first, she gasped and felt her entire body arch off the bed and shudder its release. Her chest rattled as she sucked air into her lungs and her sweat-drenched body dropped onto the bed. Blade crawled up her body, straddled her hips, wrapped her arms around her and rested her head on her chest. Q had enough energy to wrap her arms around her lover's back before she dropped into calm blackness.

"Poor Sweetpea, even poorer me since my clit is turning blue." She thought of pressing down into her lover to relieve some of her discomfort but thought better of it when she felt Q take a deep breath and run her fingers down her back. She shivered when those soft fingers turned to blunt nails that were dragged up and down her sweaty flesh before digging into her rear. With a deep moan and a thrusting of her hips, Blade brought her head up and looked in to flaming green eyes.

"I'm baaack!" She said with a raspy voice. "I'm going to make you scream until the neighbor's call 911." She brought her hands up between them and pinched Blade's hardened nipples; her back arched and she whimpered. She never realized just how sensitive her breasts were until Q touched her. Wet lips and tongue bathed the heated flesh of her breasts and sent her blood racing to her center.

"Do that again…and it's over."

"Don't think so Blade Runner." She wiggled between Blade's legs until she was looking up at her wet swollen sex, never had she seen someone get so excited just from foreplay. She dragged a fingertip down one lip and up the other and felt, her mouth go dry when muscles flexed and juices seeped out from her lover's center. Using one hand, she spread the wet lips apart and ran her fingers through the wetness. Brushing her finger across a dark red clit, she moaned when Blade's center opened and more juices flowed. She reached up with her tongue, licked away the offering and heard Blade gasp, and then let out a loud yell as her climax ripped through her. Q watched as her center went into spasms, juices poured from her with each contraction drawing Q upward to lick and suck greedily.

Blade couldn't breathe, she had dropped on to her hands with her head hanging down, her long hair stuck to her sweaty face kept her from seeing her lover between her legs. Her center was still quivering and ripples rolled through her stomach with her last orgasm. Unable to move, she prayed that her arms didn't give out and drop her on her face. With a breathless voice, she called out. "Sweetpea?"

Q scooted out from under her, kneeled behind her and lay across her back. "I'm right here." She whispered and placed soft kisses between the muscular shoulders. Pulling them both over to their sides, she wrapped her body around Blade's back and held her tightly. She had never really been this touchy with any of her other lovers but Blade brought something out in her that made her want to have constant contact. She kissed the warm shoulder in front of her and caressed the soft silky skin of Blade's stomach before crawling over her lover's body to face her. She brushed back the damp bangs from her eyes and looked into the clear blue orbs. Kissing her lips softly, she ran her fingertips across her bottom lip and sighed.

Blade ran her fingers through the damp blonde hair at Q's temple and smiled when it just went back to looking like little horns. She brought their lips together for a deep lingering kiss, when they pulled apart, she leaned her forehead against Q's and whispered in a hoarse voice and staggering her words. "Sweetpea what are we…I mean I…" A deep growl rumbled in her chest, she rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. "To think I'm a doctor who is supposed to be able to hold a conversation." She cupped Q's face in one hand and gazed down into her twinkling eyes. "You think it's funny that I trip all over my tongue?"

"I think you're cute when you get all flustered, shows you're imperfect like the rest of us."

"I never said I was perfect, I'm far from it in all counts."

"When's the last time you looked in a mirror Dr. Williams?"

"Yesterday sometime, why have I grown horns or something?"

"Nooo, you're beautiful;" She brought their lips together for a soft kiss. "Heart stopping beautiful and your eyes make me want to cling to you." She pulled back and gazed deeply into the clear blue eyes. "Of cloudless skies and heavens gates, a day to die, to accept my fate, for one kiss, I surly miss, for chance to gaze, in my loves eyes." She watched the tears that flowed from Blade's eyes and kissed each one away with soft lips. "I love you Blade." She felt her body engulfed in strong arms and then heard Blade's soft sobs near her ear. Man, what did you do this time? She asked herself. Long minutes went by before Blade calmed and pulled back to look with tear-reddened eyes into Q's pain filled misty orbs.

"I knew this would happen one day, I would fall for a woman with so many facets that she would keep me on my toes. Never did I think she would be wearing footy PJ's, armed with Snoopy and be able to floor me with words." She ran a fingertip below Q's eye to wipe away a tear. "I love you Quentin." She brought their lips together for a passion-filled kiss, pouring her heart and soul into her lover and felt her melt into her embrace. They lay curled and clinging to each other absorbing the feelings of love and contentment until Dana flung the door open and pointed to Q.

"Come on stud muffin, you have 40 minutes to get your little ass in gear for work." She wiggled her fingers at Blade and ran laughing down the hallway to the kitchen.

"I really hate her sometimes." She dropped her head down onto Blade's chest and whimpered. "I have to get up and go into the office," She raised her head up and looked into sleepy blue eyes. "Go back to sleep and I'll be home in a little while." She kissed Blade one last time before untangling herself from her lover's limbs. She let out a long deep moan when she looked down at Blade's sculptured body and fought with herself. "I hate it hateithateit!" She dragged her feet towards her bathroom and disappeared into the darkness. Blade pulled Q's pillow to her chest, wrapped her arms around it and drifted off to sleep with Q's soft scent drifting around her.


Q stood beneath the hot water and sighed, she had no idea where the sappiness had come from earlier. "Such a mushy little twerp you've turned into." She turned the shower off and stepped out to shiver in the chilled air. "Lesson number one, turn the damn heat on today or turn your tits blue." She grabbed a thick towel, wrapped it around herself and went into her bedroom to stand beside her bed and watch Blade sleep. A goofy grin came across her face when Blade mumbled and brought her thumb up to her mouth to suck. Slapping herself in the forehead, she went to her closet and searched for clothes to wear into the office. Grabbing her usual attire for work, she then searched through her closet and growled. Stomping out of her room she went to Dana's and found her leather jacket lying across her messy bed. "I'll kill her if it smells like a bitch in heat." She examined her black leather duster on her way back to her bedroom and found that it had survived Dana's sex-o-rama unscathed. Pulling it on, she sat on the edge of the bed, pulled her black Nam boots on, and felt a warm hand brush across the back of her neck. Turning her head, she saw that Blade was wide-awake and watching her.

"Sweetpea can you take me home later, I really need to get some clothes and check my office for messages?"

Q leaned back against Blade and placed a soft kiss to her lips. "Let me check with my bosses about you going home or to your office, I want to make sure that asshole Randolph doesn't know where you live, OK?" She kissed her again before getting up from the bed and going towards her bedroom door, she stopped when she heard Blade moan and turned around to look at her. "What?" She looked down to make sure her fly was closed.

"Come over here for a second."

"Blade Runner I'm gonna be late."

"No you won't, just come here." Blade swung her legs over the edge of the bed and met her half way. She pulled the coat open and ran a finger across the gold badge on Q's belt. "You're not any kind of investigator; you're the Lieutenant of Investigations."

"Yeah well, I don't like to brag about what I really am." She cupped Blade's face with both hands and brought her down for a steamy kiss, when she released her, they were both breathing heavy. "Just like a certain FBI profiler I know." She kissed her one last time before leaving her bedroom. Blade ran a hand down her face and gawked at her leather-coated lover as she walked out of sight, a loud sigh came from her as she thought of Sylvie. "I'm just as bad as her." She went into the bathroom and turned the shower on, she needed to get cleaned up and get her mind on what needed to be done about Randolph and Summers.


Q walked into her office, shucked her duster and dropped in on her worn leather chair. She looked around and groaned when she saw the stacks of folders, memos and other paperwork that had collected on her desk in the last six months. She couldn't know why the Hell someone couldn't sign off on some of the stuff, like the lazy chief who never did his job. "I bet the lazy bastard can tell me the best take-out places with-in 20 miles of the station but not what's going on around here." She moved the stacks from her desk to the table by the window and then booted up her PC before going to the conference room for the meeting. She walked into the room and rolled her eyes when she saw the chief sitting at the head of the table with BBQ sauce staining his shirt and chin.

"Have a seat Porter and let's get this over with, Detective Canter fill Porter in on what's happened in the last couple of days." He dropped a bag from Boudean's BBQ on the table, pulled out a piece of jerked beef, and started chomping away on it while Canter spoke. The thin gaunt man stood and slid a paper across the table to Q; she scanned it and then looked up at him with narrowed eyes.

"Summers is dead, and no one saw a damn thing?"

"No ma'am, one of his neighbors found him when she was going to work, so far all we have from the ME is that it was a .9 mm bullet and a single shot to the head." He shrugged his shoulders and dropped back into his seat. "Could have been a drive by but I doubt it with what's happened at the Institution."

She rubbed her chin and looked to her other detectives. "Find Randolph and I want to know if Dr. Williams place of residence or office is in any files including the court house and I want that information ASAP. Check with Quantico and see if they have the same information; if they do then I want an undercover cop out there to check for B&E." She pointed to a female detective who raised her hand. "Go."

"What about Dana?"

"She's under protection right now and if anyone tries to get to her they'll end up in the morgue by her hand." She could picture Sylvie and Dana ripping someone's head off for interrupting their sex-o-rama. She knew that the detective only asked because she had a crush on her housemate. She looked around the table and then ended the meeting without the chief's input; he was too busy licking the BBQ sauce off the paper bag in front of him. Q returned to her office and was about to start on her report when a wired detective rushed in, dropped a small animal carrier on her desk and fled to the hallway.

"Jack get back here!" She yelled and got up from her desk; she caught the small jumpy woman in the hallway and pinned her with one hand on her throat. "What did you do to my baby?"

"Not a damn thing Q, that cats insane! She chewed up all my furniture and my dogs seeing a headshrinker twice a week because of stress." She wiggled free of her bosses hand and ran down the hall to the squad room.

"My baby wouldn't hurt anyone." She cracked her knuckles and went to check on her cat, she looked into the carrier and saw the huge orange eyes surrounded by long fluffy white hair. "What's the matter Munchkin was Jack mean to you?" The feline hissed and showed her small white teeth to her mistress and then stuck a foot through the cage to swipe at her. "Mama's pretty baby, you want out?" A loud keening howl came from the small cat as it stuck both feet through the doors and swiped at her hand. When the door was open, the white furball jumped out and ran around Q's office attacking anything that didn't move, papers flew all over the place, the garbage can was knocked over, Q was knocked into her chair until finally the cat was on top of the filing cabinet washing its paws. "OK, I can tell you hate being locked up, you should try a nut house some time." She straightened her desk and started signing off on reports hoping to get done before the next century.

"Boss I have that information you needed on Dr. Williams." One of her detectives handed her a computer printout and then left her office after seeing the cat eyeing him up. She read down the list, picked up her phone and asked for a secure line out. Dialing home, she waited until the line was picked up.

"Bartholomew Holmes residence can I help you?"

"Dan is Blade awake?"

"Yep, she's in our office playing on the internet; let me go get your sex slave."

A huge grin came to Q's face when she thought of the beautiful woman she had left in her bed earlier that morning. She felt her heart speed up when she heard Blade's deep throaty voice in the background and then moaned when she purred into the phone.


"Gods woman do that again and I'll have to change my boxers." She slid down into her chair and threw her feet up on the edge of her desk.

Blade dropped her voice an octave and purred again. "Do what, I didn't do anything?"

"Ohh yes you did and you just did it again, you have the sexiest damn voice, makes me wet just hearing it." She took a deep breath and tried to arrange her thoughts. "Anyway, how many houses do you own?"

"Just one why…ohh wait you ran a check on me and found about fifteen or sixteen different places didn't you?" She chuckled at the grumbling coming from her lover. "I did that so no one would know where I lived, guess it worked huh?"

"You can say that, so, where you live isn't on here?"

"Not unless you have an address for Shannondale on there."

Q looked over the addresses and then double-checked. "Nope, but you have half a dozen of them in Pennsylvania. Ever really lived there?"

"Nope, but if anyone was to go to those addresses they'd meet some released sex offenders."

"You can't do that Blade Runner, that's against the law!"

"There's no law against putting down a wrong address Sweetpea. Anyway, those smucks deserve to be harassed after what they did, there's no cure for sexual predators except the electric chair."

"You are a mean, wicked and evil woman; can I help flip the switch?"

"You can have more fun flipping my switch when you get home."

"Geez Blade, I'm gonna have to go crawl in the refrigerator if you keep that up!" She squirmed in her chair and let out a low rumbling moan when she felt the dampness in her boxers. She dropped her voice and growled into the phone. "I'll be home in an hour, you better be ready to not leave the bedroom for a dozen hours."

"I'll be waiting, and Sweetpea, I found your toys." She hung up leaving a slack jawed Q shivering in her chair.

"Ohh my Gods, she's gonna kill me." A wicked smirk came over her face as she thought of how she would die. Hurrying through the most important reports, she tossed them in her out box, put Munchkin in her carrier after fighting with her and ran from her office at breakneck speed. She stopped at one of the detectives desks, had him run a check for information on Randolph's car, issue an APB on it and canceled the search of Blade's residence, she made sure that she would not be called unless it was a dire emergency and the entire police force was dead and in a drawer in the ME's basement. He nodded his head and jumped back when Munchkin growled at him.


Blade couldn't hold back the laugh that was bubbling in her chest when she hung up the phone with Q. She could imagine what her face looked like when she had said that she had found her toys. She did have them but only after a trouble making Dana showed her where they were, her reason behind it was to get even with Q for something that she had done while they were locked up. Blade could only imagine what her little Sweetpea had done to her. Checking the food she was fixing for supper, she then pulled a bottle of Black and Tan from the refrigerator and dropped down onto one of the stools by the kitchen bar. Dana and Sylvie were out getting movies for the night and promised to pick up Q's favorite one so they could retire to the bedroom and watch it in there while Dana and Sylvie watched what Blade could only assume to be a nasty title followed by six X's in the living room. Her ears twitched at the sound of squealing tires, the thud of a door slamming and then her name yelled throughout the house. A grin came to her face when she heard footsteps pounding on the floor and then a leather clad Q launching herself into her arms. The impact of Q's body took her backwards onto the counter where she was pinned down and her lips taken in a hungry kiss.

Q broke the kiss and started to nip the soft flesh of her lover's neck against her wishes, she had been thinking of nothing but ripping Blade's clothes off and having her way with her.

"Sweetpea we have to stop." She grabbed her ears and pushed her away from her. "I promise as soon as supper is over you can do anything you want to me."

"Gimme nooow." She whimpered and gave Blade a pout.

"No Sweetpea later, we can even play with your toys if you want."


Q was in the kitchen looking in the garbage can when Blade came in with dirty plates and silverware; she took one look at her lover and shook her head. "Sweetpea what are you looking for?" Q jumped, spun around and blushed.

"I was…uhhmm…" She waved at the garbage and mumbled.

"She was looking for the take out boxes from Shu Chen's restaurant. Weren't cha Sweetpea, I told her that you slaved in here for hours making that orange chicken with the fried rice and snow peas but." Dana shrugged her shoulders at Blade. "Ohh I put the you know what on the bed for you guys." She put the dishes she had in her hand in the dishwasher and left a fidgeting Q to stare at her bare toes.

"So you thought I couldn't cook so I cheated," She advanced towards Q with narrowed blue eyes. Grabbing her by the front of her black T-shirt, she pulled her up against her body and whispered in her ear. "I have many skills and just maybe I'll show you some tonight." She jumped when something grabbed a hold of her leg and bit her. "What the Hell!" She looked down into huge orange eyes and hissed. "Sweetpea, what the Hell kind of cat is that?"

"That's my baby Munchkin, she pulled a rawhide chew from her pocket and gave it to her cat and watched her run in a zig-zag from the kitchen.

"Baby, what happened to the rest of its legs, it looks like one of the wiener dogs."

"She's Persian and Munchkin, ya know those shorty cats. But don't tell her she's a cat, I have her thinking she's an ugly dog." She wrapped her arms around her lover's neck and nuzzled Blade's throat. "Can we go play now?" Blade swept her up in her arms and carried her to the bedroom; she put her down to her feet in front of the bathroom and gave her a quick kiss. "Go get ready and I'll get the toys." She winked at her before pushing her into the darkened room, picked up the movie from the bed; and held back the laughter that wanted to escape when she saw what the movie was. Putting it in the DVD player, she turned on the TV, striped out of her clothes, sprawled across the bed in a seductive pose, and waited for her lover.


Q striped out of her clothes, took the fastest shower in her life, ran into the bedroom, and jumped on the bed still dripping wet. Blade gave her a raised eyebrow look and snorted.

"Where's the toy where's the toy?" Q bounced up and down on the bed waving her arms.

"Settle down Sweetpea, first we have a movie to watch, I'm sure it will get your juices flowing for play time with the toy." She hit the remote button and waited for the movie to start, when the title came up, Q looked at her and grinned.

"You got Monsters Inc!" She bounced up and down on the bed then tackled Blade. "Love you Blade Runner, gimme candy!"

"How about if I give you the toy?" She reached under a pillow, pulled out a stuffed Mike doll, and handed it to Q.

"You found my Mike Wazowski dolly." She clutched him to her chest and kissed Blade before she leaned back against her and watched her favorite movie. Before the credits rolled past, both women were sound asleep with Munchkin sitting on the headboard of the bed watching them.


A loud yell echoed through out the house and brought Blade's shooting head up from where it rested on her lover's stomach. 'Ohh mama!' was screamed again and then silence until Blade's scream of 'Fuck me!' had Q rolling out of the bed and on to the floor. She looked over the edge of the bed with blurry eyes and saw Blade trying to shred the blankets with her fingers. "Baby what's…Munchkin stop it!" She crawled onto the bed and tried to get her cat off of Blade's ass. Munchkin growled and hissed at her and bit Blade's left ass cheek.

Between gritted teeth, Blade begged, pleaded and ordered in a tight voice. "Sweetpea, get her off or she's breakfast!"

Q panicked and looked around the bedroom for something to get Munchkin's attention; she saw a little green arm sticking out from under Blade's body. She pulled on it and waved Mike Wazowski at her cat. "Look Munchkin, its little Mike!" She waved it and threw it across the room, her cat let go of Blade, ran across the room, grabbed Mike and dragged him from the room. Running her hand across her lover's lower back, she leaned down and placed soft kisses against the soft strip of hair that ran up Blade's back. "Sorry baby, just stay here and let me get something for the scratches." Blade looked over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow.

"Scratches…more like punctures wounds! That cats INSANE!" She ran a hand across her ass and moaned when she hit the spot where sharp little teeth had bit her. "Damn thing should be in an institution." She dropped her head onto the bed when she heard chuckles coming from the bathroom.

"This may sting a little bit." Q used cotton balls soaked in peroxide to wipe the wounds and smirked when Blade whimpered into the blankets. "Such a big baby you are Blade Runner." She placed kisses on the firm flesh and worked her way up so that she was covering Blade's body and nipping at the tender flesh at the nape of her neck. Pressing her hips into her lover's lower back, she moaned when her sensitive clit rubbed against warm skin.

Blade shuddered when she felt Q's wetness paint her skin and felt her own juices slip from between her folds. Rolling over so that she was below her lover, she pulled her down for a slow exploring kiss. Caressing the firm breasts in both hands, she groaned into Q's mouth when she felt her nipples harden beneath her palms. Slowly hands caressed and legs tangled so that they were moving against each other. Soft moans and panting breathes came from them as they traveled closer to a shared climax, Blade ran a hand down across Q's rear to slip between her folds and enter her. Seconds later, Q pressed her center against Blade's thigh and shuddered out her release with a deep growling moan of 'Who's your daddy?' Her hot juices pouring from her center to coat Blade's thigh sent her over the edge with something unintelligible yelled into Q's shoulder. They lay in each other's arms exchanging caresses and tender kisses until they fell asleep.


Sylvie stomped down the hall to Q and Blade's bedroom, her hair tangled, eyes fierce and a scowl across her lips. She swung her arm up over her head and brought down her shirt across Q's back, she continued to beat her and Blade until two sets of eyes fluttered open and looked at her.

"Sylvie…what are…doing?" Blade asked as she rolled over and looked at her friend.

"Trying to take out my frustrations, that cat is going to be stuffed and sitting on a shelf in my office!" She held out her shredded blouse and threw it over Q's head before she stomped back out of the room.

"Uuhh ohh, I think we're in trouble." They said in unison before getting out of bed, a frightened look came over Q's face when she heard a loud high pierced wail come from the kitchen. She took off running towards the sound with Blade following. Dana was standing with her arms crossed over her chest with a satisfied look on her face.

"How do ya like that ya little psycho!" She looked over her shoulder and saw blazing green eyes drilling into her. "Morning Q, sleep well?" Her eyes grew wide, she jumped and ran from the kitchen when Q raised her hands in the shape of claws and hissed at her. Blade looked down under the table and snickered.

"Guess that takes care of that…," She looked into blazing eyes and backed towards the kitchen door. "I think I'll go…take a shower." She spun and ran down the hall towards their bedroom.

"What did she do to you Munchkin, come ta mama." She crawled under the table and narrowed her eyes at her cat. "What the Hell *did* she do to ya?" Munchkin meowed, hissed and tried to walk towards Q, the only problem was her feet were sticking to the floor because of all the duct tape on the bottoms, her biting habit was taken care of by the plastic milk jug cut so that it was funnel shaped and taped so that it wouldn't fall off her head. "I swear she makes you worse by doing stuff like this, should put a chastity belt on her when she's sleeping." She pulled Munchkin into her arms and ran a hand down her back trying to calm her. When she went into the bedroom, she caught Blade just stepping out of the bathroom, her eyes traveled over the sculptured body. "I think I've become a nymphomaniac." She dropped Munchkin on the floor and ran her hands down Blade's chest then sunk into her warm body.

"Nah, I just think you're a sex fiend." She kissed the top of Q's head and hugged her tightly. "Can we go to my house today; I really need to get some clothes."

"As soon as I get out of the shower," She looked up into pale blue eyes and took a deep breath. "Will you stay here with me?" Her answer was a tender kiss and another hug.


Randolph waited in his car while Bambi seduced some answers out of one of the police officers standing guard outside of the institution. He had tried to find out where Dr. Williams, Dana and Sweetpea lived, all he found were total blanks and more than enough addresses on Williams than he wanted to check. Knowing how stupid the police were, he knew that his patient would be able to get the information out of one of them. He watched as the bleach blonde dressed in a skintight black leather mini skirt, tank top and stiletto heels came back towards the car with a blank look on her face. He glanced back to the officer and shook his head when the man grabbed at his crotch and walked around the corner of the building. Bambi slid into the seat and looked straight out the windshield, with her monotone voice she drooled. "Dr. Williams, Sylvia Jonis, prosecuting attorney."

He gave her an indifferent look and started his car. "Prosecuting attorney huh? Well, let's see if we can find this Jonis person." Pulling his car out on to the road, he headed towards town thinking of how the prosecuting attorney was involved with Dr. Williams. "Time to make a trip over to the court house and find out about this attorney."


Blade opened her back door and peeked inside before entering; Q gave her a strange look and followed. Continuing to act like the boogieman was going to jump out at her, Blade crept through her house until she let out a yell and fell over the back of the couch to the floor. Q pulled her Berretta, ran into the living room and drew her pistol around the room.

"Blade Runner what the Hell is going on?" She walked slowly to where Blade was lying on the floor pulling at her belt and the buttons on the fatigue pants she wore. "If you wanted to get naked all you had to do was ask and I would have done it for you."

"Haa, funny, rotten damn rat!" She pushed her pants to her ankles, dragged one foot out of them and grabbed the sable colored furball from inside her pant leg. "I hate when you do that!"

"You have a ferret, I pictured you as a parrot type person, ya know someone to teach psycho babble to." She ran a finger across the small creatures head and snorted when it sneezed at her. "What's its name?"

"Ivan the terrible, damn things nuts, I have the first attack ferret in the known world." She put him down on the floor and watched him run with an arched back making funny little noises. "You had better not have gotten into my underwear drawer!" She yelled after him and then tried to pull her pants up.

"I'll help you with those." Q dropped to her knees and ran her fingers up the insides of her lover's thighs. "Gone commando on me Blade Runner." She brushed her fingers through the short-cropped curls at Blade's apex and heard her moan. Licking her lips, she looked into hooded blue eyes before burying her face between her lover's thighs. Blade spread her legs, gripped the back of the couch with her hands and closed her eyes. She knew that Q would bring her release quickly and was still amazed that she could become so aroused with just a look from the small blonde. She felt the fire start at her chest and roar downward to her center; she lifted her hips, cried out her release and felt her nectar flow out of her center. The sounds her lover was making while drinking her offering gave her another orgasm as strong as the first. When she had nothing more to give, she collapsed back onto the couch and panted for air. Q crawled up her body with her lips and chin glistening; she stopped when she saw the smoldering look in her lover's eyes and knew she was in for a world of hurt. She was pulled up to lie on Blade's chest and have her face licked clean. The thought alone of what her lover had done made her juices flow from her twitching center.

"Drop your pants Sweetpea…I have plans for you." She helped small fingers unbutton the 501's, pushed them down trim hips and to the floor to join hers. Gripping Q's hips, she moved her so that her knees were on either side of her head and her glistening center was in front of her. Spreading her folds, she plunged her tongue inside and brushed her thumb across the swollen nub. Her tongue was seized by strong muscles and pulled deeper when Q's orgasm tossed her into the abyss with a loud yell. Blade slipped her little finger inside her lover's tight opening and felt her body stiffen, waiting for her to relax, she eased her finger in and out until Q was grinding against her.

Q had never had anyone stimulate every part of her nether region as Blade was now doing, being completely filled when Blade slipped two fingers inside her center and twisted them. She panted and clutched the back of the couch and screamed her release when her clit was sucked between wet lips. Her head dropped and she waited for her vision to clear, she moaned when one last ripple grabbed her and then Blade lowered her to lie beside her on the couch. Blade ran her hands up and down her back in a soothing way until her breathing became normal.

Q gazed lovingly into sleepy blue eyes. "Baby are we oversexed yet?"

"Not for a couple centuries, love you Sweetpea."

"Love you too, who's your daddy?" She added and heard Blade chuckle, she buried her face in long silky hair and surrendered to sleep. Blade had figured out that her lover's little saying meant a whole world of things, but when she whispered those words, it was an endearment straight from her heart. She wrapped her arms tighter around the smaller woman and joined her in sleep.


Sylvie had just gotten out of her car and walked into the courthouse when Randolph and his pet pulled into the parking lot. She knew she was taking a chance by coming into work but there were things that she had to do that no one else could handle. One of them was clearing her lover of all charges brought against her two years ago. Her first priority was to have one of the investigators try and find Dana's old flame, she needed to bring her in and have her put under the third degree. One face came to her when she thought of who would interrogate the woman; she knew that Q would not have a problem with it. Her heels clicked as she walked down the hallway and to the stairs, taking the stairs to the second floor, she stopped and looked behind her. It was not often but at times of danger, the hair on the back of her neck would stand up to alert her as it was doing now. Patting the front pocket of her suit trousers, she felt her office keys and made her way down to her door. She looked back one more time and saw a blonde coming up the steps towards her.

"Excuse me but I'm looking for Sylvia Jonis in regards to a Dr. Williams." Bambi came to stand in front of Sylvie and gave her a strange look.

"Can I ask why you're looking for either one of those women?" Sylvie noticed the vacant look and was on edge.

"I was at the institution earlier today and was turned away by an officer when I tried to get in to see my mother. He gave me those two names."

"I'm Jonis but I have no idea who Dr. Williams is, what do you need from me?"

"Just a favor is all." Bambi bared her teeth, bellowed out a primal growl, and pulled her Berretta from behind her back. "Say hello to Hades for me!" She pulled the trigger, watched Sylvie fly back against her door and then sink to the floor. Calmly putting her gun back, she walked back towards the steps, past the people rushing to see what had happened and out the door. She got into Randolph's car and reported. "She doesn't know Williams, two down, four to go."

"You were supposed to rough her up, torture her for information and then shot her."

Bambi turned and pinned Randolph with her insane eyes. "She didn't know anything." She turned back and looked out the windshield at the scenery that was drifting by.


Blade had just finished pulling on a pair of faded Levis when her cell phone went off, she picked it up and saw the judges number coming across the small screen.


"Blade, Sylvie was just rushed to the hospital…,"

"What do you mean she was rushed to the hospital, she's at Dana's?"

"No, she came into work and someone shot her."

Blade felt all the blood in her body turn to ice, she sunk to her knees and grabbed onto the bed for support. "How bad is she…she's not…"

"No she's not dead but it's serious."

"I'm on my way." She sat on the floor and didn't move until Q came in to the room from the shower.

"Blade what are you doing…what happened?" She knew by the pallor of her lover's face that something had happened. She dropped to her knees in front of her and cupped Blade's face between her hands. "Blade tell me."

"Call Dana, Sylvie's been shot." She handed Q her phone and then dropped down to put her head in her lover's lap.

"Shot…but she's with…fuck!" She dialed home and waited for Dana to answer the phone, she didn't even let her finish what she was saying before she told her to get over to the hospital because of an emergency. She hung up the phone and then dropped her head down to rest on Blade's back. "Come on Blade, we have to get over there."

"What have I done Sweetpea…this is my fault."

"Bullshit Blade Runner, this isn't your fault, this is that damn Randolph's. Now come on and get your ass up." She pushed Blade up, kissed her lips and then got up to get dressed. She knew one thing; she was going to get Randolph and his killing machine. If she didn't kill them on sight, she would make sure that they never saw the light of day again.


Blade and Q ran up to the front doors of the ER and met the judge and a handful of officers standing in the waiting area. She immediately pulled him aside for a private conversation; he looked beside her and raised an eyebrow at Q.

"Blade I want you to introduce me to your friend?"

"Sorry, this is Lt. Quentin Porter. Q this is Judge Harris."

The judge cocked his head sideways as he looked down at Q. "Your name sounds familiar," He looked to Blade and saw the blush working up her neck.

"Sir she's Sweetpea from the institution, I didn't know at the time who she really was…"

"Later Blade, right now Sylvie's in the OR, the bad news is the bullet hit her in the chest, but the good news is she had her badge and ID hanging around her neck. The bullet hit her badge, deflected and glanced off her ribcage before going through her upper thigh."

Q wrapped an arm around her lover's waist when she saw that she was starting to sway on her feet. Caressing her forearm through her leather jacket, she went up on her toes to whisper in her ear.

Q looked to the Judge and asked in a calm voice. "Sir can we go up and wait near the OR?"

"Yes, and after she's out of surgery I'll have a guard posted outside her door."

Q looked to the doors of the ER and saw Dana burst through them and come running their way. "Sir your guard dog just arrived, no one will get past Dana."


The three women sat in chairs in the waiting room on the surgical floor, Dana was silent and if not for the tears running down her face, one would have thought she was a statue. Blade sat with her head resting on Q's shoulder watching the door to the OR. Q nudged Dana when she saw a doctor push through the door; he looked around and then saw the three expectant faces looking at him.

"Are you friends or family of Ms. Jonis?"

Dana jumped to her feet and grabbed the doctor's hand. "Is she going to be alright?"

"Uhhmm who are you to my patient, I have to speak to family members."

Her golden eyes flashed to a copper color, she growled between her teeth and leaned in closer to the man. "I'm her wife, now how is she?"

The doctor not wanting to get into the hospitals policies spoke to her. "Every thing is fine; I removed the shrapnel from her chest, closed up the wounds on her ribcage and thigh. She should be in the ICU in the next ten minutes. But I can't let anyone in to see…" He jumped back when two gold shields were flashed in his face. "You can see her for a little while but that's it." He turned and fled down the hall to the safety of the doctor's lounge. Blade started to chuckle when Q wrestled the badge from Dana's hands.

"What are you doing with my spare badge?"

"How do you think I get to the head of the line at the coffee shop?" She grinned at her small friend and then sighed with relief. "Let's go find out what room she's going in." She took off down the hall at a fast pace leaving the other two behind. Blade stood up and enfolded Q in her arms.

"Thank you for being the strong one, I've never been good when it comes to something like this."

"It's OK baby," She wrapped her arms around her lover's neck and kissed her softly. "You were strong for me in the nut ward."


Dana sat in a chair beside Sylvie's bed, their fingers laced together and Dana's head resting on her upper arm. Nurses had come in and tried to remove her and found that they would rather be thrown in a dark pit filled with rattlesnakes. To make it worse, the patient had two other guard dogs that looked twice as mean in the room. Q snuggled closer to Blade's chest and yawned, they had been at the hospital for seven hours and were exhausted. She ran her fingers through her lover's long hair and pulled her down so she could whisper in her ear.

"Let's go home and get some sleep, we'll come back in the morning and bring Dana breakfast." Blade stood up and put Q on her feet, she walked over to the bed and placed a soft kiss on Sylvie's forehead before running her hand across Dana's cheek.

"We'll be back in the morning OK?" She watched Dana nod her head and Q kiss Sylvie and then Dana before they left the room.


They held hands as they walked from the room and took the elevator down to the ER; neither one of them spoke but chose comfortable silence as they made their way to Q's Crown Victoria. Q opened Blade's door and waited for her to get in before closing it, she went to her side and found the door opened. Slipping inside, she pulled the door closed but didn't start the car, she turned and faced Blade and felt tears fill her eyes. Her time for being strong passed as soon as they walked through the ER doors. The police lieutenant was gone and Sweetpea made her re-appearance. She scooted across the seat, fell into Blade's arms and sobbed. They sat for a while and just cried for all that had happened in a few short hours.


Blade dragged a scruffy Dana from Sylvie's room so that Q could question her without Dana going ballistic. She had her in a headlock after she tried to run back down the hallway to her lover.

"All right bonehead, knock it off or I'll jab ya in the ass with what ever syringe I can find laying around here."

"But my baby…," She pinched Blade on her ass, wiggled and ended up on the floor tangled with Blade's body.

"You have two seconds to knock it off before I do the first frontal lobotomy of my career." She clenched her thighs tighter around Dana's stomach and heard her gasp. "I wrestled in college so don't even try and get loose!" Blade arched her back and brought Dana up onto her shoulders for a perfect pin.

Dana's voice came out strained and up four or five octaves. "OK…give…gotta piss!" Blade quickly released her and pulled her to her feet.

"Now behave, I'll be right here when you get done so no funny stuff." She watched as Dana ran to the bathroom down the hall and chuckled. "Worse than Sweetpea." A smile came to her face when she thought of her fiery little lover. She leaned against the wall and waited for Dana to finish in the bathroom, she grinned when she came through the door with a relieved look on her face and wiping her face with a wet paper towel.

"Took a whore bath but I don't think it worked." Dana pulled the front of her damp T-shirt away from her skin. "Think I can use the showers here?"

Blade wrapped an arm over her shoulder and gave her a brief hug. "Can't see why not, since you're a vagrant and all."


Q took a seat in the chair next to Sylvie's bed; taking her hand in hers, she waited for her hazel eyes to flutter open. "Hey there Sylvie, feel like shit huh?" She grinned when Sylvie rolled her eyes at her.

"That's an understatement, more like I got shot with a damn cannon. Could you…" She pointed at the cup sitting on the small table and sighed when the cool water soothed her dry throat. "Are you going to get that crazy ass bitch?"

"Most defiantly, I just need to have a positive ID on her." She pulled a mug shot from her pocket and held it up for Sylvie to see. "Is this the bitch that shot you?"

"That's her, she said that she talked to a cop at the institution, she was looking for Blade." Sylvie gripped her hand and caused Q to flinch. "You have to protect Blade; don't let anything happen to her." She took a deep breath and blinked back the tears that filled her eyes. "She's my best friend; I can't lose her to some psycho."

Q wiped at the tears in her own eyes and nodded her head. "Don't worry; I won't let anything happen to Blade." She looked down to where she was holding Sylvie's hand. "It would kill me if anything happened to her."

"You love her that much?"

"More than I can even put into words," She snorted and then smiled at Sylvie. "Did she tell you that I beat her up in the institution the first day she was there?"

"Ohh yeah, I owed her a bottle of Remy Martin for her taking the job and then after she met you, the number increased every day. I probably owe her a couple cases by now." She sobered and gave Q a hesitant look before she glanced out the window of her room. "I jumped all over her for what she was beginning to feel for you, it's not a good thing when a doctor falls for a patient let alone one who's locked in an institution." She looked back to Q with twinkling eyes. "Now I don't know what's worse, you running down hallways in footy PJ's swinging a snoopy or with a shield and gun."

Q busted up laughing at the picture of her trying to arrest someone in her smurf PJ's. "I think me just trying to haul someone in while in my PJ's would get me locked up for good." She patted Sylvie's hand and stood up. "Get some rest; I'm going to get a couple hundred cops on this. Don't worry; I'll get that bitch and Randolph." When she reached the hallway, she couldn't help but laugh at her lover and Dana. Dana was struggling to walk down the hallway with Blade standing in front of her with her hands braced on her shoulders. The squeak of Blade's tennis shoes causing Q to cover her ears and the grunting making her shudder in arousal.

"Blade Runner, you can let Dana the dimwitted Amazon back in the room, I'm all done with Sylvie." She caught her lover as Dana gave out a yell and ghosted out of her grasp.

Panting and leaning over to catch her breath, Blade tilted her head at an angle and looked up into laughing green eyes. "Damn she's strong…wrestled in the hallway earlier…but it's like…trying to stop…a train."

Q ran her hand up and down her lover's back. "I'd act the same way if you were in that bed, but I'd just shoot who ever got in my way." She wrapped an arm around Blade's neck and crawled on her back. "Gonna carry me to my car Stud?"

Blade stood up, put her arms under Q's knees and walked down the hall to the elevator. "Ya know this looks kinda funny?" She yelped when the tip of her ear was nipped.

"Could make it look worse and hump you right here in the hallway."


Early the next morning, Randolph pulled his car up in front of the Judge's house and waited for Bambi to get out, he watched her jog around and disappear around the back side. He had told her to go in through the French doors at the back of the house, down the hallway to the first door on the right. It was where the Judge's den/office was and when at home, he was always in there. Taking the next turn onto a side street, he waited for his pet to do her job and then meet him at the specified spot. Once the other person involved was out of the picture, then it would only leave three people to get rid of not counting Bambi. He checked his watch and was getting ready to just leave her there when he saw her jogging towards him. She slid into the car looked at him briefly before staring straight ahead.

"Done." Was all she said before she went into her own world. Randolph took off down the road and headed in the opposite direction; he had chosen a motel not too far from the judge's house and placed it under a fictitious name. Once every thing was finished, he had a nice little cottage in England waiting for him and a new job as head of the psychiatric ward in Wales.


Q and Blade pulled up in front of the institution, got out of her car and walked towards the officers guarding the door. Q gave each one of them a glare before pulling the picture of Bambi from her pocket. She went up to the first one and showed it to him.

"Was she around here yesterday?" He looked down at the picture and then pointed to the other officer.

"I didn't talk to her but he did." He stepped back when Q growled and Blade tried to set him on fire with a steady stare. Q stuck the picture so close to the other officers face that his eyes crossed.

"You talked to this woman yesterday, what did you tell her?"

"She was looking for some doctor, I told her to check with Sylvie Jonis."

"You stupid asshole! You got Jonis shot yesterday, weren't you told to not speak to anyone to have them contact the Investigation Division?"

"My Sgt. didn't tell us anything in briefing, and the woman said she needed the doctor because of a family member inside.

Blade laid a hand on Q's shoulder to calm her down. "Lt. Porter, we have to remember that Bambi is under Randolph's manipulation. He probably told her exactly what to say when she got up here." She stepped closer to the officer. "What was she driving?"

"She wasn't at least not that I saw, she walked towards the parking lot afterwards."

"Come on Lt. Porter, we still have Randolph's house to check on." Blade took her pissed off lover's hand and pulled her away before she beat the Hell out of the cop. An hour later, they pulled into the driveway of Randolph's house and met the detective that was taking care of the scene. He handed over all the phone bills and other papers that he had found in the house and shrugged his shoulders.

"The place is clean and from as far as I can see, he hasn't been here in a week or so. He may be holed up in some hotel or something under a different name."

"Has anyone went out with his picture, you know like show them to the clerks at the hotels?"

"Yes Lt. we have and nothing, we even searched for his car but that turned out to be a waste since it's in his garage."

Q pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed in frustration, everything was coming up blank as far as finding Randolph. Then it came to her of what he may have done, she pulled another copy of Bambi's picture from her pocket and handed it to him. "Take this and make up more flyers, go back to all the hotels and see if she's been seen."

They got into her car and sat for a few minutes just staring out of the windshield. She turned to Blade and shook her head. "This is going to drive me into the nut ward, it's like he's invisible." She pulled her vibrating cell phone from her pocket and barked into it.

"Who? Ohh for the love of the Gods! Did anyone see or hear anything?" Blade listened to the one sided conversation and knew that something had happened. She placed a hand on Q's thigh and moved her fingers in small circles. "We'll be right there and don't let anyone leave the area, I want all the roads around there shut down." She clicked the phone closed and dropped her head back against the seat. "We've got another dead body, this time it's a judge."

"It wouldn't happen to be the judge that was hearing cases for Summers would it?" She groaned when Q nodded her head.

"One shot through the forehead just like Summers, Sylvie is so damn lucky." She mumbled the last part hoping that Blade didn't hear her.

"Yeah she is, wonder why Bambi shot her in the chest?"

"I have no idea but I'm glad she did, it would have killed Dana to loose her." She flipped the siren on and tossed a top hat on the roof. Tearing out onto the road she broke the land speed record and made it to the judge's house before the ME's or CSI did. Waving her badge at the officer's near the door, they backed up after seeing the hardened look on the women's faces. Q saw officers' standing down the long hallway outside of what she assumed was where the body was. Making sure to not touch anything, she and Blade stopped outside of the door. "Anyone else been in here since the body was found?"

"No ma'am, except for when I checked to see if he was alive." He looked over his shoulder and could only see slippered feet. "It's not pretty ma'am, the back of his head is all over the place."

"I've seen worse believe me." She walked into the room and felt the hairs on the back of her neck raise up, looking down at the position of the body and the blood splatters, she knew that he had been caught unaware. Just guessing, she figured that Bambi had come up behind him and shot him as he turned. "As soon as CSI gets here, tell them I want a full report in my little hands ASAP." The officer nodded his head as she walked past him.

"Blade just witnessed another facet of her lover, the disconnected Lt. that could look at the horrors of a heinous crime and not flinch. She knew that the mind could block out certain things for a time but they came back when the subconscious mind took over. She wondered if Q had nightmares from what she saw from her working hours.


Randolph saw the dark Crown Victoria go past him as he came back from getting something to eat; he looked in his side mirror and thought that the woman driving looked familiar. He turned into a parking lot and followed the car until it stopped outside of the police department. Slouching down in the seat, he watched as the doors opened and his face broke out into a grin. "So Quentin, you're were not as you seemed while in the institution, and I see that you have Dr. Williams with you. My life just became easier and yours just took a turn for the gates of Hell." He waited until they were inside before going back to the hotel to retrieve Bambi. They would wait and follow the women and take care of both of them at the same time, and then it was only a matter of time before he was rid of his pet and on the next plane to England.


Q opened the file from the CSI; it was report on what they had found in the institutions basement. Besides numerous fingerprints that they had matched with the help of the FBI at Quantico, they had bone fragments and other objects that survived the flames of the furnace. It took heat of over 2000 degrees to be able to burn bone and even then, some of the smaller pieces were left in the ashes along with certain metals such as gold. They would have to get all the dental records of the patients to find who had gold crowns or teeth to be able to identify who would have been disposed of in this manner. She looked over the list of names of the patients that had still been locked in the cells and didn't see Johnston's name. Glancing at the arrest report of all the orderlies that were involved in Randolph's little party, she was happy to not see Freddy's name among them.

"I hope the son of a bitch was burned in the furnace." Q said in a quiet voice that attracted Blade's attention.

"Who Sweetpea?" She asked while leaning over her lover's shoulder to look at the list.

"Johnston, I hope he's dead and burned up." She looked up into her lover's eyes and blushed. "I've never been known for my tact or playing nice with others, after all the bullshit he pulled he deserved the fucking chair."

Blade gripped her lover's shoulders. "I know he did, there's lots of them in jail that deserve the chair but our bleeding heart society thinks that they can be reformed."

"We should lock them or one of their kids in a cell with a mass murderer or child molester and see if they still think that way."

"Maybe we can start a home care foundation, adopt a serial killer or pedophile. Make him a family member and a valued citizen, you'll be the talk of the neighborhood and you can brag at parties that your daughter got knocked up by the FBI's Most Wanted Poster Boy."

An evil grin came to Q's face with her next words. "I think the Governor should take about a dozen of them, he has a big house and lots of money to keep them fat and happy." Q leaned back against her lover's body and sighed, she had a tension headache and being in the office did nothing for it. "Let's get out of here, my heads killing me. We'll get some Take-out and go see Sylvia and Dana." She felt Blade place a soft kiss on her head before she pulled her chair back and helped her up. "First I need to stop by the supply cage, I need a new speed loader and case and a new vest."


"Tell me again why I have to wear this thing?" Blade tapped her Kevlar covered chest.

Q walked up, bumped chests with her and tapped her on her nose. "Because I want to spend the rest of my life with you, that's why." Blade cupped her face and leaned down for a soft kiss, when they came apart, a small smile covered her face.

"Was that your way of asking me to marry you?" She raised an eyebrow when Q gave her a bright smile.

"Yeah that would be what I'm asking you," She looked around at where they were and snorted. "I am such a romantic, asking you to marry me while standing in a parking lot."

"Sweetpea, we could be standing in a sewer and it would be romantic." She wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close to her body, resting their foreheads together she whispered her next words. "Yes Sweetpea." They came together in a kiss to rival all others, if any passer bys were bothered by it, the sight of Q's pistol on her hip changed their minds.

Q broke the kiss, leaned into Blade and gasped for air. Tangling her finger's in her lover's hair, she laced her fingers behind Blade's neck and pulled her down so that she could whisper in her ear. "We get food, see the guys and spend the next 24 hours in bed." Blade pulled her head up, gave her a toothy grin with a wiggle of her dark brows and ushered her to the car.


After spending a good majority of the night and morning in bed, Blade and Q went to the hospital to visit with Sylvie and take Dana clean clothes. Q parked her car in the ER parking lot and ran around to let Blade out and retrieve the bags from the back seat. She jumped when Blade goosed her and took one of the bags from her hand.

"Sweetpea you don't have to run around the car to open the door for me."

"Ohh yes I do, I'm a gentleman and if I don't a lighting bolt will come down and fry my ass, so just get over it." She gave Blade a quick kiss and loped to the door with Blade shaking her head as she followed. Dana was sitting clear across the room pouting, her golden eyes watching Sylvie the entire time as she read the newspaper.

"Please sweetness?"

"Nope, you stay over there, you reek!"

"Do not, I took a shower."

"And put dirty clothes back on!"

"I wasn't about to go nekkid, there's an orderly who keeps looking at me funny."

"Probably from the permanent wrinkles and sweat stains in your clothes."

"He keeps looking at my ass."

"I doubt that Dan, no one is interested in your hairy ass except Sylvie." Q tossed her a gym bag and raised an eyebrow when she got up and danced around the room. "Guess she's happy." Q said in a whisper only loud enough for Blade to hear.

"Either that or she's cracking up." Blade whispered back.

"You're both right," Sylvie said from across the room. "I wouldn't let her come over here because her clothes reeked. So what did ya bring me?" She wiggled her fingers at the bag in Blade's hand.

"Taco Bell, we got your favorite chicken burrito supreme and cinnamon crisps." She handed the bag to Sylvie and stepped back when Dana came running into the room and crawled up onto the bed with her lover.

"I don't reek anymore." She snuggled against Sylvie's side and tried to steal the cinnamon crisp from her fingers.

Q took a seat on Blade's lap and looked to her two friends. "This is what we have so far." She told then everything that the CSI unit had come across, the arrest reports on all the institutions personal and about not being able to find Randolph and his pet killer Bambi. Sylvie dropped her head back into her pillow and absorbed all the information and then shook her head, she knew what she was thinking was dangerous and knew that neither one of her friends was going to like what she said.

"Randolph is picking off every body who knew what he was doing," She raised her head and looked at Blade. "You're on his list, if you want him; you have to become the target for Bambi" Q shook her head, her temper flared to life and turned her face a deep red.

"Ohh nooo you're not Blade, we can get him without you becoming his next victim. All we have to do is find the hotel they've been staying in and go get them."

Blade gave her a tight hug and kissed the crown of her head. "We've already tried that, maybe if we go to the media and tell them that we know who the killers are and show pictures of them, someone will turn them in?"

Q shook her head at her. "The Chief has already said no go on that, he…,"

"Guys, most likely he's already been following you and is bidding his time," Dana rolled from the bed and started to pace the floor. "He went to each person he had Bambi kill, that means he's trying to find you two. Has anyone taken notice of a lurking person at the scenes?"

Q slapped her forehead for not thinking of that. "Shit! I didn't even think of him or Bambi being at the scenes. I wonder if any of the reporters got pictures when they were there?"

"Should be easy enough to find out?" Blade said and looked to Sylvie and Dana. "You two are safe here, they have a cop outside and one at the doors to the stairs."

"Who needs them, I have Dana here, she can throw her dirty clothes at them and incapacitate them for weeks just by the stench."


Randolph and Bambi sat in his car outside the hospital waiting for Blade and Q to come out. He had planed to block them in and then have Bambi shot both women at the same time. Looking at the silent woman beside him, he spoke in a commanding tone. "As soon as they get into the car, I want you to shot the driver and then take out the passenger. Is that clear?"

Bambi slowly turned her head and pinned him with her insane brown eyes, a feeling of absolute hatred crossed behind the blank orbs and sent a chill up his spine. Once the two women were dead, he would shot her and leave her body behind. She would take the full impact of all the deaths and he would be free to leave the country before they figured out what had really happened.

"Yes I understand." She turned back to gaze out the windshield while Randolph watched for Q and Blade. Images from the past ran through her mind, of Randolph leaning over her and placing electrodes to her bare flesh. Her body jerked with a flash of pain, she turned her head to look at the man who had caused all of it. Her teeth bore in a snarl and a low growl rumbled in her chest. "I understand everything must end right here." She pulled a knife from her boot and shoved it between his ribs and twisted the blade, a scrapping sound was followed Randolph's scream of pain.


Q held Blade's hand as they walked from the hospital and across the street to where the car was parked. Lost in their own thoughts, neither one of them paid attention to the car sitting down from them. Q opened the passenger door for her lover and then got in on her side, turning the key, she put the car into reverse and started to back out. The squeal of rubber and then the sound of a cars horn made Blade look to where the sound was coming from. On instinct alone, she grabbed Q and yanked her across the car and up against her body, seconds later the other car slammed into them and shoved them across the parking lot. With the car still being in reverse, it slammed into the car behind them and threw the two women to the floor. A low groan came from Q as she crawled up from the floor and pulled Blade with her. She ducked her head when a bullet tore through her car right where her head had been.

"Ohh shit baby, I think we're in trouble here." Blade reached for the door handle and pushed it open. "We have to get out of here." She tried to push Q out and found her hand grabbed.

"You stay right beside the car and out of sight; I'll take care of this."

"Bullshit…," She ducked when more bullets tore threw the car. "We both take care of this." She shoved Q out the door and then followed her to only pull her away from the car. "Q what are you…"

"Take this and cover me." Q handed her the shotgun that she had pulled from under the seat. "Just pump it and pull the trigger." She pulled her Berretta, brought it up over the fender of the car, and returned fire. Blade pumped the shotgun, aimed at the passenger side of the other car and pulled the trigger. When the glass evaporated from the car, they could only see Randolph slumped behind the wheel. "Where is she?" Q whispered as she scanned the inside of the other car. When bullets ricocheted off the hood of her car, she dropped down behind it and looked to Blade. "She's in the backseat using Randolph as a shield. You draw her fire while I run to the side and take her out."

"Ohh no you aren't!" Blade grabbed her upper arm and pulled her closer. "We're staying right here and waiting for back up." She dropped closer to the ground and swore under her breath when bullets flew overhead, Q's yelp of pain drew her eyes to her lover. "Q are you alright?"

"Yeah, except for the hole in my shoulder, I'm peachy." She looked with shock-filled eyes at Blade, passed out and then fell over to land across her. "Sweetpea!" Blade yelled and then checked the wound in her lover's shoulder. With the sight of blood covering her hand, a low primitive howl tore from her chest. Pumping a new shell into the shotgun, she eased Q onto the ground, crept to the back of her car and aimed at Randolph's. She fired continuously at his car until she was right beside it, aiming at Bambi; she pulled the trigger and heard a click. "Just what I need!" She dropped to the ground when Bambi aimed her gun at her and fired. Scurrying across the ground, she made it back to Q and took the gun from her slack hand, checking for bullets, she grabbed a speed load and reloaded it before crawling towards the other car again. Leaning back against the door, she took a deep breath and jumped up to point the gun at Bambi who was slumped over in the seat. Not paying attention the entire time except for her heart pounding in her ears, Blade was surprised to se flashing red and blue lights and two officers pointing their guns at her.

"Drop it lady and lace you hands on top of your head!" One of the officers yelled at her while the other made his way over to her.

"Lt. Porter's been shot! She's lying beside her car!"

"BLADE!" She turned her head when she heard Dana yelling as she came running towards her. "Will you assholes stop playing with yourselves and out your pea shooters away!" Dana pushed past the officers and pulled Blade over to where Q was coming around. "Damn it Q, you just had to get shot huh?" Dana said as she helped Blade pick the smaller woman up. "Take her inside; I'll handle the keystone cops." She jabbed the nearest officer in the chest and growled at him. "Where the Hell were you when Randolph was trying to kill my friends?"

"Just who the Hell are you lady and you're screwing up our crime scene!" Dana let out a loud burst of laughter and then flashed the gold shield in his face. "I'm your superior in every way imaginable to man and God. Now get this scene under control and report to me when the CSI team gets here, I'll send out the ME when I find him." She watched as both officers just stood there looking at her. "MOVE IT!" She chuckled inside as they jumped and started to control the crowd that was gathering, she went back into the hospital to find her friends and return Q's shield.


"I hated being in that place and having strange people poke and prod me." Q whined as she dragged Blade down the hospitals hallway, she was still wearing the hospital gown and had a white bandage covering the bullet wound. No matter what Blade or anyone else said about her waiting until they sutured her, she held her hands over her ears and started singing at the top of her lungs. Now she was escaping with her ass hanging out the back of her gown.

"Sweetpea you have got to at least put your clothes back on!" Blade yanked her back against her body and tried to hold onto the squirming blonde. "I don't like the idea of everyone seeing your ass." She gasped when Q grabbed her between her legs and massaged her through her levis.

Q whispered in a sultry voice that sent shivers down Blade's back. "Let's find a nice little supply closet and have some naughty sex." Without waiting for Blade to answer, she went to the nearest door, pulled it open and pushed her lover inside. Closing the door with her foot, she pushed Blade up against the wall, unzipped her Levis and pushed them down around her ankles. "Just the thought of you toting a gun around got me all hot and bothered." She slipped her hand between Blade's legs and played in her wetness. "A little excited are we?" She raised an eyebrow at her gasping lover.

"What do you expect…I was walking…ohh Gods!' She gasped out when two fingers slipped inside her. "Bare ass…wanted to…bite it." She felt her knees give out and she slipped to the floor.

"You can do that later baby…after you catch me." Q gave her a quick kiss, opened the door and ran out.
"Ohh Sweetpea…you are…going to GET IT!" She yelled the last words while she struggled to her feet and tried to get her pants back up. "Can't believe she did this to me!" She took a deep breath, ducked her head into the hallway and saw a handful of nurses and orderlies running towards the hospitals front doors. "Ohh what have you done in a matter of seconds?"


Q was running around the outside of the hospital with nurses and orderlies chasing her, she would let them get close then dodge out of their way and run in the opposite direction. The entire time screaming, "I'm the Red Baron." and pretending she was an airplane. Dana stepped up behind Blade and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I guess Sweetpea's back in full force."

"Ohh you could say that, I just hope they don't lock her up." Blade turned to look into golden eyes. "Any idea of why she's doing this?"

"Easy, she hates doctors and hospitals; this is her way of showing them whose boss." She looked into pale blue eyes. "You're a head shrinker, how come you don't know this?"

"I don't analyze her because it would put me on a couch in a shrinker's office." She looked back and saw that Q was now totally naked except for the bandage and her socks. "Ohh my Gods! She's gonna get locked in a jail cell if I don't stop her." She stepped forward and whistled through her fingers, everyone's head spun in her direction and then watched as Q went sprinting up to her and jumped into her arms.



Two weeks later, after confirming that Johnston had been one of the victims of Randolph's sick game and disposed of by being stuck inside a lead box in the basement of the institution, having died from suffocation during a deprivation test. The woman who claimed that her dead husband had stolen all her money had been found out as to losing the money herself gambling in Atlantic city and was now in a holding cell awaiting arraignment. Q and Blade were sitting in the backyard of Blade's house when Sylvie and Dana walked around from the front; they took one look at their friends and busted out laughing.

"You are sooo wrapped Blade." Sylvie said as she took in her friend's appearance.

"I learned a long time ago, don't argue with Sweetpea." She pulled the tinfoil hat off her head and raised her bloodshot blue eyes to their friends. "You're lucky you weren't here earlier, she found an alternative use for the plastic sheeting I had in the garage." She ran her fingers; through the messy blonde hair of her sleeping lover. "I'll need about 50 gallons of degreaser to get the olive oil off the kitchen floor, soo what brings you guys here?"

"Guess asking to borrow some Olive oil is out of the question?" Dana grumbled and felt an elbow in her ribs.

"We wanted to let you know that you are cleared of everything that happened during the shooting, even though you did hit Bambi with a shotgun blast, that's not what killed her. It was one of Q's rounds that took out her left ventricle; the doc's were amazed that she had lived long enough to keep on shooting. And that Dana has been cleared of all charges, her record tossed and everything about the stay at the institution destroyed where it concerned Q's notorious record of being a terrorist."

"God you work fast, so now everything is all cleared up except for my Sweetpea's tickets for indecent exposure?"

"Yep, good thing that the CSI searched the judge's house otherwise I would have had to take everything into court. They found a ledger in his safe that listed everything that he and the other doctors were up to, including having Dana put away."

"Told them I didn't do anything, but noooo! I was just a firebug who wanted to roast marshmallows over a flaming Mercedes. The bad thing about all this is I lost my previous job, the really bad news is…Sylvie's my new boss." She ducked the hand that came near her head and snorted. "The bennies are that I get to hide under my boss's desk and not get in trouble for it."

"Any job openings with you guys?" Q had woke from her nap and asked from where she was snuggled against her lover's body. "My boss went ballistic over my streaking at the hospital and fired me, even after solving the missing Johnston and the institution scheme." Dana pulled an envelope from her pocket and handed it to Q.

"Take a look at that, we pulled some strings but we didn't know if it would work for ya." Q opened the envelope, pulled the letter out and grinned at them.

"What kind of strings did you pull guys?"

"The judge just happened to mention your boss's name in his ledger; we approached him with a choice. Either retire and give you back your position or we make a trip to the courtroom and charge him with being an accomplice. So, you have your job back and I've taken the lead prosecuting attorney position here. So yep, you will be working for us."

"Hey what about me, what am I gonna do?" Blade whined.

"Blade Runner, you work out of your office here for who ever needs you, plus since you're domesticated you get to take care of me." Q nipped the soft flesh of her lover's neck and grinned at her low moan. "That will keep you busy for the rest of our lives and then some."

"You ain't kidding." She picked up Q's hand, placed a kiss over the solid gold band, and placed it against her chest. "Can I still claim reason of insanity?"

The End

Reason of Insanity
By Larisa

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