~ Tangled ~
by Larisa

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The midday sun hung over the tree tops scorching everything in site, making everything under it want to run and hide. The only relief was the cold river to give our tall dark and sultry warrior and her little amazon queen any reprieve from the sweat soaking their glistening bodies.Moaning could be heard on the other side of the thick brush linning the river bank. "Oh gods Xe, I....can't take any more......just do it!"

"I would if you would hold still, your all wet and my hand keeps slipping!"

"pleeeeease....I need some relief here!"

"I know baby, but if I rush it's not gonna come."

"yesss... Xe yessss right there, one more time!

"Stop wiggling your fingers Brie or it's not gonna work!"

"Oooohhh goooods I can feel it getting tighter Xe!

"I know I can feel them throbbing!"

"Do something their swollen and turning purple, I'm gonna explode any minute!"

"Briiiie, please let me chew on it!"


Their amazon friends had gone off to hunt for supper, Poni had her catch for the night so she returned to camp leaving Eph out hunting. She dropped her kill by the fire and was about to sit down when she heard Xena and Gabrielle behind the bushes. Being the sick little animal that she is she creeped over to the edge of the bushes where the noise was coming from, peeking through the leaves she seen the bare back of the Warrior Princess who was straddling her queens thighs. Covering her mouth to keep from making any noise she watched them.

"I need our special tool from the saddle bags." throwing her head back she growled.

"I know you can do it Xe, we've done it before lots of times with out the tool."

"Yeah but this is different, I'm just not in the mood today!"

"Ooooohhh I can feel it, just twist it one more time, harder Xe!"

"Grrrrrrrrrrr, son of a bachai!"

Poni couldn't stand it no more she moaned deep in her chest. Xe spun around to look over her shoulder causing Brie to scream.

"Poni thank the Gods your here, I need help like now!" yelled Xena.

Poni punched the air and yelled. "yesssss, I knew I'd get this chance!"

She stepped through the brush, closing her eyes she ran her hands down Xena's bare back, a deep moan came from her throat.

"Aaahhh Poni, that feels really good but I need help down here!"

"Oooohhhh boy, I'm the luckiest feather head in the nation!"

Both Xe and Brie's eyebrows raised at their friend.

"Xe what is she talking about?"

"Your asking me, she's your featherhead not mine!"

"Hurry Poni I can't take anymore, I'm in agony here!"

Poni kneeled beside them her eyes grew wide at the site before her.

"What in Dite's name are you two doing!"

"Just use your knife will ya!"

Poni leaned over Brie looking down at hers and Xe's fingers all tangled up in the leather thong of her gross green sports bra thingie. She busted up laughing, rolling around on the ground she missed the daggers coming from blue and green eyes.

"Come on Poni!" Begged Brie.

At that time Eph heard her lover laughing and Brie begging, peeking through the leaves. Curious to what was going on she revealed herself.

"Whats going on?" She asked.

Brie sighed. "Oh Ephie please help us, we were going swimming..."

"And your fumbled fingered Queen here got her fingers stuck in the tie on this green thing and when I tried to help her she got me stuck to. So please cut us loose so I can kill Poni!"

At the sound of kill Poni, Poni stopped laughing and stilled. When she seen her lover pull out her knife she sprang to her feet. She had a good head start on the pissed off naked Warrior Princess when Xena was finally free. Every living creature hid when they heard Poni running through the trees screaming with Xena right on her heels. Xena returned half a candle mark later with out Poni.

"Where's Poni?" Asked Brie.

With a huge smile on her face Xena replied. "Oooohhh she's coming!"

They heard whimpering coming from the edge of the trees. "Ephie please help me!"

Eph raised her eyebrows at Xe who just shrugged her shoulders and grinned. Poni stumbled into the camp all bent over. Her lover and Queen started laughing at her.

"It's not funny, now someone please cut me loose!"

Poor Poni had both of her wrists tied one to each ankle with the ties from her boots.

"I told her that her laces were dragging and if she didn't tie them she would fall down. I offered to tie them for her but she insisted that she could do it herself, and you can see she is quite good at it."

"Ooohhh bite me Xe!

The End

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